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2. Regulatory activities are conducted under four major categories: (a) plant disease and pest control; (b) animal disease and pest control; (c) pesticides regulation; and (d) meat inspection.

The Service carries out emergency programs, when necessary, for the control and eradication of animal diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease, and for the control of emergency outbreaks of insects and diseases.

The Service directs research beneficial to the United States which can be advantageously conducted in foreign countries through agreements with foreign research institutions and universities. This program is carried out under the authority of sections 104(a) and (k) of Public Law 480, the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1945, as amended.

The Service maintains a central office in Washington, D.C., and operates the 10,378-acre Agricultural Research Center at Beltsville, Md. However, most of the Service's work is conducted at approximately 930 other locations in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and at several locations in foreign countries. Much of the work is conducted in cooperation with the State agricultural experiment stations, State departments of agriculture, and with other agencies, both public and private.

Available funds and man-years 1963 and estimated, 1964 and 1965

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Agricultural Research Service:
Salaries and expenses..

1 $176, 196, 495 16,756 - $183, 605, 700 -17, 516 $195, 407,000
Salaries and expenses (special
foreign currency program). 7,815, 607 16 17, 936, 440 18 10,000,000

184, 012, 102 16,772 201, 542, 140 17, 534 205, 407,000 Obligations under other USDA appropriations: Office of Management Ap

praisal and Systems Develop. ment: Personnel management functions.

39, 855


6,000 Agricultural Marketing Service:

Methods for evaluating

market quality of live-
stock and meat..

12, 420

12, 550 2

Technical assistance on nu-

trition problems in the
national school lunch pro-

42, 737 6

62,000 7 Examination of meat and

62,000 meat food products....

138, 145 15

143,000 15 146,500
Agricultural Stabilization and
Conservation Service:
Research on suitable ma-

terials for controlling to-
bacco sucker growth


Analyzing conservation ma-

terials at the fertilizer
laboratory, Beltsville, Md. 16, 325 2

18,000 2 Federal Extension Service:

18,000 Drafting, engineering, and architectural layout services and miscellaneous publications relating to protection against radiation fallout.....

11,000 1 Foreign research and transla

tion programs under Public
Law 480 for other agencies of
the Department

26, 267 3

30,000 3 Miscella neous activities (pri

30, 536 marily clerical assistance and space maintenance)

66, 506

51, 940

56,796 Working Capital Fund: Main

tenance and operation of fa-
cllities and services at the
Agricultural Research Center
primarily for USDA agencies.. (4, 246, 604) 414 (4, 400, 000) 423 (5,300,000)
Total, other USDA appro-

457 388, 490 465 391, 382
Total, agricultural appro-
priation bill...

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353, 555

184, 365, 657 17, 229 201, 930, 630 17, 999 205, 798, 382

18, 315

See footnotes at end of table

Available funds and man-years 1963 and estimated, 1964 and 1965-Continued

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Other funds:
Forest Service:

Investigations on control of

chaparral in Arizona..
Share of dollar costs for

carrying out foreign re-
search and translating
programs under Public

Law 480.
Other activities for Forest

Agency for International Devel-
Training services, technical

consultation and support.
Research projects:

Ankole ranching survey

in Uganda.. Contagious bovine

pleuropneumonia in

Major cereal crops in

Plant and seed mate-

Tsetse fly control in

Soll salinity and soll

Studies of cattle repro-

Grain legumes produc-

tion in Near East,
South Asia, and Far

Food processing in Co-

Food technology in

Agricultural problems

of Brazil, Thailand
Research and extension

advisory services in

El Salvador..
Regional insect control

in the Near East.. Office of Emergency Planning:

Emergency preparedness

functions Department of State: Plant

quarantine inspection sery. ices, Australia and New Zea

land.. Department of Commerce: Accelerated public works,

construction and renova

tion of facilities.... Technical assistance under

Area Redevelopment Ad

ministration program. Funds received from States, lo.

cal organizations and others
Inspection and grading of

farm products...
Feeding and attending ani.

mals in quarantine....
Research plant pest control

and quarantine activities. Technical services and research

principally for Defense, In

terior, HEW, AEC, and AID. Inport-export services under

plant and animal disease and pest control and sale of equipment... Packer overtime and services to

the military under meat in

spection..... See footnotes at end of table.

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Available funds and man-years 1963 and estimated, 1964 and 1965Continued

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1 Includes $2,750,000 appropriated in the Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1962, for use in 1963.

Excludes funds for cost of production research and utilization research and development authorized to be transferred in 1964 from Commodity Credit Corporation and section 32 funds.

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11 Personnel compensation:

Permanent positions.
Positions other than permanent.
Other personnel compensation..

Total personnel compensation.
12 Personnel benefits.
21 Travel and transportation of persons.
22 Transportation of things..
23 Rent, communications, and utilities.
24 Printing and reproduction.
25 Other services..

Services of other agencies.
26 Supplies and materials
31 Equipment.
32 Lands and structures
41 Grants, subsidies, and contributions:

Grants for research.
Payment to Mexican-U.S. Commission for the Pre-

vention of Foot-and-Mouth Disease. 42 Insurance claims and indemnities.


Scrapie of sheep-

Hog cholera
Claims-Federal Tort Claims Act.

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Deduct quarters and subsistence charges..

Total, Agricultural Research Service......

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Total obligations....

171, 906

187, 194

195, 407

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Excludes reappropriation of $1,000,000 of prior year funds for labor at research field stations.

Summary of increases and decreases, 1965 Research :

Staffing and operating new and expanded farm research laboratories and watershed research centers -

+1,500,000 Research to avoid or minimize hazards associated with the control of agricultural pests.--.

+1,500,000 Strengthening research on foot-and-mouth disease, Plum Island, N.Y.--

+500,000 Expansion of food science research--

+250,000 Construction of facilities at Fort ollins, Colo. for sugarbeet, pasture and range research-

+1,000,000 Construction, alteration, and improvement of research facilities at the Agricultural Research Center

+1, 394, 300 For increased pay act costs (Public Law 87–793).

+1, 343, 000 Decrease due to closing research at small field stations..

—264, 000 Net increase, research.

+7, 223, 300 +230,000


Plant and animal disease and pest control :

Additional plant quarantine inspection at ports of entry to pro

vide increased protection against introduction of foreign

pests and diseases... Strengthening animal inspection and quarantine to prevent in

troduction and dissemination of foreign animal diseases.--Increased activities under the Virus-Serum-Toxin Act to assure

safety and potency of veterinary biologics.---
Additional registration and enforcement activities related to

economic poisons regulated under the Federal Insecticide,
Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, as amended, and related

For increased pay act costs (Public Law 87-793)
Decrease to eliminate screw-worm inspection activities in the

Reduction in imported fire ant control and eradication..


+800,000 +937, 000

-650,000 -50,000

Net increase, plant and animal disease and pest control..-- +1, 637,000

Meat inspection :

Additional inspectors to meet increasing requests for Federal

meat inspection and to provide for periodic pay increases. +1, 383,000 Reclassification of meat inspectors under revised specifications issued by Civil Service Commission...

+861, 000 For increased pay act costs (Public Law 87-793).


Increase, meat inspection.--

+2, 941, 000

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