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ness of his advice caused his services to be highly valued by Bournemouth, has been appointed by the High Sheriff of the bench. Mr. Ostell took a warm interest in the volunteer Dorsetshire (Mr. Henry Hyde Nugent Bankes) to be Undermovement, and held the rank of lieutenant in the Carlisle Sheriff of that county for the ensaing year. Mr. Rawlins is Rifle Corps. The announcement of his death, which resulted coroner for Cogdean Hundred, registrar of the Wimborne from pleurisy, caused universal regret. At the meeting of the County Court, and clerk to the magistrates and the Commis. town council held the same afternoon, the mayor expressed

sioners of Income, Land, and Assessed Taxes. He was his sorrow, and spoke of the high character and valuable admitted a solicitor in 1842, and is in partnership with his public services of the deceased. Mr. Ostell leaves a widow son, Mr. Thomas Davis Burney Rawlins. and several children. His eldest son, Mr. John Ostell, Mr. HENRY CECIL RAires, barrister, M.P., has been jud., was admitted a solicitor in 1878.

sworn in as a Member of the Privy Council. Mr. Raikes is the eldest son of Mr. Henry Raikes, of Llwynegrin

Flintshire, and was born in 1838. He was educated at MR. SYDNEY PEARSON.

Shrewsbury, and was formerly scholar of Trinity College, CamMr. Sydney Pearson, solicitor (of the firm of Pearson & bridge, where he graduated in the second class of the classical Whidborne), of Dawlish, died at Shepherd's Bush on the 11th tripos in 1860. He was called to the bar at the Middle inst. Mr. Pearson, who was one of the oldest solicitors in

Temple in Easter Term, 1863, and was formerly a member Devonshire, was born in 1803. He was admitted a solicitor

of the North Wales and Chester Circuit. He has been M.P. in 1825, and settled at Dawlish about ten years later. He

for the city of Chester in the Conseryative interest since had a good private practice, having been for some time the

1868, and he was elected chairman of committees in the only solicitor at Dawlish. He was steward of the major of

House of Commons in 1874. Dawlish, and was for several years clerk to the county magis Mr. ODDEN FREDERICK READ, solicitor, of Mildenhall, trates, which office is now held by his partner, Mr. John Newmarket, Brandon, and Thetford, has been elected Clerk Sumner Whidborne, who is also clerk to the Dawlish Local to the Magistrates for the Borough of Thetford, in succession to Board, and to the Dawlish School Board.

Mr, Bridges Harvey, resigned. Mr. Read was admitted a solicitor in 1870, and is registrar of the Mildenhall County Court, and coroner for the borough of Thetford.

Mr. JOHN RICE ROBERTS, solicitor, of Beaumaris and
Appointments, Etc.

Llangefni, has been appointed by the High-Sheriff of
Anglesey (Major Henry Platt), to be Under-Sheriff of that

county for the ensuing year. Mr. Roberts was admitted & Mr. ALEXANDER BEALE, solicitor, of Reading and Alder solicitor in 1864, and is town clerk of Beaumaris, and clerk shot, has been appointed a Magistrate for the Borough of to the magistrates for the first division of the county of Reading. Mr. Beale was admitted a solicitor in 1857, and

Anglesey. is in partnership with Mr. John Wesley Mərtin. He was mayor of Reading in 1873.

Mr. BENJAMIN HADLEY SANDERS, solicitor, of Broms

grove, has been appointed by the High Sheriff of Herefordshire Mr. SAMUEL BRIGHOUSE, solicitor (of the firm of Brig (Mr. Benjamin Lawrence Sanders), to be Under-Sheriff of house & Brighouse), of Ormskirk, Lancashire, has been that county for the ensuing year, Mr. Sanders was admitted appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknow

a solicitor in 1857, and is clerk to the Bromsgrove Local ledgments of Deeds by Married Women in and for the County Board. of Lancaster.

Mr. CHARLES ERNEST THYNNE, barrister, who has been Mr. WILLIAM Thomas CHARLEY, D.C.L., M.P., common serjeant of the city of London, has received the 'honour of appointed Assistant Solicitor to the Customs, in succession

to Mr. James O'Dowd, deceased, is the second son of Lord Koighthood. Sir W. T. Charley is the son of Mr. Matthew Charles Thyone. He was born in 1849, and was educated Charley, of Woodbourne, Antrim. He was born in 1833, at Christ Church, Oxford. He was called to the bar at and was educated at St. Jobn's College, Oxford, where he

Lincoln's-inn, in Easter Term, 1874, and has practised as an graduated B.A. in 1856, and D.C.L. in 1868. He was called to the

equity draftsman and conveyancer. bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term 1864 (when he obtained

Mr. EDWARD CURTIS Twiss, barrister, has been appointed an open exhibition), and formerly practised on the Northern Circuit. He bas been M.P. for Salford in the Conservative

Stipendary Magistrate for the Borough of Kingston-uponinterest since 1868, and was elected common serjeant of the

Holl in succession to Mr. Thomas Henry Travis, deceased.

Mr. Twiss has already acted as deputy-magistrate. He is a city of London in April, 1878.

graduate of Exeter College, Oxford. He was called to the Mr. Josiah Dean, solicitor (of the firm of Sherwin & bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, 1870, and he is a Dean), of Liverpool, has been appointed a Commissioner to member of the Midland Circuit. administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. HENRY SYMONDS, solicitor, of Dorchester, has been Mr. HENRY FREDERICK GIBBONS, barrister, has been ap appointed Deputy-Coroner for the Dorchester District of pointed Registrar of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Dorsetshire in succession to Mr. Henry Lock, deceased. Mr. Hong Kong. Mr. Gibbons is an LL.B. of Trinity Hall, Symonds is the son and partner of Mr. Giles Symonds, Cambridge, where he graduated first class in civil law in 1852. coroner for the Dorchester District, town clerk of Dorchester He was called to the bar at the Middle Tetaple in Trinity and registrar of the Dorchester County Court.

