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Whittingham, Ayliffe Watts, Shelton, Stafford, Dental Surgeon. | Harrington, John, Leyton, Essex, Butcher's Salesman. Aug 17 at 3 Aug 15 at 11 at offices of Jackson, Cheapside, Hanley

at Mullen's Hotel, Ironmonger lano. Seymour, Copthall biders Williams, Robert, Holywell, Grocer. Aug 29 at 12 at Albion Hotel, Hawkes, George, Ardsley, Bedford, Farmer. Aug 24 at 3 at Swan Chester. Davies and Roberts, Holywell

Inn, Biggleswade. Veasey, Baldock Winbush, Edward Thomas, Upper Thames st, Licensed Victualler. Hayhurst, Walter Plant, Manchester, Tailor. Aug 18 at 3 at Mitre Aug 22 at 2 at offices of Layton and Co, Budge row

Hotel, Cathedral yd, Manchester. Stevenson, Manchester

Hemus. Joseph William, Birmingham, Haberdasher. Aug 22 at 11 TUESDAY, August 9, 1881.

at offices of Beale and Co, Newhall st, Birmingham Alcock, William, Tunstall, Stafford, Beerseller. Aug 18 at 3 at offices Henderson, David, Birkenhead, Patent Dry Sauce Mannfacturer. of Alcock, Market st, Tunstall

Aug 20 at 11 at offices of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead Aliband, William, Kingswinford, Stafford, Painter. Aug 18 at 3 Henthwaite, William, Lee Head, Birkby, Huddersfield, Painter. at offices of Homfray and Holberton, High st, Brierley hill

Aug 22 at 3 at offices of Heaton, New st, Huddersfield. Grisdalf, Allison, Henry, Falsgrave, Scarborough, York, Boot Maker. Leeds

Aug 22 at 12 at offices of Shirley and Co, Huntriss row, Scar- Hession, John, Hanley, Stafford, Fishmonger. Ang 17 at 10 at borough

offices of Ashmall, Albion st, Hanley Anderson, Joseph, Darlington, Durham, Brewer's Traveller, Holland, Thomas, and Thomas Thompson, Hartshorne, Leicester, Aug 23 at 11 at offices of Wilkes and Wilkes, Northgate, Darling Earthenware Manufacturers. Aug 19 at 12 at Wellington Hotel, ton

Leicester. Fisher and Co, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Badger, Joseph, Sheffield, Joiner, Aug 19 at 3 at offices of Webster | Hollings, Edmund, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Botanic Chemist. Aug 24 and Styring, Hartshead, Sheffield

at 12 at offices of Gabb, Essex pl, Cheltenham Bailey, William, Burslem, Stafford, Potter's Gilder. Au g 23 at 11

Hone, Alfred, Fitchett's ct, Noble st, Trimming Manufacture at offices of Tomkinson and Furnival, St John's chmbrs, Queen st,

Aug 29 at 3 at offices of Noone and Clarke, Blomfield st Burslem

Horn, Cornelias, Dunstable, Bedford, Straw Plait Dealer. Ang 1 Bate, Albert, East Stonehouse, Watchmaker. Aug 19 at 11 at at 3 at Kempson's, Bedford rd, Luton. Wells, St Albans offices of Russell, Bennett's hill, Birmingham. Adams, Ply

Hudson, John, Whitby, York, Railway Clerk. Aug 25 at 11 at offices mouth

of Frankland and Co, Grape lane, Whitby Bebbington, John, Wharton, Chester, Beerhouse Keeper. Aug 24 at Hughes, James, Liverpool, Tailor. Aug 20 at 1 at offices of Lowe, at 11 at offices of Green and Dixon, High st, Winsford

Mount pleasant, Liverpool Bedford, William John, Lamberhurst, Kent, Miller, Aug 19 at 3.30 at Jackson, James, and Ashton Spencer, Bishophill, York, Builders, Swan Hotel, Tunbridge Wells. Aitkens, Ticehurst

Aug 23 at 11 at offices of Shaftoe, Bland's court, Coney st, York Blackburne, Gilbert Ireland Montagu, Bristol, Solicitor. Aug 19 at 2 Johnson, John George Ventris Field, Buckingham, Farmer. Aug 3 at No. 4 Room, Athenaeum, Corn st, Bristol. Bramble

at 12 at Bletchley park Hotel, Bletchley. Bull, Newport PagBlewitt, Thomas, Gt Bridge, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper. Aug 22 nell at 12 at offices of Baker, Bridge st, Walsall

Johnson, William, Parkgate, Chester, Grocer. Aug 22 at 3 at offices Bowden, Henry, Exeter, Fishing Tackle Manufacturer. Aug 18 at of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead 4 at Castle Hotel, Castle st, Exeter. Friend, Exeter

Jones, Evan, Newquay, Cardigan, Draper. Aug 18 at 12 at Black Brittain, Henry, Birmingham, Wire Worker. Aug 19 at 11 at Lion Hotel, Newquay. Hughes and Sons, Aberystwith more row, Birmingham, Free, Birmingham Jones, William Rees, Ystradyfadwg, Glamorgan, Butcher,

morgan, Butcher. Aug 23 Brown, Thomas, Thornbury, nr Bradford, York, Grocer. Ang 20 at 1 at 11 at offices of Jones, Philharmonic chbrs, Cardiff 10.30 at offices of Berry and Robinson, Charles st, Bradford

