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members, but more like 7,000, and of these, of course, only a small proportion, done so, the amount collected in subscriptions in that year had been larger unfortunately, found the profession such a success as they would wish it to than it had been before. The secretary, Mr. Scott, who was a most able and be. Henco arose the necessity for a benevolent association, and i was excellent secretary and gave his heart and soul to the work of the associamodelled more or less on the lines of the Solicitors' Benevulent Association. tion, came to him and thought they would get very little, and he (Mr. As had been rightly said, the Barristers' Benevolent Association was a Morten Cotton) was extremely surprised at the amount collected to-night, younger association, and its funds were less, but the necessity for it had and tendered his thanks to the generous donors. The trusts of the Victorian been pressed upon the members of the bar. He hoped the two branches of Pension Fund were for the profession generally without reference to any the profession would always stand by one another. He objected to the term particular members. The Solicitors’ Benevolent Fund wis administered (lower” branch, and would prefer to say the other branch of the profession. first to those who were its members, and afterwards for the general benefit He believed the motto, " United we stand, divided we fall," might very well of the profession. The funds were kept separate, and thera was no difficulty be applied to them.

whatever in their administration. But there was now the society which the Mr. G. P. ALLEN submitted the health of " The Incorporated and other Solicitors' Benevolent Association had for years been trying to get to Law Societies of England and Wales," speaking of the value of the work amalgamate with them, but unfortunately there were difficulties in the way. done by the Incorporated Law Society for the profession throughout the That society was limited to the relief of necessitous members of the country. That the Iocorporated Law Society did a great work he was in a profession in the metropolis and the vicinity. He hopei in time the position to assert, because, for one year, he had been an honorary member of amalgamation would be brought about, and the funds would be combined, the council consequent on his being President of the Manchester Law and so be administered with one set of machinery. The cases which came Society, and he bad had the opportunity of seeing what an enormous amount before the directors grieved their hearts. They had invested the Victorian of work the couscil of the society got through. When they came to consider Pension Fund, and it provided an income of £240 a year. This had bsen that the council was composed of gentlemen who were engaged in the most divided into six pensions, two of £50 each, two of £25, and two of £20. active pursuit of their profession, whose time was most precious, and who, The directors did all they could to select the most deserving cases, and this notwithstanding that, gave all the time that was necessary for attending to involved great trouble and labour. It was most distressing to see the cases the interests of the profession generally, they would agree that their services that were brought before them. were deserving of all gratitude, as they were of the greatest benefit to The toast was drunk upstanding with musical honours and three cheers. practitioners throughout the country. With regard to the law societies of The CHAIRMAN, in acknowledging the compliment, said that he couli England and Wales generally, they did in the first instance what was right desire nothing more in his professional career than that he should so pass and proper in the interest of the profession generally in their own district. through it as to be thought to occupy a worthy place in it. In the second place they had very large committees, the result being that A selection of music was efficiently performed under the direction of they included, as a rule, the leading practitioners of the district. As a conse Mr. Arthur Thompson, by Miss Bessie Grant, Master Willie Gammage, Mr. quence, a bond of fellowship was created which was of very great service not Walter Coward, Mr. Albert James, Mr. Arthur Thompson, Mr. Robert only to themselves, but also to all the practitioners in the district they had Hilton; accompanyist, Mr. J. Kift. to control. When any point of importance arose which required to be decided it was referred to the committee of the society, who dealt with it ;

LAW ASSOCIATION. and the societies were of very great service to the profession. Mr. Thomas EGGAR (president of the Sussex Law Society) returned thanks.

A meeting of the directors was held at the hall of the Incorporated Law He said the provincial law societies were greatly indebted to the Incorporated Society on Thursday, the 16th inst., Mr. Robert Josiah Pead in the chair. Law Society for the assistance and encouragement they received from the The other directors present were : Mr. C. Burt, Mr. S. J. Daw, Mr. L. central authority. He was not sure that the provincial societies did all they Desborough, Mr. 8. 1. Hargrove, Mr. H. C. Nisbet, Mr. R. H. Peacock, do a little more sometimes to strengthen the hands of the central authority admitted to the association ; and other general business transacted. could or all they might in the way of reciprocity: He thought they might Mr. Sidney Smith, Mr. J. Vallance, and Arthur Carpenter (secretary). A

sum of £785 was distributed in grants of relief; two new members were When they thought what the Incorporated Law Society did for the profession at large, it was a matter of astonishment that so comparatively small a proportion of the total number of solicitors on the rolls were members. He thought this was a matter that really ought to be remedied, and that they should do more by membership to support and strengthen the hands of

LEGAL NEWS. the central society. He was afraid they got a little bit slack in the country at all events, by leaving things to be attended to by the council in London.

OBITUARY. They looked after the interests of the country solicitors very well, but the country solicitors might help them more than they did. He could not sit Solicitor to the Inland Revenue. He was the son of the Røv. Stephen

The death is announced of Mr. STEPHEN Dowell, formerly Assistant down without speaking of Mr. Howlett, who was one of the greatest sup. Wilkinson Dowell, and was educated at Cheltenham College, Highgate porters of the Association, and it gave him great gratification that he School, and Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where, in the year 1854. he was restored to health.

The Chairman gave the health of “The Visitors.” He said they had gained an honorary fourth class in law and history, and in the following amongst them two distinguished members of that great profession of Fear took his degree. After leaving Oxford he was articled to Mr. R. medicine which was so closely associated with all works of charity, Mr. appointed Assistant Solicitor to the Board of Inland Revenue, a post he Hy. Power and Mr. Bukston Browne. He had been puzzling his brains as retained till August, 1896. Mr. Dowell was well known as the author of to which of the great professions, law or medicine, had been the greatest valuable works on the stamp laws and income and house taxes, and by his benefit to mankind. Without law and order man would be very little better

“History of Taxation and Taxes in England." than a savage, with no protection for home and property, and with no rights. Civilisation, as we understand it, could not exist. He was sure, therefore, that there was no greater blessing to any free nation than righteous law

APPOINTMENTS. rightly administered. Then, on the other hand, what did we not owe to Mr. F. H. MELLOR, barrister-at-law, has been appointed Recorder of that great profession of medicine and to the great men who had devoted Preston, in the place of Mr. H. W. Worsley Taylor, Q.O., resigned. their lives to it? What a splendid record was theirs of unwearied effort and great result! If they took only the discoveries they had made during Associate of the Midland Circuit, in succession to the late Mr. Cox.

