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observed that they had been taught that men should " scorn which there was not one cabdriver to listen to tbe eloquenco delights, and live laborious days,” but he might say of his that came from his lips. But the legal profession never friends in the House of Commons, and particularly in the appeals to anyone except to its own members. I scarcely presence of the head of the bar, that the poet's measure know why, unless it is from a consideration of the want of might be altered to “ he scoras delights and lives laborious justice exbibited by the public in their consideration towards days and nights." The labours of the bar, as they all knew, us. We can scarcely expect charity from those who never were not of the smallest. Mr. Justice Williams had just give us even justice, and who, when they speak of us in retold them how his laboors, and those of the bench in general, lation to the suitor, generally reser to the oft-quoted case of bad been increased by the changes brought about by the the oyster and the shell. We always say, in the House of Jadicature Act. He might say, with regard to the bar, that Commons, that our profession is well able to take care of it. the same Act had largely increased their work, and especially self, and it is this feeling which affects us in the eyes of the was this the case with respect to those who, like himself, public. But, I am sure, those who are with me recognize practised in the Chancery Division of the High Court. In the fact that our profession is subject, not only to tempta. the by-gone times, in conducting a case, it was not thought tion, and to opportunity, but also to vicissitudes with which necessary to study the affidavits in any case, unless, indeed, no other profession is acquainted. The solicitor branch of the barrister bappened to be a very young man, and had | the profession have constituted a body, the like of which nothing much to do; but if he were a big man' he might exists in no other profession. The Incorporated Law take some such course as that in wbich a leader, haviog to Society aims jealously, not at palliating offences committed conduct a case ia tbe court of Vice-Chancellor Wood, by solicitors, but at punishing those who do wrong ; and which depended upon affidavits, had to attend a there is no profession, save one, whose members bring to consultation, and he was asked if his attention had justice the man who commits the slightest error without been directed to a particular affidavit which was asking for pity or consideration for him. The judgment that thought to contain the turning point of the whole case, is passed upon us does not depend upon those earnest labours, He was asked to read the affidavit, and replied that he would, upon those confidences as sacred as those with which and asked whether it required reading more than once. the physician strives to deal, almost as sacred as “No, only once," was the answer. “Then,” said Sir John, those of the priest who seeks to save-all these "I will take care to read it to the Vice-Chancellor." But strict performances of daty are not considered, but those those good old times were passed away, and now there were comparatively isolated cases of yielding to temptation are positively witnesses in chancery who sometimes deceived beld op as the standard of the morality of the profession, themselves, and sometimes tbe suitors on whose behalf they and we are subjected to the criticism and condemnatioa were called, or perhaps more frequently still, they succeeded which results from instances which are viewed by the in deceiving no one until they got into the witness-box. profession with abhorence. To give an instance, which Then, again, the przes which were at one time open to happened only two hours since, of the injustice with the members of the bar had decreased in number. The pro which oor legal profession is daily subjected. I heard a gress of legal scientific discovery was exactly the reverse of most distinguished American and a no less distinguished the progress of scientific discovery in astronomy. The Englishman talkiog upon the subjeot of legal reform, and astronomers had been engaged for many years id re | the Englishman said that we had always & diffioulty in solving what appeared as single stars into groups of two, obtaining a legal reform because vested interests prevented three, and four, and sometimes even constellations. But in it, and that we could get no advantage for the public in the law the triplets and doubles had been reduced into connection with the conveyance of real property, because ones by an exactly opposite process, and at length they , we required long requisitions on title and long forms of were left with one Chief Justice. It was a great satis conveyances for the benefit of the profession. I could not faction to feel that barristers possessed the good opinion of

help telling the American that he must remember that solicitors, and to know ibat they were doing their work

when he asked members of our profession to shorten quietly, and to the best of their ability. Knowing this,

everything, and if they made the slightest mistake they they were not so much affected when verdicts and

were liable for the whole valge of the property. And judgments went against them, so long as they had the good

when I bear congures of this kind throw broadcast upon opinion of those most competent to judge as to whether they

the profession I cannot help wisbiog that those who bad satisfactorily performed their duty.

make them, whether applied to solicitors or the bar, would The CHAIRMAN proposed the toast of the evening, “The recollect that they were responsible to the fullest extent of Solicitors' Benevolent Association, and may prosperity attend protecting property and character, and sometimes even it," which was received with acclamation. He said: Upon | life; and then consider how difficult it is to perform the the present occasion I will ask to be permitted to depart from duties that are cast upon us in the carrying out of our the conventional tone usually adopted at these meetings, and profession. Forgive me for speaking thus, because I feel will speak to you as one friend speaks to another. I speak how little we may expect from the publio, who are always thas, not only because I see around me some of those who inclined to deal ont che scantiest justice to us. There is, remind me of the earliest days of my active life-almost of however, a more pleasing subject on which I have to the days of my boyhood-not only because I have around me

speak-tbe charity whose anniversary festival we are met those who have been my friends-my sincere friends, in

to celebrate to-night. I am going to make use of words later life-but because it happens that in the profession

which I am certain will appear very strange to you. I which is our common profession, some eight or nine years would advige those who administer this charity to be ago it occurred to some of us-Lord Coleridge, Mr. Justice

negleotfal of every rule which governs them in the Manisty, and the late Lord Justice Thesiger—that it was

