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LONDON.-EASTER SIT TING, 1881. PRIVATE BILLS.-Fylde Water, London and Blackwall This list contains all actions entered in the Queen's Bench Divi. Railway, Metropolitan and Distriot Railways (City Lines

sion, in which notice of trial has been given; and also all actions in

the Chancery Division, in which notice has been given of trial beand Extensions), Hexham Gas.

fore a judge and jury, up to and including May 23, 1881. Inlaod Revenge Buildings.

The actions which have been entered but for various reasons are

at present not ready for trial are omitted from this list. Such of MAY 16.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

them as become ready during the present sitting will be inserted as PRIVATE Bills.-Leeds Tramways, Cheltenham Corpora. nearly as possible in their original positions. tion Water.


1 Charles Roberts and Co (Mercer and M) v Horn (Hollams, Son

and C) SJ PRIVATE BILL.-Richmond Gas.

2 Brandt and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Parker and Co (Mercer MAY 17.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

and M) SJ Local Government Provisional Orders (Bath, &c.), Local

3 Kekule (Same) v Gregory and Co (Plews, I and H) SJ

4 Baring (Markby, S and Co) v Drummond (Hollams, Son and C) Government (Highways) Provisional Order (York).

5 Watson (Wild, B and W) v Lord Dorchester (Lumley and L) BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

6 Dressel (W Eley) v Seifert (Goldberg and L)

7 Bremner (Lewis Davis) v Argent (Lovett and Co) PRIVATE Bills. - Coventry Canal Navigation, Tyne

8 Corbin (Gard, Cand H) v Fowis (Combe and W) Improvement.

9 Pilditch (LOW Godden) v Dimbleby (Smith, Davies and Co)
10 Cooper (I' Cooper and Co) v Mellwraith and anr (Ingledew and


11 Anderson (G and W Webb) v Brockelbank Shipping Co, limd

(Kisch, Son and H) MAY 12.-BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

12 Wingrove (Hilleary and T) v Tubbs and Lewis (Chappell, W and

Co) SJ Bill to amend the Law relating to the Rezulating of

13 Sutton (Dalton and Jessett) v Great Eastern Ry Co (C A Cur. Parliamentary Voters, and to enlarge the Rights of | wood) Borough Voters in England and Wales (Mr. Boord). 14 Westenholz Bros (Mercer and M) v D G Asser and Co (WR


15 Raggio (Lowless and Co) v Norrington and Co (F Needham) Newspapers (Law of Libel).


16 Dyball (T G Bullen) v Campbell (Lewin and Co) SJ

17 Gladstone (Simpson and C) v Broads, Patterson and May (Link. PRIVATE BILL.-Uxbridge and Rickmansworth Railway.


18 Thompson (J Rae) v Hall (Carr, Son and T) PRIVATE BILL.-Banbury and Cheltenham Direct Rail.

19 Cropper (F Needham) v Salisbury (H H Ede)

20 Hoare and anr (Hyde, T and M) v Hindley (W A Downing) way.

Stayed SJ

21 Wait (Nash and F) v Fabrice (J Hill) PRIVATE BILLS.-Crystal Palace Company, Great Eastern

22 Capital and Counties Bank ld (Robins and Son) y Local Board

for the District of Ventnor, Isle of Wight (Clarke, R and C) · Railway, North Lerel and Nece Oatfall, Oxford Police, SJ South-Eastern Railway.

22a Pitman and anr (Lyne and H) v Universal Marine Insce Co BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

(Hollams, Son and c) SJ Bill to amend the Law relating to Patronage, Simony,

22b Same (Same) v Bonus (Same) SJ

23 Fosters Parcels Co (Lovell, Son and P) v Sutton (Armstrong and ·and Exchange of Benefices in the Church of England (Mr.

L) SJ Stanhope).

24 Capital and Counties Bank, id (Robins and Son) v Coghill MAY 17.-BILIS READ A SECOND TIME.

(Clarke, R and C) SJ Land Drainage Provisional Orders, Local Government

25 Paddington Land and Building Society, limd' (A E Francis) v T

and J Satchwell (TO Dear) Provisional Orders (Halifax, &c).

26 Laws and ors (CFB Birchall) v Berridge (Willoughby and C) BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

27 Same (Same) v Same (Same)

28 De Mattos (Elmslie, F and S) v Batch (T M Jenkins) SJ PRIVATE BILLS.—Brighton and Dyke Railway, Cheshire 29 Wilkie (TO Dear) v Spence (CC Ellis, M and Co) Lines Committee, Railway Passengers Assurance Company, 30 Muggeridge and Badham (Combe and 'W) v Power (Roy and C) Stalybridge Extension and Improvement.


31 Bowker (A T Hewitt) v Hughes (M H Lewis) MAY 18.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

32 Shankland and Co and Young (Fielder and s) v Bain (Clarkson, PRIVATE BILL.-Staines and West Drayton Railway.

G and W SJ

33 Bartels and' anr, trading. &c (J G Shearman) v De Benery, BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

trading, &c (H Montagu) SJ Bill to abolish the Power of Imprisonment for Debt by | 34 Murray, trustee, &c (Murray, H and s) v Davies (Darley and C) Inferior Courts (Mr. Bass).

SJ 35 Peal (Nash and F) v Smith (Tibbits and Son). 35a Palmer (Keene, M and B) v Hooper (Tilleard, G and H) 36 Hildesheimer (Goldberg and L) v Coleman (Wilson, B and C)

37 Tickell (Lyne and H) v Foster (Field, R and C
38 Willetts (Farnfields)'v Hemmings Keene, M and B)
39 W Barter and Co (Roberts and B) v Dubeux (Wilson and Son)

SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. 40 Webb and anr (Tatham, 0 and N) v The North-Western Ry of

Monte Video Co. ld (Morgan and H)

41 Money (G P Pritchard and M) v Rosenthal and ors (G McConnal)

to be tried with 151

42 Johnson (J and R Goble) v Gay (Cattarns, J and H)

43 Edwards (Pyke and M) v Whillier (Helder, R and G) postponed Monday, May 23Mr. Jackson Mr. Latham Mr. Pemberton

14 Lamberg and Co (Hollams, Son, and C) v Huntley, Berner and L'aesday ...... 24 Cobby


Co (Shum, O and P) SJ
Wednesday.... 25 Jackson Latham

Pemberton 45 Chaplin, admx, &c (Travers, Smith and B) v Jacobs (C J Davis) Thursday


46 King (Argles and A) v Morris (Pyke and M) without a jury Friday ........ 27 Jackson Latham Pemberton

47 Schroder (Clarke, Rani C) v Williams and anr (Smith, Davies,

and Co) SJ Saturday......


