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Sinderaon v Spillman and ors spoof pit from rale nisi, discharged as against Messrs. Bolton & Co, by Justices Ministy & Bawen—Jane 3

Edwards v Shearman app of pit in person from Justices Lopes & Stephen affirming order dismissing action—June 2

N»wby v Henry Rifled Barret Engineering and Small Arms Co limd app of pit from part of Mr Justice Lindley's judgt as to damages—Jane 3

The Queen v Holl and ors (ex pte J. B. Edwards, app of Prosecutor from Lord Coleridge, L C J, and Justices Msnisty Mmisty and Bowen discharging rnle nisi for mandamus to grant certe— June 3 (To be in paper on June 22, by order)

Robertson v The Amazon Tug and Lighterage Co Id app of deft from part of judgt of Lord Coleridge, L C J as to damages—June 7

Mitchell v Mitchell app of pit from judgt of Mr Justice Williams on interpleader issue at trill at Liverpool— June 8

Evans T Carte app of deft from rule nisi discharge! by Lorl Coleridge L C J, and Mr Justice Bowen— action tried in Middlesex by Mr Justice Bowju—Jane 8


Biker (by his Committee) v Baker, Wheeler, & Owen app of r?ep from order of the President overruling demurrer (0 a v March 25, present Lords Just ices James, Brett and Cotton)

Biker (by his Committee) v Baker, Wueeler, and Owen app of respt from decree nisi made absolute


Ships Magnificent and Bastian Pot Evans & ors v Ownsrs of Magnificent Dickson & ors v Dobelt (consolidated actions) app of deft irom judgt of Sir R J Pnilliinore—Nov 18


Robertson, petnr v Robertson, respt—Count Favagrossa, coreept. app of respt Annie Robertson from decree nisi and f the President—Feb 2


Ships Libra and Joseph Ricketts 0 wners of the Joseph Ricketts

v Owners of the Libra O wners of the Libra and General Steam Navigation Co v 0 wners

of the Joseph Ricketts app of owners of the Libra from judgt

of Sir R J Phillimore with nautical assessors—Feb 14 Wells v PahIs<on app of Lar.-- Pahlsson from judgt of Sir R J

Phillimore—Mar 5 Ships Sc Petersburg and Ettrick Prehn v Bailey and ors app

of pit from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore ou special case—

April 8

Ship Marina (Liverpool District Registry) C F Cregreen v R Alexander and anr app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore—Apr 25

Ships Odessa and Murton (oons actns) O wners of the Murton v Owners of the Odessa Norwood and ors v Owners of the Murton app of Owners of the Murton from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore with nautical assessors—Miy 3


In re Kit- hin Ex parte London and Co Bk

En re Clarke Ex parte E and W Ind Dk Co

In re Davey Ex parte Chapman

In re Sparks Ex parte Forder

In re Betts Ex parte Harrison

In re Plant Ex parte Hayward

la re Andrews Ex parte Barrow

In re Jones Ex parte Jones

In re Barclay and Co Ex parte Spain

In ra Bower Ex parte Cooper

In re Bannister Ex parte Vale

In re Mickland Ex parte Furber

In re Much Ex parte Much

In re Coo ing Ex parte Beavers

N.B.—The above list oontains final and interlocutory appeals •ft down to Tnursday, June 9, inclusive.

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Tom kins v Martin act
Casson v Robinson act
Fothergill v Hemsley act
Leretus v Newton act (Bir-
Maltby v Hodgkinson act
Prince v Bonsall Local Board

of Health aot
Price v Smith aot
Verminck v Edwards aot
Pearson v Bailey aot
Sparrow v Cutts a:t
Cullum v Hobbs aot
In re Hobbs, deod Hobbs v

Cullum act
New SharleBton Collieries Co,

limd v Em mens aot Western Brazilian Telegraph

Co v Bibby act and m f J la re Werderman's Patent Electric Light, motn of Werderman against Burgess, Sponop, & Co with wits by order

In re Western District Bank adjd sursns with witness by order

Eldridge T Davis act

Kitwood v Worth aot m f j

Johnasson v Palgrave act

Churchill v Johnasson act

Moore v Hearn act

Davis v Coenen act

Smith v Darlow adjd sumns with cross-exmn on affidavits

Bennett v Harris act

Forwood v Staunton, Tranter and Co act Liverpool

Peac.ick v Sinclair act Liverpool

Skipworth v Sayle aot—July 1

In re Fretwell, deod Bower v
Beresford act and m f j

Hoole v Brown act

Attorney-Gen v Severn Commissioners act

West London Permanent Mutual Benefit Building Society v Planet Building Society act

Holloway v Cheston act

Kliaker v Newton act

Aspinall v Hoara act

Hasse v Jervie act

Nichols v Nichols act

Herring v Erie Ry Co (1879—
H—394) act

Herring v Erie Ry Co (1880 —
H—43) act

Vint v Hudspith (1880—V —
046) act

Vint v Hulspith (1333-V—

047) aot
Dillon v Ellis aot
Lamb v Msckerell act
Vioary v Stroud aot
Jay v The Bag worth Collieries

