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Todd adjd sums set down Waite v Bingley acti


Rees vThomas act with witns causes by order Capital, &c, Bank v Shearburn Harlock v Ashberry act (for Turner v Brown act Price v Dickson act act

trial only)

Williams v Bawden act Spencelaugh v Taylor act Phillips v Manchester, &o, Ry Barkshire v Grubb act & mfj Lawes v Carter act Smith v Speary aot

Co act

Thomas v Hounsell act & Curliog v Thorp act
Grand v Jones act
Gill v Young act


Skinner v Todd act
Trevethan y Goginau, &c, Skinner v Le Marchant act Middleweek v Dearsley act Green y Coates act
Mines Co
Dawson v Le Marchant

Caithness y Caithness act Whitbread v Gorman act
In re Bell Mill v Stadden Wilson v Parkinson act McFarquhar y Rothney act Haghes v Morris act
In re Jones Evaps v Richards Heine v Crosso act

Io re Johnson Golden v Gillam Simpson v Leonard act


Johnson v Gillam act &mfj sot
Briggs v French act
Oliver v Botterello act

Chase v Jones act &mfj R obinson v Townend act Tbomas y Mackleeder act Owen v Jackson act

Bagot v Taylor act

Brighton Aquarium Co v
Tobia v Saunders act
Watson v Fowler act

In re Stevens Stevens v Tal Brighton Corpn act
Noel v Calrow act
In re Berkeley Salmon v mash act

Whitlock v Whitlock act Bulteel v Grepe act &mfj Berkley act

In re Stevens. Stevens vlore Hickman Fisher v Hartmont y Pincoffs act Attorney-Gen v Earl of Dar Stevens act

Hartill act Bull v National, &c, Society bam act

Corner v Packwood act Messenger v Minter act act & mfj Miller v Miller act Burt v Sbrivell act

Bird v Eccles Commis act
Palmer v Fawcett ect
Brooks v Watson act
Thomas v Howard act

James v Blaiberg act
Galmoye v Brown act
Miles v Vincent act

In re Way Solomon v Way Usill v Whelpton

Causes for Trial (without witnesses).

Inre Pliling. Palmer v Pilling,
In_re Dawson Hornsey v lo re the Same (Mar 2) adja act
Hornsey demr

Causes for trial (without witnesses)
In re Kingett Bevington v In re the Same (Apr 7) adjd

And Further Considerations, Kiogett demr of Louisa sumns

Coney v Tepant fo Kingett

Wilson v Wilson sp o and mfi Thompson v Wilding ques of In re Stuckey Scuckey v WarSame Y Same demr of John Whittingstall y King adjd sums

ton fc & sums to vary Kingett

In re Credit Co, limd Ex pte In re Johnson Melland v In re Lea Lea y Lea fo Republic of Peru v Ruzo act Cory adjd sumns

Fletch act pt hd

Brandon v Paul spc The Tea Co y Carter act In re Credit Co, limd Ex pte Russell v Deare act

In re Jones Fog v Jones spc In re Burge Gillard v Lauren- C Hirst adjd sumos

Fleming v Hardcastle fc In re Wilson Parker v Wilson son act

In re Chaplin Richards v Chap In re Gladstone Gladstone v mij In re Horner Pomfret V lin mij (short)

Gladstone fo

Lewis v Smithett fo
Graham act
Jenkins v Morgan act

In re Matthews Hassall v Sankoy v Smitbett fc
Watson v Young act
Carter v Hinton mfj (short) Overton fc

In re Stanger Leathes v Stevens v Denyer act

Swan v Stephens mij In re Lindo Forestier v Bud Stanger-Leathes fc De Palikao v Butterfield act Ellis v Robbins mij

dicom Spa

In re Weatherhead Weatherand mfj. Charles v Affleck act

Civic, &c, Socy • Wilson act head v Evors fc Greaves Weatherill act Philpot y Partridge act Kirkpatrick v Anderson act Brown v Hewers act In re Cornwall Minerals Ry In re Timbrell Elliott v Pierce (May 2)

Walters v Walters 2nd fc Co (Dec 7) adjd smns

act (ehort)

Heathcoté v Stanier act In re Spiller Spiller v Madge. In re Hargreaves Hargreaves Blondel v Blondel act &mfi fc v Hargreaves, mf j (short) Hudleston v Hudleston 200 Mason v Hibberd act


Garlick v Clark fo
Further Considerations.

Jeffery v Henrymfj In re Middleton Thompson v
In re Nash Nash v Nash fo In re Cleoburoy Cleoburey v In re Johnson Jobnson v Harris fc
In re Eustace Eustace v Cleoburey fc

Leigh to

Hart v Gilbert fc Eustace fo

In re Richardson Richardson In re Lander Lander v Lander In re Sibbering Brown v GarIn re Cope Whitehead V v Pilliner fc


land to Barker fc (short) Church v Mills fo

In re Booket Bashford v Hop. Io re Emmott Emmott v In re Wilson Castle y Wilson Chambers v Rayson fc

kin act &mfj

Low 2nd f o (short) fc Shores v Thompson fo

Ozanne v Kennedy fc Gale v Gale act In re Stone Turner y Stone In re Wright Couling v Priolean v Kaselack fc In re Poole Webb v Poolem fc

Goulter 2nd fo

Gilbert v Bagot question of fj Trevor v Hutchinson fc Groom v Groom 2nd fc


In re Jones Jones v Davies Edwards v Edwards fc

In re Gilmour Bell v Gilmour mfj
Before Mr. Justice Fry.


In re Johns Binng ✓ LethCauses for trial (with Witnesses).

Loosemore v Tiverton, &o, Ry bridge mfj (short)

In re Randleson

Co act Mather v Mather act (for Pardew v Ellis act (for trial

Loach v

Norman v Indian Mammoth Slack act &mfj trial only) only)

Gold, &c, Comfj

Sawyer v Giddings fc Johnson v Cambrian Ry Co Pardew v Ellis act (for trial

Tams v Riles fc

Sutherland v Sutherland mf act (for trial only) only)

In re Morgan Griffiths v j (short) Banque Franco-Egyptienne v Hailstone v Marsh act

Morgan fo

Fox v Dolbym fj Lutscher act (for trial Hedley v Eocl Commrs act Clay y Clay fo

Hutton y Brown to only) (for trial only)

In re Berrow Berrow v Freccia Willats y Met Board of Works The Blackpool, &c, Ry v Im

mfj act (for trial only)

perial Hotel Co, Blackpool, Thomas v Prosseract (for limd act (for trial only)

Before Mr. Justice KAY. trial only) Williamson v Loud act '(for

Causes for Trial. Smith Meux act (for trial trial only)

In re Pendell Jassaame v Prance v Rathbone act, wits only) Wood v Berridge act (for

Whealer act wits

Harper v Evey act &'m fj Price v Torrens act

trial only)

White v City of London wits Hale v Earl de la Warr act Compton v Preston act &mfj Brewery Co act wits Rule v Jewell act, wits (for trial oply).

