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The message also announced that the The legislative clerk proceeded to call

clerk proceeded to call that it should be made independent of House had agreed to the report of the the roll.

any groups of any kind or character. committee of conference on the dis- Mr. SMATHERS. Mr. President, I The provision made for retirement of agreeing votes of the two Houses on the ask unanimous consent that the order the Comptroller General after service of amendments of the Senate to the bill for the call of the roll be rescinded, and 15 years, or after 10 years if his health (H. R. 4974) making appropriations for that the further proceedings under the should fail, is in line with the provisions the Departments of State, Justice, and call be dispensed with.

made with respect to Federal judges. Commerce, for the fiscal year ending The PRESIDING OFFICER. With- The duties of the Comptroller General June 30, 1954, and for other purposes; out objection, it is so ordered.

are very much in line with quasi-judithat the House receded from its dis- Mr. HOEY. Mr. President, I wish to cial duties, and the retirement benefits agreement to the amendments of the call the attention of the Senate briefly provided for him are the same as those Senate numbered 1, 10, 11, and 17 to the to the pending measure, House bill 5228, provided for Federal judges throughout bill, and concurred therein; that the to amend section 303 of the Budget and the country. House receded from its disagreement to Accounting Act. I do not believe this Since Mr. Warren is the only reprethe amendments of the Senate number- bill will require lengthy discussion, Cer- sentative of the Congress in an official ed 4, 23, 24, 26, and 28 to the bill, and tainly I shall discuss it briefly.

capacity, and since the position does not concurred therein severally with an The bill, which has been passed by come under the civil-service regulations, amendment, in which it requested the the House of Representatives, relates to and the funds to be provided for retireconcurrence of the Senate, and that the the retirement of the Comptroller Gen- ment are to come out of General AcHouse insisted upon its disagreement to eral.

counting Office funds, I do not think it the amendment of the Senate numbered In the House of Representatives, establishes a precedent, and I believe the 34.

Speaker MARTIN and Republican Leader pending measure should be passed. I

HALLECK, as well as Minority Leader shall not take the time of the Senate SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RAYBURN and his assistant, Mr. McCOR- longer, because the measure was unani

MACK, all agreed about the bill, and had mously reported by the committee, and The PRESIDING OFFICER laid before the rule suspended; and under suspen- was passed practically unanimously by the Senate a message from the House of

sion of the rule, the bill was passed, after the House. Representatives announcing its dis- the House had fully considered it. Thir- Mr. WILLIAMS. Mr. President, the agreement to the amendments of the teen Republican Members and 11 DemoSenate to the bill (H. R. 5141) to create cratic Members of the House committee

salary of the Comptroller General is

$17,500 per annum. In the pending bill the Small Business Administration and

recommended passage of the bill as it is proposed that we establish a preceto preserve small-business institutions amended.

dent of giving a lifetime pension of the and free competitive enterprise, and

When the bill came to the Senate, full salary to any man who holds this requesting a conference with the Senate it was referred to the Senate Committee position a minimum of 10 years under on the disagreeing votes of the 2 Houses on Government Operations. That com- certain circumstances, or under all cirthereon.

mittee submitted a unanimous report on cumstances when they serve the full 15 Mr. CAPEHART. I move that the the bill. I

year term. Under the pending bill, it Senate insist upon its amendments,

The bill relates to retirement of the would mean that if we appoint a man agree to the request of the House for a comptroller General of the United at the age of 50, he would draw $17,500 conference, and that the Chair appoint states.

a year as salary for the 15 years and the conferees on the part of the Senate.

Some persons have raised the question $17,500 as pension for the remainder of The motion was agreed to; and the

of whether the bill will establish a prece- his life. If the man is 45 years of age Chair appointed Mr. CAPEHART, Mr. dent. Mr. President, the bill cannot esBRICKER, Mr. Ives, Mr. BENNETT, Mr. tablish a precedent, because the office of

on the day of his appointment, it means tablish a precedent, because the office of that he will receive $17,500 for 15 years, MAYBANK, Mr. FULBRIGHT, and Mr. ROB- the Comptroller General is the only office ERTSON conferees on the part of the of its sort in the United States. It is the

and $14,875 retirement for the remainder

of his life. If a man is appointed at the Senate.

only one of its kind, and in all probability age of 40, he would receive $17,500 a year

there will not be another one like it. for 15 years, and $12,250 a year for the PRINTING OF SMALL BUSINESS Appointment to the position of Comp- remainder of his life. These figures ADMINISTRATION BILL troller General of the United States is would be changed upward or downward

as the salary is changed in the future. Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, I for 15 years, and the appointee cannot ask unanimous consent that the bill succeed himself. The present incum- This is the second time within the (H. R. 5141) to create the Small Busi- bent has served approximately 1342

past few days that we have been tinkerness Administration and to preserve this time his health is bad.