ordinary basiness of life; and I ask them to be improvident requisite, in the interests of the branch of the profession to l to a degree. I would advise them to scatter the largesse which we belong that we should establish an associa- l of this charity broadcast, because in so doing they will tion having for its object the relief of the neces

not only be doing immediate good, but they will be sities of those who had not been 80 fortunate

strengthening its foundations. This charity has no in lise as some of us. And to-nigbt we who

old age to look forward to, but will be always young, and are here have one common desire, and one common rou will have no rainy day to provide for. Your necessities bope, that we may do some good to those who have not suc- I will never be greater than they are at the present moment, ceeded so well as ourselves. In every other profession, or 1 and you will always find someone wanting your assistance as calling, as far as I know, those who represent its interests much now as in the future. Your future will provide for in its charities appeal for assistance, not only to their own litself, and the more you show your ability in the cause of -body, but to the general public. The artists claim the be- ! nefit they confer upon their fellow-creatures, and ask as a

charity in the present time, the more you will be able to requital for charity from others than themselves. Literary

| accomplish in the future. No charity is ever successful until

it gets into dabt and wants help, and the moment that you men, again, year after after year, gather together, and tell

want help you will obtain it. I see, almost with regret, in what literature does for the advantage of their fellow-men,

looking at your satisfactory balance sheet that you can point and, in retorn, for the solace and the benefit derived therefrom, ask for charity on behalf of those belonging to their

| to a large amount of stock which belongs to the association.

to their As long as this is the case, your subscribers will say, “ What profession. Even last night, I think, it was a Cabdrivers' Benevolent Association which appealed for help, with the

more do you want? If you have £30,000 invested, it proves

that your subscriptions are more than you require, and that assistance of a royal duke, who presided at a meeting at you do not want more subscribers.” If you become rich you

will at that moment become poor in your subscriptions. This reduction of conveyances to a length of about two and a feeling has been most strongly impressed upon me with re half inches. The coupoil had taken up that Bill with the gard to a matter connected with tbe society to which I greatest vigour, and it had been carried it would have have already referred-the Barristers' Bonevolent Society. reformed the land laws of the country. Solicitors always Some two years ago a most distinguished man in the pro were of opinion that what was for the benefit of the pablic fession, a distinguished colonial judge, died. He had added was also for their own benefit, and that if litigation were much to our literature and done much for our profession, made cheaper and more speedy, although their profita and he left a large family without the slightest provision. No would be reduced in proportion, yet they would have more reflection could be cast upon him, buc so it was. A committee work and quicker retarng. They had also amongst them of the Barristers' Benevolent Society was summoned, and I that evening distinguished presidents of provincial law saw the opportuoity that was offered of appealing specially to societies, and what gave him the greatest satisfactioa was her Majesty's judges in particular in respect to this case; the faot that these gentlemen on the beach, these gentle. and although there were some timid spirits around me, men at the bar--at the head of the bar-these gentlemen I prevailed upon those present in twenty minutes' time to at the head of the country law societies, these gentlemen vote $1,000 to the relief of the family, and undertook that in Parliament and on the Council of the Incorporated Lan if more help was needed it should be forthcoining. When I Society-all of whom had not the ghost of an idea that it pointed out that we could find this help in oor rich profes

14 orice proces- | would ever be necessary for them to apply to the associs. sion, one or two timid voices questioned it. What was the tion for aggigtance, attended at these festivals and were result? In six months we could point to £4,000 as the

stannon supporters of the association-not because of any outcome of the £1,000 expended as I have stated; because we

benefit that they could derive from it personally, bat becould tell everyone that we had taken all this private con

cause they were apsions to stretch out the right hand of tribution under oor own care and were willing, not only to

sympathy to the poorer members of their profession. It find a certaio sum of money, but to administer it with that care which only such associations as this are able in their

was a pleasant thing to observe the men who had climbed collective capacities to render. This association especially

to the topmost rong of the ladder and who were safe in ought to feel assured that wbatever it spends will be replaced,

the bigh position to which they had attained, not kicking because it will be to everybody a proof that it is dealing

" the ladder away, but doing their best to assist those who with the present and leaving the future to itself, and there

were still straggling at the buttom of it. will always be men as charitable as we are and as proud of

Mr. Owen briefly replied. what this association has done as any of us can be. Twenty

Mr. Lewis (Chairman of the Committee of Management), years ago £10 was the amount given away during the year.

in submitting i The Chairman of the evening,” remarked Last year it was £2,500. If we who are here are proud of

that he occupied a position second to none in the whole prothis to-night, those who come after us will be prond of a

fession of the law-one which had been filled in by-gone days

by some of the ablest men whose history had ever adorned the still greater increase. There are men amongst us who have

annals of Westminster Hall; and, looking at the ability and been very successful, and it would be ungrateful of them if they were not to make some acknowledgment in return.

energy displayed by their chairman, they would bare no difi. Let me ask those arouod me at this table who have met with

culty in predicting that the dignity and honour of the office good fortune if they know any experience more satisfactory

would never fail in his hands. Hé (Mr. Lewis) had had the that the knowledge that they have helped those who have

honour of being present at every banquet of the association ; been less successful-that they have been able to hold out a

but he could not help observing that never had it been his hand to their forlorn and shipwrecked brother, who has not

lot, on any of these occasions, to listen to so able an address had the happiness of sailing in the fair waters in which they

as that which they had heard that evening. The opinions bave floated. Have they not been proud and happy to render

of the chairman with reference to the expenditure of the assistance to the members of tbeir own profession who have

funds of the association exactly coincided with his own, and not been so successful as they? I sometimes have to ask for

he had always urged upon the board the adoption of the justice, and it is very easy indeed to ask for charity. It will

plan which they had heard recommended by the chairmaa. be of no avail for me to make a personal appeal or to give

