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Arthur James Summers, who served his clerkship to Mr. Robert Summers, OBITUARY.

of London.

William Stephen Tunbridge, who served his clerkship to Mr. Walter

Reginald Collins, of Swansea.

John Duguid Walker, who served his clerkship to Mr. Thomas Amott, of Mr. Albert Edwards, solicitor, of Ottery St. Mary and Sidmouth, died at his Newcastle on Tyne. residence, The Lodge, Ottery St. Mary, on the 19th inst. Mr. Edwards was

William Henry Walker, who served his clerkship to Mr. Edward Hutchin. born in 1842. He served his articles with Messrs. Tucker & Forward, of

son, of Darlington. Chard, and with Mr. Edward Forward Sealy, of 64. Lincoln's-inn-fields. L Arthur Sydney Walters, who served his clerksbip to Mr. Alfred James For several years he held a clerksbip in the office of Messrs. Biroham, Dal.

Shepheard, of London. rymple, Drake, & Ward, of 46, Parliament-street, and he afterwards settled at

setuledat Alexander Wilson, who served his clerkship to Mr. George Rassell RogerSidmouth, where he had practised with considerable success. About a year 80

sod, of Liverpool. ago he removed bis residence to Ottery St. Mary, on his election as clerk to

| Henry Woolcott, who served his clerkship to Mr. O. H. Baskett, of Evershot, the Ottery Local Board. He was also clerk to the feoffees of the Ottery St.

and Messrs. Lovell, Son, & Pitfield, of London. May Parochial Charities. Mr. Edwards had been for several years in delicate

The Council of the Incorporate i Law Society have accordingly given class healtb.

certificates and awarded the following prizes of books :

To Mr. Emery, the prize of the Honourable Society of Clement's-inn, value ten guineas; and the Daniel Reardon Prize, value about twenty-five guineas.

To Mr. Hart, the prize of the Honourable Society of Clifford's-ind, value LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL.

five guineas.

To Mr. Holman, the prize of the Honourable Society of New.inn, value


To Mr. Innes, the prize of the Incorporated Law Society, value five gaineas. HONOURS EXAMINATION.

The council have given class certificates to the candidates in the second June, 1882,

and third classes.
At the examination for honours of candidates for admission on the roll of The number of candidates who attended the examination was 108.
solicitors of the Supreme Court, the examination committee recommended the
following gentlemen as being entitled to honorary distinction :-


At a meeting of this society, held at Clement's-ian Hall, on Wednesday, [In order of Merit.]

July 19, Mr. H. J. H. Bull in the chair, the following motion was brought Frederick William Emery, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Iliffe, I was supported by Messrs. Richardson, Eiloart, and Conybeare, and opposed

forward by Mr. Spence : “That judicial oaths ought to be abolished." He Russell, Iliffe, & Cardale, of London.

by Messrs. Bartrum, Templer, Harvey, Parsons, Goodall, and Kains-Jackson. Isaac John Hart, LL.B., who served his clerkship to Messrs. Goldberg & The opener then replied, and the motion, on being put to the meeting, was Langdon, of London.

lost by a majority of five. Four new members were eleetcd.
Frank Arthur Holman, who served bis clerkship to Messrs. Ingledew &
Ince, of London,

Robert Innes, who served his clerkship to Mr. Adam Fox, of the firm of
Messrs. A. & G. W. Fox, of Manchester.

[In Alphabetical order.]
Harry Elliott Earle Fox, who served his clerkship with Mr. Percy William

Mr. SIDNEY HACKER, solicitor, of Newton Abbott and Totnes, has been Langdale, of London.

elected Coroner for the Totnes District of Devonshire. Mr. Hacker was ad. Hugh Kirkpatrick Grierson, who served his clerkship to Mr. H. M. Richard.

mitted a solicitor in 1875. He is in partnership with Mr. Henry Michelmore, son, of Bolton, and with Messrs. Chester, Mayhew, Broome, & Griffithes, of

the clerk of the peace for Devonshire. London.

Mr. Thomas HUGHES, Q.C., has been appointed Judge of County Courts Frederick Aneurin Jones, who served his clerkship to Mr. Samuel Brighouse, for Circuit No. 9, in succession to Mr. Joseph St. John Yates, resigned. Mr. of Ormskirk, and Messrs. Hamlin & Grammer, of Staple-inn, London.

Hughes was educated at Rugby and at Oriel College, Oxford. He was called ..John Frederiok Lamb, who served his clerkship to Mr. Herbert Ritson and to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1848, and practised for many Mr. Walker Grandy, of Manchester.

years in the Court of Chancery. Mr. Hughes became a Queen's Counsel in Samuel Lithgow, who served his clerkship to Mr. Charles Wellborne and 1869. He is a bencher of the Inner Temple, and he was M.P. for Lambeth Mr. Charles Evelyn Wellborne, of London.

in the Liberal interest from 1865 till 1868, and for Frome from 1868 till Henry Lomas, who served his clerkship to Mr. Joseph Soames, of Peters

1874. field and London. Henry John Soutball, who served his clerkship to Mr. Alfred Brittan, of

Mr. FREDERICK SIDNEY GOODWIN, solicitor (of the firm of Ryland, Martineau, Bristol, and to Mr. Spencer Whitehead, of London.

Carslake, & Goodwin), of Birmingham, has been appointed a Commissioner to Frederick Winterbotham, who served his clerkship to Mr. Lindsey William

administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. Winter botham, of Stroud, and Mr. William Howard Winterbotham, of

| Mr. THOMAS MILNES COLMORE, barrister, has been appointed Recorder of London.

the Borough of Warwick, in succession to the late Mr. Thomas Campbell THIRD CLASS.

Foster, Q.C. Mr. Colmore was called to the bar at the Inner Templo in [In Alphabetical order.]

Hilary Term, 1869. He is a member of the Midland Circuit, practisiog locally George Francis Berney, who served his clerkship to Mr. George E. Philbrick, at Birmingham. of London.

Mr. JOSEPH PBARCE, solicitor, of 39, Essex-street, Strand, London, W.C., Walter Browett, who served his clerkship to Mr. Thomas Browett, of bas been appointed by the Chief Justice of the colony of Victoria a Coventry.

Commissioner of the Supreme Court of that colony for taking affidavits in Thomas Brownson, who served his clerkship to Mr. William Orford, of the l England. firm of Meger8. Orford & Milne, of Manchester,

James Henry Dallas, wbo served his clerkship to Mr. Alfred J. Davies, of Mr. FRANK SUTTON HAWTHORN, solicitor, of Uttoxeter, has been appointed London,

Clerk to the Ultoxeter Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and John Pearce Dobell, who served his clerkship to Mr. Clarence Richard Rural Sanitary Authority. Mr. Hawthorn was admitted a solicitor in 1876. Halse, of London.

Mr. Thomas EDMONDS, solicitor, of Totnes, has been appointed Deputy. Alexander Monro Grier, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Bakers,

Coroner for the Totnes District of Devonshire. Mr. Edmonds was admitted a Phillott, & James, of Weston-super-Mare, and Messrs. Meredith, Roberts, & Mills, of London,

solicitor in 1875. He is in partnership with his father, Mr. Thomas Hunt

David Gannell, who served his clerkship to Mr. George Henry Brooks, of
Arthur McDonall Handay, who served his clerkship to Mr. Samuel Field,

of the firm of Messrs. Field & Weightman, of Liverpool.
Clement John Haydon, who served his clerkship to Mr. Henry Mooring

I WILLIAM RAMWELL, ROOKE PENNINGTON, and RICHARD BRADSHAW, Aldridge, of Bournemouth, and Messrs. Winter & Co., of London.

solicitors, Bolton, Manchester, and Southport. June 30. John Moore Hayton, B.A., who served his clerkship to Messrs. Hayton & WILLIAM SMALL and MORRIS RICHARDSON, solicitors, Burton-upon-Trent Simpson, of Cockermouth.

| (Richardson & Small), July 12.