(for trial only)

McLean v Jaff, act wits Fowler v Fowler act, wits Tregear y Wells act (for Tarver v Tarver act & m fj

Clarke v Harcourt act wits Kerby v Tindall act, with trial only) Bainbrigge v Brown act

Bastin v Bidwell act wits Taylor v Salmon act, wits Heald Midland Ry Co act Edwick v Hawkes & Co act

Hughes v Higgins act wits Monat v Wilson act, wits (for trial only)

(for trial only)

KinLaird v Smith Smith v In re Cooper Cooper v Vesey Collinge v Rhodes act (for Winwood v Jenkins act (for Kinnaird act wits

act, wits trial only)

trial only)

Seagram v Tack act wits Freeman v Hunt act, wits Power v Ingall act (for In re Slocombe Latham v

Westinghouse v Midland Ry Holroyd v Quarmby act, wite irial only) Slocombe act (for trial

Co act wits

Thompson v Simpson act, Champitt ý Paine act (for only)

Parkinson v Davis act wits wits trial only) Martin v Gordon act (for

Henry v Armstrong act wits Pratt v Kirkwood act, wits Mitchell-Henry Tidy act trial only)

Ma ning v Seaton act wits Bull v Lelm act, wits (ror trial only) Seddon v Bank of Bolton act

Lemaitre v Davis ACS Stone v Hattact (for trial (for trial only)

Andrews v City, &c, Society only)

Worthington v Cave act (for acts, wits Morgan y Owen act (for trial only)

N.B.-The above List contains Causes set down to Friday, trial only)

Watts v Meers act (for trial | April 22nd, inclusive.

York, Watkinson v Slingsby and anr

Derby, Brassington v Keyworth Langford Friendly Society

London, Colwell v Kidson

Southampton, Alresford Rural Sanitary Authority v Scott

Burnley, Mayor of Burnley v Rawlinson
'London, Bouffler v Levy

Essex, Downes v Wellum
Pollock, B

Middlesex, Rudeforth y Cox & Son and another
Middlesex, Nowell v Williams (part heard) Lord Coleridge, CJ

London, Fox v Furber Manchester, Chapleo and Wife v Brunswick Permanent Building

Middlesex, Wagner v Harris Society (stands over)

Lord Coleridge, CJ

Cardigan, Jones v Jones Dorchester, The Queen v Dorset

Lord Coleridge, OJ

Northampton, Woolston y The Midland Ry Co Lewes, Ball v Beardsley

LC Baron

Metropolitan Police District, Gillingham y Walker Warwick, Forde v Osborne and others

Field, J

Devon, Jarvis and another y Tonkin Middlesex, Percival v Hughes (part heard)

Manisty, J

Berks, Culley v Charman London, Brown v Rolt and Co

Williams, J

Kent, Barker and others v Bayfield and others London, Dale and another v Wakefield

Williams, J

Derby, Pearce v Scotcher London, Heard v Patti (motn for judgt)

Official Referee

York, Whittaker v Lowcock Middlesex, Taylor v Upton

Bowen, J

Barnsley. Dibb v Parker and others Manchester, Mill Hill Spinning Co v Mills

Stephen, J

Sunderland, The Mayor of Sunderland v Marshall Manchester, The Queen v Duncan

Baggallay, LJ

Liverpool, Hider and another v Harvey
Middlesex, Reading v the Great Eastern Ry Co Stephen, J
Middlesex, Lord Ashburton v The Gt Western Ry Co Stephen, J

Surrey, Lewis v Cooper (Gibbons, Claimant)

Sunderland, Middlemas y The Mayor of Sunderland Leicester, Dolby v Green & Son

Denman, J

Kent, Filmer v Barling and Wife Middlesex, Champion y Hicks Brothers

Stephen, J

Middlesex, Grimes and Wife v Shepherd Norwich, Holmes v Gagen

Hawkins, Sir H

Metropolitan Police District, Parkyns v Priest Middlesex, Taylor y Hodkinson and others

Lopes, J London, Sear v Nunn

Official Referee Middlesex, Dudley v Brown and another

Stephen, J

REVENUE PAPER. London, North v Gherelli (motn for judgt) Official Referee

Attorney-General (Informant) and the Metropolitan Ry Co, and John London, Nash v Cooper (motn for judgt) Official Referee Bell (Defendants)

cause by English information London, Meers v Watts

Lopes, J

Attorney-General (Informant) and the Metropolitan District Ry Co, London, Carter v North Met Tramways Co

Field, J

and George Hopwood (Defts) cause by English information London, Lilley v Doubleday

Hawkins, Sir H

London, Burrow v The Conservators of River Thames Field, J Dodson, Surveyor, &c, v Walker & Maude
London, Dubois and another v Bishop

Lord Coleridge, CJ

Keen, Burveyor, &c, v Farlow Middlesex, Chamberlaine v Barnewell

Field, J The Homer Hill Colliery Co, limd, v Leech, Surveyor, &c London, Johnson v The Commercial Union Assurance Co

The Great Western Ry Co v Musgrave, Surveyor, &c

Lord Coleridge, CJ The Aberdare Rhondda Coal Co. &c, limd v Newman, Surveyor, &c London, Levy v Israel

Lopes, J Chapman, Surveyor, &c v The Royal Bank of Scotlard London, Sanderson v Spillman and others

Williams, J

Martin, Surveyor, &c v Trustees of Congregational Memorial Hall London, Betteley y Loaring

Field, J Dodson, Surveyor, &c v London and North Western Ry Co Liverpool, Hill v The Mostyn Coal and Iron Co

• Field, J

Improved Industrial Dwellings Co v Last, Surveyor, &c London, Christopherson and another y The United Kingdom Coomber, Surveyor, &c v The Justices of the County of Berks Eastern Telegraph Co

Manisty, J Stoker v Abbot, Surveyor, &c London, Smith y Wyer and another

Williams, J Whitwell, Surveyor, &c v Munby Essex, Eddington and another v Palmer (Trustee, &c)

The Justices, &c, of the County of Warwick v Thrift, Surveyor, &c Hawkins, Sir H

Jeans, Surveyor, &c v E Crawshay and W Crawshay

Caird, Surveyor, &c v Worthem

The City Bank v Last, Surveyoi, &c

Sun Fire Office Co v Ditto
The Rhodes Bank Building Society v The Union Bank of Manches-


Jowett, Surveyor, &c v Moss (for Justices of Lancashire)

