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VEALE, GEORGE, Stoke Newington, Builder March 30 at WOODCOCK, CHARLES HENRY, Sheffield, Grocer Sheffield
12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Pet March 15 Ord March 15
ATHERTON, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Joiner March 29 at 11 WAITE, GEORGE HENRY, Bury St Edmunds, Metal Worker
174, Corporation st, Birmingham
March 29 at 12.15 Off Rec, 36, Princes st, Ipswich

London Gasette.-TUESDAY, Mar. 22.
ATKINSON, THOMAS, Halifax, Auctioneer March 30 at 11.30 WARD, EDWIN, and NATHANIEL LEABK, North East pas-
Off Rec, Townhall chmbrs, Halifax
sage, Wellclose sq, Cigar Merchants March 25 at 2 30

BAILEY, ARTHUR CRAWSHAY, Victoria st, Company Pro-

Bankruptcy bldge, Carey st

AIN SWORTH, ROBERT, Moss Side, nr Manchester, Calico moter March 28 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st WHIPP, JOSEPH, jun, Altrincham, Painter March 25 at 3

Printer Salford Pet March 18 Ord March 18 Best, HENRY JAMES, Narberth, Pembroke, Schoolmaster

Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester

Ashworth, Thomas, Dulesgate, ar Todmorden, Farmer March 25 at 3_1, St Aldates, Oxford WHITELEY, JAMES, Dewsbury, Yorks, shoddy Merchant

Burnley Pet March 19 Ord March 19

March 25 at 3.30 Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, Batley BURTON, ERNEST HEBBERT, and STUART KINGSLEY CORKE WILKINS, JOHN EDWARD, Greet, Worcestershire, Grocer

BINGLEY, HENRY, Bradford, Ladies' Hairdresser Bradford Red Lion sq, Photographic Mount Makers

Pet March 17 Ord March 17 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

March 28 at 12 174, Corporation st, Birmingham

CARTER, LORANCE WILLIAM, Old Broad st High Court COLE, WILLIAM, Hatherleigh, Devon, Baker March 25 at

Pet March 19 Or 1 March 19 11 Law Society's chmbia, Plymouth


DICKINSON, HENRY GEOBGE, and JAMES WILLIAM DICKINCOLEBY, WILLIAM, Thornton Heath, _Surrey, Builder ALDERSON, WILLIAM HENRY, Withington, Lancs Stock sox, Morpeth, Livery Stable Keepers Newcastle on March 25 at 3.30 24, Railway app, London Bridge port Pet Feb 28 Ord March 14

Tyne Pet March 5* Ord March 17 COLEB, WILLIAM HENRY, York, Labourer March 28 at 2.15 ANDERSON, HERBERT WILLIAM, Walthamstow, Essex DODWELI., CARISTOPHER, Gt Yarmouth, Baker Gt Yar23, Stonegate, York High Court Pet Feb 4 Ord March 14

mouth Pet March 17 Ord March 17 Cowgill, BELLHOUSE, Colne, Lancs, Coal Dealer March ARMITAGE, ALFRED ROBERTS, Leeds Leeds Pet March 14 DOBE, WILLIAM BRASHER, Oxford, Tailor Oxford Pet 25 at 1 Exchange Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley Ord March 14

Feb 24 Ord March 16 CUTHBERTSON, WILLIAM, Swinton, York, Innkeeper March ATKINSON, Thomas, Halifax, Auctioneer Halifax Pet GRAY, WILLIAM HARRISON, Tewkesbury, Surveyor Chel25 at 11 Off Rec, 74, Newborough, Scarborough March 16 Ord March 16

tenham Pet March 5 Ord March 18 DAVIES, CHABLES EDWARD, Gravesend, General Merchant BELLINDER, JOSEPH, Leeds, Tailor Leeds Pet March 15

HART, SIEBERT COLBURN, and CHARLES EDWARD FOWLER, March 25 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Pet March 15

Holland Park avue, Auctioneers High Court Pet Feb

17 Ord March 18 Davies, Tom CARPENTER, Boncath, Pembrokes, General BENNETT, HENRY, Weston under Penyard, Farmer HereMerchant March 26 at 11 Off Rec, 4, Queen st, Car ford Pet March 16 Ord March 16

HENOCHSBERG, JOSEPH, Broad st House, Mining Agent marthen

High Court Pet March 17 Ord March 17
BISHOP, WALTER, Batley, Fishmonger Dewsbuiz Pet

Dealer's Assistant DAVIES, WILLIAM, Tonypandy, Glam, Ironmonger March

HENLEY, STEPHEN, Anerley, Corn

March 15 Ord March 15 25 at 2 Off Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff COLES, WILLIAM HENRY, York, Labourer York Pet

Greenwich Pet March 15° Ord March 15 DODD, ALEXANDER RUSSELL, Montagu st, Portman sq, March 14 Ord March 14

HEPWORTH, Joux, Startforth, ar Barnard Castle, Yorks, Surgeon March 25 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey CONISBEE, ALFRED, Leatherhead, Surrey, Veterinary Sur

Surveyor Stockton On Tees Pet March 16 Ord

March 16 st

geon Croydon Pet Feb 10 Ord March 11 FOORD, HENRY, Wormshill, Wychling, Kent, Farmer

Cowgill, BELLHOUSE, Colne, Lancs, Coal Dealer Burnley HOVELL, ARTHUR, Lakenham, Norwich, Wicker Chair March 30 at 11.15 Off Rec, 9, King st, Maidstone

Maker Norwich Pet March 19 Ord March 19

Pet Feb 22 Ord March 15 Farrow, WILLIAM, Colne Engaine, Essex, Farmer April DANIEL, William, Neath

HUGHES, HABOLD M, Threadneedle st, Bank Clerk High Neath Pet March 15

Ord 4 at 12 Cups Hotel, Colchester

Court Pet Feb 28 Ord March 18

March 15
GREIG, ALBERT, West Hartlepool, Plumber March 28 at DAVIES, CHARLES EDWARD, Gravesend, General Merchant

JUNIPER, BENJAMIN, Leeds, Insurance Agent Leeds Pet

March 16 Ord March 16 2.30 Royal Hotel, West Hartlepool

High Court Pet March 14_Ord March 14 GUMMER, HARRY, Rotherham, Yorks, Labourer March 25

KERSEY, FRANK CHARLES, Lowestoft, Baker Great YarDAVIES, MARTIN, Llawhaden, Pembrokes, Farmer Pem

mouth Pet Feb 24 Ord March 18 at 2 Off Rec, Fig Tree In, Sheffield

broke Dock Pet March 16 Ord March 16 HALEY, FREDERICK, Ossett, Yorks, Labourer March 25 at

