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which provides that, on any appointment of new trustees, separate that, in many cases, the new scale will be inadequate ; the question trustees may be appointed to administer distinct sets of trusts. to be settled is whether, taking difficult and complicated transThe court has often assumed jurisdiction to make such separate actions with simple transactions, it will afford a fair remuneraappointments; and there is probably nothing to which any one tion. will strongly object in the fact that the new enactment seems to In computing the commission, fractions of £100, under £50, are apply, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the settle- to be reckoned as £50, and fractions of £100, above £50, are to ment. Both this enactment and the former one are verbose with be reckoned as £100. Under the Law Society's scale of 1873 out being explicit, and might, we think, have been made at once fractional parts of £100 were to be reckoned as £100. The shorter and clearer. We are left (as we ought not to have been) minimum remuneration on transactions over £100 is to be £5, and to infer that section 30 of the old Act will apply to the filling on transactions under £100, £3. Where property is sold subject up of vacancies occurring in separate sets of trustees constituted to incumbrances, the amount of the incumbrances is to be deemed by virtue of section 5 of the new Act.

part of the purchase-money, except where the mortgagee purSection 6 shows another discrepancy between the text and the chases, in which case the charge of his solicitor is to be calculated marginal note. The latter speaks about trustees, and the language upon the price of the equity of redemption. of the former is perfectly general. It enables one (or, we sup- The extra charges which are authorized to be made are—(1) pose, more than one) donee of a power to disclaim the power, £2 10s. for procuring the execution and acknowledgment of a and provides that such disclaimer shall not incapacitate the other deed by a married woman; (2) £2 for perusal of draft on behall donees from exercising it. The section was probably meant only of any party having a distinct interest proper to be separately to supplement section 38 of the old Act, which provided for the represented” (where the party joining in the conveyance or mortsurvivorship of a joint power or trust in executors or trustees on gage is represented by a separate solicitor, “the charges of such a death. We infer that by some defect of original construction separate solicitor are to be dealt with under the old [i.e., present] the executors and trustees were omitted, or, more probably, that system as altered by Schedule II.); (3) remuneration for extra in the subsequent polishing they were dropped out, leaving fossil work occasioned by changes occurring in the course of any busitraces of their existence in the marginal note.

ness ; (4) remuneration for business of a contentious character”; Section 7 contains some important provisions respecting the and (5) remuneration according to the present system, as altered by acknowledgment of deeds executed by married women. One Schedule II., in respect of all business the remuner ation for perpetual, or one special, commissioner will, after the end of the which is not prescribed by rule 2 or Schedule I. An important present year, be able to take such acknowledgments, instead of question is as to the scope to be given to this last provision. two commissioners being required for the purpose. A What business will be considered as falling within the several memorandum of acknowledgment, if purporting to be signed by items of deducing and investigating title in respect of which coma person authorized to take the acknowledgment, is conclusive mission is allowed by the scale ? As regards the item for deducevidence of the acknowledgment; and the deed takes effect from ing title, it is presumed that it is intended to cover preparation of the time of acknowledgment. Probably this section may be abstract, and replies to requisitions. It does not seem that it will thought to hit the judicious mean between the greater elaboration cover any acts which


be necessary or advisable to be done by of the existing system and the original proposal to abolish way of completing the title before the property is offered for sale. acknowledgments altogether. It is true that the practice of As regards the item for investigating title and preparing and comacknowledgment is by some competent persons thought to be only pleting conveyance, it would seem that it will not cover the a costly and worse than useless nuisance, which might with getting in of any outstanding estate ; for that is neither investigatadvantage be wholly abolished. But it is well known that cases ing title nor completing conveyance. It will apparently cover all have actually occurred where the process of acknowledging a journeys which may be necessary, except "travelling or hotel deed has been the means of discovering that the married woman's expenses," which are expressly excepted by rule 4. Will it cover execution of it was due either to fraud or to coercion. And it the preparation of statutory declarations ? will hardly be denied that a very few such cases are a sufficient With regard to sales by auction in lots, rule 1 in Schedule I. apology for retaining the practice, though in a great number it provides that “ the commission for deducing title and perusing may be, or seem to be (for the two things are not identical), and completing conveyance on a sale by auction is to be chargesuperfluous. To the number of the actually detected plots must able on each lot of property, except that where a property held be adıled the probably larger number of cases in which the fore under the same title is divided into lots for convenience of sale, seen necessity for separate acknowledgment has prevented a plot and the same purchaser buys several such lots and takes one from being hatched to maturity. Upon these grounds we are conveyance, and only one abstract is delivered, the commission is not sorry that the change made is not more sweeping.

to be chargeable upon the aggregate prices of the lots." What is “the commission " which is to be “chargeable on each lot" ? It will be observed that the rule does not provide that commission

shall be chargeable on each lot in respect of the price thereof; THE REMUNERATION ORDER.

but it is clear that this must be the meaning of the rule. The

result will be that, in the case of sales in lots where the total proIII.

duce of sale is below £1,000, the only difference between comThe commission allowed in the case of completed sales or mort- mission on the aggregate price of the lots and commission on the gages for deducing title and perusing and completing a conveyance separate prices of the lots will be that in the latter case the solicitor or mortgage is one and a half per cent. for the first £1,000; one may get commission on fractions of £50, but in the case of sales per cent. for the second and third £1,000; one-half per cent. for in lots where the total produce of the sale is over £1,000, the the fourth and each subsequent £1,000 up to £10,000, and one- result will be to give a larger remuneration to the solicitor where quarter per cent. for each subsequent £1,000 up to £100,000. the lots are sold to different purchasers. And, as we remarked last week, the commission of the purchaser's We have already discussed the commission on an ineffectual or mortgagee's solicitor for investigating title and preparing and sale by auction. The remuneration of the vendor's and purchaser's completing conveyance or mortgage is the same. In the scale solicitors, or of the mortgagor's and mortgagee's solicitors on a suggested by the Council of the Law Society the rates are under- purchase by private contract, or mortgage ,which is not completed, stood to have been two per cent. up to £1,000, one per cent. ou is (under rule 2 (c)) to be regulated according to the present any further amount up to £5,000, and one-half per cent. on any system as altered by Schedule II. further amount beyond £5,000. In the Law Society's scale of We now come to the commission for what may be termed com1873 the commission of the purchaser's solicitor was three per bined transactions—that is to say, transactions in which the same cent. up to £1,000, and two per cent. for every £100 up to £5,000. solicitor acts for different parties. The first point to be noticed is Whether the new scale will afford a fair remuneration is a question that to which a correspondent drew attention last week—viz., that on which no definite opinion can be pronounced until it has been no provision is made for the case of the same solicitor acting for in operation for some time, so as to enable practitioners to ascer- both vendor and purchaser in an ordinary purchase transaction. tain the average afforded by a series of transactions. It is clear Rule 2 in Part II, of Schedule I., which provides for the case of only to “

