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Mr. FERGUSON. Mr. President, as II may say that the Air Force officers The PRESIDING OFFICER. A quostated, the committee restored $30 mil- who testified on this matter have told rum is present. The question is on agreelion and $120 million and $15 million on me that they are nearly as confused ing en bloc to the amendments offered these items, and brought them up to about it as I am, because no one knows by the Senator from Arizona. On this exactly what the President of the United what the program is; in my opinion, the question the yeas and nays have been States has requested.

program of the Secretary of Defense can ordered, and the clerk will call the roll. At this point I wish to read excerpts best be described by using the descrip- The legislative clerk called the roll. from the hearings, because this matter tion he used, in speaking to the Senator Mr. SALTONSTALL. I announce that involves the training of pilots not need- from Alabama [Mr. HILL), namely, the Senator from New Hampshire [Mr. ed, inasmuch as they would necessarily "Any old thing.”

BRIDGES] is absent because of illness. supplant older pilots. There are now in If we are to have constructed all the The Senator from Ohio [Mr. BRICKER] the Air Force 20,000 pilots who are not airplanes that will be needed for a 143- and the Senator from Ohio (Mr. TAFT] assigned to actual flying units. The wing program, let me ask why the Sen- are necessarily absent. amendments, if adopted, would add to ator from Michigan believes the Air The Senator from Oregon [Mr. CORthat extent to the present 7,200 pilot Force is satisfied to have only enough

Force is satisfied to have only enough DON] and the Senator from Wisconsin rate.

pilots for a 120-wing program. That is [Mr. WILEY] are absent on oficial busiI read now from the hearings: what I cannot understand.

ness. Senator FERGUSON. Are we not speaking Mr. FERGUSON. In that connection,

Mr. CLEMENTS. I announce that about different things here? Your training Mr. President, let me read further from the Senator from New Mexico (Mr. by the House is not cut out. Is that not

the hearings. The Senate has passed CHAVEZ] and the Senator from Iowa (Mr. right? General ASENSIO. That is correct, sir.

upon this question by a vote of 55 to 38. GILLETTE] are unavoidably detained. If Let me read what happened:

present, both Senators would vote "yea.' Senator FERGUSON. And your operations

The result was announced yeas 41, are not cut out.

Senator SALTONSTALL. But the pilot-trainGeneral TWINING. That is right. ing rate could be increased in '55 and '57 and

nays 48, as follows: Senator FERGUSON. Do you mean that we still have enough pilots in 1957 to take care

YEAS-41 have 25,000 pilots that are not involved in of the 143 wings.

Anderson Humphrey Maybank training or operations? You cannot have General PICHER. That is possible.

Clements Hunt

McCarran that many in the budget.

Senator SALTONSTALL. So that by keeping


Jackson McClellan General TWINING. That means pilots who

Daniel it at 7,200 this year, we are not endangering

Johnson, Colo, Monroney are not assigned to actual flying units.

Eastland Johnson, Tex. Morse the 143-ving goal by the time the airplanes

Frear Senator FERGUSON. That is what I mean.

Johnston, S. C. Murray are on the ground.

Fulbright Kefauver Neely
Do you claim that you have 20,000 pilots
General PICHER. No, it is not ever in George

Kennedy Pastore that are not connected with operations or danger but it may be deferred.


Russell training?


Smathers Secretary TALBOTT. That is about right. Mr. President, there are the facts. Hayden

Lehman Sparkman

Twenty thousand pilots are not even


Stennis In other words, there are now 20,000


Magnuson Symington pilots; yet some Senators are determined flying. As I have said, I believe we did


Mansfield a good job of adjusting the program so to require that more pilots be trained.

NAYS-48 I have previously stated the number of that men can be trained and will con


Ferguson Millikin tinue to be trained, and we will allow pilots who would be available in the regu


Flanders Mundt

Goldwater Payne
lar course of events
. In that connection, the new Chiefs of Staff to restudy the Beall
matter to determine whether we can


Potter let me read another excerpt from the


Hendrickson succeed in what we are undertaking to

Purtell hearings,

Butler, Md.

Hickenlooper Robertson do.

Butler, Nebr. Holland Saltonstall Senator SALTONSTALL. If we cut this way, The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Byrd

Ives we could build up the training program so

Schoeppel Capehart Jenner

Smith, Maine that we would have the necessary number of question is on agreeing to the amend


Knowland Smith, N. J. pilots for the 143-wing Air Force by the time ments of the Senator from Arizona (Mr. Case


you reach it; would we not?
HAYDEN), which under the order, will



Douglas General PICHER. Yes.


