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CLARKE, JAMES ARTHUR, New Quay, Cornwall, Harbour Master. Sept 17 at 12. GANDER, FREND, and CHARLES BATCHELOR, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex, Builders.
Off Rec, Boscawen st, Truro

Hastings. Pet Aug 11. Ord Aug 31
CLIFT, CHARLES JAMES, Skelton in Cleveland, York, Printer. Sept 20 at 11.45. GEARY, EDWIN, Bristol, Brush Dealer. Bristol. Pet Sept 3. Ord Sept 6
Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough

HEAFFORD, JOHN RICHARD, Loughborough, Milliner. Leicester. Pet Aug 20.
DAWE, ROBERT, Portloe, Cornwall, Fisherman. Sept 19 at 12. Off Rec, Bos-

Ord Sept 5 cawen st, Truro


HORSLEY, Birmingham, Builders. Birmingham. Pet July 22. Ord seyt 6 Tredee ar pl, Newport, Mon

HUGHES, CHRISTOPHER JESSE, Oxford, Butcher. Oxford. Pet Aug 10. Ord DURHAM, THOMAS, Howden, Yorks, Joiner. Sept 19 at 11. Off Rec, Lincoln's

Sept 1 inn bldgs, Bowlalley lane, Hull

KEMP, SAMUEL, Winterwell, nr Wath upon Dearne, Yorks, Shoemaker. ShefDWELLEY, CHARLES, Bow rd, Coach Builder. Sept 16 at Bankruptcy bldgs,

field. Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 6 Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields EASBY, THOMAS, jun, and EASBY, JOSEPH, Grange Town, Yorks, Painters. Sept LEE, WILLIAM, Nottingham Market, Furniture Dealer. Ncttingham. Pet Sept

20 at 11. Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough FLANDERS, ELIAS, Derby, Dairyman. Sept 16 at 2.30.

Of Rec, St James's | LORD, RICHARD, Coventry, Builder. Coventry. Pet Sept 3. Ord Sept 6 chambers, Derby

MILES, SIMON LEWIS, Pentre, Glamorgadsbire, Grocer. Pontypridd. Pet Sept GEARY, EDWIN, Bristol, Brush Dealer. Sept 20 at 12.30. Off Rec, Bank cham

5. Ord Sept 5 bers, Bristol

MITCHELL, WILLIAM, Eccleshill, Bradford, Tin Plate Worker. Bradford. Pet
GRAVETT, WILLIAM AVERY, Waterloo, Hampshire, Grocer. Sept 26 at 12.30. Dept 5. Ord Sept 7
Chamber of Commerce, 145, Cheapside

MOORE, JOHN, Mileham, Norfolk, Baker. Norwich. Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 5
HANNETT, JOHN ROBERT, Nottingham, Furniture Dealer. Sept 16 at 3.30. Off
Rec, 1, High pavement, Nottiogham

MUDDITT, MARIA, Southtown, Suffolk, Smackowner. Gt Yarmouth. Pet Sept
HICKLING, EDWARD, Nottingham, Grocer. Sept 16 at 12. Off Rec, 1, High pave 5. Ord Sept 5
ment, Nottingham

NEAGUS, CHARLES. Bury St Edmunds, Plumber. Bury St Edmunds. Pet Sept
HOBEON, HENRY. Great Grimsby, Ironmonger. Sept 21 at 12. Off Rec, 3, Haven 1. Ord Sept 5
st, Great Grimsby

PENGELLY, HENRY, Ottery St Mary, Devon, Farmer. Exeter. Pet Sept 6.
JACKSON, GEORGE FREDERICK, Leicester, Coal Merchant. Sept 17 at 11.30. 28, Ord Sept 5
Friar lane, Leicester

ROBERTS, JAMES, Haverfordwest, Butcher. Pembroke Dock. Pet Sept 3. Ord
JOHNSON. CHRISTOPHER, Colchester, Licensed Victualler. Sept 20 at 11. Town Sept 5
Hall, Colchester

ROGERS, EDWIN, Highworth, Wilts, General Dealer. Swindon. Pet Sept 7.
JONES, JOHN, Wrexham, Hosier. Sept 16 at 12. Off Rec, Crypt chmbre, Chester Ord Sept 7
KELLEWAY, HORATIO, Totland's Bay, Isle of Wight, Builder. Sept 17 at 4. Off

RUDDLESDEN, BENJAMIN, Dewsbury, Yorks, Rag Merchant. Dewsbury. Pet
Rec, Nrwport, Isle of Wight

Aug 31. Ord Sept 5 MITCHELL, WILLIAM, Ecclesbill, Bradford, Tin Plate Worker. Sept 19 at 11.

SHIELD, WILLIAM GEORGE, Hebburn, Durham, Boot Dealer. Newcastle on Tyne. Off Rec, 31, Manor rd, Bradford

Pet Aug 22. Ord Sept 5

SMITH. ARTHUR WILLIAM, St James's rd, Sutton, Clerk. Croydon. Pet Aug 31. MOFFATT, WILLIAM, Barrow in Furness, Draper. Sept 21 at 10.45. 2, Paxton terrace, Barrow in Furness

Ord Arg 31 MOORE, JOHN, Mileham, Norfolk, Baker. Sept 17 at 12. Off Rec, 8, King st,

STEEL, EBENEZER, Gt Bealinge, Suffolk, Wheelwright. Ipswich. Pet Sept 5, Norwich

Ord Sept 5 MUDDITT, MARIA, Sefton terr, Southtown, Smackowner. Sept 27 at 10. Blake,

WARDLE, ROBERT, Leeds, out of business. Leeds. Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 7
South Quay, Gt Yarmouth

WHEATER, WILLIAM, Headingley, nr Leeds, Land Agent. Leeds. Pet Sept 6.
NEAGUS, CHARLES, Bury St Edmunds, Plumber. Sept 23 at 12 45. Guildhall, Ord Sept 6
Bury St Edmunds

WILKINSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Liverpool, Furniture Broker. Liverpool.
NORTH. THOMAS, Lee, Commission Agent. Sept 16 at 12. 109, Victoria st, West-

Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 7
PEARSON, BENJAMIN, Brierley bill, Staffs, Engine Fitter. Sept 20 at 10.30. Talbot

London Gazette.—TUESDAY, Sept. 13.
Hote), Stourbridge
PEARSON, GEORGE, Middle: borough, Milkseller. Sept 20 at 11 30. Off Rec, 8,

Albert rd, Middlesborough
PENGELLY, HENRY, Ottery St Mary, Devon, Farmer. Sept 19 at 11. Off Rec, 13, ARMENER. JOHN, Eastbourne, Fruiterer. Eastbourne and Lewes. Pet Aug 23.
Bedford circus, Exeter

Ord Sept 8
PRICE, JOHN, Llansadwrn, Carm, Farmer. Sept 16 at 3. Off Rec, Carmarthen BRAITHWAITE, THOMAS, Downshire hill, Hampstead, Solicitor. High Court.

