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1903; son, Peter Gansevoort Dederick Ten Eyck, born April 3, 1905. With N.Y.C.&H.H.R.R.R., 1896-1903, batteryman to signal engr., organizing the signal standards for the system; became chief engr. and treas. Federal Ry. Signal Co., 1903, later v.p. and gen. mgr.; member 63rd Congress (1913-15), 28th N.Y. Dist.; Democrat; member—3rd Signal Corps, 3rd Brigade, N.Y.S.N.G.

; Dutch Ref. Ch.; R.P.I. Alumni Assn.; Albany Academy Alumni Assoc.; Am. Ry. Engring. Assoc., Ry. Signal Assn., N.Y. State Waterways Assn., Atlantic Deep Waterway Assn., National Rivers and Harbors Congress, S.R., Delta Phi, Holland Soc., New York, etc. Mason. Clubs: University (trustee), Ft. Orange, Albany, Albany Institute and Historical and Art Society, Automobile Club of Albany and A.A.A., Sons of the Revolution, Albany Yacht, Albany Country, Transportation (New York). Address : 479 State Street, Albany, N. Y. Business address : 83 State Street, Albany, N.Y., and Room 430, House Office Building, Washington, D.C.

Tennent, David Hilt, of Bryn Mawr, Pa., was born Janesville, Wis., May 28, 1873. Zoology. B.S., Olivet, 1900; Hopkins, 190001; fellow, 1902-04, Ph.D., 1904; Bruce fellow, 1904. Acting prof. biol. and physics, Randolph-Macon, 1903; lecturer biol., Bryn Mawr, 1904-05; assoc., 1905-06; assoc. prof., 1906-12; prof., 1912; instr., Woods Hole, 1902-05. Soc. Nat.; Soc. Zool.; Phila. Acad. Embryology; experimental embryology; cytology.

Terry, Charles Appleton, lawyer; born in South Weymouth, Mass., March 2, 1858; son of James Pease and Catharine A. (Matson) Terry; educated in South Weymouth Grammar School, Lyme High School, Norwich Free Academy, Amherst College, A.B., 1879, Columbia Law School, LL.B., 1883; married, New Haven, Conn., June 22, 1886, Marie E. Cady; children: Catharine L., Matson C. Vice-president of Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.; secretary, treasurer and director Cooper Hewitt Electric Co., director Bryant Electric Co., Perkins Electric Switch & Manufacturing Co., Canadian Westinghouse Co., Limited, R. D. Nuttall Company. Republican; Presbyterian. Member Mayflower Society, West End Association, Delta Kappa Epsilon Association, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, New York Bar Association. Clubs: University, City Lunch, Sleepy Hollow, Thousand Islands Yacht. Residence: 310 West 105th St. Office: 165 Broadway, N.Y. City.

Terry, Charles Thaddeus, lawyer, and prof. of law, Columbia Univ., 100 Broadway, N.Y. City, was born, Albany, N.Y., Sept. 1, 1867; son of Griffith Pritchard and Eleanor (Lasher) Terry; of old English colonial ancestry, educated in private and public schools of Albany, Williams Coll., A.B., 1889, Columbia Univ. Law School, LL.B., 1893, Univ. of Berlin, 1890; married, New Scotland, N.Y., June 22, 1898, Katherine Lansing Hendrick; children: James Hendrick, Katherine Hendrick, Thaddeus, Beatrice. Began practice of law as junior partner of old established firm of N.Ỹ. City; after two years became junior member of law partnership of three, remaining in firm for six years, since which time has practiced alone. Prize Lecture on Practice and Pleading Under N.Y. Code of Civil Procedure, Columbia Univ. Law School, 1893-95; regular lecturer, 1896-1901; prof. of law since 1901. Editor Minute Book, etc., on Incorporation Law. As counsel for Nat. Assn. of Automobile Mfrs., 1903, conducted various test cases on the N.Y. State restriction law, and succeeded in having it declared unconstitutional; appointed by Gov. Higgins comr. of N.Y. State on Uniformity of Laws in U.S.; elected sec. Nat. Conf. of Uniform Law Comrs., 1905, now pres. Chmn. Tenement Shade Tree Com. of Tree Planting Asso. of N.Y. City, N.Y. State Commr. on Uniform State Laws. Mem. N.Y. State Bar Assn., Assn. Bar City of N.Y.; Am. Bar Assn.; pres. Albany Soc. of NÀY.; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi (expres. of Nat. Council); chmn. Bd. of Dirs. N.Y. Civic League; mem. Exec. Com. for N.Y. State of the Nat. Civic Federation; mem. Com. on Reform of Legal Procedure of the Nat. Civic Federation; chmn. on Uniform State Laws of the Nat. Civic Federation and of the Am. Bar Assn.; apptd. by Gov. of N.Y. State representative of the State at Nat. Divorce Congress, 1907. Clubs: University, Lawyers, Union League, Republican, Phi Delta Theta (pres.). Residence: 62 E. 58th St.

