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Scientifically fitted to suit each

particular case. Schnoter's Athletic Supporters, or Jock-Straps, are universally used by Professional and Athletic people in general. For Horsemen, Racquet and Tennis players, Golfers, etc. Ask your dealer for the Genuine “Schnoter's” and only those bearing our trade - m ark J. C. $.or we will send direct on receipt of price. Cotton Mesh, 50c.; Linen Mesh, 75c.; Silk, 90c. J. C. SCHNOTER CO.,


533 Sixth Avenue, Near 31st St., New York, N. Y., U. S. A. Tel. 2699 Mad.

New York City's Most Accessible Suburb


Embracing all the conditions favorable to Health, Rest and Recreation-ideal

for a Summer Home or All Year 'Round Residence. Long Island is divided naturally into three sections, each with its own strongly marked characteristics.

The North Shore, bordering on Long Island Sound, is tree-clad, rugged, hilly and indented with fine harbors and small bays where good anchorage ris found.

The South Shore, or ocean front, is a charming country, sloping to the ocean washed shores for over a hundred miles.

The Central Section comprises a series of hills and valleys, dotted with picturesque lakes and traversed by winding streams that add charm to the scenery

Long Island has over 400 miles of shore line on ocean, sound and bayscooled in summer by the southerly breezes from the ocean.

Long Island has over 1,000 miles of excellent macadam roads, superb for driving and motoring; ideal conditions for boating, fishing, surf and still water bathing, hunting and golfing.

Modern schools, libraries, clubs and churches of all denominations are located in all sections of the Island.

Pure water, perfect drainage and equable climate. The water is from s artesian wells, fed by subterranean streams.

All parts of Long Island are reached by the excellent train service of the Long Island Railroad. Its equipment is first class, roadway protected by the block signal system, ballasted and laid with heavy steel rails. The electric train service, together with the additional facilities which will be afforded by the tunnels, places the Long Island home at the door of the metropolis. The Interborough subway trains run direct to the Long Island Railroad station in Brooklyn (Flatbush Avenue), which can be reached from New York in ten minutes.

Long Island Railroad, 263 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

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SEABOARD NTL.—Tel. 6640 B.-S. G.

Bayne, Pres.; S. G. Nelson, V. Pres.; !. C. Thompson, Cashier; W. K. Cleverey, L. N. De Vausney, J. C. Emory and *). M. Jefferds, Assts. 18 Broadway.




Telephone 536 Franklin.


Manufacturers of 'atent Machine-Made Paste, Sizings, Liquid Gums and Glues

194 and 196 Franklin Street, NEW YORK CITY.

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A Newspaper that prints all the General
News, besides conducting special depart-
ments for Sports, the Theatre, Art, Music
and Literature. A Standard Magazine in
quality and an Illustrated Supplement
are a part of the Sunday Edition.

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