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An "aye” vote on this motion means cost the Government $1,200,000,000. to study the situation. I might read his that we recede from our position and And the Government has contracted to own words to the House. concur in the Senate amendment which take all the electric power that two very The following are excerpts from provides $12.5 million to carry on the large electric plants can produce. These House and Senate Appropriations Comprogram for another year. two new plants will cost about $450

mittee hearings: Mr. CLEVENGER. Mr. Speaker, I million. These great plants will bring

Secretary yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from thousands of additional families into

Weeks, House hearings, New York [Mr. RADWAN].

page 6: that section. And they will bring hunMr. RADWAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to dreds of the big-business men of the

In the next two items—the "Federal-aid support the preferential motion of the country into that section for business

airport program,” and the "Liquidation of

contract authorization"-we have first elimgentleman from Georgia [Mr. PRESTON]. reasons.

inated entirely the $30 million. We in Buffalo are in a similar situation; The second reason is that before these

Let me say parenthetically that we have we started to improve our airport some large Government plants were located in eliminated that first item, and we have caryears back and while this is underway this section we have repeatedly attempt- ried on in the second item with the “Liqui. we are ready with $750,000 matching ed to have an airport located somewhere dation of contract authorization" insofar as funds, and these funds cannot be used in the section because there is no airport we expect to complete it in this fiscal year for any other purpose except to improve located within a hundred miles, while

coming up. That, in effect, as I see it, lets our airports. there are probably a million people liv

us catch up to a degree on the program, and

will give us an opportunity to do what I I think that the best point made by the ing in that section who would be served understand the Congress has requested sevgentleman from Georgia is the fact that by an airport located there and who eral times: Make a resurvey and a reanalysome notice ought to be served on the would patronize such an airport.

sis of this whole airport construction aid various municipalities before the Federal Mr. Speaker, if this matter comes to a program. So we have taken out of those two Government decides abruptly to abandon vote this afternoon, and I think it will,

items a total of $37,500,000. this program. To abandon its airport then I shall vote in favor of the House

Secretary Weeks, Senate hearings, program at this time is discrimination accepting the amendment passed by the

page 315: against those municipalities and towns Senate, I am as careful as nearly any

Senator, as I am informed, the Congress like Buffalo, N. Y., that did not have a Congressman in this House concerning

has three times, over the last several years, fair chance to complete airport improve

the reduction of Government expenses asked the Civil Aeronautics Administration ments before other cities. I realize that and I have voted accordingly. But the

to resurvey and reanalyze the whole airsome cities such as Pittsburgh, Balti- Congress can well afford to do its part

Congress can well afford to do its part port-aid program. It has never been done, more, and Houston were ahead of us in with carrying the burden that has been and this is what we propose to do now to point of time, and for this reason it is placed on the people of southern Ohio by make a real study of that whole program and utterly unfair that the program be dis- reason of these large industries that the

then submit recommendations to the Bureau continued before some of the municipal. Government has brought into this sec

of the Budget. We would hope to have them

submitted in the form of a report to the ities have a chance to complete their tion. It is not fair to put all this extra

Congress. work.

burden on the people who already have The Buffalo airport serves not only the as much as they can carry and, again, Under Secretary Murray, Senate hearcity of Buffalo and western New York, the people of that section are as patriotic ings, page 315: but also the Army and Navy find great as any people in the United States, and I think it means only, Senator, a postneed for the airport, this in spite of the they feel that they had an implied un- ponement. There is no desire until we have fact that the entire cost of the airport derstanding that the Government would made this survey to make any such recomhas been carried by the taxpayers of the đo its part in paying for the construc

mendation as that. We do ask for time to city of Buffalo. tion of this proposed airport.

take a look at the program in view of the

changing pattern that has occurred since This may be a close question with I hope that the Congress will deal fair

the act was originally set up in 1946. The many Members of Congress. I believe ly with the people in Scioto County and

act to date has carried with it appropriathat the weight of evidence is on our side, with the people in the neighboring coun- tions that have been relatively small over and in any event, the appropriation ties and with the people who live in Ken

the years.

We have not had the developshould have the benefit of a reasonable tucky, which is just across the Ohio River ment of aviation along the lines that were doubt. and within 20 miles of the place where contemplated originally, and we desire to

take a view to establish what the Federal I sincerely urge support of the Preston this airport will be located.

role should be and what size it should be, motion.

