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Board could declare a larger one. But there was one thing of paramount

SCHEDULE. importance, and that was to make the reserve large. When that was got to

Mr. Justice North (1898–T.-No. 272). a point above all question, the Board would be delighted to declare a larger In re The Tivoli Restaurant and Buffet Company, Limited. Waring & dividend. The Board were indebted to the shareholders for their Gillow, Limited v The Tivoli Restaurant and Buffet Company, Limited patience; the persistent way in which the shares maintained a price

HALSBURY, C. in the market in excess of any value to be derived from the dividend was most encouraging. That must be because the shareholders had confidence in the future and in the Board. Otherwise the shares would not stand at £l and fths regularly when they were only paying 3 per cent. He looked upon

LEGAL NEWS. it as a very happy augury for the future, and the Board were much indebted to the shareholders for not being frightened out of their property.

OBITUARY. There was one other item. Balances due and in co'irse of collection from agents and other offices, &c., £11,074 12s. 100. That item was

The death is announced of Mr. William FREEMAN, barrister, which not quite correctly described in the accounts. It was a balance item in occurred at 21, Old-buildings, Lincoln's-inn, on Saturday last. Mr. Freeitself. It did not mean necessarily that that was the exact amount owing man, who, we believe, was originally admitted as a solicitor, was called to from agents, but it was the balance owing to the Company from other offices the bar in 1851, and practised as an equity draftsman and conveyancer for and agents after deducting what the Company owed to other offices. As a

nearly forty-seven years, it is understood in the same set of chambers. matter of fact, the aniount owing from agents was only £4,000. As a rule, His country residence was the Manor House, Beckford, near Te kesbury. they paid very promptly, and the directors were not in any anxiety whatever on that subject. He would be glad to answer any questions that might


Mr. W. MAPLES (Vice-Chairman) seconded the motion, which was carried Mr. W. H. STOKER, barrister, has been appointed to succeed Mr. Oliver unanimously

Smith in the Attorney-Generalship of the Leeward Islands. The vacancy Mr. VAN BOOLEN moved that the retiring directors—Mr. Holroyd Chaplin, has arisen through the promotion of Mr. Smith to be a Puisne Judge in Mr. R. Cunliffe, Mr. E. G. Gibson, Mr. James Hooker, and Mr. M. F. Mauritius. Monier-Williams-be re-elected. He observed that the directors had

Mr. W. A. Meek, barrister, has been appointed Recorder of York in the behaved very handsomely in relinquishing a portion of their fees.

place of Mr. E. P. Price, Q.C., resigned. A SHAREHOLDER seconded the motion, expressing a hope that the expenses would be kept down.

Mr. John WOODHOUSE, solicitor, of the firm of Stanley Woodhou e & The Chairman said the Board were doing all they could to keep the by His Honour the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria a

Hedderwick, Bank-chambers, 45, Ludgate-bill, E C., has been appoiuted expenses down, but they had started with the knowledge that the expenses Commissioner for taking Affidavits, &c., for the Colony of Victoria. would be heavy.

The retiring auditors, Messrs. Turquand, Young, & Co., were re-elected.
Mr. COLEs moved a vote of thanks to the chairman, directors, and staff,

for conducting the affairs of the company during the past year. There was
a new feature in the account-namely, that the directors bad given up a part

Dis8OLUTION. of their fees that there might be a better result. That did not occur every HARRY HALLIDAY RICHARDSON and WILLIAM GEORGE CARN, solicitors day in connection with companies. That pointed to the fact that they (Richardson & Card), 2, Broad-street-buildings, London, E.C. Feb. 28. intended the company should prosper, and he believed it would prosper. The dividend was small, but the company was working along surely. He

[Gazelle, March 15. would like to see the loss ratio fall a little, because to that extent they would be all the better off.

GENERAL. Mr. F. L. H. Collins seconded the motion, observing that, upon the whole, there was every reason to be satisfied with the report. An office by the House of Lords on Monday last.

The Evidence in Criminal Cases Bill was real a third time and passed coming out under the circumstances which marked the advent of the company could not expect to obtain a large income in a short time. Those

The St. James's Gazette says that M. Zola's advocate, Maître Labori, is who were acquainted with the Law Fire, which had now become one of the coming to London as the guest (f some of his literary friends, and that it most paying offices, knew that for many years it had to fight an upward is believed that the Temple authorities will seize the opportunity to enterbattle, such as the British Law was experiencing, and he believed that a

tain the distinguished advocate. time would come when the chairman would have very little to say, and the The Times understands that the Government have in preparation, and report would speak for itself.

will shortly introduce in the House of Lords, a Bill for the aneudment of The motion was adopted, and the CHAIRMAN briefly returned thanks. the lunacy laws. The measure, which is being drafted at the instance of

the Home Office, will probably be taken charge of by the Lord Chan


The members of the Western Circuit entertained Mr. Justice Phillimore Darch 14.- Mr. C. W. Williams in the chair.--Mr. E. F. Speuce moved : at dinner on Wednesday, at the Whitehall Rooms, Hôtel Métropole, in “That the influence of the press is prejudicial rather than beneficial." honour of his elevation to the beach. Mr. Buckpill, Q.C, DI. P , the Mr. E. G. Bretherton opposed, and the debate was continued by Messrs. leader of the circuit, was in the chair, and among those present were Sir Kains-Jackson, Kirby, Boulton, Neville Tebbutt, and Singleton. Mr. J. H. Kennaway, M.P., Sir R. T. Rennie, Mr. Loveland Loveland, Q.C., E. F. Spence replied, and the motion was carried by the vote of the chair- Mr. Warry, Q.O., Mr. Castle, Q,C., Lord Coleridge, Q O., Mr. Pyke,

Q.C., Mr. Odgers, Q.C, Mr. Ruegg, Q.C., and Mr. Foote, Q.0.

Addressing the grand jury at the Birmingham Assizes on Tuesday, the LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL.

Lord Chief Justice strongly urged magistrates to more largely use their

discretionary powers in granting accused persons buil, and expressed the LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETIES.

hope that the Bill introduced by the Lord Chancellor on the question LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING Society.-March 8.--Mr. Neville Tebbutt in would become law, and that, especially in the case of persons in humble the chair. --The subject for debate was: “That this society disapproves

life charged with crimes, magistrates would accept the accused's own of the policy of the Government in the Far East." Mr. 0. J.S. Satchel

recognizances. opened in the affirmative; Mr. F. S. Gaylor opened in the negative. The It is stated that the new Inland Revenue offices, situate at the corner of following members also spoke : Messrs. Baliol E. Scott, Haseldine Jones, Wellington-street, Strand, will be ready for occupation by that depart. A. Hildesheimer, Arthur É. Clarke, F. G. Thompson, 'W. M. Pleadwell, ment in the course of a week or two. These offices consist of about forts and C. Herbert Smith. The motion was lost by 5 votes.

rooms, which are situate on the first and upper floors of the building. March 15.---Chairman : Mr. C. A. Anderson.—The subject for debate The offices are fitted up with all the lı'est improvements, and it is was: “That the case of Re Palmer & Co. and Re Hosken g: Co. (1898, 1 Q. B. understood that the sum of nearly £3,000 a year is the rent to be paid for

them. 131) was wrongly decided.". Mr. A. Dickeon opened in the affirmative ; Mr. W. E. Hertslet seconded in the affirmative. Mr. A. W. Sells opened in

Lord Ludlow writes to the Times on the Evidence in Criminal Cases the negative; Mr. H G. Bartlett seconded in the regative. The following Bill to say that, “In the House of Lords on Thursday. I expressed my members also spoke : Messrs. G. N. Daniel, A. W. Watson, R. Blagden, approval of the Evidence in Criminal Cases Bill, an opiniou which I have A. Hildesheimer, A. White, and T. J. Thompson. The motion was lost entertained ever since the coming into operation of the Crimival Law by eleven votes.

Amendment Act, 1885. I tried the first case under that Act in tbe October of that year. But while I approve of the principle embodied in the Lord Chancellor's Bill, I should not like it to be supposed that I agree

with every clause of the Bill. The Bill was read a second time last NEW ORDERS, &c.