He was Term, 1853. He is a member of the North-Eastern Circuit,

admitted a solicitor in 1875, and is also clerk to the Stretton and he has acted for five years as a revising barrister.

School Board. Mr. HUBERT TYRRELL DE STUTEVILLE ISAACson, solicitor, The Right Hon. William Watson, LL.D., M.P., Lord of Newmarket, has been appointed Assistant Clerk to the Advocate of Scotland, has been appointed a Lord of Appeal Newmarket Board of Guardians.

in Ordinary in succession to the late Lord Gordon. The Mr. John BRADDICK MONCKTON, town clerk of the city of new Lord of Appeal is the son of the Rev. Thomas Watson, London, has received the honour of Knighthood. Sir J. of Covington, Lanarkshire, and was born in 1828. He is an Monckton is the eldest son of Mr. John Monckton, solicitor, LL.D. of the University of Edinburgh, and he was called late town clerk of Maidstone. He was admitted a solicitor to the bar in Scotland in 1951. He was appointed Solicitorin 1854. He formerly practised at Maidstone, and he was

General for Scotland in 1874, and dean of the Faculty of elected town clerk of the city of London in 1873.

Advocates in 1875. In October, 1876, he succeeded Lord

Gordon as Lord Advocate, and he was shortly afterwards Mr. CHARLES RICHARD NORTON, solicitor, of Salisbury,

elected M.P. for the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen has been elected an Alderman for that city. Mr. Norton

in the Conser7ative interest. was admitted a solicitor in 1837.

Mr. GEORGE GORDON WARREN, solicitor, of Market Mr. WALTER OVERBURY, solicitor, and notary (of the firm Drayton, has been appointed by the High Sheriff of Shropa of Overbury & Gilbert), of Norwich, has been appointed

shire (Mr. Charles Donaldson Hudson) to be Under-Sheriff Registrar of the Archdeaconry of Norwich. Mr. Overbary

of that county for the ensuing year.

Mr. Warren was was admitted a solicitor in 1863, and had acted for a long admitted a solicitor in 1859, and is registrar of the Market time as deputy-registrar of the archdeaconry.

Drayton County Court, and clerk to the Market Drayton Mr. THOMAS Rawlins, solicitor, of Wimborne and Highway Board, and to the county magistrates.

Mr. JAMES SNOW WHALL, solicitor, of Worksop, bas been during that period amounted to £697 20., making a appointed Registrar of the Worksop County Court (Circuit total of donations received or promised since the associaNo. 18) in succession to Mr. William Newton, resigned. tion was formed of £6,446 123. The report also stated Mr. Whall was admitted a solicitor in 1867, and is clerk to with satisfaction that the Hon. Society of Lincoln's-ion the Worksop Board of Guardians, and superintendent had notified their intention of subsoribing twenty guineas registrar for the district.

annually to the society. Relief had been granted by the association during the year to thirty-one persons, besides

having ten annuitants on its books. The total amogot DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS. of such grants had been £1,396 98., and the sum 80 HENRY STIRKE and GEORGE BANASTER, solicitors, 30,

distributed would have been muoh larger if farther fands Mark-lane, London (Stirke & Banaster). Maroh 12.

had been at the disposal of the oommittee. (Gazette, March 16.)

The adoption of the report, having been moved by the CHAIRMAN and seconded by Lord Justice TAESIGER, Was oarried unanimously.

The committee of management having been re-elected,

votes of thanks were passed to Mr. Eddis, Q.C., and Mr. Companies.

Gaidsford Brace for auditing the accounts ; to the hon.

secretaries, Mr. E. Maorory and Mr. M. D. Cheimers; and WINDING-UP NOTICES.

to the benchers of the Middle Temple for the use of the

ball for the meeting. JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

Mr. LOCOCK WEBB, Q.C., then inoved that the meeting LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

desired to express its thanks to Lord Hatherley for 80 ANGLO-FFENCH CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED. - V.C. Hall has by an

efficiently presiding on the occasion, which, having been order, dated Jan. 26, appointed Baker Philip Daniels, 7, Poultry, to seconded by Mr. Kay, Q.C., and carried unanimously, the be official liquidator. ASTON LOWER GROUNDS COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up,

proceedings terminated. presented Mar, il, directed to be heard before V.0. Hall on Apr, 9. Burton and Co, Lincolns-inn-fields, agents for Johnson and Co, Birmingham, solicitors for the petitioner.

SOLICITOR'S BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. GROUND RENTS SECURITIES ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, -V.C. Maling has by an order, dated Jan. 26, appointed James Cooper, 3, Coleman-st

The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors bldgs, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required on or before Apr 8, to send their names and addresses, and the particnlars of their

of this association was held at the Law Institation, debts or claims to the above. Apr 21, at twelve, is appointed for Chancery-lane, London, on Wednesday, March 10, the hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims.

following directors being present, Mr. S. Smith, in the INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up presented Mar 9, directed to be heard before V.O. Bacon on Mar 20,

chair:-Messrs. Asker (Norwich), Brook, Hedger, Kaye, Blunt and Co, Gresham st, solicitors for the petitioners.