Co aot
Carroway v Briscomb act and

motn for j udgt
Moore v Robson act and motn

for judgt
la re Elliott deod Hardy v

Elliott act
In re Morant, deed Morant v

Manson act
Thomas v Palin act
Masson v Sheffield act
London & North-Western Ry

Co v Keighley act
Womersley v Whitehead aotj
Spence v Du Bidit act
Marohioness of Wnxtminster v

Shaw Stewart act and motn

for judgt
Conolan v Leylaud aot (Li-
Carradus v Parker act (cross

examination on affidavits)
West v Body act
Betts v Martin act
Snowdon v Richardson act
Taylor v Peel act
Gray v Dixon issue
Bell v Hundred of Hoo Ry Co


Corbett v B owers act

In re Hall, deed Watmough

v Snaith act
Monarch Investment Building

Soc v Pearce act
Whitefleld v New Quay Looal

Board (Cornwall) act
Smith v North Staffordshire

Ry Co aot
Carpenter v Stevens act
Griffiths v The Silicate Paint

Co act
Thornton v Haley act
Flackfield v Wetzlar act
In re Elmsall, deed Elmsall v

Edmonds act
Harwood v Bates act
Kempson v Bites act
Hobbs v Midland Ry Co act
Niooll v Evans act
Lake v Hundred of Hoo Ry Co


Stevenson v Hooper ad sumns with wits to order

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Budd v Hitching act wits
Suweiby v Cook act wits
Templeman v Day act wits
Hunter v Charlton act wits
Appleiun v Taylor act wits
Hardcaslle v Taylor act wits
Starkey v Blank aot wits
Kirkmao v Presoott aot wits
Cadman v Draper act wits
In re Maddock Chesterfield,

&o Colliery Co v Richard son

act wits Niooll v Fencing act wits Cooke v Woolams act wits Burrow v Scammell act wits Buuney v Wartnaby aot wits Scaroian v Collins act wits Morgan ▼ Miller aot wits Swano v Cheal act wits Turaour v Owen m f j Hold v Lester act wits

Perry v International, &c, Telegraph Co (June 16)

In re Packer Line v Packer m f j

Longbonrne v Fisher f o

In re Hack Hack v Hack

Hack v Hack f o Ryder v Fletcher act wits In re Summerland Satchwell

v Smith act wits In Te Norminton Benton v

Barker f c In re Bennett Bennett v

Mellad»w f o Tulloch v Lambert act &

m f j

In re Bawlings Rawlings v

Phillips act wits In re Booth Brooks v Bounce

act wits Harrison v Ski 1 mure mfj

Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir Charles Hall.
Causes for trial (with witnesses).

Humphreys v Brown act
Molloy v Kilby act
Martin v Tollemache act
Harris v Fleming act
Dixon v McDonnel act
In re Todd's entate Todd V

Todd adjd sums
Spnncelsugh v Taylor act
Tubia v Saunders sot
Bulteel v Orepe act & m f j
Palmer v Fawcett act
Galmoye v Brown act
Stephens v Danger act
Waito v Biogley act
Capital, &c, Bank v Shearburn


Qreaves v Weatherill act Phillips v Manchester, &o, Ry

Co act Wilson v Parkinson act Jenkins v Morgan act Oliver v Botterell aot 0«en v Jackson act Wat<onv Fowler aot Attorney-Gen v Earl of Dor

ham act Miller v Miller act Leigh T Rathbone act and

nun for judgt Kirk v Howarlh aot

In re Anglo-Frenoh Co-operative Society ex parte liquidator adjisumns

Parker v Grpaves act

Isaacs v Digby act

Jones v Ellin act

The Credit Co v Association of Lml Finances act

Ball v Bertram act

Bill v Dawson act

Howell v Wells act

In re Burton Wigg v Burton aot and motn for judgt

In re Bridge Cape v Bridge act

Young v White aot
Motion v King act
Butcher v Stephenson act
Schofield v Clegg aot
Collins v Foreman act
Coleman v Kircaldy aot
Marley v Stephenson act
Kirk v Ford act
Ross v Serople act
Marley v Jacques act
Cuthbertson v Palmer act
Jacques v Wilson act
Wilson v Jacques sdjd anions
In re Le Petit Gooaall v Le
Petit act

Fraser v Province of Br*aci* &c Tramways Co limd deui of L. C. Dunctn and anr

Same v Same deui of A. Weigel .

