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companies engage to deal exclusively with each other and The subsequent lectures will be delivered on Taesdays to make no bargains with otber companies. A private trader at 4 p.m., and on Fridays at 3.5 p.m. cap, of course, if he thinks fit, agree to forward all his traffic by a particular railway to all places to which the rail.

Common Law, way gives access. But a railway company is not in the The professor of common law will deliver, during the position of an ordinary trader. It has duties and services ensuing educational term, twelve lectures on "The to perform in which the public are interested, and if it binds Principles of the Law of Torts." itself in the way the trader may do, and, during the con The first leotare on this subject will be delivered on tinuance of the agreement, new lines or routes are opened, Thursday, the 3rd of November, at 4.15 p.m. and it has not the option of combining with them for the

The subsequent lectures will be delivered on Mondays working of traffic, the reetriction cannot but operate as a de

and Thursdays at the same honr. triment to the public. These considerations compel us to refuse to sanction the continuance of this agreement unless the companies will consent to its being modified either by the omission of the article or by the addition thereto of a proviso to the following effect :-“ Provided that nothing in THE COURT OF APPEAL. this agreement shall be used or operate to prevent either of the companies parties hereto from agreeing to any through

“W. B.” has addressed the following letter to the editor of rate, or entering into any agreement with any other company

the Times :or companies with reference to the conveyance of traffic by

“Her Majesty's Government are of opinion' that it is any route hereafter to be opened, or which has been opened

expedient to alter the constitution of the Court of Appeal." for the first time any time since October 1, 1860, or to the

The meaning must be that it is expedient to strengthen that interchange of running powers in respect of any such route

court, in order that it may efficiently fulfil the duties or any part of it," but we do not mean to tie the companies

imposed on it. I do not think that the Government are of to the words of this proviso if they prefer any other form

opinion that up to this time the court has failed. If they which will effect, substantially, the game object.

are of that opinion they are wrong. Their opinion, more Solicitors for the applicants, Van Sanaau, for Batley &

probably, is that the court, unless its constitution is altered, Mills, Huddersfield.

will fail in the future. Intimately acquainted with the Solicitors for the Great Northern Company, Nelson, Barr,

working of the court, I agree with the Government in this $ Nelson.

view. But, in order to determine rightly what is the Solicitor for the Manchester, Sheffield, &c., Company,

proper alteration, one should understand correctly why the R. B. M. Lingard Monk.

court has not hitherto failed, and why it is probable that it will fail in the future onless its constitution is altered. The court has succeeded because the members of it have in fact been, and have been admitted to be, lawyers of more than usual

knowledge, experience, and authority. The court has gained SOCIETIES.

the respect of suitors, the profession, and the pablic, because

its decisions have been mainly right, and because its SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION.

members have conducted its arduous business with calmness

and firmness. The court bas not hitherto failed to gain the The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors of

acquiescence of the judges of the High Court, because the this association was held at the Law Institution, Chancery.

majority of those judges have not unwillingly yielded to the lane, London, on Wednesday, August 10, Mr. F. T. Veley

| personal authority of most, if not all, of the judges of the (Cbelmsford) in the chair, ihe other directors present being Court of Appeal, and because the judges of the Court of Messrs. Asker (Norwich), Brook, Hedger, and MellershAppeal have understood the feelings of the judges of the (Godaln ing)-Mr. Eiffe, secretary. A sum of £205 was High Court. But there bas been no inconsiderable difficulty distributed in grants of assistance among necessitous solici in the way of the Court of Appeal in respect of their relation tors and their widows and families ; six new members were

to the High Court. If ever the business of the Court added to the association; and other general business trans.

of Appeal is conducted intemperately, or without & acted.

careful abstinence from harsh expression, it will fail. The judges of the High Court are men of eminent talent, of

great reputation, of high spirit; it is inevitable, because it LAW STUDENTS JOURNAL.

is natural, that they sbould feel considerable tenderness when other judges differ from and alter their mature de

cisions. They will not submit to, they are far too able not COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION,

to find means to avoid, the consequences of a difference of MICHAELHAS COURSE OF I ECTURES, 1881.

opinion as to the law on any point, unless they willingly

submit to the authority of those who differ from them. Prospectus of the Lectures of the Professors.

This friction has existed between the Coart of Appeal and The professor of jurisprudence will deliver, during the some of the judges of the High Court, notwithstanding the ensuing educational term, a course of four lectures on age, experience, and admitted personal talent of most of “ General Principles of the Law of Contract," to be fol. | those who have been members of the Court of Appeal. lowed by a course of eight lectures on “The Law of This has been, and is, and will always be the Contract viewed as a Part of Private International Law." chief difficulty of the Court of Appeal. "Lord Cole

There will be twelve lectures during the term. The first ridge expresses the feeling which causes the diffilecture of this course will be delivered on Thursday, the 3rd | culty when he speaks of the decision of three judges of November, at 3 p.m., and tbe subsequent lectures at the

sitting in one room being overruled by the decision of three sance hoor on Mondays and Thursdaye.

