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The upper footbridges are 142 feet and the lower roadway 292 feet above high water. The twin bascules of the central span, each weighing about 1,000 tons, can be raised in 12 minutes for the passage of large vessels. A "curiously unbeautiful" structure, its Gothic towers nevertheless make it suitable in design for its location near London's ancient fortress.


Donald McLeish

Practically every country in the world uses standard time differing from that of Greenwich by a whole number of hours or half-hours, though a few use the time based on the longitude of their national observatories. The time ball on the turret falls daily at 1 o'clock. The astronomical equipment includes a 28-inch refracting telescope and a 26-inch photographic telescope. The terrace commands a notable view of London and of the shipping in the busy Thames.

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The Bank of England (left), established in 1694, has been for centuries one of the greatest of the great financial institutions of the world. At one time, however, earlier in its career it had to resort to a strange ruse to tide over a run. It employed persons to present themselves at its paying windows with notes which the bank, in order to consume time, cashed in sixpences. As each agent thus received his money he left the bank only to enter by another door, redeposit the sixpences, and enact the whole performance over again. These agents so congested the bank that few of the bona fide holders of notes could get near enough to the counter to present them and the emergency was survived. In front of the Royal Exchange (right center), one of the strategic commercial centers of a great commercial nation the statue of the Duke of Wellington, cast from captured French cannon.

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This bronze statue, a replica of the one in Chicago, was erected here in 1920 as a gift of the American people, in recognition of the 100 years of peace between Great Britain and the United States. Beyond it is St. Margaret's Church, which the House of Commons, until 1858, attended in state four times a year. Sir Walter Raleigh is buried in the chancel. The Broad Sanctuary is an open space where, in early days, persons sought the protection of the Church.

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Great Britain's memorial to "The Glorious Dead" commemorates with impressive simplicity her heroes killed in the World War. It rises in the middle of the roadway and was unveiled by King George on November 11, 1920, the second anniversary of the Armistice. It is surrounded by Government buildings, the War Office being discernible on the right and the Colonial Office on the left of the picture.

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