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NORTH, J., held that, though the solicitors were not entitled to the the fact that this was but the twenty-ninth year of their existence, scale fee for conducting" the sale, they were entitled to be remunerated, was very satisfactory. He would also like to say something with regard under Schedule II. to the order, for such of the items of work properly to the relief given to members and non-members respectively. It had done by them which were specified in the bill of costs, and which were been proposed at one meeting to give away all the receipts and possibly not covered by the fee paid to the auctioneer. They could not add to the even to touch the capital, but this he would be very sorry to see take place. bill any item not already specified in it. The matter was referred back to He had always advocated that the association was a charity, not a mutual the taxing master.-COUNSEL, Cozens. Hardy, Q.C., and 0. l. Clare ; insurance society ; but, on the other hand, he could not but look with Everitt, Q.c., and R. F. Norton. SOLICITORS, Gregory, Rowcliffes, & Co.; fear upon the large amounts which were being given away to non-members J. J. & C. J. Allen.

--which amounts were constantly increasing. Not only were the associa[Note. This case differs from Re Faulkner (ante, p. 661), because there tion thereby expending their resources, but it might be possible that they the solicitor had not claimed the “conducting" fee.]

were doing themselves an injury by giving so liberally to non-members. They might thereby be taking away an inducement to the outside members of the profession to belong to the association. If they took the present average, the association gave to members and their families about £60 a

year, and he thought it would be desirable to limit the assistance given to LAW SOCIETIES.

non-members and their families to about one-third of that sum, or £20 a

year. At present non-members received $35 or £40 yearly, so that they SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION.

were almost upon the same footing as members in this respect. The The Solicitors' Benevolent Association held their fifty-ninth half-yearly course of nature these must increase, and he would like to see the

claims of members were at present comparatively few, but in the ordinary meeting on Wednesday at the Grand Hotel, Eastbourne, Mr. Sidney capital increased and possibly a little less given away to non-members Smith presiding: It should be stated that the autumnal general meeting is usually held fession, and how many who were once prosperous were brought to

and their families. The board saw what distress there was in the proconcurrently with the provincial meeting of the Incorporated Law comparative poverty, and, though they were very glad to relieve nonSociety, but that society having this year already held its gathering in members as well as members, he would certainly like the question of the London, it became necessary to select a place of meeting for the associa- relative amount of relief to be given to be considered. He hoped that tion, and Eastbourne was accordingly fixed upon.

this meeting would cause an increase in the number of members at The report, which was taken as read, stated that, in accordance with the Eastbourne, and he would be very pleased if Mr. Pidcock could arrange recent resolution, the audited statement of accounts would in future be to have a local committee there. Out of the 14,000 solicitors on the roll presented annually, the financial year being closed on December 31st. only about 3,000 were members of the association, and this ought to be Since the last report in April, 1887, 89 new members had been admitted, increased to at least one-third. making a total of 3,052 ; of these 1,104 were life and 1,948 annual subscribers. Fifty-three life members were also contributors of annual sub- unanimously adopted.

Mr. R. PIDCOCK (Eastbourne) seconded the motion, and the report was scriptions ranging from one to ten guineas each. During the six months Mr. W. LOVELL (Cambridge) moved a vote of thanks to the directors, ending June 30th, 1887, the receipts from all sources had amounted to and that they be re-elected. £3,147 178. 4d. The special appeal made by Mr. E. J. Bristow at the Mr. PIDCOCK seconded the motion, which was agreed to. anniversary festival on the 9th of June had largely contributed to this Votes of thanks to the auditors and to Mr. Bristow were also carried, result, the association having thereby gained £1,166. A “Victoria Jubilee and, in reply to a vote of thanks for presiding, Annuity" had out of that sum been created, and the board desired to The CHAIRMAN observed that it had been his great pleasure to serve the record their thanks to Mr. E. J. Bristow for his efforts on behalf of the association for twenty-eight years, and he was the only one left of those association, and for his own gift of one hundred guineas. The following who had assisted in forming the association in the year 1857. is a general summary of the receipts : -Life subscriptions, £282 9s.; new The proceedings then terminated. annual subscriptions, £66 38.; donations, £930 58.; arrears, £25 45.; renewals, £916 138. ; interest on deposit, £1 3s. 5d. ; income tax returned, £40 38. 8d.; and dividends £885 168. 3d. The invested capital now con. sists of £46,383 148. 10d. stock, in addition to the sum of £5,048 10s. 5d. Metropolitan Three-and-a-Half per Cent. Stock pertaining to the Reardon Bequest. During the half-year 85 grants had been made from the funds,

LEGAL NEWS. amounting to $1,785. Of this sum 12 members' families had received

OBITUARY. £505, while 23 non-members and 50 non-members' families had received £1,280. The sum of £75 had also been paid to annuitants from the

His Honour Judge MONTAGUE Bere, Q.C., died very suddenly at his of the “Hollams Annuity.' income of the late Miss Ellen Reardon's bequest, and £14 to the recipient residence, Grimstone, Horrabridge, on the 19th inst. Judge Bere was

On the 30th of June, 1887, a balance of the eldest son of Mr. Montague Bere, barrister, and was born in 1824. £537 98. 6d. remained to the credit of the association at the Union Bank He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated second of London, together with £217 18s. 5d. belonging to the Reardon Trust class in Mathematics in 1846. He was called to the bar at the Inner Account.

The directors regretted to have to record the decease of their Temple in Easter Term, 1850, and he formerly practised on the Western colleagues, Mr. Edward Turner Payne, of Bath, Mr. William Shaen, of Circuit. In 1866 he presided over the Totnes Election Commission. In London, and Mr. John Yeomans, of Sheffield. These vacancies had been 1869 he received a silk gown from Lord Hatherley, and he was recorder of filled by the electiou of Mr. Henry Holland Burne, of Bath, Mr. Henry the borough of Penzance from 1857 till 1862, of the borough of SouthMorten Cotton, of London, and Mr. Bernard Wake, of Sheffield.

ampton from 1862 till 1870, and of the city of Bristol from 1870 till when The CHAIRMAN moved the adoption of the report, 'expressing his regret he was appointed judge of county courts for Circuit No. 59, which comthat Mr. Henry Roscoe, the deputy-chairman, who was to have presided, prises the whole of Cornwall. Judge Bere was a bencher of the Inner had unexpectedly been called away on important business, and he (the Temple, a magistrate for Devonshire and Cornwall, and one of the

