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Williams, Richard Augustus, Liverpool, Saw and Plane Maker, Oct 13 at 2 at ofice of Peake, George Cartwright, Tettenhall, Stafford, Butcher. Oct 19 at 4 at offices of Bartlett and Berry, Dale st, Liverpool

Willcock, North st, Wolverhampton Withers, William Edward, and Henry Augustus Withers, Birmingham, Rope Manu. Peirce, Frederick Richard, Greenwich, Kent, Pewterer. Oct 14 at 12 at offices of Scard, facturers. Oct 24 at 3 at office of Rowlands and Co, Colmore row, Birmingham

Blackheath rd, Greenwich Woolfrey, Juan Charles, Ringwood, Hants, Toy and Fancy Dealer. Oct 13 at 3 at Inns Peitz, Joseph, Enkel st, Seven Sisters' rd, Holloway, Baker. Oct 11 at 3.30 at offices of of Court Hotel, Holborn. T'revanion, Poole

Ede, Finsbury pavement
TUESDAY, Oct. 3, 1882.

Perrott, William, Cardiff, Tailor, Oct 12 at 12 at offices of Jacob, Church št, Cardiff Allen, George, Southend, Essex, Builder." Oct 19 at 2 at Royal Hotel, Southend. Tol. Peters, Samuel Edward, Pentrich (and not Pentriok, as erroneously printed in the hurst and Co, Gravesend

Gazette of 26th ult), Derby, Cigar Manufacturer. Oct 10 at 2 at offices of Robotham, Ashcroft, Ellen, Battersea pk rd, Paperhanger. Oct 13 at 2 at office of Ritter, Mary. St Alkmuna's churchyard, Derby lebone rd

Pool, James, Bilston, Stafford, Butcher. Oct 13 at 11 at offices of Stratton, Queen st, Ashton, Alfred,

Belgrave, Leicester, Blacksmith. Oct 16 at 12 at office of Harvey, Sel. Wolverhampton borne bldgs, Millstone lane, Leicester

Preston, Benjamin, Batley, York, Mechanic. Oct 14 at 10.30 at offices of Stapleton, Birch, Thomas John, Margate, Kent, Fly Proprietor. Oct 18 at 3 at office of Gibson, Union st, Dewsbury Union crescent, Margate

Preston, John, Batley, York, Mason. Oct 16 at 3.30 at offices of Wooler and Wooler, Bonny, Henry, Camden rd, Restaurant Keeper. Oct 19 at 2 at Room 1, 7, Union ct, Old Exchange buildings, Batley Broad st. Ramskill

Preston, Henry, Birmingham, Plane Maker. Oct 16 at 11 at offices of Eaden, Bennett's Bowen, James, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Draper. Oct 14 at office of Phillips, Small st, Bris- hill, Birmingham tol, in lieu of the place originally named

Rankin, Thomas Alexander, Ryton on Tyne, Durham, Draper. Oct 16 at 2 at offices of Bowen, James, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Draper. Oct 14 at 11 at office of Ensor, Royal Wilson and Sandeman, Collingwood st, Newcastle upon 'i'gne Arcade chmbrs, St Mary st, Cardiff

Raymont, Charles Augustin, Newton Abbot, Devon, Bootmaker. Oct 19 at 12.30 at the B.jaund, Clarence Lewis William, Balsall Heath, Worcester, Grocer. Oct 11 at 11 at

Swan Hotel, Bridge st, Bristol, Hartnoll, Exeter office of East, Temple st, Birmingham Brook, George Henry, Huddersfield, York, Fruit Salesman. Oct 17 at 3 at office of Rhodes, William, and Charles Rhodes, Bradford, Whitesmiths. Oct 13 at 11 at offices of Welsh, Queen st, Huddersfield

Peel and Co, Chapel lane, Bradford Brooks, Henry, Lyme st, Camden rd, Manufacturer of Pianoforte Keys. Oct 28 at 2 at

Richardson, Philip Sutton, Station rd, Spa rd, Bermondsey, Commission Agent. Oct Law Institution, Chancery lane. Bolton and Co

23 at 1 at offices of Dubois and Reid, Pancras lane, Queen st Brown, John James, Birmingham, Engraver. Oct 16 at 12 at office of Assinder, Union Robey, Joseph, Holloway rd, Islington, Furniture Dealer. Oct 19 at 2 at the Guildhall st, Birmingham

Tavern, Gresham st. Rogers, Leadenhall st Brown, William, Barnsley, Plumber. Oct 10 at 3 at office of Simpson and Hockin, Rogers, John, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Tailor. Oct 11 at 12 at offices of Lewis, Mount st, Albert sq, Manchester

Glebeland st, Merthyr Tydfil Cains, William, Poole, Carpenter. Oct 13 at 3 at office of Hill, West st, Poole

Rollinson, Fred, Shipley, Leeds, Watchmaker. Oct 13 at 4 at the William the Fourth Champion, James, Llanyrechva Upper, Monmouth, Butcher.' Oct 24 at 1 at office of Inn, Briggate, Leeds. Wooler and Wooler, Batley Watkins, Pontypool

Row, William Trimmer, and Richard Whitefield Row, Alton, Southampton, SilverChubb, Julia, Plymouth, Devon, Baker, Oct 19 at 3 at office of Stanbury, Princess sq, smiths. Oct 16 at 3 at offices of Trimmer, High st, Alton Plymouth

Scott, William, Sheffield, Engine Fitter. Oct 17 at 3 at office of Binney and Co, Bank st, Clarke, William, Pattingham, Stafford, Hay Dealer. Oct 19 at 11 at office of Willcock, Sheffield North st, Wolverhampton

