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must be carefully distinguished from gifts for a particular purpose, law, who have provided that no possibility, right, title, nor thing in which take effect even if the purpose becomes incapable of being action shall be granted or assigned to strangers, for that would be

the occasion of multiplying of contentions and suits of great In Scott v. Fuller (2 Vern. 560), Mrs. Fuller gave some lottery oppression of the people, and chiefly of terretenants and the subtickets to her servants, on condition if 20s. or more should come up version of the due and equal execution of justice”: Lampet's case her daughter should have a moiety of it. A ticket given to an (10 Rep., at p. 48a). infant servant produced £1,000, it was held that the infant was The distinction between a gift of a chattel in possession and of a bound. See also Lyte v. Peny (Dy. 49a) and Re Whittaker (21 Ch. chose in action is well shewn by Flower's case (1 Noy. 67). Here D. 657) (as to the piano). The most common example of a gift A. borrows £100 from F., brings it back in a bag and casts it on being liable to be defeated by a condition subsequent is that of the table before A. A. says, “I will not have it, take it you and presents made by a man to a woman whom he is courting: Anon. carry it home again with you.” The court held that it was a good (cited by North, C.J., 2 Mod. 141); Young v. Burrell (Cary. 77); | gift by parol, as, when it was cast on the table, it fell into F.'s Robinson v. Cumming (2 Atk. 409), in which case, if the marriage possession ; secus if it had been only offered to F., for then it is broken off, the presents have to be returned ; on the other hand, would have been a chose in action and could not have passed withpresents merely made to a woman to obtain introduction to her are out a writing. not revocable : Robinson v. Cumming (ubi sup.).

The case of Wilby v. Bower (Clayt. 135; same case 14 Vin. An example of the rule that a gift is not defeated by the failure Ab. 19), where it is said: “If I have a horse in London, and I, being of the purpose for which it is made is afforded by Leche v. at a great distance from London, give my horse to J. 8.,


may Kilmorey (Turn. & Russ. 207), where A. paid a sum to an army have trespass without any other possession,” can hardly be conagent to the account of N. "to be at his disposal for the use of L.” sidered as an authority, as it is a Nisi Prius case. The references The sum was really intended by the donor to be applied in pur- in that case to the year books are of little use in deciding the chasing promotion for L. At the death of A. the money still question. remained in the hands of the army agent. Afterwards, L. was In connection with this subject we may remark that “there was obliged, from his bad health, to leave the army. Held that he was at one time an extreme difference of judicial opinion upon the entitled to the money. The court, however, was of opinion that subject, but the authorities now seem to establish that the mere if L. had died in the lifetime of the donor the latter would have assignment of a bill of lading does not confer on the assign any been entitled to the money. The reasons for this opinion are not legal right either of property or possession of the goods. It confers stated, possibly the court may have thought that the gift was on him an authority to receive the goods, and that authority may, revocable till it was received by the donee (see ante, p. 725): as a matter of evidence, go very far to shew that the person who

Chattrl not in possession of the donor.—The definition given of has got it has acquired a right of property and possession of the a chose in action by Blackstone (2 Comm. cap. 25)—viz., where a goods; but unless there be such a bargain as would, independently man has not the occupation, but merely a bare right to occupy of the assignment of the bill of lading, give an interest, the the thing in question, the possession whereof may, however, be assignee of the bill acquires no interest in the goods, and conserecovered by a suit or action at law; from whence the thing so quently cannot maintain any action in his own name for any injury ricoverable is called a thing or chose in action "—is hardly correct, done to them”: Blackburn on Sale, p. 391 (but see p. 415, where is the phrase is not, generally speaking, applied to specific chattels it is said that “ the custom of merchants makes the transfer of the

liut in the possession of the true owner. See this and the various bill of lading equivalent to actual delivery of possession "'). manings of chose in action" discussed in Elphinstone's Introd. “The indorsement of a delivery order or dock warrant has Cunv., p. 170, et seq. Using the term chose in action in one of not (independently of the Factors' Act) any effect beyond that of a the meanings comprised in Blackstone's definition-namely, as a token of an authority to receive possession": Blackburn on Sale, specific chattel not in the possession of the true owner—the law p. 418. There are no authorities as to the effect of a voluntary appears to be correctly laid down in Shep. Touch. 240, 241 : “If assignment of a bill of lading or delivery order or dock warrant, a man take my goods from me, or from another man in whose but, judging from analogy, such an assignment made by way of hands they are ; or I buy goods of another man and suffer them to gift confers on the donee a right to acquire possession of the be in his possession, and a stranger taketh them from him ; it goods at any time during the lifetime of the donor, subject to seems in these cases Í may give the goods to the trespasser, because the right of the latter, at any time before the donee has acquired the property of them is still in me. Mr. Preston adds,“ j.e., his possession of the goods, to change his mind and rescind the gift. acceptance of them is an admission of the property in the donor, but they cannot be given to a stranger; since, without such an admission, the party has merely a right of action or of resumption by recaption." This statement of the law appears to be founded

CORRESPONDENCE. on 6 Hen. 7, 8, and 10 Hen. 7, 27.

PROBATE AND ADMINISTRATION DUTY ON ESTATES It is curious to note how closely this follows the old law as to

UNDER £300. land. Prior to October, 1845 (see 8 & 9 Vict. c. 106, s. 6), a person who was disseised of his land could not convey it to a

[To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] stranger, but he could release it to the disseisor (see Co. Litt. 265,

Sir, -I entirely agree with your correspondent “J. N.'s " view that 266) The reader who wishes to understand this part of the sub" the mortgage of a leasehold estate should be deducted to get at the ject is referred to an extremely learned and interesting article by gross personal estate of the mortgagor. I raised the same question Mail W. Maitland, in 2 Law Quarterly Keview, 451. 10M2. mysell in the Liverpool Registry last year, and the registrar com

municated with the Inland Revenue Department, but he was inMaitland arrives at the conclusion that in our law until modern structed by them to require that Form A. be used. times it was impossible to convey—i.e., to pass the right of owner The following reasons appear to me to be conclusive :ship of—a thing, whether land or goods, of which the owner was unable to deliver possession, unless, indeed, in the exceptional case law and in equity, is greater than the mortgagor's. The argument Where the conveyance was made to the person in possession. Cate that in equity the money is the mortgagees and the land the mortga bow far the doctrine of incorporeal hereditaments Tying ina gceant is property in the land during the continuance of the mortgage is the consistent with this view; the reader who wishes to understand himself in a perfectly legitimate way of the oyster and merely kept it is referred to Mr. Maitland's article.

the shell. Assuming Mr. Maitland's views to be correct, there difficulty in seeing why a chose in action in the more common his executors; but" so that I would reply that it is immaterial, inas? mmeaning of the term-namely, a "debt could not more lateryn be much as the return in the affidavit for Inland Revenue is to be a for den stored at law the reason being simply that, as that elektore return of the gross property at the date of the death of mortgages had not possession, he was unable to deliver possession, and there- he is possessed both of the estate he has redeemed and of the money fore could not pass the right of ownership. This appears to be a he has redeemed, it with me, seems a little too rich. more probable explanation of the rule than that given by Coke : I contend that all the mortgagoc has is his general personal estate "The great wisdom and policy of the sages and founders of our and his equity of redemption of the mortgagee's estate.