judges sitting in another room. Tuis feeling must be

soothed. Tbe feeling which is required is that the decision Equity

of three judges of the High Court may sometimes be The professor of equity will deliver, during the engning

properly overruled by three judges of recognized weight educational term, twelve lectures upon “Equity as Con sitting in a Court of Appeal. This feeling of nawounded nected with Partnership.”

acquiescence e in only be created and maintained by so con The first lecture will be delivered on Friday, the 4th of

stituting the Court of Appeal as to make it always consist, November, at 4.15 p.m., and the subsequent lectores at

pot only, in fact, of the greatest lawyers of the day, but af the same hour on Wednesdays and Fridays during the

those who are recognized and admited to be so. It is esterm.

sential that the judges of the Court of Appeal should, 10 Law of Real and Personal Property.

fact, be the greatest lawyerg : it is equally essential that The professor of the law of real and personal property | they should be so recognized to be such as to make it will deliver, during the ensuing educational term, twelve becoming and useless to dispute their authority. The lectures on “The Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Real presence of such lawyers in the court can only be secured Estate."

at this time in this country by a greater and more visible The first lecture on this subject will be delivered on difference being made between the position of the judges as Friday, the 4th of November, at 3.5 p.m.

the Court of Appeal and of the judges of the High Cours.

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I speak with an absolute and most earnest conviction Mr. Tom TURNER, solicitor, of Hull, Beverley, and when I say that such lawyers can only be obtained, tbat | Market Weighton, has been appointed a Magistrate for the such recognition can only be secured, by restoring the Borough of Beverley. Mr. Turner was admitted a solicitor salary of the judges of the Court of Appeal to what it in 1862. was when all its earlier judges were induced to join it, and by relieving the judges of the Court of Appeal from

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. the necessity of going circuit or otherwise fulfilling the

WILLIAM STOPHER and RICHARD ALBERT RUNDLE, duties of judges of the High Court, unless in cases of emergency. The sooner this fact is recognized, and

(Stopher & Rundle), solicitors, Coleman-street, London. objections to a sufficient expenditure to secure this end are

| August 4. The business will be continued on at the same

| address by the said Richard Albert Rundle. overcome, the better for the proper administration of the law. This is the alteration in the constitution of the Court of

[Gazette, Angust 12, 1880. Appeal which is necessary, because it is the only one which will be effective. The lawyers of highest repute practising in the Chancery Division must be recruited as well as those

COMPANIES. practising in the Common Law Division. I say advisedly that the highest cannot be procured from either side unless this alteration is made. And let those who are

WINDING-UP NOTICES. responsible clearly understand that the necessity of recruiting

Joint Stock COMPANIES. jargely for the Court of Appeal is imminent."


fixed Aug 23 at 11, at his chambers, for the appointment of an

official liquidator AVONSIDE ENGINE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Fry, J, has, by an order

dated July 15, appointed Mr Henry Spain, 1 Gresham buildings, LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. Basinghall st, the official liquidator. Creditors are required, on

or before Sept 30 to send their names and addresses, and the par

ticulars of their debts or claims to the above. Oct 27 at 12 is apMr. ALEXANDER ASHER, advocate, M.P., succeeds Mr. pointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims Balfour as Solicitor-General for Scotland. Mr. Asher is the

COMEDY OPERA COMPANY, LIMITED, The M.R. has fixed Aug 23 at

11, at his chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator second sou of the Rev. William Asher, and was born in

EAST LONDON GALVANIZED Iron COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. 1835. He was educated at the Elgin Academy and at the has, by an order dated June 23, appointed William Cornish University of Edinburgh, and he was called to the bar in Cooper, 20 King's Arms yd, Coleman st, to be official liquidator.

Creditors are required, on or before Oct 1, to send their names Scotland in 1861. He was an advocate depute from 1870

and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims to till 1874, and a few weeks ago he was elected M.P. for the the above. Nov 1 at 11 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating Elgin Boroughs in the Liberal interest.

upon the debts and claims


TED.-V.C. Bacon has, by an order dated Aug 4, appointed Fredefor Scotland, socceeds Mr. Maclaren as Lord Advocate. Mr. rick Barnard Leeming, 10 Coleman st, to be official liquidator, in Balfour is the son of the Rev. Peter Balfour, and was born in

the place of Frederic Coker, resigned

GAEWERN SLATE QUARRY COMPANY, LIMITED.--V.C. Hall has, by an 1837. He was educated at the Edinburgh Academy and at order dated June 29, appointed Lewis Williams, Dolgelly, to be the University of Edinburgh, and he was called to the bar in official liquidator Scotland in 1861. On the formation of the present Govern GREAT WHEAL POLGOOTH, LIMITED.-By an order made by V.C. ment he was appointed Solicitor-General for Scotland and a

Bacon, dated Aug 3, it was ordered that the abova company

be wound up. Snell and Greenip, George st, Mansion House Queen's Counsel. Mr. Balfour was elected M.P. for Clack | LAGER BEER BREWERY, LIMITED. --Creditors are required, on or be. mannanshire in tbe Liberal interest in November, 1880. fore Sept 14, to send their names and addresses, and the particu

lars of their debts or claims, to John Henry Champness, 10 Mr. WILLIAM BURD, solicitor, of Okehampton, has been

