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authorities refused to admit the children. Under the rules of the

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. Secretary of State for regulation of prisons, children of prisoners are only CHEESDEN INDUSTRIAL CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED, Cheesden, Lancaster. admitted with a magistrate's order, and no such order had been given. KISLINGBURY FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Parish Schoolroom, Kislingbury, NorthampThe police consequently took them all back to Rugby, and the following ton July 25 day they were taken before the magistrates there. The magistrates asked SURREY AND SUSSEX UNITED TRUE TEMPERANCE SOCIETY, Osborn House, the women whether they were willing the children should be taken to the Market st, Worthing. July 25 workhouse. The women strongly objected, and in the result they were


SOCIETY, 41, Gerrard st, Islington. July 25
lib-rated on their own recognizances. The prisoners, it seems, were gipsy
framps, and, not unnaturally, failed to appear to take their trial.

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Aug. 2.

At the Derby Assizes Mr. Justice Hawkins expressed an opinion that

the rule under which a plaintiff is able to lay the venue at whatever place BOYTHORPE COLLIERY CO., LIMITED.-Stirling, J., has, by an order dated July 5:
he chooses is very unsatisfactory. The result was that many country cares appointed Howard Samuel Smith, 37, Bennett's hill, Birmingham, and Joseph
were tried in London. He greatly preferred the old system by which Powell Williams, 120, Gough rd, Edgbaston, to be official liquidators. Creditors
Crees were heard in the locality in which the cause of action arose. He

are required, on or before Oct 1, to send their names and addresses and par

ticulars of their debts or claims to the above. Thursday, Dec 1, at 2, is apthought that if, previous to the commencement of the circuits, the country pointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims cases were selected from the Middlesex and London lists and sent down BIRMINGHAM CAB CO, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Sept 30, to for trial in the localities in which they originated, a considerable amount

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to of benefit would be obtained. The London jurors would then be relieved

Walter Newton Fisher, of 4, Waterloo st, Birmingham. Thursday, Oct 27, at

12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims from trying cases which ought not to fall to them, the expenses of litiga- CHEPSTOW BOBBIN MILLS CO, LIMITED.-By an order make by North, J. dated tion would be diminished, and the judges would not be wanted in town, July 23, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be conand could thus get through the work on circuit with more expedition

tinued The present system was ruining the circuits. Mr. Dugdale, d.o., said FLINE, COALAND CANNEL.CO, LIMITED:--Chitty, J, has, by an order, dated July that he entirely concurred with his lordship's observations.


Kuy, J, dated July 23, it was ordered tbat the association be wound up. Whale On Saturday last Court of Appeal No. 1, sitting as a divisional court, & Clarke, Queen Victoria st, agents for Ginn & Matthew, Cambridge, solors for finished the list of county court appeals set down for hearing. The

petners Plaster of the Rolls, upon the conclusion of the business, said that during JAPANESE VILLAGE AND ORIENTAL TRADING CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by these appeals they had heard a great many of the younger members company be continued. Harrison, Chancery lane, solor for petner of the bar argning cases, and he desired to express his admiration of the way in which they had discharged their duty. They had done so with

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. admirable skill for the most part, and had shown courage, ability, judg- LIVERPOOL EXCHANGE BANKING CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, presented

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. ment, and discretion. He was delighted to think that the junior bar

July 29, directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor at 9, Vook st, Liverwhich was coming up would well uphold the traditions of their profession. pool. on Aug 16 at 11. Wilson & Co, Liverpool, agents for Mawdsley & Hodson,

Southport, solors for petner It appears from the annual statistics of crime in France that the pumbus of re-convicted prisoners of all classes has increased from 68,490 in

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. 1876 to 89,634 in 1885. The proportion of this class to all other prisoners ABERYSTRUTH NEW SOCIETY, Bush Inn, Abertillery, Mon. July 30 W18 38 per cent, in the former, against 43 per cent. in the latter year. MADELEY FEMALE PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Madeley Infant School, Madeley, Salop. Toe Minister attributes this unsatisfactory feature to three causes

July 30 wamely, association in jail, insufficient cumulation of sentences, and the waut of adequate assistance (or “patronage ") to discharged prisoners.

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Wednesday .............



London Gazette.-FRIDAY, July 29.

CHAPMAN, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Buckingham Palace rd, Pawnbroker. Oct 1.

Chapman v Wilson, North, J. Dowse, New inn. Strand

KAY, FRANCES ANNE, Florence, Italy. Sept 30. Kay v Bourne, North, J.

Jefferies, Bedford row
No. 1.
No. 2.


London Gazette.-TUESDAY, August 2.
Mon., Aug. 8 Mr. Carrington Mr. Ward Mr. Koe

Mr. Clowes

SMITH, RICHARD, West Allington, Lincoln, Farmer. Aug 30. Smith v mith, 9 Lavie


Jackson Wednesday 10


Stirling, J.' Goldring, Abchurch lane

Thursday .. 11 Pugh


Friday ...... 12 Leach


UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, July 26.
Monday, August
8 Mr. Pugh Mr. Godfrey Mr. Lavie

ANCELL, HANNAH, Salford, Lancaster. Sept 29. Lloyd, Manchester 9 Beal


Carrington 10 Pugh



BENSUSAN, MOSES LEVI, Gibraltar and Southampton. Sept 1. Stephens, Queen 11 Beal Leach

Victoria st

Carrington 12 Pugh



BENNETT, THOMAS, Stroud, Gloucester, Farmer. Aug 30. Stephens, Stroud The Long Vacation will commence on Saturday, the 13th day of August, and BROWNJOHN, ELIZABETH, Brighton. Aug 26. Harker, Brighton turminate on Saturday, the 22nd day of October, 1887, both days inclusive. BUTCHER, CHARLES WOODHOUSE, Island of Walney, Barrow in Furness, Lan

caoter, Gent. Aug 31. Park, Ulverston
CARR, JANE, Kingston upon Hull. Sept 6. Wilson & Son, Hull
CHADWICK, WILLIAM, Preston, Lancasbire, Ologger. Aug 29. Olarke, Preston

CHANCE, ANN MARIA, Leamington. Aug 22. Ryland & Co, Birmingham

COLE, ISAAC, Tickenham, Somerset, Farmer. Sept 5. Wansey, Bristol

DRAKE, SAMUEL, Sandford, Devon, Builder. Sept 7. Burch, Exeter
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, July 19.

ERSKINE, JANE, Deptford. Oct 1. Stiff, Eastbourne

GASKIN, THOMAS, Chatham, Retired Auctioneer. Aug 20. Hearn, Dulwich rd

Goy, SARAH, Potterhanworth, Lincoln. Aug 29. Truman, Nottingham DE BRYAN DERBYSHIRE NEWSPAPER CO, LIMITED.–By an order made by Kay, HENNING, KATE CONSTANCE, Surly Hall, Berks. Aug 15. Long & Co, Windeor Sated July 23, it was ordered that the comiany be wound up. Hollams & Co, Mincing lane, solors for petner

HILL, RICHARD, St John's Wood pk, Middlesex, Esq. Sept 1, Shepheards, EAST KENT CO, LIMITED.- Pein for winding up, presented July 26, directed to be

Finsbury circus heard before Chitty, J., on Oct 29.