Mr. Speaker, all I ask is justice and

at which point we will ask the Congress for Mr. CLEVENGER. Mr. Speaker, I fair play. If we are denied cur just dues

appropriations to carry out that role. yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from today by this House we will continue to Ohio [Mr. JENKINS). fight for fair play and will continue to Under Secretary Murray, Senate hear

ings, pages 316-317: Mr. JENKINS. Mr. Speaker, I was in press our claim. hopes that the House conferees would Mr. CLEVENGER. Mr. Speaker, I

If you will recall at the end of the last have accepted the Senate's position and yield such time as he may desire to the

war, we expected to have every Air Force therefore there would be $12,500,000 that gentleman from Michigan (Mr. CLARDY). pilot come back and own a private plane might be distributed for assistance to Mr. CLARDY. Mr. Speaker, I prob- private craft, the Seabees, the Stinson, and cities and counties that have voted bond ably have as much personal interest in so forth. That has not generally materialissues for the construction of airports the extension of the airport system as ized. Corporate aviation has picked up with the idea that the Federal Govern- anybody in this House. I have been fly- way beyond what was expected at that time. ment would contribute for the construc- ing my own plane for 25 years. I have

It is quite true that the planes in the air, tion of such airports.

the miles flown today, are very great, very been close to the aviation picture, but

considerable. But it is a different pattern. Scioto County, Ohio, a few months I am opposed to the extension of this

The tiny plane has not materialized. At ago voted a bond issue in the amount of program 1 inch farther. It has not the time, in 1946, there was some evidence $400,000. These bonds have been sold been properly administered. It is time that we desired to set up a great network of and are drawing interest which the coun- for a survey and a rewriting of the pro- smaller airports to accommodate this great ty must pay. The county has this sum gram if the Federal Government is to

amount of private flying which just has not of $400,000 in the bank. The voters of continue doling out dollars. I think it

materialized on that basis. It is for that Scioto County cast their votes believing time we weaned States and cities.

purpose that 7 years later it would seem de

sirable to take a reading as to where we are that the Government would come for- Mr. CLEVENGER. Mr. Speaker, I now. We went out to Kansas City this past ward with a liberal contribution.

would like to state that here is a won- week, before the Congress of Aviation OffiThe reason why the people of Scioto derful opportunity for those who have cials, and there is a great deal of thinking County are so much interested is that been talking of maintaining the posi

on their part that it would be desirable to there is an urgent need for an airport tion of the President and the adminis

take a reading on this subject. in that section. Their need arises from tration to do so. We have heard a lot Under Secretary Murray, Senate heartwo principal reasons. of talk along that line.

ings, pages 401-402: The first reason is that the Govern- The Secretary of Commerce has re

Because we think the role of the Federal ment is building a very large atomic- quested no money for this program this Government in the airport program should energy plant in that section which will year. He has appointed a committee be reviewed, be evaluated, we desire to take the time to do that in view of the changing Donald W. Nyrop, counsel, Conference of us as the result of prior commitments situations which have occurred.

Local Airlines, Washington, D. C., and former under this program. Senator MCCARRAN. Do you not realize Chairman, Civil Aeronautics Board.

The fact is that some airport develthat in doing that you are setting yourself R. W.F. Schmidt, manager, Tucson Airport up against Congress which has reviewed this Authority, Tucson, Ariz.

opment and construction has been matter on two different occasions in the Thomas K. Taylor, vice president, Trans started and pressed to completion by the past? First passing the act and then ex- World Airlines, Inc., Washington, D. C.

cities in the firm belief that Federal aid tending it. Was that not a review by Con- J. B. Hartranft, president, Aircraft Owners for these projects would be forthcoming gress? Did Congress not approve the legis- and Pilots Association, Washington, D. C., at the proper time. The projects were lation? Why do you propose to destroy it? who was unable to attend the meeting, was launched with that understanding and Mr. MURRAY. Senator, we have no desire named a member of the group.

were completed with that understandto destroy it. We are not making any recommendation as far as the act itself is con

Here is a telegram that was handed to ing. In good conscience, we should fulcerned. We are simply coming before the me by the gentleman from Massachu- fill the obligation which was assumed by Congress and within the administrative setts [Mr. McCORMACK):

the Federal Government in connection assessment of the picture, asking that no

BOSTON, MASS., July 17, 1953.

therewith. money be allocated until we can liquidate Hon. JOHN W. MCCORMACK,

The Rochester-Monroe County Airpresent contracts which we now have and

Minority Leader, House of Representa port is a case in point. This project was decide where we are going from this point


launched several years ago within the on within the legislative authority of the

Federal airport program for cities hung framework of the Federal aid to airports Congress.

up between House and Senate. As vice presi- program. Since 1949, there has been on Under Secretary Murray, Senate hear- dent of American Municipal Association, ap- file with the district office of the CAA ings, page 412:

peal to you to support a rollcall on Monday in Albany a copy of the land purchases,

for continuation of program. This is of Senator, it is the feeling that, since the vital interest to about 350 cities. Amount

condemnations, and other expenses in act first came into being in 1946, the pattern of aviation development has changed tinuation of program itself. of appropriation not as important as con

cident to the project in amounts in excess

of $450,000. The officials of Monroe sufficiently that in 1953, in the light of the