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a solicitor being concerned for both vendor and purchaser, applies acts for purchaser, mortgagor, and mortgagee is entitled to pur

conveyances at a rent." The result would seem to be chaser's solicitor's commission, and also to half the commission that the solicitor who acts both for vendor and purchaser in an under rule 3. But this view seems to be the result of a want of ordinary purchase transaction will be entitled to charge full com- observation of the terms of rule 6. That rule expressly provides mission both as vendor's solicitor and also as purchaser's solicitor that the solicitor shall, in addition to full purchaser's solicitor's -0.9., a solicitor acting for both vendor and purchaser in a pur- commission, only be entitled to one-half of the commission " for chase for £5,000 will be entitled to two commissions of £45 each. investigating title and preparing the mortgage deed—that is to Considering the careful provision made for reduced commission in say, only to one-balf the mortgagee's solicitor's commission. It does other cases of combined transactions, it seems doubtful whether not entitle him to any part of the mortgagur's solicitor's commisthis result can have been contemplated by the framers of the sion. We think it clear that rule 3 must not be read with rule 6, Order.

and that in the case put of the solicitor acting for purchaser, The next matter to be noticed is the remuneration of a solicitor mortgagor, and mortgagee on a purchase for £5,000, and mortgage who is concerned for both mortgagor and mortgagee. This is for £5,000 of the same property completed at the same time, the provided for by rule 3 in Schedule I., under which he “is to be solicitor's commission (exclusive of negotiating commission) will entitled to charge the mortgagee's solicitor's charges and one-half be £67 10s. ; but it is certainly remarkable that the solicitor's of those which would be allowed to the mortgagor's solicitor up remuneration shculd be the same in this case as in the case where to £5,000, and on any excess above £5,000, one-fourth thereof.” he merely acts for mortgagor and mortgagee. On a mortgage for £5,000 the commission of the solicitor acting for mortgagor and mortgagee will therefore be as follows :

$ 8. d. Mortgagee's solioitor's commission for investigating title, &c. 45 0 0 Half mortgagor's solicitor's commission for deducing title, &o. 22 10 0

CORRESPONDENCE. And if the solioitor has negotiated the loan, he will be entitled to fall mortgagee's solicitor's commission for negotiating. 35 00


[To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] Making a total commission of

£102 10 0

Sir,-Referring to the question raised in recent articles in your journal The next matter is that to which we briefly referred at the as to the circumstances in which a vendor's solicitor can become entitled olose of our article last week—the case of a conveyance and mort- to the commission for conducting a sale by auction, I beg to point out gage of the same property oompleted at the same time and pre- that, while it is customary in London for the vendor to pay the pared by the same solicitor. In this case rule 6 in Schedule 1. auctioneer's commission, the usual conditions of sale in some pro. provides that the solicitor is to be entitled to charge “only half vincial districts provide for the payment of such commission by the

purchaser. the fees for investigating title and preparing the mortgage deed up to £5,000, and on any excess above £5,000, one-fourth thereof, sale by auction may, therefore, depend upon the locality of the sale


The right of the vendor's solicitor to remuneration for conducting a in addition to his full oharges upon the purchase-money and his This can scarcely bave been the intention of the framers of the order, as commission for nogotiating (if any).” If this rule stood alone, there there seems no valid reason for depriving some solicitors of remuneration would be no question that, in the case put by our correspondent which others, more favoured by local custom, will earn for precisely of a purchase for £5,000 and mortgage for same amount of the similar work.

J. T. D. same property, completed at the same time, and prepared by the London, September 14. sime solicitor, the remuneration of the solicitor would be as follows:

$ 8. d.

[To the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.] Fall commission for investigating title, &c., on parchase for

Sir, I have just had occasion to endeavour to ascertain what the costs £

45 00 Half commission for investigating title, and preparing and com

are on a lease at a rent of £120 per annum, according to the new scale.

Is it £7 10s. or £10? After the first $100 the words in the order are pletiog mortgage for £5,000

22 10 0

—“ £2 10s. in respect of each subsequent £100." But the subsequent

£100 is not reached until the rent amounts to £200, and there is no pro

£67 10 0 If the solicitor negotiated the load, a commission of £35 would bave to

vision under Leases as in rule 7, Schedule I., Part I., as to fractionz. be added.

What is meant, I presume, is that anything over £100 shall be treated as £200, but it is not so expressed.

A SOLICITOR. It will be observed that on this construction the commission of

[Will not rule 6 in Part II. of Schedule I., that “ fractions of £5 are the solicitor who acts for purchaser, mortgagor, and mortgagee is to be reckoned as £5," apply to the case ?-Ed. S. J.] exactly the same as that of the solicitor who acts merely for mortgagor and mortgagee. It is not surprising that it should have occurred to practitioners that this could not have been intended, and that there must be some mode of construing the order so as

CASES OF THE WEEK. to give a higher remuneration to the solicitor who acts in the former case. It has been contended that in this case, since the

BEFORE THE VACATION JUDGE. purchaser is concerned for both mortgagor and mortgagee, rule 3

Vacation BUSINESS_URGENCY_PETITION-CONFIRMATION OF SALES ACT must be read with rule 6 as governing the commission of the (25 & 26 Vict. c. 108).- In the case of In re Hodgson, before Day, J., on the solicitor. It can hardly be meant by this contention that the solici. 6th inst., sitting as Vacation Jadge, an application was made that a petition tor is to be entitled both to the commission under rule 3 and under the above-mentioned Act by trustees praying for the sanction of the under rule 6, for in that case the effect would be to give to the court to a conditional contract for the sale of minerals might be in the paper solicitor who prepares a conveyance for £5,000 and mortgage for that the matter was pressing, gave the leave asked for. On the 6th inst. an £5,000 of the same property which are completed at the same time order was made in this case 'upon the petition of trustees and beneficiaries a higher commission than if he had acted first for the purchaser of under the will of Mr. W. A. Hodgson, of Sharlston, York, giving the trastees the property for £5,000, and at a subsequent time for the mort- leave to sell minerals under testator's land apart from the surface of the gagor and mortgagee of the same property. In the former case land.—Solicitors, J. Bickersteth Ottley, for Dixons & Horne, Wakefield. the solicitor would (independently of any commission for negotiation), by the combined operation of rule 3 and rule 6, obtain a

DEFENDANT RESIDENT A BROAD_EQUITABLE ASSIGNMENT OF MONEYS IN commission of £135, while in the latter case he would get a