Watkins be voted on en bloc. The yeas and nays Duff


Welker Senator SALTONSTALL. And still cut down

Dworshak having been ordered, the clerk will call


Williams to the 7,200 this year?

Ellender McCarthy Young
the roll.
General PICHER. We are holding that. It
is not a cutback. That is where we are.

Mr. MONRONEY. I suggest the ab-
Senator SALTONSTALL. That we can do.


sence of a quorum.
General PICHER. We can hold the 7,200


Gillette The which is adequate for the 120 wings. If it clerk will call the roll.


Taft is decided that we are going to a higher rate

So Mr. HAYDEN's amendments were then we would have to increase the pilot

The legislative clerk called the roll, rejected. training rate in conformance with the higher and the following Senators answered to end strength. their names:

INDEPENDENT OFFICES APPROPRIAIn other words, the Air Force tells us Aiken



Anderson Hendrickson that this is all the money it needs. If the



Hennings McClellan

Air Force decides it will change its pro-


Hickenlooper Millikin gram in terms of the number of planes Bennett


Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, in or wings, then it will return and ask us


connection with the conference report for additional funds, in order to train Butler, Nebr.

Butler, Md. Holland


on the independent offices appropriation

Humphrey Murray additional pilots.


bill, we were in a rather embarrassing Mr. SYMINGTON. Mr. President, will Capehart Ives


situation, and perhaps I said things that the Senator from Michigan yield to me


should not have been said. We felt the

Potter at this point? Clements Johnson, Colo. Purtell

conference report would be brought up Mr. FERGUSON. I yield.


Johnson, Tex. Robertson yesterday, but it was not.
Mr. SYMINGTON. I do not think it

Johnston, S. C. Russell

I now understand that the conference Dirksen Kefauver Saltonstall is fair to say that the Air Force is not Douglas Kennedy Schoeppel

report will not be brought up this eveasking for more. As I remember, what Duff


ning. happened was that, first, we were going to

Dworshak Kilgore

Smith, Maine

All Members of the Senate undoubtedEastland Knowland Smith, N. J. have a much smaller number of groups. Ellender Kuchel


ly have received telegrams regarding this Then, as a result of public criticism or Ferguson Langer


matter: for some other reason, it was stated that

Flanders Lehman


I wish to have the RECORD clearly show

Thye although we would cut the personnel and

Fulbright Long


that the Senator from Massachusetts cut the number of bases, we would con- George

Magnuson Watkins

[Mr. SALTONSTALL), who is chairman of tinue to increase as rapidly as possible

Goldwater Malone


the Subcommitee on Independent Offices Gore

Mansfield the number of aircraft, to a total of 143


Appropriations, has done an excellent wings. Griswold Maybank

job in connection with the appropriation for housing, in adhering in the confer- is no possible way the conference report were possible to do as the Senator from ence to the Senate version of the bill. He can be patched up except to do it in a Oregon suggests. I warn the Senator has done the same in the case of the further conference. No understanding that if the report goes back to conferappropriations for the Interstate Com- that might be entered into with the ence, it will be the whole bill unless some merce Commission. A conference will Interstate Commerce Commission could other provision is made. We will not be be held with representatives of the In- change the language of the conference able to go back to conference on one terstate Commerce Commerce Commission and report. If Representative PHILLIPS, of

report. If Representative PHILLIPS, of item, such as the safety regulations of others, in the hope that it will be pos- California, now has a changed attitude the ICC,without considering also houssible to include in this measure satis- in regard to the question which affects ing and the TVA. factory language to enable the safety the Interstate Commerce Commission The conferees labored long and hard program to be carried out until the safety regulations, a very simple way to in connection with many important Wolf report is considered fully. I ask handle it is to reject the conference re- items. I say again to my distinguished the Senator from Massachusetts if that port, send it back to conference, and friend, the Senator from Oregon, that in is not correct.

then return with language which will my opinion if the Senator from MassaMr. SALTONSTALL. Mr. President, protect the safety regulations of the chusetts and the Representative from as I have informed the acting majority Interstate Commerce Commission. I California can work out certain details leader, I know that my colleagues have think that issue ought to be made very and submit them in a report, I believe it received many communications regard- clear when the report comes before the would be the better part of wisdom to ing the safety regulation of the Inter- Senate tomorrow. I think if an attempt accept the report. state Commerce Commission and its were made to change the language now, Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, will the work in that field. In an effort to clar- outside the framework of the confer- Senator from Massachusetts yield, that ify the interpretation the House con- ence report, the result would be a hodge- I may ask a question of the Senator ferees placed upon the conference report, podge, and the conference report would from South Carolina ? I have had a conference with represen- be wrapped around our necks in the Mr. SALTONSTALL. I am glad to tatives of the Interstate Commerce future, as someone might say, “But this

future, as someone might say, “But this yield, provided I do not lose the floor. Commission, and have had a communi- is what the conference report says.”

