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bift of
James F. Curtis

of Borton.

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1885, by

In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Wasbington, D. C.


The rapid growth of Mormonism and the grave political aspect it has assumed render it one of the most important topics of current reform.

The time seems ripe for giving to the public its true origin, and for the re-telling of an old story, with the addition of facts and circumstances that have not hitherto been printed.

A deeper interest may be felt in this attempt to cut to the very root of this monstrous parasite upon our American civilization, by my stating here that the Rev, Solo. mon Spaulding, the author of the romance called “ The Manuscript Found,” from which the “ Book of Mormon” was formulated, was my mother's uncle by marriage ; that this romance was for a long time in the house of my grandfather, William Harvey Sabine, near Syracuse, New York, and that it contained no suggestion of polygamy.

With the intention -of writing these pages I visited Mrs. McKinstry, the daughter and only child of the Rev. S. Spaulding, in Washington, D. C., in 1880, and she then made a sworn statement as to her father's authorship of the work which has been used with such disastrous effect by crafty men. (Appendix No. 1.)

This venerable lady at the time mentioned was seventyseven years of age, but in sound liealth and possessed of

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