Pennington, Rickman, Roscoe, Styan, Veley (Chelmsford), NEW WERNPISTILL COLLIERY AND FIRE BRICK COMPANY, LIMITED. — Walter, and Woolbert (Mr. Eiffe, secretary). A som of Creditors are required, on or before Apr 1, to send their names ard

£125 was distributed in grants of assistance to necessitons addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims to Charles Wallington, 51, Moorgate st. Apr 8, at twelve, is appointed for solicitors and the necessitons widows and families of hearing and adjudicating upon the debis and claims.

deceased solicitors, two gentlemen were admitted members NORTHEN COUNTIES OF ENGLAND FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED.

of the association, and other general business transacted. --Creditors are required, on or before Apr 10, to send their names and addresses, and the particolars of their debts or claims, to John Adamson, 5, NorfcIk st, Muncbester. May 12 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims.


SOCIETY. quired, on or before April 7, to send their names and addresses, and

| The annual general meeting was held on Tuesday last, at the particulars of their debts and claims, to Baker Pailip Daniels, Poultry. May 5, at 1, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the society's house, No. 18, Lincoln's-inn-fields; Mr. John the debts and claims.

M. Clabon (the chairman) presiding. CITY AND COUNTY INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED. — Creditors are

The secretary and actuary (Mr. G. W. Berridge) read the required, on or before April 12, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or clains, to Frederick Whinney,

notice convening the meeting, and the report. Old Jewry. April 19, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating The CHAIRMAN said-It is my duty to move the adoption

upon the debts and claims. HAMER'S SALT COMPANY, LIMITED,-Petition for winding up, presented

of the report. I am happy to be able to assure you generally Mar 13, directed to be heard before Hall, V.O., on Apr 9. Pritchard, that this is a prosperity speech which I have to make to goli. Englefield, & Co, Painters' Hall, Little Trinity-lane, agents for Rains, There are five points which I shall give you the heads of, and Manchester, solicitor for the petitioner.

[Gazette, Mar. 16.]

then give you a few figures to show that I am right. Toe

first is, that our new premiums are very considerably larger COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER.

than they were last year ; secondly, that our premiums are LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED.Petition for winding up, presented Mar 8, directed to be heard

above the average of the five years, leading up to the belief, before the V.C., at his chambers, 6, Stone-buildings, Lincoln's inn, which we are assured is a certainty, that we shall have a on Mar 22, at 10.30. Stocks, Manchester, solicitors for the peti

very good account to give you when we have our meeting tioners PRESTON VICTORIA Loax, DISCOUNT, AND Deposit COMPANY, LIMITED.

in two or three months to declare the bonus. The third --Pe:ition for winding op, presented Mar 8, directed to be heard point is, that we have found ourselves to be right in keeping before the V.O., at bis chambers, 6, Stone-buildings, Lincoln's inn,

certain foreign securities, because we have realized them at on Mar 22, at 10.30, Cooper, Preston, solicitor for the petitioners

(Gazette, Mar. 12.)

a profit, and not a loss. The fourth point is, that our good

luck again follows us, for we have had some good reversious FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED.

fali in; and the fifth is, that the claims are less than the HOPE BENEFIT SOCIETY, Old Castle Inn, Stevenage, Hertford, Mar 10

[Gazette, Mar, 12.)

expectations. Now, I will give you a few figures, and fils with regard to the new premiums. The report tells yo? the gross new premiums are £13,619, and although a considerable amount of that is necessarily reassured-because

we do not accept a larger sum than £10,000 on one policy societies.

- we get a corresponding amount from other offices. The preceding year was a year of unusual depression, and

| we could hardly call it, of course, an average. Th BARRISTERS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION.

gross new premiums then were £8,679, showing an inThe seventh annual meeting of this association was crease for last year of more than £4,000. I think I am held in the Middle Temple Hall on Wednesday afternoon, justified, therefore, in saying that our new business is on Lord Hatherley presiding.

point of congratulation. Then our second point leads up to The report stated that during the past year forty-two the future, and therefore I shall not say much about members had been added to the society, and that the it; but it is a satisfactory thing to be able to tell you that

han annual subscriptions now amounted to £1,258 19g. 6d., the new premium income of this year is larger the which showed an increase of £55 169. over the pre- the average of the five years, and Mr. Berridge, who has, ceding year, while the donations received or promised l a certain extent, proceeded with his valuation, is able to lo

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the directors that there must be a very good result, but he and on that of my staff. They certainly work very well in does not know what it will be. It is our i ntention to make carrying out the work I have to set before them, and I pera considerable reserve, but beyond that we hope to make a haps may take this opportunity of saying that we hope to be Fery good bonus. Our third point was with regard to the able to put the valuation of the claims befora you this time Argentine and Brazilian securities, and the appearance possibly a month earlier than we did five years ago, in spite of which last year provoked some comment. We of the greater number of claims. had made the investments on the best possible recom A vote of thanks to the chairman for his conduct in the mendation ; but, however, we constantly bore in mind chair was then passed, and the meeting separated. what you had said as to the desirability that no such items should appear in a future balance-sheet. We were enabled to realize them, if not at an aotual gaio, be. cause we had been receiving 6 per oont all the time; bat, taking our average at £4 158. per cent., we actually made

Law a profit ; in other words, crediting ourselves with the

Student's Journal. receipt of $4 158. per cent. instead of 6 per cent., there was no loss, but a small profit. The fourth point was the LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY, good luck we had in our roversions. You will remember last year there was a very large som for profits on rever