[Gazette, July 21.] Richard Percy James, who served his clerkship to Mr. John James, of Wrexham, and Messrs. Prior, Bigg, Church, & Adams, of London.

EDMUND PERCY, FREDERICK BATES GOODALL, and John Thomas Brown, Henry Robinson, who served bis clerkship to Mr. William Crawford Newby. solicitors, Nottingham (Percy, Goodall, & Browo), so far as the said Edmund of Stockton-on-Tees.

Percy is concerned. March 25. The business will be carried on by the said Gilbert Ellis Samuel, who served his clerkship to Mr. John Henry Hill, of Frederick Bates Goodall and John Thomas Brown on their own account. London,

[Gazette, July 25.]'


GOODYEAR, FREDERICK, Upper Mill Hill, Leeds, Baker. Aug 1. Goodyear v English,

Chitty, J. Dawbarn, March, Cambridge
HOPLEY, WILLIAM, New North rd, Hoxton, Manager. Oct 2. Brazil v Hopley, Chitty,

J. Ordell, New eg. Lincoln's inn

LETT, EDWARD, Brixton rd, Surrey, and Sloane sq, Chelsea, Esq. July 31. Montgomery WINDING-UP NOTICES.

v Chester, Hall, V.C. Cornford, Devereux ct, Temple

LEWIS, JAMES, Hanley Castle, Worcester, Surgeon. Aug 1. Bull v Shewell, Chitty, J. JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

Ticehurst, Cheltenham

LEWIS, LUCY, Hanley Castle, Worcester. Aug 1. Bull v Shewell, Chitty, J. TicoLIMITED IN CHANCERY.

hurst, Cheltenbam BANK OF PORT ELIZABETH, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented July 20, RICHARDSOX, WILLIAM, Georgiana st, Camden Town, Gentleman, Sept 30. Hearn v directed to be heard before Bacon, V.O., on Saturday July 29. Carter, Old Jewry

Richardson, Kay, J. Millman, Great James st, Bedford row chambers, solicitor for the petitioner

RYDER, GEORGE, Newport, York, Brick Manufacturer. Aug 25. Ryder y Ryder, Fry, GEROLSTEIN NATURAL MIXERAL WATER COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, J. Champney, Kingston upon Hull presented July 20, directed to be heard before Bacon, V.C., on July 29. Smith and

[Gazette, July 14.7 Son, Gresham House, solicitors for the petitioner GLOSSOP BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up. presented July 20. | BRADLEY, ROBERT, Lower Darwen, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer. Aug 30. Keighley

directed to be heard before Bacon, V.C., on Tuesday, Aug 1. Davis, Moorgate st, Green Mill Company, Limited, v Watson, Chitty, J. Ainsworth, Blackburn solicitor for the petitioner

HEBDON, JOHN, Knaresborough, York, Hatter. Oct 2. Rayner v Senior, Bacon, V.C. Pa@NIX ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding i

Ainley, Huddersfield presented July 19, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Saturday, July 29. TAYLOR, Rev RICHARD EDWARDS, Whalley, Lancaster, Clerk. Aug 25. Jones Edwards, Champion and Co, Ironmonger lane, solicitors for the petitioners

Bacon, V.0. Hughes, Aberystwith
SOUTI D'ERESBY MOUNTAIN LEAD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding TregonING, JAMES, Tolgullow Scorrier, Cornwall, Land Agent. Au

egoning up, presented July 20, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Saturday, July 20. Jago v Walters, Fry, J. Bray, Redruth Inderwick, Bedford row, solicitor for the petitioners

[Gazette, July 18.] STRAHAN AND COMPANY, LIMITED,-Creditors are required, on or before Aug 14,

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to BENNETT, JOSEPH WILLIAM NODLI, Riverdale rd, Twickenham, Gent. Aug 30. Wood Arthur James Hill, Finsbury circus. Thursday, Oct 26, at 11, is appointed for v Bennett, Chitty, J. Rye, Golden sq hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

ELGER, WILLIAM HENBY, Parliament st, Gent. Aug 30. Elger v Elger, Chitty, J. [Gazette, July 21.)

Sharman, Bedford

Evans, WILLIAM, Llantarnam, Monmouth, Farmer. Sept 1. Lewis v Evans, Kay, J. NICHOLSON'S DISCOUNT COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Chitty, J., dated | Gustard, Newport

July 15, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. JAMES, Jonn, Wellington rd, Peckham, Builder. Aug 31. Jamos v Johnson, Fry, d. Linklater and Co, Walbrook, solicitors for the petitioner

Johnson, Gray's inn sq OLD OWLACOMBE MINES, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented July 22, directed LUCAS, ROBERT, Beechworth, Great Malvern. Sept 1. Parish v Hudson, Kay, d. to be heard before Hall, V.O., on Aug 4. Powell, Essex st, Strand, solicitor for the Hudson, Pershore petitioner

Pearson, Thomas, Hexham, Northumberland, Brewer. Aug 16. Green v Pearson, PROVINCE OF VICENZA STEAM TRAMWAY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, Chitty, J. Pruddah, Hexham

presented July 24, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on Saturday, Aug 5. THOMAS, WILLIAM HENRY, Aberystwith, Cardigan, Gent. Aug 16. Jones v Thomas, Bellamy and Co, Bishopsgate st Within, solicitors for the petitioner

Chitty, J. Roberts, Aberystwith WALKHAM UNITED MINES, LIMITED. ---Petition for winding up, presented July 8, WATIS, WILLIAM, Bedford ter, Kensington, Chemist. Aug 30. Watts v Watts Chitty,

directed to be heard before Bacon, V.O., on July 22, and has since been adjourned to J. Jennings, Gray's inn sq July 31. Terrell and Harrison, Lombard st, solicitors for the petitioner


fixed Thursday, Aug 3, at 11.30, at his chambers, for the appointment of an official BUTLER, FREDERICK, Angel ct, Throgmorton st, Stock Broker. Aug 30. McNiel v liquidator

Butler, Chitty, J. Hughes, Chapel st, Bedford row
[Gazette, July 25.] CRACKNELL, JOHN, Birmingham, Electro Plater. Sept 16. Simpson v Heath, Kay, J.

Smith, Birmingham

PETERS, ARTHUR BISHOP, Bristol, Master Mariner. Sept 30. Peters v Hewitt, Kay, J. POTTERIES, SHREWSBURY, AND NORTH WALES RAILWAY COMPANY.-Kay, J., has, by an Tomlin, Richmond

order datod July 8, appointed Alexander Young, 41, Coleman st, to be official liqui. STERL, GBORGE, Fulham, Market Gardener. Aug 16. Steel v Steel, Chitty, J. Kisch, dator

Serjeants' inn, Chancery lane

WEBB, SELINA, Bovington, Hertford. Aug 30. Hale v Webb, Chitty, J. Oliver, Corbet
ct, Gracechurch st

[Gazette, July 25.] CALLINGTON ConsoLS, LIMITED.-By an order made by the Vice-Warden, dated July 6,

it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Cock,
Truro, agent for Snell and Co, Georgo st, Mansion House, solicitors for the petitioner


WALKHAM UNITED MINES, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented July 19, AXFORD, ELIZA, Bournemouth, Southampton. July 22. Druitt, jun, Bournemouth

directed to he heard before the Vice-Warden, at the Law Institution, Chancery lane, BILLINGHAM, SELINA SARAH, Wolverhampton, Stafford. Aug 10. Whitehouse, Wolver. on Monday, July 31, at 2.30. Affidavits intended to be used at the hearing, in oppo. hampton sition to the petition, must be filed at the Registrar's Office. Truro, on or before July BROWN, JAMES, Millwall, Licensed Victualler. July 20. Hicks, Grove rd, Victoria park 28, and notice thereof must, at the same time, be given to the petitioner, his solicitor, CLARIDGE, WILLIAM, Lee, Kent, Gent. Sept 1. Bevan and Daniell, Chancery lane or his agents. Hodge and Co, Truro, agents for Sharpe, Queen Victoria st, petitioner's DURNFORD, HUGI FRASBR, Llandillo, Carmarthen, Superintendent of Police. Aug l. solicitor

Bishop and Childs, Llandilo

[Gazette, July 21.] EARL, FRANCES, New Cross, Kent. Aug 10. Brown, Lincoln's inn fields COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER.