Mr. SPENCER LANGTON HOLLAND, barrister-at-law, has been appointed the last century—there was that great discovery of anæsthetics, which had eaved so much suffering and so many lives. Then there was that other Mr. HENRY ATTLBE, solicitor, of 10, Billiter-square, has been elected discovery of antiseptic treatment, and, last, that strange discovery of those Member of the Council of Haileybury College, in the place of the late rays which seemed to search out all hidden secrets of the frame, and enabled Baron Dimsdale, deceased. surgeons to do what no one had thought possible. He for one thought that Mr. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, advocate, of the Scottish Bar, has been if we were to place high in the ranks of fame those conquerors who had appointed a Queen's Counsel. brought destruction and death in their train, we ought to place as high in rank those whose labours had given health to the nations. He knew no

INFORMATION WANTED. nobler lot than that of the surgeon and the physician. They knew their labours were heavy and their anxieties many. They had their daily reward Sea, Essex, widow, and proprietor of "The City Type Foundry," No.

Mrs. Eliza Morton, of “The Vinery," Pleasant-road, Southend-onin pain and suffering relieved, in health restored, in comfort brought to some troubled home, and he hoped they would believe that not only in this room,

167, City-road, London, deceased. Any persons having knowledge of a but universally, that to the noble profession to which they belonged, and will made by the above-named Mrs. Eliza Morton are requested to comall who luboured in it, unbounded gratitude and thanks were given.

municate with the undersigned. Todd, Dennes, & Lamb, solicitors, 22, Mr. Hy. POWER, F.R.C.S., returned thanks.

Chancery-lane, London, and Alexandra-street, Southend-on-Sea. Mr. H. MORTEN COTTON (chairman of the Board of Directors) proposed the health of “ The Chairman.' He said that Mr. Addison attained the highest

GENERAL. honour in the profession last year when he became president of the Incor The honorary degree of LL.D. was conferred by the University of pora'eu Law Society. It was an exceptional year, and they had wanted a Cambridge on Wednesday on the Right Hon. Sir Nathaniel Lindley, man to represent them, and they were most worthily represented by Mr. Master of the Rolls. Addison. He had found time to devote himself to a charity which was of the greatest value to the profession-the Victorian Pension Fund. He (Mr. Western Circuit, Mr. Justice Byrne will on Wednesdays, the 22nd and

It is stated that during the absence of Mr. Justice Wright on the Morten Cotton) had been a little behind the scenes after the council bad 29th inst., take any urgent company cases for him. determined to hand the fund over to the Solicitors' Benevolent Association, and he would assure them that no one could tell the pains Mr. Addison

At the Bedford Quarter Sessions, on Tuesday, it was announced that had taken abont it. The fund amounted to £8,585, which was a very hand- Mr. J. T. Abdy, who had been Recorder of Bedford for twenty-eight some sum, and notwithstanding that it was raised last year, the funds of the years, has tendered his resignation. association, which one would have imagined would have suffered, had not The presentation to Mr. Justice Phillimore of the silver model of a

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ship, subscribed for by the faembers of the bar practising in the Admiralty that part of the law he detested. Was it the law of the Court of Appeal? Court, in commemoration of bis recent elevation to the bench was to tako of that he was too modest to speak. He could, therefore, only assume place at the judge's private residence at Eaton-place on Thursday last. the position of a sort of advocate of them all—solicitors and bar as well.

During the hearing of a case in Mr. Justice Grantham's court on The one feature of our system which he desired to preserve was the absolute Monday, says the Times, neither of the counsel briefed for the defendant independence of judges and counsel alike. That independence had were in court, and his lordship, on being informed that one of them was recently been strikingly manifested, not in this country, but in one of the addressing a jury in another court, permitted the solicitor to cross Queen's dependencies, by a glorious act of which the profession might examine the plaintiff.

reasonably be ud. In coupling the toast with the Attorney-General, The Dublin correspondent of the Times says that the secretary of the he said there never was a better Attorney-General. Incorporated Law Society has been informed that the Government intends The fifteenth report of the Comptroller of Patents, Designs, and Trade to abandon the clause in the Solicitors (Ireland) Bill which legalised the Marks has been published. It states that the applications for patents in appearance at petty session courts of clerks as representing public depart- 1897 numbered 37,958, of which about 6,000 were for inventions connected ments in minor prosecutions. The concession is made in deference to the with cycling. This number represented an increase of 765, or 2.5 per unanimous wish of the solicitors of Ireland.

cent., as compared with an increase in the year 1896 of 5,131, or 20-5 per The judicial business of the House of Lords was resumed on cent. The total number of specifications received in 1897 showed an Tuesday. The present list, says the Times, consists of twenty cases, of increase of 1,862, or 4:9 per cent., upon those of 1896, and this was the which thirteen are English and seven are Scotch appeals, there being none normal rate of increase." When the Patents Act of 1883 first came into from Ireland. There are no less than twelve cases awaiting judgment at force, and the initial fees were reduced from £25 to £4, it was thought the hands of the law lords, among them being the betting appeal of probable that the average value of the patents granted would be Powell v. Kempton Park Racecourse Co.

diminished in a corresponding degree, es trivial inventions, upon which Among those who have accepted the invitation of the treasurer (Master formerly it had not been worth while to pay high fees, would in future be Lewis Coward) and the benchers of Gray's-inn to dine on Wednesday, made the subject of patents. The accuracy of this presumption could the 22nd of June, are H.R.H. Prince Christian, the Duke of Richmond now to some extent be tested, and it appeared that the percentage of and Gordon, the Earl of Coventry, the Earl of Morley, and the Earl of sealed patents which ran for fourteen years had fallen from 6 to 4-5 per Camperdown. H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught will dine with his brother cent. Of foreign applications, the largest number came from Germany benchers on the same evening.

