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vi. THOMAS, m. Charlotte Inman of Orono; pub. Dec. 21, 1800; m.

second Hannah Douglass; moved to Maxtield; then late in life to

Illinois, where he was living in 1879, at the age of 94. Died since. vii. STEPHEN, m. Betsey Ring of Orono; pub. Aug. 21, 1815; pioneer set

tler in Alton, where he built the first log house in 1818; thence

removed to Maxfield and many years after to Woodstock, N. B. viii. ELEANOR, m. first John McPhetres of Orono. He was drowned at

Great Works, Apr. 13, 1820 Their son Warren McPhetres lived in Milford. The widow m. second Jedediah Varney of Lowell.

His first wife Jane d. Feb. 19, 1822, aged 39. ix. FREELOVE, m. Stinson Potter in Bangor. March, 1809. She got lost in

the woods in Hermon and froze to death.
OLIVE, m. Levi Lancaster of Bangor; pub. in Orono, May 5, 1810.

Fourteen children. One son Abraham Tourtillot Lancaster, b. Ban

gor, May 14, 1814. Removed to Maxfield, 1821. xi. RACHEL, m. Caleb Kimball of Enfield and Lowell; many children.





-Vol. 8,

Josiah Tucker, of Narrowguagus sells June 14, 1770, to Henry Dyer and Reul en Dyer, of Pidgeon Hill Bay for £3 “an island about eight leagues to the eastward of Mount Desert, called Little Manan, containing 18 acres, more or less.- Vol. 8, Folio 108.

John Webber, of No. 54, mariner, sells Matthew Patten, merchant for £20, 150 acres of land being in a place called the Carrying Place Neck, bounded as follows: beginning at the S. E. corner of John Mann's land, where the fence now stands, by agreement, and running southerly by the Bay 300 rods, and then to a west course to Blue Hill Bay. May 7, 1770.– Vol. 8, Folio 112.

Andrew Patterson of Narraguagus seils Samuel McLellan of Falmouth, land on Narraguagus river for £20, May 3, 1771.


154. Daniel Sullivan, of New Bristol, sells to John Sullivan of Durham, N.H. for £100 land in New Bristol and“1-4 part of a saw mill standing on a river that empties itself into Frenchman's Bay; said mill is owned by Capt. Dyer, Jolin Frost and myself, with all the privileges therewith belonging,” Nov. 2, 1770.– Vol. 8, Folio 216.

Nathan Jones, of Gouldsborough mortgaged to John Lane, of London, for £1000 1-4 of Gouldsborough. Nov. 28, 1770.

- Vol. 8, Folio 156. John Lane, of London, now residing in Boston, sells Robert Gould, of Boston for £1000 1-4 of Gouldsborough, Sept. 18. 1770.

- Vol. 8, Folio 178. Benjamin Glazier, of Gouldsborough, sells Samuel Palmer, of Gardinerstown, for £215, 6s., 8d. “one-sixth part of a saw mill standing on

a certain stream in No. 7, about ten chains to the northward of the eastermost boundary line of Gouldsborough.” Feb, 23, 1771.

- Vol. 3, Folio 53. Ichabod Willee of Narraguagus, millwright, sells Samuel Plummer of Gardinerstown, yeo nan, for £12 "100 acres of land in Narrowguagus upon a mill stream near Knox's mill with a dwelling house on the same with all the labor and privilege on the same, or belonging to the same as a settler, March 4th, 1771.- Vol. 8, Folio 149.

Samuel Plummer conveys the same land to Jabez Dorman, Jr., of Arundel in the County of York for £20, 135. 4d., July 22, 1771.

Vol. 8, Folio 151. Jacob Dice, of Majerbigwaduce sells John Young, for £200 land at the place for £200, April 10, 1771.- Vol. 8, Folio 246.

Samuel Marble, of Cape Rozier, sells Joseph Young of same place land at that place for £86, Sept. 14, 1769.

- Vol. 8, Folio 246. Abner Coffin Lunt, of North Fox Islands, sold John Williams and Cyril Brown of same place 260 acres of land near Bartlett's Harbor, July 9, 1787

John Robinson, of Robinson's Island (?) (now Tinker's Island, off Mt. Desert) sold that island, 460 acres, to Thomas Mason and George Williams, April 26, 1786.

Shubael Williams, of a place called Long Island, in Penobscot Bay, in the County aforesaid and Commonwealth of the Massachusetts, yeoman, to Samuel Williams of said island, a certain tract of land lying on said Long Island and is bounded as followeth, viz.: beginning at a certain rock on long beach, so called, said rock marked with the letters W. C., thence northwesterly to Sile Harbor, thence southwesterly to a point of land called Sile Harbor Point, thence round said point to the head of a cove called Goose Cove, thence about the southeast across said island to a cove called Broad Cove, thence northeasterly on the shore until it comes to the bounds first mentioned, containing two hun. dred acres, be the same more or less.” Consideration £200. Deed signed in presence of Joseph Young and Joseph Williams, 23d March 1786, and acknowledged at Thomaston, 18th January 1787, before Mason Wheaton, Justice of Peace.


