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Descriptions and elevations of bench-marks on the Missouri River, etc.--Continued.





the mouth,


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(17) On 2-foot elm, on bluff side, 1,500 feet below road from Gillam's

Landing to Grand Pass Church, at head of Grand Pass Lake, Mo. 248,387 170 (F) On 1.7.foot elm, 500 feet from river, 100 feet north of fence between Gillam's woods above and fields below, 900 feet below Gillam's Landing, Mo. 243. 670 Landing. 171 (E) | On 4.5.foot cotton wood, 120 feet east from north and south fence be.

tween tields and woods, 400 feet from river, 500 feet southeast from

vacantone-story frame house, 2,100 feet above Gillam's Landing. Mo, 243. 847 172 (D) On 1.7-foot cotton wood, 130 feet from Crapberry Island Chute, 30

feet below fence between fields above and woods below, 1,050 feet
below White's saw-mill, 1 mile above mouth of chute.

248. 573 173 (C) On 1.5.foot elm, 115 feet from high bank of Cranberry Island Chute,

and 1,100 feet below its head, 55 feet west of north and south fence
between woods on west and small clearing on east.

247.579 174 (B) On 1.5-foot elin, 350 feet from river, 60 feet above 7-foot fall in ground

three-quarters of a mile above head of Cranberry Island Chute, Mo. 254.815
(16) On :.5-foot ok, at foot of bluff, 19 miles below Waverly, Mo

On 2.7-foot elm, 165 feet from river, at upper edge of timber, 1 mile
below Waverls, Mo.

252. 151
176 (15) Equals “B. M.51" of 1878-northwest corper lower window.sill, west
Waverly. window, on river side of "Star Mills," a four-story brick on levee,
at Waverly, Mo....

263. 595
(a) Gauge B. M.-On small, round-topped black oak, 15 inebes diameter,

at foot of bluff, about 2,500 feet above gauge, about 500 feet abovo
lower edge of first woods above Waverly, Mo

177 (14) On 2.5-foot twin cottonwood, 110 feet from river, at foot of bluft's,
800 feet below 354.

253. 469 178 (13) On 2 foot oak, 75 leet south A 350, 100 feet above mouth of small creek...

259.436 179 (12) On 1.5-foot white oak, 1 mile above A350.

265. 259 180 (11)

On 3-foot black ash, 75 feet from bank, 500 feet from river, 960 feet
below James Bray's house..

259. 052 181 (10)

On 4-foot elm, 125 feet from river, pear beginning of timber, just be-
low A342

264. 101
182 (9) On 1.7-foot black walnut, 50 feet from river, on bluff, 1,000 feet abore

265. OCO Berlin. B. M. 49" of 1878-northwest corner of iron door-sill west door, twostory brick warehouse, at Berlin, Mo.

208.872 61

At Berlin, Mo., on right bank, at foot of bluff, 582 feet N. 870 W. 1

(mag.) from brick house on bluff, owned by Young E. Gray, 250
feet from river.

208. 837 61

Is on left bank, opposite Berlin, Mo., 0,000 feet from left bank of 2

river, on cast' and wost county road, on south side of road and
fence, on land of Dr. Sadderfield, 320 feet, S. 35° 30' E. from house

of N. Edwarda, 1.100 feet west of section corner, N. 83° 30' E.. 266. 730
61 On left bank, 12,480 feet from river, on south side of land belonging

to James Long, on porth side of east and west road (county), 1.348
feet S. 40 W (mag.) from N. E. corner section 8, T.51, R. 25, 520 feet
S. 620 W.(mag.) from house of S. Diment, 324 feet easterly from
where the road turns north..

264. 530
183 (8) On 2-foot hickory,on bluffside, 50 feet from river, 1,000 feet below 330 273. 156
184 (7) Horizontal furrow in head of copper bolt leaded into rock on side of
bluff, about 1,500 feet above 0326.

289. 98.3 185 (6) On 5.9.foot cottonwood, 150 feet from river, 250 feet S. E. of A 320 268. 413

62 On right bank, about 5 miles below Lexington, Mo., in north and ī

south lane, close to fence on west side. 1.296 feet from river. It Crooked is NE. corner of NW.£of NW. 1. section 29, T.

about River. 14 miles below where bluff turps back from the river...

