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his proper course as a professional man was to inform his clients that defended in person. A clause in the testator’s will appointed the executor they ought to make known the existence of the will, and unless they gave solicitor of the estate and empowered him, notwithstanding his executorhim authority to do so he should decline to act further for them in the ship, to make professional charges, but the estate was insolvent and the matter. It was stated that after receiving this advice the respondent did creditors therefore contended that the power to charge was in the nature nothing further in respect of the property affected by the will. The com of a legacy and could not take effect against the creditors. mittee reported that the charges of fraud and conspiracy on the part of KEKEWICH, J.-It is not my duty to consider whether my decision may the respondent had not been made out, but that his conduct in continuing or may not be bard upon the solicitor, neither can I consider whether the to act for Mrs. Williams and R. N. Williams with knowledge that they estate would be better off by bis acting and charging or whether it would were postponing the disclosure of and, therefore, in fact, keeping back the not. I must consider only the facts. A solicitor, by a clause in this will, will and so depriving the claimant of the benefits to which if it were valid which is very common, is allowed to charge profit costs notwithstanding he was entitled, and in allowing Mrs. Williams to make the affidavit above that he is executor and trustee of the will. He is the sole executor, and referred to without disclosing the will was extremely reprehensible. the estate is insolvent, and the question is whether he is entitled to charge Having regard, however, to all the circumstances appearing in the report his profit costs against an insolvent estate. This power in the will s and to the high character given to the respondent, the committee reported really a gift by the testator upon a condition. It is a gift to the solicitor that they were able to accept the respondent's explanation and to come of the power of charging for costs which he would not otherwise have if to the conclusion that he acted bona fide though very unwisely and he chooses to act as executor. It is for him to say whether he will or will improperly, and they therefore did not find him guilty of professional not act. He does act and must therefore take the risks of getting paid misconduct. The complainant now applied to the court to hold that the out of the estate. It seems to me it must be a matter of bounty, for but respondent had been guilty of professional misconduct and to strike his for this clause he could not charge at all for profit costs. It is a gift by name off the roll.

the testator to the solicitor which the law does not give. The testator in WRIGHT, J.-I think we have jurisdiction to deal with the respondent's fact says I give to my trustee and executor the right to act as solicitor conduct, even though the committee have not convicted him. In the case and charge therefor. That is just as much a legacy as a gift of £100 of Re Crowdy (11 T. L. R. 406) Lord Russell, C.J., says that he there would be. There is no difference between giving profit charges and giving thought it necessary, in reading the report of the committee, to go into a sum of money. It is a legacy chargeable with legacy duty, and unless those matters in which the committee had not found an adverse finding, I am at fault, legacy duty has been charged as against solicitors by the as well as into those matters in which they had found an adverse finding. Revenue department. If it is a legacy the whole question is settled, And he then goes on to give his reasons-namely, that though the court because a legatee cannot compete with a creditor, he can only come in would treat with great deference the findings of the committee, it was not after a creditor. A legacy can only come out of such part of the estate as bound by those tindings, and if therefore there were facts on which the is left after paying the debts and testamentary expenses. This is not a respondent ought to be found guilty, the court may find him guilty, debt, but a bounty, and therefore fails as against the creditors. It may though the committee has acquitted him. In this case we have therefore seem bard upon the solicitor, but he must take his risk. The law is as I now to form our own opinion whether we ought to impose any punish- have said, and I have nothing to do with the propriety of it.-Counsel, ment upon the respondent. I can well understand the view the com Church ; J. G. Wood. SOLICITORS, Maitlands, Peckham, & Co.; S. Franklin, mittee have undertaken. The respondent is a man who hitherto has been

[Reported by C. C. Hensley, Barrister-at-Law.] possessed of au honourable record, and no doubt it did not appear at first that his conduct would lead to aaything wrong, but he fell into a false position which became worse as time went on. I do not think that he had Re A SOLICITOR ; Ex parte THE INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY.

Div. Court. 13th Jan. any personal interest or wrong inotive in following the line of conduct which has been detailed in the report before us, but that is not sufficient SOLICITORS-APPLICATION TO STRIKE Off The Rolls-SOLICITOR STRUCK to exonerate him. I have come to the conclusion that the committee were Off The ROLLS BY COLONIAL COURT_ORDER OF COLONIAL COURT-DISCREtoo lenient in the decision they arrived at. It would be a great slur TION OF COURT TO Act UPON PRODUCTION OF ORDER. upon a very honourable profession if it might be thought that a solicitor might, in any possible event, advise and assist his client to commit per the roll of solicitors the name of a solicitor on the ground that he had

Application on the part of the Incorporated Law Society to strike off jury, and especially in cases where property is involved. A solicitor may already been struck off the roll of solicitors by the Supreme Court of the not adviso a client to omit a material document in an affidavit of docu. ments. It is the solicitor himself who settles what documents are to be there misappropriated the moneys of a client. The solicitor was person:

Cape of Good Hope on the ground of professional misconduct in having mentioned, and he cannot shelter himself behind his client. Then comes ally served with notice of the application, but was not represented on the the other point. The respondent was engaged in actively concealing this present hearing. The solicitor was admitted in this country in the year 1880 will. The effect of his doing so was that for three years the claimant and practised in this country until 1894, when he proceeded to the Cape, was kept out of an income of about £1,000 a year. Then in October, and was there admitted a solicitor. In the beginning of 1896 a rule was 1895, the respondent took counsel's opinion, and from that time he did made absolute striking him off the rolls of the Supreme Court of the Cape nothing that was not correct, and I think we must take cognizance of of Good Hope on the ground that he had collected and received on that. I think on the whole that the proper sentence is that the respon- | behalf of a client a sum of money which he had misappropriated. The dent be suspended from practice for two years, and that he pay the costs application now made to strike the solicitor off the rolls in this country, on of the inquiry and of this motion.

the ground that he had been struck off the rolls by the Supreme Court of the DARLING, J.-I am of the same opinion. I do not think that we can Cape of Good Hope, was a novel one, and one for which no precedent could possibly take a more lenient view than my learued brother has done. The be cited, and the application was based merely on the order of the Supreme respondent's responsible and respectable position is rather an aggravation Court striking the solicitor off the rolls, there having been no inquiry than otherwise of the matter. The fact that the dishonest course pursued here by the statutory committee, and the question now was whether the by bis clients was not at once denounced by a person in the respondent's court ought, merely upon production of the order of a colonial court position may well have encouraged them to act as they did. title, but also took active steps to enable them to dispose of their property, there was no precise precedent for the application, the case ought to be respondent not only concealed the fact that there was a flaw in his clients' striking a solicitor off the rolls, also strike the solicitor off the rolls in

