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Howard.—Oct. IS, at Beckenham Lodge, Beokenham, the wife of Henry Blunt

Howard, barrister-at-law, of a aon. Lincoln.—Oct. 18, at Croydon, the wife of John George Lincoln, solid tor, of a


Magpueesos.—Oct. 19, at Glenavon, Clifton Down, Bristol, the wife of John

Maopherson, barriater-at-law, of a daughter. Millar.—Oct. 23. at 50, Kensington-gardens-sqnare, the wife of Frederick

Charles James Millar, Q.C., of a daughter. Morris.—Oct. 20, at Roseneatb, Thurlow-park-road, West Dulwioh, S.E., the

wife of Francis Wyld Morris, solicitor, of a daughter.


Allin.—Oct. 19, at Winston Vicarage, Suffolk, Mundeford Allen, solicitor, aged



Fsibat, Oct. 20,1882. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proof of debts to the To Surrender in London. Goodman, George Barry, Cromwell rd, South Kensington. Pot Oct 18. Murray. Oct 31 at 11.30

Harman, Henry, Cromwell tor, Paddington, Tailor. Pet Oct 19. Hazlitt. Oct 31 at 12.30

Tilley, Samuel, Tower chmbrs, Moorgate st. Solicitor. Pet Oot 18. Murray. Nov 1 at 12

To Surrender in the Country Baillie, Emily Eliza, Sandown, Isle of Wight. Pet Oct 17. Blake. Newport, Not 8 at 12 Bleasdale, Charles, Barrow-in-Furness, Licensed Victualler. Pet Sept 20. Postle

thwaite. Barrow-in-Furness, Nov 3 at 12 Edwards, James Charles, Norwioh, Solicitor's Clerk. Pet Oot 17. Cooke. Norwich,

Oct 31 at 12

Johnson, William, North End, Croydon, Dealer in Berlin Wools. Pet Sept 19. Rowland. Croydon, Oct 31 at 11

Kemp, Saul, Manchester, Hairdresser. Pet Oct 17. Kay. Manchester, Nov 6 at 12 Linney, George, Bradford, York, Indiarubber Merchant. Pet Oct 16. Lee. Bradford. Nov 3 at 12

Maudson, Joseph Walker, Sheffield, Harmonium Manufacturer. Pet Oct 17. Wake. Sheffield, Nov 1 at 2

Robinson, George Mulrhead, Sunderland, Durham, Draper. Pet Oct 16. Ellis.

Sunderland, Nov 2 at 12.30 Smith, John, Newstead, Nottingham, Collier. Pet Oot 13. Patchitt. Nottingham,

Nov 3 at 3

Vearncombe, William, Aston, Birmingham, Boot Dealer. Pet Oct 18. Cole. Birmingham, Nov 2 at 3

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1882. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Griffin, Charles Mailes, Colchester ter, Stratford, Shop-front Builder. Pet Oot 20. Murray. Nov 7 at 11

Smith, Robert, Exmouth st, Commercial rd East, Credit Draper. Pet Oot 20. Murray. Nov 8 at 12

To Surrender in the Country.

Dyson, George, Bradford, York, out of business. Pet Oct 21. Loe. Bradford, Nov 7 at 12

Fennemore, Daniel, Framfiold, Sussex, Butcher. Pet Oot 21. Blaker. Lewes, Nov 4 at 10.30

Gray, William, York. Pet Oct 17. Perkins. York, Nov 8 at 10

Bchofleld, William, Liverpool, Builder. Pet Oct 20. Bellringer. Liverpool, Nov 6 at 12


Fsiday, Oct. 20, 188?.

Ohetwynfl, Arthur, Rugeley, Stafford, Gent. Oot 10

Reed, John Foster, York place. Portman sq, Barrister-at-Law. Oct 18

Wood, Richard J , Hatherley grove, Wostbourne grove. Oct 7

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1S82.
Lemay, Allan, Blackman st, Newington, Hosier. Oct 18
Livingston, Robert, Liverpool. Oct 20

Liquidations by Arrangement.
Fbidat, Oct. 20,1882.

Bamett, John, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Butcher. Nov 4 at 3 at office of Batchelor and Co,
St Mary st, Cardiff

Barton, Arthur, Nottingham, Straw Hat Manufacturer. Nov 7 at 3 at office of Buckley Gresham chmbrs, Benstmarket hill, Nottingham » Bebr, Moritz, Sinclair rd West, Kensington pk, engaged in Literary Pursuite. October

27 at 11 at office of Hart and Co, Moorgate st. Rawlins, Poultry chmbrs Berry, Samuel, Ippleden, Dovon, Farmer. Nov 3 at 12 at Major's Commercial Hotel, Newton Abbot, Devon."' "1'

, Newton Abbot

1 Agent. Nov 2 at 3 at office of Crofton,

Betts, John, jun., Manchester,

Brazennose st, Manchester Blakey, George Joshua, Halifax, York, Woollen Merchant. Nov 6 at 3 at office of

Longbottom, Carlton st, Halifax Bradley, Harry Herbert, Dewsbury, York, Tailor. Nov 2 at 10 at office of Shaw, Bond

st, Dewsbury

Brassington, William, Crewe, Chester, Grocer. Nov 1 at 11 at Albert chmbrs, Church Side, Crewe. Pointon, Crewe

Briggs, John Booth, Bradford, York, Grocer. Nov 2 at 11 at office of Beverley and Freeman, Hustlergate, Bradford

Bullard, William, Liverpool, Cigar Manufacturer. Nov 4 at 11 at office of Haines, Cannon st. Paynter, Birkenhead

Bntterworth, Ellis, Rochdale, Lancaster, Engineer. Nov 2 at 2.30 at White Swan Inn, Yorkshire st, Rochdale

Carr, Harold James, Newcastle upon Tyne, Draper's Assistant. Nov 1 at 2 at office of Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle upon Tyne

Catt, Joseph, Boxley, Kent, Farmer. Oct 31 at 12 at office of Storming, Earl st, Maidstone

Chadwick, Norris, Todmorden, York, Boot Dealer, Nov 6 at 3 at office of Craven, Strand, Todmorden

Cbalener, Richard, Boekonham, Kent, Builder. Nov 15 at 3 at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Thomson and Ward, Bedford row Cockrell, John William, and Charles Mo Vicar, Paternoster sq, Stationers. Oct 84 at 3

at 268, High Holborn. Peyton, Cheapsido Curtis, George, Longburton, Dorset, Smith. Oot 31 at 12.30 at offioe of Davies, New

land house, 8herborne Curzon, William Deacon, Birmingham, Publisher. Nov 1 at 3 at office of Barlow and

Co, Waterloo st, Birmingham Dent, John, Newark upon Trent, Farmer. Nov 3 at 3 at office of Pratt and Hodgkin.

son, Newark upon Trent Earwaker, John Mabberley, Tufton Warren, Southampton, Farmer. Nov 3 at 11 at

White Hart Hotel, Whitchurch. Clarke Elsworth, Robert, and James Elsworth, 8nainton, York, Farmers. Nov 1 at 11 at offioe

of Jackson, Malton

Fielding, Ann. Rochdale, Lancaster, Innkooper. Nov 6 at 3 at offioe of Molesworth,

Drake st, Rochdale

Foster, Thomas, Foleshill, nr Coventry, Warwick, Sowing Machine Dealer. Nov 9 at

2 at 17, Little Park st, Coventry. Homer, Coventry Frank, Richard David, Old Change, Cloth Merchant. Nov 6 at 3 at Cannon st Hotel,

Cannon st. Harte, Moorgate st Frank, William, Philpot lane. Merchant. Nov 1 at 3 at Cannon at Hotel, Cannon st.