Ord Aug 19
READINGS, JOHN NATHANIEL, Margate, Licensed Vict ualler. Sept 16 at 4. 53,
High st, Margate

BRITT, DANIEL, Bristol, Builder. Bristol. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 8
ROBINSON, JOHN WOODBURN, Barrow in Furness, Carter. Sept 21 at 10. 2, BURNET, FREDERICK, Liverpool, Music Dealer. Liverpool. Pet Aug 27. Ord
Paxton terr, Barrow in Furness

Sept 9
ECHOLEFIELD, HANNAH, Mirfield, Yorks, Upholsterer. Sept 16 at 3. Off Rec, CARNEY, THOMAS, Rock Ferry, Cheshire, Draper. Birkenhead. Pet Sept 9.
Bank chbrs, Batley

Ord Sept 9
SHORT, WILLIAM GEORGE, Southsea, Florist. Oct 6 at 3. 166, Queen st, Portsea CHAMBERS, THOMAS, Scarborough, Grocer. Scarborough. Pet Sept 10. Ord
SMITH, FRANCIS, Bedford, Solicitor. Sept 20 at 3. Red Lion Hotel, Henley on

Sept 10

CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, York, Boot Maker. York. Pet Sept 9. Ord Sept 9
SNOOK, WILLIAM, Southsea, Watchmaker. Oct 6 at 3.30. 166, Queen st, Portsea CRANFIELD, SAMUEL, Rolvenden, Kent, Veterinary Surgeon. Hastings. Pet
SOBY, FRANCIS, and WILLIAM SOBY, Bratton Clovelly, Devon, Farmers. Sept 19

Sept 9. Ord Sept 9 at 3. 18. Frankfort st, Plymouth

FAWCETT, JOE, Huddersfield, Joiner. Huddersfield. Pet Sept 9. Ord Sept 9 UNDERHAY, WILLIAM EDGAR, Dittisham, Devon, Farmer. Sept 19 at 11. 18, FAWCETT, JOHN F, Northampton, Coal Merchant. Northampton. Pet Aug 25. Frankfort st, Plymouth

Orri Sept 7
WHITEHALL, WILLIAM, Leicester, Watchmaker. Sept 16 at 11.30. 28, Friar FIELD, THOMAS MEAGHER, Worsley rd, Hampstead, Printer. High Court. Pet
lane, Leicester

Aug 20. Ord Sept 7
The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the FIRTH, JOSEPH, and CHRISTOPHER CLARKE, Todmorden, Yorks, Cotton Mapu-
London Gazette of August 30.

facturers. Burnley, Pet Sept 2. Ord Sept 9
QUELCH, WILLIAM HENRY, Sitting bourne, Bootmaker. Sept 16 at 11.30. Off GRAHAM, BENJAMIN, Wakefield, Jeweller. Wakefield. Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 7
Rec, High st, Rochester

HARRISON, ELIJAH, Frizingball, Bradford, Painter. Bradford. Pet Aug 30. Ord

Sept 9
ABBEY, RICHARD, Stillington, Yorks, Gardener. Scarborough. Pet Sept 1. Ord HARTSHORVE, JAMES, and SAMUEL HAMMOND, Westbromwich, Brass Founders.
Sept 6

Oldbury. Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 8
BAILY, ROBERT, Down st, Piccadilly, Lodging House Keeper. High Court. HAWLEY, JOHN, York, Whitesmith.* York. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 8

Pet May 31. Ord Sept 5
BANCROFT, FREDERICK, Haworth, Yorks, Farmer. Bradford. Pet Sept 7. Ord

HIBBS, GEORGE, Swanage, Licensed Victualler. Poole. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 8
Sept 7

HOLE, JOHN, Shepton Mallet, Coach Builder. Wells. Pet Bept 9. Ord Sept 9 BRADSHAW, THOMAS, Blackburn, Plumber. Blackburn. Pet Aug 16. Ord Sept 6

ICKE, THOMAS WILLIAM, Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire, Hotel Keeper. Bangor. BOUGHEY, JAMES BALL, Hanley, out of business. Hanley, Burslem, and Tunstall. Pet Sept 9. Ord Sept 9 Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 6

IRESON, DANIEL, Waterloo, Northampton, Builder. Northampton. Pet Aug 22. BRAIM, JAMES, Darlington, Bootmaker. Stockton on Tees and Middlesborough. Ord Sept 7

Pet Aug 27. Ord Sept 3
BURGESS, CHARLES HUGHĒS, Westbury on Tıym, Saddler. Bristol. Pet Aug 17.

JACKSON, WILLIAM ASKEW, Darlington, Ale Merchant. Stockton on Tees and

Middlesborough. Pet Aug 29. Ord Sept 9
Ord Sept 6
BUTT, BENJAMIN, Frome, Oil Dealer. Frome. Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 5

KIMM. HENRY, and THOMAS HENRY GODDARD, St Leonard's on Sea, Auctioneers.

Hastings. Pet Sept 1. Ord Nept 10 CATT, JAMES ROBERT, High st, Sutton, Grocer. Croydon. Pet Aug 29. Ord

MATCHAN, THOMAS, Balham ter, High rd, Balham, Grocer. Wandsworth, Pet Aug 30

Sept 8. Ord Sept 8 CHARLTON, ALEXANDER, Greasborough, Yorks, Licensed Victualler. Sheffield.

MCARTHUR, WILLIAM, Leadenhall st, Merchant. High Court. Pet Aug 17. Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 6

Ord Sept 9
CHATTOCK, RICHARD F. Upper Thames st, Tin Plate Merchant. High Court. NEIL, JOHN, Poultry, E.C., Stock Dealer. High Court. Pet July 25. Ord Sept 9

OUTHWAITE, MATTHEW, Bilton, Yorks, Farmer.


Pet Sept 10. CLARKE, CHARLES, Ipswich, Baker. Ipswich. Pet Sept 7. Ord Sept 7

Sept 10
CLARKE, JAMES ARTHUR, Newquay, Cornwall, Harbour master. Truro, Pet OWEN. GEORGE, Madeley, Shropshire, Beerhouse Keeper. Madeley. Pet Sept

Sept 5. Od Sept 7
CLEWS, WILLIAM, Hanley, Earthenware Manufacturer. Hadley, Burslem, and

PASCOMBE, CHARLES, Bere Regis, Dorset, Farmer. Poole. Pet Sept 8. Ord
Tunstall. Pet Aug 30. Ord Sept 3

Sept 8
COKE. REGINALD GREY, Harrington gång, South Kensington, Lieutenant in REES, DAVID, Newpoit, Mon, Ironfounder. Newport. Pet Sept 10. Ord Sept 10

Scots Guards. High Court. Pet May 17. Ord Sept 7
DAWE, ROBERT, Portloe, Cornwall, Fisherman. Truro. *Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 7

RICHARDS. WILLIAM RAILE, Falmouth, Trinity Pilot. Truro. Pet Sept 8. Ord

Sept 8 DEACON, MATTHEW, Harrogate, Baker. York. Pet Aug 23. Ord Sept 5

SALES, RICHARD TONGE, Kingeton on Hull, Wholesale Dealer. Kingston on DICKINSON, ANNIE A, Pembroke sq, Kensington, Widow. High Court. Pet

Hull. Pet Sept 8.

