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CRICKET. No international games were played in 1900. Knickerbocker Athletic Club, champions of New-York. The following are the records of the Metropolitan District Cricket League for the season: METROPOLITAN LEAGUE RECORDS.

Played. Won. Lost. Drawn. Per cent. Knickerbocker Athletic Club..



1 Livingston Field Club....



.714 Montclair Athletic Club..



.400 Manhattan Cricket Club.

4 New-York Cricket Club.




Times Most

Innings. not out. in innings. Runs. Average. F. J. Prendergast, Manhattan.


57.25 W. S. R. Ogilby, Livingston.


43.33 F. F. Kelly, Knickerbocker.


37.50 J. Flannery, Manhattan.


36.00 M. R. Cobb, Livingston.


34.87 A. B. Mifflin, Montclair..


34.75 F. W. T. Stiles, Knickerbocker.


26.11 W. Adam, Manhattan..


24.30 J. Parks, New-York..


24.00 J. E. Backus, Montclair.


23.00 A. V. Clarke, Knickerbocker.


22.50 H. E. Jackson, Livingston..


19.85 W. V. Hughes, New-York.


114 *Signifies not out.


Balls. Maidens. Runs. Wickets. Average. M. R. Cobb, Livingston.


5.50 F. F. Kelly, Knickerbocker.



7.41 A. Smedley, Manhattan..



9.80 H. Rushton, Manhattan..



10.18 W. Whitaker, Livingston.



10.35 C. G. Turner, Montclair.



10.90 F. J. Prendergast, Manhattan.




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shaw; 1883, W. Renshaw; 1884, W. RenSingles—1881, R. D. Sears; 1882, R. D.

shaw; 1885, W. Renshaw; 1886, W. RenSears; 1883, R. D. Sears; 1884, R. D.

shaw; 1887, H. F. Lawford; 1888, E. RenSears; 1885, R. D. Sears; 1886, R. D.

shaw; 1889, W. Renshaw; 1890, W. J. Sears; 1887, R. D. Sears; 1888, H.


Hamilton; 1891, W. Baddeley; 1892, W. Slocum, jr.; 1889, H. W. Slocum, jr.;

Baddeley; 1893, J. Pim; 1894, J. Pim; 1890, O. 9. Campbell; 1891, 0. S. Camp

1895, W. Baddeley; 1896, H. S. Mahony; bell; 1892, 0. S. Campbell; 1893, R. D.

1897, R. F. Doherty, 1898, R. F. Doherty; Wrenn; 1894, R. D. Wrenn; 1895, F. H.

1899, R. F. Doherty; 1900, R. F. Doherty.

Doubles-1879, L. R. Erskine and H. F. Hovey; 1896, R. D. Wrenn; 1897, R. D. Wrenn; 1898, M, D. Whitman; 1899, M. D.

Lawford; 1880, W. Renshaw and E. RenWhitman; 1900, M. D. Whitman.

shaw; 1881, W. Renshaw and E. Renshaw; Doubles—1881, C. M. Clark and F. W.

1882, J. T. Hartley and R. T. Richardson; Taylor; 1882, R. D. Sears and James

1883, C. W. Grinstead and C. E. Welđon; Dwight; 1883, R. D. Sears and James

1884, W. Renshaw and E. Renshaw; 1885, Dwight; 1884, R. D. Sears and James

W. Renshaw and E. Renshaw; 1886, W. Dwight; 1885, R. D. Sears and J. S.

Renshaw and E. Renshaw: 1887, P. B. Clark; 1886, R. D. Sears and James

Lyon and H. W. W. Wilberforce; 1888, W. Dwight; 1887, R. D. Sears and James

Renshaw and E. Renshaw; 1889, W. RenDwight; 1888, O. S. Campbell and V. G.

shaw and E. Renshaw; 1890, J. Pim and Hall; 1889, H. W. Slocum, jr., and H. A.

F. 0. Stoker; 1891, W. Baddeley and H. Taylor; 1890, V. G. Hall and C. Hobart;

Baddeley; 1892, H. S. Barlow and E. W.

Lewis; 1893, J. Pim and F. O. Stoker; 1891, 0. S. Campbell and R. P. Huntington, jr.; 1892, O. S. Campbell and R. P.

1894, W. Baddeley and H. Baddeley; 1895, Huntington, jr.; 1893, C. Hobart and

W. Baddeley and H. Baddeley; 1896, W. F. H. Hovey; 1894, C. Hobart and F. H.

Baddeley and H. Baddeley; 1897, R. F. Hovey; 1895, M. G. Chace and R. D.

