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Jan. 23 Molly Hammon, daughter of John. Susannah
Stubbs, daughter of Richard, Jr.

30 Hannah Loring, daughter of Solomon. Feb. 6 Joshua Mitchell, son of Joseph.

20 Joseph Russell, son of James. Mar. 13 Judith Sweetser, daughter of John.

Apr. 24 Samuel Larrabee, son of Benjamin. John Ross, son of John. Hannah Mitchell, dau. of Noah. May 8 Asenath Winslow, daughter of Barnabas.

15 Hannah Bradbury, daughter of Moses.

22 James Prince, son of Benjamin. Nathan Johnson,
son of Joseph.

Aug. 28 Lidea Mitchell, daughter of Solomon.
Sept. 11 Enos Mitchell, son of Seth.

18 Rachel Harris, daughter of Amos.
25 John Hunt, son of John.

Oct. 10 Benj. Winslow, son of Gilbert, (in private.)
23 Sarah Knight, daughter of Wm. (New Casco.)
30 Rachel Tucker, daughter of Thos.
Nov. 13 Mercy Mason, daughter of Jonas.




Apr. 8 Joshua Gray, son of Andrew. daughter of Paul.

Sarah Prince,

29 Lidea Winslow, daughter of Gilbert. Mar. 25 Miriam Pettengal, daughter of Abraham. May 13 Simeon Thoits, son of Joseph.

Edward King, son of Edward. Lucretia Bucknam, daughter Rhoda Cluff [Clough] daughter of

of Samuel.


June 17 Silvanus White, son of John.
Oct. 21 Richard Stubbs, son of Richard, Jr.
Nov. 4 Eliphalet Greely, son of Philip.
daughter of Benjamin (New Casco.)
11 Susannah Brown, daughter of Joseph.
Brown, daughter of Jacob, Jr.

25 Mary Loring, daughter of Nicholas.
Mary Chandler, daughters of Zachariah.


Sarah York,


Sarah &

Jan. 20 Isaac Sturdefant, son of Ephraim. Susannah
Baker, daughter of Samuel. Jane Loring,
daughter of Solomon. Miriam Brown, daughter
of Joseph. Abigail Chandler, dau. of Edmond.
Feb. 23 Elizabeth Hammon, daughter of John.
Mar. 25 Sarah Cutter, daughter of Ammi Ruhamah (in


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Apr. 7 Sarah Mitchell, daughter of Joseph.

May 12 Mary Blanchard, daughter of Nathaniel.

26 Jane Clark, Brunswick.


June 2 Jeremiah Knite, son of William (New Casco.)
David Givens & Mary Ross of Sheepscut.
14 Charity Bickmore, daughter of
Benjamin Bradbury, son of Moses.

July 7

Sept. 22 Martha Tucker, daughter of Thos. (New Casco.) Oct. 6 John Scales, son of James. Sarah Soul, daughter

of Barnabas.

13 Sarah, Lucy & Mary Ingersel, daughters of Wm. Ruth Parker, daughter of James. Sarah Drinkwater, daughter of Joseph.

Mary Johnson

Andrew Ring


John Mitchell, son of Solomon. Chandler, daughter of Judah. Nov. 3 Cushing Prince, sons of Paul. Johnson, son of Joseph.


Feb. 2 Barnabas Winslow, son of Barnabas.
Larrabee, daughter of John.
June 22 Isaiah Mitchell, son of Seth.
daughter of Jonathan.

29 Ezra King, son of Edward.
at Brunswick.


July 13 Samuel Winslow, son of Gilberd. 20 Mary Curtis, daughter of Joshua. 27 Josiah Foss, son of John.


Abigail Thoits,

James Gray, son of

28 Mehitable Mitchell, dau. of Benj. (in private.)

Aug. 7 Jacob Cloff [Clough] son of Ebenezer.

10 Hannah Malcom, Jennett Hewey, Robert Orr,
John Potter, Samuel Jack, Jane Spear, Marga-
ret Swart, Ephraim Martin, Zachariah Thorne,
Martha Malcom, Andrew Macfaden, of ye towns
of Brunswick & Topsom.

17 Jonathan Mitchell, son of Jonathan.
Pettengall, daughter of Abraham.


24 Samuel Mason, son of Jonas.

Sept. 20 Ebenezer Gray, son of Andrew.
28 James White, son of John.
Dec. 7 Lydia Mitchell, daughter of Noah.


Jan. 10 Edmond Chandler, son of Judah.

Feb. 28 Elizabeth Loring, daughter of Nicholas.

Mar. 15 Joannah Mitchell, daughter of Joseph. Hannah

Sturdefant, daughter of Ephraim.

22 Joannah Brown, daughter of Joseph.

Jane Greely,

Apr. 12 Abigail Paul, daughter of Daniel. daughter of Philip.

19 Sarah Loring, daughter of Solomon.

26 Ann Hammond, daughter of John. Susannah Buxton, daughter of James (New Casco.) May 10 Susannah & Grace Howland, daus. of Joseph. June 21 Reuben Brown, son of Jacob. Joseph French, son of Elisha.

28 Mercy, Rebeckah, Sarah, Burrell, Elijah & Lydia, children of James Tuttle.

July 12 Unice Mitchell, daughter of Solomon. Oct. 4 Betty Mitchell, daughter of Benjamin. 11 Stephen Larrabee, son of John.

25 Benjamin Prince, son of Benjamin. Isaac Cloff [Clough] son of Ebenezer.

Nov. 1

William Richardson Bucknam, son of Samuel.
Elizabeth Soul, daughter of Barnabas. Joshua
Chandler, son of Zachariah. Sarah Chandler,
daughter of Edmond.

