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me in any ways before named Wiled and Bequeathed Ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal day and year above written.



Signed Sealed published and pronounced in the presence of us
ye subscribers



55* DANIEL,4 m. Phebe Raynor.
56* ISAAC,4 m. Elizabeth Smith.
57* HANNAH,4 m. ist, Capt. John Cooper; 2d, Major Wm. H. Smith.
58 MARY,4 m. Samuel Ludlum. His will, in Liber XXV, folio 463, New York sur-

rogate's office, probated February 13, 1767, is as follows:

1, Samuel Ludlum, of Southampton, in the County of Suffolk, and Province of New York, Farmer, do make this my last Will and Testament as followeth: first, I give my Soul to God that gave it, and my Body to the Earth from whence it was taken; and as to my Temporal Estate, I give to my wife Mary all my Estate except twenty-five Pounds New York Currency which I give to my daughter Phebe, and five shillings to each of my two daughters, namely Mary and Sarah, willing that my just debts and funeral Charges be first paid by my Executors hereafter named. My will is that the twenty-five pounds given to my Phebe remain in my Executors' hands for the support of said Phebe, and by them dealt out unto her as her need shall require it.

I do appoint and ordain Thomas Tappen and Annanias Cooper both of Town to be Sole Executors of this my last will and Testament.

Signed sealed, published and declared

this 18 day of July, A. D. 1766, in
presents of


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20 SAMUEL 3 SAYRE removed to Elizabeth, N. J., where, in 1696–7, he subscribed 6s. towards the support of Rev. John Harriman. He died before August 21, 1707, on which date his father mentions in his will “ the children of my deceased son Samuel.” There was a Samuel “Sayer" who served as juror in 1682 in court at Salem, Mass., and who afterward signed, with others, the “humble and solemn declaration of regret for the part they had borne in the witch trials.” (From “ Salem Witchcraft,” by Chas. W. Upham, Vol. II, p. 475.) The names of the children are not positively known, but probably were as follows:


62* SAMUEL,4 m. Lyon.
63* DANIEL,4 m. Rebecca Bond.

Probably others.


21 DAVID 3 SAYRE, of Cohansey, N. J., married In 1709 he was Overseer of the Poor, and in 1718 Surveyor of Highways. In 1714 the inhabi

, tants of Cohansey refused to pay taxes because assessed by a Roman Catholic; among them was David Sayre. In June, 1715, all these persons, yeomen of Cohansey, were indicted for resisting the constable and refusing to pay taxes. What the result was is not known.

His will is recorded at Trenton, N. J., in Liber V, folio 95; dated February 16, 1741; probated December 8, 1744, and March 29, 1745.

In substance as follows:

Eldest son, David, 58.; second son, Job, “all my plantations"; eldest daughter, Dorrothy Pagett, £5; second daughter, Hannah Plummer, £5; third daughter, Christiana Mulford, £5; fourth daughter, Rebecca Gelaspe, 5s.; fifth daughter, Anne Sayre, 5s.; granddaughter, Mary Platts, £ 5. Son-in-law, Thomas Pagett, sole Executor. Witnesses, Alex. Maccey, Nathan Bacon, Moses Pagett. Inventory, £80 6s. 7d.


64* DAVID,4 m. Ruth
65 JOB.4
66* DOROTHEA,4 b. 1698, m. Thomas Paget.
67 HANNAH,4 m. Plummer.
68 CHRISTIANA,4 m. Mulford.
69 REBECCA,4 m. Gelaspe.
70 ANNE.4

22 EPHRAIM 3 SAYRE married Sarah Barnes. He was Sergeant of the Militia Company of the south side of Cohansey, November, 1715. He died at Cohansey, N. J. His will, in the Salem files in the office of the Secretary of State, Trenton, N. J., dated December 31, 1715, and probated January 24, 1716, mentions the children named below. The inventory showed £ 58 7s. 8d.

73 SARAH.4

23 NATHAN 3 SAYRE married Mary April 7, 1712, at a meeting at Southampton to settle rights in common, he had fifty acres “ by his father.”

He conveyed land at Southampton, August 3, 1719.

He made his first purchase of land in Middlesex, Conn., November 25, 1720, in the district (now town) of Maromas- a house and 150 acres of land; and soon after took up his residence there.

Some of his descendants spelled their name Sears.

