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1st JAN. TO 31st Dec. 1882.
Minor Improvements and Contributions to Local Improvements
Streets under Act of 1872 ... ...
Parks, commons, and open spaces
Thames Embankments, 'Queen Victoria Street, Northumberland Ave

Sun Street... ..
Obelisk on Victoria Embankment...
Bridges (including Commutation of Pensions) ...
Fire Brigade ..
Streets under Act of 1877...
Thames River, Prevention of Floods ...
Artizans Dwellings ... ... ...
Main Drainage

... ... ...
Loans to vestries and district boards
Loans to guardians... ...
Loans to Managers of Metropolitan Asylum District
Loans to School Board for London
Loans to other public bodies




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4,518,334 18 9

AMOUNTS included above which are re-grants of borrowing
power previously granted:-.
Minor Improvements and Contributions to Local £ 8. d.
Improvements ... ...

63,303 50
Fire Brigade ... ... ... ... ...

5,005 11 4 Parks, commons, and open spaces

15,000 0 0 Bridges (including Commutation of Pensions) ... 50,000 0 0 Thames River (Prevention of Floods) ...

86,934 2 4 Artizans Dwellings ... ...

... 300,000 0 0 Main Drainage ... ... ...

... 123,989 10 3 Streets under Act of 1872 ..

30,134 18 9
Streets under Act of 1877.

... 1,500,000 0 0
Thames Embankments, Queen Victoria Street, Nor.
thumberland Avenue, and Sun Street

1,588 8 3
Obelisk on Victoria Embankment ...

7,000 0 0 Loans to vestries and district boards ...

168,750 0 0
Loans to guardians ...

47,900 0 0
Loans to Managers of Metropolitan Asylum District
Loans to School Board for London ..

600,000 0 0
Loads to other public bodies ... ... ... ... 85, 120 0 0

3,084,705 15 11

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1,463,629 2 10


Part I.
The Finsbury Park Act, 1857, 20 & 21 Vict. c. cl.

Southwark Park Act, 1864, 27 Vict. c. iv.
Gardens in Towns Protection Act, 1863, 26 Vict. c. 13.
Leicester Square Act, 1874, 37 Vict. c. x.
Open Spaces (Metropolis) Act, 1877, 40 & 41 Vict. c. 35.
Metropolitan Commons Act, 1866, 29 & 30 Vict. c. 122.

, Amendment Act, 1869, 32 & 33 Vict. c. 107.
, 1878, 41 & 42 Vict. c. 71.
Supplemental Act, 1871 (Blackheath), 34 & 35 Vict. c. lvii.

(Shepherd's Bush), 34 & 35 Vict. c. lxiji.
, 1872 (Hackney Commons), 35 & 36 Vict. c. xlii.

1873 (Tooting Beck Common) 36 & 37 Vict. c. lxxxvi.
Metropolitan Board of Works Various Powers Act, 1875 (Tooting Graveney Common), 38 & 39 Vict. c. clxxix.,

sec. 14.
Hampstead Heath Act, 1871, 34 & 35 Vict. c. lxxvii.
Metropolitan Commons Supplemental Act, 1877 (Clapham Common and Bostall Heatb), 40 & 41 Viet. c. cci.
Plumstead Common Act, 1878, 41 & 42 Vict. c. cxlv.
Wormwood Scrubbs Act, 1879, 42 & 43 Vict. c. clx.
Metropolitan Commons Supplemental Act, 1881, (Brook Green, Eel Brook Common, &c.) c. xviii.


Embankment Acts.
The Thames Embankment (North) Act, 1862, 25 & 26 yict. c. 93., 26 & 27 Vict. c. 45.
Thames Embankment (South) Act, 1863, 26 & 27 Vict, o. 75.

Amendment Act, 1864, 27 & 28 Vict. c. cxxxv., 27 & 28 Vict. c. 61.
(North and South) Act, 1868, 31 & 32 Vict. o. cxi., 31 & 32 Vict. c. 43.
(Chelsea) Act, 1868, 31 & 32 Vict. c. CXXXV., 32 & 33 Vict. c. 134.
(Nortb) Act, 1870, 33 & 34 Vict. c. xcii.