In his opinion, charities were never in a better condition expression to my personal feelings. Were I to do so I

than when they were in debt; but, unfortunately for the would only say, Let us who have, fiod enjoyment in the giving

association, there were £30,000 in hand, and he thought to those who deserve it. I only know that those are the

that the sooner that was got rid of, and an appeal made to happy days in which I bave felt that I have done some good

the profession at large, the better for all concerned. to those who have needed it. I am speaking in the spirit in

The toast was honoured with great enthusiasm. which I am asking you to listen to me. We should be

The CHAIRMAN, in acknowledging the compliment, obproud tbat we are enabled, through the society whose anni. | served that he was reminded of how much be owed versary we eelebrate to-night, to feel that without hurting the

tha to the profession, which he felt he could never repay. The

to feelings of men who are and sensitive ag ourselves and chose l profession was nothing unless it existed for the public beposition ooght to be as much a matter of consideration as | nefit, and he was sure its members were most happy Waed por own, we are assisting in solacing the failing hours and they were engaged in promoting the good of their fellowthe failing days of many a man wbo has been associated with creatures. us in our own early days, and who only wanted one thing to

The donations received during the evening amounted to place him on an equality with us-namely, tbe good fortune

£400; and it was announced that twenty-one new life nuemwbich we have enjoyed. I hope you will forgive me

bers, and sixty-five new annual members of the assoc ation, if I have wandered away from the conventional track in pro

had been enrolled at the meeting. posing the toast. I have entered into common questions

An excellent programme of music was performed by and I have endeavoured to express to you how entirely, how

| Madame Worrell, Miss Mariaa Burton, Mr. Harper Kearearnestly, I sympathize with the object of the association, and

ton, and Mr. Frederick Beavan, under the direction of Mr. I hope we may rise to sufficient enthusiasm to prove at least

John Davis, who presided at the pianoforte. Mr. Harraour earnestness for its success.

dine was the toastmaster. Mr. W. MELMOTH WALTERS in proposing “ The Visitors" remarked with pleagore apoo tbe faot that tbe association still maintained its influence over the whole country, and

KENT LAW SOCIETY. was glad to state that its numbers were constantly The annual general meeting of the Kent Law Society *** increasing. This was owing in part to the dinners and also held at the Pavilion Hotel. Folkestone, on Monday, the 1313 to the active way in which the secretary performed his

of June, 'under the presidency of Mr. G. F. CARNELL, datier. They had the honour of being presided over by | Sevenoaks, the president for the year. a distinguished obairman, and they were glad to see that Amongst the members present we noticed Mr. Car their friend Mr. Dodds found the opportunity in the midst (Sevenoaks), Mr. Cripps (Tunbridge Wells), Mr. He of bis maltifarious duties to come amongst them and to sen., Mr. Hoare, jun., Mr. King, Mr. Mempses, Mr. Tat endeavour to remove the stigma wbioh attached tu | Mr. C. A. Case (Maidstone), Mr. Stringer (Hytbe), solicitors in the mind of the publio that they wanted to Tasker (Dartford), Mr. Bassett and Mr. Aroolu (Rochester); make long drafts and long pleas. Mr. Dodds had been one | Mr. Tassell, Mr. Bathurst (Faversham), Mr. Girand and of the most active members of the Coanoil of the | Mr. Knocker (Dover), Mr. Norwood (Ashford), Mr. ore Incorporated Law Society in the consideration of Lord (Canterbury), Àr. Norton (Town Malling), Mr. Bristow, Cairns' Conveyancing Bill, wbiob had for its object the ) J. B. Smith, Mr. Batchelor, Mr. Siw, sep., Mr. Saw, jub.



(Greenwich), Mr. Hallett (Ashford), Mr. Wightwick | CLIVIGER COTTON SHED COMPANY, LIMITED.--The Master of the (Folkestone), Mr. Winch (Chatham), Mr. Hinds (Goudburst), I

Rolls has fixed June 28 at 11 for the appointment of an official

liquidator Mr. Daniels (Ramsgate), &c., &c.

EAST LONDON GALVANIZED IRON COMPANY, LIMITED.-The Master of The accounts of the treasurer and bills were audited.

the Rolls has appointed June 22 at 1l for the appointment of an Mr. Cripps, of Tunbridge Wells, was chosen president, and ,

official liquidator

RYE VALE DISTILLERIES COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding Mr. Knocker, of Sevenoaks, vice-president, for the ensuing

up, presented June 15, directed to be heard before V.C. Hall on year.

July 1. Ellen, Chancery lane, solicitor for the petitioners The place of meeting for the next year was fixed at SUTTON PARK CRYSTAL PALACE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for Tunbridge Wells, and the committee for the ensuing year

winding up, presented June 14, directed to be heard before the

M.R. on June 25. Robinson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, forwas appointed. :

Fitter, Birmingham, solicitor for the petitioners The president then presented to the late treasurer, Mr. TRAMWAYS SHARE INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED.-V.C. Bacon Hoare, of Maidstone, in the name of the members of the

has, by an order dated Jan 29, appointed Harold Marlboro' Carter,

Clarence chambers, King William st, to be official liquidator. society, a testimonial, consisting of a very bandsome silver

Creditors are required, on or before July 7, to send their names dinner service, for his valuable assistance as treasurer of the and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to society for twenty-nine years, statiog his father bad occupied the above. July 18 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating

upon the debts and claims that position before him for the period of twenty-four years.

