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carrying the tunnel for a distance of thirty-two yard*, acknowledged the breach of the injunction with which they were charged. An order was then made that, upon the defendants giving an undertaking not to use the boring machine for any purpose whatever, unless with tbe written consent of the Board of Trade, the motion shonld be adjourned sine die, and that the costs of the motion should be costs iu the action.—Solicitors, Solicitor to the Board of Trade; Fowler <& Perks; Stevens.

PracticeCertiorari—Ex Parts Application In the case of In re

The Brtage United Tin Mines Company, also before North, J., on the 16tb inst, an application was made ex parte for a writ of certiorari to remove to the Chancery Division of the High Court an action pending in the Lord Mayor's Court for specific performance of an agreement, on the ground that questions of difficulty were involved in the action. It was submitted that the practice in chancery had been, since the Judicature Acts, assimilated to that at common law, and that it was not necessary to commence an action in the nature of a bill of certiorari before making the application (Daniell's Forms, 3rd ed., p. 1000), and that the common practice was to apply ex parte. North, J., declined, on an ex parte application, to make the order asked for, and also thonght that the court should not assist tbe applicant in any way, as it appeared that the application was made only two days before the day fixed for the trial of the aotion.—Solicitors, Quick Ji Bidder.



We, the Right Honourable Ronndell Baron Selborno, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, the Right Honourable John Duke Lord Coleridge, Lord Chief Justice of England, the Right Honourable Sir George Jessel, Master of the Rolls, and Enoch Harvey, Esq., President of the Incorporated Law Society of Liverpool (being four of tbe persons In that behalf authorized by the statute 44 & 45 Vict. c. 44), do hereby, in pursuance and execution of the powers given to ns by the said statute, and of all other powers and authorities enabling ns in that behalf, order and direct in manner following :—

1. This order is to take effect from and after December 31, 1882, except that schedule I. hereto shall not apply to transactions rcsporting real property, the title to which has been registered nnder the Acts of 25 & 26 Vict. c. 53, 25 & 26 Viot. c 67, and 38 & 39 Viot. c. 87.

2. Subject to the exception aforesaid, the remuneration of a solicitor in respect of business couneoted with sales, purchases, leases, mortgages, settlements, and other matters of conveyancing, and in respect of other business, not being business in any action, or transacted in any court, or in tbe chambers of any judge or master, is to be regulated as follows— namely:—

(a.) In respect of sales, purchases, and mortgages completed, the remuneration of the solicitor having tbe conduct of the business, whether for the vendor, purchaser, mortgagor, or mortgagee, is to be that prescribed in part I. of the schedule I. to this order, and to be subject to the regulations therein contained.

(4.) In respect of leases, and agreements for leases, of the kinds mentioned in part II. of schedule I. to this order, or conveyances reserving rent, or agreements for the name, when the transactions shall have been completed, the remuneration of the solicitor having the conduct of the business is to be that prescribed in part II. of such schedule I.

(e.) In respect of business not hereinbefore provided for, connected with any transaction, the remuneration for which, if completed, is hereinbefore, or in sohedule II. hereto, prescribed, bnt which is not, in fact, completed, and in respect of settlements, mining leases or licenses, or agreements therefor, reconveyances, transfers of mortgage, or further oharges, not provided for hereinbefore or in schedule I. hereto, assignments of leases not by way of pnrohase or mortgage, and in respect of all other deeds or documents, and of all other business the remuneration for whioh is not hereinbefore, or in schedule I. hereto prescribed, the remuneration is to be regulated according to the present sjBtera as altered by schedule II. hereto.

3. Drafts and copies made in the course of business, the remuneration for which is provided for by this order, are to be the property of the client.

4. The remuneration prescribed by schedule I. to this order is not to include stamps, counsel's fees, auctioneer's or valuer's charges, travelling or hotel expenses, fees paid on Marches to public officers, on registrations, or to stewards of manors, costs of extracts from any register, record, or roll, or other disbursement reasonably and properly paid, nor any extra work occasioned by changes occurring in the course of any business, suoh as the death or insolvency of a party to the transaction, nor is it to includo any business of a contentious character, nor any proceedings in any court, but it shall include law stationer's charges, and allowances for time of tbe solicitor and his clerks, and for copying and parchment, and all other similar disbursements.

5. In rospect of any business which is required to be, and is, by special exertion, carried through in an exceptionally short space of time, a solicitor may be allowed a proper additional remuneration for the special exertion, according to the circumstances.

6. In all cases to which the scales prescribed in schedule I. hereto shall apply, a solicitor may, before undertaking any business, by writing under his hand, communicated to the client, elect that his remuneration shall be according to the present system as altered by schedule II. hereto; but if no such election shall be made, his remuneration shall be according to the scale prescribed by this order.

7. A solioitor may accept from his client, and a client may gi e to bis solicitor, security for the amount to become due to the solicitor for business to be transacted by him, and for interest on such amount, but so that interest is not to commence till the amount due is ascertained, either by agreement or taxation. A solicitor may charge interest at four per oent. per annum on his disbursements and costs, whether by scale or otherwise, from the expiration of one month from demand from the client. And in cases where the same are payable by an infant, or out of a fund not presently available, such demand may be made on the parent or guardian, or the trustee or other person liable.

8. In this order, and the schedules hereto, the following words and expressions shall have the meaning ascribed to them in th3 3rd sub-section of section 1 of tbe Solicitors' Remuneration Act, 1881, viz. :—




Part I.

Scale of Charges on Salet, Purchases, and Mortgages, and Rules applicable



(3.) For the

4th and each (4.) For each (2.) For the subsequent subsequent (1.) For the 2nd and 3rd £1,000 up to £1,000 up to 1st £1,000. £1,000. £10,000. £100,000.*

Vendor's solicitor for negotiating a sale of property by private contract 20s. per £100. 20s. per £100. 10s. per £100. 6s. per £100,

Do., do., for conducting a sale of property by publio auction, including the conditions of sale— When the property is sold ... 20s. „ 10s. ,, 6s. „ is. 6d. ,, When the property is not sold, then on the reserved price 10s. ,, 6s. ,, 2s.6d. ,, la. 3d. ,, [N.B.—A minimum charge of £6 to be made whether a sale is effected or not.] Do., do., for deducing title to freehold, copyhold, or leasehold property, and pernsing, and completing conveyance (including preparation of contract, or conditions of sale, if

any) 30s. „ 20s. „ 10s. „ 6s. „

Purchaser's solicitor for negotiating a purchase of property

by private contract 203. „ 20s. „ 10s. „ 6a.