Mr. MORSE. Let me ask the Senator cation from the General Accounting We cannot control what may be done from South Carolina, do I correctly unOffice. I hope that by the time the act in the future, on the basis of any in- derstand that the suggested procedure ing majority leader decides to call up formal understanding that might be would mean that the Senator is proposthe conference report, that matter will worked out with Interstate Commerce ing that the conference report now on be interpreted in such a way that the Commission. The fact is that a con- the desk in the Senate, officially filed, can report will be satisfactory.

ference report has been submitted be changed through a conference parMr. MAIBANK. Mr. President, will which, by its very language, jeopardizes ticipated in by the Senator from Massathe Senator yield?

the safety program of the Interstate chusetts and the Representative from Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield.

Commerce Commission. There is there- California and someone in the Interstate Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, a fore but one thing that the Senate Commerce Commission?

Mr. MAYBANK. Of course I did not few moments ago I had the privilege should do, in my judgment, and that is and pleasure of talking with the dis

to reject the report, and, with all respect suggest that. tinguished Representative from the and with all politeness, simply say to the

Mr. MORSE. We have the report. State of California, JOHN PHILLIPS, who

conferees on the part of the Senate, “Go Mr. MAYBANK. No. I said they is chairman of the House subcommittee. back to conference, and return with a would file a report after conferences with

conference report with this language He says we ought to clarify the report

members of the Committee on Interstate in order that the safety program in eliminated. Do not yield to the House on

and Foreign Commerce, or that there a matter which jeopardizes the safety might be an understanding that the auquestion may be continued properly.

of the American people on the high- thorization would be continued to be I bring up this subject at this time for ways."

used, as I understood until the Wolf one purpose. When the conference re

I say most respectfully, but with firm report can be made. Am I correct in port is considered by the Senate, it will

conviction on this matter, the conferees that? be voted either up or down. Unfortu

on the part of the Senate have made a nately, I shall have to request permission great mistake in bringing the conference

Mr. MORSE. The Senator does not

understand my question. to be absent from the session tomorrow

Mr. MAYBANK. The Senator made and I desire to make my position clear. report to the Senate with that language

in it, and I think we should reject the it very clear. I think the conferees on the part of the report and send the conferees on the Senate did pretty well in the conference part of the Senate back to conference, the Senator from Massachusetts and

Mr. MORSE. 'Does the Senator think with the House managers. The Senator

to return with a report which does not from Louisiana (Mr. ELLENDER], the Sen- contain the objectionable language.

the Representative from California, and ator from Alabama (Mr. HILL] and I

all of the members of the Interstate

Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will myself voted against the program;

Commerce Commission combined, could the Senator from Massachusetts yield? we signed the report, though,

do anything to change the language of as

Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield to the the Senator from Massachusetts knows, Senator from South Carolina.

the conference report? we objected to it. When the report

Mr. MAYBANK. Of course they could Mr. MAYBANK. Certainly it is not

not. comes to a vote in the Senate, in my my intention to do what the distinjudgment it would be a mistake to send guished Senator from Oregon suggests.

Mr. MORSE. I want the language it back to conference, unless we have I simply stated my understanding that

changed. something better to offer. The Senator there is to be a further conference, and

Mr. MAYBANK. A record can be from Louisiana, who was so generous that a satisfactory statement would be

made here, on the part of the able Senas to say a word in my behalf, agrees spelled out in a report. I understood the

ator from Oregon, the Senator from that it would be a mistake to send it back Senator from Massachusetts was going Louisiana, and any other Senator, to inwithout having something better to offer.

to meet in conference, with the RepreEither the distinguished Senator from sentative from California. I did not vote

Commerce Commission go along with the Massachusetts or the distinguished with them. I voted for the safety pro

present plan, if that is agreed upon, until Senator from California will be able to gram.

the Wolf report is made. get a statement from me regarding the

I trust the Senator from Oregon will

Mr. MORSE. It would not have the Interstate Commerce Commission safety not misunderstand the position taken by slightest effect, legally. program. the conferees on the part of the Senate.