Doherty and H. L. Doherty; 1898, R. F. Wrenn; 1896, C. B. Neel and S. R. Neel;

Doherty and H. L. Doherty; 1899, R. F. 1897, L. E. Ware and G. P. Sheldon, jr.;

Doherty and H. L. Doherty; 1900, R. F. 1898, L. E. Ware and G. P. Sheldon, jr.;

Doherty and H. L. Doherty. 1899, D. F. Davis and Holcombe Ward;

THE SEASON OF 1900. 1900, D. F. Davis and Holcombe Ward.


-Tournament held at Newport, R. I., AuPIONSHIP.

gust 14. All comers' singles, won by Singles-1877, S. W. Gore; 1878, P. F. William A. Larned, Summit, N. J., heatHadow; 1879, J. T. Hartley; 1880, J. T. | ing George L. Wrenn, jr., Boston. Score,

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6-3, 6-2, 6-2. Larned then challenged Fischer, New-York, who beat Malcolm D. Malcolm D. Whitman, Harvard (the pre- Whitman and Beals C. Wright, Harvard, vious holder of the championship title), in the finals. Score, 8-6, 4-6, 6–3, 6–4. and was beaten. Score, 6-4, 1-6, 6-2, EASTERN CHAMPIONSHIP.-Held at 6--2. Championship in doubles was divid- Longwood, Mass., beginning July 23. Won ed into two sections, as usual, the Eastern

by Malcolm D. Whitman, Harvard (prechampionship being held at Longwood,

vious holder), who beat Dwight F. Davis, Mass., beginning July 23, and the West

Harvard, in the challenge match. Score, ern championship beginning July 7 in 6-3, 3-6, 6-2, 6-3. Chicago. At Longwood, Harold H. Hack

WESTERN CHAMPIONSHIP.--Held at ett and John A. Allen, Yale, won in the Chicago, Ill., beginning July 7. Won by finals from Malcolm D. Whitman and Kriegh Collins, of Chicago, who beat SumBeals C. Wright, Harvard. Score, 5-7,

ner Hardy, California, in the finals. Score, 6-2, 6-8, 8-6, 6-4. At Chicago, Ray

4-6, 6-3, 7-9, 6–3, 6–4. mond D. Little and Fred B. Alexander,

SOUTHERN CHAMPIONSHIP.-Held at Princeton, beat J. Parmly Paret,

Washington, D. C., beginning May 22.

NewYork, and Kriegh Collins, Chicago, in the

Won by J. Parmly Paret, New-York, who finals. Score, 6-4, 8-6,

beat John C. Davidson, Washington (pre

1-6, 2-6, 63. The winning

vious holder). in the challenge match.

teams met at Newport in the play off to select

Score, 5–7, 8-10, 6–2, 6–0, 6–3. the

MIDDLE STATES CHAMPIONSHIP.challengers for the championship, and Little and Alexander

Held at Orange, N. J., won. Score,

Harvard, 2-0, 6-4, 7-5, 5-7, 6-2. The latter

Won by Malcolm D. Whitman & July 2.

who beat Dwight F. Davis, Harvard pair then met Dwight F. Davis and Hol

in (challenger),

the challenge round. combe Ward, Harvard (previous holders),

Score, 3-6, 6-3. 6-4, 6-3. in the challenge round for the champion- PACIFIO COAST 'CHAMPIONSHIP.ship of the United States, and were beat- Held at San Rafael, Cal., beginning June en. Score, 6-4, 97, 12-10, Tourna-29. Won by George F. Whitney, San ment for the women's championships held Francisco, Cal., who beat Sumner Hardy, at Wissahickon Heights, near Philadelphia, Oakland, 'Cal. (challenger), in the chalbeginning June 19. The all comers' sin- lenge match. Score, 6–2, 6–4, 6–4. gles won by Miss Myrtle McAteer. Pitts- METROPOLITAN CHAMPIONSHIP. burg, Penn., who beat Miss Parker, Chi- Held in New-York, beginning June 25. cago. Score, 6-2, 6-0, 6-0. Doubles Won by Edwin P. Fischer, New-York, won by Miss Parker and Miss Champlin, who beat Beals C. Wright, Harvard (chalChicago, who beat Miss Myrtle McAteer, lenger), in the challenge match. Score, Pittsburg, and Miss Marie Wimer, Wash

3–6, 6–1, 10–8, 8–6. ington, in the finals. Score, 9-7, 6-2,

INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPIONSHIP. 6-2. Miss Hunnewell and Alfred Cod

-Held at Philadelphia, Penn., beginning man, Boston, won championship mixed October 2. Singles won by Raymond D. doubles.