Midland Ry Co v Blake, Surveyor, &c Clifton v Viscount Bury and others


Last, Svrveyor, &c v The London Assurance Corporation Mason v Elmslie & Co


Bowers, Surveyor, &c v The Justices of the Peace for Cumberland Blewitt v Cotton


Pacey, Surveyor, &c v Horsley Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for War y Horsman

London and North Western Ry Co v Musgrave, Surveyor, &c (stands over till mentioned by the Attorney-General)


Cottell, Inspector of Taxes v The Justices of the Co of Monmouth Hodgson v Pryor

Wooten v Rolfe, Surveyor, &c Lapton v The Monmouth Ry Co


Victoria Chambers Co, limd v Musgrave, Surveyor, &c

The Justices of Kent v Lamarque, Surveyor, &c
Cumberland Co-operative Benefit Building Society The Furness | The Mayor, &c, of Manchester v Applegate, Surveyor, &c
Ry Co

SC Earl of Dartmouth y Munday

SO Barnes v Dowling

SC Vining and another v Harper

dem Shaw and others v Earl of Jersey

SC Qociété Anonyme v J Batt & Co


FOR ARGUMENT. Lancashire. The Queen v Holme and another

CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. Gloucestershire, The Queen y Ross Union


BOHN, LYDIA MARINA, Guildford st, Russell sq. May 12. Robin.
First Day.

son v Ommaney, Fry, J. Ommanney, Gt Winchester st In the Matter of a Solicitor

CATHERALL, JANE, Higher Kinnerton, Flint. May 10. Guest v In the Matter of Burt, Bolton & Co, and Pokarney, Fielder & Co

Newnes, Fry, J. Flintt, Chester In the Matter of a Solicitor

FLOOKS, JOHN HARRIS, Fugglestone St Peter, Wilts, Gent. May 6. In the Matter of a Solicitor

Nightingale v Dubourg, M.R. Norton, Salisbury In the Matter of a Solicitor, and in an action of Judge v Green

HOSKING, John, Marazion, Cornwall, Gent. Apr 29. Birchall v Abercrombie v Jordan, and In the Matter of E A Hunt

Hosking, M.R. Carter, Serjeant's inn, Chancery lane

HALL, JOSEPH, Birmingham, Hay Dealer. May 10. Hall v Hall,

Fry, J. Weekes, Birmingham In the matter of Johnson, a solicitor

SELKIRK, DAVID LAW, Chobham rd, Stratford, Engineer, Apr 28. Harris v Truman, Hanbury & Co

Wiggins v Selkirk, Bacon, V.C. Bastard, Brabant ct

WALROND, JOHN, Great Ilford, Essex, Gent. May 6. Walrond v
Rules Standing for Judgment.

Lamb, M.R. Sharpe, Bedford row The Queen v The Recorder of Birmingham


APPLETON, MARY Ann, South Molton st. May 10. Appleton v AppleFOR ARGUMENT.

ton, M.R. Harcourt, Moorgate st Northumberland, White v The Justices of East Division of DAVIS, JAMES, West Lavington, Wilts, Innkeeper. May 10. May Coquetdale Ward

10. Humby v Hyatt, M.R. Meek, Devizes Bedfordshire, Gibbins y Jordan and another

NEEDHAM, JOSEPH Miles, Newport, Mon, Mining Engineer. May Buckinghamshire, Payne v Wheeler

6. Needham v Needham, V.C. Hall. Williams and Co, Newport Buckinghamshire, Payne v Jackson and another

PUGI, WILLIAM, Shrewsbury, Painter. May 4. Pugh v. Beddoes. Lancashire, Martin v Barker

V.O. Bacon. Wills and Watts, Carter lane, Doctor's commons Lancashire, Hardy v Atherton

Warts, WILLIAM, Kennington Park rd. Gent. May 12. Webb Devon, Devonport Water Co v Canniford

Chamberlain, Fry, J. Chamberlain, Finsbury sq Liverpool, Henderson v Ambrose

(Gazette, Apr, 12.] Newport, Cooke v Watts Cardigan, Morgan v Rees

ANFIELD, George, Kingston upon Hull, Gent. May 14. Nicholson Cheshire, Davies v Wise (Cramer & Co, Claimants)

v Anfield, Fry, J. Wilson, Hulll Bolton, Whittaker v Rhodes

COMBE, JAMES, Ormiston, Down, Ireland, Iron Founder, May 10. York, Karlsson v Smithson & Co

Combe v Combe, M.R. Gibb, Fenchurch avenue Stafford, Danks v West Bromwich Improvement Commissioners Foster, AXN MILES, Little Woolston, Bucks. May 20. Lacon Essex. Iles y The Assessment Committee of West Ham Union and Powell, V.C. Hall. Pattison and Co, Queen Victoria st others

FRYER, HENRY, Gray's inn pl, Gray's inn sq, Solicitor. May 23. Lancashire, Lee & Son v Kearn and another

Baker v Fryer, V.C. Bacon, Crouch, Queen Victoria st



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GOODLIFFE, Amos, Worthing, Gent. May 10, Goodliffe v Wade SMITH, CHARLES, Huddersfield, Pork Butcher. May 9. Laycock Gery, V.C. Hall. Crosse, Lancaster pl, Strand

and Co, Huddersfield GOODFELLOW, ANNE ROokt. May 20. West of England and South | SMITH, John, Carlisle, Gent. June 8. Murray, Carlisle Wales District Bank v Tank, Fry, J. Coode, St Austell

SPITTLE, HENRY, Alnwick, Northumberland, Gent. June 11. Joel, HURLSTOXE, LYDIA ELIZABETH, Blackfriars rd, Surgical Instrument Newcastle upon Tyne

Maker. Apr 30. Hurlstone v Easton, V.C. Bacon, Easton, Clif. TENNANT, JAMES, Strand, Mineralogist. May 15. Patey and Warren, ford's inn

London wall LCLHAM, THOMAS, Brighton, Bootmaker. May 17. Brinton v Lul.

THYNNE, the Hon. and Rev. JOIN, Haynes, Bedford, Canon of ham, V.C. Hall, Stevens and Sons, Brighton

Westminster. May 29. Farrer and Co, Lincoln's inn fields MANNING, JOIN GRIBBLE, Burestaple, Devon, Butcher. May 5.

TUBBS, EMILY, Kirtley, Suffolk. May 14. Reeve Devon and Cornwall Banking Co v Manning, Hall, V.C.