.1872, 35 & 36 Vict. c. lxvi.

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' Journal,

, 1881.

Thames Embankment (Land) Act, 1873, 36 & 37 Vict. C. 40.

, (South) Act, 1873, 36 Vict o. vij.
Chariog Cross and Victoria Embankment Approach Act, 1873, 36 & 37 Vict. c. c.
Metropolitan Board of Works Various Powers Act, 1876 (Chelsea Embankment), 39 & 40 Viot. c. lxxix.


CAP. LV. An Act to further amend the law relating to the Occu. An Act to make further provision respecting the

pation and Ownership of Land in Ireland, and for other National Debt and the Investment of Moneys in the purposes relating thereto. [22nd August 1881.

hands of the National Debt Commissioners on account

of Savings Banks and otherwise. [22nd August 1881. CAP. L. An Act to apply the sum of Twenty-one million six

CAP. LVI. hundred and ninety-five thousand seven hundred and An Act to apply a sum out of the Consolidated Fund to twelve pounds out of the Consolidated Fund to the

the service of the year ending on the thirty-first day service of the year ending on the thirty-first day of

of March one thousand eighteen hundred and eightyMarch one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two.

two, and to appropriate the Supplies granted in this [22nd August 1881. Session of Parliament.

[27th August 1881. CAP. LI.


An Act to amend the law respecting the Regulation of An Act to explain the Wild Birds Protection Act, 1880.

Her Majesty's Forces, and to amend the Army [22nd August 1881.

Discipline and Regulation Act, 1879. Whereas under section three of the Wild Birds Pro

[27th August 1881. tection Act, 1880, a person who within the period therein mentioned exposes or offers for sale, or has in his control

CAP. LVIII. or possession any wild bird recently killed or taken is

An Act to consolidate the Army Discipline and Regula. liable to certain penalties therein mentioned, subject to

tion Act, 1879, and the subsequent Acts amending the the following exception, “unless such person shall prove that the said wild bird was either killed or taken, or


[27th August 1881. bought or received during the period in which such wild

CAP. LIX. bird could be legally killed or taken, or from some person residing out of the United Kingdom":

An Act for promoting the revision of the Statute Law by And whereas doubts have arisen with respect to the con repealing various enactments chiefly relating to Civil struction of the above-recited enactment, and it is expe Procedure or matters connected therewith, and for dient to remove such doubts :

amending in some respects the law relating to Civil Be it therefore enacted, &c, :


[27th August 1881. 1. Amendment of s. 3 of 43 & 44 Pict. c. 35.7 The above.

CAP. LX. recited exception in section three of the Wild Birds Protection Act, 1880, shall be repealed, and in lieu thereof

An Act to amend the Law of Newspaper Libel, and to the following enactment shall have effect :

provide for the Registration of Newspaper Proprietors. A person sball not be liable to be convicted under sec.

[27th August 1881. tion three of the Wild Birds Protection Act, 1880, of ex- | Whereas it is expedient to amend the law affecting posing or offering for sale, or having the control or

civil actions and criminal prosecutions for newspaper possession of, any wild bird recently killed, if he satisfies the court before whom he is charged either

And whereas it is also expedient to provide for the regis(1.) That the killing of such wild bird, if in a place to

tration of newspaper proprietors : which the said act extends, was lawful at the time when and by the person by whom it was killed ; or

Be it enacted, &c. : (2.) That the wild bird was killed in some place to 1. Interpretation.] In the construction of this Act, unless which the said Act does not extend, and the fact that there is anything in the subject or context repugnant thereto, the wild bird was imported from some place to which the several words and phrases herein-after mentioned shall the said Act does not extend shall, until the contrary have and include the meanings following ; (that is to is proved, be evidence that the bird was killed in some say,) place to which the said Act does not extend.