He considered the programme, (3) The only way to value the equity is to deduct the value of the would publish them at his own risk. mortgagee's interest from the gross value of the property, and this is standing alone, as unobjectionable; he, therefore, discharged the order,

the defendant' to pay the costs of this application.-Counsel, Latham, not deducting a debt from the general estate.

(4) Form B. for affidavit where the gross estate is under £300 Q.C., and Bryan Farrer; Marten, Q.C., and Wood Hill. Solicitors, Lewis adapts itself to this plan in any such case ; but with regard to Form A. & Lewis ; Janson, Cobb, ģ Pearson. this remark applies: there is an “ Account No. 1” which is (as the money column shews) to bring out the " gross value.” Reference to TRADE-MARK — UNDERTAKING-VACATION, PLEADINGS—Rules of Court,

1883, ORD. 64, R. 4. the form will shew that there is provision for the deduction of mortgages of leaseholds in this gross value account, and that the residue In the case of Ackerman- Lawrence v. Bouvet, Ladubay, f Co., before or value of the equity is then brought out into the "gross value”

Kekewich, J., on the 7th of September, a question arose as to delivery of column. The schedule of debts is another part of the affidavit. pleadings in the Long Vacation. This was a motion to restrain the Every such estate as I am writing about will come out under £300 defendants from infringing the plaintiff's trade mark for sparkling wines in this “ gross value” column, so that, on their own shewing, the by using the words "Dry Royal," and "Brut Royal.” The defendants gave

an undertaking to keep an account until the trial of the action, and Inland Revenue authorities, by requiring Form A. to be used in all to do what they could to advance the hearing. The plaintiffs, with the such cases, make executors pay an ad valorem duty on estates the consent of the defendants, asked that the pleadings might be delivered in gross value” of which is under £300.


the Long Vaacation. Ord. 64, r. 4, provides that no pleadings shall be Widnes, Aug. 29.

amended or delivered in the Long Vacation unless directed by a court or a judge.

KEKEWICH, J., made no order, except that the costs be costs in the

action, and gave leave to deliver the pleadings in the Long Vacation. LIABILITY OF TRUSTEES,

-COUNSEL, Waggett; Cann. SOLICITORS, Irvine $ Hodge; Hart | Winch. [To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] Sir, — It is unfortunate that the observations made by the late CONTRACT–Surrender or Land for BUILDING Purposes—COMPENSATION. Master of the Rolls in Speight v. Gaunt, quoted by you in a recent In the case of Hallett v. The Marquis of Bristol, before Kekewich, J., issue, were ever recorded. They, no doubt, state what the rule on the 7th of September, a question arose as to whether a gift of land for ought to be, but the present judges only quote them to explain the purpose of building a vicarage came within an agreement to surrender away their meaning, and they continue to deceive the unwary. land for building purposes. The plaintiff, the lessee of Blackrock Farm

There is only one course for sensible men to take until the law is and other lands near Brighton, moved for an injunction to restrain altered, and that is to avoid trusts as far as possible. Those who the defendant, the lessor, from stumping out, enclosing, building, or are saddled with them should do their best to get rid of the in- interfering with any part of Blackrock Farm. By an agreement made the cumbrance, and those who are free should take care to remain so.

19th of December, 1877, the defendant leased the farm to the plaintiff for a In the meantime I take it to be the duty of every solicitor to part of the land required by the defendant for building purposes, and that

term of years, but it was provided that the plaintiff should surrender any advise a client against accepting a trust, and particularly against ad- thereupon the tenancy as to that part of the land should cease, and the vancing any trust moneys on mortgage. Without going into plaintiff should be compensated for the land taken. The defendant gave niceties he may safely tell his client that, if there is a loss of trust notice that he required a certain piece of land on Blackrock Farm for the funds, be will most probably be made liable "as honest as he is,' purpose of building St. Mark's Vicarage. The plaintiff alleged that a new and that if the loss arises out of a mortgage transaction he will agreement had been made between the parties by letters in October, 1886, certainly be made liable. It is not very material what particular and that the notice under the old agreement, was bad. He then brought pretext the judge will rely on for the purpose. The trustee is con an action for specific performance of the alleged new agreement. demned in any case; he is, as it were, hanged first and tried after KEKEWICH, J., said that, whether the plaintiff held under the old or the wards.

new agreement, he considered that the plaintiff was equally bound by the It is a difficult and disagreeable thing to get out of a trust, but the clause to surrender the land. He made no order except that the costs be trustee must remember that those who now urge him to remain and costs in the action.—Counsel, Gazdar ; Marten, Q.C., and H. T. Eve. SOLICIspeak of gratitude and their determination never to make an unjust Tors, Smith, Fawdon, f Son ; A. F. Coe. claim upon him, will be the first to turn and rend him when occasion arises ; wbile the sacrificial priest, in the shape of Mr. Justice K. (or other letter), keeps his sharp blade always ready for the flaying. Let the trustee, then, be as firm in resisting these blandishments as the sacrificial priest referred to will be in the performance of his task. Let the widows and orphans be referred

LEGAL NEWS. to that infallible trustee, the Chancery Division, who, unlike its

APPOINTMENTS. victims, puts its cestuis que trustent to great expense and incurs no liability whatever.


Mr. Arthur CHARLES, D.C.L., Q.O., has been appointed a Judge of the Queen's Bench Division, on the resignation of Mr. Justice Grove. Mr. Justice Charles is the son of Mr. Robert Charles, and was born in 1839. He was educated at University College School and at Uni,

versity College, London. He is a B.A. of the University of London, and CASES BEFORE THE VACATION JUDGE. Canterburge, and the honorary degree of D.C.L. from the Hindreriem, ATTACHMENT—MOTION TO DISCHARGE-Costs.

