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provided money at all either for bribery or treating. Solicitors' Cases. Also, there were some members of the Liberal executive

committee whom he would like to examine for the same


LUSH, J., said this application was the first of the kind QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION.

that had occurred to him or his colleague, Mr. Justice (Before COCKBURN, L.C.J., and HAWKINS, J.)

Manisty, and, so far as he knew, it was the first that had

been made since the administration of this branch of the July 26.-In the Matter of a Solicitor.

law had been intrusted to the judges. They must rule that Wills, Q.C. (with whom was Murray), applied on before they could allow what Mr. Cave desired they must, in behalf of the Incorporated Law Society for a rule nisi calling justice to the other side, go on and hear all the evidence upon a solicitor to answer the matters of an affidavit, and to the petitioners had to offer. If the petitioners chose to say show cause why, in the event of his not doing so satisfactorily, they would not consent to that, their lordships had no he should not be struck off the rolls. In October, 1878, one power to compel them.

There was

no alternative for Terraz, a Swiss, who had previously carried on business in them but to close the inquiry or to go on as if there the canton of Neufchatel, came to this country, having in his bad been no surrender of the seat, and the latter course possession a sum of £800 belonging to bis creditors. He at would now inflict great injustice on the petitioners by putting first placed £120 of this money in the hands of the solicitor them to the expense of calling witnesses.

if, after in question, and before the date of his extradition for offences consideration, they should find it their duty to report that against the bankruptcy laws of Switzerland he had handed corrupt practices had extensively prevailed, then persons over to him a further £400. A pplication to the latter was supposed to be implicated would have an opportunity made to pay over these moneys to the trustee in bankruptcy of being heard before the commission which might be of Terraz. He at this time said they were invested in a issued; but they would not be justified in continuing security paying five per cent., and was called upon to pay over the inquiry when it could have no bearing upon the result. to the trustee the whole of the balance remaining in his bands MANISTY, J., said to accede to this application would lead after the payment of his costs. As he failed to do this, pro to very serious consequences. To report after hearing other ceedings were instituted against him, and judgment in that evidence would be a very one-sided state of things. He action was given agaiost him. At a subsequent examination thought for Mr. Kirby's own sake they ought not to go into before a master as to his assets, he said that none of the what would be an ex parte inquiry which could not but bo money of Terraz was left.

most unsatisfactory for the ends of justice. If there bad been The Court granted a rule nisi.

imputations of personal bribery against the sittiog member,

he would have been allowed the opportunity to disclaim it, July 26.-In the Matter of a Solicitor.

but here there was no such imputation. Their lordships then The Solicitor-General (with whom were Finlay and War.

decided that Sir H. M. Thompson had not been duly elected. mington) appeared to show cause against a rule nisi obtained at the instance of one Moon calling apon

The costs would follow the event. They should report to

the House of Commons that corrupt practices had extensively solicitor to answer the matters of an affidavit. When the prevailed, but in order not to prejudice the inquiry which Tule was obtained it was stated that the solicitor in question might hereafter take place, they would not report the names had raised money for Moon on mortgage, representing that it was lent by a client who required a considerable bonus

of the persons implicated, unless required by the House of

Commons to do so. to be paid to him. The applicant, it was alleged, had reason to believe that the money had not been lent by any client at all, the mortgages being nominally a clerk of the solicitor id question named Phillpot, and really the solicitor himself. The learned counsel said that in his affidavit in

Creditors' Claims. answer to the inatters in that of Mr. Moon the solicitor had sworn that all moneys belonging to Mr. Moon which had passed through his hands had been duly accounted CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. for, and he contradicted all the statements made by Mr.

LAST DAY OF PROOF. Moon, with the exception that he admitted that Phillpot Baughan, John, Brighton, Gent. Aug 31. Johnson v Baug was his clerk. The object of the applicant was merely to

M.R. Johnson, Southampton bldgs, Chancery Jane harass the solicitor, as he had brought an action against

BLATCHLEY, EDWARD, Oxford st, Confectioner.` Aug 10. Blatch ey

v Blatchley, M.R. Bruff, Chancery lane him, the subject matter of wbich was the same as the CARR, WILLIAM, Monkhill, Pontefract, Innkeeper. Aug 10. Carr v charges made against himn in the affidavit he had been Medgley, M.R. Sangster, Pontefract called upon to answer.

CLAGETT, HORATIO, Abbey rd, St John's Wood, Esq. Aug 20.

Fordham v Clagett, M.R. Parkere, Bedford row Harrison, Q.C. (with whom was MacClymont), said he Evans, EDWARD, Birmingham, Hosier. Aug 16. Jephcott v Evans, appeared in support of the rule. He was not prepared to V.C. Hall. Blewitt, Birmingham admit that the object of the action in the Rolls Court

GILBERT, FRANCIS SCHWENCK, Queen Anne's gate, Westminster.

Oct 1. Twitchin v Kinsley, V.C. Hall. Apps, South sq, Gray's was identical with that of the present application. It inn Tras really broogbt merely to get an injunction restrain HUGHES, CHARLES HENRY, Carmarthen. Aug 6. Hughes v Spivey, ing the solicitor from selling the property mortgaged by

V.C. Hall. Morris, Carmarthen Moon.

OLIVER, RUSSEL, Queen Victoria st, Glass Manufacturer. Aug 15.

Oliver v Layton, V.C. Malins. Layton, Gresham House After some further discussion,

SLACK, WILLIAM, Littleover, Derby, Gent. Dec 31. Fernyhough v The Court decided to refer the present application to

Audinwood, V.C. Hall. Leech and Co, Derby the Master of the Rolls, intimating at the same time that

Wilson-STEWART, WILLIAM, Belle Vue, Fulham, Gent. Sept 1.