County have been advised that the projcurrent aviation situation, it would be well to reevaluate the entire program to see what

Mayor of Boston.

ect is being carried as an active, approved the Federal role in aviation should be, so

Now, out of a $12,500,000 appropria- application for Federal aid, and that far as financing airports.

tion-used because it was easier to cal- payment has been withheld only until Senator ELLENDER. What do you mean culate allotments being made on area

such time as the runways and new ad"changed sufficiently"? In what respect?

ministration building were completed. Mr. MURRAY. In 1946, as you know, it was and population basis-Massachusetts

That work has now been done, and anticipated there would be a considerable would receive $127,880. amount of small, privately owned aircraft Mr. CLEVENGER. The question re

Rochester now has one of the finest airflying. As I mentioned yesterday, we had solves itself to this: What do we want ports in the country, ready to serve our the idea that all pilots back from the Air to do? Do we want to support the ad

peacetime aviation needs, and, if need Force would buy their own planes and that ministration and the Secretary of Com

be, ready for a defense emergency. we would have a very tremendous light-plane merce in what most of us think is a

Rochester, in brief, has fulfilled its part development. That has not materialized.

of the bargain. The Federal GovernThat has a great deal to do with the type healthy time to take a look at it, or do

ment has not. of airport plan which you would want to you want to override him? have. Instead of that, we have had a tre- Mr. PRESTON. Mr. Speaker, will the

The Board of Supervisors of Monroe mendous commercial development, a big gentleman yield?

County has formally petitioned the Confeeder development, and a very large cor

gress for the funds for which it is im

Mr. CLEVENGER. I yield to the genporate aviation development. tleman from Georgia.

plicitly obligated. I am informed by I might say that the Secretary in a

the Civil Aeronautics Administration,

Mr. PRESTON. Is it not true that the release dated Friday, May 8, said: President asked for $18,000,000 for this however, that without the funds pro

vided by the Senate, namely, $12,500,000, UNITED STATES program in his revised budget?

aid for this and similarly developed projDEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE,


ects will not be forthcoming. asked for nothing in his revised budget. Washington, D. C. There was no request for funds for this have expended their funds in good faith

In fairness to the municipalities which (For immediate release Friday, May 8, 1953) purpose in our bill. An aviation industry group met today at

and in firm reliance on the assurances

Mr. PRESTON. The statements that the invitation of Robert B. Murray, Jr., the gentleman read from the Secretary

given to them by the Federal Govern. Under Secretary of Commerce for Transpor

ment, I believe we should support the tation, to organize for a study of the Federalof Commerce and the Assistant Secre

proposal to recede from the position aid-to-airports program. tary of Commerce, were they not made

taken by the managers for the House Jennings Randolph, assistant to the presi- to our committee prior to the time the

and approve the appropriation as recdent of Capital Airlines, Inc., Washington, revised budget came down to the com

ommended by the Senate. D. C., was elected chairman of the group, mittee?

Mr. and Melvin H. Nuss, director of the Reading

CLEVENGER. Mr. Speaker, I Mr. CLEVENGER. No; they were (Pa.) Municipal Airport and treasurer of the

yield such time as he may desire to the made subsequent to that. American Association of Airport Executives,

gentleman from Michigan [Mr. CEDERwas named secretary.

Mr. PRESTON. I think if the gen- BERG). In addition to Mr. Randolph and Mr. Nuss, tleman will refresh his memory, we did

Mr. CEDERBERG. Mr. Speaker, I the following industry members attended the not have hearings on that budget; the would like to state my opposition to the meeting held at the Commerce Department: hearings were held on the Truman motion. I believe I have a personal in

Gen. Milton W. Arnold, vice president, Air budget, and then we received the Eisen- terest in the matter, because I am being Transport Association of America, Washing- hower budget later after we had reton, D. C.

requested at the present time to assist ceived the testimony of the witnesses. in procurement of some Federal funds Francis A. Bolton, superintendent, Port of Columbus Airport, Columbus, Ohio, and

Mr. CLEVENGER. We had testimony for an airport that serves two of the president, American Association of Airport on the Truman budget, but the Secre- largest cities of my district and one of Executives.

tary made his speech on what this pres- the largest cities in the district to the Jean H. B. DuBuque, executive director, ent administration wanted, and there south. There is a matter of only apCorporation Aircraft Owners Association, was no request for funds. There was a proximately $180,000 involved, $90,000 of Washington, D. C. J. D. Durand, secretary and assistant gen

request for a reassessment of this pro- which will be contributed by the Federal eral counsel, Air Transport Association of gram, not for its extension.

