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annua] general meeting by adding the words "and the five of such ten who have been Ion Rest in office shall not be eligible for re-flection for twelve months.'' He referred to a similar motion which had been brought forward in 1873 at a special meeting and carried, but which had bem lost at a special meetng called for the purpose of confirming it. when the council produced an opinion of counsel that it was vltrd vim. He could not see how that could be, and contended that the society would pain considerably by the fresh blood which would be hroueht into the council if his motion were adopted. Mr. Macarthtjr seconded the motion.

Mr. Finch said the motion sought to deprive the members, the electoral body, of their right to elect thos? gentlemen whom they might feel to be the most efficient members of the council. If tbey had such a rule they could not have the best mm on the council. Many men would not care to take office with a halter ronnd their necks, knowing that after the experience of years required to make a member of the council, instead of getting nearer to the honour of being president, they were to be told they must go.

Mr. D. T. Miller having spoken in favour of the motion, it was put to the meeting and negatived by a large majority.

Mr. Finch introduced a motion, ot which he had given notice, requesting the council to " take all such rea-onable and proper steps «s may be necessary for having restored to the Offioial Lhw Liat the star or asterisk that, from the year 1822 continuously to the year 1881, has distinguished the names of members of the society appearing therein." He observed that had the suggestion for depriving the membrrs of the star come from someone outside toe society it would have been looked upon as a piece of vanda'iem. The council had, no doubt, been actuated by the highest motives, hut they bad determined no longer to pay the small fee required by the publishers of the Law List, or take what little trouble was necessary in order that the star might be affixed to the names of members »s had hitherto been the case. It was true the names of the members appeared in the society's calendar, but the Official Law List was a document of considerable age, and one to which everybody referred who wanted to know anything about a solicitor. The calendar was issued by a private body as far as it was concerned, and could never come into competition with the Law List. This change had been made silently and without any application to the members that their views might be made known.

Mr. Rcbenbtein seconded the motion. He thought the society Bhould acquire the right to print the Official Law List.

Mr. Walters, in the unavoidable absence of Mr. Luke, the chairman of the finance commi'teee, who had been most concerned in the alteration, was afraid he mwBt range himself in opposition to Mr. Finch on this occasion. Mr. Finch had held up the Liw Lift to admiration as a piece of perfection, but he (Mr. "Walters) held in bis band a list of the errors of the last Law List in which the asterisk appeared. These errors amounted to no less than 102 amongst the country members of the society, and 82 amongst the London members, making a total of 184. They were omissions of the asterisk in almost every case. That was the result of an accurate list of the members being furnished to the publishers. The publishers, when these errors were pointed out, at first said they hsd not been furnished with an accurate list. He (Mr. Walters) had seen 'he very list that was sent to them, which was accurate and complete, and what showed they were in error was the fact that they had never been paid their usnal £10 10s. for the la»t publication. The arrangement as to the payment of £10 10s. dated from 1879. Prior to that time the publishers bad sent the proof sheets for correction, and very frequently they were stnt too late for correction without reprinting, and he thought that on the last occasion it had cost £120 to reprint the proof sheets which were put forward with so many errors. Under these circumstances the arrangement of 1879 was come to ; under it the secretary furnished them with the necessary lis's. When the publication of the calendar was decided upon, tl e calendar committee came to the conclusion, in view of the great inaccuracy of the Law List in this respect, that the members should appeir in the society's own official list. The whole of the Law List was not official; the only official list of members of the society was in the society's calendar. The asterisk in the Law List was simply an arrangement made by rhe cooncil with the publishers as tradesmen, and if there was a demand for the asterisk to appear the publishers would find it worth their while to put it in themselves. Why should the society pay the £10 10s. a year, and employ the society's own staff in ineff. ctually endeavouring to perfect their publication, wl en tbey could take it themselves from the society's calendar to print it? The calendar appeared in February, the Law List in April, and the publishers were welcome to every information tbey could g<t from the calendar. The calendar was complete informations as regarded everything connected with the society, and the council m'glt perhaps extend it so as to include a list of all solicitors taking out their certificites. It would possess the ariva'ita^e of the information being given in February instead of waiting till April. There were oneor two difficulties in the way of this, but he hoped the council would be able 10 ove rcome them. It would not of course be evidencj by Act of Parliament, but in course of time it might become the efficial calendar of solicitors. Why should it not? The society bad the offioial custody of the roll of solicitors. Tbey were the registrar of solicitors. Why should not they publish the official list of solicitors? If they restored the asterisk to the Law List they would be rather militating against the possibility of anything of the kind. Suppose the meeting passed a resolution that the asteri-k should ho restored, the publishers would see that resolution and say to the council. "Now you have to do this, our price is £500." Mr. Finch shruld he prepared to tell the society that the publishers would do it on the old terms. The council had put an end to it because they had thought the work was very imper'eotly done, and they thought it het'er they should have their own official list. Toe effect of publishing the list in the calendar, he believed, though he could not say positively, ban been to largely increase tne number of members of the society. The increase in the number o( members bad been largely augmented, and during the first half of the present year the number had reached 234. It bad been

suggested that the sense of the general body of members should hsve been taken on the subject, but he thought that to a certain extent the members of the council must be trusted. The members of the council had no strong views upon the subject of the change, and if the society, as a society, were de-irons of having the asterisk restored, the oouneil wonld, of conrse, sue the measure their best consideration. His own judgment, which he thought wai shared in by bis colleagues, was that they had better leave it where it was.

Mr. Parker thought it was simply a question of £10 10s., the payment of which he believed the meeting would most heartily authorize. When they wanted to know something of a solicitor with whom they were not acqnainted, the first thing they did was to turn to the Law LUt and see whether he had the asterisk or not ; and now Mr. Walters was claiming that tbey should refer to a book of two years' standing instead of one of forty. The Law L st was used by everybody, whether members of the profession or not, whilst the calendar only went to the members of the society.

Mr. Finch, in reply, understood that by reason of the action of the council the asterisk could not be restored under a cost of thirty guineas, bnt they were in the hands of a highly-respectable firm, and they might rely upon their doing it without attempting to extort £500 It could be restored by thirty guineas, and in his opinion it was worth 300 guineas.

The motion was carried, with scarcely a diss, ntient, amidst applanse.