Blewitt & Tyler, Gracechurch st, solors | HODGINS, DANIEL, Mile end rd, Shopkeeper. Sept 22. Sedgwick & Co, Watford NEW HOLLINGBOURNE PAPER MILLS C., LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, pre

HYDE, LUCY, Stockport, Chester. Sept 1. Hyde, Stockport seted. July 29, directed to be heard before North, J.,60n Rouge indkeene.Pa , JARVIS, JAMES, Craven st, Strand, Licensed Victualler. Sept 1. Coldham & SASTINGBOURNE BRICK AN DOCEMENT CO, LIMITED.-Petn for winding up, pre- LANGAGER, SULIUS WAVID, Paddington, Gent. Aug 26. Jones, New Oxford st sented July 26, directed to be heard before North, J., on Oct 29. Blewitt & Tyler, Gracechurch st, solors for petners

LAWTON, JOHN FLETCHER, Barton upon Irwell, Surgeon. Aug 26. Tweedale & dato 30, appointed John Francis Clarke, di, Porthamma bass bban fonder dated LUKEE, ALICE, Bath. Aug 22. Payne & Fuller, Bath

MAWSON, TOM WORDSWORTH, Leeds, Billiard Table Manufacturer. Oct 1. Wilson UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.

& Leatham, Wakefield Bristolated July 21, appointed Frederick Augustus en tingExchange bags. PHIZACKLEA, JAMES, Ulverston, Laz cashire, Gent. Aug 22. Poole, Ulverston Bristol, to be official liquidator in the place and stead of 'Frederick William POTTER, ELIZABETH MARY, Farnborough, Warwick. Aug 20. Soames & Co,

Lincoln's inn fields

POTTER, WILLIAM, Farnborough, Warwick, Farmer. Aug 20. Soames & Cu,

Lincoln's inn fields BRIDGEWATER LOAN SOCIETY.-Petn for winding up, presented July 25, directed

READ, RICHARD, Kingston hill, Surrey, Widower. Aug 38. Monckton & Co, to be beard before the Vice-Chancellor at St George's Hall, Liverpool, on Mon

Liocoln's inn fields day, Aug 8 at 11. Cobbett & Co, Manchester, solors for petner

STEWART, I HOMAS, North Shields. Aug 28. Leitch & Co, North Shields

for petners

Linley, removed

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SWIFT. JOHN, Eastbourne, Esq. Aug 20. Arnold & Henry White, Gt Marl NEWMAN, GEORGE, Bath, Doctor of Medicine. Sept 15. Simmons & Co, Bath borough st

NICHOLL. CHRISTIANA JUDY, Bridgend, Glamorgan. Aug 28. Iliffes & Co, BedVIGGARS, BENJAMIN, Knutton, Stafford, Coal and Iron Master. Aug 31.

ford row Coopers, Newcastle, Stafford

ROTHERHAM, MATILDA, Liverpool. Aug 31. Bateson & Co, Liverpool WARREN, THOMAS, Brighton. Aug 25. Sturt, Ironmonger lane

SHORES, ROSA, Tickbill, York. Sept 15. Ford & Warren, Leeds WORSLEY, Rev. WILLIAM, Torkington. Sept 3. Parker, Manchester

SILBER, ALBERT MARCIUS, Wood st, Governor of Silber & Fleming (Limited).

Oct 1. Simpson & Cullingford, Gracechurch st
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, July 29.

SINCLAIR. WILLIAM, West Hartlepool, Merchant. Aug 30. Palmer, Weat

Hartlepool ALLINGHAM, WILLIAM, Stapleburst, Kent. Sept 15. Philpott & Co, Cranbrook,

SWAIN, EMMA, Handsworth, Stafford. Aug 29. Lane & Clutterbuck, BirKent

mingham BARNES. JOHN, Harrow rd, Paddington, Brueh Manufacturer. Aug 28. Kings

TANNER, JAMES HENRY, Plumstead Common, Plumstead, Licensed Victualler, bury & Turner, George st, Portman sq

Sept 15. Loxley & Morley, Cheapside BAYNTON, EDWARD GEORGE, Durban, Natal, Lieutenant. Aug 27. Tilly, Fal

TANQUERAY, FRANCES ELLEN, St Paul's rd, Canonbury. Sept 20. Cowdell & mouth

Son, Budge row, Cannon st BEDDOW, WILLIAM, Llanfahon, Glamorgan, Colliery Proprietor. Sept 1. Cwilym

VANCAILLIE, JAMES, Sidcup, Kent, Merchant. Sept 10. Collins & Collins, King & Charles James, Merthyr Tydfil BRAKE, REBECCA JULIA, Buckingham palace rd, Pimlico.

William st, EO

Aug 24. Brown,
Queen Victoria st
BRIGHT, CAROLINE, Aigburth, Lancaster. Sept 1. Avison & Co, Liverpool
CHARTERS, JOHN WEMYSS, Coombe Fields, Warwick. Sept 12. Woodcock & Co,

COGAN, AGNES, Leatherhead, Surrey. Aug 31. Collins, Reading


or renting a house have the Sanitary arrangements thoroughly examined by all DALGAIEN, DAVID CHOLL, Oakfield rd, Penge, Engineer. Aug 30. Turney, Fish expert, from The Sanitary Engineering & Ventilation Co., 115, Victoria-st., Westst hill, E.O.

mirster (Estab. 1875), who also undertake the Ventilation of Offices, &c.—(ADVT.) DAWSON, JOSEPH, Yeadon, York, Cloth Manufacturer. Sept 10. Newstead, Otley

STAMMERERS and STUTTERERS should read a little book by Mr. R. DAY, CONSTANCE LOUISA MARJA, Thorp House, nr Norwich. Sept 10. Bird & BEASLEY, Baron's Court House, West Kensington, London, price 13 stamps. The Moore, Gray's inn sq

Author, after suffering nearly 40 years, cured himself by a method entirely DEANE, MARY ANN, Waltham St Laurence, Berks. Aug 30. Renshaws, Suffolk his own.-[ADVT.)

lane, E.O.
ELLIS. SIR BARROW HELBERT Cromwell rd, South Kensington. Sept 12.

