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Proceedings of, and in relation to, Committees on Bills, whether opposed

or unopposed. 137. Copies of filled-up bill to be laid before each member

S8 138. Local member not to vote

88 139. Names of members to be entered on minutes

88 140. Committee on bill not to inquire into certain standing orders 88 141. Committee may admit affidavits in proof of compliance with standing orders

88 142. Proof of consents

88 143. Rights of petitioners

88 144. Clause compelling payment of subscriptions

88 145. Level of roads

89 1459. Tolls, &c.

89 146. Plan, &c., to be signed by chairman

SS 147. Committee bill and clauses to be signed by chairman

89 148. Chairman to report on allegations of bill, &c.

89 149. Chairman to report bill in all cases

89 150. Recommendation from government departinents

89 151. Proceedings on bills for confirming provisional orders, &c. 89 152. Minutes of committee


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Railway, Tramroad, Tramway, and Subway Bills. 153. Restrictions as to mortgage 154. Limiting ascent of roads where level is altered 155. Level crossings 156. Acquisition of canals, docks, &c. by railway companies 157. Reports of public departments 157a. Generating stations 158. Limit of time for completion of line

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Railway, Tramway, or Subway Deposits. 158a. Deposit to be impounded as security for completion of the line 1586. Report in case of abandonment of railway, tramway, or

subway bill, and release of deposit money 159. Committee to fix the rates and charges 160. Provision as to preference in payment of interest, &c. 161. Company not to alter any preference previously granted 162. No powers of purchasing, &c. steam vessels in railway bills 163. No powers of purchase, &c. to be given, except after proof of

certain matters before Board of Trade, &c. 164. Railway company not to guarantee interest or dividend before

completion of line 165. Limitation of capital on amalgamation of companies 166. Limit to additional capital of purchasing company 16611. Application of provisions of the Railway and Canal Traffic

Act, 1888 as to revision of rates 167. Clause that no interest or dividend be paid on calls 168. Clause as to deposits not to be paid out of capital 1680. Application of standing orders 145a and 158 to 168, inclusive 1686. Clause as to railway not to be exempt from any general act



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Tramroad Bills. 168c. Application of Railway and Canal Traffic Act, &c. to tramroads 96 169. Length of tramroad along street or road to be stated

96 170. Length of railway, tramway, and subway to be specified in clause describing the works


Tramway Bills. 170a. Restriction of powers for construction, acquisition, or taking on

lease of tramway by local authority 171. Running powers in tramway bills

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Local Government.


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172. Estimates
173. Bills relating to local government in Ireland
173a. Committee to consider and report on clauses in reference to

various matters affecting local government or rating


Agreement to be annexed to bill



Letters Patent. 175. Copy of letters patent to be annexed to the bill


Inclosure and Drainage Bills. 176. Notices and allegations

98 177. Inclosure bills

98 178. Drainage bills

· 98 179. Clause for leaving open space for exercise and recreation

98 180. Consent bill to contain names of commissioners, &c.

99 181. Disqualification of certain persons as commissioners, surveyors, &c.

99 182. Provision for settling pay of commissioners


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183. Committee on any private bill containing provisions relating to

the inclosure of land in certain cases to make a special


Houses of the Working Classes in Scotland or Ireland. 184. Provisions with respect to houses occupied by working class in

Scotland or Ireland


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Burial Grounds, Cemeteries, Gus Works, and Electricity 187. Clause for defining limits of cemetery, burial ground, or gasworks, &c.

100 188. Gas or water companies (additional capital)

· 100

Estate Bills.

188a Committee on estate bills to report specially in certain cases

. 101

Proceedings of Select Committee on Divorce Bills. 189. Committee on divorce bills 190. Evidence to be given in divorce cases 191. Petitioner for bill to attend committee 192. Committee to report bill in all cases

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193. Petition for bill

. 105 193a. First reading of provisional order Bills

. 105 194. Procedure in case of bills promoted by the London County Council

105 1940. London County Council money biils

- 105 1946. Regulations as to London County Council bills

. 106 194c. Report from Treasury on certain London County Council bills 106 194d. Reports from public departments on London County Council bilis

· 106 194e. Estimates recited in London County Council bills

107 195. Deposit of private bills.