Hollams and Co, Minoing lane Freeman, Ambrose, Rugby, Warwick, Corn Merchant. Nov 1 at 3 at office of Gledhill,

North st, Rugby

Fryer, James, Lower Tranmere, Chester, Butcher. Nov 4 at 1) at offioe of Blackhurst

and Fretson, Dale st, Liverpool Gladwell, Henry William, Ipswich, Suffolk, Builder. Nov 3 at 11.30 at Eastern

Traders' Association, Post Office chmbrs, Princess st, Ipswich. Daniel and Son,


Gledsdale, William, Toxteth Park, nr Liverpool, Baker. Nov 2 at 2 at office of

Quilliam, Whitechapel, Liverpool. Riley, Liverpool Goodwin, Samuel, Huddersfield, York, Fruit Salesman. Nov 3 at 11 at office of Whit

ley and Whitley, New st, Huddersfield Griffin, Edward, Anstey, Leicester, Boot Maker. Nov 8 at 3 at offioe of Hincks, Bowling

Green st, Leicester

Haley, John, Calverley, York, Licensed Victualler. Nov 3 at 11 at offices of Wilkinson, Kirkgate, Bradford

Harker, Richard AUanson, Long Benton, Northumberland, Joiner. Oot 31 at 3 at

offices of Stanford, CoUingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Harrison, Henry, and James Reading, Winchester, Builders. Oot 80 at 2,30 at offices nf

Bell and Taylor, Above Bar, Southampton Hayter, Meshoch William, Ringwood, Hants, Grocer. Nov 10 at 2 at the Crown Hotel,

Ringwood. Angell and Co, Gresham st Henderson, Christopher, Hoylake, Chester, Chemist. Nov 2 at 2 at offices of Bleakloy

and Downham, Birkenhead Herbert,Charles, Earl Shilton, Leicester, Farmer. Nov 3 at 4 at Greyhound Hotel,

Hinckley. Oram and Co, Leicester Hewett, Joseph Napoleon, Saint Lawrence, of no oocupation. Nov 2 at 12 at offices of

Burrows, High st, Ramsgate Hicks, Joseph, sen., Seven Sisters' rd, Finsbury Park, Boot and Shoe Maker. Nov 1 at

2 at offices of Child, South sq. Gray's inn Holway, Robert, Swansea, Glamorgan, Brewer's Clerk. Oct 28 at 11 at offices of Evans

and Davies, Wind st, Swansea Horsfall, Godfrey, Liversodge, York, Licensed Victualler. Nov 2 at 11 at offices of

Clough, Railway st, Clockheaton Howden, Isaac, Lincoln, Baker. Nov 1 at 11 at offices of Page, Jun, Floxengnto, Lincoln Huntley, William, Swansea, Glamorgan, Boot and Shoe Maker. Oct 27 at 3.30 at office

of Parsons, Highst, Bristol. Thomas, Swansea Ion, John, Egremont, Chester, Joiner. Nov 6 at 2 at office of Bradley, York bldgn.

Dale st, Liverpool

Jabet, Thomas Francis, Birmingham, Architeot. Oct 31 at 11 at office of Eoden,

Bennett's hill, Birmingham Jackson, Hannah, Lincoln, Dress Maker. Oct 30 at 12 at office of Swan and Bourne,

Silver st, Lincoln

Jackson, William, Horbury bridge, Wakefield, Draper. Nov 6 at 3 at office of Burton,

New st, Ossett

Joel, Lewis, and Gustave Deal, Coventry, Watch Manufacturers. Oct 30 at 1 at Great

Western Hotel, Birmingham. Dewes and Co, Coventry Johnson, Frederick, Locks Grange, Spondon, Derby, Farmer. Nov 7 at 3 at office of

Hextall, Full st, Derby Johnson, Herbert Thomas Pront, Chatham, Kent, out of business. Oct 30 at 3 at office

of Norman, High st, Chatham Jones, David, High st, Marylebone, Grocer. Nov 3 at 3 at office of Reynolds, Furnival's

inn, Holborn

Jones, John David, Mold, Flint, Timber Merchant. Nov 2 at 1 at Law Association

Rooms, Cook st, Liverpool. Kelly and Keene. Jones, Thomas Henry, Holywoll, Flint, Inukeoper. Nov 8 at 2 at offioe of Cope, Bryn

ford Bt, Holywell

Joyce, Benjamin, High Easter, Essex, Poulterer. Nov 13 at 10.30 at offices of Tanner,

Circus place, Finsbury place Kennett, John, Dunloce rd, Clapton, out of employment. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of Rat

cliffe, Bishopsgato st within Kershaw, Thomas, Halifax, York, Commission Agent. Nov 3 at 12 at offices of Rhodes,

Crown st, Halifax

Kinzett, Emma Elizabeth, and Thomas Henry Bennott, Fitchctts ot, Noble st. Bead

Trimming Manufacturers. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of Robinson and Leslie, Coleman St.

Lumloy and Lumlcy, Old Jewry chmbrs Lecomte, Kaonl Fouqueret, and Thomas Tilley, Spring grove, Isleworth, Market

Gardeners. Oct 30 at 3 at offices of Cooper and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Littlewood, Byram, Huddersfield, Mungo Merchant. Nov 6 at 3 at offices of Mills and

Bibby, Estate bldgs, Railway st, Huddersfield Lucas, Edward, Liverpool, Slater. Nov 2 at 2 at offices of Browne, Westminster chmbrs,

Crosshall st, Liverpool Maben, John, Birkenhead, Chester, Fish Curer. Nov 3 at 11 at offices of Thompson,

Hamilton st, Birkonheftd McCullum, Archibald, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, out of business. Oct 31 at 3 at offices of

Johnston, Mosloy st, Nowcastle-upon-Tyno McKonzie, Andrew, Matlock Bath, Derby, Draper. Nov 9 at 3 at the Bell Hotel, Derby.

Skidmore, Matlock Bridge

cLellan, David, Workington, Cumberland, Draper. Nov 3 at 1.30 at offices of Mason

and Thompson, Duke st, Whitehaven Marsden, Henry, Malvern, Worcester, Boot Maker. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of Parr and

Hayes, Colmore row, Birmingham Metcalf, William, and Joseph Hirst, Ossett, York, Rag and Mungo Merchants. Nov 2

at 11 at the Scarborough Hotel, Market pi, Dowsbury. Kemp, Wakefield Nash, Jonathan, North row, Covent garden, Salesman. Nov 0 at 1 at offices of Yewdall

and Son, Henrietta st, Covent garden Nixon, George, Newcastle under Lyme, Stafford, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Nov 2

at 11 at offices of Turner, Bagnall st, Newcastle under Lyme Ostlo, Henry, Dearham, Cumberland, Licensed Victualler. Nov 2 at 11 at offices of

Collin, Kirkby st, Maryport Pack, George, Lenham, Kent, Grocer. Nov 7 at 11 at offices of Gibson, West st,


Paine, Charles Nathaniel, Lordship lane, Dulwich, Baker. Nov 10 at 2 at offices oE

Attenborough, St Paul's Churchyard Partridge, Thomas, Axminster, Devon, Colliery Agent. Nov 0 at 1 at the Swan Hotel,

Bridge st, Bristol. Wilton, Colyton, Devon Potter, John, Dudley, Worcester, Engineer. Oct 31 at 4 at offices of Stokes and Hooper

Priory st, Dudley

Pulford, George, Gt Yarmouth, Cheesemonger. Nor 2 at 2 at offices of Linklater and Co, Walbrook

Reynolds, Lorenzo Jen-eel, Norwich. Nov 2 at 12 at offices of Bavin and Daynes,

Exchange st, Norwich Robinson, Samuel, Wandsworth rd, Oil and Colour Man. Oct 27 at 12 at offices of Ody,