1862, having in the previous November obtained a certificate of honour, In the case of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Co. (Lim.) v. Sanger, before and he has practised on the Western Circuit. He was for several years Kekowich, J., on the 7th of September, a question arose as to whether

on the staff of the Weekly Reporter, and he subsequently reported for the the defendant, George Sanger, was entitled to have an order made on the

Law Reports in the Court of Exchequer. In 1877 he became a Queen's issue a averate of attachment against him for contempt in committing open the Canterburgi Peleset on Southwell! He was also a memberitest is het Ist of August last (SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, September 3), giving leave to Counsel, in 1878 he was appointed Recorder of Bath, in 1880 he presided breaches of an undertaking, discharged. The defendant undertook, before Chitty, J., not to use, or permit to be used, in any entertainment of Royal Commission on the Ecclesiastical Courts. bis the name of Buffalo Bili," so as to be calculated to induce the bencher of the Inner Temple, a member of the Incorporated Council of Law belief that." Buffalo Bill” was 'Col. William Frederick Cody, commonly Reporting, and Commissary of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. Wild West” in any such manner as to induce the belief that the Magistrate at the Gambia. Wr. Maxwell is the eldest son of the

Mr. Joseph Renner Maxwell, barrister, has been appointed Chief defendant's representation of the Wild West” was the plaintif's repre- Thomas Maxwell, and was born in 1857. He was educated at Meet on

Since the order of the 31st of August the programme had been college, Daford, where he graduated second class in Jurisprudence in altered, and now ran “ Scenes from George Sanger's Far West,”' | 1879. George Sanger's Buffalo Bill Wainer of the Ancient Order, and His

He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-ion in November, 1880. Bully Boys,”. “No Connection with Any Other Person known as ‘Buffalo Biú,' either in London or the Provinces."

Mr. George WILLIAM MARSHALL, barrister, has been appointed Rouge behalf of the defendant, that the new programme could not deceive Middle Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1865.

It was contended, ou
Croix Pursuivant of Arms.

Mr. Marshall was called to the bar at the anyone. The defendant had paid the costs, and was entitled to the Oxford Circuit.

He formerly practised on the discharge of the order. alteration of the words of the programme was not sufficient, since the

On behali of the plaintiff, it was said that the defendant proposed to publish with the words pictures being exact copies Witchell. Mr. P. Witchell was admitted a solicitor in 1881.

Mr. Percy Witchell, solicitor, of Stroud, has been appointed Clerk to of the plaintiff's pictures. The words in conjunction with the pictures

the Stroud Local Buard 'in succession to his father, the late Mr. Edwin were an evasion of the undertaking. pictorial nie." se read the words in connection Bapteme he pictures the stemple in Easter Term, its patriske has been for several years Secretary

Mr. Dennis FITZPATRICK, barrister, has been appointed Chief Commis: pictures were not yet published, but he warned the defendant that he to the Government of India in the Legislative Department.


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not only to the assets realized, but to the work actually done. The EDWARD TOMPSON, ARTHUR PROCTOR PICKERING, HARRY SMITH STYAN,

opportunity was also taken to fix a reasonable maximum amount to certain and CHARLES CLIFTON NEILSON, solicitors (Tompson, Pickering, Styan, &

fees which, under the prior scale, had been found to press unduly upon

estates in exceptional cases. Neilson), 4, Stone-buildings, Lincoln’s-inn.

Aug. 29.

Bills before Parliament.-A Bill, entitled “The Bankruptcy (Discharge

[Gazette, Sept. 2.] and Closure) Bill," has been introduced into Parliament by the Govern. John Bath ALLANsOn and Frederic Arthur Evans, solicitors (Turner, ment for the purpose (1) of enabling debtors who have been adjudged Allanson, & Evans), Carnarvon. Aug. 27. The said John Bath Allan

bankrupt, or whose affairs have been liquidated by arrangement under son will carry on the business at Bank-buildings, No. 5, Bangor-street, the court for their discharge in a manner similar to that prescribed under

the Bankruptcy Act, 1869, or any previous Bankruptcy Act, to apply to Carnarvon. JENKIN JONES and Herbert MONGER, solicitors (Jenkin Jones & Monger), under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Other provisions of the Bill are framed

the Bankruptcy Act, 1883; and (2) to expedite the closing of bankruptcies 5, Fisher-street, Swansea.

Aug. 31.

The said Herbert Monger will carry on business at Fisher-street, Salubrious-place.

with a view of relieving the official receiver, as continuing trustee, from

any liability incurred by any prior trustee or by himself prior to his release [Gazette, Sept. 6.] under section 82 of the Bankruptcy Act, 1883. A Bill to make compul

sory the registration of private deeds of arrangement is now before Parliament. If it becomes law it will furnish means of measuring the amount of insolvency in the country more accurately than has hitherto been

possible in the absence of any official information as to the number of THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1883.

debtors arranging their affairs out of court. The following are extracts from the report by the Board of Trade laid dation Acts, 1885 and 1886, a Bill has been laid before Parliament this

Office accommodation. - In pursuance of the Bankruptcy Office Accommobefore both Houses of Parliament under section 131 of the Bankruptcy session to enable the Commissioners of her Majesty's Works to acquire Act, 1883. Financial results. The subjoined account of receipts credited and

certain lands and buildings in the parish of Saint Clement Danes, with a expenditure charged on account of bankruptcy proceedings, which has department in the immediate vicinity of the High Courts of Justice. This

view of providing fresh accommodation for the Chief Official Receiver's been prepared by the Treasury and presented to Parliament, shews a surplus of receipts amounting to £19,837 88. 10d., which sum, being added

Bill has passed both Houses, and awaits the Royal Assent. At the comto the excess for the two previous years, makes a total surplus of £58,694 was transferred from the premises occupied by him at 31, Great George

mencement of the present year the department of the Inspector-Generel arising since the commencement of the Act.

street and 2, Victoria.street to 6, Whitehall-yard. The concentration of ACCOUNT shewing RECEIPTS and EXPENDITURE on account of BANKRUPTCY the Inspector-General's staff under one roof, and the close proximity of PROCEEDINGS during the year ended 31st March, 1887,

his present offices to those of the Board of Trade in Whitehall-gardens, Particulars of Receipts. Amount. Particulars of Expenditure. Amount.

have tended to promote convenience and facility of administration.

Staff of official receivers. There have been some changes in the staff of £ 8. d. Amount of Dividends or Salaries of : officers, &c.

official receivers during the year. Mr. Watson, Mr. Ridgway, and Mr. Interest arising

(not including Judges

Brooks have resigned their appointments for the districts of Nottingham, Stock transferred

either of the Supreme

Warrington and Wigan, and Ashton-under-Lyne respectively. Mr. National Debt Commis

Court or of County sioners, it such Stock


109,284 19 8 | Thorpe has been appointed in succession to Mr. Watson at Nottinghad not been cancelled, Remuneration to County

ham; but no fresh appointments have been made for the other districts, less Income Tax 40,994 15 3 Court Registrars in re

the Manchester Official Receiver having undertaken the duties at WarringFees received in cash 65,761 05 spect of Bankruptcy Amount received by In

ton and Ashton-under Lyne, and the Bolton Official Receiver the duties

29,672 18 5 land Revenue for BankIncidental and travelling

at Wigan. The number of official receivers for the county courts has ruptcy Stamps

73,538 18 10

4,162 1 2 thus been reduced from sixty-five to sixty-three. Dividends on Funds in

Rent, rates, and taxes 8,206 2 3 Administration orders under section 122.–The working of section 122 of vested under section 76


7,012 1 10 of the Bankruptcy Act, Pensions and compen

the Bankruptcy Act in regard to administration orders against small 21,237 11 9 sations

17,201 7 8

debtors has been under the consideration of a committee appointed by Expenses of prosecutions

the Lord Chancellor and the Board of Trade. The committe have sugfor offences under the

gested some amendments of the rules with a view to their better and more Bankruptcy Acts

6,152 6 5

uniform working; and the Lord Chancellor has sent the suggested rules Total ... 201,532 6 3

Total ...