29 Silvanus Drinkwater, son of Joseph.

Dec. John Lewes, son of John.


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Feb. 28 Jeremiah Mitchell, son of Seth. Wm. Mitchell, son of Noah.

Joshua Blanchard,

Mar. 1 James Parker, son of James. son of Nathaniel.

13 Elizabeth Prince, wife of Silvanus. 27 Thomas White, son of John. of Joseph (New Casco.) May 29 Annah Johnson.

June 5 Enos Bradbury, son of Moses.

Samuel York, son

19 Rebeckah Ingersoll, daughter of William. July 10 Thomas & Abial Prince, children of Silvanus. 17 Grace Bickamore, daughter of 31 Sarah Foss, daughter of John. Aug. 21 Silva Harris, daughter of Amos, Jr. Sept. 4 Patience Winslow, daughter of Gilbert.

25 John Williams. David & Mary Washbern [children?] of the widow.

Oct. 2 Dorcas & Joannah Ingersoll, daughters of Nathl. 24 Unice Knight, dau. of William (New Casco.) Nov. 6 Rachel Loring, daughter of Nicholas.


Jan. 22 Hannah Prince, daughter of Paul.
Mar. 19 Sarah Pettengal, daughter of Abraham.

Apr. 9 Abraham Reed, son of Bartholomew.
16 John Chandler, son of Judah.
May 21 Samuel Hammon, son of John.
June 4 Mary Fogg, daughter of Benajah.
11 Joseph Johnson, son of Joseph.
July 23 Rebeckah Prince, daughter of Benjamin.
30 Simeon Brown, son of Jacob.

Aug. 6 Susannah Fellows, daughter of Joseph.
Paul, son of Daniel.



Nov. 19 Lydea Mitchell, daughter of Seth. John Larrabee, son of John. William Tucker, son of Thomas (New Casco.) Joseph York, son of Joseph (New Casco.)

Dec. - Rachel Farrow, daughter of John.

20 David Cushing Loring, son of Solomon.
miah Howland, son of Joseph.


Jan. 16 Olive Mitchell, daughter of Jonathan.
Feb. 13 Mary [Mercy?] Cole, daughter of Job.
18 Mercy Sole, daughter of Barnabas.
Mar. 5 James Sturdefant, son of Ephraim.

13 Margery Mitchell, daughter of Solomon. Hannah Mitchell, daughter of Benjamin.

Apr. 1


Mercy Chandler, daughter of Zachariah.

Asa Lewes, son of John. Benjamin Buxton, son of James (New Casco.)

15 Samuel Stubbs, son of Richard, Jr. Joseph Brown, sons of Moses. ton, daughter of Stephen. July 29 Ephraim Loring, son of John.

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Ephraim & Huldah Moul

Samuel Fisher,

son of Samuel, Jr. Rachel Harris, daughter of Amos, Jr.

Aug. 12 Martha Royal, daughter of Eli.
26 John Turfts [Tufts?] son of John.
Sept. 30 Elizabeth Williams, daughter of John.
Dec. 2 Jane Prince, daughter of Silvanus.

Abigail Blanchard, daughter of Nathaniel. Tabitha Chandler, daughter of Jonathan.


Jan. 6 Mary Royal, daughter of Jacob.

Mar. 17 Levi Carman, on Jonathan Chandler's account.
31 Sarah Reed, daughter of Bartholomew.
Apr. 19 Sarah Bradbury, daughter of Moses.
June 9

Thomas Loring, son of Nicholas. Hannah Wins-
low, daughter of Gilbert. Jonathan Chandler,
son of Judah.

June 16 Rebeckah Pettengal, daughter of Abraham. Sarah
Brown, daughter of Benjamin.

30 Henery Griffin, son of Ephraim. Ruth Prince, daughter of Paul.

Peter W[e]are Brown,son of Jacob, Jr.
Mary Crandle, daughter of Philip.
Ebenezer Cluff [Clough], son of Ebenezer.
27 Solomon Loring, son of Solomon.

Mehitable Larrabee, daughter of John. Child of
Hammon. Child of Drinkwater.
17 Mary Cole, daughter of Job. *n
Dec. 8 Hannah Merrill, daughter of Samuel.
Royal, daughter of Jacob, Jr. Sarah Mitchell,
daughter of Jonathan. Joshua Johnson, son


15 Hannah Hunt, daughter of John (New Casco.) (08. 87 8'')

(To be continued.),

July 7
Oct. 5

Nov. 3


The following additional items relative to the Hyde Family, as given on page 495, OLD TIMES, have been furnished Dr. N. T. True by a daughter of Dr. J. A. Hyde.

1 Dr. Ebenezer Wells was born Mar. - 1801, in Warren, Maine. He died Oct. 23, 1879. His parents were Ebenezer Wells and Hannah Morrill. His early education was from Rev. Belden, of Warren. He studied medicine with Dr. Stockbridge, of Bath, Maine, and Dr. Shattuck, of Boston, Mass. He was a graduate of the Boston Medical School. He first practised medicine in Boothbay, Maine, but settled in Freeport in 1826. He was Professor of Obstetrics in Bowdoin College five years. He married,

2 Lydia M. Sewell, of Bath, Maine. He married, 2d,

3 Mary Angier Hyde (see p. 495.)


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4 William S-; b. Sept. ; b. Sept., 1823, at Boothbay, Me. He married Eliza O. Pearson, of Newburyport, Mass. He died Dec. 26, 1878. Lawyer, San Francisco, Cal., and for many years was Judge of the Supreme Court.

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