Crowder v Wilson-Stewart, V.C. Malins. Blaxland, Lincoln's inn they thought he should be informed that, in their opinion, from the facts before them, it should be disposed of after

[Gazette, July 13.] the determination of the suit.—Times.

COSTELLO, THOMAS, Leytonstone, Gent. Aug 16. Power v Costello,

V.C. Bacon. Reep, Queen st pl, Cannon st
JONES, EDWARD, Swansea, Master Shipsmith. Sept 1. Stevens v

Davies, V.C. Malins. Glascodine, Swansea

MAINPRIZE, THOMAS, Derby, Clothier. Sept 1. Leman v MainElection Petitions

prize, M.R. Stevenson, Nottingham OLLRID, JOSEPH, Leeds, Carting Agent. Aug 16. Varley v Ollrid, V.C. Malins. Broome, Staple inn

TGazette, July 16.] KNARESBOROUGH.

BRADLEY, ROBERT, Edstone, York, Yeoman, Sept 1. Chapman v (Before Lush and MANISTY, JJ.)

Dixon, V.C. Hall. Pearson, Helmsley
July 23.

BULLEN, WILLIAM HENRY, Pennycross, Devon. Aug 31. Bullen v

Bullen, M.R. Dibdin, Red Lion sq Cave, Q.C., for the respondent (Sir H. M. Thompson), GAIMES, CHARLES THOMAS, Long Ditton Hill, Surbiton, Hat Manu. after stating that he could not sustain the seat for Sir H. M. facturer. Sept 3. Gaimes v Gaimes, M.R. Foord, Pinners' Hall, Old Thompson, asked that he might call Mr. Kirby, the sitting Grportit, WILLIAM, Dukinfield, Cheshire, Cotton Spinner. Oct 1. member's agent and solicitor, to state that he had not Garforth y Garforth, V.C. Hall. Jackson, Ashton-u nder-Lyne


JOBSON, HANNAH JARVIS, Monkswell ter. Shrewsbury. Sept 10. Vaughton, Thomas, old Swinford, Worcester, Gent. Sept 1. Horne v Newill, M.R. Newill, Wellington

Westwood, Birmingham SMITI, HARRIETT, Leyton. Sept 1. Perry v Hatcher, V.C. Bacon. | WHITE, JOHN, Sheffield, Builder. Aug 28. Parker and Brailsford, Maude, Gt Winchester st bldgs, Old Broad st

Sheffield *(Gazette, July 20.]

(Gazette, July 16.] ACKROYD, JONATHAN, Bradford, Gent. Aug 31. Holroyd v

| Atkins, RICHARD, Victoria. Ebbw Vale, Monmouth, Grocer. Sept Ackroyd. M.R. Jeffery, Bradford

30. Colborne and Ward, Newport BARWISE, JAMES, Holme Cultram, Cumberland, Yeoman. Aug 31.

BAKER, RICHARD BAKER WINGFIELD, Orsett Hall, Essex, Esq. Sept Barwise v Donald, M.R. Ostell, Carlisle

30. Bennett and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn BROWNE, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS MORGAN, Eldon Lodge, Putney hill,

BARKER, LUKE CROSSLEY, Liverpool, Wine Merchant. Sept 23. WebGent. Aug 16. Daniels y Browne, v. C. Bacon. Gabriel, Lincoln's

ster, Liverpool inn fields CHADWICK, THOMAS, Manchester, Surveyor. Aug 31. Chadwick v

Boulter, CHARLES STEPHEN, Devizes, Wilts, Gent. Sept 30. Draper,

Bank st, Melksham Chadwick, M.R. Craven, Manchester

BULMAN, STEPHEN, Willington, Durham, Butcher. Aug 16. Waistell, GURNEY, WILLIAM PRESCOD, Mauritius, Major 91st Foot. Oct 1.

Northallerton La Terreire v Gurney, V.C. Hall. Lake and Co, New sq, Lincoln's

CLAYTON, John, Sheffield, Steel Manager. Sept 17. Branson and inn

Co, Sheffield HOPKINS, WILLIAN, Llanon, Carmarthen Farmer. Sept 1. Hopkins

CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL, Water lane, Custom House Agent. Ang v Hopkins, M.R. Stevens, Swansea

16. Bishop, Lyall rd, Bow LAMBERT, HENRY THOMAS, Bletchingley, Surrey, Esq. Oct 1.

DYER, ROBERT, Croydon, Surrey, Carman. Aug 16. Barrett, John Lambert v Lambert, V.C. Hall, Hume and Co, Great James st,

st, Bedford row Bedford row NORMINTON, MICHAEL, Northowram, York, Mason, Oct 25. Denton

EDWARDS, WILMOTT, Sherborne, Dorset, Gent. Aug 18. Ffooks,

Sherborne v Barker, V.C. Bacon

FISHER, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Clifton, Bristol, Judge. Ang 2. Cat. RAWLINSON, FREDERICK, Hastings. Aug 31. Rawlinson y Olrick,

tell, Gt James st, Bedford row V.C. Hall. Savidge, Eastcheap SMITH, WILLIAM, Sherborne, Gloucester, Farmer. Sept 1. Beman

GILES JOHN, Stock Exchange, Esq. Aug 31. Farrer and Co, Lin

coln's inn fields v Howse, V.C. Hall. Francis, Stow-on-the-Wold Turgoose, WILLIAM, Goole, York. Sept 1. Turgoose v Clegg, V.C.