LITTLE, JOHN Wilson, Norfolk, Blacksmith King's Lynn DICKSON, DONALD WILLIAM, Margate High Court Pet

Pet March 17 Ord March 17 12.30 Off Rec, Bark chmbrs, Batley

March 15 Ord March 16 ** HARRINGTON, CHARLES, Halstead, Essex, Plumber April

LYDEARD, MAURICE ALBERT, Llandrindod Wells, Radnor, DUNSMORE, ROBERT, Keighley, Yorks, Barman Bradford 4 at 11.30 Cups Hotel, Colchester

Stationer Newtown Pet March 19 Ord March 19 Pet March 15 Ord March 15

MARSHALL, JOHN Pugh, Bristol, Confectioner Bristol HILL, JANE, West Hartlepool, Fried Fish Dealer March

EGGLESTONE, John, Bishop Auckland, Mason 28 at 3 Royal Hotel, West Hartlepool


Pet March 18 Ord March 18

Pet March 15 Ord March 15
Bolton, Tobacconist

MORRIS, ELEANOR, South Shields, Saddler Newcastle on March 28 at 3 16, Wood st, Bolton

Gough, THOMAS, Wolverhampton, Painter Wolverhamp Tyne Pet March 17 Ord Murch 17
ton Pet March 14 Ord March 14


NORMAN, GEORGE, Swansea, Wareman HUNTON, NEWORK, Rotherham, Yorks, Saddler March 25

Pet at 2.30 Off Rec, Fig Tree In, Sheffield

GUBBINS, JOSEPH GARD, Staines, Draper Fingston, Surrey OAKLEY, Tour, Deptford, Wheelwright Greenwich Pet Joxes, JOHN WALTER, Ystrad House, nr Llandovei 7, Bar

Pet Feb 8 Ord March 15

March 18 Ord March 18 rister March 25 at 11.30 Castle Hotel, Llandovery HALEY, FREDERICK, Healey Ossett, Yorks, Labourer Oates, JOHN HENRY, Sheffield, Confectioner Sheffield KERSHAW, ROBERT MITCHELL, Batley, Yorks, Currier

Dewsbury Pet March 14 Ord March 14

Pet Feb 28 Ord March 17
March 25 at 10.30 Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, Batley

OAME-WEBB, ROBERT ORME, Dartmouth Plymouth Pet LESIEUR, GUSTAVE ALFRED, Maida Vale mansions, Egg

Maker High Court Pet March 1 Ord March 14

Feb 21 Ord March 11
Merchant March 28 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs,
HAYWARD, GEORGE, Southsea, Baker Portsmouth Pet

PALMER, STEPHEN WALTER, Brookland, Kent, Corn Factor

March 15 Ord March 15 Carey st

Hastings Pet March 17 Ord March 17

Preston LLOYD, WALLACE LLEWELLYN, Morecambe, Lancs, Cycle HENNESSEY, ISABELLA MARY, Preston, Plumber

PEARS, JONATHAN BOWRON, Sunderland, Ropemaker SunAgent March 28 at 11.30 Off Rec, 14, Chapel st, HATT, RACHEL, Cradley Heath, Staffs, Grocer

derland Pet March 16 Ord March 16 Preston

Pet March 12 Ord March 12

RICHMOND, WILLIAM Henry, Nottingham, General Dealer
MAKING, CHARLES HOLDER, Sudbury, Suffolk, Accountant
Higgins, CHARLES GEORGE, Nottingham, Musician Not- ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Leeds

Nottingham Pet March 16 Ord March 16 April 4 at 12.30 Cups Hotel, Colchester

Leeds Pet March 18 Ord MARTIN, JAMES, Batley, Yorks, General Carrier March 25

tingham Pet March 16 Ord March 16

March 18 at 11.30 Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, Batley

HOBSON, JOSEPH, Wakefield, Grocer Wakefield Pet March SAWDAY, Hendy, South Kensington, Hotel Proprietor

16'Ord March 16 MEREDITH, JOSEPH EDWIN, Aberdare, Chemist's Assistant

High Court Pet Feb 21 Ord March 17 March 25 at 2 65, High st, Merthyr Tydfil

HOWARD, RICHARD, jun, Birkdale, Cabdriver Livei pool SNOAD, GEORGE,, Oil and Colourman Brentford

Pet March 16 Ord March 16 MILLINGTON, JAMES, Much Wenlock, Salop, Licensed

Pet March 18 Ord March 18 Victualler March 26 at 11.30 Of Rec, 42, St John's Hughes, John, jun, Ashtead, Surrey, Builder Csoydon hill, Shrewsbury

Pet Feb 22 Ord March 15

SPOUSE, HENRIETTA, Margate, China Dealer Canterbury

Pet March 4 Ord March 17 Morgan, EDWARD, Charlton Kings, or Cheltenham, Inn-JACKRON, EGERTON, Headingley, Leeds Leeds Pet March

SYDDALL, SAMUEL, Little Lever, Lancs, Collier Bolton keeper March 26 at 3.15

15 Ord March 15 County Court bldgs,

Pet March 19 Ord March 19 Cheltenham

Johns, SYDNEY EUSTACE, Caroline st, Eaton toe High THOMPSON, JAMES, Bolton, Fruiterer Bolton Pet March NOBSWORTHY, Cyril PROCTOR, Barnhurst, Kent March 25

Court Pet Feb 17 Ord March 15

17 Ord March 17 at 12.30 24, Railway app, London bridge KENT, ARTHUR, Bedford, Wheelwright Bedford Pet

TOWLER, WILLIAM ABEL, Forest Gate High Court Pet

March 15 Ord March 15 PARKER, ALFRED WILLIAM FRANCIS, Reading, Berks,

Feb 22 Ord March 17 Carpenter March 28 at 2,45 Off Rec, 46, Cricklade st, LESLIE, WALTER, ANTHONY, Brighton Brighton Pet TOWNSEND, Owen, Dalston, Chair Manufacturer High Swindon March 14 Ord March 14

Court Pet Feb 24 Ord March 17 RANKIN, ROBERT ELMAN, Battersea March 25 at 11.30 Lowson, Peter, Kingston upon Hull, Brickmaker Great TRUE, CHARLES L, Pimlico High Court Pet Jan 28 Ord 24, Railway app, London bridge Grimsby Pet March 11 Ord March 14

March 17 REEVES, Thomas SADLER, Chatham, Perambulator Manu-NICHOLS, JAMES, Skewen, Glam, Boot Dealer Neath Pet VICKERMAN, JOHN, Allerton, nr Bradford, Yarn Merchant facturer March 28 at 11.15 115, High st, Rochester March 15 Ord March 15