this country. In support of the application it was urged that, although But he went further than this, for he also prepared what he knew would decided according to the old practice, that where an application of this be a perjured affidavit. It is true he pointed this out to his clients, but kind was made to the Conrt of Common Pleas, for instance, the Court of when they insisted upon the affidavit remaining in that form he did not Common Pleas, on being informed that the Court of Queen's Bench had refuse to act for them. This conduct on the part of the respondent the exercised their discretion in striking a solicitor off the rolls, abstained committee described as reprehensible. I think these acts merit punish: from going into the facts, but made the order on the mere presentation ment. It is our duty to see that the officers of this court do not enable of the order of the Queen's Bench: Re John Collins (18 C. B. 272), that persons to commit crimes. Then we come to the other matter-namely, according to that practice the solicitor ought to be struck off the rolls in the will. For two whole years the respondent conceals this document this country merely on the production to the court of the order of the and then he takes opinion of counsel. I should have thought that a

colonial court striking him off for professional misconduct, and that in person holding the position of the respondent would have known at once what was his duty and would have no need to consult counsel what he there could not be any hardship upon him as he couid attend and explain

fact the solicitor in this case had personal notice of the application, and ought to do. He should have adopted a more straightforward policy: the circumstances ; whereas, if the court refused to act upon such order The moment he found the will and any intention to conceal it he should the result would be that a person so struck off by the Court of the Colony bave refused to be a party to it at all. I think his conduct amounts to could come to this country and practise here as a solicitor; and that in professional misconduct. Appeal allowed with costs. The order of the most cases it would be extremely difficult to have an investigation of the court was that William Robert Davies, solicitor, of Dolgelly, in the county facts in this country. of Merioneth, be suspended from practice for two years and pay the costs

The COURT (Wright and DarlinG, JJ.) dismissed the application. of the inquiry and the motion, the order to run from the Ist of March

Wright, J.-It seems to me that no one can complain in any way of next.-Counsel, Carson, Q.C., and Foote, Q C.; Asquith, Q.C., and S. T. the Incorporated Law Society in having sought the help of the court Evans. Solicitors, Clayton, Sons, f. Fargus; T. D. Jones.

on a point of this importance; but, in my judgment, the application is [Reported by E. G. StillWell, Barrister-at-Law.]

not one we can properly grant. It is entirely without precedent, because

the suggested precedent of the comity which existed between the various Re WHITE, PENNELL v. FRANKLIN. Kekewich, J. 13th Jan. branches of the common law courts before they were united by the SOLICITOR - EXECUTOR POWER


Judicature Acts is not one that can guide us at all. Although having CREDITOR'S ACTON-INSOLVENT Estate.

separate provinces to some extent, they were courts mostly of co-equal

jurisdiction; all of them deriving their power practically from the same This was a summons on the further consideration of a creditor's action sovereign and acting in close harmony with each other, and having to do against the estate of a deceased testator for the determination of the with a body of solicitors who were, generally speaking, officers of each of question whether a solicitor who was sole executor and trustee of the these courts, and it was only natural that, when any court had protęstator's estate was entitled to his profit costs of the action which he had ! nounced on the conduct of a solicitor, the other courts would feel them






selves bound to follow it. But this case goes far beyond any case of that John, and Daniel, their heirs and assigns, upon certain trusts. And the kind. There must have been numerous instances, one would suppose, in will empowered the “trustees for the time being" thereof to sell all or which persons who are on the roll of solicitors iu this country, have com any part or parts of the said real estate. Richard Hamer, the last mitted offences in their capacity of solicitors in colonies or other parts of surviving trustee, died on the 13th of May, 1892, having by his will the Queen's domi, ions, as well as in foreign countries, and it must often appointed the respondents his executors, who, after his death acted as bave been desirable that they should be punished here, if possible, for trustees of the estate of William Hampson, and, as such, entered into a offences of that kind, but no such case has been shown. The difficulties contract with the applicants for the sale of the hereditaments in question. appear to me to be quite infuperable. How are we to say what description The question was whether the respondents as executors of Richard Hamer of court we to treat with such respect that

to Hampson could, under section 30 of the Conveyancing Act, 1880, sell and accept their decision as enough to justify us in acting here? Iconvey the real estate of W. Hampson in fee. do not know whether it is suggested that we ought to take that BYRNE, J., held that the power of sale contained in the will of William view of the decisions of strictly foreign courts, or whether the decision Hampson was exercirable by the respondents under section 30 of the of every small colody ought to be acted upon by this court, without Conveyancing Act. - Counsel, Milne ; Stewart Smith. SOLICITORS, Thomas inquiry by this court on its own account. We do not know what the Ward, Mancbester; Ashwell, Browning, $ Tutin, for Thomas Hughes, procedure may be in these cases; we do not know what their rules of Bolton; Ashwell, Tulin, f Co., Manchester. evidence are, and here we know absolutely nothing of the facts of the

(Reported by J. Arthur Price, Barrister-at-Law.1 case. The only evidence before us is an affidavit of the president of the Incorporated Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope, who says that an HENDERSON'S TRANSVAAL ESTATES (LIM) v. BARNATO BROTHERS. action bad been tried, and that from the facts proved in that action it

Byrne, J. 20th Dec appeared that the offence was committed. Of course that is the merest SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE, Mining Claims—MINING LAW or South AFRICAN hearsay. We are quite unable to judge for ourselves wbat the real gravity,

REPUBLIC -" CLAIMS OR THEIR EQUIVALENT"--JURISDICTION. or what the real nature of the facts alleged against the solicitor, may bave been. There is nothing to guide us to form our judgment as to whether This was an action for specific performance of a contract to purchase the sentence of the court there was properly pronounced, or whether the claims in the Transvaal. There was originally a counter-claim, but it was punishment was too severe or not severo enough, or was the right abandoned. The facts were as follow: By an agreement of the 10th of punisbment. I certainly cannot bring myself to think that simply because April, 1895, the plaintiffs agreed to sell to the defendants “100" a court in a colony has struck a solicitor off the rolls, therefore we ought “claims or their equivalent” on a farm known as Palmietfontein in the to accept their decision ag guiding us, not merely as to the fact of the Transvaal Republic. The word "claim ” has in Transvaal law a definite misconduct, but as to the degree of punishment to be inflicted. I do not meaviug, and it is not lawful to dig or prospect for precious metals until at all say that there may not be cases in wbich the court ought to act, and

farm has been proclaimed for public digging. The defendants subprobably would act, if the facts were brought up in a proper way, on

mitted that there had been no proclamation of the right of public digging evidence which was legal evidence; and if it could see clearly what it on the plaintiffs' land, and that the plaintiffs had no right to dig or was that the solicitor had done and that the sentence or punishment prospect for precious metals. Questions of South African law were also inflicted by the colonial court was such as we should, according to our

raised. own practice, be inclined to inflict here. I do not think in this case we BYRNE J., held that this was a case in which the Euglish Courts had have sufficient information even to raise these questions.