Sharpe, William George, Gt Grimsby, Lincoln, Smackowner. Oct 16 at 11 at office of Cook, John, Plymouth, Builder. Oct 13 at 11 at office of Square and Co, Bank of Eng. land chbrs, Plymouth

Grange and Wintringham, St Ilary's chambers, West St Mary's gate, Great

Grimsby Cox, Frederick James, Ludgate bill, Optician. Oct 17 at 2 at office of Naunton, Cheap-Smith, James, Sunderland, Auctioneer. Oct 14 at 10 at Red Lion Hotel, Stockton on side

Tees. Ward, Middlesborough Davey, William, Wellington, Somerset, Baker. Oct 16 at 12 at office of Bond, Welling. Smith, John Berry, Leyland,

Lancaster, Flax Hose Pipe Manufacturer. Oct 20 at 11 at ton

Railway and Commercial Hotel, Leyland. Higson, Preston
Davis, George, Ilford, Coachbuilder. Oct 20 at 12 at office of Harvey and Co, Old Jewry.
Bennett, Finsbury sq bldgs, Chiswell st

Smith, John Thomas, Birmingham, Grocer. Oct 16 at 3 at office of Jaques, Temple Davis, George Washington, Maidstone, Managing Director of Co. Oct 17 at 12 at 13, Smith, Thomas Alfred, Ashford, Kent, Labourer. Oct 19 at 3 at office of Waterman,

Earl st, Maidstone. Norton, Maidstone
Delve, Charles, Penarth, Glamorganshire, Pairter. Oct 17 at 11 at 20, High st, Cardiff.

Morris, Penarth

Solari, Jacques Peter, Liverpool, Merchant. Oct 28 at 11 at offices of Gibson and Bol. Drury, Richard, Exley Hall, near Halifax, York, Wheelwright. Oct 11 at 11 at offices

land, South John st, Liverpool. Eason,

Liverpool of Moore, Crown st, Halifax

Streets, Frederick Robinson, Sheffield, Confectioner. Oct 13 at 3 at office of Unwin, Duxbury, George, Padiham, Lancaster, Quarry Master. Oct 16 at 3 at offices of Bul.

Queen st, Sheffield cock, Ormerod st, Burnley

Sturgeon, Bowyer Henry, Nowton, Suffolk, Machinist. Oct 19 at 12 at the Guildhall, Earp, William Thomas, High st, Wandsworth, Corn Dealer. Oct 16 at 2 at offices of

Bury St Edmonds. Salmon, Bury St Edmonds Corsellis and Co, East Hill, Wandsworth

Tambaci, Caralambus, Manchester, Shipper. Oct 26 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral Ellison, William, Birmingham, Butcher, Oct 16 at 3 at offices of Buller and Co, Ben- Gates, Manchester. Payne and Galloway, Manchester nett's hill, Birmingham

Tasker, Samuel Radford, Liverpool, Ironmonger. Oct 17 at 2 at offices of Frodsham Emanuel, Emanuel, Albemarle st, Diamond Merchant. Oct 25 at 12 at 113, Chancery and Nicholson, Harrington st, Liverpool

lane. Hudson, Furnival's inn Evans, Thomas, Warrington, Lancaster, Schoolmaster. Oct 18 at 3 at offices of Moore, Thomas, Ebenezer, Festiniog, Merioneth, Grocer. Oct 16 at 3 at Albion Hotel, Chester. Upper Bank st, Warrington

Evans, Holywell

Oct 23 at 3 at offices of Fowler, George, Shelsley Kings, Worcester, Farmer. Oct 17 at 12 at offices of Corbett, Tooley: Henry, Milkwood road, Herne Hill,

Compositor. Avenue House, the Cross, Worcester

McDiarmid and Teather, Newman's ct, Cornhill Frith, George, Coventry, Builder. Oct 23 at 2 at Craven Arms Hotel, Coventry. Min.

Turner, Dan, Churchway, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Oct 18 at 2 at offices of Smith, ster, Coventry

Walbrook. Norton, Queen st, Cheapside Glover, James, Fulham New Town, Oil Hawker. Oct 12 at 2 at 5, King st, Cheapside. Turner, Frederick, Redman's rd, Mile End, Baker. Oct 17 at 11 at 49, Bromley st, ComBassett, Dagmar terrace, Essex rd, Islington

mercial rd East. Newson, White Horse lane, Stepney Gregg, James Crispin, Ledbury, Hereford, Solicitor. Oct 16 at 12 at offices of Piper, Walker, John Chew, Mirfield, York, Wool Extractor, Oct 17 at 3 at Black Bull Hotel, the Court House, Ledbury

Mirfield. Ibberson, Dewsbury Halfpenny, John William, and Thomas Ingleton, Barbican, Tobacconists' Sundrymen. Wall, Jacob, West Hartlepool, Durham, Fitter. Oct 16 at 3.30 at office of Simpson, Oct 17 at 2 at the Guildhall Coffee house, Gresham st. Rooks and Co, King st,

Church st, West Hartlepool Cheapside

Warren, Charles, Gracechurch st, Wine Merchant. Oct 17 at 12 at office of Plankett Hayhow, William Charles, Stafford rd, North Bow, out of business, Oct 20 at 11 at and Leader, St Paul's Churchyard offices of Hicks, Victoria park rd, South Hackney

Weeks, Robert, Orbell st, Surrey lane, Battersea, Plumber. Oct 12 at 12 at office of Heginbottom, James, Chadderton, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. Oct 24 at 3 at Mitre Sheppard, St

