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and Congressmen who have been un- tunity to reject the report, but did not could be imagined. The council petitioned justly charged with the desire for pub- do so.

again on September 17, 1952, before Mayor

Bowron had announced his candidacy for relicity are apt to forget the issues which

A report by the Democratic minority mem

election. The hearing of the subcommittee are before the committee. bers was to have been submitted at the next

of the Committee on Appropriations in A second reason is that Judge LaBuy, full committee meeting. Representative

Washington on March 25 furnished further sitting in the United States district HOFFMAN promptly canceled the meeting and

urgent reasons for looking into the Los court in Chicago, held that it was not released the unauthorized subcommittee re

Angeles public housing mess on the ground. within the power or province of a con- port in as fine a violation of congressional

So when Mayor Bowron declaims that the honor and procedure as has embarassed the gressional committee to force television morality-talking Republican Party in a long

hearings now going on before Representative on a witness who did not want to appear,

HOFFMAN'S subcommittee were arranged as a

political smear against him in the closing So we adopted the rule of letting the wit

Well, all I can say to that charge is days of the campaign, his arguments are ness decide. As to this statement, the

pretty thin. rules were violated this publication is in that it does not violate any rules had the error, as you yourself can see.

report been released; as a matter of fact, I might add that, in March of 1953—

it was not accurate. I will come back Then, in another paragraph later on:

and I will read that the city council to that. The immorality of holding a congres

petitioned for a hearing. To quote fur

Now, let us get another statement from ther from the editorial: sional hearing for the political purpose of influencing a local election gave off such a the Los Angeles Times, Thursday morn

First, the Congress was petitioned urgently stench that the full committee apparently ing, May 21, 1953. That is after the long before anybody knew he was going to wanted no part of it. hearing closed.

run again. And second, the mayor has said

It is headed “Just To Keep the Record again and again that the affairs of the HousNow, the full committee has not passed

ing Authority are none of his business, from on it, and we will come to that subject Straight,” and reads as follows:

which it follows that an investigation of the later. The full committee had an oppor

One point ought to be set straight about

Housing Authority is none of his business. this congressional investigation of the Los

On this, as on other matters, the mayor and by the Rules of the House, and which Angeles Housing Authority. It was not an may lawfully be held and exercised by sub

improvisation for
for the mayoral election

talks through his hat, though this technique committees of the committee with the ap

may not show on television. campaign. proval and authority of the committee."

The charge has gone out, and it was

Last Friday, considerable was said on On July 15, 1953, another resolution was

made last Friday, that those hearings the floor of the House by certain gentleadopted, as follows: were held to influence an election. Let

men about these hearings. As stated "Resolved, That

(1) after the adoption of this resolution, me show you just how unfounded that there, the hearings are not of anything special subcommittees may be created only charge is. These are the views of this new. upon the approval of the full committee; and paper.

On June 15, 1948—now get that date"(2) upon the expiration of the tenth day

June 15, 1948, a special committee or

For 2 years individuals and groups, public following the day on which this resolution is and private, have been asking for an in

rather a subcommittee on publication adopted, each special subcommittee heretovestigation of housing authority affairs. The

and propaganda of which Forest A. Harfore created shall cease to exist, unless, after

need for such an investigation became des- ness, now Sergeant at Arms of the Senthe adoption of this resolution and prior to

perate after the 82d Congress provided a ate, was chairman; James Wadsworth the expiration of such tenth day, the con

means for Los Angeles to buy its way out was a member; Henry Latham, Carter tinuance of such special subcommittee shall

of the public housing program. The Con- Manasco, Frank Wilson were members have been approved by the full committee;

gress said a city could cancel such a proand

and Frank T. Bow, a member here now gram if it would reimburse the Federal Gov“(3) each regular subcommittee is hereby ernment for funds expended. Los Angeles

was general counsel—if you want to authorized, for purposes of the conduct of

could not find out what it owed because it know about the situation out there, he studies and investigations coming within its

could not see the housing authority's books. can tell you. Let me quote two parajurisdiction

(A) to appoint, fix the compensation of, Let me explain there that the housing graphs from page 8 of that report: and remove, such experts, special counsel, authority in California is an independ- All the evidence before the committee and such clerical, stenographic and other ent organization. It is created under a supports the conclusion that the Federal assistance, as it deems necessary, the com- Federal statute by the authority of the Public Housing Authority in the Los Anpensation of such personnel to be paid out California State Legislature. Neither

geles-San Diego area is systematically orof the funds available to the subcommittee the Federal Government, which supplied

ganized throughout for political purposes under House Resolution 150; and

and for propaganda activities in behalf of a “(B) to sit, hold hearings, and act at such the funds in the first instance, and there

vigorous national policy for public-housing times and places within or outside the is where our committee got into it,

appropriations. This political organization United States, whether or not the House is neither the Federal Government, the

extends not only to the administrative offiin session, is in recess, or has adjourned, to State of California, nor the city of Los cials and civil-service employees of the PHA, require by subpena or otherwise the attend- Angeles had control over the operations but also to the tenants who are granted ance of such witnesses and the production of the housing authority, an independ- political favors and privileges in return for of such papers, documents, and books, and ent organization.