Thursday, and was in committee the following day, and I thus bad no TRANSFER OF ACTION.

opportunity of giving notice of some amendments which I proposed to ORDER OF COURT.

The Daily News says that the extension of the Record Office, by which Monday, the 14th day of Darch, 1898. the front portion of the imposing structure in Chancery-lane is connecte 1 I, Hardinge Stanley, Earl of Halsbury, Lord High Chancellor of Great with the huge block in the rear, and the site of the old Rolls House Britain, do hereby order that the action mentioned in the Schedule hereto and Chapel completely covered, is now practically nearly finished, be transferred to the IIonourable Mr. Justice Wright.

and will be ready for use in a few months.' 'i'be work has been carried




out by Messrs. Foster, of Rugby, under the supervision of Mr. Dyer, of Dorsetshire Brown v Patch
Her Majesty's Office of Works. With a slight exception it is in complete Glamorganshire Phillips v Dagg
harmony, architecturally, with the rest of the structure, the only differ- Warwickshire, Birmingham Watkins v Rubber Tyre &c Co (defts' app)
ence being that three large windows on the south side mark the large Shropshire, Shrew.bury Pye v Llewellin
apartment in which as many features of the old Rolls Chapel as possible Warwickshire, Birmingham Watkins v Rubber Tyre, &c Co (pltff's
are to be preserved. This will form a museum to which the public will be appeal)
admitted without the restrictions that have naturally to be observed in Middlesex, Marylebone Thomas & Son v Roberts & anr (Smith, clmt)
other parts of the building, and where they will have ample opportunities Same, Brompton Thomas v Corbett & ors
of inspecting the monuments and other memorials of the distant past Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Re Watts, dec, and Re M A Fisher
which have been eaved from destruction.

Warwickshire, Birmingham Hemming & anr v Davies
Yorkshire, Sheffield Smith v Barnett
Surrey, Southwark Batt v Vogan & Co

Sussex, Eastbourne Timberlake v Kemp WARNING TO INTENDING House PURCHASERS AND LESSEBS.—Before pur- Middlesex The Queen v Greville & ors, Esqs, Jj, & Holford (expta chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly Argue) Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter Surrey, Farnham Steward v Ratcliffe Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full Middlesex, Westminster Norton & anr v Davison particulars. (Established 21 years.)-[Apvt.]

Glamorganshire, Merthyr Tydfil Re Bernstein, dec_Fine v Bernstein SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.–I can't help appreciating the very confident County of London The Queen v Bird & ors, Esqs, Jj (expte Jones) manner in which the proprietors of Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa are advertising. Norfolk The Queen v Gay & ors, Esqs, (expte Smith) So certain is the management that Vi-Cocoa is the best of good goods City of London Gage v Brealey. that they are putting down some thousands of pounds in advertising free Staffordshire The Queen v Robinson & anr, Esqs, Jj, & Kirkham (expte samples of their product. So if you want to see if Vi-Cocoa suits you,

Corbishley) and is as good an article as it is claimed to be, all you have to do is to Surrey, Southwark Andrew v St Olave's Board of Works drop a post-card to the offices, 60, 61, and 62, Bunhiil-row, London, E.C., Middlesex, Edmonton Davey & Co v Williamson & Sons (Richarde, and in return "free, gratis, and all for nothing,” you will receive per

clmt) post, and in due course, a dainty little sample tin of Dr. Tibbles' Vi. Met Pol Dist Bensing v Ramsay Cocoa, amply sufficient to make a couple of good breakfast cups of this Southend-on-Sea Rogers v Hawken capital breakfast beverage. Oh! there is just one little thing I omitted Southampton Thwaites v Haupt to tell you and that is, when writing you must mention the name of the Devonshire, Plymouth and East Stonehouse Taylor v Plymouth BrewSOLICITORS' JOURNAL as a guarantee of good faith. Surely, two big cups

eries Co of Dr. Tibbles' Vi-Cocoa are dirt cheap at the cost of a postcard, so take Yorkshire, WR Lodge v Mayor, &c, of Huddersfield my advice and send in.-[Advt.]



APPEAL COURT Mr. Justice Mr. Justice
No. 2.

Monday, March

Mr. Leach

Mr. Carrington Mr. Lavie





Beal ............... 24






Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice


BYRNE. Monday, March ........21 Mr. Farmer

Mr. Rolt

Mr. Ward












March 22.-Meesrs. Bean, BURNETT, & ELDRIDGE, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., 4 Freehold

Residences at Hampton Wick, Family Residence at Notting Hill, lease 44 years; 2
Semi-detached Villas at South Norwood, let at £28 each. Freehold Building Land at
Sydenham of about 1} acres, also 10 plots suitable for small villas. Solicitors, Messrs.
West, King, Adams, & Co., London. A Freehold Detached Residence at Bayswater,
near Notting Hill-gate Station. Solicitors, Messrs. Horne & Birkett, London. Free-
hold Shop Pr.perty at Ilford, let on repairing lease at £120. Solicitors, Messrs. Bird

& Eldridges, London. (See advertisements, March 5, p. 5.) March 25. - Gibsons" will sell by Auction, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Leasehold Properties

in the City of London held for 80 years, from March, '85, and let at £5,210 per annum,
Freehold Property at Islington, let at £40; Block of Business Premises at Hastings,
let on lease at £520. Solicitors, Messrs. Baker & Higgs, London. (See advertise -
ment, Feb. 26, p. 300.)

Messrs. DebenuAM, Tewsox, FARMER, & BRIDGEWATER sold at the Mart, on March 15,

for £25,000, the Freehold Property comprising 29, Gracechurch-street, shop and
business premises, let on lease for a term expiring March 25, 1912, at £260; No. 294,
Gracechurch-street, shop and business premises on lease for a similar term, at
£280; No. 6, White Hart-court (now numbered 27, Gracechurch-street), at £120,
The same firm also obtained £8,100 for the Freehold Premises at 62, Bt. James's-

Messrs. H. E. FOSTER & CRANFIELD held a very successful Sale (No. 616) of Reversions,
Life Policies, Shares, &c., at the Mart, E.C., on Thursday last; the total amount
realized being £69,465.
The principal lot offered was the
Of £1,600 per annum, secured upon the Estates of Castlehill an 1
Ashgrove, in Ayrshire

Bold £48,000
Absolute to three sevenths of £41,000; life 82 ..

Absolute to one-third of £9,200 ; 'life' 54, and contingent to one-
third of £3,500; lives 54, 61, and 2:

1,275 To one moiety of £1,838 India 33 per cent. Stock; lives 78 and 79

715 Absolute to one-third of £13,715; life 70 ..

2,460 Absolute to £1,000; life 47

400 To one-sixth of £5,349 10s. ; life 61

250 Absolute to £913 103. Leeds Corporation Stock; life 54

410 Freehold Rent-Charges of £24 78. 4d, and £20...

1,050 LIFE POLICY: For £1,000; life 56


560 SHARES: Graphic and Daily Graphic Newspapers, 16 Shares of £10 each (£7 paid)


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Addenda to the Crown Paper.
South Shields The Queen y Bowman & ors, Esqs., Jj, & Duncan (expte

Same The Queen v Same & Airey (expte Martin)
Same The Queen Same & Moore (expte Haw)
Norfolk, Great Yarmouth Beevor v Marler
Same Suffling v Teglio Bros
Surrey, Lambeth Duncombe v Hinks
Cheshire, Nantwich and Crewe London & North Western Ry Co v

London Morse v Hall & Gifford
Middlesex, Clerkenwell Eastlake & Son v Kempson
Met Pol Dist Kirshenboim v Salmon & Gluckstein
Lancashire, Manchester Spencer v Lancashire & Yorkshire Ry Co
Cheshire, Chester Loudon & North Western & Great Western Joint Ry

Cos v Billington
Cornwall Fortescue v Fowey Harbour Commrs
Essex, Romford Jones v Barking Urban Council
Glamorgavshire, Swansea Baker v Evans
Yorkshire, Sheffield Middleton v Trickett
Middlesex Southwark & Vauxhall Water Co v Hampton Urban