John's Hill, Clapham Junction Hotel, Cathedral gates, Manchester. Wrigley and Morecroft, Oldham

Whittingham, Sampson, Bolton, Lancaster, Glass Dealer. Oct 16 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Hitch, Edward, Eastbourne, Sussex, Eating house Keeper. Oct 16 at 3 at White Hart Cathedral Gates, Manchester. Ramwell and Co, Bolton Hotel, Lewes. Lamb and Evett, Brighton

Williams, Henry Mansell, Pembroke, Draper. Oct 19 at 12 at Water st, Pembroke Hopkins, Thomas, jun., Loughborough, Beerhouse Keeper. Oct 16 at 12 at offices of

Dock. Brown, Pembroke Dock Clifford, Church gate, Loughborough

Williams, Richard, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Grocer. Oct 20 at 12 at Law Association Ince, Sidney, Wolverhampton, Grocer. Oct 13 at 11 at offices of Rhodes, Queen st,

Rooms, Harrington st, Liverpool. Chamberlain, Landudno
Jacobs, Israel, and Louisa Jacobs, Newcastle upon Tyne, General Drapers. Oct 13 at 2

Wynn, Benjamin, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Labourer, Oct 14 at 10.15 at office of Rad. at offices of Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle upon Tyne

land, Queen st, Wolverhampton Kennerley, Thomas Carter, st Helen's, Lancaster, Milliner. Oct 13 a 3 at offices of

Young, George, Pritchard's rd, Hackney rd, Builder, Oct 16 at 3 at Masons' Hall Riley, Hardshaw st, St Helen's

Tavern, Masons' avenue. Bassett, Fenwick rd, East Dulwich
Knowles, Joseph, Guyhirn, Cambridge, Farmer. Oct 18 at 11 at offices of Welchman

and Carrick, Crescent, Wisbech
Linney, George, Bradford, India rubber Merchant. Oct 14 at 11.30 at offices of Bodding.
ton and Ball, Princess st, Manchester. Berry and Robinson, Bradford

Lloyd, John, Lampeter, Cardigan, Grocer. Oct 19 at 2 at County Court Office, Lampe-

ter. Price and Lloyd, Lampeter
Lockett, Lot, Oldham, Lancaster, out of business. Oct 16 at 3 at office of Watson, Church
lane, Oldham

CURRENT TOPICS ...........
725 Owen v. Evans

731 Lowe, James, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Confectioner. Oct 13 at 3 at office of Walmsley, Knott st, Over Darwen


............... 731 McCallister, Robert, Sheffield, Clothier. Oct 16 at 12 at office of Auty, Queen st, Shef


PURPOSES .......................... 726 | OBITUARY ..... ................. 731 Mantle, George Freeston, Finsbury pk rd, Finsbury pk, Fancy Good, Manufacturer,


................ 731 Oct 19 at 12 at office of Boulton, Gresham bldgs, Guisdball

LEGISLATION OF THE YEAR............ 728 COMPANIES ................... 733 Martin, Thomas, Sheffield, Furniture Dealer. Oct 13 at 3 at Law Society, Bank st,

CORRESPONDENCE ...................

730 CREDITORS' CLAIMS .................. 739 Sheffield. Broomhead and Co, Sheffield


LEGAL NEWS Nanson, Isabella, Carlisle, Slate Merchant. Oct 18 at 3 at Lion and Lamb Hotel, Scotch

Clark v. Dyson

731 LONDON GAZETTES, &c., &o.

731 st, Carlisle. Wannop, Carlisle

Waites v. Waites
Napier, George, Manchester, Builder. Oct 19 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral gates,

Manchester. Needham, Manchester
Newby, George, Leicester, Gasfitter. Oct 18 at 3 at office of Hincks, Bowling Green st,

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS.- All communications intended for publication Newby, George Henry, and Edmund Newby, Darlington, Durham, Boot and Shoe in the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL must be authenticated by the name and address of Dealers, Oct 17 at il at office of Raine, Darlington

the writer. Newman, Walter, Bolton, Lancaster, Painter, Oct 17 at 3 at offices of Dutton, Acres. field, Bolton

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the return of rejected commuri. Osborn, John Robert, Chatham, Kent, Beer Retailer. Oct 26 at 3 at the King's Head

cations. Hotel, High st, Rochester. Stephenson, Rochester Parker, Alfred, and Matthew Parker, Batley, York, Woollen Manufacturers. Oct 16 at 11 at the Batley Station Hotel, Batley. Scholefield and Taylor

The Publisher requests that early application should be made by persons Parker, Thomas James, Oldham, Lancaster, Grocer. Oct 16 at 3 at the Grosvenor desirous of obtaining back numbers of the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, as only a small Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester,' Ponsonby and Carlile, Oldham

number of copies remain on hand.


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3, Fleet-street, Her Majesty's SuMSanola £5,000 and

upwards ready to be payable, by Coupons nitached, hallgearly at the Bank

London : BUTTERWORTAS, 7, Fleet-street, Her Majesty's To





Arti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder,
Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality,


MAKERS with the excess of fat extracted.

The Faculty pronounce it "the most nutritions, per.
fectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or 200, 203, and 204, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, W.
Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children."

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press.

Estimates and Designs submitted free for entirely Fur. Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits nishing Residences, Chambers, Offices, &c.

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is four times -PAINTING, DECORATING, & HOUSE REPAIRS.

Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c. the strength of cocoas THICKENED yet WBAKENRD with

SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS, starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER than such Mixtures. Carved Oak Furniture, Reproductions from Ancient Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful Designs, &c. Bedroom Furnituro, including

Bedstead and BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNSBL'S DITTO, to a Breakfast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.