GLASSCOCK, THOMAS, Widford, Hertford, Gent. Sept 15. Lewin

and Co, Southampton st, Strand Malins. England, Goole WARD-Asuton, EDWARD Jonx, Appleby Castle, Westmoreland, | GUNNELL, GEORGE WILLIAM, Lexden, Essex, Gent. Sept 20. Wood,

Woodbridge Major R.A. Aug 21. Dyer v Bennett, V.C. Hall. Bennett, New

Hodgson, John, Halifax, Manufacturer. Sept 10. Sutcliffe, Hebden sq, Lincoln's inn

[Gazette, July 23.7

bridge HOOPER, DOROTHY, Tiverton, Devon. Aug 31. Cockram, Tiverton HUMPIRIES, WILLIAM, White st, Southwark, Builder. Sept 6.

Withall and Compton, Gt George st, Westminster CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25

JEvoxS, ISAIAH, Kidderminster, Worcester, Gent. Aug 31. Barcher,


KETTLEWELL, ANN, Laverton Mount, York. Aug 21. Croft, Rich

mond ARNELL, WILLIAM, Great Stanmore, Gent. Aug 21. Cronin and

LAWS, TIMOTHY Busu, Burdett rd, Mile End, Manufacturer of MinRivolta, Southampton st, Boomsbury

eral Waters. Sept 15. Chandler, Bishopsgate st Within AYNSLEY, ELIZABETH ANN MURRAY, Leamington Priors, Warwick.

LEE, SAMUEL WILLIAM, Heslington, York, Farmer. Aug 9. Coby, Sept 1. Field and Sons Leaminton

York BARNARD, JANE, Hans pl, Chelsea. Oct 29. Duff and Co, Nicholas

LEY, MARGARET LUCY, Parkfield st, Islington. Aug 21. Cronin and lane, Lombard st

Rivolta, Southampton st, Bloomsbury BIDDLE, CHARLES, Wednesbury, Stafford, Grocer. Aug 1. Thurs.

SKINNER, PHILIP KEARNEY MACGREGOR, Cheltenham, General, C.B. field and Messiter, Wednesbury

Sept 21. Jennings, Chancery lane BIRKETT, JOIN PARKER, Graveley Rectory, Cambridge, Clerk.

MACLEAN, FLORA ANN BARBARA, Eastbourne, Sussex, Aug 30. Sept 11. Fowler, Huntingdon

Valpy and Co, Lincoln's inn fields BL A KELEY, JOSEPH, Middleshitlington, York, Farmer. July 31.

MARSH, WILLIAM, Langley, Worcester, Timber Merchant, Sept 3. Lister, Wakefield

Wright and Co, Oldbury Brown,' GEORGE, Bramham, York, Gent. Aug 21. Phillips, York

MEWIURN, JOHN THOMAS MARISHALL, Darlington, Durham, Coal COHEN, SOLOMON, Leavesden Lunatic Asylum, Hertford. Sept 1.

Merchant. Oct 1. Barron, Darlington Lindo and Co, King's arms yd, Moorgate st

NEWHOUSE, WILLIAM CHARLES, Leckhampton, nr Cheltenham, COOPER, ROBERT, Derby, Plumber. Aug 3. Cooper and Abney,

Lieut Col H.M. Army. Sept 2. Ticehurst and Sons, Cheltenhamn Derby

PRICE, EDWARD LACEY, Ebury st, Pimlico, Oil and Clear Me: Cox, BENJAMIN, Broseley, Salop, Coal Master. Sept 29. Potts and

chant. Sept 15. Lewin and Co, Southampton st, Strand Potts, Broseley DAVID, WILLIAM, Bury st, St Mary Axe, Merchant. Aug 16.

RICHARDS, Joix, Llanfacs, Brecon, Maltster. Sept 29. Thomas,

Mercer and Mercer, Mark lane
Davis, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Bone Button Maker. Aug 21. / R

Royds, FRANCES, Cheltenham. Sept 1. Ormerod and Allen, Man

chester Mitchell, Ann st, Birmingham DICKINSON, WILLIAM, Princes st, Croydon, Merchant. Aug 24.

SMITH, Thomas, Kingston-upon-Hull, Grocer. Aug 14. Laverack,

Hull Hollams and Co, Mincing lane

STOCK, Eli, Swansea, out of business. Aug 29. Field, Swansea FADON, Mary Ann, Snaith, York, Aug 29. Clark, Snaith

TEWART, JOHN EDWARD, Clifton, Gloucester, Lieut Col H.M. Army. EDMONDS, WILLIAM, Old Quebet st, Portman sq, Esq. Sept 15.

Aug 21. Gray and Mounsey, Staple inn Robinson and Co, Charter house sq

TRACEY, ISAAC, Cow Cross st, West Smithfield, Musical String MarGILES, ALICE, Cheltenham, Gloucester. Aug 31. Ticehurst and

ufacturer. Aug 21. Smith and Son, Furnival's inn Son, Cheltenham GRAHAM, MARGARET, Tiverton, Devon. Aug 21. Lee and Pember

T FRANCIS, Folkestone, Kent. Aug 20. Argies and

Co, Gracechurch st tons, Lincolns inn fields HARVEY, John, Skirbeck, Lincoln, Gent. Aug 2. Wise, Boston

USHER, WILLIAM, Sunderland, Durham, Shipowner's Clerk. Sept

1. Kidson and Co, Sunderland JEFFRIES, the Rev JAMES, Leamington Priors, Warwick, Clerk.

WALL, Thomas Jorn, Garlick hill, Licensed Victualler. Aug 91. Sept 1. Du Moulin, Leamington

Child, Paul's Bakehouse ct, Doctors' commons KEEN, THOMAS, King's rd, Chelsea Sept 1. Walker and Co,

WARREN, SARAH, Brunswick pl, Brighton, Sept 1. Beaumont and Southampton st, Bloomsbury

Warren, Chancery lane KENBALY, EDWARD Vaughan, Tavistock sq, Doctor of Laws. Aug 8. Tennant and Co, Hanley