years. It is generally known that at ing with the retirement law. At the small-business institutions and free,

same time, the Congress has appropricompetitive enterprise, as amended and

Mr. President, this measure is a vital ated $50,000 for the purpose of having a passed on yesterday by the Senate, be

one because of the circumstances. The study made looking to a general revision printed, showing the amendments General Accounting Office, which is of our retirement laws.

of our retirement laws. It would be well adopted by the Senate.

headed by the Comptroller General of for Congress to wait for the recommenThe PRESIDING OFFICER. With

the United States, is the only Govern- dations of the commission which has out objection, it is so ordered.

ment agency which represents the Con- been set up to study this particular gress. All the other agencies of the Gov- question. My thought would be that the

ernment are under the executive branch. whole retirement system should be reANNUITIES TO RETIRED COMP

So Congress must necessarily depend studied; it was for that reason that con

upon the services of the Comptroller gress appropriated several thousands to TROLLERS GENERAL

General, in order that its views may be this commission. It does not make sense The Senate resumed consideration of heard in connection with the determina- that we should act on separate retirethe bill (H. R. 5228) to amend section tion of important matters arising in the ment measures every week. 303 of the Budget and Accounting Act, Government.

Under the pending bill there are no 1921 (42 Stat, 23).

I think it will be universally admitted deductions at all from the salary of the Mr. HOEY. Mr. President, I desire to that former Representative Lindsay C. person who is participating. In making suggest the absence of a quorum; but Warren, who served for a long time in this objection regarding the pending first I ask unanimous consent that at the Congress before he was appointed measure, I want to make it perfectly the conclusion of the rollcall, I be rec. Comptroller General, has been a most clear that in so doing there is nothing ognized.

admirable official. He has not hesitated personal in it, because there is no man The PRESIDING OFFICER. Mr. to differ with the administration which in the Government with whom I have PAYNE in the chair). Without objec- may be in power, but has considered had the privilege of working during my tion, it is so ordered.

only the service he was called upon to service in the Senate for the past 6 years, Mr. HOEY. Mr. President, I now render, and has given his opinion irre- for whom I have greater respect or suggest the absence of a quorum.

spective of political considerations. The higher regard than I have for the present

. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The one idea in establishing the office was Comptroller General, Mr. Warren. I clerk will call the roll.

that it should be removed from politics, think he is a great public servant, and it is most regrettable that he is ap- something of the sort, though in many WELKER] that they have been served proaching retirement. Nevertheless, I

Nevertheless, I cases that probably would not be true. with a letter by Mr. Charles Ford, an think we would be establishing a dan- Furthermore, the independence that is attorney of Washington, representing gerous precedent were we to set up a desirable in connection with the Office of Major Barrett, and saying that the Inlifetime pension at full pay for Mr. War- Comptroller General is very much com-ternal Revenue Department wants to see ren or his successor whoever he may be. parable to that of the position of Federal those papers. He wants them released Therefore, I shall vote against the judge. We are not at this time propos- from the custody of the committee. I pending measure.

ing to do anything for the Comptroller am informed that they may be released The PRESIDING OFFICER, The General we do not do for a member of only by an order of the Senate. bill is open to amendment.

the Federal judiciary, that is, a Federal Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, will Mr. CASE. Mr. President, the Sen- judge. Therefore, it seems to me that we the Senator from South Dakota yield? ator from South Dakota shares the high are wholly warranted in taking the ac- Mr. CASE. I yield. regard for Lindsay Warren which has tion proposed; and if it is to be done, I Mr. KNOWLAND. Do I correctly unalready been expressed. It was my think there is no better time to start it derstand that the letter has been taken privilege to serve with him first in the than when it can be regarded as being up with the majority and minority memHouse of Representatives, and following done in recognition of the kind of service bers of the committee, and that they that, after he became Comptroller Gen- that has been given to the Government have no objection to the procedure? eral I had the privilege of working with by such a man as Lindsay C. Warren. Mr. CASE. As a matter of fact, the him on various pieces of legislation hay- The PRESIDING OFFICER. The bill letter was addressed to the Senator from ing to do with his office, including the is open to amendment. If there be no West Virginia [Mr. NEELY] and the Senso-called Government Corporations Con- amendment to be offered, the question is ator from Idaho [Mr. WELKER), and trol Act. When that act was in the on the third reading of the bill.

those two Senators came to me to ascerHouse of Representatives I had some- The bill (H. R. 5228) was read the tain how they could get the papers made thing to do with it in association with third time and passed.