TURNLRY, JULÍA CECILIA, Herne Bay, Kent. May 28. Haynes and Bromham, Barnstaple

Clifton, Tokenhouse yard
MAYD, JOHX GEORGE DUFFIELD, Cooper's Creek, Queensland, Gent.
Oct 21. Mayd v Mayd, M.R. Hale, St Mildred's ct, Poultry

WALKER, MICHAEL, Clapham rd, Gent. May 16. Walker, Norfolk MORGAN, JOHN, Llwynfedw, Carmarthen, Farmer, May 10. Morgan

st, Strand v Morgan, V.C. Hall, Phillipps, Carmarthen

WARBURTON, JOHN, New Ferry, Chester, Gent. July 1. Bridg. MUGGERIDGE, RICHARD MICHAUX, Little Queen st, Westminster,

man and Co, Chester Parliamentary Agent. May 17. Muggeridge v Badham, V.C. Hall.

WHITTAKER, WILLIAM, Worksop, Nottingham, Brickmaker. June 1. Wainwright, Staple inn

Coulson, Worksop NORMAN, JOIN PAXTON, Calcutta, Judge of the High Court. July

WILLSHIRE, JANE MCMORDO, Tyler st, Regent st. May 14. Bar. 12. Norman v Crump, M.R. Wood, Wrington

trum, Old Jewry chambers PIXFOLD, WILLIAM, Lower Weedon, Northampton, Brick Manufac

WILLSHIRE, RAYMOND, Tyler st, Regent st, Newsagent. May 14. turer. May 10. Orland v Snow, V.C. Hall. Rice and Burnett,

Bartrum, Old Jewry chambers Lincoln's inn fields

[Gazette, Apr, 12.] RIDGWAY, CHARLES, Leighton Buzzard, Draper. May 30. Harris v Pledger, V.C. Hall. Willis, Leighton Buzzard

ALDRIDGE, THOMAS HENRY, Waterloo pl, Shepherd's Bush, Coal WATSOX, WILLIAM HUNTER, Sunderland, Durham, Shipowner. May

Merchant. May 31. Watson and Co, Bridge rd, Hammersmith 10. Watson y Watson, M.R. McKenzie, Sunderland

ANES, JAMES, Routh, Cardiff, Retired Boot and Shoe Dealer. June [Gazette, Apr, 15.7

1. Waldron and Son, Cardiff BELLAMY, SARAH ANN, Earl's ct rd, Old Brompton. May 16, Mark.

BEAL, RICHARD, Newbald, York, Farmer. May 25. Burland and by v Skurray, Fry J. Bowker, Gray's inn sq

Son, South Cave, Yorkshire FIRMIN, WILLIAM PORTER, Stebbing, Essex, Butcher, May 17.

BELLAMY, THOMAS, Charlotte st, Bedford sq, Architect. May 16. Firmin v Firmin, M.R. Snell, Dunmow

Bowker, Gray's inn sq Ford, GEORGE, Gray's inn rd. June 1. Wallis v Reynolds, V.C. |

BETCHLEY, JOIN, East Grinstead, Sussex, Retired Relieving Officer. Hall. James, Fleet st

May 18. Head and Sons, East Grinstead GRANT, ALEXANDER, Brighton, Baker. May 5. Carter v Childs, BRIDGES, John, Anerley, Gent. May 31. Miller and Wiggins, V.C. Bacon Stevens, Brighton

Copthall ct Kar, JAMES, Elton, Bury, Gent. May 18. Peel v Taylor, M.R.

BRIERS, BENJAMIN, Bentley Heath, South Mims, Farmer. June 1. Grundy, Bury

Osborn Boyes, Barnet [Gazette, Apr. 19.]

BROWN, ANTHONY DODD, Alston, Cumberland, Miner. May 10.

Bainbridge and Millican, Alston BELL, JOHN HYDE, Lincoln, Gent. May 17. Lake v Bell, M.R.

BUCKLAND, FRANCIS TREVELYAN, Albany st, Regent's pk, Esq. Russell, Bedford row

July 2. Bennett, Red Lion sg BOUGHEY, Sir Thomas FLETCHER FENTON, Aqualate Hall, Stafford,

BUCKLE, WILLIAM, Weston super Mare, Esq. May 12. Crosse and Bart. June 1. Twemlow v Boughey, v.C. Hall. Fisher and

Co, Lancaster pl, Strand Hodges, Newport

BUTLER, WILLIAM, Percy villas, Upper Norwood, Cane Merchant.
LGazette, Apr. 22.7

May 4. Finch, Borough High st, Southwark
CAINES, CHARLES EDWARD, Rochester terrace, Camden Town, Ware-

honseman, May 12. Sawbridge, Milk st, Cheapside

CLAYTON, WILLIAM, Great Dunmow, Essex, Mercbant. Wade and CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25.

Co, Great Dunmow

COLLINS, BENJAMIN, Walworth rd, Beer Retailer, May 7. Keene LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

and Co, Mark lane ABCRBOW, SOPHIA, Victoria grove West, Stoke Newington, May 21.

COVENTRY, AUGUSTA HARRIET HAMILTON, Marsham, Great Yar Harris, Finsbury circus

mouth. May 25. Crawley and Arnold, Whitehall pl BARROW, John, Hilldrop crescent, Camden road, Clerk in Holy

CURWEN, ROBERT, Wood st, Cheapside, Gent. May 20. Sawbridge,. Orders. June 20. Barrow, Fitzroy sq

Milk st, Cheapside BELL, MARY, Wakefield, Yorkshire. July 1. Harrison and Beau DAUBENEY, GEORGE MATTHEWS, Cheltenham, Esq. June 15. Wil. mont, Wakefield

son, Bath BILTON, JAMES, Holderness, York, Yeoman. June 1. Watson and

ELLIS, WILLIAM, Lancaster terrace, Regent's Park. June 1. Wal.. Sons, Hull

tons and Co, Leaderhall st BLAKEMORE, EDWARD, Beckbury, Salop, Licensed Victualler. May

Evans, Evar, Bangor, Carnarvon. May 6. Owen Williams, Ban.9. Walker and Son, Wolverhampton

gor Browx, MARY ANN,' Chesterfield, Derby. June 11. Bunting, Chesterfield

FOSTER, RICHARD WILLIAM, Cross Brook, Stansfield, Todmorden, CAHILL, THOMAS, Albert gate, Doctor of Medicine. May 2. Parkers,

Halifax, Surgeon. May 25. Stansfield and Sager, Todmorden Bedford row

FRYER, JOHN, Pickering, York, Gent. May 1. Robert Kitching, CAPLEN, ROBERT, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, Gent. May 20. Buckell,

Union Clerk, Pickering Newport

GALE, SARAH ELIZABETH, Clevedon, Somerset. May 20. Bakers CAVE, EDWARD, Leominster, Plumber. May 9. Andrews, Leo. and Co, Weston super Mare minster