48 Overbeck (W A Crump and Son) v Overbeck (Murray, H and Co) Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

pstpd SJ


49 Eastern Agency limd (Simpson and C) v Holdsworth and Co

(Prior, B, C. and A) Monday, May 23Mr. Teesdale M:, Koe Mr. King

50 Bartlett (T D Pettiveri v Eyre (Bircham and Co) SJ Tuesday ...... 24 Farrer


51 Brown, Shipley, and Co (Paines, L and B) v Back and Mansen Wednesday .... 25 Teesdale Koe


(Frere, F and F) SJ "Thursday


Merivale 52 Carre (J Lott) v Blenkinsop (Lewis and L) SJ

53 Naylor (G M'Clements) v Maryport Hematite Iron Co (Gregors, Saturday.. 28

Rand Co) SJ
Farrer Clowes Merivale

54 Peat (Van Sandau and C) v Jones (Clapham and F) SJ



Wednesday.... 62

.... 26


Friday ........




May 24.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, TEWson, FARMER, & BRIDGE-
Sittings at Nisi Prius.

WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Property (ees

advertisem-nt, Avril 30, p. 6). No action will be tried at Westminster during the present May 24.-Mesere. DRIVER & Co., at the Murt, at 2 p.m., Freesittings after Saturday, the 21st inst. Six courts will sit in h old Property (see advertisement, April 30, p. 6). London at the Guildhall for the trial of actions on Monday | May 25.-Messrs. JAMES, BEAL, & Sox, at the Mart, at 12 for next, the 23rd inst., and thence to the end of the sittings. 1 p.m., Leasehold Property (see advertisement, May 14, p. 6).

May 25.- Mesers. EDWIN, Fox, & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at 2p.m., Freehold Properties and Ground Renis (see advertisement this week, p. 5). May 27.–Messrs. Jones, LANG, & Co., at the Mart, at 12 for

1p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement this week, p. 5). May 27.-Meerr. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY, & Co., at the

Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisements, April 30, p. 6, and this week, p. 5).


Rue 2 at 12 a Mathews, T. June 2 at

Calvert, Michael, Bradford, York, Grocer, May 30 at 3 at offices of

Watson and Dickons, Cheapside, Bradford Chapman, Harrison, Bowness, Westmoreland, Innkeeper. May 25,

at 3 at offices of Bowrass, Bowness Clark, Walter, Tooley st, Southwark, Potato Merchant. May 25 at

3 at offices of Shearer, Basinghall st. Procter and Andrews,

Princes st, Spitalfields Colling, Alfred, Brighton, Tobacconist. May 26 at 2 at offices of

Nye. Duke st, Brighton Coppack, Johr, Chester, Coal Merchant. May 24 at 11 at offices of

Mason, Bridge st row East, Chester Crawley, Hugh, and John Davies, Egremont, Chester, builders

May 24 at 2 at offices of Fildes, North John st, Liverpool Creasey, Henry, Sutterton, Lincoln, Farmer. May 31 at 12 at offices

of Bissill, Sleaford Daniels, Sydney Herbert, Fenny Stratford, Bucks, Watchmaker:

May 27 at 12 at Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Becke, Northampton Dark, George Henry, Bristol, Grocer. May 27 at 12 at offices of

Evans, Exchange buildings East, Bristol Davis, Walter Sidney, New Thornton heath, Surrey, Baker. May 313

at 3 at offices of Fowler and Co, Borough High st Dearden, Bernard, Accrington, Lancaster, Rope Manufacturer. May

30 at 3 at Adelphi Hotel, Avenue parade, Accrington, Sharples,

Accrington Degnan, Michael Joseph, Leeds, Shopkeeper. May 25 at 3 at offices

of Dalton, Albion st, Leeds Drinkall, Alice, Kingston upon Hull, Milliner. May 26 at 3 at offices

of Laverack, Land of Green Ginger, Kingston upon Hull Dudson, Job, Magdala st, nr Liverpool, out of business. May 27 at

4 at offices of Lowe, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool Dunkley, John, Bishop Stortford, Architect. * May 23 at 12 at offices

of Preston, Mark lane Ellison, William, St Helens, Lancaster, Decorative Painter. May 31

at 3 at offices of Oppenheim, Hardshaw st, St Helens Farrar. Joseph Henry, Bradford, York, Rope Manufacturer. May

30 at 11 at offices of Watson and Dickons, Bradford Fry, Thomas Tozer, and Alfred Hill Mayer, Bristol, Leather Mer..

chants. May 26 at 12 at offices of Collins, Broad st, Bristol Gamble, Henry James, Halesowen, Worcester, Grocer. May 28 at

10.30 at offices of Waldron, High st, Brierley hill Gittus, John, Inkberrow, Worcester, Licensed Victualler, May 27

at 3 at offices of Simmons, Evesham st, Redditch Green, John, Kennington pk rd, Manager to a Contractor. May

25 at 3 at offices of Ody, Blackfriars rd Green, Michael jun, Batley, York, Grocer. May 26 at 4.30 at offices :

of Wooler, Exchange buildings, Batley Hammond, Charles, Golborne rd, Notting hill, Butcher. May 30 at

1 at offices of Green, Verulam buildings, Gray's inn Haworth, Titus, Burnley, Lancaster, Grocer. May 25 at 3 at Raw..

linson's Temperance Hotel, St James's row, Burnley. Sutcliffe

Burnley Heap, Thoma s, Gt Tichfield st, Portland pl, Butcher. May 30 at 3:

at offices of Green, Verulam buildings, Gray's inn Holden, Harry, Brighton, Licensed Victualler. May 30 at 12 at the

Old Ship Hotel, Brighton. Hodson, New Shoreham Holmes, William, Birmingham, Haberdashery Warehouseman. May

24 at 3 at offices of Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham Howarth, Robert Seel, Crewe, Chester, Clogger. May 27 at 11 at offices of Hill, Market st, Crewe

on, Peter, Leekfrith, nr Leek, Stafford, Farmer. May 24 at 3 at the Swan Hotei, St Edward st, Leek. Bishton, Leek Huggins, Robert, junr, Hackford next Wymondham, Norfolk,

Farmer. May 26 at 12 at the Duke's Palace Inn, Norwich Hulls, Augustus, Blackmoor st, Drury lane, Grocer- May 26 at 2 at

offices of Reeves, Clement's inn, Strand Hunter, Edwin, New Basford, Nottingham, out of business. May

24 at 3 at offices of Belk, 7, Middle pavement, Nottingham Ingle, John Webster, Leeds, Timber Merchant. May 26 at 3 at the

Queen's Hotel, Wellington st, Leeds. Cranswick, Leeds Jackson, Esther, Manchester, Importer of Watch Materials. June 3 at 12 at offices of Farrington and Crofton, 88, Mosley st, Manches.. ter Jackson, Thomas, Torver, Lancaster, Innkeeper. May 24 at 11 at

the County Hotel, Ulverston. Jeavons Jarvis, Edwin, and Alfred Jarvis, Cardiff, Cabinet Makers. May