He was married in 1852 chairman) had been requested by him to take his place. With regard to chairmen of the Devonshire Quarter Sessions. the absence of a balance-sheet, it had been thought desirable this year to

to the daughter of Captain Thomas Buller, R.N. alter the arrangement which had formerly existed, and to have but one Mr. HENRY SADLER MITCHELL, of 5, Great Prescott-street, Whitechapel, balance-sheet at the end of the year, as was the practice with similar died on the 20th inst. Mr. Mitchell was born in 1820. He was admitted societies. He would also like to say that the association was very much a solicitor in 1844, and he had ever since carried on an extensive practice indebted to Mr. Bristow, as mentioned in the report, and he would ask in the East end of London. He was elected vestry clerk of the parish of the meeting presently to pass a special vote of thanks in respect thereto. St. Mary, Whitechapel, in 1856, and he filled that post until his death. The members of the association had somewhat increased during the year. He was also clerk to the parish 'trustees and the charity trustees, clerk to not so much as could have been wished, but, looking to the hard times, it the Whitechapel Commissioners of Baths and Washhouses, and clerk to was very satisfactory. The amount expended in relief had been much the Governors of the Davenant School. Mr. Mitchell was well versed in larger than formerly. In the twelve months ending June 30, 1885, the parochial law, and his death is much lamented in the neighbourhood. relief granted was as follows:-six members and nineteen members' families received £1,000, twenty-two non-members and eighty-seven non

Mr. David Ross, LL.D., Q.C., recorder of Belfast, died at Dunmurry members' families received £1,650, making the total grants £2,750. In the House, near Belfast, on the 24th inst., after a long and painful illness. twelve months ending June 30, 1886, one member and eighteen members'

Mr. Ross was born in 1828. He was educated at Queen's College, Belfast, families received £855, and thirty-five non-members and 105 non-members' families received £2,544, making the total grantd 13,399.M-m the bar at Dublin in 1860, and he formerly practised on the North-East twelve months ending June 30 last, one member and twenty-six mem

Circuit. He obtained a silk gown in 1882, and two years later he was bers' families received £1,280, and thirty non-members and 101 non-mem

appointed county court judge for the county of Antrim and recorder of bers' families receivea £2,421, making the total grants £3,701. Of course,

the borough of Belfast. the association was giving away very much more than was formerly the Mr. Henry WINDY BANK, solicitor, of 4, Finsbury-circus, died suddenly case. Formerly, the power to give was limited to the dividends on invested at his residence 19, Tavistock-square, on the 22nd inst. Mr. Windybank capital. Later on, the association gave away the annual subscriptions was born in 1841. He was admitted a solicitor in 1879. He was for some the board had the power to give away everything that was received. Pote hem afterwards Succeeded to the practice of Messrs. Miles, Meakin, & Hall. director, that the association ought to invest their life subscriptions, and nected with the City Corporation as a common Councilman for the Ward he could but regret that they had ceased to put by capital by investing their of Coleman-street. He was Chairman of the Law and City Courts Com

He was also life subscriptions as most similar societies did. The reliable income of the mittee in 1885, and of the Improvements Committee in 1886. association was about $3,300 or £3,400 a year, which, having regard to a member of the City of London Sewers Commission. He was honorary


3 4


solicitor to the City of London and East London Dispensary. Mr. Windy A writ of certiorari to bring up the inquisitions taken by the coroner at bank was buried at Kensal-green Cemetery on the 26th inst.

Mitchelstown in the three cases of Lonergan, Casey, and Shinnick with a view to have them quashed was granted in the Queen's Bench Division of

the Irish High Court on the 20th inst. The motion was grounded upon APPOINTMENTS.

an affidavit by Mr. St. Leger, solicitor for the police, setting forth certain Mr. THOMAS ATKINSON, solicitor, of Doncaster, has been appointed irregularities in the proceedings, among others, in the summoning of the Shirley, resigned. Mr. Atkinson is also coroner for the bcrough. He riot, and also that no precautions were taken to keep the jury from com

municating with the outside public. was admitted a solicitor in 1857. The Hon. WILLIAM HENRY BERKELEY PORTMAN has been elected Chair

Chief Justice Waite, in replying to the toast of “The Supreme Court

of the United States," at a breakfast given by the Philadelphia bar to the man of the Dorsetshire Quarter Sessions.

judges of that court, said that, “With a population in the United States Mr. EDWARD JAMES BRUTTON, solicitor, of Exeter, Ottery, St. approaching 60,000,000, and a territory embracing nearly 3,000,000 square Mary, and Sidmouth, has been appointed Clerk to the Aylesbeare miles, the Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction in all of the classes of United District School Board. Mr. Brutton was admitted a solicitor in

cases it had when the population was less than 4,000,000 and the territory 1881. He is clerk to the Ottery St. Mary Local Board and to the Ottery but little more than 800,000 square miles. Under such circumstances it is St. Mary Highway Board.

not to be wondered at that the annual appeal docket of that court has Mr. WILLIAM GEORGE Mount, barrister, M.P., has been elected Chair. increased from 100 cascs, or perhaps a little more, a half a century ago, man of the Berkshire Quarter Sessions, in succession to the late Mr. to nearly 1,400, and that its business is now more than three years and a Cherry. Mr. Mount is the eldest son of Mr. William Mount, and was

half behind-that is to say, that cases entered now, when the term of 1887 born in 1824.

He was educated at Eton and at Balliol College, Oxford, is about to begin, are not likely to be reached in their regular order for and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1849. Mr. hearing until late in the term of 1890.” Mount has been M.P. for the Southern Division of Berkshire since December, 1885, and he is a magistrate for that county and for Hampshire. He has been for several years deputy-chairman of the Berkshire Quarter Sessions, and he was High Sheriff of Berkshire in 1877. Mr. ALBERT TULL suceeds Mr. Mount, M.P., as Vice-Chairman of the

COURT PAPERS. Berkshire Quarter Sessions.

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE, Mr. LLEWELLYN MALCOLM WYNNE, solicitor, of 31, Lincoln's-inn-fields,

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON has been appointed a Magistrate for Oxfordshire. Mr. Wynne was ad.


Mr. Justice

No. 1. mitted a solicitor in 1869.

No. 2.



Mon., Oot 31 Mr. Beal Mr. Jackson Mr. Pugh Mr. Lavie Mr. Thomas JAMES SAVAGE, solicitor (of the firm of Pitts & Savage), of Tues., Nov. 1 Pugh


Carrington 57 and 59, Ludgate-hill, has been appointed a Commissioner for taking Wednesday ? Leach


Thursday ..

Carrington affidavits, &c., in the Courts of the Province of Ontario in the Dominion



Lavie of Canada. Mr. Savage was admitted in June, 1886.

Saturday... 5 Ward


Carrington Mr. John King Farlow, jun., solicitor, of 1, Church-court, Olement's

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

STIRLING. lane, clerk to the Needlemakers' Co., has been elected Vestry Clerk of

KEKEWICE. 31 Mr. Ward

Mr. Pemberton Mr. Godfrey the parishes of St. Clement, Eastcheap, and St. Martin Orgar, in Monday, October

Tuesday, November... 1 King

Clowes succession to the late Mr. George Cole.

Leach Wednesday 2 Ward

Pemberton Godfrey





Saturday .............


WALTER BEVERLEY and Albert Beldon, solicitors (Beverley & Beldon),
Bradford, York. Aug. 31.

[Gazette, Oct. 21.


MICHAELMAS SITTINGS, 1887. solicitors (C. R. Randall & Son), Tokenhouse-yard and 4, Copthall-build

(Continued from p. 800.) inge, London. Oct. 20.