and the United States of America, which contributed 2,459 and 3,084, as The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council resumed their sittings on against 2,172 and 2,725 respectively in 1896. Japan, from which'uo Tuesday. There are, says the Times, 12 Indian appeals for hearing-viz., applications were received in 1896, sent five in 1897, the same number as from Bengal 5, Allahabad 3, Oude 2, and Lower Burma and Bombay in 1895; but China, from which nine were received in 1896, sent only 1 each. A list of Colonial appeals to be heard will be issued later on. three. The total number of applications for the registration of tradeThere are also 9 judgments in Indian and Colonial cases to be delivered, marks during the year (including 100 applications to the Cutlers' in addition to their lordships' judgment on the special reference in relation Company of Sheffield) was 10,624, as compared with 9,466 applications in to the scheme of the Charity Commissioners in regard to St. Paul's School, the previous year. During the same period 3,695' trade -marks were the arguments in which were heard in June, 1896.

advertised, and 3,358 trade-marks registered. During the hearing of a special jury case last week, Mr. Justice Grantham said that he was sorry to inconvenience the gentlemen of the jury and the learned counsel and others, but an application had just been made to him to take a holiday to day because there was no court for him

THE PROPERTY MART. to sit in. However, he thought it more important that work should be

SALES OF THE ENSUING WEEK. done even if there was inconvenience, and he proposed to sit to-day in his June 20: -Messrs. ALFRED SAVILL & Son, at the Mart, at 1, a Valuable Freehold Resi

dential Property known as Moor Hall, Harlow, Essex, comprising a very substantially own room to take special jury cases. He thought it his duty to do so, built and most comfortable Family Mansion, containing 20 bed and dressing-rooms, & : and he hoped that it would make someone alter (this enormous building, very fine library, picturesque park and woodland; the whole embracing an area of as the present state of things was a perfect scandal. "He might add that

about 123 acres. Solicitors, Messrs. Pemberton & 'Cope, London. (See advertisement,

June 4, p. 5.) on the previous day two judges, who would have formed a Divisional June 20. -- Messrs. Grant, Wheldon, & Co., at the Mart, at 1, the Beneficial Lease of Court, were not sitting because there was no court for them.

the Shop and House, No. 47, Addison-road North, Holland Park, two doors from HolCall-night during the present Trinity Term (the 22nd inst.) will, says

land Park-avenue. Solicitors, Messrs. Wilson, Wallis, & Co., London.-The corner the Westminster Gazette, be memorable for Lincoln's-inn, as, with its list

House, No. 289, Cornwall-road, Notting Hill, producing £75 per annum. Solicitors,

Messrs. Bannister, Williams, & Ram, London. (See advertisements, June 4, p. 9.), of forty-four proposals, it once more leads the four Inns of Court in June 20.—Messrs. WEATHERALL & Green, at the Mart, at 1, in One Lot, Eight Freehold point of numbers--a position which has latterly been enjoyed by the

Houses, one with shop, at Dartford, producing £145 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs. Inner Temple. The two Temples (Inner and Middle) between them only

Wm. Blark & Co., London. -Detached Residence known as Gladesmuir, Upper Rich.

mond-road, Mortlake, value £65 per annum ; also the nearly similar Residence, let at muster fifty-seven, thirteen falling to Gray's-inn. The parentage of the £52 10s. per annum.- Detached Residence, 305, Seven Sisters-road, Stamford-hill. candidates, which is screened in the dining-halls of the Inne, reveals all The Residence, No. 1, Taviton-street, Gordon-square, of the estimated value of £130 sorts and conditions of men. Only 12 per cent. of the entire number

per annum; possession on completion of the purchase. Solicitor, W. B. Styer, Esq., 113-of those desirous of joining the charmed circle of gentlemen of the June 21.—Messrs. Be adel, Wood, & Co., at the Mart, at 2, Freehold Residential Estate long robe are the sons of barristers, and one solicitor forsakes the one in the parish of Hunsdon, about 20 miles from London, comprising a moderate-sized branch for the other.

mansion, picturesquely situate in a well-timbered park, comprising an area of 938 At the rising of the court on Wednesday Mr. Justice Byrne, addressing

acres. Solicitors, Messrs. Upton, Atkey, & Co., London.-Freehold Residential Estate,

known as Hargrave, half a mile from Stanstead Station on the Great Eastern Railthe bar, said : Mr. Ward, the senior registrar, is sitting to-day for the last

way main line, comprising a modern mansion, standing in a beautifully timbered time preparatory to the retirement which he has so well earned, and I park, surrounded by pleasure grounds, comprising 72 acres. Solicitors, Messrs. Johnshould not like him to go without thanking him for the courtesy and

sons, Long, & Williamson, London. (See advertisements, this week, p. 5). assistance which he has always afforded me, both at the bar and eince I June 21:-Messrs. DEBENHAM, TEwson, FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER, at the Mart, at 2,

Residential Property at Shooter's-hill, Kent, of about 4) acres, comprising Residence have been on the bench. I believe I am expressing the sentiments of the on two floors, with lofty rooms; held from the Crown for about 67 years unexpired, whole of the Chancery bar in wishing him happiness in his retirement.

at a moderate rent. Solicitors, Messrs. Clarke, Rawlins, & Co., London.-Freehold Mr. Warmington, Q.C., the senior Queen's Counsel present, said he

Family Residence, Buxton House, Snaresbrook, with charming old gardens about an

acre in extent, about half a mile from Snaresbrook Station. The property has long should like to associate himself and his brethren with what his lordship frontages abutting on the Forest, which might be utilized for the erection of additional had said. The bar, especially the juniors, stood in a peculiar position residences. Solicitor, Charles G. Scott, Esq., London.-Bijou Town House, Portmantowards the registrar, and the junior bar had been saved much anxiety street, Portman-square; held direct from the Portman Estate. Solicitor, H. R. A. and trouble by Mr. Ward. He did not think any member of the bar had

Maclean, Esq., Londun.-Freehold Town House, Charles-street, Berkeley-square ; let

at £450. Solicitors, Messrs. Dawson, Bennett, & Ryde, and Messrs. Marson, Son, & ever applied to the registrar without receiving the greatest kindness and Haigh, London. (See advertisements, June 4, p. 2.) assistance. He hoped Mr. Ward would live many years to enjoy his well- June 22.-Messrs. Doualas Young & Co., at the Mart, at 2, Two Freehold Houses, at earned repose. Mr. N. Ward bowed his acknowledgments.