available so that they could respond to Mr. Whittington, of Mississippi. It was

the letter. sponsored in the Senate originally by

I have consulted with the Parliamenthe Senator from Virginia [Mr. BYRD] SALE OF GOVERNMENT-OWNED tarian, who tells me that the proper and the Senator from Nebraska [Mr. RUBBER-PRODUCING FACILITIES procedure is to obtain an order of the BUTLER]. That was a bill which threw

The Senate resumed the consideration

Senate. The clerk of the committee has us into frequent contact with the General Accounting Office.

of the bill (S. 2047) to amend the Rubber located the papers. They are in the As a personal matter, because of my the sale of Government-owned rubber- but, under the Reorganization Act, I un

Act of 1948, as amended, to provide for possession of a committee of the Senate, high regard for Lindsay C. Warren, and producing facilities, to repeal ard mod- derstand they cannot be released withI should want to see the pending bill thereby, and for other purposes. because of the service he has rendered, ify certain of its provisions affected out an order of the Senate.

Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Mr. Presimade applicable to him; but I think the

Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, a

dent, will the Senator from South Damerits of the bill go beyond that.

kota yield?
parliamentary inquiry.
In response to what the Senator from

Mr. CASE. I yield.
Delaware (Mr. WILLIAMS] has said, I
Senator will state it.

Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Was the think certain things should be pointed

Mr. KNOWLAND. Is the unfinished statement made by the distinguished out. First, I hope no man will be ap- business now Senate bill 2047, Calendar chairman

of the Committee on the Dispointed Comptroller General of the No. 579, a bill providing for the disposal trict of Columbia agreeable to all the United States, and no man would normally be so appointed, unless he had laid aside for the purpose of considering of rubber plants, which was temporarily members of the committee?

Mr. CASE. So far as I know. The devoted a considerable portion of his the bill that has just been passed?

Senators most concerned are the Senalife to activities which would qualify

The PRESIDING OFFICER. That tor from West Virginia and the Senator him for that office in such a way that is correct.

from Idaho. only a man relatively advanced in years

Mr. KNOWLAND. I suggest the ab- Mr. JOHNSON of Texas. Are they would be appointed. sence of a quorum.

agreeable to the procedure? If the appointee were a man who had

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The not been in Government service, but clerk will call the roll.

Mr. CASE. They asked that this be

done. who, because of his activities in the

The legislative clerk proceeded to call The PRESIDING OFFICER. Will accounting field and in the business the roll.

the Senator from South Dakota restate world, should be appointed, it would

Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, I his request? mean that he had not previously earned ask unanimous consent that the order Mr. CASE. I ask unanimous consent any retirement in Government service. for a quorum call be rescinded and that that an order of the Senate be entered If he were to serve less than 15 years in further proceedings under the call be directing the Committee on the District the position of Comptroller General, he suspended.

of Columbia to return the papers to could not accumulate sufficient retirement so that he could be assured of an objection, it is so ordered.

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without Robert J. Barrett, or his attorney, and

receive a receipt therefor. adequate income for himself and wife, and possibly other members of his fam

The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there ily, following his retirement. So if we ORDER FOR RELEASE OF CERTAIN it is so ordered.

objection? The Chair hears none, and are to get the kind of men for the Office

PAPERS TO ROBERT J. BARRETT of Comptroller General we ought to have,

The order agreed to was subsequently

OR HIS ATTORNEY we should get a man who has been in

reduced to writing, as follows: the Government service long enough to Mr. CASE. Mr. President, I ask unan

IN THE SENATE OF THE have earned a competent retirement, or imous consent that an order may be

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. there should be some provision for an issued relative to certain papers which

It is ordered, That the Senate Committee

on the District of Columbia, be and is hereby adequate retirement benefit when he were obtained by the Subcommittee on

authorized to return to Mr. Robert J. Barrett, ceases to be Comptroller General. Crime and Law Enforcement of the

5811 Seventh Street NW., Washington, D. C., The fact is also that the Comptroller Committee on the District of Columbia the following documents which were proGeneral must be someone who has di- on the 14th of January 1952. The com- duced by the said Robert J. Barrett on Janvorced himself from all other income. mittee issued a subpena duces tecum to uary 14, 1952, in compliance with a subpena He must be free from business connec- Robert J. Barrett to produce certain duces tecum served upon him on January tions. He must be free from those books, checks, documents, and other 12, 1952, by the subcommittee of the Com

mittee on the District of Columbia investithings which other people might do in matters. He did produce the papers and a business way to assure themselves of he came before the committee with gating crime and law enforcement:

(1) One hundred and sixty-nine (169) a competence. It might be that some- them. I have now been informed by cancelled checks of Robert J. and Mildred C. one would be appointed as Comptroller the distinguished Senator from West Barrett, American Security and Trust ComGeneral who had an independent in- Virginia [Mr. NEELY] and the distin- pany, covering the period January 3, 1949, to come, as a result of an inheritance or guished Senator from Idaho (Mr. December 23, 1949, inclusive.