London Cunningham & Co v Brydon & Co
Lancashire, Bury Duxbury v Sandiford
Scarborough Pattison v Leighton
Glapiorganshire Saunders v Thorney
Yorkshire, N R Horn_v Raine
Durham Wilkinson v Lambert
County of London The Queen v Hackney Union & ors (expte Dewing)
Met Pol Dist Schwerzerhof v Wilkins
Same The Queen v Bros, Esq, Met Pol Mag & Holland (expte Logsdon)
Yorkshire, Malton Maw v Best
Yorkshire, WR W Riding of Yorkshire Rivers Board & anr v Gold-

thorpe & apr


London Gazette.-FRIDAY, March 11,

BIRMINGHAM WATERPROOF PAPER Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required on or before April

15, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to J
Walter G Hill, 9, Bennett's hill, Birmingham. Reece & Harris, Birmingham, solors

for the liquidator BRAYTON PETROLEUM MOTOR Co, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)--Creditors are required, on

or before April 11, to send their names and addresses, with particulars of their debts or claims, to Louis Dolley Robinson, 74, Coleman st. Lumley & Lumley, Conduit st,

solors for the liquidator Civil, Naval, AND MILITARY OUTFITTERS, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented March 9, directed to be heard before Wright, J, on March 23 Sawyer & Ellis, Laurence Pountney hill, agents for Buckwell, Brighton, solor for petner Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of March 22 Cross & Matthews, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before April 30, to send their

names, addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. Arthur Goddard,

St George's House, Eastcheap. Birchalls, Gracechurch st, solors to liquidator
Francis MORTON & Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented March 10, directed to be

heard before the Vice-Chancellor at the Assize Courts, Manchester, March 21. Yates &
Co, 1, Victoria st, Liverpool, solors for petitioning company, Notice of appearing must
reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of March 19

Gould & MACKENZIE, LIMITED--Petn for winding up, presented March 9, directed to be NESFIELD, WILLIAM, Harwood Dale, York, Farmer April 6 W & W 8 Drawbridge, heard March 23. Muffey & Co., 61, Gracechurch st, solors for petnr. Notice of appear Scarborough ing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of March 21

Douglas-Comptox, The Most Hon William MACLEAY, Marquees of Northampton, KG LIVERPOOL REAL PROPERTY Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Friday,

April 24 Few & Co, Surrey st, Strand April 22, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to John Williamson Reader, 5, Cook st, Liverpool. Oliver Jones & Co, Liver OWEN, DANIEL HOWELL, Shrewsbury, Salop, Auctioneer April 1 Jackson, Oswestry pool, solors for the liquidator

PALMER, WILLIAN HENRY GREEWELL, Bayswater April 5 Desborough & Co, Finsbury SOUTH AFRICAN MINERAL ASSOCIATION, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before

pvmnt April 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, PanNETT, THOMAS Dalton, Carlisle st, Soho sq, Jeweller April 4 Lyell & Co, Fento Charles Harrison Venning, 33, Old Broad st. Brooks, Lawrence lane, solor for the

church st liquidator THE WATERLOO Hotel Co, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)--Creditors are requested, on or PaynE, CHARLES, Hakin, Pembroke, Stonemason March 21 Greenish, Harerfordwest

before March 28, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts Prentie, ELIZABETH, Milton next Sittingbourne, Kent March 18 Winch & Co, Sittingor claims, to Simon Jude, North John st, Liverpool. Bremner & Co, solors to the bourne liquidator

PRESTON, John, and Frances Prestox, Norwood March 23 Welman & Sons, SouthWest LONDON PAPER MILL Co, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors ar required, on or ampton st, Bloomsbury sq

before April 26, to send their names and addresses, and the particular of their debts ROBB, JOAN ALEXANDER, Tunbridge Wells March 31 Robb, Tunbridge Wells
or claims, to Arthur Barnett Russell, 11, Ludgate-hill.
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 15.

ROBINSON, Mrs MARGARET BARBARA, Longmarton, nr Appleby, Westmorland, Innkeeper

April 1 Bell & Moordaff, Appleby

ROGERS, CLARA JANE, Brooke st, Holborn April 7 Rogers, Old Queen st

Rowe, Eliza Anx, Birmingham April 7 Wright & Marshall, Birmingham
AFRICAN GOLD PROPERTIES, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before April 12, to SAMPSON, THEOPHILUS, Streatham April 4 Thompson & Co, Hull
send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to
William Henry Pannell, 13 and 14, Basinghall-street

SMITH, Sir John, Derby April 24 J & W H Sale & Son, Derby
AUSTRALIAN TRANSPORT Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before May 31, to
send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to David

TAGG, WILLIAM, Peckham rye April 8 Chas Stevens & Drayton, Queen Victoria st Johnstone Smith, 149, West George-street, Glasgow

TAYLOR, Ann, Sheffield March 31 Porrett & Fawcett, Sheffield Betts AERATED WATERS Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before April 30, to

send in their names and addresses, and the particnlars of their debts or claims, to John Taylon,. Petek, Woodlands Coppull, Lancaster April 8 W Stephen France & Co, Francis Harvey, 4, Goat st, Swansea. Turner, Swansea, solor

CLITHEROE MANUFACTURING Co, Limited-Creditors are required, on or before April 12, THOMPSON, Joun, Plaistow, Plumber April 15 Brewer, South sq, Gray's inn

to send in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to TRUMBLE, Rev John Philip, and Miss Frances TRUMBLE April 1 Rance, Upper Nore
Edward Chester, 38, King st, Clitheroe. Easthams & Holme, Clitheroe, solors for wood

Wakeman, Mary, Worcester Mar 31 Price & Atkins, Birmingham COOLGARDIE MINT AND Iron King GOLD MINES, LIMITED--Petn for winding up, presented March 10, directed to be heard on March 23. Michael Abrahams & Co, 8, old Jewry, WHITEHEAD, James, Brindle Lodge, or Prestun, Colliery Proprietor Mar 11 Whitehead,

Preston solors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of March 22

Willcox, ROBERT, Corsley, Wilts Mar 21 Wakeman & Son, Warminster The Cresus South UNITED GOLD Mines, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Wood, WILLIAM, Stramshall, Staffs, Yeoman April 2 Wilkins, Uttoxeter

April 20, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or

claims, to William Arthur Smith, 28 and 29, $t Swithin's In Johnson & Co, King's Yates, Betty, Prestwich, Lancs April 7 Grundy & Co, Manchester EAST DARREN MINING CO, LIMITED (IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, March 4. required, on or before April 18, to send their names and addresses, and particulars of ABRAHAMS, Joun, Maida Vale March 24 Parker Ayers, Carey st, Lincoln's inn their debts or claims, to Boord & Edwards, 81, Gracechurch st. Free, New Broad st, solor for the liquidators

BARKER, BENJAMIN Lowe, Stalybridge, Chester April 20 Whitehead, Stalybridge HASLINGDEN PUBLIC HALL Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before April 30, Beannan, Jonn, Burton on Trent March 24 Taylor & Wheatoroft, Burton on Trent to send their names and addresses and particulars of heir debts or claims, to Jonathan Aykroyd Donaldson, John st, Haslingden Whitaker & Hibbert, Haslingden, solors BUTTER, James, Neasden March 31 Lowe & Co, Temple gdns, Temple for liquidator

CHARLTON, BARBARA, Ebury st April 15 WM Taylor & Son, Gt James st LADIES TAILORING CO, LIMITED---Creditors are required, on or before April 25, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to W. Sanders

COLBY, Jane Vale, Brighton, April 15 Woolley & Bevis, Brighton Fiske, 10, Norfolk st, Strand, liquidator solicitor

Cook, Emma Louisa, Sampford Peverel, Devon April 14 J & S P Pope, Exeter LEE LAMP (PARENT) CO, LIMITED-Creditors are requested: on or before April 30, to send Curtis, John, Yeovil March 25 Newman & Co, Yeovil in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Augustus Alexander Edward Oelrichs, 30 and 31. St Swithin's lana. The above notice does not DEAN, ARTHUR, Burslem, Stafford, Colliery Proprietor March 30 Llewellyo & Ackrill, in any way refer to or affect the lately registered company known as the Lee Lamp Tunstall Manufacturing Syndicate, Limited