their votes and organizational work in the to take such testimony, as it deems neces

That may help you to understand some

precincts. sary; and any such subpena may be issued under the signature of the chairman of such of the difficulties of the people of Los

The investigation also demonstrates that

this propaganda activity and political work subcommittee or by any member of such Angeles, who have voted on more than

in public-housing projects lowers materially subcommittee designated by such chairman one occasion to end that housing pro

the standards of management and adminand may be served by any person designated gram, which has, as I understand, been istration all along the line. Administrative by such chairman or member; and

so ardently supported by our good col- costs and management charges on public“(4) the jurisdiction, membership, and

league from California (Mr. HOLIFIELD). housing projects generally run approximately chairmanship of the Executive and Legisla

Now I will continue to read:

25 percent higher than on comparable projtive Reorganization Subcommittee, the Military Operations Subcommittee, the Public

The housing authority was and is respon

ects managed by private enterprise. Waste, sible to nobody in Los Angeles who wants

loose spending, collusion on contracts, and Accounts Subcommittee, the Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee, and the

collusion and favoritism on rental privileges to stop the program.

are commonplace incidents of public-housInternational Operations Subcommittee shall

The only way to find out about the housbe as specified in the printed Legislative Cal. ing authority's affairs, it became apparent,

ing operations. endar of this committee for April 1953

was through a congressional investigation. Then they go on to tell what the in(No. 2), unless modified hereafter by action

Now, please listen to this:

vestigation does. of the full committee; and

The city council petitioned Congress for (5) the chairman and the ranking minor

And the point is this, my colleagues on ity member shall serve as ex officio members an investigation in May 1952

the Republican side and on the Demoof each subcommittee and shall have the

cratic side as well. My point is this:

What becomes of the charge that as right to vote on all matters before the subchairman of that subcommittee I went

That the evils still continue. That committee; and “(6) the rules, policies, and minutes of this out there on a political mission? I will

those questions which arose in 1948 were

still with the city council and the people committee, as heretofore in force, are hereby read it again: repealed and superseded to the extent that The city council petitioned Congress for

of Los Angeles, except as within the last they are inconsistent with the foregoing pro- an investigation in May 1952, long before few days a settlement has been reached, visions of this resolution."

the weird shape of this mayoral campaign as I am advised it has been.

That report of June 15, 1948, was haps, you think, the hearings being over where it runs counter to some policy unanimously approved—and by whom this matter is of no importance.

that I have been following for 15 years by whom? Not only by all the Republi- It is of importance because the integ- or more. And I do not propose to stulcans but by Carter Manasco; John W. rity, the sincerity and honesty of a tify myself before you gentlemen or my McCormack, who has had considerable chairman of the Committee on Govern- constituents by about-facing on a matto say about these hearings; William L. ment Operations was distinctly chal- ter of principle. Dawson, chairman of the committee in lenged. It was challenged here last Fri- Here is what the second paragraph of the 81st and 82d Congresses; John De- day evening.

this letter from George P. Cronk, chairlaney, who has left us for the land above; Let me say this in addition, that the man, State, county, and Federal affairs Chet Holifield, who is shouting his head RECORD shows the gentleman from Cali- committee of the Los Angeles City Counoff now; Henderson Lanham who sits be- fornia [Mr. HOLIFIELD] said that he had cil said: fore me, of Georgia; W. J. Bryan Dorn, given me notice. I will tell you what

I am not aware of what arrangements must of South Carolina, again with us as a happened. As you who were present well be made for hearing rooms, reporters, and member; and Frank M. Karsten, now a know I was in charge of two reorgani- so forth. But if you will advise me, I will member of the committee; and Frank zation plans here until late in the after- endeavor to make the necessary arrangeWilson, of Texas. The subcommittee re- noon. I spoke out of order and I spoke ments, although it may be that these meetport was signed by the Democratic mem- by unanimous consent on some of these ings will be conducted in the Federal build

ing and that the United States Government bers as well as by the Republicans. Our matters.

will make the necessary arrangements. colleague the gentleman from Ohio (Mr. No word was said to me, not a whisper, Bow] did a masterly job on those as to any attack that was going to be A copy of said resolution is attached hearings.