181,694 175 to the county court judges for their observations. The report and pro

posed rules have also been laid before Parliament. It will be observed that, while the expenditure in respect of salaries and

Pending bankruptcies under the Act of 1869.-A considerable number of remuneration to registrars of county courts, which is dependent upon the bankruptcies under the Act of 1869 are still unclosed. number of receiving orders, shews an increase of £8,750 28. 3d., the increase in the amount of fees taken in cash and stamps only amounts to £610 6s. 11d. As a matter of fact the receipts under these heads would have shewn a decrease, notwithstanding the increased number

WINDING UP NOTICES. of cases, but for the fact that the cost of books, accounts, printing, and

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Sept 2. stationery, which in summary cases was formerly charged direct to

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. bankrupt estates, is under the new scale of fees chargeable as a fee,

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. the actual expenditure under this head being at the same time charged PLUMBLEY COLLIERX Coin Lacrophagi hag fixed Sept 13 at 12, at bis to the parliamentary vote. The receipts under the head of fees and the

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. expenditure under the head of stationery are thus correspondingly in - No. 300 ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS, Golden Cup Ion, Haslingden, Lancaster. creased. This reduction in the amount of fees received is partly due to the dieminished value of bankrupt estates, as pointed out in the Inspectore ROSE OF SHARON LODGE OF FEMALE FORESTERS, Royal Hotel, Waterfoot, LanGeneral's report, and partly to modifications in the scale of fees.

SOUTH LONDON JUVENILE FORESTERS' FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Commercial SchoolNew rules and scales of costs. The new rules referred to in last year's room, Wandsworth rd. Aug 29 report were consolidated with such of the rules of 1883 as remained un

London Gazette.--TUESDAY, Sept 6. altered, and a revised code of rules and forms, together with a new scale

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. of solicitors' costs and of brokers' and accountants" allowances, came into

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. force on the 25th of October last. The amendments in the rules were


--Petition for winding uy, presented Aug 31, directed to be heard before Stirdevised to meet inconveniences or defects which the experience of between ling, J., on Oct 29. Ashurst & Co, Old Jewry, solors for petners two and three years in the working of the Act had indicated, and the EYRE ARMS HOTEL CO, LIMITED -By an order made by Kekewich, J., dated operation of the new rules has been found to facilitate the work both of

Aug 24, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Russel, Coleman st,

solor for petner the department and of official receivers and others in carrying out the details of administration.


WiThe simplification of the procedure and presented Sept 5, directed to be heard before Kekewich, J., on Sept 14. shortening of the time necessary for obtaining the approval of composi. Skins ARDO LEADSMINE, LIMITED.- Petition for winding up, presented Sept 2, tions and schemes in summary cases are among the most important directed to be heard before Kekewich, J., on Sept 14. Thomas & Hick, Cannon changes thus effected. It is perhaps desirable that the provisions of the st, solor for petners

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. be similarly modified, but this can only be done by further legislation. NUNNEY FRIENDLY SOCIETY, George Inn, Nunney, Frome, Somerset. Sept 1 During the preparation of the new rules some attention was given to the want of elasticity which is found to exist in the provisions of section 55 of the Act with regard to the disclaimer of onerous property, but it was

CREDITORS' NOTICES. not considered possible to effect the desired alterations by rule, and the question is now under consideration with a view to an amendment of the

UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Act when the opportunity arises. There are various other proposals for diminishing expense and expediting administration which are beyond the ABBOTT, AMELIA, Caledonian rd, Islington. Nov. 1. Furse Neave, Friday st a horecale of fees and percentages. A revised scale of fees and piercentages BARTLETE, JAMES, Waterloo st, Camberwell pk, Labourer. Sep. 30. Freeman &

The BETTS, DANIEL, Gray's ion pl, Law Stationer. Sept 30. Betts, Racquet et general effect of the new scale may be said to be the more equal distribu- BICKELL, JOHN, Ashton under Lyne, Chemist and Druggist. Sep. 29. J. Taylor tion of the fees over the whole administration of an estate in proportion Hampson, Ashton under Lyne


BROADBENT, CHARLES, Latchford, Chester, Esq. Oct. 7. Harvey & Co., MCKENZIE, CHARLES IONIAN, Dover, Watchmaker. Canterbury. Pet Aug 31.

Ord Aug 31
CASE, SUAN, Yandvit, Colony of Victoria. Dec. 31. Young & Co. St. Mildreds NORTH, THOMAS, Northbrook rd, Lee, Commission Agent. Greenwich. Pet
court, Poultry

Aug 31. Ord Aug 31

Wigan. Pet Aug 80.
PILKINGTON, WILLIAM, Hindley, Lancs, Joiner.

CATT, JOSEPH, Stutton, Suffolk, Farmer. Oct 11. Hayward & Sons, Needham

Aug 30
CAVE, CHARLES, Threadneedle st, Merchant and Banker. Nov 1. Barnes & Ber PLATT. JOE CROWTHER, Padfield, Derby, Butcher. Ashton under Lyne and
Dard, Finsbury circus

Stalybridge. Pet Aug 26. Ord Aug 26
ELLIS, HENRY, Clevedon, Somereet, Gent. Oct 30. Sturge, Bristol

PROSSER, HOWELL, Swansea, Stonemason. Swansea. Pet Aug 20. Ord Aug 30
FARBON, JOSEPH, Martin by Timberland, Lincoln, Miller, Sept 15. Tweed & Co, RECORD, THOMAS, Frowlesworth, Leicester, Farmer. Leicester. Pet Aug 31.

Ord Aug 31
FIDGE, THOMAS, Southampton st, Camberwell, Gent. Oct 3. Smith & Sons ROBERTS, ROWLAND, Holywell, Flint, Ironmonger. Chester. Pet Aug 30. Ord
Aldersgate st

Aug 30
GEORGE, CHRISTOPHER, Spenser rd, Herne Hill, Staff Commander Royal Navy. RUDDIESDEN, BENJAMIN, Dewsbury, Yorks, Rag Merchant. Dewsbury. Pet
Sept 80. Few & Fuller, Borough High st

Aug 31. Ord Aug 31
GIBSON, JONATHAN, Stamber Mul, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Sept 29. SCHOLEFIELD, HANNAH, Mirfield, Yorks, Upholsterer. Dewsbury. Pet Aug 31.
Hinds, Stourbridpe

Ord Aug 31
GRANT, WILLIAM, Broadway, Hackney, Picture Frame Manufacturer. Sept 29. SERENO, HAIM, Manchester, Shipping Merchant. Manchester. Pet Aug 20.
Quilter, Forest