Terry, Will Albert, assistant freight traffic manager, New York Central Lines West of Buffalo. Office: Chicago, Ill. Born March 20, 1864. Entered railway service 1879 as telegraph operator Canada Southern Ry., since which he has been consecutively, 1880 to Jan., 1883, in train dispatcher's office Fort Wayne & Jackson Rd. at Jackson, Mich.; Jan., 1883, to Sept., 1884, with freight department Wheeling & Lake Erie Rd. at Marietta 0.; Sept., 1884, to July, 1885, train dispatcher same road at Cambridge, 0.; 1885 to Feb., 1886, ticket agent at Marietta; Feb., 1886, to Sept., 1890, out of service ; Sept., 1890, to Jan., 1891, in master car builder's office Pittsburgh & Western Rd.; Jan., 1891, to May, 1895, commercial agent Wheeling & Lake Erie Ry. at Pittsburgh, Pa.; May, 1895, to Sept., 1897, commercial agent Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Ry. and Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling Ry. at Pittsburgh; Sept., 1897, to Jan., 1903, assistant general freight agent, Pittsburgh.

Thacher, Sherman Day, headmaster of Thacher School; born in New Haven, Conn., Nov. 6, 1861; son of Thomas Anthony Thacher and Elizabeth Baldwin (Sherman) Thacher. He was educated in Hopkins Grammar School, Yale College, as A.B, in 1883, Yale Law School, as LL.B. in 1886. He was with W. and J. Sloane of New York in 1883 and 1884; with the law firm of Lathrop and Smith in Kansas City, Mo., in 1886 and 1887; went to California in October, 1887, and established the Thacher School in 1889. Mr. Thacher is an Independent in politics. Director and president of the Boyd Club; member Faculty Club, University of California, Berkeley, and of National Committee on Mental Hygiene. President Board Trustees, Nordhoff Union High School; member of University Club, San Francisco. He married in Berkeley, Cal., June 24, 1896, Eliza Seely Blake, and they have four children: Elizabeth, born in 1897; George Blake, born in 1903; Anson Stile, born in 1905; Helen, born in 1906, and Harriet, born in 1912. Address: Nordhoff, Ventura County, Cal.

Thacher, Thomas C., United States congressman from the sixteenth district of Massachusetts, was born July 20, 1858, in Yarmouth, Mass. For twenty-six years he was engaged in the wool business. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15, and resides in Yarmouth, Mass.

Thayer, John Eliot, of Lancaster, Mass., was born April 3, 1862. He graduated from Harvard College in the class of 1885. He has been chairman of the Selectmen of the town of Lancaster since 1898. He is one of the faculty of the Museum of Comparative Zoology of Cambridge. He is president of the First National Bank of Clinton, trustee of the Clinton Savings Bank, and director of the Chicago, Wilmington and Vermillion Coal Co.

