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Mr. BURROUGHS, Chairman, reported in a fragmentary manner, asking time to arrange and file his report.

On motion, his request was granted, with instructions to lay his report, when arranged, upon the table, to be taken up in its regular order.

On motion of Mr. Johnson, Mr. John P. REYNOLDS, Secretary of the Illinois State Agricultural Society, who was present, was invited to participate in the deliberations of the Board.

Mr. Quick presented the following resolution, which was laid upon the table, to be taken up in connection with the report of the Committee on Library and Cabinets, viz:

Resolved, That the Committee on Library and Cabinets be authorized, in their discretion, to purchase the Cabinet of Professor Bromley, as soon as there are sufficient funds in the treasury, on the best possible terms, not to exceed in amount the sum of six thousand dollars.


SAMUEL EDWARDS, from Committee on Horticultural Department, inade a minority report, which was laid upon the table, to be considered in its proper order, viz:

The undersigned, members of the Committee on Horticulture, would respectfully represent to this Board, that having had no previous notice that a report would be expected from us at this meeting, and also, the majority of the members of our committee being absent, we are unable to make a full or even a majority report. Yet we would recommend to the Board that a suitable person or persons be employed by the Agricultural and Horticultural Committees, to survey and lay out the one hundred and sixty acre farm, as well as the lands surrounding the Institute building, with the intervening lands, employing an experienced landscape gardener, if they deem expedient, to assist in said survey, causing accurate maps of the same to be made, and that the said person or persons shall take measures to secure the preparation of ground and planting of screens, the coming spring, upon the west and north sides of the experimental farm and the Busey farm. Also, as liberally as may be practicable, for the purpose of shelter, on grounds surrounding the University building, without injuring the general appearance of said grounds.

We would also further recommend that, in said survey, provision be made for planting an arboretum of all ornamental and forest trees, likely to succeed, fruit trees of various kinds adapted to cultivation here, and for shrubbery, kitchen and flower garden.



0. B. GALUSIA. [CHARLES H. TOPPING arrived a little later, read and signed the above report, thus making it a majority report.-Rec. Sec.]

Mr. Goltra presented a proposition which had been handed him,

relative to hedging a portion of the lands located by the Board; which, on motion of Mr. BRAYMAN, was indefinitely postponed.


Mr. FLAGG moved that the reports of the several committees, which had been laid upon the table, be taken up in their regular order for action.



The report of the Executive Committee was called up, when Mr. A. M. BROWN moved its approval, but temporarily withdrew his motion.

Mr. BURROUGHS offered an amendment to the resolution creating an Executive Cominittee of this Board.

On motion of Mr. MAHAN, the resolution of Mr. BURROUGHS was referred to Committee on By-Laws.

Mr. BROWN's motion for approval was then renewed.

Mr. BURCHARD moved the postponement of the consideration of this motion, until the meeting of the Board to-morrow morning; which was agreed to.


Mr. A. M. BROWN moved that we now take up the report of the committee appointed by the Executive Committee, for the consideration of the purchase of lots adjoining the University building and grounds.

The motion prevailed, and Mr SCROGGs read said report. [See page 70.]

Mr. A. M. BROWN offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Executive Committee be authorized and directed to purchase the lots specified in the report just read, provided the money necessary to make the purchase can be raised by sale of a s fficient portion of the Griggs farm.

Mr. JOHNSON moved to refer the report, and resolution of Mr. BROWN, to the Finance Committee, with instructions to report tomorrow morning, at 10 o'clock.

Which was lost.

The resolution of Mr. BROWN was then put to vote, and lost.

Mr. LAWRENCE moved that the report read by Mr. SCROGGS be referred to the Finance Committee, with instructions to report to the Board, at its next annual meeting.


[blocks in formation]

Mr. BURCHARD called up the report of Finance Committee, and moved its adoption.


Mr. A. M. BROWN moved that the Finance Committee be instructed to report, at its earliest convenience, the amount of Champaign county bonds it will be necessary to sell, to furnish funds for the immediate use of the Board.




Mr. Flagg moved to take up the report of the Committee on Agriculture; which was so voted, and the Secretary read the report. [See page 68.]

Mr. Dunlap moved to strike out the words “Regent and Professor of Agriculture," as superintending and directing the work of the “head farmer," and insert the words "Executive Committee" in their stead.