Btackf riars rd

Roaser, David, jun, Tonna Aberdylais, nr Neath, Glamorgan, Grocer. Nov 2 at 3 at

offices of Harvey and Co, Fisher st, Swansea. Sims, Neath Routledge, Joseph, Penrith, Cumberland, Innkeeper. Nov 2 at 11 at the White Horse

Hotel, Great Dockray, Penrith. Hodgson, Carlisle Scambler, Richard, Weddicar, Cumberland, Grocer. Oct 31 at 10 at offices of Atkinson

and Collins, Union Hall, Whitehaven Scholes, William, Liversedge, York, Card Manufacturer. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of

Clough, Railway st, Cleckheaton Shaw, Benjamin, and Samuel Shaw, Lotherton-cum-Aberford, York, Wine and Spirit

Merchants. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of Horner and Edmondson, Wood st, Wakefield Shorrock, Eccles, Ralph Shorrock Ashton, and William Shorrock Ashton, Over Darwen,

Lancaster, Cotton Spinners. Nov 2at Hat the Mitre Hotel, Cathedral Gates, Manchester. Costeker, Over Darwen Simmons, Nimrod, Clifton, Bristol, Builder. Nov 1 at 12 at offices of Collins, Broad st,

Bristol. Ward, Bristol Slater, George, South Stockton, York, Butcher. Oct 27 at 3 at offices of Best, High st,

Stockton on Tees

Smith, William Charles, the younger. Old Kent rd, Southwark, Provision Merchant.

Oct 31 at 3 at offices of Bordman and Co, Victoria House, Trinity st, Southwark Snow, William, Leicester, Butcher. Nov 8 at 12 at offices of Hincks, Bowling Green

st, Leicester

Soper, John Browne, Bridgewater, Somerset, Grocer. Nov 7 at 12.30 at Grand Hotel,

Broad st, Bristol. Reed and Cook, Bridgewater Spill, George Henry Avery, and Horatio Spill, Mile End rd. Waterproof Clothing

Manufacturers. Nov 2 at 3 at St Michael's Hall, George yard, Lombard st. Gasquet

and Metcalfe, Idol lane, Gt Tower st Stewart, William James, Gorton, Lancaster, Grocer. Nov 7 at 3 at office of Chorlton,

Brazennose st, Manchester
Stowe, Henry, Leicester, Pawnbroker. Nov 3 at 2 at Wellington Hotel, Granby st,

Leicester. Pullan, Leeds
Stowe, Charles Milner, Leicester, Pawnbroker. Nov 1 at 3 at office of Hincks, Bowling

Green st, Leicester

Thomas, John, Redruth, Cornwall, Auctioneer. Nov 2 at 11 at 4, Station Hill, Redruth. Bray, Redruth

Thompson, James, and James Thompson Haddon, Bradford, Wool Merchants. Nov 3

at 11 at office of Mumford, Yorkshire Bank chbrs, Bank st, Bradford Thurston, James, Plaistow, Essex, Boot Maker. Oct 27 at 12 at office of Harvey and

Co, Old Jewry. Bennett, Gresham bldgs
Tidswell, John Wright, Bridlington, York, Innkeeper. Nov 6 at 3 at at office of Ledger,

Cliff st, Bridlington Quay
Tollick, Robert, Swansea, Glamorgan, Grocer. Nov 1 at 3 at office of Thomas, York

pi, Swansea

Toogood, John, Castle Cary, Somerset, Butcher. Nov 2 at 3 at George Hotel, Castle Cary. Buss

Tuck, Charles, Commerce pi, Dulwich, Ironmonger. Oct 27 at 3 at Windmill Tavern,

New Park st, Southwark. Whitmarsh, Finsbury sq bldgs, Chiswell st Varley, John, Clayton de Moors, Lancaster, Iron Worker. Nov 8 at 10.30 at Old Bull

Hotel, Church st, Blackburn. Eastham, Olitheroe Walton, Thomas, Birkenhead, Chester, Baker. Nov 2 at 2 at office of Thompson and

Simm, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead. Bleakley and Downham, Birkenhead Watts, Bonjamin, St George's rd, Peckham, Grocer. Nov 1 at 3 at office of Cooper and

Co. Lincoln's inn fields Webb, Frederick John, Great Wakering, Essex, Draper. Nov 6 at 2 at office of Rooke,

Lincoln's inn fields. Wood, Rochford Whittaker, William Raynor, Oldham, Lancaster, Mill Furnisher. Nov 1 at 3 at offices

of Watson, Church lane, Oldham Wilde, James, Too Brook, near Liverpool, Lime Merchant. Nov 2 at 3 at offices of

Quilliam and Carruthers, Elliott st, Liverpool Wood, Benjamin, Oldswinford, Worcester, Ironfoundcr. Oct 31 at 12 at Talbot Hotel,

High st, Stourbridge. Colls, Stourbridge Yates, William, Brailsford, Derby, Farmer. Nov 3 at 3 at offices of Briggs, Amen alley,


Tuesday, Oct. 24, 1882.

Aspin, Robert, Blackburn, Lancastor, Grocer. Nov 7 at 3 at White Bear Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester. Hall, Blackburn

Aylen, Samuel, Brighton, Bookseller. Nov 8 at 12 at office of Ladbury and Co, Cheapside. Woods and Dempster, Brighton

Baker, Gabriel, Kastville, Gloucester, Builder. Nov 6 at 12 at office of Anstey, John st, Bristol. Salisbury, Bristol

Barber, James Stead, Dewsbury, York, Hatter. Nov 0 at 10.30 at Batley Station Hotel, Batley. Shaw, Dewsbury

Barker, John, Tyldesley, Lancaster, Grocer. Nov 11 at 11 at office of Whittingham and Whittingham, Church st, Leigh

Bartlett, Richard, Brinklow, Warwick, Farmer. Nov 10 at 11 at 17, Littlo Park st, Coventry. Wratislaw, Rugby

Bath, Francis, Railton rd, Heme Hill, Gas Fitter. Nov 11 at 12 at offlco of Reader, Ely pi, Holborn

Bell, John, Whitehaven, Cumberland, Grocer. Nov 7 at 2 at offlco of Pickering, Roper st, Whitehaven

Bottomley, John, Crosshills, York, Plumber. Nov 8 at 3 at Midland Hotel, Skipton. Wright, Skipton

Bottomley, Thomas, Crosshills, York, Plumber. Nov 8 at 2.30 at Midland Hotel, Skip.

ton. Wright, Skipton Bott, Joseph, Tipton, Stafford, Hingo Manufacturer. Nov 7 at 11 at offices of Travis,

Church lane, Tipton

Bound, George Gray, Chislehurst, Kent, Butcher. Nov 3 at 2 nt offices of Rae, Mincing lane

Brereton, Thomas Harvey, Ipswich, Suffolk, Mineral Water Manufacturer. Nov 10 at

2 at offices of Pollard, Lawrence st, Ipswich Bright, Benjamin, Colwall, Hereford, Ks<j. Nov 7 at 12 at Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn.

