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Private Bills-continued.

Bills brought from the Lords to be deposited at various public offices not later than two days after first reading, 60.

Bills originating in this House or brought from the Lords conferring additional powers on existing companies to be referred to Examiners who shall report as to compliance or non-compliance with certain orders relating to consents of proprietors, &c., 62–65.

Bills brought from the Lords, or introduced in lieu of other Bills, or to confirm provisional orders or certificates after first reading to be referred to Examiners, 72.

Chairman of Ways and Means or Counsel to Mr. Speaker to confer with Chairman of Lords' Committees on or before 28th January to determine in which House the respective Bills should be first considered, 79.

All Bills to be laid before the Chairman of Ways and Means and Counsel to Mr. Speaker not later than the day after the Examiner has endorsed the petition, 80.

Chairman of Ways and Means to report to the House before second reading of Bills relating to government contracts, 81.

Two clear days before consideration by committee, Bills to be laid before Chairman of Ways and Means and Counsel to Mr. Speaker, 82.

Three clear days before consideration, Bills, as amended in committee, to be laid before Chairman of Ways and Means and Counsel to Mr. Speaker, and deposited at various public offices, 84.

Clauses and amendments offered on consideration, and verbal amendments on third reading, to be submitted to Chairman of Ways and Means, and the Counsel to Mr. Speaker, and the Chairman of Ways and Means shall acquaint the House whether the same ought to be entertained without being referred to the Select Committee on Standing Orders, 85, 216.

In the case of clauses and amendments proposed on consideration, and referred to Standing Orders Committee, committee to report whether they should be adopted, or whether the Bill should be re-committed, 97.

Printed copies of Bills to be laid before Committee of Selection, or General Committee on Railway and Canal Bills at their first meeting, 102.

At the first meeting of the committee, copy of Bill as proposed to be submitted to them, to be laid before each member of the committee, 137.

A Petitioner against a Bill brought from Lords who has discussed clauses in that House not to be precluded from opposing preamble in this House, 143.

Private Bills-continued.

Board of Trade to report on Bills seeking powers to levy tolls, &c., in excess of those already authorised, 145a.

Committee Bill to be signed by chairman of committee, 147.

Chairman to report on allegations of Bill, 148.

Chairman to report Bill in all cases, 149.

Board of Trade to report on Bills relating to generating stations, 157a.

Clauses to be inserted in Railway, &c., Bills, relating to limit of time for completion of line, 158.

Board of Trade to report on Bills to authorise abandonment of works, 1586.

Agreement for which parliamentary sanction is sought to be annexed as a schedule to a Bill, 174.

In the case of Bills for restoring Letters Patent, copy thereof to be annexed, 175.

Procedure in the case of Inclosure and
Drainage Bills, 176–183.

Housing of the Working Classes, 184.
Water, 185.
Turnpike Roads (Ireland), 186.
Burial Grounds, &c., 187.

Gas or Water Companies' additional capital, 188.

Estate Bills, 188a.
Divorce Bills, 189-192.

Bills to be brought in upon petition signed by the parties, 193.

No Bill for confirming provisional order or certificate to be read the first time after Whitsuntide, 193a.

Procedure in case of Bills promoted by London County Council, 194-194e.

Bills to be deposited in the Private Bill Office, and to be laid on the Table of the House by a clerk of that office, with a list of such Bills, 195.

Bills to be presented by Leing laid on the Table of the House not later than one clear day after indorsement by Examiner, 196.

Bills laid upon the Table deemed to have been read the first time and ordered to be read a second time or referred to Examiners, 197.

When standing orders applicable to Bill brought in on motion are not complied with, order of the day relating to the Bill to be discharged, 200a.

Orders as to the mode of printing, 201.

Charges affecting public revenue to be inserted in Bills in italics, 202.

Every Bill (except name Bills) to be printed, and copies delivered to Vote Office before first reading, 203.


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Private Bills--continued.

Private Bills-continued.
Interval between first and second

Certain Bills deemed to be Private Bills reading, 204.

within the meaning of the Table of Fees, Second or third readings, consideration as amended, &c., when opposed, to be

See also Committees. Railways. Cuspostponed until the next sitting of the tody of. E.caminers. London County House, 207.

Council. Notices by Advertisement.
Every Bill (except Railway, Canal, or Preamble. Private Bill Office.
Divorce Bills), when read a second time
and committed, to be referred to Com- Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act:
mittee of Selection ; if a Railway or

Orders for the purposes of, 250-259. .
Canal Bill, to the General Committee on
Railway and Canal Bills, and if a Divorce

Definitions, 250.
Bill, to the Select Committee on Divorce Chairmen to determine procedure for
Bills, 208.

consideration of draft provisional orders, Provisional Order Bills to stand referred

251. after second reading to the Committee of Report of Chairmen on draft provisional Selection or the General Committee on orders, 252. Railway and Canal Bills, 208a.

Committee of Selection to choose ParliaUnopposed Bills when treated

mentary Panel, 253. opposed to be referred again to the

Bills originating in the Lords referred Committee of Selection or the General

to joint committee to be deemed to have Committee on Railway and Canal Bills,

passed committee in this House, 254. 209.