Same v Same dem of Province oi Brescia &o Tramway Cold

Republio of Peru v Ruzo motn for deoree

The Tea Co v Carter act

In re Burge Gillard v Laurenson act

In re Horner Pomfret v Graham aot

Noel v Cabow act

Lemaitre v Davis act

Watson v Young act

De Palikao v Butterfield aot and m f j

James v Tne Capital &c Bank aot

In re Cornwall Minerals Ry Co, &o Expte Ry Co adjd sumns

In re the Same Expte Ry Co

adjd sumns In re the Same (Apr 7) adjd


In re Chaplin Richards v Chap-
lin m f j (short)
Gill v Young act
Philpot v Partridge act
In re the Hungarian Trading

Co limd adjd sumns
George v Craven m f j
Frasi v Dando m f j
Solomon v Solomon m f j
In re Mettain Mettam v Ash-
berry act
In re Richards Coldcott v Best

speel case and m f j In re Evans Welsh v Channell act and m f j

In re Priogle Walker v Stuart m f j

Lynch v Heming m f j
In re Riland Phillips v Rob-
inson m f j
In re Forrest's Estate la re
Hail's Estate Forrest v
Parkinion act and m f j
Heron Maxwell v Stopforl

Blair adj sumns
Heron Maxwell v Stopfurl

Blair adj sumns Warburton v Hewitt act Spedding v Dykes aot and m f \ In re Wood Clatton v Wood

act and m f j In re Chilton Knight v Scim

niell m f j Courtnay v Bennett act Souch v Cowley aot and m f j (short)

The Devon, &c, Ry v Jewell act

In re The Land Credit Co, Id

adj sumns Forbes v Jackson sped cue

and m f j Nichols v Mitford spcl esse National Provincial Bank V

Evans mfj Vesper v Holmes act The Soottish Widows Fond v

Craig mfj In reTreaoey TreaceyvBiri


Barrett v Barrett m f j
Treasure v Luck mfj
Saxon v Taylor mfj
Morris v Saweard mfj
In re Beavan Stapheu v

Beavan mfj (short) Rollings v Loudon Scottish,

&c, Building: Society act Smvthies v Bernard m f j


Further Consider itionB. Nash v Nash Turton v Barber

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Causes for trial (without witnesses).

In re Dawson Hornsey y Wade v Banks dem

Hornsey dem The Soottish Widows' Fund v

In re Kinhead dem Craig dem

In re Nash

fur con

Parsons v Waddingham fur

oon pt hd restd
Groom v Groom 2nd fur con
In re Partridge Partridge v

Partridge fur con
Dunlop v Stewart fur con
In re Storr Pounder v Storr

fur oon

In re Cole Cole v Cole fur cm In re Thomas Jones v Ellis fur con

Before Mr. Justice Fry. Causes tor trial (with Witnesses) Commissioners of Exhibition of Price v Torrens act

1851 v Roy Horticultl Soc

act, pt hd Mather v Mather act (for

trial only) Pngh-Johnson v Cambrian Ry

Co act (for trial only) Thomas v Prosaer aot (for

trial only) Hale v Earl de la Warr act

[blocks in formation]

Berkshire v Grabb act Sc m f j Thomas v Heuasell act £

counter-claim MMdleweek v Dearsley act Caithness v Ciitnness tot McFarquhar v Rothney set Heine v Crosse act Johnson v Gil lam act & mfj Chaw* v Jones act & m f j In re Stevens Stevens * T»I

mash aot In re Stevens. Stevens I

Stevens act Comer v Pack wood act Burt v Shrivell act Thomas v Howard act In re Way Solomon v Way act

In re Pilling. PoltaarvPillis? act

Reee v Thomas set
Turner v Brown act
Williams v Bawden act
Lawes v Carter act
Curling v Thorp act
Skinner v Todd aot
Green v Coats* act
Whitbrsad v German act
Hughes v Morris act

[blocks in formation]

Heathcote v Stanier act
WiW v De Coulon act
Corey v Tenant furconson
Buatell v Deare act
In re Blondel Blondel v Blon-
del act and m f j
In re Cross Harston v Tenison

Lootemore v Tiverton &o Ry

Moure v Moore aot

Sawy tr v Giddings fur conson

Hution T Brown fur conson

and adjd sumns pt hd In re Berrow Borrow v Fraser

m f j

Is re Hewitt Hewitt v Hewitt

fur conson Gleecross v Glencross f o In le Cbaston Chat-ton v Seago

apeel cafe In re Barley Trousdale v

H»yes act and m f j In ra'AVilson Hunter v Wilson act la re Twig Plincke v Gocher

fur conson In re Stephenson Teeseyman

v Westlake fur con
In re Robinson Robinson v

Robinson act
Cambrian Co-operative Society

v Thomas act
Aipioall v Hancock fur con
In re Thorley Thorley v
fur con

In re Pease Pease v

fur con

In re Schnell Schnell v Ross

fur con & sums
Kirkhouse v Kirkhouse act
In re Gore Gore v Gore for

Con & sumns
In re Evans Jones v Evans


In re Barber Dardier v Chap-
man fur con
Longhurn v Carr act
Stogdnn v Ernest fur con
Compigne v Wilson fur cm
In re Brooke Sykes v Brooke

fur con
Bullard v Griffin act
Nott v Howell fur conson
Riddell v Errington act and
m f j