DEWDNEY, JANE, Exeter April 14 Parker, Liverpool st LIONSDALE ESTATES, LIMITED --Creditors are required, on or before April 28, to send DronSFIELD, Mary, Oldham April 15 Standring & Co, Rochdale their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Edward Russell Cummins & William Watkins, 85, Gracechurch st. Dale & Co, Cornhill, solors Dixon, Samuel ELGAR, Hastings April 1 Chalinder, Hastings to liquidators ROBERT YOUDE's BILL-Posting SYNDICATE, LIMITED-By an order made by Mr. Justice DowLAND, John, Swanage, Dorset, Licensed Victualler April 30 Blade, Swadaye

Wright, dated Feb 25, it was ordered that the voluntary winding-up of the syndicate Doxat, Clara, Hastings Aprili Chalinder, Hastings
be continued. Eldred & Bignold, Queen Victoria-street, solors for petnrs.
B.S. "IBENE MORRIS” Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before April 30, to

Hayes, Myra ELIZABETH, Tittensoz, Stafford March 30 Llewellyn & Ackrill, Tunstall kend their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Edward Fielding, BertrAN FRANCIS PERCY, Holywell, Flint April 23 Tyrrell & Co, Piccadilly

Clouston Thin, 24, Chapel street, Liverpool. Batesons & Co, solors for liquidator WATERSON MAchine Fittings Co, LIMITED (IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION)--Creditors are

Fox, Janks, Burnley, Physician April 9 Lörd, Burnley required, on or before April 26, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars HAMMERSLEY, WILLIAM ARCHIBALD LESLIE, Leek, Stafford, Silk Dger May 2 Hacker & of their debts or claims, to Walter Edgar Fowkes, 83, Colmore row, Birmingham

Allen, Leek

Creditors are required, on or before April 20, to send their names and addresses, and
the particulars of their debts or claims, to David Owen, 13, St John st, Devizes. Meek Hart, John, Scarborough, Tailor March 30 Hart, Scarborough
& Co, Devizes, solors to the liquidator

Hart, John, Leicester, Hotel Keeper April 13 Williams, Leicester

HARTLEY, Martha, Boston Spa, York March 31 Denham, Leeds
TRADESMEN's Society, Coach and Horses Inn, Coleshiill, Warwick March 9

HAVARD, ELI, Clerkenwell, Wheelwright March 26 Pheasant, Duke st, Adelphi
HELLMANN, GEORGE, Bayswater April 6 Peddar, Old Broad st
HILLIARD, GEORGE BRIDGE, Chelmsford, Essex, Auctioneer March 31 Dunn & Hilliard,


Houseman, The Rev Thomas, North Grimston, York April 9 Holtby & Procter, York
UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

JONES, ARTHUR LANCEFIELD, High Holborn March 31 Jones, High Holborn
Last Day or Claim.

LIDDELL, ELEANOR, Houghton le Spring, Durham March 31 Steel & Co, Sunderland
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 1.

MABLING, Mrs ADRIANA Johanna, South Kensing on April 7 Eardley & Co, Charles st,

St James's sq ARDINGTON, EDWARD, Howden, York, Saddler April 30 Green, Howden

MOORE, David, Bramhall, Chester April 16 Chapmın & Co, Manchester BOOTHBY, Johs, Ashton under Lyne, Shopkeeper April 12 Ellison, Ashton under Lyne Norton, JOSEPH NORTON, Wakefield April 20 Hall & White, Huddersfield BOOTABY, MARY, Dukinfield, Chester April 12 Ellison, Ashton under Lyne

PALGRAVE, FRANCIS Turner, South Kensington April 15 Wadeson & Malleson, DevonCalvert, WILLIAM, Elton within Bury, Lancs April 23 P & J Watson, Bury

PICKWORTH, THIRZA, Boston, Liacoin April 12 Smith & Co, Horbling COLES, JANE MARY Anx, Greenwich April 11 Chubb, John st, Adelphi

POUCHER, John, Leicester April 13 Williams, Leicester FAIRBURN, JAMES, Ripon, Yorks March 11 8 Wise & Son, Ripon

Rivers, William, Gloucester rd, Finsbury pk, Marine Surveyor April 14 Betteley, GARDNER, James, Batley, York, Painter April 1 Ridgway & Ridgway, Dewsbury

Surrey st GABVAGH, CECILIA Lady, Kensington gdns terrace March 24 Hunter & Haynes, New Rowe, Abiezer, Lewisham April 14 Pope, Exeter sq, Lincoln's inn

SCHULER, CARL LUDWIG, Clapham, Upholsterer April 2 Lidiard & Co, Gt James st GEORGE, MARY, Worcester April 1 WM Lamb, Worcester

Slater, DRUCE Joux, Kensington April 8 Fuord, Philpot la GRENSIDE, MARY, Bournemouth April 1 Horwood & James, Aylesbury

BLADE, ROBERT, Leeds, Corn Factor April 1 Chalinder, Hastings HARROP, SAMUEL, Charlesworth, Darby, Farm March 30 Davis, Glossop

SPARKA, Joux, Hackney, Builder April 14 Betteley, Surrey st HAWKES, CHARLES SAMUEL, Beckenham, Kent April 1 Hawkes, Chancery lane

STEPHENS, Rev Henry, North Finchley April 5 Paterson & Co, Bouverie st HOPEKIRK, WALTER, Norwood March 25 Lovett & Liddle, King William st

THOMAS, Edwin, Bournemouth, Civil Engineer April 4 Stevens, Farnham, Surrey Hossack, Joux, Handsworth March 15 W Shakespeare & Co, Birmingham

THORNLEY, JOSEPH, Radcliffe, Lancs, Estate Agent March 21 Pickstone & Jones, Laws, Mary, Birkenhead April 11 Coote & Ball, Cursitor st, Chancery lane

Radcliffe Leigu, Sarah ALICE, Ealing Mar 28 Dootson, Manchester

WALLIS, MARY Axx, Islington April 9 Hatchett-Jones & Co, Mark In Lowe, Maria, Edgbaston, Birmingham April 8 Lowe, Birmingham

Wood, CHARLOTTE, Bramhall, Chester April 16 Chapman & Co, Manchester LUDEKE, HERMANN, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler April 2 Fildes, Liverpool

Worters, CHARLES, Shortlands, Kent, Sugar Merchant April 8 Foord, Philpot la MOORE, Martha MARY, Barne Park, or Clonmel, Ireland Mayi Tamplin & Co, Fen

London Gazette - TUESDAY, March &. church st

BELAND, Ann, Camberwell April 10 Geake, Old Jewry chmbre

sbire sq

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Browx, WILLIAM CHARLES, Scottish Stores, Caledonian rd, Licensed Victualler April 30 IRVING, B.A., WILLIAM SURTEES, Carlisle April 9 Lazonby & Strong, Wigton Moggridge, Joho st, Bedford row

JACKSON, JOSEPH, Devizes, Wilts, Solicitor April 30 Meek & Co, Devizes CALE, JANE, Harr)gate, York April 15 Allen & Son, Carlisle st, Soho sq

JENKS, JAMES, Bromyard, Hereford, Tanner May 1 Southall & C), Worcester Caxx, WILLIAM, New York, USA, Labourer April 4 Blyth & Co, Gresham House

JORDAN, Thomas, Leicester, Licensed Victueller April 9 Hırding & Barnett, Leicester Cowie, Thomas HARDWICKE, Campden, Campden hill, QC April 16 Guscotte & Co, Essex st, Sirind

KENNEDY, Gen Sir MICHAEL KAVANAGH, R.E., K.C.S.I., Farnham, Surrey April 23 CURYNI R, JEREMIAH, Shepton Mallet, Somerset April 7 Mackay & Son, Shepton Mallet Barnard & Taylor Lincoln's inn fields Divis, Matilda, Bromley, Kent May 2 Billinghurst & Co, Bucklersbury

King, Samuel, Hulme, Manchester April 12 Cubbett & Co, Manchester Dexray, Thomas, Clapham April 5 Phelps & Co, Aldermanbury

KIRKBY, FREDERICK, Sutterton, Lincolo, Farmer May 2 Millington & Simpson, Buston Ellis, MARY ELIZABETH, Huddersfield April 18 Loarsyd & Co, Huddersfield