jurisdiction. If the words in the contract had only been “100 claims" DARLING, J.-I agree, and I only say this. I desire to speak with every

there might have been some furce in the defendants' contention. But the regard for the decisions of the courts of the colonies; but at the same time words were “claims or their equivalent.” On the evidence his lordship I cannot see that there is any real analogy between the Court of the Cape held that the defendants were aware that the farm had not been proof Good Hope, or any other distant colony, and the Court of Queen's claimed, and that the words "or their equivalent" had been inserted at their Bench, or the Court of Common Pleas, or the Court of Exchequer, which suggestion. His lordship hold that the plaintiffs were entitled to specific were not only courts sitting in this country, but sitting within a very few performance and costs.-COUNSEL, Astbury, Q.C., and L. M. Richards , Eve, yards of one another—all in the same building at Westminster Hall; and Q.O., and Leonard. SOLICITORS, Hepburn, Son, f Cutliffe; Ashurst, Morris, therefore the procedure of the judges of one court was necessarily Crisp, & Co. thoroughly understood by the judges of the others, and the kind of

[Reported by J. Artuur Price, Barrister-at-Law.] evidence on which they would act was thoroughly understood. There was this other fact, that they could easily, if they were in any doubt as to whether they would act simply on decisions of the other court with regard to the discipline of its officers, ascertain what was the evidence in any

LAW SOCIETIES. particular case. Therefore I can very well imagine that they would

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. apply a rule to the decisions with regard to officers of any of those courts which they would not apply to decisions with regard to their officers come In pursuance of the resolution passed at the adjourned annual general to in very distant courts. If there were any evidence at first band-not meeting, held on the 15th of July, 1881, to the effect that meetings of merely bearsay, which is all there is in these affidavits-of what it was the society should be held in January and April, a special general meeting that this solicitor had done, then I think this court would regard the of the members of the society will be held in the hall of the society on decision arrived at by the Supreme Court of the Cape of Good Hope, or Friday, the 28th inst., at two o'clock precisely, to consider the subjects any court holding a similar position, with great deference, and would give hereinafter mentioned. it its proper weight in coming to a decision; but I do not think that, Mr. ARTHUR MIDDLETON will move : "That having regard to the action having no evidence wbatever but a mere statement that the court has of the council of the society during the passage of the Land Transfer Bill struck a solicitor off the rolls, this court ought to say without further through the House of Commons last year, in not only withdrawing oppoinquiry that they will simply do the same thing. ---Counsel, Hollams. sition to, but approving such Bill, and taking into consideration the SOLICITOR, E. W. Williamson.

unmistakable position assumed and action taken subsequently by the (Reported by Sir Sherstox BAKER, Bart., Barrister-at-Law.]

Yorkshire law societies, this meeting regrets that the council, before

sending in their reply to the circular letter of the county council depreSOLICITORS ORDERED TO BE STRUCK OFF THE ROLLS.

cating the first trial of the Act in London, did not first consult with and 14 January.-RICHARD TUCKER, the younger (Bridport, Dorset).

consider the wishes of the provincial members through their provincial

law societies.'' 14 January.-David Thomas PHILLIPS.

Mr. W. MELMOTH WALTERS will move, with reference to the Law SOLICITOR SUSPENDED FOR A YEAR.

Society's Club: “(1) That the following addition be made at the end of 14 January.-WILLIAM HOLLOWAY BOTT (Oswestry).

rule 3: but the committee shall have power at their discretion to suspend or reduce the entrance fee for any period or for any class of members, and also to reduce the annual subscription payable by members or any class of members.' (2) That 'the following addition be made at the end

of rule 4: 'but such subscription may be reduced by the committee as CASES OF LAST SITTINGS,

before mentioned.' (3) That the words if any' bs inserted in rule 6 after the words entrance fee,' and in rule 7 after the words entrance

fees.'' High Court-Chancery Division.

Mr. C. H. MORTON will move: “That the present system under which Re PIXTON AND TONG'S CONTRACT. Byrne, J. 18th Dec.

retrospective regulations as to stamp duties are issued is unsatisfactory



VEYANCING ACT, 1881, s. 30.

This was a summons under tho Vendor and Purchaser Act, 1874, in the
Manchester district registry by the purchasers of certain freehold

LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETIES. hereditaments forming part of the estate of William Hampson, of LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY.-Jan. 18.-Chairman, Mr. Archibald Brightmeet Hall, Brightmeet, in the county of Lancaster, who died on Hair.—The subject for debate was : That the case of Penton v. Barnett the 12th of October, 1851, for a declaration that the respondents, the (Times L. R. 11) was wrongly decided.” Mr. A. W. Watson opened, and Mr. vendors, were not entitled to convey the hereditaments in fee. The È. H. Birdseye seconded, in the affirmative ; and Mr. James Brennan facts of the case were as follow: William Hampson, by his will dated opened, and Mr. J. H. Bate seconded, in the negative. The following the 19th of June, 1850, devised all his real estate unto and to the use of members also spoke : Messrs. Jolly, Dickson, W. B. King, and Berryman. his wife, bis daughter, Mary, and his sons, William, Richard Hamer, ' The motion was lost by 8 votes.


Circuit have been altered by the judges (Justices Lawrance and Ridley) as LEGAL NEWS.

follows: Newcastle, Monday, February 21; Durham, Monday, February

28; York, Monday, March 7, Leeds, Friday, March 11. OBITUARY.

Mr. Justice Gorell Barnes, Mr. Justice Luwrance, Judge Lumley Smith, Mr. RICHARD GIBSON, solicitor, senior partner in the firm of R & W. & Mr. Littler, Q.C., and Mr. Warmington, Q C., will be present at the J. Gibson, of Hexham, who died at his residence, St. Wilfrid's, Hexham, on Article Club dinner on the 2nd prox., on which occasion there will be a the 9th of January last, at the advanced age of eighty-three, was one of debate on the subject of “ Commerce and the Law.” the oldest practising solicitors in the north of England, having carried on business at Hexham for sixty years. Mr. Gibson's family have been

Mr. Herbert S. Syrett, a son of Mr. Alfred Syrett, of 45, Finsbury. connected with Hexham and the district for between 300 and 400 years. pavement, solicitor, was amongst the successful candidates at the recent Richard Gibson, one of his ancestors, appears in the Muster Rolls of the examination of the University of London for the degree of LL.B , being year 8 Henry VIII. (1531) as able to support the king with horse and placed in the first division. harness. The deceased gentleman was born on the 24th of June, 1814, and after being educated at Sedgely Park and Ushaw. College-the letters patent to be passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom

The London Gazette announces that the Queen has been pleased to direct latter being founded by his great uncle, Bishop William Gibson-he was articled to his brother, Jasper Gibson, who was carrying on an old-earl of the said United Kingdom unto the Right Honourable Hardinge

of Great Britain and Ireland, granting the dignities of a viscount and an established family business in Hexham. Mr. R. Gibson was admitted in Stanley, Baron Halsbury, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, and 1837, and, after spending a short time in London in the offices of Messrs. the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, by the names, styles, and Bell & Brodrick and Messrs. Chisholm, Hall, & Gibson, he, in 1838, titles of Viscount Tiverton, of Tiverton, in the county of Devon, and went into partnership with his brother in Hexham. The firm acted as

