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'to indorse the cheques for himself. On account of the smaller som FORGING DEEDS.

he deposited with Mr. Mann deeds relating to some property at

Syston, but he was dissatisfied with that, and when the larger Ar the Norwich Guildhall on Thursday week, before the borough magistrates amount had to be paid over, then prisoner told him that his own property at James Charles Edwards, solicitor's clerk, Norwich, was charged on remand with Narborough was ample security for the money, and that he should have deeds forging and uttering a deed dated December 24, 1881, purporting to be a on the whole of the property as security. He then prepared a third forgery, mortgage from George Thirkettle to Ephraim Hinde, to secure £250.

similar in all respects to the conveyance which had been palmed off on the Mr. Chittock, in opening the case, said he proposed to give some further Lord Brougham Lodge with the exception of the date. It was on finding evidence in the case in which Mr. Thirkettle was concerned. The next case unsatisfactory and wrong entries in his (Mr. Wright's) books regarding those was that of Fryer, where prisoner was charged with forging a deed dated transactions that be looked into the matter and discovered that prisoner had November 14, 1879. Mr. Chittock added that it was an agreement between played a trick upon the old man. He, accordingly, at once dismissed him, Jobo Fryer, shopkeeper, Norwiob, and Ephraim Hinde. It purported to be a being of opinion that a person who would act as prisoner was then found to second mortgage by Fryer in favour of Hinde of two estates, one in Rose-lane have done was not fit to fill a position of trust. Further inquiries into that and the other in Distillery-street, Heigham, for £250, interest to be paid at matter led to the discovery of the forgeries now before the court. Prisoner bad the rate of six per cent. The imitation of Fryer's handwriting was so good, a wife and large family, and he (Mr. Wright) was extremely sorry that he did that Mr. Chittock said even Mr. Fryer was in a little doubt as to whether it not consider them when he sat down to perpetrate this series of frauds. To was bis signature. The next case was the charge of obtaining the sum of £700 himself it was the cause of the greatest possible pain, but he was bound to disfrom Mr. Hinde on two forged deeds purporting to represent property in Bed- charge his duty, and should do 80. At present there was only three ford-street and Adelaide-street, Heigham. The next charge was that of charges, but it might be that before the assizes those who bad been defrauded obtaining the sum of £500 by means of a forged ounveyance relating to propo in other ways would think it necessary to instituto proceedings against the erty at Gorleston belonging to Mr. Hewitt, a builder, and the last charge was prisoner. Evidence having been given in support of the charges, the prisoner that of obtaining the sum of £90 from Mr. Hinde by means of a forged con- was committed for trial at the assizes. tract of sale of four houses in Lower Heigham, from Mr. A. B. Newhouse to the prisoner, on the 19th of August, 1882, for $450. In consideration of this prisoner obtained the sum of £90, the amount of the deposit money.

Evidence was given in support of the various charges, and ultimately the prisoner was remanded.

LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. At the Leicester County Police Office, on Thursday week, John Winzar, solicitor's clerk, Narborough, was charged on remand with feloniously forging certain deeds, purporting to be the conveyance of some real estate at Nar.

Mr. JAMES REDFOORD BULWER, Q.C., M.P., has been elected one of the borough, to bimself, with intent to defraud, and with uttering the forged deeds Chairmen of the Norfolk Quarter Sessions, in succession to Mr. Justice Kay. also with intent to defraud, on October 25, 1880.

Mr. Balwer is the son of tre Rev. James Bolwer. Be is a graduate of Trinity Mr. Wright said that he appeared to prosecute prisoner, not only on the Collego, Cambridge, and he was called to the bar at the Ioner Temple in charge named above, but also on others which were alleged against him. Hilary Term, 1847. Mr. Bulwer became a Queen's Counsel in 1864. He was Prisoner bad bad considerable experience of conveyancing as a solicitor's clerk, a member of the old Norfolk Circuit, but since the last re-arrangement of the haviog been engaged in that capacity for some years in an office at Runcorn, asgizes he has practised on the South-Eastern Circuit. He was M.P. for in Cheshire, whence he was engaged in Mr. Macaulay's office, Leicester, where Ipswich in the Conservative interest from 1874 till 1880, and in the following be remained for ten years ; and subsequently being employed at his (Mr. year he was returned for Cambridgeshire. He was recorder of Ipswich from Wright's) office, where he remained about five years. The frauds now charged 1866 till 1868, when he was appointed recorder of Cambridge, Mr. Bulwer is against him had been concocted and carried out during the last three years.

common law editor of the Law Reports, and a bencher of the Inner Temple, Prisoner purchased some land at Narborough which was properly mortgaged of which society he was treasurer in 1880. He is also lieutenant-colonel of to the Starr-Bowkett Building Society. There were three charges against him, the Inns of Court Rifle Volunteers. the prosecutor in the first being Mr. William Haden, of Cliff Hill, Marko Mr. GEORGE LEWIS DENMAN, barrister, has been appointed Recorder of the field, who in 1880 had some money to invest, and applied at his Borough of Queenborough, in succession to Mr. John Deedes, resigned. Mr. (Mr. Wright's) office for advice respecting its disposal. After Denman is the eldest son of the Hon. Mr. Justice Denman, and was born ia negotiatiations bad been entered into letter was sent from 1853. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated the officel toj Mr. Haden asking him to decide on one of the securities second class in the Law Tripos in 1875. He was called to the bar at Lincolo's. offered him, as the mortgagor wished to get some money. On the same day inn in Hilary Term, 1877, and he practises on the South-Eastern Circuit and the prisoner, without the knowledge of his employer, wrote to Mr. Haden at the Kent Sessione. dissuading him from accepting the proposal made from the office, and telling Mr. JOHN PAGE MIDDLETON, barrister, has been appointed a District Judge him that he had some property of his own at Narborough, which would be for the Island of Cyprus. Mr. Middleton is a graduate of Trinity Hall, Cam. ample secority for the investment, and better than that before mentioned to bridge. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1874, him. Such a course of conduct was grossly improper. It was an attempt, whilst receiving high wages from his employer, to interfere with the regular months as Queen's Advocate for the

Gold Coast Colony.

and he has practised on the South-Eastern Circuit. He acted for several course of business, and to induce a client to refuse good security whilst he might palm off his own forgeries upon him. Mr. Haden, dever dreaming that

Mr. HERBERT Augustus Hills, barrister, has been appointed Vice-Presihe was dealing with so accomplished a swindler, responded to the letter, and dent of the International Court of Appeal in Egypt, in succession to Mr. John subsequently went to Narborough and saw the property-which consisted of Scott, who has been appointed a judge of the High Court of Judicatore at prisoner's own house and the land surrounding it.