Chadwell Heath, Essex, a short distance from the station, producing £39 per annum.

Solicitors, Messrs. Gard, Hall, & Rook, London.-A Block of Shop Property, kaown The following officers and standing committees have recently been as Nos. 14 to 17, Tower-street, Upper St. Martin's-lane, W.C ; all let, producing a appointed by the General Council of the Bar: Chairman-Mr. H. H. total of $330 16s. per annum. A Leasehold House, Gilmore-road, Lewisham, rental Cozens-Hardy, Q.C., M.P. ; vice-chairman, Mr. Joseph Walton, Q.C.; £26 per annum; Leasehold Residence, Brooke-road, Stoke Newington, let at £38 Executive Committee - Mr. E. Tindal Atkinson, Q C., Mr. William

per annum; Leasehold Weekly House, Kimberley-road, Clapham, producing £11

per annum. Messrs. Brighton & Lemon, London.-Four Weekly Houses at WandsPickford, Q.C., Mr. Vernon R. Smith, Q.C., Mr. William Graham, Mr. worth, producing £182 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs. Mann & Crimp, London. (See T. T. Methold, and Lord Robert Cecil; Professional Conduct Committee advertisements, June 4, p. 5.) -Mr. F. A. Bosanquet, Q.C., Mr. J. F. P. Rawlinson, Q.C., Mr. O. Leigh June 22. Messrs. Ell.16 & Sos, at the Mart, at 2. Two Leasehold Town Residences,

held direct from the Portland Estate, situated in Harley-street. Solicitors, Messrs. Clare, M.P., Mr. Ü. F. Gill, Mr. Yarborough Anderson, Mr. H. D. Farrer & Co., London. (See advertisement, this week, p. 586.). Bonsey, and Mr. R. F. Norton; Business and Procedure Committee-Mr. June 23 and 24.---Messrs. Srimson & Sons, at the Mart, at 2 o'clock each day, Two Days' Montague Crackanthorpe, Q.C., Mr. F. 0. Crump, Q.C., Mr. G. Pitt

Sale of Freehold Ground-rents, Euston-road, St. Pancras, amounting to £1,597 9s. per Lewis, Q.C., Mr. C. Swipfen Eady, Q.C., Mr. English Harrison, Q.C.,

annum, with early reversions. Solicitors, Messrs. Tyrrell Lewis, Lewis, & Broadbent,

London. (See advertisement, June 4, p. 10) Mr. E. W. Garrett, and the Hon. Frank Russell; Court Buildings Com June 23.–Messrs. FARKBROTHEN, Ellis, Egenton, Breacu, Galswortus, & Co., at the mittee-Mr. C. M. Warmington, Q.C., Mr. E. L. Levett, Q.C., Mr. H.

Mart, at 2, valuable Freehold Property, situated at the corner of Gray's-inn-road and Bargrave Deane, Q.C., Mr. J. E. H. Bern, Mr. T. R. Bridgwater, Mr.

Harrison-street. Solicitors, Messrs. Paines, Blyth, & Huxtable, London. (See adLancelot Sanderson, Mr. Guy Stephenson.

vertisement, this week, p. 586.)

June 23.-Messrs. C. C. & T. Moore, at the Mart, at 2, Two Leasehold Houses at PadIn proposing the toast of "The Profession of the Law" at the Mansion dington, let at £103 per annum; Four Freehold Houses in Whitechapel-road, let at House banquet ou Wednesday, Viscount Esher said that this was the £100 per annum. Solicitor, D. Á. Romain, Esq., London - Freehold Shop, Stationthirtieth year at which successively he had been present at this dinner,

road, Plaistow, let at £33 per annum; the Five adjoining Dwelling-houses, let at £130

per annum; Five Freehold Dwelling houses, let at £116 per annum.' Solicitors, but this was the first time that he had been asked to meet her Majesty's Messrs. Freeman & Eons, London.-Five Leasehold Houses in Abbey-lane, Stratford, judges. He had been asked to propose “ The Profession of the Law,' let at £78 per annum; Freehold Dwelling-house, at Plaistow, let at £13 per annum. but he thought they had already heard enough about the law. But what

Solicitor, Robert T. Wragg, Exq., London.-- Leasehold Houses, 25 and 26, South

grove, Mile End-road, let at 108. each per week; the Leasehold Corner Premises, St. law? Was it that of the House of Lords? Well, he often did not under George's-street, E. Solicitor, Charles Lind, Esq., London. (See advertisements, stand it. Was it that which was administered by Sir F. Jeune : Well, June 4, p. 8.)

Mr. Justice




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Monday, June
20 Mr. Rolt

Mr. Pugh
Mr. Beal












(Final List.)
Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice



Monday, June .........

Mr. Pemberton Mr. King

Mr. Jackson In re Perry Almshouses Charity, Winterbourne, Gloucestershire In re Tuesday



Charitable Trusts Act, 1853 to 1894, and Local Government Act, 1894 Wednesday.




Carrington app of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales from order of
Pemberton King

Jackeon Mr. Justice Stirling, dated Feb 2, 1898 April 26 Saturday. 25 Ward


Carrington In re Mary Ross Charity & Charitable Trusts Acts, 1853 to 1894 app of

the Churchwardens of the Parish of Hatfield from order of Mr. Justice CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES.

North, dated July 10, 1897 (restored by order)

In re Beckett Kett v Harrison app of defts A J Harrison & ors from
The following Judges will remain in Town:-KENNEDY, J., and Bigham, order of Mr. Justice North, dated Feb 2, 1898 April 26
J., during the whole of the Circuits; the other Judges till their respective Stainton v Hornsey app of deft from order of Mr Justice Romer, dated
Commission Days.