Klein, Charlotte st, Portland pl, Commercial Traveller. Aug 20 at Chaffe, Robert, Topsfield rd, Crouch End, Builder, Aug 19 at 2 at 3 at offices Foster, Brunewick sq, Bloomsbury offices of Norris, Southampton bldge, Chancery-lane

Kuenemann, Robert Anthony, Manchester, Calico Printer. Ang 35 Clayton, William, Leicester, Licensed Victualler. Aug 23 at 3 at at ll at offices of Salomonson, Fountain st, Manchester offices of Stone and Co, Welford pl, Leicester

Lashbrook, Benjamin, Great Torrington, Devon, Baker. Ang 19 at Coates, Henry, Manchester, Licensed Victualler. Aug 22 at 3 at 12 at offices of Smale, Bath House, Bideford offices of Leigh, Brown st, Manchester

Lyon, Henry, Goswell rd, Licensed Victualler. Aug 21 at 3 at 111, Cocks, Charles, Cardiff, Builder. Aug 22 at 3 at offices of Griffith | Cheapside. Peckham and Co, Knight Rider st and Corb-tt, Quay st, Cardiff

McGrane, James, Burton on Trent, Inland Revenue Officer, Ang Coltman, Alfred Henry, High st, Shoreditch, Licensed Victualler. 31 at 11 at offices of Bright, Burton on Trent Aug 31 at 3 at offices of Thompson and Co, Cornhill

Murphy, James Christopher, Hunter st, Brunswick sq. Ang 20 at Crapp, John Charles, Truro, Cornwall, Grocer. Aug 18 at 2 at offices 2 at offices of Rogers, West st, Finsbury circus. "Lomas, Hayof Cook, Coombe lane, Truro

market Crewe, Henry, Ledbury, Hereford, Jeweller. Aug 29 at 12 at Star Nevill, Edward, Newcastle under Lyme, Licensed Victualler. Ang Hotel, Worcester. Piper, Ledbury

20 at 11 at cffices of James. Nelson sq, Newcastle under Lyme Crump, Thomas William, Grendon Bishop, Hereford, Gardener, Nichols, Thomas, Elsing, Norfolk, Farmer. Aug 22 at 4 at offices Aug 23 at 11 at offices of Scobie, Offa st, Hereford

of Watson, Corn Hall, Fakenham Dale, Henry William, and Frederick Charles Dale, Hastinge, Boot North, Samuel, High Wycombe, Commercial Traveller. Ang 24 at

Dealers, Aug 22 at 12 at Law Institution, Chancery lane. 3 at offices of Parker and Wilkins, Easton st, High Wycombe Chalinder, Hastings

Odell, Edward John, Roman rd, North Bow, Baker. Aug 24 at 3.30 Dancer, Ellen, Hanley, Baker. Ang 24 at 2 at offices of Bishop and at offices of Tatham and Co, Queen Victoria st Topham, Bank chbrs, Hanley

Patch, Thomas, Stockwood, Dorset, Miller. Aug 20 at 11 at offices Devonald, Evan, High st, Portland Town, Carver. Aug 19 at 2 at of Watts, Yeovil offices of Johnson, Seymour pl, Marylebone rd

Patrick, James, Worcester, Butcher. Aug 22 at 3 at offices of Allen Dickinson, John William, Sheffield, Cattle Dealer, Aug 22 at 3 at and Co, Sansome pl, Worcester offices of Webster and Styring, Hartshead, Sheffield

Penna, Samuel Thomas, Truro, Cornwall, Grocer. Aug 22 at 11 at Dodge, John, West Coker, Somerset, Beerhouse Keeper. Aug 20 at offices of Dobell, jun, Quay st, Truro 3 at offices of Watts, Yeovil

Pickford, Caroline Green Fester, and Annie Withecombe, Bristol, Earle, Edward Septimus, Brentford, Surgeon. Aug 22 at 12 at Furriers. Aug 16 at 10 at offices of Waterhouse, Broad st

Star and Garter Hotel, Kew Bridge, Peacock and Goddard, South Pittaway, Henry, Dudley, Worcester, Builder. Aug 22 at 11 at sq, Gray's inn

offices of Stokes, Bennett's Hill, Birmingbam Edwards, John Willcox, Stourport, Innkeeper. Aug 30 at 3 at office | Pollard, William Richards, Cleator Moor, Cumberland, Watchmaker. of Thursfield, Swan st, Kidderminster

Aug 23 at 3 at offices of Mason, Duke st, Whitehaven Elliot, Michael Henry, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Ship Broker. Aug | Prentice, Samuel, Alpine rd, Rotherhithe, Mercantile Clerk. Ang

23 at 11 at offices of Gillespie and Co, Cross House chbrs, New 20 at 2 at offices of Morris, Aldermanbury Postern castle-upon-Tyne. Lynn, Blyth

Reed. William, Sunderland, Durham, Dealer in Jewellery. Ang 19 Elliott, Henry Ley, Exeter, Ironmonger. Aug 24 at 1 at Swan at 12 at offices of Alcock and Routledge, Frederick Lodge, St. Hotel, Bristol. Campion