Little, Princeton, who beat W. J. Clothier, ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIPS.–Tourna- Swarthmore, in the final match. Score. ment held at Wimbledon, beginning June 6–3, 6–3, 6-2. Doubles won by Ray18. All comers' singles won by S. H.

mond D, Little and Fred B. Alexander, Smith, Stroud, beating W. Gore, Lon- Princeton, who beat 9. C. Thomas and s. don, in the finals. Score, 6-4, 4-6, 6-2,

P. Ware, Harvard, in the final match. 6-1. Smith then challenged Reginald F.

Score, 6-1, 6-2, 6-1. Doherty, London (the previous holder), and

STATE CHAMPIONS.—New-York, M. was beaten.

Score, 6-8, 6-3, 6-1, 6-2.

Whitman; New-Jersey. F. L. Hall; Championship in doubles won by R. F.

Pennsylvania, W. J. Clothier; MassachuDoherty and H. L. Doherty, London, who

setts. D. F. Davis; Maine, J. P. Paret; beat H. Roper Barrett and Hugh A. Nis

Virginia, A. M. Agelasto; Ohio, R. D. bet. London (challengers), in the challenge

Little; District of Columbia, J. C. Davidmatch.

son, Score, 9-7, 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-3.

RANKING FOR 1900. Championship for women's singles won by Mrs. G. W. Hillyard, London, who beat 1, M. D. Whitman; 2, W. A. Larned; 3, Miss C. Cooper, London (challenger), in

D. F. Davis; 4, B. C. Wright; 5, G. L. the challenge match. Score, 4-6, 6-4, Wrenn, jr.; 6, Kriegh Collins; 7, Holcombe 6-4.

Championship in women's doubles Ward; 8. J. A. Allen; 9, J. P. Paret; 10, won by Mrs. W. H. Pickering and Miss H. H. Hackett; 11, Sumner Hardy; 12, R. L. Robb, who beat Mrs. G. W. Hillyard

D. Little; 13, E. P. Fischer; 14, Richard and Miss L. Martin in the final match. Stevens; 15, J. C. Davidson. Score, 2-6, 6-4, 6-4. Championship in

INTERNATIONAL MATCHES. mixed doubles won by H. L. Doherty and Miss C. Cooper, who beat C. H. L. Caza

The Davis International Challenge Cup

was first offered for competition in 1900 let and Miss Robb (previous holders) in

by Dwight F. Davis, of Harvard, and the challenge match. Score, 6–2, 6–2.

St. Louis, Mo., and it was officially recogCANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS.-Tour- nized by the United States National Lawn nament held at Niagara-on-the-Lake, | Tennis Association and the English Lawn Ont., beginning July 10. All comers' sin- Tennis Association as representing the ingles won by William A. Larned, Summit, ternational championship of the world. N. J., who beat Beals C. Wright, Harvard, An English challenge was issued for its in the finals. Score, 6-2, 7-9, 4-6, 6-4, possession, and a team of three British 11-9. Larned then challenged Malcolm players was sent to America to meet a D. Whitman, Harvard (previous holder), similar team of Americans. These interand was beaten in the challenge match. national matches took place at LongScore, 7-5, 3-6, 6-3, 1-6, 7-5._Doubles wood, Mass., August 8, 9 and 10, resultwon hy Harold H Hackett and Edwin P. ing as follows:




Games won HOA

Games lost

Goals from

foul line..
Goals from


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Singles-M. D. Whitman (America), beat April 8 to 11-Amateur tournament for A, W. Gore (Great Britain), 6-1, 6-3, the court tennis championship of the 6-2; D. F. Davis (America), beat E. D. United States, at the New-York Racquet Black (Great Britain), 4-6, 6-2, 6-4. and Tennis Club. Final match won by 6-4; D. F. Davis vs. A. W. Gore (Great Eustace H. Miles, Tuxedo Park, who beat Britain), 9-7, 94-9 (unfinished). The Lawrence M. Stockton, Boston, by 60, Whitman-Black game was not played on 6--2, 6-2. account of the rain that interrupted the April 28- English amateur championDavis-Gore match. The Americans had ship at court tennis won by Eustace H. already won the cup. and the last two Miles,' Tuxedo Park. matches were unnecessary.