made, a mass attack if you please, that for your information. Let me read some more about these was going to be made upon me person- I shall print all this in the RECORD, and hearings. I have read the editorial. ally. I went over about my business just will not take the time to read it all now. Now let me give you the official com- as anybody would when special orders But I answered that. This came in on munication, the last one. On March 23, are being taken on subjects in which the 23d. As is my custom of attending 1953, a member of the City Council of you have no particular interest. I got to my business—which, of course, prethe City of Los Angeles, city hall, wrote: over there to a conference late in the vents me from hearing all of the masDEAR SIR: In accordance with the provision afternoon.

terly addresses made by some of the of the resolution adopted by the Council Someone—it was Mrs. Heppes—from Members—I answered this the next day, of the City of Los Angeles under date of the outside office came in and said-it on the 24th: March 20, 1953, it is requested that a com- was in the committee office, where we Your letter of March 23, 1953, requesting mittee of Congress come to Los Angeles to

were trying to arrange for hearings this an investigation of the public housing coninvestigate the entire public-housing con

week, in view of the imminent adjourn- troversy in Los Angeles, has been received. troversy and local operation, and it is, therement of Congress, and said to me that

Your letter transmits & resolution of the fore, respectfully requested that you advise

city council of Los Angeles which requests a the undersigned as chairman of the State, "Someone telephoned over that Mr. HOLI

congressional investigation of public houscounty, and Federal affairs committee of the FIELD was speaking about you on the

ing in Los Angeles. council if this request can be granted and floor."

This committee has under way an inquiry when the committee may be expected to I did not assume that there was going of the housing activities of the Government, open its sessions here.?

to be any mass attack or anything of any including public housing. Having in mind Remember that is the third or fourth- particular importance going on. I the request of the city council of Los Angeles

and of other civic bodies, as well as informathe third official communication from thought it was the usual thing.

Mr. HOLIFIELD. Mr. Speaker, as

tion in the possession of the committee, the the city asking for this hearing. Per

committee staff has been directed to expedite long as the gentleman has mentioned

the necessary investigation preliminary to 2 RESOLUTION my name, will the gentleman yield?

the holding of public hearings.

Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. I have Whereas in this morning's issue of the

The committee will, of course, appreciate Los Angeles Times, center of front page, is mentioned the gentleman's name and I

any assistance that can be rendered to the an article entitled "Housing Release offered will again mention the gentleman's staff in conducting its preliminary investigaLos Angeles Again,” in which it is stated, name, but I decline to yield at this time. tion. However, arrangements for hearing "The Federal Public Housing Administration Mr. HOLIFIELD. I will take care of rooms and other facilities will be made by has restated its readiness to release Los An- the gentleman later.

the committee. geles from the contract for the 10,000-unit

Mr. HOFFMAN of Michigan. With- And let me add right there that the federally aided low-cost housing program out my being on the floor, the gentle- first time an investigator went to Los for Los Angeles whenever the city reimburses

man made-I do not know under the Angeles, we went to the Housing Authorthe National Government for money already advanced.” Senator DWORSHAK, of Idaho, parliamentary rules just how I should ity and sought their cooperation, and released this statement:

put it—but I will say a mild but not com- when we came along later, we learned Whereas in reply to a request from the plimentary attack, a personal attack on

that some of their records had been deSenate Government Operations Committee me.

stroyed, so we could not make a full infor facts about the controversial program, Of course, being as busy as I was, I vestigation. General Counsel Marshall W. Amis fixed the

did not come over, but the implication Then there was a move on foot among amount presently spent or obligated at ap

was given to the Members of this House the Democratic membership of the comproximately $21,625,000. The article con

that I ran out in view of some attack mittee on Government Operations to tinues, "PHA has advised both the local

that was going to be made upon me. I authority and the officials of the city of Los

off those hearings. It was Angeles that we stand ready and willing to

do not believe there is a single Member charged—and that charge has been ancancel our contract with the local authority of this House who believes that I am swered by the Los Angeles Times-it at any time upon the request of the local running away from anything. And I

was charged that the Hearings were for authority and the payment in full of said shall refer to something else before the

a political purpose because a Member of debt, together with interest to date of pay

day is over, in my special order tonight, Congress was a candidate for mayor, ment”; and

if we get through with the legislative Whereas this offer comes as a complete

our colleague, POULSON. surprise to members of the city council, and program in time.