19 at 2 at Merchants' Association, 39, Broad st, Bristol, in lieu of the place originally named Joel, George Frederick, Blackman st, Borough, Brush Dealer. May

27 at 3 at offices of Brocklesby and Co, 16, Water lane, Gt Tower st Johnson, Joe Marshall, Mirfield, York, Cotton Spinner. June 1 at 3

at the Black Bull Hotel, Mirfield. Wilson, Mirfield Jones, Daniel, Llandovery, Carmarthen, Innkeeper. May 30 at 1 at

the King's Head Inn, Llandovery. Phillips, Llandovery Jones, John, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Fruiterer, May 23 at 1 at offices

of Howell, 23, Cannon st. Aberdare Jones, Richard, Pontardawe, Glamorgan, Clock Maker. May 24 at 12 at offices of Charles Bros, The Parade, Neath

ple, Barrister at law. May 20 at 11 at offices of Roberts, 15, Coleman st Kershaw, Charles, Rochdale, Licensed Victualler. May 26 at 11 at

offices of Worth, Lower Gates, Old Market pl, Rochdale Kerslake, William Henry, Scarborough, Draper. May 23 at 2 at the

Queen's Hotel, Manchester. Watts, Scarborough Kirkby, Edmund Thomas, Whitkirk, York, Farmer. May 26 at 3 at

offices of Pullan, 11, Albion st, Leeds Lawrence, George, Watton, Norfolk, Carrier. May 26 at 3 at offices

of Grigson and Robinson, Watton Lee, James, Ashton-upon-Mersey, out of business. May 27 at 3 at

offices of Beaumont, 26, Booth st, Manchester Leppard, James, Cowfold, Sussex, Farmer. May 25 at 3 at the Old

Ship Hotel, Brighton Linden, John, High st, Uxbridge, Commercial Traveller. May 30 at

3 at the George Inn, Uxbridge. Philp, Hayes Linsley, George Henry, Kingston-upon-Hull, Joiner. May 26 at 2

at offices of Eldridge and Stephenson, 3, Cogan chbrs, Bowlalley lane, Kingston-on Hull


FRIDAY, May 13, 1881.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London. Bartlett, Thomas Henry Nicks, Whitehall place. Pet May 10.

Murray. May 27 at 11° Tuck, William Henry, Regent st, Artist. Pet Apr 29. Pepys. May 25 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. Chislett, Edwin, Charlcombe, Somerset, Butcher. Pet May 9.

Robertson. Bath, May 25 at 11 Dow, James Watson, Ebchester, Durham, t'arm Bailiff. Pet May 9.

Daggett. Newcastle, May 26 at 11 Hart, Thomas, North Shields, Hotel Manager. Pet May 9. Ingle.

dew. Newcastle, May 25 at 11
Jones, William, West Bromwich, Stafford, Coal Dealer. Watson.

Oldbury, May 26 at 1
Thomas, David, Llapcarvon Factory, nr Cowbridge, Glamorgan,
Flannel Manufacturer. Pet May 9 Langley. Cardiff, May 24 at 12

TUESDAY, May 17, 1881.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London.
Appleyard, Robert Prescot, Connaught sq, Hyde Park. Pet May 13.

Murray. May 27 at 11 Hare, Edmund, Whiston st, Haggerston, Bedroom Furniture Manu. facturer. Pet May 13. Pepys. May 31 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. Smith, James, Batley, York, out of business. Pet May 12. Tennant.

Dewsbury, June 2 at 12
Staverton, Henry Edward Mathews, Totnes, Devon, Miller. Pet

May 12. Edmonds. East Stonehouse, June 2 at 12
Thornber, Mark, Whitehaven, Mercer. Pet May 13. Were. White-

haven, June 1 at 12
Turrell, Elizabeth, Great Yarmouth, Boat Owner. Pet May 12.
Worlledige. Great Yarmouth, June 1 at 11


FRIDAY, Aay 17, 1881.
Campoverde, Joseph Maria, Furnival's inn, Library Agent. May
Pritchard, Frederick William, Rathbone pl, Oxford St, Wine

Merchant. May 13
Robinson, John, Macclesfield, Chester, Silk Manufacturer. May 5
Robinson, Ralph, Macclesfield, Chester, Gent. May 5

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FRIDAY, May 13, 1881.
Ackroyd, William, Bradford, York, Stuff Manufacturer. May 24 at

11 at offices of Killick and Co, Commercial Bank buildings, Brad.

ford Adams, George, Boylestone, Derby, Farmer. May 26 at 12.30 at

offices of Cooper and Chawner, High st, Uttoxeter Aldridge, William, Bedwardine, Worcester, Commercial Clerk. May

26 at 11 at offices of Tree and Son, High st, Worcester Andrews, John, Nottingham, Iron Turner. May 26 at 11 at offices

of Stevenson, 11, Weekday cross, Nottingham Ashbee, John, Cross Keys, Newport, Monmouth, Builder. May 28

at 11 at offices of Parker, Commercial st, Newport Askey, James, Stoke upon Trent, Builder. May 25 at 11 at offices of

Ayre, Cheapside, Hanley Atkinson, John, Carlton, nr Barnsley, York, Farmer. May 27 at 3

at offices of Rideal, Chronicle chbrs, Barnsley Baker, John. Tipton, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper. May 26 at 4 at

Offices of Stokes and Co, 1, Priory st, Dudley
Baker, Thomas, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Bookseller. May 26 at 11 at

offices of Fraser, Billiter House, Billiter st. Webb, Euston rd Baker, William Henry Charles, New Wimbledon, Surrey, Merchant.

June 3 at 3 at offices of Bridge and Bonsall, 14, Union ct, Old Broad st Bell, James, Twice Brewed, nr Haltwhistle, Northumberland,

Farmer, June 2 at 2 at offices of Carrick and Co, Haltwhistle Blackburn, John, Roystone, nr Barnsley, York, Farmer. May 25 at

3 at offices of Rideal, Chronicle chbrs, Barnsley Botterill, William, and William Botterill, jun, Dunstable, Bedford,

Painters. May 31 at 12 at the Guildhall Tavern, Benning and Son, Dunstable Brighton, Thomas, Dean'st, Soho, Dealer in Precious Stones. May

21 at 10 at offices of Micklethwait and Co, 3, Long Acre Broadbear, William Charles, St George. Gloucester, Mason. May 25

at 12 at Offices of Sinnott and Spofforth, 12, Broad st, Bristol Brooks, Joseph Thomas, Abercram, nr Ystradgunlais, Brecon,