SCORE, JAMES HENRY, Southampton, Shipwright. Southampton. Pet Sept 10. DORWARD, DAVID, Chepstow, Mon, Coal Dealer. Newport, Mon. Pet Eept 6. SMELLIE, THOMAS HAIG, St Charles sq, Notting hill. High Court. Pet Aug 18.

Ord Sept 6
DOUGLAS, CHARLES, Salford, Draper. Salford. Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 6

Ord Sept 10
EASBY, THOMAS, jun, and JOSEPH EASBY, Grangetown, Yorks, Painters. Stock-

SMITH, JOHN RICHARD, Ledbury, Herefordshire, Wine Merchant. Worcester.
SPIERS, ALFRED, Kinver. Worcestershire, Grocer's Assistant, Stourbridge. Pet

Sept 8. Ord Sept 8
Court. Pet Aug 8. Ord Sept 7
EVANS, THOMAS SAUNDERS, Wallingford, Berks, Plumber. Oxford. Pet Aug 26.

Pet Aug 26. Ord Sept 8
Ord Sept 2
EVANS, WILLIAM RODERICK, Aberdare, Draper. Aberdare. Pet Sept 7. Ord

THOMPSON, JAMES, Craike, Yorks, Farmer York. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept :
Sept 7

UPTON, HENRY, Newport, I.W., Saddler. Newport and Ryde. Pet Sept 6. Ord

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EDENOW ALTER RIVERS, St Johnsopk, Blackheath, Civil Serenite Writer. High TEMPSEPT Francis Septo EPTUS VANE, Bury st, St James's, Gent. High Court.

Sasser, Builders

rd Sept 6 ter. Pet Ang 1

ALFRED HOFAD y 22. Om det et Aug 10. ON

hoemaker. She

ngham. Pet Beni Erd Septo pridd. Pet Sert

Bradfori. Pe


5. Ord Sept mouth. Pet Beyi mands. Petit ter. Pet Septi

Pet Sept & OH Ron Pet Sept

Dewsbury. P

ewcastle on le

Hon. Pet Ang

Ich. Pet Serta

Ord Sept 1 zeds. Pet Septes ker. Lirerpoi

mes. Pet And 1. High Court

ots Pet Ang t.

ad. Pet Set 4

VENVILLE, JOHN, Eastington, Glouces, Farmer. Cheltenham. Pet Sept 8. Ord STEVENS, GEORGE JACKSON, address unknown, Auctioneer. Sept 20 at 11. 33,
Sept 8

Carey st. Lincoln's inn
VICKERS, HERBERT, and WILLIAM EDWARD VICKERS, Nottingham, Timber SWINBORN, JOHN DEAN, High rd, Kilburn, Umbrella Manufacturer. Sept 22 at
Merchants. Nottingham. Pet Sept 10. Ord Sept 10

12. 33, Carey st. Lincoln's inn
WARD, ISAAC JAMES, Cranbourne st, Leicester sq, Picture Dealer. High Court. TAYLOR, HERBERT, Mark lang, Merchant. Sept 28 at 11. Bankruptcy bldgs,
Pet Aug 6 Ord Sept 8

Lincoln's ian
WARSOP, EDWARD WILLIAM, Bristol, Cabinet Maker. Bristol. Pet Sept 9. TENNANT. RICHARD, Lower Breck rd, nr Liverpool, Cowkeeper. Sept 20 at 3.
Ord Sept 9

Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool
WILLIAMS. HENRY JOHN, St George, Glouces, Builder. Bristol. Pet Sept 10. THOMPSON, JAMES, Craike, Yorks, Farmer. Sept 22 at 2. Off Roc, 17, Blake st,
Ord Sept 10

WILLIAMS. LEMUEL, Penygraig, Accountant. Pontypridd. Pet Aug 29. Ord UPTON, HENRY, Newport, I.W., Saddler. Sept 26 at 2. Chamber of Commerce,
Sept 8

145, Cheapside
WILLS, THOMAS, Leicester, Currier. Leicester. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 8

WALE, ALFRED, Nottingham, Yarn Agent. Sept 20 at 12. Off Rec, 1, High WOOD. RICHARD COOPER, Kingston upon Hull, Hairdresser. Kingston upon

pavement, Nottingham Hull. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 8

WALKER, JOSEPH, and FRED RAYNER, Knostrop, nr Leeds, Farmers. Sept 21 at WOODCOCK, C G, old Kent rd, Grocer. High Court. Pet Aug 23. Ord Sept 8

11. Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

WARSOP, EDWARD WILLIAM, Bristol, Cabinet Maker. Sept 23 at 3.30. Off Rec, FIRST MEETINGS.


WHEATER, WILLIAM, Headingley, nr Leeds, Lind Agent. Sept 21 at 12. Off
BANCROFT, FREDERICK, Haworth, Yorks, Farmer. Sept 20 at 11. Off Rec, 31 Rec, 22. Park row, Leeds
Manor rd, Bradford

WILKINSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Liverpool, Furniture Broker. Sept 23 at 12.
BARHAM, ARNOLD FOSTER (sep estate), Birmingham, Brassfounder. Sept 23 at Off Rec. 35, Victoria st, Liverpool
11. 25, Colmore row. Birmingham

WILLS, THOMAS, Leioester, Carrier. Sept 22 at 11.37. 28, Friar lane, Luceister
BARRETT, ARTHUR JOHN, Cumming st, Pentonville, Soap Manufacturer. Sept 20
at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

WOOD, WALTER, Delahay st, Gt George st. Sept 23 at 12. 33, Carey st, Liasoln's
BASCOMBE, CHARLES, Bere Regis, Dorsetsbire, Farmer. Sept 22 at 1. Red Lion
Hotel, Warehan

BASHFORD, GEORGE ARTHUR, Southend, Licensed Victualler. Sept 21 at 12. 33, BARGER, THOMAS JOHN, Rhyl, Hotel Keeper. Bangor. Pet Sept 6. Ord Sept 8
Carey st, Lincoln's inn

Ord Sept 10
BEEGLEMYER, JOSEPH WILLIAM, Finsbury pavement, Tailor. Sept 21 at 1. 33, BRITT, DANIEL, Bristol, Builder. Bristl. Pet Sept 8
Carey st, Lincoln's inn

CARNEY, THOMAS, Rock Ferry, Cheshire, Draper. Birkenheal. Pet Sept 9.
BRITT, DANIEL, Bristol, Builder. Sept 23 at 3. Off Rec, Bristol

Ord Sept 9
BROOKS, WILLIAM CHARLES, Crowle, Lincolnshire, Grocer. Sept 20 at 12. Off

CLEGG, JAMES, Rochdale, Lencs, Agent. Oldham. Pet Aug 3. Ord Sept 8
Rec, Figtree lane, Sheffield

COCKKRILL. ELEANOR, Lawford, Warwickshire, Plumber. Coventry. Pet Aug BUTT, BENJAMIN, Frome, Oil Dealer. Sept 20 at 3.30. Off Rec, Bristol

18. Ord Sept 9 BYNG, EDWABD FRANCIS, Warnford court, Throgmorton st. Sept 20 at 12. 83,

CRANFIELD, SAMUEL, Rolvenden, Kent, Veterinary Surgeon. Hastings. Pet
Carey st, Lincoln's inn

Sept 9. Ord Sept 9
CLARKE, CHARLES, Ipswich, Baker. Sept 21 at 12.30. Off Rec, Ipswich

DANIELL, ALFRED HORATIO Sisson, Fleet st, Merchant. High Court. Pet July

26. Ord Sept 9
CLAYDEN, JOHN, Essex rd, Corn Dealer, Sept 20 at 1. 33, Carey st. Lincoln's inn DAVIS. DANIEL THOMAS, Aston, Birmingham, no occupation. Aberystwith,
DAVIES, DAVID THOMAS (sep estate), Erdington, Warwickshire, Brassfounder.