62 On left bank, 4,632 feet from riter, and N. 2° 30' E.mag.) from 4, on

north and south road leading from rivor to Harding, Mo., on west
side of road, close to fence, 780 feet N. go 30' W. (mag.) from cor-
ners, sections 14, 15, 22, and 23, 500 feet N. 180 W. (mag.) from D.
W. Noble's house

273. 856
186 (5) On 5-foot oak, on bluff side, near house of W. H. Hays, 100 feut above
mouth of creek,

290. 509 187

On 1.7-foot maple, lower reference tree of A 314, 100 feet froin river. 280.819 188 (3) On 1.7-foot lion, 70 feet from riser, 250 feet above mouth of creek, 500 feet abore A 312.



312.5 314.2

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279, 819 189 (2) On 2.5-foot elm, at base of bluft, just east of mouth of small creek,

second reference tree of $ 308, 1 mile below Lexington, Mo.. 287.348 189 (a) Gauge B. M.-Ou%.5.foet elm, on north side of roail, 40 feet from

bank, about 100 yards below low-water gauge, and about one-quarter
mile below levee at Lexington, Mo

280. 541 03

On right bank at Lexington, Mo., on side of bluff, about 50 feet 1

above low-water mark, 175 feet south wont from house owned by Lexington. J. S. Walters, 2,070 feet down the river from corner Pine and

Water streets, 210 feet below (down river) froin a hub marking
the northeast corner of the laid out portion of the town of Lexing:
ton, Mo. This hub is on section line between sections, 27 and 28



318. 3


Descritpions and elerations of bench-marks on the Missouri River, etc.-Continued.





tho mouth.

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63 On left bank, 5,810 feet from river, and N. 350 W. (mag.) from ?, on

west side of north and wonth road leading to Lexington, Mo., and
close to fence on east side of land belonging to Captain Rankin,
1,480 feet south of where Jane leaves road for Captain Rankin's Feet.
house, and 2,780 feet S. 71° 30° E. (mag.) from said house

272. 453
63 On left bank, on continuation of line 7 and 9, 18,400 feet from river

on north side of east and west road, on south side of and close to fence,
on land belonging to J. F. Barkley, 240 feet N. 89° 30' W. (mag.) from
a supposed one-quarter post, on west side section 11, and 240 foet S.
510 30 W.(mag.) of J. F. Barkley's house. House is large two-story
frame. B. M. is 700 feet north of Wabash Railroad track

277. 393 190 (1) Horizontal furrow in head of copper bolt leaded into rock in point of Lexington. bluff on npper side of Rock Road at Ferry Landing, Lexington, Mo. 308.538

“B. M. 46" of 1878-northwest corner door-gill 2 story brick ma-
chine shops, near depot, and adjoining the Excelsior Stove Works,
Lexington, Mo

285. 246
“B. M.47" of 1878-northwest corner door-sill small door Excelsior
Stove Works, 11-story brick on levee, Lexington, Mo.

284. 671
*B. M.48" of 1878--northwest corner door-sill, main entrance to Lex.
ington City Mills, 3-story brick

281. 100 191 (275) On the top, southeast corner, of cnt rock, of which the south face

measures 3.9 feet by 2.15 feet, and bears the inscription, “Cramp &
Hackett, 1858," set near top of masonry and directly over arch on
north side of rock bridge across Graham's Branch, three quarters
of a mile above Lexington depot. A cross (+) is cut in the south
face of the stone, its center .083 foot below the bench

282. 836 192 (274) On 1.3.foot hard maple, on foot of bluff, 180 feet south of Missouri

Pacific Narrow Gauge Railroad, 100 feet west of lane running south
200 feet northwest of one-story log dwelling of George Heinkel, 2
miles, by railroad, above Lexington, Mo