On the faith of Bombay. Mr. Hills is a graduate of Balliol College, Oxford. He was called prisoner's represensation that he was in a position to mortgage the property, to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1864, and he has been for Haden lent him £500 on it. Prisoner then prepared a mortgage for the several years one of the judges of the International Court of First Instance at amount. He forged a conveyance, which was to satisfy Haden that he had

Alexandria. the right to deal with the property, had it engrossed by a law stationer who

Mr. ALEXANDER MILNE, solicitor (of the firm of Harrison & Milne), of bad engrossed the original deed, and got the smallest boy in his (Mr. Wright's) Kendal, has been appointed Clerk to the Kendal Board of Guardians, office to witness the signatures to the mortgage-a little boy who had never Aggessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, and Saperintendent before been trusted as an attesting witness to such an important document. All Registrar for the district, in succession to Mr. Christopher Gardner that was done without the knowledge of the principal, and no record of it Thompson, deceased. Mr. Milne was admitted a solioitor in 1877. appearing in the office books, Haden parted with his money, and until the Mr. JOHN HERBERT WILLIAMS, solioitor, of Ladlow, has been doanimously prelimioary proceedings took place last week and were published in the elected Coroner for that borough, in suocession to bis fatber, the late Mr. Leicester papers he was under the impression that he had a genuine John Williams. Mr. Williams was admitted a solioitor in 1873. and proper security for bis money. With regard to the second charge, which was mentioned last week-Damely, that of obtaining £700

Mr. Thomas ROBERT OAKLEY, solicitor, of Monmoatb, has been appointed from the Lord Brougham Lodge of Oddfellows by means of forged docu- Clerk to the

Commissioners of Land Tax for that borough, on the

resigna. ments, Mr. Neale, who appeared on behalf of the lodge, would probably

bave tion of his father, Mr. Thomas William Oakley. Mr. T. R. Oakley was something to say, and his observations would consequently be brief. When admitted a solicitor in 1875. He is town clerk of Monmouth, registrar of prisoner perpetrated the

first fraud the deed be drew up was merely a duplicate the Monmouth County Court, clerk to the Monmouth Board of Guardians, of the arst conveyance. For the second and third frauds he concocted deeds and to the borough and county magistrates, and superintendent registrar. altogether different, and including his two pieces of land, and treating it as

Mr. PHILIP OXENDEN PAPILLON, barrister, has been elected one of the though it was conveyed to him in one plot. He might also observe that Chairmen of the Essex Quarter Sessions. Mr. Papillon was educated at prisoner kept in his own possession two of the original" deeds, so that he was University College, Oxford, where he graduated second class in mathe. able to have the original signatures in some way as a guide for his subsequent matics in 1848. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hllary frauds, and the signatures were so palpably the writing of prisoner himseli that Term, 1852, and he formerly practised on the Home Circuit. He was M.P. anyone who had seen bis writing two or ihree times would immediately fix for Colchester in the Conservative interest from 1859 till 1865, and he is an upon him as the forger of the signatures. Prisoner was a member of the Lord alderman for that borough, and has served the office of mayor. Brougham Lodge, and therefore got from men of bis own class £700 by putting Mr. SAMUEL MILNER BARTON, solicitor, of Manchester, has been appointed before them a deed which was in all respects a forgery. Not content with Clerk to the Magistrates for that city. Mr. Barton was admitted a solicitor in those two frauds and forgeries, prisoner in the present year, also abusing the 1846. confidence placed in him in the position he held, became aware that a person named Robert Mann was entitled to receive certain money from him (Mr. Wright) in connection with a trost deed, and on two occasions he (Mr. Wright)

DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS. handed prisoner cheques to be paid over to Mr. Mann, in one instance for THOMAS MYERS CROOME, executor and trustee of the late William £294 49. 2d., and in the other for £400. Prisoner, without Mr. Wrights Woodruffe Kearsey, and Robert Henry Best PARSONS, solicitors, Stroud knowledge, caused improper entries to be made in his books, and got the man (Kearsey & Parsons). The business will in future be carried on by the said

Robert Henry Best Parsons alone, under the same name or style. October 12. these circumstances do case is made out for our complying with the request

JOHN ROBERT WESTERDALE ELDRIDGB and THOMAS STEPHENSON, solicitors, of the Isle of Wight Company that we would say what sum we think ought 3, Cogan-chambers, Bowlalley-lane, Hull (Eldridge & Stephenson). September to be allowed to them, independently of the mileage rate, for their terminal 30.

services, ALFRED Henry Hunt and ROBERT LLOYD WILLIAMS, solicitors, Romford Solicitors for the Isle of Wight (Newport Junction) Railway Company, and Grays Thurrock, Essex, and 42 and 43, Lombard-street, London. Bolton & Co. September 29.

Solicitor for the Isle of Wight Railway Company, G. T. Porter.
Clitheroe, and Padiham. September 4.
(Gazette, October 20.]




Mr. John Williams, solicitor, died at Ludlow on the 15th inst. Mr. Williams July 19.-The Isle of Wight (Newport Junction) Railway Company was the son of Mr. John Williams, solicitor, and was born in 1813. He was v. The Isle of Wight Railway Company.

admitted a solicitor in 1836, having been articled to his father, with whom he Terminal charges-Coal traffic-Extraordinary services --Construction of Herbert Williams, had been associated in business with him. Mr. Williams

was for several years in partnership. For several years past bis son, Mr. John special Act-Regulation of Railways Act, 1873 (36 & 37 Vict. c. 48), s.

had an extensive private practice, and held most of the legal appointments in 15.

the town. He was appointed coroner for Ludlow in 1845, and town clerk of A railway company were authorized by their special Act to charge a the borough in 1849. In the following year he became registrar of the Ludlow eum for the conveyance of coal along the line, " including the tolls for County Court (Circuit No. 27), in succession to bis father, on whose death, in the use of the railway, and wagons or trucks and locomotive power, 1849, he was appointed clerk to the borough and county magistrates and actuary and every expense incidental to such conveyance," which sum was to be of the Ludlow Savings Bank. Mr. Williams was buried at Ludlow on the a maximum sum, except in certain cases, the exception being thus 20th inst. The Shrewsbury Chronicle speaks of him in the following terms :expressed : “Provided always, that it shall be lawful for the company to life became a favourite with those he came in contact with, and the same