COUNTY PALATINE AND STANNARIES COURTS. mentary agents, 4, New-inn, Strand, London. Oct. 22.

Fur Hearing. [Gazette, Oct. 25.


Sauoders (on behalf, &c) v Potter & anr Potter & anr v Sagaders (on behalf, GENERAL

&c) app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Chitty dated 16 Feb, 1887 The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council will resume their sittings

Same Action app of Thames and Severn Canal Navgta Proprs from the same

judgt Juge 3 on Wednesday next. The Prince of Wales, the treasurer of the Middle Temple, has signified Coated Rick mahu lorth Highway Bd app of plt from judgt of Mr. Justica

Soper v Arnold app of plt in forma pauperis fron judgt of Mr Justice Kekowich his intention of dining in hall on Friday, the 25th of November. Mr. Justice Manisty, Mr. Justice Hawkins, and Mr. Justice Wills have Coates & Co v Moyle & Son app of plts from judgt of Mc Justica Keke wich

Keke wich dated 17 May, 1887 June 10 been appointed the judges to hear Parliamentary election petitions during dated 19 May, 1887 June 15 the ensuing year.

Urquhart v Butterfield app of plt from jadgt of Mr Justice North dated 9 May, Mr. Charles Morris Roupell, one of the official referees of the Supreme Wond's Aylward app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Kekewish dated 23 May, Court of Judicature, has sent in his resignation of that appointment to the Lord Chancellor. Mr. Roupell has held the ofice since the institution Badeley • Consolidated Bank, id app of plt from judgt of Mr Jastica Stirling, of the Official Referees' in April, 1876.

da ed 24 Nov, 1886 June 27 At a special session of the Central Criminal Court, held on Monday,

Marr Snyth app of deft frym refusal of Mr. Justice Kay to vary Chief Clerk's the following days were appointed for the commencement of the sessions

certificato, dated 9 June, 1887 June 29 for the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court, viz.- Mondays,

Ia re Huat & Pennington's Coatraot, dated 8 June, 1886 (Bushey Copyhol! November 21, December 12, January 9, January 30, February 27, March

Manor), and V & P Aat, 1874 Expte HW Pennington app of H W 19, April 23, May 28, July 2, July 30, September 17, and October 22.

Pennington from order of Mr Justice Chitty, dated 16 Jun-, 1887 June 30

lo je Elizabeth Tempro, dec Lovegrove v Warner app of oft Silas Lovagrovə We are informed that in Re Alliance Supply Stores (ante, p. 796) the order

from order of Mr Justice Chitty, dated 16 May, 1887 July 1 as to costs was not “the usual order," as stated in the report, but that

In re Land Development Assocnold & Co's Act:' Expte A Ń Butt app of AN Mr. Justice Charles considered that circumstances justified a departure

Butt from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 24 M 15, 1887, for payment of call from the common order, and, although a winding up was ordered, he Nanney Morgan "App or dit John Morgan from order of Mr Justice Stirling, allowed the opposing creditors their costs.

dated 26 May, 1887 July 5 Mr. A. E. Street writes to the Times to correct Lord Randolph Churchill's American Braided Wire Co & anr Co v W. S Thomson & Co app of plts from statement at Newcastle that the cost of the Law Courts in London was

judgt of Mr Justice Kekewich dated 6 July, 1887 July, 7 about equal to that of the Houses of Parliament, or something over three

la ro F S Bentley Innes, decd Bentley Innes v Bentley inges app of defts H millions sterling. As a matter of fact, he says, the Law Courts, instead of

Bentley Iones & anr from order of Mr Justice North" on peta dated 25 June, costing over three millions, have cost considerably less than

1887, for payment of infant's share July 14 what is equally to the purpose, the expense has been strictly kept to the

one; and,

Mo Manus v Cooke app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Kay dated 12 Mas, limit laid down.

1887 July 14 It has been notified that the following alterations have been effected

Kelly Kelly app of plt in person from judgt of Mr Justice Chitty, dated 29 in the commission days of the assizes :-On Thursday, November 10,

Edwards Jones, 1886–E-1,001–Edwards y Jones, 1886-E-485 app, if the commission will be opened at Norwich, on the South-Eastern Circuit,

deft E Jones from judgt of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated 15 July, 1887 \"July by Field, J., and at Liverpool, on the Northern Circuit, by Day and Morgan & Co v Win lover

19 Grantham, JJ., on Monday, November 14, at Warwick, on the Midland Circuit, by Huddleston, B., and at Stafford, on the Oxford Circuit, by Magous v Queensland Natioaal Bank, id

daied 11 July, 1887 July 20

app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Kekewich Hawkins, J.

app of Que Loland Back from judgt of Mr Justice Kay, dated 25 June, 1887 July 21

Aug 6

Aug 12

Aug 18

Cooke, Sons, & Co v New River Co app of deit from judgt of Mr Justice Kek - | (Q B Crown Side) app of Neptune Co from ju 'gt of Lord Chief Justice aul wicb, dated 1 July, 1887 July 22

Mr Justice Day, on special case stated by magistrate July 4 Io re Garbett & Falkoner's Contract for the Sal, of Real E tate in Carmartbeo. | Hughes (on behalf of Liverpool Pilot:) v M-r ey Dooks an1 Harbo ir Bl app of shire, dated Sept 9, 1886, and V & P Act, 1874 app of Edward Falkener afts from judgt of Mr Justice Wills' at trial at Liverpool without a jary July 4

(purchaser) from order of Mr Justice Chitty, dited 8 June, 1887 July 25 Taonicliffe & ora v Birkdale Overseers and Ormskirk Uuion Assessment Com. Idre A M Tippetts & ois & E Newbould's Contract for the Sule of Leas-hold mittee (Q B Crown Side) app of Taonicliffe and ors from judgt of Justicus

Estate in Staffordsbire, dated 1 May, 1885, and V & P Act, 1874 app of A M Day & Wills on special care affirming asses-ment of a reformatory Juls 4

Tippetts & ors from order of Mr Justice Kay, di'et 21 April, 1887 July 30 Moat v Roberts app of dft_from judgment of Mr Justica Wills at trial in In re Trusts of Common Lands at Christchurch, Southampton, and 10 & Il Vict. Middlesex without jury July 5 (Security ordered July 27)

o. 96 app of Earl Malmesbury & ora from order of Mr Justice Stirling on ptn, Leduo & Co v Ward & org app of d. fts (except Hedley) from judgment of Mr dated 28 March, 1887, that Fund in Court not suhject to Charitable Truit Aug Justice Den men et trial in Midda without a jury Jily 7 2 Ia re Trusts of Common Ladds at Coristchurch, Sjath ampton, and 10 & 11 Soaw, Savill, & Albion C), ld v New Zealand Shipping C,,11 app of dits fion Vict. c. 96 app of Att Gen from game judgt