Pet Aug 4. Ord Sept 7
Sept 23 at 11. 25, Colmore ro , Birmingham

FIRTH, JOSEPH, and CHRISTOPHER CLARKE, Todmorden, Yorks, Cotton Makers,

Burnley. Pet Sept 2. Ord Sept 9 ham, Brassfounders. Sept 23 at 11. 25, Colmore row, Birmingham

FLANDERS, ELIAS, Derby, Dairyman. Derby. Pet Sept 3. Ord Sept 7
Davis. DANIEL THOMAS, Birmingham, no occupation. Sept 20 at 12.46. Town- GRAHAM, BENJAMIN, Wakefield, Jeweller. Wakefield. Pet Sept 7. Or] Sept 7
hall, Aberystwith

HARLEY, WILLIAM GEORGE, Southwark, Hop Merchant. High Court. Pet Aug
DEAR, WILLIAM, Tankerville, ct, Southgate, Upholsterer. Sept 23 at 11. 16, 4. Ord Sept 9
Room, 30 and 31, St Switbin's lane

HAWLEY, JOHN, York, Whitesmith. York. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 8
DRY, MARY GRIFFITHS, and JANE DRY, Brentwood, Essex, School Proprietors.
Sept 22 at 3. 1, Spencer ter, Sunbury

HIBBS, GEORGE, Swanage, Licensed Victualler. Poole. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 8
FAWCETT. JOE, Huddersfield, Joiner. Sept 23 at 3. Haigh & Sons, solors, New KEEP, WILLIAM JOHN, Liverpool, Tailor. Liverpool. Pet July 26. Ord Sept 9

st, Huddersfield
FORD, JAMES, Pitfield st, Hoxton, Contractor. Sept 22 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lin-

MARSHALL. JOSEPH, Sterry st, Tabard st, Southwark, Fish Salesman. High coln's inn

Court. Pet July 4. Ord Sept 8
FULLER, GEORGE, The Broadway, Barking, Clothier. Sept 21 at 12.30. County

OWEN, GEORGE, Madeley, Salop, Beerhouse Keeper. Madeley, Shropshire. Pet
Court, Romford

Sept 10. Ord Sept 10
GOATER, ALFRED WILLIAM, Leadenhall st, Eating house Keeper. Sept 20 at 1.

PRICE, RICHARD, Ystrad, Glamorganshire, Harpist. Pontypridd. Pet Sept 3. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

Ord Sept 8
GRIFFITHS & CO, Blaenau Festiniog, Merioneth, Grocers. Sept 20 at 12. Off

RICHARDS, WILLIAM RAILE, Falmouth, Trinity Pilot. Truro. Pet Sept 8. Ord
Rec, Crypt chmbrs, Chester

Sept 8
GRISSELL, CHARLES E, Elm Park gdns, Fulham, Gent. Sept 21 at 11. 33, Carey st, ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Colwyn Bay, Farmer. Bangor. Pet Sept 2. Ord Sept 8

SALES, RICHARD TONGE, Kingston on Huu, Dealer in Paper Hangings. Kingston
HALL, JAMES (Sep estate) Erdington, Warwick, Brassfounder. Sept 23 at 11. on Hull. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 10
25, Colmore row, Birmingham

SHARPE, FREDERIC. Baldry gardens, Streatham common, Clerk. High Court.
HANDS, SARAH ANN, Brighton, Widow. Sept 21 at 2. County Court, Hastings Pet Sept 5. Ord Sept 9
HAWLEY, JOHN, York, Whitesmith. Sept 22 at 12. Off Rec, 17, Blake st, York

SMITH, THOMAS, Chalford, Gloucestershire, Builder. Gloucester. Pet Sept 6.

Ord Sept 9
HIBBS, THOMAS, Swanage, Licensed Victualler. Sept 22 at 12. Red Lion Hotel, STEVENS, GEORGE JACKSON, address unknowo, Auctioneer. High Court. Pet

July 22. Ord Sept 8
HUGHES, CHRISTOPHER, Oxford, Butcher. Sept 21 at 11.30. 1, St Aldates, TENXANT, RICHARD, Lower Breck rd, nr Liverpool, Cowkeeper. Liverpool. Pet

Sept 3. Ord Sept 8
ISRAEL, HENRY Ash, Central Meat Myrket, Meat Salesman. Sept 22 at 1. 33, THOMPSON, JAMES, Craike, Yorks, Farmer. York. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 9
KEEP, WILLIAM JOHN, Liverpool, Tailor. Sept 21 at 3. Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, TODD, EDWARD, Kendal, Furniture Remover. Kendal. Pet June 30. Ord Sept 8

KEYZAR, MARY ANNE, Rhyl, Dealer in Berlin Wool. Sept 22 at 3. Off Rec, chants. Nottingham. Pet Sept 10. Ord Sept 10
Crypt combis, Chester

WALKER JOSEPH, and FRED RAYNER, Knostrop, nr Leeds, Farmers. Leeds. Pet
KING. THOMAS CHARLES, Lamberhurst, Sussex, Grocer. Sept 22 at 2.30. Spencer Aug 31. Ord Sept 10
& Reeves, Camden rd, Tunbridge Wells

WESTALL, WILLIAM, Accrington, Stonemason. Blackburn. Pet Aug 1. Ord
LANGSTON, ALFRED, Birmingham, Coal Dealer. Sept 22 at 11. 25, Colmore row, Sept

WILLIAMS, LEMUEL, Penygraig, Glamorganshire, Accountant. Pontypridd.
LEE, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Furniture Dealer. Sept 20 at 11. Off Rec, 1, High Pet Aug 29. Ord Sept 10
pavement, Nottingham

WOOD, RICHARD COOPER. Kingston upon Hull, Hairdresser. Kingston upon
LEWIS, JOHN, Blaenllechau, Glamorganshire, Grocer. Sept 20 at 12. Off Rec,

Hull. Pet Sept 8. Ord Sept 10
Merthyr Tydfil

WRIGHTON, JOHN, Brackley, Northamptonshire, Boot Maker. Banbury. Pet
MOMILLAN, JAMES, Chorlton upon Medlock, Draper. Sept 20 at 12. Off Rec, Aug 30. Ord Sept 10