Police Constable. May 26 at 12at Dyffryn chbrs, Neath. Kemp

thorne and Son Browning. Thomas Osborne, Caister, Gt Yarmouth, Faimer. May

25 at 3 at South Quay, Gt Yarmouth. Worship and Rising Bunting, Sarah, Atlow, Derby, Farmer. May 26 at 3 at Green Man

Hotel, Ashborne. Hextall, Derby Bunting, William, Atlow, Derby, Farmer. May 26 at 2 at Green

Man Hotel, Ashborne. Hextall, Derby Buxton, James, Denton, Lancaster, Manufacturer. May 27 at 12 at

offices of Eltoft, King st, Manchester


Littlewood, Leonard, Great Yarmouth, Linen Draper. May 30 at Welch, Henry, St George, Gloucester, Glazier. May 21 at 12 at office

12 at Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Bavin and Daynes, Norwich of Essery, Nicholas st, Bristol Longman, Henry Hodges, Gloucester, Grocer. May 26 at 11 at offices White, Jeremiah, Allerton, Bradford, York, Drysalter. May 26 at 11 York, 9, Berkeley st, Gloucester

at offices of Singleton, New Booth st, Bradford Lorimer, David Young, High st, Acton, Grocer. May 26 at 2.30 at Whitelaw, John, and John Ewing, Carlisle, Wool Spinners. May 28

Creditors' Association, 6, Arthur st East. Reynolds, Furnival's at 3 at Bush Hotel, Carlisle. Wannop, Carlisle inn

Wilford, Charles, Winslow, Buckingham, Grocer. May 30 at 1 at Bell Macfarlane. Ralph Erskine, Derby, Commission Agent. May 26 at Hotel, Winslow. Willis, Winslow

3 at the Lemperance Hotel, 7, Corn Market, Derby. Close, Derby Williams, Morgan, Swansea, Draper. May 24 at 11 at offices of Lad. Malcolm, George, Huddersfield, Draper. May 27 at 3 at offices of bury and Co, Cheapside. Smith and Lawrence, Swansea Milne5 and Swift, 16, New st, Huddersfield

Willmer, Phillis, Kemp Town, Brighton, Cowkeeper. May 31 at 3 Manship, Samuel, Leicester, Provision Dealer. May 30 at 3 at offices at 2, Church place, Kemp Town, Arnold, Townhall chambers, of Hincks, Bowling green st, Leicester

Southwark Mordecai, Evan, Llantrissan, Glamorgan, Labourer. May 27 at 3 at Wills, Elias, and Thomas John Wills, Bristol, Curriers. May 21 at 2 offices of Williams, 11, Penuel sg, Pontypridd

at offices of Brown, Corn st, Bristol Moreton, Ernest, Derby, Grocer. June 1 at 3 at offices of Moody, 20, Winterbottom, Johnson, and Hugh Winterbottom, Manchester, Coal Corn Market, Derby

Merchant. May 31 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral gates, ManchesMunford, James, East Dereham, Norfolk, Builder. May 23 at 12 at ter. Bradbury, Ashton-under-Lyne offices of Bavin and Daynes, 11, Exchange st, Norwich

Wray, Joseph Champney, Kingston-uponHull, Draper. May 25 at 3 Musson, Thomas Bailey, Bucknall. Yorkard, Nottingham, Joiner. at offices of Pickering, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-Hull. May 55 at 3 at offices of Belk, Middle pavement, Nottingham

Laverack, Hull Navlor. Thomas. Wigan, Lancaster. Boot and Shoe Maker. May 26 Wynne, Thomas, Waterloo, nr Liverpool, Rigger. May 25 at 2.30 at at 3 at offices of Scott and Ellis, Arcade-buildings, King st,

offices of Knowles, Cook st, Liverpool Wigan

Young, William, Leek, Stafford, Silk Manufacturer. May 26 at 11 Nenve, Alfred, James, Kingston, Surrey, Auctioneer, May 28 at

at the Union buildings, Market Street, Leek. Challinor and Griffin Hotel, Kingston-upon-Thames, in lieu of the place origi

Co, Leek nally, named

TUESDAY, May 17, 1881, Newbery, Johnn, Rotherham, York, Boot and Shoe Dealer. May 27 Adams, George William, Chrisp st, Poplar, Boot Manufacturer. et 3 at offices of Clegg and Sons, Victoria Ihmbrs, Figtree lane,

June 1 at 3 at offices of Dear, Gresham st Sheffield

Ballard, Frank, Horsham, out of business. June 2 at 2 at offlces of Newell, Freeman, Fletton, Huntingdon, Commercial Traveller.

Moss, Gracechurch st May 26 at 8 at offices of Deacon and Wilkins, Crosst st, Peter.

Bellin, William James, Hanley, Provision Dealer. May 26 at 11.30 borongh

at offices of Paddock and Son, Old Hall st, Hanley Newland, Joseph. Shipton-on-Stour, Worcester, out of business. Bensley, Henry, and Henry Bensley, jun, Bridge rd, Battersea, May 26 at 2 at George IIotel, Skipston-on-Stour. Barkes, More.

Builders. May 26 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Girdleton-in-Marsh

stone, Albany ct yd, Piccadilly O'Brien, John, Birkenhead, Chester, Provision Bealer. May 21 at

Best, Sealy James, and William Josep h Marshall, Hickman's folly, 3 at offices of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead

Dockhead. Engineers. June 2 at 2 at Guildhall Coffee House, Owens, William, Thomas, Everton, Liverpool, Muilder. May 25 Gresham st. Bradley, Mark lane at 2 at offices of Knowles, Cook st, Liverpool

Byford, James, Bradfield, Essex, Butcher. June 10 at 1 at Cricketers Peddelty, George, Bishop Aucland, Idnkeeper. May 26 at 7.30 at Arms Inn, Manningtree. Pollard, Ipswich offices of Ldgar, Silver st, Bishop Aucland

Chapman, John, and John Williams, Cardiff, Ironfounders. May Pickles. Joe, Birkenshaw, nr Leeds, out of business. May 27 at 11

28 at 11 at offices of Hern, St Mary st, Cardiff, Dalton and Co, at offices of Baker, Aldermanbury, Bradford

Cardiff Pointing, Charles, Birmingham, Chair Manufacturer. May 26 at 3

Coulthart, George, Liverpool, Draper. June 1 at 12 at offices of at offices of Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham

Carruthers, Lord st, Liverpool Pricstley, Samuel, Llanfrissant, Glamorgan, Colliery Proprietor.

Cowper, George, Exhall, Warwick, Farmer, June 1 at 11.30 at May 24 at 2.30 at Royal Hotel, Cardiff. James and Co, Merthyr

Seven Stars Inn, Stratford-on-Avon Warden Tydfil

Claske. William Ireland, Foulsham, Norfolk, Farmer. May 28 at 2 Rivett, Alfred, Egremont, Chester, Farmer. May 27 at 1 at offices

at offices of Blake and Co, The Chantry, Theatre st, Norwich of Pennock and Guest, Sweeting lane, Liverpool

Cripps, Thomas Richard John, Gt Wakering, Essex, Blacksmith. Roberts, Robert, Handy Cross, High Wycombe, Bucks, Farmer.