Bradford Pet March 17 Ord March 17 RICHARDS, DAVID THOMAS, Neath, Brewer's Traveller PARKER, WILLIAM, Blackpool Preston Pet Feb 26 Ord

WATSON, THOMAS HENRY, Chorlton cum Hardy, Lancs, March 25 at 12 Off Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swangea March 15

Railway Contractor Salford Pet March 19 Ord ROLLASON, W H, Hatton garden, Tin Plate Worker March PABKINS, John Ashley, Lower Broughton, Salford,

March 19 25 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Dentist's Assistant Salford Pet March 14 Ord | WEBB, JOHN ABRAHAM, Coventry, Tinplate worker BirRowE, JAMES GRORGE WILLIAM, Croydon March 31 at 12 March 14

mingham Pet March 18 Ord March 18 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Bolton Pocock, ALBERT, Pontypool, Furniture Dealer Newpo. WIGGINS, John, Farnworth, Lancs, Plasterer SANDERSON, JOHN WILLIAM, Milnsbridge, nr Huddersfield,

Mon Pet March 14 Ord March 15

Pet March 18 Ord March 18 Saddler March 28 at 11 Off Rec, 19, John William st, RANKIN, ROBERT ELMAN, Battersea

WILSON, JOHN, South Bank, York, Accountant Stockton

Wandsworth Pet Huddersfield

on Tees Pet March 18 Ord March 18

Feb 8 Ord March 15
SELLERS, GEORGE, Higham, nr Burnley March 25 at 1.30 ROGERS, HENRY, Talysarn, Carnarvon, Labourer Bangor

Woan, MICHAEL, Worcester, Coal Merchant Worcester

Pet March 16 Ord March 16
Exchange Hotel, Nicholas st, Burnley

Pet March 14 Ord March 15
SHANKLAND, WILLIAM, Oxted, Surrey March 25 at 11.30 Rowe, JAMES GEORGE WILLIAM, Croydon High Court

WRIGHT, WILLIAM, Hulme, Manchester Manchester Pet

March 17 Ord March 17 24, Railway app, London Bridge

Pet March 11 Ord March 15 SuatroCK, HAROLD ALLERTON, South Kensington, Stock- SMEDLEY, NATHAN MARSDEN, Sale, Chester, Builder Manbroker's Clerk March 28 at 12 Bankruptoy bldgs,

ORDER RESCINDING RECEIVING ORDER. chester Pet Aug 19 Ord March 16 Carey st

SUGGITT, WILLIAM, Thornaby on Tees, Labourer Stockton Ellis, H., Portland place High Court Rec Ord Dec 10, SIMMONDS, GEORGE, Cardiff, Baker March 28 at 11 Off on Tees Pet March 15 Ord March 15

1897 Resc March 11, 1893 Rec, 29, Queen st, Cardiff

TALLIS, ISAAC, Caverdon, Warwick, Builder Warwick SMEDLEY, NATHAN MARSDEN, Sale, Cheshire, Builder Pet March 9 Ord March 14

FIRST MEETINGS. March 25 at 2.30 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester UTTLEY, FRED, and FRANK AINLEY, Sowerby Bridge, BELLINDER, JOSEPH, Leeds, Tailor STEPHENS, ALFRED GEORGE, Ashton Keynes, Wilts, Baker

March 31 at 11 Of Yorks, Hosiery Manufacturers Halifax Pet March 15 March 28 at 3.15 Off Rec, 46, Cricklade st, Swindon

Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

Ord March 15 STEVENSON, MATTHEW SINCLAIR, Queen Victoria st, Com

CATTE, GEORGE, Stockton on Tees, Corfectioner March 30 WALKER, DAVID, Padiham, Lancs, Joiner Burnley Pet pany Promoter March 20 at 1. Bankruptcy bldgs,

at 3 Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough March 14 Ord March 14 Carey st

COBHAM, Jony Thomas Lyon, Bridport, Dorset March : Brow, JOSEPH WILLIAM, Bradford, Leather Merchant

Walsh, ANDREW, Lytham, Lancs, Commission Agent at 1 Off Rec, Endless st, Salisbury

Preston Pet March 16 Ord March 16 March 28 at 11 Off Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford

Davies, MARTIN, Llawhaden, Pembrokes, Farmer March STRODE, LEWIS EM, Onslow EQ March 28 at 2.30 Bank

WALTERS, BENJAMIN Tuomas, Carmarthen, Draper Car 29 at 12.15 Off Rec, 4, Queen st, Carmarthen

marthen Pet March 14 Ord March 14 ruptcy bldgs, Carey st

DICKSON, DONALD WILLIAM, Gloucester st, Bloomsbury Sykes, Eli, East Barnsley, Yorks, Painter March 25 at

WEBB, FREDERICK, Doncaster, Painter Sheffield Pet March 29 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

March 10 Ord March 15 10.15 Off Rec, Regent st, Barnsley

Dobsox, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Éeadingley, Leeds March WHITE, ELIZA, Newport, IW, Baker Newport Pet March 31 at 12_Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds TBUMAN, WILLIAN HENRY, Lincoln, Cabinet Maker March 14 Ord March 14

DUNSMORE, ROBERT, Keighley, Barman March 30 at 11 29 at 11 Off Rec, Lincoln

WHITEHEAD, ARTHUR, Manchester, Cloth Raiser Salford
UTTLEY, FBED, and FRANK AINLEY, Sowerby Bridge,

Of Rec, 31, Manor row, Bradford
Pet Feb 25 Ord March 15
Yorks, Hosiery Manufacturers March 30 at 11 Off

WHITELEY, JAMES, Dewsbury, Shoddy Merchant Dewe Holland Park avenue, Auctioneers March 30 at 2.30
Rec, Townhall chmbrs, Halifax
bury Pet Feb 28 Ord March 16

Bankruptcy bldgs, Careyst

HELPS, WALTER, Bedminster, Bristol, Bootmaker March | Thompsox, JANES, Bolton, Fruiterer Bolton Pet March KNIGHT, FRANK, & RUTLEY,

VICKERMAN, John, Bradford, Yarn Merchant Bradford THE CONDUIT ST. AUCTION GALLERIES,

MONTINEN, Edirn, Weston super Mare, Leather Merchant FURNITURE, JEWELS, PLATE, PICTURES,

DIAMONDS, PEARLS, 30 at 12 Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol

17 Ord March 17 HENNESSEY, ISABELLA MARY, Preston, Plumber April 1 TREAEARNE, SIDNEY GEORGE, and ARTHUR HAYWOOD at 3 Off Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston CRUMP, Fenchurch st High Court Pet Jan 19 Ord