BANK-INJUNCTION.-In Morris v. De Lamonta a motion was made on commission of £112 10s. only. This would be obviously absurd. behalf of the plaintiff to restrain the defendant De Lamonta from with Independently of this, we think it clear that rule 3 will be read as the bank from parting with, certain moneys which had been paid into prescribing the remuneration of the solicitor concerned for both mort- the bank on account of subscriptions for debentures of the Casino Manicipal gagor and mortgagee in all cases except that of a conveyance and de la Ville de Nice. The last-mentioned corporation was a Société mortgage of the same property completed at the same time and pre- amount of £440,000. The defendant De Lamonta had parchased the whole

Anonyme incorporated in France, with power to issue debentures to the pared by the same solicitor, which case is provided for by rule 6. It ingne from the

corporation and bad offered £250,000, part of it, for subscriphas, however, been thought that under rule 6 the solicitor who tion in England. There was a contract between the plaintiff and the

defendant De Lamonta that the plaintiff should advertise the debentures At the afternoon sitting speeches of welcome were delivered in the name of offered for subscription in London, for which he was to be paid $4,600. the King by M. Mancini, and in the name of the town by Count Ferraris, the Considerable sums of money had been paid into the back in con equenos of Syndic. The secretary-general then read a report on the work of the Institut the plaintiff's advertisements, and the plaintiff not having received payment since its last meeting, and of the reception of the Oxford resolutions on of his £4,600 as agreed, now moved to restrain the defendant De Lamonta, extradition and of the “ Manual of the Laws of War." He also touched and the bank respectively, from withdrawing or parting with any of the upon the losses sustained by the deaths. of MM. Bluntschli, Bernard, Massé, moneys so paid in antil he had been paid that som. Counsel for the defendant Laurence, and Dubois, upon the international subscription in honour of De Lamonta objected that the conrt had no power to make such an order, that Blantschli, and upon the interesting reminiscences of the unification of Italy there had been no assigoment to the plaintiff of the moneys in question, suggested by the chamber in wbich he was speaking. and that without such an assignment there could be no injunotion to restrain the removal of the fund. In the course of the argument, however, some correspondence between the parties was read, from wbioh it appeared that it was folly understood and agreed between the parties that the £4,600

COMPANIES. should be paid to the plaintiff out of the first moneys received by the bank from subscribers. Day, J., considered that this constituted in equity an

WINDING-UP NOTICES. assignment of the fund, and made the order asked for.-SOLICITORS, Peace

Joint STOCK COMPANIES. & Co.; Michael Abrahams & Roffey.



chambers of Hall, V.C., for the appointment of an official liquidator

CENTRAL WYNAAD GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Day, J., has fixed Sept 21 at 11.30 TION ACT—INJUNCTION.-In Pickering v. The Metropolitan Railway Company, at the chambers of Hall, V.C., for the appointment of an official liquidator a motion was made to restrain the defendant company from obstructing the C. W. Merter & Co., LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept 8, directed to plaintiff's road to his warehouse in the rear of 33, Trinity.square, Tower.

be heard before Day, J., in the court of Hall, V.C., on Wednesday, Sept 20.

Drake and Co, Rood lane, solicitors for the petitioner hill. The right of user of the road in question had been demised by the MILLINERY AND DRESS ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept Corporation of the Tripity House (whose estate and interest in the premises 8, directed to be heard at the court of Hall, V.C., on Sept 20. Rooks and Co, King st, the railway company had since bought) to the plaintiff in 1865, together with

Cheapside, solicitors for the petitioners the warehouse to which it led. In Apríl last the defendants diverted the road, NORTHGATE BOOT AND SHOE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED.— Petition for winding

up, presented Sept 5, directed to be heard before Day, J., on Sept 20. Wright, Fenand from time to time, between April and June, substituted other approuches church bldgs, solicitor for the petitioner to the plaintiff's warehouse for the road in question. Since the 2nd of June no

WALA WYNAAD INDIAN GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Day, J., has, by an order alteration had been made. On the 24th of August the plaintiff issued his

dated Sept 1, appointed Thomas Stephen Evans, 5 and 6, Bucklersbury, to be official

liquidator writ in this action, and he now moved for an injunction to restrain the de.

FGazette, Sept. 8.) fendants from obstructing bis right of way. Counsel for the railway company C. W. MEITER & Co., LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Sept 8, directed to relied upon the statutory powers conferred upon them by their special ac:

be heard at the court of Hall, V.C., on Wednesday, Sept 20. Pulbrook, Cloak lane, and the Railways Clauses Consolidation Act wbich was in orporated with it ; GEORGIA LAND, LUMBER, AND COLONIZATION COMPANY, LIMITED:--Petition for winding and except that they had failed in April to give the proper statutory notices up, presented Sept 7, directed to be heard at the court of Hall, V.C., on Wednesday, to the plaintiff of their intention to divert his road, they had in all respects

Sept 20. Wild and Co, Ironmonger lane, solicitors for the petitioner

Hoover HILL GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented complied with their Act. They had provided proper temporary access to the

Sept 11, directed to be heard before the Vacation Judge at V.C. Hall's court, on Sept plaintiff's premises in substitution for that interfered with, and in two or 20. Jones, Bishopsgate st Within, solicitor for the petitioner three weeks the works would be finished and the old roadway restored to its LONDON ESTATE AND MORTGAGE COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, preoriginal condition. With regard to the failure to give the notices required,

sented Sept 9, directed to be heard by the Vacation Judge at v.o. Hall's court, on

Sept 20. Hogan and Hughes, Martin's lane, solicitors for the petitioner they contended that the plaintiff could not at this period take objection to PREESGWEBNE COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED. - Petition for winding up, presented Sept tbis failure, and that he must be held by his conduct to have waived the right 11, directed to be heard before Day, J., in the court of Hall, V.C., on Wednesday, Sept to notice. DAY, J., held that the company had plain statutory powers to

27. Blake and Heseltine, Serjeants' inn, Fleet st, agents for Darlington and sons,

Wigan, solicitors for the petitioner divert the road in question, and notwithstanding that thes bad not strictly SOUTIEN STATES COAL, IRON, AND LAND COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by complied with all the requirements of the Act by not giving the plaintiff the the Vacation Judge, dated Aug 23, it was ordered that the voluntary winding np of notices referred to, yet, having regard to the plaintiff's delay in bringing his

the company be continued. Goldring and Mitchell, Southampton st, Bloomsbury, action until the defendants' works were on the eve of completion, he would

agents for Ramwell and Co, Bolton, solicitors for the petitioner

[Gazette, Sept. 12.) not interfere with those works now, and he refused the motion with costs.