In re Knipo Fry v Fell fur

cocson and 2 sumns Attorney-Gen v Farquhar act In re Price Dockerell v Hoye

fur conson In re Bosworth Howard v

Easton fur cons and sumns

to vary

In re Robinson Wilson v

Robinson fur conson Briggs v Massey fur conson Lawton v Parker fur conson In re Colclough's Estate Caulton v Colclough m f j (short)

In re Waites' Estate Barratt v Scholerg for cons (short)

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HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION. TRINITY SITTINGS, 1881. These Sittings commenced Tuesday, June 1-1, and terminate Monday, August 8,1881. NEW TRIAL PAPER. Middlesex, Nowell v Williams (part heard) Lord Coleridge, CJ Liverpool, Starr and another v Balland (stands over) Field, J Middlesex, Lord Ashburton v The Gt Western Ry Co

Lord Coleridge, CJ

Middlesex, Taylor v Hodgkinson and others (part beard) Lopes, J London, Lilley v Doubleday Hawkins, J

Middlesex, Chamberlaine v Barnewell (before three judges)

Field, J

Liverpool, Kill v The Mostyn Coal and Iron Co (motn for judgt,

to be urgued with new trial) Official Referee, H. W. Verey, Esq., The Midland Railway Co v

Powis and Co (motn for judgt) (stands over) Middlesex, Webber v London, Brighton, and South Coast Ry Co

Denman, J

Liverpool, Martenson v Cohen Williams, J

Manchester, Chapman v Carr Williams, J

Middlesex, Solomon v Bitton Lindley, J

Liverpool, Cohen v Hughes Mnthew, J

Liverpool, Adams v The Gt Eastern Ry Co Williams, J

Middlesex, Moore v Woolley Lindley, J

Manchester, Howarth v Townend Williams, J

Middlesex, llollam and Co v Veuve rommery et File Denman, J London, Laws and others v Berridge Mathew, J

Middlesox, Joyce V The Metropolitan Board of Works Denman, J London, Bartlot v Eyro Williams, J

Middlesox, Ackers v Hall Hawkins, J

London, Eccius V Copelin Stephen, J

London, Newby v Hood and another "Williams, J

London, Rowney v Stein Brothers Lindley, J

London, Peat v Walter Jones and Co Grove, J

London, Heather v Coppin and auothor Williams, J

Middlesex, Ashman v Strong Lindley, J

London, Goodwin v Leckie Williams, J

SPECIAL PAPER. Sankey & Son v "Wharton and another Baldwin & Co v "Wharton

and another (before two judges) SC

Davis v Prosser Dem

Levite v Fowler Dem Mayor &c. of Dudley v Trustees of tbo late Earl of Dudley SO

(Beforo two judges.)

Burnup v General Ice Factory, Limited Dem

Shaw v Talbot and another Dem

Clarke v Bradlaugh Dem

Webster v Ormston Dem Edwards and others v Harries and another (before two judges) SO

Brown v Palmer and others Dem Burke v Rooncy (before two judges) SO

Phillimore v Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty Dem

Gregory v Wilson Dem

Talbot v The River Weaver Navigation Dem

First Day.

In tho Matter of a Solicitor
Davis v Brahnm

The Queen v J. G. Wallis and Inhabitants of Hamlet of Stanley
The Queen v Tho Rev H. M. Fletcher
Smeaton & Sous v J. W. Smith, Sous & Co
In the Matter of a Solicitor

Motions Tor Nsw Trials.
Standing for judgment.

Harris v Truman, Hanbury & Co (to bo heard first day of sittings)
Percival v Hughes

Saxby and another v The Gloucester Wagon Co
Howlett v Gamer

In the Matter of Johnson, a solicitor
Boveridge v Emmett

Fob Judgment.

The Queen v Lister

Fob Argument.

The Queen v Boodle
The Queen v Thompson

The Queen v The Mayor, &c, of Maidenhead
'The Queen v The Justices of the West Riding of Torkshiie

The Queen v Hall

Crown Sidr.
Rule Standing for Judgment.
The Queen v The Recorder of Birmingham

London, Col well v Kidson
Newport, Cooke v Watts
Denbighshire, Pearce v Scotcher
Liverpool, Hidcr anil another v Harvey
Surrey, Lewis v Cooper (Gibbons, Claimant)
\-iuiulerland, Middlemas v The Mayor, Ac., of Sunderland
Kent, Kilmer v Barling and another
3Iiddl£sex, Grimes and Wife v Shepherd
Metropolitan Police District, Parkyns v Preist
Metropolitan Police District, London School Board v Jackson
Cornwall, Liskeard Union v Liskeard Water Works
Dorsetshire, Hazell v Justices of Dorsetshire
Middlesex, Brown v Hamblin (Williams, Claimant)
Lancashire, Bam ford v Home and another

Metropolitan Police District, Hackney Board of Works v Great

Eastern Ry Co
London, Hughes v Sutherland
Devonshire, Smith v Ellis
Yorkshire, Knott v Darlow