Bedding, from £7 10s. per set. COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible,


CORPORATION ROBES, UNIVERSITY L CLERGY GOWNS, cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prohibited.

ESTABLISHED 1889. In tin packets at Is, 8d., 38., 6s. 6d., &c., by Chemists

HEWETSON, THEXTON, & PEART, and Grocers. 200, 203, and 204, Tottenham Court-road, London, W.

94, CHANCERY LANE. LONDON Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, N.B. - Household Furniture Warehoused or Removed H, SCHWEITZER & CO 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. on reasonable terms


CAPITALISTS.-The Advertiser, who

1882, &c.
has been successfully working a Patent, wishes to

ISSUE OF £2,000,000.
This day is published, in post 8vo, 2s. 6d., sewed. Join with a Capitalist in further developing it. --Address,
P. F. B., Housekeeper, No. 11, Laurence Pountney-lane,

INDIA OFFICE, 5th October, 1882. 1882, London.

The Secretary of State for India in Council gives together with the General Order made in pursuance

notice that he will be prepared to receive at the Bank of of the Solicitors' Remuneration Act, 1881 ; with Notes. ANTED, several large Sums on Borough England, on Tuesday, the 10th October, at or before Two By AUBREY ST. JOHN CLERKE, B.A., and THOMAS

o'clock, Tenders for a Loan of £2,000,000, for two years, BRETT, LL.B., B.A., both of the Middle Temple, Esquires, Principals or their Solicitors only need apply: -Rates, be issued under the provisions of the Acts, 42 & 43 Vict.

Rates, from thirty to fifty years, at 37 per cent.

on security of Debentures (transferable by delivery), to Barristers-at-Law.

care of O. Mitchell & Co., Advertising Agents, Red Lion. ** Being a Supplement to the Second Edition of the

c. 60, and 43 Vict. c. 10, such debentures to be of tho work by the same Authors on the “Conveyancing and court, Fleet-street, E.C.

respective amounts of £1,000 and £500, and to bear "

Interest at the rate of Four Pounds per cent. per annum,
Law Publishers.
Advanced on First-class Freehold or Leasehold

and the 16th
Property, at 4! per Cent. interest.-Apply to Messrs. R. & in each year. The Debentures to be paid off at par on
Recently published, in 1 vol., post 8vo, 7s, 6d., cloth,
A. RUSSELL, 59, Coleman-street, E.C.

the 16th August, 1884.

Tenders may be for the whole or any part of such Loan, of UILDING ADVANCES (moderate) Re

but not for sums of less than £500, and must state what

amount of money will be given for every £100 of the said and Purchaser Act, 1874, and the Solicitors' Remunera.

quired. From £700 to £3,000 can be utilized on a

Loan, and specify the Debentures required, whether of small Estate. Solicitor lending can grant Leases, &c.tion Act, 1881. With Notes and an Introduction. By

£1,000 or £500 each. Tenders at a price including fracApply to FREEHOLDER, care of Messrs. Forgie & Turner, AUBREYST. JOHN CLERKE, B.A., and THOMAS

tions of a shilling other than sixpence will not be accepted. BRETT, LL.B. London University, B.A., both of the 11, Queen Victoria-street, E.C.

Tenders by the same persons at various prices must be Middle Temple, Esquires, Barristers-at-Law. Second

made out and delivered separately. Each separate Ten. Edition.


der is to be delivered in, sealed, at the Chief Cashier's PROMOTERS, SOLICITORS, and office, Bank of England, and the amount of Loan subLaw Publishers.

LOCAL AUTHORITIES.-A Civil Engineer and scribed for to be written on the outside of the Tender.

Surveyor, long experienced in Parliamentary Surveys, A Deposit of £5 per cent. upon the amount of Loan Now ready, price 108. 6d., or post-free for nett cash, 9s.

&c., can arrange for Surveys, Preparation of Plans, Esti. tendered for must, at the same time, be paid at the same mates, &c., for deposit in November ; or for the Drainage Office, to be returned in the event of the Tender not being

or other Improvement of Estates.--Address, R. T., Mr. accepted, and parties tendering must be careful not to COURTS; giving, in a simple explanatory manner, Smith, 11, Duke-street, Adelphi.

enclose the Deposit in the sealed Tender. every important proceeding taken in Common Law, Chan.

So much of the amount tendered and accepted must be

EXAMINATION. paid at the Bank of England on account of the Secretary Appeals to the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords), Classes now forming. Moderate fees. Success

of State for India in Council, on Tuesday, the 17th and intended specially for Students for the Final and

October, 1882, as, when added to the Deposit paid on the guaranteed.--Address, GRADUATE, 88, Lancaster-road, w. Honors Examinations of the Law Society. By ALBERT

Tenders being delivered, will leave Seventy-five Pounds GIBSON and ROBERT MCLEAN, Solicitors.

for every One Hundred Pounds of the Loan, to be paid as Published by Reeves & TURNBR, 100, Chancery-lane.

R. MEADOWS, of Bond-court-chambers, under, viz. :

Walbrook, London, Solicitor, Reads with Articled £25 per cent. on Tuesday, the 31st October, 1882 ; Price 28, 6d.