May 31 at 11 at offices of Wood and Son, Rochford May 30 at 3 at offices of Woolls and Co, High st, Uxbridge

Daniell. John, Hornsey rd, Business Transfer Agent. May 25 at 11 Ryder, William, Newton Abbot, Auctioneer. May 27 at 11 at Craven

at offices of Meeres and Co, Southampton bldgs, Chancery-lane. Hotel, Craven st, Strand. Baker and Watts

Dobson, Minories Scholes, Samuel, Dewsbury, Joiner. May 26 at 10.30 at offices of

Daniels, George, Rollesby, Norfolk, Farmer. May 31 at 2 at offices Ridgway and Ridgway, Dewsbury

of Coaks and Co, Bank plain, Norwich Shackleton, William Heaton, John Tomlinson, and Holmes Smith, Darby, Benjamin, Smethwick, Stafford, Labourer. June 3 at 11 at

Morton, York, Stuff Manufacturers. May 30 at 12 at offices of offices of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury
Watson and Dickons, Cheapside, Bradford

Darlington, William, Newton-by-Middlewich, Chester, Salt Boiler. Sherratt, William, Wrexham, Solicitor. May 26 at 2 at 28, Regent

June 8 at 3 at offices of Cooke, Middlewich st, Wrexham. Sherratt, Birkenhead

Davenport. Charles, Stanthorne, nr Middlewich, Chester, Farmer, Slack, Ardern Holme, Fenchurch st, Wine Merchant. May 31 at 2 June 8 at 12 at othices of Cooke, Middlewich at ofilces of Plews and Co, Mark lane

Davies, Benjamin, Burford and Green, Salop, Farmer. May 30 at Smith, Anne Ashton, Bristol, Pork Butcher. May 26 at 11 at offices

1 at Norton Arms Hotel, Knighton. Andrews, Leominster of Ward, Albion chbrs, Bristol

Eden, Christopher, Earl's Court rd, South Kensington, Boot ManuSmith, Henry Moreton, Nottingham, Ironmonger. June 3 at 11 at

facturer. June 2 at 2 at otfices of Charles Woodley, Guildhall offices of Martin and Son, Low pavement, Nottingham

chmbrs, Basinghall st. Brown, Basinghall st Smith, Thomas, Bury St Edmunds, Music Seller. June 4 at 12 at

Edmonds, Sydney, Broad st, Golden 89. Provision Merchant. Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds. Salmon and Son, Bury St

t 11 at offices of Conrad and Co, Theobold's rd, Gray'sEdmunds

inn. Hope, Bell yard, Fleet st Snelgrove, George. Yeovil, Innkeeper. May 26 at 1 at Grand Escott, Samuel Alfred, Exeter, Refreshment House Keeper, June 1 Hotel, Broad st, Bristol. Ames, Frome

at 11 at offices of Campion, Bedford circus, Exeter Spencer, Joseph, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicester, Draper. May 26 at

Garrard, Alfred, Hemsley ter, Hackney, Boot Manufacturer, May 35 11 at offices of Fisher and Co, Ashby-de-la-Zouch

at 3 at offices of Liquidation Company, Finsbury pavement, Stebbing, Zachariah, Bury St Edmunds, Painter, May 26 at 12 at

Brett, Mincing lane Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds

Greenheard, Charles Edward, Stamford st, Blackfriars, Musician Stevenson, James, Chester, Grocer. May 27 at 1 at offices of June 2 at 2 at Cheapside Holder Roose and Price, North John st, Liverpool. Kelly and Keene,

Gregory, Charles, Leicester. out of business. June 1 at 3 at offices Mold

of Buckby, Millstone st, Leicester Stokes, Alfred, Tipton, Stafford, Boot Dealer. May 25 at 11 at offices Grieve, George Morley, Liverpool, Provision Dealer. May 31 at 3 st of Stokes, Bennett's hill, Birmingham

offices of Cox, Dale st, Liverpool Stone, Kate, Newport, Isle of Wight, Saddler, May 31 at 11 at Griffiths, Thomas, Wootton, Wellington, Hereford, Farmer. May 31 offices of Edmonds and Co, Cheapside. Beckingsale, Newport |

at 11 at offices of Humfrys. Bridge st, Hereford Strickland, William, jun, Mold, Flint, Boot Maker. May 25 at 2 at

Harvey, Charles Philip, Bow rd, Clothier. May 25 at 3 at offices of Albion Hotel, Chester. Roberts, Mold

Barnett, Palmerston bldge, Old Broad st Taylor, George, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Land Steward. May 25 Haworth, Robert Seel, Crewe, Chester, Clogger, May 27 at 11 at at 3 at offices of Willis, High st, Leighton Buzzard

offlces of Hill, Market st, Crewe hompson, George, Darlington, Durham, Butcher, May 26 at 3 at Haworth, Titus, Burnley, Grocer. May 25 at 3 at Rawlinson's Tem. offices of Wilkes and Wilkes, Northgate, Darlington

perance Hotel, St James's row, Burnley. Sutcliffe, Burnley Thwaites. John Mitchell, Carlisle, Woollen Manufacturer. May 26 at i Haynes, Frederick, March, Cambridge, Tailor. May 31 at 12.30 at 11 at offices of Murray, Scotch st, Carlisle

Great Northern Hotel, Peterborough. Sidney and Ollard, Tingey, George Edward, Harpenden, Hertford, of no occupation. Wisbech St Peters May 24 at 12 at the Railway Hotel, Harpenden. Ewen and Roberts,

Heaselden, John, Moss Side, Manchester, Grocer. May 30 at 11 st

offices of Leyland, Mosley st, Manchester Titmas, William, St Albans, Hertford, Painter. May 26 at 3 at Higdon, Robert. jun, King st, Snow hill. Baker. June 2 at 3 at offices of Simpson and Co, St Peter st, St Albans

offices of Woodroffe, Gt Dover st, Southwark Toby, William Henry Wheaton, Beaminster, Dorset, Hemp Manu.