LINDO, LEONOR-, Maida Vale April 18 Lindo & Co, West st, Finsbury circis

Lister, William, Birmingham, Minufacturer March 28 Gum & Co, Birmingham ENGLAND, WILLIAM, Notting hill Mar 25 Murr & Rusby, Lincoln's inn fields

Lust, Thomas, Formby, Lancı, Farmer April 2) Sefton, Liverpool
FAEMER, Walter HENRY, Notting hill, Licensed Victu iller April 4 Birtram, Old
Jewry chmbrs

MCINTYRE, HELEN Ker: Thow, Brixton April 25 Mannings, Gresham House GOJNELL, ELIZABETH, Brockham Green, Surrey April 7 SM & J B Benson, Clement's

MALONE, ANDREW, Failsworth, nr Manchester April 30 Chapman & Co, Manchester inn GRAY, AUGUSTA LOUISA ADELAIDE, Southport April 8 Court, Southport

MOORE, JAMES LODGE, Salisbury, Hants April 30 Goble & Warner, Fareham GRIMSHAW, GEORGE Henry, Grafton, Hereford April 23 Darbishire & Co, Manchester MORGAN, DANIEL, Nantes, France, General Merchant April 23 Swain, Coleman st GUNNING, Joux, Wick, Glos, Lim: Burner April 16 Bush & Bush, Bristol

Norrmann, Annie, Bradford April 2 Fawcett, Morecambe HARGREAVES, James, Blackburn, Iankeeper March 11 Leeming, Blackburn

OSBORN, THOMAs, Trury April 7 Chilcott & Sons, Truro
Hirst, Joseph, Hightown, York, Farmer April 4 Iveson & Macaulay, Heckmondwike PENNINGTON, FRANCIS, EDWARD, Liverpool, Merchant Tailor April 19 O'Hare, Liverpool
Hutchisson, WALTER SIMPson, Rotherbam, York, Painter April 21 Marsh & Son, ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Rotherham, York April 23 Pashley & Hodgkinson, Rotherham

RODGERS, GERTRUDE, Sheffield April 30 Branson & Son, Sheffield
Jackson, Herr John, Sheffield, Tool Manufacturer April 30 Porrett & Fawcett

RowLAND, Jane, Dukinfield, Chester April 9 Buckley & Co, Stalybridge
KERSEY, LOUISA, Lowestoft April 6 Johnson, Lowestoft

RUNDLE, A velia Scott, York st, Portman sq April 18 Rodgers & Co, Sheffield Langdox, HENRY William, Bath April 16 Simmons & Co, Bath

Shaw, SAMUEL, Leicester April 9 Harding & Barnett, Leicester Liddell, The Very Rey Henry GEORGE, D.D., Ascot April 30 Baker & Co, Lincoln's Suertos, Stephen, Wetley Moor, Stafford, Farmer April 11 Heath, Hanley inn fields

April 25 Dixon & Lixo, Emily, Reading May 2 C. Richards & Sons, Llangollen

SOUTHWORTH, HAROLD ALFRED, Edgeley, or Stockport, Cashier

Lionell, Manchester
Marvix, ALFBED GEOBOE, Jump Farm, or Devizes, Wilts, Agriculturalist April 30 SteDWELL, JOHN MATTHEW, Twickenham April 30 Gordon & Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Lush, Devizes
MAYBERY, WILLIAM, Blakedown, Worcester April 1 Hinds, Stourbridge

STRATFORD, TAOMAS, Lincoln April 6 Toynbee & Co, Lincoln
MEDD, Joux, Millfield, Sunderland, Grocer April 4 Hopper, Sunderland

Swift, HENRY WILLIAM, Wigan May 8 Johnson, Wigan Parkiss, MARIA AMELIA, Peckham April 13 Sadgrove, Gt Tower st

TURNELL, CHARLOTTE, Sheffield April 18 Rodgers & Co, Sheffield PETERS, JOHN JAMES, Bristol, Jeweller May 18 Dix, Bristol

WALKER, ALFRED ROBERT, Hackney rd, Pawnbroker April 10 Buckiogsale & Co,

Copthall av PLUMMER, H&Stee, Bristol April 5 Press & Co, Bristol

Wush, HENRY EDWARD Wemyss, Gloucester gdns, Hyde Park May 9 Debenham & Robixson, Thomas, Droylsden, nr Manchester April 11 A & G W Fox, Manchester

Walker, Gresham bldgs, Basinghall st SMITH, ELIZABETH, Bexley Heath, Kent April 4 Lambert, Chancery In

Wise, Marja, King's Lynn, Norfolk April 4 Lithgow, Wimpole st STIBBS, THOMAS GEORGE, Cheltenbam April 2 Bubb & Co, Cheltenham

Wix, SAMUEL, Tunbridge Wells April 30 Wade & Co, Dunmow, Essex

WREFORD, ROBERT PAGE, Bethnal Green April 15 Ellis & Co, Basinghall st
WEBB, EDWARD John, Ledbury, Hereford May 1 Marefield, Ledbury
WAITE, CECILIA CATHERINE LE Geix, Ulleswater, Cumberland April 2 Willett &

ZEHNTER, Hannah, Canton, Cardiff April 18 Bradley, Cardiff
Sandford, Arundel st

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, March 15. WHITEHEAD, JAMES, Bury, Lancs April 12 Butcher & Barlow, Bury

ADAIR, CAROLINE Maria, Farnham, Surrey April 25 Pennington & Son, Lincoln's inn WILSON, JULIA CARUe, Maida Vale March 31 Crosse & Sons, Lancaster pl, Strand


Amos, Susanna Cooke, Norw ich March 25 Wilkinson, North Walsham Woods, Joux, Manchester April 8 Welford, Manchester

APPLEYARD, WILLIAM Robert, Scarborough, Solicitor April ; E0 Watts & Co, Scar-
YOUsG, Dr CHRISTOPHER, Yarm, York, Doctor April 21 Langley & Elliot, Stockton on borough

BINGHAM, ELIZA, Powis sq April 10 Meredith & Co, Lincoln's inn
SUMMERS, ELIZABETU, Bristol April 16 Burges & Sloan, Bristol
TroenercroFT, Jons, Chesterton, Staffs, Engineer March 19 Sproston, Newcastle, Booth, Alice, West Derby, Liverpool April 14 Batesons & Co, Liverpool

Bond, Jane, Bristol May 9 Tarr & Arkell, Bristol
TILLBEOOK, Eliza Lydia, Wimbledon April 12 Dimond & Son, Wimpole st

Breda, CHARLOTTE Vax, Brighton April 19 Lawford & Co, Finsbury circus
WAISTELL, Joux, Brough, Westmorland, Yeoman March 26 Diwson, Bernard Castle

Beine, Susan, South Kensington April 13 Nicholl & Co, Howard st, Strand WALLAS, MARY JANE, Kellington, York April 4 Iveson & Macaulay, Heckmondwike

Brook, JOSEPH, Kirkburton, pr Huddersfield, Clothier April 7 Armitage & Co, WALLAS, SARAH, Kellington, York April 4 Iveson & Macaulay, Heckmondwike

London Gaselle.-Friday, March 11

BURNS, ELLEN, Hulme, Manchester March 31 Ledgard & Co, Manchester
ADAN3, SHELDON BURROWE8, Clifton, Bristol April 9 Alford, Clifton

Cansing, EMMELINE ROSABELLE, Belgrave rd April 18 Powell & Skues, Essex st, Strand ANDERSON, JAMES Crosby, Ryton, Durham April 30 Joel & Parsons, Newcastle on Tyne Carter, David, Wickham Sketh, Suffolk, Farmer April 4 Lawton & Co, Eye, Suffolk BADGER, JANE, Preston April 30 Ascroft, Preston

Cox, James, South Shields April 28 Newlands & Newlands, South Shields BADGER, WILLIAM, Preston April 30 Ascroft, Preston

Davis, ISAAC, Kennington rd, House Furnisher April 30 Lewis & Sons, Wilmington 8q BankIX, WILLIAM, Leicester April 12 Burgess & Dexter, Leicester

FAIRCLOUGH, Thomas, St Helens, Lancs, Tobacconist April 12 Tyrer, St Helens Beckwith, George, Tottenham, Licensed Victualler April 20 Scott, New Broa1 st