Earl of Halsbury, in the same country. stewards of the extensive manors of Hexham, Anick Grainge, Henshaw, Melcridge, Redley, and Thorngrafton; and they were the managers of At the Devizes Assizes on the 13th inst., before Mr. Justice Bigham, the Messrs. Lambton & Co.'s Bank in Hexham. Mr. Gibson was on many grand jury made the following presentments : “.(1). That, in the opinion occasions under-sheriff for the county, and also agent for several large of the grand jury for the county of Wilts, the criminal law should be 80 estates. In 1857 he was appointed clerk to the county magistrates for amended as to allow judges of assize and magistrates at quarter sessions, Tindale Ward Division, and in 1874, upon its formation, was appointed in their discretion, to inflict the punishment of flogging, in addition to clerk to the county magistrates for Bellingham Division. Upon the imprisonment, in all cases of rape, attempted rape, and indecent assaults formation of the Tyne Salmon Conservancy Board in 1865, he was elected on women and children ; (2) that the Summary Jurisdiction Act of 1879 clerk and treasurer; and he held all these appointments till his death. In should be amended so as to include the offence of obtaining goods by 1871, his nephew, Mr. Wilfrid Gibson, was taken into partnership, and in false pretences.” 1872 Mr. Jasper Gibson died. Mr. Gibson married on the 12th of April, 1864, Miss Sparrow, a daughter of John Sparrow, Esq., of Puddington Dixon moved the adoption of a report which recommended that the

At the meeting of the St. Pancras Vestry on Wednesday Mr. J. W. Hall, Chester. This lady died on the 10th of March, 1865, leaving one son, Mr. Jasper Gibson, LL B. (Lond.), who joined the firm in 1887. Mr. London County Council be informed that in the opinion of the restry Gibson took a great interest in the volunteer movement, and was largely the administrative county of London is not the best place to try the instrumental in raising the local corps, of which he was for some years experiment of the operation of the Land Transfer Act, 1897, as regards captain. He was also an ardent sportsman, and for a period of thirty the compulsory registration of land.” Mr. G. Bernard Shaw, in proyears was honorary secretary to the Tynedale Hounds. On the posing, as an amendment, the omission of the word “not,” referred to occasions of both his marriage and retirement, the members of the hunt the fact that the vestry had taken the opinion of solicitors on the subject made him very handsome presentations of plate. He was able to attend of the adoption of compulsory registration, an opinion which was adverse. his office until October last. Universal sorrow was felt at the news of his Mr. Shaw held that to consult solicitors about this matter was like condeath.

sulting a butcher on the merits of vegetarianism. The Land Transfer

Act in practice would be a bad thing for lawyers, no doubt, but London Mr. EDGAR FRANCIS JENKINS, solicitor, who died on the 18th inst. at the vestries were not elected to serve the interests of lawyers. He thought age of 48 years, after ten days' illness, from influenza, was the head of London local authorities should be the first to urge compulsory registrathe firm of Messrs. Brooks, Jenkins, & Co., proctors and notaries, of God. tion of land titles, instead of, as in a donkey race, trying to be last. The liman-street. He was admitted in 1872. His firm were concerned in amendment was carried by 37 votes to 17. most of the ecclesiastical suits of the past quarter of a century, the last being that of Read and Others v. The Bishop of Lincoln, in which he At the Bow-street police-court, on the 14th inst., says the Times, appeared for the Bishop. From 1880 to 1893 he was a member of the before Mr. Lushington, Henry Cook, solicitor's clerk, appeared to two Corporation of London and was chairman of many of the important com. summonses charging him with having, on the 5th of October and on the mittees. On leaving the Common Council, he was appointed ward clerk 15th of October, 1897, respectively, falsely pretended to be a solicitor, of Castle Baynard Ward. He was also one of her Majesty's lieutenants contrary to the provisions of the Solicitors Act (37 & 38 Vict. c. 68), s. 12. for the City of London.

Mr. C. O. Humphreys supported the summonses on behalf of the Incor.

porated Law Society; Mr. D. Warde defended. Mr. Humphreys said that APPOINTMENTS.

the defendant acted as clerk to Mr. H. E. Edmonds, solicitor, of Lincoln's

inn-fields. The charges against him were that on the 5th of October last Mr. J. C. LEWIS COWARD, barrister, a Bencher of Gray's-inn, has been he appeared for the complainant in a summons for wilful obstruction appointed a Member of the Council of Law Reporting.

heard at this court, and, a verdict being given for the complainant, Mr. George Belok Ellis, of 55 and 56 Chancery-lane, London, soli- applied for costs and was awarded 12s. The charge on the second sumcitor and chartered patent agent, has been enrolled on the Register of mons was that on the 15th of October, when a cross-summons between Attorneys permitted to practise before the United States Patent Office at two cabmen was called, he stated that he appeared for one of the parties. Washington.

On that occasion Mr. H. Wilson, a well-known solicitor, objected, in the

name of the profession, to him as an unqualified practitioner, and the CHANGES IN PARTNERSHIPS.

magistrate refused to hear him and subsequently told him to leave the

court. Evidence to this effect was given by Mr. Seth G. Hales, managing DISSOLUTION.

clerk to Messrs. Crawshaw & Caldicott, solicitors, and by. Mr. Harry Edward Woodhouse Veale and WILLIAM George Veale, solicitors Wilson, senior partner in the firm of Wilson & Wallis, solicitors. For (Veale Bros.), Bristol. Dec. 31.

the defence Mr. Warde said that the defendant had served his time as an [Gazette, Jan. 14. articled clerk, but it was not suggested that he was on the rolls.


attended on these two occasions, by direction of his principal, merely to

obtain an adjournment of the cases for a short time to allow of the FRANCES MATILDA UNWIN.-- $100 Reward.—A reward of £100 will be latter's being present to conduct them. It could not be said that in either paid to any person giving such information as will lead to the recovery of case any one was defrauded. Mr. Lushington said that if these were the the last will of Mrs. Frances Matilda Unwin, widow, deceased, who since defendant's instructions it was plain that he had not kept to them, but had 1890 chiefly resided in Kensington, London, but before that date, and acted as a solicitor. He would be fined £5 for each offence, with £3 33. occasionally afterwards, at Brighton and Bath. Information to be given costs ; in default, 14 days' imprisonment. Mr. Humpbreys said that he to Messrs. Pontifex, Hewitt, & Pitt, solicitors, No. 16, St. Andrew-street, wished to add that the Incorporated Law Society interested themselves in Holborn-circus, London.

these cases, not for the benefit of solicitors, but for the protection of the ANNA MARIA ESTHER CROOKSHANK.-A reward of £50 will be paid for people who were liable to be defrauded by unauthorized practitioners. the last will of Miss Anna Maria Esther Crooksbank, late of No. 30, Hawley-square, Margate, recently deceased. Apply to Messrs. G. F. Hudson, Matthews, & Co., solicitors, 32, Queen Victoria-street, London, E.C.