Thomas st, Sunderland Ellis, Benjamin, Commercial st, Spitalfields, Wholesale Clothier. Renwick, Alfred Andrew, Wootton Bassett, W Its, Licensed Victual. Aug 16 at 3 at offices of Cattlin, Wormwood st, Old Broad st

ler. Aug 20 at 12 at the Royal Oak Hotel, High st, Wootton BasEvans. Williams, Cardiff, Brick Merchant. Aug 20 at 3 at offices of sett. Mullings and Co, Wootton Bassett Westyr-Evans, Church st, Cardiff

Robertson, William Wybrow, Weybridge, Surrey, Theatrical Farley, Henry James, Llanwtryd, Brecon, Innkeeper. Aug 23 at Manager. Aug 26 at 2 at offices of Davis, Cork st, Burning on 11 at offices of Jones, Market st, Llandovery

gardens Fay, James Charles, King's rd, Chelsea, Tobacconist. Sept 3 at 1 | Robson, George, Hartlepool, Durham, Timber Merchant. Ang 16 at offices of Smith, Leadenhall st

at 3 at offices of Todd and Harrison, Town-wall, Hartlepool Fedden, Samuel, Bristol, Provision Merchant. Aug 20 at 11 at the Rutherford, Thomas, Croydon, Surrey, Builder. Aug 23 at 3 at the

Merchants' Association, Broad st, Bristol. Beckingham, Bristol Greyhound Hotel, Croydon. Pullen, Basinghall st Forknall. Thomas, Leicester, Leather Dealer. Aug 29 at 3 at offices Sear, Thomas, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Licensed Victualler. Ang of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester

19 at 11 at offices of Griffith, Lad lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme Garbaczewski, Adolph, Strand, Hair Dresser. Aug 27 at 11 at 22, Seller, Charles, Northleigh, Devon, Carpenter. Aug 22 at 3 at Star Surrey st, Strand. Lane

Inn, Honiton. Tweed, Honiton
Garbutt, Edward Walker, Seaton Carew, Durham, Corn Factor. Sharp, Robert, Manchester, Wholesale Clothier, Aug 30 at 3 at office

Aug 24 at 12 at offiees of Garbutt, Victoria st, West Hartlepool of Boote and Edgar, Booth st, Manchester
Garward, James, Leyton, Essex, Blacksmith, Aug 17 at 2 at Shaw, Matthew Henry, Prince Edward's rd, Hackney Wick,

Woodhouse Tavern, Harrow rd, Leytonstone. Hope, Bell yard, Hardware Dealer. Aug 23 at 3 at offlces of Finch, Borough High

Temple bar
Geall, Ebenezer, Brighton, Butler. Aug 24 at 3 at offices of Nye, Shelley, Thomas, Burslem, Hay Dealer. Aug 17 at 11 at offices of
North st, Brighton

Bennett, Piccadilly bldgs, Hanley Gerrard, George Edward, Liverpool, Grocer, Aug 24 at 3 at offices Short, William, Bath, Haulier, Aug 17 at 1 at offices of Titley, of Quilliam, Elliott st, Liverpool

Orange grove, Bath Gill, Samuel, Hastings, Veortinary Surgeon. Aug 23 at 12 at offices Smith, Joseph, Eastbourne, Fruiterer. Aug 19 at 3 at 42, Terminus of Langham, Robertson st, Hastings

rd, Eastbourne Champion and Co, Ironmonger lane Groutage, John, Birmingham, Glass Quicker. Aug 18 at 11 at offices Solomons, Morris, Quaker st, Spitalfields, Grocer. Aug 17 at 3 at of East, Temple st, Birmingham

offlces of Morris, Aldermanbury Postern Handby, Joseph, Bolsover, Derby, Joiner. Aug 22 at 1.30 at offices Spiers, James Thomas, Liverpool, Boatman. Aug 22 at 3 al offices of Jones and Middleton, Glumangate, Chesterfield.

of Bartlett, Dale st, Liverpool Harland, George, York, Provision Dealer. Aug 22 at 11 at offices of Taylor, Edward, Huddersfield, Travelling Draper. Aug 18 at 3 at Holiday Smith, Petergate, York

offices of Ainley and Hall, New st. Huddersfield


Thistlethwaite, William, Frizinghall, Bradford, Wool Broker. Aug | AMPTON & SONS make NO CHARGE for 19 at 11 at offices of Terry and Co, Market st, Bradford

inserting particulars in their FREE MONTHLY REGISTER Timson, Joseph, Leicester, Confectioner. Aug 30 lat 12 at County

of ESTATES, TOWN and COUNTRY HOUSES, Furnished or Court Office, Friar lane, Leicester. Burgess and Williams,

Unfurnished, or for Sale, to be had GRATIS at their Offices, or Leicester

post-free for two stamps. Published on the 1st of the month, and Thompson, Samuel, Campton, Bedford, Gardener. Aug 25 at 4 at

particulars for insertion should be sent not later than five days White Hart Hotel, Shefford. Hooper and Co, Biggleswade

previons to end of preceding month. Timms, John, Woking, Surrey, Dairyman. Aug 22 at 3 at County

Valuations for Probate and Transfer. Surveys. and Borough Halls, North st, Guildford. Knight White, Guild.