Mr. Kimber moved "That, as the tendency of recent and prospective legislation is to extend the jurisdiction of the county courts, the whole question of their practice and procedure be referred to a committee of this society, to consider it and report to the council thereon." He urged that the more the question was investigated the more the public would be opposed to tbe handing over of any more business to the county courts as at present constituted. Up to a certain figure the county courts had been productive of great public good, but when they had imposed upon them the administration of Admiralty, Equity, and Bankruptcy business, and now tbe Employers Liability Act, the burden was greater than they could bear.

Mr. D, T. Miller seconded the motion.

Mr. O. A. Ckowder, as a member of the Legal Procedure Committee, observed that the committee were of opinion that this measure ought to be considered, but very few of tbe members of the oomsnittee had practical acquaintance with county court work, and they thought the subject hsd better be relegated to another committee, who might be better able to deal with it. Tbey were certainly of opinion that it was a subjeot wbioh ought to be dieenssed and settled.

Mr. S. Dat would juBt remind the oouneil that there was a sooiety called the County Court Society, and that would be a good list from wbioh to lake the names for the new committee.

Mr. Kimber asked whether that was not a sooiety of officials.

Mr. Dat replied in tbe affirmative, but remarked that because a solicitor wan an offioial he should not be tabooed from exeroising his knowledge.

Mr. H. E. Gribblb thought the present not a very appropriate time to form the committee when there was a chance of extra work being thrown on the county courts. He submitted that it should be postponed until tbey knew what the result of the new rules would be, and moved an amendment accordingly.

Mr. Fiayward seconded the amendment.

Mr. Richardson asked those gentlemen who did not praotise in the oounty oourts to abstain from voting on a measure in which they had little or no interest. Thoee of them who practised in the county conns knew what great need there was for reform.

The amendment was negatived, and the motion was then put and carried.

A committee was formed of the following gentlemen, with power to add to their number:—Mr. F. K. Munton, Mr. Whitehead, Mr. Robert*, Mr. J. E. Fox, Mr. Rubeostein, Mr. E. Kimber, Mr. H. H. Riohardson, Mr. Prondfoor, Mr. J. Mote, and Mr. R. J. Maoarthur.

Mr. Francis Miller, looking at the hour which had been reached, by leave withdrew the motion of whioh he bad given notioe for the passing of a new bye-law, as follows, "That a general meeting of the society shall be held at such time and plaoe in tbe month of January or February as the council shall appoint," remarking that he wonld again bring it forward at tbe next annual meeting.

The following notice of motion in the name of Mr. O. Ford stood on tbe paper, but upon the Chairman oallirg npon Mr. Ford no answer was returned :—''That tbe supplemental report of the Legal Prooedure Committee of the sooiety, as appointed by the sooiety on tbe 18th November, 1881, be printed and circulated among members of the sooiety."

Mr. Haeorbaves moved " That the administration of justice requires the abolition of the Long Vacation." He looked npon tbe Long Vacation as »n abuse of justice, and it was a great pity that any civilised country shonld close the temples of juBtioe, for that was practically what it meant, for three months out of tbe twelve.

Mr. D. J. Miller seconded the motion.

The Chairman remarked that he would not again sit as president, but he might say for himself that, if the motion were carried, and it were bis doty to make any such representation to tbe Lord Chancellor, be sbonld do it with great alarm. In tbe first place, he was probably aware of the decision to wbioh tbe Legal Procedure Committee had come, and any such resolution to have any weight onght to be passed at a much larger meeting than tbe present.

Mr. Pennington agreed with the mover of the resolution in much that he bad said, but thought he would do mischief if he pressed it. The Legs' Procedure Committee bad made a report on the subject, whioh report bad been unanimously adopted by the sooiety, and he thought tbey sbonld wait and see the result of the report before passing any resolution. He therefore ventured to appeal to Mr. Hargreaves to withdraw the motion.

Mr. Ha KgreaVks, by leave, withdrew the motion.

The motion for the adoption of the report was then carried unanimously.

Mr. Hargreaves proposed a vote of thanks to the president and oonno il, the secretary, onder-seoretary, librarian, and the rest of the sooiety's stiff for their able condaot of the affairs of the institution during the past year.

Th 3 motion was carried unanimously.

Mr. Finch proposed, and Mr. Rickman seconded, a vote of thanks to the ohairman, which was nnanimonsly adopted. The Chairman briefly returned thanks, and the proceedings terminated.


At the general annual meeting of this society, held at the Royal Kentish Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, on the 12th of June, Mr. William Bristow in the chair, Mr. William Bristow was elected chairman, in the place of Mr. Cripps, deceased, the president, and in the absence of Mr. K. W. Knocker, the vice-president. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. The treasurer's acoounts were audited, and there was found to be a balance in his hands of £37 2-. 9d.

It was proposed by Mr. Strineer, and seconded by Mr. Carnell, and resolved unanimously, "that Mr. W. Bristow should be president for the ensuing year."

It was proposed by Mr. Bristow, seconded hy Mr. J. Tassell, and resolved unanimously, "that Mr. T. F. Simpson be the vice-president for the ensuing year.'

It was proposed by Mr. Brennan, and seonnded bv Mr. Carnell, and resolved, "that Mr. W. Bristow, Mr. G. F. Carnell, Mr. O. F. Daniel, Mr. Hallett, Mr. Hayward, Mr. G. Hinds, Mr. W. Knocker, Mr. Lake, Mr. Mice, Mr. Norwood, Mr. H. T. Sankey, Mr. Sharland, Mr. T. F. Simpson, Mr. Stilwell, Mr. J. Tassell, Mr. Wildes, and Mr. Winch, together with the committee for special purposes, be the committee of the society for the year ensuing."

It was proposed by Mr. Stringer, and seconded by Mr. S'one, and resolved "that the next place of meeting be the Seabrook Hotel, at Uythe," and carried unanimously.

It was proposed by Mr. Batchelor, and seconded by the chairman, "that the hour to dine next year be six o'clock." As an amendment, proposed by Mr. Carnell, seconded by Mr. Bassett, "that the hour for dinner be four o'clock." The amendment for dining at four o'clock was negatived. As an amendment, proposed by Mr. Tatham, seconded by Mr. Simp-on, "that the hour of dinner should be seven o'clock." The amendment for dining at seven o'clock was carried. This amendment being put as a substantive resolution was carried unanimously.