Clerks preparing for the Intermediate and Final Examina- £25 per cent. on Tuesday, the 14th November, 1882 ;

tions, or directs the course of reading through the post. £25 per cent. on Tuesday, the 28th November, 1882 TEWTON'S PATENT LAW and PRAC

but parties who so desire may pay up in full, and will be Defining Patentable and Non-patentable Invention and the nature of Speci. ments inserted in any Continental or Colonial Papers | default in the payment of any Instalment at its proper

per anticipated payments. fications and Claims; showing the mode of obtaining and and translated in any foreign language without extra opposing Grants, Disclaimers, Confirmations, and Exten- charge. Names of Papers and Estimates by return.

date, the Deposit and Instalments previously paid will be

liable to forfeiture. sions of Patents, and giving all information necessary RUDOLF MOSSE, Advertising Offices, 135, Cheapside, to enable a Solícitor to adviso his Clients. By A. V. London. Establisbed 16 years.

The first Coupon, payable on the 16th February, 1883, NEWTON.

will be for six months' interest. " It is a most useful summary.”—R. E, Webster, Esq.,

In the event of the receipt of Tenders (at or above the

ENT £28.-Eight-roomed HOUSES to be Q.C.

minimum price to be fixed by the Secretary of State for LET or SOLD; fitted bath room, gas, Venetian

India in Council on the 10th October) for a larger amount London : TRÜBNER & Co., 57 and 59, Ludgate-hill, blinds, every modern convenience; close to railway than that proposed to be raised, the Tenders at the lowest E.C.; and of

station and ’bus routes.-

Apply to Messrs. GIBBS & FLEW price accepted will be subject to a pro rata diminution. NEWTON & Son, the Office for Patents, 66, Chancery-lane. (Limited), Estate Office, Walham-green Station, S.W. No allotment will be made of a less amount than £500.

Due notice will be given when the Scrip Receipts are LETTERS TO LEGAL LUMINARIES. OLICITOR'S OFFICES or CHAMBERS ready, and subsequently when the Debentures have been

prepared. The Scrip Receipts will be delivered only to Now appearing, in "SOCIETY,”

the parties entitled, or to their order, at the Chief 5 minutes of the New Law Courts and Waterloo Station. A series of Letters to Legal Luminaries by." Templer."

Cashier's Office at the Bank of England, to be delivered The following have already appeared :

up in exchange for the Debentures when prepared. I.-To Baron Huddleston


No Tender will be received after Two o'olook on the

Aug. 26.
Sir Frederick Pollock, Bart. Sept. 2.

ENGLAND (Limited).

said 10th day of October, nor unless upon a printed III. Sir Henry Hawkins...

Form, which must not be enclosed in an envelope. Sept. 9.

Forms of Tender may be obtained at the Chief
Mr. Serjeant Ballantine............... Sept. 16.

Sir James Fitzjames Stephen

Cashier's Office, Bank of England, or of Mr. Hubert
Sept. 23.

The Rt. Hon. Viscount Sherbrooke (Chairman). Scott, the Broker to the Secretary of State for India in VI.- Mr. George Henry Lewis

Sept. 30,

Henry H. Fowler, Esq., M.P. (Vice-Chairman). Council, 3, Drapers'-gardens, London, E.C. All the numbers are in Stock, and can be had from the The Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Hart Dyke, Bart., M.P.

LOUIS MALLET. office, price 3d. The Letter in “ Society" this week, Sir Gabriel Goldney, Bart., M.P. Oct. 7, will be addressed to Sir HENRY JAMES, Q.C., M.P. Sir Philip Rose, Bart.

DISCOUNT COMPANY Published at the Office, 108, Fleet-street, E.C.

James Staats Forbes, Esq.
Ralph L. Lopes, Esq.


Nominal Capital, £4,250,000. George Russell, Esq. rent £65, containing five bed and dressing rooms,

Charles Schiff, Esq.

Subscribed Capital, £4,233,325. Paid-up Capital, £846,665. drawing, dining, and breakfast rooms, library, bath room John Westlake, Esq., Q.O.

Reserve Fund, £160,000. (hot and cold water), good servants' offices, Venetian

Notice is hereby given that the present Rates of Interest

BANKERS-London and Westminster Bank (Limited). blinds, every modern improvement; gravel soil, good

allowed for Money on Deposit are as follows, viz. :drainage. Within four miles of Charing.cross, two

SOLICITORS-Messrs. Ashurst, Morris, Crisp, & Co.

Three and a Half per Cent. per annum at Call. minutes from West Kensington Station.-Apply to Messrs.

Three and Three Quarters per Cent at Seven Days'

MANAGER-Mr. Henry Fisher. GIBBS & FLEW (Limited), Cedars Estate Offices, West

notice; and Kensington Station, W.

SECRETARY-Mr. C. C. Bowlby.

Four per Cent, at Fourteen Days' notice.

The Securities upon which Advances can be obtained

CHARLES H. HUTCHINS, Sub-Manager. for inserting particulars in their FREE MONTHLY Copyhold Tenure, Improved Ground Kents, Permanent

No. 35, Cornhill, E.C., October 5, 1882. REGISTER of ESTATES, TOWN and COUNTRY

Annuities, Charges under the General or Special Drain. HOUSES, Furnished or Unfurnished, or for Sale, to be age, Building, and Improvement Acts.

ORTHERN ASSURANCE COMPANY. had GRATIS at their Offices, or post-free for two stamps. Loans can be made repayable either upon notice in the

Established 1836. Published on the 1st of the month, and particulars for

usual way, or at the expiration of a fixed term, or by FIRE AND LIFE. AT HOME AND ABROAD. insertion should be sent not later than five days previcns annual instalments extending over an agreed number of


Fire Premiums

£451,000 o end of preceding month. The Directors are prepared to purchase Ground Rents.

Life Premiums

181,000 Valuations for Probate and Transfer. Surveys. Application to be made to the Manager, at the Com.