Estate and Auction Offices, 8, Pall Mall East, s.w. ford Townsend, Daniel, Butlers Marston, Warwick, Farmer. Aug 25 at

AUCTION ROOMS 1 at White Lion Hotel, Banbary. Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon Vann, George Edward Frederick, Leicester, Fishmonger. Aug 26

Specially for the sale of Literary Property, Music, and Works of at 3 at offices of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester

Art, 47, LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON, W.C. Waterhouse, Edwin, Hanley, Stafford, Grocer. Aug 19 at 10 at MESSRS. PUTTICK & SIMPSON beg to announce

ofhces of Ashmall, Albion st, Hanley Wheeler, William, Crediton, Devon, Innkeeper. Aug 26 at 11 at

M that the above rooms are open daily for the reception of

all kinds of Literary and Art Property, Musical Collections, &o., offices of Fewings, Queen st, Exeter. Searle, Crediton

intended for Sale by Auction. Messrs. P. & S. feel assured that the Whitaker, Benjamin, Kingswinford, Stafford, Cab Proprietor. Aug 17 at 3 at offices of Homfray and Holberton, High st,

necessary knowledge (gained only by long experience) and the extenBrierley Hill

sive connection enjoyed by their firm will be a sufficient guarantee White, Thomas Augustus, Leeds, Mortgage Broker. Aug 22 at 3 at

to solicitors and others that such property entrusted to their care offices of Pallan, Albion st, Leeds

will be arranged for sale in the most advantageous manner. Williams,

Valuations for Probate or Legacy Duty, or for Public or Privato Samuel, Northwood, Hanley, Stafford, Beerseller. Aug 19 at 11 at offices of Ashmall, Albion st, Hanley


ESTABLISHED (IN PICCADILLY) 1794. Wood, Henry, Roath, Cardiff, Carrier. Aug 23 at 3 at Duke st, Cardiff. Stephens, Cardiff

WARBURTON ROAD and MARE STREET, HACKNEY. Wilton, Henry, Meyrick rd, Battersea, Oil and Colour Man. WARBURTON ARMS WINE and SPIRIT ESTABLISHMENT Aug 26 at 11 at High st, Wandsworth. Jones

MR. WALTER KNIGHT is instructed by the Wood, James, jun, Clark st, Stepney, Mineral Water Manufacturer. Aug 20 at 3 at offices of Wharton Nind, Arbour street, East

| Mortgagees to SELL the above VALUABLE PROPERTY Stepney

at MASONS' HALL TAVERN, Masons' Avenue, Basinghall-street, . Woods, John, Luton, Nurseryman. Aug 17 at 12 at Red Lion Hotel,

on TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, at ONE o'clock p.m. Luton. Willis, Leighton Buzzard

Auction Offices, 104, Great Russell-street, W.O. Wragg, Charles, Tunstall, Stafford, out of business. August 22 at 3 at offices of Alcock, Market st. Tunstall

PECKHAM PARK ROAD, OLD KENT ROAD. Wright, Edward, West Bromwich, Stafford, Publican. August 22

Leasehold Premises. being the MAISMORE ARMS, situate at 3 at offices of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Yates, Frederick John, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Estate Agent. Aug

at the junction of five thoroughfares ; also the House adjoining the

same. 31 at 3 at offices of Corbett, Avenue House, the Cross, Worcester Yates, Samuel, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Auctioneer. Aug 31 at 11

MR. WALTER KNIGHT will SELL the above at offices of Corbett, Avenue House, the Cross, Worcester

V by AUCTION, at the MASONS’ HALL TAVERN, Masons' Avenue, Basinghall-street, on TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, at ONE p.m.

Auction Offices, 104, Great Russell-street, W.C.



Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

NOTTING HILL GATE.-Upper Part of House, Guaranteed Pare Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the

two or four rooms, to be Let with immediate possession ; good excess of fat extracted.

situation and well-adapted for offices for a legal gentleman, Two The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, perfectly digestible

minutes from railway.--Apply to GEO. L. Dixon, 168, High-street, beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for

Notting Hill, W.
Invalids and Children."
Highly commended by the entire Medica 1Press.

To SOLICITORS and Others.-A Fine Block Boing without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates, T of OFFICES in Chancery-lane to be Sold at about half their Jeeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas value.-Apply to Messrs. PRIOR & NEWSON, 57, Lincoln's-inn-fields, , TRICKENED yet WBAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER

W.C. than such Mixtures.

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break. fast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.

W ANTED, after the Long Vacation, an ExperiCOCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest

V enced Unadmitted Managing Clerk in Chancery Division Mapilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is pro

Practice.- Apply to A. B., care of Mr. Eyre, Law Stationer, 14, hibited.

Now-square, Lincoln's-inn, W.O., stating full particulars of former In tin packets at 18, 6d., 38., 5s. 6d., &c., by Chomists and Grocers,

employment, salary required, &c. Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, A. SCHWEITZER & co., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. INEXPENSIVE EDUCATION for Sons of Gen

T tlemen.-Two or more brothers received in a High-class School at twenty-four guineas per annum each. Everything good and

thorough, education, diet, care, &c.-Address, Rev. WARDEN, care THE ORIGINAL (1876) NON-ALCOHOLIC SPARKLING of Mr. Berry, 29, Paternoster-square, E.C.




DENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent, begs to

I direct the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages OZONE. – HEDOZONE IS A GRATEFUL! of his long experience of upwards of thirty years, in the special inser. REFRESHMENT.

tion of all pro forma notices, &c., and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. One copy of advertisement only required, and the strictest care and promptitude assured. Official stamped forms fo

advertisement and file of “ London Gazetto” kept. By appointmen EDOZONE. IT WILL SUSTAIN THE WORKER, RE - ANIMATE THE WEARY,


1 (issued Monthly), containing full particulars of Advowsons,

Presentations, &c., for Sale, together with useful advice to purAND RESTORE THE INVALID.

chasers, should be referred to by every purchaser. Edited by Mr. W. EMERY STARK (Associate Institute of Actuaries, F.R.G.S..

&c.). --Address (enclosing six stamps), Messrs. W. EMERY STARKOf Chemists, Wine Merchants, and Grocers.

3, Bedford-street, Strand. Manufacturers: PÁCKHAM & Co. (Limited), Croydon



MR. ALBERT GIBSON, Solicitor (Honours),

M Author of "Aids to the Final,”; “Aids to the Intermediate," “Complete Guide to Stephen's Commentaries,” &c. &c., holds

classes for these Examinations throughout the year, except during BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT,

a few weeks in Summer. Students should join three months 19 Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench

before their Examination, Fee 12 guineas. Students are also care

fully prepared by means of correspondence through the post. For Corporation of London, &c.

full particulars apply to 35, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane. SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS,

[N.B.-At the last Final (June, 1891) out of 26 pupils 24 BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNSEL'S DITTO,

passed, and at the Honours Èxamination 2 of the 6 Prizemen CORPORATION ROBES UNIVERSITY & CLERGY GOWNS,

were pupils of Mr. Gibson, and 2 other pupils were in the list.

This makes 62 successful out of 67 sent up this year, and 17 ESTABLISHED 1689.

successful in Honours, including a 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th Prize94, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.






Early application is invited for Shares in the following:



The remainder

Capital £25,000 in 25,000 Shares of £1 each.-28. 6d. on Application, 28. 6d. on Allotment.

in Calls of 28. 6d. each, if required, at intervals of not less than one month.

SIR EDWARD LEE, F.S.A., 157, New Bond-street, London, W. T. S. MORRELL, Esq., 2, Tavistock-place, Russell-square, W
C. JENKIN JONES, Esq., 2, Storey's-gate, Westminster, s.w. | E. MATTHEWS, Esq., 57, Chancery-lane, w.C.

With power to add to their number..
AUDITOR. TANSLEY WITT, Esq., Lincoln's-inn-chambers, 40, Chancery-lane, w.O.

OFFICES.-NEW COURTS CHAMBERS, 57 and 58, Chancery-lane, W.C.

PROSPECTUS. This Company is started to extend to Professional and Business Authors and other engaged in literary pnrsuits will and in the Men in the several branches of its undertaking the advantages of working of the Company every advantage. excellence and economy now generally offered to the public in most | The Material used by the company is procured at first hand, and other commodities. It offers to Solicitors, Bankers, Accountant upon special terms from the Manufacturers, and of this arrangeEngineers, Architects, Public Companies, and Mercantile Houses a ment the Shareholders have the full benefit. means, not only of acquiring at the lowest rates all the various The Founder, a gentleman of large experience in every branch of articles included in the term “Stationery,” bat also of obtaining the Stationery, Printing, and Publishing Businesses, whose services through its channel economically and expeditiously, because at have been secured as Manager, transfers to the company the first hand, Printing, Lithographing, Engraving, Copying, Draught suitable premises now occupied by him, and agrees to find all ing, and other works required.

legal and other expenses up to allotment in consideration of reThe Company is prepared, as the subjoined particulars show, to ceiving £500 in cash and one thousand fully paid-up shares of the enable its customers to effect a considerable economy, and is able Company. Save as above no promotion money has or will be with confidence to offer to Investors a safe and satisfactory return paid. for their capital. It is estimated that for Printing the prices will be In the event of no allotment being made, the deposit will be re15 to 25 per cent. less than those usually charged; for Copying 25 turned in full without deduction. per cent. less ; for Draughting and Engineers' work 25 per cent.; and Shareholders desiring to discharge their whole liability at once for Law ard general Manufactured Stationery from 15 to 25 per cent. can pay up their shares in full, and will receive interest at 5 per cent.

The following list shows the various departments into which the per annum on the uncalled capital. work of the Company is classed :

The only agreement is one dated the 3rd day of June, 1881. 1. Law Stationery, Copying and Engrossing, Special Bank carrying out the above-mentioned arrangement, which can be seen ruptcy and Judicature Forms.

together with the Memorandum and Articles of Association at the 2. Drawing Materials and all requisites for the offices of Offices of the Company.

Architects, Engineers, and Surveyors.
3. General Banking and Commercial Stationery, including all

Stationery Forms for Companies.

To the Directors. 4. Letterpress Printing.

Gentlemen, Having paid to your Bankers the sum of £ 5. Lithographic Printing.

being the deposit upon application for shares, I hereby 6 Author's Copying, Publishing, and Advertising.

request you to allot me that number. Solicitors may rest assured that punctuality, secrecy, and dis

Name ........ patch will be the invariable rule in the Law Stationery Department,

Address ............. which will include a large assortment of original and revised Legal

Profession or occupation .. Forms printed in new and specially selected type.

Dato .............. Usual Signature ........... ........ .



OXFORD STREET (Corner of Vere-street), W.

Home and Foreign Insurances Effected.