Evans, JAMES, Cardiff, Master Mariner. Sept 5. Hippisley, Bristol

FELL, ELIZABETH, New Cross, Kent. Aug 21. Peddell, Guildhall chmbrs, Basinghall LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

st I XPERIAL HYDROPATHIC HOTEL COMPANY, BLACKPOOL, LIMITED.-Petition for winding GILHAM, FREDERICK AUSTEX, Canterbury, Cabinet Maker. Aug 19. Plummer and up, presented July 24, directed to be heard before Bristowe, V.C., at St. George's Hall, Fielding, Canterbury Liverpool, on Aug 3, at 10. Lambert, Manchester, solicitor for the petitioner

HARDING, WALTER, Primrose st, Bishopsgate st Without, Licensed Victualler. Aug 12. [Gazette, July 25.] Howard, Bishop's rd, Victoria park

HENSHAW, BRYAN, Liverpool. Aug 21. Tyrer and Co, Liverpool

HORSFIELD, JOSEPI, Haughton, Lancaster, Hat Manufacturer. Aug 14. Smith and ABERGAVENNY BURIAL SOCIETY, Old Duke Inn, Castle st, Abergavenny, Monmouth.

Brother, Hyde July 19

JARY, ELDRED ROBERT, Wapping Wall, Shadwell, Public-house Manager. Aug 20. BASSETT'S POLE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Basset's Pole Inn, Drayton Bassett, Stafford.

Haynes, Bush lane, Cannon st July 18


KINCEY, ROBERT, Chadwell Heath, Essex, Sept 29. Hillearys and Taylor, Fenchurch MEN SOCIETY, Waterloo Hotel, Bacup, Lancaster. July 18.


LEVY, Moses, Lancaster gate, Esq. Aug 26. Emanuel and Simmonds, Finsbury circus FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Blackett Arms Inn, Matfen, Northumberland. July 17

PETTY, WILLIAM, Welton, Yorkshire, Butcher. Sept 1. Burland and Co, South Cave TARVIN FRIENDLY SOCIETY, National School, Tarvin, Chester. July 19

PROCTER, JOIN, Lower Darwen, Lancaster, Bus Proprietor. Aug 6. Costeker, over UNION FEMALE SOCIETY, Railway Inn, Hindley, Lancaster. July 19

Gazette, July 21.]

Rouse, EDWARD, Twyford, Buckingham, Farmer. Sept 1. Saunders, Chipping Norton

SALES, FRANCIS Joux, Charlton, Kent, Barge Owner. Aug 39. Sutherland, Woolwich SAFFRON WALDEN WORKING MEN'S CLUB SOCIETY, Saffron Walden, Essex, July 21

SHERWIN, WILLIAM, Cotmanhay, near Ilkeston, Derby, Licensed Victualler, Aug 10.

Heath, Nottingham
[Gazette, July 25.] THOMPSON, WILLIAM, Clutton, Somerset, Baker. Aug 13. Pearson, Bristol

VICKERS, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Gent. Oct 14. Bright, Nottingham
WRENSTED, Anx. Aug 21. Mills and Co, Brunswick pl, City rd

[Gazette, July 14.) BANNER, SAMUEL, Delamere st, Westbourne sq, Surgeon. Aug 28. Flegg, Hill's pl,

Oxford st
BAUGH, Thomas, Bewdley, Worcester, Esq. Aug 22. Pallet, Birmingham

Bristow BOVILL, JOHN EDWARD, Dorking, Surrey, Corn Merchant. ' Sept 20. Collyer.Brico CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY.

and Co, Bedford row

Browne, RICHARD HENRY, Mavisbank House, near Polton, Midlothian. Ang *** LAST DAY OF PROOF.

Paterson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

BUCKLEY, VICTOR, Stanhope gardens, South Kensington, Esq. Aug 13. Walters aan BONNOR, MARY ANX, Cedar Cottages, Peckham. Aug 10. Phillips v Powell, Chitty, J. Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn Palmer, Three Crown sq, Southwark

EATON, JOHN, Bath pl, King's Cross, Porter. Aug 13. Fanny Eaton, 5, Bath ple BRIDGER, EDWARD, Melbourne, Australia. Nov 14. Curtis v Curtis, Chitty, J. Craig, King's Cross

CLARK, MARTHA, Hurley rd, Kennington. Aug 16. Husband v Martin, Kay, J.

GARSIDE, JOB, Huddersfield, York, Grocer. Sept 1. Craven and Sunderland, Hada

dersfield Burgin, Gray's inn sg CLEAVE, Joux, Hereford, Solicitor. Aug 30. Smith v Symonds, Chitty, J. Symonds,

GIFFARD, LOUISA, Clarges st, Piccadilly. Sept 1. Peacock and Goddard, South 50,

Gray's inn
PARRY, NICHOLAS, Little Hadham, Hertford, Gentleman. Sept 1. Parry y Currio,

HOLKER, Sir JGIN, Devonshire st, Portland pl, Lord Justice of Appeal. Sept 1. SW

burno and Mills, Bedford row Kay, J. Gayton, Much Hadham DUNN, SARAH, Taunton, Somerset. Aug 18. Jordan v Jordan, Hall, V.C. Crowther,

Knott, JAMES, Hill st, Peckham, Glass Bottle Manufacturer. Aug 18. Chandit", Chancery lane

Finsbury pavement EMANUEL, EZEKIEL, Portsea, Southampton, Goldsmith. Aug 30. Emanuel v Emanuel,

LANE, THOMAS RICHARD, Edgbaston, nr Birmingham, Esq. Aug 19. Cole and INCASAM Chitty, J. Lewis, Ely pl, Holborn

Essex st, Strand
LEVY, MOSES, Lancaster gate, Esq. Aug 26. Emanuel and Simmonds, Finsbury



LOVING, HENRY, jun, Brighton. Aug 31. Hyde and Co, Ely pl, Holborn
MORGAN, EDMUND, Liverpool, Silk Mercer. Aug 18. Avison and Morton, Liverpool
MOSTYN, Sir PIERS, Talacre, Flint, Bart. Aug 16. Slaughter and Colegrave, Mansfield

St, Portland pl
PAICE, ANTHONY JOIN, Market bldgs, Flour Factor, Aug 10. Carr and Co, Rood lane
PAULL, MARY, Westhatch, Somerset.Aug 30. Kite, Taunton

Pitt, HonoríA BARBARA JANE, Green st, Grosvenor sq. Oct 1. Randall, South sq,

July 20.-Bill Read a Second Time.
Gray's inn

Private BILL. - Derby Corporation.
PORT, GEORGE, Ewhurst, Surrey, Builder. Aug 31. Capron and Sparkes, Guildford
SHERWIN, JAMES WILLIAM, Leytonstone, Essex, Gentleman. Aug 14. Smith, Furni.

Bills in Committee.
val's inn
STIRLAND, ANX, Sheffield. Sept 1. Binney and Co, Sheffield

Consolidated Fund (No. 4); Vagrancy.
WADSWORTH, MARTHA, Macclesfield, Chester. Aug 15. Mair and Co, King Edward st.
WEIR, JOAN MAXWELL, Pilham Rectory, Lincoln, Clerk in Holy Orders. Sept 1.

Bilis Read a Third Time.
Rohbs, Gainsborough

Private BILL -Suttoo-bridge Dock.
Wood, EDWARD, Dudley, Worcester, Pawnbroker. Sept 29. Sanders and Co, Dudley Baths and Wash-houses Acts Amendment.
WOODNUTT, WALTER WILLIAM, Newport, Isle of Wight, Shipowner. Aug 31. Estcourt,

July 21.- Bills Read a Second Time,
WREN, CHRISTOPHER, Brighton, Sussex, Auctioneer. Aug 27. Woods and Dempster,

Beer Dealers' Retail Licenses Act (1880) Amendment; Ancient Monuments. [Gazette, July 18.]