Walker & Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's inn
ERSKINE, JANE, Deptford. Oct 1. Stiff, Eastbourne
Goy, SARAH, Potterhanworth, Lincolo. Aug 29. Truman, Nottingham

HARVEY, SIR ROBERT BATESON, Langley Park, Buckingham, Bart. Aug 31.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, July 29.
Wills, Uxbridge
HUMPREYS, SIR JOHN, Knt , Devonshire et, Portland place. Sept 1. Godfray,

Finsbury pavement
KERSEY, JOSHUA PELLS, Ipswich, Gent. Aug 26. Birkett & Ridley, Ipswich

ALDRIDGE, JOSEPH, Ludgate hill, Ironmonger. High Court. Pet July 26. Ord

July 25
LISCOMBE, ANNE SARAH, Weston Peverel, Devon. Sept 13, Bone & Son, Devon BARTLETT, CHARLES BATEMAN, Ipswich, Toy Warehouseman. Ipswich. Pet

July 26. Ord July 26
LLEWELIN, THOMAS. Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Merchant. Sept 10. BOND, WILLIAM, Leeds, out of business. Leeds. Pet July 27. Ord July 27

Howell & Co, Machynlleth
MICHELL, JOSEPH STRANGE, Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset, Yeoman. Aug 30.

BUSWELL, EDWIN, Brecon, Jeweller. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet July 23. Ord July ?3
Dibben. Wimborne

CHAMBERS, FRANK, Tankersley, Yorks, Clerk. Barnsley. Pet July 25. Ord MINIFIE, JAMES, Brownswood pk, South Hornsey, Gent. Aug 31. White &

July 25 Sons, Bedford row

CLIFFORD, REUBEN CHARLES, Quenington, Gloucester, Farmer. Swindon. Pet NEWCOME, ELIZABETH, Farnham, Surrey. Sept 9. Collyer-Bristowe & Co, Bed

July 25. Ord July 25 ford row

COKE, REGINALD, Harrington gdos, South Kensington, Lieutenant. High Court,
OLDFIELD, CHARLOTTE, De Beauvoir rd. Sept 1. Hanbury & Co, New Broad st Pet May 17. Ord July 26
PAYNE, THOMAS HENRY, Playden, Sussex, Ship Owner. Aug 20. Dawer, Rye,

COLLINS, CHARLOTTE, Binfield, Berks, Baker. Windsor. Pet July 26. Ord

July 26 PHILLIPSON. HENRY, Bath ter, Newington, Retired Dairyman. Sept 1. Hope,

CURTIS, CHARLES, Nottingham, Corn Factor. Nottingham. Pet July 27. Oru Trinity sq, Southwark

July 27 PRICHARD, DAVID, Merthyr Tydfil, Gent. Sept 1. Gwilym & James, Merthyr

DANIELL, ALFRED HORATIO SISSON, Fleet st, Merchant. High Court. Pet July 26. Tycfil

Ord July 26
ROWLEY, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Harston, Cambridge, Farmer. Sept 1. Holben,

DAVIS, WILLIAM, Walsall, Police Constable. Waleall. Pat July 27. Ord July 2:
SAGE, THOMAS BUSH, Weston super Mare, Gent. Sept 1. Meade- King & Bigg,

DAWSON, WILLIAM WELLBURY, Gt Grimsby, Oil Manufacturer. Gt Grimsb::

Pet July 27. Ord July 27 Bristol

DUCKITT JANE, and DANIEL FERGUSON BERRY, Liverpol, Shipwrights. LiverSAINSBURY, HENRIETTA VICTORIA, Sutherland avenue, Maida hill. Aug 31.

pool. Pet July 20. Ord July 26 Jobnson, Lincoln's inn fields STIDSTONE, WILLIAM, Richmond, Sept 1. Tempany & Co, Bedford row

DWELLEY, CHARLES, Bow rd, Coach Builder. High Court. Pet July 26. Oru

July 26 STRANGE, SAMUEL, Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset, Dealer. Aug 30. Dibben, Wim- FAIRCLOUGH, JOHN, Bolton, Fruit Salesman. Bolton. Pet July 26. Or] July 23 borne

FRANCIS, TAYLOR, GEORGE, Brighton, Fishmonger. Sept 26. Woods & Dempster,

THUR GIBBS, Wandsworth rd, Provision Merchant. High Court.

Jet July 25, Ord July 25
MORGAN. THOMAS. Gelligaer, Glamorgan, Farmer. Sept 1. Gwilym & James,

FURTWANGLER, ANDREAS, Strand, Watch Maker. High Court. Pet June 21.

Ord July 27 Merthyr Tydfil

GALLARD, GEORGE, Aldrington, nr Brighton, Gent. Brighton. Pet July 2. THOMPSON, WALTER, Oxford, Solicitor, Aug 31. Hester, Oxford

Ord July 16 THORPE, BENJAMIN, Lewes, Gent. Sept 25. Vinall, Lewes

HOOPEL. W, Victoria villas, Kilburn, Builder. High Court. Pet July 8. Or !

July 27 WALLS, HENRY, Wigan, Surveyor. Aug 31. Peace & Ellis, Wigan

HUCK, JOSEPH, Meathop, Westmoreland, Builder. Kendal. Pet July 25, Oul WARD, CHARLES HENRY, Whalley Range, nr Manchester, Gent. Sept 1.

July 25 Cooper & Sons, Manchester

HUDSON. GEORGE, Kingston upon Hull, Tobacconist. Kingston upon Hull. Pet

July 26. Ord July 26

HUTCHINS, EDWARD NORTIMER, Cardiff, Ship Broker. Cardiff. Pet July 26.
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, August 2.
Ord July 26


Pet July 26. BISHOP, HENRY COLLIN, Camden sq, Commission Agent. Sept 1,

JEFFERSON, JOHN STEEL, Carlisle, Innkeeper. Carlisle.

White, Southampton st, Bloomsbury

July 26 BREWSTER, CHARLES, Gt Dunmow, Essex, Timber Merchant. Aug 31. Wade &

LAPTHORNE, JOHN JOSEPH, Barnstaple, Licensed Victualler. Barnstaple. Pet

July 25. Ord July 25
Co, Dunmow, Essex
BROUGHALL, WILI IAM, St Leonards, Sussex, Merchant. Oct 1. Simpson &

LOVETT, SAMUEL, Aston, Warwick, Coal Merchant. Birmingham. Pet July 26.

Ord July 26
Cullingford, Gracechurchst
Brown, THOMAS, Bourn, Lincoln, Gent. Sept 1. Allisons & Allisons, Louth

MAFFET, JOHN, Boston Spa, Yorks, Photographer. York. Pet July 28. Orl

July 26 BROWNLEY, Mr3 CHARLOTTE FRANCIS, East End, Finchley. Oct 31. Hughes &

MATTHEWS, JOSEPH, Gt Malvern, Boarding house Keeper. Worcester. Pet Co, New Broad st

July 26. Ord July 23 COCKBURN, Captain ALEXANDER DALTON, Jermyn st. Sept 1. Ford & Co, South

MORTIMER, JOHN ROBERT, Gt Driffield, Yorks, Corn Merchant. Kingston upon sq, Gray's inn

Hull. Pet July 26. Ord July 26 COOPER, ELIZA, Erdington, Warwick. Aug 29. Lane & Clutterbuck, Birming NEALE, DANIEL, Westgate, Wakefield, Hatter. Wakefield. Pet July 25. Oru ham

July 25 CRESSHULL, SUSANNAH FRANCES, Stechford, Warwick. Aug 29. Lane & Clutter

POINTON, WILLIAM, Wo'stanton, Stafford, Farm Labourer. Hanley, Burelem, buck, Birmingham

and Tunstall. Pet July 27. Ord July 27 FEW. CHARLES, Putney Heath. Sept 29. Few & Co, Surrey st, Strand

PRITCHARD, THOMAS, Bethesda, Carnarvon, Grocer. Bangor. Pet July 25. Ord Fox, DILLWORTH CREWDSON, Wellington, Somerset, Woollen Manufacturer.