GLASSPOOLE, THOMAS, Blundeston, Suffolk, Gentleman. May 21. CHADWICK, JOHN, Blackpool, Lancaster, Colliery Proprietor. May Reeve 20. Davies and Co, Warrington

Higgins, WILLIAM, Whiston, Northampton, Farmer. May 31. CLARKSON, MARY ANN, Derby Lodge, Clapton. June 24. Farrar Britten and Browne, Northampton and Farrar, Doctor's Commons

Hodson, JOHN, Weston, Nottingham, Yeoman, May 20. Marshall,CROFT, WILLIAM GILMORE, Gravesend, Grocer. Apr 30. Tolhurst, East Retford Gravesend

| JACKSON, EDWARD PATTEN, Orsett terrace, Esq. June 11. Simpson GALE, GEORGE, Weston super Mare, Yeoman. June 24. Bakers and Cullingford, Gracechurch st and Co, Weston super Mare

KITCHEN, ANN, Bramley, Leeds. Apr 30. Tunicliffe, Bradford GIBSON, DOROTHY, Coonen, Fivemiletown, Tyrone, Ireland. June KNIGHT, THOMAS, Thatcham, Berks, Baker. June 1. Mecey and 1. Scaife, Edgware rd

Son, Thatcham

LAWSON, LIONEL, Brook st, Hanover sq, Esq. July 30. Cox, monger. May 1. Ramsden and Co

Salter's hall court, Cannon st HANNAY, JAMES, H.M.'s Consul at Barcelona, in Spain. May 17. LEYLAND, RALPH, Liverpool, Painter. June 1. Eaton and Son, Welch, St Andrew's, N.B.

Liverpool JACKSON, JOSEPH, Oldham, Lancashire, Flagger. May 9. Shaw, LONGMAN, EMANUEL, Marston Magna, Somerset, Yeoman. May 20. Oldham

Newmans and Co, Yeovil JACKSON, WILLIAM OLIVER, Ahanesk, nr Midleton, Cork, Esq. LOVEYS, THOMAS SAMUEL, Torquay, Devon, Gent. May 14. Tozer June 1. Sladen and Mackenzie, Delahay st, Westminster

and Geare, Exeter KNOWLES, JOSEPH, Knaresborough, York, Chemist. May 12, Powell, MAONENZIE, STELLA, Woking, Surrey. May 11. Keighley and Co, Knaresbough

Philpot lane MANLEY, MARY Axx, Wilton sq, New North rd, May 21. War. Mason, William HENRY, Clapton, Coach Builder. June 24. Cox, burton and De Paula, West st, Finsbury circus

Salter's Hall ct, Cannon st MANSFIELD, FREDERICK, Hove, Brighton. June 1. Tamplin and Moore, Peter, Great Cowden, York, Farmer. May 14. Sylvester Co, Fenchurch st

and Son, Ladygate, Beverley MEYER, MEYER RAPHAEL, Mark lane, Merchant. May 16. Crump OUGHTON, THOMAS, Tomlin's grove, Bow rd, Gent. May 24. Godand Son, Philpot lane

win, Finsbury MORRISON, WILLIAM, New Bewick, Northumberland, Farmer. May PASMORE, REBECCA, New Windsor, Berks, Milliner. May 11. Phil. 7. Middlemas, Alnwick

lips and Randle Ford. Windsor PEYBERTON, EDWARD, Plas-issa, nr Mold, Flint, Esq. May 14. POLLARD, ELIZABETH, Sonth Cerney, Rowe and Co, Liverpool

ton Townsend, Swindon PRICE, CHARLES, New Broad st, Merchant. May 14. Keays, Charles POLLITT, JONATHAN, Radcliffe, Lancaster, Common Brewer. May

17. Holden and Holden, Bolton RYMAN, JAMES, Oxford, Gent. May 6. Morrell and Son, 01. REED, Henry, Mount Pleasant, nr Lannceston, Tasmania, Esq... ford

May 23. Fowler and Perks, Leadenhall st SELMES, THOMAS, Buxton villas, East Dulwich, Gent. Apr 30. | Rosson, HENRY, Llanover Lower, Monmouth, Miller. July 1. Smith and Batchelor, Greenwick

Watkins, Pontypool



Rosson, SARAT, Llanover Lower, Monmouth. July 1. Watkins,

RYMAN, JAMES, Oxford, Gentleman. May 6. Morrell and Son,

SLACK, SAMUEL, Chesterfield, Derby, Watchmaker. May 31.

Gratton and Marsden, Chesterfield
STEPHENS, WILLIAM, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Chemist. May 31.

James and Co, Merthyr Tydfil
SWALE, JOHN LAMBERT, Ingfield, York, a Captain in Her Majesty's

7th Hussars. May 23. Ridsdale and Co, Gray's inn sq
Toll, Susir, Campfield hill, Truro. May 11. Carlyon and Son,

TOLSON, ELISIA, Leeds, out of business. June 1. Snowdon, Leeds.
TURNER, RICHARD DEAKINS, Monmouth, High Bailiff. May 30.

Oakley, Monmouth
UrWIN, MARY, Aston Netherthorpe, York. June 18. Broomhead

and Ce, Sheffield
WHITAKER, WALTER, Eliza terrace, Bermondsey, Carpenter. May
2. Lawes, Croydon

[Gazette, Apr. 15.]

REEVES, ELIZA, Cochrane st, St John's Wood. May 22. Prior, Col.

SMITH, THOMAS, Sunderland, Retired Master Mariner. May 23.

Mitchell, Sunderland
SWANNELL, JOHN, Rickmansworth, Hertford, Grocer. May 31,

Rowell, Rickmansworth
TINKLER, JOSEPH, Elwick Hall, Durham, Farmer. June 1. Newby

and Co, Stockton on Tees
WATSON, JOSEPH, Cleator Moor, Cumberland, Innkeeper. May 12.
Whittle, Cleator Moor

[Gazette, Apr. 22.]

BARRON, CHARLES STEPHEN, Orsett terrace, Hyde pk, Esq. May 26.

Clarke and Calkin, Great James st, Bedford row
BURROW, Rev JOSEPI ASHTON, St Martin's pl, Trafalgar sq, Clerk.

May 31. Swinburne and Mills, Bedford row
CLARK, JOSEPH, Dean st, Soho, Leather Merchant. May 13. Child,

Paul's Bakehouse ct, Doctors' Commons,
COOPER, ELIZABETH, Eastbourne, Sussex. June 1. Pidcock, East-

DONALD, JOHN REED, Carlisle, Solicitor, June 4. Donald and

'Ostell, Carlisle
Evans, Evax, Bangor, Carnarvon. May 6. "Rev Owen Williams,

Tregarth, Llandegai, nr Bangor
FREELAND, ALEXANDER BANKIER, Westermains, Croydon, 13, Great

Saint Helen's, Ship and Insurance Broker. June 17. Dommett,

Gresham st
GRIMES, LYDIA MANNING, Hybernia rd, Hounslow. May 25. Gar.

diner and Co, Uxbridge
HUMPHREYS, JOIN, Berriew, Montgomery, Esq. May 1. Harrison,

KNIGHT, MATTHEW, Chideock, nr Bridport, Dorset, Gent. May 22.