280. 522 193 (273, Horizontal furrow in head of copper bolt leaded into cropping ledge

of hard rock, northwest exposure, 18 feet sonth of railway, 75 feet
above water-tank, 200 feet from river, three-quarters of a mile above

head "Lexington Bottom," miles above Lexington, Mo... 282. 107 191 (272) Cross (+) cut into top, at northwest corner, of rock abutment at east

end of wagon bridge across creek, one-half mile above foot of Wolf

283. 019 195 (271) On 3.foot red elm, 200 feet from river, 60 feet northeast of railroad,

90 feet from foot of blutf, in wagon road, 11 miles below Welling:
ton, Mo

280. 537
64 On right bank, one-half mile below Wellington, Mo., at a point

where the bluff leaves the river, opposite head of Wolf Island, on
south side of fence, 50 feet south of Missouri Pacific Railroad track,
and 250 feet west (up river) from trestle bridge....

289. 912
64 On left bank, on land owned by William Burnett, on south side of

fence, on south side of east and west road, in an orchard, 340 feet
east of lane running north from road, abont one-quarter mile east of
graveyard, and one-half mile east of a church. It is 2 miles N. 220
E. (mag.) from

274. 594 196 (270) Horizontal furrow in head of copper bolt leaded into northeast exWellington. posure of cropping sand-stone ledge, co feet from river, 45 feet from

railroad, and 12 feet below its level, 120 feet above ruins of stone
warehouse, 1,200 feet below Wellington Flour Mills.

285. 295
“B. M. 43" of 1878-top of red savd-stone of which the north face
measures 10 by 17 inches, in northeast corner, near top of founda-
tion of Wellington Flour Mills

304. 087 197 (269) On 2-foot oak, on siile of bluffwest of creek, between creek and

wagon road, 130 feet south of narrow gauge railway, 200 feet from
river, one-quarter milo above depot at Wellington, Mo......

305. 543 198 (268) On 1.7.foot red elm, 40 feet from high-water bank, 1,500 feet from edge

of shore bar, in clump of timber 2 miles above foot of bottom above
Wellington, Mo

280. 196 199 (267) On 2.5-foot cotton wood, on edge of bank bebind large shore bar, one

half mile from river, on line between cotton wood timber on the

north and field on the south, 14 miles below old town of Camden, Mo. 282. 384 200 (265) On 1.2.foot cottonwood, on south side of small clearing, 550 feet above 264. opposito the old town of Camden, Mo...

286. 645 201 (266) Cross (+) cut into top of west abutment, about 4 feet south of track,

of 75-foot trestle across creek near Coal Mine No.5, Camden, Mo.
The bridge is numbered 715

288. 712
“B. M. 42" of 1878-on extreme northeast corner of top of bridge-seat,
west abntment of above bridge..

285. 269
"B. M. 41" of 1878--on extreme sontheast corner of above bridge-seat. 285. 215
65 On right bank, opposite Camden, Mo., 5,330 feet from river, on north

side of east and west road running from Napoleon to Wellington,

Mo., inside of fence inclosing lapd belonging to F. H. Casteel, 155 Camden. feet east of school-honse, 1.030 feet west of Union Church, bearing of line Y to 4*, N. 28° 15' W. (mag.).

279. 974 ENG 88—147










Descriptions and elevations of bench-marks on the Missouri River, etc.—Continued.



the month.




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65 On left bank, at Camden, Mo., 300 feet from river, in southeast corner
of yard of R. A. Prichard, facing on the main street, 300 feet north-

east from Wabash Railroad Depot...

297. 743 202 (264) On 1.8-foot elm, on right bank of slough, behind willow tow-head, just

above present town of Camden, Mo., 200 feet northwest of one-story
frame house, 700 feet above mouth of chute .....

287. 234 333.9 203 (263) Ou 2-foot cottonwood, on bigh-water bank one-quartermile from river,

behind willow and cottonwood island tow.head, 230 feet east of one-
story log house of Morris Barnes, 2 miles above mouth of chute, 2)
miles above Canden, Mo...

289, 324 335, 8 201 (262) On 2.3-foot linn, 220 feet from river, on upper side of shallow dry

slough, 24 miles below Napoleon, Mo.; about one-half mile below
upper edge of woods.