Always of a genial and generous disposition, the deceased gentleman in early demand and take, in addition to the tolls, rates, and charges which are

attractiveness adhered to him to the day of his death. Io his official duties hereinbefore authorized, a reasonable sum for the delivery and collection he was always obliging and wonderfully even tempered, and thereby managed of goods, and other services incidental to the business of a carrier, where to discharge his duties without making an enemy. His loss will be deeply such services are performed by the company."

regretted by all who knew him." Held, upon the authority of The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company v. Gidlow (L. R. 7 E. & I. App. 517), that shunting the trucks containing the coals and marshalling the said traffic, and finding, providing, and maintaining siding accommodation at their stations,

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. together with unloading platforms, roads for the egress and ingress of carts and horses which are sent to cart away the coals, were not services

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. for which a charge could be made under the proviso above set out. Held, also, that invoicing and taking accounts of all consignments, 24th inst., when

the question, “ Is it desirable to annex Egypt in the interests

The society met for the first time after the Long Vacation on Taesday, the and keeping a staff for the purpose, and providing and maintaining of the Empire P" formed the subject of discussion. Mr. J. A. Neale opened office accommodation, and giving notice to the consignees of each con. signment, were not services for which a charge could be made, but were Strickland; while Messre. P. Í. Rhys, J. W. Ellis, Hurst, Napier, Austin,

the debate in the affirmative, and was supported by Messrs. Davies and services which were incidental to conveyance, the remuneration for them R. J. Rbys, and Brandon spoke in favour of the negative. On a division being included in the mileage rate.

being taken the negative had a majority of fourteen votes. There were This was an application by the Isle of Wight Railway Company to the twenty-seven members and two visitors present. The next meeting will be held Railway Commissioners, asking them to decide, under section 15 of the at the Law Institution on Tuesday next, the 31st inst., when the society will Regulation of Railways Aot, 1873, what were reasonable soms to be paid discuss the question, “Ought the prospectus of a company to disclose every to such railway company for terminal charges or services incidental to the contract which would assist a person in determining whether he would become duty of a carrier, and performed by such railway company, in respect of

a shareholder ?" coal traffio delivered to them by the Isle of Wight (Newport Junction) Railway Company at Sandown Station to be carried to Sbanklin and


An ordinary meeting of this society was held in the Law Library on The Isle of Wight Railway Company were anthorized by their Act to Tuesday evening last. Mr. H. M. Barrows ocoupied the chair. The subcharge for coal a rate not exceeding 3d. per ton per mile for conveyance, ject for debate was, “ That the Married Women's Property Act, 1882,' will aud for everything incidental to conveyance, and also a reasonable sum for be a beneficial change in the law in relation to husband and wife.” The the delivery and collection of goods and other services incidental to the speakers on the affirmative were Messrs. Ryland, Marigold, Travis, and business of a carrier, where such services are performed by the railway com- Saunders, and on the negative Messrs. G. T. Edwards, Hibbert, Lynge, and pady. Under this enactment the Isle of Wight Company olaimed to be enti. Stevens. The chairman suumed up and put the question to the meeting tled to charge for sbunting and marshalling the tracks containing the coals, when it was decided in the negative by the casting vote of the obairman. finding, providing, and maintaining siding accommodation at their stations, together with roads for the carts sent to take away the coals, and for invoicing and taking accounts of all consignments and keeping a staff for the purpose, and providing and maintainiog office accommodation, and for

NEW ORDERS, &c. giving notice to the consignees of each consigoment.

J. W. Batten (Weóster, Q.C., with him), appeared for the Isle of Wight (Newport Junction) Railway Company,

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.--CHANCERY DIVISION. Balfour Browne (Pope, Q.O., with him), for the Isle of Wight Railway


Tuesday, the 24th day of Ootober, 1882. Sir F. PEEL, in delivering the judgment of the Commissioners, said :

Whereas John Pearson, Esq., of Lincoln's-ion, one of her Majesty's -The question is whether the services for which the company wish to make counsel, has been appointed a judge of the High Court of Justice, and of an extra charge are services which are not an expense incidental to convey that the causes now standing for trial or hearing before Mr. Justice Kay

the Chancery Division of the said High Court. And whereas it is expedient ance, or are services which are incidental to the business of a carrier, and are performed by the company. It appears they desire to make a charge for should for the purpose only of trial or hearing be transferred to the said onding station accommodation, for receiving and taking an account of con

Jobo Pearson, Esq., as a judge of the Chancery Division. Now I, the Right signments, also for sending word to the consignee, on the arrival of the goods, Honourable Roundell Baron Selborne, Lord High Chancellor of Great of the goods having arrived and of their being prepared to deliver up the Britain, do bereby order :-(1) That the several causes now standing for goods on the application of the consignee. As regards charging for trial or bearing only before Mr. Justice Kay, be transferred to the said station accommodation, it appears to me that whether that is or is not an

John Pearson, Esq., as judge of the Chanoery Division for the purpose only expense incidental to conveyance, it is not a service performed by the Isle of of trial or hearing. (2) That no cause or matter be assigned to the said Wight Railway Company. I think the case of The Lancashire and Yorkshire John Pearson, Esq., as judge, by the same being marked with his name. Railway Company v. Gidlow shows that providing accommodation of that And this order is to be entered with the registrar and get op in the several sort is not, within the terms of the Act of Parliament, a service performed by offices of the Chancery Division of the High

Court of Justice. the railway. company. As regards the other matters, the receiving goods on

SELBORNE, C. their delivery to the railway company, and taking an account of them, and at the other end of the journey sending word to the consignee of the arrival of

THE ELECTRIC LIGHTING ACT, 1882. his goods, and of the company being prepared to deliver them up upon his The following alterations have been made in the Rules issued by the Board application, they are, in our opinion, services which are incidental to convey of Trade in August last :-Rule V.-The words " the lands whish the appliance, and the remuneration for them is included in the mileage rate. Under cants propose to take for the purposes of the licence or order” have been

omitted. Rule IX.-The wording of the first few lines of this rule have been * Reported by W. H. MACNAMARA, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.

altered in order to make the meaning more clear.

the paper

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App. motns. ex pte-orgnl. | Monday ....11

m018. -and apps, from ords Tuesday....12 General paper. COURT PAPERS.

Wed ......20 made on interlocutory mots Wednesday 13

and also apps, from general Thursday ..14.. Mots, adj. sumas & gen. Da. list if required.