(2) One hundred and seventy-two (172) major part in the prosecution of the tend to read to the Senate a letter cancelled checks of Robert J. and Mildred C. Rosenberg case. He did all the handling written by the junior Senator from New Barrett, American Security and Trust Com

of Greenglass, the principal prosecution York [Mr. LEHMAN] to Mr. Hiss, which

, pany, covering the period January 16, 1950,

witness in that case. His entire ex- will perhaps give a better picture of the to December 26, 1950, inclusive. (3) On hundred and fifty-eight (158) can

amination of Greenglass was printed by great authority on how to fight commucelled checks of Robert J. and Mildred C.

our Joint Atomic Energy Committee of nism who sets himself up to attack memBarrett, American Security and Trust Com. Congress. He prosecuted William Rem- bers of my committee staff. pany, covering the period January 4, 1951, ington.


ington. He was called to Washington to I read the letter: to December 8, 1951, inclusive. prepare the indictment in the Lattimore

NEW YORK, N. Y., August 6, 1948. (4) Five bank statements, American Secu

case to present to the grand jury, which DEAR MR. Hiss: Just a line to tell you how rity and Trust Company, Washington, D. C.,

he did. He served in the Department of much I sympathize with you in the difficult showing account of Mr. Robert J. Barrett or

position you Justice for 5 years under Democratic

unfortunately have Mrs. Mildred C. Barrett, or surv., from March

been 28, 1951, through December 18, 1951, in- Attorneys General, and he received the placed. I want you to know that I have clusive. highest plaudits from that Department complete confidence in your loyalty, and

that, in common . with your many other (5) Share Savings Account book, Number for his outstanding work in exposing and

friends, I know that under no conceivable 16207 of Oriental Building Association, 600 securing the conviction of Communists.

circumstances could you fail to safeguard F Street, Northwest, Washington, D. C., issued For that reason I find it difficult to un

the interest of your country. to Maurice C. Ganley, Robert J. Barrett, derstand why two Senators should take Trustee, and Mildred C. Barrett, Trustee. the floor of the Senate and attack that

I repeat this is a letter from Mr. HER(6) Seven check books showing stubs as

BERT H. LEHMAN to Alger Hiss. I confollows: (a) 2–4–49 through 4-20-50; (b) young man and attempt a job of char

tinue to read: 5-23-50 through 9-27–50; (c) 7-21-50 acter assassination. They have been unthrough 9–7–50; (d) 10-16–56 through able to find anything specific they can Your statement yesterday before the com3-16-51; (e) 3-19-51 through 11-2-51; (f) say against him, except the usual smear mittee was forthright and complete, and I 12–8–51 through 1-7–52; (g) 1–7–52 through attack on anyone who fights communism,

hope that your denial will catch up with 1-11-52.

the unfair accusations that have been made. yes, even on the floor of the United States

You have been very badly treated.

With kindest personal regards and best SALE OF GOVERNMENT-OWNED

I notified both the junior Senator from wishes, I remain, RUBBER-PRODUCING FACILITIES Oklahoma [Mr. MONRONEY] and the

Very sincerely yours, The Senate resumed the consideration junior Senator from New York [Mr.

HERBERT H. LEHMAN. of the bill (S. 2047) to amend the Rubber LEHMAN] that I intended to discuss the

Mr. President, I repeat, if the junior Act of 1948, as amended, to provide for matter. The junior Senator from Okla

Senator from New York or the junior the sale of Government-owned rubber- homa led off. When he was caught, he

Senator from Oklahoma had merely atproducing facilities, to repeal and modify did not answer. Apparently he did not tacked me, I would not be dignifying certain of its provisions affected thereby, have the guts to do it. He called upon their attacks by answering. However,

the junior Senator from New York (Mr. when they took it upon themselves to and for other purposes.

LEHMAN). Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President

make a general smear attack against my Mr. KNOWLAND. Mr. President, will

Mr. MONRONEY, Mr. President, will

chief counsel, a young man who has done the Senator from Indiana yield? the Senator yield?

such an outstanding job over the past Mr. CAPEHART. I yield.