Bill in Committee.
BARRY, JOHN, Bristol, Builder. Sept 29. Burges and Co, Bristol

Copyright (Musical Compositions).
BENNETT, EDWIN, West Green rd, Tottenham, Gent. Aug 31. Phipos, Farringdon st
BENTINCK, Right Hon. MARGARET HARRIET CAVENDISI Scott, Brook st, Grosvenor sq.

Bills Read a Third Time.
Aug 31. Baileys and Co, Berners st
BEVAN, CHARLES JAMES, Park st, Southwark, Esq. Sept 1. Bevan and Daniell,

Pablic Offices Site ; Consolidated Fund (No. 4).
Chancery lane
BRADBURY, SARAH, Southport, Lancaster, Sept 1. Chadwick, Dewsbury

July 24.-Royal Assent. Brooks, ROBERT, St Peter's chmbrs, Cornbill, Esq. Sept 30.' Wilde and Co, College The Royal Asgent was given by Commission to the following Bills :hill

Consolidated Fund (No. 4); County Court Amendment (Ireland); Baths and CAPLIN, RICHARD, Bognor, Sussex, Builder. Aug 22. Sowton, Chichester

Wasb-bouges ; Inferior Courts Judgments Extension ; Public Offices Site ; EASTON, WILLIAM Asr, Cawston, Norfolk, Farmer. Aug 10. Forster, Aylsham

Tramway Orders Confirmation (No. 1) ; Educational Department Provisional GREGORY, HENRY, Westhoughton, Lancaster, Farmer. Sept 1, Ramwell and Co,

Orders Confirmation (Finchley, &c.); Local Government Board (Ireland); Bolton

Provisional Order Confirmation (Queenstown Waterworks) ; Education HARRIS, SELINA, Hereford. Sept 19. Humfrys, Hereford KEELING, JOIN CLOUGH, Darlington, Durham, out of business. Aug 21. Parker and

Department Provisional Order Confirmation (London); Londonderry Port and Brailsford, Sheffield

Harhour ; London, Tilbury, and Southend Railway ; Sonth London (Elephant LEWIS, HARRIET, Belsize rd, South Hampstead. Sept 19. Turner, Bedford row

and Castle) Market ; Gateshead and District Tramways; London Riverside MERCER, ROBERT, Bristol, Gent. Sept 20. Ray and Bush, Bristol MILLSON, ENOCB, Moorgate st, Diamond Merchant. Aug 31. Billinghurst and Wood,

Fish Market; Elinburgh Suburban and Soutbside Junction Railway ; Great Bucklersbury

Western Railway (No. 2) ; St. Helen's Corporation Water; Driffield Water ; MUDD, WILLIAM, Chichester, Surgeon. Aug 23. Sowton, Chichester

Ascot District Gas; City of Glasgow Bank (Liquidation); Gravesend Rail. PALGRAVE, ROBERT, Upper Hamilton terrace, St John's Wood, Esq. Aug 21. Kearsey

way; Greenock Burgh Extension ; Lydd Railway (Extensions); Norwood and Co, Old Jewry SCARLETT, RICHARD, Thornbury, Gloucester, Solicitor. Aug 25. Scarlett and Gwynn, District Tramways; Metropolitan and District Railways (City Lines and Thornbury

Extensions) ; Maryport Improvement (Harbour) ; Plymouth, Devonport, aod TORDIFFE, MARY ELIZABETH, Bath. Sept 1. Dauncy and Co, Wotton-under-Edge

District Tramways; Kingsbridge and Salcombe Railway ; Edinburgh Mugi. ZOBLE, MARGARET POSTLB, Norwich. Sept 1. Winter and Francis, Norwich

[Gazette, July 21.]

cipal and Police Extension ; Lancasbire and Yorkshire Railway; London

Street Tramways (Extensions) ; Southampton Harbour ; Todmorden Water: ASHFORD, GEORGE, Ipswich, Suffolk, Innkeeper. Sept 1. Westhorp, Ipswich

works ; Great Eastern Railway ; Belfast Presbyterian College ; Cyfarthfa BARTRAM, Captain WILLIAM, Tonbridge, Kent, Brewer. Sept 30. Stenning, Tonbridge

Works and Property.
BOWER, HARRIET, Rock Ferry, Chester. Aug 24. Miller and Co, Liverpool
CHARRINGTON, ISABELLA Dixon, Richmond. Aug 31. Wansey and Bowen, Moorgate

Bill Read a Second Time. st

Friendly Societies (Quinquennial Returns).
DOUBLEDAY, EDWARD, Great Ponton, Lincoln, Farmer. Nov 1, Atter, Stamford
GREGORY, HENRY, Westhoughton, Lancaster, Farmer. Sept 1. Ramwell and Co,

Bills in Committee.

Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders; Beer Dealers' Retail Licenses Act HALL, FRANCES, Scarborough, York, Aug 25. Silvester, Beverley HARTLEY, THOMAS, Bury, Manager of a Felt Hat Manufactory. Aug 21. Grundy, I (1880) Amendment. Bury

Bills Read a Third Time. HINCULIFF, THOMAS WOODBINE, Lincoln's inn fields, Barrister-at-Law. Sept 1. Stuart PRIVATE Bills.-Stourhead Settled Estates ; Peckham, Lewisham, and

and Tull, Gray's inn sq INMAN, HENRY, Stretford, Lancaster, Builder. Sept 29. Diggles and Ogden, Man.

Catford-bridge-road ; Didcot, Newbury, and Southampton Junction Railway ; chester

East London Railway. MELLO, WILLIAM, Chadwell, near Ware, Herts, Esq. Sept 1. Stuart and Tull, Gray's inn sg

July 25.- Bills Read a Third Time. MILLER, MARIA DOLORES BALBASTRO DE, Monmouth rd, Bayswater. Sept 1. Stuart

PRIVATE Bills.-Solway Junction Railway ; Plymouth and Dartmoor and Tull, Gray's inn sg PATRICK, EDWARD, Addington rd, Bow, Licensed Victualler, Aug 24. Nash and Field, Railway; Pier and Harbour Provisional Order; Copyright (Musical Composi. Queen st

tions); Beer Dealers' Retail Licenses Act (1880) Amendment ; Vagrancy PORRITT, JOSHUA LEB, Bradford, York, Top Maker. Sept 9. Gardiner and Jeffery,

(now Casual Poor); Friendly Societies (Quinquennial Returns). Bradford PRICE, LEWIS RICHARD, St George's sq, Westminster, Esq. Aug 31. Miller, Savile

row, St James's PRINCB, AUGUSTIN MARK, Leeds, York, Builder. Sept 16. Middleton, Leeds

RUNDLE, WILLIAM HENRY, Devonport, Devon, Chief Engineer Royal Navy. Sept 5.

July 20.-Bills Reaà a Second Time,
Gard, Devonport
RYLBY, WILLIAM, Haulgb, near Bolton, Lancaster, Gent. Aug 29. Ryley, Bolton

PRIVATE BILL.-Ionian Bank.
SALMON, WILLIAM MAYER, Northampton, Sept 4. Miller and Co, Salter's Hall ct,

Supreme Court of Judicature Acts Amendment.
Cannon st
WORDEN, JOHN, Warbstow, Cornwall, Yeoman. Sept 29. White and Co, Launceston

July 21.-Bill in Committee.
Wyman, SARAH, Peterborough, Northampton. Sept 7. Wyman, Peterborough

Partnership. (Gazette, July 25.)

New Bill.
Bill to authorize the commutation of a portion of a pension in pursuance of
the Pepsioas Commutation Act, 1871 (Mr. H. GLADSTONB).

