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as any great improvement on the form adopted by Davidson, and Key Memorandum signed by A. :-" I hereby give and make over” (a and Elphinstone. Division by the number of clients only seems specified India bond)"to B.,” without handing over the bond. to be absurd unless a provision is added for drawing their names Held, to operate as a declaration of trust : Morgan v. Malleson out of a hat, each partner taking every other name. And it|(10 Eq. 475). Deed poll by a husband :-"I do hereby settle, seems to be unwise to circularize the clients, who may think it a assign, and transfer unto my wife, as if she were a single woman, favourable opportunity for going to some solicitor other than either several leasehold houses. Held, to operate as a declaration of trust : partner, or for taking the papers into their own hands.

Baddeley v. Baddeley (9 Ch. D. 113), following Grant v. Grant At present it appears to us that Mr. Jarman's first-mentioned (34 Beav. 623, stated suprà). See also Fox v. Hawkes (13 Ch. D. form affords the best basis for a clause of the kind we desire, but 822) to the same effect, in the course of some experience of this kind of deed we do not Prior to the Married Women's Property Act, 1882, a husband remember to have seen this clause used or suggested. It has one could not at law make a gift to his wife, but where he made a manifest defect, inasmuch as it leaves open the question of the clear, irrevocable gift to her it used to be considered that he conkind or mode of division of the new business which is to be stituted himself a trustee for her: Mews v. Mews (15 Beav. 529), adopted. We shall be glad if our readers can help us to amend Grant v. Grant (34 Beav. 625), but these decisions would not now this defect.

be followed: Moore v. Moore (L. R. 18 Eq. 474), Hayes v. Alliance Co. (8 L. R. Ir. 149), Re Breton (17 Ch. D. 416) ; see in Grant v. Grant as to the effect of wedding presents made to

a lady. Possibly in some of these cases the gift might have been THE LAW OF GIFTS INTER VIVOS.

supported without having regard to the doctrine under consideraVII.

tion. Equitable interest in chose in action.- Where a chose in action of of trust.- Assignment by deed by X. to S. of shares which passed

Imperfect assignment of property not construed as a declaration either class is vested in trustees, the equitable owner can make a only by entry in the bank books on trust for T. At that time $. valid gift of the equitable interest by an assignment to the donee of held a general power of attorney authorizing him to transfer A.'s which notice is given to the trustees : Bridge v. Bridge (16 Beav. shares. 315).

After the assignment A. gave to S. a further power

authorizing him to receive the dividends on the shares. S. received Gifts made by declaration of trust.—As already pointed out, the dividends by virtue of the power, and paid them to T. It was there are two methods by which a man can carry his intention of held (1) that A. did not intend to make himself a trustee, but to making a gift into effect : be may transfer either the legal or the constitute S. a trustee; (2) That no valid trust was constituted in equitable ownership to the donee.

S., for although he held a power of attorney, under which he might Where the donor is the legal owner of the thing given, he may have vested the shares in himself, he had not done so, and was not constitute himself or some other person a trustee, either by parol, bound to do so without directions from A. : Milroy v. Lord (4 De in which we include his acts, or by a formal declaration of trust. G. F. & J. 264). If he effectually constitutes himself a trustee he may retain some Parol declaration of trust.The following circumstances have control over the thing given (Wheatley v. Parr, 1 Keen, 551; Van- been held to amount to a parol declaration of trust by the donor, or to derberg.v. Palmer, 4 K. & J. 204) without preventing the gift the creation of a trust in another person in favour of a third person :from being effectual.

A. directs in writing B. to purchase an annuity in France for the The cases are most conflicting, but the general conclusions to be benefit of C. with A.'s money. The annuity was purchased, but as drawn from them are

C. was a married woman it was purchased in A.'s name. A., on First. That if A. attempts to make a gift to B., by transfer of hearing of this, sends a power of attorney to B., authorizing him the property to B., which fails, owing to the transfer being in to transfer the annuity to c. B. acts on the power, in ignorance effectual, he has not constituted himself a trustee for B.

of the testator's death. The transfer made under this circumstance Second. That A. may constitute himself a trustee for B. by un was valid by the law of France. Held that, without regard to the equivocal words or actions.

provisions of the French law, A. had sufficiently declared himself Third. That where A., being the legal owner of property, a trustee for C. : Ex parte Eye (18 Ves. 140). A transfer by the attempts to make a gift to B., by transferring the property to c. donor of money standing at 'her own account at a bank to the on trust for B., the gift fails if the transfer of the property is not account of herself as trustee for B., coupled with a receipt given to complete.

her in that form by the bank (the marginal note is incorrect) : Fourth. That where A. is the equitable owner of property Wheatley v. Purr (1 Keen, 551). A trustee adds his money to trust vested in C., a direction to C. to hold it on trust for B. operates moneys, invests the aggregate sum, and treats the investment as as a valid gift to B.

trust property: Thorpe v. Owen (5 Beav. 224); Gray v. Gray Whether an imperfect assignment can be construed as a declara-|(2 Sim. n. s. 273); in both of which cases the trustee, after the ration of trust.-There has been much difference of opinion as to investment was made, declared that he intended it as a gift. On Whether, where the intention to make a gift is clear, but the gift the purchase of land by the trustees of a marriage settlement the fails, owing to the transfer of the property being imperfect, the husband, who was tenant for life, added some money of his own to attempted assignment can be construed as a declaration of trust in the money in the hands of the trustees : Ouseley v. Anstruther (10 favour of the donee by the intending donor. The law, however, is Beav. 461). A testator appoints B. his ex utor. Shortly before now settled that this is not the case. See the remarks of Turner, his death he draws a cheque for £900 in B.'s favour on a sheet of L.J., in Milroy v. Lord (4 De G. F. & J., at p. 274, cited suprà) paper and writes on the same sheet : “ A. £200, B. £200, and of Jessel," M.R., in Richards v. Delbridge (18 Eq., at p. 13, executorship fund £500.” Held, a valid trust for A., the cheque

being cashed in the testator's lifetime : Tate v. Leithead (Kay, Imperfect assignment or property construed as declaration of 655). Parol declaration of trust by third party, to whom money trust -The following is a summary of the decisions on this point: was handed by person in extremis : Peckham v. Taylor (31 Beav. title, it may, as in the present case, fasten a trust on the property firm « Úrs. A., for the education of B., C., and D.”. Stapelton which it purports to assign

: per_Stuart, V.C. (Parnell v. v. Stapelton (14 Sim. 186). V., a merchant in China, directs his Hingston, 3 Sm. & Giff., at p. 346)." This dictum was not neces- Correspondents in London to transfer £1,000 from his tea account pory, as the Vice-Chancellor was of opinion that the assignment of and to employ it in exchange transactions for the benefit of his the property was sufficient. A., by voluntary deed, assigns, inter children. subsequently he declines to give any opinion as to the alia“ all her personal property” to B., with a power of attorney investments of the fund, " as I consider myself to have no control authorizing him “ to sue for and recover the same.