[Gazette, July 2)." KUHR, HERMANN CONRAD WILHELM, Castle Hill, Ealing, Esq. Sept 1. Wansey and Bowen, Moorgate st

AsPixwALL, EDWARD OLIVER, Cambridge pl, Paddington, Aug?'. LITTLEWOOD, GEORGE, Ashton under Lyne, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Rushton, Lancaster pl, Strand Sept 18. Toy and Broadbent, Ashton under Lyne

BAKER, GEORGE GRANVILLE, Stoke Damerel, Devon, Captain in MAYNARD, Jane MARY CONSETT, Fellow's rd, South Hampstead. H.M's Army, Sept 20. Phillips and Sons, Plymouth Oct 12. Bell and Steward, Lincoln's inn fields

BALDERS, ANY, Swafsham, Sept 29. Wright and Co, East Dera MEADE, Rev RICHARD Joux, Castle Cary, Somerset, Clerk. ham Sept 1. Garrod, Wells

BOARDMAN, ELLIS, Manchester, Common Brewer. Aug 30. Web PerkINS, EDWARD, Bromsgrove, Worcester. Sept 20. Sanders, and Son, Manchester Bromsgrove

BOUCHEBETT, JULIANA, Leamington, Warwick. Aug 18. Stuar, Power, WILLIAM Thomas, Alvechurch, Worcester, Yeoman. Oct Gray's inn sq 31. Coleman and Co, Birmingham

BROWNE, WILLIAM, Manchester, Gent. Sept 1. Bullock and Wish-
Preston, Marx, Leigh, Chulmleigh, Devon. Sept 1. Bishop, ington, Manchester

CAREY, CAROLINE, York. Oct 1. Crumbie, York
PROTHERO, Anne Church Douglas, Brackley, Northampton, CAREY, JANE, York. Oct 1. Crumbie, York
Sept 1. Barker, Bedford row

CARTER, FRANCIS TILSON SHAEX. Cork, Ireland, Lieuter Reckitt, John, 'Kingston upon Hull, Gent. Aug 1. Priestman, H.M.'s Royal Artillery. Aug 31. Poole and Hughes, Chant", Hull

lane, Lincoln's inn SIMPSON, George, Tavistock terrace, Upper Holloway, Gent. Aug | Cole, Arthur Hexey, Wellington, Somerset, Baker. Ang , 13. Wells, St Swithins lane

Bond, Wellington SMITH, RICHARD GOODALL, Middle Temple Library, Esq. Sept 1. | EADON, HENRY ARTHUR, Whitley, York, Esq. Aug 28. Clark, Hanbury and Co, New Broad st

Snaith Smith, Tuomas, Kingston upon Hull, Grocer. Aug 14. Laverack, Fowler, CHARLES, Newington, Ale and Porter Merchant. Aag 1). Hull

Shackles and Son, Hull SMITH, WILLIAN GEORGE, Morland rd, Notting hill, Licensed FRANCIS, ROBERT, Mildmay rd, Stoke Newington, Provision Mem. Victualler. Aug 13. Layton and Co, Budge row

chant. Aug 23. Budd, Staple inn, Holborn STUTTER, MARY, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Aug 18. Norton and Co. | FRASER, AGNES, Cromwell rd. Aug 31. Baker and Co, Lincoln's Victoria st, Westminster

inn fields

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Furxiss, JOSEPH, Knowle Mirfield, York, Stone Mason. Aug 20.

Wilson, Mirfield
GASKELL, ROBERT, Southport, Stonemason. Sept 1. Bradshaw,

Legislation of the Week.
GOODE, HENRY, Derby, Esq., M.B. Aug 26. Gadsby, Derby
HIGHTON, JOHN, Churchtown-within-Southport, Lancaster, Builder.

Sept 1. Bradshaw, Southport
HORSLEY, Francis John, Derby, Cab Proprietor. Sept 1. Heny,


PRIVATE BILLS.- Alford and Sutton Tramways, ScarHUGIES, WILLIAM, Llanddewi, Denbigh, Miller. Oct 1. James, borough and Whitby Railway, Totnes, Paignton, and Tor

HUSSEY, EMMA, Skirmett, Bucks. Aug 30. Rawson, Great Marlow.

quay Direct Railway HYMAN, DAVID, Caledonian rd, Iron Merchant. Oct 1. Barnett,

* Inclosure Provisional Order (Hendy Bank Common), Palmerston bldgs, Old Broad st

Inclosure Provisional Order (Steventon Common), InKNIPE, MARGARET, Bath, Sept 1. Inman and Inman, Bath LANE, CHARLES, Greenwich, Gent. Aug 31. Loughborough and

closure Provisional Order (Llandegley Rhos Common), IoCo, Austin Friars

closure Provisional Order (Lizard Common), South-Western MANLY, MARY, Edgbaston, Warwick. Aug 21. Smith, Birming. (of London) District Post Office, Local Government Proham

visional Order (Poor Law No. 2), Inolosure Provisional MCQUEEN, DUNCAN, Heigham, Norwich, Draper. Aug 21. Kent, Norwich

| Order (Llanfair Hills). OTTLEY, ROBERT, Liverpool, Tea Dealer. Sept 1. Lynch and Teebay, Liverpool

BILLS IN COMMITTEE PLATT, MYRINA, Dinting, Glossop. Sept 20. Davis, Glossop

Censue, Elementary Education Provisional Order ConROBINSON, JOSHUA, Southport, Lancaster, Gent. Sept 1. Brad- firmation' (London). Local Government Provisional Orders

shaw, Southport SEATON, JAMES, F.R.C.S.E., Leeds. Aug 31. Ford and Warren, (Eastbourne, &c.), Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation Leeds

(passed through Committee). SMITH, RICHARD GOODIALL, Middie Temple Library, Esq. Sept 1. Hanbury and Co, New Broad st

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. SNOWDEN, Rev. CHARLES CROWE, Mitford, Northumberland, Vicar.