For Throat IRRITATION AND Covor.-" Epps's Glycerine Jujubes." RICHARD GREENHALGH.-Any solicitor or other person having knowledge to all suffering from cough, soreness, or dryness of the throat. Sold only

always prove effective. They soften and clear the voice, and are invaluable or possession of any will or testamentary disposition made by Mr. Richard in labelled tins, price 71d. and 1s. 14d.-James Epps & Co., Ltd., HomæoGreenhalgh, of 1, Temple-gardens, London, during the last four years is pathic Chemists, London. -[Apvt.] requested to communicate at once with Messrs. Merriman, White, & Thomson, of 3, King's Bench-walk, Temple, London,

WARNING TO INTENDING HOUSE PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.-Before pur. chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly

Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter GENERAL.

Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full The Commission days for the Winter Assizes on the North-Eastern particulars. (Established 21 years.) –[Advt.]

ROYAL HOTEL, SCARBOROUGH, LIMITED—Creditors are required, on or before Jan 31, to

send their names and addresses, together with full particulars of their debts or claims, COURT PAPERS.

to Tasker Hart, 44, Queen st, Scarborough, solor for liquidator


28, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE Ox

Rowland Beevor, Norfolk House, Norfolk st, Strand. Williams & James, Norfolk st, APPEAL COUBT

solors to liquidator
Mr. Justice

Mr. Justice
No. 2.

TalismAN MINES, LIMITED --By an order made by Wright, J, dated Dec 20, it was

ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Vallance & Co, Monday, Jan. 24 Mr. Jackson Mr. King

Mr. Pemberton

Lombard House, solors for liquidators



TURNER PNEUMATIC TYRE CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before March 10, to Wednesday..



send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Basil Thursday



Gee and Jobn Robie Whamond, 3, Crown ct, Old Broad st. Lumley & Lumley, Old Friday



Jewry chbrs, solors to liquidators



WILLIAM TOPLEY & Sons, LIMITED--By an order made by Wright, J., dated Dec 20, it Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Mr. Justice was ordered that the voluntary winding up be continued. Deacon & Co, 9, Great St KEKEWICH



Helen's, colors for petners

WINCHESTER SYNDICATE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Feb 23, to send Monday, Jan. .24 Mr. Leach

Ms. Lavie
Mr. Godfrey

in their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr. Tuesday



Charles H. Tindal, 19, Gt Winchester st. Andrew & White, 27, Clement's lane, solors Wednesday


Godfrey to liquidator





Beal ................. 29



Accrington, Lancs. Dec 15

London Gazette.—TUESDAY, Jan. 18.



ALKALI REDUCTION SYNDICATE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before March 1, to BELL.-Jan. 9, the wife of Edward A. Bell, of 6, Idol-lane, London, of a son.

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William

Barclay Peat, 3, Lothbury. Múnns & Longden, 8, Old Jewry, solors to liquidator MARRIAGE.

ANDREWS HAWKSLEY PATENT TREAD Co, LIMITED—Petn for winding up, presented Jan 14,

directed to be heard on Jan 26. Ward & Co, 85, Gracechurch st, solors for petner. Hunton-YEOMAN.--Jan. 18, at St. Mary's Parish Church, Whitby, J. R. Elstob Hunton,

Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afterSolicitor, of Stockton-on-Tees, to Fanny, fourth daughter of the late Thomas Pressick

noon of Jan 25 Yeoman, of Whitby. DEATHS.

ARGENTINE Concessions, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before

Feb 26, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, DENJSON-Jan. 15, at Londesborough, Malwood-road, Balham-hill, S.W., Charles Marsh to William Parker Owen, 3-5, Queen st, Cheapside. Keddey & Co, 9, Fenchurch st, Denison, Barrister-at-Law, of the Middle Temple, aged 62.

solors to liquidator RICHARDSON.- Jan. 15, at 10, Dewhurst-road, Edward Richardson, late Principal Clerk EDWIN BBAY GOLD MINING Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before March 14, Chancery Taxing-Master's Office, aged 73.

to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to

LJ Langmead, 23, College hill
GLOBE ENGINEERING Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Feb 28, to send

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to George

Edward Haworth, Duchy chbrs, Clarence st, Manchester

INGAMASONGA REEF, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before

March 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, SALES OF ENSUING WEEK,

to Louis Charles Alexander, Broad st avenue. Chave & Chave, Broad st avenue, solors Jan. 27.-Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, EGERTON, BREACH, GALSWORTHY, & Co., at the

to liquidator Mart, at 2 p.m., a valuable City Freehold Property, being No. 25, Crutched Friars,

GUY FAWKES REEF, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before situated in the centre of the wine and corn irades. Solicitors, Messrs. Bedford,

March 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, Monier-Williams & Robinson, London. Freehold Property next to King's College,

to Louis Charles Alexander, Broad st avenue. Chave & Chave, Broad st avenue, solors Strand, let for 10 years at £300 per annum, with reversion to increased rental.

for liquidator Solicitors, Messrs. Waderon & Mallesop, London. Long Leasehold Investments at KENSINGTON CO-OPERATIVE STORES, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Jan 14, Clapham, held for 99 years, let at £203 per annum, ground-rents £36 155. Solicitors,

directed to be heard on Jan 26. Sutton & Co, Great Winchester st, solors for petner. w Sanders-Fiske, Esq., London, and Messrs. Knight & Sons, Newcastle-under Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the after Lyme. (See advertisements, Jan. 8, p. 4.)

noon of Jan 25 Jan 27.-Mr. HENRY HENDRIKS, at the Grand Hotel, Birmingham, at 2 p.m., very LONDON SEWING MACHINE SYNDICATE, LIMITED-By an order made by Byrne, J., dated

important Rolling, Wire, and Tube Mills, situated in the centre of Birmingham, Dec 16, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the syndicate be continued. together with goodwill, plant, and machinery, with beneficial tenancy of 134, Great Scott, Bishopsgate st Within, solor for petners Hampton-street, with option of the tools, &c., at valuation ; also a three-story

Lux PATENT VENETIAN Blind Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Jan 13, manufactory occupied by the Shark Manufacturing Co. at £100 per annum, an

directed to be heard on Jan 26. Campion & Simmons, 90 and 91, Queen st, solors for underlease will be granted to purchaser for 22 years at a peppercorn rent; Leasehold

petners. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in Ground-rents and Reversions amounting to £279 per annum. Solicitors, Messrs.