July 25 Nov 1. Wakefield, Taunton

REECE, GEORGE HENRY, Birmingham, Tobacconist. Birmingham. Pet July 25. GERSTMANS, FRANCOIS ANDRE, Bedford st, Strand. Sept 3. Stibbard & Co,

Ord July 25 Leadenhall st

RICHARDS, GWILYM, Cwrn, Clydach, dr Swansea, Publican. Swansea. Pet July GUNN, HARRIETT, Hastings. Oct 7. Keith & Co, Chantry, Norwich

26. Ord July 26

RICHARDS, John, l'estiniog, Merionethshire, Grocer. Bangor. Pet July 25. Ord HALL, JOHN GREEN, Canterbury, Architect. Oct 1. Sankeys & Fjint, Canter

July 25 bury

SALSBURY, WILLIAM GEORGE, Gt Grimsby, Smack Owner. Gt Grim by. Pet HALLEN, ELIZA, Ch rch rd, Richmond. Sept 29. Shaen & Co, Bedford row

July 25. Ord July 25 HUDSON, HENRY, Ramsgate, Gent. Sept 15. Sankey, Ramsgate

ECOTT, THOMAS, Kingston upon Hull, Baker. Kingston upon Hull. Pet July 26.

Ord July 26 IBBERSON, DAVID, Sheffield. Cowkeeper. Sept 1. Muir Wilson, Sheffield

SEWARD, THOMAS, Kingston upon Hull, Timber Merchant. Kingston upon Hull. JONES, ENOS, Cardiff, Publican. Aug 22. Jones, Cardiff

Pet July 27. Ord July 27 JUBB, JOSEPH, Sheffield, Carter. Sept 1. Burdekin & Co, Sheffield

SHARP. REUBEN, Tolleshunt Major, Essex, Farmer. Chelmsford. Pet July 25.
MARSHALL, GEORGE HIBBERT, Patrington, York, Esq. Sept 6. Robinson & Son,

SHEPHERD, THOMAS, Warrenby, Yorks, Grocer. Stockton on Tees and Middles-
MYERS, JAMES, Wakefield, Yeoman. Aug 15. Lake, Wakefield,

TAYLOR, EDWARD BROWN, Oat lane, Trimming Manufacturer, High Court. Pet

July 19. Ord July 26

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TAYLOR, FREDERICK, Leels, Earthenware Manufacturer. Leeds. Pet July 26. BAILEY, ARTHUR MARTIY, Portswood, Southampton, Builder. Southampton, Ord July 26

Pet July 13. Ord July 27
TAIGG, HANNAH, Manchester, Licensed Virtualler. Manchester. Pet Ju'y 15. BEASLEY, HENRY, Bishopstoke, Builder. Winchester. Pet April 25. Ord May 9

Ord July 27
TURNER, SOLOMON, Newcastle on Tyne, Morey Lender. Newcastle on Tyne.

BEHRENS, BENNETT, Swansea, Morey Lender. Swansea. Pet July 22. Ord
Pet July 8. Ord July 26

July 23 WHICKER, FREDERICK JAMES, Tunbridge Wells, Grocer. Tunbridge Wells. Pet

BOND, WILLIAM, Leeds, out of business. Leeds. Pet July 27. Ord July 27 July 26. Ord July 26 WILLIAMS, EBENEZER, Church st, Edgware rd, Mukman. High Court. Pet July COLLINS, CHARLOTTE, Binfield, Berks, Baker.

BUSWELL, EDWIN, Brecon, Jeweller. Merthyr Tydfil. Pet July 23. Ord July 23 13. Ord July 25

Windsor. Pet July 26. Ord WORTERS, WILLIAM HENRY, Broughton, Northamptonshire, Commission Agent.

July 26 Northampton. Pet July 23. Ord July 23

COOPER, FRED, and PERCY THIRRELL, Queen Victoria st. High Court. Pet May YEO, JOHN PALMER, Camborne, Cornwall, Horse Trainer. Truro. Pet July 27.

19. Ord July 25 Ord July 27

COOPER, JOHN, Long Eaton, Derby, Lace Manufacturer. Derby. Pet June 28.

Ord July 27
The following amended potice is substituted for that published in the DAVIDSON, WILLIAM, Portland pl. High Court. Pet July 2. Ord July 25

London Gazette of July 5.
PRAYSHAY, WILLIAM WRIGHT, Birmingham, Hotel Proprietor. Birmingham

DAVIES, ISAAC, Llanfihangel Geneurglyn, Cardigan, Farmer. Aberystwith.

July 19, Ord July 25 Pet July 2. Ord July 2

DAWSON, WILLIAM WELLBURY, Gt Grimsby, Oil Manufacturer. Gt Grimsby.

Pet July 27. Ord july 27

EDISS, THOMAS WYATT, Newhaven, Sussex, Builder. Lowes and Eastbourne. AINSLEY, WILLIAM, Willington, Durham, Draper. Aug 5 at 1.30. Off Rec, 21, FAIRCLOUGH, JOHN, Bolton, Fruit Salesman. Bolton. Pet July 26. Ord July 26

Ord July 23 Fawcett st, Sunderland ALLRIGHT, ELISHAM GEORGE, Wantage, Berks, Boot Factor. Aug 6 at 11.30. GOOLD, HENRY, Birmingham, Silk Mercer. Birmingham. Pet June 18. Ord Off Ree, 1, &ldatee, Oxford

July 27 AYLMER, CAPTAIN JOHN EVANS FREKS, Cannon st, Engineer. Aug 6 at 11. HANCOCK, WILLIAM HOLDING, East Dulwich Green. High Court. Pet April 29. Bankruptcy bldge, Lincoln's inn fields

Ord July 25 BAILEY, FRANCIS EDWIN, Tamworth, Ironmonger. Aug 12 at 11. 25, Colmore HUCK, JOSEPH, Meathop, Westmoreland, Builder. Kendal. Pet July 23. Ord row, Birmingham

July 25 BAINES, WILLIAM HENRY, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham, Grocer. Aug 5 at HUDSON, GEORGE, Kingston upon Hull, Tobacconist. Kingston upon Hull. 12. Off Rec, 1, High Pavement, Nottingham