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N.B.-The earlier part of the Appeal Saturday ..16.. Adj. cums. & gen. ps.

Monday ....18
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Tuesday ....19 General paper.

yet certain in consequence of the ab-
Mr. Justice

Wednesday 20

sence of two of their lordships-the

V.O. Bacon.

Lords Justices--on the Autumn Circuit. Thursday : 21.. Motns, adj. suos. &

Causes in which witnesses are to be 30

Inquiries should be made in due time of
Monday, Oct.
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examined before
the officer in charge of the Appeal List.

the court, will be Tuesday

31 Latham


If the court at Westminster should sit at taken

on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday, Nov......

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the commencement of the Sittings their Wednesdays; and causes without witThursday

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be taken on Thursdays, Fridays, and
week with the interlocutory appeals.



Any cause intended to be heard as a short
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. cause must be so marked in the cause

book at least one clear day before the Monday, Oct.

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same can be put in the paper to be so Tuesday 31 Koe

Pemberton King

heard, and the necessary, papers must

At Westminster,
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the day before the cause is to be put into

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mote-and apps from ords.

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6) frem general list if raquired Wednesday 8 made on interlocutory mous

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tory mots. (separate list),

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Further considerations will be taken as Sat., ......16..Sht, caus., & adj, sumas. and also apps from general

mots.--and apps. from ords
list if required.

part of the general paper in priority to

made on interlocutory mots
Bkcy. apps. & also apps.

aud also apps from general

original causes which have not already Tuesday ....19 Geoeral paper Thursdy ..16

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appeared in the paper.

list if required. Friday, ....17

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Thursday ..16
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cause, must be so marked in the cause

Causes in which witnesses are to be exam. Monday, ::20 Apps. from the general list. Friday ....17

book at least one clear day before the same Sat., ......18 > Apps from the general list.

ined will be taken on Tuesdays and Tuesday 21 Monday ....20 can be put in the paper to be so heard, and

Wednesdays; and causes without witApp. mots. ex pte.-orgl. | Tuesday....21)

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nesses will be taken on Mondays, mots. -and apps, from ords

App. mo's. ex pte-orgl.
with the judge's officer the day before the

Thursdays, and Fridays; further con.

cause is to be put in the paper. Wednesday 22 made on interlocutory mots mots-and apos. from ords

siderations will be taken on Mondays. (separate list), & also apps. Wed. .22 made on interlocutory mots

Any cause intended to be heard as a short from general list if required

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cause must be so marked in the cause Thursday ..23 Bkcy, apps. & Also apps.

(list if required.

At Lincoln's-inn.

book at least one clear day before the from general list if required Thur ...... 23

same can be put in the paper to be so Friday......24

In consequence of Mr. Justice Fry taking
Friday ....24

heard, and the necessary papers must be Saturday .,25

part in the Autumn Circuit, his

lordship Saturday .,25 apps, from the general list.

left in court with the judge's officer the Apps, from the general list.

will not sit in the Chancery Division Monday....27 Monday.....27

before the 13th November or the conclu

day before the cause is to be put into the Tuesday....28 Tuesday....28

sion of the Circuit, whichever shall be

paper. App. mots. ex pte-orgl.

App. motos, ex pte-orgl. nots-and apps. from ords

the later. mots. -and apps, from ords

Mr. JUSTICE CHITTY. made on interlocutory mois Wed .29 made on interlocutory mots | Mond., Nov. 13

At Westminster Wednesday, 29 (separate list), and also and also appe. from general | Tues. ....14 General paper.

Thurs., Nov. 2..Motions
apps. from general list if

list if required.
Wed, ......155

At the Rolls House.
Thurs 30

Thursday ..16.. Mots. adj. sumn. & gen. pa. Friday 3..Motions continued Thursday

Sht. caus, pets. adj. sumos., Saturday

4 $ Pets., sht. cane. adj. sums. from general list if required Satarday

Friday ....17
2 Apps, from the general list.
{& gen pap.

(Procedure), & gen. pa.
Friday, Dec. 1
Saturday ..18.. Adj. suins. & gen. pa.

Monday .... 6 wit causes.

Fur. cons, dems., & non Saturday 2


Monday 20
Apps from the generallist.
Monday.... 4
(App motns ex pte-orgnl. Tuesday....21 General paper.


7 Tuesday.... motns-and apps, from ords Wednsday..22

Wed.. ......

8 Causes without wits App. motns. ex pta-orgl. Wed 6 made on interlocutory mots | Thursday ..23.. Motns, adj. sum. & gen. pa. Thursday 9 mots-and apps. from ords and also apps, from general Friday ....21 {and gen. pa! Sht. caus., ptos. adj.sumus. Friday ....10..

..Mtns. & gen, pl. Wednesday 6 made on interlocutory mots (list if required.

Pets, sht. caus., adj. sums. (separate list), & also apps

Saturday ..25.. Adj. sums. & gen. pa.


(Procedure), & gen. pa. from general list if required Friday 8


Fur. cons. dems. & non
Bkcy apps and also apps Saturday

Monday ....13
Tuesday....28 General paper.
9Appsfrom the general list.

wit causes
(trom general list if required Monday ....1

Wednesday 29

Friday .... 8
Tues, 12
Thursday.. 30.. Mons. adj. eum. gen. & pa. Wednesday..15

General paper.

App. motns. es pte-urgnl Friday, Dec. 1

| Sht. cius, pets, adj. sumos. Thursday ..16>Apps. from the general list.

mots. -and apps, from ords

1 & gen. pa.

Friday ....17.. Motns. & gen pa. Tuesday...,12) Wed 13 {made on interlocutory mots Saturday 2.. Adj. sums. & gen. pa.

Pers, sht. caus, adj. sumna. App. motns, ex pte-orgl.

Satday ....18 and also apps, from general Monday

(Procedure), and gen.

pa. mots.-and apps. from ords


....20} General paper.



..80 { Dec.


Thur .....

..., 27



list if required.
Taesday.... 5 General paper.


Fur cons., dems., & nonWednesday, 13 made on interlocutory mots Thur ......14

Wednesday 6,

wit causes (separate list), & also apps. Friday ....15

Thurs...... 7.. Motos. adj. eum. & gen. pa. Tuesday....21 from general list if required Sat., ......16 Apps, from the general list.

Friday 8

$ Sht. caus., pets., adj, 9uan. Wednsdy ..22 General paper. hursday ..14 Bkcy, app. & also apps Monday.... 18

& gen. pa.