Ord Aug 30
HILDER, WILLIAM, senterden, Kent, Farmer. Sept 30. Mace & Sons, Tenterden SMITH, ALEXANDER, Hunslet, Leeds, Builder. Leeds. Pet Aug 31. Ord Aug 31

Pet Aug 29. Ord
HITON, THOMAS WILLIAM, South Bank ter, Kensington, Retired Major. Sept SMITH, GEORGE HENRY, Bolton, Lancs, Tailor. Bolton.
30. Steavenson & Couldwell, Gracechurch st

Aug 29 HOLE, JOHN, West Camel, Somerset, Yeoman. Oct 10. Trevor Davies, Sher SMITH, HARPER, Henwick, Worcester, Hosier. Worcester. Pet Aug 31. Ord borne

Aug 31 HUNT, ABRAHAM, Chipping hill, Essex. Sept 29. Quilter, Forest

SMITH, THOMAS, Elham, Kent, Shoemaker. Canterbury. Pet Aug 31. Ord HUNT, REBECCA, Chipping hill, Essex, Sept 29. Quilter, Fore st

Aug 31

SPEIGHT, THOMAS, Ashgrove in Horton, Bradford, out of business. Bradford.
JOSEPH, JOSEPH, Maida Vale, Esq. Oct 14. Heathfield, Lincoln's inn fields

Pet Aug 31. Ord Aug 31
LOVELL, WILLIAM, Leamington, Carpenter. Oct 1. Overrell & Son, Leamington STUBBS, GEORGE, Sheffield, Painter. Sheffield. Pet Aug 30. Ord Aug 30

VARLEY, JAMES, Bishop Auckland, Clock Maker. Durham. Pet Aug 29. Ord
OLDHAM, FRANCES, Freiston, Lincoln. Sept 5. Waite & Co, Boston

Aug 27 PALMER, KETURAH, Bristol. Oct 14. O'Donoghue & Anson, Bristol

WALKER, JOSEPH, and FRED RAYNER, Knostrop, dr Leeds, Farmers. Leeds.

Pet Aug 31. Ora Aug 31 PEARSON, JOHN, Newton le Willows, Lancaster, Gent. Oct 10. Gregory & Les WILSON, WILLIAM, Spondon, Derby, Plumber. Derby. Pet Aug 29. Ord lie, Liverpool

Aug 29
PEEL, GEORGE, Chead'e, Chester, Esq. Oct 15. Hampson & Crosse, Man WILKINS, CHARLES, Bridgwater, Licensed Victualler. Bridgwater. Pet Aug 30.

Ord Aug 30
RATHJEN, HENRY, Liverpool, Master Mariner. June 4. Wile on, Liverpool WRIGHTON, JOHN, Brackley, Northampton, Boot Maker. Banbury. Pet Aug
Rich, HESTER, Bristol. Nov 1. F V Jacques & Co, Brietol

30, Ord Aug 30

RADMAN, ANN, Bristol, Furrier. Oct 30. Sturge, Bristol
TAYLER, MARY ANN LEEDHAM, Southampton. Sept 29. Payne & Fuller, Bath

AMBROSE, HARRY, Bath, Jeweller. Sept 22 at 12.15. Off Rec, 25, Colmore row,

TURNER, THOMAS BERKS, Manchester, Commission Agent. Oct 11. Diggles & ARTHUR, DAVID BEYNON, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Grocer. Sept 10 at 11.
Ogden, Manchester

Off Rec, Carmarthen
WEEDON, ELIZA, St Albans, Herts. Nov 1. Annesley, St Albans, Herts

BADGER, THOMAS, Eveeham, Worcestershire, Hatter. Sept 12 at 10. Off Rec,

Worcester WORMALD, HENRY, Wakefield, Gent. Sept 16. Iansons & Co, Wakefield

BARTLETT, FARAH ANNIE, Brighton, Milliner. Sept 12 at 12.33, Carey st, LinWRIGHT, WILLIAM, Ecclesbill, Bradford, Draper. Oct 1. Dawson & Chapman,

coln's inn Leeds


ROBERT, Cheapside, Auctioneer, Sept 13 at 12. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's
BOMFORD, JOHN, Worcester, out of business. Sept 18 at 11. Off Rec, Worcester
BRIDGER, REUBEN, High rd, Kilburn, Draper. Sept 9 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lin-

cn's inn
WARNING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES. -Before purchasing CARTY, TIMOTHY, sen, Birmingham, Grocer. Sept 13 at 11. Off Rec, 25, Colmore
or senting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by an row, Birmingham
expert, from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115, Victoria-st., West-
mirster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.-(ADVT.)

CAYLEY, ARTHUR, Norfolk st, Strand, Solicitor. Sept 13 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lin

coln's inn
CLARKE. WILLIAM THOMAS, Redditch, Worcestershire, Grocer. Sept 15 at 11,

Off Rec, 25, Colmore row, Birmiagham
CLEGG, JAMES, Rochdale, Lancashire, Agent. Sept 12 at 3.30. Town Hall, Roch-


CROWE, EDWARD FREDERICK, jun, The Broadway, Hammersmith, Draper. Sept

9 at 12. Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

DUCKETT, THOMAS, Ramsgate, Builder. Sept 9 at 1. 72, High st, Ramsgate
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, September 2.

ENSOR, GEORGE ARTHUR, South pl, Kennington park, Clerk. Sept 10 at 1.30.

Antelope Hotel, Dorchester

FORBES, WILLIAM, Jarrow upon Tyne, Furniture Dealer. Sept 13 at 2.30. Off
AMBROSE, HARRY, Batb, Jeweller. Bath, Pet Aug 17. Ord Aug 27

Rec, Pink lane, Newcastle on Tyne ATKINS, GEORGE WILLIAM, Stuke Newington rd, Iron Merchant. Edmonton.

GANDER, —, and BATCHELOR, - Bexhill, Sussex, Builders. Sept 9 at 12. Off Pet Aug 27. Ord Aug 27

Rec, 4, Pavilion bldgs, Brighton BADGER, 1 HOMAS, Evesham, Worcester, Hatter. Worcester. Pet Aug 29. Od

GRANTHAM, THOMAS HENRY, Elierby in Holderness, Machinist. Sept 9 at 11.

Off Rec, Lipcoln's inn bldgs, Bowlalley lane, Hull
Aug 29
BARRETT, ARTHUR JOHN, Cumming st, Pentonville, Soap Manufacturer. Bigh

HODGES, JAMES, West Derby, nr Liverpool, Law Stationer. Sept 18 at 3. Off

Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool
Court. Pet Aug 10. Ord Aug 29
BOMFORD, JOHN, Worcester, out of business. Worcester. Pet Aug 30. Ord

HOMER, BENJAMIN, Oradley Heath, Staffs, Ironworker. Sept 13 at 10.30. Off
Aug 30

Rec, Dudley BRAIM, JAMES, Darlington, Bootmaker. Stockton on Tees and Middlesborough.

HOWES, ROBERT, Frampton Cotterell, Glouces, Beer Retailer. Sept 12 at 3.30.