Warwickshire, Blanchensee and another v .London and North-
Western Ry Co
Metropolitan Police District, Taylor v Rogers
1 Leicestershire, Sounders v Richardson
Xivcrpool, Wheel ton v Islington Loan, &c, Co
Liverpool, Frazer v Porous Plaster Co
Durham, Hall (by his next friend) v Nelson

Middlesex, Bull and another v National Permanent Mutual Benefit

Building Society
Metropolitan Police District, Paddington Vestry v Snow]
Essex, Downes v Wellum

.Hereford, Midland Ry Co v Hereford Highway Board (to 1» heard
Tuesday, June 21)



.lAsHTOir, Charles, Kingston-upon-Hull, Gent. July 2. Laverack, Kinjrston-upon-Hull

■53\nnistkr, .umts, Trafalgar sq, Fulhamrd,Gent. July 31. Bannister, Basinghall st

'ekbwrr, Thomas, York, Retired Fishmonger. Sept 1. Horner, Wakefield

K^roadbbnt, Lavihia, Halifax. July 2. Wnvell and Co, Halifax 1 {sutler, Edward, Chapel pi, Marylebone. June 15. Carr and Co,

Vigo st, Regent st >C Kitty, Thomas Burridge, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Gent. July 30.

Burridge, Shaftosliury •CorsENS, Lonia v, Thicket rd, Pcnge. July 8. Rivington and Son,

Fenchurch bldga

<vrtis, John, Kingston-upon-Hull, Gent. July 20. Bell and Ingoldby, Louth

Dkvkt, Hasxah, Wolverhampton. Sept 29. White-house, Wolverhampton

'fuNui.vs, James, Reading, Berks, Hotel Proprietor. July 1.

Sedgfield and Pryce, Abingdon Formiiy, James, Frindsbury, Clerk in Hcly Orders. Aug 1. Esscll

and Co, Rochester Forsyth, John, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Licensed Victualler. July 1.

Dickinson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ittoDFBKR, Thomas, Barton, Coml>eraleigh, Devon, Yeoman. June

24. Stamp and Son, Honiton Lucas, Henry, Greenwich, Kent. Juno 24. Sandom and Co,


Mvrtin, Ana Orrantia Pe Francisco, Paris. June 30. Lousada

and Kmnnuel, Austin Friars Masson, David, WeaLbourae tcr, Licensed Victualler. July 14.

Nash and Field, Queen st Mason, John, Ellington st, Caledonian rd, Retired Contractor.

June 30. Walker, Chancery lane Menu Am, Michael, Gosforth, Northumberland, Gent. July 1.

Dickinson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Nokthcott, Jehoiada Stoodlky, Croydon, Surrey, Drug Broker.

July 1. Thomson and Co, Cornhill Oliver, Peter, Hereford, Farmer. July 1. Corner, Hereford Ovett, Alfred, Worthing, Stonemason. June 24. Vcrrall,


Owen, Hi Gh, Llangcinwen, Anglesen, Farmer. July 10. Gold

and Co, Denbigh

Phillips, David, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. June 30. Forrest, Liverpool

Powell, Edwird, St Bride's Major, Glamorgan, Farmer. July 1.

Randall, Bridgend Roberts, Robkht, Morecambe, Lancaster, Yeoman. Juno 21.

Dixon, Wray

Jskarlr, Richard F.\rdley, Clissolcl rd, Stoko Newington, Furrier.

July 1. I'arkes, Queen Victoria st Simpsox, Thomas, Hunslct, Leeds, Millwright. June 10. Emsley,


Smith, Haitnah, Birmingham. June 24. Wood and Son, Birmiag. ham

Southwell, James, Saxmundham, Suffolk, Gent. June 30. South

well and Fry, Saxmundham Statu Am, Samuel, Long Eaton, Derby, Beerhouse Keeper. June

20. Black, Nottingham Tatjsr, John, Heme hill, Dulwich, Esq. July 8. Rivington and

Son, Fenchurch bldgs Todd, Fortescue, St Austell, Cornwall, Clerk in Holy Orders. June

24. Carlyon and Stephens, St Austell Willis, William Edward,Gloucester, Chemist. June 24. Wilioo*

and Riddiford, Gloucester

[Gnutte. May 27.)

Allow Ay, Robert Marmadceb, The Derries, Queen's Count/, Ireland, Gent. June 30. Sait and Parnell, Bristol

Bigg, Henry Heather, Wimpole st, Orthopaedic Engineer. Jolr 20. Gush and Phillips, Finsbury circus

Blake, Margaret Winifred, Morpeth, Northumberland. July 1. Leadbittor and Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Boarder, John, Wilson at, Finsbury, Coach Builder. June 30. Rodgers and Clarkson, Walbrook

Bruton, Eli, Oldbury-on-Severn, Gloucester, Carpenter. June**. Crossman and Lloyd, Thornbury

Davies, Ann, Bruges, Belgium. July 1. Lcadbitter and Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Drkafrr, Richard Henry, Bristol, Corn Merchant. Jane tL Martha Dreaper, care of Lorymer Bros., Tontine, Quay Head, Bristol

Edmonds, Christopher, Ipswich, Stonemason. June 24. Hills, Ipswich

Edmonds, Elizabeth, Llandudno, Carnarvon. July 2. Raperand

Freeland, Chichester Eybk, Auqtstine Cecils Pclchkeie, Manchester sq. July It

Blount and Co, King st, Cheapside Eyres, Henry William, Upi>er Grosvenor st, Esq. July 15.