Great Yarmouth Water, Devon and Cornwall Railway. Aug 28. Snowden, Ramsgate TANDY, JOHN, Montpelier rd, Upper Holloway, Gent. Sept 1. Inman and Inman, Bath

JULY 23.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. THORNTON, WILLIAM THOMAS, Cadogan pl, Sloane st, Esq., C.B PRIVATE BILLS. —- Gateshead and Distriot Tramwaye, Sept 1. Nicholson and Herbert, New st, Spring gardens

Brentford and Isleworth Tramways, Dartford Gas, East TICE, EDWARD, Wickham Market, Suffolk, Farmer. Aug 27. Wel. ton, Woodbridge

Norfolk Railway, Midland Counties and Shannon Junction TROLLOPE, ARTHUR, Lincoln, Esq. Sept 6. Burton and Scorer, Railway, Rochester Corporation.

TURNER, SAMUEL, Chickley, Stafford, Gent. Sept 29. Thacker and

Cull, Cheadle
WALKER, JAMES DOVER, Headingley, nr Leeds, Gent, Sept 16.

Ioclosure Provisional Order (Hendy Bank Common), Rider, Leeds

Inclogare Provisional Order (Steventon Common), Inolosare WHITE, THOMAS, Aldershot, Military Outfitter. Sept 3. Walker Provisional Order (Llandegley Rhos Common), Inclosure and Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's inn

Provisional Order (Lizard Common), South-Western (of WOOD, SAMUEL, Cross st, Islington, Butcher. Aug 31. Barnard, King's arms yd

London) District Post-Office, Local Government Provi.

[Gazette, July 23.] sional Order (Poor Law No. 2) (passed through ComASHWOOD, MARY, Lentwardine, Hereford. Sept 1. Weyman, Lud

mittee). low

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. BOALER, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Druggist. Aug 21. Forrest, Old.

PRIVATE BILLS.--Metropolitan District Railway, Bristol bury, nr Birmingham CALVERT, Axx, York. Sept 1. Pearson, Helmsley

Channel Pilotage (Cardiff), Wigan Improvement, Liverpool Cary, CHARLES Lucius, Torquay, Devon. Sept 29. Whidborne Tramwaye, Hull Lighting. and Tozer, Teignmouth

Elementary Educational Provisional Order Confirmation HAIR, John, Pontnewynydd, Monmouth, Gent. Sept 21. Green. way and Bythway, Pontypool

(London), Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation, Taxes COLERIDGE, Rev. ALFRED JAMES, Bromham, Bedford, Clerk. Sept Management.

4. Whyley and Piper, Bedford
CORVESOR, WILLIAM, Great Haywood, Stafford, Wharfinger. Sept JULY 26.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.
1. Twyram, Rugely

PRIVATE BILLS.—Brentford and Isleworth Tramways, Douglas, ROBERT, Hurst, Berks, Gent. sept 29. Wheeler and

| Coventry and District Tramways. Sarg ant, Wokingham DURRANT, GEORGE, Penton st, Licensed Victualler. Aug 28. Nash

Turnpike Acts Continuance, Wild Birds Protection Law and Field, Queen st, Cheapside

FISHER, Diana, Bath, Fishmonger. Sept 30. Simmons and Co,

HAYWARD, WILLIAM, Bilston, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Aug PRIVATE Bills. — Romford Canal, Pontypridd, Caer-

31. Hall and Son, Bilston KERSEY, THOMAS, Hadleigh, Suffolk, Gent. Aug 23. Mustard,

philly, and Newport Railway, Liverpool United Gas, Great Furnival's inn, Holborn

Northern Railway, Midland Railway, Oldham ImproveLAXE, ELIZABETH, Chippenham rd. Sept 27. Miller, Whitehall pl ment, King's Lynn Corporation, London and North-West LANE, Thomas, Hucclecote, Gloucester, Farmer. Sept 4. Bonnor,

ern Railway, Great Western Railway, Liverpool CorpoGloucester NICHOLLS, LOUISA, Harleyford st, Kennington, Sept 1. Kingdon, ration Water. Lawrence lane, Cheapside

Census, Inclosure Provisional Order (Hendy Bank ConPARTINGTON, WILLIAM HENRY, Pembridge sq, Bayswater, Solicitor.

mon), Inclosure Provisional Order (Steventon Common), Aug 30. Freshfields and Williams, Bank bldgs RICHARDSON, Joux, Ross, Hereford, Butcher. Aug 1. Scudamore,

Inclosure Provisional Order (Llandegley Rhos Common), Pengethles, Hereford

Inclosure Provisional Order (Lizard Commod), Local GoRIDDICK, JOHN, Brading, Isle of Wight, Grocer. Sept 1. Mew and vernment Provisional Order (Poor Law No. 2).

Hooper, Newport
RILEY, ROBERT, Haslingden, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Oct 20. Wright,

SMART, SARAH, Orton Waterville, Huntingdon. Sept 29. Wilkin. Private BillS.--Gas Light and Coke, Commercial Gas,
son, Peterborough

and South Metropolitan Gas Light and Coke Companies, SPENCER, RICHARD, Tredegar, Monmouth, Gent. Sept 1. Harris,

Hounslow and Metropolitan Railway, Yarmouth Union Tredegar STREATFEILD, CHARLES OGLE, Brompton crescent, South Kensing Railway. ton, Major General in H.M.'s Engineers. Aug 23. Lamber and Merchant Seamen (Payment of Wages), Merchant ShipCo, John st, Bedford row

ping Act, 1854, Amendment.
THOMPSON, JOHN, Biggleswade, Bedford, Surgeon. Hawkins and
Lindsell, Hitchin

THOMPSON, RICHARD, Cranmow. Cornwall, Solicitor. sept 30.
Wrentmore, Chancery lane

Turnpike Acts Continuance (passed through Committee).
TOMKINSON, RICHARD CYPLES, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Printer.
Sept 1. Kinshalls and Co, Llandudno

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. WILLIAMSON, JAMES, Scarborough, Blacbsmith. Oct 20. Watts. Barton-upon-Trent Corporation, Oldham Improvement.