120,000 Estate and Auction Offices, 8, Pall Mall East, S.W. pany's Offices, 16, Great George-street, Westminster, S.W. | Accumulated Funds



NEWCB.Enlarged Edition


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Law Copying and Engrossing.

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TURTLE SOUP, and JELLY, and other





and 7, Paddington-green, situate at the corner of Harrow. West End Branch :-55, PARLIAMENT STREET, LONDON, 8.W. road, comprising a block of modern, substantial, brick.

1 & 2, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, E.C. built buildings of attractive elevation, having an area of Governor-WILLIAM RENNIE, Esq.

about 8,346 square feet, let on lease for about twenty-five

years at the very low rents of £155 per annum, but underSub-Governor-LEWIS ALEXANDER WALLACE, Esq.

let to highly responsible tenants at greatly increased Deputy-Goveraor- GEORGE WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Esq.

rentals, to which a purchaser would be entitled on the Directors.

Deeds and Writings engrossed and copied on the Premises, expiration of the present leases. Moderately estimated to H. Gough Arbuthnot, Esq. Robert Henderson, Esq. be worth £700 per annum.

with punctuality and dispatch, at the lowest scale of Robert Burn Blyth, Esq. Louis Huth, Esq. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Fuller, Horsey,

charges. A good Discount allowed on agreed accounts. William T. Brand, Esq. Henry J. B. Kendall, Esq. Sons, & Cassell, 11, Billiter-square, London, E.C.

Edward Budd, Esq.

Charles Lyall, Esq.
Mark Wilks Collet, Esq. Greville I. Palmer, Esq.



George B. Dewhuret, Esq.

Capt. R. W. Pelly, R.N.

DAVITS, and other PLEADING, Printed at 1s. per folio.

Robert Gillespie, Esq.

P. F. Robertson, Esq.
Howard Gilliat, Esq.
Robert Ryrie, Esq.

Landed Estates, Town and Country
Residences, Hunting

in form for Registration. Henry Goschen, Esq.

Altert G. Sundeman, Esq. Edwin Gower, Esq.

Discount allowed for cash on agreed accounts.
David P. Sellar, Esq.

and Shooting Quarters, Farms, Ground Rents, Rent
A. C. Guthrie, Fsq.
Col. Lerpold Seymour.
Charges, House Property and Investments generally, is

Percival Lewis Hambrr, Esq. i John Young, Esq.

published on the first day of each month, and may be

obtained, free of charge, at their offices, 80, Cheapside, ABSTRACTS, BRIEFS, PETITIONS, DRAFTS, West End Conmittee. E.C., or will be sent by post in return for two stamps.

MINUTES OF EVIDENCE, Lithographed S. P. Low, Esq. (Messrs. Grindlay & Co.). Particulars for insertion should be received not later than

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ING SOCIETIES' DEEDS, LEASES, &c., Lithographed Solicitors.

IRKBECK INSTITUTION, Southamp with accuracy and dispatch. Messrs. Collyer-Bristow, Withers, Russell, & Hill, 4, Bedsord-row,

MENT : Professors J. A. SHEARWOOD, Esq., B.A., and PARCHMENT AND LEGAL PAPERS Messrs. Johnsons, Upton, Budd, & Atkey, 20, Austin-friars.

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Samples and Catalogues sent post-free. NOTICE is hereby given that the Afteen days of grace Bankruptcy, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Fees per term, allowed for renewal of Michaelmas Policies will expira on members, 0s., non-members, 12s. Prospectus gratis. 14 h October.

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OUPS, PRESERVED PROVISIONS, Is a valuable and simple arrangement for the careful pretion can be had on application.

servation of Deeds in a clean and methodical manner.
JOHN P. LAURENCE, Secretary. Since their introduction a large quantity have been pur.

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and other Securities and valuables the collection KTM



granted in due form, and such licence is presented to the minister, CURRENT TOPICS.

it is generally thought that he has no option but to perform the marriage ceremony. This was, indeed, laid down by Vice-Chan

cellor KINDERSLEY in Tuckniss V. Alexander (32 L. J. Ch. at p. VICE-CHANCELLOR HALL's chief clerks und chamber staff have 806); and no doubt a minister who, after such a licence has been prebeen attached to Mr. Justice Kay, and an order will shortly be sented to him, absolutely refuses at any time

to perform the ceremony issued transferring to that judge all the causes marked for the is liable to prosecution in the spiritual court, and possibly also to an Vice-Chancellor.

action at law (see Davis v. Black, 1 A. & E. 900). It was clearly

settled in Argar v. Holdsworth (2 Lee, 515) that the minister is A SCHEME is in contemplation for locating the Middlesex G. Lee said in that case, “ Å licence is a legal authority for

not merely permitted, but obliged, to marry by licence. As Sir Registry Office in the building in Chancery lane formerly occupied marriage, and a minister is guilty of a breach of his duty who by the Chancery Registrars. The adjoining building, formerly refuses to marry pursuant to a proper licence." But it seems occupied by the Record and Writ Office, is being converted into from the observations of the judge in this case that if a minister chambers by the benchers of Lincoln's-inn.

suspects fraud, mere delay in performing the ceremony may be justifiable for the purpose of inquiry. Considering the ease and

secrecy with which licences can be obtained, and the difficulty, in THE APPOINTMENT of Mr. John Pearson, Q.C., to the vacant judgeship was generally anticipated, and will be received with much be well if this suggestion were more widely known.

some cases, of knowing where to enter a caveat, it would probably satisfaction. The new judge has long been known as a sound and able lawyer, and, although it is always dangerous to hazard predictions as to judicial careers, we shall be greatly deceived if he