Curwood, Dean's yd, Westminster Faulkner, Alexander, Brampton, Huntingdon. July 31, Mrs.

Faulkner, Upper Hennor, nr Leominster Fbaser, Arthur, Inverness terrace, Bayswatcr. July 31. Finland

Co, East India avenue Gambling, James, Chichester, Builder. July 2. Raper and Free*

land, Chichester Haddon, John Benjamin, Lubenham, Leicester, Grazier. July!.

Cave, Market Harborough Hicks, Eliza, Shrewsbury. June 14. Sprott and Co, Shrewtbary Hinchliff, Anne, Havont, Southampton. July 2. Rsper mi

Freeland, Chichester Holt, Vksby Weston, Whitehall pi. Army Agent. Augl. liar

disty and Rhodes, Gt Marlborough st Irvine, George, Liverpool, Share broker. Juue 30. Bateson and

Co, Liverpool

Jarvis, Georgk, Eccles, nr Manchester, Clerk of Works. JoIySS,

Cooke, Wokingham Johnson, James Smith, Brighton, Gent. July 15. Brooke,

Lincoln's inn fields Jones, Richard, Bcthesda, Llanllechid, Carnarvon, Pork Batcher.

June 10. Roberts, Bangor Knowles, Edward, Cambridge. Juno 30. Way/man, Cambridge Leb, Maria Matilda, Lcigham court rd, Streatham. July 11.

Clarke and Co, Gresham House, Old Broad st Macklkn, Edwabd, High st, Deptford, Licensed Victualler. July

9. Marchant and Co, High st, Deptford Macqueen, Annie Cuppage, Bishoji's rd, Paddington. June 25.

Boncey, Roupcll st, Lambeth Malloce, Elizabeth, New Cross rd, New Cross. Aug 27. Goren,

South Molton st, Oxford st
MoxHAJf, Rachel, Cotbam, Bristol. July 22. Fry and Co, Bristol
Newmarch, Thomas, Hartley Whitney, Hants, * Gent. June -*\

Lamb and Brooks, Odihani, Hants
Noybs, Henry George, Lee, Kent, M.D. June 21. Davidson

Morriss, Queen Victoria st Palmer, Mary Anna Whayford, Bath. July 25. Gibbs, Bath rmppB, Anna Maria, Chichester. July 2. Ha]tcr and FrcelanJ,


Richards, Rosanna, Bath. Aug 21. Simmons and Co, Bath Rickbtt, Elizabeth, Canewdon, Essex. Aug 2. Arthy, Rochfont Screen, Robert, Thornbury, Gloucester, Yeoman. July

Crossman and Lloyd, Thornbury Shkrratt, Ellen, Uttoxoter, Stafford. July 0. Dunnett, U


Snatt, Matilda, Swincshcad, Lincoln. July 1. Millington and

Simpson, Boston TnoMPsoN, George, Strood, Kent, Grocer. July 1. Wicltaam.


Tilley, John, Wrangle, Yeoman. July 1. Millington and Simpson, Boston

Towns, William, Romford, Essex, Yeoman. July 1. Grunwade,

Church st, Hadleitih, Suffolk Toyk, James, Armagh rd South, North Bow, Retired Weaver. Juj

I. Wragg and Edwards, Great St Helen's Tkoman, David, Birmingham, Jews' Harp Manufacturer. June 11.

Burn and Co, Birmingham Vardon, Frederick George, Southsea, Southampton. Capta:n,

H.M.'s 87th Regiment. Aug I. Combs and Bayly, Buckler^hu^ Venables, Charles, Taplow, Bucks, Esq. Aug 1. Ci**Ci


Wharam, Henry, Kingston-upon-Hull, Licensed Victualler. Jnj 31. Jacobs, Hull .

White, Thomas, Downs d, Clapton, Gent. Augl. Tamphnanti Co, Fenchurch st

Wren, Thomas, Luton, Bedfordshire, Fish Merchant. July 31 ■ Hunt, Ware ,

I Gazette, W^-i

In the letter of our correspondent last week on the Attornment Clause for "increasing" read u incurring.


Juno 20.—Messrs. Baxteb, Payne, & Leppbr, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, June 11, p. 7).

June 20.—Messrs. C. & F. Rutley,. at the Mart, at 12 for 1 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, June 11, p. 19).

June 21.—Messrs. Debenham, Tbavson, Fakmek, & BridgeUatek, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisements, Juae 11, pages 9 and 10).

June 22.—Mtssrs. Farebrother, Ellis, Clarkb, & Co., at the Mart, at 2, Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisements, June 11, p. 14).