Aug 2

judgment of Mr Justice Mathew at trial ia Mildx withou: a j try July 7 In re Viant, docd, Viant v Viant app of plts from judgt on originating sumns of la re an Arbitration between Meers Holiday & T & Mayır, &, of Wak-fi 11 Mr Justice Kay, dated 9 June, 1887 Ang 5

app of Corpa of Wakefield fro n judgt of Justices Mathew & Cave on speciai lo re E B Bulwer Lyt'oo's Will and Codicil Trus's of Knibworth Estate, Steven C186 July 8 age, and Settled Land Acts, 1882, 1881 app of tenaut for life from refusal of Io ro Duty on Estate of the lastitution of Civil Eogineers (Q B Rivenue Silt) Mr' Justice St rling of order on origioatiog summons, dated 21 July, 1887 app of Secretary of Institution from judgment of Lord Chief Justice & Mr

Justice Field affirming duty July 9 Baroness Wenlock y River Dee Co app of plt from juugt of Mr Justice K-ke B yd v Tovil Paper Co, la app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stephens at trial wich, dated 29 July, 1887 Aug 10

in Middx without a ju.y July 11 Henry Cholk, Webb, & Co, ld by Official Liquidator v Tendent app of plt f om Mayor, &o, of Bury v Lancs & Yorks Ry Co app of dfte from judgt of Justices judgt of Mr Justice North dismi siog action, dated 11 July, 1887 Aug 11

Mathew & Care on special case July 13 Wells v Hammer app of Jeft Joseph Brown from judgt of Mc Jastice Keke- Ship Cinderella Dapbam v oners of Cinderella app of dfts from judgt of Mr wich, dated 10 Jui 1887 Aug 11

Jusrice Butt dated 5 Juls, 1887 July 18 (without assessors) In re Commercial Bank of South Australia and Co Acts app of the Commercial Bromley & ors v Netherseal Colliery Co (Q B Crown Side) app of dfur from

Banking Co of Sydney from order of Mr Justice Nortb, dated Aug 3, 1887 Justices Stephan & Wills affirming judgt ot Couaty Court Judge July 19 Aug 12

Bourne & Ors v Nethere-al Colliery Co (QB Crown Side) app of dfts from Lucas v Martin app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Nurth, dated July 20, 1837 Justicea Stephen & Wills affirming judgt of County Court Judge Julv 19

Peach v Bradley app of defc from jadgt of Me Jastice Granthem at trial withGreat Western Collieries Co, id, v Trafalgar Colliery Co, ld.

app of deft from

out a jnry July 19 judgt of Mr Justice Kokewich, dated 25 June, 1887 Aug 12

London Furaders' Assota, ld, & aar v Clarke app of plt W H Palmer from In re Norwich Equitable Fire Assce Co & Cu's Arts app of Official Liquidator ju'gt of Mc Justice Stephen at trial in Middlesex without a jury July 20 from order of Mr Justice Kny, dated 21 July, 1887 Aug 13

Manday & anr (trading as E Manday & Bartrum) Finlayson (trading as Smito, In re Joo Pugh, dec Lewis v Pritchard spp of deft Jn) Pritchard from order Finlayson, & Co), app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Cave at trial ia Midof Mr Juttice Kay, datud 26 July. 1887 Aug 15

nlesex without a jury, July 21, Io re St Jobn, den 'St John v St Jobs app of plts from order of Mr Justice | Gifford & ors v Major, &c, of Wolverhampton app of defta fron order of JusKay, dated 31 May, 1887,

tices Field and But on motion for judgment restrainiog discharge of serage Higging v Maber app of dfts from judgt of Mr Justice Kekowicb, dated 8 Aug,

into Pendeford Brwok July 26 1887 Avg 19

Laofrar Hanbury app of deft from order of Justices Field and Wills og mong Edison & Swen Electric Light Co v Shippoy Bros app of dft from judgt of Mr

for judgt directing entry of judgt for plt upon referee's report ofear v HanJustice Kekewich, dated 2 Aug, 1887 Aug 20

bury app of defc from Justicos Fieli and Wills refusing mtn to vary referee s Taylor v Faulkner app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Kekewich dated 5 Aug, report July 27 1887 Aug 29

Overton v Hewitt app of plt from Justices Wills and Grantham oa mto for In re Philip Bedingfield, dec Bedin field v D'Eye app of defts from order of judgt setting aside verdict-action tried by Mr Justic: Magisty in Mid llesex Mr Justice Kay on originating sumns. dated 26 July, 1887 Aug 29

without a jory July 27 Gas Light & Coke Co v South Met Gas Co app of plt from judgt of Mr Jastice In re Petition of Right (removal of telegraph poles) Great W-stern Ry Co v The Kekewich, dated 12 Aug, 1887 Aug 31

Queen app of Gi Western Ry Co from judgt of Justices Wilis and Grantham In re Branksea Island Cold & Co's Acts Expte Cavendich Bedtiock (* creditor) on special case July 28 app of Richd Pette (a creditor) from order of Mr Justice Kay, dis-llowiog

The Queen v British Gas Light C (QB Crowa Side) app of Mayor, &o, of claim Sept 3 (s O by consent)

Hanley & ors from Lord Chief Justice and Mr Justice Donman graoting certioIn re North Brazilian Sugar Fastories, ld & J S CJ Arrangment Act, 1870, & rari for order of Recorder of Hadley to be quaibed in part July 29 Co's Acts

Daniell v Rbuoderin Tin Plate Co, and in an issue between Doniell & anr v Campion (on behalf, &s) v North Brazilian Sugar Factorier, ld app of Francis Lister app of plts from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial in Middlesex without de Mowatt from order of Mr Justice Kay, dated 11 Aug, on peta of the Co


July 29 8 nctioniog scbeme of arrangement Sep 5

Werle & Co'v Colquhoun, survey or of taxes (Q B Revenue Side) app of Werle In re Clayton Mills Manufacturing Co, 11, & Co's Acts Expte Official Liquidator & Co from jadgt of Lord Coief Ju:ti e aod Mr Justica Field on care stated by app of Henry Mercer &ors from par. of order of Mr Justice North, dst.d 26

locome Tax Commisioners July 29 Jaly, directing payments to liquidator for purch 184 of shares Sept?

Johnson v North-Easero Ry Co app of deft from judgment of Mr Justice Day Bray v Gardner app of dfts from part of judgt of Mr Justice Kekewicb, dated 9

at trial at Manchester without a jury Aug 4 Aug for inquiry as to damage

Hornby v Silvester app of plt from ja igt of Justic 18 Mathew and Cava on Bray v Gar.ner app of defto from Judgment of Mr Justice Kekowich dated 2 8p:cial ca-e as to validity of award of valuer Aug 4 Aug, awarding injunction Sept 9

Styles (surveyor of taxes) v New York Life Insurance Co (Q B Ravenae Sid--) In re Horatio Prater, deo Desingo v Beare app of plts from judgt of Mr app of surveyor from judgt of Justices Stephen and Wills on 0189 ststed by Justice Chitty, dated 21 July, on originating su nos

Oct 15

Income Tax Commissioners Aug 5

Colquboun (surveyor of taxe-) v Brooks (Q B Revenge side) app of deft Brooks FROM THE QUEEN'S BENCH AND PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND

from judgt of Justices Stephen and Wills (diss) on ca se atatei by Iacome Tax

Commi-siuners Aug 9

Joo Lal Caster & Co, id, v Lancaster, Speir, & Co app of defts from judgt of
For Hearing.