the afternoon of Jan 25 Nicholson, Patterson, & Freeland, Messrs. Trinder, Capron, & Co., of London, and

MACK SYNDICATE, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Tuesday, Feb 22, to send Messrs. Ryland, Martineau, & Co., of Birmingham. (See advertisement, Jan. 8, p. 4.)

their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Isaac

Kircheim and Richard Thalmann, 15, Ángel ct, Throgmorton st. Dawes & Sons, solors RESULTS OF SALES.

for liquidators

Massı Kessi Reers, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)-Creditors are required, on or before At Messrs. H. E. Foster & CRANFIELD'S Property Auction on Wednesday last, at the

March 1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and Mart, E.C., the following Properties were disposed of at the prices named : 10, Beau

claims, to Louis Charles Alexander, Broad' st avenue. Chave & Chave, Broad st champ-place, Brompton-road, £550; Profit Rental, £27 per annum, secured upon 40,

avenue, solors for liquidator Fulham-road, £210; Leasehold Ground-rent, £8 8s. per anaum, arising out of 20 and 22,

MORTGAGE AND SECURITIES CO, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Jan 15, directed to Church-road, Battersea, £150; 29, 30, and 31, Harcourt-street, Marylebone, and Builder's

be heard on Jan 26. Beal & Payne, 22, Budge row, solors for petners. Notice of Yard in rear, £300.

appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of The same firm held their uusal Fortnightly Sale of Reversions and Life Policies, at the Jan 25 Mart, E.C., on Thursday last, the following Interests being among the lots sold :

PARDY'S RANGE, LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)--Creditors are required, on or before March

1, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to REVERSIONS:

£ Louis Charles Alexander, Broad st'avenue. C'have & Chave, Broad st avenue, solors Absolute to One-third of Legacies of £4,000 and £500; life 84 Sold 555 for liquidator Absolute to £250; life 61

115 SELF-ADJUSTING BICYCLE Surrort Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Feb To One-sixth of £8,151 27 per cent. Consols and No. 9, Queen Street,

28, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Portsea; life 49

550 Rowland Beevor, Norfolk House, Norfolk st, Strand. Williams & James, Norfolk st, Absolute to £4,148; life 59 ...

1,670 solors to liquidator LIFE POLICY:



field, Yorks. Jan 12 OLD KING'S HEAD KITCHEN CLUB, King's Head Inn, South Ockendon, Romford, Essex.

Jan 12


Street, 8 O, Somerset. Jan 12
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Jan. 14.

AFRICAN GOLD PROPERTIES, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Jan 11, directed to

be heard on Jan 26. Edwards & Cohen, 3, Coleman st, solors for petners. Notice of
appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of

Jan 25
BAMBOO CYCLE Co, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before Feb 26, to send in their

Dames and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Joseph Henry

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Jan, 14. Nolan, 59, Holborn Viaduct BROWNFIELDS Guild Pottery Society, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Dec 10, HARDWICK, Albert, Burnham, Somerset Feb 15 Hardwick v Wenden, North, J

directed to be heard on Jan 26. Bentwich & Co, Corporation ohmbts Guildhall, yandHARRAP, Julia, Wolverhampton Feb 14 Westcott v Cory, Kekewich, J Skidmore, colors for petner. Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Jan 25

Wolverhampton EUSSON & SCUER, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before Feb 14, to send their HarwaRD, HENRY HOLLINGWORTH, Pall Mall, Commission Agent Feb 14 Harward v names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Percy, Farbridge

Holme, Kekewich, J Williams, Lincoln's inn fields Ward, 32, Grainger st W, Newcastle upon Tyne. Maughan & Hall, Newcastle on Tyne,

solor to liquidator GREAT HORSELESS CARRIAGE CO, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before March 1,

UNDER 22 & 23 VICI. CAP. 35. to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Ward & Co, 7, King st, Cheapzide, solors for liquidator

London Gazette-TUESDAY, Jan, 11. H. S. NICHOLS, LIMITED--Petn for winding up, presented Jan 13, directed to be heard on

Jan 26. Leadam & Young, 28, Austinfriars, solors for petner. Notice of appearing Austen, CHARLES Joan, Wellington, nr Shrewsbury Feb 19 Gill, Devonport must reach the aboye-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afternoon of Jan 25

BALLIN, Isaac, Highbury March 16 Bannister & Co, John st, Bedford row

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BARTRAM, GEORGE WILLIAM, Tunbridge Wells Feb 19 Andrew & Cheale, Tunbridge

London Gazette.--FBIDAY, Jan. 14. Wells Bates, WILLIAM John, South Kensington, Jobmaster Feb 15 Woodbridge, Surrey st, AitkeN, ROBERT, Holland Park avnue, Notting hill gate Feb 12 Belfrage & Co, John

st, Bedford row Strand BENNETT, JOSEPH, Manchester, Engineer Feb 22 Hall & Co, Manchester

Avis, JAMES, Stoke Bardolph, Notts, Farm Manager Feb 11 Dowson & Wright, Not

tingham BENNETT, MARGARET, Manchester Feb 22 Hall & Co, Manchester

BAILEY, JAMES, Medway rd, Old Ford Feb 21 Halse & Co, Cheapside Bodkix, SARAH, Andover, Hants Feb 8 Phillips, Andover

BARRATT, WILLIAM, Derby, Innkeeper Feb 15 Daniel & Oldfield, Macclesfield Booth, David HENRY, Ipswich Feb 19 Westhorp & Co, Ipswich

BEARD, Mary Ann, Worcester Feb 26 Blackham & Taylor, Birmingham BOOTH, JANE, Ipswich Feb 19 Westhorp & Co, Ipswich

BRIDSON, Axx, Warrington Feb 16 Browne, Warrington BROOMHALL, John, Hanley, Beerhouse Keeper Feb 5 Bell, Newcastle

BURGESS, MARY Axx, Lowestoft, General Carter Jan 24 Norton & Co, Lowestoft BROOMHALL, MARY ELIZABETH, Hanley, Stafford Feb 5 Bell, Newcastle

CAMPBELL, Mrs CATHERINE ISABELLA, Eaton sq Feb 20 Wing & Eade, Gray's inn sq CARR, HENRY, Markington, nr Ripon, Saw Sharpener Feb 26 Bailey, Leeds

CHURCH, ROBERT WILLIAM, Ascot, Berks, Licensed Victualler Jan 31 Creed, Reading CHANELL, THOMAS, Exminster, Devon Feb 28 F Kimber & Co, Watling

CORNISH, CHARLES, Wandsworth Jan 31 Mantineau & Reid, Raymond bldgs CODD, GEORGE, Maldon, Essex Feb 26 Beaumont & Bright, Maldon

DANIELS, GEORGE ABBOTT, Rollesby, Norfolk, Farmer Feb 15 Goodchild, Norwich Cook, RICHARD, Teddington April 6 Duffield & Bruty, New Broad st