March 2, 1898 April 27 NOTICE.-In cases where no note is appended to the names of the Circuit The Alcoy & Gandia Ry & Harbour Co, id v Greenhill app of defts Towns both Civil and Criminal Business must be ready to be taken on the Lucien, Powell, & Co from order of Mr. Justice Stirling, dated April 14, first working day; in other cases the note appended to the name of the 1898 April 27 Circuit Town indicates the day before which Civil Business will not be In re Calcott & Elvin's Contract & V & P Act, 1874 app of T J Elvin taken. In the case of Circuit Towns to which two Judges go there will be from order of Mr. Justice Kekewich, dated March 31, 1898 April 29 no alteration in the old practice.

In re Norton Norton v Dawson app of plt from order of Mr Justice

Kekewich, dated April 5, 1898 April 30
In re Wheelock Wheelock v Medina & ors app of plts C H from order

of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated December 21, 1897 (recurity ordered) In re Registered Trade Marks, Nos 27,850 & 72,790 of John Batt & Co, &

Patents, Designs, &c Acts app of John Batt & Co from order of Mr

Justice Romer, dated April 21, 1898 (order not perfected) May 3
In re The Companies Acts, 1862 to 1890, & in re The New English Bank

of the River Plate, id app of B S Guinness from order of Mr Justice
Wright, dated April 21, 1898 May 4.
The Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co, ld v New Ixion Tyre and Cycle Co, id
app of pits from order of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated May 4, 1898 (order

not perfected) May 7
Hamilton v Major app of plt from order of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated

May 5, 1898 "May ii
Fieldon v Mayor, &c., of Morley app of plt from order of Mr Justice

Byrne, dated April 28, 1898 May 16
In re Clegg Colepeper v Colepeper app of dfts J Knight and anr from.

order of the President of Probate, &c, Division (sitting, &c) dated:

May 4, 1898 (order not perfected) May 16
Jacob v Jacob app of ple from order of Mr Justice Stirling, dated April.

5, 1898 May 16
In re Whalley Stables v Whalley app of H Inchbold & ors from order

of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated April 2, 1898 May 17 In re St John & Brako's Contract & V & P Act, 1874 app of E H E St

John from order of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated May 12, 1898 (order

not perfected) May 17 Morleg v Stanley app of plt from order of President of the Probate,

Divorce, & Admiralty Division (sitting, &c.), dated April 6, 1898

(order not perfected) May 18 Todd v Amyot app of plt from order of President of the Probate,

Divorce, & Admiralty Division (sitting, &c), dated April 1, 1898 (order not perfected) May 19 Lord Bagot v Viscount Clifden app of dft Viscount Clifden from order

of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated April 1, 1898 May 19
In re Worrall Worrall v Stuart app of plt from order of Mr Justice

North, dated March 3, 1898 May 19
The New Ixion Tyre, &c, Co, Id v Spilsbury app of dfts from order of
Mr Justice Kekewich, dated May 10, 1898 (order not perfected) May

In re The Stockport Ragged Industrial, &c, Schools app of Charity

Commrs, &c from order of Mr Justice Stirling, dated March 17, 1898

May 20
In re White Cridland v White app of dft E J White from order of Mr

Justice Kekewich, dated March 11, 1898 May 20
Darley v Beswick app of plt from order of Mr Justice Gorell Barnes

(sitting, &c) from order, dated Feb 16, 1898 May 20
Ecclesiastical Commrs, &c v Pinney app of plts from order of Mr Justice

Bigham (sitting, &c), dated May 13, 1898 (order not perfected) May 20 In re Protheroe & Phillips' Contract & V & P Act, 1874 app of FL

Phillips from order of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated April 22, 1898 May

23 In re Roworth Featherstone v Featherstone app of dfts M A Feather

stone & ors from order of Mr Justice Romer, dated Feb. 24, 1898 May In re The Hille India Rubber Cold Hille v The Hille India Rubber Co

id app of plt Heinrich Hille from order of Mr Justice Wright, dated

March 24, 1898 (order not perfected) May 23
In re Grindley Ciews v Grindley app of plt from order of Mr Justice

Kekewich, dated Jan 27, 1898 May 25
Boileau v Heath app of plt from order of Mr Justice Bigham (sitting, &c),

dated May 23, 1898 (order not perfected) May 25
Kingwell v MacAndrew app of plt from order of Mr Justice Bigham

(sitting, &c), dated May 20, 1898 (order not perfected) May 27

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In re The South Beach Land & Building Corpn, ld, & Co's Acts app of Žumbeck v Bradford act

Chadburn v Bladon act OR Owen and anr from order of Mr Justice Wright, dated May 4, 1898 Stedman v Carpenter act & mfj Sellars v Dalley act May 27

TP Lee & Co ld v TP Lee act Gellygaer School Board v Llangy. In re Craddock & Luck's Contract & V & P Act, 1874 app of vendors, Paine v Clements act

nider School Board act E Craddock & ors, from order of Mr Justice Kekewich, dated May 13, Weymss v Koollys act & mij

King v St Marliu's Syndicate, ld 1898 (order not perfected) May 27

In re Elliott Milnes y Hare act act Kennedy v Goad app of deft from order of Mr Justice Nortb, dated May T E Brinsmead & Sons ld v Lomax Fitch v Callingbam act 23, 1898 May 27

act & mfj

Smith v Rickard act

Kemp v Lowenfeld act

Nowell v Allen act
Pankhurst v Reed act

Wrigbt v Stanfield act
For Hearing.

Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co ld v Saccharin Corpn ld v Haines, Ward (Final List.)

Wedge Pneumatic Tyre Co ld

& Co act 1897.