At the date over the fund, as it belongs to my children! Vanderberg v. Palmer of the deed A. possessed certain promissory notes. At B.'s death (4 K. & J. 201). the notes were found in his possession, but not indorsed to him, and On the other hand, no trust was constituted in the following there was no evidence that they had been delivered to him by A. Held, that the deed operated as a declaration of trust of the notes Where A. directed his bankers to carry over certain funds to the by A. in favour of B: Richardson v. Richardson (3 Eq. 686). account of himself and other persons as trustees for his wife, and

ciced supra).

cases :


after her death for his son, and the funds were carried over through his own wilful default; and I accordingly direct and declare accordingly. It was proved that the transfer was made with an that the rule of the High Court, as to the amount which trustees may intent to avoid legacy duty. A. died shortly afterwards. Alex. lend on mortgage, and their duties in relation thereto, shall not apply

to the trustees of this my will, but, on the contrary, that they shall ander, C.B., said: “It is clearly a gift inter vivos. I cannot con

have the fullest discretion, not only as to the amount which they may sider it as a binding appropriation. The appropriation was made

consider it desirable to advance on mortgage securities, but as to the with a fraudulent intent, and would not have bound A. : Gaskell v.

nature and position of such securities, and the assistance (if any) Gaskell (2 Y. & J. 502). A testatrix drew a cheque on her which they may decide to avail themselves of in connection therewith, bankers for £150 in favour of A., directing him to apply that sum, and that none of them shall, by any means, or in any court, be made or so much of it as might be necessary, to make up to a legatee the r sponsible for any loss which may be sustained by my estate by difference in value between a legacy of £100, which she had given reason of any bonâ fide act [query, omission] or error of judgment on by her will, and the price of a £100 share in a certain railway. the part of any one or more of my trustees. The cheque was cashed in the lifetime of the testatrix. Held, no trust (Hughes v. Stubbs, 1 Ha. 476), the court being of opinion that the arrangement was to stand on the same footing as a will. A. directed his agents to purchase £4,000 stock in the names of himself and his wife in trust for his infant son. The agents

CASES BEFORE THE VACATION JUDGE. made the purchase in the joint names, but without any trust ex HUSBAND AND WIFE-COVENANT NOT TO MOLEST-MOLESTATION-SUMpressed, because, as they informed A., the bank declined to state

MARY JURISDICTION ACT (42 & 43 Vict. c. 49), s. 25. a trust in their books. A. did nothing more except receiving the In the case of De Bensaude v. De Bensaude, before Charles, J., on the 21st dividends down to his decease. Held, that no trust was created, inst., the question arose whether the court should grant an interim injunc. on the ground that, whatever A.'s original intention may have tion restraining a husband from molesting his wife in breach of a covenant,

or whether she should not rather seek her

medy in a police court. This been, he was content that the stock should remain under his absolute

was a motion on behalf of the plaintiff, Mrs. De Bensaude, known on the dominion : Smith v. Warde (15 Sim. 56). Where a farmer's wife, stage as Miss Violet Cameron, to restrain the defendant, Mr. David De with his sanction, deposited the surplus produce of the butter, Bensaude, her husband, from committing a breach of a covenant &c., with a firm in her own name. The husband constantly called contained in a deed made on the 7th of July, 1887, between the parties, it his wife's fund.” Held, that this did not amount to the whereby the defendant covenanted not to molest or interfere with the

plaintiff in her professional means of livelihood, or otherwise, for a year. husband having deprived himself of all control over the property, The parties were married in 1884, and there was issue one child, and that, therefore, he was not a trustee for her. Some weight on the 7th of July, 1887, the plaintiff and defendant executed a deed was given to language used by him on his death-bed, which shewed staying certain proceedings in the Divorce Court, the Queen's Bench that he did not believe himself to have made a gift: Mews v.

Division, and the American courts on the understanding that the parties Mews (15 Beav. 529). A., after depositing in a savings bank to and the plaintiff's earnings should be for her separate use. The defendant

should live apart for a year, the defendant should not molest the plaintiff, the full extent allowed, made further deposits in the names of his also signed two receipts for two sums of £750 and £350 in full discharge sister and himself as trustee for her. Held, that no trust was of all claims on the Earl of Lonsdale for damages and costs.

the Divorce Court, constituted, as the intention was only to evade the provisions of the 9th of July counsel mentioned the case

and the Act under which the bank was constituted: Field v. Lonsdale saying that the defendant had inquired carefully into the

to the conclusion (13 Beav. 78). Note in a memorandum book : I intend to make statements exaggerated or untrue, the relations between the parties had

that his position was founded on certain investments, and I intend to leave them, at my death, to been indiscreet, but he was now fully, honestly, and firmly convinced A. An account of the investments, "from the period that I that the relations were not immoral, and he withdrew his petition. The determined thus to appropriate the money,” in the testator's plaintiff's petition was also withdrawn. The defendant also wrote to handwriting was found after his death. Held that “I intend to petition. Evidence was given on behalf of the plaintiff that the defendleave” created no trust : Re Glover (2 J. & H. 186). A. gives ant since the 7th of July pursued a course of molestation. On the 27th to B. a power of attorney to sell Consols, and directs him to hold of July be called at her house and created a disturbance, ringing the bell the proceeds on certain trusts, but B. did not act on the power in and knocking for some time. The defendant did not contribute a penny A.'s lifetime. Held, that there was no trust, as the money did not the purpose of getting her earnings. On the 3rd of August the defendant get into B.'s hands during A.'s lifetime, and as A. might have followed the plaintiff to Malmesbury. On the 6th of September he revoked the power at any time before it was acted on: Peckham threatened to send a notice to all the manugers of theatres telling them v. Taylor (31 Beav. 250). A father puts a cheque, paid to him not to employ her. On the 8th of August a summons, taken out by a stranger, into the hands of his baby, saying, " I give this to under the Metropolitan Police Act at the Marylebone Police Court, was Baby,

It is his own, and he may do what he likes with The defendant said that he had executed the deed without having legal it." The cheque was not presented during the father's lifetime. advice, and on the assurance that there was no criminal intercourse Held, that no trust was created : Jones V. Lock (1 Ch. 25). between Lord Lonsdale and the plaintiff ; that he afterwards found that The consent given by a married woman before commissioners for on the 15th of May, 1887, the plaintiff gave birth to an illegitimate child, the transfer and payment to her husband of sums of stock and adultery with Lord Lonsdale. All he desired was to put a stop to this 'money standing in court to her separate account does not operate conduct. On behalf of the defendant it was contended that the plaintiff as a declaration of trust, and she can revoke her consent at any should have applied to a police magistrate for protection under the time before transfer or payment: Peafold v. Mould (4 Eq. 562). Summary Jurisdiction Act ; she could not get the help of a court of equity

as she had not come with clean hands. The defendant had not molested the plaintiff, he had taken the reasonable means of a husband to protect

In the first place the deed was not binding: Evans v. Edmunds (22 L. J. C. P. 211), Evans v. Carington (30 L. J. Ch. 365), Gandy y. Gandy

(7 Prob. D. 77). Secondly, assuming that the deed was binding, there had CORRESPONDENCE.

been no molestation within the meaning of the covenant: Fearon y. Lord

Aylesford (14 Q. B. D. 805). The question was, had the acts been done to THE LIABILITY OF TRUSTEES.

vex and annoy, or with the object of severing the intimacy: Sanders v. | To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.]