Wood, ALEXANDER, Finsbury park rd, Leather Seller. Aug 3i.
Wood, Devonshire st, Islington

[Gazette, July 27.]

Post-Office Money Orders, Universities Estates Amend.
ment, Merohant Shipping (Fees and Expenses).

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Barb. S. C. 405), the judge said, “ Punctuation may, perhaps, PRIVATE Bills.-Southsea Railway, Cathcart Distriot be resorted to where no other means can be found of solving Railway, Filey Harbour.

an ambiguity; but not in cases where no real ambiguity exists JULY 23.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

except what punctuation itself creates." It was contended in

that case that a semi-colon made all the difference in the Castoms and Idland Revenue (passed through Com.

meaning, but the judge said, “A single dot over a comma so mittee).

easily inserted by mistake or design, and so difficult, if not JULY 26.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. impossible in most instances, of proof or disproof, can never Marquis of Abergavenny's Estate, Pozen's Naturaliza be allowed to overturn the patural import of the written tion, Elementary Education Provisional Orders Confirma. words.” And in Manning v. Purcell (24 L. J. Ch. 523, note), tion (Cardiff, &c.).

Lord Justice Knight Bruce said that even in wills of Private Bill.—British Gaslight Company (Limited) personalty judges in chancery were not bound to confine (Staffordshire Potteries).

their attention to the probate, but might, as he bad known Merchant Shipping (Fees and Expensee).

Lord Eldon repeatedly do, look at the original will in the JULY 27.-BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

testator's handwriting with a view to see whether anything Bill to Provide for the Safe Carriage of Grain Cargoes

there appearing, as for instance, the mode in which it was

written, how “ dashed and stopped,” could guide thera by Merchant Shipping (Mr. Chamberlain).

in the true construction to be put upon it. (S. C. JULY 28.-BILLS WITHDRAWN

but not so fully given in 7 De G. "M. & G. 55.) Lunacy Law Amendment, Merchant Seamen (Conditions Punctuation is not allowed to throw light on the printed of Discharge).

statutes in England, as pointed out by Romilly, M.R., in BILL READ A THIRD TIME.

Borrow y. Wadkin (24 Beav. 330), where the question was PRIVATE BILL.—British Gas Light Company (Stafford.

whether a comma was to be placed at the top of the word sbire Pot teries).

“aliens” so as to mark a genitive, or between it and the next word; because in the Rolls of Parliament the words are never punctuated, and accordingly, said the judge, very little is to be learned from the original statute, and he had to

gather the meaning from the context. In the case already Legal News.

cited from 25 Barb., Roosevelt, J., refers to an extraordinary case where the powers of the Federal Government depended

on a comma and parties divided on a semi-colon. One side At the Sheriffs' Court, Red Lion-square, on Wednesday

read in the Constitution that Congress should have power to week, only eight special jurors attended, and, as no tales

lay taxes to pay (i.e. in order to pay) the debts and provide was prayed, the case was tried. The jury went to view the

for the common defence and general welfare ; the other that premises, and afterwards heard the evidence. After the trial,

the powers given were independent, to lay taxes,' 'to prothe foreman said he was requested to suggest to the vide' for the general welfare,'" &c. The semi-colon incourt, as they had been kept all the day, whether they

terpretation was fioally overthrown and the written words should not be paid the full amount of twelve jurymen. Mr.

and natural sense prevailed over "stops." Under-Sheriff Burchell said he had never heard of such an application before. He had no power, and if he had possessed it he should not have acceded to such a request. The jury would be paid two guineas for the view and hearing the evidence. They were accordingly paid sixteen guineas, instead of twenty-four guineas, which would have been the amount had the full number aitended.

In giving judgment on the Wigtown Election Petition on Tuesday week, Lord Ormidale said :-There is a prac SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. tical lesson that I wish to incalcate as arising from this

case in the presence of tbis numerous auditory. This is
the first time that an election position trial has taken place



in Scotland under the recent arrangement of two judges
being present, and it is the first time, except once before

Monday, Aug. 2Mr. Merivale Mr. Farrer Mr. Cobby
Tuesday ......


King in Greenock, that a trial has been held in the locality



Wednesday.... 4 Merivale Farrer where the alleged corrupt practices had taken place. Now,

Cobby Thursday .... 5 King

Teesdale Jackson it was thought when this new tribunal was established by

Merivale Farrer Cobby Parliament that it would be desirable that these investiga

Saturday ....


Teesdale Jackson ticns should take place in the midst of the population

Monday ......
9 Farrer Ward

Latham where the corrupt practices were said to have taken

Mr. Jastice

Y.C. BACON. v. C. HALL. place. I was myself examined before a parliamentary

Par committee on the subject, and I gave some evidence.

Monday, Aug. 2Mr. Pemberton Mr. Leach Mr. Clowes
Tuesday ......

Whetber I recommended that these trials should take place


koe Wednesday.... Pemberton Leach

Clowa in the locality or not, I am not quite sore. I do not recol.