AN INTERESTING QUESTION arises, rather outside the range of does not prove a valuable addition to the judicial staff of the our articles on the new Married Women's Property Act, as to the Chancery Division.

effect of that Act on curtesy. After the Act comes into operation, will a husband, who survives his wife, be entitled, by the

curtesy of England, to an estate for life in the wife's lands ? In IT IS STATED that the architects of the Royal Courts of Justice the absence of settlements the husband is now entitled to the rents either have certified, or are about to certify, the completion of the and profits of his wife's lands during their joint lives. He has an works under the principal contract, and that possession of the estate of freehold in them during the coverture; and, after her building is to be given up this week to the First Commissioner of death, if he has had issue by her born alive that might by possiWorks. The contract referred to was for £693,429, but it did bility inherit, he is tenant by the curtesy of all her lands of which not include the cost of the fittings or of the works connected with actual seisin was obtained during the coverture. If the lands warming, lighting, or ventilating the courts. The total amount of were settled to the wife's separate use (without the intervention the original principal and supplementary contracts was about of any trustee) equity interfered with the husband's rights £826,000, and under their provisions the western block, contain- as far as the rents and profits accruing during coverture ing the courts, was to be completed in 1880.

were concerned; but no further. The husband's legal title during the coverture remained; and, after the wife's death,

if she had not alienated the land, he was still tenant by the THE RETIREMENT of Sir CHARLES Hall leaves Sir James curtesy, even if the separate use applied to the fee (Cooper v. Bacon the last of the Vice-Chancellors, and an office, not quite Macdonald, L. R. 7 Ch. D. 288). The reason assigned by the seventy years old, is likely before long to become extinct. Out of Master of the Rolls for so deciding in that case was that, after the eighteen Vice-Chancellors who have been appointed, two- equity had satisfied the purposes of the separate use, which were viz., Lord CRANWORTH and Lord HATHERLEY — became Lord exhausted on the death of the wife, it must follow the law, and Chancellors of England, and one-Sir ANTHONY HART-became give the husband his curtesy. By the Married Women's Property Lord Chancellor of Ireland. The two first Vice-Chancellors, Sir Act, 1882, section 1, the wife is enabled to acquire any property Thomas PLUMER and Sir John LEACH, were successively pro- as her separate property in the same manner as if she were a moted to the office of Master of the Rolls, but no similar transfer feme sole; and by section 2, her real estates, if she be married has since taken place. No fewer than six Vice-Chancellors have, after the commencement of the Act, will be her separate property. however, become Lords Justices of Appeal,

The husband, then, in such a case, during the coverture, seems to take no estate in his wife's lands. What therefore happens after

the death of the wife? Can the husband be tenant by the curtesy THE MARRIAGE at Sheffield which, according to the reports in after her death, even if he had no estate during her life ? It seems the daily journals, was attempted to be interrupted, seems to have from the Grand Coustumier (c. 121) that the husband is entitled been a marriage by licence; and if so, according to the commonly- to curtesy only out of the fee of which he was possessed in right received opinion, the objector was too late with his objection.

of be His proper course would have been to enter a careat against the sessed of nothing in right of his wife. How, then, can he be grant of a licence. The effect of the entry of a caveat is equiva- entitled to curtesy? On the other hand, the object of the Act lent to the public “ forbidding of the banns,” and it is provided was, no doubt, to protect the wife, and not to alter the rights of by 4 Geo. 4, c. 76, s. 11, that if a caveat is entered, signed by the with the devolution of the estate after her death, and it can hardly

persons entitled after her death. It does not in terms interfere objector, and stating his residence, and the ground of objection, have been the intention of the Legislature to exclude curtesy no licence shall issue till the caveat or a copy is transmitted to the judge out of whose office the licence

is to issue, and until the judge while the wife is still entitled to dower out of her husband's has certified to the registrar that he has examined into the

lands. matter of the caveat, and is satisfied that it ought not to obstruct the grant of the licence for the marriage ; or until the caveat has IT SEEMS that next year postage stamps may be used for been withdrawn by the objector. After a licence has been denoting certain stamp duties not exceeding 2s. 6d. Section 13 of the Revenue, Friendly Societies, and National Debt Act, as estimated for the purposes of the stamp duty, but that where 1882 (45 & 46 Vict. c. 72), provides that

the settlement was made upon marriage, the intended husband's "(..) On and after the first day of Januıry one thousand eight hundred solicitor should receive remuneration at half this rate. and eighty-three any stamp duties of an amount not exceeding two sbillings This draft order was laid before the first meeting of the Tribunal and sixpence which may legally he denoted by adhesive stamps not appro- on May 13 last. Several meetings of the Tribunal were held in priated by any word or words on the face of them to any particular description May and June. Though the council in their statement, of course, of instrument, and any postage duties to the like amount may be denoted by refrain from any reference to the discussions at these meetings, the same adhesive stamps.