Now, I had nothing to do with that; It was said to the membership that I the political affairs of Los Angeles are it is desired to obtain further facts and information: Now, therefore, be it was—well, I will just give you the effect

of no more interest to me than they Resolved, that this resolution and clip- of it—that I was just a little old man,

are to you. If it had been concerned ping from the Los Angeles Times be referred who was ill and did not know what he

with a little village in Allegan County, to the State, county, and Federal affairs com- was doing. I will match the hours that mittee of the council in order that they may I put in with those of anyone in the

Michigan, I would have been interested, communicate with the Government Opera House. But whether I am old or ill, I

or some city in my district; but I was tions Committees of Congress and request am not asking for any quarter from any

not, and the people of Los Angeles who that if possible a committee be sent to Los

by the thousand listened over the radio Angeles to investigate the entire public-house body on that side or over here on my ing controversy and local operation. own side of the aisle.

and saw the hearings as they took place, JOHN C. HOLLAND, Councilman. I go along with the leadership and the know very well whether it was or MARCH 20, 1953.

administration on every occasion, except whether it was not a political move.

I call

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Here it is, this wire of May 8th, ad- them more than it did me, they pro- the kind of gentleman he was, and there dressed to me as chairman of the com- fessed. Well, maybe so. It may have. were some others. mittee: I have no way of knowing.

Now, let me skip over to these reports. At a meeting of the City Council of Los While I cannot say I liked it, yet complaint was made that we did not file Angeles held this day, motion was adopted neither can I say that I am going to do reports.

reports. After we came back from Caliby council reaffirming its position in re- what some people apparently would like fornia, the subcommittee filed a draft of questing an immediate investigation of the to have me do. You know, there are preliminary report with the full compublic housing controversy by a duly several people in my district who have mittee on June 3, 1953. The Democrats authorized Congressional committee and

been candidates, one or two of them were objected that they needed time to conthat hearings be scheduled as soon as pos

State senators, they were candidates sider it and read the transcript. The sible. WALTER C. PETERSEN,

against me in the primary, and it has stenographer's transcript was given City Clerk. been extremely disappointing to them them. Later, the transcript was printed.

that I have lived so long. They want me The gentleman from California [Mr, Now, may I ask: What would any

to go out, I guess, and commit suicide; HOLIFIELD], and the other member apMember of this Congress in a position in fact, they appear to bemoan the fact pointed to the committee, Mr. IKARD, to help, requested several times, this last that I am still alive.

were present at the June 3 meeting. time by wire, by a city authority, to hold

And last Friday here—you will not find How in fairness can it be said they an investigation do, what would he do?

it in the RECORD, but I have plenty of evi- had no opportunity to know what was in Would he do as I did, grant it? Or

dence of it, my good friends from Ohio— the report or to pass on it? Then we put would he, because there was some politi

and the Democrats love this family fight in the amendments. We submitted it cal implication involved—that is, in the

on our part, they love it and they encour- again. But, no; they did not want to act minds of our Democratic friends-put it

age it—and I respond. When my Repub- on it. That is their privilege. off and let a city, which has the third

lican colleagues swallow the bait I re- If the Republican members of the largest budget in the United States—the spond. Throw a hook into me and you committee want to adopt that attitude, third largest budget, a population of al- get action; there is no question about

get action; there is no question about I have no criticism. I have been here most 2 million, Los Angeles, let them that or a reaction, I should say. So a comparatively long time, and never suffer and wait with an issue which had

these two state senators, some of their once—and I challenge any Member on been running along for 3, 4, or 5 years? friends expressed the hope—no, they did either side to put his finger on the recNot me! Especially when the investiga- not, that is wrong; what they gave me ord–have I questioned either the abiltors who were out there said they were

was the impression that they would not ity, the integrity, or the patriotism of ready. Do not ask me for something be grievously disturbed if either Satan any Member of the House. unless you want it, because you are apt down below or St. Peter above took me I have disagreed violently with some to get it.

from this particular place. I cannot do of the views expressed, but never have I answered immediately. Said immediately. Said we anything to help them.

I made it a personal matter. I have been would comply with their request.

The gentleman from Ohio [Mr. kicked around by experts outside, and There has been a lot of controversy, BROWN] and the gentleman from Ohio 'experts inside the House are not going and prior to this time hearings in De

[Mr. BENDER] here last Friday, one of to hurt my feelings and cause me to troit had been conducted unopposed. them felt sorry for me because I was so resign, because I think if I did and stood Had those hearings been held as I pro- old; the other felt sorry because I was before my people for reelection I might posed to hold them they would have

so sick; and if it would not be out of be sent back here, as another Member of disclosed a most deplorable situation, of place and unparliamentary I would say: this House was some years ago, after an improper use of Federal funds that Do not either one of you or both of you being expelled. He came back by an could be found. But that has been my stand by and think I will fight you; overwhelming majority. So do not trouble. They thought they had me either one of you could take hold of me backing up until these folks, some of the with one hand and shake my shoes off,

worry about that.