Howard, Melcombe Regis
SMITH, Jonn, Burnby, York, Farmer. June 30. Powell and

Sargent, Pocklington
TOWNSEND, MARY, Cotham Side, Bristol. May 20. Osborne and

Co, Bristol
WARBURTON, SAMUEL, Denton, Lancaster, Gent. May 7. Smith,

WILLIAMS, GEORGE, Madron, Cornwall, Vice-Admiral in the Royal
Navy. July 13. Trythall and Bodilly, Penzance

[Gazette, Apr 19.]

A biographer of Judge Blackford, says the Albany Law Journal, shows tbat the judge did not believe in de minimis. In preparing his opinions and the matter for his reports, he studied the art of punctuation; he read the best books for style ; searched the latest reports for law, and as far as possible remodelled the opinions of his associates until it is said they became like his own,"clear, compact, and complete, carrying no weight of immaterial discussion, and losing no weight through grammatical leaks or rhetorical cracks." “He was equally exacting in the use and in the spelling of words.” It is stated that while his eighth volume was in press, he delayed the entire establishment three days in order to determine the orthography of the word “ jenny," a female ass. He had written it with a “g," but finding it spelled differently, he was not content to pass it antil every book in his library had been searched, paying 125dols. for the delay occasioned to the press and printers. The word “muley," a cow without horos, gave him great trouble. He traced it to the Irish "moileu," the name of a breed of cattle in Ireland, spelling it m-u-l-e-y, although he never felt satisfied with having suffered the use of the word, especially as it had been ignored by lexicographers. It is stated that Mr. Jadah, a prominent lawyer of the State, boasted that he secured the delay of a decision for three years by simply suggesting to his Honour, who had the case in hand, that Chancellor Kent and Judge Story differed in their manner of spelling the word “ eleemosyaary."

ATHERTON, WILLIAM, Longsight, nr Manchester, Gent. June 11,
Claye and Son, Manchester

BLADES, BROWNLOW WILLIAM, West Bromwich, Stafford, Brick | May 3.-Mesara. DRIVER & Co.. at the Mart, at 2 pm..

Manufacturer. June 1. Seaman, Wednesbury BLAGDEN, RODERT, Chase Side, Southgate, Edmonton, Gent. May | Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, this 25. Howard and Shelton, Threadneedle st

week, p. 6). BLEACKLEY, WILLIAM, Prestwich, Lancaster, Bleacher. June 11. | May 4.-Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY & Co, at the Mart, Claye and Son, Manchester

at 2 p.m., Freehold Ground Rents (see advertisement, this BOND, JOHN, Birmingham, Brickmaker. May 2. Buller and Bick.

week, p. 6). ley, Bennett's hill, Birmingham CALLENDER, Axx, Stockton, Durham. May 13. Dodds and Co,

May 6.-Mr. PERKINS, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Leasehold Stockton-on-Tees

Properties (see advertisement, this week, p. 6).
CARD, JOSEPH, Acton, Bricklayer. May 16. Bohm, Old Jewry
DAVIS, MARY ANNE, Pensax, Worcester. June 16, Gardner, Bewd.

EDWARDS, Susanna, Montagu hill, Bristol. June 24. Gregory and
Son, Bristol

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. ELDRIDGE, Joux, Euston rd, Builder. June 1, Ley, Carey st, Lincoln's inn

BIRTH. ESDAILE, EDWARD JEFFRIES, Taunton, Somerset, Esq. May 19.

BRADFORD.-April 23, at No. 13, St. James's-terrace, Regent's. Foster, Wells

park, the wife of J. Bradford, barrister-at-law, of a daug hter. Evans, Évan, Bangor, Carnarvon. May 6. Williams, York place,


BARNES-MITCHELL.- April 20, at Glasgow, John Gorell FRISBY, ARTHUR, Chiseldon, Wilts, Esq. June 6. Kinneir and

Barnes, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, to Mary Tombs, Swindon GILBERT, Joseph, Handsworth, Stafford, Electro-Plater. June 30.

Humpston, daughter of the late Thomas Mitchell, West Wtateley and Co, Birmingham

Arthurlie. HARTLEY, SUSANNAU ROSIN DALE, Holland st, Kensington, June BLOXAM-BLOXAM.-April 20, at Guildford, Francis Richard 24. Tatton, Lower Phillimore place, Kensington

Turner, eldest son of Richard Bloxam, of Eltham Court, HERRING, FRANCIS, Trelawney, Altarnun, Cornwall, Yeoman. May Eltham, Kent, to Katherine Georgiana, daughter of the late 28. White and Dingley, Launceston

Robert William Bloxam, of Ryde, Isle of Wight.
HIBIDAGE, JOHN, Bournemouth, Hants, Builder, May 14. Sharp,

HINLEY, WILLIAM, Coalbrookdale, Salop, Builder. June 1. Potts

BARNARD.-April 20, at 34, Compton-terrace, Highbury, N., and Potts, Broseley

Mr. J. M. Barnard, solicitor, aged 61. KEYTE, Jonn, Burton Dassett, Warwick, Farmer. June 1. Welch MORRIS.- April 21, at 9, Church-road, St. Leonard's-on-Ses, man, Southam

Jobn Spry Morris, late Commissioner of Crown Londs, Sur. KEYTE, RICHARD, Burton Dassett, Warwick, Farmer. June 1. veyor-General and Judge of the Probate Court, Halifax, Nova Welchman, Southam

Scotia, aged 85. KIRKMAN, John, Liverpool, Gent. June 1. Hore and Co, Liver.

LEE, FRANCIS, Crediton, Devon, County Court High Bailiff. June 1.