Do., do., for investigating title to freohold, copyhold, or leasehold property, and preparing and completing conveyance (including perusal and completion of contract, if any) ...30s. ,, 20s. „ 10s. ,, 6s. ,,

Mortgagor's solicitor for deducing title to freehold, copyhold, or leasehold property, perUBing

mortgage, and completing 30s. ,, 20s. ,, 10s. ,, 6s. ,,

Mortgagee's solicitor for negotiating loan 20s. „ 20s. „ 5s. „ 2s.0d. „

Do., do., for investigating title to freehold, copyhold, or leasehold property; and preparing

and completing mortgage 30s. ,, 20s. ,, 10s. ,, 6s. „

Vendor's or mortgagor's solici-
tor for procuring execution
and acknowledgment of deed
by a married woman £2 10s. extra.

* Every transaction excoeding £100,000 to be charged for as if it were for £100,000.


1. The commission for deducing title and perusing and completing conveyance on a sale by auction is to be chargeable on each lot of property, except that where a property held under the same title is divided into lots for convenience of sale, and tbe same purchaser buys several such lots and takes one conveyance, and only one abstract is delivered, the commission is to chargeable upon the aggregate prices of the lots.

2. The commission on an attempted sale by auction in lots is to be chargeable on tbe aggregate of the reserved prices. When property offered for sale by auction is bought in and terms of sale are afterwards negotiated and arranged by the solicitor, he is to be entitled to charge commission according to the above scales on the reserved price where the property is not sold, and also one-half of the commission for negotiating the sale. When property is bought in and afterwards offered by auction by tbe same solicitor, he is only to be entitled to tbe scale for the first attempted sale, and for each subsequent sale ineffectually attempted, he is to charge according to the present system, as altered by schedule II. hereto. In case of a subsequent effectual sale by auction, the full commission for an effectual sale is to be chargeable in addition, less one-half of the commission previously allowed on the first attempted sale. Tbe provisions of this rule as to commission on sales or attempted sales by auction are to be subject to rule 2.

3. Where a solicitor is concerned for both mortgagor and mortgagee, he is to be entitled to charge tbe mortgagee's solicitor's charges and one-half of those which would be allowed to the mortgagor's solicitor up to £5,000, and on any excess above £5,000, one-fourth thereof.

4. If a solicitor peruses a draft on behalf of several parties having distinct interests, proper to be separately represented, he is to be entitled to charge £2 additional for each snch party after the first.

5. Where a party, other than the vendor or mortgagor, joins in a conveyance or mortgage, and is represented by a separate solicitor, the charge* of inch separate solicitor are to be dealt with under the old system as altered by schedule II. hereto. COMPANIES.

6. Where a conveyance and mortgage of the same property are completed at the same time, and are prepared by the same solicitor, he is to be entitled to charge only half tho above fees for investigating title, and preparing the mortgage deed op to £5,000, and, on any excess above £5,000, onefourth thereof, in addition to his fnll charges npon the purchase-money and his commissions for negotiating (if any).

7. Fractions of £100, under £50, are to he reckoned ss £50. Fractions of £100, above £50, are to be reckoned as £100.

8. Where the prescribed remuneration would, but for thia provision, amount to less than £5, the prescribed remuneration shall be £5, ezcopt on transactions under £100, in which cases the remuneration of the solicitor for the vendor, purchaser, mortgagor, or mortgagee, is to be £3.

9. Where a property is sold subject to incumbrances, the amount of the incumbrances is to be deemed a part of the purchase-money except where the mortgagee purchases, in which case the charge of his solicitor shall be calculated upon the price of the eqnity of redemption.

10. The above scale as to mortgages is to apply to transfers of mortgages where the title is investigated, hut not to transfers where the title was investigated by the same solicitor on the original mortgage or on any previous transfer ; and it is not to apply to fnrther oharges where the title has been so previously investigated. As to such transfers and further charges the remuneration is to be regnlated according to the present system as altered by schedule II. hereto. Bot the scale for negotiating the loan shall be chargeable on suob transfers and fnrther oharges where it is applicable.

11. The Bcale for conducting a sale by auction shall apply only in oases where no commission is paid by the olient to an auctioneer. The scale for negotiating shall apply to oases where the solicitor of a vendor or purchaser arranges the sale or purchase and the price and terms and conditions thereof, and no commission is paid by the olient to an auctioneer, or estate, or other agent. As to a mortgagee's solicitor it shall only apply to oases where he arranges and obtains the loan from a person for whom he aotf. In case of sales under the Lands Clauses Consolidation Aor, or any other private or public Act under which the vendor's oharges are paid by the purchaser, the soale shall not apply.

12. In cases where, under the previous portion of this sohedule, a solicitor would be entitled to oharge a oommission for negotiating a sale or mortgage, or for conduoting a Bale by auction, and he shall not oharge suoh oommission, then he shall be entitled to charge the rates allowed by (be first column on all transactions up to £2,000, and to charge in addition those allowed by the second column on all amounts above £2,000 and not ezoeeding £5,000, and further to charge those allowed by the third column on all amounts above £5,000 and not exceeding £60,000, instead of the rates allowed up to the amounts mentioned in those columns, respectively.

Part IT.

Scale of Charges as to Learn, or Agreements for Leases, at Rack Rent (other than a Mining Lease, or a Lease for Building Purposes, or Agreement for the same).

Lessor's solicitor for preparing, settling, and completing lease and counterpart :—

Where the rent does not exceed £100 { ^fflSfi

( £7 10s. in respect of the tint £100 Where the rent exceeds £100 and J of rent, and £2 10s. in respect

1 "* each subsequent £100 of

does not exceed £500..

Where tho rent exceeds £500 .

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'£7 10s. in rfspect of the first £100 of rent, £2 10s. in respect of each £100 of rent up to £500, and £l in respect of every subsequent £100.

Lessee's solicitor for perusing draft and / One-half of the amount payable completing \ to the lessor's solicitor.

Sen!,' of Charges as to Conveyances in Fee, or for any other Freehold Estate, Restiving Rent, or Building Leases Reserving Rent, or other Long Leasts not at Rack Rati (except Mining Leases) or Agreements for the same respectively.

Vendor's or lessor's solicitor for preparing, settling, and completing eonvey~ 1 and duplicate, or lease and counterpart:—

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Purchaser's or lessee's solicitor for penuinfi^.^ "i^L .am°UDt P^ draft and completing Z V(indOT' 01 le8!orl

Rules Applicable To Part II. Of Schedule I.

As to all Leases, or Conveyances at a Rent, or Agreements for the lame, other than Mining Leases and Agreements therefor.

1. Where the vendor or lessor furnishes an abstract of title, it is to be charged for according to the present system as altered by schedule II.

2. Where a solicitor is concerned for both vendor and purchaser, or lessor or lessee, he is to charge the vendor's or lessor's solicitor's charges and onehalf of that of the purchaser's or lessee's solicitor.

3. Where a mortgagee or mortgagor joins in a conveyance or lease the vendor's or lessor's solicitor is to charge £1 Is. extra.

4. Where a party other than a vendor or lessor j tins in a conveyance or lease, and is represented by a separate solicitor, the charges of such separate solicitor are to be dealt with under the old syatem as altered by schedule If.