Constitution of joint committee, 254a. Interval between second reading and committee, 211.

Substituted Bills may be deposited on Printed copies of Bills, as amended in

or before 17th December, and all notices

shall be applicable to such Bills, 255. committee, to be delivered to the Vote Office three clear days before considera

Deposit of substituted Bill at public tion, 214.

departments, 255. Three clear days to intervene between

Proofs before Examiners, 256. the report and the consideration of the

No provisions not contained in draft Bill unless Chairman of Ways and Means provisional order to be inserted in subhas acquainted the House whether Bill

stituted Bill, 257. contains the provisions required by the

Deposit of substituted Bills brought standing orders, 215.

from the Lords, 258.
Amendments not to be proposed on Petitions for and against draft pro-
consideration or third reading unless

visional orders, 259.
sanctioned by Chairman of Ways and
Means, 216.
No Amendments, except verbal, to be

Proof by Affidavit. See Affidavits.
made on third reading, 219.
Bill to be printed fair after third

Property held in Trust for Public Purposes : reading, at the expense of the parties Bills relating to, included in the 1st applying for the same, 221.

Class of Bills, 1.
No Bill to be passed through two
stages on the same day, without special Proprietors. See Consents. Meetings of Pro-
leave, 223.

prietors. Shareholders.
In whose custody Bills are to be kept,

Provisional Orders and Certificates :
Three clear days' notice of day proposed Statement relating to working class
for second reading to be given to the houses affected by, to be deposited in
Private Bill Office, 235.

Private Bill Office on or before 21st De-
Filled-up Bill as proposed to be sub- cember, 38.
mitted to committee to be deposited in

Duplicates of plans, &c., in cases of Private Bill Office, 237.

application for, to be deposited in Private Bills printed as amended in committee

Bill Office on or before 30th November,
to be examined in the Private Bill Office,

Bills to confirm, after first reading,
Bills printed fair to be examined with to be referred to Examiners, 72.
Bills as read the third time and sent to

Two clear days' notice to be given by the Lords indorsed with certificate of

the promoters of Bills for confirming, in examination, 245.

the Private Bill Office, of the day on Tables of Fees payable at the House of which the same shall be examined, after Commons in regard to Private Bills, pp. the Bill has been printed and circulated, 123-124.






powers, 18.

Provisional Orders and Certificates-continued.

Orders relating to petitions against
Bills for confirming, 127, 128, 135, 205, Quorum. See Committees.

Proceedings of committees on Bills for confirming, to be conducted as in cases

R. of Private Bills, and subject to same rules and orders of the House, so far as Railway and Canal Traffic Act, 1888: applicable, 151.

Application of, as to revision of rates, No Bill for confirming, to be read first 166a. time after Whitsuntide, 193a.

Interval between first and second Railways : reading of Bill to confirm, 204.

Bills relative to, included in the 2nd Bills for confirming, to stand referred

Class of Bills, 1. to the Committee of Selection or General

Notice in case of Bill containing Committee on Railway and Canal Bills, application for compulsory running and Committee on Bill containing an opposed order or certificate, to con

Plans, book of reference, and section sider all the orders, &c., comprised in

to be deposited with clerks of the peace, the Bill, 208a.

&c., 24. Bills for confirming, to be set down

Copy of all plans, sections and books for consideration, each day, in a separate of reference, and ordnance map to be list, after Private Business, in same order

deposited with Board of Trade, 27. as Private Bills, 225a.

Printed copy of every Bill relating to, Privileges of this House not insisted on

to be deposited at the Board of Trade on in the case of Bills for confirming, sent

or before 18th December, 33. down from the Lords, referring to tolls

Form of estimate in Bills relating to, and charges not in the nature of a tax,

37. 226. Consideration of memorials complaining

Particulars to be specially described on of non-compliance with the standing.

the plans and sections, 42–44, 47, 49-55. orders, in cases of Bills for confirming,

In the case of certain Bills relating to, 232.

a sum of not less than five per cent. on See also Private Bills. Private Legisla

the amount of the estimate of expense tion Procedure (Scotland) Act.

to be deposited before the 15th January with the Paymaster General in England,

Accountant General in Ireland, or Court Public Carriage Roads :

of Exchequer in Scotland, 57. Bills relative to, included in the 2nd

Bills relating to charging payments on Class of, 1.

poor or local rate in Ireland to be subDeposit of Bills with road authorities, mitted to and approved by rating autho34a.

rities, 67. Diversion, &c., of, to be marked on the Printed copies of Bills to be laid before plan, 43.

the General Committee at their first Particulars in the case of works meeting, 102. affecting, to be marked on the section, In the case of Bills relating to, rail47, 51, 52.

way companies may be heard upon Level of, when altered by any public petition against preamble and clauses, work, 145.

132. Ascent of, where the level is altered

Bodies representing trades, &c., may in making any railway, subject to a petition against rates and fares, 133. report from the Board of Trade, 154.