Rodway (16 Beav. 207.) All the acts prior to the 7th of July, 1887, were

irrelevant to the case. This was not a case for an interlocutory order, and Sir, ---Referring to your remarks in the “Current Topics" of your the motion should be dismissed. journal for the 17th inst., and the letter of your correspondent, B.,”.

CHARLES, J., said that he took into consideration that he was not on the subject, I beg to enclose a clause, which, I think, would meet cept in one sense, nor was he deciding whether the deed was obtained by

hearing the cause, was not deciding the true construction of the deed ex. the suggested difficulties.

CHAS. C. DEANE. 19, Castle-street, Liverpool, September 20.

fraud and misrepresentation. The defendant would have an opportunity

of raising that question in his statement of defence. For the purposes of The following is the clause referred to :

that day he assumed that the deed was a valid and binding deed. By joining in or doing any act by which his co-trustees, or the acting with came to the conclusion that there was a prima facie case made out of

No trustee of this my will shall be answerable or accountable for that deed the defendant covenanted not in any wise to molest or interfere securities belonging to or forming part of my trust estate nor for otherwise. While saying that he did not overlook the aslidavit of the the deficiency or depreciation in value of any stocks, shares, mort- defendant. He was disposed to agree with Mr. Kisch, in considering the gages, or other securities, in or on which any part of the trust funds question whether he should grant an interlocutory injunction, that to may, for the time being, be invested, except the same shall happen ought not to regard acts done before the 7th of July, 1887, and ought to


his wife.

confine himself to a consideration of the acts done since that date up to the William Gillespie will hereafter practise as a solicitor on his own account, present time. Affidavits had been filed since the notice of motion setting at Globe-chambers, Bridge-street, Walsall. out a vast number of grievances on both sides of the most contradictory

[Gazette, Sept. 16 ]

George COPPLESTONE Rice and ALLAN BURNETT, solicitors (Rice & nature, but he came to no decision as to these. Looking at the defend Burnett). Devereux-buildings, Devereux-court, Strand, London. Sept. ant's answer to the original affidavits in support of the motion, he was not 16.

[Gazette, Sept. 20.] satisfied. Taking the acts of molestation of the 27th of July and the 3rd of August, and especially the threats of the defendant to prevent the plaintiff from earning her living by acting on the stage-looking at these

GENERAL, acts he could not say that the defendant had satisfactorily met the plain On days when Mr. Justice Charles is not sitting either at judges' chamtiff's allegations. He therefore decided for the purposes of that day, and bers or in court, applications of an urgent character arising during the assuming the deed to be valid, to grant an interim injunction until the vacation may be addressed to him at his private residence, Gartlett, trial or further order.--Counsel, Marten, Q.C., and Ryland; Henry Kisch. Clarendon-road, Watford, Herts. SOLICITORS, Lewis f Lewis; Seaborne § Co.

At a meeting of the Watch Committee of the Leeds Corporation on the 16th inst., a communication was read from the Home Secretary stating that he had under consideration the manner in which the punishment of birching was at present carried out in the case of youthful offenders, and

suggesting that the rod used for children under ten should be lighter than LEGAL NEWS.

that used in the case of older offenders, and that if there was reason to

suppose that a child was in delicate health a medical man should be conOBITUARY.

sulted as to the propriety of the punishment being carried out. Mr. ROBERT FURLEY, solicitor, F.S.A., died at Ashford, on the 9th inst., at We are requested to state that the late firm of Hickin & Graham, of 29, the age of seventy-eight. Mr. Furley was the third son of Mr. Robert Lincoln's-inn-fields, was dissolved by mutual consent on the 1st of Furley, of Canterbury, and was born in 1809. He was admitted a solicitor January last, and that Mr. William Graham has not, and never had, any about the year 1833, and he practised for many years at Ashford, where connection with or interest in the business since carried on by Messrs. he had a large business. He was for several years clerk to the county Hickin & Fox alone at the same address. magistrates and to the Ashford Burial Board. He was solicitor and secretary to the Ashford Cattle Market Co. He was formerly clerk to the Ashford Improvement Commissioners, and he was the first clerk to the Ashford Board of Health. He was also local secretary at Ashford to the Kent Fire and Life Assurance Co. Mr. Furley retired from practice

WINDING UP NOTICES. about eighteen years ago, and he was shortly afterwards appointed a

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, September 16. magistrate for the county of Kent. He was the author of a History of

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. the Weald of Kent. Mr. Furley leaves one son and two daughters. He

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. was buried on the 14th inst.

CONDENSED WORT AND BREWING MEAL Co, LIMITED.-By an order made by Mr. JAMES IngLis, solicitor, died at Colchester on the 30th ult. Mr.

Kekewich, J., dated Sept 10, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Inglis was born in 1819.

Philbrick & Free, New Broad st, solors for petners He served his articles with his uncle, the late CUNARD CYCLE Co, LIMITED.-By an order made by Kekewich, J., dated Sept 7, Mr. William Mason, and he was admitted a solicitor about the year 1843. it was ordered that the company be wound up. Smith & Co, Bread st, agents He practised for many years at Colchester, where he was formerly a

for Stirk & Brewer. Wolverhampton, solors for petner member of the firm of Howard, Inglis, & Keeling Mr. William Howard, EYRE ARM HOTEL CO, LIMITED. -Kay, J., has fixed Tuesday, Sept 27, at 12,

his chambers, as the time and place for the appoiniment of an official liquidator his former partner, was formerly clerk to the county magistrates, and the

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. Commissioners of Taxes, and Mr. Inglis was himself for several years

LIMITED IN CHANCERY treasurer of the Colchester Union. Mr. Inglis retired from practice about ALEXANDRA HOTEL LIVERPOOL CO, LIMITED.-By an order, dated Sept 6, it was six years ago. He was unmarried.

ordered that the company be wound up. Harris, 4, Harrington st, Liverpool, solor for petner

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Sept 20.


Mr. WILLIAM Beer, solicitor, of Kingsbridge, has been appointed Clerk BRADFORD DISTRICT STEAM TRAMWAYS, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, pre-

sented Sept 13, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, on Sept 28. to the Kingsbridge and Dodbrooke United District School Board. Mr. Harper & Battcock, 23, Rool lane, solors for petners Beer was admitted a solicitor in 1885.

COLCHESTER TRAMWAYS Co, LIMITED.-By an order made by Kekewich, J., dated

Sept7, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Atkinson & Dresser, Mr. John Bowling, solicitor (of the firm of Bowling & Hirst) of Leeds, 3, Circus place, Finsbury circus, solors for petner has been appointed Clerk to the Methley Local Board. Mr. Bowling is also EQUESTRIAN AND PUBLIC BUILDINGS Co, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presolicitor to the Horsforth Local Board, and Official Receiver in Bankruptcy

sented Sept 19, directed to be heard before Charles, J., Sept 28. Curtis & for the Leeds District. He was admitted a solicitor in 1880.