Let me get to these hearings. I am committee members seems to think

but I will tell you what I will do. I will getting back to the genüleman who comjust because I had always complied with

run up the stairs or down the road with plained of discourtesies, especially to their wishes that I would never turn, either one of you, and I will match in but would always yield to their demands. hours of work both of the gentlemen, present. The gentleman from Indiana

the mayor. Two other individuals were Well, some times I will in the case of Will they accept the challenge? If they [Mr. BROWNSON] flew over from Las folks I consider my friends yield my do, I hope they will charge admission judgment but not to members of certain and give the proceeds to some charitable

Vegas or wherever it was he was seeing

the atomic test. He flew over there with other groups with whose principles I organization.

Mr. BRAY. The gentleman from Indiana cannot agree.

As to being discourteous, the gentle-
I said this in reply to that wire:

[Mr, BROWNSON] sat down, and believe man from California referred to the rec

it or not, he had his picture taken with Unless countermanded by Speaker MARTIN ord of the hearings. I have it here. He members of the committee. I was not hearings will be held as scheduled.

referred to my treatment of the mayor so bad then that he wanted to avoid any The Speaker said nothing about it; he and one or two others, perhaps. That connection whatever with the hearings. realized that it was our busines; he said charge was made last week.

The whole thing seems to have just nothing about it, although Drew Pearson I see the gentleman from North Caro- soured, at least in the opinion of the says in his article—and by the way, lina present who signed the report in gentleman from California, since that Drew Pearson was in one time and I 1948.

1948. He was a member of our com- time, that is all. will tell you tonight, tomorrow, or the mittee and I am sure he will be very,

Oh, yes; it is funny how we can next day in these special orders about very greatly interested in this charge change in a day. Do not forget, two holding hearings in special committees, that the poor old man, teetering on the other members of the committee were that the Speaker called me off, the edge of the grave, has offended some there: the Member from New York (Mrs. Speaker made no comment as far as I Members of the House who are on the ST. GEORGE]—and let the record show know. committee.

she asked some questions of these men; So we held the hearings, and now the One of those I am alleged to have of- she was present; she questioned the gentleman from California [Mr. HOLI- fended is a Mr. Marshall. Now who is mayor—and the gentleman from MisFIELD] said Friday that I was most dis- Mr. Marshall? He appeared as an attor- souri (Mr. HILLELSON] was there. courteous. Some of the Republican ney for a witness. Mr. Marshall is one We had some little hard language in Members who spoke-oh, they felt so of the lawyers who came down and in- the hearing. You know how it is when sorry, so sorry.

jected or inserted himself in the Rosen- you have communists around. I recall Oh, please-oh, please, folks, please berg case. He was not asked to do so, he back in the 80th Congress, I think it was; I plead with you as you read those hear- just came along. He is the gentleman we had Nathan Witt. Do you know who ings or as you read what they said here out there who became extremely peeved Nathan Witt was? He was General last Friday afternoon about me, please, when his client was asked if she was a Counsel for the National Labor Relations please note that part where they ex- member of certain organizations and on Board. He came in before our commitpressed their very deep regret for having advice of counsel declined to answer- tee with Abraham Flaxer. Who is Abrato take me out in the woodshed; it hurt see page 301 of the hearings. That is ham Flaxer? Oh, he is a Communist. He did not deny it. He was engaged in him," and we did not have anything to How do you like that? He said he a strike and we had him in, and Witt do with him. He was a Republican. was not familiar with its issues—what came in, and I was perhaps a little harsh. Well, they were both Republicans.

was he there for then? I interrupted: Nathan insisted upon having his say in Then, just as we had announced that The CHAIRMAN. If you are not, then there running the committee, and I asked him the hearings were to close at noon on a is no need for any testimony, and I thank to retire. The gentleman from Texas certain day, just before noon and after you very much for appearing. [Mr. FISHER] was on that committee; the witnesses had all been heard who Mayor BOWRON. Am I dismissed? the gentleman from Kansas [Mr. SMITH] wanted to testify, along came the pub

The CHAIRMAN. Unless you have some

statement that has to do with the issues was on that committee. They did not, licity campaign manager for the mayor, either one of them, yell at me to be more

which you say you are not familiar with, and he said, "I demand to be heard."

yes. If you are familiar with the issues incourteous. Witt later was by his asso- The committee, mark you, had already volved and if you want to testify about ciate, Lee Pressman, identified as a Com- been adjourned. I said, “All right; wait those, we will be very, very glad to hear munist- a member of the same cell. a minute.” He said, “Well, you have

you. So, out there, when this hullaballoo adjourned.” I said, "All right, but we

Discourteous ? arose about these lawyers and these wit- are now in session again. Bring on your

Then let us go over here, where I was nesses, what did I do? Let me get it. mayor.” They had him outside.

not doing the talking. The mayor was I called Richard Combs, page 334 of the The mayor came in, and he started to

still on some time later. I will continue hearings which I have before me, and testify. Did he face the committee? Oh,

his testimony so you will get the right I asked him to identify himself. He tes- no; he faced the television camera and

picture. tified: "I am Richard Combs, chief coun- he faced the reporters. That was all

Then Mr. HILLELSON, who is a young sel for the California Senate Crime Com- right with me. What did I say about it? mission on Un-American Activities." Here we are:

man, but was evidently getting tired,

said: "And you have been such for how long?”