Thurs..... 23 froun general list if required Tues.,

Sat........... 9.. Adj. sums. & gen. pa. Friday ....21. Motos. & gen. pa.



..... 9

Monday ....1 wit causes


Saturday ..25 Pets, sht. caus, adj., snmns

(Procedure), and gen. pa.
For. cons., dems., & non
At Westminster,


{ wit causes Tuesday ..28

Thurs, Nov 2.. General paper. Wednesday 29 General paper


General paper.

Thursday ..30

Friday, Dec. 1.. Motns & gen. pa.


Pets., sht. caus., adj. sums,
(Procedure) and gen. pa.


General paper.

GREAVE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Day, J., has fixed Monday, Oct 30, at 12, at the chambers
Fur. cons., dems, & non wit

of Bacon, V.C., for the appointment of an official liquidator
Friday ....10

Tuesday.... 5
Satarday ..ll.

winding up, presented Oct 18, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Nov 4. Wedsdy..... 6 General paper. Monday ....13

Lumley and Lumley, Old Jewry chambers, solicitors for the petitioners
Tuesday ..14

SURREY AND HAMPSHIRE CANAL CORPORATION, LIMITED.-By an order made by Day, J., Friday, .... 8.. Motns. & gen. pa.

Wednesday .15
General paper.

dated Sept 29, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Morris, Walbrook,
Thursday ..16
Pets.,sht. causes,adj. sums.

solicitor for the petitioner
? (procedure), and gen. pa.
Friday ....17

Fur. cons., dems., & non
Saturday .,18.

J., dated Oct 11, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the collieries bé
Monday ....20

continued. Field and Co., Lincoln's inn fields, solicitors for the petitioners Tuesday

.21 Tuesday.....12

TGarette, Oct. 20.) Wed.,

.22 Wednesday .13 General paper

General paper.

INTERNATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Oct Thurg .....14


20, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., at the Rolls Court, Rolls yard, on Nov 4. Friday Friday......15..Mins, & gen. pa.

Wilson and Son, Basinghall st, solicitors for the petitioner
Pets., sht. causes, adj. sums,
Saturday ..25

PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS' CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-Petition for Sat., .........16 (Procedure) and gen. pa. Monday....27

winding_up, presented Oct 23, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Saturday, Monday ...

Nov 4. Barnard and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, solicitors for the petitioner s Fur. cons., dems. & non- Taesday....28 ....18 wit causes Wednsday..29

PIONEER MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. - Petition for winding up, presented Oct 13,

General paper.
Tues. ......1
Thursday ...30

directed to be heard before Fry, J., on Nov 3. MoDiarmid and Teather. Newman's Wednsday..20 General paper Friday, Dec 1

court, Cornhill, solicitors for the petitioner Thursday ..21


[Gazette, Oct. 24.] Causes and actions in which witnesses are Monday ....4

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. to be examined before the court will be Tuesday.... 5

No. 2 PERMANENT MONEY SOCIETY.-By an order made by North J., sitting for Chitty, taken on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Wednesday. 6

J., dated Oct 11, it was ordered that the society be wound up. White and Sons,

General paper Thursdays, and causes and actions Thursday 7

Bedford row, solicitors for the petitioners. North, J., has fixed Oct 30, at 12, at without witnesses will be taken on Friday 8

the chambers of Chitty, J., for the appointment of an official liquidator Mondays; but when the list of causes Saturday

[Gazette, Oct. 20.] and actions without witnesses is ex-Monday ....ll

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER, hausted, causes and actions with wit- Tuesday....12

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. nesses will be taken on Mondays also. Wed. ......13


LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Oct 20, directed to Any cause intended to be heard as a short Thursday ..14

General paper.

be heard before the Vice-Chancellor, at St. George's Hall, Liverpool, on Tuesday, Dec cause must be so marked io the cause-book Friday ....15

5. Jackson, Ashton under Lyne, solicitor for the petitioner at least one clear day before the same can Saturday ..16

[Gazette, Oct. 24.] be put in the paper to be so heard, and Monday ....18

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. the necessary papers must be left in court Tuesday....19

SOUTH SHIELDS FRIENDLY AND SAVINGS' FUND SOCIETY, King st, South Shields. Oct 16 with the judge's officer the day before the Wednesday 20 > General paper.

VICTORIA FRIENDLY BENEFIT SOCIETY, White Hart Tavern, Kingsland rd. Oct 16 cause is to be put in the paper. Thursday ..31.


New Inn, Sneinton, Nottingham. Oct 19

[Gazette, Oct. 24.] The following is a list of the appeals standing for hearing by the judicial members of the House of Lords, the business of which will commence on Tuesday, November 7, viz. :-Nobel's Explosives Company v. Jones, Scott,

CREDITORS' CLAIMS. & Co.-Buchanan v. Stevenson and others—The Singer Manufacturing Com. pady v. Logg-F. Englehardt & Co. v. Bosanquet, Curtis, & Co.-Harvey v. Farnie—The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company v. Lee and another

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. John Orr Ewing & Co. v. Orr Ewing-Mews and another v. The Queen

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. William Dixon (Limited) and others v. White and others-Oakbank Oil Com. BROWN, HENRY, Stockwell green, Stockwell rd, Lambeth, Gont. Nov 6. Ballard pady v. Crum-Fleming and wife (paupers) v. Newport Railway Company

Clifford's inn Clippons Oil Company (Limited) and another v. Henderson and another-Wake BROWN, JAMES Francis, Clewer, Berks, Bricklayer. Nov 4. Phillips and Randle and another v. Hall and others—Lyell v. Kennedy-The Plating Company D'ARCY, John, Gt Marlborough st, Esq. Dec 7. Grover and Humphreys, King's Bench (Limited) v. Farqubarson and others-Bradlaugh v. Clarke Campbell walk, Temple V. Allan-Brownlie and others v. Russell-Starr & Co. v. Bolland, DAWES, Esther, Birmingham. Dec 6. Horton and Co, Birmingham Metropolitan Bank (Limited) and another v, Roberts-Witham and others v.