CHRISTIAN FRIENDS' Uniox SOCIETY, Lecture Hall, High st, Deptford. Sept 5

(Gazette, Sept. 8.) ST. OLAVR'S UNION BENBFIT SOCIETY, Dun Horse, Borough High st. Sept 6 WARESLEY PROVIDENT CO-OPERATINE SOCIETY, LIMITED, Waresley, Huntingdon. Sept 6

| Gazette, Sept. 12.7 LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. Mr. FREDERICK EDWARD NICHOLSON, solicitor, of Doncaster, has been

At the Stock and Share Auction Company's sale held on Suptember 14, at appointed Assistant Clerk to the Doncaster Board of Guardians and Superin. their sale-rooms, Crown-court, Old Broad-street, E.C., the following were tendent Registrar for the district. Mr. Nicholson is clerk to the Lower among the prices obtaiced:--Hoover Hill Gold Mining, 58.; Edinburgh and Strafforth and Tickbill Highway Board. He was admitted a solicitor in Glasgow Insurance, 178. 6d. ; Georgia Bonds, 21 per cent. ; Alabama Bonds, 1876.

24 per cent. ; United Horse Nail, 10s.; Indian Kingston, 53. ; Madras Gold Mr. HARRY Cousins, solicitor, of Cardiff, has been appointed a Perpetual Miving, 78. 6d. ; Nundydroog Gold Mining, 63. ;, West Devon Consols Mine, Commissioner for Glamorganshire for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds 78.; Belgravia Dairy Company, 12s. ; and other miscellaneous securities by Married Women.

fetched fair prices. Mr. EDWARD STONE has been appointed Crown Solicitor for the Colony of Western Australia.


To Surrender in London.


FRIDAY, Sept. 8, 1882.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Creditors must forward their proof of debts to the Registrar.
This association met on Monday at Turin in the old Chamber of Deputies. Buckler, Charles W
Among the members and associates present, there were from Germany, Pro-

, Upper st, Islington, Auctioneer. Pet Sept 7. Brougham.

Sept 26 at 11 fessors Balmering and Schulze, of Heidelberg ; Professor Von Bar, of Göttin- Fano, Henry John, Bury st, St James', of no occupation. Pet Sept 6. Brougham, gen; M. Gessner, of Dresden ; M. Perels, of Berlin; and Professor Sept 20 at 11 Marguardsen, of Erlangen; from Austria, Professor Neumann, of Vienna ;

Webster, Benjamin, Ponsonby pl, Vauxhall bridge rd, Dairyman. Pet Sept 4.

Brougham. Sept 22 at 12 from Belgium, M. Rolin-Jacquemyns, Minister of the Interior ; Professors Wood, Richard J ; Hatherley grove, Westbourne grove. Pet Sept 6. Brougham. Rivier and Arntz, of Brussels ; Professor de Laveleye, of Ghent; and M. Nys ; Sept 22 at 11.30 from Switzerland, M. Mognier, President of the Red Cross Society ; from Badger, Thomas Wright, Whiston, York, Solicitor. Pot Sept 6. Wake. Sheffield,

To Surrender in the Country. England, Mr. Hall and Professor Holland, of Oxford; from Russia, Professors Sept 27 at 12 Martens, of St. Petersburg, and Kamarowsky, of Moscow ; from Greec, Burns, Christopher, Cleator Moor, Plumber. Pet Sept 5. Were. Whitehaven, Sept 20 M. Savipolos; from Italy, M. Mancini, Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Professor Brusa ; from France, MM. Clunet, Montluc, and de Clerè.

Gorringe, Alfred, Nightingale rd, Wood Green. Pet Sept 6. Pulley. Edmonton,

Sept 27 at 11 The morning meeting, of members only, was devoted to private business Jones, George, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton, Licensed Victualler. Pet Sept 4. and elections. M. Mancini was elected president, but declined to accept the

Sanders. Wolverhampton, Sept 29 at 12 office, which he had already held at Geneva, as being incompatible with

Middleton, Edward, jun, Ashgread, Yeadon, York, Cloth Manufacturer. Pet Sept 5.

Marshall, Leeds, Sept 20 at 11 his official position. M. Pierantooi, professor at Rome, was then elected Newman, James William, Bedworth, Warwick, Builder. Pet Sept 4. Kirby. Coventry, president, and Professors Neumann and de Laveleye vice-presidents. MM. Sept 20 at 12 Lucas and Mamiani were

promoted to honorary membership, and MM. Hall, Pike, Benjamin, Southtown, Suffolk, Timber Merchant's Clerk, Pet Sept 6. barrister-at-law, Pradier-Fodéré and Renault, professors at Paris, associates, Slater, John, Newchurch, Lancastor, Innkeeper. Pet Sept 4. Tweedale. Oldham, were elected members. The following were electod associates Professors Sept 21 at 12 Carlé, of Turin; Gabba, of Pisa ; Carnazza-Amari, of Catania ; Martilz, of Vitale, Clerico, Newcastle upon Tyno, Cafó Proprietor. Pet Sept 6. Ingledew. NewTubiugen; Lemonaco, of Naples ; Martens, of Coimbra ; Roskowsky, of Webber, Leonard J Leopol; Lord Reay, and M. Nys, judge at Antwerp.

, Plymouth, Commission Agent. Pet Sept 6. Gidloy, East Stonehouse, Sept 21 at 12

at 11

TURSDAY, Sept. 12, 1882.
Under the Bapkruptoy Act, 1869.

Irving, Henry, Bolton, Cumberland, Innkeeper. Sept 28 at 3 at office of Rigg, King st,

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

James, Edward, Llantrissant, Glamorgan, Tailor. Sept 29 at 10 at 64 St Mary st,
To Surrender in London.

Cardiff. Williams Hammond, William, Commercial rd East, Baker. Pet Sept 9. Brougham. Sept 27 Jardine, Harry, Oxford, Boot Factor. Sept 22 at 11 at offices of Druce, High st, at 12

Oxford Hardy, John, Curtain rd, Shoreditch, Upholsterer. Pet Sept 8. Brougham. Sept 27 Kellond, Charles Ardon, Goldhurst rd, St John's Wood, Builder. Sept 19 at 3 at the at 11

Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Wells, Paternoster row Rhodes, Thomas, Colebrooke row, Islington, Commiesion Agent. Pet Sept 8. Kendall, Henry, Aspatria, Cumberland, Brower. Sept 28 at 12 at offices of Rigg, King Brougham. Sept 28 at 12.30

st, Wigton Storell, Edwin, Goswell rd, Chemist. Pet Sept 8. Brougham. Sept 22 at 12.30 Kirkham, Joseph, Derby, Potato Merchant. Sept 21 at 3 at offices of Hextall, Full st,

To Surrender in the Country.
Cave, Frederick, Hastings, Tea Dealer. Pet Sept 9. Young. Hastings, Sept 30 at 11

Knight, George, Amhurst road, Hackney, China Dealer. Sept 20 at 11 at offices of

Hatchett and Co, Mark lane Hawkes, Frederick, Chosham, Bucks, Wooden Ware Manufacturer. Pet Sept 8. Leach, William, sen., Portsea, Hants, Furniture Dealer. Sept 20 at 12.30 at 145, Watson. Aylesbury, Oct 2 at 11