Mr. MCCARTHY. I will yield in just 5 years, and who is doing such an outMr. KNOWLAND. IS the Senator a moment.

standing job today, a young man who about to make a statement with refer

Mr. MONRONEY. Will the Senator

Will the Senator has been cited by a Senate committee for ence to the bill to amend the Rubber Act from Wisconsin repeat what he just said? I did not hear exactly what the Senator munism, a young man who has been ac

his exposure and prosecution of comof 1948, as amended? Mr. CAPEHART. Yes. said.

tive in almost every important CommuMr. MCCARTHY. The junior Sena, nist prosecution in the United States

tor from Oklahoma (Mr. MONRONEY] led ATTACK ON ROY COHN

over the past 3 or 4 years, I feel I have off with an attack upon my chief coun

no choice but to set the record straight. Mr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, will sel, Mr. Cohn. He referred to him as a

[Manifestations of applause in the galthe Senator from Indiana yield?

“Keystone cop.” He could find nothing leries.] Mr. CAPEHART. I yield. specific to say against him. It was just

Mr. MONRONEY. Mr. President, will Mr. MCCARTHY. I ask unanimous a general attack, which was completely the Senator from Indiana yield? consent that the Senator from Indiana unwarranted. Then, when he was called

The PRESIDING OFFICER. The shall not lose the floor by yielding to me on that, instead of the junior Senator for a brief statement. from Oklahoma answering for himself, Does the Senator from Indiana yield to

Senator from Indiana has the floor. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there the junior Senator from New York (Mr.

the junior Senator from Oklahoma? objection? The Chair hears none, and LEHMAN] appeared on the floor and the Senator from Wisconsin may proanswered.

Mr. CAPEHART. How much time ceed.

Mr. - MONRONEY. Will the junior does the Senator from Oklahoma desire Mr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, a Senator from Wisconsin advise me when me to yield? few of my colleagues in the past week I was called? The junior Senator from Mr. MONRONEY. I should like to have taken it upon themselves to use Wisconsin was notified of my speech an have 5 minutes. the Senate floor in order to attack the hour before it was made. The junior Mr. CAPEHART. I yield 5 minutes to chjef counsel of my committee.

Senator from Wisconsin was not on the the junior Senator from Oklahoma. I normally ignore any attack made floor. At this hour I do not know what Mr. MONRONEY. Mr. President, I upon me personally, but when there is the Senator from Wisconsin means when have just heard with interest the statean attack upon a member of my staff, I he says I was “called” on my speech. ment made by the junior Senator from feel I must set the record straight.

Mr. MCCARTHY. I might say that I Wisconsin. I presume the implication One Senator made the statement that was notified that the junior Senator was the usual implication, namely, that my chief counsel is damaging the Com- from Oklahoma was going to make an anyone who is against the McCarthy munist fight. I should like to give a attack. I assumed it would be an attack method, or anyone who is against any of brief record of the young man, Mr. Roy upon me. I was not interested in hear the methods of the far-flung staff he has Cohn, who is one of the most brilliant ing the junior Senator from Oklahoma employed under one-man rule of a Senyoung men with whom I have ever make such an attack. Had I known

Had I known ate committee, is ipso facto, automatiworked. He had practically a 1-man that the junior Senator from Oklahoma cally, soft on communism, and therefore job before the grand jury and was com- was going to attack members of my staff, suspect as to his loyalty to the United mended by the Senate Judiciary Com. I would have been on the floor.

States. mittee for having been instrumental in Mr. President, after the junior Sena- I deny those implications; I resent procuring the dismissal of 40 Commu- tor from New York (Mr. LEHMAN] had them.

them. I resent the implications made nists from the United Nations. He had set himself up as an evaluator of who is as to the loyalty and patriotism of the charge of the prosecution and secured a good anti-Communist and who is not, distinguished junior Senator from New the conviction of the 13 top Communists I took a little trouble to check some cor- York (Mr. LEHMAN], whose lifetime of who were recently convicted. He took a respondence in the Hiss case. I now in- public service we do not need to apologize for to the junior Senator from Wis- way to root out communism. I would activities of various individuals. That consin or to any of his staff members. rather trust J. Edgar Hoover and the op- evidence was ignored. That, incidenMr. President, I believe the Senate eratives in the FBI, who relentlessly

eratives in the FBI, who relentlessly tally, was true in the Hiss case, with finally must face up to its responsibility serve our country throughout the world, which I had nothing to do. In that case for investigations that are being con- to fight this menace and do an effective the FBI sent over complete reports on ducted in our name and under our au- job.

Alger Hiss. They sent over complete rethority for the wide designation and

Mr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, will ports before he was promoted and sent delegation of authority that is passed the Senator yield?

to the San Francisco Conference. out to staff members to roam across Eu

Mr. MONRONEY. I yield.