FALCONER, THOMAS, Lincoln's inn, Esq. Nov 15. Inman and Inman, Bath

FISHER, JAMES, Dudley, Worcester, Surgeon. Jan 1. Sanders and Co, Dudley
Vane and others-Studd v. Cook-Mecredy, jud., and others v. Alexander Graver-BROWNB, Frances, Morley, Nortolk. Nov 30. Coaks and Co, Norwich
and others, Temple v. Ingledew and others-Byrne v. The City of Dublin HADDON, EDWARD LINDSAY, West Derby, near Liverpool, Builder. Nov 6. Morecroft
Steam Packet ompany-Steade v. Newbould-Cabill v. Cabill and others— HALDANE, ALEXANDER, Westbourne ter, Esq. J.P. Nov 10. Lambert and Co, John st,
Maddison v. Alderson-Justices of the Peace for the County of Lancaster v. Bedford row
Mayor of Rochdale. Cause waiting for judgment.-Neill and another v, The HARRISON, Tuomas Høney, Copenhagen st, Islington, Cheesemonger. Nov 30. Boulton
Duke of Devonshire.

and Co, Northampton sq, Clerkenwell
HEYWOOD, SAMUEL, Stanhope st, Hampstead rd, Gent. Nov 15. Weston and Co, Man.


JONES, ESTHER CHARLOTTE, Powick, Worcester. Nov 30. Southall, Worcester HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.-PROBATE AND MATRIMONIAL PADMORE, RICHARD, Hallow, Worcester, Esq. Nov 30. Southall, Worcester DIVISION.

PALMER, JOHN, St Peter st, Íslington, Builder. Nov 10. Foster, Birchin lane

PALMER, WILLIAM Hall, Weston Colville, Cambridge, Farmer. Dec 5. Whitehead, The causes set down for trial before the Probate and Matrimonial Division PrioR, THOMAS Henky, Plymouth, Devon, Captain Royal Navy. Nov 6. Greenway, for Michaelmas Sittings will be taken in the following_order :-Causes for Plymouth bearing before the court itself will be heard on Friday, November 3, and fol. Roe, Thomas, Burton-upon-Trent, Stafford, Hosier. Nov 20. Richardson and Small, lowing days—first, probate ; secondly, undefended matrimonial ; thirdly, RIDER, JOHN, Davenport, near Stockport, Chester, Gent. Dec 6. Claye, Manchester defended matrimonial. Common jury causes will be heard on Friday, Decem: SPOONER, DAVID, Ascot Heath, Berks, Hotel Keeper. Nov 8. Mercer and Mercer, ber 8, and following days—first, probate; secondly, matrimonial.'' Special Mark lane jory causes will not be taken at these sittings. Summonses will be heard in STOUTE, PENELOPE Purdon, Brighton, Sussex. Nov 1. Woods and Dempster, Brighton chambers at half.past 10, and motions in court at 12 o'clock on Tuesday, WALMSLEY, EDWARD, Broughton, near Preston, Lancaster, Farmer. Nov 1. Thompson November 7, and on each succeeding Tuesday during the sittings. All papers and Craven, Preston for motions on Tuesday, November 7, must be left with the Clerk of the WIGGLESWORTH, John, Daybrook, Nottingham, Gent. Dec 6. Burton and Co, Notting. Papers, in the Probate Registry, at Somerset House, or with the Chief Clerk YOUNG, JAMES, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Lieutenant-Colonel. Dec 5. Bubb, Chelten. of the Divorce Registry, at the same place, before 2 o'clock on Wedoesday, November 1, and for motions on subsequent Tuesdays before 2 p.m. on the

[Gazette, Oct. 10. preceding Thursday.

BEDLOW, WILLIAM, Mountfitchet, Essex, Wheelwright. Jan 1. Thurgood and Cox

Saffron Walden
BLACKWOOD, MARIA ELEANOR Madox, New Windsor, Berks, Nov 1. Long and Co


BRADFORD,'JOHN, Bishop Auckland, Durham, Tailor. Nov 10. Trotter and Co, Bishop

Auckland At the Stock and Share Auction Company's sale, held on the 26th inst., at BREWSTER, ROBERT Gray, South Waimea, Nelson, New Zealand, Surgeon. Nov 30. their sale-room, Crown.court-buildings, Old Broad-street, E.C., the following BRIDGE, THOMAS, Manchester, Estate Agent. Nov 6. Addleshaw and Warburton were among the prices obtained :-Cooper, Box, & Co. £5 shares, $2 55.;

Manchester North Grogwinion Silver Lead, 178.; John Bucktrout & Co., £l ; Last Chance CARRINGTON, HENRY, Gloucester, Architect. Nov 23. Coleman, Gloucester Consolidated Silver, 78. ; Colombo Commercial £10 shares, £4 paid, £3 109. ; CLAYTON, ROBERT, Pontefract, York, Gent. Nov 14. Foster and Raper, Pontefract The “Chalet” Company_£5 shares, 56 10s. to £6 12s. 6d. ; Stockton MARSH, THOMAS, Billericay, Essex, Yeoman. Nov 22. 'Woodard and Hood, Ingram and Darlington Steam Tramways, £7 178. 6d.; Southwark and Dept- ct, Fenchurch st ford Tramway Company, £8 128. 6d.; North London Tramways, late MRERE, Susannai, Chertsey, Surrey. Nov 20. Drewe, Chertsey North London Suburban, 15 shares, £3 ; London Road Car £10 shares, 65, NEUMAN, ALFRED, Paternoster row, India Rubber Stamp Manufacturer. Nov 25. paid 158. ; and other miscellaneous securities fetched fair prices,

Pike, HENRY, Bristol, Hosier. Noy 25, Daniell and Co, Bristol


RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH, Bath, Somerset. Nov 30. Gibbs, Bath

ROSE, HEMMING LLEWELLYN, Kensington Palace mansions, South Kensington, Esq. ROWLANDB, ANNE, Bangor. Nov 30. Owen, Bangor

Nov 20. Bartley and James, Somerset st, Portman sq RYE, HENRY PENFIELD, Whitstable, Kent, Retired Steward. Nov 10. Tassell, SEWELL, JOHN, Manor st, Clapham, Gent. Nov 24. Fleming, Trinity sg, Southwark Faversham

SUTCLIFFE, RACHAEL, Littleborough, near Rochdale, Lancaster. Dec 20. Hinde and SCULLY, ANNA MARIA HENRIETTA, Clifton, Bristol. Deo 1. Osborne and Co, Bristol

Co, Manchester
SLOPER, ALICE, Bishops Cannings, Wilts. Dec 1. Hulbert and Radcliffe, Devizes WALKER, SARAH, Farsley, York. Dec 23. Killick and Co, Bradford
WALTON, HENRY, Kingston upon Hull, Brush Maker. Oct 20. Jordeson and Whiteing, WRIGHT, ELIZA, Southport, Lancaster. Dec 16. Killick and Bradford