Cheapside. Feltham, Portsea Hiscox, John Henry Thomas, Woolston, Southampton, Grocer. Sept 6. Candy. Levy, Moss, Green lanes, Stoke Newington, China Dealer. Sept 18 at 10 at offices of Southampton, Sept 27 at 12

Harte, Moorgate st
Pember, John William, Torbock, Lancashire, Commercial Clerk. Pet Sept 8. Cooper. Lewton, Thomas, Eastville, Gloucester, Commission Agent. Sept 20 at 12 at offices of

Liverpool, Sept 27 at 12
Russell, John Thomas, Kingston upon Hull, Timber Merchant. Pet Sept 7. Rollitt

Evans, Exchange buildings East, Bristol
Kingston upon Hull, Sept 26 at 3

Little, James, Reading, Berks, Auctioneer. Sept 21 at 10.15 at the Wheatsheaf Hotel,

Friar st, Reading. Parker and Wilkins, High Wycombe Williams, James Septimus, Liverpool, Carrier. Pet Sept 8. Cooper. Liverpool, Sept Luntley, Philip James, Scarborough, York, Musical Instrument Dealer. Sept 18 at 10 26 at 12

at offices of Williamson, Queen st, Scarborough Winstanley, Thomas, Wigan, Brass Founder. Pet Sept 7. Hope. Wigan, Sept 25 at 11 | Maas, Jacob, Columbia rd, Hackney, Baker. Sept 26 at 8 at offices of Charlton and BANK

Co, Sise lane, Queen Victoria st. Bassett, Fenwick rd, East Dulwich

McGuire, Thomas, sen, Sunderland, Grocer. Sept 19 at 11 at office of Stokoe, Fawcett
FRIDAY, Sept. 8, 1882.

st, Sunderland Lowes, Christopher, Walbrook, Solicitor. Sept 4

Mark, Frederick, Bell st, Edgware rd, Builder. Oot 4 at 3 at offices of Munns and

Longden, Old Jewry
Liquidations by Arrangement.

Matravers, George, Ashill, Somerset, Farmer. Sept 27 at 11 at office of Paull, Court

Barton, Ilminster

Mawson, Horner, Bradford, Grocer. Sept 25 at 3 at office of Berry and Robinson, Feiday, Sept. 8, 1882.

Charles st, Bradford Allies, Thomas, Bromyard, Hereford, Innkeeper. Sept 20 at 10.30 at Hop Market Hotel, Merrifield, John, Burnley, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. Sept 28 at 3 at Exchange Worcester. Allen, Bromyard

Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley. Hartley, Burnley Balls, William Cooper, and James Langford Kirby, Queen Victoria st, Furriers. Sept Middleton, Thomas John, High Holborn, Optician. Sept 28 at 3 at offices of Freeman 28 at 11 at office of Tanner, Circus place, Finsbury circus

and Winthrop, Bedford row Barnes, James Adam, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Fancy Draper. Sept 22 at 12 at office of Morfitt, William, Goole, York, Grocer. Sept 22 at 2 at office of England, East parade, Glyn, Bedford row. Gibson, Sittingbourne

Goole Barnfield, Alfred, Nottingham, Tailor. Sept 28 at 3 at office of Brittle, St Peter's chbrs, Noden, Charles, Wolstanton, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Sept 21 at 3 at offices of St Peter's gate, Nottingham

Knight, Ironmonger, Newcastle-under-Lyme Batten, George, Eastville, Gloucester, Greengrocer. Sept 21 at 2 at office of Wilmott, Noel, heophile Aime Arsene, Long Acre, Bedding Manufacturer. Sept 18 at 2 at Nicholas st, Bristol

office of Dubois, Serjeants' inn, Chancery lane. Moss, Gt Tower st Bennett, William Edward, Kidderminster, Worcester, Builder. Sept 22 at 3 at office Nowne, Henry, Rotherhithe, Surrey, House Decorator. Sept 25 at 3 at office of Wallis, of Waldron, High st, Brierley hill

Pancras lane Bentley, Frederick, Hanley, Stafford, Grocer. Sept 18 at 11 at office of Bennett, Picca- Nunnerley, Richard, and Joseph Nunnerley, Upper Norwood, Linen Drapers. Sept 22 dilly bldgg, Hanley

at 3 at office of Finch, Borough High st, Southwark Berzynski, Jacob, Leeds, Tailor. Sept 21 at 2 at office of Billington, Great George st, Owens, Price, Merthyr Tydfil, Wholesale Potato Merchant. Sept 20 at 1 at office of Leeds

James and Co, High st, Merthyr Tydfil Billington, John, James st, Covent garden, Licensed Victualler. Sept 25 at 2 at office Paige, John, Plymouth, Provision Dealer. Sept 21 at 11 at office of Elworthy and Co, of Lee, New inn, Strand

Courtenay st, Plymouth Bradshaw, William, Oxford, Colliery Agent. Sept 21 at 12 at office of Galpin, New Inn Pitt, John Édward, Birmingham, out of business. Sept 21 at 11 at office of Mallard Hall st, Oxford

Newhall chmbrs, Newhall st, Birmingham Braithwaite, Samuel, Samuel Braithwaite, jun., and John Braithwaite, Ashton under Plush, Robert, sen, St Ann's rd, Brixton, Coffee house Proprietor. Sept 27 at 3 at office Lyne, Contractors. Sept 21 at 3 at office of Booth, Delamere st, Ashton under

of Rudall, Watling st Lyne

Punton, George, Brockley Whins, Durham, Station Master. Sept 22 at 3 at the Queen Burrows, Herbert Morton, Wisbech, Cambridge, Watchmaker, Sept 21 at 3 at White Hotel, Fawcett st, Sunderland. Salkeld, Durham! Hart Hotel, Wisbech. Freeman, Haverhill

Reynolds, Thomas, Birmingham, Bootmaker. Sept 15 at 3 at office of Burton, Union st, Caisley, John, Glanton, Northumberland, Tailor. Sept 18 at 2 at office of Middlemas, Roberts, Robert, Liverpool, Builder. Sept 25 at 2 at office of Knowles, Cook st, Liver

Bondgate Without, Alnwick
Clifton, Arthur, Orange st, Red Lion sq, Plumber. Sept 21 at 10 at office of Day, pool
Southampton st, Bloomsbury

Roberts, Thomas John, Denbigh, Slate Merchant. Sept 22 at 12 at Green Dragon Hotel, Cook, John, Flint, Rhyl, Jeweller. Sept 28 at 12 at Crewe Arms Hotel, Crewe. Davis

Chester. Gold and Co, Denbigh and Roberts, Rhylı

Rooksby, Walter, Tunbridge Wells, Butcher. Sept 22 at 11 at office of Burton, Dyott Coombs, John, Kingston on Thames, Surrey, Eating House Keeper. Sept 20 at 3 at ter, Tunbridge Wells office of Andrews and Mason, Ironmonger lane. Lewis, Great Marlborough st