Baron Hucdleston at trial at Monmouth Aug 16 1887.

Sbip Baron Aburdare MoCuon v London and St Katherine Docks Co app of Bahr, Behrend & Ross & ors RD Clark & r.18 (joint owners of ss. Wivenbot) delts from judgt of the President, dated 9 Aug, 1887 Aug 18 (wiih us app of cefts from judgt of Mc Justice Wills at trial at Liverpool without a assessore) jury June 3

Huwson v Barrett (Bradford.D R) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew Murray, v Cozens & Co app of cests from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew at trial at trial at Leeds with a jary Aug 20 in Middlesex without a jury June 9

la re Interpleader summs between Č Bethell & Co Stakeholders and H C Clarke Barnett & Scott v Wood & apr

app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Munisty at & urs Claimants app of climant John Young fron order of Justices Matiew trial at Leeds with a jury June 10

and Cave oa special case Aug 26 Finney v Mintode, ld

app of defts from judgt of Mr Jastioo Manisty at trial io The Leek Improvement Commissioners v Justics of the Poioa for the Couaty of Middl sex with a jory June 10

Stafford app of plts from judgt of Baron Huidieeton at trial at Stafford withThe Neprune Steam Navigasiin Co, id v The Corporation of Trinity House at Deptford, Strond app of pits from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew, at trial in Toratall Martin & Co v Thompson & Co app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Middlesex withưut a jury June 15

Stephen at trial without a jury Oct 15 W J Kelly & apr v WP Kelli nd-F D Tbomar, claimant (Q B Crown Side) app of claimant from the Lord Chief Justice and M- Justice Denman affirming FROM ORDERS MADE ON INTERLOCU CORY MOTIONS IN THE judgt go interpleader issue in favvuc of Exec Crid tried in County Court


1887. Davis v Deacon app of plt from jadgt of Baron Huddleston at trial in Middle st x withou' a jury

G.ouces'ersbire Banking Co, ld v Edwards (+xor, &o) app of deft from order of June 20

ord Chief Justice Jones , Greenwood app of defs from judge of Mr Justice Grantham at trial in

Jus ices Day a d Wills for new trial-action tried by the Middlesex without a jay dismissing counter claim

June 20

in Middiesex July 23

Matthews v Munster app of dft fron Justicas Stephen and Wills refusing to Stevens, Bishop, surveyor of taxes” (Q B Revenue Side) app of Solicitor of Ioland Revenue from judgt of Justices A L Smith and Grantham on case

set aside compromise of acto July 26 stated by Income Tax Commissioners June 22

Witt v Banner (Simmonds, clm) QB Crowo Side, app of olmt from Justio Stokes v Latham

Wills & Grantham attirning order on interpleader issue on app from county app of plt from jadgt of Mr Justice Grove at trial in Middlesex without a jury June 23

court July 26 Rover Berridge app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial in Crew, Widgory & Co v G W Steamship Co id app of dfts frın Justicia Field Middlesex without a jary"June 25

& Wills refusing new trial-actn tried by Mr Justice A L Snich July 27 Preston v Clevelaod Extension Mineral Ry Co Cleveland Extension Mineral

Merivale & aar v Carson app of oft fro a Justicas Mathew & Graathan refusin:

actn tried by Mr Justice Field in Middx with special jary July 27 Ry Co v Preston app of plt J Preston from judgt of Justices Mathew and Cave on special case

J Brown & Co v Bamber app of dft from Justicas Mathew & Cave ro using Juli 1 Corps of Trinity House, Deptford, Strond v Neptune Steam Navigation Co, la

Dew trial acta tried by Mr Justice Hawkins at Liverpool with a jury Juiy 30

new trial

act, wits

act, wits

Bisbop & anr v Goulding & anr app of plt from Justicəs Stephen & Wills afirm - Loogbottom v Shaw act, wits

Vint v Vint act ing refusal of order for further affidavit of documents July 30

In re Wordsworth, Taverner v Words. Io_re Checkland, doo, Leicestershire Pearson v Maokusick app of plt from Justices Stepben & Wills refusiog to worth act

Banking Co v Checkland act restrain transfer of Met Ry stock in plt's nime Aug 1

Gilbert v Gilbert act, wits

Cson v Wilson act United Telephone Co, Id v Lancashire & Cheshire Telephonic Exchang, Co, ld Shepherd v Lavender, act, wits Thomas Turner act

app of dtft from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial subject to assessment of amount Hudson v Tugwell act &'mf j wits Lewis v Hayter act due on account taken Aug 3

Braggo v Vincent act, wits

Neath Permanent, &c, Baildi og Socty The Quen v W W Robinson (Q B Crown Side) app of E L Hussey from Jug Redhead v Westhood sot

v Luce act tices Stephen & Wills, discharging rule nisi for certiorari for coroner's inquisi - Murton v Cross act, wits

In re Porsons, deod, Blakoy v Davis tion Aug 9

Biriog v Baring act

act Loncarbire & Yorkshire Ry Co v Andrew Knowles & Sons, id app of dfos from Morgan v Maritime Colliery Co, ld Blore v Bla.kwell aot Justices Mathew & Cave directing entry of judgt on questions stated in special act

Acland v Napleton act Casa Aug 17

Vernon, Ewens, & Co v Arbuthnot Watson v Slater act RH Yarmouth v W France, ld app of dfts from order of the Master of the Rolls act

In_re T Cardas, deod, Armstrong v & Lorda Justices Lindley & Lopes for now trial on hearing appeal from county In re Land Corporation of England, Paris act court Aug 25

id, & Co's Acts mtn

British Mutual Banking Co v Mann In re Committal of George Johnson for Contempt (Q B Crown Side) app of Tennent v Welch sp o (remitted from act George Johnson from order of Mr Justice Kekewich (sitting as Vác Judge) Scotland)

Palmer y Palmer act for committal for assault committed in the precincts of the court Sept 20 Woodland 'v Crocker act. wits

Styring v Didcot, Newbury, &o, Ry Roberts v Roberts act, wits


In re Read, deod, Wood v Neal act (ADMIRALTY).

Ogle v Mutual Life Assurance Society Gourand v Edison Gower Bell TeleFor Hearing.

act, wits

phone Co of Europa act With Nautical Assessors.

Fyson v Marsden act

Garland v American Exhibition Co, ld 1887.