[Gazette, June 17.1 Mr. Henry Banell Bradley, of Folkestone ; Mr. Alfred Drake Brookman, of Folkestone ; Mr. Lewis James Drake


June 29 at 12 for the appointment of an official liquidator Brockman, of Folkestone ; Mr. Frederick Johnson, of Faver. SCOTTISH PETROLEUM COMPAAY, LIMITED.-V.C. Hall has fixed sbam ; Mr. Vernon Edwin Knocker, of Dover ; Mr. Frederick June 29 at 12 at his chambers in the Royal Courts of Justice, Mitchell, of Gravesend ; Mr. Edward Norwood, of Charing;

Strand, for the appointment of an official liquidator

WHITCHURCH AND ELLESMERE BANKING COMPANY, LIMITED. Mr. Charles Norwood, of Ashford ; Mr. Reginald Wilson

Petiton for winding up presented June 17, directed to be heard Pearless, of Tunbridge Wells ; Mr. Howard Russel, of before V.O. Hall, on July 8. Cunliffe and Co, Chancery lane, Rochester; Mr. Peroy Edward Sankey, of Margate ; and

agents for Churton, Chester, solicitor for the petitioner

icazette, June 21.] Mr. Walter Strouts, of Sittingbourne, were duly elected as members of the society.

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES Dissolved. The meeting then proceeded to discuss the several Bills

| SOCIETY OF TRADESMEN, Market Tavern, Abercarn, Monmouth.

June 14 in Parliament affecting solicitors, and after other business

[Gazette, June 17.] adjourned until four o'clock, when the members dioed together at the Pavilion, Mr. Carnell, the president, being ia the chair.




JUNE 16.-BILL IN COMMITTEE. Mr. WILLIAM N. A. DANIEL, solicitor, of No. 5, Plowden

Married Women's Property (pasged tbroogh Committee)

BILL READ A THIRD TIMĚ. buildings, Temple, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Fugitive Offenders.

BILIS READ A SECOND TIME. Mr. HENRY Meeson MORRIS, solicitor, of Shrewsbury, has Gas Provisional Orders, Land Tax Commissioners' Names, been appointed Clerk to the Magistrates for the Condover

Local Government Provisional Orders (Birmingham, Tame, Division of Sbropshire, in succession to Mr. William Salt,

and Rea, &o.), Looal Government Provisional Orders deceased. Mr. Morris was admitted a solicitor in 1873. He

(Cottingham, &c.), Local Government Provisional Ordersis also clerk to the Condover Highway Board, and to the

(Askerne, &c.), Local Government Provisional Orders Commissioners of Taxes for the Condover and Chirbury

(Horfield, &c.) Divisions.

BILLS IN COMMITTEE. Mr. John EDWARDS PRICE, solicitor, Newent, Gloucester Local Government (Gas) Provisional Order, Enclosure sbire, has been appointed a Commissioner for taking the Provisional Order (Thürstadtop Common). Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. County of Gloucester.

- Private Bills.-Sectional or Block Buildings ManageMr. FRANCIS ROXBURGH, Q.O., has been appointed Judge

ment. of County Courts for Circuit No. 33, in succession to Mr.

Land Drainage Provisional Orders. Samuel Boteler Bristowe, Q.C., who has been transferred to

JUNE 20.-BILL IN COMMITTEE. Circuit No. 18. Mr. Roxburgh was called to the bar at the

Land Tax Commissioners' Names. Middle Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1845. He became a


PRIVATE BILLS. -Chardwood Forest Railway (Deviation, Queen's Counsel in 1866, and has practised for several years in the Rolls Court. He is recorder of the borough of

&c.), Lancashire County Jastices. Aldborougb, a magistrate for the county of Suffolk, and a

Local Government (Gas) Provisional Order, Local

Government Provisional Order (Birmingham). bencher of the Middle Temple.

JUNE 21.-BILLS REAU A SECOND TIME. Mr. JOHN TUDOR, solicitor (of the firm of Cobb & Tudor), PRIVATE BILL.-Croker Estate. of Brecon, has been elected Clerk to the Brecon School Post Office Land Consolidated Fand (No. 3). Board. Mr. Tudor was admitted a solicitor in 1873.

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Mr, T.G. VICKERY, solicitor, of Church-court Chambers,

PRIVATE BILLS.--Watford and Rickmansworth Railway
Old Jewry, London, has been appointed a Commissioner to Swansea Corporation Loans, Kingston-upon-Hall Corpora.
administer Oatbs in the Supreme Court of Judicature. tion (Loans, &o.)
Mr. Joux WHITHAM, solicitor, of Ripon, has been elected

Land Tax Commissioners' Names.
Clerk to the Magistrates for that city, in succession to Mr.
Richard Ward Nicholson, deceased. Mr. Whitham was

HOUSE OF COMMONS. admitted a solicitor in 1875. He is in partnership with Mr.