WEST END OFFICES : 49 PALL MALL, LONDON. S.W. Sum insured in 1880, €262,745,653. LIGHTNING LOSSES, whether by Fire or Concussion, admitted. THE CITY OF LONDON FIRE INSURANCF FRANCIS B. RELTON, Secretary.



Capital, £1,000,000. Paid up, £100,000.

Claims promptly settled.

Alderman HENRY E. KNIGHT, Chairman,

L. C. PHILLIPS, General Manager. 50, REGENT STREET, and 14, CORNHILL, LONDON.

ESTABLISHED 1851, Existing Assurances exceed

.. £6,500,000 D I Β Κ Β Ε Ο Κ Β Α Ν Κ.Invested Funds

.. 2,124,711

Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane. Annual Income

279,852 Claimg Paid exceed

Current Accounts opened according to the usual practice of other

6,500,000 Bonuses Declared..

Bankers, and Interest allowed on the minimum monthly balances when .. 2,342,000

not drawn below £25. No commission charged for keeping Accounts. During the past year (1880) each main item has shown improve

The Bank also receivesmoney on Deposit at Three per cent. Interest, ment upon the preceding year.

repayable on demand. The Bank undertakes for its Customers, free of

charge, the custody of Deeds, writings, and other Securities and Valu1879.

ables; the collection of Bills of Exchange, Dividends, and Coupons; and

1880. New Premiums

the purchase and sale of Stocks and Shares. Letters of Credit and

£15,172 £18,845 Income ..

273,684 279,852

Circular Notes issued. Invested Funds..

2,077,215 2,124,711 A Pamphlet, with full particulars, on application. CHARLES STEVENS Secretary.


31st March, 1880. I AW UNION FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE U COMPANY. Chief Office-126, Chancery-lane, London, W.C.

QT. GEORGE'S HOSPITAL MEDICAL SCHOOL. The Funds in hand and Capital subscribed amount to upwards of

HYDE PARK CORNER, W. £1,600,000 sterling.

The Winter Session will commence on Monda. October 3rd. Chairman-JAMES CUDDON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Goldsmith

an Introductory Address by Mr. J. Warrington Haward, at 4 p.m. building, Temple.

The William Brown £100 and £10 Exhibitions are open to all Deputy-Chairman-C. PEMBERTOx, Esq. (Lee & Pembertons), Solici.

Perpetual Students. tor, 44, Lincoln's-inn-fields.

The Two Brackenbury Prizes of e30 each. Sir Charles Clarke's Every description of Fire and Life Insurance business transacted.

Prize. The Thompson Medal, The Treasurer's. Brodie, Acland, Whole World and Unconditional Life Policies granted at a slightly

Johnson, and General Proficiency Prizes are open to all Students. increased rate of Premium.

The appointments of House Physician and House Surgeon, of Policies of Insurance granted against the contingency of Issue

which there are four tenable each for one year, are awarded by comat moderate rates of Premium.

petition, and no charge is made by the Governors of the Hospital for Advances made on Mortgage of Life Interest and Reversions,

Board or Residence. whether absolute or contingent.

Clerkships and Dresserships and all the minor appointments are Prospectus, Copies of the Accounts as deposited with the Board

given without extra fees. of Trade, and every information sent on application to

A Prospectus of the School and further information may be ob

tained by personal application between 1 and 3 p.m., or by letter FRANK MOGEDY, Actuary and Secretary. addres el to Tus PEX, at the Hospital.

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............. 890





THE FRAUDS perpetrated by COLCLOUGH at Dublin LONDON, AUGUST 20, 1881.

bring home to solicitors in this country the fact that forged stamps may be in circulation, and that even in.

pressed stamps, and all the elaborate machinery of tellCONTENTS.

tales attached to the stamping machines, are no security

against forgery. 789


but purchased genuine adhesive stamps to the extent of SECURED CREDITOR IN ADMINISTRATION OF INSOLVEXT ESTATE 792 £3,600 in one year. The reason for this was, doubtless, RECENT DECISIONS........................................ 793

that the majority of the higher denominations of Judica. CORRESPONDENCE .......... CASES OF THE WEEK

ture stamps are required to be impressed. He was Province of Brescia Steam Tramway Company (Limited), In re 791

stamp distributor to the Queen's Bench Division of the Wheal Elizabeth Company (Limited) Silver Valley Mines (Limited).....

794 Irish High Court; hence even the purchase of stamps Yarmouth and Gorleston Tramways, Re........

794 at the offices of the court is no security. It is, we Webber, Re....


believe, understood that a measure will be passed this Anglo-Universal Bank v. Tramways and General Works Company, and Same v. Eaton .....

.............. 794 session to indemnify the purchasers of the stamps forged HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE .........



... ..... 795

795 SOCIETIES ........................


796 THE COURT OF APPEAL ....................... ............. 780 LEGAL APPOINTMENTS .........

797 COMPANIES .....

................. 797 A LETTER on the subject of the Court of Appeal appear. OBITUARY .............


ing in the Times of Thursday (whatever may be the true


significance of the not very doubtful signature) calls for LEGAL NEWS .........

attention, from the importance of its subject, the cogency LONDON GAZETTES, &c., &o........


of its reasoning, and the force with which the writer's PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES.

meaning is expressed. Yet it hardly says the last word

on the subject. The difficulty in the future administraCASES REPORTED IN THE WEEKLY REPORTER.

tion of appeal business which the writer foresees is the Barker, In re. (Lncy.) ...,

.................. 873 Bergmann v. Macmillan. (Ch.Div. Fry, J.) ...

cordial acceptance by the judges of the High Court of Blythe, A., Ex parte. (Bkcy.) ......


the distinction (a distinction which must now be conBosworth, In re. (Ch.Div. Fry, J.) ...... ............. ....... 885 sidered as finally settled) between their own position and Burden, Ex parte. In re Neil. (A

.................. 879 Cambrian Mining Company (Limited), In re The. Ex parte

powers, and the position and powers of the judges of the Fell. (Ch.Div. V.C.B.) ........