Wansey, Bristol

Brothers, Alfred, Manchester, Photographic Artist. Nov 10 at 3 at Star Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester. Creeke and Co

Chown, Alfred, Halifax, York, Tea Dealor. Nov 6 at 3 at offices of Craven and Sunderland, New st, Huddorsfleld

Clark, Charles John, Melcombe Regis, Dorset, Licensed Victualler. Nov 0 at 12 at the offices if Bowen, East st, Melcombe Regis

Clarke, James, Broseley, Salop, Cabinet Maker. Nov 6 at 10.30 at Lion Hotel, Broseley

Collard, Stephen, Dover, Kent, Greengrocer. Nov 3 at 2 at 32, Clarendon st, Dover. Minter, Folkestone

Cook, James, Bristol, Baker. Oct 31 at 11 at offices of Nurse, Corn st, Bristol

Cutting, William, Glenthorpo rd, New Southgate, Builder. Nov 7 at 2 at tho offices of

Denton and Co, Gray's inn so Dyer. William, Trowbridge, Wilts, Tailor. Nov 8 at 11 at offices of Mann and Rodway,

Union st, Trowbridge

Etchos, Frank Nelson, Nottingham, Clothier. Nov 13 at 11 at office of Maples and

McCraith, Low pavement, Nottingham Everard, Thomas. Lynstod, Kent, Market Gardener. Nov 10 at 11 at office of Gibson,

West st, Sittingbourne Farter, (ieorge Joseph, Bristol, Butter Salesman. Nov 1 at 11 at office of Nurse, Com

st, Bristol

Farrar, Harrison, and Samuel Fnrrar, Tudsey, nr Leeds, Cloth Manufacturers. Nov 8 at 3 at office of Routh and Co, Commercial bldgs, Park row, Leeds. Can-, Leeds

Maker. Nov 6 at 12 at office of Poet,

Finsberg, Harris, Cardiff, Furniture Dealer. Nov 9 at 12 at office of Morgan. Mill at,


Flavell, Charles Isaac John, Birmingham, out of business. Nov 7 at 12 at office of Peet, Newhall st, Birmingham

Gall, John Robert, Lowestoft, Grocer. Nov 8 at 12 at office of Seago, High st, Lowestoft

Gibson, Edward, Arlesdon, Cumberland, Grocer. Nov 6 at 12 at office of Mason and

Thompson, Duke st, Whitehaven Gosling, Alfred, Birmingham, Auctioneer. Nov 4 at 11 at office of Rose, Cherry st,


Green, Granville George Jamos, Darlaston, Stafford, Beer Retailer. Nov 3 at 11 at

office of Vaughan, Walsall st, Willenhall Grimsteed, Edwin James, Rodney Stoke, Somerset, Farmer. Nov 4 at 12 at office of

Hobbs, Chamberlain st. Wells Gutkaess, Otto, Milbrook rd, Edmonton, Carver. Nov 4 at 12 at 13 Moorgate st. Kent,


Hall, Edward, Netherton, Worcester, Draper. Nov 3 at 3 at office of Jacques, Temple row, Birmingham

Harlow, Robert, Mutrix, Margate, Kent, Fly Proprietor. Nov 7 at 11 at office of Parry,

Harbour st, Ramsgate Hirons, George, Leamington Priors, Warwick, Builder. Nor 6 at 11 at Manor House

Hotel, Leamington Priors. Boddington, Warwick Hull, William, jun, Horsham, Sussex, Com Merchant. Nov 8 at 12 at King's Read

Hotel, Horsham. Modwin and Co, Horsham Jackson, George, Leicester, Boot and Shoo Manufacturer. Nov 7 at 3 at offlco of Wright,

Belvoir st, Leicester

Jackson, Robert Farrer, Kingston upon Hull, Fish Curer. Nov 8 at 11 at office of Spurr,

Market pi, Hull

Jones, George, Thomas Jones, Edward Griffin Jones, John Kenyon Jones, and James Griffin Jones, Dudley, Worcester, Ironmasters. Nov 10 at 2 at Queen's Hotel, Birmingham. Underhill and Lawrence, Wolverhampton

King, Frederick Stephen, Norwich, Publican. Nov 6 at 11 at Bank Tavern, Bank st, Norwich. Culley, Norwich

King, George, North st, East st, Walworth, Boot and Shoe Maker. Nov 3 ax 3 at
Bridge House Hotel, London Bridge, Southwark. Sturt, Southwark st. Boron

Knapp, Edward Seymour, Bath, out of business. Nov Oat 11 at office of .
Albion bldgs, New Swindon

Lonsdale, John, Aldgate, Silk Mercer. Nov 10 at 12 at 140, Cheapside. Bannister
Basinghall Bt

Low, John Bruce, Hackney rd. Tarpaulin Manufacturers. Nov 10 at 12 at office of

Ellen, Chancery lane

Lowrie, James, Hunslet rd, Leeds. Nov 6 at 11 at office of Blacklock, Albion st,


Maddocks, Charles, Chester, Butcher. Nov 3 at 4 at office of Churton, Estate bldgs, Chester

Mayfleld, James, Blankney Barf, Lincoln, Farmer. Nov 7 at 11 at offlco of Burton and

Scorer, Lincoln

Moad, John, Mitcham, Surrey, Provision Merchant. Nov 15 at 2.30 at office of Bilney, Salisbury sq

Mearbeck, John, Sheffield, Table Knife Manufacturer. Nov 6 at 3 at office of Branson

and Co, Bank st, Sheffield Mitchell, George, Pontefract, York, Innkeeper. Nov 7 at 2 at offices of Spink, Ponte

fract, York

Morgan, James Henry, Coomassio rd, Harrow rd. Builder. Nov 2 at 2 at Law 1

tion. Chancery lane. Miller and Co, Chancery lane Morley, Arthur Ebenezer, Birmingham, Tool Make

Newhall st, Birmingham Morriss, Matthew, Leicester, Stonemason. Nov 6 at 3 at offices of Wright, Belvoir st,


Morton, Joseph, Fulford, York, Builder. Nov 6 at 11 at offices of Smith, Petcrgate,


Nuttall, Jane, and George Nuttall, Manchester, Commission Agents. Nov 9 at 3 at the

Mitre Hotel, Cathedral Gates, Manchester. Leach, Manchester Orpin, John, St Ann's rd, Stamford Hill, Grocer. Nov 10 at 3 at offices of Minshull,

Change alley, CornhiU. Patience, Cheapsido Owen, William, Burnley, Lancaster, Plumber. Nov 7 at 2 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yd,

Manchester. Hodgson, Burnley Parkin, Edwin Wilde, Ecclesficld, York, Engraver. Nov 1 at 3 at offices of Cnwin,

Quoen st, Sheffield

Parratt, Arthur Edward. Bradford, York, Stuff Manufacturer. Nov 9 at 11 at the Law Institute, Piccadilly, Bradford. Berry and Robinson, Bradford

Pears, Frederick, and Robert Graham Pears, Penrith, Cumlmrland, Coach Builders. Nov 18 at 2 at officos of Amison and Co, St Andrew's pi, Penrith

Perry, William, Kidsgrove, Stafford, Grocer. Nov 9 at 2 at offices of Sherratt, Kidsgrove

Phillips, Edward Frank, East Retford, Nottingham, Grocer. Nor 7 at 12.30 at office* of Newton and Co. the Square, East Retford

Ramsden, Edward, Burslem, Stafford, Cooper. Nor 4 at 11 at offices of Alcock, Newcastle st, Burslem

Reeves, William Brignell, Birmingham, Hatter. Nov 8 at 3 at office of Wright and

Marshall, New st, Birmingham Rennison, Robert, York, Fruitorcr. Nov 9 at 11 at office of Young. Low Onse irate,


Rishton, Edward, Cowper's ct, CornhiU, Commission Agent Nov 3 at 3 at office of

Shearer, Basinghall st Scaum, George, York, Bricklayer. Nov 3 at 1 at office of Wilkinson, St Helen's sq,


Secrett, Albert, West Bergholt, Essex, General shop keeper. Nov 2 at 3 at office of

Prior, Head st, Colchester Shufllebotham, John Joseph, Birmingham, Bedstead Manufacturer. Nov 2 at 11 at

office of Mallard, Newhall chbrs, Newhall st, Birmingham Sichenhaar, Philip, High st, Islington, Baker. Nov 0 at 3 at 3 at office of Lockyer,

Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st Sims, Charles John, Drapers' gdns. Stock Dealer. Nov 10 at 12 at office of Gregory,

Bishopsgato st Within Small, Thomas Turahull, South Shields, Innkeeper. Nov 3 at 3 at office of Newlanda.