5. Where a conveyance or lease is partly in consideration of a money parment or premium, and partly of a rent, then, in addition to the remuneration hereby prescribed in respect of the rent, there shall be paid a farther smn equal to the remuneration on a purchase at a price equal to snob money piyment or premium.

6. Fractions of £5 are to be reckoned as £5.


Instructions Foe And Deawino And Perusixo Deeds, Wills, And Other Documents.

Such fees for instructions as, having regard to the care and labour required, the number and lengths of the papers to be perused, and the other circumstances of the case, may be fair and reasonable. In ordinary cases, as to drawing, &c, the allowance shall be

For drawing „„..,„„„„.,...,.,..., , 2s. per folio.

For engrossing .„,„...,,.....,,..,, 8d. „ „

For fair copying ,,„..,, , 4d. „ „

For perusing,.,,,, ,.„„,.„.,„.„..,.„„ If. ,,


In ordinary cases 10 _ 0

In extraordinary cases the taxing master may increase or diminish the above charge if for any special reasons he shall think fit.

Abstracts Op Title (Where Not Covered By Tkb Above Scale].

Drawing each brief sheet of 8 folio* 6 8

Fair copy 3 4

Journeys Prom Home.

In ordinary cases for every day of not less than seven hours employed on business or in travelling , 5 6'

Where a Ibbb time than seven hours is so em ployed... per hour 0_ 15 0 In extraordinary cases the taxing master may increase or diminish tt.e above allowance if for any special reasons he shall think fit.

(Signed) Selborne, C.

Coleridge, C.J,
O. Jkssel, M.R.
E. Harvey.


SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors of this assooiation was held at the Law Institution, Cbanoery-lane, London, on Wednesday, Angnst 9, the following directors being present i—Mr. P. Hiokman in the ohair; Messrs. Asker (Norwioh), Brook, Gregory, M.P., Harris (Leicester), Hedger, Janson, Keen, and Smith (Mr. Eiffe, secretary). A snm of £385 was distributed in grants of relief among necessitous solicitors and their families, six new members were admitted to tbe association, and other general business was transacted.


Mr. Alfred Chictiele Plowdkn has been appointed Revising Batristfr for Oxfordshire. Mr. Plowden was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Hilary Term, 1870. He practises, on the Oxford Circuit, and at the Staffordshire and Shropshire Sessions, and he was appointed recorder of the borouzh of Wenlock in 1879.

Mr. William Hat To Ye, solicitor, of Chepstow, has been appointed 0 Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. John William Cooper, barrister, LL.D., has been appointed a Magistrate for the Borough of Cambridge. Mr. Cooper wss educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where Le graduated in the third class of the Lair Tripos in 1865, and be afterwards prcoeeded to the degree of LL.D. Hewsi called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1868, and he is a member of the Sonth-Eastem Circuit, practising locally at Cambridge.

Mr. William Cockerell, barrister, lias been appointed a Magistrate for

the Borough of Cambridge. Mr. Cockerell was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity Term, 1865, and he is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit, practising locally at Cambridge. He was recently appointed recorder of the borough of Sudbury.

Mr. Charles Caune Lewis, solicitor, of Brentwood, Billericay, and Ingatestone, has teen elected (without opposition) Coroner for the Southern Division of tbe County of Efsex, in succession to his father, the late Mr. Charles Carne Lewi*, senior. Mr. Lewis had acted for sixteen years as his father's deputy. He was admitted a solicitor in 1854, and he is also clerk to the county magistrates at Billericay, and to the Billerioay Board of Guardians, and superintendent registrar for the district.

Mr. William Barr Danby, solicitor, of Lincoln, has been elected Clerk to the Lincoln Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authoriiy, on tbe resignation of his father, Mr. John William Danby. Mr. W. B. Danby was admitted a solicitor in 1877. He is secretary to the Lincolnshire Incorporated Law Society.

Mr. Alfred Gill, solicitor, of Birkenhead, has been elected Clerk of the Peace for ihat borough. Mr. Gill is also town clerk of Birkenhead. He wa8 admitted a solicitor in 1872.

Mr. Robert Malcolm Kerr, LL.D., judge of the City of London Court, has been appointed a Deputy-Lieutenant for the County of Middlesex.


Frederick Foss and George Francis Leoo, solicitors, 3, Abcburch-lane, E.O. (Foss & Legg). August 10. [Gazette, Aug. 15.]

Alexander Henry Clarke, Cyril Mortimer Mi-rimV Rawlins, sad Herbert Onslow Clarke, solicitors, Oresham House, 014 liroad-street, (Clarke, Rawlins, & Clarke), so far as regards Herbert Onslow Clark*. Tbe business will be continue.1 by the said A. II, Clarke and 0, M. M. Rawlins. Jnly 22.

Edward Starling and Richard Parrott, aolioltors, 2, Serjeants'.inn, Chancery-lane, London [Starling & Parrott. The said E. Starling will continue the business on his own account. January 1, 1881.

[Gatelte, Ang. II.]


HOUSE OF LORDS. Aug. 10.—Jtoyal Assent. The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the following Bills :— Customs and Inland Revenue; Metropolitan Board of Works (Money) ; Beer Dealers' Retiil Licenses Amendment; Friendly Societies (Quinquennial Returns) ; Casual Poor; Corn Returns; Settled Land; Conveyancing; Copy, right and Musical Compositions; Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation j Local Government Boards; Gas Provisional Orders Confirmation; Belfast Harbour; Newcastle-upon-Tyne Improvement; Accrington Improvement; Sutton-bridge Dock; Bristol Waterworks; Glamorganshire Canal Railway; Waterford, Dungarvan, and Lismore Railway; Lynn and Fakenham Railway; Tredegar Water and Gas; East London Railway; Moore-street Market and North Dublin City Improvement; Alford and Sutton Tramways; Dundee Gas; Dundee Police and Improvement; Kilsyth and BonnybrUge Railway; Plymouth and Dirtmoor Railway; Sol way Junction Railway; South Kerry Waste Lands Reclamations; Glasgow Corporation Gas; Great Northern Railway; South London Tramways; Swindon, Marlborough, and Andorer Railway; St. Pancras Guardians ; Didcot, Newbury, and Southampton Railway; Oswestry and Llangynog Railway; Pontypridd, Caerphilly, and Newport Railway; Dartmouth Harbour; Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway; Llangammarch, Neath, and Brecon Junction Railway; Manchester Corporation; Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (Overhead Railways) ; West Metropolitan TramwBys; Severn-bridge and Forest of Dean Central Railway; Limehousc Subway; Workington Dock and Harbour: Stratford-upon-Avon, Towceater, and Midland Junction Railway; Busby Water; South-Western Railway, Northampton Corporation; Peckham and E»st Dulwich Tramways; Great Western Railway (No. 1) ; Whitland, Cronware, and Pendino Railway; Glasgow City and District Railway; Nottingham Corporation; Rotherham and Bawtry Railway; South-Eastern Railway (Various Powers); Tilbury and Gravesend Tunnel Railway; Corbett Estate; Earl of Aylesford's Estate; Maharajah Duleep Singh's Estate.