Mr. Batchelor gave notice of his intention to move at the next meeting that rule 8 should be amended as fallows: "The hour of meeting aud the hour of dining to be at such hours," &c, to end of rule.

Mr. Alfred Thomas Simpson, of Tunbridge Wells, proposed by Mr. Stone, seconded by Mr. Andrew; Mr. George Wilkinson Prall, of Rochester, proposed by Mr. Bassett, seconded by Mr. Bristow ; Mr. Frederick Watson Stocker, of Lewisham, proposed by Mr. Bristow, seconded by Mr. Bassett, were severally duly elected members of the socirty.

Mr. King, on behalf of the secretary in his absence, reported the deaths of Mr. W. C. Cripps, of Tunbridge Wells ; Mr. E. A. Hilder, of Gravesend; and Mr. A. H. Shepherd, of Greenwich, members of the society; and that Mr. A. Russell, of Dartford, had resigned, in consequence of his retiring from practice and leaving the county.

Mr. Carnell proposed, and Mr. W. Bristow seconded, " that Mr. A. Russell be elected an honorary member of the society," and carried unanimouslv. Mr. W. Bristow proposed, and Mr. Tatham seconded, and resolved unanimously, "that the condolences of the society be communioated by the secretary to Mrs. Cripps and her family."

The chairman presented to Mr. A. T. Simpson the prize he had obtained nnder the regulations of the society.

Mr. Brenuan and Mr. Andrew called attention to the delay in fixing a scale of costs under the Solicitors' Remuneration Act.

Mr. Simpson proposed, and Mr. Tatham seconded, "that the committee be instructed 10 prepare forthwith a memorial from this society to the Lord Chancellor, praying that the scale of remuneration to solicitors be settl-d as quickly as possible, as the present state of uncertainty on the subject is unjust to the profession; and that the president be authorized to sigu the Bame on behalf of the society, and the Raine was carried unanimously.

Mr. EdwinHughes proposed,and Mr. Andrew seconded, "that it be referred to the Speoial Purposes Committee to take such steps as they may think expedient to procure the admission of the presidents for the time beiog of the provincial societios upon the Council of the Incorporated Law Society," and

the same was carried unanimously.

It is s'aed that at the recent London sittings 11 special jury and 20 common jury oases had to be made remanets for want of time to try them; 52 oases only were tried out, 21 of which were tried by speo'al juries.

The Select Committee recently appointed by the Government to consider the case of private Bills promoted by local authorities, the provisions of whioh in regaid to police or sanitary regulations might oonfliot with the general law, have now reported in favour of various modifications in the Manchester, Bolton, Acorington, Dundee, and other Bills referred to them, and it is stated that Mr. S - Inter-Booth, the chairman, will now consequently move a new Standing Order providing detailed instructions for the gnidanoe of the Committee on every suoh Bill in future, and makiug careful examination of the Bill compulsory.


INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. Intermediate Examination. The folllowing candidates were suoceBsfnl at the Intermediate, held on the 22ud of June, 1882 :—

Langford, Charles William

Ainger, William Dawson
Alexander, Cecil John Francis
Ashwell, Arthur Thomas
Atkinson, William Christopher, B. A.
Barrow, Arthur

Barry, Edward Stephenson, B.A.
Batten, Joseph
Baylis, Frederio William
Baynes, Ernest Spencer
Bidlake, George
Bird, Frederick Ernest
Houghton, Charles Edward Hammond
Brierley, Samuel
Brine, John B., B.A.
Broadbent, George, B. A.
Brodie, Walter William
Brown, Henrv Cumberland
Browning, Harry
Budgen, Walter
Burning, John

Burgee, William Edward Parry,

Callaway, John
Candler, Charles
Carling, Arthur William
Carpenter, Arthur
Chandler, Hugh Frank Wills
Charles, William Augustus
Chilton, George Carter
Cleg?, James Earnshaw
Coker, Junes Gould, B.A.
Cooper, Joseph
Crossley, Samnel
Cubison, Arthur Edward
Cullwick, Thomas Cartwright
Dampier. Leonard, B.A.
Davies, Evan Coleman
Deacon, Walter John
Dempster, Frederio Wilberforoe
Dingle, Edgar SmaLs
Dobsoo, Cecil Coortenay
Dunkerley, Charles Philip
Ellis, Francis
EHis, G~orge Jewel Lister
K ans, John
Falcon, Gordon

Farrer, Arthur Richmond, B.A.
Field, M irk
Fisher, Cecil Urqnhart
Forster, Frederic Edwin
Foster, Ronald Crossfield
Fox, William Russell
Fraser, Claud
Fraser, John Alexander
Freeling, Charles Edward Luard, B.A
Gates, John
Glossop, William
G >odwin, Frederick William
Gould, Claude William Shephard
Green, John Henrv
Haddelsey. Samuel Fitzwilliam
Han«ell, Walter Elward
Hargreavea, John
Hatton, Herbert
Beaton, Charles
HendersoD, William Donkin
Henstock, Frederick Thomas
Hodgkinsou, James
Hodgson, George Walton
Holt. Charles

Hooper, Harry Dundee, B.A.
Howell, Joseph Matthew
Hubbard, William Tarrant
Hughes, Herbert A.
Hume, G. Wedderburn
Hunt, Samuel Leonard
Harford, Alexander Edward, B.A.
Jackson, Arthur
Jenkins, Richard

■Tervis, Herbert White Jervis, B.A.
Johns, Ri hard Brsginton
Jones, Llewelyn Hugh
Jones, Richard Stoakes, B.A.
Kent, Arthur C.

Lefroy, Franklin G.
Lemon, Frank
Lewis, Frank
Lloyd, Edward Lewis
Lloyd, John C.
Long, Walter Stilwell
Lovibond, Louis
Low, Tom Frank
Lunnon, R. If.
MacFarlane. John Embleton
McQuade, Andrew
Marsh, Alexander Selfe
Mathews, William Wevill
Matthews, William Charles
Maunder, Edward Guy
Mayhew, Fredtrick George
Maylor, George Herbert
Milnes, John Taylor
Newton, Walter
Nield, Charl-s Edwin
Nisbet, Edward Gihson
Norledge, William Henry
O.kl-y, Charles Selby, B.A.
Oldham, Frederick Mountford
Park- r, G orgs Phillips
Payne, Charles
Payne, Henry Rogers
Peele, Richard De Courcy
Perrelt, Henry

Phillips, Henry Western Page

Pomeroy, John

Preston, John William

Priddin, Ar hur Ernest

Proud, Robert Dunn

Raby, William

Randall, Percy Mayor, B.A.