Hill, John, Greenheys, Manchester, Fruiterer. June 1 at 3 at offices facturer. May 21 at 12 at the Choughs Hotel, Yeovil. Toby,

of Peacock and Gracie, Cross st, Manchester Exeter

Hohnen, Alexander, Clarendon st, Camberwell New rd, Baker. May Tritschlen, Andrew, Scarborough. York, Clock Maker. May 25 at 30 at 3 at offices of Wild and Co, Ironmonger lane, Cheapside 3.30 at Abbott's North Eastern Hotel, York. Guy and Williamson,

Hollest, William, Collingwood terrace, Battersea, Oil and Colour Scarborough

Man. May 31 at 3 at offices of Wolferstan and Co, Ironmonger Underwood, William, Bradford, York, Grocer. May 24 at 3 at lane offices of the Creditors Association, Godwin st, Bradford

Horsfall, John, Walsden, nr Todmorden, Lancaster. Mill Manager. Vaton. Emile. Fleet st, Commission Agent. June 2 at 3 at offices of May 28 at ll at officəs of Eastwood, Masonic Hall, Todmorden Cooper, Lincoln's inn fields

Hove, Eugene Van, South Norwood, Surrey, Professor of Languages. Watson, James, Batley, York, out of business, May 29 at 11 at George June 2 at 3 at offices of Saxelby and Faulkner, North end, Croy. Hotel, Wellington st, Hanley, Ridgway and Ridgway





Reese, Ernest, Queen's Herbert, Vigo st. Ree Merchant. May 31

Howt, Henry, Warrington, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. May 26 at | Watson, John, Worsbrough Bridge, nr Barnsley, Corn Miller. June

11 at offices of Addenbrooke, Bank chmbrs, Winwick st, Warring 1 at 2 at offices of Maddison, Church st, Barnsley ton

Watts, William, Great Yarmouth, Dyer, June 1 at 10.30 at offices of Humphreys, Thomas, Longton, Stafford, Grocer. May 31 at 11 at Sayer, Hall quay, Gt Yarmouth offices of Tennant and Co, Cheapside, Hanley

Webb, Sampson James, Aston, nr Birmingham, Nickel Refiner. Jackson, Thomas, Scarborough, York, Physician, May 27 at 3 at

June 7 at 12 at offices of Rowlands and Co, Colmore row, Birming

ham offices of Cornwall and Watts, Queen st, Scarborough

Webster, Robert James, Walthamstow. Builder. May 24 at 11 at Jones, Lewis, Holywell, Flint, Collecter to a Life Assurance Society. June 8 at 2 at offices of Cope, Holywell

Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's avenue, Basinghall st. Hope, Bell Jones, Louisa, Carmarthen, Printer. May 30 at 10.30 at offices of

yd, Fleet st Thomas and Brown, Lower Market st, Carmarthen Keal, Thomas, jun, Boston, Lincoln, Butcher. May 30 at 12 at offices of Thomas, Emery lane, Boston

SCHWEITZER'S COCOATINA. Kingerley, Joseph, Parson Drove, Cambridge, Farmer. May 30 at

Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. 3 at the Swan Inn, Parson Drove. Ollard, Wisbech Latham, Samuel, Congleton, Chester, Currier. May 30 at 11 at Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the offiies of Cooper, Park st, Congleton

excess of fat extracted. Lawrence, Alfred, Liverpool, Fishmonger. May 26 at 3 at offices of The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, perfectly digestible Bartlett, Dale st, Liverpool

beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for Leach, Robert, Heywood, Lancaster, Butcher. May 30 at 3 at offices Irvalids and Children." of Anderton and Donnelly, Garden st, Bury

Highly commended by the entire Medica Press. Louis, Frederick Marcus, Bishopsgate st. Without, Picture Frame Being without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates,

Manufacturer. May 28 at 11 at offices of Ratcliffe, Bishopsgate st keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas Within

THICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER Makepeace, John, Warwick, Grocer. May 31 at 3 at offices of Over than such Mixtures. ell and Son, Warwick st, Leamington

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break. Marriott, William Robert, Nottingham,:Veterinary Surgeon. June 8 tast Cap, costing less than a halfpenny. at 3 at Assembly rooms, Low Pavement, Nottingham. Cranch and COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest Stroud, Nottingham

Manilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is proMcCall, James, Wrexham, Denbigh, Draper. June 3 at 11 at Wel. hibited. lington Hotel Nicholas croft, Manchester

In tin packets at 1s. 60., 38., 5s. 68., &c., by Chemists and Grocere, Moore, Frederick James. Studley, Warwick, Draper. May 30 at 3 at

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietor, offices of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham

H. SCHWEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. O'Donoghue, Curnelius, Barnsley, York, Clogger. May 30 at 11 at

offices of Marshall and Ownsworth, Church st, Barnsley
Oppermaun, Carl John David, Leyton, Essex, Watch Manufacturer.

May 25 at 4 at offices of Canwarden, Old Jewry
Oram, Frederick, Crate, nr Devizes, Wilts, Dealer. June 2 at 10 at 36

St John st, Devizes. Butcher
Price, James, Bishopston, Gloucester, Fishmonger. May 31 at 2 at
offices of Mosely, Clare st, Bristol

BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, Prime, Horace George, Nottingham, Fancy Draper. May 31 at 4 at

TO Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole f ho Judicial Beach offices of Barlow, St Peter's Church walk, Nottingham Raithby, John, Sutton-in-the-Marsh, Lincoln, Farmer. May 22 at

Corporation of London, &c. 10 at Red Lion Hotel, Alford. Bassitt

SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS' GOWNS, Ranson, James, Leeds, Potato Merchant. May 30 at 11 at offices of

BARRISTERS' AND QUEEN'S COUNSEL'S DITTO, Jenkinson, Albion st, Leeds Ravenscroft, Frederick James, Regent st. Lace Merchant. May 31 | CORPORATION ROBES UNIVERSITY CLERGY GOWNS,

ESTABLISHED 1689. Reeve, Ernest, Queen's rd, Peckham, Upholsterer. May 25 at 2 at

94. CHANCERY LANE. LONDON. offices of Terry, King st, Cheapside Reeve, Thomas, Stow, Norfolk, out of business, June 1 at 12 al

U AMPTON & SONS make NO CHARGE for Court House, Downham Market. Reed and Wayman,

inserting particulars in their FREE MONTHLY REGISTER Downham Market Reynish, Thomas, and John Cornish, Cardiff, General Drapers.