Bills Read a Second Time. Pensions Commutation ; Isle of Mm (Officers); Parcels Post; Bombay Civil Fund; Labourers'Cottages end allotments (Ireland).

Mills in Committee.

Wellesley Bridge (Limerick); Educational Endowments (Scotland); Municipal Corporations.

Aug. 11.—Bills Bead a Second Time. Militia Acts Consolidation; Reserve Forces Consolidation; Artizans' Dwellings; County Courts (Adtocates1 Costs); Merchant Shipping (Mercantile Marine Fond) ; Government Annuities and Insurance.

Bills in Committee.

Bills of Exchange; Labourers' Cottages and Allotments (Ireland); Bombay Civil Fund; Parcels Post; Isle of Man (Officers); Pensions Commutation.

Bills Bead a Third Time.

Private Bills.—Ionian Bank; Metropolitan Outer Circle Railway; Charing-cross and Waterloo Electric Railway; Beaonsfield, Uxbridge, and Harrow Railway; Dover Harbour.

Bills of Exchange; Labourers' Cottages and Allotments (Ireland); Electric Lighting.

Aug. 14.— Bills Head a First Time. Corrupt Practices (Suspension of Elections) ; Passenger Vessels Licenses (Scotland) ; Expiring Laws Continuance; Publie Works Loans.

Bills Bead a Second Time. Allotments (Ireland); Turnpike Roads (South Wales).

Bills in Committee. Merchant Shipping (Mercantile Marine Fund); Artizws' Dwellings Government Annuities and Insurance; County Courts (Costs and Salaries) Militia Acts Consolidation; Reserve Forces Aets Consolidation,

Bills Read a Third Time.

Privatb Bill.—Charing-oross and Waterloo Electric Railway.

Municipal Corporations; Poor Law Amendment; Bombay Civil Fand; Pensions Commutation; Wellasley Bridge (Limerick) ; Parcels Post; Isle of Mm (Officers); Eduoational Endowments (Scotland); County Courts (Costs and Salaries),

Aug. 15.—Hills Read a Fini Time.

Fishery Board (Scotland); Married Women's Property; Ancient Monuments.

Bills Read a Second Time. Royal Irish Constabulary; Corrupt Practices (Suspension of Elections) Passenger Vessels Licenses (Scotland); Publio Works Loans; Prisons Charities; Expiring Laws Continuance.

Bills in Committee, Allotments | Turnpike Roads (South Wales).

Bills Read a Third Time. Reserve Forces Aot3 Consolidation ; Militia Acts Consolidation; Artizans' Dwellings; Parcels Post; Government Annuities and Insurance; Merchant Shipping (Mercantile Marine Fund).

[blocks in formation]

WINDING-UP NOTICES. Joint Stock Companies. Limited In Cmsmr, Eor.xoH Brick And Th E Cohpavt, Limited.—Chitty, J., has fixed Tuesday, Aug. 22,

at 11.30, at the chambers of Hall, V.C, for the appointment of an official liquidator New Zealand Land Corporation, Limited.—Creditors are to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. Baker Philip Daniels, 7, Poultry. Creditors residing in Europe, Oct. 22; to be adjudicated upon. Nor. 2 at 12. Creditors not in Europe, Jan. 21, 1883; to be adjudicated upon, Feb. 21, 1833, at 12

Wui Wynaad Indian Gold Mining Compact, Limited.—Chitty, J., has fixed Tuesday, Aug. 22, at 12, at tho chambers of Hall, V.C., for the appointment of an official liquidator

[Gazette, Aug. 11.]

Old Owlacohbh Mikks, Limited.—By an order made by Kay, J., dated Aug. 4, it was ordered that the mines bo wound up. Powell, Essex at, Strand, solicitor for the petitioner

Province Of Vicenza Sir 111 Tramway Company, Limited.—By an order made by Chitty, J., dated Aug. 5, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Bellamy and Co, Bishopsgate st Within, solicitors for the petitioner

[Gazette, Aug. 15.]

COUITIT PALATINE Op Lancaster. Limitbd Ih Chanceby. Commbbcial Dbfosit Compact, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented Aug. 10, directed to be heard before the Vice-Chancellor, at his private residence, The Cliffe, Nantwich, on Aug. 21. Sephton, Liverpool, solicitor for the petitioners Snydals Hall Colliery Compact, Limited.—By an order made by the Vicc-Chancollor, datod Aug. 8, it was ordered that the company bo wound up. Mather, Liverpool, solicitor for tho petitioners

{Gazette, Aug. 11.]


CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. LAST DAY OF PROOF. Cabdill, Johw, Bosence, St. Erth, Cornwall. Sept 20. Pope v Cardell, Chitty, J. Cornish, Penzance

[Gazette, Aug. 8.]

Birch, Jeremiah, Otloy and SwiUand, Suffolk, Farmer. Sopt 20. Roe v Birch, Chitty,

J. Brooke, Woodbridge Blaebway, Caroline, Linton st. New North rd. Oct 1. Kendall V Morrison, Kay, J.

Child anil Son, South sq. Gray's inn Castle, Ferdeeick Augustus, St Mark's sq, West Hackney, Ale Merchant. Oct 2.

Castle v Castle, Chitty, J. Attlee, Billiter so Dicks, Jobs Thomas, The Lindens, Grove pk, Chiswick, Publisher. Oct 1. Dicks v

Dicks, Hall, V.C. Winter and Co, Bedford row Gadd, Geobob Thompson, Halifax, Gentleman. Oct 1. Eastwood v Clark, Bacon,

V.C. Walsham, Halifax Habbimak, William, Nowcastlo upon Tyne, Fire Brick Manufacturer. Oct 1. Graham

v Robson, Chitty, J. Davies, Newcastle upon Tyne Habvby, James Watkin, Atiergavenny, Monmouth. Oct 1. Harvey v Harvey, Bacon,

V.C. Baker, Abergavonny Hobbs, Am:, Bath. Oct 1. Hobbs y Cullum, Chitty, J. Milieu, Old Palace yd,


Jones, Sampson, Rotherham, York, Innkeeper. Oct 1. Adkins v Webster, Chitty, J. Marsh, Rotherham

Jokes, William, Bedford, Gentleman. Oct 1. Griffin v Porter, Chitty, J. Porter, Bedford

Lott, Rev Samuel Jobdaic, Bradninch, Devon, Clerk. Oct 1. Graham v Graham,

Chitty, J. Robinson, Mitre ct chambers, Temple Pike, Francis Chbistopbee Vbbnon, Canonbury lane, Solicitor. Sept SO. Piko v

Pike, Bacon, V.C. Smith, Lincoln's inn fields Bobsoh, Jambs, Tansbolf, Pontefract, York. Sept 30. Whitting v Senior, Kay, J.