Off Rec, Bank ch brs, Bristol
Pet Aug 27. Ord Aug 27
BUGDEN, WALTER, address unknown. High Court. Pet June 29. Ord Aug 29

JOLLY, FRANCIS FREDERICK, Turvey, Beds, Farmer. Sept 10 at 11. 8, St Paul's

sq. Bedford CARTER, RICHARD, Cardiff, Fishmonger. Cardiff. Pet Aug 30. Ord Aug 30

JUDD. W B. Newgate st, Clerk. Sept 13 at 12. Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, CATT, JAMES ROBERT, High st, Sutton, Grocer. Croydon. Pet Aug 29. Ord KING, ARTHUR PERCE, Ingersoll rd, Shepherd's bueh, no ocupation. Sept 18 at

Aug 29
CLEGG, JAMES, Rochdale, Lancs, Agent. Oldham. Pet Aug 3. Ord Aug 29

11. Bankruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

LEVERTON, WILLIAM, EDWARD LEVERTON, and JAMES LEVERTON, Aberavon, COM PERE, THOMAS, Abergavenny, Mon, Merchant. Tredegar. Pet Aug 18. Ord

Glam, Builders. Sept 13 at 12. Castle Hotel, Neath
Aug 31

LEVI, MORRIS, Leeds, Bootmaker. sept 12 at 11. 'Of Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds
DAVIS, JOEL, Tower, Boscombe, nr Bournemouth, Builder. Poole. Pet Aug 31.
Ord Aug 31

PILKINGTON, WILLIAM, Hindley, Lancs, Joiner. Sept 11 at 11. 16, Wood st, DUCKETT, THOMAS, Ramsgate, Builder. Canterbury. Pet Aug 27. Ord Aug 27

Bolton DURHAM. THOMAS, Howden, Yorks, Joiner. Kingston upon Hull. Pet Aug 30.

PROSSER, HOWELL, Swansea, Mason. Sept 12 at 11. Of Rec, 6, Rutland st,

Swansea Ord Aug 30

RANDS, WILLIAM, Scarborough, Baker. Sept 9 at 11. Off Rec, 74, Newborough

st, Scarborough Court. Pet Aug 8. Ord Aug 81 FORBES, WILLIAM, Jarrow upon Tyne, Furniture Dealer. Newcastle upon Tyne.

st. Lincoln's inn Pet Aug 30. Ord Aug 30

ROBERTS, ROWLAND, Holywell, Flintshire, Ironmonger. Sept 15 at 2. Off Rec, HARRIS GEORGE FREDERICK, Bridgwater, Licensed Victualler. Bridgwater.

Crypt chbrs, Chester
l'et Aug 81. Ord Aug 31
HICKLING, EDWARD, Nottingham, Grocer. Nottingham. Pet Aug 31.

ROLLASON, CLARA ANN, Birmingham, Pawnbroker. Sept 14 at 11. Off Rec, 25,

Colmore row, Birmingham
Aug 31
HOWES, ROBERT, Frampton Cotterell, Gloucester, Beer Retailer. Bristol. Pet

SCHELP, ROBERT, Woolton, nr Liverpool, Bank Manager. Sept 12 at 3. Off Rec,

35, Victoria st, Liverpool Aug 29. Ord Aug 29 HUGHES, CHRISTOPHER JESSE, Oxford, Butcher.

SMITII, GEORGE HENRY, Bolton, Tailor. Sept 14 at 2. Armitage & Co, John

Oxford. Pet Aug 10. Ord Smit Hameet Bruda deste, worcester, Hosier. Sept 14 at 11. Of Rec, Worcester
Aug 29
JOLLY, FRANCIS FREDERICK, Turvey, Bedford, Farmer. Bedford. Pet Aug 29.
Ord Aug 29

STEPHENSON, EDWARD, Lincoln, Law Writer. Sept 13 at 12. Off Rec, 2, St
JONES, John, Pentre, Glamorgan, Bootmaker. Pontypridd. Pet Aug 18. Ord

Benedict's sg, Lincoln
Aug 30

THOMAS, JOHN, Gwennap, Cornwall, Farmer. Sept 9 at 12. Off Rec, Boscawen
LAMBERT, MATTHEW, Newbiggin in Bishopdale, nr Ayegarth, Yorks, Farmer.
Nortballerton. Pet Aug 30. Ord Aug 30

WALMSLEY, GEORGE FREDERICK, Church, Lancs. Gent. Sept 12 at 11. Bank-
LANGSTON, ALFRED, Birmingham, Cool Dealer. Birmingham. Pet Aug 30. Ord
Aug 30

WATKINS, ANNIE FIELD, Cheltenham, Schoolmistress. Sept 9 at 10. County LEVERTON, WILLIAM, EDWARD LEVERTON, and JAMES LEVERTON, Aberayon, WILLIS, WILLIAM, Maidenhead, Carman. Sept 12 at 12.16. Bell Hotel, MaidenLEWIS, JOHN, Penygraig, Glamorgan, Grocer. Pontypridd. Pet Aug 26. Ord WILSON, WILLIAM, Spondon, Derby, Plumber.

head Aug 25

James's cbmbrs, Derby

Sep: 1) at 12.

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Off Reo, St

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The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the CLEWS, WILLIAM, Hanley, Earthenware Manufacturer. Hanley, Burslem, and
London Gazette of August 26.

Tunstall. Pet Aug 30. Ord Aug 30
LIBBY, BENJAMIN, Penzance, Innkeeper. Sept 2 at 12. Off Reo, Boscawen st, CLIFT, CHARLES JAMES, Skelton in Cleveland, Yorks, Printer. Stockton on Tees

and Middlesborough. Pet Sept 1. Ord Sept 1 ADJUDICATIONS.

CORKE, WILLIAM, Newhall, Derby, Draper. Burton on Trent. Pet Aug 31. ABRAHAM, SOLOMON, Darlington, Draper. Stockton on Tees and Middlesborough. Ord Aug 31 Pet July 26 Ord Aug 29

DAVIES, PHILIP, Newport, Mon, Eating house Keeper. Newport, Mon. Pet ATKINS, GEORGE WILLIAM, Stoke Newington rd, Iron Merchant. Edmonton. Sept 3. Ord Sept 3 Pet Aug 27. Ord Aug 27

ELWELL, THOMAS, Wolverhampton, Merchant. Wolverhampton. Pet Sept 2. BEACH, JOHN, and FRITZ ALBRECHT HOLM, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Mer Ord Bept 2 chants. Birmingham. Pet Juve 30. Ord Aug 30

FLANDERS, ELIAS, Derby, Dairyman. Derby. Pet Sept 3. Ord Sept 3
BEBESFORD, HUGH W., Knockholt, Kent, Gent. Tunbridge Wells. Pet June 20.
Ord Aug 29

FULLER, GEORGE, Barking, Essex, Clothier. Chelmsford. Pet Sept 2. Ord BOWIE, JAMES. President st, Goswell rd, Engineer, High Court. Pet May 10.