Pet July 26. Ord July 26 BARTLETT, CHARLES BATEMAN, Ipswich, Toy Warehouseman. Aug 6 at 12.15. HUTCHINS, EDWARD MORTIMER, Cardiff, Ship Broker. Cardiff. Pet July 26. Off Rec, 2, Westgate st. Ipswich

Ord July 26 BRAYSHAY, WILLIAM WRIGHT, Birmingham, Hotel Proprietor. Aug 11 at 11. JEFFERSON, JOHN STEEL, Carlisle, Innkeeper. Carlisle. Pet July 26. Ord 25 Colmore row, Birmingham

July 26 BROOME, - Brighton, Grocer. Aug 6 at 12. Off Rec, 4, Pavilion buildings, JENNINGS, JOHN, Ewell rd, Surbiton, Watchmaker.' Kingston, Surrey. Pet Brighton

July 12. Ord July 25 BROWN, JOHN, Tadema rd, Chelsea, Tailor. Aug 5 at 12. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's JONES, DAVID, Llanbadarnfawr, Cardigan, Farmer, Aberystwith. Pet July 21. inn fields

Ord July 27 CLIFFORD, REUBEN CHARLES, Quepington, Gloucestershire, Farmer. Aug 9 at KEYWOOD, FREDERICK, Nottingham, Hosiery Manufacturer. Nottingham. Pet 12. Off Rec, 32. High st, Swindon

July 15. Ord July 27 COWPER, WILLIAM, Campsall, Yorks, Builder. Aug 8 at 12 30. Guildhall, Don KING, JOHN CHARLES, Amersham, Buckingham, Draper. Aylesbury. Pet July caster


Ord July 25
DART, CHARLES, Saltash, Cornwa'l, Builder. Aug 12 at 11. 18, Frankfort st,

LAMPRELL, RICHARD ARNOLD, Portland pl, Clapham rd, Builder. High Cour. DAVIDSON, WILLIAM, Portland pl. Aug 6 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

Pet April 14. Ord July 27

LEWIS, EDWIN CHARLES, Bath, Auctioneer. Bath. Pet June 9. Ord July 25 FAIRCLOUGH, JOHN, Bolton, Fruit Salesman. Aug 9 at 11. 16, Wood st, Bolton

LEWIS, TUOMAS, Swansea, Tailor. Swansea. Pet July 21. Ord July 23 FOULGER. THOMAS, Anerley rd, Crystal Palace, Insurance Agent. Aug 5 at 12. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

MATTACKS, GEORGE, Ford st, Middlesex, Boot Manufacturer. High Court. Pet GODDARD, ARTHUR, Prisoner at Wandsworth, Builder. Aug 15 at 3.

July 6. Ord July 27

109, Victoria st, Westminster

MOLE, ISAAC, Colchester, Boot Maker. Colchester. Pet July 13. Ord July 26 HESLOP, RICHARD, Mirfield, Yorks Innkeeper. Aug 5 at 3. Off Rec, Bank

MORTIMER, JOHN ROBERT, Gt Driffield, Yorks, Corn Merchant. Kingston upon chbrs, Batley

Hull. Pet July 26. "Ord July 26
HODSON, FREDERICK GEORGE, Masbrough, Yorks, o ut of business. Aug 9 at 12.
Off Rec, Figtree laue, Sheffi-ld

NOBLE, JOHN, sen, Nottingham, Builder. Nottingham. Pet Jan 3. Ord July 25 HUTCHINS, EDWARD MORTIMER, Cardiff, Ship Broker. Aug 5 at 2.3. Off Re,

ONIONS, HENRY, Boningale, nr Albrighton, Salop, Licensed Victualler. Madeley, 3, Crockherbtown, Cardiff

chropshire. Pet July 18. Ord July 26 JEFFERSON, JOHN STEEL, Carlisle, Innkeeper. Aug 9 at 5. Off Rec, 34, Fisher PEACOCK, JOHN JEAN, Plymouth, Commission Agent East Stonehouse. Pet st, Caslisle

July 23. Ord July 26 KEYWOOD, FREDERICK, Nottingham, Hosiery Manufacturer. Aug 6 at 11. Off PERBING, JAMES, Holbeton, nr Ivybridge, Devon, Baker. East Stonho:189. Pet kec, 1, High pavement, Nottiogham

July 20. Ord July 27 KING, JOHN CHARLES, Amer-ham, Buckinghamshire, Draper, Aug 5 at 11.30. PICKRELL, JOHN, Giangetown, pr Middlesbrough, Butcher. Stockton on Tees Off Rec, 1, St Aldates, Oxford

and Middlesbrough. Pet July 22. Ord July 26 LEE, FAULKNER, Devon-hire st, Great Portland st, Surveyor. Aug 5 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's ion

POINTON, WILLIAM, Wolstanton, Staffordshire. Farm Labourer. Hanley MAFFETT, JOHN, Boston epa, Yorks, Photographer. Aug 5 at 2. Off Rec, 17,

Buislem, and Tunstall. Pet July 37. Ord July 27 Blake st, York

PRIDDIS, MATILDA, and FRANCES GODWIN, Winchester, Makers. WinMILLS, ROBERT, Clee, Lincolnshire, Smackowner. Aug 10 at 12. Off Rec, 3,

chester. Pet July 16. Ord July 27 Haven st, Gt Grimsby

ROBERTS, THOMAS, St Levan, Cornwall, Farmer. Truro. Pet July 22. Ord MILSTED, ALBERT, Carlyle &q, Chelsea, no occupation. Aug 5 at 2.30. 33, Carey

July 27 st, Lincolo's in fields

ROYCE, WILLIAM, Birch Essex, Miller. Colchester. Pet July 14. Ord July 26 MITCHELL, HENKY, Kingston upon Hull, Fish Merchant. Aug 9 at 11. Incor SCOTT, THOMAS, Kingston upon Hull, Baker. Kingston upon Hull. Pet July 26. NUTTIN... CHARLES, Catford, Kent, Stationer: "Aug 11 at 3. 109, Victoria st, SHARP, REUBEN, Tolleshunt Major, Essex, Farmer. Chelmsford. Pet July 25.

Ord July 25 ONIONS, HENRY, Boningale, nr Albrighton, Salop, Licensed Virtueller. Aug 17 SIMPSON, JOSEPH KINGSBURY, Patehull rd, Kentish Town, Importer of Musical

Instruments. High Court. Pet June 29. Ord July 27
ORGANER, EDWARD, Boston, Lincoloshire, Draper. Aug 11 at 12. Off Rec, 48, TAYLOR, FREDERICK, Leeds, Earthenware Manufacturer. Leeds. Pet July 23.