The weekly meeting of this society was held at the Law sions about £60,000. That arose from the falling-in of Institution, Chancery-lane, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. one very large reversion. This year it is not so large a A. E. Hemsley occupying the chair. The following question sum-only £40,000, and this, wbich is the realization from trial obtains a verdict in his favour. Immediately after the

was appointed for discussion : “A plaintiff in an action on the four which have fallen in, after calculating what we give trial he changes his solicitor, without paying his former soliciand interest for them, would leave £35,000. Then the increase in value of those remaining is £8,900, so that the

tor's costs. The Court of Appeal (reversing the decision of the

Divisional Court) orders a new trial of the action. Can the profit actually made during the year was about £45,000. plaintiff's new solicitor obtain from the former solicitor the But the realization of the reversion which fell in last year paper in the action without paying his costs ?” and was shows that we rather over-estimated our gains there, and opened by Mr. Nicholls in the affirmative. Mr. Bower we have had to write off a sum of something ander $5,000 followed in the negative. M-ssrs. Morice and Bartlett adin respect of that, so that taking that from the £45,000 we dressed the society in the affirmative; Messrs. Henry. Moshave a profit on this year of £40,000. The remaining sop and J. W. Evans in the negative. The question on point was one of claims, and the amoont of claims as appears by the report during the year is £69,000, the antis being pat to the meeting was decided in the negative by the

casting vote of the chairman. cipated amount being £90,000. When I joined the society twenty years ago the assets in band were £120,000; ten years ago they were £736,000; five years ago, £1,104,000, and now on the 1st of January they were £1,610,000.

BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. Dar reserves, so to speak, have considerably more than At a meeting of this society on Tuesday, March 9, Mr. C. doubled during the ten years. Gentlemen, I think I need T. Saunders, presiding, after the election of four new may nothing more to show you we have had a very members, and the addition of several new books to the library, prosperous year, and that the society generally is in & a debate took place on the following moot point :-“Coninost prosperous condition, and I will conclude by moving ditions of sale provide that any error, mis-statement or the adoption of the report.

omission in the description of the property by the particulars Mr. A. H. SAADWELL seconded the resolution.

of sale shall not annul the sale, but form the subject of comAfter some discassion the resolution for the adoption pensation. Can the purchaser, in the absence of fraud, of the report was pat to the meeting and carried unani claim compensation in respect of any such misdescription monsly.

discovered by him after completion ?" Manson v. Thacker The CHAIRMAN referred to the loss the society had sus (26 W. R. 604, L. R. 7 Ch. D. 620), In re Turner and Skelton tained through the death of Mr. Baron Cleasby, from whom (28;W. R. 312, L. R. 13 Ch. D. 130), Allen v. Richardson (28 during a long period they had had the benefit of great W. R. 313). The speakers on the affirmative were Messrs ability, judgment, and common sense. He had now to

O'Connor , Davis, Mason, Edwards, Samuels, C. Crosskey propose Mr. Kay, Q.C., for the vacancy.

and Steere; on the negative, Messrs. Bayley, Smith, Crockford, This was duly seconded and agreed to nem. con.

Barrows, Ludlow, and Barber. The chairman summed up The retiring directors, Messrs. Dunster, Ingram, Hilliard, and put the question, which was decided in tho negative. A and Raikes, were re-elected.

vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the meeting. A resolution was then brought forward by a member, who considered the board very much anderpaid, that their remuneration should be raised from £2,000 to £2,500 per annom. The resolution was seconded and carried unanimously.

Creditors' Claims. The meeting also considered that the auditors were not sufficiently remonerated for their pains, and increased their CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. temnneration to eighty guineas per annum.

The retiring auditors, Messrs. Bailey and Pitcairn, were
Dext re-elected.

CLARKE, MARK, Withington Court, Hereford, Farmer. Mar 31.

Clarke v Clarke, V.C. Hall. Beddoe, Hereford The CHAIRMAN said he could not tell bow much they valued CRICA, CHARLES FREDERICK, Leamington Priors, Jeweller. the services of their actuary, Mr. Berridge. They had cer Locke v Passman, M.R. Passman, Leamington Priors tainly kit on the right man in getting him. Following as

ELLIB, HENRY, Leamington, Shipowner. Mar 31. Davies v Ellis, M.R. he did gentlemen of great eminence who were at the head of

Wolferstan, Plymouth

KIDNER, GEORGE, Brixton rd, Butcher, Mar 30. Kidoer v Kidner, other offices, he thought they now bad as good a man as an M.R. Norman, Bishopsgat: st without office like theirs could bave, both in his ability, actuarial KING, HARRIOT, Essex rd, Islington.

Apr 1. King v King, M.R. knowledge, care, and diligence. In speaking of the other

Few, Fenchurch st

OVERTON, JOSEPH, Cheltenham, Gent. Mar 31. Overton v Overton, officers, he was happy again to bear testimony to the fact of

V.C. Maling. Bubb, Cheltenham how much they were indebted to them. The credit of these SLATER, JAMES, and GEORGE SLATER, Turton, Lancashire, Bleachers. good figures really belonged much more to the actuary than

Mar 30. West v Barrett, M.R. Winder, Bolton-le-Moors

Perry v Sheppy, V.C. Hall. to the directors. They always confirmed and strengthened

Bush, Bristol his hands, but it was with his advice that these figures were

[Gazette, Mar. 2.) arrived at. He had therefore much pleasure in movingThat the thanks of the meeting be given to Mr. Berridge BARTLETT, GEORGE, Winchmore hill, Edmonton, Esq. Apr 5. Newman and the other officers of the society for their great ability,

v Hook, V.O. Malins. Aird, Eistcheap diligence, and attention to the affairs of this society.”