Atkinson, Pontefract

South, Edwabd, Brisbane, Queensland, Gentleman. Jan 11. Walker v Towse, Chitty,

J. Marchant, George yd, Lombard st Tatchell, Elizabetd, Wantago, Berks. Sept 30. Richards v Mills, Kay, J. Brabant,

Gray's inn sq

Thompson, John, Asqnith Bottom, Soworby Bridge, Halifax, Presser. f.ept 20. Baxter

v Thompson,Chitty, J. Ingram, Halifax Webb, Josiah Joseph, Southsea, Southampton, Gentleman. Sept 30. Webb v Webb,

Kay, J. Donnithornc. Fareham Weight, Elizabeth, Besthorpo, Norfolk. Sept 20. Standley v Johnson, Chitty, J.

Pomeroy, Wymondham

[Gazette, Aug. 11.]

Artxnr, Geoeoi Hinby, George st, Portman gq, Baker. Sept 20. Henderson v Aitken,

Chitty, J. Shaw, Furnival's inn Bull, jonir Pahhxtt, Tornbam Green, Esq. Sept 20. How v Bull, Chitty, J. Harries,

Coleman st

Collins, WtLLiAM Davis, Leytonstone, Essex, Esq. Nov 1. Collins v Collins, Kay, J.

Plunkott and Leader, St Paul's charch3-ard Hair, John, Barrow-on-Humber, Brick Manufacturer. Oct 2. Todd v Hair, Kay, J.

Mills, Beverley

Habtb, Edwabs William, St Ann's tor, St John's Wood, Gent. Oct 1. Ormandy v

Cullon, Chitty, J. Carr, Vigo st, Piccadilly Hemingway, Joseph, Mirficld, York, Grocor. Sept 18. Rushforth v Walker, Fry, J.

Ibborson, Dcwsbury

Hollixs, Gkobob, Low Ackworth, near Pontofract, York, Yeoman. Oct 3. Denby v

Swift, Chitty, J. Kcnyon, Thorno Howblls, Thomas, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Shipowner. Oct 2. Perpetual Investment

Building Society v lluwcllx, Kay, J. Howell, Llanelly Jokes, Ann, Faversham, Kent. Oct 20. Dennison v

Charing, near Ashford Linton, Geoboe, Abbotsley, Huntingdon, Farmer. Oct 2. Lenton v Lonton, Kay, J.

Wade-Gory, St Neots

Lowsley, Haeeiott, Weston-super-Mare. Oct 10. Hoole v Lyons, Kay, J. Kcarsey and Parsons, Stroud

Maisbt, Chaelbs William, Cheltenham, Secretary to a Building Society. Oct 1.

Maisey v Maisev, Bacon, V.C. Taynton, Gloucester Mccowan, Lucy Penelope, Walton-on-Thamcs. Oct 30. McCowan v McCowan, Kay,

J. Aloxander, Ely place Norton, Geobob, Sandal 1 rd, Camden Town, Dealer in Articles of Vertu. Aug 26.

Newton v Norton, Registrar, Brentford. Hadley and Garland, Queen Victoria st Oldfibld, Thomas Albion, Tufnell park rd, Islington, Gent. Sopt 30. Oldflold v

Carritt, Kay, J. Carrilt, Fenchurch st Byres, Joseph, Boltomley, near Halifax, Farmer, Sept 30, Sykes V Sykes, Kay, J.

SymouOs, Rippouden, near Halifax

v Coulter, Kay, J. Norwood,

Westphal, Dame Mart Ask, Hove, Sussex. Sept 21. Gore v Tottenham, Kay, J. Hill and Co, Brighton

[Gazette, Aug. 15.]

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35. LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Becewith, Jessib Henrietta, Great Malvern, Worcester. Aug 27. Darley and

Cumberland, John st, Bedford row Bolling, Thomas, Bristol, Confectioner. Sopt 29. Burges and Co, Bristol Boxs, Major Henry, Upper Deal, Kent. Sept 30. Holt, Guildford st, Russell sq Bbight, Geobgb, Loughborough rd. Sept 1. Savidge and Steward, Eastchcap Bucxlby, Josbph, Southport, Lancaster, Gent. Sept 1. Oakos, Southport Carter, Catherine, Rochester, Kent, Refreshment Contractor. Sept 12. Sismoy,

Serjeants' inn. Fleet Bt Cobke, Caboline, Tonbridge, Kent. Sept 1. Alleyne and Walker, Tonbridge Coulson, William Stephen, Deptford, Kent, Timber Dealer. Aug 31. Lockyer,


Cbitchlby, Margaret, Bowdon, Chester. Sept 11. Earle and Co, Manchester
Feyeb, Michael Edwin, Wetherby, York, Watchmaker. Aug 31. Coates, Wetherbv
Goods, John Thomas, Handsworth, Stafford, Gold Chain Manufacturer. Sept 23,

Clarke and Co, Birmingham
Hick, Samuel, Leeds, Gent. Oct 3. Bointon, Leeds

Hickman, Deveeeux Henby, Fopstone rd, Earl's Court, Lieutenant-Colonel. Sept 10.

Young and Co, Poultry Hill, Henby, Brighton. Sept 30. Cowdell and Co, Budge row, Cannon st Hibons, George, Charlbury, Oxford, Farmer. Sept 1. Wilkins, Chipping Norton Hughrs, William Bulkbley, St George's sq, Esq, M.P. Aug 31. Hughes and

Pritchard, Bangor

Hunter, Thomas Coulton, Peascholmes, nr Barrow in Furness, Lancaster, Contractor

Sept 29. Pearson, Barrow in Furness Hyde, William, Bilston, Staffordshire. Aug SO. Hall, Bilston Johnson, Thomas, Avenue rd, Regent's pk, Esq, Not 1. Arkcoll and Cockell, Tooley

Bt, Southwark

Kabkbek, Edwyn, Truro, Cornwall, Gentleman. Aug 25. Hodge and Co,'
Payne, William, Oxford, Upholsterer. Sept 13. Madam, Oxford
Peter, Robert, Victoria pk rd, Shipowner. Sept 29, Swepstone, Limo st
Ramsdbn, Ann, Stubbing, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Aug 22. Knowles and f

Newchurch, nr Manchester
Robinson, Martha, High Harrington, Cumberland. Sept 1. Brockbank and Co,


Smith, Paul, Stone, Staffordshire, Gentleman. Sopt 27. Saben, Stone
Tucker, John Scott, Dover, Kent, Civil Engineer. Sept 1. Fallows, Lancaster pi,

Williams, Henby, White Lion st, Sloane sq, Chelsea, Draper. Aug 25. Pittia, Newport, Isle of Wight

IGazette, Aug. L]

Boddt, Gill, Liverpool, Merchant. Sept 30. Deane, Liverpool

Bbown, Geobob Henby, South Norwood Hill, Surrey, Audit Clerk:. Sept 1. Collens,

Gresham buildings, Guildhall Calleja, Giovanni, Peninsula and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, Mariner.