Read, William John

Roherts. Claries

Roberts, Harry

Huberts, Robert Owen

Robinson, Riohard Sutton

Ruling, Henry

Ryland, Thomas William, B.A.

Sanderson, Rvan George

Schliipffer, Ernest Adolphus

Sikes, Robert Parke

Simpson, Alexaud^r Prout, B.A.

Smith, Harry

Smith, Harry Josiah

Smithers, Leonard Charles

Somerville, James Bradley

Super, John James Arusoy

Sprott, Frank Walter

Stephenson, Matthew

Stevens, Robert Arthur

Stigant, Frederick Adam

Stiles, William Jalland

Sutherland, Jamea Mead

Taylor, Arthur Frazer

Taylor, James Payer

Terry, William Edward

Thomas, Thomas

Thompson, Jonathan Cordukes

Thompson, John William

Tibbits, Arthur

Titley, John Jackson

Treharne, David

Trotter, Alexander Clifford

Tucker, Charles Hey ward

Tunniclifl'e, Johu England

Turnbull, Alexander Mark

Turnbull, Rivers Montagu, B.A.

Uuderhill, George Baddeley

Vallaoce, John Darnel

Verden, Henry

Wadge, Frederick Collett

Walsh, Percival

Ward, John Lenton

Ward, Septimus Gladstone

Waters, Robert Amor

Watkins, William

Wntts, Wa ter Riohard Burgoyne

Weaver, Charles Heury

[blocks in formation]

Ackroyd, Henry Edgar Parkinson

Aldis, William Ernest

Altar, Claudius George

Baildon, William Paley

Baillie, Thomas .Tames

Biily, Cornwall Stuart

Baker, Frederick

Barber, William George

Bavton, Francis Nathaniel, B.A.

Behan, JobD Henry

Bennett, Archibald Snmervillo, B.A.

Berney, George Francis

Berry. Edwin

Bird, Walter Avery

Bonaer, Thomas Rlohard

Borrett, Frank Collingwocd Hall

Bonlton, Godfrey. B.A.

Braoher, Henrv James

Browett. Walter

Brown, Herbert Benjamin

Browne, Arthur Septimus

Brownson. Thomas

T?ruTi«ll, F'annis

Bulcraig, Henry

Bnrcheii, Charles Tnfnell Dyne

Oafferata, Albert Stourton

Chapman, Thomas

Chew, Thomas

Chnhb. Francis Osborne Oates

Clark, Francis Charles

Comins, William Innes, B,\.

Congreve, John

Cooke, Joe

Cooper, Arthur

C roper, Groves Peppin, B. A.

Cowburn, Percy John, B.A.

Cowie, George

Cowley, Henrv

Cox, Graeme Vassal, B.A.

Cresswell, Cresswell Augustus, B.A.

Cronsbaw, Charles Augustus

Crossfie'd, Talbot King

Cnrroy, Walter Francis

Curtis, Edwin Charles

Curtis, William Henry

Curtler, Edmund Oldham

Dalhy, George

Pallas, James Henry

Davies, Humphrey

Dean, Leonard Heslop

De la Combe, Maxwell

Dickens. Arthur Willian

Dixon, John, B.A.

Dobell, John Peane

Dobson, Robert

Dowling, Eroest

Duncan. Leonard Eustace Henry, B.A.

Dyson, William

Bdwards, Charles Wagataffe

Edwards, Thomas Stephen

Eland, Stephen Robert John

Ellis, Joseph William

Emery, Frederio Willhm

Evans, John ~_.

Evered, Richard George

Everest, Alfred Wing, B.A.

Eves, Arthur Edward

Farr, Alexander

Farrar, John Riley

Ffooks, Edward A'chdall

Fielding, Harold Whitaker Deighton

Fowell, Leighton

Fowle. Henrv

Fox, Harrv Ellirtt Earle

Frat cia, Walter Hamond, B.A.

Frsnkli", Albert James

Fryer, Ji hn Robinson

Game, William Henry

Gee, Edmund

Gone, Cecil Herbert CleraetsonTM
Gore, Henry Martin
Grier, Alexander Monro

Gricrson, Hugh Kirkpa'riok

Grylla, Charles Reginald Gerveys

Gunnell, David

Plaiues, Gregory

Hales, William Henry

Hannay, Arthur MoDonal 1

Hardy. Thomas Da Li la

Hart, Isaac John, LL.B.

Harwood, Horaoe GiWon

Haselgrnve, James

Haaell, Thomas John Benuelt

Haydon, Clement John

Hayton, John Moore, B.A.

Heard, Henry Arthur

Hemingway. John Chart's

Hemming. Henry Jnsrph Randolph

Henfrey. Geortrn Patr'ok

Henry, David Murray

Hewat, John Grayhurst

H«wit«on, William

Hill, Charles Thomas

Hill, Ernest Hiitton

Hill. Francis

Hobson, William Harrison
Holman, Frank Arthur
Hopwood. Francis Join Stephens
Horner, William
Hudson, Lee
Hnggina, George
Hnnt, Tom Rodway
Hyams, Philip
Tngledew, Henry
fnnes, Robert
Jagger, Charles Upfill
James, Richard Percy
Johnson, Charles Frederick
Johnson, Clement
Johnson, Eil ward Middleton
Johnson, Francis
Jonas, Jacob Nathaniel
Jones, Frederick Anenrin
Jones, Stephen Adolphus
Kay, Walmaley Preston
Kendrick, Charles Edward
Kindersley, Harry Bennelt
Lamb, John Frederick
Laurence, Gerard Bixhy
Laurie, John Stewart, B.A,
Lawrence, Horace Hayes Mont-
Leatberdale, Henry Arthur
Le Voi. Edward
Lewie, David

Lewis, John Herbert, B.A.

Lijbt, George Miller, B.A.

Lillington, Wads worth Barrow

Lister, William

Lithgow, S imuel

Locking, Thomas Lomas

Lomas, Henry

Longataffe, Ernest Victor

Lovell, Charles For»ter

Lovell, Thomas

Loveridge. Frank Frobert

Lnpton, William Arthur, B.A.