Hilton, 7, Union court, Old Broad st, solors for petner

HOWE MACHINE CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented Sept 16, directed Mr. Thomas WILLIAMS, solicitor, of Neath and Pontardawe, has been to be heard before Charles, J., Sept 28. Smart, 9, Old Jewry chmbrs, Old appointed Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Neath District, in MIDDLESEX MANUFACTURING CO, LIMITED. - Petn for winding up, presented succession to the late Mr. Martin Scale. Mr. Williams was admitted a Sept 16, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge, Sept 22. Raphael, 47, solicitor in 1881.

Moorgate st, solor for petner Mr. RICHARD WILLIAM SHEPSTONE Giddy, barrister, has been appointed

WEST OF ENGLAND PAPER MILLS CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by Kekewich,

J., dated Sept 9, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Bradley, to act as Legal Adviser to the Government of the Cape Colony. Mr. Lombard st, solor for petner Giddy was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in May, 1878.

Messrs. JUBB, Booth, & Helliwell, solicitors, of Halifax, have been appointed Solicitors to the Halifax Trade Protection Society,

Mr. ALFRED Procter, solicitor, of York, has been appointed Solicitor to the York Starr-Bowkett Building Society. Mr. Procter was admitted a

CREDITORS' NOTICES. solicitor in 1882.

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. Mr. JOHN TOMLINSON Hibbert, barrister, has been appointed a

LAST DAY OF CLAIM.' Commissioner under the Local Government Boundaries Act, 1887. Mr.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, September 16. Hibbert is the eldest son of Mr. Elijah Hibbert, of Oldham, and was born

BATEMAN, THOMAS KEELINGE, Alvaston, Derby, Esq. Oct 15. Eddowes, Derby in 1824. He was educated at St. John's College Cambridge, and he was

BOXER, Admiral CHARLES RICHARD Fox, Upper Norwood. Oct 15. Hallett & called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1849. Mr. Hibbert BRADY, JOHN, Rugby, Esq. Nov 30. Frank Richardson & Sadler, Golden sq was Secretary to the Local Government Board from 1872 till 1874, and BUSBY, DANIEL, West Derby. Nov 1. Layton & Steel, Liverpool 1888. till 1885, and Secretary to the Admiralty from January to July, CROXALL, RANDAL. FRANCIS TONGUE, Shustoke, Warwick, Esq. Oct 18. Hol

FAWCETT, ANN, Wakefield. Oct 8. Stewart & Sons, Wakefield Lord Edmund George_ FITZMAURICE, barrister, has been appointed a FISHER, GEORGE, Sheffield, Merchant. Oct 21. Gould & Coombe, Sheffield Commissioner under the Local Government Boundaries Act, 1887. Lord FALL, WILLIAM HILLSON, Morice Town, Devonport, Baker. Oct 20. Rundle & E. Fitzmaurice is the second son of the fourth Marquis of Lansdowne, and Camborn in 1846. He was educated at Westminster, and at Trinity College, GARDINER, JOHN, Folkestone, Esq. Nov 1. Meynell & Pemberton, Whitehall pl Cambridge, where he graduated in the first class of the classicaľ tripos in Garner, WILLIAM, Barrowby, Lincoln, Butler. Dec 23. Beaumont, Grantham 1868, and he was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Term, GOSNALL, JOHN DESBOROUGH Walford, Ipswich, Esq. Dec 1. Jackaman & Co, 1871. He was M.P. for Calne in the Liberal interest from 1868 till 1885, Ipswich

Cruttwell & Co, Lord E. Fitzmaurice is a Magistrate and Deputy Chairman of HAPPERFIELD, CHARLES, Road, Somerset, Grocer. Oct 22.

HASLIP, GEORGE, Twickenham, Shipowner. Oct 13. Marshall & Haslip, Martin's

lane, E.O.

HEPWORTH, WILLIAM, Wakefield, Wharfinger. Oct 1. Lancaster & Wright, PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED.


HUTCHINSON, FRANCIS, Woburn pl, Surgeon. Nov. 14. Tamplin & Co, Fenchurch

st, E.O SON, solicitors, Walsall. Sept. 6. The said Samuel and Charles Wilkin- IMBSON, ANNE, Park st, Grosvenor sq. Oct 31. Gilliam Slack, Guilford st, W.C son will continue to practise as solicitors, at their offices in Bridge-street, LEACH, ELIZABETH, Lamphey, Pembroke. Oct 25. Eaton-Evans & Williams, Walsall, under the style of Wilkinson & Son, and the said Richard Haverfordwest

1895.he water Under Secretary of State for Foreigne si fraims from $1883 til GRAY, 2018, Didsbury, Lancaster, Salesman. Nov 11. Hewitt, Manchester.

Quarter Sessions for Wiltshire.

MCCONNEL, THOMAS HOULDWORTE, Ewhurst, (Surrey, Esq. Nov 1. Church &

SAMUEL CLARK SMITH, Leamington, Bankers. Warwick. Pet Sept 9. Ord Co, Bedford row

Sept 9 MEDCALF. RALPH, Leyton rd, Stratford New Town, Essex, Butcher. Dec 16. HESSE, EMIL, Kent ter, Regent's pk. High Court. Pet Aug 30. Ord Sept 14 Preston, Stratford

HOLYLAND, JOHN TOM, Leicester, Hosiery Dealer. Leicester. Pet Sept 13. Ord MITTON, WILLIAM, Digby, Lincoln, Farmer and Miller. Dec 1. Peake & Co,

Sept 13
MURRAY, Dr. GUSTAVUS CHARLES PHILIP, Great Cumberland pl. Oct 25.

HULETT, W H, Sandmere rd, Clapham, Builder. High Court. Pet Aug 20. Ord

Sept 14 Hamilton, Great James st

HUNT, JAMES, Barrow in Furness, Farmer. Ulverston and Burrow in Furness. RUSSELL, DANIEL SELLER, Reading, Gent. Oct 22. Beale & Martin, Reading

Pet Sept 12 Ord Sept 12 SANDERSON, JANE HARDY, Fairfield, nr Liverpool. Dec 1. Harrison, Liverpool JACKSON, EBENEZER, Cheapeide, Auctioneer. High Court. Pet Sept 14. Ord

Sept 14 WATSON, JOHN, Liverpool, Sack and Bag Merchant. Nov 1. Toulmin & Co

JACKSON, JOHN, St Albans, Saddler. St Albans. Pet Sept 13. Ord Sept 13
WRIGHT, JANE, Wavertree, Lancaster. Oct 20. Bremner & Co, Liverpool JONES, CHARLES, St Albans, Gent. St Albans. Pet Aug 22. Ord Sept 12
YATES, GEORGE SAMUEL, Liverpool, Merchant. Oct 13. Sampson, Liverpoo) KING, THOMAS BELLAMY, Grove lane, Camberwell, no occupatior. High C urt.

Pet Sept 12. Ord Sept 12
London Gazette.- TUESDAY, Sept. 20.

MEADWELL, WILLIAM, Peterborough, Painter. Peterborough. Pet Sept 14.