Sept 7. Boxall and Boxall, Chancery lane Catto, Janbtta Gall, Hartland, Devon. Sept 1. Booker and Bazeley, Bideford Clabk, William, Millbrook, Southampton, Gent. Sept 9. Robins, Southampton Collins, Gboboe, Kingsgate st, Holborn, Builder. Sept 16. Watson, Southampton

buildings, Chancery lane Cookb, Gboboe, Maidstone, Kent, Gent. Sept 29. Hughes and King, Maidstone

Damon, Elizabeth Lovbll, Dorchester, Dorset, Sept 1. Andrews and Co, Dorche
Dauncey, Osborne, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucester, Solicitor. Sept 29. Dauncey

Oo, Wotton-under-Edge
Dixon, John, York, Gent. Oct 14. Crumble, York
Eveeitt, James, Norwich, Esq. Oct 2. Copeman and Ladell, Norwich
Flower, Ann, Durnford, Wilts. Sept 1. Whatman, Salisbury
Fowlee, Walter Teewben, Harrogate, York, Gent. Sept 18. Chamberlain, j

hall street

Levi, Sabah Mobsecai, Birmingham. Oct 1. Reece and Co, Birmingham Lightfoot, Jane, Melton Mowbray, Leicester. Sept 1. Adam and Son, Oakham Loomes, Samuel, Cromwell crescent, Kensington, out of business. Sept 27. Dodd, New Broad st

Mackenzie, Anns Forbes Ross, Bournemouth. Sept 22. Mackenzie, Colby road, Upper Norwood

Mew, Henby, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hotel Keeper. Aug 26. Bucked, Newport Morris, James, Cadogan place, Esq. October 1. Freshfields and Williams, Bank buildings

Moebis, Mary, Oswestry, Salop. Oct 1. Minshalls and Parry-Jones, Oswestry
Pope, Timothy John, Rochester, Kent, Gent. Sept 1. Greatnead, Rochester
Roberts, Elizabeth, Guilsborough, Northampton. Sept 29. Watson and Baxter,

Sept 23. Thomson and Wilson,


SANDPORn, Thomas, Grasmere, Westmorland, Gent.


Swarbrick, Robert, Manchester, Engineer. Aug 29. Crofton, Manchester
Taylor, Jambs Dean, Portsea, Hants, Gent. Sept 9. Bolitho, Portsea
Wabdxll, Habbibtt, Bridlington Quay, York. Nov 1. Turnbull and Co, Scaitjorough
Wilson, John, Bavenstonodale, Westmorland, Yeoman. Aug; 28. Pros ton, Kirkby

Wilson, Richard, Kendal, Westmorland, Farmer. Sopt 19. Bolton, Kendal
Young, John Lawtord, Blomfleld rd, Maida Vale, Esq. Sept 1. Leathcsaid Mnynanl,
Langnam place, Portland place

[Gazelle, Aug. 4.]

Almond, Elizabeth, Darlington, Durham. Sept 4. Barron, Darlington Armstrong, John, Dislington, Cumberland, Yeoman. Sept 4. Brockbank and Co, Whitehaven

Bartlett, Jambs Joyce, Wimbourne Minster, Dorset, Ironfounder. Sept 9. Tanner,

Boxall, John, Guildford, Surrey, Auctioneer. Sept 30. Mcllersh, Godalming
Care, William Jambs, Langroyd, near Colno, Lancaster. Sept 18. Parker and Stocks,

Collier, G L , Myddleton st, Clerkenwell, Licensed Victualler. Aug 21. Pope,

Great James st, Bedford row Corkx, Caboline, Tonbridge, Kent. Sept 1. Alleyne and Walker, Tonbridge Dbiybr, Alfred John, Stroud, Gloucester, Solicitor. Aug 31. Heslas and Darts,


Farquhab, Alexander Barclat, Celosia, Elizabeth Bay, near Sydney, New

Wales, Gent. Sept 1. Blade, jun, New ct, Carey st
Grafton, the Most Noble William Henry, Duke of, Thetford, Suffolk. Oct 7.

and Co, Lincolns inn fields , ,

Gbinsbod, Edwaed, Rochdale, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Sept 5. Robcru,


Harvey, James, Devon, Staff Surgeon. Sept 1. Bulteso and Rowe, Plymouth Haughton, Henby, Dukinfleld, Chester, Gent. Sept 9. Booth, Ashton-under-Lyne Hicks, Maby Joy, Coventry. Sept 26. Reel) and Co, Queen st place _ Button, John, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincoln, Ironmonger. Sept 12. Laverack. Hon Jackmam, Edward, Gt Yarmouth, Twinespinner. Sept 29. Wiltshire, Gt Yarmouth Jeremy, Thomas, Colorado, U.S., Grocer. Sept 20. Tennant and Jones, Aberavon Jones, William, Glandwr, Merioneth, Esq. Sept 13. Jones, Crosby sq , Laffan, Sir Robebt Michael, Otham Lodge, Kent. Sept 14. Etherington, Lincoln J inn fields

Lang, Thomas, Bristol, Iron Merchant Sept 21. Brittans and Co, Bristol

Lowe, John, Stockport, Chester, Retired Hairdresser. Sept 10, Grnndcy, Stockport

Macdi-ff, William, Hambledon, Surrey, Artist. Oct 1, Mellon*. Godalming, William Stbachax, Hanover ter, Kensington park, Esq. SeptlS. Parkers,
Bedford row

Moor. Colonel Feedeeici, East, Sussex. Sept 20. Hasties, East Grinstead
Nix, Samuel, Blackheath park, Gent. Sept 7. Nix, King st, Cheapside
FiKxiiroTOir, Thomas, Halifax, York, Architect. Sept 19. Boocock, Halifax
Fur, Elizabeth, Chatham, Kent. Sept 13. Lydall, Southampton bldgs, Chancery

KA 1.Li, Axtoxio Albxakdee, Westboumo ter, Hyde park, Foreign Banker. Sept IS.

Markby and Co, Coleman st
Scare, William, Todmorden, Lancaster, Stone Mason. Oct 1. Foster and Co, Halifax
Wilis, Matthias Bdcxwobth, Grosvenor st, Grosvenor sq, Esq. Sept 11. Soamcs,

Lincoln's inn fields
Wixsoe, Chaelxs, Canterbury. Sept 25. Reep and Co, Queen Bt placo
Wilie, Datid, Skipton, York, Draper. Sept 30. Wright, Skipton
Youso, Matthew, Leeds, Commission Agent. Sept 30. Mlddleton, Leods

IGasette, Aug. 8.]