So when the Senator from Oklahoma rope-or to act in the name of the

Mr. MCCARTHY. The Senator from says that it is the FBI's fault that we United States Senate in such a way that Oklahoma has just made a statement

have Communists in Government, the discredits us as Members of the United which I have heard made very often,

Senator from Oklahoma is uninformed, States Senate in the eyes of the world. namely, that he prefers to let the FBI

or else he is deliberately misstating the That was my complaint when I took do the job. The Senator has not yet the floor the other day, and it is still answered my question as to when, if ever, do the job. The Senator has not yet facts; and he should not do that to the

FBI. my complaint. he himself has exposed a Communist.

Mr. MONRONEY. Mr. President, the I have no complaint about the per

Is the Senator aware of the testimony junior Senator from Wisconsin is ensonal activities of Mr. Cohn. I have of J. Edgar Hoover when he was appear

gaging in his usual practice of trying to no complaint about his work in prose- ing before a House committee and was

distort what a person says and draw a cuting Communists. I am in favor of asked why there were so many Commu

conclusion for him. that. I was supporting attacks on comnists in Government when he had the job

The junior Senator from Oklahoma munism before the junior Senator from

of exposing them, or something to that said that the principal job of protectWisconsin ever dreamed of coming to effect? Hoover said-and I think I can

ing this Government against subversion the United States Senate. He can check quote him verbatim:

rests with the FBI and with our law my record, and I am certain he has.

enforcement agencies, and not with the

I will cite the case of Doxey Wilkerson I say to the junior Senator from Wis

as an example, in answer to your question. legislative branch of the Government. consin that he can go back for 12 years Wilkerson had been thoroughly exposed by

The junior Senator from Wisconsin in the House and 2 years in the Senate, the FBI. He had been thoroughly investi

stood on this floor and boasted about the and he will find that as to every piece gated. The FBI sent over to the Federal record of his chief counsel, Mr. Cohn, of legislation and every appropriation Security Agency all the information show- in prosecuting Communists or commuthat came up, save one, the junior Sen- ing that he was a Communist. The FSA

nism. Where did he get the informaator from Oklahoma has not only voted refused to fire him, saying that they were

tion? He got it from the FBI. By whom not satisfied with the information. for, but oftentimes has spoken in favor

was the FBI directed to proceed? By a of its passage.

I am quoting J. Edgar Hoover. It may Democratic Attorney General and by a However, what I am seeking to do is not be verbatim, but it is essentially so. Democratic administration. to defeat communism in an effective He said:

Yes, we have an administration that is way. When we elect a prosecuting at- When Wilkerson resigned, within 24 hours engaged in rooting out communism in torney in Oklahoma, we like to have he announced himself as an organizer for Government; and I believe it is more a man who does not simply make state- the Communist Party. He became a mem- fitting that we have the relentless type ments to the press, who does not merely

ber of the national committee of the Com- of search, including the weighing of evitalk about the job. We like to have a

munist Party. In order to qualify for that dence by the Department of Justice and man who gets convictions in his cases, job he had to be a Communist member in

by the executive branch of the Governgood standing for 4 years. and we like him to get them under the

ment, rather than to have the ridiculous Constitution.

Hoover cited this case to show that example we have seen in the past 2 Mr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, will statements such as that which the Sen- weeks, when the junior Senator from the Senator yield?

ator from Oklahoma has just made are Wisconsin gave to the press in giant Mr. MONRONEY. I yield.

completely ridiculous. The FBI has no headlines-or they made giant headlines Mr. MCCARTHY. The Senator says power to fire anyone. The FBI can out of it-information to the effect that he has been active in attacking Com- merely gather the facts.

the McCarthy committee was going to munists. Can the Senator give me the In that connection, is the Senator call former President Truman into the name of a single Communist he has ex- aware of the fact that this same Doxey atom spy case. So 100 million people in posed during his long period in public Wilkerson appeared before our commit- America read that a former President of life? Or has he merely made general, tee? He was asked the question:

the United States was to be called before arm-waving attacks against commu

Were you a Communist at the time the

a committee for a crime which practicalnism? I call the Senator's attention to FBI sent this report to the effect that you

ly amounted to treason. the fact that it is very easy to attack were a Communist, and when the Govern- Then we read, on the 15th day of July, communism generally. Every fellow ment kept you on, in the old Democrat on the back page among the want ads, traveler does that, to get a good repu- regime? ,

that the junior Senator from Wisconsin tation. The Senator says he fights com- He replied:

said there was nothing to it, after all. munism. He has been in a position to

I refuse to answer, because if I answer He wrote to the Department of Justice, do something about it. Can he give me I may go to jail.

and they were perfectly satisfied. the name of one undercover Commu

Would it not have been better, if we nist whom he himself has uncovered dur

He was asked the question:

are interested in preserving the theory of ing his long period of public life?