Thayer, Wade Warren, lawyer, attorney general of Hawaii; born, Jackson, Mich., Sept. 15, 1873; son of Leonard E. and Fannie M. (Fletcher) Thayer. A.B., University of Michigan, 1895; LL.B., University of Michigan, 1896. Married Rhoda Green, June 30, 1908, at Honolulu; 1908-12, referee in bankruptcy; 190910, second district magistrate of Honolulu ; 1913, attorney general. Secy. and Treas., Consolidated Soda Water Works Co., Ltd.; Secy., Thayer Piano Co., Ltd. Member American Bar Association, Hawaiian Bar Association, Hawaiian Historical Soci. ety, Hawaiian Lodge No. 21, F.&A.M. Clubs: University (Honolulu); Oahu, Country, Elks. Author of numerous stories of Hawaii, published in various eastern periodicals. Residence: Alewa Heights. Office: 602-3-4 Stangenwald Bldg. and Capitol Bldg., Honolulu, Hawaii.

Thomas, Charles Spalding, United States senator from Colorado, was born Dec. 6, 1849, in Darien, Ga. Since 1871 he has been engaged in the practice of law. He was governor of Colorado in 1899-1901. He was elected a member of the United States senate to fill a vacancy for the term ending in 1915, and resides in Denver, Colo.

Thomas, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Cornelius F., born in Baltimore, Md., May 12, 1858; son of Cornelius Thomas of the Northumberland County, Va., family of that name, and of Mary Clare Boarman, his wife, a lineal descendant of William Boarman, one of the first settlers of Maryland, coming to the Colony from England in 1645. The Boarmans were distinguished in Colonial and Revolutionary times. Fr. Thomas attended the private school of Miss Mary Schoolfield, then St. Peter's School and Calvert Hall College, Baltimore, afterwards spending five years at St. Charles' College, Ellicott City, Md., and four years at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md., whence he was ordained priest at the Cathedral by Cardinal Gibbons, Dec. 23, 1882. Served for five years as assistant, Washington, D.C., at St. Patrick's and St. Stephen's Churches, later at St. Peter's, Baltimore, Md.; appointed pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Mt. Washington, Md., 1889; appointed Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Baltimore 1891, and three years later made rector of the Cathedral; in 1900 placed in charge of St. Ann's Church, Baltimore. Attained the


degree of Licentiate in Sacred Theology at the Seminary in 1882, and was made Doctor of Canon Law by St. Mary's Seminary, June, 1907. Received from Loyola College, Baltimore, the degree of LL.D. June 15, 1911, and on June 11, 1914, was made a Domestic Prelate by His Holiness Pius X. Address: St. Ann's Church, York Road, Baltimore, Md.

Thomas, Edwin Ross, retired automobile manufacturer, capitalist; born in Webster, Pa., Nov. 3, 1850; son of Joseph B. and Mary (Van Hook) Thomas, educated in high schools of Evansville, Ind., and Duffs College, Pa.; married, Aurora, Ind., February, 1879, Flora Lozier; three children. For fifteen years in marine transportation in clerical positions and as captain and owner of Mississippi River at age of 29; several years coal mining operator; in railway transportation thirteen years; manufacturer of bicycles and automobiles fifteen years and made first automobile in 1897; designed first commercial motor bicycle. Winner of New York to Paris automobile race, around the world, being first and most important event ever won by an American car in an international event, up to that period; winner of the cup from New York to San Francisco. One of pioneer automobile manufacturers, establishing very large plants in Buffalo and Detroit. Formerly president and owner E. R. Thomas Motor Co., Thomas Motor Car Co.; trustee American Savings Bank; director Chalmers Motor Co. Republican; Episcopalian. Recreations: Automobiling, yachting. Clubs: Buffalo, Country, Park, Yacht, Ellicot, Automobile (director). Residence: 125 North St. 1198-1200 Niagara St., Buffalo, Now retired from business.