Maples. Cecil Edward

Marriott, Claude Alfied

Master, Godfrev Cornewall Chester

Mathews, Randle Lamb

Milvain, Charles Edward

Mo'er, Herbert, B.A.

Moses, William Watts

Mutlow, John

Na«h, Sevmour Peel. B.A.

Nelson, Edward Albert

Newhy, George, B.A.

Newland, Edward

O'Callaghan. Guv Morgan Scott

Owen, William Holland

Parker, Christopher John

Paton, Hugh Wilson

Pidcock, Richard^eorge

Pidsley, John

Pierce, Harrv Stanford

Pi'chforih, John Heslington

Ponter, Henry

Port-r, Svdoav Johnson

Powell, Charles

Pownall, Gidfray Herbart

Price, John Frederick

Proctor, Alfred

R-ynardson, Aubrey Henry Birch
Richards, Ernest Penrose
Richardson, Charles Frederick
Rising, Robert Watts
Robinson, Henry
Robinson. John Henry
Royds, Edmund
Russell, Joseph Proctor
Ryley, James Hunter
Samuel, Gilbert Ellis
Schmettau, Hermann Rudolf
Scholfield, Henry Walt.-r Bourchier,

Scott, John George
Scripps, William Henry
Seeley, Adolph TJnna
Shackleton, John William
Simpson, John Ma'sey
Slater, Conrad John
Smit1'., Charles Lsurenoe Hart
Smith, Harry Vernon
Smith, Thomas Clegkorn
Snow, Arthur
Snow, William Henry
Southall, Henry John
Summers, Arthur James
Summers, Charles Brotherton
Tetley, James Douglas
Thompson, Robert George

Thorpe, Richard Wells
Trenohard, George Canning
Tunbridgo, William Steplen
Turner, Cecil
Turner, Edmund Mathews
Turner, Francis Shirley
Turner, John Henry
Turner, Sidney Hyde
Van 8ommer, William
Vernon, William Frederick
Waghorn". John
Walker, Frederic George A-thur
Walker, John Doguid
Walker, William Henry
Walters, Arthur Sydney
Ward, Lewis

Watkins, William Thfodore
Watts, Arthur Edward
Wheatley, Joseph
Whitwell, Robert Jowitt
Wilcocks, William
Wild, Walter
Wilkes, Ernest Albert
Wilkins, Charles Murray
Wilkinson, Ernest John
Willan, Michael
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Edmund Garratt
Wilson, Joseph

Wilson, Thomas Bishoo Ridley
Wintarbotham, Frederick
Wood, Alexander
Wood, Frederick George William
Woodrow, Jeremiah
Wonlcott, Henry
Woolley, Charles Augustus
Woolley, William
Worden, William John


Mr. Edward Bellasis, barrister, Blue Mantle Parsuivant-at-srau, hu been appointed Lancaster Herald. Mr. Bellasis was called t> the bit it Linooln'e-inn in Michaelmas Term, 1873.

Mr. Edward Lee, solioitor, of 1, Grosham-buildings, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judioatnre.

Mr. Albert Augustus Newman, solicitor, of Newport, Monmouthshire, has been elected Town Clerk of that borough, in succession to Mr. Thorns* Woollett, deoeased. Mr. Newman had far some tiron held the office of deputy town clerk. Ho was admitted a solioitor in 1877.

Mr. Robert Smirthwaite Wigin, solioitor, of Laeda and Methley, ha< been oppointed Clerk to the Methley Local Board. Mr. Wigin was admitted a solicitor in 1875.

Mr. Thomas Anthony Wooddridge, solicitor (of the firm of Woodbridga & Sous), of 8, Clifford's-iun, has been oleotod a Common Cjunoilmaa for Farringdon Ward Without.

Mr. Thomas Paine, solioitor (of the firm of Paine, Liyton, & Pollock), of Greehnm Honse, Old Broad-street, his been eleoted President of the Incorporated Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Paine has filled daring the past year thn rifnoe of vice-president of the society. He was admitted a solioitor in 1844.

Mr. Ebenezer John Biustow, solicitor (of the firm of Wilson, Bristow, & Carpmael), of 1, Copt hall-buildings and 22, Parliament-street, wbo has been elected Vice-President of the Incorporated Law Sooiety for the ensiling year, was admitted a solicitor in 1817.

Mr. Frederick Sidney Goodwin, solioitor (of the firm of Ryland, Martin'ati, Carslake, & Goodwin), Birmingham, bas been appointed by thi Lord Chancellor a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.


George Maxwell Edmonds and Robert Bickkrton Poolet, solicitors, Oundle, Northampton (Edmonds & Pooley). June 30.

George James Piercy, Charles Robert Hutchings, and Richaeo Lovell Bctleb, solicitors, Qneen Anne's-chambera, 62, Holborn Viaduct, London. June 30. Richard Lovell Butler will continue to carry on the business.

Joseph Smith and Frank Howl, solioitors, Wednesbory and TiptonJune 30. The business will hereafter be carried on by the said Joseph Smiti alone.

Thomas Henry Street, TnoMAs Street, and Alfred Potnder, solicitor!, 27, Lincoln's-innrfields, London (Street, Sod, # Poynder), so far aa rejardf Thomas Street. July 5. The business will in fature ha carria 1 on by the said Thomas Henry Street and Alfred Poynder.

Frederick Bkadbdry Winter and Waltkr Richard Johs Hickman, solicitor'', 26, Basinghall-street, London (Winter & Hickman). July 5.

[GazMe, July 7.]'

WnxiAM Green Brighten «nd Robert Pakker, solicitors, 4, BUhopsgatestreet Without, Loudon (Brighten & Parker.) July 1. The said Robert Parker will henceforth carry on busiueia at Bishopsgate-chaatbers, Liverpoolstreet, E.C.

Gbokge D'Alter Clark and Francis Dabwin Hdish, solicitors, 15a, Wsrdwick, Derby (Clark & Huish). June 30.

[Gazette, July 11.]



In view of the proposed transfer to the Qneen'a Benoh Division of sncb sotionB brought in the Cbanoery Division as are not specially assigned to the Chancery Division by section 34 of the Judicature Aot, 1873, the Senior Registrar has, by the direction of the Lord Chancellor, to give notioe that the solicitor entering for trial nr setting down on motion for judgment any action commenced in the Chancery Division, will from and after this day be required to certify shortly on the back of the pracipe what is the cause of action ; using in aotions, for the purposes mentioned in the 3rd subsection of the 34th section of the Act of 1873, the language of that section. The orders of course clerks will mark such last-mentioned aotions " C," and all others "Q. B."