291. 790 337.2 205 (261) On 3.5-foot honey locust, 270 feet from river, on riverward edge of clump of timber, 1 mile below Napoleon, Mo.

292. 474 338. 7 66

At Napoleon, Mo., on right bank, at foot of bluff, 220 feet southwest 1 from railroad depot, 250 feet from river....

293. 293 339.5 Napoleon. 66 On left bank, opposite Napoleon, Mo., N. 70 E. (mag.) from, and

4,186 feet from river, on north side of section 17 (reported to be
within 10 feet of one-quarter post) in northwest corner of field be.

longing to Gordon, and on south side of east and west road.. 283. 626
66 On continuation of lines to $7,2 miles from river, on north side of

section 8, 300 feet east of one-quarter mile post, 15 feet east of three-
pronged sycamore tree, 6 feet diameter..

284. 522 206 (260) Horizontal 'furrow in head of copper bolt leaded into north face,

west side, of stone culvert under railroad, 250 feet above depot at
Napoleon, Mo

286. 188 339.7 207 (259) On 3.8-foot cotton wood, 70 feet north of foot of bluff, 450 feet from

river, 240 feet southwest of one-story frame house of Theodore Whit-
son, 1 mile abore Napoleon, Mo..

289. 690 340, 7 208 (258) On 2.8-foot cotton wood in scattering cottonwood timber and brush,

200 feet south of saw-mill owned by C. S. Hayes, 50 feet southwest
of wagon road, one-quarter mile from river, about 31 miles above
Napoleon, Mo.

293. 375 343.0 209 (257) On 2.4-foot cotton wood, forked 8 feet from ground, 250 feet south

of one-story log and frame house of J. P. Shipley, three-quarters of a
mile from river, 4 miles above Napoleon, Mo.

296. 065 343. 7 210 (256) Cross (+) cut into top of stone foundation at northwest corner of 24

story brick house owned by Captain Kinney, near 226; 5 miles
above Napoleon, Mo...

303. 835 345.0 67

On right bank, at " Mathew's Landing," in south west corner of Mary 1

E. O'Donnell's garden, and 160 feet S. 250 W. (mag.) from her house, Mathew's a two-story brick house, formerly owned by Mathews....

298. 523 345, 0 Landing 67 On left bank, 3,116 feet from river, magnetic bearing of line to 2

N. 380 E. Ts close to fence on east side of road, and 198 feet S. 570
304 W. (mag.) from H. B. McMullen's house

503. 311
211 (255) On 2.9-foot black oak, 160 feet from river, 30 feet froin foot of bluff,
on timbered flat, one-half mile above B. M. 210

304 186 345.5 212 (254)

On 2.2-foot cotton wood, on fence line between fields on west and woods

on east, 280 feet from river, 500 feet above A 222, 14 miles below Sib.
ley, Mo.

299. 274 346.6 213 (253) On 1.3-foot elm, on side of bluff, east side wagon road, 250 feet from river, one-half mile below Sibley, Mo..

309. 067 347.3 214 (252) Horizontal furrow in head of copper bolt set into northeast exposure

of hard rock cropping from foot of bluff at lower end of bar abore
Sibley, Mo.; 300 feet from river, 300 feet above A 216, 150 foet north

298. 694 347.8 of two-story frame dwelling of Charles and Thomas Spencer. Sibloy. Mr. 0. Chanute's H., W. of 1814, at Sibley, Mo., at "Half Brick House," is.

310.959 215 (251) On southwest side of 1.foot cottonwood, 340 feet from river, on eilge of bench between cotton wood fat and the large willow bar inmo

296. 105 349.1 diately above Sibley, Mo.; vicinity of A 212.. 68 On right bank, 2,800 feet north of bridge over small creek running 1 along near foot of bluff, just above Sibley, Mo. B. M. is on west

291, 082 348 :) side of north and south county road, close to fence.... 68 On left bank, one-half mile below Hull's Point, in southeast corner 2

of yard around William T. Gryder's house, about one-quarter milo Hull's Point sonth of county road (east and wost). Beariug of line to 1, S.