Flick v Adams act, wits

issue for trial by order dated 14 A ug Ship Mary Lobden (damage), Owaers of GMB v Owners of the Miry Hooper v Mellersh act, wits

Pilkington v Drake act Lobden app of plts from judgt of Mr Justic: Butt, dated March 11, 1887

Peren v King act

Baxter v Curtis act April 15

Peren v Plullott act, wits

Rogerson v Lord Revelstoke, Lord Ship Vallejo (damage) Owners of the Wetherall & ors v Owners of the Vallejo Briggs v Botham ast

Revelstoke v Rogerson claim and & freight app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Butt, dated Apr il 27, 1887

Iliff y Scott mfj

counter claim April 30

In re Carsham, Cursham v Gallimore Gaze v Wingfield act Ship Sinbad (damage) Howell & ore v Owners of S & Siabad & freight app of

Halifax and Huddersfield Union Bkog plts from judgt of the President, dated May 18, 1887 June 1

Storrs v Poto act

Co v Bottomley (act transferred Ship Henrieto (damage) Owners of the Divid v Owners of the Heariet:e app

Hine-Haycock v Hamerton act, wits from Q B Div of defts from judgt of the President, dated Aug 6, 1887 Aug 30

Ingram v Davis aot, wito Sbip Habbuck damage). Stoom vart Maatschapp, Nederland, owners of Prios Price, Vaughan Pryse v Savill..po Non-Witness Causes, Adjourned Sume Hendrik cargo and freight and ors v Owners of the Hutback and freight app

Blakey v Latham & Co

monses, and Special Cases. of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Butt, dated 28 June, 1887 Oct 4

Stevenson v Kiog, adj sum

Before Mr. Justice CHirty. lo re C V Turner's Estate Crosshull From the Queen's Bench Division, Sitting in Bankruptcy.

Causes for Trial (with win98828). v Fitzhugh a j eum In re W H Palmer Es pte W H Palmer app of debtor from Mr Registrar Browo v Bird act

In re T S R ed'o Estate Burgess V Hazlitt refusing motion for account and delivery of costs by trustee is O on Thorne v Thorne act

Lawre ce adj sum reference back to Registrar to examine parties and report thereon)

la re Hudlestoo, deo Ackland v Galey Iu re B.own's Hospital and Charitable In re Josiah Caldwell Ex pte W H Hodgkin_app of Josiah Caldwell from act

Trusts Acts adj sum receiving order dated 5 April, granted by Mr Registrar Giffard (S O 25 April | In re Best, dec Best v Best act In re Harding's Settlement & S L Act by order of Court of Appeal until 28 July-S O again till after vacation) Horlock v Wiggins Wiggins v Hor adj sum In re Horatio Clagett (an insolvent debtor) Ex pte Henry Charman and ors lock claim and counter claim

In re Missouri Steam Ship Co Expte (trustees, &c), app of Fearn's trustees from Mr Registrar Giffard refusing Lyon v Hosegood act

Liquidator adj sum payment on bill of exchange out of money in hands of provisional assignee Pead v Briggs act In re Alfred Holland Ex pte W Farman & anr

Cadogan v Bland adj sum of Attorneyapp of W Farman & anr from Shorland v Adams act

Gen (liberty to proceed) order of Mr Justice Cave directiog payment to trustee of money found due on Burt v Hodgts act

Cadogan v Bland adj sum of pls report

Newbon v Waller act In 1o Sir R M Mansell's liquidation Expte Charles Noeton app of C Norton

(payment out of income)

Streeter v Agoew & Sons act from order of Mr Registrar Hazlitt directing delivery of bill of costs of debtor's

Broa1 v Rogers adj sum
Kelly v Pike act

Broad v Rogers adj eum to vary Chief lato solicitor to trustee

Robinson v Pilley act

Clerk's certificate In re S J Weld Expo J H Webster app of trustee from order of Mr Regis Shafto v Bolokow, Vaughan, & Co act In re J Ramon's Estate trar Brougham disallowing trustee's rejection of proof

Hull v Witt v Gibbons act

Scovell adj sum In re G H Ellis Expte Hinshelwood app of C C'Hinshelwood from Mr Regis - Strange v Howard act trar Linklater refusiog receiviog order

In re Sir CM McGregor's Estate

Checkland v Fisher act In re W L Grimwade Espte G T Bakır

McGregor v McGregor adj som of app of G T Baker from order of Mr Registrar Linklater staying proceedings on peta pen liog acta

lo re Austio, dec Bates v Castle act infant plt In re J J Wallace Espte Geo Badham app of debtor from receiving order

Mann v Taylor act

In re Hull, Barnsley, & West Riding made by Mr Registrar Hazlitt

Patent Triangular Nail Co, id v Busby Junction Ry Co Expte Crown Life

act In re Moreton Frewen Expte the Powder River Cattle Cold (in liquidation) Barbery v West act

Assce Co adj sums app of Moreton Frewen from receiving order made by Mr Registrar Giffard

Hendry - Gerner Backler v Huth In re Julia Morley Expte Francis Scott and in re an acta Scott v Morley app

Hardman v Alexander act

Expte Gorner & anr adj sums of dit Morley from order of Mr Justice Kečewich (sitting as Vacn Judge) for

Routleoge v Ramshay act

Griggs v Lea (Diprose's claim) adj committal for non-payment under judgt sumns

Colegrave v Land Corpn of England, sums
act &mfi

Warner v Hayart act
White v Hewit act

Pollock & ors y Lando Improvt Co ast
Littler v Solomon act


Parkyo v Collins act

In re Jas Daverson's Estate Tannor CHANCERY DIVISION.

In re Swain, doc Swain o Whittaker v Churchill adj sum (under ord 55) MICHAELMAS SITTINGS, 1887.


In re A G Wallett's Estats Ratter v (Continued from p. 801.)

Aikens v Blindell, Dale, & Co act Rutter adj sums Before Mr. Justice KAY.

Slumer v Hegariy act

In re C B King's Estate King v Causes for Trial (with winesses and Rosing v Trist act wits Smith y Guest act

Alston adj soms (under ord 55) Cobb v Newman mfj without witnesses).

lo re Galloway, dec Galloway v lo re Fanshawe, a solr Expte Jones Weaver v Jones act wits Rylands v Chapman act wits Galloway act

(taxation) adj sums Thomas y Bircbgrove Steel Co, ld act Gilbert & Spurrier, Id v Spurrier act Ward v Carrutbers act

Priest v

In re Robt Hughes, deo

In re Phillips, dec Rogers v Bullock Hughes adj sums
Batchelor v Capper act
Paine v Goring act wits

adj sumps with wits by order
Dubbin v Fariow act wits

In re J C Taylor's Estate Whitby v Evans v Blaine act

Newton v L & N W Ry Co act

Hightoa adj sums
Smith v Universal Permnt Benefit Rouse v Gibbs act
Gaulard v Sir Coutts Linisay & Co

In re W Easton, a solr adj sums Bldg Soo act wits act wits

Trachsell v Tooth act

In re Bowen's Estate Cooke v Rutter
Davies & Sons v Pen & Co act
Cohen v Egg act wits

Serpell v Bowlır act
Meiklo v Prica act
Hosegood v Notley act, wits

adj sum (under ord 55)

Williams v Met Freehold Land Co, ld Owen v Caddell mfj T & T Vicars y Bennis & anr