Mr. SMATHERS. Mr. President, will Mr. MORSE. Mr. President, will the

I know the Senator from Massachusetts the Senator yield? Senator from Massachusetts yield? [Mr. SALTONSTALL), the Senator from Mr. SALTONSTALL

I yield to the Mr. SALTONSTALL. I yield.

Alabama (Mr. HILL), the Senator from Senator from Florida. Mr. MORSE. I wish to comment on Louisiana (Mr. ELLENDER], and myself Mr. SMATHERS. As a matter of the subject, and to say respectfully to the voted for certain language, but the fact, in regard to the statement of the Senator from Massachusetts that there House conferees overruled us. I wish it Senator from Oregon, the chairman of

XCIX- -604

the Interstate Commerce Commission, as consideration of Calendar 601, Senate The CHIEF CLERK. On page 7, after I understand, has already issued a state- Joint Resolution 96.

line 5, it is proposed to insert: ment, in view of the language which is The PRESIDING OFFICER. The (b) The Commission may authorize the now contained in the conference report, clerk will state the joint resolution by Chairman or the Vice Chairman to make the to the effect that he has no other alter- title.

expenditures herein authorized and such native than to close down the field offices

The CHIEF CLERK. A joint resolution

other expenditures as the Commission may of the ICC for safety inspection. So (S. J. Res. 96) to strengthen the foreign

deem advisable: Provided, however, That

when the Commission ceases its activities obviously the conference report will relations of the United States by estab

it shall submit to the Appropriations Comhave to go back to conference, it seems lishing a Commission on International

mittees of the Senate and the House of Repto me, for the change in the language, Telecommunications.

resentatives a statement of its fiscal transin view of the position that has been

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The actions properly audited by the Comptroller taken by the ICC.

question is on agreeing to the motion of General of the United States. Mr. MAYBANK. I may say that if the Senator from California.

Mr. MCCARRAN. Mr. President, may the bill went back to conference a great

The motion was agreed to; and the deal of language would be changed in

we have an explanation of the amendSenate proceeded to consider the joint ment? the report, other than the language resolution, which had been reported

Mr. HICKENLOOPER. I believe the about which we are talking.

from the Committee on Foreign Rela- Senator from Nevada refers to the paraMr. President, I desire to make a tions with amendments.

graph on page 7, beginning with line 6 request.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The and ending with line 13. The provision The PRESIDING OFFICER. The amendments will be stated.

is included for the specific purpose of Senator may proceed.

The CHIEF CLERK. On page 2, line 10, setting up a means of auditing expenses.

after the word "one" it is proposed to As the joint resolution was originally LEAVE OF ABSENCE

strike out "each”; in line 11, after the submitted, there was no proper means of

word "and", to insert “at least one from”; deciding who should audit or pass upon Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, I ask

in line 12, after the word “of”, to strike the propriety of expenses of the Comunanimous consent that I may be ex- out "education” and insert “education mission.

mission. The provision was written by cused from attendance on the session of and of whom not more than three shall

the legislative counsel, I believe, in conthe Senate tomorrow morning.

be from the same political party;"; in junction with the Comptroller General, The PRESIDING OFFICER. Withline 15, after the word "Senate", to insert

as affording a means for proper auditout objection, it is so ordered.

“of whom not more than one shall be ing of the expenses.
from the same political party”; at the

Mr. MCCARRAN. Can the Senator beginning of line 19, to insert "of whom DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE APPRO

tell us if that provision has had study not more than one shall be from the same PRIATIONS, 1954

on the part of the Comptroller Genpolitical party"; at the top of page 3, eral? The Senate resumed the consideration to strike out:

Mr. HICKENLOOPER. I am told that of the bill (H. R. 5969) making appro- (b) Political affiliation: Of the first class it was submitted to the Comptroller Genpriations for the Department of Defense of members mentioned in subsection (a), no eral. I instructed the assistant of the and related independent agencies for the more than three members shall be from the

Foreign Relations Committee to see that fiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and same political party. Of the second and

there was prepared a proper auditing for other purposes.

third classes of members mentioned in subThe PRESIDING OFFICER. The bill lected from the same political party. section (a) only one member shall be se

provision. If my memory does not fail

me, I feel very confident that this quesis open to further amendment. If

tion was taken up with the Comptroller there be no further amendment to be In line 18, after the word “but”, to

General, and that it is a proper auditing proposed, the question is on the third insert “without regard to any other pro- provision. reading of the bill. vision of law”; in line 22, after the word