July 22.- Bill Read a Second Time.

Reserve Forces Acts Consolidation.

July 24.- Bills Read a Second Time.

PRIVATE BILLS.–Mabarajah Dhuleep Singh's Estates ; Workington Dock

and Harbour.

Bill in Committee.

v. C. Bacon. V.O. HALL. Conveyanciog.

New Bill.
Monday, July .......... 31 Mr. Pemberton Mr. Carrington Nr. Teesdale Bill to amend the Post Office Acts with respect to the conveyance of parcels
Tuesday, Aug. .....


Ward (Mr. Fawcett).

Pemberton Carrington Teesdale
Thursday ..........

July 25.–Bill Read a Second Time.

Friday .............con

Pemberton Carrington Teesdale Government Annuities and Assurance.


Bills Withdrawn.
Mr. Justico Mr. Justice Mr. Justice


Imprisonment for Debt ; Patents for Inventions; Distress Amendment.
Monday, Jaly ......... 31 Mr. Farrer Mr. Merivale Mr. Koo
Tuesday, Aug. .. ....

July 26.-Bills Read a Second Time.



PRIVATE BILLS.-Essex County Loans ; Halifax Corporation ; Yuddersfield Thursday ............


Cobby Corporation ; Newcastle-upon Tyne Corporation (Loans, &c.); Rotherbam Friday .......


Corporation ; Swansea Corporation Logns; Tynemouth Corporation; Wolver. ...... Saturday...ognepirrrrrr!



hampton Corporation Loans.

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Hart, James, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, Travelling Draper. Pet July 21. Parry. Bir

mingham, Aug 11 at 2
Ingram, Daniel, Hirwain, nr Aberdare, Grocer. Pet July 20. Howell. Aberdare, Ang

5 at 11

Julian, John, Sheffield, Cutlery Manufacturer. Pet July 20. Wade. Sheffield, Aug 9 In the House of Commons, on the 24th inst., Mr. E. Clarke asked the lat l' Secretary of State for the Home Department by whose authority and advice

Linn, Thomas, Durham, Grocer. Pet July 22, Ingledew. Newcastle, Aug 8 at 11 there had been for the ârst time inserted in the commission of gaol delivery

Murch, Joshua Wills, Plymouth, Auctioneer. Pet July 21. Gidley. East Stonehouse,

Aug 9 at 12 for the summer assize the following proviso :-" That whenever any prisoner small, Edwin, Birchington on Sea, Kent, Schoolmaster. Pet July 21. Furley. Can. in our said gaol sball have been committed for trial at any sessions of the terbury, Aug 4 at 12. peace, within the said county, you shall not deliver the said gaol of such

Watson, Edwin T., Kingston upon Hull, Photographer. Pet July 21. Rollit. King.

ston upon Hull, Aug 16 at 3 prisoner, but sball order such prisoner to the gaol to take his trial at the Wilson, Leonard, Park Lodge, Putney. Pet July 18. Willoughby. Wandsworth, quarter sessions to which he is committed ;" wbat was the reason of such a Aug 4 at 11 departure from former practice; and whether he was aware that at Maidstone

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. three persons charged with larceny, and committed, two of them upon the 4th

FRIDAY, July 21, 1882, of July, and one upon the 1st of July, had been ordered by the judge to be Pankhurst, Peter, Sheerness, Kent, Shipwright. July 19 kept in gaol until the Maidstone Borough Quarter Sessions in October next,

TUESDAY, July 25, 1882. Mr. Justice Hawkins at the same time protesting against being compelled to | Butler, George Ernest, Pall Mall. July 21 make such an order when he was ready to try them, and when the result

Cavaliero, Victor, Golborno-rd, Notting Hill, July 21 would probably be that they would remain in gaol awaiting trial for a longer period than they would be sentenced to if found guilty of the offences charged

Liquidations by Arrangement. against them. Sir W. Harcourt said: This proviso bas always been in the com

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. mission of the winter assize. It has been till recently omitted from the com

FRIDAY, July 21, 1882. missions of the otber assizes, but about a year ago there occurred this scandal Allen, John, Radoliffe, Wine Merchant. Aug 3 at 3 at offices of Horsfield, Church si, and inconvenience—that a number of prisoners had been committed for trial

Radcliffe at the sessions, and when the assizes came on, and there was a gaol delivery,

Baskett, Robert Henry, Colchester, Essex, Builder. Aug 1 at 3 at office of Goody,

North hill, Colchester the persons prosecuting being only bound over for the sessions did not appear, Beaumont, Mark, Wakefield, Thrashing Machine Proprietor. Aug 2 at 4 at offices of and seven ont of twelve prisoners were discharged without any trial at all. Kemp, Barstow sq, Wakefield Therefore, it was thought better to make the commission the same both for Beck, David, Birmingham, Ticket Manufacturer. Aug 3 at 2 at Gt Western Hotel,

Colmore row, Birmingham. Fitter the winter and the summer assizes. All that should have been done in this

Benjamin, Leonard, Nottingham, Bookseller. Aug 2 at 12 at office of Parsons and Co, case was that the magistrate who committed the prisoners after the quart-r Wheeler gate, Nottingham eession, and before the assizes, should have committed them to the assizes. Biggs, William Henry, Hackney rd, Shoreditch, Tailor. Aug 9 at 3 at office of Mogg,

Shoreditch High st. Davis, Liverpool st
Blundell, William, Beckenham, Fishmonger. Aug 9 at 3 at Masons' Hall Tavern,

Masons' avenae, Basinghall st. Gregory, Corporation chmbre, Guildball
Bolton, George, Duke st, London bridge, Licensed Victualler, Aug 10 at 4 at offices of

Wetherfield, Gresham bldgs, Guildhall

Calvert, Preston, Moss Side, nr Manchester, Grocer. Aug 1 at 3 at office of Farrington, July 31.-Mr. JOHN LEES, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Properties (see adver

Princess st, Manchester tieements, July 8, p. 4).'

Charman, George, Brighton, Builder. Aug 8 at 12 at offices of Woods and Dempster, August 1.-Messrs. BEAN, BURNETT, & ELDRIDGE, at the Mart, Roversion, &o.

Ship st, Brighton

Chetwyna, Sarah Rebecca, Oxford st, Oil Broker. Aug 8 at 3 at office of Van Tromp, (see advertisement, this week, r. 4).

Essex st, Strand August 1.-Messre. ' DEBENHAM, TEwson, FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER, at the Clark, Thomas, Eastbourne, out of business. Aug 3 at 11 at Crown Hotel, Lowes. Rash. Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement, July 22, p. 6).

leigh, Three Crown sq, Southwark August 2.-Messrs. Edwin Fox & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold

Cooke, Thomas, Bicton Heath, nr Shrewsbury, out of business. Aug 2 at 11 at office of Property (ree advertisement, July 22, p. 6).

Morris, Swan Hill, Shrewsbury August 2.-Messrs. Philip D. TUCKETT & Co., at the Mart, at 12 nooy, Free

Coopland, William, Kingston upon Hull, Furnituro Dealer. Aug 11 at 9 at office of hold Ground Rents (see advertisements, July 15, p. 2).

Martinson, Exchange bldgs, Bowlalley lane, Kingston upon Hull

Crossfield, Elijah, Guiseley, York, Ironfounder. Aug 2 at 3 at office of Brooke, East August 4.-Messrs. NORTON, Trist, WATNBY, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Parade, Leeds Freehold Property (see advertisement, July 15, p. 2).

Davies, James Harries, Milford, Butcher, Aug 8 at 2 at office of James, Hill lane,

Dawson, Charles, Sheffield, Table Blade Manufacturer. July 28 at 2 at office of Machen,

North' Church st, Sheffield

Dewhirst, William, Birstal, Worsted Spinner, Aug 3 at 4 at Alexandra Hotel, Horton BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

rd, Bradford. Clough, Cleckheaton BIRTHS.