Ogden's chmbrs, Bridge st, Manchester
MILNER, PETER BERRIMAN, Scarborough, Butcher. Sept 21 at 11. Off Rec, 74,

Newborough st, Scarborough
PEARCE, THOMAS ALBERT, St Albans, Licensed Victualler. Sept 23 at 11. Blagg
& Edwards, Solicitors, St Albans

PETRIE, G. D., address unknown. Sept 22 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn
st, Lincoln's inn

Properties (see advertisement, this week, p. 750).
RICHARDS, ALFRED L., Southampton row, Bloomsbury, Solicitor. Sept 21 at 12.
RICHARDS, WILLIAM KALLE, Falmouth, Pilot. Sept 20 at 12. Off Rec, Boscawen

Where difficulty is experienced in procuring the Journal with regularity,
ROBERTS, JAMES, Haverfordwest, Butcher. Sept 28 at 11. Off Rec, Carmarthen
ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Colwyn Bay, Farmer. Sept 21 at 10.

in the Country, it is requested that application be made direct to the

Junction Hotel,

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, Brabant ct, Tea Merchant. Sept 21 at 11. Bankruptcy

bldgs, Lincoln's ion
ROBINSON, EDWARD, Stretford, Lancs, Potato Dealer. Sept 20 at 11.30. Off Rec,
Ogden's chbrs, Bridge st, Manchester

ROGERS, EDWIN, Highworth, Wilts, General Dealer. Sept 21 at 12. Off Rec, 32,


739 LEGAL NEWS RUSSELL, THOMAS, Scarborough, Carriage Proprietor. Sept 20 at 11. Off Rec, PROMOTERS' LIABILITY

WINDING-UP NOTICES .............. 746 74, Newborough st, Scarborough


.............. 746 SHEPNIERD, THOMAS, Bootle, pr Liverpool, Ship Broker. Sept 20 at 2. Off Rec,



SMITH, THOMAS, Chalford, Gloucester, Builder. Sept 20 at 4. Imperial Hotel,

STEEL, EBENEZER, Gt Bealings, Suffolk, Wheelwright. Sept 21 at 12. Off Rec,

All letters intended for publication in the Solicitors' Journalmust be
STENNER, ROBERT, Upper st, Islington, Licensed Victualler. Sept 20 at 12. 33,
Carey st, Lincoln's inn

authenticated by the name of the writer.!

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PIERCY; ROBERT, Gt Western rd, Paddington, Engineer. Sept 23 at 11. 33, Carey Sept. 23. —- Messrs. Baker & Sons, ai the Mart, at 2 p.m., Froohold Estates and

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..... 745


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MESSRS. BAKER & SONS beg to an

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Offices of the Corporation

Winchester House, Old Broad-street, E.C. BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT,

Rt. Hon. Ê. PLEYDELL BOUVERIE, Chairman. To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of

(HOWARD'S PATENT.) the Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c.

Sir SYDNEY H. WATERLOW, Bart., Deputy-Chairman, 1,000 Leaf Book, 58. 6d.

Policies are now being issued by this Corporation ROBES POR QUEEN'S COUNSEL AND BARRISTERS.

insuring Mortgages of Freehold and Leasehold SOLICITORS' GOWNS.

500 Leaf Book, 3s. 6d.

Property, holders of Mortgage Debentures and

Debenture Stock, against loss of principal and inį Law Wigs and Gowns for Registrars, Town Clerks,

English made

and Clerks of the Peace.

These Policies will be of especial advantage to CORPORATION ROBES, UNIVERSITY AND CLERGY GOWNS

Trustees who may be held responsible for losses

consequent upon their Investments. ESTABLISHED 1689. WODDERSPOON & CO., Mortgagors insuring, with the Corporation will

also be enabled to obtain Advances at the lowest 94, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON. 7, BERLE STREET, AND 1, PORTUGAL STREET

possible rate of interest. Telephone No. 1,669. Telegraphic address, “Akaber,


The Corporation also grants Policies to Lease

holders insuring the return of the Amount invested London." --Sales for the Year 1887.


at the expiration of their leases or at any fixed Choice Freehold Building Plots.-Payments by

periods. nounce that their SALES of LANDED ES


For particulars and conditions of Insurance apply TATES, Investments, Town, Suburban, and Country

to the Secretary.

By order, Houses, Business Premises, Building Land, Ground

JAS, C. PRINSEP, Secretary. tion with Messrs. SPELMAN) are instructed Rents, Reversions, Shares, and other Properties, will be held at the Mart, Tokenhouse-yard, E.C., as

by the Right Honourable Lord Suffleld, K.C.B., to
SELL by AVOTION, in a Marquee on the Estate, on

Friday, Sept. 23 Friday, 28 Friday, Nov. 25

(LIMITED). Friday, Oct. 14 Friday, Nov. 11 Friday, Dec. 9 o'clock precisely, 142 PLOTS of valuable FREE

Subscribed Capital

£4,233,325. Paid-up

846,665. Auctions can be held on other days if required. - HOLD BUILDING LAND, including a valuable No. 11, Queen Victoria-street, E.C. public-house plot and several shop plots, being the Reserve Fună

460,000. first portion of the Suflleld-park Estate, eligibly Notice is hereby given that, in consequence of the SUSSEX.

situate adjoining the Lighthouse hills, commanding improved demand for money, the RATES of INTEREST Slinfold, near Horsham.-Valuable Freehold Farms,

grand land and sea vievs, and close to the station and allowed for DEPOSITS are RAISED as follows, viz., to :in all about 265 acres. In Four Lots.

town. The plots front on Overstrand-road and other THREE PER CENT. per annum at call.

well-made roads, and are well adapted for the erec THREE AND A QUARTER PER CENT. at seven and by AUCTION, at the MART, Token house- | demand. Cromer possesses great natural attractions,

WILLIAM HANCOCK, Manager. yard, E.c., on FRIDAY, 23rd SEPTEMBER, at having a magnificent sea beach and a most invigorating

CHARLES H. HUTCHINS, Sub-Manager. TWO Tunless previously sold privately), desirable air; it is surrounded by a lovely country, which affords No. 35, Cornhill, E.C., September 15, 1887. FREEHOLD ESTATES, comprising 264 acres of charming walks and drives, and is, without doubt, highly-productive Freehold Land, with two farm the most fashionable seaside resort on the east coast.

ENT FIBE OFFICE. Established in 1802. houses and homesteads, cottage, &c., eligibly situate A special train will leave Liverpool.street Station at in the parish of Slinfold, about 20 minutes from Hor

KENT LIFE OFFICE. Established in 1824. 9.30 on the morning of sale, and luncheon will be sham town and railway station, in Four Lots, as provided immediately on arrival. A limited number

Chief Office-Maidstone. follows:

Branch | London, 124, Cannon-street, E.C. a. r. p. of free return tickets will be issued to intending Lot 1.-Brookhurst, comprising several purchasers. Possession on payment of 10 per cent.