296.272 330.7 190 W. (mag.). Distance on line to river, 2,410 feet. 216 (250) On 1.6-foot elm, 400 feet from river, at fence between field on east and woods on west, just below foot of long-shore bar, 2 miles above

294. 966 350.0 Sibley, Mo.; vicinity of R. B. 3, of A 208...... 217 (249)

On 2.4.foot white elm, on edge of bench, between fields and cotton.
wood Hat, 400 fpet from river, 80 feet west of l-story log house, 600

302. 919 353. 1 feet above A 200, 12, 500 feet below mouth of Little Blue River 218 (248)

On north side of 2.7-foot sycamore, 249 feet from river, 100 feet from
foot of bluff, 160 feet southwest of site of old mill or warehouse,

303. 111 353. & now removed 17 miles below mouth of Little Blue River.....


Descriptions and elevations of bench-marks on the Missouri River, etc.-Continued.





the mouth.

219 (247) On south side of 2-foot shellbark hickory, 450 feet from river, 300 feet west of l-story frame store building, 3 miles below Missouri

Feet. Miles. City, Mo

303. 761 353.9 220 (246)

On west side of 2.6-foot cottonwood, at foot of old river bank, be

tween narrow belt of timber on east and fields on west, 250 feet
from river, 60 feet northeast of 1-story log house of Charles R.
Cole, 14 miles below Missouri City, Mo

300. 818 357.4 Missouri “B. M. 36" of 1878—top of foundation at southwest corner of 3-story City. frame grist-mill, near depot, Missouri City, Mo. Bench marked with a cross (+)..

301. 403 338.9 221 (245) Equals “B, M. 35" of 1878—cross (+) cut into top of water-table at

southeast corner of 2-story brick standing at northwest corner of
Water and Doniphan streets, Missouri City, Mo...

“B. M. 34" of 1878_on top of stone work at southeast corner 2.

story brick public-school building on north 'side of Water street,
Missouri City, Mo..

312.618 222 (244) On 1.6-foot cottonwood, 20 feet west of lane, 40 feet from edge of high

bank, 150 feet from edge of cotton wood flat, 600 feet from river.
about one-eighth mile above Missouri City, Mo. (on right bank of

310.532 223 (243) On 1.7-foot cottonwood, on east side of lane, 3,100 feet south of river,

opposite Missouri City, Mo., 800 or 900 feet from river, westward.. 306. 158
69 On right bank, opposite Missouri City, Mo., 14,033 feet from river.

Is on land of John Sullivan, on north side of fence along north side
of east and west gection road, 1,030 feet east of John Sullivan's
house, and 70 feet west of post on south side of section No. 25
(Sullivan's statement taken for location of post), and 2,472 feet
east of northeast corner, section No. 35

303. 114 358.9 69 On right bank, 8,320 feet from river. Is on the farm of John Hiffner, 2

on south side of fence on north side of east and west road, 660 feet
N. 780 43 E. from " Wapsey" school-house....

69 On left bank at Missouri City, Mo., in southwest corner of H. B. Gil.

lam's front yard, on Main street, 250 feet east of the Methodist
Church South

306.509 224 (242) On northwest side of 4.5-foot cotton wood, the center tree of three

large cottonwoods standing in fields, one quarter mile from river,
on west side of wagon road running sonth froin Missouri City, Mo.,
at offset in the road to the west; 600 feet southwest of 1-story log
house in grove of walnut trees east of road; about 2 miles south of
Missouri City, Mo....

306. 1 76 360.9 225 (241) On 1.8-foot backberry, in north and south lane, 300 feet southeast of

house occupied by Parson Phelps, owned by Wilder Roberts; 360
feet from river, 31 miles above Missouri City, Mo.....

312. 832 362.1 226 (240) On 3-foot elm, on line between fields westward and woods eastward,

800 feet from river, one-halt mile below foot of Blue Mills Island,
1.600 feet from river by timber line, 41 miles above Missouri City,
Mo. ; vicinity R. B.O 6, A 174....