Were you engaged in espionage when you “I believe in this country” rather than Mr. MONRONEY. I thank the junior were in the Government?

"I doubt," to have taken the trouble to Senator from Wisconsin. I am not an Again he replied:

write the Justice Department and find arm waver. I believe the Senate is a

I refuse to answer.

out the facts first before libeling a forpart of the legislative branch of our

mer President of the United States? Government. I believe the FBI, which

He was asked:

I do not care what party a man behas received $470 million in appropria- Are you a Communist as of today?

longs to. If he is the President of the tions from the Government since 1947,

Again he replied:

United States- largely for the purpose of fighting com


I refuse to answer. munism, is best able to track down sub

Chair must advise the Senator that the versives and members of spy apparatus. I ask the Senator if he is aware of that time allotted to him has expired.

I say to the junior Senator from Wis- testimony of Mr. Hoover. If so, he may Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, I consin that

that prosecutions have been wish to correct what he has just said, will yield another minute to each of these brought and convictions have resulted that it is up to the FBI to keep Com- Senators, and then I think we ought to under the direction of the executive de: munists out of Government. During my get on with other business. partment of the Government. I do not entire fight to expose Communists, I [Laughter in the galleries.] believe that televising hearings of crack- found that the FBI, without exception, The PRESIDING OFFICER. The pots, Communists, or fellow travelers, no had given a complete picture to the Chair must advise those occupying seats matter who they may be, is an effective agency in question of the Communist in the galleries that they are here as

guests of the Senate, and therefore must Senate Committee on Banking and Cur- S. 2047, as recently reported out by your abide by the rules of the Senate, which rency reported the bill favorably. There committee, appears well designed to accomdo not permit an expression of approval were minority views filed against the bill. plish an orderly transfer of this industry

from Government to private ownership. The or disapproval of anything said in debate There is one thing to which I wish

bill contains adequate safeguards for the naon the floor. every Senator would pay close atten

tional interest by requiring a fair return to Is there objection to the request of the tion, namely, that not a single witness the Government and the development of a Senator from Indiana that the Senator appeared before our committee-and we competitive industry. It also meets defense from Oklahoma and the Senator from invited anyone to testify who cared to do interests by providing that the plants will be Wisconsin each be granted 1 minute ad- s0—to testify against the Government sold only subject to an appropriate nationalditional, without the Senator from In- disposing of these rubber plants.

security clause and making provision for

maintaining in the national industrial rediana losing his right to the floor? The The House of Representatives has

serve those plants which are not sold. Chair hears no objection. passed a bill to dispose of them. Even

The Department of Defense feels that acMr. MCCARTHY. Mr. President, I the minority views filed by members of tion by Congress during the present session should like to use my minute to ask again the Senate Banking and Currency Com- to make possible the development of a private the question which I have already asked mittee recommended that the Govern- synthetic-rubber industry in this country is the Senator from Oklahoma, and which ment dispose of these plants.

highly desirable. as yet he has failed to answer. Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will

Sincerely yours,

C. E. WILSON. He has told the Senate that he has the Senator yield? been active in fighting Communists. I Mr. CAPEHART. I yield.

Mr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, I know that he has been very active in Mr. MAYBANK. The act requires have before me a letter from Mr. Dodge,

a fighting those who fight Communists. that to be done. I thoroughly agree with the Director of the Bureau of the Budget, Could he now give us the name of a sin, that recommendation. The only minor- in which he says, in part: gle individual whom he has exposed as a ity views filed by the ranking Democrat In a message which the President sent to Communist during his long public serv- on the committee dealt with the question the Congress on April 14, 1953, he recomice? If so, his statement that he fights of time and the question of protection mended the prompt enactment by the ConCommunists as well as fighting those under the antitrust laws.

gress of legislation in regard to the disposal who fight Communists might have some Mr. CAPEHART. As I say, the minor

of the Government-owned rubber-producing

facilites. effect. I should like to get that answer ity views of able members of the comfrom the Senator from Oklahoma, a very mittee likewise recommend disposal of I shall not read the remainder of the simple answer. Let him give us the the plants. In the 1948 Rubber Act letter, but I ask unanimous consent that name of one whom he has exposed. Congress made the following declaration it be printed in its entirety in the RECORD Mr. MONRONEY. The junior Sena- of policy:

at this point, as a part of my remarks. tor from Oklahoma has said before that

It is further declared to be the policy of the There being no objection, the letter he has supported all appropriations for Congress that the security interests of the was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, the best trained scientific agencies this United States can and will beșt be served by as follows: Government can provide to search out the development within the United States

EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, relentlessly—not by television, but by of a free, competitive synthetic-rubber in

BUREAU OF THE BUDGET, scientific crime detection—those who dustry.