JUNE 16.-BILL WITADRAWN. John Frederick Augustus Coppin, who is chapter clerk of

Blind and Deaf-Mute Children. Ripon Cathedral, and registrar of the Ripon County Court.

Copybold Eofranobisement (Stamp Daty) (passed
through Committee).


Local Government Provisional Orders (Askerne, &o.)


Summary Jurisdiotion (Process).


PRIVATE BILLS. ---Colne and Marsden Local Board.


| PRIVATE BILLS.--Nar Valley Drainage, Stockton Bridge, ter of the Rolls has, by an order dated May 19, appointed Frede. rick Bertram Smart, 53 Cannon st, to be official liquidator

Warehouse Owners' Company.



BATESOX, WILLIAM GANDY, Liverpool, Solicitor. July 30. Bateson PRIVATE BILL.Standard Bank of British South Africa

and Co, Liverpool

BOBY, WILLIAM, Willisham Hall, Suffolk, Gent. July 1. Hayward (Limited).

and Sons, Needham Market BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

BRINTON, RICHARD JAMES WILLIAM, Birmingham, Iron Merchant, Bill to amend the Law respecting the Regulation of Her July 26. Mason, Birmingham Majesty's Forces, and to amend tbe Army Discipline and

CARRINGTON, HENRY, Great Cornard, Suffolk, Yeoman. Aug 1.

Andrewes and Co, Sudbury Regulation Aot, 1879 (Mr. Childers).


Burridge, Shaftesbury PRIVATE BILLS. -Witham Drainage, Local Goveroment

COLLIER, ERWARD, Standish with Langtree, Lancaster, Painter.

June 26. Scott and Ellis, Wigan. Provisional Orders (Actoo, &o.), Pier and Harbour Orders

COLSON, WILLIAM, Northampton, Pork Butcher. June 25, Becke Confirmation.

and Green, Northampton Summary Jurisdiction (Process).


15. Pashley, Rotherham Parliamentary Registration.

Duxx, HANXAI, Buxton, Derby. June 30. Mair and Co, Maccles


EDWARDS, WILLIAM, Dudbrook, Gloucester, Stone Mason. Ju's l. Copybold Eofranobisement.

Smith, Winchcomb

Fenton, WILLIAM, Cleckheaton, York, Butcher. June 30. Yew.

dall and Son, Bradford Bill to alter the Law relating to the Use of Gunpowder FISH, THOMAS SKELHORN, Clifton. Lancaster, Farmer, July 1. in certain Stratified Ironstone Mines (Mr. Pease).

Chapman and Co, Manchester
FREELING, CHARLES RIVERS, New sq, Lincoln's inn, Esq. July 1..

Guscotte and Co, Essex st, Strand
Gaggs, THOMAS EDWARD, Howden, York, a Retired Cap

in, July
1. Bescoby, Retford
GARDNER, AULIA Lydia Sophia, Lee, Kent. July 9. Flint, St

Helen's pl, Bishopsgate
HALL, LAWRENCE, Radcliffe, Lancaster, Manufacturer. Aug 20.

Ashworth and Inman, Manchester
CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. HEWETSON, THOMAS, Tottenham court rd, Esq. July 31. Shepheari

and Sons, Finsbury circus BARNARD, JOHN WILLIAM, Reymerstone, Norfolk, Farmer. Jure

Hills, WILLIAM, North Charlton, Northumberland, Farmer. July 1. 17. Barnard v Barnard, M.R. Taylor and Sons, Norwich

Nicholson, Morpeth Druck, WALTER THOMAS, Clifton hils, St John's Wood, Gent. June

Hogg, EDWARD, Low Teams, Durham, Farmer. July 1. Stanford, 17. Woodrooffe v Druce, M.R. Evans, Eastcheap

Newcastle upon Tyne

JERVOISE, FRANCIS JERVOISE ELLIS, Herriard Park, Hants, Est. HOPPERTON, GEORGE, Plumstead, Builder. May 30. Hopperton Martir V.C. Hall. Arnold, Townhall chbrs, Southwark

Aug 1. Whatman, Salisbury KNOWLES, JOIN, Liverpool. Gent. June 9. Dodson v Turner, V.C.

JOHNSON, RICHARD, Kemnal Manor, Chislekurst, Kent, Wire Manu. Hall, Peacock and Co, Liverpool

facturer. Aug 6. Sale and Co, Manchester PROWETT, ROBERT, Richmond, Gent. June 21. Colman v Jephson,

JONES, SARAI ANNE, Prince of Wales rd, Kentish Town. July 16. V.C. Hall. Parton, Rood lane, Fenchurch st

Prior and Co, Lincoln's inn fields ROBINSON, FRANCIS, Filey, York, Farmer, June 17. Megginson

KILLICK, WILLIAM, Bishop's Waltham, Gent. Aug 16. Hewitt, v Robinson, M.R. Graham, Scarborough

Bishop's Waltham SAUNDERS, THOMAS, Bath, Licensed Victualler. June 23. West of

LAW, PHILLIS, Barnstaple, Devon. July 16. Law and Brewer, England and South Wales District Bank v Saunders, Fry, J.


Lowx, ELIZA FRANCES, Hove, Sussex, July 3. Lowe, Temple giins,
Bobbett, Bristol
WALKER, WILLIAM, sen., Manchester, Wire Maker.