Basinghall st. Nov 1 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudi. appointed & Perpetual Commissioner for Devonshire for cating upon the debts and claims taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.


order dated June 24, appointed Graham Dornford, Bute Docks, Mr. FREDERICK DUTTON, solicitor, of 3, Drapers Cardiff, to be official liquidator gardens, Thrognorton-street, E.O., has been appointed a

TITUS SOMERFIELD AND Sox, LIMITED.-By an order made by the Commissioner for taking Affidavits and Acknowledgments

M.R., dated Aug 4, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up

of the above company be continued. Bower and Cotton, Chancery of Married Women for Western Australia ; also a Commis lane, agents for Baker, Walsall, solicitors for the petitioner sioner for taking Affidavits in South Australia.


ing up, presented Aug 11, directed to be heard before Cave, J, the Mr. CHARLES ROBERT WADE GERY, solicitor, of St.

Vacation Judge, on Aug 24. Hickin, Serjeants' inn, Fleet st, Neots and Kimbolton, has been appointed Coroner for the agent for Moore and Co, Sonderland, solicitors for the petitioner Toseland Division of Huntingdonsbire. Mr. Gery was


Hall has, by an order dated July 8, appointed Samuel Whaley,

Chester, to be official liquidator Mr. LEWIS JOHN KEMPTHORNE, solicitor, of Neatb, has

iGazette, Aug. 12.]

LIBERIA COFFEE COMPANY, LIMITED, -Petition for winding up, been appointed Deputy-Coroner for the Western Division

presented Aug 5, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, of Glamorganshire. "Mr. Kempthorne was admitted a soli. at Rolls yd, Chancery lane, on Aug 24. Holland, St Swithin's eitor in 1861.

lane, solicitor for the petitioner Mr. John MACLAREN, Q.C., M.P., Lord Advocate of


Bacon has, by an order dated Aug 9, appointed James Ford, 7 Scotland, has been appointed a Judge of the Court of Cheapside, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on or Session, on the resignation of Lord Gifford. Mr. Maclaren

before Sept 26, to send their names and addresses and the paris the eldest son of Mr. Duncan Maclaren, many years M.P.

ticulars of their debts or claims to the above. Oct 27 at 12

is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and for Edinburgh, and was born in 1831. He is an M.A. of the

claims University of Edinburgh, and he was called to the bar in ROTHERHAM, MASBRO', AND HOLMES COAL COMPANY, LIMITED.Scotland in 1856. He was for several years sheriff of

Petition for winding up, presented Aug 11, directed to be heard

before the Vacation Judge on Aug 21. Pilgrim and Phillips, chancery in Seotland, and at the general election of 1880 he

Coleman st, agents for Watson and Co, Sheffield, solicitors for was elected M.P. for the borough of Wigton in the Liberal the petitioner interest. On the formation of the present Government he


COMPANY, LIMITED, -Petition for winding up, presented Aug 13, was appointed Lord Advocate and a Queen's Counsel. Mr.

directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge on Aug 31. Layton Maclaren failed to secure re-election at Wigton, but in and Jaques, Ely pl, agents for Neill, Bradford, solicitor for the January last he was elected M.P. for the city of Edin



made by the M. R., dated Aug 6, it was ordered that the above Mr. JOHN MCKEEVER, solicitor, of Wigton, has been ap. company be wound up. Robinson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, pointed Clerk to the Wigton Local Board, in succession to !

agents for Rowlands, Bagnall, and Co, Birmingham, solicitors for

petitioners his father, the late Mr. James McKeever.

[Gazette, Aug. 16.] Mr. ETIENNE PELLEREAU, barrister, substitute pro


MIDDLESBOROUGI, REDCAR, SALTBURN-BY-THE-SEA, AND CLEVEcureur for Mauritius, has been appointed Procureur and

LAND DISTRICT PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.--PetiAdvocate-General for that colony, in succession to Mr. tion for winding up, presented Aug 8, directed to be heard before Edward Morehead Wood, deceased. Mr. Pellereau was Cave, J, at the Rolls Court, Chancery lane, on Aug 24. Paterson

and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Bainbridge and Darnley, called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trioity Term,

Middlesborough, solicitors for the petitioners 1860.

[Gazette, Aug. 12.]


FONTAINE, FERDINAND JBAN, Ramsgate, Fruit Merchant. Se

28. Daniel, Ramsgate

HILLIARD, GEORGE DRAPER, Southsea, Gent. Aug 30. King, Portses
HILLS, WILLIAM, Rochester, Kent, Jeweller. Sept 1. Bassett,


HOWARD, Hon. and Rev. WILLIAM, Whiston Rectory, Rotherham,

Yorkshire. Sept 30. Bennett and Co, New sg. Lincoln's inn Mr. Francis Jubb, solicitor, of Halifax, died suddenly on | HURRY, ELIZABETH GOODEVE, Lausanne, Switzerland. Sept á. the 10th inst. Mr. Jubb was born in 1824. He was in early Goodhart and Medcalf, Westminster {ife & clerk in the West Riding Registry Office at Wake- JONES, Rev. JOAN, Llanfihangel, Geneurglyn, Cardigan. Ang field. He afterwards entered the office of the late Mr. Her