Hubbard.—Aug. 14, at No. 5, The Cloisters, Gordon-equarp, the wife of George

Robert Hubbard, solicitor, of 40, Chancer;-lane, of a son. Kino.—Aug. 15, at Park College, New Barnet, the wife of G. Welby King,

barrister-at-law, of a son.


Lowbey— Shaw.—Aug. 14, at St. Mary Abbott's, Kensington, Francis Lowrey, barrister-at-law, to Marie de los Dolores, daughter of J. Whitworth Shaw, of Birmingham.

Jefiery—Barber.—Aug. 8, at Streatham, George Ernest Jeffery, barrister-atlaw, of 2, New-square, Linooln's-inn, t > Mary Louisa, daughter of the late Frederick Barber, Soutofield Lodge, Streatham.



Fbiday, Aug. 11, 1882. Under the Bankmptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proof of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Phillips, Edward Nunc-, Leadenhall st, Metal Agent. Pet Aug 6. Fepys. Aug 23 at 12.30

To Surrender in the Country. Allmark, Samuel, Blackpool, Lancaster, Joiner. Pet Aug 9. Campbell Hulton. Preston, Aug 25 at 11

Alway, .Tames, Bristol, Licensed Victualler. Pet Aug 10. Harley. Bristol, Aug 21 at 2 Beck, Edwin, Worcester, Baker. Pet Aug 9. Beale. Worcester, Aug 24 at 11 Douglass, William, K!-Chester, Durham, Grocer. Pet Aug 9. Daggett. Newcastle, Aug 22 at 11

Dngdale, Robert, Manchester, Cloth Agent. Pet Aug 9. Lister. Manchester, Aug 28 at 2

Herd, Stephen, Thorpe, York, Farmer. Pot Aug 4. Garnott-Ormo. Bradford, Aug 24 at 12

Morgan, Thomas, Seacombe, Chester, Draper. Pet Aug 9. Williams. Birkenhead, Aug 24 at 11

Newman, Woolf, Manchester, Dealer in Pictures. Pot Aug B. Lister. Manchester, Aug 21 at 2

Reay, Joseph, Workington, Cumberland, Farmer. Pet Aug 9. Musgrave. Cockermouth, Aug 24 at 12

Selby, Samuel, Manchester, Merchant. Pet Aug 9. Lister. Manchester, Aug 28 at 2 Tinn, Thomas (erroneously described in the London Gazette as Thomas Linn), Jarrow, Durham, Grocer. Pet July 22. Ingledew. Newcastle, Aug 26 at 11

Tuesday, Aug. 16,1882. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Badkin, Frederic Conrad, Strand, Law Stationer. Pet Aug 11. Brougham. Aug 30 at 12

Hann, Robert Barnicott, Clifton villas, Paddington, of no occupation. Pot Aug 11.

Brougham. Aug 30 at 11 Wilson, Charles, Fleet st, Billiard Table Proprietor. Pet Aug 10. Tepys. Sopt 1 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. Ambler, Samuel, Rowell, Northampton, Grocer. Pot Aug 12. Faulkner. Northampton, Sept 9 at 11

Austin, John, Kingston, Surrey, Seed Merchant. Pet Aug 10. Boll. Kingston, Aug 26 at 4

Barker, Peter, Lowestoft, Lodging-house Keeper. Pet Aug 8. Worllodgo. Great

Yarmouth, Aug 28 at 11 Cove, Alfred, Watford, Hertford, Grocer. Pet Aug 11. Edwards. St Albans, Aug 30

at 3

Leighflold, William, Wootton Bassett, Wilts, of no occupation. Pet Aug 9. Townsend.

Swindon, Aug 28 at 11 Pitcher, Douglas, Brighton, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Pet Aug 10. Jones. Brighton,

Aug 29 at 11

Robinson, William Toyn, Sleaford, Boston, Lincoln, Draper, ret Aug 9. Stnuilnnd. Boston, Aug 26 at 12

Schofield, James, Kirkheaton, York, Innkeeper. Pot Aug 10. Jones. Huddersfield, Aug 28 at 11

Smith, Edwin, Hereford. Pet Aug 12. Carless, jun. Hereford, Sept 6 at 10
Taylor, R., Bristol, Shoe Manufacturer. Pet Aug 14. Harley. Bristol, Aug 28 at 2

Feidat, Aug. 11, 1882.
Hart, James, Birmingham, Travelling Draper. Aug 3

Jessop, Robert Samuel, and Matthew John Jessop, Holborn Viaduct, Wholesale
Jewellers. Aug 9

Tuesday, Aug. 16, 1882. Maggs, Oliver, Bourton, Dorset, Flax Spinner. Aug. 8

Liquidations by Arrangement. FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. Fbiday, Aug. 11, 1882. Abram, Thomas, Runcorn, Chester, out of business. Aug 23 at 3 at office o£ Davies and Co, Market pi, Warrington

Atkins, Henry, Upland rd, East Dulwich, Grocer. Aug 23 at 12 at office of Reader, 161, Strand

Baker, Austin Herbert, Kington Magna, Dorset, Baker. Aug 19 at 1 at office of Venn, Wincanton

Barton, Frank, Basingstoke, Hants, Horse Dealer. Aug 29 at 11 at office of Webb and

Lear, Cross st, Basingstoke Bedford, Charles JohnRoland, Odsey, Royston, Cambridge, Gent. Sopt 4 at 3 at office

of Wilkins, King's Arms yard Bennett, Philip, and Charles Bennett, Bodmin, Cornwall, Tailors. Aug 21 at office of

Grocer. Aug 26 at 3 at office of Shcrrard,


Collins, Broad st, Bristol, in lieu of the place originally named Bishop, Alfred, Bridge pi, Teddington, Grocei Lincoln's-inn-fields

Burgis, Frank, Darlington, Durham, Provision Merchant. Aug 23 at 3 at office of Wilkes aud Wilkes, Northgate, Darlington

Castle, George, Hertford, Builder, Aug 28 at 2 at office of Norton, Queen st, Cheapside

Chatwin, John, Hulme, Manchester, Provision Dealer. Aug 24 at 3 at office of Sutton

and Elliott, Fountain st, Manchester Cookson, Frederick Nestfield, Lock Maker, Wolverhampton. Aug 24 at 12 at office of

Sharp, Colmore row, Birmingham. Ryland and Co, Cannon Bt, Birmingham Cross, William Henry, Kingston-upcn-HuU, Tailor. Aug 19 at 3 at office of Singleton,

Cogan's chmbrs, Bowlalley-lane, Kingston-upon-Hull
Javies, David, Carmarthen, Horse Dealer. Aug 28 at 10.30 at office of Walters, St Mary
Bt, Carmarthen

