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mittee: Pursuant to the Instructions of the Committee, dated Sept. 27, 1727, I, the Subscriber, with Sufficient Chainmen, went to North Yarmouth, in Casco Bay, & have perfected the laying out & bounding One hundred and three home lotts, the farme formerly granted to Walter Gendall is Reckoned as one of the lotts & numbered One hundred and three, and have made many good bound marks in several suitable places, and have marked the number of the lotts at the corner bounds of the said lotts, and have also run the bounds of the whole township, beginning at a white rock lying on the Shoar, near high water mark, it being the Northerly bounds of the town of Falmouth, & extending from the said Rock into the wilderness Northwest Eight miles to a maple tree, and a black birch tree marked F on one side and NY on the other side, there being eight trees so marked in this line, and from the aforesaid white rock running along by the bay to the mouth of Royall's River, & from the east side of Royall's River running Easterly by the bay to the mouth of Bongomongomug River, which is the Ancient Easterly bounds of the said township of North Yarmouth, & from the mouth of Bongomongomug River running Northwest into the Wilderness Eight miles to two hemlock trees marked NY, and a heap of Stones, and then turning the Angle & running Southwest & by West two degrees Westerly Eleven miles & two hundred and thirty eight rods to the aforementioned maple tree and double black birch tree which is the stated bounds between Falmouth & North Yarmouth. And Samuel Cobb, Benjamin Leatherby [Larrabee], and Benjamin Ingersoll, Selectmen of Falmouth, and Benjamin Flagg, Gershom Rice and Jonas Rice, in behalf of North Yarmouth, mett upon the Spott, on the twentieth day of October last, and Joyned and Agreed in running the dividing line between the Towns of Falmouth and North Yarmouth, abovementioned, as appears by a Certificate under the hands of the Selectmen of Falmouth & more perticulerly sett forth and deciphered by a platt of the whole township of North Yarmouth now presented to the Committee. Boston, Dec 19, 1727.

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North Yarmouth, October 20, 1727.

We, the Subscribers, being appointed to run the dividing line between the towns of Falmouth & North Yarmouth did proceed in said affair, beginning at a white rock, by the water side, established to be the corner marks between the said towns by the Honorable Committee appointed for the Resettlement of said North Yarmouth, and the Selectmen of the town of Falmouth, extending upon a Northwest line from said rock eight miles into the Country to a maple & a double black birch, marked. [6-8 dd]

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[Dr. CHARLES E. BANKS.]* Assistant-Surgeon, Marine-Hospital Service.

The following skeleton sketch of this family, so well known in North Yarmouth, is offered to OLD TIMES with the hope that some interested descendant of these worthy progenitors may continue the work. No attempt has been made to elaborate the biographies of individuals or even to ascertain any trusts they may have held in public or private, civil or military life.

The time of the arrival of the two emigrants, the brothers Edward1 and Thomas1 Oakes, is not known, but they first appear in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1640, and in May, 1642, were made freemen together.

1 EDWARD OAKES, the elder brother, was born about 1604, in England, and died, 13 Oct. 1689, in Cambridge. By wife Jane, who was living 24 Dec. 1691, he had the following children :—

2 Urian2; b. 1631.

3 Mary2; m. John Flint, of Concord, Mass., 12 Nov. 1667. 4 Edward2.

5 Thomas2; b. 18 June 1644.

2 URIAN OAKES2, the celebrated divine, was born, 1631, in Cambridge. He graduated at Harvard College, 1649, and became its President in 1680, and was cut off in the flush of his career, 25

July 1681, aged fifty years. He was a man of great ability and positive opinions, which created opposition and jealousy during his administration. His wife, who died 1669, was Ruth, daughter of the noted Reverend William Ames, and by her he had the following children :

6 Urian3; b. about 1657. Graduated at Harvard College, 1678, and died the next year.

7 Edward; b. about 1659. Graduated at Harvard College, 1679, and preached at Lancaster, Branford and New Haven. He was starred, 1698, in the Triennial Catalogue.

8 Hannah3; b. 1659. Married Rev. Samuel Angier, 2 Sept. 1680, and died 15 Aug. 1714.

9 Laurence3; b. 1661; d. 12 June 1679. [Sewell, in his diary notes, under that date, "Laurence Oakes dyes at night of the Small Pocks."]

4 EDWARD OAKES2. Nothing is known of him except that he was living in 1658, and may have been a constable in Boston, 1702, or a retailer of spirits in the same place, 1714, as persons of that name are found in the Records.

5 Dr. THOMAS OAKES2, b. 18 June 1644. Graduated at Harvard College, 1662, and died 15 July 1719, aged 75 years. He was an eminent practitioner, and an active man in the political affairs of the Province, being a member of the General Court and a councillor. By his wife, Martha, who was born in 1649 and died 19 Apr. 1719, he had two sons:

10 James3; b. 30 Oct. 1687.

11 Josiah3; b. 3 May 1689. Boston, 21 May 1710.

Admitted to Second Church,

12 THOMAS OAKES,' the younger brother, was a farmer of Cambridge. He died in 1658. By his wife, Elizabeth, he had the following children :

13 Elizabeth2; b. 3 Nov. 1646; d. young.

14 Thomas2; b. 5 Nov. 1648; d. 14 Jan. 1649.

15 Elizabeth2; b. 26 May 1650.

16 Mary 2 (?);

; d. Aug. 1659.