Andrew Dunning, came from Ashburton, in the county of Devonshire, England, 1717. He landed at Boston, and from there went to Georgetown, and then to Brunswick, where he was in 1717. He was a soldier in Capt. John Giles company, in the Indian wars, 1723-4, for 37 weeks. He was a Presbyterian and

His grave

was much respected for his upright character. He was a black

. smith and owned slaves, who continued in his family, after his decease. He died January 18th, 1736, aged 72. stone, is in the old burying ground at Brunswick, made by his son, James, being the oldest there. He married Susan Bond.

One account says: that some years before the death of her husband the house caught fire and she perished therein, * wbile another account says: “In 1737, the house of the widow of Andrew Dunning, was burned and she was burned in it.”+ The children all born before coming to this country were :

i. JAMES?, born about 1691 ; settled in Brunswick. ii. ANDREW?, born 1702. He was a soldier in Capt. John Giles company

1723-4, "from Ireland,” In 1742, he and his brother Robert, were crossing the river between Brunswick and Topsham, they were shot by Indians, one of thein fell into the river, and the other lived until the next morning. They were buried in the old Fort Georget grave

yard in Brunswick. iii. WILLIAM’, b.; settled in York and Harpswell. iv. DAVID?, born 1705; of Brunswick. V. ROBERT?. of Brunswick, was a witness in lawsuit, June 2. 1722, John

Giles, vs. John Godder. See further account of Andrew?, Jr. JAMES2 Dunning Jr., of James Dunning was born 1691 ; was in Brunswick and settled on the same lot with his father : soldier in Capt. Woodside's company in 1727 ; land owner in Brunswick 1739. He was one of the remonstrants against dismantling Fort George at Brunswick April 25, 1737 ; selectman 1739-43-4. Lieut. James Dupning died June 8, 1752 in the sixty-first year

He married Martha -- Children all born in Brunswick. i. ROBERT of James' born June 8, 1731, of Brunswick. Corporal in

Capt. Wm. Burns' ('ompany, 1746—16 weeks and 5 days; in (apt.
John Getchell's Company, 1707. Member of Brunswick church,
1761-62; Lieutenant. 1776; (aptain. 1779; Committee of Correspon-
dence in Revolutionary War 1777-78. He built the first vessel at
Mayquoit prior to the war. He m. Sarah Spear; pub. Feb. 14, 1757.
She joined Brunswick church, July, 1772. Children :

1. James, b. Feb. 4, 1757.
2. Robert, b. Aug. 13, 1758.
3. William, b. Sept. 1, 1759.
4. Robert, b. Sept. 3, 1762.
5. Andrew, b. Apr. 14, 1765.
6. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 2, 1767.

of his age.

* History Brunswick, page 733. + Ibid, page 317.

New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 1863, page 181.

I am inclined to think that Rober12. Andrew2, had wives and children as there were those of the name whom I cannot locute in any other way.


7. David, b. Aug. 10, 1769.
8. Martha, b. Jan. 7, 1772; m. Ebenezer Stanwood; pub. Aug.

9, 1792.
9. John, b. Ort. 2, 1774.
10. Mary, b. Mar. 3, 1777.

11. Susannah, b. Mar. 15, 1781. ii. Mary', of James?, b. April, 1733; "Mary Dunning, pub. Oct. 16, 1764,

to William Owen of Falmouth". "Mary Dunning, pub. Sept.,

1754; to William Reed, Jr." iii. Susan", of James, b. Mar. 17, 1736; m. Matthew Patten, of Biddeford,

pub. Oct. 20. 1754; removed to Surry. iv. JAMES', Jr., b. July 31, 1738. Capt John Getchell's company 1757 ; m.

Jane daughter of William Woodside, of krunswick; pub. Nov. 29, 1764. She was b. May 14, 1742. He removed to bangor with his family in 1772-3. His lit was at the mouth of the Kenduskeag stream on the S. M. side. His heirs had lot No. 10. Holland's survey 100

He died or was buried Mår. 30, 1792. An adminstrator on his estate was appointed June 2. 1792. His estate was appraised at $440. He owned one fourth of a saw mill. Children :

1. Andrew, was b. in Bangor 1787.
2. James, lived in Bangor, Levant and Charleston. He m. Anna

Thoms. Oct. 8. 1786; "both of Penobscot river.She d.
in Charleston, Oct. 30, 1825; age 58. The following probably
their children: Solomon, b. Levant, 1800, 2. in Charleston
1871; Christopher T; Col. John of (barleston; Williani, (?)

and others. 3. William, m. Abial Sweet, Mar. 25, 1792; by Rev. Seth

Noble. 4. Eliza, m. Archibald McPhetres Jr., (?) June 30, 1789, by Rev.