22. Roberts and Evans, Aberystwith bert Mitchell, of Halifax, to whom he was afterwards

MARGRAVE, THOMAS Jones, Paris, Esq. Sept 10. Venning and Co,

Tokenhouse yard ar'icled, and to whose business he ultimately succeeded. MURRAY, ADAM, Ardwick, Manchester, Manufacturer. Oct 1. Jis was admitted a solicitor in 1859, and he had practised Crowther and Clayton, Manchester for more than twenty years at Halifax. He had a

OBD, RICHARD, Middlesborough, York, Innkeeper. Aug 31. Dob

son, Middlesborough good general business, and be also practised extensively in the Halifax County Court and before the local magistrates, where

PHILLIPS, JOSEPH, Bickley, Chester, Farmer. Ang 6. Mason,

Chester his advocacy was most able and successful. Mr. Jubb was for RUSSELL, MATTHEW Rawlings, Manchester, Chemist. Aug 20. several years clerk and solicitor to the Sowerby and Hebden Mason, Manchester Bridge Local Boards, and solicitor to the Halifax Wine SBABLE, FRANCIS Weston, Stoke Newington, Dairyman, Sept 15. and Beer Sellers' Association. He also acted locally for the

Naunton, Cheapside Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, and he was the

SHARP, WILLIAM, Handsworth, Stafford, Esq. Oct 1. Allen, Bir

mingham registration and election agent for the Conservative party. Mr. SruoNS, HENRY, Ropewalk, Nottingham, Gent. Sept 29. Maples Jubb's death was painfully sudded. He had been engaged

and McCraith, Nottingham in the morning at the Halifax County Court, when he

WALKER, JOSEPH, Compton Abdale, Gloucester, Farmer. Sept 15.

Mallory, Cheltenham was apparently in his usual health, and he afterwards attended | WEBSTER, WILLIAM, Norton, Derby, Farmer. Aug 30. Branson a sale by auction. While walking home he fell down and and Co, Sheffield became insensible. He was carried into a chemist's shop,

[Gazette, July 29.) where he died almost immediately. Mr. Jubb is universally AIREY, ANNE, Maison Boula, Pau, France. Sept 6. Johnsons and

Co, Austin Friars regretted at Halifax. He was buried at Sowerby on the

Askew, Rev Joux, Broomfield Hall, Stanmore, Clerk. Ang 31. - 15th inst.

Johnsons and Co, Austin Friars
BESTWICK, ENOCH, Salford, nr Manchester. Sept 3. Boote and

Edgar, Manchester

BINGLEY, WILLIAM, Rotherham, York, Gent. Sept 12. Oxley and

Coward, Rotherham Mr. Robert Laycock, barrister, M.P., died at Eastbourne,

BowYER, HENRY ATKINS, Great Malvern, Worcester, Esq. Aug 31. on the 14th inst., after a short illness. Mr. Laycock was Paterson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields the son of Mr. Thomas Laycock, of Low Gosforth, EDWARDS, JOSEPH, Great Garden st, Whitechapel, Livery Siable

Keeper. Sept 1. Tatham and Co, Queen Victoria st Northumberland (who died only a few years ago), and he

FLINT, HARRY, HITCHIN, Herts, Bank Manager. Sept 1. Child, was born in 1834. He was educated at Trinity College, William st, Albert Gate Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1856, and he was HAND, LEWIS, Wellington rd, St John's Wood, Solicitor. Aug 31. called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas

Paterson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Term, 1857. He was formerly a member of the Northern

Haslam, John, Biggar, Barrow in Furness, Farmer. Aug 10. Tyson

Dalton in Furness Circuit, but he had ceased to practise. In 1874 be unsuc- LOWCOCK, JOSEPH, Hartwith, York, Farmer. Sept 1. Powell, cessfully contested' the borough of Nottingham in the Knaresborough Liberal interest. At the general election of 1880 he stood

MURPHY, ELIZABETH JANE, Upper st, Islington. Sept 30. Rice,

I High st, Borough for the Northern Division of Lincolnshire, and was returned | PARSONS, JOHN, Barling, Essex, Farmer. Aug 31. Gregson, Rochat the head of the poll. Mr. Layoock regularly attended ford the debates on the Irish measures of the session, and last

POSTLETHWAITE, WILLIAM, Barrow in Furness, Farmer. Sept 1.

Tyson, Dalton in Furness eek, feeling unwell, he went for change of air to East. | ROBINSON, AMELIA, Stockton on Tees. Sept 30. Newby and Co, bourne, where he died very suddenly on the morning of the Stockton on Tees 14th. Mr. Laycock was married to the daughter of Mr.

SHARP, WILLIAM, Higher Broughton, nr Manchester, Gent. Aug

31. Slater and Co, Manchester Christian Allbusen, of Hoke Court, Buckinghamshire. He

SHEARCROFT, WILLIAM, Long Sutton, Lincoln, Surveyor of Higiwas a deputy-lieutenant for Nottinghamshire (having been ways. Sept 8. Mossop and Mossop, Long Sutton high sheriff in 1878), and he was a magistrate for that county

SIMON, Otto, Chorlton upon Medlock, Commercial Clerk. Sept 16. and for Northumberland.