Hooper and Wollen, Torquay
LESLIE, FERDINAND SEYMOUR, Ballibay, Monaghan, in Ireland,
Lieutenant in H.M.'s 1st|Dragoon Guards. July 20. Bloxams and

Ellison, Lincoln's inn fields
MOORE, ANTHONY John, Sunderland, Durham, Gent. May 30,
McKenzie, Sunderland

PEARCE, GEORGE, Newland, Sherborne, Dorset, Tavern Keeper

Friday, April 22, 1881, May 12. Davies, Sherborne

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. PURCHASE, EDWARD, Ynis-y-gored, nr Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. shire. May 2. Purchase, Neath

To Surrender in London. RICHARDSON, GEORGE- Fisi, Leatherhead, Surrey, Esq. May 22. Danson, Joseph, Rye lane, Peckham, Furniture Dealer. Pet Apr Dawson, Hart st, Bloomsbury se

| 20. Murray. May 6 at 11


To Surrender in the Country.

at 3 at B Committee room, Old Townhall, King st, Manchester. Carr, Thomas Jones, Swansea, Coal Merchant. Pet Apr 9. Jones. Sale and Co, Manchester Swansea, May 7 at 11

Peace, Aaron, and George Henry Peace, Clayton West, nr Hudders. Cresswell, Henry, Hereford, out of business. Pet Apr 20. Carless, field. Woollen Manufacturers. May 6 at 3 at offices of Learoyd jan. Hereford, May 7 at 12.30

and Co, Buxton rd, Huddersfield

Pollard, William, New Radford, Nottingham, Asphalter. May 2 at TUESDAY, April 26, 1881.

3 at offices of Lees, Severn chambers, Middle pavement NottingUnder the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.


Reeve, Joseph, Leadenhall st. no occupation. May 6 at 2 at offices Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. of Benham, Leadenhall st To Surrender in London.

Robinson, David, and James Robinson, Godley, Chester, Hat Manu. Nicholson, John Thomas, City rd, Woollen Draper. Pet Apr 21.

facturers. May 5 at 3 at Clarence Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester. Murray. May 11 at 11

Broadsmith, Hyde
To Surrender in the Country.

Rooker, James, "Birmingham, Beerhouse Keeper. Apr 29 at 3 at Harrison, Clarissa, Gainsborough, Lincoln, Lodging house Keeper.

offices of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Pet Apr 21. Uppleby. Lincoln, May 16 at 11

Rowe. John, Manchester, Fruit and Potato Salesman. May 10 at 2 Hartley, Richard Kingston-upon-Huli, Glass Dealer. Pet Apr 23.

at Cathedal Hotel, Fennell st, Manchester. Law, Manchester Rollit. Kingston-upon-Hull, May 10 at 3

Rust. William Holyoake, Falconer's Hall, Good Easter, Essex, Herbert, John Thomas, Bruntingthorpe, Leicester, Builder. Pet

Farmer. May 10 at 3 at Corn Exchange, Chelmsford. Duffield Apr 23. Ingram Leicester, May 10 at 12

and Bruty, Chelmsford Robert, William Peart, (and not Pearl, as erroneously printed in the

Salmon, Henry Harcourt, Witney, Oxford, Wool Stapler. May 3 at Gazette of 15th inst), Manchester, Grey Cloth Agent. Pet Apr 13,

2 at offices of Gregson, Witney Lister. Manchester, May 2 at 12

Sands, Arthur Henry, Clerkenwell rd, Picture Frame Manufacturer. Williams, Seth, Abersychan, Monmouth, Grocer. Pet Apr 22.

May 2 at 12 at Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Hope, ChanDavis. Newport, May 9 at 11

cery lane Westbury, Robert, Manchester, Surgical Instrument Maker. Pet

Shrimpton, Alfred, Redditch, Worcester, Needle Manufacturer. Apr 23. Lister, Manchester, May 9 at 12

Apr 27 at 11 at Unicorn Hotel, Redditch, in lieu of the place ori.


Smith, Thomas, Leigh, Worcester, out of business. May 4 at 3 at

offices of Allen and Beauchamp, Sansome pl, Worcester FRIDAY, April 22, 1881.

Somers. George, Walsall, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. May 7 at Handsley, Frederick Audas, Wainfleet St Mary, Lincoln, Miller.

12 at offices of Forrest, Church st, Oldbury Apr 20

Taylor, John, Alhion grove, Barnsbury, Butcher. Apr 30 at 12 at Liquidations by Arrangement.

offices of Finch, Borough High st, Southwark FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

Taylor, Samuel, Hockley, nr Birmingham, Boot and Shoe Dealer.

May 5 at 3 at offices of Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham
FRIDAY, April 15, 1881.

Walker, George, Wolverhampton, Cabinet Maker. May 6 at 3 at Amor, Charles, Hendon, Coal Verchant. May 2 at 3 at offices of

offices of Radcliffe, Darlington st, Wolverhampton Davies, Southampton buildings, Chancery lane

Ward, John, Batley Carr, nr Dewsbury, York, out of business. May Auston, Edward, Gt Bentley, Essex, Farmer. May 6 at 3 at offices

10 at 3 at offices of Ibberson, Westgate, Dewsbury Turner and Co, East hill, Colchester

Weller. Thomas Lower, Hastings, Sussex, Market Gardener. Apr Barben, Thomas, Barrow in Furness, Grocer. May 6 at 11 at Im

30 at 11 at offices of Mann, Claremont, Hastings perial Hotel, Barrow in Furness. Nalder and Jones, Barrow in

Widdison, George, Nottingham, Shopkeeper. May 9 at 11 at offices Furness

of Black, Low pavement, Nottingham Bartlett, Henry, Heytesbury, Wilts, Grocer. May 9 at 11.30 at offices

Yerbury. Friend Dyer, Queen st, Tobacconist. May 6 at 2 at offices of Wakeman and Bleek, Warminster Bell, George, Newcastle under Lyme, Grocer. April 30 at 10.15 at

of Lord and McDonald, Queen Victoria st. Brighten and Co, offices of James, Nelson sq, Newcastle under Lyme

Bishopsgate st, Without Bowen, Owen, Coal Exchange, Civil Engineer. May 9 at 2 at offices

TUESDAY, April 26, 1881. of Miller, Sherborne lane

Abraham. Isaac, Leeds, Provision Dealer. May 10 at 11 at Saracen Brown, John, Prospect, Aspatria, Cumberland, Grocer. May 6 at Head Hotel, Boar Jane, Leeds 12.15 at offices of McKeever, Market pl, Wigton

Andrews, Townsend Charles, Moses gate, nr Bolton, Lancaster, Bryant, Philip Harvey, jun, and John Harvey Bryant, Bromsgrove, Commission Agent. May 12 at 2 at Midland Hotel, New st, BirWorcester, Coach Builders. May 5 at 3 at offices of Rowlands and mingham. Whittingham, Bolton Co, Colmore row, Birmingham

Anker. Charles, jun., Fletton, Huntingdon, Innkeeper. May 12 Bubb, Elizabeth, Aberystwith, Cardigan, Plumber. Apr 29 at 11 at at 11 at offices of Hart, Priestgate, Peterborough offices of Jones, Gt Darkgate st, Aberystwith

Atkinson. William, Rochdale. Lancaster, Smallware Dealer. Bycroft, Charles Hewson, Belleau, nr Alford, Lincoln, Farmer. May May 10 at 3 at offices of Molesworth, Central Chambers, The Walk 5 at 2.30 at King's Head Hotel, Louth, Rice and Co, Boston