Offices 1 Manchester, Lombard-chambers, Brown-st. enclosures of arable, meadow, and wood deposit, the balance of purchase-money by instal

One of the most recent claims upon the Company lani, having a frontage of 1,750ft. to the ments.

was under Lite Policy No. 503, issued in 1833 for £800, main road from Horsham to Guildford,

Particulars. plans, and conditions of sale of Messrs.

and which had acquired bonus additions amounting lying high, and presenting a fine site for J. V. Taylor & Sons, Solicitors, Norwich; of Mesers.

to £2,015, increasing the policy to £2 815. a residence

W. L. SEYFANG, Lot 2.- Clemsfold Farm, comprising an

45 1 8 Spelman, Land and Estate Agents, Norwich; and of
the Auctioneers, 11, Queen Victoria-street, London,

Secretary and General Manager. old-fashioned residence, with homestead,

cottage, and superior meadow and arable

107 1 29

Established 1836,
Lot 3.-Perry's, three enclosures of supe-

DEBENHAM, rior freehold land, ornamentally timbered,

TEWSON, LONDOX: 1, Moorgate-street, E.O. ABABDEEX: 1,

Union-terrace. with a frontage of 580 feet to the main road

FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER beg to announce
to Guildford, and admirably adapted for
that their SALES of LANDED ESTATES, Investments,

Fire Premiums

£582,000 the erection of a residence 22 3 12 Town, Suburban, and Country Houses, Business Premises,

198,000 Lot 4.-Nowhurst Farm, comprising a

Life Premiums ...
Building Land, Ground-rents, Advowsons, Reversions

13,000 farmhouse, homestead, and excellent

Stocks, Shares, and other Properties, will be held at the
arable, meadow, and wood land, and
Auction Mart, Tokenhouse-yard, near the Bank of Eng.

Accumulated Funds

£3,297,000 plantations

79 1 27 land, in the City of London, as follows:

Tues., Oct 4 Tues., Nov 8 Tues., Dec 13

255 0 1
Tues., Oct 18 Tues., Nov 22

The whole let on yearly tenancy to a highly re-
Auctions can also be held on other days. In order to

ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1854. spectable tenant at £200 per annum, which rental will insure proper publicity, due notice should be given. The only Law Insurance Office in the United Kingdom be apportioned between the various lots. If desired The period between such notice and the proposed aucthe vendors will determine the tenancy at Michael

which transacts both Fire and Life Insurance Busition must considerably depend upon the nature of the

ness, mas, 1888. property to be sold. A printed scale of terms can be

Chiei OfficeParticulars of Messrs. Murray, Hutchins, & Stir had at 80, Cheapside, or will be forwarded. Telephone ling, Solicitors', 11, Birchin-lane, EC.; of Messrs. No. 1,503.


The Funds in hand and Capital Subscribed amount to Lawrence, Baker,& Waldron, Solicitors, 14, Old Jewry-chambers, E.C.; of F. Whinney, Esq,


upwards of £1,900,000 sterling

TEWSON, (Messrs. Whinney, Huríbatt, & Smith), Chartered

Chairman-JAMES CUDDON, Esq., of the Middle

FARMER, BRIDGEWATER'S LIST OL Accountants, 8, Old Jewry, E.C.; and of the Auc

Temple, Barrister-at-Law. tioneers, 11, Queen Victoria-street, London, E.C.

ESTATES and HOUSES to be SOLD or LET, including Deputy-Chairman-CHARLES PEMBERTON, Esq. (Lee
Landed Estates, Town and Country Residences, Hunting

& Pembertons), Solicitor, 44, Lincoln's-inn-fields. To Trustees and others.-Oxford-street, Blackfriars,

and Shooting Quarters, Farms, Ground Rents, Rent The Directors invite attention to the New Form of Spitalfields, Barnsbury, and High Holborn.- Valu

Charges, House Property and Investments generally, is Life Policy, which is free from all conditions. able Freehold and long Leasehold investments,

published on the first day of each month, and may be Policies of Insurance granted against the contintogether producing £602 per annum.

obtained, free of charge, at their offices, 80, Cheapside, gency of Issue at moderate rates of Premium.

E.C., or will be sent by post in return for three stamps. The Company ADVANCES Money on Mortgage of by AUCTION, at the MART, Tokenhouse

Life Interests and Reversions, whether absolute or four days previous to the end of the preceding month. contingent. yard, E.O., on FRIDAY, 2310 SEPTEMBER, at TWO o'clock, in Five Lots, the following desirable PROP

The Company also purchases Reversions. ERTIES :

Prospectuses, copies of the Directors' Report and OXFORD STREET. - The Freehold Shop and

Annual Balance Sheet, and every information, sent Dwelling-house, No. 20, Upper Rathbone-place, let

post-free on application to on lease for seven years at £60 per annum.

FRANK MOGEDY, Actuary and Secretary. BLACKFRIARS. - Freehold

TLEMEN! Dwelling - house, known as No. 56, Stamford-street, let on lease for 21

ACCIDENTS AT HOME AND ABROAD years at £90 per annum. SPITALFIELDS.-Freehold Ground-rent of £20

Railway Accidents, Employer's Liability, per annum, amply secured on No. 20, Lamb-street,

INSURED AGAINST BY with valuable reversion to the rack rental in 1894.

(Residential and BARNSBURY.-Freehold Ground-rent of £12 per annum, secured on Nos. 81, 91, and 93, Bride-street,

official).-Adjoining the Temple, close to the THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY

Royal Courts of Justice, Lincoln's-inn, and the with reversion to the rack rental in 1907.

Strand, and within five minutes' walk of the City; HIGH HOLBORN, on the Bedford Estate. - A

64, CORNHILL, LONDON. central and quiet, with immediate rail and omnibus Profit Rental of £250 per annum, improving in 1891

conveyance to all parts of town. Hydraulic lifts, Income to £300 per annum, amply secured upon tbe post

heating by steam - radiators, office premises, No. 125, High Holborn, held on lease


sanitary arrangements, &c. Rents of remaining rooms to let,

COMPENSATION PAID FOR 118,000 ACCIDENTS. for an unexpired term of 42 years, at a ground-rent

from £20 to £90. Suites, £100 to £250.- Apply to the of £50 per annum, and underlet for the whole term to

£2,350,000. the Postmaster-General at £300, rising to £350 per

Secretary or the Steward, on the premises, Temple
Chambers, Temple-street, E.C.



and Others. localities and well let, offer capital investments to


Prompt and Liberal Settlement of Claims. trustees, capitalists, and others.

CHAIRMAN-HARVIE M. FARQUHAR, Esq. Particulars may be had at the Mart; of Messrs.

Let at Lonsdale Chambers, No. 27, Chancery-lane Cave, Cox, Cave, & Lafone, Solicitors, 50, Grace(opposite the New Law Courts). Also large, well

West-End Office :—8, Grand Hotel Buildings, W.C.; church-street, EC.; and of the Auctioneers, 11, Apply to Messrs. LAUNDY & Co. Chartered Account

furnished Rooms for Meetings, Arbitrations &c.Queen Victoria-street, E.O.