Note.—This regulation does not apply to a motion for judgment set down with a special case.

July 11. H. Latham.


WINDING-UP NOTICES. Joint Stock Companies. Limited lie Chancrby. Nicholson's Discount Company. Limited.—Petition for win ding Dp, presented June 27, directed to bo heard before Chitty, J., on July 15. Liuklater and Co, Wall)rook, solicitors for the petitioner Tyllwyd And Dynbvob Colliery Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, pre■anted July 3, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on July 15. Walker and Co, Gresham bldgs, agents for Smith and Howl, Wednesbury, solicitors for the petitioners

[Gazette, July 7.]

Cabbbryn Collikby Company, Limited.-- Petition for winding up, presentod July 8, directed to be heard beforo Kay. J., on Jnly 21. White, Poultry, agent for Thomas, Swansea, solicitor for the petitioner Corona Brewery Company, Limitbd.—Petition for winding up, presented Jnly 8, directed to be heard before Kay, J., on July 21. Beall and Co, Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the petitioner

Great Southern Mvsobb Gold Mining Company, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before Oct 31, to send thoir names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Arthur Cooper, 14, George st, Manchester. Tuesday, Dec 5, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Longwitton And Grbsnleighton Coal And Limb Company, Limited.—By an order made by Fry, J., dated June 30, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Bell and Co, Bow churchyard, agents for Lynn, Blyth, solicitor for the petitioner

Pbnnywell Collieries Company, Limited.—By an order made by Bacon, V.C., dated July 1, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Harman, King's Arms yard, agent for Nicholas, Bristol, solicitor for the petitioners

Standard Union Investment Company, Limited.—By an order made by Chitty, J., dated July 1, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Heritage and Co, Clement's lane, solicitors for the petitioners

Vincent Tin Mining Company, Limited.—Chitty, J., has fixed Wednesday, July 19, at 11, at his chambers, for the appointment of an ofilcial liquidator

William Slack And Son, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented July 8, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Friday, July 21. Field and Co, Lincoln's inn floldd, solicitors for the petitioner

William Slack And Son, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented July 11, directed to be heard before Chitty, J., on July 22. Seal, Serjeants* iun, Fleet st, solicitor for the petitioners

[Gazette, July 11.]

County Palatine Op Lancabtbb, Goo Lb Alum And Smelting Company, Limitbd.—Petition for winding up, presented July 8, directed to be hoard bofore the V.C. at St George's Hall, Liverpool, on July 17. Chorlton, Manchester, solicitor for the petitioner

[Gazette, July 7.1

Unlimited In Chancery. 35th Commercial £30 Funding Society.—Petition for winding up, presented June 20,

directed to be heard beforo Bacon, V.C, on July 25. Butcher, Cheapside, ageut for

Unwin, Sheffield, solicitor for the petitioner 30th Commercial £30 Funding Socirtt.—Petition for winding np, presentod June 29,

directed to be hoard before Bacon, V.C, on July 15. Butcher, Cheapside, agent for

Unwin, Sheffield, solicitor for the petitioner

[Gazette, July 7.]

Friendly Societies Dissolved.

Axneslby Female Fbiendly Socibtv, Masters' Arms Hotel, Anneslcy Woodhouse, Notts. Jnly 4

Loyal Duchess O? Sutherland Lodge; or Loyal Independent Obdbr or United

Sisters Friendly Society, Longton Coffee Tavern, Limited, Long ton, Stafford.

July 4

Tradesmen's New Fbiendly Society, Angol Inn, Hinghim, Norfolk. June 23

[Gazette, July 7.1

Good Drsign Lodge, N.A.I.U.O.OF. Friendly Society, Ivy House Inn, Kate's hill

Dudley, Worcester. July 8
Prince Of Wales Lodge, G.U.L.O., Volunteers*;Hotel, Newohurch. July 6

[Gazette, July 11.1



Baverstock, Richard, Aldgato High st, Licensed Victualler. July 31. Baverstook v

Baverstock, Chitty, J. Brooks and Co, Godliman st, Doctors' commons Morley, Eleanor, Batheaston, nr Bath. July 20. Morley v Morley, Hall, V.C.

Beaumont, Lincoln's inn fields Rees, Thomas, Llanolly, Carmarthen, Hotel Keeper. July 31. Sneal v Thomas,

Chitty, J. Rees, Llanellv Styles, Charlotte, Camberwell House Asylum. July 31. Hodges v Russell, Fry, J.

Crowdy, Serjeants' inn

[Gazette, ."June 30.;j

Ball, Richard Newey, Handsworth, Stafford, Gent. July 31. Caulkin v Hint on,

Chitty, J, Williams, Birmins-ham Biglands, John Holliday, Wolsty, Cumberland, Yeoman. Aug 15. Biglands v

Bisrlands, Chitty, J. Mounsey, Carlisle Hodgson, Catherine, Everton, Liverpool. Aug 16. Norris v Boyd, Chitty, J. Norris,


Skinner, Richard Russell, Strand, Tobacco Manufacturer. Aug 25. Goddard v Bedford, Fry, J. Boulton. Northampton Bq, Clerkenwell

[Gazette, July 4.J


Baylis, Alexandre John, Church ct chambers, Old Jewry. Aug 1. Bay lis and

Pearco, Church ct chambers, Old Jewry Chessman, Gbobgb, Reigate, Surrey, Tanner. Aug 26. Johnson, Gray's inn sq Clynes, Thomas, Chorlton upon Medlock, Lancaster, Vintner's Cooper. Aug 4.