The word “registrar" shall mean in England the registrar 2. Amendment of Schedule to 43 & 44 Vict. c. 35.1 The for the time being of joint stock companies, or such person Schedule to the Wild Birds Protection Act, 1880, sball

as the Board of Trade may for the time being authorise in be read and construed as if the word “Lark" had been

that behalf, and in Ireland the assistant registrar for the inserted therein.

time being of joint stock companies for Ireland, or such

person as the Board of Trade may for the time being 3. Short title and construction of Act.] This Act may be

authorise in that bebalf. cited as the Wild Birds Protection Act, 1881.

The phrase "registry office" shall mean the principal office This Act shall be construed as one with the Wild Birds

for the time being of the registrar in England or Ireland, Protection Act, 1880, and that Act and this Act may be

as the case may be, or sach otber office as the Board of Trade cited together as the Wild Birds Protection Acts, 1880 and

mav from time to time appoint. 1881.

The word “newspaper" sball mean any paper containing CAP. LII.

public news, intelligence, or occurrences, or any remarks or

observations therein printed for sale, and publisbed in An Act for providing Funds to defray certain of the

England or Ireland periodically, or in parts or numbers at Expenses of the Royal University of Ireland.

intervals not exceeding twenty-six days between the pablica[22nd August 1881. tion of any two such papers, parts, or numbers.

Also any paper printed in order to be dispersed, and CAP. LIII.

made publio weekly or oftener, or at intervals not exAn Act for making further provision with respect to the ceeding twenty-six days, containing only or principally

Redemption of the Annuity created under the Enat | advertisements.
Indian Railway Company Purchase Act, 1879; and for

The word "occupation" when applied to any person sball other purposes.

[22nd August 1881.

mean his trade or following, and if done, then his rank or

usual title, as esquire, gentleman. CAP. LIV.

The phrase " place of residence" shall include the street,

equare, or place where the person to whom it refers shali An Act to make further provision with respect to the reside, and the pumber (if any) or other designation of the Indian Loan of 1879.

[22nd August 1881, | house in which he shall 80 reside.

The word “ proprietor" shall mean and ioclude as well authorise the registration of such newspaper in the name or the sole proprietor of any newspaper, as also in the case of names of some one or more responsible “represcatative & divided proprietorship the persons who, as partners or proprietors." otherwise, represent and are responsible for any share or

8. Register of newspaper proprietors to be established.) A interest in the newspaper as between tbemselves and the

register of the proprietors of newspapers as defined by persons in like manner representing or responsible for the

this Act shall be established under the superintendence other shares or ioterests therein, and no other person.

of the registrar. 2. Newspaper reports of certain meetings privileged.] Any

9. Annual returns to be made.] It shall be the duty of report published in any newspaper of the proceedings of a the printers and publishers for the time being of every public meeting sball be privileged, if such meeting was law. newspaper to make or cause to be made to the Registry fully convened for a lawful purpose and open to the public, Office on or before the thirty-first of July one tbousand and if such report was fair and accurate, and published with eight hundred and, and thereafter annually in out malice, and if the publication of the matter complained the month of July in every year, a return of the following of was for the public benefit; provided always, that the pro- particulars according to the Schedule A. bereunto angexed; tection intended to be afforded by this section shall not be that is to say, available as a defence in any proceeding, if the plaintiff or (a.) The title of a newspaper : prosecutor can show that the defendant has refused to insert (6.) The Dames of all the proprietors of such newspaper in the newspaper in which the report containing the matter together with their respective occupations, places of complained of appeared a reasonable letter or statement of business (if any), and places of residence. explanation or contradiction by or on behalf of such plaintiff or prosecutor.

10. Penalty for omission to make annual returns.] Is within

the further period of one month after the time herein3. No prosecution for newspaper libel without fiat of Attorney before appointed for the making of any return as to any General.] No criminal prosecution shall be commenced

newspaper such return be not made, then each printer against any proprietor, publisher, editor, or any person re

and publisher of such newspaper sball, on conviction sponsible for the publication of a newspaper for any libel

thereof, be liable to a penalty not exceeding twenty-tive published therein, without the written fiat or allowance of

pounds, and also to be directed by a summary order to the Director of Public Prosecutions in England or Her

make a return within a specified time. Majesty's Attorney-General in Ireland being first had and obtained.