Inner Temple

LLOYD, ALFRED KIRKMAN, Sheerness, Kent, Captain in the Royal
Walker v Grime, V.C. Bacon. Waddington, Manchester
WHITE, JAMES DAXIBL, Darenth, Kent, Market Gardener. June 7.

Artillery. July 15. Brundrett and Co, King's Bench walk, Hollands v White, M.R. Hayward, Dartford

Temple WINNIATT, William, St Andrew's park, Bristol. June 16. France

MACKERETA, Rev MILES, Patrington in Holderness, York, Clerk. v France, V.C. Bacon, Salmon, Bristol

June 30. Watson and Son, Hull [Gazette, May 20.]

MEYER, VICTOR WALDEMAR, Leighton grove, Kentish Town, Gent.

July 20. Ware and Hawes, Great Winchester st CHATTERTON, GEORGE, Coniston, Holderness. York, Farmer. June NEWKAM, GEORGE, Kingston upon Hull, Corn Meter. Sept 1. Goy

27. Chatterton v. Chatterton, Fry, J. Park, Kingston-upon L and Cross, Barton upon Humber Hull

OLDHAM, Ritos, West Hartlepool, Durham, Esq, J.P., F.R.C.S. KIRK, JOHN, Louth, Lincoln, Gent. June 20. Kirk v Kirk, Fry, July 4. Brunton, West Hartlepool J. Wilson, Louth

PHIPPS, ANNA MARIA, Chichester, July 2. Raper and Freeland, BHATTOCK, JOHN BELLETT, Sampford, Arundel, Somerset, 'Gent. Chichester

June 4. Shattock v Shattock, v.c. Bacon. Bristow, John st, Plant, ROBERT HENRY, Worksop, Nottingham, Draper. Aug 1. Adelphi

Coulson, Worksop TAYLOR, Thomas, Southport, Gent. June 20. Taylor v Taylor, M.R. READ, WILLIAM HENRY, Cambridge gdns West, Notting Hill, Esq. Storer, Manchester

Aug 10. Taylor and Co, Furnival's inn Wright, WILLIAM, Edith ter, Fulham, Butcher. June 15. Wright SHELTON, ELIZA, Halsey st, Chelsea. July 1. Child, William st, v Crowle, V.C. Hall. Noon and Clarke. Blomfield st

Albert Gate

[Gazette, May 24.] SMART, JOHN, Kingston upon Hull, Gent. July 1. Martinson, Hul GRAHAM, FERGOS JAMES, Pau, Republic of France, Esq. June 23.

STANLEY, NAOMI, Sedgley, Stafford. June 6. "Tinsley, Sedgley Graham v James, V.C. Hall. Williams and Co, Lincoln's-inn.

STRATON, EDWARD, Captain in Her Majesty's 22nd Regiment. Jury fields

1. Balfour Straton, Parkside, Beckenham [Gazette, May 27.7

TIERNRY, JAMES, Birmingham, Tobacconist. July 28. Mason, Bir

mingham Allwood, SAVILLE, Nottingham, Coal Merchant. June 28. Allwood VANDY, CHARLES, St Croan's rd, Westbourne Park, Printer. June v Belk, M.R.

30. Pownall and Co, Staple inn BEAMENT, GEORGE, St Alban's, Farmer, July 1. Midwinter y WALKER, SARAY, Huddersfield. July 1. Ainley and Hall, HuddersBeament, V.C, Hall. Stocken and Jupp, Lime st sq

field Clifton, Tuomas, Oldham, Draper, June 30. Hoare v Fitton, Fry, WALKER, THOMAS, Keppel st, Russell sq, Esq. Aug 1, Aspres, J. Clark, Oldham

Furnival's inn GAXT, WILLIAM, Mileham, Norfolk, Farmer. June 29. Buxton v WEST, ANNe, Bath July 1. Hubbard and Co, Bucklersbury Gant, M.R. Barton, East Dereham

WHITWORTI, FRANCES AGNES, Brompton rd. July 1, Smith, HALL, Joux STURDY, Sibthorpe, Nottingham, Maltster. June 29. Weston super Mare Hall v Snow, V.C. Hall. Tallents, Newark-upon-Trent

[Gazette, June 3. HEGINBOTTOM, Joux, Withington, Lancaster, Gent. June Heginbottom v Willans, M.R March, Rochdale

ADAMS, ADELAIDE, Brighton. July 3. Burchell, Broad Sanctuars,

HUTCHINSON, JAMES, Horsforth, nr Leeds, Innkeeper. June 30.
Bailey v Hudson, M.R. Ridsdale, jun, Gray's inn sq

ADAMS. GEORGE, Dover, Gent. July 15. Carder, Dover
KERBY, EDMUND, Lanark villas, Maida Vale, Gert. June 30. Kerby

BARNES, RICARD Booth, Pits-o'-th'- Moor, Bury, Lancaster, Intiv Neal, Fry, J. Neal, Old Jewry

keeper. July 2. Grundy, Bury Minirie, WilLIAM, Kidderminster, Gent. June 20. Minifie v

Bigg, WILLIAM, Swallowfield, Northurst, nr Horsham, Sussex, E-4.

July 1. Parker and Co, St Paul's churchyard
Minifie, Fry, J. Gardner, Bewdley
STANDING PORD, CHARLOTTE Axx, Maldon, Essex. June 30. Snell v

Brown, AARON ALFRED, Hartfield Allerton, Lancaster, Merchar.i.