BEARNE, ANDREW, Albany st, Regent's Park. Apr 5. Fuller v Bearne,

V.C. Maling. Wrentmore, Chancery lane The resolution was seconded and cordially received.

CASSELS, ROBERT, Cruck Meole, Salop, Farmer.

Apr 2.

Cassols v Mr. BERRIDGE-I can only thank you heartily for the

Cassels, M.R. Morris, Surewsbury kind expression that bas fallen from you on my own behalf

DORE, FREDERICK Nagsau, Cambri'lg: st, Pimlico, Colonel. Apr 9.

Gedge v Wilson, V.C. Hall. Mrude, Lincoln's inn fields

Mar 30.

Mar 31.


EVANS, ROBERT, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Lodging house Keeper. Apr GUMMER, ELIZABETH CAROLINE, Grand-parade, Brighton, April 17. 2. Evans v Evang, M.R. Jones, Conway

Patey and Warren, London-wall GRAVES, DAVID, Hogethorpe, Lincoln, Yeoman. Mar 25. Parker v HALEY, JONAS, Bradford, York, Gent. April 10. Mamford, Brad. Pog'on, M.R. Clitherow, Horncastle

ford HARLAND, WILLIAM, King ton-upon-Hull, Timber Merchant. Apr 5. HOWARD, THOMAS, Upper Richmond rd, Wandsworth, Gent. April 24. Pickard » Herland, V.C. Bacon. Wat-on, Kingston-upon-Huli

Lindsay and Co, Basinghall st HAWARD, CHARLOTTE ANN, Cookley, Suffolk. Mar 25, Cooper HOWELLS, THOMAS, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Master Mariner. April 10. Cowell, V.C, Malins. Howlett, Wymondham

Howell, Llanelly
HAWKESWORTA, RICHARD STEELR, Forest Montrath, Queen's County, | Hunt, JOSEPH Moors, Helsby, Chester, Gent. March 31, Day and

Ireland, Esq. Apr 6. Stuart v Hawkesworth, V.C. Bacon. Walters, Lake, Runcorn
New sg, Lincoln's inn

HURD, James, Prome, Somerset. March 25. Cruttwell and Co,
KEARSLEY, ELEANORA LITTLEDALE, Green st, Grosvenor sq. Apr 5. Frome
Kearsley v Kearsley, V.O. Malins. Gemmell, Essex st, Sirand

JONES, DAVID, Waterloo-bridge rd, Licensed Victualler. April 10. Knox, FRANCIS SPENCER, Ebury at, Pimlico. Apr 3. Knox v Knox, Layton and Co, Budge-row, Cannon st M.R. Hawes, Old Jewry

LINDUS, HENRY WILLIAM, Cheapside, Solicitor. April 24. Windybank, MORGAN, THOMAS, Pant-y-Mwyn, Flint, Miller. Apr 2. Lewin v. Finsbury-nuvement Morgan, District Rezistrar, Liverpool. Roper, Mold

MAYER, ELIZABETH, East Greenwich, Tobacconist. April 10. PITCHF RD, CATHERINE, Regent et, Chelsea. Apr 2. Rowe v Green, Burroughs and Bisdee, Forest hill y.o. Bacon. Lambert, Gray's inn i

MEARA, GEORGE EMILIOS JAMES, Balham Park rd, Balham. March 31. POLUILL, SARAH, King's Lyni. Mar 31. Crisp v Norse, V.C. Maling, Mackeson and Co, Lincoln's-in-fields Beloe, King'e Lynn

MOOR OM, HENRIETTA FRANCIS, Tingewick, Buckingham. April 15. ROBERTS, EDWARD, Bedlwyn, Flixt, Farmer. Apr 6. Roberts v Ellis, Matthews and Gree ham, Bedford ro* V.O. Bacon. Adams, Rithin

Mcs, BENJAMIN, Bassildon, Essex, Farmer. April 12. Woodard, SNOWDEN, HENRY, Great Horton, York, Manufacturer. Apr 2. Foster Fenchurch st v Ward, V.C. Bacon, Little, Bradford

NEWCOME, FREDERICK PERN, Long Clawson, Leicester, Suliciter. [Gazette, Mar. 5.] May 1. Latinam and Paddison, Melton Mowbray

ROBERTSON, DOROTAY, Stockton, Durham. April 2. Dodds and 01, Beeson, JAMES, Dumeld, Derby, Bookkeeper. Apr 15. Beeson v Stockion-on-Fees Beeson, V.0. Hall. Poioton, Birmingham

SEYMOUR, Sir GBORGE HAMILTON, Grosvenor-crescent, G.C.B. and BOYAF, JANE STRATFORD, Westbourne terrace. Apr 26. Crofton v G C.H. March 30. Williams and Co, Lincoln's-ian-fields Crofton, V.C. Maling. Gregory and Co, Bedford row

Smith, CAARLES GODDON, Bursledon, Southampton, a retired PayHARRISON, WILLIAM, Workington, Cumberland, Esq. Apr 10.

master. April 3. Blake and Read, Portsea Burnyeat v Harrison, V.C. Malins. Roberts, Verulam bldgs, Gray's THOMAS, John, Saron, Llandebie, Carmarthen, Grocer. April 10.