11. Power to party to make return.) Any party to a tranafer 4. Inquiry by court of summary jurisdiction as to libel being

or transmission of or dealing with any share of or interest for public benefit or being true.] A court of summary jurisdic

in any newspaper whereby any person ceases to be a tion, upon the hearing of a charge against a proprietor,

proprietor or any new proprietor is introduced may at any publisher, or editor, or any person responsible for the publi.

time make or cause to be made to the Registry Office a cation of a newspaper, for a libel published therein, may

return according to the schedule B. hereunto annexed and receive evidence as to the publication being for the public

containing the particulars therein set forth. benefit, and as to the matters charged in the libel being true, 12. Penalty for wilful misrepresentation in or omission and as to the report being fair and accurate, and published from return. If any person shall knowingly and wilfally withont malice, and as to any matter which under this or any make or cause to be made any return by this Act required other Act, or otherwise, might be given in evidence by way of or permitted to be made in which shall be inserted or defence by the person charged on his trial or indictment, and set forth the name of any person as a proprietor of a newsthe court, if of opinion after hearing such evidence that there

paper who shall not be a proprietor thereof, or in which is a strong or probable presumption that the jury on the trial | there shall be any misrepresentation, or from which there would acquit the person charged, may dismiss the case. shall be any omission in respect of any of the particulars

5. Provision as to summary conviction for libel—42 & by this Act required to be contained therein whereby such 43 Vict, C. 49-11 & 12 Vict. c. 43.] If a court of

return shall be misleading, or if any proprietor of a Dewg. summary jurisdiction upon the hearing of a charge

paper shall knowingly and wilfully permit any such return against a proprietor, publisher, editor, or any person

to be made which shall be misleading as to any of the responsible for the publication of a newspaper for a libel

particulars with reference to his own Dame, occupation, published therein is of opinion that though the person place of business (if any), or place of residence, then and charged is shown to have been guilty the libel was of a in every such case every such offender being convicted trivial character, and that the offence may be adequately

thereof shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one punished by virtue of the powers of this section, the court hundred pounds. shall cause the charge to be reduced into writing and read

13. Registrar to enter returns in register.] It shall be the to the person charged, and then address a question to him

duty of the registrar and he is hereby required forthwith to the following effect :-“Do you desire to be tried by a

to register every return made in conformity with the jury or do you consent to the case being dealt with

provisions of this Act in a book to be kept for that purpose summarily ?" and, if such person assents to the case being dealt with summarily, the court may summarily

at the Registry Office and called “the register of newsconvict him and adjudge him to pay a fine not exceeding

paper proprietors," and all persons shall be at liberty to

search and inspect the said book from time to time during fifty pounds.

the hours of business at the Registry Office, and any Section twenty-seven of the Summary Jurisdiction Act,

person may require a copy of any entry in or an extract from 1879, shall, so far as is consistent with the tenor thereof,

the book to be certified by the registrar or his deputy for apply to every such proceeding as if it were herein enacted

the time being or under the official seal of the registrar. and extended to Ireland, and as if the Summary Jurisdic. tion Acts were therein referred to instead of the Summary 14. Fees payable for registrar's services. There shall be Jurisdiction Act, 1848.

paid fn respect of the receipt and entry of returns made in6. 22 & 23 Vict. c. 17 made applicable to this Act.] Every

conformity with the provisions of this Act, and for the inlibel or alleged libel, and every offence under this Act,

spection of the register of newspaper proprietors, and for sball be deemed to be an offence within and subject to

certified copies of any entry therein, and in respect of any the provisions of the Act of the session of the twenty.

other services to be performed by the registrar such fees (if second and twenty-third years of the reign of Her present

any) as the Board of Trade with the approval of the Majesty, chapter seventeen, intituled “ An Act to prevent

Treasury may direct and as they sball deem requisite to devexatious indictments for certain misdemeanors."

fray as well the additional expenses of the Registry Office

caused by the provisions of this Act, as also the further 7. Board of Trade may authorise registration of the names

authorise registration of the names remunerations and salaries (if any) of the registrar, and of of only a portion of the proprietors of a newspaper.] Where, any other persons employed under him in the execution of in the opinion of the Board of Trade, inconvenience would this Act, and such fees shall be dealt with as the Treasury arise or be caused in any case from the registry of the

may direct names of all the proprietors of the newspaper (either owing to minority, coverture, absence from the United Kingdom,

15. Copies of entries in and extracts from register to be minute subdivision of shares, or other special circum: evidence.] Every copy of an entry in or extract from the stances), it shall be lawful for the Board of Trade to register of newspaper proprietors, purporting to be certified

' Journal,

, 1881.