Unfurnished, or for Sale, to be had GRATIS at their Offices, or May 23 at 11 at Globe Hotel, Angel st, Cardiff. Davie, Wellington Richardson, John, Warrington, Lancaster, Painter. May 31 at 3

post-free for two stamps. Published on the 1st of the month, and

particulars for insertion should be sent not later than five days at offices of Davies and Co, Market pl, Warrington Roberts, Richard, Cardiff, Builder. June 1 at 11 at Royal Hotel,

previous to end of preceding month. St Mary st, Cardiff. Cousins, Cardiff

Valuations for Probate and Transfer. Surveys.
Robertson, Henry, Kidderminster, General Dealer. May 30 at 3 at 1 Estate and Auction Offices, 8, Pall Mall East, S.W.

offices of Thursfield, Swan st, Kidderminster
Robinson, Joseph, Grantham, Lincoln, Boiler Maker. June 2 at

PARTNERSHIP. - On Account of Ill-health a 12 at offices of Schofield, St. Peter's-hill, Grantham

I Solicitor of twenty-four years' standing, having Offices near Robinson, Thomas Edward, Brighouse, Halifax, Beerseller. June 3 at 3 at offices of Chambers and Chambers, Brighouse

Charing-cross, is desirous of having a Partner. £700 required for a Routledge, Isaac Bird, Carlisle, Tea Dealer. May 31 at 11 at offices

third share.- Address, Pisos, care of Mr. Elers, 22, Inke rman

road, Kentish Town. of Murray, Scotch st, Carlisle Seeley, John, Redditch, Worcester, Beer Retailer, May 30 at 11.30 at offices of Powell and Browett, Ann st, Birmingham

DARTNERSHIP.-Advertiser, engaged in a LucraShackleton, William Heaton, John Tomlinson, and Holmes Smith,

tive and Well-secured Manufacturing Business near London, Morton, Bingley, York, Stuff Manufacturers. May 30 at 12.15 at !

wishes to meet with a Gentleman with a Capital of not less than offices of Watson and Dickons, Cheapside, Bradford

Three Thousand Pounds, to join him in same. Satisfactory Shepherd, John, Treneglos, Cornwall, Clerk in Holy Orders. June

References to Bankers and others in Leading Positions in 1 at 2 at the King's Arms Hotel, Launceston, Cowlar d and

London.-Apply, B. GRAY, Esq., Solicitor, 93, Edgware-road, W. Cowlard, Lancaster Shilston, Joseph, Spring st, Paddington, Builder. May 21 at 3 at the Great Western Royal Hotel, Craven rd, Paddington. Fox, St.

I AW.--An Old Blue Seeks Re-engagement as Mary's sq, Paddington

u Chancery and Common Law Clerk; ten years' experience. Siddall, James, Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax Commission Salary £150.- Address, LEX, Mr. Kelly's, Newsagent, Gray's-innAgent. May 28 at 3 at offices of Storey, King st, Halifax

gateway, Holborn. Southeard, William Bennett, Swansea, Grocer. May 25 at 2 at offices of Lovett. Duke st. Cardiff. Smith and Lawrence, Swansea

| AW.-A Costs, Ledger, and Shorthand Clerk, of Stallari, George, Worle, Somerset, out of business. June 1 at 3 at

u over thirteen years' experience in town and country, is open offices of Smith, Sydenham terrace, Weston-super-Mare

to a Re-engagement. --Address, B. C., care of Mr. Goldsmith, 103, Stamford, Joseph, Beverley, Builder. June 1 at 11 at offices of

Douglas-street, New Cross, London, S.E.
Shepherd and Co, Lairgate, Beverley
Stokes, Thomas, Evesham, Worcester, Coach Builder. May 30 at 11
at offices of Tree and Son, High st, Worcester

T AW.-Wanted, & Re-engagement by a Bill of Tanton. Charles, Bethersden, Kent, Grocer. May 27 at 2 at offices of 1 Costs Clerk of over fifteen years' experience in the settlement Hallett and Co, Bank st, Ashford

of costs of every description, both for taxation and delivery ; unex. Thibaut, Theophile, Kidderminster, Teacher of Languages. ceptional references.-Address, A. B., 5, Southampton-street,

May 30 at 3.30 at offices of Corbet and Co, Church st, Kidder Camberwell, S.E. minster Thomas, Harry, Edgware rd, Sewing Machine Agent. May 30 at TO SOLICITORS COMMENCING PRACTICE. 3 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Young, Newgate st

Legal Business assured for Building Society and Limited Com. Thorp. Robert John, Bristol, Fancy Draper. May 28 at 11 at offices of Sibly, Exchange West, Bristol

pany, &c. Small Capital can be introduced. Absolute security. Turner, Thomas, Calverley, York, Auctioneer. May 31 at 10.30 at

ALPHA, 11, Northampton-square, E.C. offices of Cross, Parkinson's chmbrs, Market st, Bradford Ulmer, Aloyse, Landport, Hants, Egg Merchant. May 31 at 2 at

TO SOLICITORS. offices of Blake, Ordnance row, Portsea

TUDICATURE FOOLSCAP at 15s. 6d. per Ream, Vaughan, David, Oswestry, Salop, Innkeeper, May 28 at 11 at office e ruled for Affidavits or Costs, full weight guaranteed, equal to of Morris and Sons, Swan hill, Shrewsbury

that usually sold at 21s. Every article of Law and General Wade, Edwin, Bowling, Bradford, Farmer. May 27 at 3 at offices Stationery kept in stock at prices that will favourably compare of Browning, Queen's gate, Bradford

with any house in London. Price list and samples free by post. Walton, Richard, Conway, Boot Manufacturer. May 26 at 12 at F. CORSE, 4, Brownlow-street, Holborn. Queen's Hotel, Chester, Jones, Conway

Goods booked to all parts of the Kingdom.



I COMPANY. Chief Office-126, Chancery-lane, London, W.C. TRUSTEES.

The Funds in hand and Capital subscribed amount to upwards of

£1,600,000 sterling. The Right Honourable BARON CAMPBELL.

Chairman-JAMES CUDDON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Goldsmith. The Right Honourable VISCOUNT CRANBROOK.

building, Temple. The Honourable VICE-CHANCELLOR Sir CHARLES HALL, Deputy-Chairman-C. PEMBERTON, Esq. (Lee & Pembertons), Solici. The Honourable Mr. JUSTICE MANISTY.

tor, 44, Lincoln's-inn-fields. WILLIAM FREDERICK HIGGINS, Esq.

Every description of Fire and Life Insurance business transacted. EDMOND ROBERT TURNER, Esq.

Whole World and Unconditional Life Policies granted at a slightly

increased rate of Premium. DIRECTORS.

Policies of Insurance granted against the contingency of Issue Edward Bailey, Esq. | Holdsworth Hunt, Esq.

at moderate rates of Premium Francis Thomas Bircham, Esq. John James Johnson, Esq., Q.C. Advances made on Mortgage of Life Interest and Reversions, The Hon. Hally burton

William Rolle Malcolm, Esq. whether absolute or contingent.
Richard Nicholson, Esg.

Prospectus, Copies of the Accounts as deposited with the Board John Clerk, Esq., Q.C.

Charles Manley Smith, Esq. of Trade, and every information sent on application to
Frederick George Davidso
John Swift, Esq.

FRANK MCGEDY, Actuary and Secretary. John Deedes, Esq.

John Marmaduke Teesdale, Esq. William James Farrer, Esq. Edward Tompson, Esq.