Board of Trade to report on Bills relatLevel crossings, 155.

ing to, seeking powers to levy tolls, &c.,

in excess of those authorised, 145a. Public Officer :

Restrictions as to mortgage, 153. Bills for Payment of any, included in Clauses and provisions to be inserted in the 1st Class of Bills, 1.

Bills, 158-170.

Board of Trade to report on Bills for Public Revenue, Charges on :

abandonment of undertakings, or release To be inserted in italics in the printed of deposit money, 1586. Bill, 202.

Unopposed Bills relating to, when

treated as opposed to be again referred to Publication of Notices. See Gazette. Notices the General Committee, 209. by Advertisement.

See also Committees. Level Crossings. Private Bills.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Second Reading:

Chairman of Ways and Means to report on Bills relating to government contracts before, 81.

Certain London County Council Bills to be referred to a select committee after, 194.

Interval between first reading and, 204.

When opposed, proceeding on Bill postponed until the day on which the House shall next sit, 207.

After the, Bills to stand referred to the Committee of Selection, or the General Committee on Railway and Canal Bills, or the Committee on Divorce Bills, 208, 208a.

Six clear days between the, and the sitting of the committee on Bill, three clear days in the case of Name, Naturalisation, and Estate Bills, 211.

Three clear days' notice of, to be given by the agent to the Private Bill Office, 235.

Reservoirs. See Canals, &c.

Revenue. See Public.

River Conservancies:

Alleging their water supply to be diminished, or injuriously affected, may be heard on petition against Bill, 134d.

Rivers, Conservators of. See Conservators.

Secretary for Scotland :

Deposit of plans, &c., at office of, 26a.
Deposit of Bills at office of, 33, 60, 84.

Deposit of statement relating to working class houses at the office of, 38.


Roads. See Public Carriage Roads. Turn

pike Roads (Ireland).

L 2

Secretary for Scotland-continued.

Orders for purposes of the Private Legislation Procedure (Scotland) Act, 250–259.

Sewage Works :

Notices to specify lands, 5.

Notice to be served upon owners and occupiers within 300 yards of lands, on or before 15th December, 15.

In the case of Bills for constructing, clause to be inserted defining lands, 187.

Secretary of State for the Colonies. See Colo

nial Office.

Secretary of State for the Home Department.

See Home Office.

Sewers :

Bills relating to, included in the 2nd Class of Bills, 1.

Sections :

Shareholders :
With duplicates to be deposited with

In certain cases, and under certain conplans and books of reference in the case ditions, may be heard before committee of Bills of the 2nd Class, 24.

on Bill, 75, 130, 131. To be deposited at various offices, 25,

See also Committees. Consents. Meetings 26, 26a, 27-31.

of Proprietors. Form in which they are to be drawn, Shares, Calls on. See Calls. 47.

In the case of Bills relating to naviga- Sheriff Clerks (Scotland) : tions to specify levels, 48.

Deposit of documents in office of, 4,
In the case of railways, the line

14, 24, 31, 61.
marked thereon to correspond with the
upper surface of the rails, 49.

Shire Hall. See County.
Distances on the datum line, and ver-
tical measure at each change of gradient, Speaker, Mr. :
to be marked, 50.

To appoint Examiners of petitions, 2. Height of railway over or depth under Examination of petitions to commence the surface of roads, &c., and bridges on 18th January, in such order and and level crossings to be marked, 51.

according to such regulations as he shall Cross sections to be furnished where have made, 69. level of canals, roads or railways altered,

To appoint Referees on Private Bills, 52.

87. Extreme height of embankment and

Plans and books of reference to be depth of cutting, exceeding five feet, to verified as he shall direct, 249. be marked, 53.

To lay down regulations in regard to Tunnelling to be marked, 54.

the charging, paying, and receiving of The gradient of a junction railway to

fees, p. 124. be shown on section for a distance of Speaker's Counsel. See Counsel to Mr. Speaker. 800 yards on either side of point of junction, 55.

Special Reports. See Examiners. Committees, See Plans, &c.


Standing Orders : Select Committees. See Committees.

Copy of the, which regulate the pre

sentation of Petitions against Bills, to Selection, Committee of. See Committees.

accompany applications and notices, 19.

Examiner to report whether they have Service of Notices :

or have not been complied with, 71, 78. How to be made and proved, 16, 18, 19,

Also in case of petitions for additional 20, 21, 256.

provision, Bills brought from Lords, Bills introduced in lieu of others, and Bills to

confirm provisional orders and certifiSessional and Standing Orders :

cates, 72, 77. Select Committee on Standing Orders

Committee on Standing Orders to to report whether they ought or ought not report whether they ought or ought not to be dispensed with, 95.

to be dispensed with, 92, 95. Petitions for dispensing with the, to Also in the case of Bills brought from stand referred to Standing Orders Com- the Lords, 93. mittee, 200.

No committee on Bill to inquire into No motion to dispense with any, to be compliance or non-compliance with certain, made without notice, 224.

unless by special order of the House, 140.


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