Government and $90,000 among the 3 America.

Mr. Speaker, I yield to the gentleman cities. Louis R. Inwood, director, division of avia- from New York [Mr. OSTERTAG).

I think the time has come when we tion, Philadelphia Department of Commerce, · Mr. OSTERTAG. Mr. Speaker, while Philadelphia, Pa.

ought to review this program, because I it is evident that a restudy of our Federal am convinced that even if the Federal Foster V. Jones, director of airports, Louis- aid to airport program is in order, as Government will not participate we will ville and Jefferson County Air Board, Louisville, Ky.

contemplated by the Department of still build airports. Here is an airport A. B. McMullen, executive secretary, Na

Commerce, we cannot and should not that was built originally by the Federal tional Association of State Aviation Officials, attempt to ignore certain moral and Government and which is being used as Montpelier, Vt.

financial obligations which devolve upon a commercial airport at the present

time. These 3 cities will build a build, been transported from the hospital by plane whether or not they would be included. ing, I believe, even if the Federal Gov- since July 1, 1948, and that was done in day. But, I should like to point out to the ernment does not participate.

light hours. No patients have been brought House that in this bill we are appropriatWe have a great opportunity to review to the hospital by plane since that date.

ing $22,700,000 to pay for present obthis program and to do some good. I Mr. Speaker, here was a program ligations of past contracts. So there are think it is rather hard to believe that where they wanted to put lighting in an $22,700,000 here to take care of obligawe can compare this airport program airport. Their justification was the fact tions. So we are continuing the prowith the Federal roads program. There that it was a Veterans' Hospital and they gram from that standpoint. I believe is all the difference in the world. We needed lighting for ambulance planes the House should be sustained on this can compare the Federal airport pro- when the fact of the matter is one plane program. gram more with the railroad program. brought in one litter in 1948 and none Mr. VORYS. Mr. Speaker, will the They built their own depots. I think since that time.

gentleman yield? that is the more logical comparison. Mr. Speaker, another of the airports Mr. BOW. I yield.

As far as I am personally concerned, that they were considering in this re- Mr. VORYS. If the Senate amendalthough if this appropriation is made port is the airport at Reno, Nev., now ment is adopted, it will not require the I shall try to get some of it for the air- owned and operated by United Airlines. administration to spend a dime on any port that is involved in my district, I They own and operate it. But, under of this, will it? They have authority will have no part in voting for it. the program which we were considering to withhold, and they do not have to go

Mr. CLEVENGER. Mr. Speaker, I the CAA was going to purchase the air- ahead with any of these rather silly yield 5 minutes to the gentleman from port operation at Reno.

projects that the gentleman has menOhio [Mr. Bow].

Another was the building of a new air- tioned that certainly should not be conMr. BOW. Mr. Speaker, I believe it port at the Grand Canyon. Funds were tinued. would be well to point out what this to be appropriated by the several Mr. BOW. On the basis of area and bill actually provides and what the com- branches of the Government to put in a population, $10 million will have to be mittee had in mind in not allowing in new airport at the Grand Canyon. distributed to the States. the original instance any funds for this There is one now within a few miles of Mr. TABER. Mr. Speaker, will the particular activity.

the Grand Canyon which the TWA uses, gentleman yield?
If the Senate provision is agreed to, but they wanted to put one in at the rim Mr. BOW. I yield.
they have a sum of $12,500,000, of which of the canyon.

TABER. If this

this thing goes $10 million shall be for the projects of Mr. Speaker, if we are going to have through, and we had $10 million to parthe States. There is $400,000 for Puerto economy and at the same time build up cel out amongst 356 communities, that Rico, $25,000 for projects in the Virgin our defense, we simply cannot go along would make something around $25,000 Islands, $400,000 for projects in the Ter- with programs of that kind. I believe in apiece. That is what you would get, ritory of Hawaii, and $175,000 for proj- proper programs of this kind and it has about one-twentieth of what you would ects in the Territory of Alaska. There been suggested by the Secretary of Com- need for an ordinary airport. So you see is $1,500,000 of this fund that is neces- merce that studies are being made, and what a ridiculous approach this is. sary for administrative expenses, the I submit to the gentleman on the other Mr. PRESTON. Mr. Speaker, will the payment of salaries to people in the side of the aisle that the head study com- gentleman yield? agency, so we have $10 million that actu- mission of that is Jennings Randolph, a Mr. BOW. I yield to the gentleman ally goes to the States.