Howell, Llanelly HART, STEPHEN, Sawtry All Saints, Huntingdon, Gent. Apr 9. Tonks, Henry, Runcorn, Chester, Painter. March 31. Day and Wood v Newton, V.C. Bacon. Hunnybun, Hantingdon

Lake, Runcorn HO-KISON, THOMAS, Patrington-ip-Holderness, York, Brewer. Apr Wadcow, John, March, Cambridge, Yeoman. April 3. Dawbarn and 10. Holmes y Hoski on, M.R. Dunn, Leeds

Wise, March KENNERLEY, FREDERICK LEES, Birkenhead. Apr 6. Waite y Ken WALMSLEY, Eliza, Sheet st, Windsor. May l. Rogers and Co, Testo nerley, V.C, Hall. Fletcher, Liverpool

minster-chambers MELLOR, Moses, Nottingham, Machinist. Mar 31. Mellor Mellor,

WATERS, WILLIAM, Bishopston Horfield, Gloucester, Gent. May 1. V.O. Bacon. Wells and Hind, Nottingham

Brittan an 1 Co, Bristol TURNER, Sir EDWARD HENRY PAGE, Queensborough terrace, Hyde

WEST, JCUN LEAVER, Monmouth rd, Westbourne Park, Gent. April 20. Park, Baronet. Apr 6. Vaberly v Blaydes, V.C. Bacon, Beach

Gray, Edware rd croft, Theobald's rd, Bedford row

WILLIAMS, HUGH, Thrapston, Northampton, Surgeon. May 18. TILER, JAMES WILLIAM, Wood st, Westminster. Apr 5. Tyler v French, Tbrape ton Cicognani, V.C. Bacon. Holmes, Threadneedle st

WORTHINGTON, ELIZABETH, Altrincham, Chester. March 25. Nicholls, YOUNG, GEORGE, Denbighst, Pimlico. Retired Licensed Viotua ller.

Altrincham Apr 5. Chapman v Fisk, V.C. Bacon. Allen, Carlisle st, Soho sq

[Gazette, Mar 5.] (Gazelte, Mar, 9.] ARMITAGE, Rev EDWARD HENRY, Lewes. Apr 22, Armitage v Worm

ARCHĪBALD, JAMES THOMAS, Auckland rd, New Wandsworth. May 3, ald, V.O. Hall. Woods and Dempster, Brighton

Collings, Buckingham st, Strand BENYON-WINSOR, WILLIAM HENRY, Pembridge gardens, Bayswater.

BENNETT. WILLIAM GARNETT, Manchester, Glass Bottle Manufacturer. Apr 22. Beryrn-Winsor v Benyon-Winsor, v.C. Hall.

March 18. Boute and Edgar, Manchester

Roy and Cartwright, Lothbury

BOLTON, ROBERT, Charwelion House, Northampton, Farmer. Apr 19. CALTHROP, JOHN, Stanhne Hall, Norfok, Gent.

Welchman, Southam

Apr 9. Calthrop v Calibrop, M.R. Coulton and Son, King's Lynn

BOULTON, WILLIAM STAPLES, Norwich, Ironfounder. May 1. Bailey COATES, ABSOLOM, Scarborough.

and Co, Norwich Mar 31. Coates v Walker, V.C. Bacon. Woodail, Scarborough

BRIESEN, JEMIMA, Union Infirmary, St George's-in-the-East. Apr 5. KING. HENRY, Apra, Bengal, Lieut-Col. Apr 2. Field v Stuart, V.c.

Matthews, Juho st, Bedford row
BROOK, MARY, Lee, Salop. Apr 21. Onions. Market Drayton

BRUNWI, TUOMAS, Rayne, Essex, Farmer. Apr 12. Holmes, Boeking
MITCHELL. CAROLINE, Modbury, Devon. Apr 12. Langley Mitchell
M.R. Andrews, Modbury

CARTWRIGHT, HENRY, Benthall, Salop, Innkeeper. May l. Potts, Smith, Joan Owen, Foid st, Stratford. Apr 15. Smith v Page, V.C.

Broseley Hall. Sandeman, Northampton sg, Clerkenwell

Doyle, THOMAS, Kingston-upon-Hall, Smack Owner, Apr 21. Thorney,

Kingston-upon-Hull [Gazette, Mar 12.]

DUNCOMBE, Hon Octaviue, St Neots, Huntingdon. Apr 20. Parkia and

Co, New *q, Lincoln's Inn

FITZGERALD, R+V GERALD STEPHEN, Wanstead, Essex, Clerk. Apr 17. CREDITORS UNDER 22 d 23 VICT. CAP. 25. Jennings, St Swithin's lane

GINN. SAMAL ANN, Northam, Sussex. May 5, Dawes, Rye

GRAYSON, Geoage, Pickering, York, Farmer. Apr 3. Whitehead,
AGAR, LETITIA LOUISA, New Park rd, Brixton Hill. March 22. Picke ing
Hewlett, Raymond'.-bids, Gray's-inn

Guy, William, Parkside, Knightsbridge, Licensed Victualler. Mas 5. ANGAS, JONATHAN WILKISON, Hayes common, Kent, Gent. April 1, Pwnal and Co, Staple inn Edwards, Lincoln's-inn-filds

HANCOCK, HENRY, Chute, Wilts, Esq. Apr 10. Swinburne and Mills, ABCEDECKNE, JANE, Kent terrace, Regent's Park. April 19. Pearpont Bedford row and Co, Leicester sq

HARDING, WILLIAM, Litherland, Lancaster, Gent. Apr 30. Whitley BARTHROPP, FREDERICK SHAFTO, Stock Exchange, Broker. April 20. and Maddock, Liverpool Phelp and Co, Gresham st