CHILDREN (THE FIRST FOUR WERE BORN IN SOUTHAMPTON, L. 1.). 75 NATHAN,4 m. Feb. 12, 1736, Deborah Prout, daughter of Dr. Eben Prout,

who died Nov.9, 1736, aged 32 years. A son was born and died Oct. 29, 1736. 76* ELISHA,4 b. about 1711; m. Tabitha Miller. 77* MATTHEW,4 b. about 1717; ni. Martha Warner. 78 MARY,4 b. about 1720; m. Feb. 28, 1740, William Roberts, Jr.; d. May 11, 1747. 79 DANIEL,4 bp. at Middletown, Conn., Sept. 29, 1723. 80* STEPHEN,4 b. Feb. 28, 1725; m. Mary Chapman. 81* JOHN,4 b. Oct. 4, 1726; m. Lydia Hubbard. 82* CHARLES,4 b. Feb. 8, 1730; m. Ist, Sarah Clark; 2d, Frances Kellogg. 83 HANNAH,4 b. July 8, 1733. 84 SARAH,4 b. Feb. 17, 1735.


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25 THOMAS 3 SAYRE married Hannah He was a planter of Elizabeth, N. J. A deed in possession of Walter H. Sayre, Esq., of Florida, N. Y. (near Goshen), dated April 24, 1704, in brief recites as follows:

Benjamin Parkhurst, of Elizabethtown, and Hannah his wife, to Thomas Sayre of town aforesaid: 6 acres bounded South by parsonage lot,

West by Elizabethtown Mill river,
North by land of Joseph Wilson decd.

East by a street or highway.

His will, probated August 19, 1713, is recorded at Trenton, N. J. The original will is in possession of Walter H. Sayre, Esq., of Florida, N. Y., and reads as follows:

In the name of God Amen, the 24th day of July in the year of our Lord Christ 1713 Thomas Sayer of Elizabethtown County of Exses eastern division of the province of New Jersey, Yoeman, Being weak of body but sound and perfect memory do make and endorse this my last will and testament in manner and form following, Viz: first I give my soul to God who gave it, hoping through the meretorious death of Jesus Christ my only Saviour to receive full pardon for all my sins, and my body I commend to the earth, to be buried in christian burial at the discretion of my executors, Hannah my wife and Daniel Sayer my brother, Then I give and bequeath all my tract of land being in the keeping of my son Joseph Sayer and to his heirs and assigns forever, Then I give and bequeath my 100 hundred acre lot number 81, to my second son James Sayer to his heirs and assigns forever, Then I give and bequeath my other 100 acre lot No 8o, to my third son Thomas Sayer and his heirs and assigns, furthermore it is my will if my eldest son Joseph should die before 21 years of age the last bequest should be divided equally between my other sons James and Thomas and their heirs, and furthermore it is my will if either my sons James and Thomas should die before the full age of 21 years, then the lands bequeathed to them shall fall to the survivor and shall stand good to their heirs or assigns, Then I give and bequeath all my moveable estate to my wife Hannah to make part payment of my just debts and dispose of the rest at her pleasure — Ratifing and confirming this to be

my last will and testament in witness where of I have set my hand and seal on the day above mentioned, signed sealed and delivered by me the said Thomas Sayer in the presence of witnesses Benjamin and Jonas Wood.

x my mark Thomas SAYER. By his Excellency, Robert Hunter, Esq., Captain-General and Governor over the County of Essex, in provence of New Jersey and eastern New York, Anna Domino 1713, the last will and testament of Thomas Sayer was proven before Thomas Gordon, Esq., being sufficiently authorized and approved by me, he having while he lived, and at the time of his death, goods, chattles and credits within the provinces, and whereby the full disposition of all and singular, goods and chattles belonging to him, and any wages concerning executrix Hannah, should be granted her, for making a correct and full inventory of said goods and chattles and exhibiting the same, whereof I have caused the surrogates seal to be hereunto affixed, this the eighth day of September, in the year of her Majestys reign,

Anna Domino, 1713. CHILDREN (ALL MINORS IN 1713). 85* JOSEPH,4 m. Ist, ; 2d, Sarah Duryee. 86 JAMES.4 87* THOMAS,4 m. Ist, Susannah Seely; 2d, Dinah

26 DANIEL 3 SAYRE married Elizabeth - He was a farmer in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. The New Jersey archives state that on September 12, 1700, Daniel Sayre and other inhabitants of Elizabethtown went to Newark and took from the Sheriff the keys of the prison, and liberated Joseph Parmenter, then in custody. We have no further explanation of the matter. At a town meeting of the inhabitants of Elizabethtown held August 2, 1720, he was appointed one of a committee of seven freeholders, or trustees, for the disposal of the common lands, and to defend the title of the people to their inberitance. He died in 1723