former Member of this House, a Demo- from Georgia. I might say further that there is a cratic Member who is an expert in this Mr. PRESTON. The gentleman from discretionary fund of 25 percent which field. If we are going to cry about sup- New York [Mr. TABER] would not willthe CAA can use wherever they please. porting the President and the President's fully leave the wrong impression with the Then the balance of $7,500,000 is dis- program, we have to do it just as much House, I am sure of that. tributed pro rata through the States, when we are trying to economize and not Mr. TABER. No, I would not. I want one-half on the basis of area and the by spending money as in the days when the House to know just what the situother half on the basis of population, we were trying to raise money to keep a ation is. I thought it might be well to point out, lot of people on the payroll that the peo- Mr. PRESTON. But is it not the fact Mr. Speaker, the manner in which these ple on the other side would like to keep that the CAA has the right to determine funds would be allocated if this Senate there. This is the President's program. from a priority standpoint which airfield amendment is agreed to.

It is the administration's program. It is is entitled to how much, and there is no The committee felt, or at least a ma- a two-way street, whichever way it goes plan on foot to divide this $10 million jority of the committee felt, that the whether in the direction of economy or equally among 356 communities? recommendations of the Secretary of going along with appropriating money Mr. TABER. Evidently they have put Commerce should be followed, which, of to keep a lot of people on the payroll out the propaganda in such a way that course, is the recommendation of the that the opposition party would like to they have 356 of them believing that they President. The recommendation was keep there.

keep there. If they are sincere in sup- are going to get it. That is the curse of that this program should be resurveyed, porting the President, this is the time for it; they are going to be fooled; they are and that some realistic program should them to prove their sincerity. I submit not going to get anything. be sent to the Congress which the Con- to you that a program will come to us in Mr. PRESTON. The gentleman said gress could follow.

the future, and that a survey has been just a moment ago that they are all goI should like to bring to the attention made and these programs such as I have ing to get $25,000 apiece. of the House some of the reports we pointed out to the House today will be Mr. TABER. That is not anything tohave bezore us. We had an investiga- limited.

ward an airport. tive report. Unfortunately, we do not Mr. OLIVER P. BOLTON. Mr. Speak- Mr. CLEVENGER. Mr. Speaker, I have time to give it all to the House. er, will the gentleman yield?

move the previous question. Let me call your attention to the airport Mr. BOW. I yield.

The previous question was ordered. in Dublin, Ga., and may I say to the

Mr. OLIVER P. BOLTON. Can the The SPEAKER. The question is on gentleman from Georgia [Mr. PRESTON]

distinguished gentleman tell me whether the preferential motion of the gentleman that this is not in his district and I am

if this Senate amendment is not agreed from Georgia [Mr. PRESTON] that the not bringing up the matter of the air- to and the funds are not appropriated House recede and concur in the Senate port in Georgia because it is the gen

for Federal participation this year, if amendment. tleman's motion that is now pending, for

these cities that have already raised the The question was taken; and on a he is not involved in this case. This in

money in order to participate in this pro- division (demanded by Mr. PRESTON) volves Dublin, Ga., and this is one of the

gram, go ahead and spend that money there were-ayes 71, noes 94. jutifications for the program:

which they have raised, will they then Mr. PRESTON. Mr. Speaker, I object At Dublin, Ga., where the primary justifi- be able at a later date to get Federal

to the vote on the ground that a quorum cation for a runway-lighting project was

participation on the basis of the money is not present, and make the point of said to be the fact that numerous ambulance that they have spent?

order that a quorum is not present. planes carrying litter patients to and from a hospital located nearby used the airport,

Mr. BOW. I would say to the gentle- The SPEAKER. The Chair will count. it was stated by officials of this Veterans'


[After counting.] Two hundred man that, in my opinion, it would deAdministration hospital that one patient has pend upon the study that is made as to eighteen Members are present, a quorum. Mr. PRESTON Mr. Speaker, on this Bonin

Harrison, Wyo. Ray

Mr. Morrison for, with Mr. Pillion against. vote I ask for the yeas and nays.


Mr. Delaney for, with Mr. Reed of Illinois

Reece, Tenn.
The yeas and nays were ordered.

against. Bow

Hays, Ohio Reed, N. Y. Mr. BOW. Mr. Speaker, a parliamen- Bramblett Heselton Rees, Kans.

Mr. Buckley for, with Mr. Robsion of Bray tary inquiry.


Kentucky against.

Brooks, La. Hiestand Rodino

Mr. Powell for, with Mr. Chiperfield against. The SPEAKER. The gentleman will

Brownson Hill

Rogers, Colo. Mr. Dawson of Illinois for, with Mr. Hope state it.