Ord Sept 14 ARMITSTEAD, ISABELLA, Seaforth, nr Liverpool. Nov 1. Miller & Co, Liverpool

MUSGRAVE, CHARLES, Wildsworth, Lincoln, Farmer. Lincoln. Pet Sept 13. Ord BOLT, Hugh CHARLES, Torquay, Hotel Proprietor. Nov 15. Dalton, Torquay

Sept 13 BRADLEY, ALEXANDER, Derby, Boatman. Oct 31. Walker, Belper

MUSSELL. JOHN THOMAS, Plymouth, Builder. East Stonehouse. Pet Sept 13.

Ord Sept 13 BROUGHTON, JAMES, Leeds, Professor of Music. Nov 1. Wigin, Leeds

NYREN. THOMAS Browx, Lower Broughton, nr Manchester, Manufacturers' BUNBURY, HENRY MILL, Newbury, Berks, Esq. Nov 1. EW & V Knocker, Manchester. Pet Sept 13. Ord Sept 13 Dover

OKELY, CHARLES, Beresford st, Walworth, Tobacconist. High Court. Pet 3-pt CHARNLEY, THOMAS ARMITSTEAD, Lancaster, Gent. Nov 1. Miller & Co, Liver

14. Ord Sept 14 pool

PARSONS, HENRY, Milborne St Andrew, Dorset, Baker. Dorchester. Pet Sept COLEMAN, GEORGE, Tottenham rd, Kingsland, Coffee House Keeper. Oct 31.

12. Ord Sept 12 Kent, Lincoln's inn fields

PITT, CHARLES, Bournemouth, Ironmonger. Poole. Pet Sept 12. Ord Sept 12 COLLIER, JOHN, Duston, Licensed Victualler. Oct 21. Pugh & Phillips, North

PRIOR, SILAS, Wolverhampton, Rope Maker. Wolverhampton. Pet Set 13. ampton

Ord Sept 13 CROSS, JAMES, Badminton, Woollen Draper. Nov 1. E Witchell & Sons, Stroud

PUCKEY, JAMES, Plymouth, Butcher. East Stonehouse. Pet Sept 14. Ord Sept ELD, PEROY SIDNEY FRANCIS EDWARD, Limpley Stoke, Wilts, Gent. Oct 16. Clifton & Co, Bristol

ROSE, GEORGE, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, Higgler. Lincoln. Pet Sept 13. Ord EYRE, FREDERICK EDWIN, Dursley, Gloucester, Esq. Oct 21. White & Sons, Sept 13 Bedford row

SOLLOM, FRANCIS, Wolverhampton, Auctioneer. Wolverhampton Pet Sept 2. GOLDEN, JOHN, Brighton, Iron Bedstead Maker. Nov 19. Stuckey & Co, Ord Sept 13 Brighton

WILSON, JAMES NASMYTH, Southport, Engineer. Liverpool. Pet Aug 6 Oil HARE, LYDIA, Heigham, Norwicb. Oct 31. Sadd & Co., Norwich

Bept 13

WOODLIFFE, ALFRED, Bridlington, Yorks, Chemist. Scarborough. Pet Sept 14. HEAD, Sir FRANCIS SOMERVILLE, Newberries, nr Watford, Bart. Nov 15.

Ord Sept 14 Rowcliffes & Co., Bedford row

WRIGHT, ROBERT, Newport, Mon, Tobacconist. Newport, Mon. Pet 14. HILLS, ELEANOR, Gloucester pl. Nov 1. Meredith & Co., New sq

Ord Sept 14 HUNTER, MIRA, Sheffield. Oct 20. Taylor, Sheffield

FIRST MEETINGS. IVINSON, JANE, Bryanston st, Portman sq. Nov 10. Pooley, Sloane st

ABERCROMBIE, EDGAR, Market pl, Oxford st, Brass Manufacturer. Sept 23 at 12.

Bankruptcy bdgs, Portugal st., Lincoln's inn fields LONGSDON, DAVID, St Leonard's on Sea, Gent. Oot 15. Tadman, Gray's inn place

ALLEN, HENRY, Exeter, General Merchant. Sept 26 at 11. Castle of Exete, MATON, CHARLES, Kew, Builder. Nov 1. Gush & Co, Finsbury circus


ALLEN, ROBERT, Latimer rd, Notting hill, Pianoforte Manufacturer. Sept 27 at MICHELL. JOHN, St Albans, Hertford, Retired Coachbuilder. Dec 1. Annesley'

11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn St Albans MILLER, GEORGE FRANCIS, Didsbury, Lancaster. Nov 18. Cunliffe & Co, Man

BARGER, THOMAS JOHN, Rhyl, Hotel per. Sept 27 at 2. Off Rec, Crypt

chmbrs, Chester chester

BEARD, GEORGE WILLIAM, Westbourne, out of business. Sept 27 at 2.30. Off MULLINER, THOMAS, Prestwich, Lancaster. Oct 31. Barrow & Smith, Man

Rec, Salisbury chester NOURSE, ELIZABETH, Leeds. Nov 1. Clarke & Son, Leeds

BIRD. HENRY, Coventry, Watch Manufacturer. Sept 26 at 12.30. Off Rec, 17,

Hertford st, Coventry OLIVER, HENRY, Essex st, Islington, Furrier. Nov 1. Croft, Mildmay chmbrs, BIRD. John, Lorton, nr "Cockermouth, Farmer. Sept 28 at 2. 67, Duke st, Old Broad st

Whitehaven ROGERS, EDWARD, Camden ter, Turnham Green, Oct 19. Clear, Finsbury circus BLACK, GEORGE Gow, Lime st, Shipowner. Sept 28 at 12. 83, Carey st, Lin.

coln's inn SULLIVAN, MARY ANN, Station rd, Willesden Junction, Oct 21. Skewes Cox, Red Lion sa

BOND, JOHN, Cambridge rd, Bethnal Green, Licensed Victualler. Sept 28 at 11.

33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn WADDELL, ROBERT FOSTER, Egremont, Cumberland, Engine Fitter. Sept 28. Toulmin & Co, Liverpool

BROMLEY, ROBERT BELL, Goole, Yorks, Gent. Sept 23 at 12.30. William Everatt

Booth, Ferry id, Goole
WALCOTT, Sir STEPHEN, Grange pk, Ealing. Nov 30. Frank Richardson &
Sadler, Golden sg

BROWN, CHARLES, South Shields, Auctioneer. Sept 27 at 2.30. Off Rec, Pink

lane, Newcastle on Tyne WINTER, JAMES, Wardour st, Soho, Upholsterer. Nov 30. Frank Richardson &

BROWNE, W P BARTON, Chancery lane, Solicitor. Sept 27 at 12. 33, Cares st, WISEMAN, ELIZABETH, New Cross rd, Hatcham. Oct 31. Hullearys & Layard, BUGDEN, WALTER, address unknown. Sept 30 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

Fenchurch bdgs
WISKAR, MARY, Oxford rd, Finsbury pk. Nov 2. Layton & Co, Budge row CARTER, RICHARD. Cardiff, Fishmonger. Sept 27 at 11. Of Rec, 3, Crockherb-

town, Cardiff
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, York Bootmaker. Sept 24 at 2. Off Rec, York

COCKERILL. ELEANOR, Lawford, Warwick, Plumber. Sept 26 at 1. Off Rec, 17,

COOTES, JAMES, West Ham, Essex, Contractor, Sept 23 at 11. 33, Carey st,

coln's inn
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, September 16.
CRANFIELD, SAMUEL, Rolvenden, Kent, Veterinary Surgeon.