Mr. MCCARRAN. Naturally it would The bill was ordered to a third read. “Commission", to insert “anc reasonable

come before the Comptroller General ing, and was read the third time. advances may be made to them for such

eventually. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The bill purposes”; on page 4, line 3, after the Mr. HICKENLOOPER. It is our inhaving been read the third time, the word “but”, to insert "without regard tention that it be presented to the Compquestion is, Shall it pass?

to any other provision of law”; in line troller General for proper auditing. Mr. DOUGLAS. Mr. President, be- 6, after the word “Commission", to in- Mr. HILL. Mr. President, will the fore the bill is passed, I should like to sert "and reasonable advances may be Senator yield? offer an amendment.

made to them for such purposes”; at Mr. HICKENLOOPER. I yield. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The the beginning of line 17 to insert "per

Mr. HILL. The language says that Chair advises the Senator from Illinois that the bill has been read the third annum"; in line 18, after the figures

when the Commission ceases its activ

ities it shall submit to the Appropriations time and under the rule amendments “$12,500”, to insert “per annum”; in line

Committees of the Serate and the House are not in order after the bill has been

24, after the word "for", to strike out read the third time. “individuals" and insert "each indi

of Representatives a statement of its

fiscal transactions, properly audited by The question now is, Shall the bill vidual”; in line 25, after the word

the Comptroller General of the United pass? authorized”, to insert "without regard

States. The bill (H. R. 5969) was passed. to any other provision of law”; on page

Mr. MCCARRAN. That is when the Mr. FERGUSON. Mr. President, I 5, line 8, after the word "exceed”, to windup comes. move that the Senate insist on its strike out "$25,000” and insert "$250,

Mr. HILL. That is correct. amendments, request a conference with 000”; in line 11, after the word "before", Mr. MCCARRAN. In the meantime, the House of Representatives thereon, to insert “December 31, 1954”; in line who audits the affairs? and that the Chair appoint the con

13, after the word "Congress.” to insert Mr. HILL. The Commission is just ferees on the part of the Senate.

"It may submit such interim reports as now being created. It will wind up its The motion was agreed to; and the it deems desirable."; on page 6, at the

affairs on or before December 31, 1954. Presiding Officer appointed Mr. FERGUSON, Mr. BRIDGES, Mr. SALTONSTALL, Mr.

beginning of line 22, to insert "times By the time it is appointed it will not KNOWLAND, Mr. FLANDERS, Mr. HAYDEN, and"; in the same line, after the word

have much more than a year in which to Mr. RUSSELL, and Mr. CHAVEZ conferees "abroad", to strike out "and at such

do its work, and when it does its work

it must make a report to the Appropriaon the part of the Senate. times”; in line 25, after the word “oaths”,

tions Committees of the respective to insert "and"; on page 7, line 1, after

Houses, properly audited by the Compthe word “testimony", to strike out "and ESTABLISHMENT OF COMMISSION to make such lawful expenditures”.

troller General.


The Senator The amendments were agreed to.

from Nevada asked the question as to MUNICATIONS

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The whether this paragraph had been passed Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I clerk will state the next committee upon by the Comptroller General. The move that the Senate proceed to the amendment.

accounts are to be audited by the Comp

troller General. We requested that the ments offered by the Senator from Colo

STAFF OF THE COMMISSION provision be so written. I am very cer- , rado [Mr. JOHNSON).

Sec. 6. The Commission shall have power to tain that this provision was submitted to The amendments were agreed to. appoint a Secretary General at a salary of the Comptroller General and that it was The PRESIDING OFFICER. The not to exceed $15,000 per annum, and an considered by him proper language for joint resolution is open to further amend- Assistant Secretary General at a salary of the auditing provision. ment. If there be no further amend

not to exceed $12,500 per annum, and such

other personnel in accordance with the The PRESIDING OFFICER. The ment to be proposed, the question is on Classification Act of 1949, as amended, or to question is on agreeing to the amend the engrossment and third reading of the obtain assistance from Government agenment on page 7, after line 5. joint resolution.

cies on a reimbursable basis. The CommisThe amendment was agreed to.