305.791 363.2 227 (239) On 2-foot black walnut, io tield, 10 feet south of east and west fence,

100 feet southeast of 1.story log bouse, 500 feet from foot of bluff,
opposite head of Blue Mills Island; vicinity of a 172....

312.706 364.5 70 Is on right bank, at foot of bluft, 1,360 feet below old store house at 1 Blue Mills Landing, Mo., 100 feet from river.

311. 656 365.5 70 On left bank, 2,350 feet from river, N. 14° W.(Mag.) from 74. It is 2

at junction of north and south road with east and west läne, on
east side of road, and south side of lane

307. 634 Blue Mills “B. M.33" of 1878-top of rock ledge at northeast corner of old mill Landing. at Blue Mills Landing, Mo. Point marked with a cross (+).... 316. 021 305. 8 228 (238) | Horizontal furrow in hea, of copper bolt leaded into northern face,

6.5 feet from eastern, and 7.1 tert below upper edge, of projecting
ledge of hard rock, on which rests the north end of old mill at Blue
Mills Landing, Mo

310.823 229 (237) On 2.9.foot honey locust, 30 feet enst of north and south fence, 150

feet east of line between field westward and woods eastward, 100
feet from foot of bluti, three-eighths mile from river, and li miles
above Blue Mills Landing, Mo..

319.709 366.0 230 (236) On 1.9-foot sycamore, on south western edge of belt of timber border.

ing river below Liberty Landing, Mo., about 1} miles from the es.
tremity of the right bank point

311. 820 369.7 Liberty Land. “B. M. 32" of 1878-on 2-foot cotton wood, forked 12 feet above the ing.

ground, on edge of bank, one-fourth mile abore Liberty Landing,

312.614 370.2 231 (235) On 2.5-foot cottonwood, 700 feet east of river, on right bank of slough,

1,600 feet from extremity of point opposite Liberty Lapding, Mo.. 314. 834 370.9 232 (234) On 1.6-foot elm, in cleared land, about 700 feet from edge of woods

eastward, 700 feet from woods northward, 1,300 feet from river
(westward), 600 feet northeast of house and barn partially wrecked
by floods, 31 miles below Wayne City, Mo

315. 406 371.7 233 (233) On 1.8-foot walnut, on west side of north and south lane, 2,000 foet

from river, 450 feet northeast of house of Thomas Smith, 1,000 feet
north of foot of bluff, 14 miles below Wayno City, Mo

321.453 373. 7

Descriptions and elevations of bench-marks on the Missouri River, etc.—Continued.





the mouth.



375. 2

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378.0 379.8




234 (232) Horizontal furrow in head of copper bolt set into bowlder of bard rock,

lying on south side of wagon road, under fence, 1,200 feet below
Wayne City, Mo. The bowluer is about 14 feet long, 8 feet wide,
5 feet thick ; the bench is 4 feet from its east end and 2 feet below Feet.
its top, on its northern face ...

327. 400 Wayne City. “B. M. 31" of 1878–on foundation course of masonry at northeast

corner of 2-story building, of wbich the first story is rock, the sec-
ond frame, at Wayne City or Independence Landing, Mo

324 859 71

On right bank, at Wayne City, Mo., about 2,000 feet below the pump:

ing station, Independence Water Works, 170 feet from river, and
about 25 feet below ruins of old “Steam-boat Hotel"

319. 035
71 On left bank, 7.070 feet from river, opposite Wayne City, Mo., and

N. 56° 15' W. (Mag.) from 7 Is close to and on east side of north
and south line of fence between farms of Clinton and
Fenie; is on east side of Clinton's faim. B. M. is 5 feet south of
a low Elm tree, 24 feet diameter.

311. 003
71 Is at Minnieville, Mo., on the Wabash Railroad, 500 feet northwest

of track. Is in southwost corner of J. W. Spratley's farm, 21 feet Minnieville. west of a point, shown by residents, as SW.cor. Sec. 1, T.50, R. 32. 321. 297

235 (231) On 3,5-foot elm, on side of Bluff, 14 miles above Wayne City, Mo... 339. 074 236 (230) On 1.4-foot sycamore, on side of bluff

, 70 feet from river, 1 mile below mouth of Big Blue River, 24 miles above Wayne City, Mo.