ILAW ASSOCIATION for the BENEFIT Henry Ray Freshfield, Esq. Sir William Henry Walton. The Hon. Alfred E. Gathorne Arnold William White, Esq.

I WIDOWS and FAMILIES of SOLICITORS in the UETHardy. Charles Norris Wilde, Esq.

ROPOLIS and VICINITY (instituted 1817). The ANNUAL Sir Farrer Herschell, Q.C., M.P. Basil Thomas Woodd, Esq. GENERAL COURT will be held at the Hall of the Incorporated William Frederick Higgins, Esq.

Law Society, on Thursday, the 26th May, inst.

To receive from the Board of Directors a report and statement of Invested assets on 31st Dec., 1880


accounts for the past year. Income for the year 1880


To elect officers for the ensuing year. Amount paid in claims to 31st Dec. last .. .. £12,612,214

And on general business, Reversionary Bonuses allotted for the five years ended 31st Dec., 1879 ..

The chair to be taken at three o'clock precisely. £675,853

By order of the Board, Aggregate Reversionary Bonuses hitherto allotted £6,198.991

"A. B. CARPENTER, Secretary. The Expenses of Management (including commission) are under Devereux-buildings, Devereux-court, Temple, w.c. 4. per cent. of the annual income.

10th May, 1881. Attention is specially directed to the revised Prospectus of the Society ; to the new rates of premium, which are materially lower for young lives than heretofore; to the new conditions as to ex.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA. tended limits of free travel and residence; and to the reduced rates

THE TRUSTEES, EXECUTORS, and AGENCY of extra Premium. Loans are granted on security of Life interests and Reversions in

COMPANY (Limited). Incorporated and empowered by

special Act of the Parliament of Victoria, No. 61, intituled " An connexion with policies of assurance. Prospectus and Form of Proposal will be sent on application.

Act to confer Powers upon the Trustees, Exocutors, and Agency
GRIFFITH DAVIES. Actuary Company (Limited).”

The Hon. SIR CHARLES SLADEN, K.C.M.G., Chairman.
D. MCARTHUR, Esq., late Inspector Bank of Australasia, Vice-


John Benn, Esq. (Grice, Sumner, and Company).
The Hon James Balfour (E. Henty and Company).

F. R. Godfrey, Esq. 50, REGENT STREET, and 14, CORNHILL, LONDON.

W. Templeton, Esq., Managing Director.

Subscribed capital liability, £150,000, with power to increase up to Existing Assurances exceed

. . £6,500,000 Invested Funds ..

£1,000,000. .. 2,124,711 Annual Income ..


Bankers-Bank of Australasia, Melbourne, and its Branches. Claims Paid exceed


This Company is empowered in its corporate capacity to act es Bonuses Declared..

.. .. 2,342,000 trustee, executor, or administrator, receiver, committee under the

Lunacy Statute, or as agent for trustees, executors, or administraDuring the past year (1880) each main item hos shown improve tors, or for principals, who, from absence, ill-health, or other causes, ment upon the preceding year.

are unable or unwilling to act for themselves, and in this capacity

will receive and pay over, as directed, legacies, annuities, dividends, 1879. 1880.

rente, interest on debentures or mortgages, and will buy, sell, or les New Premiums

£15,172 £18,815 landed property, &c. Income ..

273,681 279,852

The Company will also invest money, negotiate loans, buy or sell Invested Funds.. .. .. .. 2,077,215 2,124,711 shares, effect insurances, and act generally as agent, as well in Mel. CHARLES STEVENS, Secretary. bourne as in country districts.

The Company derives its profits entirely from commission business,

a very important element in estimating its security. NATIONAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, FOR

Any further information can be obtained at the office of the ComMUTUAL ASSURANCE.

pany's agents in England, Messrs. Sladen & Mackenzie, 1, Delahay.

s reet, Westminster, Solicitors. Head Office: 2, KING WILLIAM STREET, LONDON, E.C. ESTABLISHED 1830,

TO SOLICITORS.-The Freeholder of UnincunDIRECTORS.

bered Estate in active development wishes to arrange with President-Sir IIENRY W. TYLER. M.P.

Solicitor to make temporary advances to Builders in consideration Vice-President-JOHN CHAS, SALT, Esq.

of liberal bonus and all legal business in connection with leases. JOIN BLUNDELL, Esq.


Mr. GRAHAM, Architect, 5, Air-street, Piccadilly. GEORGE BURXAND, Esq.




of Houses to be Let or Sold. Furnished and Unfurnished, is THOMAS CURTIS, Esq.

The Hon. GERALD C.TALBOT. The Premiums are moderate to begin with, and by the application

circulated gratis by the Auction and Estate Agency Department,

Bon Marché. Brixton, London, S.W. Parties seeking residences of Profits, in Class B, are gradually reduced until they are extin. guished altogether; a result which, judging of the future from the

will find this list concise, correct, and of great assistance. experience of the past, may be expected to be attained in the cases of lives of medium age in about 20 years from the time an Assur TO BE DISPOSED OF, the Property of a Solicitor ance is effected ; after which the further profits assigned to a Policy 1 retiring, a complete Set of the LAW REPORTS, 1866-50, in are applied in making additions to the Sum Assured.

calf. A fine copy.- Address, LEX, care of Wm. Clowes & Sons, ASSURANCE FUND

• . £770,000

Limited, 51, Carey-street, W.C. ANNUAL INCOME.

. 110,000 CLAIMS PAID. .

. 1,520,000 [40,000 Ready for Investment on Freehold, or firstAMOUNT ASSUREI

rate Leasehold House Property. Principals or their Solicitors Full Prospectuses and further information may be obtained on only need apply.-Address, EUSTACE Wa. OWLES, 22, Chancery application at the HEAD OFFICE, or at any of the Society's

lane, London, w.C. AGENCIES. HENRY JOHN PUCKLE, Secretary. NOR SALE._Valuable Reports, including LAW

JOURNAL, for last fourteen years, and also Text Books, in DEVERSIONARY and LIFE INTERESTS in

number 175, in new condition. Price £50. List will be submitted. LANDED or FUNDED PROPERTY or other Securities and

A. B., 41, Florence-street, Islington, Annuities PURCHASED, or Loans or Annuities thereon granted, by the EQI'ITABLE REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY (LIMI Imo TRUSTEES with Power of Purchase.-A TED), 10, Lancaster-place, Waterloo Bridge, Strand. Establisl.ed 1835,

I first-class Investment for about 190.000 to £25,000, with a Ce pital, £500,000. nie est on Loans may be capitalized.

certain rise in Capital and Income. For particulars apply ) F. S. CLAYTON, ) Join

Messrs. PRIOR & NEWsox, Land Agents, 57, Lincoln's-inn-fields, C, H, CLAYTOX, } Secrewrics. London.

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: 2,460,000

application at the HEAD"

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