High st, Boston
OWEN, ROBERT EDWARD. Beaumaris. Anglesey, Medical Practitioner. Aug 8 at

Ord July 26 4. Queen's Head Cafe, Bangor

WITHERS, JAMES, Cheddar, Somersetshire, Cropper. Wells. Pet July 16. Ord PEACOCK, JOHN JEAN, Plymouth, Commission Agent. Aug 12 at 3. 18, Frank

July 26 fort st, Plymouth

WORTERS, WILLIAM HENRY. Broughton, Northamptonshire, Commission PERRING, JAMES, Holbeton, nr Ivybridge, Devon, Baker. Aug 11 at 3. 18

Agent Northampton. Pet July 23. Pet July 23
PICKRELL, JOHN, Grangetown, nr Middlesbrough, Butcher. Aug 9 at 11. Off

Ric, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough
RICHARDS GWILYM, Owrn, Clydach, nr Swansea, Publican.

Lon lon Gazette.-TUESDAY, Aug. 2.

Aug 9 at 11. Off
Rec, 6, Rutland st, Swansea
ECHOFIELD, JOHN, Sheffield, Oomb Maker. Aug 9 at 11. Off Rec, Figtree lane,

ALLEN, AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS, Gt Yarmouth, Grocer. Pet July 29. Ord July 29 Sheffield

ARMITAGE, JOSEPH NEWTON, Bradford, Worsted Spinner. Bradford. Pet July SIDDELEY, JOSQUA, and JOHN SIDDELEY, Gulval, nr Penzance, Ice Makers.

27. Ord July 27 Aug 9 at 3. Off Rec, 25, Victoria st, Liverpool

AUGUST. WILLIAM HENRY, High st, Croydon, Grocer. Croydon. Pet July 27.

Ord July 27 EMITH, GEORGE JAMES, Lewisbam, no occupation. Aug 9 at 3. 109, Victoria st, BAYTHORP, THOMAS, Barrow in Furness, Licensed Victualler. Ulverston and

Barrow in Furness. Pet July 29. Ord July 29 EMITH, WILLIAM. Gt Haywood, Staffordshire, Labourer. Aug 8 at 12. County CLARKE, WILLIAM THOMAS, Redditch, Grocer. Birmingham. Pet July 12. Ord

July 29 SOLOMON, NATHAN, Birmingham, Glazier. Aug 10 at 11. 25, Colmore row, Birm CLAY, CHARLES ROBERT, Up-Hatherley, Gloucestershire, Cattle Dealer. ChlSPIKESMAN, RICHARD, High s!, Epsom, Grocer. Aug 8 at 12.

tenham. Pet July 28. Ord July 28

109, Victoria st, Westminster

CURTIS, CHARLES, Kingston upon Hull, Saw Mill Foreman. Kingston upon STEPHENSON, BENJAMIN, York, Commission Agent. Aug 5 at 12. Off Reo, 17,

Hull. Pet July 28. Ord July 28

Oxford. Pet July 23. Ord July 26 DARLEY, HENRY SYLVESTER, Exeter, Gent.

Wandsworth. TAYLOR, JOSEPH WILLIAM, Leeds, Earthenware Manufacturer. Aug 9 at 3. Of Downs, CHARLES, Scarletts, nr Twyford, Berks, no occupation.

Pet May 20. Ord July 28 VAN DEN BERG, JOHN,'Tredegar rd, Bow, Boot Manufacturer. Aug 5 at 12. GOATER, ALFRED WILLIAM, Leadenhall st, Eating House Keeper. High Court. Bankı uptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

Pet July 21. Ord July 28 WATTS, EDWIN HENRY, Carnaby st, Regent st, Goldsmith. Aug 5 at 2.30. Bank GOULSTONE, HENRY ALBERT, Yate, Gloucestershire, Innkeeper. Bristol. Pet ruptcy bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

July 28. Ord July 28 WEIGHT, EDWARD, Sheffield, Builder. Aug 9 at 1. Off Rec, Figtree lane, Shef HALL, RICHARD BENJAMIN, Sandwich, Kent, Boot Maker. Canterbury. Pet

Pet June 25. Ora July 29

HEMINGWAY, CAROLINE, Mirfield, Yorks, Draper. Dewsbury. Pet July 28. Ord ADJUDICATIONS.

July 28 AINSLEY, WILLIAM, Willington, Durham, Draper, Durham, Pet July 1. Ord

HONE, JAMES RENRY HIATT, Preston on Stour, nr Stratford on Avon, Baker.

Warwick. Pet July 28.' Ord July 28

YEO, WONEN CHANT, Brixham, Devon. Shipowner. Aug 11 at 11. 18. Frankfort st, Hall 1.1200, Chorley. Lancashire, Draper. Bolton,

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JOHNSTON, THOMAS, the elder, Blackwell park, nr Carlisle, Farmer. Carlisle. CLIFFORD, REUBEN CHARLES, Quonington, Gloucestershire, Farmer. Swindon.
Pet July 27. Ord July 27

Pet July 25. Ord July 28 ) ISSAMAN, WILLIAM, Leamington, Builder. Warwick. Pet July 28. Ord July 28

CROPTON, THOMAS, High Holbcin, Grocer. High Court. Pet June 6. Ord
MORRISH. RICHARD WOOD, Leamington, Boot Dealer. Warwick. Pet July 29. July 28
Ord July 29

CURTIS, CHARLES, Kingston upon Huil, Saw Mill Foreman. Kingston upon
PROBERT, ARTHUR JAMES, Hay, Brecknockshire, Butcher. Hereford. Pet July

Hull. Pet July 28. Ord July 28 27. Ord July 27

Oxford. Pet July 26. Ord July 26
ROLLINGS, WILLIAM, Forston st, Hoxton, Lime Merchant. High Court. Pet DARLEY, HENRY SYLVESTER, Exeter, Gent.
July 16. Ord July 28

DAVIS, JOHN, And HENRY Davis. Tottenham Court rd, House Furnishers. High
BAGE, T. BUSH, Elgin avenue, Paddington, Builder. High Court. Pet June 13. Court. Pet May 19. Ord July 28
Ord July 28

DYNES, FREDERICK THOMAS, Bedford, Currier. Bedford. Pet June 17. Ord
SARGENT. BENJAMIN, St Leonards on Sea, Jeweller. Hastings. Pet July

July 29
Ord July 28
SMITH, THOMAS, Bromsgrove, Baker. Worcester. Pet July 29. Ord July 29

FOGARTY, MICHAEL, Stoneycroft, Lancashire, Builder. Liverpool. Pet July

Ord July 28
TOMPKIN, GEORGE, Chesterton, Staffordsbire, Baker. Hanley, Burslem, and LIARDET, J. EVELYN, London st. High Court. Pet May 23. Ord July 28

Tunstall. Pet July 29. Ord July 29
WIGLEY, DAVID, Trefeglwys, Montgomeryshire, Farmer. Newtown. Pet July RICHARDS. GWILYM, Cwm Clydach, nr Swansea, Publican. Swansea. Pet July 2F.
18.' Ord July 29