Payne and Galloway, Manchester

[Gazette, Aug 21 BESANT, HANNAH, Hillmarton villas, Holloway. Nor 1. Castell,

Gt James st, Bedford row
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM GEORGE, Ennismore gdns, Esq. Sept 15

Johnson and Master, Southampton bldgs
DicCoxson, THOMAS CLIFTON, Wrightington, Lancaster, Esq. Oct


Evans, ROBERT, Liverpool, Draper. Oct 1. Wright and Co, Liver.


JENNINGS, CHARLES DICKINSON, Spalding, Lincoln, Ironmonger. ANDERTON, WILLIAM, Bankhead, Higher Walton, near Preston,

Sept 6. Bonner and Calthrop, Spalding Farmer. Oct 3. Western District Bank, Limited, v Anderton,

JONES, EDWIN, Brighton, M.D. "Oct 30. Nye and Greenwood, M.R. Houghton, Preston

Serjeants' inn, Fleet st AVERY, THOMAS PORTER, Ladbroke groverd, Notting Hill,

LUCAS, ELEANOR, Crosthwaite, Westmoreland. Sept 8. Bowass,

Photographer. Oct 1. Tuckwell v Avery, V.0. Hall. Hicks and
Arnold, Wellington st, Strand

OSBORNE, ELIZABETH, Eastbourne Grove, South Shields. Ang 13. CLARK, Joux, Wrose Hill, nr Shipley, York, Mason, Oct 3. Patchett

Thomson, South Shields v Sutcliffe, M.R. Robinson, Bradford

PEARSON. Joshua, Compton st, Clerkenwell, Gent. Septl. Grocer COWLAND, Jon DEWONEY, Lansdowne rd, Notting Hill, Builder.

and Humphreys, Temple

POLLEN, Sir RICHARD HUNGERFORD, Rodbourne, Wilts, Bart. Sept ept 10. Wheeler v Cowland, V.C. Bacon. Cartwright, Lothbury GREGORY, EDWARD, Britannia row, Islington, Carpenter, Oct 1.

12. Lamb, Andover Lulham v Gregory, V.C. Hall. Little and Mills, Stroud

REYNALD, WILLIAM, Bolton Wilberfoss, nr York, Gent. Oet 1. MITFORD, ROBERT BERTRAX, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Esq.

Terry and Co, Bradford Mitford y Mitford, V.C. Bacon. Jones, Cheltenham

RICHARDSON, JOSEPH, Penrith, Gent. Sept 15. Cant and Fairer,

Penrith (Gazette, Aug 5.]

SAYERS, ROBERT SMITH, St John's common, Susses, Gent. Sept 3.

Stevens and Son, Brighton CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25.

SCOTT, JOHN, Upper Thames st, Tea Dealer. Sept 30. Myati,

Abchurch yd, Cannon st

SEAMER, THOMAS, Milk st, Silk Manufacturer. Sept 30. Stevens
Barnes, HENRY EUGENE, Southsea, Hants, Esq. Sept 15. Soames, and Son, Brighton
Lincoln's inn fields

TERRY, MICHAEL, Osborne rd, South Acton, Pig Dealer, Sept 15. BLACK, RALPH, Thropton, Rothbury, Northumberland, Farmer. Bohm, Old Jewry Sept 1. Nicholson, Morpeth

TUBLEY, JOHN, Harrington rd, South Norwood, Farmer. Sept 1. Bowers, ALFRED, Wolverhampton, Cattle Dealer. Sept 14. Brooks and Co, Doctors' commons Shelton and Co, Wolverhampton

WAILES, WILLIAM, Gateshead, Durham, Glass Stainer. Oct 1. Davison, JAMES, Wingate Grange, Durham, Brewer. Aug 26. Chartres and Co, Newcastle-on-Tyne Todd and Harrison, Hartlepool

WORTHINGTON, GEORGE SAMUEL, Cardiff, Esq. Sept 1. Keele, OH DEVERELL, CAROLINE, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucester. Sept 29. Jewry Dauncey and Turner, Wotton-under-Edge

[Gazette, Ang 5.]


BEARD, JOHN, Warsop, Nottingham, Miller. Sept 30. Handley and Farness Railway; Oxted and Groombridge Railway ;

Co, Mansfield
BLAKE, FRANCIS, Carlton terrace, Harrow rd, Gent. Sept 22. Mills

Banbury and Cheltenham Direct Railway ; Stalybridge and Co, Brunswick pl, City rd

Extension and Improvement; Metropolitan Bridges ; BULT, ELIZA Ann, Houghton pl, Ampthill sq. Aug 29. Twist and Southport and Cheshire Lipes Extension Railway ; Cork

Sons, Coventry
BURBOWS, CHARLES, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Pawnbroker. Oct 5.

and Kopmare Railway ; South-Eastern Railways; RoseMoor, Woodbridge

bash and Fiebguard Railway ; London City Tithes (St. CHILDERS, CHARLES HENRY, Flamborough, York, Esq. Oct 1. Botolph Without Aldgate); Greenwich Dock and Railway;

Richardson, Bridlington
CLAPHAM, ANTHONY, Newcastle upon Tyne, Gent. Sept 30. Watson