March 30 at 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st Hiatt, RACHEL, Cradley Heath, Staffs, Grocer March 29 Pet March 17 'Ord March 17 at 11 Off Rec, Wolverhampton st, Dudley

Watsox, THOMAS HENRY, Chorlton cum Hardy, Lancs, BETWEEN REGENT-STREET AND BOND-STREET. Higgins, CHARLES GEORGE, Nottingham, Musician March Railway Contractor Salford Pet March 18 Ord

29 at 12 Off Rec, 4, Castle place, Park st, Notting March 19 ham

WEBB, JOHN ABRAHAM, Coventry Birmingham Pet March JONES, ARTHUR JAMES, Worcester, Pawnbroker April 6 18 Ord March 18 at 25 County Court, West Bromwich

WEBSTER, James, Liverpool, Dairymin Liverpool Pet Juniper, BENJAMIN, Leeds, Insurance Agent March 21 at Feb 4 Ord March 17 12.30 Off Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

Wiggins, Joux, Farnworth, Lancs, Plasterer Bolton Pet LESLIE, WALTER ANTHONY, Brighton, Tobacconist March March 18 Ord March 19 29 at 12 Off Rec, 4, Pavilion bldgs, Brighton

WILSON, JAMES, Leeds, Canvassing Bookseller Leeds Pet Linde, WILLIAM, Bournemouth, Musical Iastrument Feb 17 Ord March 18

Seller March 29 at 12.30 Off Rec, Endless st, Salis- | Wilson, Jonx, South Bank, York, Accountant Stockton bury

on Tees Pet March 18 Ord March 18
Lowson, Peter, Barrow on Humber, Auctioneer March WOAN, MICHAEL, Worcester, Coal Merchant Worces ter
80 at 11 Off Rec, Tripity House lä, Hull

Pet March 16 Ord March 16
McKEAN, GORDON DALZIEL, Leadenhall st March 29 at 12 Wright, WILLIAM, Hulme, Manchester Manchester Pet
Bankı uptcy bldgs, Carey st

March 17 Ord March 17
MARSHALL, Joun Pugu, Bristol, Confectioner March 30 at YABSLEY, JOHN SMITH, Bristol, Boot Manufacturer Bristol
1 Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol

Pet Feb 23 Ord March 17 MORGAN, B H, North Kensington March 29 at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st


Opeu daily for reception of NEWBORN, RICHARD ROBINSON, Hibaldstow, Lincs, Miller

March 29 at 11.30 Off Rec, 15, Osborne st, Great

PALMER, STEPHEN WALTER, Brookland, Kent, Corn Factor
SIMMONDS, ARTHUR WALTER, Brighton, Tobacconist

and all Classes of Valuable Property intended for March 29 at 2.15 George Hotel, Rye Brighton Adjud May 16, 1895 Annul March 11, 1898

Sale by Auction. Parkins, JOHN ASHLEY, Lower Broughton, Salford, Dentist's Assistant March 30 at 2.30 Off Rec, Byrom st,

VALUATIONS for ESTATE DUTY & DILAPIDATIONS. Manchester RYCROFT, JAMES, Great Grimsby, Artificial Tooth ManuAli letters intended for publication in the

9, CONDUIT STREET & 23A, MADDOX STREET, W. facturer March 29 at 11 Off Rec, 15, Osborne st, Great Grimsby

"Solicitors' Journalmust be authenticated SASLE, GEORGE WILLIAM, Wadhurst, Sussex, Grocer

March 31 at 11.30 21, Railway app, London bridge by the name of the writer.

STODDART, WILLIAM, Blackpool, Printer April 1 at 2.30
Off Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston

THIS EVENING, at 8.15, THE SEA FLOWER: Messrs. TAYLOR, GEORGE WILLIAM, St George, Bristol, Baker

John Beauchamp, Arthur Playfair, Cosmo Stuart, W.T. March 30 at 12.30 Off Rec, Baldwin st, Bristol


Lovell, Wilfred Draycott, A. E. Matthews, Frederick THACKRAY, SAM KERSHAW, Middlesborough, Watchmakar


Volpe, Henry Ford, and Charles Groves ; Miss Lena AshApril 13 at 3 Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough

well, Miss Gladys Homfrey, and Miss Eva Moore. THOMPSON, JAMES, Bolton, Fruiterer March 31 at 11° 16, You will hear sufferers exclaim, “I feel out of sor's!"

DUKE OF YORK'S. Woodst, Bolton

"I am below par!" "I am losing weight!” Some rush THIS EVENING, at 8.45, THE DOVECOT : Messrs. WaLL, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Cab Proprietor March 31

to quack nostrums and become worse. Some are unwilling Seymour Hicks, Chas. Sugden, George Raiemond, William at 11 174, Corporation st, Birmingham

-or unable-- to consult medical advisers, who would prob- Wyes, Lawrence Caird, Chas. V. France, and James WALTERS, BENJAMIN THOMAS, Carmarthen, Draper March

ably recommend things which might or might not help Welch ; Mesdames Ellis Jeffreys, S. Carlisle, L. Braham, 29 at 11 Off Rec, 4, Queen st, Carmarthen

them. And, after all, a little common-sense must tell K. Kearney, S. Grey, and Carlotta Addison. At 8.0, THE WHITEHEAD, ARTatr, Cornbrook, Manchester, Cloth Raiser

them that by following rational dietary rules they can LADY WRANGLER. March 30 at 3 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester maintain and restore that vigour which, by errors in diet,

DRURY LANE THEATRE ROYAL. WHITEHURST, JANES, Longton, Staffs, Grocer March 31 in conjunction with their surroundings, they have lost.

Managing Director, Arthur Collins. at 10 30 Off Rec, King at, Newcastle on Lyme

Good health-the greatest blessing mortals can enjoy, and THIS EVENING,_at 8.0, THE BABES IN THE

never really value till lost - can be preserved in the WOOD : Messrs. Dan Leno, John WIGG!NS, Joux, Farnworth, nr Bolton, Plasterer April 1

A. Warden, at 1116, Wood st, Bolton majority of mankind by attention to diet.

Griffin and Dubois, c. Angelo, Whimsical Walker, and Wilson, JAMES, Leeds, Canvassing Bookseller M :ch 30

A Food Beverage such as Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa, with its Herbert Campbell : Mesdames Ada Blanche, Violet Robinat 3 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

unique powers of nutriment and exceptional vitalizing son, Alice Barnett, Kate Graves, and The Grigolatis,
properties, is a means whereby strength and nervous


energy is gained as a rational outcome of increase vitality THIS EVENING, at 9.0, A BRACE OF PARTRIDGES.

and the pleasing consequence of greater nourishment and At 8.15, THE MUFF OF THE REGIMENT: Messrs. H. AINSWORTH, ROBERT, Manchester, Calico Printer Salford sustenant force.