Ord July 28 WORTHY, MARY, Elton, Cheshire, Licensed Victualler. Macclesfield. Pet July SEARS JOHN NEWTON, Norfolk ter, Bayswater, Promoter of Public Companies, 28. Ord July 28

High Court. Pet Dec 22. Ord July 28 YAPP, THOMAS, Hereford, Confectioner. Hereford. Pet July 29. Orů July 29

SMITH, THOMAS, Bromsgrove, Baker. Worcester. Pet July 29. Ord July 29

THOMAS, JOHN, Bangor, Saddler. Bangor. Pet June 22. Ord July 28

WALKER, GEORGE, and JOHN WALKER, Barrow in Furness, Aerated Water
ARMITAGE, JOSEPH NEWTON, Bradford, Worsted Spinner. Aug 11 at 11. Off Manufacturers. Ulverston and Barrow in Furness. Pet April 26. Ord
Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford

July 26 BAKER, FREDERICK GEORGE, Shanklin, IW, Watchmaker. Aug 9 at 13. Chamber of Commerce, 145, Cheapside

WARWICK, SAMUEL, Bedworth, Warwickshire, Innkeeper. Coventry. Pet July

14. Ord July 29 BEEBLEY, JOHN, Reading, Upholsterer. Aug 11 at 12. Queen's Hotel, Reading BROWN, DAVID, Walthamstow, Essex, Egg Merchant. Aug 9 at 2.30. 33, Carey

YEO, JOAN PALMER, Camborne, Cornwall, Horse Trainer, Truro. Pet July 27, st, Lincoln's inn fields

Ord July 28
CHAMBERS, FLANK. Tankersley, Yorks, Clerk, Aug 10 at 11.30. Off Rec, Figtree

lane, Sheffield
COLLINS, N, London Bridge. Aug 9 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn fields
COTTON, WILLIAM, Stoke Newington rd, Toy Warehouseman. Aug 10 at 11. 16
Room, 30 and 81, 8t Swithin's lane

COULTHARD, RICHARD. Fenchurch st, no occupation. Aug 9 at 12. 33, Carey st,

Lincoln's inn fields
DAVIES. ISAAC, Geneurglyn, Cardiganshire, Farmer. Aug 10 at 3.16. Townhall, GREENWOOD.-Aug. 2, at Highgate, the wife of H. Greenwood, barrister-at-law,

of a daughter.
HARKER, JOHN JAMES, Liverpool, Importer. Aug 12 at 2. Off Rec, 35, Victoria MACLEOD. - July 31, at Edinburgh, the wife of 8. J. Fraser Mac!eod, barrister-at-
st, Liverpool

Jaw. of a daughter.
JOHNSTON, THOMAS, sen, Blackwell pk, nr Carlisle, Farmer. Aug 10 at 12. Off THOMPSON. - July 30, at Cardiff, the wife of Geo. Carslako Thompson, Barrister-
Rec, 34, Fisher st, Carlisle

ar-law, of a daughter.
JONES, DAVID, Llanbadarnfawr, Cardigane hire, Farmer. Aug 10 at 3.30. Town-
hall, Aberystwith

JONES. JOHN MORRIS, Barmouth, Merionethshire, no occupation. Aug 10 at 3. MCMILLAN-ELDER.-Aug. 2, at St. Paul's, Avenue-road, N.W., Robert Furse
Townball, Aberyst with

M.Millan, barrister-at-law, to Margaret Aitcheson, daughter of the late John
WILLIAM PAUL, Jermyn st. Italian Warehousemen. Aug 10 at 11. Bank-

Elder, jun., of Yairam, Victoria. ruptcy b'des, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields

DEATHS. KEPPER. SAMUEL M, Stepney green, Phoemaker. Aug 9 at 12. Bankruptcy

bldgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields LAPTHORNE, JOHN JOSEPH, Barnstaple, Licensed Victualler. Aug 9 at 1.30.

FRENCH. - July 30, at Malahide, Arthur French, magistrate for the county of

Kildare, aged 84. Sanders & Son. High st, Barnstaple

TALBOT.--July 29, at Lincoln's-inn-fields, Henry Thomas 'Talbot, solicitor, aged 33.
MALET, FRANCIS BLUNTELL WARRE, Roland gdps, South Kensington, Gent.

Aug 11 at 11. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn fields
NEALE, DANIEL, Westgate, Wakefield, Hatter. Aug 9 at 11. Off Rec, Bond

tej race. Wakefield
PIGOT, JOSEPH, Mopnery rd, Junction rd, Upper Holloway, no occupation. Aug T'he Subscription to the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL 18— Town, 268. 6d.;

10 at 11. 33. Carey st, Lincoln's inn fields
ROBERTS, THOMAS, St Levan, Cornwall, Farmer. Aug 9 at 2. Western Hotel, Country, 288. 6d.; with the WBEKLY REPORTER, 538. Payment in ad-

ROGERS, WILLIAM, High rd, Kilburn, Bootmaker. Aug 10 at 2.30. 33, Carey st, vance includes Double Numbers and Postage. Subscribers can have

Lincoln's inn fields
ROOKE, FRANK BRYANT, and DIBNEY ROOKE, Watling st. Clothiers. Aug 9 at

their Volum 8 bound at the office-cloth, 28. 6d., half law calf, 58. 6d. 2.30. Bankruptcy bdgs. Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields SAVILLE. FRANK, North crescent. Chenies st, Tottenham et rd, Money Lender.

Aug 9 at 11. Bankruptcy bds. Portugal st. Lincoln's inn fields
SIGGERS, GEORGE WILLOUGHBY. Union st. Whitechapel, L'censed Victualler.
Aug 10 at 12. 33, Carey st, Lincoln's inn fields

TRIGG. HANNAH, Southport, Licensed Victualler. Aug 9 at 12. Off Rec, Ogden's
cbp bry, Bridge st, Manchester



692 Bankruptcy bdgs, Portugal st, Lincoln's inn fields



682 WATSON. E. St George's rd, Clerk. Aug 11 at 11. Bankruptcy bdgs, Portugal THE COUNTY COURT



Ft, Lincoln's inn fields

683 WIGLEY, DAVID, Trefeglwys, Montgomery, Farmer. Aug 11 at 1. Off Rec,


683 Llanidl, es



684 WOBTHY. MARY, Elton, Cheshire, Licensed Victualler. Aug 11 at 12. Off Rec,

23, King Edward st, Macclesfield YEO, JOHN PALMER, Camborne, Cornwall, Horse Trainer. Aug 10 at 12. Off Rec, Boscawen st, Truro

All letters intended for publication in the Solicitors' Journul" must be The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the London Gazette of July 26.

authenticated by the name of the writer. MARKHAM, WALTER JAMES, Rugby, Tailor. Aug 11 at 11. EC Peagam, Solicitor, 30, North st, Rugby

Where difficulty is experienced in procuring the Journal with regularity, ADJUDICATIONS. ALLEN, AUGUSTUS WILLIAMS, Great Yarmouth, Grocer.

in the Country, it is requested that application be made direct to the Pet July 29. Ord July 29

Great Yarmouth.