Mr. A. M. Brown presented the following as a substitute for article 7, which Mr. DUNLAP proposed to amend, viz: Resolved, That

be appointed Superintendent of the farm of the University, and that he have the control and management of the said farm; that he shall, in March of each year, make a report to the Regent, indicating his plans for the coming season, with an estimate of the cost of labor, implements, seeds, working and other animals, required by him; and this report shall be submitted to the Executive Committee, for their approval or rejection, and for the appropriation of the necessary funds. · And the said Superintendent shall, also, in of each year, make a report to the Regent of the result of his plans of the previous season.

The substitute of Mr. Brown, and the amendment of Mr. DunLAP, were lost.

Article 7 of the report was adopted.

Article 8 of the report was, upon motion, referred to the Committee on Agriculture, with instructions to report to-morrow morning.

Mr. PICKRELL asked to be excused from further attendance at this meeting; which was granted, by vote.

On motion of Mr. Mahan, the Board adjourned (at 5:30), to meet at this place at 7 o'clock, this evening.


November 26th, 1867. The Board assembled, and was called to order, by the Regent, at 7 o'clock.

The REGENT, having called Gen. BRAYMAN to the Chair, moved that the report of Committee on Library and Cabinet be taken up.

It was so voted by the Board. (Mr. BURROUGHS having, agreeably to vote of the Board, arranged and filed his report, upon which Mr. Quick's resolution for the purchase of cabinet was based.)



The Committee on Library and Cabinet respectfully report:

That no funds having been placed at their disposal, and no authority having been given them to make any purchases, their labors have been confined to inquiries what were likely to be the immediate and most pressing needs of the University,

in respect to books and means of illustrating the different departments of Natural History, on the opening of the courses of instruction in the spring, and how these wants can be best met.

Having in view a proportionate distribution of the present financial resources of the University between the different departments, according to the experience of similar institutions, the Committee believe that, from the present means, at least ten thousand dollars to library, and ten thousand to cabinet, would be only a fair proportion.

It is not, however, supposed that it would be possible for the Board to appropriate this whole amount for immediate expenditure; and the Committee therefore ask that ($1,000) one thousand dollars be placed at their disposal, to be expended during the next winter, at the best advantage possible, in purchasing such books as are indispensable on the opening of the University in the spring.

In respect to cabinet, the Committee have pleasure in calling the attention of the Board to an opportunity which they believe to be of unusual interest. A collection in the three different departments of Mineralogy, Geology and Conchology, which was made by Prof. Bromby, of Georgia, during the last twenty-five years, is offered to this University on terms which we believe extremely favorable.

The catalogues of this collection, with estimates of its value, from Prof. C. U. Shepherd and other leading scientific authorities, are present; and presenting these

to the Board for their full information, the Committee recommend the purchase of
the collection, as the best means ever likely to be offered for the supply of this
importa id pariment.
All of which is respectfully sul mitted:


Mr. Quick's resolution of appropriation for library and cabinet was read (see page 72); when

Mr. DUNLAP moved to postpone indefinitely its consideration.
This motion was put and lost.
The resolution was adopted.

Mr. Maran, Chairman of Committee on By-Laws, reported a code of by-laws for the government of the Board.

Mr. DUNLAP moved that the by-laws be read and acted upon seriatim.

Which was so ordered by the Board.
The code of laws was read and adopted, as follows:

[blocks in formation]

Section 1. All meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held at the University building, in Champaign county, and a majority of all the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Sec. 2. The annual meeting shall be held on the Tuesday in March.

Sec. 3. Special meetings may be called, whenever necessary, by the Regent, Corresponding Secretary or any five members of the Board, by mailing to each mem. ber of the Board, or personally serving a copy of such call, at least ten days before the day of meeting, provided, that in such notice the business to be attended to at such meeting sball be specified.

[blocks in formation]

Section 1. The order of Business, at each meeting of the Board, shall be:
1. Reading of the Scripture, and prayer.
2. Calling the roll of members.
3. Reading, correction and approval of minutes of last meeting.

4. Reports of the Executive Committi e of all business transacted since the last meeting of the Board.

6. Reception and consideration of communications.
6. Reports of officers.
7. Reports of standing committees,
8. Reports of special committees.
9. Unfinished and new business,

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