Cunningham v Mid & Ś W Junction act

act wits Railway Co act, wits

In re Capital Guarantee Soc Elkins v Allbutt v Harwood act

Capital Guarantee Soc Expte
Hardie v Didoot, Newbury, &c, Ry Lord v Dray act, wits
Ogle v Stuart act, wits
Johnson v Clarke act

Liquidator ad sums
Co act
Newman v Johnson act, wits

Ascough (trading, &c) v Johnson & Co
Io re Bucknell's Gold Estate ld & Co's

In re Paget's Settlement Ponsonby v

act Guardiade of

Paget adj sums under ord 55 Acts motion set down by order Standard Wrought Dodds v Preston act

In_re H Rogers' Estate Druce v Howard (on behalf, &o) v Patent

Plate, &c, v James & Co act & mfj, Mansel v Lucken act

Rogers Expte Plts adj sums Ivory, &o, Co, ld issues for trial

In re E M Smith, dec Robinson v ID re John Smith's Estate Viney v
Howard v 'Patent Ivory Manufg &c
Hemmings v Parsons act, wits

Smith act
Co, ld act
Centeno v Teppant act, wits

Smith Expte Parcher adj sums
Farrar v Forrars, ld act
Price v Elder act, wits
Vernon, Ewens, & Co, id v Westgate Barton v North Staffordshire Ry Co

In re Elisabeth Turner, widow, and Burrill v King act

School Board for London Expte & Birchington Gas Co act

Schultza Middleton, Thomas v Blakey & Sons v Climax Patent Boot act, wits

Pope & apr adj sums

Abadam act
Protector Co act & motn wits
Barrister v Cliff act, wits

In re W Turner's Will & Lands
Wethered v Cox mij
Lavery v Russell aot

Meldrum v Scorer act wits

Addington v Addingtoa act, wits
Symons v Symons act

Turner, widow asj sums
Phillips v Jones act

In re Thos Jackson's Trusts & Trastee


Expte Elizabeth

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Relief Act Expta exeontor adj | E. Blikey & Sone v Fieldbouse act In re Grove Grove v Geova adj sums Adjourned Summ noses. soms Roberts v Sheard sot

In re Cooper Beckingdale v Moody La re Hall Bosworth v Hall In re Sarah Howell's Contract & V & In re Dale, Lewis v Powel aot

adj sums

Rawliogon Rawlinson P Act Expte vendors adj sums Bishop v Eastern & Midlands Ry Co IQ ro Robins Nelson v Robins adj In re M Smith v E J Smith Smith v In re North West Ry of Monte Video, aot

Smith Id adj sums to dissolve Co

Harling v Marine & Gen Land & Co In re Paine Paino v Newman adj In re Farrer & Needham, &o,& V & P Darfield Main Coal Co v Mitchell ld act

Act, 1874 Main Colliery Co a j sum to review Green Norwood Hall & Cold act In re Dryden Perglas v Ramsay adj In ra Picken Welman v Ryder taxation Williams v Caspar act


Bidder v Brydges In re Imperial Continental Water | L: verett v Hamer act

Io re T Parker Luden v Parker adj In re Walker & Hacking, id, & Co's Corpp, ld Epte Official Liquidator Evans v Gibbs act


adj sums
Webb v Jonas act
Ollivant v Johnston adj soms

In re Whitehead Holdsworth In re E A Reade's Estate Salthouse Clarke v Beedzler & Co act

In re Ollivant's Will and the Settled Whitehead v Reade Expto dft (taxation) adj Martia v Clarke aot

Land Act adj sums

la re Haley Evans v Haley
Alderson v Simpson
Io re Counters of Harborough Goret v

In re North Staffordshira Working In re H Pawsn's Estate Strubal v Ince y Oxer act

Temple-Barrow adj suus

Man's, &c, Building Society Pawson Expte Pawson arj sums V zey y Grant act

Io ro Gardner Frampton v Gardner In re Wilkins Emsley v Wilkins In re Armstrong's Estate Atkinson v Macqueon v Simpson not

adj sums

In re Wilkins Emsley v Wilkins Armstrong arj sums Baxter v Lon & Prov Bkg Co ld act McBryde v Pirie act

Hop Bitters Co, Id v Lorrimer In re Edwd Darley's Estate Darley lo re Burton & Cargill, Barton v Harlowe-Turner v Lowo act

In re United Security Society, 1d, & v Darley adj sums under ord 55 Burton act Whelan v Palmer aot

Co's Acts In re Deller's Estate Warn an v Hayes v Hayes act

In re Frewen Frawen v Frewen act In re Metcalfe Metcalfe v Blencowe Greenwood adj sums under ord 55 la re Burgoyne's Tra le Mark, Morris Ralclyffa v Colson act

Craven v lagbam
New College, Oxon, v Charles

v Burgoyne mtn & sms

Craven v Ingham
Hunt y Barnard aot

Before Mr. Justice STIRLING. Craven v Ingham
Graves y Heneage mfi
Sladden v Johnson act

Causes for Trial (with witnesses). lo re Whitfield to Evans & V & P
Jarvis v Jarvis mfj (short)
Norton v Walton & Lee aot
Mills & Son v Farmar sot

Act, 1874
Griffiths v Octo & Comfj
Surbiton Improvement Commrs v Bell v Central Transvaal Gold, &o., Co

In re Hastie Hastie v Murray
Duoe v Daca act
Metcalfe act


In re Taunton Simmonds v Simmond
Day v Woolwich Equitable Bldg Soo Dutton v Carpenter act

In re Horner Eagleton v Horner
Further Considerations.
Early v Rathbone act

In re Lord H Paulet Marquis of In re Lindus, dec, Lindus v Lindus Cox v Clear act

Miller v Tupp_act

Winchester v Goddea fc

Netbersole v Dawes actmfj

la re Corsellis Lawton v Elwes In re Lewis, dec, Edwards v Rees fo Causes for Trial (without witne see) Pocklington v Ingamellsact

De Mora v Concha In re Daniel Tidey, dec, Brooks v and Adjourned Summonses (Classes Badham v Bird act

Io re Sulymah & Sherboro' Trading Tidey fc & sums to vary, II. and III.) Forster v Myers aot

Co, ld In re James Bunyard, dcd, Gilbert v In re Hornby Ware v Hornby adj Wyone v Mason act

In re Fletcher Hall v Tilliogban Bunyard f o adj from chambers Bums Möbbs & Lewis v Wright act

In ro Llewellyn Llewellyn v Willia ng In reỊ Crosslej, dod, Scratcherd v In re Lea Leo v Lee adj sums Cannot v Oppenheim act

Ia ro Keeping & Gloag, solrs, &c Croesley fc In re Brown Barber v Pacoy adj sum Hop Bitters Co v Beck act

In re Sampson & Price, solrs, & Todd y Todd to In re Severne Severno v Chichester Burkitt y Smith act