Thomas, Flavel Shurtleff, physician, author and educator; born in Hanson, Mass., Sept. 7, 1852; son of Isaac and Abby (Shurtleff) Thomas. He was educated in Syracuse University, B.Sc., M.Sc.; McGill University, Montreal, D.Sc., Harvard University, M.D., and received the degrees of M.A. and LL.D. from Shurtleff College. He is a physician to the Gordon Rest Sanitarium and to Maquan Sanitarium, and he is also school physician and town physician to the town of Hanson. His life has been largely devoted to studying in many universities, studying university education and degrees, and writing upon medical education and general university education, and he was formerly professor and dean in the National University. He is one of the editors of The Standard Dictionary of the English Language, and is author of A Dictionary of (200) University Degrees, and of many pamphlets and magazine articles on medical and educational subjects. He was president of the Hanson Old Home Week, 1902; president of the dedication of the Hanson Soldiers' Monu. ment, 1906; president at the dedication of Rev. Frederick 0. MacCartney Monument at Rockland, Mass., 1908; is secretary of the Hanson Improvement Society. He finds his recreation in farming and owns two farms. Dr. Thomas is a Chritsian Socialist and a member of the Socialist Party, by which he has been three times nominated for senator; was president of the Socialist Convention at Mayflower Grove, Mass., Oct. 15, 1905, and has presided at many large Socialist meetings in Plymouth County. He is a member of the Authors' League of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and of the Harvard Union, Syracuse University, Cornell and Hatherly Medical Clubs. He married in Hanson, Mass., July 9, 1879, Caroline Moore Smith, and they have two children. Address: Maquan Sanitorium, South Hanson, Mass.

Thomas, Robert Young, congressman, was born in Logan County, Ky. He was a member of the state legislature in 1886; was elected commonwealth's attorney for the seventh judicial district, which office he held when nominated for congress; was elected to the sixty-first, sixty-second and sixty-third congresses as a Democrat, and resides in Central City, Ky.

Thomas, William Sturgis, physician ;born Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 1871; son of Henry L. and Alice R. (Phinney) Thomas; educated in public schools, Washington, D.C., medical department George Washington University, Washington, D.C., M.D., 1892; married, 1905, Emma Rheinfrank; children: Catherine Livingston, born 1906; William Stephen, born 1909. After graduation in medicine, 1892, spent six years completing medical education in New York hospitals. Served as assistant surgeon U.S.N. through SpanishAmerican War in the United States, Porto Rico, at sea and in Cuba. After resigning from U.S. Navy, 1898, became chief of surgical clinic St. Luke's Hospital and served as such twelve years. Is examining physician to that institution; consulting physician to N.Y. Home for Convalescents; assistant surgeon Medical Reserve Corps, United States Navy; health officer village of Plandome, N.Y. Republican; Episcopalian. Member American Medical Association; Medical Society County of N.Y.; N.Y. Academy Medicine; Society Alumni of St. Luke's Hospital; surgeon to Society of Mayflower Descendants; N.Y. Historical Society; A.A.A.S.; Dutchess County Society; Naval and Military Order of the Spanish-American War. Life member American Geographical Society, American Museum of Natural History, N.Y.; State Chapter Society of the Cincinnati. Recreation : Fishing.

Thompson, Henry Soffe, capitalist; born. N.Y. City, Aug. 10, 1873; son of Richard J. and Hellen (Soffe) Thompson; graduated from Princeton, A.B., 1894; married, N.Y. City, April 19, 1900, Mabel Potter; children: Dorothy, Adele, Henry S., Jr. Vicepresident and director Globe & Rutgers Fire Insurance Co.; vicepresident and director Belnord Realty Co.; president Boulevard Realty Co.; Golden Hill Building Co.; president Permutit Co.; vice-president Wood, Dolson & Co.; director Union Exchange National Bank; organizer of Thompson-Starrett Co. Superintendent of buildings under Mayor Low; commissioner Public Works of Borough of Manhattan under Mayor McClellan; member City Improvement Commission under McClellan; commissioner of water supply, gas and electricity under Mayor Gaynor. Veteran of Squadron A, National Guard of New York. Democrat; Presbyterian. Trustee Manhattan Maternity and Dispensary Hospital. Member of Chamber of Commerce of New York. Clubs: Adirondack League, Auto Club of America, Metropolitan

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