HILL, JAMB-, Redlana, Bristol, Gent. May 31. Harley, Bristol BENNETT, CATHERINE, Rossett, nr Wrexham, April 16. Jones, Ches HOR-LEY, CHARLES, Staple inn, Solicitor. Apr 15. Hargreaves, Staple ter

inn BLACK, JESSIE, Hoylake, Chester. April 1. Mason and Grierson, HOWLAND, ALFRED ROBERT, Thame, Oxford, Auctioneer, May 6. Liverpo 1

Birch, Thame BLACKSTOCK, ALEXANDER, Bodfari, Flint, Gent. April 1, Forrest, HUMPAREY, JOHN, Lutterworth, Leicester, Gent. Apr 19, Watson aud Liverpool

Baxter, Lotterworth BOONE, HARRIETT ANNE, Surbiton hill, pr Kingston-on-Thames. JARRETT, THOMAS, Carmarthen, Grocer. March 31. Barker and Mortis, April 10. Jackson, Carnenst

Carmr hen CANBURN, WILLIAM ANTHONY, Sedgmorr pl, Gent. April 15. Bridger JONES, ROBERT, Bethesda, Carnarvon, Shoemaker. March 26. Roberts, and Co lios. King William st, London-bridge

Banyor CAOLDITCH, Rose Ann, Tuxtein Park, Liverpool. April 5. Wright and LAX N, GEORGE, Sheepshed, Leicester, Gent. Apr 1. Deane and Hands, Co, Liverpool

Loughborough DAVIDSON, ANNA, Calthorp st, Gray’s-inn rd. April 14. Lydall, South LANDSEER. THOMAS, Grove Endrd, St John's wood, Associate of the ampton badge, Chancery lane

Royal Academy. Apr 17. Whi e and Co, Gt Marlborough st Davidson, SABAH, Clifton, Bristol. May 1. Brittan and Co, Bris LIDDELL, EDWARD, Cullercoates, Newcastle-on-Tyne. May l. Dees tol

and Thompson. Newcagile-on-Tyne DOUGHTY, MARY ANN, Wortham Hall, Suffolk. May 1. Wood, Lin LONG, WILLIAM, Romiley, Gent. Apr 15. Carbishire and coln's-inn-fields

Tatham, Manchester DRORY, JAMES, Lalndon, Essex, Farmer. April 12, Woodard, Ingram MATTHIAS, THOMAS JACKSON, Clifionwood. Bristol, Retired Irowe ct, Fenchurch st

mouger. June 24. Bakers and Co, Weston-supe - Vare

ville and Co, OsEIDSFORTH, MARGARET, Ortner, Lancaster. April 12, Mansled and Gib MOORE, PATTY, Ellesmere, Salop. Apr 17. Longueville and Co, son, Lancaster

westry FOTHERGILL, WILLIAM, Salford, Lancaster, Provision Dealer. April 29. POLLEN, WILLIAM, Highworth, Wilts, Cordwaiger. May 10. Burtoa Tatlock, Chester

Mitre ct chambers, Temple GOLDSTEIN, Martin, Piccadilly, Esq. April 30. Taylor and Co, Brad REAKDON, ELLEN, New terrace, Islington. Apr 30. Cookson and on ford

New sg. Lincoln's inn GREAVES, EDWARD, Barford, Warwick, Esq. March 26. Greenway SARONY, OLIVER, Scarborough, York, Artist. Jane l. Watts, scale and Campbell, Warwick


MITCHELL. CAROLINA Morris, Lambeth hivapr 2. Field v Stuart, y.c.

8. 18.


SMITH, KICHARD SIDNEY, Montpelier row, Twickenham, Retired Captain considered an agent for the party entitled to receive it,

in the Royal Navy. Apr 30. Brandon, Essex st, Strand SNOOK, SARAH, Studley rd, Clapham rd. Apr 15. Bowlings and Co,

even by virtue of an illegal agreement, such agent cannot Essex st, Strand

set ap the illegality as an angwer to the claim of the STEINBERG, ISIDORE, Southwark st, Hop Merchant. Apr 1. Ryland, principal, although he may bave been privy to the original Lincoln's inn fields

agreement. The case of Elliott TUCKLEY, ELLEN, Childerplay, Stafford. March 31. Wade, Kidsgrove

v. Tennant, 2 B. TULL, JOSEPH, New Windsor, Berks, Baker. Apr 30. Darrant, Wind

& P. 3, decided that a contract of insurance rendered sor

void by a then existing statute, the 7 Geo. 1, upon WALLER, JANE, Ipswich. May 20. Jackaman and Sons, Ipswich

which policy of insurance the defendant, a broker, WILLIAMS, GEORGK, Savile row, Regent st, Tailor. Apr 12. Wadescn and Malleson, Austinfriars

who had effected the policy and received the money from WILLIAMS, RICHABO, Bryn Castle, Flint, Gent. Apr 10. Acton and the underwriters as apon a loss, and who, when sued, Bury, Wrexham WITHERI NGTON, CHARLES, Cuttle, Warwick, Farmer. Apr 19. Welch

set up the illegality of the contract, was no answer to the man, Southam

action. In giving judgment for the plaintiff, Mr. Justice WOOD, Taosas MORLEY, Paolton sq, Chelsei, Stationer. Apr 6. Buller said, “Can the defendant in conscience keep the Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's churchyard

money so paid ? For what purpose shall he retain it ? To [Gazette, Mar. 9.]

whom is he to pay it over ? Who is entitled to it but the plaintiff ?” And the Lord Chief Justice Eyre in the same case said, “The defendant is not like a stake-holder; the

question is whether he wbo has received money to another's County Courts.

use on an illegal contract can be allowed to retain it, and that not even at the desire of those who paid it to him."