881 Court of Appeal. The first point of importance is that the Chandler v. Pocock. (App.) ....

877 business should be so administered as to avoid wounding Davis v. Treharne. (H.L.) .... Dryden's Settled Estates, In re. (Ch.Div. Fry, J.) .......


the susceptibilities of the judges of the High Court. No Eames v. Hacon. (App.) ......:

one would hesitate to agree to this, but it should be Exchange Banking Company (Limited), In re. Ramwell's case.

added that the point may be easily overstrained, and that (Ch.Div. V.C.B.). Fowler v. Odell. (Ch.Div. Fry, J.

.891 if the Court of Appeal were actuated by a stronger Futcher y. Futcher. (Ch.Div. Fry,

desire than at present to uphold the judgments appealed Gillingham v. Walker. (Q.B. Div.)

.................... 896 Glegg, Ex parte. In re Latham._(Bkcy.) ...........

against, instead of giving to each appeal its fair chance, Harlock v. Ashberry. (Ch.Div. Fry, J.) ..

the confidence which the public is now justly said to Harris, Ex parte. In re Richardson. (

repose in it would quickly vanish. But a more important “Maid of Kent," The. (Adm.Div.) . Mayor and Aldermen of London v. London Joint Stock Bank. point is the maintenance of the quality of the court at a (H.L.) .........

standard proportioned to its rank; a point which can Morrall v. Morrall. (Div.Div.) ..... Overseers, &c., of Woolwich, Appellants; Robertson, Respond

only be secured by making the position of a judge of ent. (Q.B.Div.) ..

the Court of Appeal such as to tempt the best Peters v. Lewes and East Grinstead Railway Company. (App.) 874 and strongest lawyers to accept it. Robertson v. Robertson and Favragossa. (App.) ..

To this end

880 Vicar of St. Mary, Wigton, Ex parte. (Ch.Div. Fry, J.)

883 it is proposed that the judges should be exempted Walters v. Walters. (Ch.Div. Fry, J.) ..

............. ...... 888 from the duty of travelling circuit, except on emerWilkinson, In the Goods of. (Prob.Dív.) ..


gencies, and that the salary should be increased. Upon the second branch of this proposition we believe there will be a very general concurrence of opinion, and it will be harder to show why the present Lords Justices should

receive less than was paid to their predecessors in name LORD CAIRNS on Friday week accepted the Commons'

and rank, than to show why they should not receive as amendments to the Conveyancing and Law of Property

much as was paid to the Chief Justice of the Common Bill, and they were agreed to by the House of Lords.

Pleas. As to the first point there is room for much greater At the same time the Commons' amendments to the

difference of opinion-as things now stand. It would Solicitors' Remuneration Bill were agreed to, and we may

be in the highest degree inconvenient if the Court of expect both these important measures to receive the

Appeal from cases in the Queen's Bench Division conRoyal assent almost immediately.

tinued to sit and hear appeals while the counsel engaged upon them were absent on circuit; and if these appeals

stand over, there remains no work in town for one-half THE VACATION BUSINESS bids fair to surpass in extent of the Court of Appeal to do. But, further, the whole the work of any previous vacation. Complaints have circuit system is in a transitional stage. The process of already appeared in the daily papers that, on the first centralization has but just commenced; it must be folday the Vacation Judge sat in chambers, many lowed inevitably by some kind of localization. This must summonses were adjourned for want of time to hear materially affect the present practice; but it will develop them. The list of motions before the Vacation Judge and determine its own shape in the progress of the on Wednesday last was so great that, we believe, the change; and it would be premature to make at present question of two sittings a week in court has been mooted. alterations which might, and probably would, have to be




.................. 887

............ 899

...... 897


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again altered, and to discuss and determine questions say, "Nor could a court of equity, any more than a court and difficulties which will probably settle themselves. of law, compel a man to make a will in accordance with Lastly, there is a point in the letter which calls for dis. | any promise or agreement previously given or entered tinct notice. It seems the design of the writer to bring into by bim. But there is a further objection to the it about that a court of three judges of the High Court claim of the defendant to have a declaration as against should acquiesce in having their decisione overruled by a the plaintiff that she is entitled to a life interest in the court of three judges of the Court of Appeal. We have Manor House Farm. She is claiming to have the same no desire that a court of three judges should any longer benefit as if Thomas Alderson had made a will in her have the opportunity of exercising this act of patience. favour. Mr. Justice STEPHEN pointed out in his judgment The judges will have much less difficulty in seeing their that to contend that Alderson's heir-at-law was estopped single and separate decisions so overruled ; and we trust by Alderson's conduct from disputing the validity of the that the day is not very far distant when the shadowy unattested document would be to repeal the Statute of remnants of divisional courts will (together with their Wills. It appears to us that to give the same effect to a ugly name) be no longer known except to history. man's promise or agreement to make a will as to a will