Aug 2. Radcliffe and Smith, Liverpool
Gutteridge, V.C. Hall. Evans, Maldon
STOKELY, TRAFALGAR, Brisley, Norfolk, Innkeeper, June 28. Ray

CROLL, ALEXANDER, Grange rd, Upper Norwood, Esq. July 15. v Stokely, M.R. Girling, East Dereham

Clift, Cheapside
[Gazette, May 31.]

Elton, EDWARD, Bury, Lancaster, July 2. Grundy. Bury
FALCONER, RANDLE WILBRAHAM, Bath, M.D. July 12. Inman an.

Inman, Bath

FINDLAT, JOSEPA GARDINER, Newgate st, Esq. July 15. Rivingtais

and Son, Fenchurch bldgs LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

FRENCH, WILLIAX, Newport, I.W., Gent July 16. Pittis, Newport ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH, Consett, Durham, Gent. July 26. Granger, GARDNER, THOMAS WILLIAM, Osnaburgh st, Regent's pk, Gelir Durham

Aug 1. Comins. Gt Portland st BARNARD, JOEL MORRIS, White Lion st, Norton Folgate, Solicitor. GOODE, WILLIAM, Norden ct, Hendon, Esq. July 18. Wragg and July 1, Greenop and Sons, St Peter's alley, Cornhill

Edwards, Gt St Helen's BARR, SARAH, Redman's rd, Stepney. July 18, Pendergast, Com. | GOULTER, JAMES, Kingston-on-Thames, Gent. July 16. Walter til mercial rd

Durham, Kingston-on-Thames

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IXGRAY, RICHARD, Heath Town, nr Wolverhampton, Farmer. Aug SOUTH WALES CIRCUIT.--(Pollock, B.)-Haverfordwest, 10. Gough and Colebourn, Wolverhampton

Thursday, July 7; Cardigan, Monday, July 11; Car. KAY, CHARLOTTE Anx, Elton Bury, Lancastor. July 2. Grundy, Bury

marthen, Wednesday, July 13; Brecon, Monday, July KNOWLES, Jonn, Doncaster, Farmer. Sept 5. Parkin and Co, | 18; Presteign, Thursday, July 21; Chester, Saturday, July Doncaster

23; Swansen, Saturday, July 30. LAWSON, JOIN, Plumstead, Military Pensioner. July 1. Whale,

NORTH-EASTERN CIRCUIT.-(Hawkins, J., and Kay, J.) Queen Victoria st LOCKI ART, ROBERT, Holland st, Kensington. Aug 10. Duncan, -Newcastle, Thursday, July 7; Durbam, Wednesday, Liverpool

July 13; York, Tuesday, July 19; Leede, Monday, July 25. Mason, SOPHIA, Hart st, Bloomsbury. July 16. Ford und Co,

MIDLAND CIRCUIT.- (Stephen, J., apd Williams, J.) Bloomsbury sq

NELIUS, Louth, Lincoln, Esq. July 23. Faithfull and Aylesbury, Monday, July 4; Bedford, Thursday, July 7; Owen, Westminster chmbrs, Victoria st

Northampion, Monday, July 11; Leicester, Friday, July PERRIAÝ, JOHN HENRY, Villiers rd, Willesden, Upholsterer. July 15; Oakham, Tuesday, July 19; Lincoln, Wednesday,

15. Saxton and Morgan, Portman sa POULTOX, SAMUEL John, Aldgate Hish st, Butcher, A

July 20; Notting bam, Tuesday, July 26; Derby, Satur. Gardner, Leadenhall st

day, July 30 ; Warwick, Thursday, August 4. POYNDER, WILLIAM HENRY, Hartham pk, Wilts. June 30. Phillips OXFORD CIRCUIT.-(Mathew, J., and Cave, J.)-Read

and Son, Chippe ham RANDELL, CHARLES, Farnborough, Hants, Esq. July 1. Parkers,

ing, Thnrsday, June 30; Oxford, Saturday, July 2; WorBedford row

cester, Wednesday, July 6; Stafford, Monday, July 11 ; SKONE, THOMAS, St Thomas, Pembroke, Esq. July 30. Davies and Sbrewsbury, Thursday, July 21 ; Hereford, Monday, July Co, Haverfordwest

25; Monmouth, Thursday, July 28; Gloucester, Monday, STOTHARD, Emma MARY, Bognor, Sussex. July 30. Rhodes and Son, Chancery lane

August 1. TAYLOR, Joux, Scourport, Worcester, Dyer. July 9. Watson, Field, Grove, Lindley, and Bowen, JJ., and HuddlesStourport

ton, B., will remain in town, and he last-named, with anoTESKEY, ANX, Ann's pl, Deptford. Aug 1. Bristow, Adelphi TAWAITES, TAOmas, Bury, Lancaster, Gent. July 2. Grundy, Bury

| ther judge, will attend the Surrey Assizes, wbich will be WALKER, 'Anx, Chollerford, Northumberland. Aug 1. Mason, beld at Croydon, but the commission day for which has got Gt George st, Westminster

yet been fixed. WALNE, Rev. Tuomas RANDALL, Gt Easton, Essex, July 18. Hill

and Co, Old Broad st
WATERHOUSE, Rev. OSWALD, Altrincham, Chester. July 20. The prospeotus has been issued of the Law Stationery,