The CHAIRMAN. The committee will come “About 14 years.” Then he went on, and to order, please.

I suggest we recess. I will print it in the RECORD—I won't take

The CHAIRMAN. Do you have any further


This was after the recess. We were the time now he went on and told of his called back.

Mayor BOWRON. Well, apparently the comRead his testimony as experience.

mittee does not want to hear me further. printed at the close of my talk.

For the first time, within the last 5 min

The CHAIRMAN. Not in connection with Then I asked him about some of these utes, I received a request, not directly but

anything that might have to do with the indirectly, that the mayor wished to appear. fellows. Oh, he says, they are Commu

coming campaign. As I have repeatedly I understand he is here. If he desires to nists. None took the witness stand to

stated, anything that has to do with any come forward and testify in relation to the

misconduct of the officers or the employees deny the charge. Most of them were issues which we came here to get information

of the authority or anything to do with there. They did not take the witness on, well and good. If he wants to talk poli

waste or extravagance or the misapplication stand and deny it. So, what is the con- tics, we don't want to hear him, and we will

of Federal dollars, either coming directly clusion? They were Communists? I just not.

or indirectly from Federal funds, yes; otherdid not permit them to run the commit- All right. Mr. Mayor.

wise, no. tee, as they usually try to do. Ask the candidate, in spite of our desire not to enter

The CHAIRMAN. Of course, in this way one

Then Mrs. ST. GEORGE, ever on the job, Committee on Un-American Activities.

into a political discussion or have anything ever watching what is going on, ever What about the mayor, that there has

to do with this election, obtains a television intelligent, ever active, and who catches been so much criticism about the way audience.

the issue quickly, said: we treated him? Let me tell you about All right, Mr. Mayor. And please confine

your testimony to matters which bear dithat. We were holding hearings out

Or, Mr. Chairman, maybe the mayor, on there. There was a statement that we rectly upon the activities of the housing

the other hand, would like to encourage the

housing authority and would like to say would not have anything to do with the authority.

Mayor BOWRON. Well, I thank the chair

that, in his opinion, they have done a very political situation. man for the admonition as to proper con

fine job. Maybe he has come here to tell The mayor was on television. I have duct. I did not come here to talk politics,

us that. We are certainly here to hear that, a long, long single-spaced release that he I assure you.

if that is what he wants to say. put on about the committee, and he

The CHAIRMAN. All right. Proceed with

We are certainly here to hear that, if that called us everything in polite language your testimony, please.

is what he wants to say. I was just going

We had agreed to that was permissible to be published. I close the hearing at noon, but because, out

to say instead of bringing up any question

of malfeasance maybe the mayor wants to did not make any answer to that. He of consideration for your position, and in

tell us the Housing Authority has been of was not voting in Allegan, Mich., in the spite of the fact you are a candidate at an

great benefit to the city and he highly apFourth Congressional District, and his

election, and in view of the fact that we will
be undoubtedly accused by certain members

proves of it and so forth. I think it is his opinion was of little interest to me. No;

right to make that statement to the comof the committee of participating in a poiiI let him go, I let him speak, and I have

mittee, if that is the way he feels. tical campaign, nevertheless we will hear always followed that course in the hear

The CHAIRMAN. I agree with that. If you you on the issue. ings I have held, the special subcommit

want to state that, if you want to adopt her Mayor BOWRON. My name is Fletcher

statementtee for the Labor Committee, yes; and Bowron. I am mayor of the city of Los

Mayor BOWRON. This is just one of many for Judge Bell's committee back in JanuAngeles. *

Housing Authorities in the United States. ary 1936, when I, a freshman, was sent I think I am here more in the position of We complied with the law and have taken alone to hold a hearing, and in all the offering myself as a witness to answer any

advantage of its benefits. hearings I have let the people talk, and questions.