Dooley, Charles, Derby, Corn Merchant. Aug 9 at 2 at office of Leech and Co, St James's CRANFIELD.-July 22, at St. Ives, Hunts, the wife of Arthur Cranfield, solioitor,

chbrs, Derby of a daughter.

Elbourne, David, Chalfont St Peters, Bucks, Baker. Aug 10 at 3 at office of Woodbridge, DUNDAS.-July 19, at 14, Athole-crescent, Edinburgh, the wife of George S.

High st, Uxbridge Dundas, advocate, of a daughter.

Fish, Ralph, Blackburn, Paper Dealer. Aug 4 at 3 at office of Salisbury and Hamer,

Church St. Blackburn. Whalley, Blackburn 8PEIRS. -July 21, at Portree House, Portree, Isle of Skye, the wife of Peter Alexander Speirs, advocate, of a son.

Fox, Trayton John, Southborough, Kent, Harness Maker, Aug 2 at 11 at office of Manr,

Calverley rd, Tunbridge Wells

Francis, John, Llanfihangel-y-traethau, Merioneth, Farmer. Aug 2 at 1 at office of Ellis, CUTT8.-July 21, at Little Bardfield Hall, near Braintree, Mr. John Cutts, aged

Bank pl, Blaenau, Festiniog 86.

Gilbert, Alfred, Pendleton, Lancaster, Contractors. Aug 4 at 2 at office of Marriott,

Norfolk st, Manchester
Gilbert, George, Stonebridge bldgs, South Tottenham, Dairy Manager. Aug 1 at 3 at

office of Bridger, Botolph lane, Eastcheap

Ginders, Ronald Charles Edward, and Thomas Cartwright, Hanloy, Earthenware LONDON GAZETTES.

Manufacturers. July 31 at 11.30 at the Queen's Hotel, Hanley. "Coopers, Nere


Gledhill, Robert Henry, and John Pym Stevens, Derby, Brewers. Aug 8 at 3 at Bell

Hotel, Sadler gate, Derby. Powell, Derby
FRIDAY, July 21, 1882.

Greenwood, John Tatam, Louth, Lincoln, Chemist. Aug 4 at 3 at Townhall, Loutt.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Grote, Gorham Whitcombe, Newcastle under Lyne, Stafford, Physician, Aug 9 at 11 at

office of Hollinshead and Moody, Tunstall To Surrender in London. Chetwynd, Sarah Rebekah, Oxford st, carrying on business of an Institution for

Haxell, Arthur, St Thomas st, Southwark, Auctioneer. Aug 9 at 3 at Guildhall Coffee

House, Gresham st. Sole and Co, Aldermanbury
Trained Nurses. Pet July 18. Murray. Aug 4 at 11
Newton, David, The Parade, West Kensington Park, Furnishing Warehouseman. Pet

Hayes, Thomas, Maldon, Essex, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Aug 4 at 12 at office of

Gole, Lime st, Leadenhall st July 18. Murray. Aug 2 at 12.30

Haynes, William, Northampton, Shoo Manufacturer, Aug 3 at 3 at office of Shoosmith Webb, Richard, Newman st, Oxford st, Manufacturing Jeweller. Pet July 19. Pepys. |

Newland, Northampton Williams, Henry Thomas, St Thomas st, Borough, Builder. Pet July 20. Pepys. Aug

Higgins, Stephen, Leather lane, Holborn, Cheesemonger. Aug 4 at 3 at offices of Aird,

Eastcheap 9 at 12

Hine, James, Ludlow, Salop, Builder. Aug 2 at 3 at offices of Morris, Swan Hill, To Surrender in the Country.

Colley, John Leigh, Starcross, Devon. Captain Devonshire Artillery. Pet July 19. I Holdom. George Thomas, and Sydney Toms. Playhouse yard, Barbican, Stationers

Daw. Exeter, Aug 4 at 11
Finch, David, Lavender rd, Enfield, Builder. Pet July 18. Pulley. Edmonton, Aug 3

Aug 9 at 12 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Leader, St Paul's Churchyard

Holmes, Edwin, Keighley, York, Grocer. Aug 3 at 11 at 13, Piccadilly, Bradford. at 12

and Co, Bradford Johnston, Dorothy, and James Johnston, Low Colehill, Cumberland, Farmers. Pet | Howorth, William, Bradford, York, Confectioner. Aug 4 at 11 at offices of Terry and July 17. Halton. Carlisle, Aug 3 at 11

Co, Market st, Bradford
Stones, Alfred, Armley, near Leeds, Coal Merchant. Pet July 17. Marshall. Leeds,
Aug 9 at 11

Hutchinson, Robinson, Leeds, Stationer. Aug 1 at 3 at offices of Wells, Cookridge sh,

TUESDAY, July 25, 1882.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Jack, Charles, Headingley, York, Surgeon. Aug 1 at 11 at offices of Malcolm, Park

row, Leeds Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Jackson, Stanway, Manchester, Manufacturer. Aug 4 at 3 at offices of Addlesbaw and To Surrender in London,

Warburton, Norfolk st, Manchester Borrett, Charles William, and James Keer Barker, Devonshire st, Bishopsgate st, Johnson, Henry, Bristol, Butcher. July 28 at 2 at offices of Paul, Corn st, Bristol Hardware Merchants. Murray. Aug 4 at 11.30

Jobbling, John, Middlesborough, York, Tailor. July 31 at 3 at offices of Lewis, Zetland Parnell, Richard, Clapham rd. Pet July 20, Pepys. Aug 9 at 12

rd, Middlesborough Stacpoole, Charlotte, Inverness terrace, Bayswater. Pet July 14, Murray, Aug 9 Jones, Thomas David, Newchurch, Carmarthen, Farmer. Aug 4 at 10 at offices at 12.30

Morris, Red st, Carmarthen
Turner, George, Gracechurch st, Ships' Auditor. Pet July 22. Pepys. Aug 9 at 12.30 Kelsey, William, Hartlepool, Puddler. Aug 2 at 11.30 at office of Smith, Church s
To Surrender in the Country.

Allen, W. Faithfull, Queen's Regiment, Aldershot. Pet July 22. White, Guildford,
Aug 12 at 11

King, Alfred George, Cannon st, Timber Merchant. Aug 11 at 3 at Law Institutio,

Chancery lane. Thomson and Ward, Bedford row

Knight, Joan Inchley, Liverpool, Clothier. Aug 4 at 3 at office of Harris and Gorst, Brunning, Charles Taylor, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Baker. Aug 5 at 2 at offices of Lord st, Liverpool

Sayer, Hall Quay, Great Yarmouth Martin, Thomas Williams, Tavistock, Devon, Hairdresser, Aug 2 at 11 at office of

Bruorton, John, King's Norton, Worcester, Coal Merchant. Aug 5 at 11 at offices of Square and Co, Bank of England chmbrs, Plymouth

Green, Colmore row, Birmingham Minard, William, Leicester, Shoe Maker. Aug 10 at 12 at office of Hincks, Bowling

Burnell, John Thompson, Upper Thames st, Agricultural Implement Maker. Aug 10 Green st, Leicester

at 2 at Cannon st Hotel, Cannon st. Girdlestone, Albany courtyard Moore, Richard Whitby, Malmesbnry, Wilts, Grocer. July 28 at 11 at office of Chubb, Chapman, George Andrew, Sheffield, York, Hotel Proprietor. Aug 4 at 3 at Inns of Cross Hayes, Malmesbury

Court Hotel, High Holborn. Broomhead and Co, Sheffield Muller, Charles Emile, Erimus Steel Works, nr South Stockton, Durham, Steel Manu. Chappell, Henry Alfred, Percival st, Clerkenwell, Bristles Assorter. Aug 8 at 2 at office

facturer. Aug 2 at 2.30 at offices of Belk and Parrington, Post Office chmbrs, Marton of Bridger, Botolph lane, Eastcheap rd, Middlesborough

Chorlton, George Hammersley, Hanley, Stafford, Grocer. Aug 1 at 3 at omces of Law. Newbery, Richard | harles, jun., and Jobn Harding Newbery, Helmet row, St Lukes, rence, Old Hall st, Hanley

Cardboard Manufacturers. Aug 10 at 2 at 27, Coleman st. Cotton St Martin's-le Cohen, Bella, Moorfields, Carpet Bag Manufacturer. Aug 4 at 2 at offices of Sydney, Grand

Leadenhall st O'Neill, James, Falcon st, Fancy Stationer. Aug 11 at 4 at office of Wetherfleid, Cole, James, Harrowgate, York, Hawker. Aug 7 at 2 at at offices of Gilling, James st, Gresham bldgs. Guildhall

Harrogate Owen, Henry Morris, Bushey Heath, Hertford, of no business.