King st, South Shields Spright, Robert, Bradford, Coach Builder. Nov 0 at 3 at Law Institute, Piccadilly.

Berry and Robinson, Bradford Swallow, John, Newmill, nr Huddersfield, Joiner. Nov 3 at 3 at office of Booth, John

William st, Huddersfield Sweeting, Arthur, Pontefract, York, Butcher. Nov 8 at 2 at office of Spink, Pontefract Taylor, Bessie Anne, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Wool and Fancy Dealer. Nov 4 at 11

at otlice of Stratum, Queen st, Wolverhampton Thompson, Charles, Newport, Isle of Wight, Ironmonger. Nov 13 at 2 at Gresham st.

Wake, Newport

Vernier, Frederick Abraham, Taunton, Somerset, Innkeeper, Nov 1 at 11 at office of

Reed and Cook, Paul st, Taunton Walker, William, Newcastle upon Tyne, Builder. Nov 2 at 2 at Queen's Head Hotel,

Pilgrim st, Newcastle ujion Tyne. Allan and Grainger, Newcastlo upon True Wilson, James Wilson, Gateshead, Durham, Plumber. Nor 7 at 2 at offlco of Browis

and Co, Newcastle upon Tyuo Ward, Charles, Stamford, Lincoln, Butcher. Nor 3 at 10 at office of Law, St Mary's pi,


Webb, Henry George, Croydon, Surrey, House Agent. Nor 1 at 11 at Dog and Bull Inn,

Surrey st, Croydon. Dennis, Croydon Wells, Samuel Jacob, Victoria grove. South Hornsey, Canvasser for advertisements.

Nov 0 at i at office of Llovd, London Wall West, Charles, slough, Buckingham, Pottery Merchant. Nov 0 at 2 at office of Roadie

and Ford, Hally pi, High st. Slough

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Arti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder, Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the excess of fat extracted.

The Faculty pronounce it 44 the moBt nutritious, perfectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Bupper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children." Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas Thickbned yet Wkakknkd with

, Ac", and In Bxalitt Cheaper than such Mixtures, Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaapoonf ul to a Breakfast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.

Cocoatina A La Van Ills is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prohibited.

In tin packets at Is. 6d., 3s., 6s. CI., &c.» by Chemists and Grocers.

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, H. SCHWEITZER <t CO 10, Adam-street, London, W.O.

HAKRON'S BEIEF and TRAVELLING BAGS are favourably known for their solid Workmanship combined with Cheapness.—330, Holborn, near Chancery-lane, and -447, Strand, exactly facing Charingcross Railway Station. Catalogue post-free.

CAPTAIN CUTTLE'S INDEX BOOK, or Analytical Index; whereby to obtain instant reference to any subject of interest. '* The lawyer in tho sphere of his profession has to deal very largely with citations of authorities. The ruling and decrees of courts, independent of his studies in general literature, his need of such an Index for the preservation of those references which no memory is capacious and retentive enough to carry, is so manifest as te require no statement." Prices from Is. each.—Prospectus and specimen heading on application to Letts (limited), London Bridge, E.C.

Now ready.

THE PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES, « i 46 Vict. (1882); with Tables, Index, and a Classified List of the Local and Personal Acts; also, Tables showing the Effect of the Year's Legislation.

Royal 8vo, boards, price 7s. Etre & Spottiswoode, Her Majesty's Printers, East Harding-street, near Fetter-lane, Loudon; and all Booksellers.

Price 2s. 6d.

NEWTON'S PATENT LAW and PRACTICE.—Enlarged Edition. Defining Patentable and Non-patentablo Invention and the nature of Specifications and Claims; showing the mode of obtaining and opposing Grants, Disclaimers, Confirmations, aud Extensions of Patents, and giving all information necessary to enable a Solicitor to advise his Clients. By A. V. NEWTON.

^'^It is a most useful summary."—R. E. Webster, Esq.,

London: TRUBNER & CO., 57 and 69, Ludgato-hiU, E.C.; and of

Newton & Son, the Office for Patents, 60, Chancery-lane.

HAMPSTEAD. Opposite Finchley-road Station of Metropolitan Railway. —By direction of the Mortgagee, with the consent of the Trustee in liquidation.

MESSRS. JOSHUA BAKER & WILKINSON (late Baker & Sons, of Kilburn) will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Tokenhouse-yard, Bank, E.C, on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1882, at TWO o'clock, a substantially-built FREEHOLD, semi-detached RESIDENCE, No. 1, Belmont, Finchley-road, containing seven bed rooms, bath room, three capital reception rooms, and conveniently arranged offices. It is in perfect decorative repair, and immediate possession may bo had. Estimated rental value, £140.

Particulars and conditions of sale may be had at the Mart; of Messrs. Yeo & Warner, Solicitors, -11, Finsburypavement, E.C.; of Herbert E. Harper, Esq. (Messrs. Harper Brothers), Accountants, Billiter-house, Billiterstreet, E.C.; of Walter Graves, Esq., Architect, 11, Queen Victoria-street, E.C.; aud of the Auctioneers, St. Stephen*s-chnmbers. Telegraph-street, Moorgatc-strcet, Bank, B.C., aud Kilburn, N.W,


Hewetson, Thexton, & Peart,


200, 203, and 201, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, W.

Estimates and Designs submitted free for entirely Furnishing Residences, Chambers, Offices, Ac.


Carved Oak Furniture, Reproductions from Ancient Designs, Ac. Bedroom Furniture, including Bedstead and Bedding, from £7 10s. per Bet.


Hewetsoh, Thexton, & Peaet,

200, 203, and 204, Tottenham Court-rood, London, W.

N.B.—Household Furniture Warehoused or Removed on reasonable terms


To Trustees and Capitalists.—A Freehold Ground-rent of £255 per annum, amply secured on first-class shop property, also three freehold shops, let to old-established tenants, at rentals amounting to £450 per annum.

MESSRS. JOSHUA BAKER & WILKINSON (late Baker & Sons, of Kilburn) will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Tokenhouse-yard, Bank, on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1882, at TWO, the following FREEHOLD INVESTMENTS, viz.:—

Lot 1.—A Freehold Ground-rent of £255 per annum, well secured on seven substantially-built, modern shops, Nos. 6 to 11, The Promenade, Ectgware-road, Kilburn, together of the annual rental value of £860.

Lots 2, 3, and 4.—Three handsome Freehold Shops, Nos. 1, 2 and 3, and 4, The Promenade, let on repairing leases to old-established, local tenants, who have all spent large sums on their respective holdings, at moderate rentals, amounting in the aggregate to £460 per annum, rising to £490. All this property has been erected in the most substantial manner, under the superintendence of a well-known architect, and from the recent immense increase of Kilburn, and tho large amount of land now about to be immediately built upon, shop property in this, the main and only good business thoroughfare in the locality, cannot fail to increase enormously in value.

Particulars and conditions of sale may lie had at the Mart; of Messrs. H. C. Nisbet & Daw, Solicitors, 35, Lincoln's-inn-nolds, W.C.; Walter Graves, Esq., Architect, 11, Queen Victoria-street, E.C.; and of the Auction, eers, St. Stephen's-chaml>crs, Telegraph-street, Moorgatestreet. Bank, E.C, and Kilburn, N.W.