Sandiford, Joseph, Radcliffe, Lancaster, Dyer. Sept 26 at 3 at office of Ritson and Covington, Joseph Richard, Roupell st, Lambeth, Omnibus Proprietor. Sept 15 at 2 at Grundy, Princess st, Manchester office of Norris, Gray's inn pl, Gray's inn

Skillman, Francis. William st, Stamford hill, Provision Dealer, Sept 27 at 3 at office of Cutler, Edmund, South Stockton, York, Grocer. Sept 22 at 11 at office of Hunton, High Thwaites, Southampton bldns, Chancery lane. Parke st, Stockton on Tees

Smith, John, Blackburn, Brush Maker. Sopt 20 at 3 at office of Scott, Victoria st, Daniell, Samuel, Feock, Cornwall, Travelling Tea Dealer. Sept 21 at 2 at office of Cock,

Blackburn Pydar st, Truro

Stark, James, John James Ford, and Walter Stark, Bridgewater, Grocers. Sept 21 at 1 Dawkins, Charles, Beckenham, Kent, Brewer's Traveller. Sept 21 at 11.30 at 81, Gres- at Grand Hotel, Broad st, Bristol. Reed and Cook, Bridgewater ham st. King, Martin's lane, Cannon st

Stoakes, Richard, Portsea, Contractor. Sept 22 at 3 at Royal Oak Hotel, Queen st, Edmunds, Ann, Trevethin, Monmouth, Grocer. Sept 22 at 1 at office of Tribe and Co, Thornton, Alfred' Elijah, South Norwood, Upholsterer. Sept 20 at 12 at office of HandEdwards, Lumley, Mile end, Cowkeeper. Sept 26 at 11 at offices of Cooke, Gray's Tipping,

William, Salford, no occupation. Sept 22 at 11 at office of Boote and Edgar, Enion, Thomas, Northampton, Coal and Coke Merchant. Sept 25 at 12 at offices of Booth st, Manchester Hensman, St Giles' st, Northampton

Towe, Edward, Walsall, Stafford, Baker. Sept 19 at 12 at office of Baker, Bridge st, Evan, Thomas, Manchester, Commission Agent. Sept 20 at 3 at offices of Boote and

Walsall Edgar, Booth st, Manchester

Wendt, Henry, Bristol, Beerhouse Keeper. Sept 20 at 11 at office of Ward, Albion chbrs, Eyre, Joseph, Hotspur st, Kennington rd, Brassfounder, Sept 29 at 2 at offices of

Bristol Barton and Pearman, Kennington rd, Lambeth

White, Henry, Naunton, Gloucester, Grocer. Sept 19 at 11 at office of Smith, Corn Es. Fellows, Thomas, Dudley, Iron Manufacturer. Sept 19 at 12 at offices of Hall, Wol. change, Cheltenham verhampton st, Dudley

Whittle, John, Wigan, Engineer. Sept 20 at 11 at office of Wilson, King st, Wigan Goddard, James, Union mews, Middlesex Hospital, Pianoforte Maker. Sept 22 at 2 at Williams, Benjamin, Liverpool, Plumber. Sept 22 at 2 at office of Knowles, Cook st, offices of Stokes, Chancery lane

Liverpool Goodwin, Walter Booth, Macclesfield, Chester, Painter. Sept 25 at 3 at offices of Bar- Williamson, James, Huddersgeld, Wine Merchant. Oct 2 at 11 at office of Hardings clay and Henstock, Exchange chbrs, Macclesfield

and Co, Princess st, Manchester Gough, William Thomas, Bevenden st, Hoxton, Fancy Box Maker. Sept 18 at 12 at Worrall, John Henry, Redditch, Worcester, out of business. Sept 25 at 12 at offices of Grayson, Charles, Kingston upon Hull, Chemist. Sept 21 at 3 at offices of Summers, Wright, John, Northampton, Fruiterer. Sept 26 at 3 at offices of Palmer and Co, New. Kingston upon Hull

lands, Northampton. Wright, Leicester Hamson, Edwin Frederick, Oldham, Lancaster, Builder. Sept 20 at 3 at offices of Wright, Matthew, and Alphonso Rowland Wright, Bradford, York, Worsted Spinners. Ascroft, Clegg st, Oldham

Sept 22 at 11 at offices of Killick and Co, Commercial Bank bldge, Bradford Harding, John Mayman, Appleton le Moors, near Kirbymoorside, York, Farmer. Sept Yealand, Charles, Calverton, Nottingham, Horse Breaker. Sept 23 at 12 at offices of Harrison, Edwin, Shipley, York, stuff Merchant. Sept 22 at 3.30 at Leuchter’s Zanoli, Bernard, Exeter, Confectioner. Sept 20 at 3 at the Craven Hotel, Craven st, Restaurant, Darley st, Bradford. Morgan and Morgan, Bradford

Strand. Petherick, Exeter Haslock, George Stewart, Birmingham, Warwick, Builder. Sept 22 at 11 at Acorn

TUESDAY, Sept. 12, 1882. Hotel, Temple st, Birmingbam. Lowe, Birmingham

Annakin, Richard William, Pannal, near Harrogate, York, Butcher. Sept 25 at 3 at Haughton, George Watson, and John William West Thompson, Streatham, Surrey, offices of Richardson and Byron, James st, Harrogate Booksellers. Oct 4 at 3' at Guildhall Coffee House, Gresham st. Braikenridge, Baker, Thomas, Newark, Nottingham, Toll Collector. Sept 27 at 3.30 at offices of Bartlett's bldgs, Holborn

Norman, Kirkgate, Newark Hayward, Arthur Thomas, North Malvern, Worcester, Grocer, Sept 21 at 3 at office of Bartholomew, William John, Hastings, Sussex, Tailor. Sept 27 at 12 at the Arundel Lambert, the Promenade, Gt Malvern

Hotel, Arundel st, Strand. Dawes, Rye Hillier, William, Sunnyside rd, Hornsey Rise, Baker. Sept 28 at 2 at office of Betteley, Bennett, Thomas, Salford, Lancaster, Hatter. Sept 25 at 3 at the Falstaff Hotel, Market South st, Finsbury sq

place, Manchester. _Alderson, Manchester Hirst, Joseph Dyson, Blackburn, Lancaster, Tailor. Sept 21 at 11 at office of Tattersall, Blyth, Henry Wilby, Leicester, Working Jeweller. Sept 28 at 3 at offices of Hollier and Richmond ter, Blackburn