Thursday .... 5 Ward

Latham Koe lect exactly. My own impression is that I rather suggested

Friday........ 6 Pemberton Leach

Clowes that they should take place in Edinburgb. Be that as it Saturday .... 7 Ward

Latham Koe may, the statute makes it imperative that it should take Monday ...... 9 Koe

Merivalo Cobby place in the locality, and perhaps it may have a good effect The Long Vacation will commence on Tuesday, the 10th das when it takes place in the locality where the alleged evil of August, and terminate on Saturday, the 23rd day of October, practices were carried on. And this is the practical lesson 1880, both days inclusive. that I desire to inculcate, that if there are parties in this constituency who are ready to become the tools, or become voluntary agents, to promote illegal and corrupt practices, they may depend upon it that, cooper or later, their illegal practices and their illegal objects will be exposed, and

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. they will become, as probably some individuals who were examined before you yesterday may become, for some time

August 3.-Mr. VIRGOE BUCKLAND, at the Mart, at 1 for: to come, the objects of publio scorn ; and rightly so.

p.m., Freehold Properties and Building Land (see advertise

ment, July 24, p. 5). The Canada Law Journal, discussing " punctuation in its | August 3.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, TEWSON, FARMER & BRIDGE legal aspect,” says : In Gauntlett v. Carter (17 Beav. 589),

WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Ground Rents (see advertise the Master of the Rolls placed a good deal of reliance upon

ment, July 17, p. 6). the position of marks of punctuation, observing that he did

August 4.-Messrs. EDWIN Fox & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart,

| not see how he could reject the commas, and that it seemed to

at 2 p.m., Freehold Building Estates (see advertisement, P him that the stops were inserted by the testator and were | August 6.-Messrg. MURRELL, SCOBELL, & MASTERMAN

6). inten tional. In an American case, Arcularius v. Sweet (25 T p.m., Leasehold Property (see advertisement, July 4, PT

Court Papers.

Friday ........



100 100 100 100 100

763 1551



Lester, Charles Josiah, Derby, Butcher. Pet July 22, Weller.

Derby, Aug 10 at 12
July 29, 1880.

Pike, Samuel Witherell, Hastings, Accountant. Pet July 23. Young.

Hastings, Aug 6 at 1

Pile, Samuel, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Beerhonse keeper. Pet July 23.

Worlledge. Gt Yarmouth, Aug 11 at 12

Pald. Closing Price

Riley, Edward, Nelson, Lancaster. Pet July 22. Hartley. Burnley.

Aug 9 at 3.30 tock Caledonian .......................................

100 111 tock Glasgow and South-Western ...................


100 109 tock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock

100 613

FRIDAY, July 23, 1880. tock Great Northern


Nettleton, Joseph, and James Carey Nettleton, Manchester, Tailors. tock Do., A Stock


July 19 tock Great Southern and Western of Ireland 100

TUESDAY, July 27, 1880. tock Great Western--Original


Blakey, Robert, Diggle, York, Licensed Victualler. July 21 tock Lancashire and Yorkshire


Coupees, Margaret, Altrincham, Chester, of no occupation. July 19 tock London, Brighton, and South Coast

100 151 tock London, Chatham, and Dover

100 314 tock London and North-Western ....................

Liquidations by Arrangement.

100 tock London and South Western


FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. tock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln


FRIDAY, July 23, 1880. tock Metropolitan

100 122 tock

Andrews, Henry William, Clevedon, Somerset, Builder. Aug 3 at Do., District


821 Stock Midland...................................................


3 at the Bristol Hotel, Clevedon. Woodforde, Clevedon Stock North British ............................................

Angerstein, William John Nettleship, Grafton st, Piccadilly, Gentle. štock North Eastern...............................................

man, Aug 3 at 3 at offices of Lawrence and Co, Old Jewry cham.

bers Itock North London ............................................

185 Stock North Staffordshire


Ashman, Edward, Bishop's ct, Old Bailey, Printer. Ang 3 at 3 at Stock South Devon

offices of Rowland, Clement's inn Stock South-Eastern

137 100

Banes, Edward, Rochester, Wine Merchant. Aug 4 at 3 at offices of

Priestley and Co, Cheapside. Lucas, Great James st, Bedford

Coleman, William, Norwich, Chemist. Pet July 23. Cooke. Nor.

Beeston, Sydney James, Kidderminster, Butcher. Aug 4 at 11 at receives no dividend uatil 6 per cent. has been paid to B.

offices of Ivens and Morton, Bank buildings, Exchange st, Kidder. minster Bethell, Henry, and Arthur William du Vernet, Latimer rd, Notting

hill, Brewers. Aug 6 at 2.30 at the New Exchange buildings, The directors of the New Quebrada Company (Limited)

George yd, Lombard st. Trinders and Curtis-Hayward, Bishops

gate st Within offer for subscription a sum of £100,000 Six per Cent. de Blandy, Henry, Nottingham, Surgeon Dentist. Aug 6 at 4 at offices bentures at the price of £85 per £100. The issue is intended of Acton, Victoria st, Nottingham to discharge the existing debentures, and is secured by a

Brewitt, Thomas Bunney, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Farmer.

Aug i at 2 at the George Hotel, Melton Mowbray. Owston and charge upon the company's entire undertaking, including

Dickinson, Leicester their estate in Venezuela, comprising 275,000 acres of free Briancourt, George Arthur, Rochester row, Westminster, Baker. hold land, and upon the annual minimum revenge of

July 30 at 1 at offices of Smyth, Whitehead's grove, Chelsea £16,000.