Sept 2 Ord Aug 31

GEARY, EDWIN, Bristol, Brush Dealer. Bristol. Pet Sept 3. Ord Sept 3 BROWN. MARY ANN, Leamington, Pork Butcher. Warwick. Pet July 29, Ord GOSWIN, F W, & Co, Milton st, Wire Merchants. High Court. Pet Aug 17. Aug 26

Ord Aug 31 CARTER, RICHARD, Cardiff, Fishmonger. Cardiff. Pet Aug 30. Ord Aug 30 GRAVETT, WILLIAM AVERY, Waterloo, Hamps, Grocer, Portsmouth. Pet Sept

1. Ord Sept 1 CATCHPOLE, JOSEPH JAMES, Mells Brickfield, nr Halesworth, Brickmaker. Great Yarmouth. Pet Aug 24. Ord Aux 97

HANDS, SARAH ÅNN, Brighton, Widow. Hastings. Pet Aug 19. Ord Aug 30 CLAYDEN, JOHN, Essex rd, Coin Dealer. High Court. Pet June 10. Ord HANNETT, JOHN ROBERT, Nottingham, Furniture Dealer. Nottingham. Pet Aug 29

Sept 2. Ord Sept 2 DAVIES, JOEL, Town rd, nr Bournemouth, Builder. Poole. Pet Aug 31. Ord HARDY, GEORGE, Craven pk, Harlesden, Builder. High Court. Pet July 29. Aug 31

Ord Aug 31
DUCKETT, THOMAS, Ramsgate, Builder. Canterbury. Pet Aug 27. Ord Aug 27 HOBSON, HENRY, Gt Grimsby, Ironmonger. Gt Grimsby. Pet Sept 1. Ord

Sept 1
DURHAM, THOMAS, Howden, Yorks, Joiner. Kingston upon Hull. Pet Aug 30.
Ord Aug 30

HUGHES, JOHN, Birmingham, Grocer. Birmingham. Pet Sept 1. Ord Sept ! EVERSHED, ARTHUR WILLIAM, Horsham, Sussex, Traveller. Brighton. Pet Aug HUMPHREYS, GRIFFITH, Rhydychain, Llanaelhaiarn, Builder. Bangor. Pet Aug 11. Ord Aug 30

18. Ord Sept 2 FURTWANGLER, ANDREAS, Strand, Watch Maker. High Court, Pet June 24. JACKSON, GEORGE FREDERICK, Leicester, Coal Merchant. Leicester. Pet Sept Ord Aug 29

3. Ord Sept 3 HARRIS. GEORGE FREDERICK, Bridgwater, Licensed Victualler. Bridgwater. JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER, Colchester, Licensed Victualler. Colchester. Pet Sept Pet Aug 31. Ord Aug 31

1. Ord Sept 1 HARRIS, SIMON, Hatton garden. High Court. Pet June 28. Ord Aug 27

KELLEWAY, HORATIO, Totland Bay, I.W., Builder. Newport and Ryde. Pet

Sept 1. Ord Sept 1 HAZELL, JOHN JAMES, Farnham, Draper. Guildford and Godalming. Pet July KEYZAR, MARY ANNE, Rhyl, Dealer in Fancy Goods. Bangor. Pet Sept 2. Ord 16. Ord Aug 29

Sept 2
HUGHES, THOMAS, Wolverhampton, Japanner. Wolverhampton. Pet Aug 25.
Ord Aug 30

LEE, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Furniture Dealer. Nottingham. Pet Sept 3. Ord HUMBLE, JOICEY, Newcastle upon Tyne, Rope Manufacturer. Newcastle on

Sept 3 Tyne. Pet Aug 27. Ord Aug 29

LYLE, SAMUEL, Barnstaple, Tailor. Barnstaple. Pet Avg 13. Ord Aug 31 HUXLEY, WILLIAM THOMAS, Stockwell Park rd. High Court. Pet July 27. Ord MOFFATT, WILLIAM, Barrow in Furness, Draper. Ulverston and Barrow in FurAug 29

ness. Pet Sept 1. Ord Sept 1 JOHNSON, JEM, Hedon, Yorks, Hellmonger. Kingston upon Hull. Pet Aug 27. MONEY, JABEZ HENRY, Ironmonger lane, Surveyor. High Court. Pet Aug 13. Ord Aug 29

Ord sept 2 KELF, JAMES, Hardy terrace, Wood green, Auctioneer. Edmonton. Pet Aug 9. MOUNTFORD, RICHARD, Quarry Bank, nr Brierley hill, Worcester, Chain ManuOrd Aug 31

facturer. Stourbridge. Pet Aug 10. Ord Aug 10 KRANCZ, B. F., Hatton garden, Commission Agent. High Court. Pet July 5. MORRIS, WALTER OWENS. Stoke upon Trent, Grocer. Stoke upon Trent. Pet Ord Aug 29

Sept 3. Ord Sept 3 LAMBERT, MATTHEW, Newbiggin in Bishopdale, nr Ayegarth, Yorks, Farmer. NEAGUS, CHARLES, Bury St Edmunds, Plumber. Bury St Edmunds. Pet Sept Northallerton. Pet Aug 80 Ord Aug 30

1. Ord Sept 1 LEWIS, JOHN, Penygraig, Glamorganshire, Grocer. Pontypridd. Pet Aug 25.

PEARSON, GEORGE, Middlesborough, Ikseller. Stockton on Tees and MiddligOrd Aug 27

borough. Pet Aug 31. Ord Aug 1 LUNGLEY, WILLIAM, and GEORGE WILLIAM LUNGLEY, Plaistow, Essex, Brick PRICE, JOHN, Llansadwrn, Carmarthen, Farmer. Carmarthen. Pet Sept ! Merchants. High Court. Pet July 23. Ord Aug 31

Ord Sept 3 MCKENZIE, CHARLES IONIAN, Dover, Watch Maker. Canterbury. Pet Aug 30.