Turnbull v Halford act (Sunder. Trent Cycle C, 11 v Duis app of dit from judgt of Mc Justice Philli. Bolton v Hall act

land DK) more, dated Dec 20, 1897, at trial without a jury, Middlesex Jan 12 Smith v Sbarp act

The Phønix Metal Die, &c, Co ld Mayor, &c of the Boro' of Thetford v County Council of Norfolk app of Cox v Manuelle act

v The Bostwick Gate & Shutter plts from judgt of Mr. Justice Wills, dated Dec 12, 1897, at trial Tanton v Bull act

Co ld act without a jury and cross notice of respts, dated March 18, 1898 Jan 21 Urban District Council of Chiswick C de Murrieta & Co ld v Mondel W Bartlett v H Mear3 & MA Box (trading, &c, a3 M A Box & Co)

v Arnold (J Whitaker 3rd party)

act (Crown Side) app of plt from judgt of Justices Day & Lawrance, dated act

Mendess v Benjamin act and Jan 19, 1898 Jan 27

Irvine v Irvine & Cold act

counter-claim W Bartlett v W A Pearson & M A Box (trading, &c, as M A Box & Co) Ross v Caseley act

Morgan v Owens act &mij (Crown side) app of plt from judgt of Justices Day & Lawrance, dated Atkins , King act (not before Sharp v Sharp act set down with. Jan 19, 1898 Jan 27

July 4)

out pleadings Stirling Cycle Works v Bowden & ors app. of plt from judgt of Mr Schwarz v Cape Colonization Cold Hinton v Wbiitle act Justice Kennedy, dated Jan 18, 1898, at a trial without a jury, Middle


J & W Nicholson & Co ld v Keene Bex Jan 28

Maison Helbronner ld v Duveen act & counter-claim Pettick Bros (respts) v The County Council of Doreet (applts) (Crown side)


Hunter v Lamb act & counter

claim app of applts from judgt of Justices Day & Lawrance, dated Jan 14, The Provident Clerks', &c Assoc v 1898 Jan 28

Wilson act &mfj

Hannan's Brownhill Central Gold New London Credit Syndicate ld v Neale & ors app of plts from judgt of Macarthur V. Macarthur act & Mines id v the Croes us South of Mr Justice Darling, dated Jan 15, 1898, at a trial without a jury,


United Gold Mines ld act Middlesex Feb 3

Chapman v Barnett act

Janes v Richardson act The Queen v London County Council (Crown side) app of Commrs from Dunbar v Dunbar act

Barwell v McMahon act judgt of Justices Day & Lawrance, dated Jan 11, 1898 Feb 3

Whittle v Morris act

Rosherville Gardens Cold , CurWalker v Tafft app of dst from judgt of the Lord Chief Justice, dated Walcott v Walcott act

nock act Dec 18, 1897, at trial without a jury, Middlesex Feb 4

Curre v Chepstow Water Co act Stodart v Nursey aut The Attorney-General v The Right Hon Earl Grey (Revenue) app of dit The Manchester Ship Canal Co v Nutt v Eiston act

from judgt of Justices Grantham & Channell, dated Dec 13, 1897 Company of Proprietors of Roch- Melin v Lesty act Feb 5

dale Canal act

British Motor Cold v Burgess Syer v Alder app of dft from judgt of Mr Justice Channell, dated Jan Akeroyd v Morley act & counter Cycle Cold act 21, 1898, at trial without a jury, Middlesex Feb 5


Gordon v Wright act Cole v Essex & anr app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew, dated Roche v Hobson act & mfj

Roberts v Gwyrfai District Council Jan 24, 1898, at trial without a jury, Middlesex Feb 8

Fleming v Loe act & counter act Simcoe v Pethick (Crown Side) app of dft from judgt of Justices Day &


Parker v Everett act Lawrance, dated Jan 14, 1898 Feb 9

Dingle v Coppen Coppen v Dingle Bear v Payne act Dymock v Showell's Brewery Co ld & anr app of dfts from judgt of Mr

act & counter-claim

Leigh v Fenwick & Co act Justice Kennedy, dated Jan 12, 1898, at trial without a jury, Liverpool Holland Chelsea Electricity

Arnold v Northamptonshire Union Feb 9.

Supply Co ld act without plead

Bank ld act The London & Universal Bank ld (in liquidation) v Sabow & Cu app. of


Plummer v Hawkins act dfts from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew, dated Jan 12, 1898, at trial Cox v Borthwick act

Livesay v Patent Gas Enrichment without a jury, Middlesex Feb 11

Wright v Davies act

Syndicate ld act A C Watson v1 H Holmes (Crown Side) app of_plt from judgt of Fitzgerald v Bransom, Kent, & Co, Coulthard Whitstable Oyster Justices Grantham and Channell, dated Dec 17, 1897 Feb 11

ld act

Fishery Co act CE Reynolds, &c (next friend) v H L Holloway (Crown Side) app of Chinnock v Rural District Council

plt from judgt of Justices Day & Lawrance, dated Jan 18, 1898 of Hartley Wintney act (plead Causes for Trial (without witnesses). Feb 11

ings to be delivered)

Watson v Bewes act The City of London Brewery Cold, applts v The Commrs of Inland Figgesg. v Same act (without Girling v Girling act Revenue, respts (Revenue) app of applts from judgt of Justices Gran. pleadings)

Trustee of J M Corderoy v Mastham and Channell, dated Dec 14, 1897 Feb 12

Phillips v Same act (without thews act & motn for judgt Bonner & anr v Tottenham & Edmonton Permanent Investment Building pleadings)

Goode v Higgs act (short) Soc. app. of plts from judgt of Mr Justice Channell, dated Feb 7, 1898, Chandebois v Burry act

In re Applications of J Crossfield & at trial without a jury, Middlesex Feb 12

Royal Sovereign Gold Mining Co, Sons, ld, Nos 204,165 & 204,302, Crane v Bevan (Sheppard, 3rd party) app of dft from jdgt of Mc Id v King act against dft TH & In re Oppositions by Lever Justice Channell, dated Feb 9, 1898, at trial without a jury, Middlesex


Bros, ld, No8 2,656 & 2,658 & Feb 15

Smith v Devon & Exeter Turkish Patents, &c, Acis motn ordered Bennett (wife, &c) v Slater & anr app of plt from jdgt of Mr Justice

Bath Cold act

to go into Non-witness List Mathew, dated Jau 26, 1898, at trial without å jury, Middlesex Pilley Shaw act (without plead

Chowne v Cutler act &mfi Feb 15


Wheatley v Rainsford af j (short) Brown Sharpington app of dft from jdgt of Mr Justice Chanuell, dated The Earl's Court Hotels ld v Evans Jan 25, 1898, at trial without a jury, Middlesex Feb 17


Adjourned summonses. Taylor & aare Gearyapp of deft from jdgt of Mr Justice Ridley, dated The Tachytype Manufacturing Co In re Simpson Ramsay v Oxley Feb 8, 1898, at trial without a jury, Middlesex Feb 18

