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spare labor in writing their opinions; but there is occasionally a little looseness of argument which makes us prefer their conclusions to their reasons.

Mowry v. City of Providence, p. 53. At a town meeting in 1708 the proprietors of a tract of land dedicated it as a burying-ground and trainingground for the benefit of the people of the town; and the plaintiff claimed title in 1870 to a portion of the land by adverse possession. The court held that there might be a valid partial dedication, that the above vote constituted a dedication or gift to charitable use, and that title by adverse possession might be acquired in the land.

Remington v. Sheldon, p. 218. The defendants stored carriages in their barn for a certain sum. The roof of the barn fell in from the weight of

Held, that the defendants were liable if they knew, or had reason to know in the exercise of ordinary care, that the building was unsafe. The fact that the building was not reasonably fit for such storage would not necessarily render them liable. Pierce v. Proprietors of Swan Point Cemetery, p. 227. “Let's talk of graves,

of worms, and epitaphs,

Let's choose executors and talk of wills,
And yet not so, - for what can we bequeath,

Save our deposed bodies to the ground?” The daughter of a deceased person brought a bill in equity against her mother who had removed the body from the lot in which it was buried thirteen years previously with the widow's cousent, which lot had descended to the daughter as heir, and the bill prayed restoration and an injunction against further interference. A very lively and learned discussion took place as to the right of property in dead bodies. The counsel for the respondent urged that the religious sentiments of the dead had not been violated, as creeds were for the living; and that with the new light vouchsafed to him the deceased's predilection for the Unitarian Association (in whose lot he was buried) might have become impaired. There was no property in dead bodies; and the complainant's remedy was trespass q. c. f. (not de bonis asportatis). Contra, the counsel for the complainant that if the ecclesiastical law, under which there was no such property, was in force, in Rhode Island a disturbance might be expected in the grave of Roger Williams himself. The court examined the civil, canon, and common law at length, and held that though there was no right of property in a dead body, yet there was a quasi property which equity would protect.

Hubbard v. Farnden Express Co., p. 244. The defendants, who were common carriers, received goods on April 10, 1861, and failed to deliver them in consequence of their seizure at Savannah, at the end of April, by the Confederate Government for non-payment of Confederate duties. The references to writers on international law are rather meagre; but the American cases are discussed at considerable length by the court, which held that the relation of the North and South to each other in the late war was that of public enemies, that the war began in Georgia before the end of April, and that the carriers were not liable.

Stafford v. City of Providence, p. 567. Land was taken by the water commissioners of the city. At the trial evidence of B. was admitted that he had

appraised certain land at three times its former value, because its value had been enhanced by the location of a reservoir in the neighborhood; and the court held that it was within the discretion of the judge to admit the evidence. It was also laid down that the jury might consider any increase of value which owners might rightfully expect from any agitated or future possible improvement: if the probability of making certain roads has entered into the value, the jury should not exclude it.

Compare Burt v. Wigglesworth, decided in Massachusetts at the March term, 1875. Ross v. North Providence, p. 461, seeins to be opposed to Burt v. Brigham, decided in Massachusetts at the said March term.

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