Title of

by the registrar or his deputy for the time being,or under

SCHEDULE B. the official seal of the registrar, sball be received as con

Return made porsuant to the Newspaper Libel and clusive evidence of the contents of the said register of news

Registration Act, 1881.
paper proprietore, so far as the same appear in such copy or
extract without proof of the signature thereto or of the seal

Names of
of office affixed thereto, and every such certified copy or ex-

1 Names of OccupaPersons

Places of Places of Persons

business (if Residence tract shall in all proceedings, civil or criminal, be accepted

tion who cease

who becomel of new Juny) of new of new as sufficient prima facie evidence of all the matters and

to be Proprietors.

Proprietors. Proprietors. Proprietors. Proprietors. things thereby appearing, unless and until the contrary thereof be shown.

16. Recovery of penalties and enforcement of orders.] All penalties under this Act may be recovered before a court of summary jurisdiction in manier provided by the Summary Jurisdiction Acte.

Summary orders under this Act may be made by a court of summary jarisdiction, and enforced in manner provided by section thirty-four of the Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1879 ; and, for the purposes of this Act, that section shall be deemed to apply to Ireland in the same manner as if it were re-enacted in this Act.

17. Definitions--14 & 15 Vict. c. 93.] The expression “a court of summary jurisdiction” bas in England the meanings assigned to it by the Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1879; and

CAP. LXI. in Ireland means any justice or justices of the peace, | An Act to prohibit the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on stiperdiary or other magistrate or magistrates, having Sunday in Wales.

[27th August 1831. ' jurisdiction under the Summary Jurisdiction Acts.

Whereas the provisions in force against the sale of ferThe expression "Summary Jurisdiction Acts” has as regards England tbe meanings assigned to it by the Som

mented and distilled liquors during certain hours of Sunday mary Jurisdiction Act, 1879; and as regards Ireland, means

have been found to be attended with great public benefits,

and it is expedient and the people of Wales are desirous that within the police district of Dublin metropolis the Acts regulating the powers and duties of justices of the peace for

in the principality of Wales those provisions be extended to such district, or of the police of that district, and elsewhere

the other bours of Sunday :
in Ireland the Petty Sessions (Ireland) Act, 1851, and any Be it therefore enacted, &c. :
Act amending the same.

1. Premises where intoxicating liquors sold to be closed 18. Provisions as to registration of newspaper proprietors / on Sundays in Wales.] In the principality of Wales all not to apply to newspaper belonging to a joint stock company- 1 premises in which intoxicating iiquors are sold or exposed 25 & 26 Vict. c. 89, 8c.] The provisions as to the registra

for sale by retail shall be closed during the whole of Suntion of newspaper proprietors contained in this Act shall not ! day. apply to the case of any newspaper which belongs to a joint 2. Application of Licensing Acts, 35 & 36 Vict. c. 94 ; stock company duly incorporated under and subject to the 37 & 38 Vict. c. 49.] The Licensing Acts, 1872-1874, shall provisions of the Companies Act, 1862 to 1879.

apply in the case of any premises closed under this Act as if 19. Act not to extend to Scotland.] This Act shall not ex.

they had been closed under those Acts. tend to Scotland.

3. Commencement of A&t.] This Act shall commence and

come into operation with respect to each division or place 20. Short title.] This Act may for all purposes be in Wales on the day next appointed for the holding of cited as the Newspaper Libel and Registration Act, 1881. the general annual licensing meeting for that division or

place. The SCHEDULES to which this Act refers.