Battiscombe, Berridge st chmbrs, Berridge st, Leicester Hooper, Cleve, jun., Weston st, Bermondsey, Leather Factor. Sept 19 at 12 at office of Booth, William, Manchester, Joiner. Sept 26 at 3 at offices of Knowles, Tib lane, ManYoung, Mark lané

chester Huggins, William, Exeter, Solicitor. Sept 20 at 3 at New London Hotel, Exeter. Burch, Burrell, John Thomas, Camden rd, Sheep Commission Salesman. Sept 27 at 12 at Exeter

offices of Philpott, Guildhall chmbrs, Basinghall st Hant, Henry, Holly Park rd, New Southgate, Contractor. Sept 20 at 11 at Fairbridge Bushell, Alfred Thomas, Amhurst rd, Stoke Newington, Tea and Coffee Merchant Oct Ingham, Jonathan, Bradford, York, Asphalter. Sept 25 at 11 at office of Cater, Piece Campbell, Joha, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grocer. Sept 22 at 11 at offices of Aitchison, Hall yard, Bradford

Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyné

inn square

Clarke, William, Leicester, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Sept 27 at 12 at offices of Mitchell, Henry, Crewe, Fishmonger. Sept 21 at 11 at Albert chmbrs, Church Side, Harvey, Selborne bldgs, Millstone lane, Leicester

Crewe. Pointon, Crewe Claye, Samuel John, Derby, Lime Stone Merchant. Oct 4 at 12 at Midland Hotel, Derby. Moss, Joseph, Ossett, nr Wakefield, Painter. Sept 25 at 3 at offices of Burton, New st, Robotham, Derby

Ossett Cluff, John, Kettering, Northampton, Coal Merchant. Sept 28 at 3 at offices of Shar. Nathan, Mark, Manchester, Wine Retailer. Sept 25 at 11 at Eltoft, King st, Manchesman and Jackson, Oxford st, Wellingborough

ter Collins, Robert Allason, and William Cowan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Provision Mer. Nutter, Joseph, Nelson, Lancaster, Grocer. Oct 2 at 3 at office of Holmes, Grimshaw

chants. Sept 22 at 11 at County Court, Westgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Stanford, st, Burnley Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Robert William, the Grove, Hammersmith, Engineering Modeller. Sept 21 at 3 Craddock, William,

Kingsthorpe, Northampton, Market Gardener. Sept 25 at 12.30 at at office of Lloyd, London wall offices of Rands, Newland, Northampton

Parker, John, Wrexham, Denbigh, Beerhouse Keeper. Sept 23 at 11 at office of Cart. Cutter, Charles Gaff, Knutsford, Chester, Coal Merchant. Sept 27 at 11 at Brunswick wright, Whitefriars, Chester Hctel, Piccadilly, Manchester. Davis, Glossop

Parsons, Arthur Daniell, Dawlish, Devon, Surgeon. Sept 22 at 12 at office of South. Day, Frank, sen, and Frank Day, jun, Fenchurch st, Commission Merchants. Oct 4 At cott, Post office st, Bedford circus, Exeter 2 at offices of Josolyne and Co, King st, Cheapside. Rooks and Co, King st, Cheapside

Reynolds, George Edwin, Jamaica rd, Bermondsey, Provision Dealer. Sept 27 at 2 at Dean, John Benjamin, Abbey st, Bethnal Green rd, Cord Manufacturer, Sept 21 at 2

145, Cheapside. Girling, Chancery lane at Masons' Hall Tavern, Basinghall st. Ede, King st, Cheapside

Richards, Michael Stephens, Ellington st, Barnsbury, Commercial Traveller.

Sept 25 Eagles, Thomas, Upper Thames st, Paper Merchant. Sept 25 at 2 at offices of Beard,

at 2 at office of Fraser, Moorgate st 10, Basinghall st

Scott, David, Liverpool, Provision Dealer, Sept 29 at 3 at office of Sherratt, South Evans, Isaac, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Dealer in Cattle. Sept 29 at 1 at offices of Castle st, Liverpool Simons and Plews, Church st, Merthyr Tydfil

Scurt, William, Landmoth-cum-Catto, York, Farmer. Sept 22 at 3 at Golden Lion Evans, James Rees, Cardiff, Tea Dealer, Sept 26 at 2 at offices of Phillips, Small st, Hotel, Northallerton. Teale, Northallerton Bristol. Morgan and Scott, Cardiff

Sheffield, William, Clare st, Clare Market, Grocer. Oct 2 at 3 at office of Dyte and Fozzard, Tempest, Anfield, nr Liverpool, of no occupation. Sept 25 at 3 at offices of

Stead, Chancery lune Jackson, C, Queen Insurance bldgs, Dale st, Liverpool. Quelch, Liverpool

Spradberry, Joseph, Queen's rd, Bayswater, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Sept 25 at 3 Frank, Henry Charles, Thurston, Suffolk, Farmer. Sept 23 at 12 at Guildhall, Bury Squire, Francis William, Oliver’s yd, City rd, Cabinet Manufacturer. Sept 27 at 3 at

at office of Tinkler, Regent st St Edmunds. Salmon, Bury St Edmunds

Office of Cannon, Wool Exchango, Coleman st Gerrard, John, jun, Birkenhead, Hairdresser. Sept 25 at 3 at offices of Thompson, Stewart, Henry Richard, Lewisham,

Wine Merchant. Oct 5 at 10.30 at Inns of Court Goddard, Thomas Richard, Shrivenham, Berks, Labourer. Sept 25 at 11 at offices of Thomas, William, Liverpool, Coach Builder. Sept 28 at 3 at 44, Cook st, Liverpool. Gee,

Hotel, High Holborn. Williams, Devereux ct, Temple
Boodle, Albion bldgs, New Swindon
Grimshaw, John, Stacksteads, Manchester, Pawnbroker. Sept 27 at 3 at offices of

Richardson, Wood st, Bolton

Thorpe, William, Sheffield, Confectioner. Sept 23 at 11 at office of Mellor, Queen st, Hadfield, Alfred, and William Clack, Stockport, Chester, Grocers. Sept 25 at 3 at Tuke, John, West Hartlepool, Builder. Sept 22 at 3 at office of Bell, Church st, West

Sheffield offices of Heath, Swan st, Manchester Hall , John Daniell, Highworth, Wilts, Horsedealer. Sept 25 at 10 at offices of Boodle, Vanstone, Frederick William, Dawlish, Devon, Architect. Sept 25 at 12 at Half Moon

Hartlepool Albion bldgs, New

Swindon Hardacre, Richard, Birkenhead, Chester, Builder. Sept 25 at 11 at offices of Bleakley Vaughan, John, Liverpool, out of business. Sept 25 at 2 at office of Green, Sir Thomas's

Hotel, Exeter. Lindop, Torquay Harding, Edward Charlton, Manchester, Woollen, Merchant. Sept 26 at 2.30 at Mitre

blågs, Liverpool Hotel, Cathedral Gates, Manchester. Addleshaw and Warburton, Manchester