Lynn and Fakenbam Railway ; Belfast, Holywood, and and Dendy, Newcastle upon Tyne

Bangor Railway; Great North of Scotland Railway ; Teigo CLARK, Honor, Union st, South Mimms. Sept 14. Houghtons and Valley Railway Manalaoturers and Millowners' Mutoal Byfield, Gracechurch st

| Aid Association ; Cork Improvement (Extension of Time) ; CLOVER, GEORGE ROBERT, Liverpool, Shipowner. Oct 1. Wright and Co, Liverpool

Redcastle and Tarradale Estates ; Earl of Hardwicke's CONNOLLY, JAMES, Bolton, Lancaster, Provision Merchant. Aug 29. Estate; Ellon Trust Estates ; Bagot Estate; Croker Ryley and Haslam, Bolton

Estates; and St. John's Hospital, Bedford.
DUNN, JANE, Bidford, Warwick. Oct 26. New and Co, Evesham
GISSING, JOHN STEARN, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Surgeon.


Oct 5. Moor, Woodbridge

East Indian Railway (Redemption of Annuities), Ex-
HANBUBY, MARGARET, Shrewsbury, Salop. Oct 1. Bridges and piring Laws Continnance.
Mellersh, Cheltenham

HOWARTH, ALICE, Bury, Lancaster. Sept 3. Grundy, Bury
JEFFS, Join, Mold, Flint, Hotel Proprietor. Sept 1. Roberts,

Ecolesiastical Courts Regulation, Metropolitan Board of Mold

Works (Money), National Debt. KNIGHTON, Joux, Higham Ferrers, Northampton, Hotel Keeper.

BÍLL READ A THIRD TIME. Sept 19. Burnham and Henry, Wellingborough

Patriotic Fund. LAMING, RICHARD, Leadenhall st, Ship Agent. Sept 4. Worthington Evans, Eastcheap

AUG. 12.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. LEWIS, FREDERICK, Stroud Gloucester, Draper. Dec 31. Winter

Metropolitan Board of Works (Money), Superannuation. batham, Stroud

(Post Office and Works), Central Criminal Court, Corrupt MARSHALL, MARIA LETIT Bath. Sept 17. Robertson and Maule, Practices (Sagpension of Elections), Ecclesiastical Courts MULLETT, GEORGE HARRIS, City rd, Upholsterer. Sept 22. Mills Regulation.

and Co, Brunswick p City rů NARRACOTT, MARY ANN Plymouth. Sept 30. Pearse, Plymouth

PAINE, Axx, Plymouth Sept 30. Pearse, Plymouth

PERRYMAN, WILLIAM, Bristol, Lamp Manufacturer. Aug 31. Sibly,

PRIVATE BILL.-Severn Navigation.
POTTER, GEORGE, Peninoua Merioneth. Aug 25. Lane and

Andrews, Essex-street, Strand
POTTER, MARY, Penmount, Merioneth. Ang 25. Lane and Andrews,

Bills of Sale Aot, 1878, Amendment, Churchwardens* Essex st, Strand

Admission. RANDLE, FREDERIC WILLIAM, Philadelphia, America, Artist. Dec

AUG. 12.- BILL IN COMMITTEE. 31. Waller and Son, Duke st, Adelphi

Pedlars' Certificates.
ROWLANDS, WILLIAM, Gerddiduon, nr Mold, Flint, Farmer. Sept 1.

Roberts, Mold
SUTTON, CHARLES, Chedworth, Gloucester, Farmer. Nov 1. Stiles

National Debt. and Ward, Northleach

THOMSON, JAMES, Windermere, Westmoreland, Gent. Aug 31. Expiring Laws Contipdance.
Gatey, Windermere

THORNETT, JOnx, Bournemouth, Southampton, Gent. Sept 14.
Houghtons and Byfield, Gracechurch st

London City (Paroobial Charities).
TILBE, ELIZA, Canterbury, Confectioner. Sept 30, Sankey and Co,

WHIPPLE, GEORGE, Mortimer rd, Hackney, Chemist. Sept 19.

Helsham, Abchurch lane
WILKINSON, WILLIAM, Worksop, Nottingham, Builder. Sept 30.

Hardy Coulson, Worksop
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, Highworth, Wilts, Plumber. Sept 24. Kinneir
and Tombs, Swindon

[Gazette, Aug 9.]

It appears that two half-penny postage stamps cannot be used in place of a penny receipt stamp ; and that an order bas been issued making it imperative on the postmaster at the time of issuing a postal order to fill in the name of the post office at wbich it is to be cashed.

The following are the circuits which have been chosen by HOUSE OF LORDS.

the judges for the ensuing autumn assizes, viz. :-South..

Eastern Circuit-Lord Chief Justice Coleridge ; North and AUG. 11.-ROYAL COMMISSION.