Reeves-Smith, W. Everard, s. Paxton, G. Tomkins, G. Pet March 18 Ord March 18

It aids the digestive powers, and is invaluable to tired Shelton, c. Thornbury, Tovey, C. M. Lown?, E. Lovat ASHWORTH, THOMAS, Dulesgate, or Todmorden, Farmer men and delicate women and children.

Fraser, F. Everill; Mesdames Ada Branson, Beatrice Burnley Pet March 19 Ord March 19

It has the refreshing properties of fine tea, the nourish- | Ferrar, M. Allestree, Nordblom, and Henrietta Watson, BINGLEY, HENRY, Bradford, Ladies' Hairdresser Bradford ment of the best cocoas, and a tonic and recuperative

LYRIC. Pet March 17 Ord March 17 possessed by neither, and can be used in all cases where tea

Lessee, Mr. William Greet. BOURKE, ISIDORE MCWILLIAM, Nevern sq, Earl's Court, and coffee are prohibited,

Mr. Arthur Roberts' Season. Doctor High Court Pet Feb 9 Ord March 18

It is not a medicine, but a unique and wonderful Food THIS EVENING, at 8.15, DANDY DAN, The Life BUBNISTON, HARRY, Leeds, Bookseller Leeds Pet Feb 26 Beverage.

Guardsman; Mr. Arthur Roberts, Messrs. W. H. Denny, Ord March 17

The wonderful African Kola nut which it contains has Blake Adams, Frank Barclay, Arnold Lucy; Misses Isa CORNEY, WILLIAM, Ledbury rd, Notting Hill, Cab Proprie

concentrated powers of nutriment, and imparts stamina Bowman, Jane Grey, Kate Erskine, and Phyllis Broughton. tor High Court Pet Feb 8 Ord March 17 and staying powers, adds to power of endurance, and

LYCEUM. DAVIES, GEORGE, Newport, Mon, Clothier Neath Pet enables those who use it to undergo greater physical exer THIS EVENING, at 8.0. THE MERCHANT OF March 3 Ord March 18 tion and fatigue.

VENICE: Henry Irving, Miss Ellen Terry; Messrs. F. DODWELL, CHRISTOPHER, Gt Yarmouth, Baker Gt Yar

The unique vitalizing and restorative powers of Dr. Cooper, Macklin, Webster, N. Forbes, W. Farren, jun., mouth Pat March 17 Ord March 17

Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa are being recognised to an extent Tyars, Mellish, Cooper Cliffe, Archer, Lacy, Belmore, FAULKINGHAM, Thomas Isaac, Selby, York, Draper York

hitherto unknown in the history of any preparation: Reynolds, Tabb, Howard, Marion, Graham; Miss Maud Pet Feb 24 Ord March 16

Merit, and merit alone, is what is claimed for Dr. Tibbles' Milton, Miss Rockman.
GIBB, Willian_COWNIE, Wimbledon, Decorator High
Vi-Cocoa, and the proprietors are prepared to send to any

Court Pet Feb 15 Ord March 18

reader who names the SOLICITORS' JOURNAL (a postcard Mr. George Alexander, Sole Lessee and Manager. HABRINGTON, CHABLES, Halstead, Essex, Plumber Col will do) a dainty simple tin of Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa free THIS EVENING, at 8.0, MUCH ADO ABOUT chester Pet March 8 Ord March 18 and post-paid.

NOTHING : Messrs. George Alexander, W. H. Vernon, HAWKINS, FRED, Finsbury pomat, Solicitor High Court

Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa can be obtained from all chemists, H. V. Esmond, H. B. Irving, J. D. Beveridge, Nutcombs Pet Jan 20 Ord March 15

grocers, and stores, or from Dr. Tibbles' Vi.Cocoa, Gould, H. H. Vincent, Robert Loraine, Arthur Royston, HENLEY, STEPHEN, Anerley, Corn Dealer's Assistant Limited, 60, 61, and 62, Bunhill-row, London, E.C.

R. G. Legge, A. Holmes-Gore, Bertram Wallis, R. Dalton, Greenwich Pet March 15 Ord March 15

Fred Terry; Mesdames Julia Neilson, Hilda Rivers, Winis HEPWORTH, Jony, Startforth, nr Barnard Castle, York,

fred Dolan, Fay Davis. Surveyor Stockton on Tees

Pet March 16

March 16

R. D'Oyly Carte, Manager. HOVELL, ARTAUR, Lakenham, Norwich, Wicker Chair

THIS EVENING, at 8.30, THE GONDOLIERS : Messrs. Maker Norwich Pet March 19 Ord March 19

Walter Passmore, H. A. Lytton, William Elton, Jones Joy, Edwin, Paddock Wood, Kent, Baker Tanbridge

Hewson, Cory James, L. Russell, and Charles KenningWells Pet March 14 Ord March 18

ham; Mesdames Emmie Owen, Louie Henri, Ruth Vincent, JUNIPEB, BENJAMIN, Leeds, Insurance Agent Leeds Pet

Jessie Pounds, and Rosina Brandram. At 7.45, OLD March 16 Ord March 16


SARAH. KEYS, WILLIAM ARTHUR DAVID, West Kensington, Jeweller

VAUDEVILLE. High Court Pet Oct 21 Ord March 17


Messrs. Richard Green, George Mudie, Wyndham Guise, Merchant High Court Pet March 15 Ord March 16

Murray King, H. o. Clarey, Barton de Solla, Percy PerLITTLE, Jonx Wilsox, Terrington St Clements, Norfolk,

cival, J. W. Macdonald, Metcalfe ; Mesdames Louie Blacksmith King's Lynn Pet March 17 Ord

Pounds, Alice Barth, Lillie Pounds, Hilda Jeffreys, and March 17


Kate Cutler. MARSHALL, JOHN Pugu, Bristol, Confectioner Bristol

Pet March 18 Ord March 19 Norzax, GEORGE, Swansea, Wareman

SPINK & SON Swansea


Pet March 18 Ord March 18


beg respectfully OAKLEY, Jorn, Deptford, Kent, Wheelwright Greenwich


announce that they Pet March 18 Ord March 18


ACCURATELY APPRAISE Peaks, JONATHAN Bowros, Sunderland, Ropemaker Sun

JEWELS and SILVER derland Pet March 16 Ord March 16

PLATE, &c., for the RICHMOND, William HENRY, Nottingham, Fining Manu


LEGAL PROFESSION or facturer Nottingham Pet March 16 Ord March 16


cash if desired. EstabMarch 18


ΤΟ SYDDALL, SAMUEL, Little Lever, Lancs, Collier Bolton

lished 1772. Pet March 19 Ord March 19

Tinder the patronage of H.M. The Queen and H.S.H, Prince Louis Battenberg, K.C.B.