Doubles-D. F. Davis and Holcombe BASKET BALL RESULTS, 1900. Ward (America), beat E. D. Black and

The Metropolitan Championship games H. R. Barrett (Great Britain), 6-4, 6-4,

of the Amateur Athletic Union, April 10, 6-4.

11 and 14, won by the Knickerbocker A. Result-America won by 3 matches to O

C., it winning every game.

Record: and 10 sets to 1.

Two of the three English players, Gore and Black, remained in America long enough to play in the American championship tournament at Newport, R. I., beginning August 14. Black beat Sumner Hardy, California, in the first round at Newport (score, 6–2, 3-6, 6-3, 3--6, 6—2), and C. R. Budlong, Providence, R. Knickerbocker A. C. 3 0 24

24 I. (score, 8-6, 2-6, 6-4, 9-11, 6-2), in New West S. A. C.

23 3 26 the second. He was then beaten by his Pastime A.


3 4 2 English clubmate, Gore (score, 6-0, 7-5, 17th Separate Co..

22 5 5 60. Gore beat Henry Clews, jr., New

Games held at the Sportsmen's Show, York, in the first round (score, 6–0, 6–0, 640),

Mechanics' Building, Boston, February 22 Holcombe Ward, Harvard (score,

to March 10. 6—1, 2–6, 3-6, 7-5, 6-3), in the sec

The teams winning the ond, next Black' (as above), and was then

championship in their respective series

were as follows: Intercollegiate, Dartbeaten by G. L. Wrenn, jr., Boston (score, 9-7, 1-6, 0-6, 6-2, 6-2), in the semi

mouth College; interscholastic, Holyoke final round.

High School; Athletic Association, Cushing Academy Graduates; Y. M. C. A.,

Brockton. The four teams then played for RACQUETS AND COURT TENNIS.

the All-New-England championship. The THE SEASON OF 1900.

evening of March 9 Dartmouth College

played Holyoke High School. ScoreJanuary 20-International court tennis

Dartmouth, 21; Holyoke High School, 6. match at the Tuxedo Park Racquet and Tennis Club, between the amateur cham

LACROSSE. pions of England and America. Won by Eustace H. Miles (English champion), who

Johns Hopkins University for the third beat Lawrence M.

time in succession captured the championStockton (American champion), by 7–5, 6–3, 6–3.

ship of the Intercollegiate Association. Of February 6 to 10 - Amateur tournament

the other colleges Swarthmore did the best

work. The Crescent A. C. of Brooklyn at racquets for the championship of the

suffered its first defeat in three years at United States, at the Boston Athletic Association,

the hands of the Markhams of Canada, Boston, Mass. There were

and also went down before the Montreals. seven experts entered, including the English, Canadian and United States cham

Records of games played by prominent

teams in 1900: pions. Eustace H. Miles, of Tuxedo Park, finally won by the following scores: First

JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, round--Q. A. Shaw, jr., Boston, beat F. S. R. F. Abercrombie, captain, Won, 6; Gillespie, Montreal, 157, 15--1, 15-6; lost, 1. E. H. Miles, Tuxedo, beat' F. F. Rolland,


G'ls by Montreal, 15-8, 15-12, 15-5; Austin

Date. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts. Potter, New-York, beat W. S. Dinsmore, Mar. 31-All Baltimore, at Balt.. 8 0 New-York, 154-12, 15-11, 15--12. Semi- | Apl. 7-Univ. of Penn., Balt... 7 0 final round-Q. A. Shaw, jr., Boston, beat Apl. 14–Crescent A. C., B'klyn.. 4 8 H. Payne Whitney, New-York, 15-4, Apl. 21-Swarthmore, Baltimore.. 7 6-15, 15-6, 17-15; E. H. Miles, Tuxedo, Apl. 28-Columbia Univ., Balt... 5 0 beat Austin Potter, New-York, 15-7, May *5-Lehigh Univ., Balt..... 5 0 15-1, 154-6. Final round-E. H. Miles, May *12-Stevens Inst., Hoboken. 4 3 Tuxedo, beat Q. A. Shaw, jr., Boston, *Intercollegiate Association championship 15 -- 4, 11-15, 15-5, 15—3.

games. March 4 to 7--Canadian amateur cham

SWARTHMORD COLLEGE. pionship tournament at the Montreal Rac- O. E. Jackson, captain Won, 6; lost, 2. quet and Tennis Club, Montreal, Can.