Head Office :-64, CORNHILL, LONDON, E.C. ants, on the premises.

WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary.





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MED RAUCBAKER die Sonnenwillen bil. Particulare for interti inehould be receivedingt later than



the above properties, being situato in excellent To and Well-lighted offices and Chambers to be

CASE REPORTED THIS WEEK. De Bensaude v. De Bensaude

high-sheriff is not provided for by special agreement between the 764 high-sheriff and the under-sheriff, will the under-sheriff have any

claim against the representatives of the deceased high-sheriff for

remuneration for his duties during the interval ? If not, the The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter. position of the under-sheriff may be a very unfortunate one. LONDON, SEPTEMBER 24, 1887.

AMONG THE BATCH of Acts which received the Royal assent on CURRENT TOPICS.

Friday last was the Copyhold Act, 1887, which was the last of

a series of seven Bills on the subject of copyhold enfranchisement MR. JUSTICE CHARLES, on the first day of bis sitting in court, which had been presented to Parliament. It was, we believe, had before him a heavy list, the whole of which would have been considered by a special committee of the House of Lords, and condisposed of but for the length of time taken up by the case of sidering this and the long incubation the subject has undergone, De Bensaude v. De Bensaude. The learned judge rose at a the present measure ought to be free from the defects which marked quarter past five o'clock, leaving ten cases to be disposed of on

some of the earlier proposals. We propose hereafter to consider Friday.

the Act at length, but we may say now that its main provisions are that, on the admittance of any copyhold tenant after the 31st of

December next, the steward must, without charge, give the tenant THE DECISION in the case of Re Robertson (35 W. R. 833) carries a notice informing him of his right to enfranchise, and of the out the construction of the phrase "other documents” in the modes in which the lord's compensation may be fixed. If the Remuneration Order, Schedule II., adopted by Mr. Justice CHITTY steward omits to serve the notice, he is docked of his fees. The in Re R. A. Parker (33 W. R. 541)-viz., that it does not Act enables the lord and tenant to agree in writing on the amount include an abstract of title, and consequently that a solicitor is of the compensation, or to appoint a valuer or valuers to ascertain not entitled to a fee of 1s. per folio for perusing an abstract in lieu it, and provides that they may appoint one and the same person as of the old fee of 6s. 8d. for three brief sheets of eight folios each. valuer. The tenant may, if he chooses, pay the compensation in In Re Robertson a solicitor employed by a client to obtain a loan a gross sum, but, unless the parties otherwise agree, in cases where on mortgage of real estate, made advances on the security of the the enfranchisement is effected at the instance of the lord, and property, after perusing the title deeds, including a will and life where the compensation amounts to more than one year's improved policies. The solicitor charged 1s. per folio for perusing these value, the compensation is to consist of an annual rent-charge documents, but it was held by Day and Wills, JJ., that the charge equivalent to interest at 4 per cent. per annum on the amount of was wrong:

If the 1s. per folio fee is not allowed for perusing the compensation. This rent-charge is to be redeemable by the abstracts, it would seem that á fortiori it cannot be allowed for tenant upon six months prior notice at twenty-five years' purchase, perusing documents of title. The effect of the recent decision is to power is given to limited owners to charge the enfranchised confine the fee of 1s. per folio in respect of “other documents” to land with the compensation money and expenses of enfranchisenew documents which have been drawn by the other side. Mr. ment, and for a lord to charge any expenses paid by him in proJustice Wills, in laying down this restriction, said: “ By apply- ceedings under the Copyhold Acts either on lands settled to the ing the words to documents drawn by an opponent it is possible to same uses as the manor or on the rent-charges arising out of engive them a reasonable and natural construction. In perusing franchisements. Provision is also made for lords who are limited such documents the task of a solicitor is highly responsible, and owners giving a complete discharge for compensation money. there is a possibility, if he does not exercise his utmost vigilence, The compensation payable to stewards on enfranchisements by that he may be led to overlook some provision injurious to his award of the Land Commissioners after the 31st of December client's interest ; but there is nothing in the circumstances under next is prescribed in a schedule to the Act. The Land Comwhich the Solicitors' Remuneration Act, 1881, was drawn to missioners are to frame such a scale of compensation for enfranbuggest that the framers of the General Order meant that there chisement "as in their judgment will be fair and just and will should be a charge of 18. per folio for the perusal of documents of facilitate enfranchisement,” with directions for the lord, tenant, every description." It is certainly odd, if the construction now and valuers ; also a scale of allowance to valuers; but these adopted was that intended by the framers of the order, that they scales are to be "for guidance only, and not to be binding as a did not use the word “ drafts" instead of other documents." matter of law in any particular case.” This provision appears

rather to savour of the is sort of JOSEPH SURFACE Bill, full of high sentiments not carried into practice, an illustration of faith without

works," which Lord CRANBROOK declared was the leading WE DO NOT KNOW whether under-sheriffs are always aware of the characteristic of a predecessor of the present Bill. Section 47 liability they incur in case of the death of the high-sheriff during his introduces the principle of compulsory enfranchisement of all the year of office. The statute 3 Geo. 1, c. 15, provides (section 8) copyholds within a manor, in cases of manors where the fines are that if any high-sheriff shall happen to die, in such case the certain, and in which it is "the practice” for copyholders in under-sheriff shall, nevertheless, continue in office and execute the fee to grant derivative interests to persons who are admitted as same, and all things belonging thereto “in the name of the said copyholders of the manor in respect of such interests. There is deceased sheriff until another sheriff be appointed”; and that to be a local inquiry by the commissioners on the request of the " the said under-sheriff shall be answerable for the execution of lord or of one-fourth of the copyholders on the roll, and if the the said office in all things and to all respects, intents, and pur-commissioners find that not less than two-thirds in number of the poses whatsoever during such interval as the high-sheriff so copyholders desire enfranchisement, they are to declare that all deceased would by law have been if he had been living.”; but the the copyholds of the manor are to be enfranchised; to ascertain same section proceeds to expressly keep alive the bond given by the the amount of compensation and to effect the enfranchisements. under-sheriff to the deceased high-sheriff as a security“ to the The compensation in every case is to consist of a gross sum, unless King, his heirs and successors, and to all persons whatsoever, for such the lord and tenant in fee” otherwise agree. under-sheriff's due performance of his office during such interval.” Section 11 enables * the under-sheriff in case of the high-sheriff's death, when he acts as high-sheriff, to appoint a deputy.”. These provisions have been held by the Queen's Bench Division, in MR. JUSTICE KAY's remark, at the commencement of his judgGloucestershire Banking Co. v. Edwards (35 W. R. 842), to mean ment in Re Gray, Dresser v. Gray (35 W. R. 795), " I must put that during the interval between the death of a high-sheriff and myself in the chair of the testator in order to appreciate the questhe appointment of his successor, the under-sheriff " is actually to tion which has been raised," was peculiarly inappropriate as fervant of the sheriff, but to all intents high-sheriff, and is liable case, his decision turned. There can be little doubt that the rules been if he had survived. Suppose that the case of the death of the operate to contravene testators' intentions, and that in the present