107 196. Presentation of private bills

. 107 197. Bill deemed to be read a first time

. 107 198. Petition for additional provision

• 107 199. Reports of examiner to be referred to committee on standing orders

107 200. Petitions for dispensation, &c. to be referred to committee on standing orders

107 200a. When standing orders applicable to bill brought in on motion

are not complied with, order of the day relating to the bill

- 107 201. Printed bill to be presented

. 107 202. All charges affecting the public revenue to be inserted in italics 108 203. Printed copies of bills to be delivered at vote office 204. Time between first and second reading

- 108 205. Petition relating to bills to be presented to house by being deposited in the private bill office

. 108 206. Petitions or memorials may be withdrawn

. 108 207. Second or third reading to be postponed when opposed - 108 208. Private bills to stand referred to committee of selection,

general committee on railway and canal bills, and divorce 108

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208a. Provisional order bills to stand referred to committee of selections or general committee

108 209. Unopposed bills, when treated as opposed, to be again referred

to committee of selection or general committee (S.O. 83) - 108 210. Petition against bill to stand referred to committee on bill, &c. 109 211. Time between second reading and committee

. 109 212. Reports of departments to stand referred to committee on bill . 109 213. Report of bills

- 109 214. Printing of amended bills

. 109 215. Time between report and consideration of bill, &c.

· 109 216. Amendments not to be proposed on consideration of bill, or on third reading, unless sanctioned by chairman of ways and

- 109 217. Clauses and amendments offered on consideration of bill or verbal amendments on third reading, to be printed

- 109 218. Report of select committee on standing orders on amendments 110 219. No amendments, except verbal, on third reading

. 110 220. Lords' amendments to be printed and circulated with the votes prior to consideration, &c.

· 110 221. Bill to be printed fair after third reading

110 222. Notice of committee to inspect Lords' journals to be given to committee clerks

110 223 Bill not to proceed two stages on same day

110 224. Notice to be given of motion for dispensation

110 225. Order of proceedings in House on private business

- 110 225a. Provisional order bills

- 110 226. Tolls and charges not in the nature of a tax

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227. Private bill office and register's

- 113 228. Receipt of document to be acknowledged

113 229. List of petitions to be kept

113 230. Memorials, when to be deposited

113 231. Deposit of memorials and copies thereof in private bill office 113 232. Time for depositing memorials in certain cases, &c.

- 113 233. Custody of bills

114 234, Examination of bills

114 235. Notice of second reading

114 236. Notice of committee

114 237. Filled-up bill to be deposited in private bill office

• 114 238. Notice of adjournment

. 114 239. Notice of consideration of bill

- 114 240. Bill as amended in committee to be delivered in

114 241. Bill printed as amended, to be examined

114 242. Notice to be given of clauses, &c., on consideration of bill, or verbal amendment on third reading

114 243. Notice of third reading

114 244. Amendments on consideration of bill and third reading


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PAGE 245. Private bills sent to the Lords to be indorsed with certificate of examination

. 115 246. Notice of consideration of Lord's amendments

· 115 247. Time for delivering notices

. 115 248. Daily lists of committees sitting

. 115 249. Plans to be verified as Mr. Speaker shall direct

· 115

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(SCOTLAND) Act, 1899. 250. Definitions

119 251. Chairmen to determine procedure for consideration of draft provisional orders

· 119 252. Report of chairmen on draft provisional orders

• 11.9 253. Committee of selection to choose parliamentary panel

119 254. Bills originating in the House of Lords referred to joint

committee to be deemed to have passed committee in this

. 119 254a. Constitution of joint committee

. 119 255. Deposit of substituted bill at public departments

- 119 256. Proofs before examiners

• 119 257. No provisions not contained in draft provisional orders to be inserted in substituted bil!

· 120 258. Deposit of substituted bills brought from House of Lords . 120 259. Petitions for or against

. 120 APPENDIX (A.)



· 123

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