This case bas been followed and the same principle affirmed LEEDS.

in subsequent cases-Farmer v. Russell, B. & P. (Before Mr. Serjeant TINDAL ATKINSON, Judge.)

296 ; Johnson v. Lawsley, 12 C. B. Rep. 468; Nicholson v. Feb. 16.-Barker v. Heaton.

Gooch, 5 E. & B. 999; and Beeston v. Beeston, 45 L. J. 230.

These cases show that money can be received, though the Gaming transaction-Principal and agent—8 & 9 Vict. c. 109,

contract may be illegal or void, if the plaintiff is not in

pari delicto with the defendant, and much more so where His HONOUR, who had reserved judgment in this case, money is received upon a contract which is merely void and said :- This is an action commenced in the High Court of not merely illegal. Upon these grounds there must be a Justice, and remitted to this court to be tried here. The verdict entered for the plaintiff for the sum claimed-namely, plaintiff, an innkeeper at Sheffield, claims from the defend

£41. ant, an innkeeper at Leeds, £41 for money had and received Barker, barrister, for the plaintiff. by the defendant as his agent, being the proceeds of a wager Pullen, solicitor, for the defendant. made upon a foot race. The defendant, in his statement of defence, denies that he was at any time the plaintiff's agent for that purpose, but states that he did make a wager with the plaintiff on the foot race, which wager he (the defendant) repudiated before the race was run. The facts, as they

Legislation of the Week. were proved before me at the trial, sitting without a jury, were that the plaintiff had in November one Sims in training to in Sheffield

HOUSE OF LORDS. handicap foot_race theu about to take place. After an

MARCH 11.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. interview in Leeds between the plaintiff and the defend

ANCIENT MONUMENTS. BEER DEALERS' RETAIL LICENSES. ant on the 2nd of November, the plaintiff telegraphed from Sheffield to the defendant to make a bet in these

BILL IN COMMITTEE. terms—"Back me Sims all you can; best price down to

COMPANIES ACTS AMENDMENT. 12 to 1.” On the receipt of this telegram, the defendant MARCH 12.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. employed a betting commission agent, one Wells, to carry PRIVATE BILL.-Shrewsbury (Kingsland) Bridge. out these instructions, and Wells on the same day suc

BILLS IN COMMITTEE. ceeded in making two bets, one with a Mr. Myers of 28 to

SOLICITORS' REMUNERATION. LIMITATION ACTIONS 2 against Sims winding, and another of 14 to 1 with a Mr. Fletcher on the same event. These two bets were com

(passed through Committee pro formâ with a view to municated by Wells to the defendant, and on the same

amendments being introduced into them). ARTIZANS' day the defendant telegraphed to the plaintiff—“Forty.

DWELLINGS Act (1868) AMENDMENT Act (1879) AMEND. one pounds to three.” The making of the two wagers is

Ment (passed through Committee). further admitted by the defendant in a telegram he sent

BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. to the plaintiff on the 4th of November—"I took you forty. | CONSOLIDATED FUND (No. 1) (passed through its reone pounds to three. Sims paid on. You have not maining stages). East INDIA LOAN (East INDIAN angwered my message.

Please reply," and on the same RAILWAY DEBENTURES). INDIA Stock (Powers or ATday the defendant again telegraphed—“When you did TORNEY). Army DISCIPLINE AND REGULATION (ANNUAL). not answer, I declared them off.” This, in truth, was

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. not the fact. The bets made by Wells with Myers and Fletcher, according to the instructions conveyed in

BILL TO FACILITATE INTERMENTS (Lord Denman). plaintiff's telegram of the 2nd of November—" Back me

MARCH 15.-ROYAL ASSENT. Sims all you can," were not “declared off," but on the The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the followcontrary, remained on, and at the termination of the race ing Bills : -- Consolidated Fund (No. 1) Act, 1880 ; Artizans' were paid by the losers to Wells, who, after deducting and Labourers' Dwellings Improvement (Scotland) Act, bis commission of 10s., handed the money over to the 1880 ; Indian Salaries and Allowances Act, 1880; and Relief defendant. I find on these faots that this money was

of Distress (Ireland) Act, 1880. received by the defendant, as the plaintiff's agent, and

BILJ.S IN COMMITTEE. the only question that remains to be determined is—Can East India LOAN (EAST INDIA RAILWAY DEBENTURES). the action for money had and received to the plaintiff's use INDIA STOCK (POWERS OF ATTORNEY) (passed through be maintained upon a contract which, as between the Committee). ARMY DISCIPLINE

REGULATION immediate parties to it, would be void under the

(ANNUAL) (passed through Committee). provisions of the 8 & 9 Vict., 109, 18 ? It must be observed that since this statute

BILL READ A THIRD TIME. making bets is

BEER DEALERS' RETAIL LICENSES. not illegal, but the contracts arising out of them are simply void. In the present case MARCH 16.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. the bets were not made by the plaintiff with the defendant,

PRIVATE BILL. - Rammingen's Naturalization (passed but were made by the defendant with third parties, it is through remaining stages). true in his own name, but, in fact, made as agent for the MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS (PROPERTY QUALIFICATION plaintiff. There are distinct authorities to show that if ABOLITION). COMMON LAW PROCEDURE AND JUDICATUREthe money reached the bands of any person who can be ACTS AMENDMENT.



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