June 22.—MesBrs. Edwin Fox & Bousfibld, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement, June 11, p. 17).

June 23.—Messrs. Beadel & Co., at the Mart, at 1 p.m., Freehold Houses, Ground Rents, and Building Land (see advertisement, June 11, p. 7).

June 23.—Messrs. Debenham, Tewson, Farmer, & BhidgeWatpk, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, June 11, pages 10 and 11).

June23.—Messrs. C. C. & T. Moore, at the Marl, at 1 for 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Estates (see advertisement, Jane 11, p. 17).

Jane 24.—Messrs. Norton, Trist, Watney, & Co., at the Mart, Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, June 11, p. 18).

The following are the dates which have been fixed by tbe judges (Lush, L.J., and Mr. Justice Manisty) for holding the Summer Assizes on the Western Circuit, viz :— Salisbury, Wednesday, July 6; Winchester, Saturday, July 9; Dorchester, Saturday, July 16; Exeter, Wednesday, July 20 j Bodmin, Wednesday, July 27; Wells, Saturday, July 30; Bristol, Thursday, August 4.


Just out, THE NEW PENS.
BIG "J " PEN, j 6d. and Is. per Box,

BIG WA"VERLEY PEN,) at all Stationers. Patentees of Pens and Penholders. MACNIVEN & CAMERON, 23 to 33, Blair-street, Edinburgh. (Established 1770.) •»• Beware of the party offering spurious imitations. "Are far superior to anything we have met with."—Darlington Sorthern Echo.



Fbidat, June 10,1881. Under tbe Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Hulls, Augustus, Blackmoor st, Drury lane, Grocer. Pet June 4.

Hazlitt. June 21 at 12 Langer, W , Steward stt Spitalfields. Pet June 2. Hazlitt. June 22 at 11

Webster, Rolxjrt James, Walthamstow, Essex, Builder. Pet June 3.

Pepys. June 22 at 11.30

To Surrender in the Country* Beetham, Richard, Kirkby Overblow, York, Licensed Victualler.

Pet June 7. Perkins. Yurk, June 22 at 11 Bilton, William Thomas, Settle, Saddler. Pet June 3. Robinson.

Bradford, June 21 at 12 Phillips, Joseph, and John Phillips, Pentrepiod, Mynyddysllwyn,

Monmouth, Farmers. Pet May 20. Davis. Newport, Juno 20 at

Roseby, William John, Doncaster, Ironmaster. Pet June 8.

Rodgors. Sheffield, June 23 at 1 Woodcock, Edward, Cleckheaton, York, Currier. Pet June 7. Lec. Bradford, June 2-1 at 12

Tuesday, June 11,1S81. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to tho Registrar, To Surrender in London. Cole, John H , Conduit st, Tailor. Pci June 9. Hazlitt. July 1 at 11

Webb, Charles David, Buckingham Palace rd, Tobacco Dealer. Pet

June 10. Hazlitt. Juno 29 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. Durikley, John, Bishop's Stortford, Hertford, Architect. Pet June

7. Spence. Hertford, June 25 at 11 Moore, Thomas, Pudsey, York, out of business. Pet June 10. Lee.

Bradford, June 28 at 12 Rivett, Alfred, Egremont, Chester, Farmer. Pet June 9. Williams.

Birkenhead, June 25 at 10 whitbread, Charles Thomas, Northampton, Builder. Pot June 10.

Dennis. Northampton, July 2 at 11

Tuesday, June 14, 1881.
Derham, Thomas Shann, Leeds, General Merchant. June 8.

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. Tuesday, June 7, 1881. Abbott, William Thomas, Torquay, Devon, Bootmaker. June 18 at 12 at offices of Fowings and Oakley, Queen st, Exeter. Luke, Exeter

Airey, John, Cartmel, Farmer. June 20 at 2 at the Grange Hotel, Grunge-over-Sands. Thompson, Kendal

Alcock, Edward, Omoy Hay, nr EccleshalL Stafford, Labourer. June 18 at 11 at oflices of Cballinor, Cheapside, Hanley

Allen, John, Rotherham, York, Boot Maker. June 18 at 12 at office* of Pierson, Queen st, Sheffield

Allen, John, Rotherham, York, Boot Maker. June 18 at 12 at officesof Pierson,, 72, Queen st, Sheffield, in lieu of the day and timo originally named

Ashworth, Richard, Donnoeksbaw, Lancashire, Farmer. June 18 at 3 at the Royal Hotel, Waterfoot, nr Manchester. Read, Burnley

Aston, Richard, West Bromwich, Stafford, Plumber. June 22 at 11

at offices of Jackson and Sbarpe, High st, West Bromwich Banwell, James, Newport, Monmouth, Brick Manufacturer. June

25 at 3 at offices of Bailhache, Cambria chmbrs, Newport Bell, John Winlow, Sleaford, Lincoln, Coal Salesman. June 20 ut

2.30 at the Angel Hotel, Grantham. Millington and Simpson,


Blanchard, Edward, Preston, Lancashire, Baker. Juno 20 at 11 at the County Court Offices, Winckley st, Preston. Plant and Abbott, Preston

Briggs, William, Birmingham, Coal Merchant. June 15 at 3 at offices of Huggins and Millard, Newhall chambers, Ncwhall st, Birmingham

Browne, Michael Charles, Southampton st, Strand, Clerk in Holy Orders. Jun 10 at 3 at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet-street. Hurd, Cheapside

Buckley, Brewster, Deighton, near Huddcrafield, Smallware Dealer.