GARDINER, CHARLES, Daneville bill, Denmark rd, Builder's Manager April 19 Foord,

Philpot lane BEESTOS, HARRY EDWARD, Brockley, Dairyman April 23 Morley, Cheapside

GARDNER, ROBERT RICHARDSON, Kinson Wimbɔrne, Dorset April 30 Gedge & Co, Gt Bell., William, Newcastle upon Tyne April 23 Wilkinson & Marshall, Newcastle HARTWELL, Annette EMMA, Upper Westbourne ter, Hyde Park April 22 Vallance &

George st upon Tyne BowxAN, CHARLES HENRY, Llanfairwaterdine, Salop April 7

Co, George yard

Green & Nixson, HABwood, MARGARET, Leeds April 12 Nelson & Co, Leeds Knighton, Radnorshire BRETT, WILLIAM BLOOMFIELD, North Walsham, Norfolk, Agricultural Engineer March HODGSON, ELIZABETH, Heaton Mersey, Lancs April 25 Dixon & Linnell, Manchester

25 Wilkinson, North Walsham BURGESS, ARTHUR, Stalybridge, Lancs, Beerhouse Keeper April 9 Buckley & Co, Hughes, David, Llangollen May 2 Hughes, Wrexham

JACQUES, Thomas, Water millock, Cumberland, Farmer April 11 Arnison & Co, Cassox, Rev GEORGE, Torquay April 13 Cunliffes & Davenport, Chancery in

Penrith CHatwix, EDITH, Nottingham April 30 Speed, Nottingham

LAIRD, Joux, Birkenhead, Shipbuilder March 30 Stone & Co, Liverpool COHEN, JUDAH, Wardour st, Furniture Dealer March 26 Grugebaum, Ely pl

LECKIE, ELIZA, Darrington, nr Pontefract March 23 Claude & Co, Wakefield CORSES, Jonx, Smarden, Kent, Farmer April 23 Mowll & Mowll, Ashford

LEMONIUS, AUGUSTUS HENRY, Grassendale, nr Liverpool, Merchant April 30 Batesons &

Co, Liverpool CJVENTRY, Jonx, Fordingbridge, Southampton April 7 Meredith & Co, Lincoln's inn

LEES, CHARLES, Droylsden, Lancs April 25 Wilson, Ashton under Lyne Davies, Jonx, Ventnor, I of W, April 12 W T Ricketts & Son, King's Cross rd

LINDSTROM, HERMAN OSCAR Constantine, Gothenburg, Sweden, Master Mariner April DEAS, Josian, Southowram, nr Halifax April 12 Dey, Halifax

39 Batesons & Co, Liverpool

Maine, Henry Thomas, Camborne, Cornwall, Grocer April 9 Daniell & Thomas, ELLIOTT, JAMES, Normanby in Cleveland, York, Butcher April 11 Jackson & Camborne Jackson, Middlesborough

MARSHALL, Thomas, Charlotte st, Fitzroy sq April 25 Rimer, Quality ct, Chancery In FELTMANN, HERMANN HEINRICH WILHELM, Rotterdam, Holland, Brewer Neish & Co, Watling st

April 18 Mason, ELEANOR, Sunderland rd, Forest Hill May 9 Simpson Cullingford & Co, FREESTONE, Miss Emma, Haverhill, Suffolk April 11 Graham, Haverhill

Gracechurch st

NICKELS, Joan Thomas, Chenotrie Noctorum, nr Birkenhead April 30 Batezons & Co, FULLER, CHABLES CHRISTMAS, North Waleham, Norfolk April 12 Hatch, Norwich

Liverpool GAVARON, SUSANNAR Ellex, Hore, Sussex April 5 Clifton, New inn, Strand

Park, CHARLES, Piccadilly April 25 imead & Sons, Arundell st, Piccadilly circus GAT, CHABLES, Hanwell April 23 Gardiner & Son, Uxbridge

Paton, Anne, Brighton April 14 Tweed & Co, Skegness GIBBS, DECIMUS ASHLEY, Weston, nr Bath May 10 Pearce, Bath

PENNINGTON, JONATHAN, Bowdon, Chester, Joiner April 18 Deady & Paterson,

Altrincham GOEDOX, LYDIA Anx, Parkstone, Dorset April 22 Hicks & Co, Old Jewry chmbers QUALLETT, GEORGE Watts, Bruton st, Berkeley sq April 19 Foord, Philpot lane GORUULLY, CHARLOTTE, East Stonehouse, Devon April 12 Benett, Devonport

Robinson, WILLIAM GEORGE, Hassocks, Sussex, Bookmaker May 11 Schultz & Son, GBAHAY, Louisa, Leyton, Essex April 20 Scott, New Broad st

South sq, Gray's inn HEATOX, JAMES, Gt Portland st April 11 Bower & Co, Bream's bldgs

RUNDLE, JOSEPH TREGENNA, Tranmere, Chester, Steward April 15 Newm in & Kent,

Liverpool HEEBING, ALFRED, Hillsborough, nr Sheffield May 8 Rodgers & Co, Sheffield

STUART, HAMILTOx, Victoria st April 15 Peake & Co, Bedford row
HILLS, STELLA, Hyde Park gate April 30 Hills, Victoria grove, Kensington

WILLIAMS, SARAH, Carmarthen April 15 Griffiths, Carmarthen
WILLMOTT, WILLIAM, Ampton st, Gray's inn rd April 19 Robinson, Boncath

CARLTON, EDWARD, Leeds, Butcher March 21 at 12 Off PRITCHARD, Owex EAMES, Holyhead, Anglesey, IronBANKRUPTCY NOTICES. Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds

monger Bangor Pet March 7 Ord March 7 London Gazette.- FRIDAY, Mar. 11.

CATTANÁCH, THOMAS, Holloway, Tobacconist March 18 at PUNCHARD, EDWARD, Thornton Heath, Surrey, Builder
2.80 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Croydon Pet March 7 Ord March 8

RAWLINS, WILLIAM ROBINFOX, Worcester, Glover WorALDERSON, WILLIAM HENRY, Withington, Lancs Stock-COLLINS, GEORGE THOMAS, Dorchester, Fruiterer March 18

at 1 Off Rec, Endless st, Salisbury

cester Pet Feb 19 Ord March 7 port Pet Feb 28 Ord March 9

ROBERTSHAW, JONATHAN HABBY, Huddersfield, Assistant ALLEN, EDWARD HENRY, Leadenhall st, Clerk High Court CORNWALL, FREDERICK, Scarborough, Master Mariner

March 18 at 11

Off Rec, 74, Newborough, Scar-

Huddersfield Pet Murch 7 Ord Pet March 7 Ord March 7

borough Aston, WILLIAM JOSEPH, Worcester, Builder Worcester Coxon, SIDNEY William, South Kensington March 18 at

March 7

SELLERS, GEOEGE, Higham, nr Burnley Burnley Ord Pet Feb 24 Ord March 8 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

March 7 Ord March 7
BARKER, THOMAS HAROLD, Leeds, Tailor Leeds

HARRISON, WILLIAM HENRY, Fearnhead, nr Warriogton, SHANKLAND, WILLIAM, Oxted, Surrey Croydon Pet
March 5 Ord March 5
Miller March 18 at 3 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester

March 7 Ord March 8 Berns Bros & Co, St Benet pl, Gracechurch st, Wholesale

HOLFORD, Thomas TOLLER, Ware, Hertford, Advertising SIMMONDS, GEORGE, Cardiff, Biker Cardiff Pet March 5
Stationers High Court Pet Feb 9 Ord March 8
Agent March 21 at 3 Off Rec, 95, Temple chmbrs,

Ord March 5
BonE, JAMES, Buglawton, nr Congleton Manchester Pet
March 7 Ord March 7

Temple avenue

SMITHIES, VALENTINE, Thornton, or Bradford, Farmer

Bradford Pet March 8 Ord March 8 BROTHERTON, JOSEPH, Bolton Bolton Pet March 8 Ord ING LEFIELD, JAMES Thomas, Moss Side, nr Manchester

March 18 at 2.30 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester STEPHENSON, WALTER, Kingston upon Hull, Commission March 8