752 case, if the testator had been in the chair instead of the learned his affairs to one alone (see Cholmondeley v. Clinton, 19 Ves. 261). judge, the decision would have been different. There is reason in On a dissolution of partnership, therefore, each client is entitled to the rule that a specific legacy is adeemed if the testator afterwards the possession, not only of his deeds, but also of all drafts and converts it into something else. He must know and mean that the papers for which he has paid (Ex parte E. Horsfall, 7 B. & C. 528); legacy is cancelled. And where the property given has ceased to and, the solicitors having discharged themselves, the court, on exist in the lifetime of the testator—as, for instance, where a ship the application of the client, will compel them to give over the which he has bequeathed has been lost (Durrant v. Friend, 5 papers to a new solicitor upon the usual undertaking for saving the De G. & Sm. 343)—it is reasonable to assume that the testator lien of the discharged solicitors (Griffiths v. Griffiths, 2 Hare, at knew and intended that the legatee should be deprived of all p. 590). These rights of the client cannot, of course, be affected benefit in respect of the gift which is no longer capable of taking by any agreement between the partners. effect. But in the case of mere changes in the description of the But, subject to these rights, solicitor-partners may provide, as subject matter of the legacy—as, for instance, a change of invest- between themselves, as they think fit for the division of the papers ment by trustees of stock standing in their names which has been on the dissolution of the partnership. Lord Eldon, in Colegrave v. specifically bequeathed by the person beneficially entitled Moseley (T. & R., at p. 401), said :—"I formerly thought that (Harrison v. Jackson, 7 Ch. D. 339)—it would never occur to these bargains, by which one solicitor assigns his business over to an ordinary testator that any fresh disposition was needed in order another, were contrary to public policy. The Court of King's to secure to the legatee the benefit previously given. Especially Bench entertained a different opinion, on the ground that the is this the case where a testator has bequeathed shares in a com- client could say, "My business shall not be so assigned.' I doubt, pany by the description of “my shares in the Co.," and however, whether the court, in coming to such a conclusion, the shares held by the testator at the date of the will are subse- recollected sufficiently the situation in which a client generally is quently altered by the company.

It has been held that the when a recommendation, purchased with money, is thus urged mere conversion of the shares into stock will not adeem the legacy upon him”; but in Candler v. Candler (4 East, 190) he re(Oakes v. Oakes, 9 Hare, 666). On the other hand, it was held in marked :-"I knew that this would rip up many transactions, and Re Lane, Luard v. Lane (28" W. R. 764, 14 Ch. D. 856) that, I was happy that the Court of King's Bench was of a different where debentures held by a testator bad, subsequently to the date opinion, though I never could entirely reconcile myself to their of the will, been converted into debenture stock, a legacy of doctrine." It may be considered to be now well established that my debentures the St. Paulo Co." was adeemed. That stipulations of this kind between solicitor-partners are not only decision was much relied on by Mr. Justice Kay in the valid at law (see Burns v. Guy, 4 East, 190), but that they recent case, but in Re Lane the change in the description may be specifically enforced (see Whittaker v. Howe, 3 Beav. of the debentures was made by the testator. He exercised 383; Aubin v. Holt, 2 K & J. 66). an option given him by the company who had issued the deben The form of clause which has received the sanction of Mr. tures, and himself converted the debentures into debenture stock. Davidson and Messrs. Key and Elphinstone, and which we have In Re Gray a testator bequeathed 50 shares in a banking company. reason to believe is in very frequent use, provides that, upon the At the date of the will be had 70 shares in the company, which dissolution of the partnership during the joint lives of the partwas then unlimited, of the nominal value of £100 each, £25 per ners, the partnership papers shall, unless the client to whom they share being paid up. Subsequently to the date of the will the belong shall object, be delivered to the partner “who shall usually company was converted into a limited company, the nominal value have attended to the business of such client." This clause may of the shares being reduced to £60 per share, with £12 10s. paid work fairly well in cases where the business of a partnership is so up, and the testator received 140 shares in place of his 70. At the allotted as that all the affairs of each client are continuously time of his death he held these 140 shares, together with others attended to by one only of the partners. In large offices it may subsequently acquired. The alteration was made by resolution in possibly be satisfactory, though we doubt whether, even in them, accordance with the provisions of the company's deed of settlement, it can obviate questions; and its effect can hardly be fair to all the no act on the part of individual shareholders being required to partners. It is possible to conceive that the senior partner, if effect the conversion. Mr. Justice Kay held that, if the legacy shrewd and wily, can contrive to exercise a nominal or formal was a specific one (he considered that it was a general legacy), continuous "attention” to the business of a profitable client, while the substituted shares “ were so entirely a different thing from the throwing most of the work on the junior partner ; and, on the other shares in the unincorporated company that the legacy was hand, an enterprizing junior partner can gradually elbow his adeemed.

We wish that in this matter of ademption learned easy-going senior out of " attention" to most of the best clients. judges would try to put themselves rather more completely “in And in any case the clause leaves the division of the papers to a the chair" of the testator.

question of fact—viz., usual attention—upon which disputes are likely to arise.

Mr. Prideaux seems to have considered that the matter was one

which ought to be settled in each case by the partners, for in STIPULATIONS AS TO THE DIVISION OF PAPERS ON we do not find any provision as to the division of papers on the

his form of partnership deed between solicitors, in his twelfth edition, THE DETERMINATION OF A SOLICITORS' PART- determination of the partnership during the joint lives of the partie NERSHIP. THERE are few conveyancing matters of common occurrence on which clauses,

Mr. Jarman constructed two somewhat elaborate alternative there is so great a lack of a well-considered, fair, and practically relating to the business of persons who were clients of either

one of which provides, in effect, that the papers workable form as the clause relating to division of papers in soli of the partners before the formation of the partnership should citors' partnership deeds. As we all know, this is one of the most im- | (subject to the express directions of the clients) be delivered portant provisions in these instruments : the prospects of the partners to the partner whose clients such persons formerly were, and that after the determination of the partnership largely depend upon the the other papers should be equally divided between the partnere this clause. No provision of the partnership deed is so likely to to the papers in any particular business should be referred to the usually adopted is somewhat loose and inadequate. The worst of partners the papers should be delivered. The other clause divides the matter is that it is not very easy to suggest one free from objec- the papers according to the question whether the business of the tion, and our object in mooting the subject is to elicit suggestions client has been brought into the partnership by the personal infrom our readers, with a view of ultimately combining the sug- terest or connection of one or the other partner. gestions we may receive in a clause which may perhaps fulfil the requirements of being fair, and free from difficulty in working.

Several other kinds of provisions have come to our knowledge, We need hardly say that a dissolution of a solicitors" partnership on the number of clients, irrespective of the value of their operates as a discharge of the clients by the solicitors (Grifiths v? business ; and in other cases the whole matter is referred to the and services of both partners : he has never consented to trust tion of the partnership. None of these forms, however, has struck us Grifiths, 2 Hare, 587). The client has stipulated for the activity decision of the clients, who are to be circularized on the determina:


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