The joint resolution was ordered to be sion is further authorized to employ experts The next amendment was, on page 7, engrossed for a third reading, read the and consultants for temporary and interline 14, to change the subsection letter third time, and passed, as follows:

mittent personal services, but at rates not from “(b)" to "(c)."

to exceed $75 per diem for each individual. Whereas the overseas information pro

The Commission is authorized without reThe amendment was agreed to. gram as carried on through the media of

gard to any other provision of law to reimThe PRESIDING OFFICER. That telecommunications is of continuing and in

burse employees, experts, and consultants completes the committee amendments. creasing importance in carrying out and sup

for travel, subsistence, and other necessary Mr. JOHNSON of Colorado. Mr. porting the foreign policies of the United

expenses incurred by them in the performPresident, I offer the amendments which States; and

ance of their official duties and to make rea

Whereas in his state of the Union mesI send to the desk and ask to have

sonable advances to such persons for such sage, February 2, 1953, the President asserted stated. I ask that they be considered

purposes. the necessity “to make more effective all acen bloc. tivities related to international informa


Sec. 7. There is hereby authorized to be amendments offered by the Senator from Resolved, etc., That there is hereby estab- appropriated, out of any money in the TreasColorado will be stated. Without ob- lished a commission to be known as the ury not otherwise appropriated, not to exjection, they will be considered en bloc. Commission on Governmental Use of Inter

ceed $250,000 to carry out the provisions of The CHIEF CLERK. On pages 1 and 2, referred to as the “Commission”). national Telecommunications (in this act

this act. strike out all in the third paragraph of



SEC. 8. (a) Report: On or before December On page 2, strike out all in the fourth SEC. 2. Number and appointment: The

31, 1954, the Commission shall make a report paragraph of recitals. Commission shall be composed of nine mem

of its findings and recommendations to the bers as follows: On page 2, line 4, immediately after

Congress. It may submit such interim re

ports as it deems desirable. the word "on", insert the words "Govern

(1) Five appointed by the President of the United States, of whom at least one shall

(b) Expiration of the Commission: Ninety mental use of.” be appointed from the telecommunications

days after the submission to the Congress On page 5, strike out all in lines 20 to industry and at least one from the field of

of the report provided for in subsection (a) 25, inclusive. education and of whom not more than three

of this section 8, the Commission shall cease On page 6, strike out all in lines 1 to shall be from the same political party;

to exist. 17 inclusive, and insert the following: (2) Two appointed from the Senate by

DUTIES OF THE COMMISSION SEC. 9. The Commission is directed to

the President of the Senate of whom not SEC. 9. The Commission is directed to ex

more than one shall be from the same poexaminr, study, and report on the objectives,

amire, study, and report on the objectives, litical party; and operations, and effectiveness of our informa

operations, and effectiveness of our infortion programs with respect to the prompt Representatives by the Speaker of the House

(3) Two appointed from the House of mation programs with respect to the prompt development of techniques, methods, and

development of techniques, methods, and of Representatives of whom not more than programs for greatly expanded and far more

programs for greatly expanded and far more effective operations in this vital area of

one shall be from the same political party. effective operations in this vital area of foreign policy through the use of foreign


foreign policy through the use of foreign telecommunications.

SEC. 3. The Commission shall choose its

telecommunications. Mr. JOHNSON of Colorado. Mr. its members and shall establish its own proChairman and Vice Chairman from among

POWERS OF THE COMMISSION President, as originally introduced, Sen

SEC. 10. (a) The Commission or, on the

authorization of the Commission, any subate Joint Resolution 96 would deal with


committee or member thereof, shall have a great many matters which come under

SEC. 4. Five members of the Commission power to hold hearings and sit and act at the jurisdiction of the Senate Interstate shall constitute a quorum.

such times and places in the United States and Foreign Commerce Committee. The


and abroad, to require by subpena or otherobject and effect of the amendments

wise the attendance of such witnesses and

COMMISSION which have been offered, and which are

the production of such books, papers, and

SEC. 5. (a) Members of Congress: Members being considered en bloc, is to remove of Congress who are members of the Com

documents, to administer such oaths, and

to take such testimony, as the Commission from the joint resolution all matters mission shall serve without compensation in or such subcommittee or member may deem which come under the jurisdiction of the addition to that received for their services

advisable. Subpenas shall be issued under Interstate and Foreign Commerce Com- as Members of Congress; but without regard

the signature of the Chairman of the Committee of the Senate. As the joint reso

to any other provision of law they shall be mission and shall be served by any person lution would read, if these amendments reimbursed for travel, subsistence, and other

designated by him. necessary expenses incurred by them in the

(b) The Commission may authorize the matters properly coming under the juris performance

of the duties vested in the


Chairman or the Vice Chairman to make the diction of the Foreign Relations Com- made to them for such purposes.