Agent Kingston upon Hull Pet March 8 Oid BURTON, THOMAS EDWARD, and Hexey MILNER, Bradford, Johnson, WALTER, Ongar, Essex, Boot Maker March 18

at 3 Off Rec, 95, Temple chmbrs, Temple avenue

March 8 Wool Merchants Bradford Pet March 9 Ord

JONES, ARTHUR GEORGE, Oxton, Birkenhead, Greengrocer Sykes, ELI, Barnsley, Yorks, Painter Barnsley Pet March 9 CATTANACH, Thomas, Holloway, Tobacconist High Court

March 22 at 12_Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool

March 7 Ord March 7
Pet March 7 Ord March 7

MITCHELL, JOHN EDWARD, Tenderden, Kent, Butcher TAYLOR, JAMES, Burnley, Restaurant Proprietor Burnley
March 18 at 3 Mace & Sons, solicitors, Tenterden

Pet March 5 Ord March 7
COLE, WILLIAM, Hatherleigh. Devon, Baker Plymouth NICHOLS, ELIZABETH, Aylsham, Norfolk. Dressmaker
Pet March 9 Ord March 9

Coxon, SIDNEY WILLIAM, South Kensington High Court PATTERSON, Huon, Thornaby. York. Fish Hawker March

March 19 at 12.30 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich

SHARP, CHARLES KIRKPATRICK, Comerford rd, Brockley Pet March 7 Ord March 7 30 at 3 Off Rec, 8, Albert rd, Middlesborough

Merchant's Clerk High Court Adjud July 25, 189 CURRY, SIMPSON, & CURRY, Brockley, Kent, Builders High PEEL, ARTHUR, Lincoln, Butcher' March 29 at 12 of Rec,

Aunul March 7
Court Pet Feb 18 Ord March 8
Davies, Tom CARPENTER, Boncath, Pembrokes, General
31, Silver st, Lincoln

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Mar. 15.
PREL, Sir Robert, Hobart pl, Eaton sq March 23 at 2.30
Merchant Carmarthen Pet March 8 Ord March 8

Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st
Davies, THOMAS Griffith Cook Wyntox, Kew Wands-

PEET, MARY ANN, Newark, Notts March 18 at 12 Off Adaxs, THOMAS, Short Heath, nr Wolverhampton, Coal worth Pet Dec 31 Ord March 7 Rec, 4, Castle pl, Park st, Nottingham

Dealer Wolverhampton Pet March 10 Ord March OBSON, FREDERICK William, Leeds Leeds Pet March

10 8 Ord March 8

PILLSWORTH. FREDERICK, Leicester, Baker March 18 at
12.30 Off Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leicester

BEVERLEY, WILLIAM Henry, Brentwood, Essex, Lieutenant EDWARDS, HOWELL, Aberkepfig, Glam, Innkeeper Cardiff

REED, JOHN WILLIAM, Sunderland, Butcher March 21 at 12 Chelmsford Pet Nov 24 Ord Feb 21
Pet March 8 Ord March 8
Off Rec, 25, John st, Sunderland

Pet Fentos, RICHARD, and James Buckley, Newhey, Lancs, ROBERTS, RICHARD, Mortlake, Surrey, Coffee house Keeper

BARLOW, Joun, sen, Elton, Bury, Grocer Bolton

March 10 Ord March 10 Calico Printers Rochdale Pet March 7 Ord March 1

March 18 at 11.30 24, Railway app, London bridge Burton, Ernest HERBERT, and STUART KINGSLEY CORKE, GARDNER, Douglas, and EDWARD BERTRAM HARTLEY, ROBERTSON, JOHN JAMES, Goole, Yorks, Plumber March Birmingham, Patenters Birmingham Pet Feb 19

Red Lion sq, Photograpbic Mount Makers High 18 at 11 Off Rec, 6, Bond ter, Wakefield

Court Pet March 12 Ord March 12 Ord March 8

CATTR, GEORGE, Stockton on Tees, Confectioner Stockton HARMAN, ROBERT, Gt Yarmouth, Bricklayer Gt Yarmouth ROGERS, JOHN HERBERT, Melton Mowbray, Leicesters,

Baker March 18 at 3 Off Rec, 1, Berridge st, Leices on Tees Pet March 10 Ord March 10 Pet March 8 Ord March 8

ter HARRINGTON, CHARLES, Halstead, Essex, Plumber Col- ROTHRREY, SHARP, Bradford March 21 at 11 Off Roc, 31,

Cowgill, BELLHCUSE, Colne, Lincs, Coal Dealer Burnley

Pet Feb 24 Ord March 10 chester Pet March's Ord March 8

Manor row, Bradford
HENNESKET, ISABELLA MABY, Preston, Plumber Preston Scott, Joseph NICHOLAS, West Hartlepool, Grocer March

Cox, Harry, Boscombe, Hants, Wine Merchant Poole

Pet March 12 Ord March 12 Pet Feb 24 Ord March 7

21 at 2.20 Royal Hotel, West Hartlepool Hopsox, JOSEPH, Burton on Trent, Labourer Burton on

DODD, ALEXANDER RUSSELL, Montagu st, Portman eg, Trent Pet March 8 Ord March 8

SMITH, WILLIAM, West Kensington, Jeweller March 18 at Surgeon High Court Pet Feb 25 Ord March 11 12 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

DUGGAN, Evan, Bromyard, Hereford, Grocer Worcester Hunt, JOHN WILLJAM, Copsett, Durham Newcastle on

SMITH, WILLIAM EDWARD, Hastings, Painter March 18 at Pet March 12 Ord March 12
Tyne Pet March 7 Ord March 7
Jonssox, WALTER, Ongar, Essex, Boot Maker Chelmsford Smith, WILLIAM JOSEPH, and HERBERT SMITH, Headingley,

12 Young & Son, Bank bldgs, Hastings

ELWOOD, THOMAS, Liverpool, Tailor Liverpool Pet Feb

24 Ord Mar 11 Pet March 3 Ord March 3 LAWRENCE, THOMAS, Swansea, Hatter

Leeds, Milk Dealers March 23 at li Off Rec, 22, FABROW, WILLIAM, Colne Engaine, Essex, Farmer Col-
Swansea Pet

Park row,

chester Pet March 12 Ord March 12
March 7 Ord March 7
LAWTON, THOMAS, Howden, York, Butcher Kingston upon

SYMONDS, SIMEON, jun, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Carpen- FOORD, HENRY, Lenham, Kent, Farmer Maidstone Pet Hull Pet March 8 Ord March 8

ter March 18 at 12.30 Off Rec, Endless st, Salisbury, March 12 Ord March 12

GIBB, WILLIAM COWNIE, Wimbledon, Decorator High MCCALLUM, D. Watling st, Manufacturer's Agent High TAYLOR TAMES, Burnley, Restaurant Proprietor March

Court Pet Feb 15 Ord March 11

HELPs, WALTER, Bedminster, Bristol, Bootmaker Bristol MARTIN, ALBERT, New Broad st, Company Promoter High WEBSTER, JAMES: Liverpool, Dairyman March 30 at 12

Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool

Pet March 11 Ord March 11 Court Pet Jan 25 Ord March 9

'ADJUDICATIONS. MARTIN, JAMES, Batley, York, General Carrier Dewsbury

HILL, JANE, West Hartlepool Sunderland Pet March 9 Pet March 9 Ord March 9

Allex, EDWARD Henry, Leadenhall st, Clerk High Court HorisB, FREDERICK M, Regent st, Billiard Table ManufacPARKER, ALFRED WILLIAN FRANCIA, Moredon, or Swindon

Pet March 7 Ord March 7
Swindon Pet March 8 Ord March 8
BARKER, THOMAS HAROLD, Leeds, Tailor Leeds Pet

turer High Court Pet Jan 23_Ord March 21 PARKER, WILLIAM, Blackpool Preston Pet Feb 28 Ord

March 5 Ord March 5

HUDDLESTONE, Ayx, Grasmere, Westinoiland Kend Il

Pet March 11 Ord March 11 March 9

BoxE, JAMES, Buglawton, or Congleton Manchester Pet PILLSWORTH, FREDERICK, Leicester, Baker Leicester Pet