Sept 23 at 34,

Pavilion bldgs, Brighton

DOUGLAS, CHARLES, Salford, Lancs, Draper. Sept 23 at 11.30. Off Rec, Ogden's
AINSWORTH, EDWARD HARRISON, address unknown, Gent. High Court. Pet EDEN, WALTER RIVERS, St John's pk, Blackheath, Civil Service Writer. Sept 27
Aug 11.
Ord Sept 12

at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn ALLEN, HENRY, Exeter, Merchent. Exeter. Pet Sept 12. Ord Sept 12

ELWELL, THOMAS, Wolverhampton, Merchant. Sept 27 at 3. Of Rec, St Pata's BEARD, GEORGE WILLIAM, Bournemouth, out of business. Poole. Pet Sept 13.

close. Wolverhampton Ord Sept 13

FORTH, JOHN, Shrewsbury, Hatter. Sept 27 at 10.30. Law Society, Talbot chbrs, BETTELLEY, JOSEPH, Hanley, Earthenware Manufacturer. Hanley, Burslem,

Shrewsbury and Tunstall. Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 9

FURTWANGLER, ANDREAS, Strand, Watchmaker. Sept 23 at 12. 33, Carey st, BISHOP, GEORGE, and HORATIO WHITE, Boscombe, nr Bournemouth, Builders.

Lincoln's inn Poole. Pet Sept 14. Ord Sept 14

GRAHAM, BENJAMIN, Wakefield, Jeweller. Sept 23 at 11. Off Rec, Bond terraco, BLAKE, JAMES, Manchester, Boiler Maker. Manchester. Pet Aug 30. Ord

Wakefield Sept 14

HARRISON, ELIJAH, Bradford, Painter. Sept 23 at 11. Off Rec, 31, Manor row, BLYTH, WILLIAM FRANCIS, Victoria pk sq, Bethnal Green, Surgeon. High Court.

Bradford Pet Aug 30. Ord Sept 12

Jones. John, Pentre, Glamorgan, Bootmaker. Sept 23 at 3. Off Rec, Merthyr BRIERLEY, JAMES, Manchester, Baker. Manchester. Pet Sept 13. Ord Sept 13

KELF, JAMES, Hardy ter, Wood green, Auctioneer. Sept 27 at 11. 16 Roon, so BROWN, CHARLES THOMPSON, South Shields, Auctioneer. Newcastle on Tyne. and 31, St Swithin's lane

Pet Sept 3. Ord Sept 13
CAKTMEL, WILLIAM CHARLES, West Derby, nr Liverpool, Timber Merchant

KURTZIG, LOUIS, address unknown. Sept 23 at 1. 83, Carey st, Lincoln's inn Liverpool. Pet Sept 2. Ord Sept 12

LAMBERT, MATTHEW, Newbiggin in Bishopdale, nr Aysgarth, Yorks, Farmer. COOPER, DANIEL, Compton, nr Wolverhampton, Butcher. Wolverhampton. Pet Sept 14. Ord Sept 14

LORD, RICHARD, Coventry, Builder.' Sept 26 at 1.30. Off Rec, 17, Hertford st, Cox, JOHN WALTER, Deptford, Builder. Greenwich. Pet Sept 13. Ord Se, t 13

Coventry Davis, SOLOMON, Brighton, Boot Dealer. Brighton. Pet Sept 14. Ord Sept 14

MILES, SIMON LEWIS. Pentre, Glamorganshire, Grocer. Sept 26 at 3. Off Reo,

Merthyr Tydvil DRAY, WILLIAM, Twickenham, Coppersmith. High Cout. Pet Sept 13. Ord

OUTHWAITE, MATTHEW, Bilton, nr Harrogate, Farmer. Sept 24 at 12. Off Rec, Sept 18 EASTON, EDWARD, jun, Manchester, Joiner. Manchester, Pet Aug 12. Ord

Owen, GEORGE, Madeley, Salop, Beerhouse Keeper. Sept 24 at 11.45. County Sept 14 EMERY, WALTER, Barning ham Norwood, Norfolk, Farmer. Norwich. Pet Sept

PARSONS, HENRY, Milborne St Andrew, Dorset, Baker. Sept 26 at 12. Temper12. Ord sept 12 FORBES, STEWART, address unknown, High Court. Pet June 7. Ord Sept 14 PITT, CHARLES, Bournemouth, Ironmonger. Sept 26 at 2. Royal Talbot Hotel, FORTH, JOHN, Shrewsbury, Hatter. Shrewsbury. Pet Sept 10. Ord Sept 10 PRICE, RICHARD, Ystrad, Glamorganshire, Harpist. GLOVER, TOM, Warwick, Saddler. Warwick. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 8

Merthyr Tydfil
GRAHAM, WILLIAM, Lincoln's inn fields, Solicitor. High Court. Pet Aug 16.

REES, DAVID, Newport, Mon., Iron Founder. Sept 24 at 12.
Ord Sept 14

ROBERTS, " ROWLANDHolywell, Flintshire, Ironmonger. Sept 27 at 2.30. Off

Rec, Crypt chbrs, Chester

Sept 23 at 12. Off Rec,

Off Rec, 12, Trede

SCORE. JAMES HENRY, Southampton, Shipwright. Sept 27 at 11. Off Rec, 4, HOLLIDAY, JARED, Westlinton, Cumberland, Shoemaker. Carlisle. Pet Sept 17. East st, Southampton

Ord Sept 17 SMITI, ARTHUR WILLIAM, Sutton, Clerk. Sept 23 at 3. 109, Victoria st, West HUDSON. CHARLES, Oxford, Licensed Virtualer. Oxford. Pat Aug 17. 0:0 minster

Sept 12 SMITH, JOHN RICHARD, Ledbury, Herefordshire, Wine Merchant. Sept 6 at 11, HUGHES, JAMES, Lower Broadheath, Worcestershire, Farmer. Worcester. Pet Court house, Ledbury, Herefordshire

Sept 16. Ord Sept 16 THOMAS, DAVID, Cardiff, Builder. Sept 27 at 12. Off Rec, 3, Crickherbtown, JAMES. JOHN, and THOMAS JAMES. Nantbir Garw Valley, Glamorganshire, Cardiff