South Wales Circuits-Lord Justice Lush ; Oxford Circuit The Royal assent was given by Commission to the fol. -Lord Justice Cotton ; Western Circuit-Mr. Justice lowing Bills :-Incumbents of Benefices Loans Extension ;

Williams ; Midland Circuit-Mr. Justice Mathew; NorthBurial Grounds (Scotland) Act, 1855, Amendment; Re

Eastern Circuit-Mr. Justice Cave ; Northern Circuit-Mr. forniatory Institutions (Ireland); Stratified Ironstone Mines Justice Kay. (Gunpowder); Local Government Board (Ireland) Amend. "A City Solicitor” writes to the Times :-"The following ment; Annual Turnpike Acts Continuance; Customs was the state of business at judges' chambers on the 11th inst. (Officers) ; Publio Loans (Ireland); Remission ; Summary before the Vacation Judge: — There were twenty-three Jurisdiction (Scotland); Coroners (Ireland); Metropolitan summonses for hearing in the eleven o'clock list, and twentyOpen Spaces; British Hovduras (Court of Appeal); Alkali, four in the twelve o'clock list. At balf.past twelve there &c., Works Regulation ; Commons Regulation (Shenfield) | was another list of twenty-eight summonses to be attended Provisional Order Confirmation ; Local Government Boards by counsel, and in the two o'clock list there were forty-oneProvisional Orders Confirmation (Acton, &c.); Tramways ordinary summonses. The eleven o'clock list was not disOrders Confirmation (No. 2); Tramways Orders Confirma- posed of before a quarter to one. At that time there were tion (No. 3); Water Orders Confirmation ; Alsager Chapel several solicitors present waiting to attend their summonses Marriages ; Education Department Provisional Order Con- in the twelve o'clock list, but counsel summonses were then firmation (London); Bristol Dock ; Caledonian Railway taken, and had not been disposed of at a quarter to five (Partick Siding); Lea-bridge, Leyton, and Waltham o'clock, when the learned judge stated that the summonses in stow Tramways ; Reading Corporation ; South Metro. the twelve and two o'clock lists would be adjourned," politan Gas; Southwark and Deptford Tramways; A more remarkable action of libel than Sullings v. Medway Conservancy; Uxbridge and Rickmansworth Shakespeare, says the Albany Law Journal, was never Railway; Edinburgh-street Tramways; Staines and waged. Sullings was a doctor; Shakespeare was the West Drayton Railway; Oban Burgh; Nar Valley publisher of the Kalamazoo Gazette. The action was for a Drainage ; Oldbary Railway ; Great Southern and Western libellous article, describing tho plaintiff as having removed Railway (Killorglin Railway Transfer); Chambers and a “patty tuber" from the “hypogastruam” of one Smith. Offices ; North British Railway (General Powers); South It appeared that the article was written by the doctor him. London Tramways; Whitland and Cardigan Railway; self, and sent to the defendant with a request for publication; Annan Waterfoot Dock and Railway ; Coplands Patent; that it was illegibly written, and that the extraordinary termo


above quoted were the result of the printer's struggle with the printed and sent to the members of the Bar Megs. The manuscript, and his rendition of “fatty tumor" and “hypo- motion was carried unanimously, and the parody was gastrium.” On this point the court observed : “ The pronounced to be excellent. The following is the Grticle being written by plaintiff as a gratuitous puff of him. 6 Epitaph": self, and published at bis request, we do not see how &

“ Here rests his body in Australia's land, mistake of the printer's, without wrongful intent, could be

A youth to Daval glory not unknown; held a malicious libel."

But. ere promotion took him by the hand. A compensation case of The Midland Railway Company v.

The Palace Court had marked him for its om. James Campsill, in which there was more than the usual « Large was his practice as his age could reach; difference between the surveyors on either side, occupied the

And large his recompense, as well could be; attention of Mr. Under-Sheriff Burchell and a special jury

He gave to juries all he had-a speech; on the 9th and 10th inst. The claimant, & rag merchant,

He gained from clients all he wished- & fee. sought to recover some £2,500 for compulsory removal from • No longer seek his merits to disclose, his trade premises situate in Southampton-road, Haver

Or draw his blunders from their prison dark, stock-bill, which he held on lease for twenty-four years

Where cheek by jowl they lovingly repose, unexpired at £42 per annum, the rental value being now

The boboms of the Attorney and his Clerk!” variously estimated by the surveyors called on bis bebalf at from $100 to £120 a year-Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Weller placing them at the latter amount, and Mr. Scobell and Mr. The prospectus is issued of the Lydney and Lydbrook Edmond F. Fuller (Faller & Fuller) at the former value. Steel and Tinplate Company, formed with a capital of The latter gentleman having prepared the claim, gave $200,000, in 15 shares, to work the properties named in the evidence that the leasehold interest was worth £797 10s. ; title, together with adjacent collieries. The directors are compensation for disturbance, three years' net profits, or prepared to receive applications for 30,000 shares payable as $1,590; fixtures and removal of stock, £100-total, | follows :--£l on application, £2 on allotment, and the £2,487 10s., and Mr. W. G. Harrison, Q.C., instructed by remainder in calls not exceeding £1 each, with three months' Mr. C. T. Forster, presented these figures in his address notice. Subscribers are at liberty to pay up on allotment to the jury as the sum the claimant was entitled to the uncalled amount of $2 per share, upon which interest at receive at their hands. Mr. Bidder, Q.O., M.P., urged, 5 per cent. per annum will immediately accrue, until such however, on behalf of the company, that the claim was prepayments are absorbed in calls. The works have been excessive; that Mr. Campsill would obtain premises established nearly a century, and are in fall and active immediately the verdict was returned, and that the trade operation. The vendor is willing to take seved-eighths of would be injured only to a very little, if any, extent. his purchase-money (£91,600) in folly paid shares after the The witnesses retained on behalf of the company were charges on the works have been paid off, Mr. Gairdner, Mr. Robert Vigers, Mr. Rex (Salter, Rex, & Co.), Mr. Garrard, and Mr. Alderman Elis. The last tbree surveyors put the improved value of the premises at