March 7 Ord March 7

HUGHES, MARK, Blackwood, Mon, Builder Tredegar Pet March 7 Ord March 7 BROTHERTON, JOSEPH, Bolton, Lancs Bolton Pet March

March 10 Ord March 10 PRITCHARD, Owex EAMES, Holyhead, Anglesey, Ironmonger BURTON, THOMAS EDWARD, and Henry Milner, Bradford,

8 Ord March 8

JOHNS, SYDNEY EUSTACE, Caroline st, Eaton terrace High

Court Pet Feb 17 Ord March 11 : Bangor Pet March 1 Ord March 7

Instrument PUNCHARD, EDWARD, Thornton Heath, Surrey, Builder

Yorks, Wool Merchants Bradford Pet March 8 Orå Linde, WILLIAM, Bournemouth, Musical
Croydon Pet March 8 Ord March 8
March 9

Seller Poole Pet March 10 Ord March 10 ROBERTSHAW, JONATHAN HARRY, Huddersfield, Assistant BUTTENSHAW, SAMUEL EDWARD, Pancras lane High Court LLOYD, WALLACE LLEWELLYN, Morecambe, Lancs, Cycle Schoolmaster Huddersfield Pet March 7

Agent Preston Pet March 11 Ord March 11 Ord

Pet Nov 25 Ord March 8 March 7

CattanACH, THOmas, Holloway, Tobacconist High Court MAKING, CHARLES HOLDEN, Sudbury, Suffolk, Accountant SELLERS, GEORGE, Higham, nr Burnley Burnley Pet

Pet March 7 Ord March 7

Colchester Pet Feb 26 Ord March 12 March 7 Ord March 7

COLE, WILLIAM, Hatherleigh, Devon, Baker Plymouth MILLINGTON, JAMES, Wenlock, Salop, Licensed Victualler SHANKLAND, WILLIAM, Oxted, Surrey Croydon

Pet March 9 Ord March 9

Madeley Pet March 12 Ord March 12
March 8 Ord March 8

Cotton, WILLIAM, Bristol, Boot Dealer Bristol Pet Feb MORGAN, EDWARD, Charlton Kings, nr Cheltenham, InnSHATTOCK, HAROLD ALLERTON, South Kensington High

25 Ord March 9

keeper Cheltenham Pet March 10 Ord March 10 Court' Pet Feb 16 Ord March 7

Coxos, SIDNEY William, South Kensington High Court MORRIS, JOSEPH, South Shields Newcastle on Tyne Pet SIMMONDS, GEORGE, Cardiff, Baker Cardiff

March 10 Ord March 10
Pet March 5

Pet March 7 Ord March 7
Ord March 5
DAVIES, Tom CARPENTER, Boncath, Pembroke, General

NEWBORN, RICHARD Robinson, Hibaldstow, Lincs, Miller

Gt Grimsby Pet March 9'Ord March 9 SMITRIES, VALENTINE, Thornton, or Bradford, Farmer DOBSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Headingley Lee 18 Pet Norton, WILLIAM HENRY, and FRANK Potts, Southamp; STEPHENSON, WALTER, Kingston upon Hull, Commission

March 8 Ord March 8

ton, Bakers Southampton Agent Kingston upon Hull

March 10
Pet March 8 Ord

EDWARDS, HOWELL, Aberkenfig, Glam, Innkeeper Cardiff
March 8

Pet March 8 Ord March 8

PIKE, Louis, Hennock, Devon, Miller Exeter Pet March BYKES, ELI, Barnsley, Yorks, Painter

11 Ord March 11 Barnsley Pet

ELLIOTT, ALFRED, Coventry, Saddler Coventry Pet Feb March 7 Ord March 7

25 Ord March 9

Reeves, Thomas SADLER, Chatham, Perambulator ManuTAYLOR, JAMES, Burnley, Restaurant Proprietor Burnley Penton, RICHARD, and JAMES BUCKLEY, Newhey, Lancs,

facturer Rochester Pet March 11 Ord March 11 Pet March 7 Ord March 7

Calico Printers Rochdale Pet March 7 Ord Rowe, James GEORGE WILLIAM, Croydon High Court WALL, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Cab Proprietor Birming

March 7

Pet March 11 Ord March 11 ham Pet March 7 Ord March 7 HARMAN, ROBERT, Gt Yarmouth, Bricklayer Gt Yar.

SANDERSOX, JOHN WILLIAM, Milosbridge, nr Huddersfield, WHITELEY, JAMES, Dewsbury, Shoddy Merchant

mouth Pet March 8 Ord March 8

Saddler Huddersfield Pet March 9' Ord March 9 Dewsbury Pet March 1 Ord March 8 HAWES, GEORGE BARKWORTH, and Frank Austin DAVIES,


Simmons, James, Loughborough, Fish Dealer
Upper Thames st, General Merchants High Court

Pet March 11 Ord March 11
Pet Feb 10 Ord March 9

SMEDLEY, NATHAN, Sale, Chester, Builder Manchester
HoD80x, JOSEPH, Burton on Trent, Labourer Burton on Pet Aug 19 Ord March 11
ALLEN, EDWARD HENRY, Leadenball st, Clerk March 18 Trent Pet March 8 Ord March 8

SPENSLEY, ROBERT, Gt Grimsby, Wholesale Fruiterer Gt at 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Hunt, JOHN WILLIAM, Consett, Durham Newcastle on Grimsby Pet March 12 Ord March 12 ASHKINAZE, MORRIS, Liverpool, Confectioner March 31 at Tyne Pet March 4 Ord March 7

STEPHENS, ALFRED GEORGE, Ashton Keynes, Wilts, Baker 10.30 Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool INGLEFIELD, JAMES THOMAS, Moss Side, nr Manchester

Swindon Pet March 10 Ord March 10 Askew, THOMAS, Oxenholme, Westmorland, Licensed Salford' Pet Feb 4 Ord March 7

STEVENSON, MATTHEW SINCLAIR, Queen Victoria st, ComVictualler March 19 at 12 Grosvenor Hotel, Stramon Johnson, WALTER, Ongar, Essex, Bootmaker Chelmsford pany Promoter High Court Pet Feb 11 Ord gate, Kendal Pet Feb 28 Ord March 3

March 10 BAKER, HERBERT, Leeds, Plumber March 21 at 11 Off LAWRENCE, THOMAS, Swansea, Hatter Swansea Pet Srow, JOSEPH WILLIAM, Bradford, Leather Merchant Rec, 22, Park row, Leeds March 7 Ord March 7

Bradford Pet March 12 Ord March 12 BELL, JOHN JAMES, Birmingham, Pork Butcher March 21 LAWTON, THOMAS, Howden, Yorks, Butcher Kingston STRODE. LEWIS E M, Onslow eg High Court Pet Feb 9 at 12 174, Corporation st, Birmingham upon Hull Pet March 8 Ord March 8

Ord March 10 Bont, JAMEA, Buglawton, Cheshire March 18 at 3.30 Off Martin, JAMES, Batley, Yorks, General Carrier Dewsbury TAYLOR, GEORGE WILLIAM, Bristol, Baker Bristol Pet Rec, Byrom st, Manchester Pet March 5 Ord March 9

March 12 Ord March 12 BOOTH, Jonn, Small Heath, Birmingham, Grocer March NORSWORTHY, CYRIL PROCTOR, Barnhurst, Kent Green- THACKRAY, Sam KxRSHAW, Middlesborough, Watchmakar 21 at 11 171, Corporation st, Birmirghamn wich Pet Jan 14 Ord March 8

Stockton on Tees Pet March 11 Ord March 11 BROTHERTON, Josern, Bolton March 22 at 11 16, Wood PABKER, ALFRED WILLIAM FRANCIS, Reading Swindon Truman, William HENRY, Lincoln, Cabinetmaker Linet, Bolton Pet March 8 Ord March 8

coln Pet March 11 Ord March 11 BURRELL, ROBERT, Gt Yarmouth, General Cooper March : PILLSWORTH, FREDERICK, Leicester, Baker Leicester Pet VEALE, George, Stoke Newington, Builder High Court 9 t12 Rec, 8, King st, Norwich March 7 Ord March 7

Pet Feb 17 Ord March 10

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