E PP S's



LEGAL EDUCATION, The Council invite attention to the following scheme of education, adopted Classes for Final Students are held at the Hall of the Society on four in 1892 with the object of affording assistance to Articled Clerke.

afternoons each week during the following periods: August to January; For the benefit of Clerks resident in London or who are able to attend, January to June. these classes are held and Tutors give advice and assistance at the Hall of the These periods afford five months' class preparation, and students are Law Society.

advised to subscribe for a full course, and certainly for not less than three To those Clerks who are articled at a distance from large towns systematic months, otherwise the work must necessarily be hurried. instruction with advice and help is given, and a course of preparation Students may join the classes either before or after the Intermediate through the post has been formulated.

Examination without subscribing to the course of Postal instruction, but it POSTAL INSTRUCTION.

is recommended that they should avail themselves of both modes of inIn the case of students who have not passed the Intermediate Examination struction: the instruction is by means of monthly papers, and deals with the selected

Subscribers to either Postal or Class instruction have the opportunity of portions of Stephen's Commentaries.

consulting the Tutors upon the work of the course in personal interview or For those who have passed the Intermediate Examination instruction is by letter at any time. afforded by fortnightly papers, and embraces the following subjects: Equity,

RESULTS AND HONOURS. Conveyancing, Common Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal and Magisterial Law, The results obtained have been satisfactory. At each of the last twelve Probate, Divorce, Admiralty, and Ecclesiastical Law.

examinations pupils have obtained honours, and the percentage of passes is These papers both before and after the Intermediate Examinations are a high one, exceeding 85 per cent. of between two and three hundred pupils varied each year, so that students who may subscribe for more than one who last presented themselves for examination. It has happened on several year's tuition receive additional assistance.

occasions that all Class pupils have been successful, and the same has These courses may be commenced at any time, but the Tutors recommend occurred in the case of subscribers to the Correspondence Courses. that the Intermediate course should be commenced at an early stage of the

TUTORS. Articles, and the Final course soon after the Intermediate Examination has Equity, Conveyancing, Common Law, Bankruptcy-J. CARTER HARRISON, been passed.

30, Bedford-row, W.C. Books can be obtained from Messrs. Stevens & Sons, or other law lending Criminal and Magisterial Law, Probate, Divorce, Admiralty, and library, for a subscription of a guinea and a half to cover the course of work Ecclesiastical Law, Stephen's Commentaries -LEONARD H. West, LL.D., for the Final Examination, and Stephen's Commentaries can be supplied to 19, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, W.C. either Class of Postal Subscribers, at a subscription of one guinea, on

Before Inter.

After Inter. application to the Tutor, Dr. West.

FEES. Examination.


Subscription to postal instruction (12 months) £4 4 0 (12 months) £6 6 0 Class instruction is also provided on the selected portions of Stephen's Subscription to Postal instruction (2 years) 6 6 0 (2 years) 880 Commentaries and the subjects above named, and it is recommended that the Class instruction (3 months)

4 4 0 (5 months) 990 classes should be joined after the expiration of a course of Postal instruction. For those who have previously subscribed for Students can join the classes at any time, the fees being proportionate to the

Postal instruction ...


7 70 length of attendance.

Class instruction (6 months)

770 (4 months) 8 80 Rooms are provided where subscribers may study, and books are supplied for those who have previously subscribed for without extra charge.

Postal instruction .

5 5 0

6 6 0 Periodical test examinations are held by the Tutors.

For three months' Class instruction

7 7 0 The Classes for Intermediate Students are held in the Hall of the Society For those who have previously subscribed for Postal instruction 5 50 on three afternoons in each week during the following periods : August to Cheques and Post Office Orders should be made payable to the SecreTARY, November ; October to January ; January to April ; March to June.

and crossed “Messrs. BARCLAY & Co., LIMITED.” Students may subscribe for successive classes.

Law Society's Hall, Chancery-lane.

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Special Advantages to Private Insurers.




Purchase Reversionary Interests in Real' and Personal
Established 1803.
Property, and Life Interests and Life Policies, and

Advance Money upon these Securities.
1, Old Broad-street, E.C., 22, Pall Mall, 8.W., and 47,

For Gentlemen, under the Act and privately.
Chancery-lane, W.C.
Paid-up Share and Debenture Capital, £616,525.

For Terms, &c., apply to
Subscribed Capital, £1,200,000; Paid-up, £300,000.

The Society has moved from 17, King's Arms-yard, to

Total Funds over £1,500,000.

Medical Superintendent.
E. COZENS SMITH, General Manager.



WANTED for large sums on lives past forty-five.
Considerably over surrender value given.


BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT. Speedy settlements and highest references.

For Gentlemen under the Acts and privately. Terms,
Also Reversions and Life Interests purchased.
To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the whole of the

21 to 4 Guineas.
Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c.

Apply to Medical Superintendent,
Insurance Broker, 85, High-street West, Sunderland.

F. BROMHEAD, B.A., M.B. (Camb.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.)

Founded 1710.

Law Wigs and Gowns for Registrars, Town
Olerks, and Olerke of the Peace,


PRIVATE HOME FOR LADIES. 40, CHANCERY LANE, W.C. | Corporation Robes, University and Clergy Gowns. A. W. COUSINS, District Manager.

Medical Attendant: CHAS. J. BOND, F.R.C.S. Eng., ESTABLISHED 1889.

L.R.C.P. Lond. Principal: H. M. RILEY, Assoc. Soc. SUM INSURED IN 1896, £388,952,800.

Study of Inebriety. Thirty years' Experience. Excellent 94, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON.

Legal and Medical References. For terms and particulars

apply Miss RILEY, or the Principal.
Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, London, W.C. LONSDALE BUILDINGS, 27, CHANCERY LANE.

Number of Accounts, 75,061.


PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS. on DEPOBIT8, repayable on demand.

TWO per CENT. ON CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on the BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, MAGAZINES, minimum monthly balances, when not drawn below £100

sold for customers.

And all General and Commercial Work.

Every description of Printing-large or small.
Small Deposits received, and Interest allowed monthly o
each completed £1.

The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with full particulars Printere of THE SOLIOITORS' JOURNAL Newspaper. Prepared from finest ENGLISH MEATS post free.

Of all Chemists and Grocers. Telephone No. 65005.

Authors advised with as to Printing and Publishing. Telegraphic Address : "BIRKBECK, LONDON.”

Estimates and all information furnished.


Contracts entered into.








VOL. XLII., No. 22.

The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter 24, LINCOLN'S INN FIELDS, W.C.