His will, dated February 26, 1722, probated June 3, 1723, is recorded in Trenton, New Jersey, in Liber A, folio 246, and reads as follows:

In the Name of God Amen the Twenty Six Day of February in the ninth year of the Reign of our now Sovereign Lord George of Great Brittain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith & in the Year of our Lord Christ One Thousand Seaven hundred & Twenty two; I Daniel Sayres of Elizabeth Town in the Province of New Jersey in America Yeoman calling to Remembrance the Uncertainty of humane Life & being in Sound & disposing memory, Praised be God Therefore,

Do make this my Last Will & Testament as followeth ; That is to say I bequeath my Soul in to the mercifull hands of Almighty God hoping & trusting through yé Death & Passion of Jeseus Christ my Saviour & Redeemer to obtain full pardon & remission of all my sins & to inheritt Everlasting life & my Body to the Earth to be decently buried at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter named and as for the Disposal of such worldly Goods as God of his great mercy & Goodness hath been pleased to bestow upon me, I Do give Devise & bequeath the same in manner & forme following that is to say, First I do revoke nullify & make void all other Wills and Testamentes, heretofore by me made Item my will is y' all my just & lawfull Debts, be thoroughly Satisfyed & payed by my Executors hereafter named or the Survivors of y' Item I do give Devise & bequeath after the payment of all my Debts as aforesaid, unto my well Beloved Wife Elizabeth Sayre the whole & entire third part of all my personal or moveable Estate & the use advantage and Enjoyment of y' Third part of my House & Land on the South Side of the Highway that leads to and from my dwelling House y' I give her such a share, part & proportion of ye Profitt & conveniences of during the time of her widowhood, in conjunction with my two Eldest sons Daniel and Ephraim Sayres : But in case of her Second Marriage or mortality, I will Devise & Bequeath all

my land on the South Side of the Highway aforesaid with the House & appendages thereunto appertaining, to my dear sons Daniel Sayres and Ephraim Sayres, & to their Heirs & assigns forever to be equally divided in Quality & Quantity betwixt them to have & to hold to them, their Heirs & assigns for ever Item: unto my Son John Sayres, I give & devise, will & bequeath the Sume of Ten Pounds York money, to be payed by my two sons Daniel & Ephraim, I Say by each of them the full and equal Sume of Five Pounds when he comes to full age, In Consideration, that I have above given to them a Legacy of Land betwixt them.

Item. I give devise and bequeath unto my Dear sons Ebenezer, Jonathan and Joseph, unto them their Heirs & Assigns for Ever, all my Land on the North side of the Road that leads to and from my House, & all my Right title claim and pretensions whatsoever that I have in or to Lands at New Brittain within this Province together with Ten acres of meadow near oyster Creek in the great Meadows of Elizabeth town, to be equally divided in Quantity and Quality betwixt them to ye Use Benefit & Behoof of them their Heirs and assigns forever, Provided alwayes that my son Ebenezer Sayres, Shall upon the Division of ye said Land on the North side of ye Road aforesaid, have that part of it, assigned & alloted to him & to his Heirs & assigns forever on wch the Barn now stands, and my sons Daniel and Ephraim Sayres shall use, occupy, hold & enjoy the whole and every part of it, towards the maintenance & bring up of all my children untill they come to the age of Twenty one years.

Item. I give & devise unto my afore-mentioned son John Sayres, Ten Pounds York money to be payed over & above, what I ordered his Brothers Daniel & Ephraim Sayres to pay him as aforesaid, out of my personal estate by my Executors hereafter named to him when He arrives to the age of Twenty one years likewise :

Item. I give, bequeath and devise unto my Daughters Sarah, Elizabeth & Hannah Sayres, Thirty Pounds New-York-money I say to each & every one of them Ten Pounds to be payed unto them & every one of them whenever they, or any of them, arrive to full age by my Executors hereafter named out of my moveable Estate. And If it should so happen y' my personal Estate shall exceed, or shall arise to a greater sume than will answer & Discharge, the Legacies & Debts before mentioned & devised Item: My Will & Devise is, & I do hereby order & appoint & Will y' the Residue and Remainder of my said moveable estate shall be equally divided betwixt my nine children aforementioned & particularly named and expressed As for all other Rights claimes or Titles to Land in Elizabeth Town, y' I now have or ought to have whether In possession or Reversion I Give bequeathe & Devise also to my two sons Daniel Sayres & Ephraim Sayres, their

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