[Gazette, Oct. 24.]
WINWARD, WILLIAM, Rumworth, Lancaster, Nov 16. Ryley, Bolton
YALE, ELIZA FLORA, Bath. Nov 30. Gibbs, Bath
YOUNG, MARY Anx, Newcastle upon Tyne. Dec 13. Joel, Newcastle upon Tyne

[Gazette, Oct. 13.7

BROOKMAN, BENJAMIN, Margate, Kent, Gent. Nov 30, Prockter and Andrews,

Prince's st, Spitalfields
CLARKE, HENRY JOAN, Bouthrop, nr Lechlade, Gloucester, Farmer. Nov 20. Fallows,

COLLIER, HANNAH, New Malton, York. Nov 11. Simpson, New Malton

On the 20th inst. Mr. Bulwer, Q.C., M.P., was elected one of the chairmen COLLIER, JOHN, New Malton, York, Gent. _Nov 11. Simpson, New Malton

Nov 30. CONYNGHAM, GEORGE HENRY, Marquis, Belgrave sq.

of the Norfolk Quarter Sessions on the motion of Mr. Justice Kay. The

Benbow and Co, Stone buildings, Lincoln's inn

learned judge said it had long been a question very much agitated and conDEXHOLM, ALEXANDER, Manchester rd, Draper. Dec 1. Mason, Gresham st

sidered whether or not it would be expedient to extend the jurisdiction of EVANS, DAVID WILLIAM, Oswestry, Salop, Currier. Dec 1. Minshalls and Parry-Jones, quarter sessions, and the common objection to any proposal of the kind bad

Evans, SAMUEL, Oswestry, Salop, Currier. Deo 1. Minshalls and Parry-Jones, been that many gentlemen who beld the bonourable position of chairmen of

quarter sessions were not sufficiently versed in legal matters to make it EVANS, THOMAS, Oswestry, Salop, Currier. Dec 1. Minshalls and Parry-Jones, altogether safe to extend their jurisdiction. According, however, to his

Fish, JOSEPH, Bristol, Licensed Victualler. Nov 15. Salt and Parnell, Bristol personal exporience of Norfolk, the jurisdiction of the chairman of quarter
GABY, SABAI, High Littleton, Somerset. Dec 1. Wood and Awdry, Chippenham sessions might very well be largely extended. Personally he had certainly
GOODDAY, ARTHUR ROBERT, Šerling, Esses, Esq. Nov 18. Stevens and Co, Witham a considerable interest in this being done, because if it were it would relieve
GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM, Aberayon, Cardigan, Chemist. Oot 24. Buckland, Bristol

Oct 28.
HARDY, DAVID Cusson, Cornforth, Durham, Grocer.

her Majesty's judges of a great deal of their hard work.

Draper, Stockton upon Tees

A question of some importance was raised on the 20th inst, at the HAWKINS, ELIZABETI, Stroud, Gloucester. Jan 1. Witchell

Middlesex Sheriff's Court, in an interpleader issue as to a bill of sale, in JONES, ROBERT OWEN, Llanllechid, Carnarvon, Surgeon. Nov 4. Jones, Bangor ORMISTON, THOMAS, Ormidale, West Dulwich, Surrey, Civil Engineer. Jan 1, Hores which Mr. Sims and Mr. Bucknill, barristers, were engaged, as to a jurat in and Pattison, Lincoln's inn flelds

an affidavit. The solicitor before whom the affidavit was sworn had merely SMITH, WILLIAM, Stilton, Huntingdon, Gent. Dec 2. Percival, Peterborough

subscribed his name, without stating that he was a commissioner to take THOMPSON, MARGARET, Skipton, York. Nov 30. Heelis and Thompson, Skipton

affidavits. Mr. Sims cited cases to show that the omission was fatal; but TYROB, THOMAS RICHÁRD, Oxford, Gent. Deo 9. Robinson, Oxford

[Gazette, Oct. 17.) Mr. Under-Sheriff Burcbell sent for the commissioner, and he proved his

signature. The case, which occupied a portion of two days, proceeded, and, ANDERSON, FREDERICK, Piccadilly, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Austrian Army. Dec 1. in the result, the jury found in favour of the bill of sale, Mr. Under Van Sandau and Co, King st, Cheapside

Sheriff Burchell said he would grant a certificate to enable Mr. Sims to CODD, ELIZA Ann, Nottingham. Dec 8. Pratt and Hodgkinsons, Newark upon Trent COLVIN, Emma SOPHIA, Brighton, Sussex. Dec 1. Freshfields and Williams, Bank

raise the question in the Queen's Bench. Mr. Sims quoted several other buildings

authorities in support of his objection, and Mr. Under-Sheriff Burchell said DORNING, JOHN, Balham Hill, Surrey, Gent. Nov 15. Munns and Longden, oid the learned counsel would be able to argue the question in the ensuing Jewry

Michaelmas Sittings. DYER, WILLIAM, Almondsbury, Gloucester, Retired Tradesman. Nov 8. Crossman and HARRNESS, JOIN BULLER, Satton Coldfield, Warwick, Catholic Priest. Dec 1. Cottrell, tion with the trial for the Dunecht outrage. The dean of faculty for the time being is

An important point of legal etiquette, says the Morning Post, arose in connecBirmingham HEFFILL, Rev WILLIAM, Dukinfield, Chester, Clerk in Holy Orders. Nov 30. Rowley by usage bound to give poor prisoners who cannot pay counsel the benefit of his and Co, Manchester

services in their defence when he is approached through the medium of the young HOOTON, JOHN, Walkerith, Lincoln, Gent. Dec 30. Hayes, Gainsborough

lawyers who may be acting as counsel for the poor at the time. Mr. Mackenzie, LEWIS, CAROLINE, Thornbury, Gloucester. Dec 9. Crossman and Lloyd, Thornbury MoEWEN, JOHN, Victoria terrace, Ealing, Gent. Nov 15. Phillips, Haverfordwest

one of the junior counsel, who is also one of the counsel for the poor, approached MALLETT, ARTHUR JAMES, Leeds, Hosier. Nov 1. Dawson, Leeds

the dean in the usual way, and his services were at once made available. It PARKER, THOMAS, Bamburgh, Northumberland, Esq. Dec'l. Weatherhead, Berwick however transpired that the other junior counsel in the case was Mr. Hay,