EARLE, FOSTER, Kingston upon Hull March 1 Holden & Co, Hull CURTEIS, JANE, Tunbridge Wells Feb 14 Kays & Jones, New inn

EDWIN, EDMUND, Winslow, Bucks April 1 Willis & Willis, Winslow DRAKE, JOHN ALEXANDER, Lowestoft Feb 9 Kingsford & Drake, Ashford, Hent FAWCETT, MARK, Mirfield, York, Farmer March 1 Barber & Oliver, Brighouse DRAPER, THOMAS, Leamington, Builder Feb 7 Wright & Hassalls, Leamington

Fox, RICHARD Ruxton, Hexthorpe, York May 16 Parkin & Co, Doncaster FOWLER, JAMES Jackson, Stoke Newington Feb 8 Barfield & Barfield, Finsbury pymt Goode, John FREDERICK, Handsworth, Staffs Feb 21 JB Clarke & Co, Birmingham FURNER, HELEN Eva, Fulham Feb 8 Speechly & Co, New inn, Strand

HARDY, THOMAS, Nottingham March 25 Thorpe & Perry, Nottingham GRAHAM, KATHARINE, Barnstaple, Devon Feb 8 Lee & Pembertons, Lincola's inn HARRIS, Joseph, King's Norton, Worcester, Broker Feb 26 Blackham & Taylor, Birfields

mingham GREEN, PETER, Hyde, Chester, Builder March 25 Brownson, Hyde

Hodgson, WILLIAM, Kensington March 1 Tatton, Kensington HENSHALL, Joblau, Hanley, Billposter Feb 28 Ellis, Burslem

Ivimey, HENRY, East Molesey Jan 31 Peacock & Goddard, South sq, Gray's inn Hill, MARY FRANCES STAVELEY, Kensington March 1 Guscotte & Co, Essex st, Strand KENWORTHY, EMMA, Eccles, nr Manchester Feb 26 A & G W Fox, Manchester IssotT, WILLIAM, Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, Rope Manufacturer March 1 Webster, LANGFORD, Mary Ann, Torquay Jan 28 Compton Bishop, Torquay

KERBY, WILLIAM, Handsworth, Staffs March 1 Coleman & Co, Birmingham

LARGE, ROBERT NEATE, Hillmarton, Wilts March 1 Keary & Stokes, Chippenham LANGLANDS, CHARLES REGINALD, Hove Feb 19 Reader, Strand

MACBRAIR, ARTHUR DARLEY, Blackheath Feb 18 ! & G Keith, Chancery lane LESTER, ALFRED PEARCE, Henley on Thames, Butcher Feb 12 Mercer & Oldham, MoGinty, DENNIS, Bradford, Beerseller Feb 14 Westwood, Bradford Henley on Thames

McGinty, DOROTHY, Bradford Feb 14 Westwood, Bradford
MOKINSTRY, Major ALEXANDER CHARLES EMANUEL, Bangor, N Wales Dec 31 Carter & MARSH, RICHARD, Sandwich, Kent, Manure Merchant Jan 31 Emmerson & Co,

Co, Bangor
MANLOVE, SIMEOX, Torquay Feb 8 Wells & Hind, Nottingham


MARZETTI, CHARLES THOMAs, Bromley Feb 18 Marzetti, Bartholomew House, Bank Maund, William Francis, Upper New Inns, nr Claverley, Salop, Farmer Feb 5 Under- MORYOSEPH, Abraham, Leadenhall st, Drug Merchant Feb 15 Longbourne & Co, Old

hill & Thorneycroft, Wolverhampton MIDDLETON, RICHARD, Diss, Norfolk, Yeoman Feb 22 G Lyus & Sons, Diss

Broad at

NOUAILLE, ANNE, Sevenoaks, Kent Feb 1 Lingard, Finsbury circus OLLIVIER, ROBERT Wilby, Wandsworth Feb 19 Paines & Co, St Helen's pl

PANKHURST, HENRY, Stroud Green, Commercial Traveller Feb 28 Dade & Co, London POIntox, HENRY, Northfield, Worcester Feb 19 Pointon, Birmingham

Wall Pole, Thomas, Leicester, Mechanic Feb 9 Waring, Leicester

RAMSAY, Hon ROBERT ANDERSON, Ryder st, St James Feb 5 Martineau & Reid,

Raymond bldgs PRITCHARD, THOMAS, Shrewsbury Feb 25 Hughes, Shrewsbury

RANDALL, HARRIETT, Nottingham Feb 14 Barlow, Nottingham WILLIAMS, THOMAS PRYDDERCH, Rhyl, Flint, and Tromas HENBY Parsons, Rhyl Feb 10 RICHARDSON, Mary, Munich, Germany Feb 17 St Barbe & Co, Delahay st, WestWR & PS Minor, Manchester

minster ROPER, SAMUEL, Cheetham, nr Manchester Feb 8 Doyle, Manchester

ROBINSON, CHARLES BERRY, Southsea Feb 1 Miller & Williamson, Liverpool SAUNDERS, ALICE MARTHA, Bournemouth Feb 19 Bone, Bournemouth

SANDERSON, ALFRED, Southwark Feb 28 Baker & Nairne, Crosby sq TANNER, MARK Batt, Lincolns ion fields Feb 28 Pontifex & Co, St Andrew st, Holborn | SMiLLIE, ELIZA JEAN, Kensington Feb 14 Fell, Queen Victoria st

circus Vines, EMMA Ann EDMUNDS, Nottingham March 15 Carter, Nottingham

Smith, William Thomas, Homerton Feb 15 Lewis, South sq, Gray's inn WHARTON, Edwin, Leeds, Engineer Feb 19 Law, Batley

TRESIDDER, LOUISA Jago, South Kensington Feb 28 F Kimber & Co, Watling st WHITE, SAMUEL MONCKTON, St Albans, Hertford, Brewer Feb 26 Dumville, St Wilson, SAMUEL, Hulme, Manchester Feb 26 Lawrence & Co, Manchester

West, JAMES, Durham Jan 24 Chambers, Durham

Wood, RICHARD ANDERSON, Gateshead, Insurance Manager March 1 Wilson, New

castle upon Tyne YATES, HENRY Edwin, Handsworth, Stafford Feb 19 Pointon, Birmingham

WOODCOCK, JOSEPH, Liverpool, Chemist Feb 28 Peacock & Co, Liverpo ul

BANKRUPTCY NOTICES. KEY, ARTHUR, Gt Easton, Essex, Butcher Chelmsford Pet YATES, JOHN LEEMAX, New Crofton, Yorks, Grocer WakeJan 10 Ord Jan 10

field Pet Jan 8 Ord Jan 8
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Jan. 14.