By direction of the Trustee under the will of the lato Edmund Cordery, Esq.—Long Leasehold Shop Property, held at very low ground-rents, and producing in the aggregate a net income of £1,485, rising to £1,500 per annum.

MESSRS. JOSHUA BAKER & WILKINSON (lato Baker & Sons, of Kilburn) will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Tokenhouse-yard, Bank, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1H82, at TWO, in separate Lots, TWELVE well-built HOUSES ami SHOPS, Nos. 1 to 11 and No. 13, Elm-park-torrace, Fulham-road, Brampton, held for long unexpired terms at £20 ground-rent each, and let on repairing leases to 'good had at rentals varying from £130 to £190 per annum.

Particulars and conditions of sale may bo had at the Mart; of Messrs. Burrows & Barnes, Solicitors, 8, Sackville-street, Piccadilly, W.; of AValtcr Graves, Esq., Architect, 11, Queen Victoria-street, E.C.; and of the Auctioneers, St. Stephen's-chambers. Telegraph-street, Moorgate-strcet, Bank, E.C, and Kilburn, N.W.

Auction Mart Company Shares.

MESSES. FAEEBROTHEB, ELLIS, CLARK, Jfc CO. will SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, at TWO, in Five Lots, TWENTY-SEVEN £25 SHARKS in the above, the last dividend being at the rate of £0 per cent, per annum.

Particulars of Messrs. Few & Co., Solicitors, 19, Surrey, street, Strand, W.O.; at tho Mart, E C.; and of Messrs. Farebrother, Ellin, Clark, & Co., 5 and 0, Lancaster-place, Strand, W.C, and 18, Old Broad-street, E.C.


To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of tho Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, Ac.






HYDE PARK. At a Moderate Reserve.—A Freehold Double Residence, No. 20, Beaufort-gardens, near to Hyde-park. It occupies a frontage of nearly 40 feet, and there are 13 lied, dressing, and bath rooms on the upper floors, six reception rooms, principal and back staircases, and a very complete basement.

MESSKS. FAKEBROTHER. ELLIS, CLARK, * CO. will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, at TWO punctually (unless previously disposed of by privato treaty), the above attractive FREEHOLD TOWN HOUSE. With possession.

May be viewed, and particulars had from Messrs. Williams, James, A Wason, Solicitors, No. 62, Lincoln'sinn-Uelds, W.C.; at the Mart, E.C.; and of Messrs. Farebrother, Ellis, Clark, A Co., 5 and 0, Lancaster-place, Strand, W.C, and 18, Old Broad street, E.C.

Oliver v. Taunton.—Stock in the Law Reversionary Interest Society (Limited), and short Leasehold House and Premises.

MESSRS. FRANK LEWIS & CO. will SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, at TWO o'clock, £275 STOCK in the LAW REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY, Limited, dividends upon which, at the rate of 6 per cent., free of income-tax, have been regularly paid since 1804. Also the Leasehold Blouse and Premises, known as 28a, Manchestor-street, and Nos. 63 and 54, Dorset-street, Bakerstreet, held under a lease for a term of years which will expire on tho 25th December, 1887, at a ground-rent of £10 10s., and underleased to a good tenant for a term expiring October, 1887, at a rent of £90 per annum.

Particulars may be had of Messrs. Munns & Longdon, Solicitors, No. 8, Old Jewry; and of the Auctioneers, 05, Gresham-street, E.C.

Excellent Stock Investments in well-known and longestablished Companies, with one exception without liability.

MESSRS. FRANK LEWIS & CO. will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, at TWO o'clock precisely, in convenient Lots, from £100 upwards, to suit purchasers desiring to make up specific amounts:—£0,000 STOCK in the LAW REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY (Limited), which has since 1864 regularly paid 6 per cent, interest. The dividend is paid hatf-yearly in April and October, and free of income-tax; 47 aharo*. £50 each, fully paid of tho Municipal Trust Company (Limited), last dividend 2\ per cent.; £1,000 stock of tne Atlantic First Leased Lines Rental Trust (Limited), paying £3 10s. per ceut.; 5,000 Atlantic First Leased Lines, £4 percent. Debentures ; and 250 shares of £10 each, £5 paid, in the London and Provincial Bank (Limited), on which the last year's dividend was 12J per cent.

Particulars, with conditions of sale, may be had at Messrs. Frank Lewis & Co.'s Offices, 05, Gresham-stroot, E.C.

BARGAIN. — CITY FREEHOLD — To Speculators and Business Firms.—Business Premises for Sale; spacious, recently erected, and estimated as worth £30,000. A prompt offer of about half the value would be entertained. With possession. Can be divided. —J. Pot'9iy,97, Fleet-street.

Freehold Ground Rents of £123 10b. per annum, thoroughly well-secured upon 13 well-built Residences of the annual rental value of £780, forming a most substantial Investment for Trustees or Capitalists, situate and being, 2 to 26, Gascony-avenue, Edgware-road, Kilburn; also, at Kensington, long Leasehold Shop, 2, Masbro'road, Addison-road, let at £45, ground-rent £5.

ME. LEOPOLD FARMER will SELL bv AUCTION, at the MART, B.C., on NOVEMBER 6, at TWO o'clock (unless previously disposed of), the ferejroing in Two Lota.

Particulars and conditions at the Mart: of Messrs. Cartw k Bell, Solicitors, S, Bastcheap, B.C.; or at tho Anotion Office. Kilburn.

CANNON STREET. Close to, and within 10O yards of Cannon-street Railway Station.

CAPITAL, well-lighted SUITE of OFFICES to be LET, forming the whole of the upper part of a noose, with separate entrance, and distinct from the rest of the premises. They are adapted for a Solicitor, Surveyor, or any purpose requiring abundance of light. Rent 300 guineas per annum.—Apply to Messrs. Dkbritham, Txwsoif, Funis, t Bbidoewateb, HO, Choapside.

AUCTION ROOMS Specially for the Sale of Literary Property, Music, and Works of Art, 47, LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON, W.C.

MESSRS. PUTTTCK & SIMPSON beg tc announce that the above rooms are open daily for the reception of all kinds of Literary and Art Property, Musical Collections, &c, intended for Sale by Auction. Messrs. P. & S. feel assured that the necessary knowledge (gained only by long experience) and the extensive connection enjoyed by their firm will be a sufficient guarantee to solicitors and others that such property entrusted tc their care will be arranged for sale in the most advantageous manner.

Valuations for Probate or Legacy Duty, or for Public or Private Sale.

Established (iit Piccadilly) 1794.

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blinds, every modern convenience; close to railway station and 'bus routes.—Apply to Messrs. Gibbs & Flew (Limited), Estate Office, Walham-greon Station, S.W.


a- ments inserted in any Continental or Colonial Papers and translated in any foreign language without extra charge. Names of Papers and Estimates by return.— RUDOLF MOSSK, Advertising Offices, 135, Cheapside, London. Established 15 years.

CHURCH PREFERMENT WANTED.— Private patrons, interested in the legitimate sale, by private treaty, of advowsons, presentations, &c., in favour of well-recommended clergymen, should refer to the PRIVATE PATRONS* GAZETTE, edited by Mr. W. EMERY STARK, Associate Institute of Actuaries, F.R.G.S., Ac. Post-free for six stamps. —Address, Messrs. W. Emery Stake & Co., 23, Bedford-street, S trand .


l\ RESTS in LANDED or FUNDED PROPERTY or other Securities and Annuities PURCHASED, or Loans or Annuities thereon grautod, by tbe EQUITABLE REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY (LIMITED), 10, Lancaster-place, Waterloo Bridge, Strand. Established 1S35. Capital, £500,000. Interest on Loans may be capitalized.