Seth Noble. 5. Anna, m. Elijah Smith of Bangor, Oct. 13, 1791 ; by Rev. Seth

Noble. 6. Robert, d. in Bangor, Aug. 13, 1840, age 68. Robert Dunning

in Hampden, 1809; Robert Dunning, Jr., also. 7. John, seems to have lived in Frankfort and Bangor; Soldier of

the war of 1812; d. in Bangor, age 77. He m. Theodosia daughter of Richard and Rebecca (Blaisdell*) Sanborn of Hamden. Children: John Jr; Jane; James, b. Frankfort, April 3, 1813, merchant of Bangor; Alexander, twin with James, merchant of Bangor; Francis; Thodosia; Sarah; Susan; Caroline; Robert, merchant of Bangor; Charles H;

and Nancy. vi. MARGARET3,b. Nov. 15, 1740, m. Thomas Campbell of North Yarmouth

published, Aug. 21, 1759. Removed to what is now Brewer. He was drowned near the mouth of Penobscot river, Oct. 18. 1803. She d. Sept., 1814. See account of family in B. H. M. Vol. 111, p. 181,

thirteen children. vii. WILLIAM', b. Mar. 14, 1743, of Brunswick, m. Jennette Stanwood, pub.

Jan. 8, 1774. viii. ANDREW', James', b. April 18, 1745. Wife admitted to church in

Brunswick, July, 1772. (?) ix. DAVID3, of James?, b. Dec. 16, 1749; of Brunswick, d. Apr. 10, 1823,

age 73; m. Elizabeth, d. June 23, 1846; aged 87. Children :-
1. John, b. Oct. 19, 1784.
2. James, b. May 7, 1786,

Richard Sanborn Blaisdell, died, Oct. 27, 1846, age 45 years 4 mos; His wife Rebecca died Nov. 7, 1844; age 77 years 6 mos. Grave stones at Hampden.

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3. Elizabeth, b. June 12, 1788.
4. Hannah, b. June 1, 1790.
5. Joanna, b. Mar. 10, 1795, m. Stanwood. (?) shed. April 1, 1850.

6. Susannah, b. Sept. 20. 1797.
X. Johns, of James?, b. March 18, 1753.
WILLIAM2 DUNNING, of Andrewl Dunning, settled in York. He
witnessed a will in York, March 29, 1738. He was appraiser of
estate of Nath Raynes of York, Oct. 19, 1754.

“William Dunning, of York, Cordwainer in consideration of love for and I bear to my son Andrew Dunning, of the same York, mariner and for and towards his settlement in the world, do grant unto him and his heirs, and assigns, one moiety or half part of that 100 acres of land, upon the easterly side of Merriconeag neck, which I purchased of Henry Gibbs, Dec. 7. 1742, deed dated Nov. 26, 1757."

Children, probably :
i. ANDREW), of Williamı, b. 1727, of Harpswell. Soldier in Capt.

Getchell's company, 1757. Had land of his father's at Mericoneag
Neck, 1757, and built his homestead therein. Town Clerk. 1758 to
1782. Among the relics which his desendants have, is a pocket
compass which he bought of a French prisoner, whom he was con-
veying from Quebec to Virginia, shortly after the capture of Quebec,
in 1757. He was Deacon of the church in Harpswell, and held that

office until his death, March 27, 1808, age 81.
ii. BENJAMIN), of William, b. 1737, of Harpswell; Lieut. Dunning was

one of Committee of correspondence during the Revolutionary war,
in 1776. Select man, 1781-2. Town clerk, most of the time from
1781, to 1806. Representative to General court, many years. One
of the original overseers of Bowdoiu College. He d. Jan. 8, 1808,

age 71.

iii. MARY, of William, b. April 15, 1739, m. the Hon. Dummer Sewall,

of York, Dec. 16, 1760; Removed to Bath. She d. Sept. 10, 1823. David? DUNNING of Andrew Dunning, born 1705; lived in Brunswick. In 1722, when the fourth Indian war commenced be and another soldier were on the plains; the other was shot, but Dunning got home safe. He was the first Representative to General Court from Brunswick, 1742-1743; often selectman ; deacon of the church prior to 1761. In 1761, he and Jeremiah Moulton bought the old Fort George property in Brunswick, buildings and all, for £163, 6s., 8d. He afterward erected a block house about where the post office was 1878. In 1772, he built the house afterward occupied by his son John who kept a tavern there until 1807, when the house was sold to David Owen. I print here his deposition :

“DEPOSITION OF DAVID DUNNING. David Dunning of Brunswick, in the County of Cumberland, Gent.

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