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. only £33 a year, and, in addition, Mr. Ellis's opinion was that the claimant should receive £500 as compensation

BIRTHS. to cover any possible loss. The jury, after much delibera Colles.-Aug. 8, at 154, Belsize-road, Hampstead, the wife of tion, returned a verdict for £2,100, or £1,250 beyond the William Morris Colles, barrister-at-law, of a son. offer under seal, wbich did not transpire till afterwards. MEAD. Aug. 3, at 100, 'Underhill-road, Dulwich, the wife of In the House of Commons, on the 11th inst., Mr. A.

Frederick Mead, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law, of a

BOR. O'Connor asked the Attorney-General whether any complaints

MARRIAGE. eached nim as to the charges made at the Middlesex 1 SOLOMON-WALTON.-June 21, at Grahamstown, Cape of Good Registry, and as to the officials there compelling parties to Hope, Richard Solomon, M.A., of the Inner Temple, barattend in Great James-street to be sworn to memorials, thus rister-at-law, to Mary Elizabeth Walton, daughter of the causing great inconvenience and delay; whether affidavits Rev. John Walton,' M.A., General Superintendent of sworn before a commissioner are not received in the Supreme Wesleyan Missions.

DEATH. Court; and whether there was any reason, except one connected with fees, why the Middlesex Registry should not do

HEDGES.-Aug. 1, Fentham Hedges, of Lincoln's-inn, barrisin like manner; and wbether be would make arrangements

ter-at-law, aged 28 years. for the scale of fees authorized to be charged at the Middlesex Registry being placed on the backs of the tickets given on deeds lelt for registry and for their being affixed in the Registry; as well as for the execution of deeds and memorials being deposed to before a commissioner in the

Bankrupts. the same manner as affidavits are sworn in causes in the

Friday, Aug. 12, 1881. Supreme Court of Judicature, and for the lengths of memorials being marked on them when left for registry. The

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869, Attorney-General said the Middlesex Registry Office was

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. not one over which he had the slightest control, nor was he

To Surrender in London. officially connected with it. But that question seemed to

Crookhorn, Charles, Bradbury st, Kingsland, Cab Proprietor. Det

Aug 12. Murray. Aug 23 at 12 point to practical inconvenience existing, and he would en

To Surrender in the Country. deavour to find out its cause. The reason why affidavits Creigh, William Benjamin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Commercial sworn before a commissioner could not be received at the

Traveller. Pet Aug 9. Daggett. Newcastle, Aug 23 at 11 Middlesex Registry was because under the Statute of Anne

Kettle, George, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stafford, Joiner. Pet Aag

9. Tennant. Hanley, Aug 30 at 11 creating the office it was necessary that affidavits should be Meredith, John Meyrick, Chickward, Hereford, Machinist. Pet Ang made in the presence of the registrar or a master in 10. Robinson. Leominster, Aug 24 at 12 chancery, and any alteration in that respect must be made

Smith, William, Birmingham, Coal Merchant. Pet Aug 5. Pars.

Birmingham, Aug 29 at 2 by Statute. As to the latter part of the question, by the

Webb, George, New Thornton Heath, Surrey, Builder. Pet Aag 5 Statute of Anne the Lord Chief Justice had power to make Rowland. Croydon, Aug 26 at 2 certain regulations, and if the hon. member would communi.

TUESDAY, August 16, 1881. cate to bim any matters of practical inconvenience which

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. arose, they would be forwarded to the proper quarter.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London. On the occasion of the dinner given on the 12th of last | Bode, Frederick, sometimes known as Frederick Mathews, Basingmonth by the Bar Mess of the South-Eastern Circuit to

hall st, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Pet Aug 13. Brougham.

Sept 1 at 11.30 Lord Jastice Bramwell and Mr. Justice Denman, the Bowen, Kirbey, Aldersgate st, Warehouseman. Pet Aug 10. latter informed the mess that amonget some old papers he Murray. Sept 6 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. had found a MS, by the late Lord Chelmsford, being a

Davis, John Bault, Shrewsbury, Tobacconist. Pet Aug 12. Peela. parody on “ Gray's Elegy written in a Country Church Shrewsbury, Sept 3 at 11 yard.” He then read it, and afterwards offered it to the Carter, Henry, Barnsley, York, Grocer. Pet Aug 11. Bury. mess. Mr. Day, Q.O., thereapon moved that it be accepted

Barnsley, Aug 26 at 12 and entered in the minute-book, and that copies should be 1

Edwards, Edward, Manchester, Dining Room Keeper. Pet Ang il.

Lister,' Manchester, Sept 5 at 12


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