Broyhill Hillings Rogers, Mass. against.
Mr. BOW. Is it correct that on this


Rogers, Tex,
Burdick Hoffman, Mich. Rooney

Until further notice: rollcall a vote "yea" will be a vote to

Burleson Holmes

Sadlak support the Senate amendment and a

Mr. O'Hara of Minnesota with Mr. Kilday.

St. George vote “nay” will be a vote to support the


Mr. Dolliver with Mr. Chatham.
Byrnes, Wis. Hosmer

House bill?


Mr. O'KONSKI changed his vote from

The SPEAKER. The motion of the Carrigg


"nay" to "yea." gentleman from Georgia is to recede and

Cederberg Hyde


Mr. SIEMINSKI changed his vote from

Secrest concur in the Senate amendment.

"yea" to "nay."

Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. Mr. Cleverger James


Mr. HILLELSON changed his vote Speaker, a parliamentary inquiry.

Cole, Mo.

from "nay" to "yea."
Cole, N. Y. Jensen
The SPEAKER. The gentleman will


The result of the vote was announced Colmer

Johnson Sieminski state it.

Jonas, Ill.
Simpson, Ill.

as above recorded.. Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. If I vote


Jonas, N. C. Simpson, Pa. The SPEAKER. The question recurs Cotton

Jones, N. C. Small “nay" am I voting in favor of the House Coudert

on the motion of the gentleman from Judd

Smith, Kans.
conference committee?


Smith, Miss.
The SPEAKER. The Chair does not

Crumpacker Kearns

Smith, Va.

The motion was agreed to.
Cunningham Kersten, Wis. Smith, Wis.

A motion to reconsider the votes by know which committee the gentleman

Curtis, Mass. Kilburn


which action was taken on the several is referring to. The Chair has stated Curtis, Mo.

King, Pa, Stauffer

Curtis, Nebr. the motion.


motions was laid on the table.

The question was taken; and there

Davis, Wis. Latham

Taber were-yeas 160, nays 231, not voting 40, Dawson, Utah LeCompte Talle


Derounian Lovre

Devereux Lucas

[Roll No. 96]

Mr. REED of New York. Mr. Speaker,

I ask unanimous consent that the Com-


McConnell Thompson,
Dondero McCulloch Mich.

mittee on Ways and Means may have Adair Gordon Murray

Donovan McDonough Thornberry until midnight tonight to file a report Albert


Dorn, N. Y. McGregor Tollefson
Andrews Grant

on the bill H. R. 642.

Ashmore Gwinn

O'Brien, Ill.
Ellsworth Mack, Wash.


The SPEAKER. Is there objection?
Hagen, Calif. O'Brien, Mich.

Van Pelt

There was no objection.
Hagen, Minn. O'Brien, N. Y.


Martin, Iowa Van Zandt
O'Hara, Ill.


Frelinghuysen Merrill

Bennett, Fla. Hays, Ark. Ostertag



Miller, Kans.


Mr. ELLIOTT. Mr. Speaker, I ask for

Miller, Md. Wampler
Hinshaw Perkins



this time to make a personal announceBowler

Miller, Nebr.


ment. Brooks, Tex. Holtzman Pilcher


Brown, Ga. Howell

When rollcall No. 95 was taken a few

Buchanan Jarman

Goodwin Neal


minutes ago I was unavoidably detained


downtown in a conference with officials Byrne, Pa. Jones, Ala. Priest

Gregory Nicholson

Williams, N. Y.
Jones, Mo. Rabaut

of one of the Government departments Gross


Wilson, Calif.
Mo. Radwan

and a citizen of the congressional disCannon


Wilson, Ind.

Wilson, Tex.

strict I have the honor to represent. I


Patten Carnahan


attempted to get here to vote but unfor-
Rhodes, Ariz.


Kelley, Pa. Rhodes, Pa.

tunately did not arrive until the Speaker Harden


Keily, N. Y. Riehiman


Poage Chenoweth


was announcing the vote. Had I been Keogh Riley

Harrison, Nebr. Poff Chudoff


present I would have voted in the afKing, Calif. Rivers Cooley

Harrison, Va. Prouty

firmative to exclude Red China from rep-
Robeson, Va.

resentation in the United Nations. Crosser Kluczynski Rogers, Fla.



Davis, Ga.
Davis, Tenn. Landrum Shelley


Edmondson Philbin





Brown, Ohio



Reed, III.

Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. Mr. Dorn, S. C. Lesinski Spence




Speaker, I rise to a question of personal

Chatham Hoffman, ni. Robsion, Ky.



Eberharter McMillan



The SPEAKER. The gentleman will Elliott Machrowicz Thompson, La. Dawson, Ill. McCarthy Wigglesworth

state his question of personal privilege. Engle Mack, Ill.

Thompson, Tex.



Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan Mr.



Speaker, in the Washington Post of Sun-
Mailliard Vorys
Dolliver O'Hara, Minn.

day, March 22, appeared an article purFernandez Marshall Watts

So the motion was rejected.

ported to have been written by Drew Fine

Matthews Wheeler

Wickersham The Clerk announced the following Pearson, which carried the following
Miller, Calif. Wier

statements: Forrester Miller, N. Y. Williams, Miss.

On this vote:

Small-business men usually get the hairy Fountain Mollohan Winstead Frazier Morgan Withrow Mr. Roosevelt for, with Mr. Wigglesworth

end of the lollypop in Washington, but not Friedel Moss Zablocki

always. against. Garmatz Moulder

Recently, Joe and Mario Fontana, two Gathings Multer

Mr. Yorty for, with Mr. McVey against.

small-business men from Iron Mountain, Mr. Dingell for, with Mr. Brown of Ohio NAYS-231

Mich., lost out in the bidding for an Air against.

Force contract and went crying to their Con-
Bennett, Mich.

Mr. O'Neil for, with Mr. Dies against.
Abernethy Arends

gressman, CLARE HOFFMAN, of Michigan. The

Mr. Heller for, with Mr. Hébert against. Addonizio Auchincloss Bentsen

Congressman promptly ordered his House inAlexander Ayres


Mr. Green for, with Mr. Mason against. vestigating committee to investigate the Air Allen, Calif. Baker


Mr. Philbin for, with Mr. Schenck against. Force for refusing to award the contract to Allen, Ill. Bates


Mr. Donohue for, with Mr. Case against. his constituents. Andersen, Beamer

Bolton, H. Carl Becker

Frances P.

Mr. Fogarty for, with Mr. Hoffman of
Andresen, Belcher

Illinois against.

All that mattered to HOFFMAN, however, August H. Bender

Oliver P.

Mr. McCarthy for, with Mr. Berry against. was that the Fontana brothers could bring him votes. So he demanded that the Air contract, not a contract but an oppor- did not foresee the inevitable result of Force reopen its bidding and give them an- tunity to bid on a contract.

their action. They had not paid attenother chance.

After hearing from those witnesses tion to what the special subcommittees Those statements, among other things, and the testimony of the Air Force peo- were doing and they neither called upon charge the Representative of the Fourth ple it was agreed by those present that nor asked their chairman for any inCongressional District of Michigan with the Fontana brothers should be given an formation though the papers of all three using a subcommittee of the House Com- opportunity to bid and that their plant cities carried pages of information committee on Government Operations for an should be resurveyed. Now, a long, long mendatory of the special subcommittee improper purpose, reflecting upon the in- story can be made out of that situation, actions. tegrity of the Committee on Government but that, in substance, was the situation. This matter of bidding at Iron MounOperations, its subcommittees and upon I ask: Is there anything wrong in a tain was settled, the bids were reopened; the integrity of the Representative of the Government Operations Committee of these gentleman were given an opporFourth Congressional District of Michi- this House appointing a special subcom- tunity to bid, which was all the Congressgan in his official capacity as a Repre- mittee to give 2 Senators and 1 Congress- man and the two Senators asked. It sentative.

man an opportunity to present the plea was established to the satisfaction, I The SIPEAKER. The gentleman from of their constitutents that they should think, of the gentleman from Michigan Michigan states a question of personal have an opportunity to bid on a Govern- [Mr. BENNETT), and the Senators that privilege. The gentleman is recognized ment contract? If it is wrong then I the Fontanas could not in the limited for 1 hour.

was at fault. If it was proper then I time available carry out the provisions Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. Mr. should not be deprived of the opportu- of the contract. Now, that is all there Speaker, 10 minutes will suffice.

nity to assist you should the occasion was to that hearing. Could not produce That only because the issue involved arise. I am raising this issue now be- the plans needed in the time allotted, questions the integrity not only of Con- cause last Wednesday the House Com- though I may be in error on that point. gressmen but the chairman of a com- mittee on Government Operations killed Yet Drew Pearson came along and said mittee and of the committee itself; and off every single special subcommittee that that a Congressman from the Fourth for that matter, of the House. It also had been appointed by me, and denied District of Michigan set up that cominvolves the question of what procedure, me the authority to appoint any further mittee and hearing to get votes from his in the few weeks remaining, this House subcommittees.

constituents. Why, bless the gentleman's is to follow with reference to subcom- Mrs. CHURCH. Mr. Speaker, will the

heart, it is 400 miles from Iron Mountain mittees. gentleman yield?

to my district. Iron Mountain is across This question arose when the gentle- Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. Yes. in the upper peninsula of Michigan. But man from Michigan (Mr. BENNETT) early Mrs. CHURCH. I would like to say we asked Mr. Pearson about it because this year came to me and complained briefly to the gentleman that as a mem- when he charged a committee with actthat Iron Mountain, one of the towns ber of the Committee on Government ing for improper purposes I wanted to in iis district, was a distressed labor Operations I voted with the gentleman hear from Mr. Pearson whether or not area where around a thousand people last week to continue the work of those he told the truth-once. He was in; he were unemployed. This was a distressed subcommittees and I certainly hope that was put under oath. Here are his statelabor area. It is a town where the the investigations would be continued ments—just a few: Ford Motor Co. had formerly a very and brought to a fruitful conclusion.