17 Hannah2; b. 4 May 1657; m., 7 Aug. 1672, Joseph Wayte. She died before 1688.

18 Thomas2 (posthumous); b. 18 Mar. 165§; d 11 Sept. 1732.

18 THOMAS OAKES2, b. 18 Mar. 1658. He married Sarah, daughter of Peter and Mary (Peirce) Tufts, 22 May 1689. He

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21 Sarah3; b. 23 May 1694; d. 4 Jan. 1722.

22 Lydia3; b. 27 Nov. 1697; m.

23 Urian3; b. 12 June 1700; d. 23 Aug. 1752.

24 Mary3; b. 14 May 1702; d. 4 Feb. 1781; m., 28 Apr. 1726, Timothy Wayte.

25 Hannah3; b. 28 Feb. 1704; m.

Grover, ante 1733,

vide will.

26 Elizabeth3; b. 20 May 1707.

27 Jonathan3; b. 6 Oct. 1709; d. 25 Sept. 1769. 28 Abigail3; b. 24 Dec. 1714; m., 8 Nov. 1736, Saml. Grover.

Falkner, vide will.


19 THOMAS OAKES3, b. 2 April 1690. He m., 1st, Elizabeth who died sine proles, 3 Feb. 1718; 2d, Abigail, daughter of Ebenezer and Abigail (Boylston) Brooks, 17 Oct. 1720. She died in childbed, 30 June 1728.

29 Abigail; b. 2 Sept. 1721; d. 25 Mar. 1749; m., 1747, Thomas Welch, Jr.

30 Thomas; b. 28 June 1723.

31 Ebenezer; b. 28 Sept. 1725.

32 Sarah; b. 2 Mar. 1727.

33 Caleb1 ; b. 30 June 1728.

20 EDWARD ОAKES3. He is mentioned in the will of his father, who gave him £60, although no record of his birth can be found. He lived in Medford. He married Joanna and had :


34 Joanna; b, 26 Aug. 1721.

35 Edward; b. 31 Mar. 1722.
36 John; b. 24 May 1725.
37 Nathan; b. 14 Apr. 1728.
38 Samuel; b. 12 Oct. 1731.
39 Lydia; b. 23 Sept. 1734.
40 Mary; b. 3 Jan. 1737.
41 Simeon; b. 13 Oct. 1739.
42 Ruth; b. 30 Oct. 1742.
43 Mary; b. 19 Sept. 1744.

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23 URIAN OAKES3, b. 22 June 1700; d. 23 Aug. 1752. He married Deborah who survived him and died 20 May 1764.

By her he had the following children :—

44 Urian; b. 1 Nov. 1733; d. 18 Dec. 1733.

45 Urian; b. 14 Apr. 1735; m. Agnes Kent, 22 Jan. 1756.

46 Nehemiah; b. 27 Feb. 1737; d.


47 Deborah; b. 10 Dec. 1739; m. Stephen Green, 7 Feb. 1760. 48 Nehemiah; b. 20 Jan. 1742; d. 8 Nov. 1798. He married Esther Bucknam, 27 Mar. 1769 ; she was b. 1749 ; d. 15 Nov. 1805.

27 JONATHAN OAKES3, b. 6 Oct. 1709; d. 25 Sept. 1769. He married, 1st, Martha Bucknam, 1 Feb. 173§, who died 18 Aug. 1741, aged 30; 2d, Esther, her sister, 13 Sept. 1750, who died 4 Apr. 1795, aged 68. Their children were:—

49 Martha; b. 19 July 1741; m. John Barrett, 14 Dec. 1769. 50 David; b. ; d. 8 Nov. 1773 (by 2d wf.)

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37 NATHAN OAKES. Housewright. Born, 1728, in Medford, Mass., moved to North Yarmouth, Maine, about 1750, and m. there, 7 Oct. 1751, Amy (Wyman) Bucknam, widow of Samuel Bucknam, and daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth (Richardson) Wyman, born, 25 Nov. 1734, in Woburn, Mass., and d. 11 July 1775. He married, 2d, Mrs. Abigail, widow of John Mason, and daughter of John and Abigail Seabury, who was born 31 March 1739, and d. 8 May 1781. He married, 3d, Mehitable Sweetser, who was born, 1733, and survived him, dying 1 Februay 1798. Nathan Oakes died 7 May 1781. By his first wife he had the following children.

51 Edward; b. 6 Oct. 1752.

52 Elizabeth ; b. 5 June 1754; m. David Prince, 20 Nov. 1777. 53 Sarah; b. 17 Oct. 1756.

54 John; bapt. 28 Oct. 1759. 55 Lucretia; b. 20 Feb. 1762.

56 Mary; b. 25 Dec. 1765.
57 Samuel; b. 26 Nov. 1772.

Here the record is left to the tender mercies of some descendant, for completion. The writer has in his possession many more stray facts about the family, which are at the service of the one who will pick up the fallen thread.

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