may be

expenditures herein authorized and such

other expenditures as the Commission may mittee. All references to our domestic

(b) Members of the executive branch: Any deem advisable: Provided, however, That communications facilities have been re- members of the Commission who may be in when the Commission ceases its activities it moved from the joint resolution, and it the executive branch of the Government shall submit to the Appropriations Commitdeals merely with information, propa

shall receive the compensation which he tees of the Senate and the House of Repreganda, and other things which our Gov

would receive if he were not a member of the sentatives a statement of its fiscal transac

Commission, but without regard to any other ernment is using in the foreign field.

tions properly audited by the Comptroller provision of law they shall be reimbursed Mr. HICKENLOOPER. Mr. President, for travel, subsistence, and other necessary

General of the United States. the Senator from Colorado very properly expenses incurred by them in the perform

(c) The Commission is authorized to se

cure from any department, agency, or inderaised the question upon which his ance of the duties vested in the Commission

pendent instrumentality of the Government amendment is based. I submitted it to and reasonable advances may be made to

any information it deems necessary to carry the various authors of the joint resolu- them for such purposes.

out its functions under this act; and each tion. We agree that he has a good point, (c) Members from private life: The mem

such department, agency, and instrumenand that these amendments may propbers from private life shall receive not to

tality is authorized and directed to furnish erly be incorporated in the joint resolu- exceed $75 per diem when engaged in the

such information to the Commission, upon

request made by the Chairman or by the Vice tion. Therefore, I am perfectly willing performance of duties vested in the Commission, plus reimbursement for travel, sub

Chairman when acting as Chairman. to accept them.

sistence, and other necessary expenses inThe PRESIDING OFFICER. The curred by them in the performance of such

The preamble, as amended, was question is on agreeing to the amend- duties.

agreed to.

The title was amended so as to read: the control of water runoff at source, most convincing manner. I know that "Joint resolution to strengthen the for- in the sum $5 million.

there was for a time, in the Census Bueign relations of the United States by Mr. YOUNG. That is correct.

reau, a group which had opposed enestablishing a Commission on Govern- Mr. CARLSON. I appreciate very actment of the law authorizing a census mental Use of International Telecommu- much the fact that the conference de- of transportation; a group which, I am nications."

cided to retain this item, because I be- confident, had no enthusiasm for effeclieve it is the beginning of a very worth- tive administration of the law with re

while program. The project is to be re- spect to that census, and which, to put APPROPRIATIONS FOR DEPART

garded as a pilot or test project. I am it mildly, probably did very little to MENT OF AGRICULTURE, 1954—

glad that is to be the case. If there advance the program for a transportaCONFERENCE REPORT

are to be such projects in the future, tion census. Mr. YOUNG. Mr. President, I sub

I trust appropriate legislation will be I am happy to say that after the inintroduced

terchange of correspondence with Secmit a report of the committee of con

Mr. YOUNG. I know the Senator ference on the disagreeing votes of the

retary Weeks, which I shall shortly ask from Kansas has had a great interest in two Houses on the amendments of the

may be inserted in the RECORD, I do not

have the feeling that the Department of Senate to the bill (H. R. 5227) making this project, and he has made many con


tacts with the committee. He appropriations for the Department of

Commerce under the present adminisworked very hard for this program. I tration is resisting the will of the ConAgriculture for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1954, and for other purposes. I

am glad the conference agreed on this gress, as expressed in the law provid

program. ask unanimous consent for the imme

ing for a census of transportation; and

Mr. SCHOEPPEL. Mr. President, in I am both anxious and pleased to accept diate consideration of the report. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The re

the report on the agricultural appro- the assurances of the Secretary of Com

priation bill, submitted by the distin- merce that the Department intends to port will be read for the information of

guished Senator from North Dakota (Mr. continue to explore this whole program the Senate.

YOUNG] as I understand, the conferees as far as appropriations made available The legislative clerk read the report. allowed approximately $5 million for cer- by the Congress may permit.