Incorporated » The Monotype In re Webb Knullys v Venu Boaler v Wertheimer, Lea, & Co app of plt in person from jdgt of The

Machine British Patents Syndi- In re McAlpin Magginson v PaterLord Chief Justice, dated Feb 1, 1898, at trial with special jury, Middle

cate ld act sex (security ordered) Feb 22

In re The Truffault Cycle & Tube, In re Wilson Cooke v Wilson Rolls v Prell & ors app of afts from jdgt of Mr Justice Mathew, dated

&c, Cold & Co's Acts motń In re Lamb Clough v Arnold Feb 16, 1898, at trial without a jury, Middlesex Feb 23

entered in Witness List

Worsey v Baxter Tregillus v Spillers & Bakera id app of plt from jdgt of Mr Justice Barnett v Meekin act

Iu re Garnault Garnault v GarDarling, dated Feb 10, 1898, at trial with special" jury, Winchester The Salt Union, ld v Davis'

nault Feb 23

Chlorine Proces:er, ld act The Whiteley Exerciser ld v
Wickham v Ogilvy act


Hart v Brie act

In re Emery Mollett v Mollett

Parr v General Investors' Syndi. In re Gray Dusantory v Gray CHANCERY DIVISION.

cate, ld act

In re Allen Bassett v Allen Weston v Sewell act

In re Tucker Tucker v Tucker TRINITY SITTINGS, 1898.

Wells v Schofield act

In re Pickworth Snaith v ParkinBefore Mr. Justice North. Smith v Bridgwater act Causes for Trial (with witnesses).

In re Sheba, Queen, &c & Co's Acts

Blair v Fuller's ld act Shaw v Holland act

motn entered in witness list by In re Williams Williams v White A Lawes ld Goodchild act

order In re Graydon's Patents, No 18,007

In re Whiteley St Paul v RobinSouth African Republic v La Com United, &c Tea Co, id v Lipman of 1893 & No 16,927 of 1894 ptn pagnie Franco-Belge du Chemin act

In re Westwood Bunting ^ Westentered in Witness List

de fer du Nord, &c act

Miller & Ald worth v Sharp act wood

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In re Grove Grove v Bramstein Bankes Price v Owen act

Kay act & mf j (transferred | Levy v Stogdon adjd sumns In re Ellis Ellis v Nicholls Lloyd v Powel act

from North J) In re Dixon Raimbach v Dixon Mansell v Mansell act

White v Briley act

Further Considerations. Coleman v Coleman Terry v Brickwell act

Hannan v Murgatroyd act In re Jones Parker p Lethbridge In re Blackler Blackler v Blackler Sleeman v Cragoe act

Reid v Houldsworth act

fur con adjd from Chambers In re Clark Brown v Harkness English & American Machinery Co, Tweedale v Ashworth act

Roselaar v Abrahams far con & In re Wooler Wooler v Wooler ld v Hirshowitz act

In re Mackey Davison v Turner adjd sumns In re Gundry In re Mills Mills v Bennett v Collins act


In re Buxton Buxton v Buxton Gundry Martin v Martin act

Emmerson & Sons y North act fur con In re Gundry Mills v Mills Catling v Barnett act

Tomlinson v Sandford & Willett In re Cooper Alpe v Robson 2nd In re G Murdoch, &c In re W Owen's Patent, No 12,368 act

fur con In re Day Day v Sprake

of 1896 petn ordered to go into W Edge & Sons ld v Gallon & Son In re Meeson In re Geere Stokes witness list

act (pleadings to be delivered) v Geere Basset v Graydon act Fowke v Haynes act

Before Mr. Justice KEKEWICH. In re Procter Procter y Ellis Doolette v Coolgardie Mint, &c Co, Russell v Clare Estate Syndicate la Causes for Trial (with witnesses). In re Joseph Davis' Charity, &c id act & counter-claim


Taylor Morris act In re Gray Gray v Gray

The City & Home Counties, &c Gisborne v Licensed Trade Pro- Watkins v Cronmire act without, In re Rae Ferguson v Smith Building Soc v Came act & tectorate ld act

pleadings and adjd sumns In re Drage Drage v Drage

motn for judgt (transferred from Lord Royston v Turkish Regie Watson v Jennings act In re Waters & Nelson & V & P Kekewich, J)

Export Cold act

Nall v Nall act
Act, 1874
Same v Same act &mfi

The Gresham Life Asace Soc Id v Blew Jones v Cook act
Evans v Newfoundland Ry Co May v Robert Church & Roberts Ranger Trading, &c act

Cooper v Floate act
In re Hall's Settlement and Settled act (security ordered)

Greenwood v The Leather Shod Terry v Bates act
Land Act
Frederick v Young act & counter Wheel Cold act

Zumbeck v Briggs act
In re Wait Hopper v Fox

Fitch v Barry act

Bisseker v Nurcombe act and mfj In re Elger Elger v Elger

Cooper v Laurence act & mfj The Golden Cross ld v Sinclair act Purcell v Chinnock act (not before In re Soltan & Settled Land Acts Simms v Salomons act

(not before July 1)

July 5) Jones v International Water & Still v Cook act

Teale v The 165th' Starr-Bowkett Armstrong v Coolgardie Mint & Sewage Purification Co, ld (to Russell v Young act

Building Soc act

Iron King Gold Mines Id (in come on with fur con) Chingford Syndicate, ld v Andrews Oxenden v Phipson act

liquidation) act In re Cullum Cullum Cullum


Vinall v Dendy act & counter Brocklebank Shepherd, the In re Spencer Bennett v Lund Graydon v Blackpool Gigantic claim

younger act (not before June 23) Wheel Co act Lyon v Close act

Bywaters v Wilde act & m fj Walters y Wyand

Pooler v Grant, Bulcraig & Co act Sálton v New Beeston Cycle Co la Woodd y Coolgardie Mint & Iron In re White Walters v Gladwin Fay v Clarion Newspaper Cold act