Sutton and Elliott, Manchester Eabnshaw, Edwabd, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Esq. Aug 1. Ford and Warren, Leeds Elms, John, Wolborough, Devon, Hair Dresser. - July 20. Francis and Co, Newton


Franklyn, William Norris, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Esq. Aug 1. Taylor and Co,
Field ct, Gray's inn

Gappbb, Richard Colston, Bath, Somerset, Gentleman. July 31. Tusnn, Ilchester
Gingell, James, Theydon Bois, Essex, Farmer. Aug 25. Baddeley, Leman st
Guest, Hannah, Rotherham, York. July 27. Pashiey and Hodgkinson, Rotherham
Henshall, Benjamin, Manchester, Pawnbroker Aug 12. Burton, Manchester
Holland, Elizabeth, Truro. Aug 1. Coode and Co, St Austell
Horne, Robrrt, Kingston on Thames, Wine Merchant. Auer 1. Best, Now Bridge st
Howell, Jonathan, Cambridge, Spirit Merchant. Aug 31. Eadens and Knowles,

Kohn, Lazarus, Devonshire st, Mile End, Gentleman. July 31. Cooko, Gray's inn sq
Liddell, William, Thornley Colliery, Durham, Grocer. Aug 1. Stokoe, Sunderland
Luke, Frederic, Lamerton, Davon, Surveyor. Aug 1. Coode and Co, St Austell
Miller, William Henry, Biseholme terrace, Victoria pk, Engineer. July 15. Collins,
Furnival's inn

Nickolson, William, Southwick, Sussex, Gentleman. July 31. Verrall, Brighton Peckoveb, Jonathan, Wisbech St Peter's, Cambridge, Banker. July 26. Metcalfe, Wisbech St Peter's

Ravenscroft, Sarah, Old Kent rd. Aug 1. Tilling, Devonshire chambers. Bishopsgato Rhodes, William John, Nicholas.lane, Esq. Aug 14. Gush and Phillips, Finsbury circus

Shorb, Charles, Derby, Farmer. Aug 8. Sale and Mills, Derby
Solomon, Israel, Piccadilly, Fruiterer. Aug 10. Oliver, Lincoln's inn fields
Taverneb, William, Snarestone, Leicester, Gentleman. July 31, Barnes and Russell,

Turner, Samuel, Nottingham, Laoo Manufacturer. July 31. Thorpe and Thorpe,

Wailes, Francis, Beacon Banks, near E.isingwold, York, Banister at Law. July 2 Dyson, York

Wright, William, Norbury, Clapham pk rd, Chapham. July 31. Hewitt, Nicholas lane

[Gazette, Juno 30.]

Barlow, Maby Ann, Manchester. Aug 31. Jones, Manchester
Baskbtt, Helen, Ryde, I.W. Aug 12. Urry and Thirkell, Ryde

Birkett, Daniel, St Mary Cray, Kent, Esq. Aug 1. Soames and Thompson, Moorpate st

Conner, John Charles, "West Ham, Essox, Gent. July 20. Parish, Gt Winchester st
Connolly, William, Liverpool, Cotton Dealer. July 26. Madden, Liverpool
Cooper, Sophia, Balsall Heath, Worcester. Aug" 14. Milward and Co, Birmingham
Elliott, Jambs, Kingston upon Hull, out of business. Aug 1. Reed and Winter, Hull
Gold, Thomas, Westbury upon Trym, Gloucester, Nurseryman. Sept 16. Meade-
King and Bigg, Bristol
Hackbtt, Mary, Burton rd, Brixton. Aug 15. Sutcliffe and Summers, New Bridge st
Hardwick, John, Anerley st, Battersea, Gent. Aug 19. Shaen and Co, Bedford row
Hartwright, William, Acton Beauchamp, Worcester, Farmer. Aug 17. Norris and

Miles, Tenbury
Hornbb, Ann, Boston. Aug 30. Jebb and Son, Boston

Jackson, Thomas, Deepdale, nr Scarborough, Farmer. July 21, Watts and Kitching,

Johnson, John, Sheffield, Coach Trimmer. Aug 1. Binney and Co, Sheffield
Jones, Charles Collieb, Epsom. Aug 12. Postans and Landons. New Broad st
Macdonald, James William, Rochester sq, Gent. June 31. Allingham, Old Broad st
Mainwabing, Jank Susanna, Bath. Aug 15. Martineau and Reid, Raymond bldgs,
Gray's inn

Marshall, Elizabesh, Boston, Lincoln. Aug 30. Jebb and Son, Boston

Millner, Richard Holt, Lowton, nr New ton-le-Wil lows, Lancastar, Gent. Aug 30.

Hulton and Co, Bolton Montagu, Lord Geobge Francis, Washington, U.S.A., Secretary at British Legation.

Aug 10. Williams and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Newmarch, William, Nightingale lane, Clapham Common, Esq. Aug 15. Devonshire,

Frederick's pi, Old Jewry Nickolson, William, Southwiok, Sussex, Gent. July 31. Verrall, Brighton Nurse, Charles Thomas, Cambridge st, Edgware rd. Dealer. July 31. Allingham,

Old Broad st

Perridge, Thomas, Doptford, Cigar Importer. Aug 5. Crowdy and Co, Serjeants* inn. Pbicb, Emily. Elizabeth, Batb, July 31. Evans, Eostcucap

Robskts, William, Chester. July 21. Mason and Caldecntt, Chester
Robiksox, Maey Fbancks, Bocking, Essex. Aug 23. Veley and Cuunington, Braintree
Robinson, TnoMAS, Sevenoaks, Kent, Gent. Aug 1. King and Peto( Abchurch lane
Bhebidax, Elizabeth, The Poplars, Twickenham. Aug 1. Peacock and Co, Liverpool
Stansfield, Abeahax, Todmonlen, York, Nurseryman. Aug 21. Blomley and Son,

Williams, Peteb, Denbigh, Gardener. Aug 1. Cobbett and Co, Manchester
Wilson, John, Reighton, York, Farmer. July 21. Watts and Kitching, Scarborough
Ween, Chbistopheb, Brighton, Auctioneer. Aug 27. Woods and Dempster, Brighton

ftfoseffcj, July i.]


July 6.—Bill Read a Second Time.


Bill* in Committee.

Supreme Court of Judicature Acts Amendment; Highway Bates and Expenditure.

Bill Etad a Third Time. Tramways Provisional Orders.

July 7.—Bill* Read, a Second Time. Private Bills.—Stourhead Settled Estates ; West Metropolitan Tramways; East and West Yorkshire Union Railways; Maryport District and Harbjur. Bill in Committee.

Stolen Goods.

Bills Read a Third Time. Private, Bills.—Earl of Aylesford's Kstates; Maharajah Du'eep Singh's Estates; JlainVtone and Asbford Railway; London, Tilbury, and Southend Railway; South London Market. Cathedral Statutes; Merchant Shipping (Colonial Inquiries).