G'ls by Final match won by Eustace H. Miles, Date. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts. Tuxedo Park, who beat F. F. Rolland, Apl. 11-Hobart, Swarthmore... 6 0 Montreal, 153, 152, 15-6.

Apl. 14Col'bia Un., Sw'thmore, 8 2 March 27 to 31-Club racquet champion- | Apl. 16–Un. of Penn., Sw'thmore 3 2 ship tournament of the New-York Rac- Apl. 21-Johns Hopkins U., Balt. 4

7 quet and Tennis Club. Final match won Apl. 30-Univ. of Penn., Phila... 5 by Eustace H. Miles, Tuxedo Park, who May 2-Stevens Inst., Hoboken.. 6

3 beat J. S. Hoyt, New-York, in the final May 5-Crescent A. C., B. Ridge, O match, by 15-12, 15—7, 15–5.

May 9-Lehigh Un., So. Beth... 5

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4 play.



G’ls by Felix Layot, captain. Won, 6; lost, 3.

Date. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts. Where G’ls by Apl. 21-Stevens Ins., Bay Ridge.12 1 Date. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts.

Apl. 28-Harvard, Boston.

0 Apl. 14-Staten Island, Staten Isl. 8 1

May 5-Swarthmore, B. Ridge.. 7 0 Apl. 21–Crescent A. C., B’klyn.. 1


May 19-Lehigh Univ., B. Ridge. 6 0 Apl. 25—C. 0. N. Y., Hoboken... 2

1 May 26—Capitals, Toronto, B. R. 6 3 May 2-Swarthmore, Hoboken... 3


May 30—Toronto Univ., B. Ridge.12 3 5—Staten Island, Hoboken. 7 1 June 5-Montreal, Montreal..... 5 14 May 12Joh is Hopkins, Hoboken 3



6 May 22-Indians, Hoboken.. 6

F. Knight, captain. Won, 2; lost, 3; May 26-Lehigh, So. Bethlehem.. 6

drawn, 1.



Date. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts. J. K. Digby, captain. Won, 3; lost, 2.

Apl. 14-Stevens Ins., Staten Isl. 1 7 Where

G'ls by

Apl. 21-Col'bia Un., Staten Isl.. 4 4 Date. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts.

Apl. 28—Stevens "1904, S. Isl.. 9 Apl. 10Hobart Col., So. Beth...11 0

May 5-Stevens Inst., Hoboken. 2 Apl. 28—C. C. N. Y., So, Beth... 14

May 30—Indians, New-York..... 2
May 5—Johns Hopkins U., Balt. O 5

June 5-Heffley School, S. Isl... 5
May 19-Crescent A. C., B'klyn.. 0
May 26—Stevens Inst., So. Beth. 6 5


Amateur championship-Garden City, 1.. W. N. Lindsay, captain. Won, 2; lost, I. As in previous years, medal and match 3; drawn, 1.

play were combined; that is, the qualifyWhere

G'ls by ing round was at 36 hole medal play, and Date. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts. the best thirty-two players became eligible Apl. 14–Swarthmore, Sw'thmore. 2 8 for the succeeding rounds at 36 hole match Apl. 21—Staten Island, Staten Isl. 4

The tournament began on July 2 Apl. 28-Johns Hopkins, Balt....

5 and continued through July 7. In the May 4-Hobart College, Geneva. 4 2 qualifying round Walter J. Travis made May 5-Cornell, Ithaca.


6 the best score, 168. The final round was May 12—Harvard. New-York..... 6 3 between Walter J. Travis, Garden City, HARVARD UNIVERSITY.

and Findlay S. Douglas, Fairfield County W. G. Mortland, captain. Won, 1; lost, hold the championship title and cup until

Golf Club. Travis won by 2 up, and will 2; drawn, 1.

the summer of 1901. Where

G'ls by

National Date.

open championship-Chicago Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts. Apl. 28-Crescent A. C., Boston. 0

Golf Club, Wheaton, Ill., October 4 and 5; 15

72 holes, medal play, 36 holes each day. May 5-Univ. of Penn., Boston.. 1 1

The presence of Harry Vardon, ex-chamMay 12-Col'bia Un., New-York. 3 6 May 19_Cornell Univ., Boston... 1

pion of England, and J. H. Taylor, cham0

pion of England, did much to add interest UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. to the play. On the first day Vardon led,

with a total of 157. Taylor was second, Won, 1; lost, 3; drawn, 1.

with 158, and David
G'ls by

Bell, Midlothian, Date. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts; Vardon, with a total of 313.

third, at 161. Championship was won by Apl. 7-Johns Hopkins, Balt.... 0 7

Women's national championship-ShinApl. 12-Hobart, Philadelphia.... 2 1

necock Hills Golf Club, Southampton, L. Apl. 16-Swarthmore, Sw'thmore. 2 3

I., August 29 to September 1. The qualiApl. 30—Swarthmore, Phila...


fying round was at 18 holes, medal play, May 5-Harvard, Cambridge.... i 1

and each successive round at 18 holes, HOBART COLLEGE.

match play. For the fifth successive year J. G. Coleman, captain. Won, 0; lost, 7.