ESTABLISHED 1853. Capital


LONDON, APRIL 2, 1898. Debentures and Debenture Stock


Proposal Forms and full information may be had at the Society's Offices.
W. OSCAR NASH, F.I.A., Actuary.

The Editor cannot undertake to return rejected contributions, and MIDLAND RAILWAY HOTELS.

copies should be kept of all articles sent by writers who are not on LONDON, N.w. (Within Shilling cab fare of Gray’s-inn, Inns of Court, Temple Bar, the regular staff of tlie JOURNAL. MIDLAND GRAND

Lar Courts, dc. Buses to all parts every minute. Close to King's

Cross Metropolitan Ry. Station. The New Venetian Rooms are (St. Pancras Station). available for Publicand Private Dinners, Arbitration Meetings, &c.) LIVERPOOL


Close to Central (Midland) Station.

Excellent Restaurant.



In Centre of Town.

For Peak of Derbyshire.


Tennis Lawn to Seashore. Golf.


384 HEYSHAM-HEYSHAM TOWER, nr MORECAMBE. Lovely Country. Golf.


385 Tariffs on Application. Telegraphil Address " Midotel.” REVIEWS

377 Adelphi "Turtle" Soup forwarded from Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, per quart jar 188.;

LEGAL NEWS ................


378 per pint jar, 9s. 6d., carriage paid. Speciality for Inralids.

COURT PAPERS...............

386 WILLIAM TOWLE, Manager Midland Railway Hotels. LAW SOCIETIES



386 OBEDITORS' NOTICES......... BANKRUPTOY NOTICES................




Andrew v. St. Olave's Board of Works 381 Baxter v. Middleton (In re Middleton INSURANCE. TRUSTEESHIPS FOR DEBENTURE-HOLDERS, &c.

and Baxter and the Vendor and Gage v. Braeley

Purchaser Act, 1874)

Gibbs, Re. Thorne v. Gibbs.
379 Buckwell v. Norman

839 HEAD OFFICE: 49, Chancery-lane, W.C. | CITY OFFICE: 56, Moorgate-street, E.C.

Charles Clarke, In re

337 Hawkes, Re. Ackerman v. Lockhart.. 381

Cole, In re. Ex parte Attenborough 352

Keck And Hart's Contract and the Deighton and Harris's Contract. In re 341
Vendor and Purchaser Act, 1874, Re 380 Fox v. Star Newspaper Co.

340 In Drawing LEASES or MORTGAGES of

Gilbert, In re. Ex parte Gilbert....... 351 Maw v. Best


Jennings v. Jennings

344 Paget v. Paget 378 Maynards (Limited), In re...

346 To see that the Insurance Covenants include a policy covering the risk of

Reg. v. Robinson and Another, Jus

Palmer, In re. Ex parte Brims 342 LOSS OR PORFBITURE OF THE LIORNSR.

Rogers (Appellant) v. Manchester tices, and Kirkham

380 Suitable clauses, settled by Counsel, can be obtamed on application to

Packing Co. (Respondents)

350 Rogers v. Hawken


Verney's Settled Estates, In re


CURRENT TOPICS. Mortgages Guaranteed on Licensed Properties promptly, without special valuation and at low rates.

IT IS UNDERSTOOD that the draft rules under the Land Transfer LEGAL AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE issued very shortly.

Act, 1897, are now completed, and they may be expected to be SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED OVER HALF A CENTURY.

HER MAJESTY's judges having recommended that, for the 10, FLEET STREET, LONDON.

future, the Summer Assizes for Wales shall begin on the 7th of

July instead of the 29th of May, the Lord Chancellor proposes FREE,

to advise the issue of an Order in Council to give effect to that SIMPLE,

recommendation before the next circuit.








MR. JUSTICE STIRLING has come to the rescue of the profession from a portion of the difficulty occasioned by the decision in Re Tibbits' Settled Estates (1897, 2 Ch. 149). That decision laid it down that jointures and portions charged under powers contained in a settlement constitute, together with the original settlement, a compound settlement; hence a purchaser

from the tenant for life cannot safely pay his purchase-money to A ND

the trustees for the purposes of the Settled Land Acts of the SECURE.

original settlement, and trustees for the purposes of the Acts

of the compound settlement must be appointed by the court for FUNDS · £3.000.000. INCOME

£390,000 the purpose of receiving such purchase-money. That, at all YEARLY NEW BUSINESS - £1,000,000. BUSINESS IN FORCE - £11,700,000 events, has been generally understood to be the effect of the

decision of Mr. Justice NORTH, although it is true that the strict The Right Hon. Lord HALSBURY (Lord High Chancellor of England).

question before him was as to the jurisdiction to appoint trustees The Hon, Mr, Justice KEKEWICH.

of the compound settlement. We have repeatedly drawn attenThe Right Hon. Sir JAMES PARKER DEANE, Q.C., D.C.L. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Esq.

tion to the extreme inconvenience occasioned by this decision, and RICHARD PENNINGTON, Esq.

we gave reasons (ante, p. 6) for believing that it is incorrect. We

may add that (as Mr. OhALLIS has usefully pointed out in the Bacon, His Honour Judge.

Masterman, Henry Chauncy, Esq.
Davey, The Right Hon. Lord.
Mathew, The Hon. Mr.Justice.

preface to the new edition of Hood and Challis's Conveyancing
Deane, The Right Hon. Sir James Parker, Meek, A. Grant, Esq. (Devizes).
Q.C., D.C.L.
Mallor, The Right Hon. John w., Q.c., Estates (1897, 1 Ir. Rep. 121), on which Mr. Justice NORTH

and Settled Land Acts) in the Irish case of Re Meade': Settled Eilis-Danvers, Edmund Henry, Esq. Finch, Arthur J., Esq.

Mills, Richard, Esq.
Frere, Geo. Edgar, Esq.
Morrell, Frederic P., Esq.(Oxford).

relied as exactly in point on this question, the appointment Garth, The Right Hon. Bir Richard, Q.C. Pennington, Richard, Esq.

comprised not only jointures and portions, but also pin-money, Healey, C. E. L. Chadwyck, Esq., Q.C. Rowcliffe, Edward Lee, Esq. Johnson, Charles P., Esq. Saltwell, Wm Henry, Esq.

which affected the estate of the tenant for life, and brought the Kekewich, The Hon. Mr. Justice. Williams, C. Reynolds, Esq.

case within the interpretation given by the learned judge to Lawrence, N. T., Esq.