Ward, Edward Robert, Falcon lane, Battersea, Refreshment house Keeper. Sept 20 at Harwood, William, City rd, Carver. Sept 29 at 3 at office of Cannon, Wool Exchange, Webb, William, Biddenden, Kent, Farmer. Oct 2 at 11 at Lion Inn, Biddenden. Gard

12 at office of Sheppard, St John's Hill, Clapham Junction Coleman st Hewitt, James Goodwin, West Bromwich, Stafford, General Dealer. Sept 23 at 11 at

ner-Waterman, Ashford office of Hughes, High st, West Bromwich

Welch, George, Longsight, nr Manchester, Soap Manufacturer. Sept 26 at 3 at office of Howard, Frederick, Lower Thames st, Tea Dealers. Oct 3 at 3 at 145, Cheapside. Wheeler, Henry Whitford, White Horse st, Stepney, Cheesemonger. Sept 25 at 11 at

Martin and Banks, Queen st, Cheapside
Howell, Mary Ann, Cannock, Stafford, Beerseller. Sept 23 at 12 at George Hotel,

Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons' avenue, Coleman st. Fowler and Co, Borough High st, Walsall. Carrané, Wellington, Salop

Southwark Hughes, David, Llanglan, Carnarvon, Draper. Sept 22 at 1.30 at 84, High st, Pwlheli. Wilson, Nathan, Alresford, Hants, Farmer. Sept 26 at 11 at Red Lion Hotel, Basing. Parry, Pwlheli

Barnard and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Ivimey, Joseph, West Ham, Essex, Musical Instrument Dealer. Sept 23 at 1 at office Wise, John William, Woolwich, Furniture Dealer. Sept 26 at 3.30 at office of Buttivant of Mills, Holly Villas, Cowley rd, Leytonstone

and Co, Cannon st. Stone, Woolwich Jackson, William, Skipton, York, Physician. Sept 26 at 2 at the Hole-in-the-Wall Inn,

Skipton. Cragg, Skipton
Kilbey, William Charles, Bethnal Green rd, Bethnal Green, Silkman, Oct 3 at 3 at

office of Cannon, Wool Exchange, Coleman 'st
King, James Bowles, High st, Lincoln, Confectioner, Sept 28 at 11 at office of Ward,
Silver st, Lincoln

CURRENT TOPICS ..................... 697 Pickering v. The Metropolitan Rail. Lazarus, Adolph, and Isidor Henschel, North bldgs, Eldon st, Finsbury, Picture THE NEW CONVEYANCING ACT ........ 698 way Company

701 Dealers. Oct 3 at 4 at office of Cannon, Wool Exchange, Coleman st

THE REMUNERATION ORDER .......... 699 | LEGAL APPOINTMENTS ................. 701 Leftly, Leonard, Stratford, Essex, Cloth ier. Sept 21 at 2 at offices of Dear, Gresham CORRESPONDENCE ..................... 700 | SOCIETIES ............................ 701


COMPANIES .......................... 701 Long, William, Leeds, Ironmonger. Sept 25 at 2 at la, Albion pl, Leeds. Dunning In re Hodgson ....................... 700 LONDON GAZETTES, &c., &c.

701 and Co, Leeds

Morris v. De Lamonta ........ 700 | PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES.
Loveless, Edwin, Plymouth, Commercial Traveller. Sept 23 at 11 at offices of Love,

Courtenay st, Plymouth
Mardell, William, Finsbury sq, Public house Broker, Sept 20 at 2 at 145, Cheapside.
Neave, Friday st

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS.-All communications intended for publication Marriott, William Henry, Nottingham, Furniture Dealer. Sept 23 at 4 at offices of in the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL must be authenticated by the name and address of Barlow, St Peter's Church walk, Nottingham

the writer. Mayer, Thomas Obadiah, Derby, Horse Dealer. Oct 4 at 11 at office of Greaves, Old Bank chmbrs, Derby

The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the return of rejected communiMerritt, Charles Malone, Bishop's rd, Victoria pk, Licensed Victualler. Oct 3 at 2 at cations,

offices of Blachford and Co, College hill, Cannon st Middleton, Charles, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Tailor. Sept 28 at 11 at offices of Price, Bank chmbrs, Pontypridd

The Publisher requests that early application should be made by persons Millns, Robert William, Whittlesey, Cambridge, Wine Mer.bant. Sept 22 at 12 at office desirous of obtaining back numbers of the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, as only a small of Reeve, Highcauseway, Whittlesey

number of copies remain on hand.

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Arti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder,
Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality,
with the excess of fat extracted,



MAKERS The Faculty pronounce it "the most nutritious, per. fectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or 200, 203, and 204, TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD, W. Supper, and inyaluable for Invalids and Children."

BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, Highly commended by the entire Medical Press.

Estimates and Designs submitted free for entirely Fur.

nishing Residences, Chambers, Offices, &c. Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits

To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is four times -PAINTING, DECORATING, & HOUSE REPAIRS.

Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c. the strength of cocoas THICKENED yet WEAKENBD with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER than such Mixtures. Carved Oak Furniture, Reproductions from Ancient SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS,

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful Designs, &c. Bedroom Furniture, including Bedstead and to & Breakfast Cup, costing less than a halfpenny.

BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNBBL'S DITTO, cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible. / Bedding, from £7 10s. per set.


CORPORATION ROBES, UNIVERSITY / CLERGY GOWNS, richer chocolate is prohibited. In tin packets at Is. 6d., 38., 58. Bd., &c., by Chemists

and Grocers.
200, 203, and 204, Tottenham Court-road, London, W.

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors, N.B.-Household Furniture Warehoused or Removed
H. SCHWEITZER & CO 10, Adam-street, London, W.O. on reasonable termas

94, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON. PREFERMENT WANTED.Private patrons, interested in the legitimate sale, by

OLICITOR'S OFFICE private treaty, of advowsons, presentations, &c., in favour and translated in any foreign language without extra of well-recommended clergymen, should refer to the charge. Names of Papers and Estimates by return.

bridge. The above has been a Solicitor's office for some
EMERY STARK, Associate Institute of Actuaries, London. Established 16 years.
RUDOLF MOSSE, Advertising OMces, 135, Cheapside, years. Apply, TH08. HAWKINS, London and County

Bank, Weybridge.
F.R.G.S., &c. Post-free for six stamps. - Address,
Messrs. W. EMERY STARK & Co., 23, Bedford-street,

LADY, and , part of Chancery-lane. First, Second and portion desires the Charge of Imbecile ) of Third Floors; beautifully light and airy. Rents yery

or Adults, or would give home and care to Invalide. Nice to be LET at No. 8, Lancaster-place, Strand, within moderate.-Apply, HATTON & Son, Stationers, 81, Chan- country house. -Miss M. F. BRICKDALE, Newland, Cole. 5 minutes' (f the New Law Courts and Waterloo Station Icery-lane.

ford, Glos,




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