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events now make it seem probable that the next attempt to create a life-peerage will not be unsuccessful.

The first volume of Mr. Finlason's edition of Reeves's History of the English Law is noticed with praise. When this history is completed, we hope to give it a notice somewhat commensurate with its merits.

Article Fourth gives a picture of an “Old Circuit Leader," one John Jones, of Ystrad, in Wales, whose career serves to point the usual moral of the evanescence of a lawyer's famę.

Next is an article on the salaries of Irish law officers, which is followed by an Essay on the Real Estates Intestacy Bill, brought into Parliament by Mr. Locke King. This is a bill providing that real estate shall pass on the death of the owner intestate to his next of kin in like manner as his personal estate. The writer of the article, who is in favor of the principle of the bill, quotes approringly from Austin : “This needless distinction between real and personal property, which is one of the largest that the law of England contains, is one prolific source of the unrivalled intricacy of the system, and of its matchless confusion and obscurity.” The Essay is very interesting, and well written.

The Seventh Article, entitled “Suggestions on an Improved System of Police for the Metropolis,” may be commended to those who are now busying themselves in matters concerning the police of our large cities.

Then follow two articles, one on the “ Election Inquiries," and a second on “ Coroner's Election Law."

The head of “ Indexing and Digesting" drew our attention as being of those who have to labor much at such work, but we were disappointed; it is merely a review of a Scotch and an Irish Digest.

A review of Lord Campbell's Lives of Lord Lyndhurst and Lord Brougham comes next. Certainly no man's “violent dealing" ever “ came down upon his own pate," as Lord Campbell's has done. His vilification of Lords Lyndhurst and Brougham has been received with a howl of contempt, and has, temporarily at any rate, ruined the character of his victims. The unanimity of condemnation is surprising. Judas and Nero have found their advocates, and we wonder that no one has arisen to defend Lord Campbell. This Review gives an amusing account of “ How Lord Brougham called Lord St. Leonards a bug;" a word, by the way, much more offensive in British than in American parlance. An article on the Site of the New Law Courts, and a brief notice on the First Report of the Judicature Commission, finish the articles in this number. There are also notices of several new books.

The Western Jurist. For April, 1869.

This number contains an article on the fundamental notions involved in the idea of a written constitution, and the usual collection of cases.

The American Law Register. For March, April, and May, 1869.

The March number has a leading article on the disbarring of Mr. Bradley by the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and the matter is again recurred to in the number for May. This latter number also contains an article on the Judicial System of Scotland, while in the April number, Judge Redfield furnishes an Essay on “Legal Tender Notes before the Supreme Court."

necessary to omit the “ cases which have been overruled, or reversed, or have lost authority by subsequent changes in the law," and also “ those of local authority only.” This plan has undoubtedly its merits, but we think a digest of a special topic ought to have a reference to all cases touching on the subject in the books, even if it has not a full statement of them. The special quality of a digest, as distinguished from a text-book, should be that it will enable the lawyer to go to all the authorities, and consult them first-hand. While we regret that it has been found impossible to bring every thing on Corporations within the compass of this digest, all must admit that the Messrs. Abbott have produced a work which will prove of the greatest utility and convenience to the profession.

The Notaries and Commissioners' Hand-book, containing all the necessary forms,

fees allowed, &c., also practical suggestions and references, with notes of the Statutes appertaining. New York: Baker, Voorhis, & Company. 1869.

This is specially intended for the use of notaries in New York, but the forms may be found useful in other States.

The United States Stamp Duties, as now in Force. With the Official Rulings

and Decisions of the Internal Revenue Department. With a full Index. Compiled by a member of the New York Bar. New York: Baker, Voorhis, & Company. 1869.

A CONVENIENT collection of the laws relating to stamps, and of the decisions rendered from time to time at Washington, and published in the Internal Revenue Record and other periodicals.

Argument of Mr. Elbridge T. Gerry, of Counsel for the People, before Justice

Dowling, on the Preliminary Examination of Wm. H. Mumier, charged with obtaining money by pretended “Spirit” Photographs. New York: Baker,

Voorhis, & Company. 1869. The New York Daily Transcript. The Canada Law Journal. Toronto. The Lower Canada Jurist. Collection de Decisions du Bas Canada. Vol.

XIII. Nos. 1 & 2. January and February. Montreal. 1869.

It has a singular effect to see opinions, some in French and some in Eng. lish, following each other in the same volume. The Law Times. London. The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter. London.



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Diossy & Co., New York. Abbotts' Statutes and Rules of the Federal Courts. 8vo, sheep, $2.00. Diossy &

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sheep, $10.00. Lawrence.

Latbey's Handy Book of the Practice and Procedure before the Judicial Committee

of Her Majesty's Privy Council. 12mo, cloth, 6s. Stevens & Sons, London. Louisiana Annual Reports. Vol. 20, 1868. (Hawkins.) 8vo, sheep, $16.50. Sex

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Francisco. Parsons on Shipping and Admiralty. New Edition. 2 vols., 8vo, $15. Little, Brown,

& Co., Boston. Poor's Manual of the Railroads of the United States for 1869 and 1870. 8vo, cloth,

$5.00. H. V. & H. W. Poor, New York. Reeves' History of the English Law. New edition, edited by W. T. Finlason. 3

Vols. 8vo, cloth, $18.00; half calf, $24.00. Reeves & Turner, London. (Vols.

1 and 2 now ready; Vol. 3 in preparation.) Roberts' Law of Admiralty Jurisprudence. 8vo, sheep, $7.50. Hurd & Houghton.

New York. Selwyn's Abridgment of the Law of Nisi Prius. Thirteenth edition. Royal Sro,

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1868–9, and Treaties. Carefully collated with the originals at Washington. Edited by G. P. Sanger Royal 8vo, sewed, $1.50. Little, Brown, & Co.,

Boston. Walker's Introduction to American Law. Designed as a First-Book for Students.

Fifth edition. 8vo, sheep, $7.50. Little, Brown, & Co., Boston. Williams' Jurisdiction and Practice of the High Court of Admiralty. 8vo, cloth, 24s.

Maxwell, London. Wilson's Digest of Parliamentary Law. Crown 8vo, cloth, $2.50. Kay & Brother,


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