4. Sale of intoccicating liquors at railway stations.] SCHEDULE A.

Nothing in this Act contained shall preclude the sale at

any time at a railway station of intoxicatiog liquors Retorn made paravant to the Newspaper Libel and

to persons arriving at or departing from such station by Registration Act, 188).


5. Short title.] This Act may be cited as the Sunday Clos-
Names of
Title of the

Places of

Places of
business (if Residence

ing (Wales) Act, 1881.
the tions of the

any) of the of the
Proprietors. Proprietors.
oprietors.Proprietors. Proprietors. Proprietors.

An Act to amend the Law relating to Veterinary Sur-

[27th August 1881.

An Act for providing a Superannuation Allowance for

the Auditor of the Accounts of the Secretary of State
for India in Council and his Assistants.

[27th August 1881.

An Act to remove certain doubts as to the application of

section twenty-four of the Prison Act, 1877, and enact.
ments amending the same, to the Central Criminal
Court district.

[27th Augast 1881.

CAP. LXV. 1 An Act to facilitate leases of land for the erection thereon

of Schools and Buildings for the promotion of Public Education in Ireland.

[27th August 1881.

An Act to amend the Law regulating the Close Season for

fishing for Pollen iu Ireland. [27th August 1881. ' Journal,

, 1881.

3. Modification of conditions of licence under 34 & 35 Viet CAP. LXVII.

c. 105.) Any conditions annexed to a licence granted in par. An Act to regulate the hawking of Petroleum and other

suance of the Petroleum Act, 1871, either before or after the

passing of this Act, shall, so far as they are inconsistent with substances of a like nature. [27th August 1881.

this Act, be void, but save as aforesaid nothing in this Be it enacted, &c. :

Act shall affect the application to a licensee of the pro1. Power to hawk petroleum-34 & 35 Vict. c. 105.] Any

visions of the Petroleum Act, 1871, or of any licence granted person who is licensed in pursuance of the Petroleum Act, thereunder. 1871, to keep petroleum to which that Act applies may,

4. Power of constable as to prevention of offences.] Where subject to the enactments for the time being in force with

constable or any officer authorised by the local authority has respect to hawkers and pedlars, hawk such petroleum by

reasonable cause to believe that a contravention of this Act himself or his servants.

s being committed in relation to any petroleum, he man 2. Regulations for hawking petroleum.] With respect to seize and detain such petroleum and the vessels and carriage the hawking of petroleum to which the Petroleum Act, containing the same, until some court of summary jurisdic1871, applies, the following regulations shall be observed : tion has determined whether there was or not a contraventioa (1.) The amount of petroleum conveyed at one time in / of this Act, and section thirteen of the Petroleum Act. 1871.

any one carriage shall not exceed twenty gallons : sball apply to such constable and officer as if he were the (2.) The petroleum shall be conveyed in a closed vessel

person named in the warrant mentioned in that section, and 80 constructed as to be free from leakage :

as if the seizure were a seizure io pursuance of that sectioa. (3.) The carriage in which the vessels containing the

5. Saving of rights of municipal boroughs.] Nothing in petroleum are conveyed sball be eo ventilated as to

this Act contained shall extend to authorise the hawking of prevent any evaporation from the petroleum mixing

petroleum within the limits of any municipal borough, in with the air in or about the carriage in such propor.

which, by any lawful authorily, such hawking shall have tion as to produce or be liable to produce an explosive mixture :

been or may hereafter be forbidden. (4.) Any fire or light or any article of an explosive or

6. Definitions. For the purposes of this Acthighly imflammable nature shall not be brought into

The expression “ carriage " includes any carriage, waggon, or dangerously near to the carriage in which the cart, truck, vehicle, or other means of conveyanee by vessels containing the petroleum are conveyed :

land, in whatever manger the same may be drawa or (5.) The carriage in which the vessels containing the propelled ; and

petroleum are conveyed shall be 80 constructed or A person sball be deemed for the purposes of this Act to fitted that the petroleum cannot escape therefrom in hawk patroleum if by himself or his servants he goes the form of liquid, whether ignited or otherwise :

about carrying petroleum to sell, whether going from (6.) Proper care shall be taken to prevent any petroleum town to town or to other men's houses, or selling it in

escaping into any part of a house or dwelling, or of the the streets of the place of his residence or otherwise, and curtilage thereof, or into a drain or sewer :

whether with or without any horse or other beast bear. (7.) The petroleum sball be stored in some premises ing or drawing burden.