Brook, John, Halifax, Lime and Coal Dealer. Aug 4 at 11 at offices

of Rhodes, Horton st, Halifax Bull, William Henry, Bound's Green, New Southgate, Leather Mer.

chant. July 31 at 3 at offlces of Marshall, Chancery lane

Campbell, Archibald. Thrapston, Northampton, Engineer. Aug 11 BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. at 1 at the Plough Hotel, Bridge st, Northampton. Richardson

and Son, Oundle

Campbell, George, Carlisle, Innkeeper. Aug 4 at 3 at 3, Cartather's BIRTHS.

ct, Scotch st, Carlisle. Wannop, Carlisle BROWx.—July 23, at 18, Russell-road, Kensington, W., the Carson, John, Longton, Stafford, Potter. July 30 at 11 at offices of wife of Archibald Brown, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Ashwell, Glehe bldngs, Stoke-upon-Trent GORDOX.-On July 22, at Cheam, the wife of Alexander Gordon,

Charlton, Stephen, Ben Jonson rd, Stepney, Corn Merchant. Aug 4 of Lincoln's- inn, barrister-at-law, of a daughter,

at 2 at the Legal and Mercantile Association, Borough High st,

Southwark. Waring, Borongh High st

Clare, John. Newington Butts, Cheesemonger. Aug 9 at 3 at offices RIGG -CHAPPELL.-On July 21, at St. Mary's, Oatlands,

of Aird, Eastcheap

Clase, Maria Adelaide, Plymouth, Berlin Wool Dealer. Aug 5 at 11 Herbert Addington Rigg, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at

at offices of Elworthy and Co, Courtenay st, Plymouth law, to Dora, daughter of William Chappell, F.S.A., of Coates, John, Hemingbrough, York, Grocer. Aug 2 at 11 at the Old Strafford Lodge, Oatlands-park, Surrey.

Swan Inn, Selby. Wright, Selby
Cochrane, Thomas Edward, Sedgtield, Durham, Grocer. Aug 5 at

11.30 at offices of Thompson, High st, Stockton
Coles, John Thomas, ('ardiff, Boot Maker. Aug 13 at 12 at offices of

Morgan and Scott, High st, Cardiff

Coombs, Frederick, St Peter's, Hereford, Licensed Victualler. Aug 10

at 10 at offices of Wallis, St Owen st, Hertford

Coop, John Alford, Warwick, Book Keeper. Aug 4 at 12 at offices Bankrupts.

of Sanderson, Church st, Warwick FRIDAY, July 23, 1880.

Craske, Edward, Melton, Suffolk, Farmer. Aug 11 at 2 at offices of Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Moor, Cumberland st, Woodbridge. Gross Creditors must forward their proofs of dehts to the Registrar.

Davies, John, Pencarreg, Carmarthen, Farmer. Aug 13 at 12 at To Surrender in London.

offices of Walters, Green Gate, Lampeter Collins, George, New North rd, Islington, Grocer. Pet July 20.

Degville, John, Walsall, Stafford, Charter Master. Aug 5 at 4 at Hazlitt. Aug 4 at 12

the Stork Hotel, Walsall. East, Birmingham

Dennis, James Theophilus, Salford, Lancaster, Grocer. Aug 11 at To Surrender in the Country.

3 at 53, Brown st, Manchester, Rowley Brookfield, John, Southport, Lancaster, Coal Dealer. Pet July 21.

Diggle, Joseph, Heywood, Lancaster, Joiner. Aug 11 at 3 at offices Cooper. Liverpool, Aug 9 at 12

of Anderton and Donnelly, Garden st, Bury Fuller, Robert Charles, Brentwood, Essex, Furniture Dealer. Pet

Fernyhough, George, Blackbrook, Stafford, Baker. Aug 2 at 11 at July 16. Gepp. Chelmsford, Aug 9 at 11

offices of Stevenson, Cheapside, Hanley Hember, Eliza, Bristol, out of business. Pet July 21. Wright.

Finn, Michael, Balsall Fleath, Worcester, Refreshment-house Bristol, Aug 4 at 2

Keeper. July 30 at 3 at offices of Maher, Upper Temple st, BirMartin, Samuel, Hastings, Groc r. Pet July 20. Young. Hastings,

mingham Aug 14 at 12

Floyd, James, Princes Risborongh, Buckingham, Nurseryman. Potts, William, Lincoln, Brewer's Manager. Pet July 21, Uppleby.

Aug 12 at 11 at offices of Fell, Rickford's hill, Aylesbury Lincoln, Aug 10 at 11

Francis, Emma, Swansea, Stationer. Aug 6 at 3 at offices of Evans, Scarlett, Charles, Lowestoft, Painter.

Wind st, Swansea
Pet July 19. Worlledge.

Furness, David, and Abraham Furness, Carr Gate, near Wakefield, Smith, William Robert, Cardiff, Draper. Pet July 19. Langley.

Builders. Aug 9 at 11 at offices of Burton, Wood st, Wakefield Cardiff, Aug 5 at 12

Gibbs, William, Hamilton rd, Lower Norwood, Builder. Aug 9 at

3 at offices of Henderson, Moorgate st buildings. Finch, Borough TUESDAY, July 27, 1880.

High st
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Grainger, John, Walsall, Stafford, Butcher. Aug 11 at 11 at offices Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

of Wilkinson and Gillespie, Bridge st, Walsall Mellor, Thomas Randolph, King William st, Engineer. Pet July 21. To Surrender in London.

Gray, Sidney, Brockham, Surrey, Artist. Aug 10 at 11 at offices of

Hart and Co, Dorking

Hadfield, John Henry, St James rd, Holloway, Varnish ManufacPickering, John Frederick, Phillimore gdns, Kensington. Pet July

turer. Aug 6 at 11 at the New Exchange buildings, George yard, . 22. Hazlitt. Aug 11 at 11.30

Lombard st. Ingle and Co, Threadneedle st

Haines, William John, Bristol, Bootmaker. Aug 3 at 11 at offices of
To Surrender in the Country.

Nurse, Corn st, Bristol
Hamilton, James, Preston, Lancashire, Magnetic Appliance Agent,

Aug 4 at 3 at offices of Jukes, Chapel-walks, Preston


wich, Ang 9 at 12

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