Collier, Ann, Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Grocer. Aug 7 at 3 at offices of Randall, Nolton and Horses Inn, Bushey Heath, Brown, Basinghall st

st, Bridgend raumer, Frederick, Rushton st, Hoxton, Corn Dealer. July 31 at 4 at office of Wether

Connah, Charles, St Asaph, Flint, Grocer. Aug 10 at 3 at Qeen's Hotel, Chester. Wil.

liams, Rhyl Parry, John, and william Hucker, Ferndale, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Cabinet Makers. Craddock, George, Redditch, Worcester, Coal Dealer. Aug 8 at 11.30 at office of Byrch Aug 1 at 12 at office of Rosser, Church st, Pontypridd

and Cox, William st, Redditch Passmore, George, St Decumans, Somerset, Shipowner, Aug 8 at ll at office of Reed

Dando, George, and Simon Dando, West Bromwich, Stafford, Charter Masters. Aug 5 and Cook, Paul st, Taunton

at 11 at office of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury Phippen, George, Twerton on Avon, Somerset, Builder. Aug 5 at 12 at office of Titley,

f business. Aug 4 at 3 at office of Homfray and

Danks, Tobias, Dudley, Worcester, out of business. Aug 4 at 3 at once or Homiray and Orange grove, Bath

Holberton, High st, Brierley hill Pickup, John, Waterfoot, Lancaster, Screw Bolt Maker. Aug 8 at 3 at office of Orton,

Darlaston, Arthur Charles, Birmingham, Grocer. Aug 3 at 10,15 at office of East, Highfield chbrs, St Ann's passage, Manchester Pigg, Arthur William, Bawdeswell, Norfolk, Butcher. Aug 12 at 1.30 office of Sadd

Temple st, Birmingham

Davies, Morgan, Llanfillo, Brecon, Farmer. Aug 5 at 2 at office of Bishop, Wheat st, and Linay, Theatre st, Norwich

Pone, Isaac, Gloucester, Upholsterer. July 29 at 11 at office of Jackson, George st,

Davies, Thomas, Llandefeisant, Carmarthen, Farmer. Aug 4 at 12.30 at office of Bishop

and Childs, Carmarthen st, Llandilo Powell, John Henry, Ledbury rd, Bayswater, Grocer. Aug 1 at 11 at office of Norman, Great Marlborough st, Regent st

Dines, Reubén, Blyth rd, West Kensington pk, Butcher. Aug 9 at 2 at office of Seale

and Smith, Lincoln's inn fields Renaud, Charles Chastel, and Richard Frederick Taplin, Hamsell st, Trimming Manu. Dowsett, Henry Thomas, All Saints rd, Westbourne pk, Grocer. Aug 5 at 12 at 269, facturers. Aug 3 at 3 at office of Boyes and Child, Poultry . Morris, Walbrook

High Holborn. Peacock and Goddard, South sg, Gray's inn Roberts, Charles Edward, Newgate st, Commission Agent. Aug 7 at 2 at office of Dunn, John, Saltburn by the Sea, out of business. Aug 4 at 11 at office of Robson, Stocker, St Mary Axe

Linthorpe rd, Middlesborough Roberts, John, Chester, Builder. Aug 9 at 2.30 at Queen Hotel, General Railway Station, Dunn, Samuel John, Usk, Monmouth, Licensed Victualler. Aug 15 at 3 at office of Chester. Bridgman and Co, Chester

Curtis, Union ct, Old Broad st Rogers, Charles, Argyle house, High row, Chiswick, Builder. Aug 4 at 12 at Inns of Dutton, James, Pembroke, Provision Merchant. July 31 at 39, Broad st, Bristol, in lieu Court Hotel, Lincoln's inn fields. Marshall, King st West, Hammersmith

of the place originally named Rogers, Robert, Watford, Hertford, Railway Inspector. Aug 5 at 3 at the Guildhall Dykstra, John, Liverpool, Emigration Agent. Aug 9 at 11 at offices of Collins, HarringTavern, Gresham st

ton st, Liverpool Rogers, William, Eccles, nr Manchester, Tailor. Aug 4 at 1 at offices of Sherratt,

Earnshaw, Joseph, Manchester, Timber Merchant. Aug 8 at 11 at offices of Preston Cooper st, Manchester

and Young, Townhall buildings, King st, Manchester Rother, Robert, Priest ct, Foster lane, General Merchant. Aug 8 at 3 at the Guildhall

Edgell, Edward David, Street, Somerset, Grocer. Aug 12 at 2 at offices of Hobbs, Tavern, Gresham st. Hilbery, Billiter st

Chamberlain st, Wells Sales, Richard Tonge, Kingston-upon-Hall, Painter. Aug 1 at 3 at the Law Society, Elsworth, Thomas, Luton, Bedford, Water Fitter. Aug 3 at 3 at the Red Lion Hotel, Bowlalley lane, Kingston-upon-Hull. Woodhouse, Hull

Castle st, Luton. Miller and Co, Chancery lane Sargent, George Joseph, Halstead, Essex, Mineral Water Manufacturer. Aug 2 at 2 at Emblin, Henry, Waterloo rd, Lambeth, Tobacconist. Aug 10 at 3 at offices of Crafter the White Hart Inn, Halstead. Mumford, Sudbury

and Burton, Blackfriars rd, Southwark Serle, William, Bristol, Grocer. Aug 2 at 3 at offices of Brown, Corn st, Bristol

George, John, Kingston-upon-Hull, Smack Owner. Aug 9 at 2 at the Law Society. Setterfield, Joseph, Margate, Kent, Wheelwright. July 10 at 3 at offices of Sparkes,

Lincoln's inn buildings, Bowlalley lane, Kingston-upon-Hull. Reed and Winter, Union row, Margate

Hull Smith, Charles, Kingston-upon-Hull, Fish and Ice Merchant. Aug 4 at 3 at offices of Goodwin, Wilkins, Liverpooi, Hemp Merchant. Aug 10 at 3 at offices of Brenner and Jordeson and Whiteing, County buildings, Kingston upon Hull

Co, Westminster chambers, Dale st, Liverpool. Stevenson and Elliott, Manchester Smith, William, and William Phillips, Redruth, Cornwall, Boot Manufacturers. July Green, Frederick James, Melton Mowbray, Leicester, Baker. Aug 10 at 3 at offices of 31 at 3 at offices of Paige and Co, West end, Redruth

Gee and Parr, Norman st, Melton Mowbray Smith, William Frederick, Andover rd, Builder. July 28 at 4 at 262, High Holborn, Griffiths, Thomas, Clunbury, Salop, Farmer. Aug 10 at 3 at offices of Newill, Bishop's Staniland, King st, Cheapsido

Castle, Salop Soars, Edwin Thomas, Loughborough, Leicester, Printer. Aug 8 at 12 at offices of Guest, Joseph, the younger, Walsall, Stafford, Brass and Iron Founder. Aug 4 at 11 at Deane and Hands, Market pl, Loughborough

the George Hotel, Walsall. Marlow and Co Soderberg, John, Kennington rd, Tailor. Aug 2 at 3 at office of Fraser, Soho sq