329. 044 237 (229) On 1.5-foot elm, 30 feet from west bank of Rock Creek, 150 feet from river, one-fourth mile below Big Blue River.....

317.552 “B. M. 28" of 1878-on 1 foot hackberry, reference tree to 130.. 320.588 238 (228) On 4.1.foot cotton wood, 260 feet from river, 500 teet above line be

tween woods on the west and fields on the east, 200 feet below A
130, 14 miles above mouth of Big Blue River.

318. 330
72 On right bank, opposite Randolph Bluff, 5,930 feet from river, 8 teet

west of corner of junction of east and west and north and south Randolph

roads. North side of east and west road and west side of north Bluff.

and south road. Lizzie Wright's house is N. 65° E. (Mag.) and
120 feet distant.

72 On left bank, at Randolph Bluff, 370 feet up-stream from center line

of the Chicago, Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railroad Bridge, and 25
feet toward river from Wabash Railroad track..

334. 123 239 (227)

On 3-foot elm, 480 feet east of 2-story frame dwelling of George

Threkel, one-half mile from river, 3 miles below Kansas City, Mo.. 324. 259 240 (226) Cross (+) cut into top of stone foundation, on north side, 2.5 feet

from northwest corner of 1-story brick fermenting bouse of Kan.

sas City Distilling Company, 17 miles below Kansas City Bridge.. 328.641 241 (225) Cross (+) cut into top of stone foundation, at nortbeast corner of 4.

story brick grist-mill, called “Zenith Mills," 1 mile below Kansas
City Bridge.

335. 091 242 (224) Eqnals “B. M. 26" of 1878—cross cat into top of stone step at south

east corner of 3-story brick on northwest corner of First and Main
streets, Kansas City, Mo...

243 (223) Horizontal forrow in head of copper bolt leaded into north face, bear
Kansas City. east end, of south abutment of Kansas City Bridge...

341. 694 244 (222) Equals "B. M.241" of 1878—point of arrow head engraved on sonth

side of first pier north of south abutment of Kansas City Bridge,
and marked (erroneously). "High water of 1844",

341. 162
H. W. 1814, K. C. = (December, 1887)

334. 200 73

Op right bank, at Kansas City, Mo., 50 feet east of shore pier of Kan.
gas City Railroad bridge, and 10 feet from river bank.

332. 661
Kansas City.
73 Is about one-balf mile north of Harlem, opposite Kansas City, Mo.,

50 feet east of track of Kansas City, Saint Joseph and Council
Bluff Railroad, 70 feet east of water tank, close to, and on east side
of right of way fesce. Distance from river, 3, 460 feet....

384. 6

385. 3


386. 3


323. 191
72 Is on continuation of line to . 2,835 feet from 2. close to and on

south side of fence on south side of east and west road, 300 feet N.
76° 45' E. (Mag.) from Wiliiam Parker's house, and 480 feet east of
railroad track

325. 329 245 (221) Equals “B. M. 23" of 1878-cross (+) cut into top of foundation at northwest corner of Union Elevator, Kansas City, Mo

332. 629 246 (2201) Cross (+) cut into top of coping, at its northerd extremity, of first Kaw River. pier east of west abutment of wagon bridge across Kaw River at its mouth

330. 121 247 (220) Cross (+) cut into top of stone water table on north side, near north

east corner, of two-story brick on southwest corner of Third street
and Minnesota avenue, Wyandotte, Kaps. The rod must be held
against the wall, the bench being the top of the bevel.

364. 760 248 (219) On outer edge, next to corner stone pillar, of iron door-sill on south Wyandotte. side next to southwest corner of two-story brick on northeast cor.

ner Third street and Minnesota avenue, Wyandotte, Kans... 364. 159 249 (218) On south side of 3-foot sycamore, 50 feet from edge of high bank. 75

feet east of railroad, 85 feet from foot of bluff, threee-quarters mile
from river, 14 miles above Wyandotte, Kans...




388. 3


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