That is all he wants to say. Then when they said, “You are such and such" Now, get this:

Mrs. ST. GEORGE says: and so forth and "you did this and that

The CHAIRMAN. Just a moment. and the other” I said “Go ahead, go

Mrs. ST. GEORGE. I realize that you made & have testimony which has to do with the

statement when we went back to Congress ahead.” And when they got through, I issue before the committee, I wish you would

we might possibly have a change made in said, “Thank you for your opinion. I proceed with that.

the law. do not agree with you." I let it go at Mayor BOWRON. Mr. Chairman, I do not that and that was all there was to it, and know what

He said something about that, and after a while they discovered that the

The CHAIRMAN. Wait a minute, until I then she said: newspapers, not getting any copy or any

make my statement. I understood you were The Chairman then said would that also argument about a dogfight in the com

here, from your own statement, to answer mean then the Federal Government would any questions.

If in addition to that you mittee, they quit it, and that was that.

take back whatever compensation or adwish to make a statement bearing upon the vantages had accrued to the city from pubNow, let us get to Mayor Bovzron. We issues which the committee is looking into, lic housing. Is that your understanding? were holding the hearings. Poulson was will you kindly proceed with that state- Mayor BOWRON. That assumes that somea candidate. I understand from one of ment?

thing of value has accrued to the city in The committee staff that Poulson wanted

Any discourtesy about that?

property. to be a witness. I said, “Do not talk to

Mrs. ST. GEORGE. It does in property.

Mayor BOWRON. I was going to say, as I That is correct. him, do not let him come around here; am not familiar with the issues the com- Mayor BOWRON. The city has acquired no we do not want anything to do with mittee is looking into

property. XCIX -581

If you

CHAIRMAN. The housing authority of the projects and to guarantee repayment was employed by the housing authority has.

of the bonds, plus interest, issued by the as a lobbyist. Mayor BOWRON. That is correct.

local authority to cover the capital cost. An organized procedure for making

We maintain that any expenditure posted Then, they go on and finally Mrs. Sr.

substantial deductions from the payroll on the city housing authority books as GEORGE and Mr. HILLELSON said they chargeable to either capital costs or opera

of employees for local political purposes thought we could excuse the mayor and tion and maintenance which does not result was repeatedly affirmed on the stand. so he was excused.

in accomplishing the public purpose of the The money from which these employees Now, how was the gentleman treated Federal laws, is irregular or illegal.

were paid came from the Federal Govdiscourteously? What I wish, what I

We further maintain that such irregular

ernment. The employees were organexpenditure is ultimately paid out of Fedsincerely wish, in order that I may be

ized for local political and lobbying pureral funds because such expenditure inadmonished by my friends, if I have any

poses. creases the deficit which the Government, in the House, and so that I may amend by and through the annual contributions

Mayor Bowron said he had nothing to my actions, if they need correction, is contract, has agreed to pay.

offer with respect to the issues before the that those gentlemen who in force were Because of such agreement the Federal committee. So he was not questioned lead by the generalissimo from Cali- Government will, for instance, indirectly pay extensively regarding the financing of fornia (Mr. HOLIFIELD], who assailed me for the operation and maintenance of a large this political lobby by Federal funds. here when I was not here, what I wish

and expensive propaganda organization for- However, the Los Angeles chief of po

merly headed by Frank Wilkinson, Director they would do is to give to the House

lice, W. H. Parker, testified that on or of Information, who refused to make any what every man accused of crime is

about January 31, 1952, he gave Mayor statement concerning communistic affiliaalways entitled to, a bill of particulars. tions, but who in a prepared statement, sub

Bowron detailed information regarding Members of the House who have been sequent to his dismissal, accused his su- 10 alleged Communists in the housing here over the years know whether or not periors of being fully informed as to his authority. I have been arbitrary or unreasonable. beliefs.

This is the testimony, in part, of Chief I have been tenacious, I have been criti

Indirectly the Government will also pay Parker:

for inefficient management and ill-advised cal of the opposition, and I expect to

Mr. MCKENNA. Were you some time in expenditures of architects and attorney's continue that way when I feel justi

the past advised of the presence of apparent fees caused by the failure of the city hous

Communists and subversives in the Housing fied in so doing, but I have tried to be ing authority to observe our democratic procourteous and I have tried to be decent

Authority of the City of Los Angeles? cedures which resulted in expensive revision

Chief PARKER. I was. in my contacts with the Members of the of plans.