Washington, D. C., July 10, 1953. would infiltrate and subyert our Govern- That was the policy adopted by Con- Hon. HOMER E. CAPEHART, ment. gress in 1948.

Chairman, Committee on Banking and I think the junior Senator from Wis

Currency, United States Senate, WashMr. President, I hold in my hand a letconsin might begin by telling us ter from the Secretary of Defense, Mr.

ington, D.C. how many convictions he has secured, Wilson, who advocates unequivocally dis- which the President sent to the Congress

MY DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: In a message among all the hundreds of people he has posing of the plants. I shall not take the

on April 14, 1953, he recommended the charged with being dangerous Com- time of the Senate to read the letter, but prompt enactment by the Congress of legismunists.

I ask unanimous consent that it be lation in regard to the disposal of the GovMr. MCCARTHY. I shall be glad to printed in the RECORD at this point, as a ernment-owned rubber-producing facilities. give the Senator from Oklahoma the part of my remarks.

Further, in that message, the President information if the Senator from Indiana

There being no objection, the letter stated that he had not prepared the text of will give me the time. I shall be glad

shall be glad was ordered to be printed in the RECORD, any legislation, as it was his belief that such to give the Senator the names of some

legislation would most appropriately result as follows:

from the joint efforts of the committees of of those who have gotten out of the OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE,

Congress and representatives of the interGovernment.

Washington, July 15, 1953. ested executive agencies. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Hon. HOMER E, CAPEHART,

• We are gratified to learn that the Banktime allotted to the Senator has expired.

United States Senate.

ing and Currency Committee of the Senate DEAR SENATOR CAPEHART: This letter is to has agreed with the House of Representatives

reaffirm the Department of Defense position and its Committee on Armed Services that SALE OF GOVERNMENT-OWNED on the problem of disposal of the Govern- disposal should go forward at this time. RUBBER-PRODUCING FACILITIES ment-owned synthetic-rubber plants' to pri

We have considered s. 2047 in the form vate industry, as stated by a representative in which it was ordered reported by the The Senate resumed the consideration of this Department at a recent hearing of

Senate Banking and Currency Committee. of the bill (S. 2047) to amend the Rub- the Senate Banking and Currency Committee

The bill provides legislative authority by ber Act of 1948, as amended, to provide on Senate bill, S. 2047.

which disposal can be achieved in a manner for the sale of Government-owned rub- The Department of Defense has always

consistent with the objectives mentioned by ber-producing facilities, to repeal and strongly supported the policy of the present

the President in his message to the Conmodify certain of its provisions affected Rubber Act that one of the key points of our


It contains provisions safeguarding national security in rubber is the develop- national security and protecting the public thereby, and for other purposes.

ment within the United States of a privately interest, while taking the initial and indisMr. CAPEHART. Mr. President, the owned, competitive synthetic-rubber indus

pensable step toward achieving the policy bill before the Senate is Senate bill 2047, try. Within the last 2 years it has become

determination established by the Congress a bill to dispose of Government-owned increasingly evident that not only is syn

in section 2 of the Rubber Act of 1943, as synthetic rubber plants. thetic rubber now able to compete success

amended, that is—the development within Mr. MAYBANK. Mr. President, will fully with the natural product without the

our country of a free, competitive syntheticthe Senator yield for a question? mandatory usage of controls formerly re

rubber industry. It also authorizes conquired but also that, in the foreseeable fuMr. CAPEHART. I yield.

tinued operation of the plants during the ture, significant increases in the capacity to Mr. MAYBANK. I wonder if the able produce synthetic rubber will be needed to

disposal period and after the presently esand distinguished chairman of the com

tablished date of expiration of the Rubber meet our national requirements, and that

Act. mittee desires a quorum call? such new capacity may be in the form of

The Bureau of the Budget is authorized to Mr. CAPEHART. I do not believe we plants of significantly different design than those now owned by the Government. For

advise you that enactment of this legislaneed one at the moment. I thank the these reasons, it seems quite clear that now

tion in its present form would be in accord able Senator for suggesting it.

is the time for legislation to be enacted which with the program of the President. Early The House of Representatives has al

will give private industry the opportunity to action by the Congress is strongly recomready passed a bill similar to the bill make suitable proposals for the purchase of

mended in order 'to avoid the undesirable which is now before the Senate. The these Government-owned plants.

consequences of handling plant disposal

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