Williams, Romer, Esq. Ludlow, The Right Hon. Lord. Williams, William, Esq. section 4 of the Settled Land Act, 1890: consequently the Irish



case was not an authority for the doctrine that a mere charge of "agreeing in the result,” preferred to rest his judgment on the jointures and portions created a compound settlement. It will ground of a duty from the solicitor to his client. The solicitor be seen from Re Kock and Hart's Settlement (reported elsewhere) employed in any cause, his lordship thought, when he accepted that, upon a vendor and purchaser summons, Mr. Justice STIR- the client's retainer, impliedly agreed to waive his lien so far as LING has held that jointures appointed under a power in a production of the documents might be necessary for the pursettlement created by will do not constitute with the will a poses of the proceedings, and this implied agreement covered compound settlement; that, in such a case, the tenant for life not only documents received by the solicitor in the suit, but could convey the land freed from the jointures, and that the those which were in his possession before its commencement. trustees of the will for the purposes of the Settled Land Acts | The result thus unanimously arrived at is, that at least in could give a good discharge for the purchase-money. So far "administration and representative actions," and perhaps in the decision is very satisfactory, although, as we have apparently any action--a solicitor who has a lion must, notwithstanding, conflicting decisions of two very learned and careful judges, the produce documents subject thereto, if required to do so by practitioner, until the matter comes before the Court of Appoal, parties other than his client. This seems considerably to will remain in considerable embarrassment.

abridge what has commonly been supposed to be the extent of the professional privilege.

THE DECISION, however, leaves open the other point which was decided in Re Tibbits' Settled Estates-namely, that under section TIE DUTIES and liabilities of an auditor formed an interesting 4 of the Settled Land Act, 1890, a charge on the estate of the topic of discussion in the House of Lords Committee on Comtenant for life creates a compound settlement, as to which Mr. pany Law on Monday, when Mr. WHINNEY, ex-president of the Justice STIRLING expressed no opinion. That section provides Institute of Chartered Accountants, was giving his evidence. that every instrument whereby a tenant for life, in considera- It is admitted that the functions of an auditor are not limited tion of marriage, or as part or by way of any family arrange- to a mechanical examination of the accuracy of the accounts as ment, not being a security for payment of money advanced, submitted to him by the company. He is bound to examine makes an assignment of or creates a charge upon his estate or into the meaning of the accounts, and to ascertain that the interest under the settlement, is to be deemed one of the instru- results presented in the balance sheet are not misleading: monts creating the settlement, and not an instrument vesting in His business," said LINDLEY, L.J., in Re London and General any person any right as assignee for value within the meaning Bank (44 W. R. 80; 1895, 2 Ch. 673), “is to ascertain and or operation of section 50 of the Act of 1882. As we have state the true financial position of the company at the time of before pointed out, the object of this provision is to render it the audit." But he does not, as the lord justice went on to unnecessary for a person entitled to pin-money, &c., charged on say, discharge this duty by examining the books of the company the life interest of the tenant for life to concur in the exercise of without inquiry and without taking any trouble to see that his statutory powers under section 50 of the Settled Land Act, the books themselves show the company's true position. 1882. It does not in any sense relate to the appointment of At the same time, to go behind the books and to investrustees for the purposes of the Settled Land Acts, and we have tigate the true value of the assets entered there · pory always failed to see how the phrase "one of the instruments soon lands the accountant in the position of valuer, and creating the settlement" can bo construed as meaning “one of a limit must necessarily be placed upon his researches. the instruments creating a compound settlement.” It is very The limit is stated in another passage from the same judgment. much to be hoped that this question will shortly be brought "An auditor is not bound to exercise more than reasonable care before the court, and that we may be completely relieved of the and skill in making inquiries and investigations." The limit is inconvenience caused by the decision in Re Tibbits' Settled Estates. necessarily indefinite, and in practice it means that the auditor

is not concerned to inquire into the accuracy of particular items

of valuation unless there is some special ground for suspicion. A VERY important question as to solicitor's lien was decided the matter was neatly put in the committee by Lord DAVEY, by the Court of Appeal, on appeal from KEKEWICH, J., in Re when, after a discussion of the duty of the auditors to value the Hawkes, Ackerman v. Lockhart (reported elsewhere). In that assets, he asked, "Is not the sounder principle this—that the case a solicitor had an admitted lien on certain documents auditor is bound to know everything the books tell him, to have belonging to a deceased person named HAWKES. The executors all the suspicions that the book suggest, and to make all the of the deceased employed the same solicitor to take proceedings inferences to which what he finds in the books would lead for the administration of the deceased's estate, which was in

him?" At the same time, it this standard of perfection sufficient to pay his debts, and an administration order was is set up, it is not surprising that Mr. WHINNEY, speaking obtained. Afterwards the conduct of the action was given to a for accountants generally, desires to limit their liability creditor ; but the executors remained parties to the proceedings, for any defect of duty to a specified multiple of the annual and the solicitor continued to act for them. A question arose as fee, and not to impose on them as a penalty the full loss to whether proceedings should be taken to recover a debt which which their error may impose on the company or its creditors. was supposed to be due to the deceased, and on this question the We are glad to see that attention was called in the committee executors desired to be advised by counsel. A case for the to clause 36 of the Companies Bill, which allows of unlimited opinion of counsel could not be prepared without seeing certain liability being placed upon the members of a company in casos documents upon which, as against the deceased, the solicitor where a certificate of incorporation has been obtained by fraud, had an admitted lien. KEKEWICH, J., ordered the solicitor to misrepresentation, or mistake. In cases of fraud this may be produce the documents at his office. This decision the Court of right enough, but to apply it to cases of mistake is in conflict Appeal has now affirmed. The authorities were elaborately with the principle of limited liability and also with the spirit of reviewed; but the Master of the Rolls came to the conclusion the declaration at the commencement of the Bill that the that." none of them were exactly in point, and it is necessary to certificate of incorporation is to be conclusive. The Lord consider the question on principle.” He and RIGBY, L.J., Chancellor characterized the proposal as very extreme. decided the case on the ground that the solicitor's lien was simply a right to retain documents as against the client and persons representing him, and gave the solicitor no greater right, as between It is a well-settled rule that where a wife mortgages her himself and third parties, to refuse production, than the client property to raise money for the purposes of paying her would have had if the documents had been in his own posses- husband's debts, she is entitled to be indemnified by the sion. The curious thing, on this view, is that in the present husband (Huntingdon v. Huntingdon, 2 Bro. P. O. 1), but the case the solicitor is compelled, in an administration action which judgment of the Court of Appeal in Paget v. Paget" (reported was commenced by the executors of the deceased, though a elsewhere) enforces the qualification that the rule is based creditor now has the conduct of it, to produce documents of upon the assumption that the parties intended that

the which, ex hypothesi, neither the deceased nor his executors could wife's property should be exonerated by the husband, and have compelled production. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, L.J., while where the circumstances do not justify this assumption the

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