licensed for keeping of petroleum and in accordance 7. Short tille and construction of Act-34 & 35 Vict. c. with the license for such premises both every night 105-42 & 43 Vict. c. 47.] This Act may be cited as the and also when the petroleum is not in the course of Petroleum (Hawkers) Act, 1881. being hawked:

This Act shall be construed as one with the Petroleum (8.) aŭ due precautions shall be taken for the preven. Act, 1871 and 1879, and together with those Acts may be tion of accidents by fire or explosion, and for prevent

cited as the Petroleum Acts, 1871 to 1881. ing unauthorised persons having access to the vessels containing the petroleum, and every person concerned

CAP. LXVIII. in hawking the petroleum shall abstain from any act whatever which tends to cause fire or explosion, and An Act to amend the Supreme Court of Judicatare Acts: is not reasonably necessary for the purpose of such and for other purposes.

[27th August 1881. hawking : (9.) No article or substance of an explosive or inflam.

Wbereas it is expedient to amend the constitution of mable character other than petroleum, nor any article | Her Majesty's. Court of Appeal, and to make further proliable to cause or communicate fire or explosion, shall

vision concerning the Supreme Court of Judicature and the be in the carriage while such carriage is being used for

officers thereof, and such other matters as are herein-alter the purpose of bawking petroleum :

mentioned : In the event of any contravention of this section with

Be it enacted, &c. : reference to any petroleum, the petroleum, together with the vessels containing and the carriage conveyiog the same,

1. Short title.] This Aot may be cited as the Supreme shall be liable to be forfeited, and in addition thereto the

Court of Judicature Act, 1881. licensee by whom or by whose servants the petroleum was 2. Masler of the Rolls to be Judge of Appeal only-36 & 37 being hawked shall be liable on summary conviction to a Vict. c. 66.] From and after the passing of this Act the preent penalty not exceeding twenty pounds.

and every future Master of the Rolls shall cease to be a judge Provided that

of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice, but shall continge or (1.) Where some servant of the licensee or other person virtue of his office to be a judge of Her Majesty's Court of

has in fact committed the offence, such servant or other Appeal, and shall retain the same rank, title, salary, right person shall be liable to the same penalty as if he were of pension, patronage, and powers of appointment or disthe licensee :

missal, and all other powers, privileges, and disqualifica(2.) Where the licensee is charged with a contravention tions now and heretofore belonging to the said office of

of this section, he shall be entitled upon information Master of the Rolls and all other duties of the said duly laid by him to have any other person whom he office except that of a judge of Her Majesty's High Court charges as the actual offender brought before the court of Justice : Provided that the present Master of the Rolls at the time appointed for bearing the charge, and it sball not by virtue of this Act be subject to any disqaahfi. the licensee proves to the satisfaction of the court that cation to which he is not by law now subject, nor shall be he had used due diligence to enforce the execution of required to act under any commission of assize, nisi prias, this section, and that the said other person had com. oser and terminer, or gaol delivery ; and the existing mitted the offence in question without his knowledge, personal officers of the Master of the Rolls shall continue to consent, or connivance, the said other person shall be be attached to him and be under bis authority, and summarily convicted of such offence, and the licensee to hold their respective offices upon the shall be exempt from any penalty.

and in the same manner in all respects as if this Act had Any petroleum other than that to which the Petroleom not passed : Provided also, that any Master of the Rolls to Act, 1871, applies while in any carriage used for th be hereafter appointed shall be under an obligation to go hawking of petroleum to which the Petroleum Act, 187 cirouits and to act as a commissioner under commissions of applies, shall for the purposes of this section be deeme | assize, or other commissions authorised to be issued in pursato be petroleum to which the Petroleum Act, 1871, applies. ance of the Supreme Court of Judicatars Act, 1873, in the



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