Nicholls and Co, Altrincham
Watson, ABRAHAM, Bucks, Gent. July 18. Goldring and Mitchell,

Lithographic and General Printing Company (Limited), Southampton st, Bloomsbury

capital £25,000, in 25,000 shares of £1 each. The company WENSLEY DALE, the Hight Hon. CECILIA ARABELLA FRANCES, Baroness, Ampthill pk, Bedford. July 1. Bowlings and Co,

is started to undertake printiog, copying, engrossing, &c. The Essex st, Strand

lounder, whose services have been secured as manager, transWILLIAMS, EDWARD MAUNSELL, Fairford, Gioucester, Esq. July 30. fers to the company the premises in Cbancery-lane, dow oc. Young and Co, Mildred's ct, Poultry

copied by him, in consideration of receiving £500 in cash Wise, Anna MARY, Reigate, Surrey. July 16. Hand and Co,

and 1,000 fully paid-up sbares. No other promotion money Stafford WOOLHOUSE, John, Southorpe, Northampton, Farmer. Aug 12.

bas or will be paid. English, Broad st, Stamford

A prospectus has been privately circulated of the Royal [Gazette, June 7.)

Courts of Justice Chambers Company (Limited), having for its object the erection of a large building in the Strand, immediately opposite the main entrance to the New Law Courts,

for the accommodation, by means of suites of offices, of mom. COURT PAPERS.

bers of the legal profession. It is intended to provide a

large room on the first floor for a subscription room and law SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. library, for the use of the profession only, and there will be Rota of REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

a number of rooms set apart for conferences, &c. The build.

ing will also have electric communication with the Law COURT OF MASTER OF THE V.O. Bacon. Date.

Courts, by means of which the progress of the different

suits will be ascertainable at all times of the day. The Monday, June 27Mr. Leach Mr. Merivale Mr. Clowes

ground floor and basement are to be devoted to the purposes Tuesday ......? 28 Latham


of a restaurant and luncheon bar, capable of accommodating Wedne


Merivale Clowes Thursd

about 350 persons at one time. Latham King

Koe Friday, July 1 Leach Merivale

In the Queen's Bench Division on the 17th inst., says the

Saturday...... 2

Times, a question of some interest and of some importance to

Under the new practice cases to be
Mr. Justico

tbe bar was raised.

Mr. Justice

moved or brought on upon motions are put into a list and Monday, June 27 Nr. Ward Mr. Cobby Mr. Farrer

brought on in their order. The indirect effect of this has Tuesday ...... 28 Pemberton Jackson Teesdale been found to be that cases moved by juniors may come on Wednesday.... 29 Ward


Farrer before cases moved by seniors, and that thus Queen's Counsel Thursday .... 30 Pemberton


Teesdale are deprived of their precedence orer other members of the Friday, July 1 Ward


Farrer bar and seniors lose their precedence over juniors. This conSaturday...... 2 Pemberton Jackson Teesdale

sequence may not have been contemplated when the new practice was resorted to, and certainly was not discussed,

though it has been more than once mentioned. To-day, Mr. SUMMER CIRCUITS.

Aspinall, Q.C., and Mr. Wills, Q.C., who were counsel in NORTHERN CIRCUIT.(Lord Coleridge, C.J., and Lopes, J.) one of the cases in the list, claimed to bring it on before the - Carlisle, Wednesday, July 6 ; Appleby, Friday, July 8 others by right of seniority and rank ; but the Court said Lancaster, Saturday, July 9; Manchester, Wednesday, the rule was that cases in the list should come on in their July 13; Liverpool, Tuesday, Jaly 26.

order. Mr. Aspinall said the effect of that was to deprive South-EASTERN CIRCUIT.—(Bramwell, L.J., and Den. Queen's Coupsel of their precedence, which ought not, he man, J.)-Lewes, Tuesday, July 5; Maidstone, Monday, submitted, to be done without discussion. Mr. Wills made July 11; Hertford, Monday, July 18; Chelmsford, Wed. similar observations. Mr. Baron Pollock said, no doubt it nesday, July 20; Huntingdoo, Taesday, July 26 ; Cam was a serious matter and fit to be discussed, and he would bridge, Thursday, July 28 ; Bury St. Edniunds, Monday, mention it to Lord Coleridge (who had left the court), that August 1; Norwich, Thursday, August 4.

it might be brought forward for discussion when he was WESTERN CIRCUIT.-(Lush, L.J., and Manisty, J.) present. Salisbury, Wednesday, July 6; Winchester, Saturday, July 9 ; Dorchester, Saturday, July 16 ; Exeter, Wednes

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. day, July 20; Bodmin, Wednesday, July 27; Wells, Saturday, July 30; Bristol, Thursday, August 4.

June 27.-Messrs. ROGERS, CHAPMAN, & Thomas, at the NORTH WALES CIRCUIT.-(Baggallay, L.J.)-Newtown,

Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see ad

vertisement, June 18, p. 5). Monday, July 4; Dolgelly, Thursday, July 7; Carnarvon,

| June 28.-Messrs. DEBENHÁM, TEWson, FARMER, & BRIDGEMonday, July 11; Beaumaris, Friday, July 15; Ruthin,

WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold EsMonday, July 18; Mold, Thursday, July 21; Chester,

tates and Properties (see advertisements, June 11, pp. 11 Saturday, July 23 ; Swansea, Saturday, July 30.

and 12),


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