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[blocks in formation]


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and Clerks of the Peace.


1,000 Leaf Book, 5s. 6d.
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English made.






the summons need be served on the trustees of the trust instrument. in the Solicitors' Journal. Spencer's Will, Re

In the present case the Court of Appeal did not require the presence Weldon v. Neal ......

691 of the trustees; and, as we understand that Lord Justice COTTON Adams' Trusts, Re

692 Davies Brothers & Co. v. Davies .. 691 In the Weekly Reporter. inquired during the hearing why the trustees were not repreFalcke v. Scottish Imperial Insur Adams's Trusts, In re

770 sented, it must be taken that the Court of Appeal mooted the ance Co... 693 Attorney-General v. Heywood

... 772 Jenkinson v. Brandley Mining Co.; Bankes v. Small

165 point, but considered that service of the summons on the trustees Jenks (Claimant) 693 Macpicoll v. Parnell

773 is not necessary. Kurtz v. Spence...


New University Club, In re 774 Langworthy, Re, Ex parte Lang Orient Steam Navigation Co. v. wortby

Ocean Marine Insurance Co. .... 771
Litchfield v. Jones

Pulbrook v. Ashby & Co.

779 THE DECISION of the House of Lords in Toulmin v. Millar will Little, Re 691 Pybus, In re

770 Maple & Co. v. Earl of Shrewsbury 691 Rawnsley v. Lancashire and York

probably occasion some consternation to auctioneers and estate Pretty and Others v. Fowke 693 shire Railway Co.

771 agents. It is clear that when the owner of property goes to an Proctor v. Benpis...

Sedgwick v. Yedras Mining Co ... 780 estate agent and requests him to find a purchaser, naming at the

same time the sum which he is willing to accept, that will con

stitute a general employment; and should the estate be eventually The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter.

sold by the owner to a purchaser introduced by the agent, the

latter will be entitled to his commission, although the price paid LONDON, AUGUST 13, 1887.

should be less than the sum named at the time the employment was given. The mention of a specific sum prevents the agent

from selling for a lower price without the consent of his employer; CURRENT TOPICS.

but it is given merely as the basis of future negotiations, leaving Mr. Justice North has announced that he will hear witness But suppose the owner of property goes to an estate agent for the

the actual price to be settled in the course of the negotiations. actions from October 31 to November 17.

purpose of letting, and instructs him to let, but, in reply to a question by the agent, says that he is willing to sell for a specified

sum, but for no less sum; the agent succeeds in letting the property, THE LIST of Chancery appeals at the commencement of the and the owner subsequently sells it to the tenant for a less sum Trinity Sittings numbered seventy-one, and the number disposed of than he named to the auctioneer, is the auctioneer entitled to comduring the sittings was sixty-six, besides five which stand over. At mission on the subsequent sale to the purchaser, who was originally the present time there are fifty-nine Chancery appeals in the list, introduced by him to the vendor ? The House of Lords say, in besides the five which stand over.

substance, “No; the right to remuneration for a sale depends on the employment to sell; and in this case the employment of the

agent was only to let or sell, not to let and sell; hence, when the NOTWITHSTANDING that a large amount of work has been disposed evidence shewed that the employment was really thus limited or

agent let, his agency came to an end.” And, assuming that the of by the judges of the Chancery Division during the Trinity alternative, we do not see how any other conclusion could be Sittings, the lists, which at the commencement of the sittings arrived at.' The specific question what the parol contract between contained 786 cases, including adjourned summonses, contain, at the owner and the estate agent was—which is at the root of the the rising of the courts, no fewer than 789 cases, which will, of whole matter-does not, however, appear to have been left to the course, be largely added to before the courts sit again.

jury at the trial, although it was, no doubt, brought before them by Lord COLERIDGE in his summing up, and was presumably con

sidered by them as one of the elements of their finding against Mr. Justice KEKEWICA will, in the Michaelmas Sittings, appoint the estate agent. The House of Lords were “not satisfied that days, on request, for the trial of actions proceeding in the Liver- the jury could not reasonably derive from the evidence inferences pool and Manchester District Registries. Motions in actions pro- of fact fatal to the plaintiff's claim," and therefore refused to ceeding in either of those registries will be taken every Saturday, disturb the verdict. We propose hereafter to consider at some and other interlocutory business in those actions on alternate length the results of the decision. Saturdays, commencing with Liverpool business on October 29.

THE DECISION in the case of Pretty and others v. Fowke,

tried before Mr. Justice STEPHEN, and subsequently reserved for On Tuesday last Mr. Justice Nortu delivered judgment in the further consideration, reveals a serious liability to which case of Billing v. Brogden, which had been standing for judgment solicitors may expose themselves. A Birmingham solicitor was ever since February, 1886. The learned judge described the case as (as it is stated) employed by trustees to find a good security for having given him more labour and anxiety than any other case £500, and himself instructed a valuer to report on certain business tried before him. This is no doubt so, but we may perhaps premises for the purpose of an advance of that sum. The valuer respectfully suggest that he has given more time either to the reported that the property was a good security for £500, and the consideration of the case or to forgetting all about it, than any trustees advanced that sum upon it. Subsequently, the security judge since Lord ELDON.

proved insufficient, and the trustees then turned round on the solicitor and brought an action for negligence against him, on the

ground that the instructions which he gave to the valuer were inFROM A CALCULATION made by inspection of the Chancery cause sufficient. The solicitor had not correctly informed the valuer as books, it appears that the five Chancery judges baze, during the to the terms of the tenancy under which the premises were held; present sittings, disposed of about 120 actions and further he had stated to the valuer that the premises were held by the considerations.

It is estimated that in the Chancery lists at the tenant at a rent of £80, and that there was no written agreement commencement of the sittings the numbers of these classes were with the tenant; whereas there was a written agreement for a about 555, so that 435 still remain undisposed of. Although a lease under which the landlord was bound to pay rates and considerable portion of these 435 consists of cases standing over taxes, amounting to over £20 a year. But it appeared that and otherwise ineffective, it is obvious that a sixth judge is the agreement contained a clause empowering the landlord greatly needed to reduce the present arrears.

to “mortgage in his own name as owner.' It is difficult to understand the object of this strange provision (assuming that its purport

is correctly stated), unless it was to enable the landlord to A case of Re Little, which we report elsewhere, seems to settle grant the premises to his mortgagee free from the agreement practice among the judges of the Chancery Division--viz., whether, admitted on all hands, had acted throughout in good faith, by an application under section 39 of the Conveyancing Act, 1881, framed his instructions to the valuer upon the information he by a married woman for removal of the restraint on anticipation,) possessed. He had, at the commencement of the negotiations

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