Hall, John, Derby, Upholsterer. Aug 10 at 3 at the Bell Hotel, Badler gate, Derby. Southgate, Joshua, and Thomas Southgate, Mileham, Norfolk, Farmers. Aug 3 at 12 at Powell, Derby Globe Hotel, King's Lynn. Emerson, Norwich

Hall, William, Bishop Auckland, Corn Dealer. Aug 9 at 11,30 at office of Edgar, Silver Stubbs, John William, Leek, Stafford, Publican. Aug 1 at 11 at Roebuck Hotel, Leek. st, Bishop Auckland Redfern, Leek

Harris, John, Halifax, Beerhouse Keeper. Aug 8 at 11 at office of Rhodes, Commercial Sutton. William, St John st, Clerkenwell, Printer. July 28 at 3 at 5, Bell yd, Doctor's Bank chbrs, Crown st, Halifax Commons. Weall

Harris, John James, Nottingham, Watchmaker. Aug 9 at 4 at office of Barlow, St Taylor, Thomas, Frodsham Bridge, nr Preston Brook, Chester, Grocer. Aug 4 at 2 at

Peter's Church walk, Nottingham office of Harris and Gorst, Harrington st, Liverpool

Hartog, Amy, Surbiton, Lodging house ke

0 at 11 at Grecian chbrs, Devereux Teagle, John, Westbourne rd, Barnsbury, Coal Dealer. Aug 16 at 4 at office of Wether.

ct, Temple. Haynes field, Gresham bldgs, Guildhall

Hindhaugh, Robert, Newcastle upon Tyne, Ship Store Dealer. Aug 4 at 2 at office of Tidman, Edward, Cleveland Lodge, Stoke Newington, Civil Engineer. Aug 10 at 3 at

Sewell, Grey st, Newcastle upon Tyne Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Davidson and Morris, Queen Victoria st

Hoffman, Octavius William, Balsall Heath, Surgeon, Aug 6 at 11 at office of Taylor, Col. Wade, Robert Brady, Hove, Chemist. Aug 3 at 12 at office of Stuckey and Co, North st,

more row, Birmingham

Houghton, Alfred James, Upper st, Islington, Pork Pie Dealer. Aug 3 at 2 at office of Brighton Ward, Henry, Leeds, Milk Vendor. Aug 1 at 11 at Law Institute, Albion pl, Leeds.

Norris, Gray's inn chbrs Cross, Bradford

Jenkins, Henry, Crowe, Mail Porter. Aug 5 at 3 at office of Pointon, Albert chbrs, Watson, Thomas, Birmingham, Bedding Manufacturer. Aug 3 at 11 at office of Price

Church Side, Crewe

Johnson, George, Nottingham, Builder's Merchant. Aug 8 at 12 at office of Brittle, St and Co, Paradise st, Birmingham White, Edward Charles, Sheffield, York, Saddler. Aug 4 at 12 at office of Unwin, Queen Peter's chbrs, St Peter's gate. Nottingh

Johnson, George, Manchester, Restaurant Keeper. Aug 11 at 3 at office of Grundy and st, Sheffield

Co, Booth st, Manchester Williams, George, Mold, Flint, Licensed Victualler. Aug 4 at 12 at Albion Hotel,

Joseph, Henry, Milton st, Cripplegate, Ostrich Feather Manufacturer. Aug 9 at 12 at Chester. Roberts, Mold

office of Baylis and Pearce, Church ct chbrs, Old Jewry Williams, John, Llangonoyd, Maesteg, Glamorgan, Beer house Keeper. Aug 7 at 11 at office of Randall, Nolton st, Bridgend

Klapka, Charles Joseph, Spencer st, Clerkenwell, Manufacturer of Leather Goods.

Aug 9 at 3 at offices of Goldberg and Langdon, West st Winter, Alfred, Camberwell rd. July 29 at 12 at High st, Borough, Southwark. Rashleigh, Three Crown sq., High st

Kneeshaw, Christopher, Low Moor, nr Bradford, Grocer. Aug 7 at 10 at offices of Peel

and Co, Chapel lane, Bradford Woolven, John, Brighton, Sussex, Butcher. Aug 3 at 3 at office of Lamb and Evett,

Lambert, Agnes, Crewe, Chester, Grocer. Aug 3 at 3 at offices of Pointon, Albion Ship st, Brighton

chmbrs, Church side, Crewe Worth, John Charles, Bristol, Grocer. July 26 at 2 at office of Hancock, Quay st, Bristol

Lawry, Alfred, Newquay, Cornwall, Bootmaker. Aug 4 at 11 at offices of Whitefield,

St Columb
Wynne, John, Bersham, Denbigh, Grocer. Aug 16 at 12 at Wynnstay Arms Hotel,
Wrexham. 'Louis and Edwards

Lea, Harry, Ellesmere, Salop, Chemist. Aug 4 at 2 at Crewe Arms Hotel, Crewe.

Salter and Glles, Ellesmere
TUESDAY, July 25, 1882.

Lee, James, sen, Ditton, Lancaster, Contractor. Aug 5 at 11.30 at E, Commerce ct, Andrews, Thomas, Brigg, Lincoln, Builder. Aug 8 at 11 at office of Sowter, Bigby st,

Lord st, Liverpool. Beasley, Widnes Brigg

Lutley, Samuel Baker, Exeter, Seed Merchant. Aug 8 at 3.30 at Craven Hotel, Craven Anthony, John, Devonport, Devon, Grocer. Aug 10 at 11.30 at office of Vaughan, St

st, Strand. Friend, Exeter Aubyn st, Devonport

Maiden, Henry, Bury, Lancaster, Chemist. Aug 9 at 8 at office of Haslam, Market st,

Bury Atterton, Walter, Jewin st, Fancy Stationer. Aug 10 at 3 at 57, Chancery lane. Gribble

Mellersh, Henry. Crookham Crond

armer. g 2 at 2 at offices of and Co, Essex st, Strand

Eve, Victoria rd, Aldershot Baynham, Henry, Kington, Hereford, Confectioner. Aug 9 at 11 at High st, Kington. Mills, James Wythes, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Lime Merchant. Aug 10 at 12 at ofico Payter, Kington

of Brown, Colmore chmbrs, Newhall st, Birmingham Beaumont, Richard, Leeds, Botanical Druggist. Aug 4 at 3 at office of Weston and Morris, George, Wolverhampton, Builder. Aug 4 at 11 at Star and Garter Hotel, Postlethwaite, Park row, Leeds

Wolverhampton. Shakespeare, Oldbury Benjamin, Leonard, Nottingham, Bookseller. Aug 2 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st, Morris, Serjeant Witton, Forest, Edmonton, Chemist. Aug 9 at 3.30 at office of Rumin lieu of the place originally named

ney, Walbrook Bennett, Wilson, Bradford, York, Coal Merchant. July 31 at 3 at office of Neill and

lford, York, Coal Merchant. July 31 at 3 at office of Neill and | Moseley, William, Llansaintffraid, Montgomery, Licensed Victualler. Aug 8 at 12,30 at Broadbent, Kirkgate, Bradford

office of Pughe, Llanfyllin Bentham, Thomas, jun, Blackrod, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. Aug 4 at 11 at office of Moulson, Marian, Brighton, Sussex, Schoolmistress. Aug 9 at 3 at office of Nge, North Dutton, Acresfield, Bolton

st, Brighton Boulter, Frederick Charles, Aldershot, Hampshire, Veterinary Surgeon in her Majesty's | Osborn, John, Clapham pk rd, Timber Merchant. Aug 9 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern, GresArmy, Aug 16 at 2 at office of Arnold, Borough High st, Southwark

ham st. Cayley, Bucklersbury Branford, William Bax, Upper Walmer, Kent, Plumber, Aug 9 at 12 at Guildhall Coffee Patterson, John, Halton-lea-gate, Northumberland, Grocer, Aug .17 at 2 at office of

house. Mowll and Mowll, Dover

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orough High st, South. Y2 at Guildhall Coffee Patterson and C., Haltwhistle

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