June 20 at 11 at offices of Welsh, Queen st, Huddersfield Burchill, Henry, Central Meat Market, Meat Salesman. June 17 at

2 at offices of Conrad A. Mitchell and Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's


Burton, Charlotte, Nottingham, Milliner. June 20 at 2.30 at offices

Stevenson, Weekday cross, Nottingham Butler, Frederick, Comberton, Cambridge, Tailor. June 21 at 3 at

offices of Ginn, St. Andrew st, Cambridge Chorley, Walter, and William Baker, Minehead, Somerset, Wine

and Spirit Merchants. June 15 at 12 at Grand Hotel, Bristol.

Reed and Cook, Taunton Clark, Charles, Mathias rd, Stoko Newington green, Beerhouse

Keeper. June 17 at 3 at offices of Ricketts, King's Cross rd Courtney, Edward, New Bridge st, Ludgate circus, Boot and Shoe

Maker. Juno 1-1 at 11 at Masons' Hall, Mason avenue, Coleman st.

Sydney, Queen st, CheapBide. Child, William Nicholson, West Derby, near Liverpool, Licensed

Victualler.lJune]^2 at 3 at offices of Homer, Stafford st., Liverpool Churcher, Frederick, Worthing, Sussex, Builder. June 22 at 3 at

the Albion Hotel, Chapel st. Worthing. Nye, Brighton Deacon, Robert, Saltloy, nr Birmingham, Com Factor. Juno 18 at

11 at offices of Jagger, Cherry st, Birmingham Dixon, John, Kingston-upon-Hull. Juno 17 at 2.30 at offices of

Gregson, Bowlallcy lane, Hull Dodds, Henry, Snaitb, York, Draper. June 23 at 3 at the Home

Trade Association, York st, Manchester. Atkinson and Co, Manchester

Drabble, John Wesley, Chesterfield, Derby, Miller. June 17 at 3 at

the Angel Hotel, Chesterfield. Swaffleld, Chesterfield Dyson, Thomas Fryer, Rugby, Warwick, Bootmaker. Juno 20 at 3

at offices of Wratislaw, Church st, Rugby Edwards, Charles George, Caister, nr Great Yarmouth, Harnett

Maker. June 20 at 1 at offices of Clowes and Son, Queen st, Great


Evans, John, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Tiler. June 17 at 12 at offices

of Beddoe, Canon st, Aberdare Farnell, Eli, Halifax, Publican. Juno 21 at 11 at the Old Cock

Hotel, Halifax. Emmet and Walker, Halifax Foster, Jonas, Penketh, Lancaster, Slate Merchant. June 20 at 2 at

offices of Husband, Victoria st, Widnes Fraser, William, Cromwell terrace, Paddington, Draper. June 20 at

11 at 99, Cheapside. Ashurst and Co, Old Jewry Gibbs, Edwin, Cardiff, Builder. June 28 at 12 at offices of Morgan

and Scott. High st, Cardiff Gilbertson, William Hunt, Cawood, York, Maltster. June 17 at 12

at Georgo Hotel, Selby. Wright, Selby Hampshire, Joseph, Thornhill, York. Stone Merchant. Juno 21 at

10.15 at offices of Scholes and Son, Leeds road, Dewsbury Harrison, Thomas William, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper. June 24

at 11 at offices of Vaughan, Walsall st, Willenhall. Hawley, Randolph Rawlinson, Kingston-upon-Hull, Oil Refiner.

June 20 at 2 at offices of Middlemiss and Pearce, Parliament tst,

Kingston - u pon -Hull Hayter, Joseph, Paignton, Devon, Tea Dealer. June 23 at 3.30 at

Magor's Commercial Hotel, Newton Abbot. Francis, Baker, and

Watts, Newton Abbot Henderson, George Brettell, Albany st, Regents park, of no occupation. June 23 at 2 at Inns of Court Hotel, Lincolns Inn fields.

Smith, Staple inn Hester, Alfred, North Shields, Builder. Juno 21 at 2 at offices of

Chaytres, Youll, and Wilkinson, Grainger st West, Newcastleupon-Tyne

Hobley, Edward Henry, Penzance, Cornwall, Baker. Juno 21 at 11 at offices of Borlase, Milton, and Borlase, Clarence st, Penzance

Hodge, John, Redruth, Cornwall, Gardener. June 16 at 11 at offices of Chillcott, Truro. Peter, Redruth

Holbrook, John, Bristol, Contractor. June 17 at 12 at offices ol Miller, St. Stephen's chambers, Baldwin st, Bristol

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