Builders. Cardiff. Pet Sept 15. Ord Sept 15 VENVILLE, JOHN, Eastington, Gloucestershiry, Farmer, Sept 23 at 2. Wheat- JONES, JOHN, Clarendon rd, Egremont, Joiner. Birkenhead. Pet Sept 16. Ord shest Hotel, Northleach, Gloucestershire

dept 16 VICKERS, HERBERT. and WILLIAM EDWARD VICKERS, Nottingham, Timber Mer JONES, JOHN, Bristol, Baker. Bristol. Pet Sept 17. Ord Sept 17

chants. Sept 23 at 11. Off Rec, 1. High pavement, Nottingham WILSTON. JOHN JAMES, Camden st, Wheelwright. Sept 27 at it. Bankruptcy JONES, THOMAS WEBB, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, out of business. Worces

bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields WOOD, RICHARD, COOPER, Kingston upon Hull, Hairdresser. Sept 23 at 11. Off

JUDGE, THOMAS COVENTRY, Chard, Clock Maker. Taunton. Pet Sept 16. Ord Rec, Lincoln's inn bldgs. Bowlalley lane, Hull

Sept 16 WRIGHT, ROBERT, Newport, Mon, Tobacconist. Sept 28 at 12. Off Rec, 12, Tre

NELSON, EDWARD ALBERT, Bennett's hill, Solicitor. High Court. Pet July 19. degar pl, Newport, Mon

Ord Sept 16 WRIGHTON, JOHN, Brackley, Northam_tonshire, Boot Maker. Sept 23 at 11.3).

NEWTON, JOHN, Southsea, Grocer. Portsmouth. Pet Sept 12. Ord Sept 12 1. St. Aldates, Oxford

ORPEN, C. H., Gosport, Hampshire, Lieutenant. Portsmouth. Pet July 5. The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the

Ord Sept 12
London Gazette of September 13.

PALEY, JOHN, Countersett, nr Hawes, Yorks, Innkeeper. Northallerton. Pet KING, THOMAS CHARLES. Lambei hurst. Susrex, Grocer. Sept 26 at 2.30. Spencer Sept 13. Ord sept 13 & Reeves, Mount Pleasant, Tunbridge Wells.

PEACOCK, JOSEPH H., Salford, Lancashire, Ionkeeper. Salford. Pet Sept :0.

Ord Sept 17

REAY. HANNAH, and ROBERT REAY, Kirklinton, Cumberland, Farmers. Carlisle.

Pet Sept 15. Ord Sept 15 ALLEN, HENRY, Exeter, General Merchant. Exeter. Pet Sept 12. Ord Sept 12

REVETT, ROBERT PATTLE, Parham, Suffolk, Farmer. Ipswich. Pet Sept 16. Ord BETTELLEY, JOSEPH, Hanley, Earthenware Manufacturer. Hanley, Bui slem, Sept 16 and Tunstall. Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 9

RHODES, MARY LOUISA, Heckwondwike, nr Dewsbury, Manufacturer. DewsBIRD, HENRY, Coventry, Watch Manufacturer. Coventry. Pet Aug 22. Ord bury. Pet Sept 15. Ord Sept 15 Sept 13

ROBSON, JAMES, Brackenborough, Lincolnsbire, Esq. Gt Grimsby. Pet Sept 16. BURNET, FREDERICK, Liverpool, Music Dealer. Liverpool. Pet Aug 24. Ord Ord Sept 15 Sept 13

ROSENTHAL. EMANUEL, Birmingham, Tailor. Birmingham. Pet Sept 17. Ord CARTMEL, WILLIAM CHARLES, West Derby, nr Liverpool, Timber Merchant. Sept 17 Liverpool. Pet Sept 1. Ord Sept 13

SIMMONS, DANIEL, New Village, nr Bilston, Baker. Wolverhampton. Pet Sept COMPERE, THOMAS, Abergavenny, Mon, Merchant. Tredegar. Pet Aug 11. Ord 15. Ord Sept 15 Sept 13

TALLING, WILLIAM, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, Boot Maker. Truro. Pet Sept 14. Cux, JOHN WALTER, Deptford, Kent, Builder. Greenwich. Pet Sept 13. Ord

Ord Sept 14 Nept 13

THOMAS, WILLIAM, Cardigan, Cabinet Maker. Carma, then. Pet Sept 15. Ord ELSNER, ISAAC, Birmingham, Pawnbroker. Birmingham. Pet Aug 12. Ord Sept 15 Sept. 12

ULLYETT, EDWIN, Folkestone, Carpenter. Canterbury. Pet Sept 13. Ord FORBES, WILLIAM, Jarrow upon Tyne, Furniture Dealer. Newcastle on Tyne. Sept 15 Pet Aug 30. Ord Sept 14

VASSALLI, JOHN, New Brighton, Cheshire, Tallow Chandler. Birkenhead. Pet GALLARD, GEORGE, Aldrington, nr Brighton, Gent. Brighton. Pet July 26. Ord Aug 26. Ord Sept 14 Sept 10

WALLACE, JAMES JEFFRIES, Pbilpot lane, Financial Agent. High Court. Pet HARRIS. HABRIETTE, Blomfield terr, Lodging house keeper. High Court. Pet Aug 17. Ord Sept 8 Aug 5. Ord Sept 13

WALTON, WILLIAM, Boston, Lincolnshire, Dealer in China. Boston. Pet Sept HARRISON, ELIJAH, Bradford, Painter. Bradford. Pet Aug 30. Ord Sept 13

16. Ord Sept 16 HARRISON, WILLIAM JOHN, Waterloo rd, Milk can maker. High Court. Pet

WIGFALL, WILLIAM. jun., Sheffield, Brush Manufacturer. Sheffield. Pet Sept June 28. Ord Sept 13

15. Ord sept 15 HOBBS, EDWARD JAMES, Hartham rd, Tottenham, Traveller. High Court. Pet

WILSON, CHARLES, Knottingley, Yorks, Draper. Wakefield. Pet Sept 17. Ord

Sept 17
Sept 7. Ord Sept 13

Wood, G, T., Miles lane. High Court. Pet Aug 2. Ord Sept 15
MILNER, PETER BERRIMAN, Scarborough, Butcher. Scarborough. Pet Sept 6.
Ord Sept 12

WOODHAMS, JOHN NEWMAN, Erdington, Traveller. Birmingham. Pet Sept 15. MUSGRAVE, CHARLES, Wildsworth, Lincolnshire, Farmer. Lincoln. Pet Sept 13.