F. S. CLAYTON, > Joint O. H. CLAYTON.} Secretaries.

Established laifl.
Hkjld Officbb :—London And Abekdf.kit.

Fire Premiums £451,000

Life Prcmiuma 181,000

Interest.., 120,000

Accumulated Fund* £2,708,000

THE FISH SUPPLY COMPANY (Limited). (Registered under the Companies Acts, 1662 to 1880, whereby the liability of each Shareholder is limited to tbe number of Shares subscribed for.) Capital £30,000, in 6,000 Shares of £5 each.—FIRST ISSUE of 4,000 SHARES. Payable, 10s. on application; £1 on allotment; and £1 on the 15th of November. Tbe remainder in calls as may be required. No call to exceed £1, or to be made without a month's notice. Where preferred Shares may be paid up in fall on allotment, such payments to have the benefit of the full dividends.


W. MOLESWORTH 8T. AUBYN. Esq., M.P. (Chair-
man), 1, Brick-court, Temple.
Arthur Nash, sen., Esq.,BotIoy House,Patehull-place,N.W.
John Penberthy, Esq., Royal Veterinary College, N.W.
Charles Rought, Esq.,23, Bridge _venue,Hammer_mith,W.
T. H. Dennis Allen, Esq. (Managing Director Devon and
Cornwall Dairy Farm Company (Limited), 217, Camden-
road, N.W.

Manager—Mr. Dan. Holland Gibbard.
Solicitors—Messrs. Walker, Son, & Field, 1, Gresham-
buildings, Basmghall-street, B.C.
Bankers—The London and South-Wostern Bank
(Limited), 7, Fenchurch-street, E.C.
ArnrroES—MessrB. Samuel J. Bennett & Co., Chartered
Accountants, 70 and 71, Bishopsgate-strect, Within, E.C.
Secretary—Geo. Richardson, Esq.
Temporary Offices—II, Queen Victoria-street, E.C.__

THEF1SHSUPPLY COMPANY (Limited). ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. This Company is formed to meet one of the most urgent wants of tho present time, namely, the supply of all kinds of fresh, dried, and kippered fish, shell fish, &c, direct from the sea coast. Also ice, poultry, game, Ac.

The Directors have secured the six first-class businesses so well known and trading as the Fish Supply Company, as going concerns, and the report of Messrs. Bennett & Co., Chartered Accountants, shows the net weekly profit of these shops to be £24, or £1,243 per annum, over 35 per cent, on the purchase-money—viz., £1,450 cash, and 400 Shares; twenty-five shops pro rata would show £100 per week, or £5,200 per annum, which figures, on a paidup capital of £10,000 speak for themselves.

Some few months since the question of fish supply was engaging the attention of the Legislature, and from facts and figures then elicited it was proved that fish, and especially cod fish, for which there is a great demand in London, could be bought at the coast for Id. per lb., yet it was shown that within four hours of its arrival in London it was being retailed at 6d. per lb.

The Company have important agencies in Cornwall and at Grimsby, Dover, Great Yarmouth, &c, &c., for the supply of fish direct from the coast on terms far more advantageous than can be obtained at Billingsgate.

Prospectuses, with full particulars, and forms of application for Shares, can be obtained of the Bankers, Solicitors, or of the Secretary, at tho Company's offices.

MSu Wable Life Assurance Sqcmt

ESTABLISHED 1831. Hiad OrpicE:—28, 8t. Akdrew Sqcabb, EDnrBuson. Miirioxs—T. B. SPRAGUE, M.A.

Accumulated Fund ... £2,500,000.

The Society transacts every description of Life ts


Ixscbincxs iCAixBT issus arc effected at moderate rates of premium.


The attention of Solicitors and others desiring to rais money on Reversions is directed to this Society's improved method of making advances on this class of security, the leading feature of which is, that absolute power of redemption on fixed terms, whether the life tenant be alivo or dead, is reserved to tho reversioner for five years or for such other term as may be agreed. In the case of absolute reversions tho redemption money is simply the accumulated amount of the advance at five per oen compound interost.

Fnll particulars may be obtained on application to the Society's

Lokdo* Offiob—«9, KING WILLIAM STREET, E.C.
A. MACKAY, Resident Secretary.
Solicitors—Messrs. Burtoit, Ybatbs. Habt, & Buetoit,

37. LincohVs-inn-fields.


Fousnsn 1806.


Existing Assurances exceed .. .. £0,000,noo

Invested Funds 2,207,986

Annual Income 290,077

Claims Paid exceed 6,650,000

Bonuses Declared 2,342,000

During the past year (1R81) each main item has shown improvement upon tho preceding year.

1R80. 1881. New Premium! .. .. £18,848 £19,008

Income 278,852 290,077

Invested Funds .. .. 2,124,711 2,207,986 CHARLES STEVENS. Secretary.


Makes CASH ADVANCES to Barristers, Solicitors Clergymen, Medical Men, residing in any part of England and Wales. No banking account need be opened.

LAW UNION FIBE and LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Chief Office—126, Chancerylane, London, W.C.

The Funds in hand and Capital subscribed amount to upwards of £1,600,000 sterling. Chairman—Jambs Cuddoit, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Goldsmith-building. Temple. Deputy-Chairman—C. Pembebtoe, Esq. (Lee £ Pombertons), Solicitor, 44, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Every description of Fire and Life Insurance business transacted.

Whole World and Unconditional Life Policies granted at a slightly increased rate of Premium.

Policies qf Insurance granted against the contingency of Issue at moderate rates qf Premium.

Advances made on Mortgage of Life Interest and Reversions, whether absolute or contingent.

Prospectus, Copies of the Accounts as deposited with the Board of Trade, and every information sent on application to

.'■"RANK McGEDY, Actuary and Secretary.


Capital fully subscribed £2,500,000

Capital paid-up 250,000

Life Funds in Special Trust for Life Policyholders exceed 733,000

Total Annual Premium Income exceeds .. 1,050,000 Chibf Offices: 19 And 20, CORNHXLL, LONDON, E.C. West Bed Offices: 8, PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W


BIBKBECK BANK.— Southampton-bnildings, Chancery-lane. Current Accounts opened according to the usual practice of other Bankers, and Interest allowed on the minimum monthly balances when not drawn below £25. No commission charged for keeping Accounts, Tbe Bank also receives money on Deposit at Three per Cent. Interest, repayable on demand. The Bank undertakes for its Customers, free of charge, the custody of Deeds, Writings, and other Securities and Valuables; the collection of Bills of Exchange, Dividends, and Coupons; and the purchase and sale of Stocks and Shares. Letters of Credit and Circular Notes issued. A Pamphlet, with full particulars, on application.

FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager. 8lst March, 1880.


HENRY GBEEN, Advertisement Agent* begs to direct the attention of the Legal Profession to the advantages of his long experience of upwards of thirty years, in the special insertion of all pro forma notices, &c, and hereby solicits their continued support.— N.B. One copy of advertisement only required, and tho strictest care and promptitude assured. Official stamped forma for advertisement and file of "London Gazette" kept. By appointment.

The Companies Acts, 1862 to 1880.

Every requisite under the above Arts supplied on the shortest notice.

The BOOKS and FORMS kept in stock for immediate use.

MEMORANDA and ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION speedily printed in the proper form for registration and distribution. SHARE CERTIFICATES, DEBENTU RES Ac, engraved and printed. OFFICIAL SEALS" ana executed. No Charge for Sketches.

Solicitors' Account Books.


(Late ASH t FLINT), Stationers, Printers, Engraven, Registration Agents, Ac. 49, FLEET-STREET, LONDON, E.C. (corner Of Serjeants'-inn). Annual and other Returns Stamped and Filed.