July 10.— Bill* Read a Third Time. Private Bills.—Cranbrook and Paddock Wood Railway (Extension to Hawkhnrst): Whitehaven Harbour and Dock; Todmorden Water; C;'"rinircross and Waterloo Electric Railway; St, Helen's (Corporation) Water; Great Western Rail war (No. 2); Great Eastern Railway. Supreme Court of Judicature Aots Amendment.

July 11.—Bill* Read a Second Time. Baths and Wash-houses Acts Amendment; Metropolitan Board of Works (Money).

Bill in Committee. Judgments (Inferior Courts).

Bill* Read a Third Time. Private Bills.—Workington Dock and Harhonr; North Metropolitan Tramways; Metropolitan and District Railways (City Lines and Extensions) (an amendment to be proposed); Norwood District Tramways; Lydd Railway (Extensions). Justice?' Jurisdiction.

July 12.—Royal Assent.
The following Bills reoeived the Royal Assent:—Publio Health (Fruit
Pi kers' Lodgings); Places of Worship Sites Amendment; Boiler Explosions;
Petty Sessions (Ireland) ; Election of Representative Pe°rs (Ireland) ; High-
way Rate Assessment and Expenditure; Prevention of Crime (Ireland); Local
Government Boards Provisional Order Confirmation (Nos. 8, 9, and 11) ; Gas
Orders Confirmation; Water Orders Confirmation ; Tramway Orders Confir-
mation (No. 3); Eduration Department Provisional Order Confirmation (West
Ham, ftc.); Metropolitan Markets (Fi-h, &c.); Oswaldtwistls Local Board;
Accrington Corporation Tramways; Westgate and Birchington Gas; Coventry
and District Tramways; Cheadle Railway (Abandonment); Rothwell Gas;
Bury and Tnttington District Railway; Highland Railway; Maidstone and
Ashfnrd Railway; Great North of Scotland (Buckie Extension) Railway;
Oxford Gas; Swansea Tramways; London and North-Western Railway;
Midland Railway; South Staffordshire Mines Drainage; Cranbrook and
Paddock Wood Railway; Whitehaven Harbour and Dock; Tottenham and
Edmonton Gas; Milford Docks (Further Power); New Quay and District
Water; Seacombe and Dee S'de Railway; Pa^ham Looal Board; Norih-
ampton Street Tramways; Liskeard and Caradon Railway; Carnarvon
(Morfa-common) ; Greenwich and Millwall Subway; Forth Biidge Railway;
Hull Fztension and Improvement; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire
Railway, and Cheshire Lines; Edinburgh Street Tramways; Taff Vale Rail
way; North Metropolitan Tramways; Qoeenetown Waterworks.

July 6.—Bill* Read a Second Time.
Private Bills.—Oxford Gas; Swansea Tramways Extensions.

Bi//» Read a Third Time.
Private Bill.—South Stifford-.Mre Mines Drainage.
Public Offices; Bills of Exchange.

iVcw Bills.

Bill to repeal so muoh of the Friendly Societies Act, 1875, as relates to quinquennial returns of sickness and mortality (Mr. H. Gladstone).

Bill to amend the Beer Dealers' Retail Licenses Act, 1880 (Mr. Ritchie).

July 7.— Bills Read a Second Time. Private Bills.—London and North-Western Railway ; Midland Railway

July 10.—Bills Read a Second Time. Beer Dealers' Retail Licenses Act (1880) Amendment; Lunacy Regulation Amendment.

Bill in Committee.


Bill Read a Third Time. Private Bill.—Cyfarthfa, Works.

[blocks in formation]

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. July 17.—Mr. Arthur Jackson, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Propertiai (tie

advertisement, July 1, p 3). July 17.—Messrs. 8bdowick, Son, & Weall, a', the Mart, at 2 p.m., Leasehold

Property, Reversions, &o. (sfe advertisement July 8, D. 4). July 18.—Messrs. Debenham, Tbwson, Farmer, & BRtooBWATsa, sttha Mart, at 2 p.m., Fro hold E-tateB (see advertissmnots, Jane 10, pp. 11 and 12). Julv 18.—Messrs. Driver & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estate («s

advertisement, June 24, p. 4). July 19.—Messrs. Edwin Fox & Bousfield, at ths Mart, at 2 p.m., Freeholl

and Leasehold Properties (see advertisements, July 1, p. 4). Jnly 19 and 20.—Messrs. Marsh, Milner, & Co., at the Mart. Reversions,

Policies, &o. (see advertisement. July 8, p. 4). July 20.—Messrs. Debenham, Tewson, Farmer, & Bridokwater, at the Mart, at 1 p.m., Freehold Building Estates (see adveniiements, Jans 10, p. 19J. Jnly 21.-Messrs. Farerkother, Ellis, Clark. & Co., at Carlisle, at 2 p.m.,

Freehold Properties (see advertisement. June 10, p. 14). July 21.—Messrs. Norton, Trist, Watnev, & Co . at the Mart, Freehili Estates (seeadvertisement, June 10, p. 16, and June 17, p. 4).


Foster.—July 7, at 27, Osbaldeston-road, Stamford-hill, N., ths wife of F. A.

Foster, solicitor, of a son. Pearson.—July 11, at Westgarth, Malton, Yorks, the wife of Hugh W. Painon,

solicitor, of a daughter. Radcliffe —Jul? 7, at 4, Oxford and Cambridge Msnsions, N.W., ths win of

Francis R. V. Raloliffe, barrister-a'-law, of a son. Stephens.—July 4, at Stonehouse, Oim., the wife of William f

of a daughter.


Woodruff—Hbwett.—June 6, at Norton Fit/.warren Church, Cambsiluil, Henry Woodruff, B.C.L., of Lincoln's-irn, barrister-at-law, to Emily Louisa, daughter of the late W. H. Hawett, of Norton Court, Tauntoa.


Rvall.—July 9, 1881, at Harrington-road, South Kensington, Gewie J»m«s Rysll, Judge of the B.C.C., Lahore, Punjab, and La* Lertirer of ths Labors University, aged 41.

The Midland Railway Company of Canada announce the issue of £610,800 mortgage bonds, bearing interest at five per cent, per annum. Subscription price £95 per £100 bond. The principal repayable at par in tl irty years. £456,700 ot the above is for the purpose of redeeming existing issues of mortgage bonds, and the balance is required to pay for the construction of w« Toronto and Ottawa line.

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