(taxation) Wood Wood fo

adj sum
Solomon v Ehrmann Bros act

In re Same (tuxation)
In re Parkinson, ded, Killmistor v In re Hitchcock Kirk v Hitchcock Whiteohurob v Bazon act

Ia ro 8 Cuming. Cuming v Ellis Parkinson fo adj sums Holt v Hill act

Edmonds v Robinson In re Everard, dod, Hollender v Hol. In re Hitchcook Kirk v Hitohcock Goode poed v Robinson act

In re Gocdes T-ylor v Collier lender fo adj sums Goodspeed v Robioson act

In re Meyers & The Kingston & LonGreenland v Greenland to Oborne v Mann act

la re j Alliston Hall v Bros aot don Ry Co London Steam Dyeing Co v Digby Jones v Radnor act

Stogdon v Myers Before Mr. Justice NORTH. mij

Chester y Chester act

In re Charlton, Charlton y Chappell Causes for Trial (with witnesses). la rew Farr Wingrove v Wigg Dooly v Watson aut

In re Wright, Davis v Wright Lane v Tarbutt act

adj sums
Jackson v Cramp aot

Ia re Moffatt, Walton v Moffatt
Smith v Brentnall act
In re Davies Davies » Davies adj Gandy v Hindle act

In re Emanuel Coster v Equitable RaWinfield v Crompton act

MoDonald v Wordsworth not

versy, &o Soc Baxter v Lewis act In re T W Orwin Orwin v Orwin Phillips v Dury aot

In re Colbourn, Stevenson v MoHaffie Bachan v Artlett aot

adj sums
Williams v Adams act

Pritchett v Dry
Johnson v Johnson act &mfj
In re Tait, dec President, &c, of St Lafour v Huth & Co act

In re Wilson & Colchester & V&P Germains v Macleod act

George's Hospital v Battersbý adj la re Messrs Batts & Co's Trade Mark
Adams v Sweeting act


In re Walkinshaw, Walkinshaw v Newton v Hillman act

In re Lord Gerard Oliphant v Gerard Dufaux v Rosenwold act
Stevenson v Hewg act

adj sums
In re Cottoo, Cotton v Hunter act

In re Hall to Flemmick & V & P Act, In re Holmee, Holmes v Holmes act In re Lonsdale Lonsdale v Williams Blyth v Smith


act Gilling v Cooper act

Fletcher v Reed
adj sums

Johnson y Investor's Mart Id act
Hail y Peebles act
In re Hutching Count de Torre Diaz Watson v Robson act

In re Bradley, Brown v Cuttrell Ball v Plater act

v Talbot adj sums
Tallack v Armstrong, Mitchell, & Cold

In ro Stokes, Aokman v Pagat
North London Ry Co v Uogar act

Lea v Chambers act

In re Wainman, Peake v Wainman Earl of Aylesford v Earl Poulott sot In re Clarke's Trade Mart mtn cro88Io re Spencer Greaves v Greaves adj Fish v Lyon act

In re Frost, Frost v Booth examined by order

Crosley Burrows act

In re Commercial Bk of London & Co's Fielding v Barnard act

In ro Keyworth Bomford v Keyworth Nicholson v Doncaster Union Sanitary
Mayor, &o, of Folkestone v Baker act adj soms

Authority aot
Williamson v Clark act & mij

Before Mr. Justice KEKEWICH. In ro Kaos Parsons v Smith adj Butler & Co v Hall act Pearce v Curtice act

Causes for Trial (with witnesses). Knott v Turnbull sot

bums Moffatt y Peace act lo re Field Bowəriog v Field adj Hop Bitters Cold v Lorimer & Co act

Transferred from Justicos North, Baines v Riley act

Io re Trafford, Nixon v Fogg act CHITTY, and STIRLING, for Trial or

Wageman v Belgrave act
Thompson v Keats act
Chili Gold Mining Co Id v Harvey act

Heariog only-by Order, dated 14th
Ward v Rudeforth act
Sutton y Desvin & gor

June, 1887. act

Gill v Hunt counter claim Worcester City, &c, Banking Co, ld, v

In re Mortgage dated 13 Dec 1883 la re Mosley Mosley v Mosley adj Newman v Chubb act

Saaders v Msale act birmingham Cab Co, Id adt

Malcolm (trading, &o.) v Trustees of sum8 Rodd y Rodd act

Ross Cresswell, bkrpt act la re Coleman Henry v Strong adj In re Jenkins, Jenkins v West act & lo re Jenkins, Roderick v Prothero

mto for judgt

Richard Janos, suppliant v The Queen

by pets of right act act In re Cotton Cotton v Stovia adj Hondret v Paterson act

Brinton v Howlett act

Howlett v Butler v Butler act & mij

Small v Bullock act

Brinton act
Skryme v Halford act
In re Cotton Stovin v Cotton adj Briton Medical &c Assocn v Scott act

Dix v Gt Western Ry Co act
Ia te Daniell, Lewis v Daniell act

In re Gaulard & Gibbs' Patent (4,362) Graburn v Blyton act

peto of 8 Z do Perranti peto In re Randell Randell v Dixon adj In re Dorbon, Derbon v Collis act Bina v Liebert sot

In re Roebuck, Whitley v Whitley act

Elny v Baldock act lo re Postlethwaite, Postlethwaite v

In re Paine Paine v Paine Paine v
Hubback & Son v Stone & Son act Rooke v Pardoe act

Paine act
Hodgson v Reynolds act

Morgan & Co Id v Chas Horsloy &
Nockolda y Smale act
In ro Fleck Colton v Roberts adj

Sons aot

Birmingham, Dudley, &o, Bkog Co, ld Mao Colla y Fenn act

Corbet v Moat aot

v Robs the ygr act (not before 10 Whitehead v Whiti

In re Beard Simpson Beard adj In re Whitehoad
Quick v Bidder act

bead eot

Albo-Carbon Light Co, Id v J Kidd &

Co act In re Torrington, Cole v Wiles

act Holborn Hill Industrial Soc ld v Park In re Board Lake v Simpson adj Wicks v Tottenham Local Bd of

Health act

Eves y Eves sot
Russell v Bartlett act

Sanitas Co, id v Condy (tradir g, &:))
Lillington v Beverley act &mfj

la re Balls Johnson v Balls adj Tulk v Philp act

Cleaver v Bacon act
Worthy v Richardson act

Foster v Cliffen Cliffen v Foster act
Haywood v Falcon aot
In re Scollick Soolliok v Pepper adj Harris v Dray ton aot

Goswell y Bishop Gargini v Bougiovanni act

act Bums

Harvey v Blount act Farrand v Yorkshire Bkg Co ld

Sanguinetti v Gant act
Smyth v Adams act

In re Davies Davies v Lloyd adj Nogus v Wallis act
Briton Medical, &o, Apsos v Bradley Cave v Harris Harris v Cave act

Woodgate v Walker act
In re Graves Owen v Synge adj

Brodbeck v Strickland sot

Morgans v Morgans act



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Rickman act


Turner v Sbarp act


aot Womble v Kemprance Williams v Jones act


Soott v Wills
Edwarda v Cary act


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