For my (For conference report, see House pro

tain watershed projects, some of which own part, I shall continue to urge the ceedings of July 22, 1953, pp. 9630-9632.) The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there happen to be in the State of Kansas. I appropriation of adequate funds for a

am glad the conferees saw fit to provide census of transportation, because I know, objection to the present consideration of the report?

the appropriation. It is a very impor- from a rather intensive study of this subThere being no objection, the Senate

tant program, and much interest has ject which I made some 8 or 9 years ago, proceeded to consider the report.

been manifested in such programs in my just how urgently we shall need, in the State.

event of a true national emergency, the Mr. YOUNG. Mr. President, I would

The PRESIDING OFFICER (Mr. transportation data which only such a like to make a very brief explanation of

PAYNE in the chair). The question is on the conference report.

census can provide. I hope that Sena

tors having a natural interest in this The Senate version of the bill called agreeing to the conference report. for $716,779,768. The conference agreed

The report was agreed to.

matter-and. I know there are a number

of my colleagues who fall in this cateupon $718,395,398, or an increase of $1,

gory—will continue to work toward this 615,630 over the appropriations con

CENSUS OF TRANSPORTATION same end. I hope further that other tained in the Senate bill.

The increase consisted of the follow- Mr. MCCARRAN. Mr. President, be- Senators will look into the matter as time ing:

cause I know that a number of Senators permits. I even venture the final hope Five million dollars in appropriations

are very much interested in transporta- that at least some of the many executives for the watershed protection program,

tion, and more especially in the problem in business and industry who could profwhich item was originally inserted by

of developing a long-range program for itably use the statistics which a census the House but deleted by the Senate.

providing the transportation statistics of transportation would develop, will inThe Senate conferees agreed to accept

which are urgently needed in time of form their Senators and Representatives this House provision. There were dewar or in connection with a defense

of their interest.

Mr. President, I now ask unanimous creases in the items for forest roads and emergency, it is my purpose to seek intrails, of $1,500,000; in funds for re- sertion in the RECORD of an interchange consent that there may be inserted in search of $350,370; and for control proof correspondence which I have had

the RECORD at this point the correspondgrams, of $1,483,000. with the Secretary of Commerce.

ence to which I have previously referred.

As background, let me point out that Mr. HUMPHREY. Mr. President, will

There being no objection, the corre

spondence was ordered to be printed in the Senator yield?

I have been one of those very much in-
terested in the development of sound

the RECORD, as follows: Mr. YOUNG. I yield.

JUNE 30, 1953. Mr. HUMPHREY. What was done techniques and methods for taking, tab

The Honorable SINCLAIR WEEKS, ulating and interpreting a periodic cenwith respect to the REA soil conser

Secretary of Commerce, sus of transportation. With the aid of vation?

Department of Commerce, Mr. YOUNG. There was no disagree- securing enactment of legislation to auother Senators, I was able to assist in

Washington, D. C. ment in conference with respect to soil

MY DEAR MR. SECRETARY: Five years ago thorize such a periodic census. conservation funds. Both versions of

(by Public Law 671 of the 80th Cong.) Conthe bill contained an item of $195 mil- tation, although authorized, has not yet

Unfortunately, the census of transpor- gress authorized and directed the taking of a

census of transportation. lion. The bill now contains $205 milbeen taken. The law provides that the

The Census Bureau presented a hastily lion for REA, that is, with carry-over census shall be taken every 4 years. But

developed program for 1948, a program not funds. The appropriation for the fiscal Congress failed to appropriate funds for

in line with apparent congressional intent, year 1953 was $197 million. the census 4 years ago, and has failed

and certainly not in line with the sponsor With respect to REA, there was an

of the legislation, the writer of this letter. again this year to appropriate funds for appropriation of $35 million a year ago,

A second program was presented by the that census. plus $7,500,000 in the supplemental bill

Census Bureau for 1953; a program called

It is my earnest opinion, Mr. Presi- experimental pilot by Department approved last month, as against an ap- dent, as I have informed the Secretary spokesmen. For instance, Secretary Weeks propriation in this bill of $67,500,000. Mr. HUMPHREY. So, the appropria- economy on the part of the Congress. of Commerce, that this represented false

said the Bureau is "planning to take a pilot

run” (p. 5, House hearings); and Dr. Burgess tion is $67,500,000? I want to say that I do not feel the fault

said the census of transportation "is feeling Mr. YOUNG. That is correct. is wholly that of the Congress, because

its way" (p. 80 of House hearings). Mr. CARLSON. Mr. President, will I do not believe the Department of Com

The question occurs, why was the census the Senator yield? merce has done its best either to develop

of transportation put on a pilot basis, in Mr. YOUNG. I yield.

the face of the law authorizing it? a sound and tested program for the cenMr. CARLSON. As I understand, the sus of transportation, or to present its

In 1948, Mr. Grieves of the Census Bureau

testified that the Bureau had “not even conference report contains an item for request for funds for that census in the any opportunity to formulate a tested pro


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