Mr. MCKENNA. Approximately when? House. I ask these gentlemen who are The Government will indirectly pay for

Chief PARKER. Approximately the 31st of so critical, so free with these words, to unlimited traveling expenses, expense ac- January 1952. put it down on the RECORD when and counts, lobbyists, claques, and many items

Mr. MCKENNA. About how many names where I have been discourteous to anywhich tend to corrupt our republican form

were furnished you at that time? of government and democratic procedures body-when or where I have violated

Chief PARKER. Ten. and which by even the wildest stretch of the any rule of committee procedure, written imagination cannot be considered necessary

Mr. MCKENNA. Was it just a list of names or unwritten. Tell me, but do not come

furnished you or were details about the into accomplish the public purpose of the

dividuals also furnished you? along when I am not around and make subject laws, to wit, to maintain the low

Chief PARKER. Both names and detailed the broad, general charge that I am not rent character of the projects.

information. fit to serve in this Congress. Do not be Certainly, if these existing procedures are

Mr. MCKENNA. Did you take action with cowardly about it. Lay it on the line, not illegal in accordance with present legis

respect to that list, Chief? and I will either answer it or accept in lation, Congress will want to know in detail

Chief PARKER. I did. how the local housing authority operates so humility whatever criticism you gentle

Mr. MCKENNA. What action did you take? that appropriate steps may be taken to premen may have.

Chief PARKER. I delivered all the informavent or curtail the continuance of this type

tion to Mayor Fletcher Bowron, in his office. APPENDIX QUOTING EXCERPTS FROM HEARINGS of procedure.

Mr. McKENNA. Is it your understanding Some three of the citizens groups

We of the Rose Hills area are particularly or not that he, in turn, turned that over which joined the Los Angeles City Councognizant of the danger and threat to

to the proper authorities of the housing cil in requesting the investigation were

changing our American way of life by the authority for further action?

use of tactics and facilities presently avail- Chief PARKER. It is my understanding represented by Mr. Charles R. Drake.

able to the local housing authority. In an that he did so at once. Mr. Drake testified in part:

attempt to preserve the sanctity of our Mr. MCKENNA. At once? Mr. DRAKE. The Monterey Woods and homes, we had a difficult time in paying Chief PARKER. Right. Montecito Hills Improvement Associations

some $1,800 in attorney's fees in connection Mr. MCKENNA, On January 31 or Februand the Huntington Villa Property Owners

with a lawsuit, whereas the city housing auAssociation, composed of small property thority was in a position to retain a staff Chief PARKER. It could have been after owners and grassroots citizens, welcome the of attorneys at a reported retainer fee of

January 31. I received the information on Committee on Governmental Operations to

$50,000, which expenditure was indirectly that date. As nearly as I can recall, I reLos Angeles. We appreciate your interest in reimbursable with Federal funds.

ceived the information then, and the recuncovering what we believe to be basic errors Our efforts to change legislation at the ords so indicate it was very shortly after in existing Federal legislation and in record- local level required that we take time off that I gave the material to the mayor. It ing your findings so that Congress may take from our jobs, travel at our own expense could have been the same day or the next appropriate steps to correct existing evils. and plead our case solely on the basis of day.

merit. What chance have we against the Mr. MCKENNA. But not later than 2 or 3 Specifically may we request that this com

most powerful lobby in the country which days? mittee conduct a complete investigation into

is financed indirectly with Federal funds? Chief PARKER. That is correct. the operational methods and expenditures

Among the most critical testimony

Mr. MCKENNA. The information you gave is of the local housing authority. These matters are of Federal concern because the Fed

not simply listed, but all the information from the viewpoint of the legitimate con

you received ? eral Government, by and through its annual

cern of the House Government Opera- Chief PARKER. That is correct, sir. I gave contributions contract, has obligated itself tions Committee was that which showed him the entire information that was put into to make up any deficit in the operational that the Federal Government by pouring my hands. cost of the local authority not to exceed the tens of millions of dollars into the Los

Mr. MCKENNA. That is information with ceiling established by the Federal laws which Angeles Housing Authority against the respect to approximately or to exactly 10 is equal to the cost of long-term money to will of the city government and of the

persons? the Federal Government, plus 2 percent. voters of the city was actually financing check it. Ten; exactly 10.

Chief PARKER. Ten, as I recall it. I can Under conditions in 1950 the maximum annual contributions rate would be 412 pera huge lobby which was beyond the

Mr. MCKENNA. Was Frank Wilkinson cent of the development costs. Without means of the local people to combat. among those persons? adequate controls, including detailed peri- I think you will be convinced if you Chief PARKER. He was. odic audits of the books of the local au- read the record that that point is estab

Mr. MCKENNA. Would you read the inforthority, Congress has, in effect, given a blank lished, confirmed, and reconfirmed.

mation with respect to Frank Wilkinson, excheck to the local authority which is limited

One of the lobbyists for the housing or anything that would prejudice the present

ercising the privilege of eliminating sources only by a rather high ceiling.

The purpose of the annual contribution authority admitted that entertainment operations of the police force? was, of course, motivated by the desire of of State legislators made up part of his Chief PARKER. I might say there is nothing Congress to maintain the low-rent character official expenses. He testified that he in these reports to indicate their source.

ary 1?

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