LUMB, SHADRACH, Hailfax, Slater Halifax Pet Jan 12 Yates, Owen, Bardsley, nr Ashton under Lyne, Farmer
Ord Jan 12

Ashton under Lyne Pet Dec 31 Ord Jan 12
ALLEN, ROBERT CATLEY, Bridlington Quay, Yorks, MATHEWS, WILLIAM HENRY, Cardiff, Grocer Cardiff Pet
Journeyman Painter Scarborough Pet Jan 10 Ord Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

Amended notice substituted for that published in the Jan 10 MAY, ALBERT EUGENE, Leeds, Clerk Leeds Pet Jan 8

London Gazette of Jan 11 : BAUGHAN, Joux, Shipton under Wychwood, Oxford, Far Ord Jan 8

MOORES, THOMAS, Warrington, Grocer Warrington Pet mer Oxford Pet Dec 31 Ord Jan 12 MAYSTON, JOHN HENRY, jun, Great Yarmouth, Ship

Dec 4 Ord Jan 6 BAYLY, WILLIAM THOMAS, Buckland, Hants, Builder Chandler's Assistant Great Yarmouth Pet Jan 11

FIRST MEETINGS. Portsmouth Pet Jan 10 Ord Jan 10

Ord Jan 11

Arkey, ALBERT JAMES, Cannon st, Commission Agent BEAMAND, RICHARD WILLIAM, Craven Arms, Salop Leo- | MOODY, THOMAS ARTHUR, Southsea, Tailor Portsmouth Jan 21 at 2.30 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st minster Pet Jan 10 Ord Jan 10

Pet Jan 8 Ord Jan 8

BRINKWORTH, FRANK, Neath, Glam, Fish Dealer Jan 21 COOPER, JOSEPH MAWBEY, Claybrooke, or Rugby, Com- MULLEY, WILLIAM, Bardwell, Suffolk, Baker Bury St at 12 Off Rec, 31, Alexandra rd, Swansea mission Agent Leicester Pet Jan 10 Ord Jan 10

Edmunds Pet Jan 12 Ord Jan 12

BROOMHEAD, JAMES, Sheffield Jan 21 at 2 Off Rec, Fig COOPLAND, GEORGE Francis, Whitby, Butcher Stockton NEIL, JAMES, Gillingham, Dorset, Farmer Salisbury Pet Tree lane, Sheffield on Tees Pet Jan 10 Ord Jan 10

Jan 12 Ord Jan 12

CHANDLER, CHABLES, Bunwell, Norfolk, Builder Jan 22 DAVIES, JANEs, Hindley, nr Wigan, Stationer Wigan NICHOLLS, JOHN JAMES, Ashford, Middlesex, Insurance at 11.30 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich Pet Jan 12 'Ord Jan 12

Clerk Kingston, Surrey Pet Jan 11 Ord'Jan 11 CULLIMORE, CHARLES EDWARD, Taynton, Glos, Farmer DIGGLE, SAMUEL, Manchester, Draper Manchester Pet PATEMAN, HENRY, Houghton Regis, Bedford, Butcher Jan 22 at 12 Off Rec, Station rd, Gloucester Jan 6 Ord Jan 10

Luton Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

DANIELS, Thomas WILLIAM, Southrepps, Norfolk, CarpenDyer, HERBERT HENRY, Winterbourne Stoke, Wilts, Baker PLUNKETT, JAMES, Nottingham, Traveller Nottingham ter Jan 22 at 12.30 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich Salisbury Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

DAVIES, Evan, Caio, Carmarthens, Farmer Jan 22 at EVANS, SARAH ANN, Llandilo Graban, Radnors, Grocer REYNOLDS, HENRY, Southrepps, Norfolk, Carter Norwich 12.30 Off Rec, 4, Queen st, Carmarthen Hereford Pet Jan 12 Ord Jan 12

Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

Dawson, CHARLES, North Cave, York, General Dealer FLEET, HENRY, Banbury, Builder Nantwich Pet Jan 10 ROBERTHON, CHARLES JOHN SUMNER, Hereford, Furniture Jan 21 at 11 Off Rec, Trinity House lane, Hull Ord Jan 11

Dealer Hereford Pet Jan 12 Ord Jan 12

DIGBY, Hugu MOUNTJOY, Putney Jan 21 at 12.30 24, FRANKLIN, SAMUEL JAMES, High Easter, Essex, Grocer Shaw, JOHN RICHARD, Blackburn, Plumber Blackburn Railway app, London bridge Chelmsford Pet Jan 8' Ord Jan 8

Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

DIGGLE, SAMUEL, Manchester, Draper Jan 21 at 3 Off FREEMAN, FREDERICK, Northampton, Farmer Northamp - TAYLOR, JOSEPH, Wakefield, Watchmaker Wakefield Rec, Byrom st, Manchester ton Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

Pet Jan 10 Ord Jan 10

GOBLE, Joux EDWARD, Brighton, Coal Dealer Jan 21 at 12 GOBLE, JOHN EDWARD, Brighton, Coal Dealer Brighton THOMPSON, JOHN BERTRAM, Nottingham,, Commercial Off Rec, 4, Pavilion bldgs, Brighton Pet Jan 10 Ord Jan 10

Traveller Nottingham Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11 GREENBAUM, Max, Landport, Hants, Pastrycock Jan 21 HOUGHTON, GEORGE, Bury St. Edmunds, Coal Merchant WARD, WILLIAM, Buogay, Suffolk, Fishmonger Gt Yar at 3 Off Rec, Cambridge jnctn, Portsmouth Bury St Edmunds Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

mouth Pet Jan 11° Ord Jan 11

HAGARTY, John, St Anne's rd, Stamford Hill, Undertaker Ison, HARRY, Hartshill, Warwick, Innkeeper Birming- WARTH, W, Chatteris, Cambs, Miller Peterborough Pet Jan 25 at 3 Off Rec, 95, Temple chmbrs, Temple ham Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

Dec 31 Ord Jan 12 JAEHNICHEN, FERDINAND RICHARD, Birmingham Birming- Watson, ALBERT, Burnley Burnley Pet Jan 11 Ord HAGUE, WILLIAM, Wheatley, Doncaster, Bottler Jan 21 ham Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11 Jan 11

at 2.30 Off Rec, Fig Tree In, Sheffield JAQUES, Jonx, Wandsworth, Fruiterer Wandsworth Pet WayMOUTH, WILLIAM HENRY, Ellacombe, Torquay, Baker HARRISON, ALFRED, Seaforth, Lancs, Butcher Jan 25 at Jan 10 Ord Jan 10 Exeter Pet Jan 12 Ord Jan 12

2.30 Off Rec, 35, Victoria st, Liverpool Jones, Thomas LEWIS, Cwmbach, Aberdare Aberdare WESTACOTT, WILLIAM LEVER, Newport, Mon, Baker New- HARRISON, FREDERICK WILLIAM, New Kent rd Jan 22 at Pet Jan 10 Ord Jan 10 port, Mon Pet Jan 11 Ord Jan 11

1 Off Rec, 8, King st, Norwich


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