King Gold Mines ld act In re Swinscow Swinecow v Swins act

The Saccharin Corpn ld v Fahlberg Donn v Gowrvitch act & counterCOW Burford v Burford act & counter act

claim Record v Hill


J Cleave & Son ld v Herbert & Co Perrins v Bellamy act & question In re Amey Harvey v Amey In re Shorey Smith v Shorey act act

of liability of 3rd parties (set In re Amey Amey v Harvey Hind v Thompson act

McDiarmid v Barrett act

down by order N T Foster & In re Atkinson Northcote v Atkin- Baker v Behrens act

In re Denys Askew y Montague anr, 3rd parties) son Drincqbier v Wood act & m fj act

Fitch v The Thames Yacht Build. In re The Arauco Co, ld Heming In re Griffin Griffin v Griffin act In re the Co's Acts, 1862 to 1890, ing Co, ld act

v Arauco Co, id Tiarks v Same Booth v Australian Mines Agency and In re the Victoria Reef Gold The Eastner Kellner Alkali Co, ld v In re Camfield Parrott v Camfield ld act

Mines ld motn entered in Wit Commercial Development Corpn, Parrott v Payne Keynes v Leslie & Co id act

ness List

ld act In re Dunshee Griffiths v Griffiths Hett v Carpenter act

British Motor Syndicate ld v An- Adams v Peters act Saccharin Corpn, Id v Bratby vBabington Worrall act & counter drew & Cold act

Peron v Burney, the younger act Hinchliffe, ld

Fisher v Powell act

The Checkheaton Urban District
In re Robinson Fletcher v Hume In re Wortham Wortham v Gutteridge v Pneumatic Brake Co Council v Firth act
In re Roberts Williamson Wortham act (not before May 1) ld Pneumatic Brake Cold v The Guthrie Hall Co, ld v Gamage
Tubeless Pneumatic Tyre, &c ld v Gutteridge act

act In re Randle Friswell v Martin French Tubeless Tyre Cold Bebro v MacCullum act

Ruda v Zolty act
In re Williamson Williamson v

act (Birmingham DR)
Hope v Walter act

Chambers v Winton act
Hart v Mattoy act
Allen v Porter act

Pemberton v Hughes act
Manfield v Rose act & mfj Fache v Whetham act

Bewsher v Hodgson act
Further Considerations. In re Evans Jones v Jones adja Saunders v Allen & Son act Field v Jessop act (transferred
In re Cocker Holcombe v Hol. sumns entered in witness list Stevens v Santley act

from Bedford County Court) combe fur con In re Perry Davis v Volkman act Horton v Horton act

Cummins y Perkins & Co act In re Tottenham Tottenham v Budd v Pullman act

Fleming v Brady act

Watt v The Joint Stock Institute, Tottenham far con adjd from Dainiler Motor Co, ld v Bowen act

ld act chambers Hiscott v Carter act

Causes for Trial (without witnesses) Edwards v Thomas act In re Hampson Hurst v Hampson Hiscott v Short act

and Adjourned Summonses. Wood v Thompson act & adjd fur con (short)

Whiteman v Hambourg act In re Outhbert Cuthbert v Outh sumns in Wood v Thompson by In re Parkinson Greenwood v Ohancerelle v Ratcliffe act

bert adjd sumns and adjd sumns order Topham fur con (plt dead) Winser & Co, id v Armstrong & Co of defts (restored)

Charter v Watson act In re w Clover ld Little v W act

In re Wright Do Chair v Garnett Dewrance v Smith & Co act Clover ld fur con Richards v Kerby act

adj sumns (restored)

Meredith v Hilder act Bartlett v Bartlett fur con

Mathews v Wilmer act (pleadings Bailey v Bullock mfj (short) Lever Bros ld v Bedingfield act In re Cotterill Goodman v Scho. to be delivered)

Nixon v Tasker mfj (short) (June 8) field fur con

In re Pickworth Pickworth v Olark v Stokes two adjd sumns, Same v Van den Berghs ld act

Pickworth adjd sumns to be dated Feb 24 and April 19, 1898 (June 8) Before Mr. Justice STIRLING. treated as act for trial

Fleissig v Harmony Proprietary Co Causes for Trial (with witnesses). Maryon v Motum act

In re Brown Barbes v Rolls adjd ld act Neave v Duke of Richmond act Peter v Godfrey act


Sinclair v Melia act & counterIn re A Christie's Trusts & Trustee The Windermere Gas, &c, Co v In re Gundry & Cooksey's Contract, claim (June 14 after pt hd) Act petn entered in Witness Crosthwaite act

&c adjd sumns

Bloice v Pitt act List

Carter Gear Case Patents Co v Hudson The Chatteris Engineer- Long ✓ Vestry of Fulham act Kane v T Guest & Co act

Elswick Cycles Co, ld act

ing Works Co motn for judgt In re James James v Griffith act The Vacuum Oil Co v Hollway Bew v Bew act

The Grand Junction Water Works In re Johnson Burton v Kersey act

Abbe v Matheson & Co act set Co v The Hampton Urban Dis. act
The Silkstone & Haigh Moor Coal down against defts Matheson & trict Council point of law set Friedmann v Kilsby_act
Co ld v Edey act

down by order, May 5, 1898 In re Lilley Catt v Fowke act Brown v Harley act King v Keen act

Holford y The Urban District Harris v Easton act Cooke v Ackroyd act

Peters v The Owen Stone Co, ld Council of Acton question of Harrison & Sons v Pearce act Peters v Owen act


law raised by pleadings set down Owen v Peters act Bovey v Day act

by order, March 18, 1898

Actions for Trial (without witWilliams v London & North-Williams v The Rhymney Iron Co In re The Halifax Commercial Bank

nesses). Western Ry Co act act

& Wood & V & P Act, 1874 adjd Clay v Hodgson mfj (short) Wood v Middleton act (remitted Pulleyne v Aldous act

In re Simons Houchen v Simons from County Court of White- Lord Battersea v Clement's-inn ld Baring Gould v Sharkington Com mfj (short) haven) act

bined Pick, &c, ld and Arbitra- Joicey-Cecil v Joicey-Cecil special Barker Oakden act

Australiay Mines Agency ld v Mc. tion Act, 1889 adjd sumns case (set down by order)


pt hd


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