The CHAIRMAN. I am asking you again, Is large plant. The people who were at- Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. I thank that statement true or false, that CLARE tempting to obtain employment for the the gentlewoman. I appreciate her sup- HOFFMAN represents those two men? citizens of that community, Iron Moun- port because the Members all realize her

Mr. PEARSON. I was trying to give you the tain and the surrounding area, had outstanding ability, her willingness to

answer when you interrupted.

The CHAIRMAN. I am sorry I interrupted. agreed to put the plant in a state where contend for the principles and practices

Just say it is true or false. they thought local industry would be she believes to be sound.

Mr. PEARSON. I have already testifiedable to bid on a Government contract The point is as to whether regular The CHAIRMAN. What do you say now? for planes.

subcommittees with a staff of investiga- Mr. PEARSON. I have already testified that They had been denied that opportu- tors—and I have no criticism to make of CLARE HOFFMAN was not their Congressman. nity by the Air Force. At the time the the investigators; it is only human for The CHAIRMAN. Then the statement is

false, gentleman from Michigan [Mr. BEN- all of us to want to increase our power,

Mr. PEARSON. It is false. NETT] early this year made his com- to extend our operations and go on and plaint about the refusal of the Govern- on, shall take over the functions of the He admitted that his statements were ment agency to permit his constituents parent committee and each subcommit- false. Then he tried to excuse himself to bid, two Members of the other body, tee become a new regular committee of by saying: that if I, a Member of ConSenators FERGUSON and POTTER, also the House with all the authority of a gress, was trying to help a small-busiasked that they might be heard.

full committee. But that is no reason ness man up in northern Michigan I Instead of referring that matter to the why we should throw a roadblock in was trying to get votes for myself from full Committee on Government Opera- front of another Member, in front of the small-business man in southern tions, instead of referring it to a regular another committee, or neighbor, even Michigan. His argument was that the subcommittee which had a staff, which when no good purpose is to be accom- man in northern Michigan would tell would undoubtedly send investigators plished thereby.

the small-business man in southern out into the field and spend perhaps a It has been said and vigorously denied Michigan that I was a good fellow and week or two in determining this issue that the killing of those special subcom- so the southern Michigander would vote which should be determined, in my opin- mittees which were investigating labor for HOFFMAN. Sound? Yes, but rather ion at least, at once, a special subcom- racketeering would end the inquiries in- far-fetched. But Pearson did not even mittee was appointed by me, as was to programs which had thrown thou- take stock in that theory because the authorized by the rules, : until last sands of men out of work, resulted in ex- gentleman from Virginia [Mr. POFF] Wednesday, July 15, the full committee tortion and were a disgrace to our civil- asked him, page 35: attempted to deprive me of that author- ization. That charge was true.

Mr. POFF. Mr. Pearson, had you known ity. That was a special three-inan com- I do not think there is a single mem- that Mr. HOFFMAN was not the Congressman mittee, the gentleman from Missouri ber of the full committee who desires of Joe and Mario Fontana, would you then [Mr. HILLELSON), the gentleman from to do anything to aid the extortioner or

have written the last paragraph quoted in Texas [Mr. IKARD) were members. I was

that article. racketeer. Nevertheless, that action of chairman.

Mr. PEARSON. NO, I would not. the committee has that effect. The The Air Force was asked to send over committee cut off that special subcom- So his argument falls. someone to explain the situation.

mittee which has been so highly com- On page 34 Mr. Pearson swears that The gentleman from Michigan [Mr. mended by the people of the Detroit, he made a false statement. In other BENNETT) appeared. The two Senators Kansas City, Mo., and Los Angeles words, if you were to use a short word, from Michigan appeared. The Fontana areas as of Saturday next. Why? Just he swears that he is a liar. brothers appeared. Other witnesses ap- because—if they will excuse my lan-. . Now, I ask you in all seriousness: peared in behalf of their claim that they guage, and I apologize for it-they did What would a schoolboy in a debating had been denied-now, listen—not a not know what they were doing; they society do, what conclusion would he

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