" (2.) With a view to exhanst any adhesive postage stamps denoting an it is no secret that, notwithstanding that the draft order of the amount not exceeding two sbillings and sixpence which may have been council had been approved by the deputation from the country unissued or unused, such stamps to a proper amount may be used to denote law societies, the principle of the scales in operation at Liverpool any stamp duties of an amount not exceedlog

two shillings and sixpence, and Manchester, which divide the commissions on sales and mortwhich may legally be denoted by adhesive stamps not appropriated by any word or words on the face of them to any particular description of instrument. gages into two parts—one for negotiating and the other for The limit of 2s. 6d. apparently has reference to the stamp on

deducing and examining title and completion-was strenuously leases for less than a year of any furnished dwelling-house or

and effectively pressed on the Tribunal. And it is not difficult to apartments, this being (with the exception of the stamp on writs conjecture that the chief opponent of the proposal to apply the of resignation, &c., under 31 & 32 Vict. c. 101, s. 116) the

highest scale to settlements would be the president of the Liverpool Law stamp duty of fixed amount allowed by law to be denoted by Remuneration Bilí, strongly combated the idea of charging by scale

Society, that body having last year, in reference to the Solicitors' adhesive stamps. Section 14 provides that where two or more in the case of settlements. The views thus urged found favour with adhesive stamps are used to denote the stamp duty, the person on whom the duty of cancellation is by law imposed must cancel each consideration and suggestion the draft order proposed to be made,

, for stamp.

which as to the scale for sales, purchases, and mortgages in Part I.

of Schedule I. was identical with the Order as issued, and as to THE CLERK to the Pontefract Justices, on whose decision in the rules in Part I. was nearly identical. The scales in Part the poaching case, as reported in the Times, we commented last !I. of Schedule I. were also identical with those in the Order as week, writes to explain that the report which appeared of the issued, and the rules in Part II. were also the same, with the excepcase was incorrect; that the contention of the solicitor for the tion of rule 5, as to remuneration in respect of a premium paid defence, that females did not come within the purview of on the granting of a lease. It was proposed that such premium the Act, was at once overruled, and that the case was heard and should be divided into the number of years included in the term dismissed on its merits. It would be interesting to know by and treated as an annual rent, in addition to the rent reserved by whom the report of the case was furnished to the daily papers.

the lease, and that commission should be charged on the aggregate rent. The provisions of Schedule II. were identical with those in the Order as issued.

After considering this draft order, the council sent in their THE HISTORY OF THE REMUNERATION suggestions. Omitting suggestions relating to merely verbal ORDER.

alterations, we may shortly sum up the purport of the observations

and the reception they met with, as follows :-(1) The council The Council of the Incorporated Law Society have taken a proposed to include in the Order conveyancing transactions under course which, we think, will receive the strong approbation of their registered titles (rule 1). The suggestion was rejected. (2) The constituents. In a “ statement," which will be found in another council submitted that the enumeration of matters not to be included column, they have explained their action with reference to the in the scale remuneration (rule 4) should include " charges for maps Remuneration Order, and they have appended to this explanation and plans.” The suggestion was rejected. (3) The council pointed out both the draft order which they laid before the Tribunal, and also that a small minority only of the profession would be able to parthe “ observations and suggestions" which they submitted after ticipate in the fees for negotiation, and that the fees for deducing considering the draft order framed by the Tribunal. We are thus title, investigating title, and completing were not adequate remu. enabled, to some extent, to review the discussions and negotiations neration apart from the fees for negotiation. They suggested, how. which led to the making of the Order which we have already fully ever, that if rule 12 were modified so as to make it applicable to all discussed.

cases where no negotiation fee was received by the solicitor that is to About a year ago a committee of the council was appointed to say, if the rule were made to read “ In cases where . . . a solicitor co-operate with Mr. Druce in preparing a draft order to be laid be would not be entitled to charge a commission," &c.-it would to fore the Tribunal. This committee rejected the council's scale of a large extent meet their objection. The suggestion was re1880, on the ground that it had been little used except on mortgages; jected. (4) The council objected to the provision at the foot of and decided to frame a uniform scale for solicitors on both sides in the scale in Part I. of Schedule I. that “ every

transaction exceed. purchases and mortgages, based upon a moderate percentage. A ing £100,000 is to be charged for as if it were for £100,000,” commission of ten per cent. was adopted as the standard, the per- and suggested that the remuneration of the solicitor for transcentage being increased on small transactions. As ultimately actions exceeding £100,000 should be proportioned to the purchase settled, after conference with a deputation from the country law or mortgage money. The suggestion was rejected. (5) Rule 11 societies, this scale (as we have before stated) provided a remune- in the draft order provided that in sales under the Lands Clauses ration for the solicitor on both sides for sales, purchases, and Consolidation Act, &c., the scale charge for negotiation should mortgages completed, of 2 per cent. up to £1,000, 1 per cent. thence not apply." The council suggested that purchases under these up to £5,000, and one-half per cent. on any further amount, with Acts should be altogether excluded from the scale. This suggesa minimum remuneration of £5; the scale to include the prepara- tion was adopted. (6) The council objected that the curious tion, or perusal and approval, and completion of the contract. provision of rule 5 in Part II. of Schedule I. as to dividing the With regard to leases at a rent (other than mining and building premium on a lease or conveyance at a fee farm rent over the leases), it was proposed that the remuneration of the lessor's soli. years of the “lease" would be unworkable, and suggested the litor should be 73 per cent. on the rent up to £100, with a mini- alteration of the rule so as to make purchase remuneration pay. mum remuneration of £5; 5 per cent. on any further rent up to able on the premium. This suggestion was adopted. £200, and 21 per cent. on any further rent beyond £200. With It will be seen, therefore, that of the six substantial amend. regard to building leases, the scale suggested by the council was ments advocated by the council two only were adopted by that which is adopted in the Order as issued. The remuneration the Tribunal. One of these, the provision with regard to of the lessee's solicitor was proposed in each case to be one-half of leases and conveyances on rents in perpetuity at a fine, is the amount prescribed as the remuneration of the lessor’s solicitor. of little practical importance in the neighbourhood And with regard to settlements of personal estate, the council of Manchester. The other, in the opinion of practitioners proposed that the same remuneration should be given as on a pur- who have had extensive business in connection with sales chase at a price equal to the value of the personal estate settled, under the Lands Clauses Act, is likely to prove a grave mistake.


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