Dewrance, William, Barrow-in-Furness, Clothier. Aug 26 at 3 at Grosvenor Hotel,

Deansgate, Manchester. Clarke, Preston Doughty, Thomas, Birmingham, General Dealer. Aug 23 at 3 at office of Glaisyer,

Waterloo st, Birmingham Duffield, Robert Stailey, New Brompton, Kent, Watchmaker. Aug 31 at 3 at King's

Head Hotel, High st, Rochester. Stephenson, Rochester Edwards, Lindley, Sidney st, Mile End, Cowkeeper. Aug 30 at 11 at office of Cooke,


Emery, Edward, Cobridge, Burslem, Stafford, Joiner. Aug 22 at 11.30 at office of Sherratt, Kidsgrove

Garner, Thomas, Leeds, Grocer. Aug 25 at 11 at Law Institution, Albion pi, Leeds. Addyman. Leeds

Gate, Daniel, and William Gate, Frizington, Cumberland, Joiners. Aug 26 at 11 at

office of Webster, Queen st, Whitehaven Greatrex, Thomas Joaoph, Edgware rd, Cutler. Aug 18 at 12 at office of Sampson,

Marylebone rd

Gunn, Thomas, Great Dunmow, Essex, Higgler. Aug 24 at 2 at office of Moss, Gracechurch st

Hand, Peter, North Cockington, Lincoln, Farmer, Aug 25 at 11 at office of Tweed and

Co, Saltergate, Lincoln Harpin, George William, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield, Builder. Aug 23 at 3 at office of

Ainley, New Bt, Huddersfield Hawksworth, Thomas, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. Aug 21 at 2.30 at offlco of

Quinn and Sons, Lord st, Liverpool Hayncs, George, Louth, Lincoln, Plumber. Aug 22 at 4 at office of Falkner and Owen,

Eastgate, Louth

Herriok, Henry, Stamford st, Blackfriars, Auctioneer. Aug 21 at 2 at office of Kingdon, Lawrence lane, Cheapside

Hind, William Anderson, Burton upon Slather, Lincoln, Farmer. Aug 23 at 12 at Yarborough Hoteli Great Grimsby. Stephenson and Mountain, Great Grimsby

Hopper, Fewson, Kingston upon Hull, Bacon Factor. Aug 25 at 3 at Incorporated Law Society, Lincoln's inn bldgs, Kingston upon Hull

Hutchinson, John, Stockton on Tees, Painter. Aug 26 at 11 at office of Hunton and Bolsover, High st, Stockton on Tees

Jacobs, Julius, Sunderland, Durham, Clothier. Aug 24 at 10 at Sunderland County Court, Sunderland. Scott, South Shields

Jones, Francis, Brymbo, Wrexham, Farmer. Aug 26 at 12 at office of Bradley, Hope st, Wrexham

Jones, George, Whitmore Reanes, Wolverhampton, Licensed Victualler. Aug 30 at 3 at office of Umbers, Bilston Bt, Wolverhampton

Key, William Henry, Rhyl, Flint, Dental Surgeon. Sept 1 at 12 at Albion Hotel, Chester. Davies and Roberts, Rhyl

Mahon, James, Burslem, Stafford, Egg and Butter Dealer. Aug 28 at 11 at St John's chbrs, Queen st, Burslem. Tomkinson and Furnival

Marsh, John, Blackburn, Lancaster, Engraver. Aug 25 at 3 at office of Malam, Exchange Flags, Blackburn

Mathias, Henry, Fishguard, Pembroke, General House Decorator. Aug 18 at 11.30 at office of Jones, Victoria place, Haverfordwest

Maw, Thomas, Leeds, Sauce Manufacturer. Aug 23 at 3 at office of Brooke, East parade, Leeds

Messiter, William Williams, and Edward Wade Messiter, Ealing Dean, Timber Merchants. Sept 1 at 2 at Inns of Court Hotel, Lincoln's inn fields. Woulfe and Son, Lincoln's inn fields

Ncale, Anna Maria, Batcombo, Somerset. Aug 26 at 11 at office of Clark, Union st, Bath

Parker, Richard Theophilus, Preston, Lancaster, Steel Morchant. Aug 29 at 3 at office of Higson, Lune st, Preston

Peacock, Henry, jun, Gt Ayton, York, Stationer, Aug 21 at 3 at offlco of Draper, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees

Pennington, John, Little Marlow, Buckingham, Former. Aug 23 at 3 at office of Raw son and Awdry, Gt Marlow

Prime, Henry Burton, Loughborough rd, Builder. Aug 18 at 12 at office of Ody, Blackfriars rd

Quin, James, Workington, Cumberland, Draper. Aug 26 at 3 at office of Atter, New

Lowther st, Whitehaven Rankin, George Herdman, Bristol, Bookseller. Aug 23 at 12 at offlco of Benson and

Carpenter, Bank chmbrs, Corn st, Bristol Rayner, Edward, Lynsted, Kent, Fruiterer. Sept 6 at 11 at office of Gibson, West st,


Reid, Robert, Farnworth, Lancaster, Travelling Auctioneer. Aug 24 at 3 at office of Johnson, Brazennose st, Manchester

Robson, William, Workington, Cumberland, Grocer. Aug 26 at 12 at office of Fidler, Bridge st, Workington

Russell, Charles, Pallant, Hants, Baker. Aug 28 at 3 at Bear Hotel, Havant. Janman, East Pallant

Rutt, William, Langford, Bedford, Market Gardener. Aug 24 at 2 at Crown Inn

Biggleswade Willis, Walt-rook Short, Thomas, Birmingham, Ironfounder. Aug 25 at 11 at office of Ansell, Waterloo

st, Birmingham

Sinclair, Jacob Christian, Bromley Bt, Stepney, Trinity Pilot. Aug 22 at 11 at office of

Harvey and Co, Old Jewry. Grueber, Finsbury sq bldgs Slater, William, Frederick Slater, and John Slater, Sheffield, Knife Cutlers. Aug 24

at 4 at office of Binney and Co, Hoole's chmbrs, Sheffield Stevenson, Thomas, (Jastleton-by-Rochdale, Stone Mason. Aug 24 at 3 at office of

Hoap, Lord st, Rochdale Symes, William Scott, Brampford Speke, Devon, Butcher. Aug 23 at 11 at offlco of

Andrew, Bedford circus, Exeter. Lawless, Mount Radford Taylor, Charles Edwin, Tunbridge Wells. Hatter. Aug 24 at 12 at office of Ladbury

and Co, CheapBide. Cripps, Tunbridge Wells Thomas, William, Ddwylig issa, Flint, Farmer. Aug 28 at 3 at office of Roberts, Hall

sq, Denbigh

Turner, William Henry, Melincrytban, Glamorgan, Builder. Aug 22 at 11 at offlco of

Davies, Alma pi, Neath Warrilow, William, Birmingham, Boot Manufacturer, Aug 21 at 2 at office of Francis,

Moor st, Birmingham

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