This new Ink supplies the demand continually made but never before met, for a Red Ink which is uninjured by Steel or other Metallic Pens. Steel Pens left in this ink for months do not impair the beauty of its colour, nor are the Pens in the least corroded by it. The existing Red Inks rapidly destroy Steel Pens, and lose their red colour if used with other than Gold or Quill Pens. This new colour is a very rich scarlet red of great beauty. The colour of this ink is not affected by use upon parchment and is consequently of great value to Solicitors and Draughtsmen.

Sold in stone bottles, retail at Is., 2s., 3s.; and imperial quarts of 40 ounces at 6s. each. Also in glass \ 6d. and Is. each.



For Classified Articles, see Appointments; Correspondence; Court Papers; Current Topics; Leading Artioles;

Obituary; Parliament; Reviews.


Acland, C. D., elected M.P.. for Cornwall, 362

Anson, Sir W. E., elected Warden of All Souls' College, 30

Bellasis, E., Blue Mantle Pursuivant-at-Arms, appointed Lancaster

Herald, 586
Benchers, New, 30, 46, 63, 381, 387, 550

Biron, B. J., appointed one of the Counsel to the Post Offloe, 10

Bompas, H. M., appointed Recorder of Poole, 649

Bowen, Sir C. S. C, appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal, 483 ; ap-
pointed a member of the Privy Conncil, 567

Bramwell, The Right Hon. Sir G. W. W., created Baron Bramwell,

Brand, J. H., created K.G.C.M.Q., 334

Brietow, E. J., elected Vice-President of the Incorporated Law

Society, 586

Bunting, P. W., appointed Examiner in Equity and Law of Real

Property at the University of London, 422
Carrington, C, appointed Registrar of the Chancery Division, 207
Cayley, R., Chief Justice of Ceylon, receives the honour of Knight-
hood, 499

Chitty, Mr. Justice, receives the honour of Knighthood, 99
Cleiks of the Peace, 286, 311, 317, 334, 387, 422, 454, 536, 660
Cookson, C. A., created a Civil Companion of the Order of the Bath,

Cockcrell, A., appointed Recorder of Sudbury, 373
Cokayne, G. E., appointed Norroy King of Arms, 550
Colmore, T. M., appointed Recorder of Warwick, 619
Coroners, 219, 250, 317, 350, 469, 567, 602, 619, 660, 672, 731, 774
Day, J. C. S., Q.C., appointed a Judge of the Queen's Bench Divi-
sion, 499; receives the honour of Knighthood, 567
De Gex, J. P., Q.C., elected Treasurer of Lincoln's-inn, 154
Deuman, G. L., appointed Reoorder of Queenborougb, 774
Fitzgerald, Right Hon. J. D., LL.D., appointed a Lord of Appeal,
483; created a Life Peer, 535; appointed a member of the Privy
Council, 567

Fitzpatrick, J., elected Professor of Constitutional Law and History

in the University of Edinburgh, 130
Godley, J. A., appointed a Commissioner of Inland Revenue, 602
Goldney, G. P., elected Remembrancer of the City of London, 526
Gorrie, J., Chief Justice of Fiji, receives the honour of Knight.

hood, 373

Hancock, H. J. B., Chief Justice of the Leeward Islands, receives

the honour of Knighthood, 499
Digging, C, appointed Recorder of Birkenhead, 648
Holker, Sir J., Q.C., appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeal,

159; appointed a member of the Privy Council, 234
Hughes, T., Q.C., appointed Judge of County Courts (Circuit No.

9), 619.

Hunter, R., appointed Solicitor to the Post Office, 187

Ilbert, C. P., appointed Legal Member of the Indian Council, 255

Kerr, R. M., LLD., appointed Deputy-Lieutenant for the County

of Middlesex, 661
Leach, R. H. (Senior Registrar of the Chancery Division), Resigna-
tion of, 191

Lindley, Mr. Justice, appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeal, 10;
appointed a member of the Privy Council, 130

Local and Minor, 10, 46, 63, 83, 99, 113, 142, 154, 167, 187, 203,
219, 234, 250, 269, 286, 301, 316, 317, 334, 350, 362, 373, 387,
406, 422, 437, 454, 469, 499, 536, 549, 567, 586, 602, 619, 636,
648, 649, 659, 672, 682, 701, 709, 720, 731, 745, 764, 774

Macnamara, W. H., appointed Secretary to the Railway Commis-
sioners, 269

Macpherson, A. G., appointed Secretary to the Judicial Department

of the India Office, 269
Maine, Sir H. J. S., elected an honorary member of Corpus Christi

College, 234

Markby, W., D.C.L., elected honorary Fellow of All Souls' College,

Marshall, J., Chief Justice of the Gold Coast Colony, receives the

honour of Knighthood, 499
Maule, J. B., Q.C., eleoted Treasurer of the Inner Temple, 154
Mayors, Lawyer, 30, 46

North, Ford, Q.C., appointed a Judge of the Queen's Bench Divi-
sion, 10; receives the honour of Knighthood, 99
O'Hagan, Lord, created Knight of the Order of St. Patrick, 30
Paine, T., elected President of the Incorporated Law Society, 586
Pauncefote, Sir J., appointed Permanent Under-Secretary of State

for Foreign Affairs, 745
Pearson, J., Q.C., appointed a Judge of the Chancery Division, 737,

Pbilbrick, F. A., Q.C., appointed Examiner in Common Law, &c, at

the University of London, 422
Phillimore, Right Hon. Sir R. J., created a Baronet, 99
Phillippo, G., Chief Justice of Hong Kong, receives the honour of

Knighthood, 499

Pollock, F., appointed Professor of Jurisprudence at University

College, London, 469
Prentioe, S., Q.C., elected Treasurer of the Middle Temple, 154
Queen's Counsel, New, 176, 308, 356
Raikes, Right Hon. H. C, elected M.P. for Preston, 234
Recorders, 373, 619, 648, 649, 774

Reilly, F. S., appointed Counsel to the Speaker, 307; created

K.C.M.G., 387
Revising Banisters, 648, 649, 660

Sheriffs and Under-Sheriffs, 46, 63, 83, 316, 317, 334, 350, 362,
550, 567

Smith, Sir M., Resignation of, 106, 119

Stone, T. J., appointed Principal Clerk of Committees in the House

of Commons, 233
Sullivan, Right Hon. E.t created a Baronet, 99
Taswell-Langmead, T. P., appointed Professor of Constitutional

Law and History at University College, Loudon, 469
Thompson, G. A., elected Registrar of Deeds for the East Riding,


Tickell, J. H., appointed Deputy-Clerk of Assize and Clerk of

Arraigns on the Western Circuit, 387
Town Clerks, 46, 99, 143, 187, 234, 373, 586, 602, 709
Villiers, Sir J. H. de, created K.C.M.G., 250

Wbeelhouse, W. St. James, Q.C., eleoted Treasurer of Gray's-inn,

Williams, B. T., Q.C., appointed Judge of County Courts (Circuit

No. 30), 103
Williamson, V. A., created C.M.G., 483

Yates, J. St. John, Judge of County Courts, Resignation of, 592
Young, Sir G., appointed a Commissioner of Charities, 672
Commissioners to administer Oaths, 63, 83, 99, 113, 130,142, 154,
167, 187, 203, 219, 234, 250, 269, 301, 316, 317, 334, 350, 362,
373, 387, 406, 437, 454, 469, 483, 515, 536, 550, 567, 586, 602,
619, 636, 649, 660, 731, 764 for taking Affidavits, 10, 99, 113, 269, 499, 567, 619, 63 C, 72

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