Ord sept 15 Ord sept 13

The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the OUTHWAITE, MATTHEW, Bilton, York3, Farmer. York. Pet Sept 10. Ord Sept

London Gazette of Sept 9. 10

LOWE, WALTER, Irlam, nr Warrington, Chemist. Manchester. Pet Sept 7. PARSONS, HENRY, Milborne St Andiew, Doreet, Baker. Dorchester. Pet Sept Ord Sept 7

12. Ord Sept 12
PEARCE THOMAS ALBERT, St Albans, Licensed Victualler. St Albans. Pet Aug

Ord Sept 9

ARMENER. JOHN, Eastbourne, Fruiterer. Sept 27 at 12. 4, Pavilion bldgs,
PIEECEY, ROBERT, Gt Western rd, Paddington, Engineer. High Court. Pet Brixhton
July 28 Ord Sept 13

BARTON, GEORGE, I.W., Yeoman. Oct 3 at 12. Warburton's Hotel, Newport ROSE, GEORGE, Horncastle, Higgler. Lincoln. Pet Sept 13. Ord Sept 13

BISHOP, GEORGE, and HORATIO WHITE, Boscombe, nr Bournemouth, Builders. RUSSELL, THOMAS, Scarb rough, Carriage Proprietor. Scarborough. Pet Sept Sept 27 at 12.30. Off Rec, Salisbury 5. Or 1 Sept 12

BLOOD, JOHN, Heather Mill, Leicester, Miller. Sept 30 at 12. 28, Friar la e, SHEPHERD, THOMAS, Bootle, nr Liverpool, Ship Broktr. Liverpool. Pet Sept 5. Leicester Ord sept 12

BURNET, EDWARD, and FREDERICK BURNET, Liverpool, Music Sellers. Sept 30 at WARSOP, WILLIAM EDWARD, Bristol, Cabinet Maker. Bristol. Pet Sept 9. Ord 2. Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool Sept 12

CARNEY. THOMAS, Rock Ferry, Chesbire, Draper. Sept 28 at 2. Of Reo, 48, WILLIAMS, DAVID, Aberdare, Tin Plate Maker. Aberdare. Pet Aug 29. Ord

Hamilton Eq. Birkenhead
Sept 12
WILLIAMS. HENRY JOHN, St George, Glouces, Builder. Bristol. Pet Sept 10.

CHAMBERS, THOMAS, Scarborough, Grocer. Sept 27 at 12.30. Station Hotel, York Ord Sept 14

CHARLTON, ALEXANDER, Greasbrough, nr Rotherbam, Licensed Victualler. The following amended rotice is substituted for that published in the

Sept 28 at 1. Off Rec, Figtree lane, Sheffield

COMPERE, THOMAS, Abergavenny, Mon, Merchant. Sept 29 at 3. Off Rec, MerSAGE, T BUSH, Elgin avenue, Paddington, Builder. "High Court. Pet June 13. thyr Tydfil

EMERY, WALTER, Norwood, Norfolk, Farmer. Oct 1 at 12. Off Rec, 8, King st,

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Sept. 20.

EVANS, WILLIAM RODERICK, Aberdare, Draper. Sept 28 at 12. Off Rec, Merthyr

Tydfil ALLERTON, CHARLES HEDLEY, Lowestoft, Blockmaker. Gt Yarmouth. Pet

GLOVER, TOM, Warwick, Saddler. Sept 27 at 12. J Boddington, solor, High s ,

Sept 17. Ord sept 17
ANDERSON, THOMAS JOHN, Battersea pk rd, Battersea, Grocer. Wandsworth.

GREEN, JOSEPH. Awswortb, Nottingham, Collier. Sept 29 at 2.30. Off Rec, St.

James's chbrs. Derby
Yet Aug 23. Ord Sept 15
BARRETT, JOHN, Coukham, Berks, no occupation. Windsor. Pet Sept 15. Ord

HILLIER, WILLIAM HENRY, Marlborough, Upholsterer. Sept 28 at 2. Off Rec,

32. Higb st, Swindon Sept 15 •BARTON, GEORGE, I W, Yeoman. Newport and Ryde. Pet Sept 13. Ord Sept 13

HOLE, JOHN. Shepton Mallet, Coach Builder. Sept 28 at 1. Off Rec, Bank chbrs,

Bristol BLOOD, JOHN, Heather Mill, Leicester, Miller. Leicester. Pet Sept 16. Ord HOLLIDAY, JARED, Westlinton, Cumberland, Shoemaker. Sept 29 at 12.30. Off

kec, 34, Fisher st, Carlisle BOLT, WILLIAM JOHN, Birkenhear, Clothier. Birkenhead. Pet Sept 2. Ord HOLYLAND, JOHN TOM, Leicester, Hosiery Dealer. Sept 27 at 12, 28, Friar lane,

Cook, HENRY, Shirley, Hamps, Auctioneer. Reading. Pet Sept 14. Ord Sept 14 HUGHES, JAMES, Lower Broadheath, Worcestersbire, Farmer. Sept 30 at 10.30.

Off Rec, Worcester
CCOPER, WILLIAM THOMAS, Bildeston, Suffolk, Saddler. Ipswich. Pet Sept 13.
Ord Sept 13

HUGHES John, Birmingham, Grocer. Sept 28 at 11. *5, Celmoro row, Birming

ham DELAHOY, JAMES, Doncaster, Milk Dealer. Sheffield. Pet Sept 15. Ord Sept 15

Oct 6 at 12.

HUMPHREYS, GRIFFITH, L'anaelhaiarii, nr Carnarvon, Builder.
Dixon, WILLIAM JOHN, Headingly, dr Leeds, Florist. Leeds. Pet Sept 16. Ord Quren's Head Cafe, Bangor
Set 16

JONES, THOMAS WEBB, Malvern Wells, out of business. Sept 30 at 11. Off Rec,
DODD, WILLIAM ANDREW, Chester, Mason. Chester. Pet Sept 17. Ord Sept 17 Worcester
GETTINS, GEORGE EBENEZER, West Heath, dr Northfield, Worcester, Marble

KEMP, SAMUEL, Winterwell, or Wath upon Dearne, Yorks, Shoemaker. Sept 28

at 2. Off Rec. Figtree lane. Sheffield Merchant. Birmingham. Pet Sept. 15. Ord Sept 15 GLAZE, JOHN, Halesowen, Worcester, Boot Manufacturer, Stourbridge. Pet

KRANCZ, B F, Hatton garden, Commission Agent. Sept 27 at 12. 33, Carey st,

Lincoln's inn
Sept 5. Ord sept 15
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH, Sheffield, Fruite rer. Sheffield. Pet Sept 17. Oid Sept 17


Merchants. Sept 30 nt 3. Off Rec. 35, Victoria st, Liverpool GREEN, JOSEPH, Awsworth, Nottingham, Cullier. Derby. Pet Sept 15. Ord LAWRENCE, J W. Maida vale, Lieut Col. Sept 29 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's

inn HANN, HERBERT, and WILLIAM HENRY HANN, Bournemouth, Builders. Poole. LOWE, WALTER, Irlam, nr Warrington, Chemist. Sept 29 at 11.30. Off Rec, Pet Aug 31. Ord Sept 17

Ogden's cbmbrs, Bridge st, Manchester HENDY, FREDERICK CHARLES, Cowley rd, Uxbridge, Builder. Windsor. Pet MARSHALL, JOSEPH, Sterry et, Tabard st, Southwark, Fish Salesman. Sept 28 at Sept 14. Ord Sept 14

12. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn HERD, GEORGE CHARLES. Tabard st, Southwark, Manager to a Provision Dealer. MATCHAM, THOMAS, High rd, Balham, Grocer. Sept 27 at 3. 109, Victoria st, High Court Pet Sept 15. Ord Sept 15

Westminster HILLIER, WILLIAM HEYRY, Marlborough, Upholsterer. Swindon. Pet Sept 15. MEADWELL. WILLIAM, Peterborough, Painter. Oct 4 at 12. Law Courts. Peter



Ord Aug 18

Sept 16

Sept 14

Ord Sept 15

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