upon Tweed PEABCE, ANN, Chippenham, Wilts. Nov 9. Pininger and Co, Chippenham

and as he is not one of the counsel for the poor, the dean, in the interest of PIGRUY, MARY ANN, Saffron Walden, Essex. Jan 1. Collin, Saffron Walden

the younger class of advocates, raised the point of etiquette in question. He SIMEY, CHARLES Ross, Sunderland, Durham, Consulting Engineer. Nov 8. Dixon and said it was not fair to counsel who for a year did the work of defending poor Barker, Sunderland

persons at much trouble, and sometimes at considerable expense, that when SMITH, WILLIAM, Stilton, Huntingdon, Gent. Dec 2. Percival, Peterborough STAINES, MARY ANx, Little Ilford, Essex, Jan 1. Rawlings, Bishopsgate st Within

any cause célèbre turned up senior men should step in and oust them from THORN, ELIZA, Bexley Heath, Kent. Dec 1. Marson and Dadley, Southwark Bridge rd doing work which might afford them an opportunity of showing the public the TROTMAN, CHARLES, Gt Cambridge st, Hackney, Cowkeeper. Nov 28. Mills and Co, stuff of which they are made, and of gaining a position which in ordinary cir.

Brunswick place, City rd
WALKER, PETER, Coed-y-Glyn, near Wrexham, Denbigb, Brewer. Jan 1. Hore and

cumstances they might not attain for years. It was arranged that, as in this Co, Liverpool

case the parties had entered into the arrangement with no intention of violat. Wute, Sir Thomas WOOLLASTON, Bart, Wallingwells, Nottingham. Dec 1. Burnaby, ing the unwritten law of the faculty, and as of recent years the rule has been

WOOD, JAMES, Kingston-upon-Hall, Smack Owner. Nov 16. Woodhouse, Hull

but loosely observed, the arrangement should be permitted to stand, though in [Gazette, Oct. 20.]

future the custom vindicated by the dean will be strictly enforced.

At Bow-street Police Court, on the 19th inst., a solicitor's clerk named A URREY, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Chertsey, Surrey, Confectioner. Nov 25. Crowdy, Arthur Stracey, aged nineteen, was charged with forging & stamp

Chertsey BAILEY, ELEANOR, Elm House, Ellison rd, Barnes, Surrey. Dec 21. Letts, Bartlett's of the High Court of Justice, The prisoner was employed by Messrs. bldgs, Holborn circus

Davies, Son, & Co., of 80, Coleman-street, and in August last was BANKES, Thomas HOLME, Union grove, Clapham, Esq. Deo 20. Crosse, Lancaster directed to sign judgment on bebalf of one of the firm's clients. Instead

place, Strand BEYNON, ROBERT CATACART, Queen's gate, Esq. Dec 5. Walker and Co, Theobald's of doing this he was alleged to have appropriated 10s. intrasted to rd, Gray's inn

him for stamp fees. In the ordinary course an office copy of the judg. Booth, Joux, Shifnal, Salop, out of business. Dec 6. Phillips and Co, Shifnal BRAMLEY, LAWRENCE, Scarborough, York, Gont. Dec 1: Emmet and, Walker, Halifax judgment had not been signed the office copy stamp could not be officially

ment is supplied bearing a 6d. stamp, which is subsequently obliterated. As COCHRANE, WILLIAM, Charlotte st, Bedford sq, Gent. Dec 20. Crosse, Lancaster place, obliterated, and to overcome this difficulty prisoner had obtained an obliterated Strand

stamp, and had placed it over the one he was desirous of obliterating by the Commox, WILLIAM JAMES, Durham, Bankers' Clerk, Nov 17. Watson and Smith, aid of a pin, It eventually occurred that default was made in certain pay

East, CHARLOTTE MARY, Louth, Lincoln. Dec 30. Sharpley, Louth

ments by the person against whom judgment was signed, and prisoner was Erre, Rev DANIEL JAMES, New Sarum, Wilts, Clerk in Holy Orders. Dec 1. Lee and directed to issue a writ of execution. Not baving signed judgment be could Co, Salisbury

not do this, but to avoid discovery it was alleged that he obtained an impresFAGG, MATTHEW, Caple-le-Ferne, Kent, Farmer. Nov 18. Knocker, Dover FARRAR, Joshua, Huddersfield, York, Coal Merchant. Nov 30. Ramsden and Co,

sion of a stamp on another judgment, and while it was wet placed it on the Huddersfield

writ of execution form, and 80 obtained a reversed impression of the stamp. FOSTER, JAMES, Sheffield, York, Gent. Dec 16. Burdekin and Co, Sheffield

This stamp would have cost 5s. in the ordinary course, and the prisoner was FOSTER, MARTHA, Birstal. Dec 1. Arundel, Leeds GERICKE, JOHANN LUDWIG GUSTAV, Hanover, Germany, Gent. Nov 30. Goldberg

now charged with appropriating this sum. The alleged forgery of the stamp and Langdon, West st, Finsbury circus

was detected by the sheriff's officer, and the prisoner was subsequently arrested GREENHOUGH, STEPHEN, Compton rd, Canonbury, Gent. Nov 30. Bannister, Basing- on a warrant. He was now committed for trial. HARPER, CHARLES, Hadleigh, Suffolk, Solicitor. Dec 1. Harper and Battcock, Rood

HUNT, GEORGE, Dartmouth, Devon, Gent. Jan 23. Smith, Dartmouth
LOMAX, THOMAS OPENSLAW, Bodfach, Llanfyllin, Montgomery, Esq. Dec 1. Clarke

and Co, Lincoln's inn fields
MICHELMORE, Philip DAMEREL, Newton Abbott, Devon, Draper. Dec 1, Beachey,
Newton Abbott

The prospectus has been issued of the Fish Supply Company (Limited), MOLYNEUX-SEEL, HENRY HARINGTON, Leamington Priors, Warwick.

Nov 30. capital £30,000 in 6,000 shares of £5 each. The object is to supply all kinds Hunters and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn Owen, Tuomas NIWELL, Newtown, Montgomery, Gent. Dec 1. Williams and Co, agencies in Cornwall and at Grimsby, Dover, Great Yarmouth, &c., for the

of fish, poultry, and game. It is stated that the company have important POTTER, JOHN DENNETT, Ponitry, Nautical Instrument Maker. Dec 10. Potter and supply of fish direct from the coast on terms far more advantageous than can Sandford, King st, Cheapsido

be obtained at Billingegate.

hall street

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