made by him in pursuance of such promise or agree

ment would be in direct contravention of the provisions WE MUST CONFESS that we are glad to see that the

of the statute.” This language seems plainly to indicate decision of STEPHEN, J., in Alderson v. Maddison (29

that the court would not have agreed with the judgment W. R. 556, L. R. 5 Ex. D. 293) has been reversed by

of STEPHEN, J., quite apart from the question of the Court of Appeal (L. R. 7 Q. B. D. 174). We took | part performance. occasion to question that decision at the time when it was pronounced, on grounds which, though somewhat different from those upon which the Court of Appeal THE REPORT of the Comptroller and Auditor-General proceeded, are nevertheless of a very cognate character. on Cbancery Funds, to which we shortly referred last The plaintiff, as heir-at-law of an intestate, claimed the week, is accompanied by the account of the Chancery title deeds of the intestate's land of which the defendant Paymaster of his receipts and expenditure on behalf of had taken possession. The defendant counter-claimed a the Chancery Division and of the National Debt Com. declaration that she was entitled to a life estate in the missioners' Chancery Funds. It appears that on the land. The case she set up was that the intestate hadi 1st of September, 1879, there were in court, the property nduced her to serve him as housekeeper during his of suitors, securities of the value of £69,083,526 6s. 4d., life for many years by a verbal promise to leave her a life and cash amounting to £5,029,454 195. 9d. During the interest in the land by his will. STEPHEN, J., de- | year these amounts were increased by £9,282,534 188. in cided that there had been such a promise in fact, and securities of that value, and £12,108,976 68. 4d. in that though such a promise would be within the Statute cash, amounting (adding securities and cash together) of Frauds, there was complete performance on the de- , to a total in value of £95,504,487 9s. 5d., and this is in fendant's part, which took the case out of the statute. addition to large amounts of stock expressed in the He therefore gave judgment for the defendant. The currency of other countries. In the course of the year question as to part performance was not much discussed succeeding the 1st of September, 1879, the Paymaster in the court below, the main point there argued transferred out of court £8,491,238 13s. 7d. in securities, being the question whether there was anything amount. į and paid out $11,904,410 10s. 9d. in cash, so that, at the ing to a contract to make the devise for life. We are | end of the year—that is to say, on the 31st of Angust, very much opposed to this notion of a contract to give | 1880—the funds in court amounted to £69,874,822 9s. 9d. un estate by will. We cannot conceive a more dangerous in securities, and £5,234,015 159. 4d. in cash, making a doctrine than that a verbal promise of this sort | total of £75,108,838 5s. 1d., in addition to the beforeshould be valid. It would frequently depend upon the | mentioned amounts expressed in foreign currencies. uncorroborated testimony of an extremely interested The increase of the funds of suitors in the Chancery person, who could not be contradicted because the other Division during the year was upwards of £995,856. Ten party to the supposed bargain was dead. A case of this years ago the amount of securities and cash in court sort is certainly one which involves, in a most aggravated | was £60,904,959. In addition to the securities and cash form, the mischief against which the Statute of Frauds in court, of which the amount is known, there is a was directed. We are, therefore, glad that the Court of vast amount of property contained in boxes deposited Appeal have seen their way to reversing the decision of in the Bank of England, which consists principally STEPHEN, J., on the question of part performance, of securities. There is little contained in the report of a question which he dismissed in a few words. The | the Comptroller and Auditor-General which is of more Court of Appeal (BRAMWELL, BAGGALLAY, and BRETT, than passing interest. The number of accounts in the L.JJ.) have held that the acts of part performance which books was 35,545; ten years ago there were only 29,253. are sufficient to exclude the operation of the statute The number of drafts paid was 52,387, and there were must be acts unequivocally referable to the agree

14,336 transactions occasioned by deposit accounts. ment-that, in other words, there must be a necessary Ten years ago there were 49,252 cheques drawn, but at connection between the acts of part performance and that time there were no deposit accounts. the interest in the land which is the alleged subject. matter of the agreement; it is not sufficient that the acts are consistent with the existence of such an agreement, or THE COMPTROLLER, in his report, mentions cases in that they suggest or indicate the existence of some agree. which, through the failure of solicitors to carry orders ment, unless such agreement has reference to the subject. | into the Paymaster's Office, funds under those orders bave matter. In the case of Alderson v. Maddison it is obvious been dealt with by subsequent orders which have been that the continued service of the defendant was not neces brought in, thus causing what was, in fact, a misapprosarily referable to the alleged contract, but might have priation of funds, which must be set right at some time, been the consequence of mere expectation on her part, but how this is to be done remains to be solved. He also founded possibly on some representation made by the in complains that no progress has been made since last year testate of his testamentary intentions, not amounting | in carrying over small balances under £5, pursuant to to a contract. The court having decided that there was rule 92 of the Chancery Funds Consolidated Rules, 1874, no part performance, inasmuch as the case was clearly to a separate account. This work should, now that the within the Statute of Frauds this decision obviously Paymaster's staff has been increased, be got on with at disposed of the case; but the court made use of expres once, so as to disencumber the books of accounts which sions which seem to us distinctly to negative the legal are never likely to be drawn on. The Comptroller winds validity of a contract to make a particular devise. They | up his report by a complaint of the insufficiency of hi8

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