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TABLE 5.Budget expenditures from appropriations, REA and FHA loan authorizations, and corporation and other revolving funds, fiscal

years 1956 through 1963, and estimated 1964 and 1965Continued [NOTE.-Amounts reported are based on expenditures for the Department of Agriculture as shown in the budget. Figures are adjusted for comparability with the appropriation

structure in the 1965 budget]

(Millions of dollars)

Public Law 480:

Sale of surplus agricultural commodities for foreign currencies.
Commodities disposed of for emergency famine relef to friendly

General fund appropriations:

Payments to school funds, Arizona and New Mexico.
Removal of surplus agricultural commodities (30 percent of customs

Expenses, brush disposal.
Payments to States and territories from the national forests fund
Roads and trails for State, national forests fund.
Payments to counties, national grasslands..
Restoration of forest lands and improvements
Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act fund.
Establishment of an entomology research laboratory.
Total, permanent appropriations..

To place meat and poultry inspection on a self-financing basis.
To place grain inspection on a voluntary basis and to increase fees; and to

repeal legislation on containers, naval stores, tobacco seed exports, and wool, Agricultural Marketing Service. To extend and expand the crop land conversion program, Agricultural

Stabilization and Conservation Service To establish a rural housing insurance fund, Farmers Home Administration.

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Administrative expense increase relative to increase insured loan program,

Farmers Home Administration..
To establish a direct loan account, Rural Electrification Administration.
Cotton and dairy legislation, Commodity Credit Corporation.

Total, effects of proposed new legislation.
Total, net budget expenditures.

Exclusive of U.S. dollar equivalent of foreign currencies generated in countries where
the currencies were not excess to the normal requirements of the United States, expended
as follows:

Foreign Agricultural Service:

1957 -

1.8 1958

3.1 1959


3 Reduced expenditures beginning with fiscal year 1962 reflect establishment of a direct
loan account in that year pursuant to sec. 338(c) of the Consolidated Farmers Home Ad-
ministration Act of 1961. Under this act, collections of principal and interest on loans are
deposited into the direct loan account, thereby reducing expenditures.

NOTE.-Details may not add to totals shown due to rounding. Minus (-) figures indicate excess of collections over expenditures.


TABLE 6.-Receipts to U.S. Treasury arising from Department of Agriculture activities, fiscal year 1963 and estimated years 1964 and 1965

(Thousands of dollars)

Loan programs:
Farmers Home Administration:
Rural housing loans:

Collections of principal.

Collections of interest.
Interest payments to Treasury:

On borrowings for farm ownership, soil and water

conservation, and farm operating loans 8
On borrowings for loans under Agricultural Credit
Insurance Fund 3.

Total, Farmers Home Administration.
Rural Electrification Administration:
Collections of principal:

Electrification loans.
Telephone loans.

Total, collections of principal..
Collections of interest:

Electrification loans.
Telephone loans.

Total, collections of interest.
Interest payments to Treasury on Rural Electrification
Administration notes

Total, Rural Electrification Administration..

Total, loan programs..
Receipts from operations, and miscellaneous reimbursements and
Business on the national forests, primarily timber sales and

grazing fees.
Deposits by timber purchasers for brush disposal..
Receipts from Tongass National Forest held pending deter-

mination of land ownership Receipts from Oregon and California controverted lands, held

pending determination of land ownership.

8 $44, 403


123, 915


6 $45, 303 9, 200

585 4,000

126, 515
9, 200


4, 342

4, 342

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Use of lands held under title III of the Bankhead-Jones Farm

Tenant Act.
Fees for licenses under the Perishable Agricultural Commodi-

ties, Produce Agency, and Export Apple and Pear Acts.
Charges for testing, inspection, and grading services, princi-

pally collections under the Cotton Standards, Cotton

Futures, and Grain Standards Acts.
Sales of products not required in connection with the work of

the Department, primarily loose cotton samples, long-staple
cotton from national stockpile, livestock and livestock
products -
Fines, penalties, and forfeitures, chiefly marketing quota

Import fees on sugar.
Miscellaneous, chiefly recoveries and refunds.

Trust fund receipts: 10

Contributions from private cooperators for various activities

on national and private forest lands.
Fees received for inspection and grading of farm products

upon application of interested parties.
State rural rehabilitation funds.
Receipts for miscellaneous special services.

Other receipts:

Interest paid to Treasury on CCC borrowings.
Interest paid to Treasury on CCC capital stock.

Grand total..

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1 Revenue and nonrevenue receipts available to the Treasury for general expenditures
of the Government.

2 Revenue and nonrevenue receipts deposited in the Treasury for specific purposes,
pursuant to various legislative authorizations,

3 Collections of principal and interest on these loans are treated as credits against loan
and other expenditures, which include interest payments to Treasury as shown.

Beginning in fiscal year 1964, under proposed legislation, collections of principal and in-
terest on electric and telephone loans would be deposited into a loan account as credits
against expenditures for new loans and for interest payments on borrowings from
Treasury. These payments represent receipts to Treasury as shown.

6 Represents the portion of the total receipts from national forests available for (1) 25-
percent fund for payments to States for benefit of roads and schools, (2) 10-percent fund
for construction and maintenance of roads and trails in States from which proceeds are
derived, and (3) appropriations from forest receipts for acquisition of lands, cooperative

range improvements, and special payments to Minnesota counties in which Superior
National Forest lands are located.

& Amounts shown represent 65 percent of the receipts from the Tongass National Forest.
The remaining 35 percent of these receipts are distributed to Alaska (25 percent) and to
the fund for construction and maintenance of roads and trails (10 percent) in accordance
with Public Law 758, 84th Cong.

7 For payment to counties in which such lands are located,

8 Estimated amounts reflect anticipated increases in sales of long-staple cotton from national stockpile.

. It is not practicable to estimate these receipts in fiscal years 1964 and 1965.

10 Receipts deposited in trust in the Treasury for expenditure by the Department, as trustee, for specified purposes.

11 Includes trust fund receipts as well as general and special fund receipts.


TABLE 7.- Appropriations for research and education, fiscal years 1956 through 1964, and budget estimates, 1965 1

[Thousands of dollars)

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