PRICE, RICHARD, Ystrad, Glamorgan, Harpist. Pontypridd. Pet Sept 3. Ord Ord Aug 31

Sept 3 NORTH, THOMAS, Lee, Commission Agent. Greenwich. Pet Aug 31. Ord Aug 31 READINGS, JOHN NATHANIEL, Margate, Licensed Victualler. Canterbury. Pet

Sept 2. Ord Sept 2 PBILPOT, C DAWSON, Tokenhouse yd, Gent. High Court. Pet July 22. Ord

ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Colwyn Bay, Denbigh, Farmer. Bangor. Pet Sept 2. Ord Aug 31

Sept 2 PILKINGTON, WILLIAM, Hindley, Lancs, Joiner. Wigan. Pet Aug 30. Ord

ROBINSON, EDWARD, Stretford, Lancs, Potato Dealer. Manchester. Pet Sep : 2. Aug 30

Ord Sept 2 RANDS, WILLIAM, Scarbürough, Baker. Scarborough. Pet Aug 26. Ord Aug 31 SMITH, FRANCIS, Bedford, Solicitor. Bedford. Pet Sept 1. Ord Sept 1 RATH, FERDINAND, Ribblesdale rd, Hornsey, Merchant. High Court. Pet July SNOOK, WILLIAM, Southsea, Watchmaker. Portsmouth. Pet Aug 26. Ord

7. Ord Aug 31 ROBERTS, ROWLAND, Holywell, Flintshire, Ironmonger. Chester. Pet Aug 30. SOBY, FRANCES, and WILLIAM SOBY, Bratton Clovelly, Devon, Farmers. East Ord Aug 30

Stonehouse. Pet Sept 1. Ord Sept 1
ROLLASON, CLARA ANN, Birmingham, Pawnbroker. Birmingham. Pet Aug 19. TENNANT, RICHARD, Lower Breckrd, nr Liverpool, Cowkeeper. Liverpool.
Ord Aug 31

Pet Sept 3. Ord Sept 3
SCHOLEFIELD, HANNAH, Mirfield, Yorks, Upholsterer. Dewsbury: Pet Aug THOMAS, DAVID, Cardiff, Builder. Cardiff. Pet Sept 2. Ord Sept 2

31. Ord Aug 31 SERENO, HAIM, Manchester, Shipping Merchant. Manchester. Pet Aug 20. THOMPSON, JOHN, Voningsby, Lincolnshire, Shoemaker. Lincoln. Pet Sept 1. Ord Aug 30

Ord Sept 1 SMITH, HARPER, Henwick, Worcester, Hosier. Worcester. Pet Aug 31. Ord

WATTON, JOHN, Christchurch, Hampshire, out of business. Poole. Pet Sept 1, Aug 31

Ord Sept 1 FPARKE, JOHN, Deal, Schoolmaster. Canterbury. Pet July 13. Ord Aug 29

WHITEHALL, WILLIAM, Leicester, Watchmaker. Leicester. Pet Sept 3. Ord

Sept 3 SPEIGHT, THOMAS, Bradford, out of business. Bradford. Pet Aug 31. Ord WILSON, GEORGE, residence unknown, Provision Dealer. High Court. Pet Aug Aug 31

4. Ord sept 1 STUBBS, GEORGE, Sheffield, Painter. Sheffield. Pet Aug 30. Ord Aug 30 TATE, JOSEPH, Wentbridge, nr Pontefract, Farmer. Wakefield. Pet Aug 6.

The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the Ord Aug 27

London Gazette of July 1. TAYLOR, ALFRED, Stalbridge, Dorset, Brewer. Salisbury. Pet Aug 12. Ord


facturers. Dudley. Pet June 28. Ord June 28 THOMAS, JOHN, Gwennay, Cornwall, Farmer, Truro. Pet Aug 26. Ord Aug 29

RECEIVING ORDER RESOINDED. TRINNICK, JOHN SMALE, Fortess rd, Kentish Town, Blacksmith. High Court.

SMITH, WILLIAM EDWARD, Cheltenham, Solicitor. Cheltenham. Rec Ord Aug

24. Rescis Sept 1 Pet July 29. Ord Aug 27

UNDERHAY, WILLIAM EDGAR. Dittisham, Devon, Farmer. East Stonehouse.
Pet Aug 26. Ord Avg 29

ARCHER, ALFRED JAMES, Josephine avenue, Brixton, no occupation. Sept 16 at
WILDE, W. 0. K., residence unknown, Gent. High Court. Pet May 3. Ord 11. 33, Carey st. Lincoln's inn
Aug 31

BASTERI, ANTHONY WILLIAM, Chalk Farm rd, Cheesemonger. Sept 14 at 11. 33, WILLS, ROBERT HENRY, Totnes, Devon, Licensed Victualler. East Stonehouse. Carey st. Lincoln's inn Pet Aug 24 Ord Aug 29

BLACKBURN, TOM, Huddersfield, Nurseryman. Sept 13 at 3. Haigh & Son, SoliWILKINS, CHARLES, Bridgwater, Licensed Victualler. Bridgwater. Pet Aug 30.

citors, New st, Huddersfield

CLEWS, WILLIAM, Hanley, Staffordshire, Earthenware Manufacturer. Sept 15 at WILSON, WILLIAM, Spondon, Derbyshire, Plumber. Derby. Pet Aug 29. Ord

3. Off Rec, Newcastle under Lyme

COLBOURN, WILLIAM OSMOND, Upton Park, Es: ex, Publican. Sept 14 at 1. 33, WILLIS. GEORGE, Askew crescent, Askew rd, Shepherd's Bush. High Court.

Carey st. Lincoln's inn Pet March 15. Ord Aug 29

CORKE, WILLIAM, Newhall, Derbysbire, Draper. Sept 14 at 3. Off Rec, St. WISEMAN ,JOSEPH JOHN, Bournemouth, Plumber. Poole. Pet Aug 13.


James's chambers, Derby Aug 26

CROOK, HENRY, Oakford-road, Highgate rd, Manufacturer of Woollen Goods. LANGWORTHY, EDWARD MARTIN, Fesidence unknown. High Court. Adjud April DAVIES, PHILIP, Newport, Mon, Eating House Keeper. Sept 16 at 12. Of Rec, 1. Annul Aug 23

12, Tredegar pl, Newport

DAVIS. JOEL, Boscombe, Hampshire, Builder. Sept 14 at 12.16. Criterion Hotel, London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Sept. 6.


DICKENSON, ANNIE A, Pembroke sq, Kensington. Sept 15 at 11. 33, Carey st, RECEIVING ORDERS.

Lincoln's inn ABBEY, RICHARD, Stillington, Yorks, Gardener. Scarborough. Pet Sept 1.

ELSOM, ALFRED HOWARD, The Crescent, Croydon, Accountant. Sept 15 at 12.

33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn BEARDSELL, WALTER EDWIN, Old Kent rd, Oilman. High Court. Pet Aug 31. EVANS, THOMAS BAUNDERS, Wallingford, Berks, Plumber. Sept 16 at 11.30. 1,

St Aldates, Oxford BLACKBURN, TOM, Huddersfield, Nurseryman. Huddersfield. Pet Aug 30. Ord FAWCETT, WILLIAM, Northampton, Coal Dealer. Sept 17 at 1. County Court,

Northampton BOND, JOHN, Cambridge rd, Bethnal Green, Licensed Victualler. High Court.

GREEN, JOHN, Sheffield, Pawnbroker. Sept 15 at 2. Off Rec, Figtree lane, Pet Sept 2. Ord Sept 2


11. CHURCHILL, CHARLES, Cazenove rd, Stoke Newington, Importer of American

HARRIS, GEORGE FREDERICK, Bridgwater, Licensed Victualler. Sept 14 Machinery. High Court. Pet Sept 1. Ord Sept 1

Bristol Arms Hotel, Bridgwater

Aug 26

Ord Aug 30


Ord Sept 1

Ord Aug 31

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