Rochdale Chambers, William George, Laura villas, Leyton, Clerk. Apr 29 at Bateman, Frederick William, Fishponds, Gloucester, Grocer. May 9 4 at 262 High Holborn. Staniland, North rd, Highgate

at 12 at 39, Broad st, Bristol. Salisbury Collett, Henry, Cowley, nr Cheltenham, Baker, May 5 at 2.30 at Bell, Ruth, High Colehill, Cumberland. May 12 at 11 at offices of offices of Chesshyre, Regent st, Cheltenham

Dobinson and Watson, Bank st, Carlisle Coney, James, Liverpool rd, Islington, Builder. May 10 at 2 at Bell, Elizabeth, Wes Lutton, York, Blacksmith. May 11 at 2 at Vestry House, Christchurch passage, Newgate st. Robinson

offices of White, Gt Driffield Davies, William, Treharris, Glamorgan, Grocer. May 2 at 1 at Mer Berry, Thomas, Balsall Heath, Worcester, Brush Manufacturer. chant's Agsociation, Broad st, Bristol, James and Co, Merthyr May 11 at 3 at offices of Rowlands, Corporation chmbrs, Ann st. Tydfil

Birmingham Dovell, James O'Hara, Canterbury, Licensed Victualler. May 5 at Boas, Eli, New Wertled, Leeds, Tobacconisti. May 6 at 3 at office 13 at offices of Mercer, High st, Canterbury

of Brook, East Parade, Leeds Duffy, James, Middlesborough, Journeyman Tailor. ay 5 at 2.30

Boe, William, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Ironmonger. May 6 at 3 at at offices of Lewis, Zetland rd, Middlesborough

offices of Stanford, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Dyson, John, Manchester, Boot and Shoe Dealer. May 6 at 3 at Bowen, Matthew, and Andrew Bowen, Newtown, Stourport, Woroffices of Addleshaw and Warburton, Norfolk st, Manchester

cester, Builders. May 12 at 12 at offices of Corbett, Avenue Gibbs, William, Birmingham, Iron Merchant. May 10 at 2 at Queen's House, Worcester Hotel, Birmingham. Underhill

Bradley, William Vincent, Sitingborne, Kent, Baker. May 11 at 11 Graham, Robert, and Robert Thompson, Carlisle, Woollen Manufac. at offices of Gibson, High st, Sittingborne

turers. May 6 at 3 at Bush Hotel, Carlisle. Wannop, Carlisle Brodhurst, Agnes Ann, Hednesford, Stafford, Boot and Shoe Maker Griffiths, John Alban, Chapel ter, Hornsey, Draper. May 4 at 3 at May 9 at 11 at offices of Stanloy, Bridge st, Walsall offices of Cooper, Lincoln's inn fields

Brookes, Henry, Frimley, Surrey, Journalist. May 18 at 12 at Grossman, Jacob, Hartlepool, Durham, Auctioneer, May 3 at 3 at offices of Foster, Victoria rd, Aldershot offices of Asher, Manor pl, Sunderland

Brookes, Owen, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Chemist. May 12 at 12.30 Hammond, Edwin, Francis st, Hackney rd, Cabinet and Brush

at Queen Hotel, Chester Board Cutter. Apr 28 at 3 at offices of Widdecomb, Union ct, Old Brookes, David William, High st, Hampstead, Greengrocer. May Broad st

11 at 3 at ofllces of Reader, Holborn Viaduct. Kilby, Holborn Hedgecock, Thomas, St Helens, Lancaster, Painter. May 6 at 11 at Viaduct offices of Cook, Hardshaw st, St Helens

Bruton, John, Swansea, Provision Dealer. May 4 at 3 at 58, ChanHickson, Robert William, Liverpool, Marine Insurance Broker.

cery lane. Woodward, Swansea May 18 at 3 at offices of Gibson and Bolland, South John st, Liver Bull, Robert George, Calne, Wilts, Farmer. May 7 at 12 at Lans. pool. Harrison, Liverpool

downe Arms Hotel, Calne Henly, Calne Hopkin, Henry, Batley, York, Grocer. May 4 at 3 at Talbot Hotel, Caley, Murkin Lawrence, Tonbridge, Kent, Architect. May 12 at Batley. Mitcheson, Heckr.ondwike

12 at Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Walker, Tonbridge Howell, Mary, Shrewsbury. May 9 at 3 at offices of Clark and Sons.

Chaplain, Francis Henry, Lower Wick, Worcester, Artist. May 9 Swan hill, Shrewsbury

at 12 at offlces of Pidcock and Sons, Foregate st, Worcester Huskinson, John Loveit, Nottingham, Dentist. May 6 at 3 at offices Clapham, Richard, Finedon, Northampton, Farmer. May 6 at 11 at of Lees, Severn chambers, Middle pavement, Nottingham

ofices of Pearse & Co, Market pi, Wellinborough Jenkins, John, Porttenant, Swansea, Licensed Victualler. May 2 at Clark, James, Westerham, Kent. Baker. May 10 at 5 King's Arms 12 at offices of Leyson and Jones, Fisher st, Swansea

Hotel, Westerham, Richardson, Edenbridge Luce, Mary Jean, Talbot rd, Bayswater. Apr 29 at 2 at offices of Clark, Thomas, Bexley Heath, Builder. May 6 at 3 at offices of Seymour, Copthall buildings

Swaine, King st, Cheapside Lumb, William, Harby, Nottingham, Farmer. May 4 at 11 at offices Clemetson, James, Pembury, Kent, Baker. May 6 at 11 at offices of of Page, jun, Flaxengate, Lincoln

Burton, Dyott terrace, Tunbridge Wells Martin, John, Kingston upon Hull, Draper. May 6 at 3 at offices of Cohen, Joseph Magnus, Dalston lane, Hardware Dealer. May 10 at Summers, Manor st, Kingston upon Hull

• 3 at offices of Dear, Gresham st Mills, Thomas, Waltham, Kent, 'Farmer. May 11 at 1 at Golden Cox, Hannah, Yeovil, Somerset, Grocer- May 16 at 11 at offices of Fleece. High st, Canterbury. Sparkes, Ramsgate

Bollen, South st, Yeovil Naylor, Frederick, St Albans, Herts, Wine Merchant. May 2 at 2 | Cranmer, James, Harpurhey, nr Manchester, Engraver to Calico at offices of Sydney, Leadenhall st

Printers. May 7 at 11 at the Crown and Thistle Hotel, Cathedral Olive, Richaad, Bury, Lancaster, Railway Wagon Builder. May 9 yard, Manchester. Bennet, Salford

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