Miss Beatrix Hoyt, Shinnecock Hills Golf Where G'ls by Club, made the best score in the qualifyDate. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts.

ing round,

94. Championship won by Apl. 10_Lehigh Univ., So. Beth. 0 11

Miss Frances Griscom, Merion Cricket Apl. 11-Swarthmore, Sw'thmore. O 6 Club, Philadelphia. Apl. 12-Univ. of Penn., Phila... 1 2 Women's Metropolitan (New-York) DisApl. 20—Cornell Univ., Ithaca... 1 2 trict championship-Morris County Golf Apl. 27-Cornell Univ., Geneva.. 1 3 Club, Morristown, N. J., June 11 to 15, inJay 4-Columbia Un., Geneva. 2

4clusive. Qualifying round

at 18 holes, May 19-Indians, Geneva..


medal play, in which the best sixteen be

came eligible for the subsequent rounds at COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW-match play, also at 18 holes.

In the openYORK.

ing round the best score was made by C. E. Fredrick, captain. Won, 0; lost, 2. Miss Maude K. Wetmore, Morris County


G'ls by Golf Club, who did 102. Final round beDate. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts. tween Miss Genevieve Hecker and Miss Apl. 21-Stevens Inst., Hoboken. 1 2 Ruth Underhill. Miss Hecker won by 9 up Apl. 28–Lehigh, So. Bethlehem.. 0 14 and 7 to play, and will hold the chamCRESCENT ATHLETIO CLUB.

pionship title un il the spring of 1901.

Metropolitan (New-York) District chamJohn P. Curry, Captain. Won, 7; lost, 2. pionship-Nassau Country Club, Glen Cove,


G'ls by L. I., May 24 to 26, inclusive. The tourDate. Opponents. played. Goals. opp'ts. nament began with a qualifying round at Apl. 14-Johns Hopkins, B. Ridge 8 41 36 holes, medal play, in which fifty-five

players took part. The first thirty-two beaten by the best


of W. D. qualified, the best score being made by Brownell, Wannamoisett Golf Club, and Findlay S. Douglas, Fairfield County Golf C. L. Bremer, Wollaston Golf Club, 2 up Ciub, who did 162. Travis won, with 3 up and 1 to play, and 2 to play.

Chicago, July 10— Vardon was beaten in Intercollegiate team match tournament- a thirty-six hoie match by the best ball of Laurence Harbor Country Club, Morton, N. Harry Turpie ana David Bell, profesJ., May 12. Yale, Princeton and Colum- sionals, at Midlothian Country Club, 6 up bia entered teams of four men each. Yale and 5 to play. won, with a total score of 754; Princeton, Cleveland, July 28—Vardon defeated the second, 763, and Columbia, last, with 820. best ball of Joseph Mitchell and Sterling

New-York Stock Exchange Handicap- Beckwith, in a thirty-six hole match at Knollwood Country Club, at Elmsford, N. the Glenville Golf Club by 4 up, reducing Y., June 16. There were forty-four com

the nine hole record to 33, two strokes petitors. Benson B. Sloan made the best better than the previous record. handicap score, 94-20-74. Alfred L. Seabright, N. J., Sept. 8—Vardon was Norris made the best gross score, 79.

beaten by the best ball of "Willie" Norton and F. W. Menzies, Seabright Golf


Richmond County Country Club, Staten RECORDS.

Island, Sept. 15–Vardon defeated the best

ball of Douglas Bonner and C. T. Stout Harry Vardon, the then holder of the in the forenoon by 5 up, reducing the open golf championship of Great Britain, eighteen hole record to 71; and J. R. made his first public appearance in this Chadwick and A. E. Paterson in the afcountry February 12, 1900, at the Lau- ternoon by 7 up. rence Harbor Country Club, of Morton, N. Morristown, N. J., Sept. 20—Vardon J. He played a thirty-six hole match, was beaten in a thirty-six hole match on eighteen against the best ball of Mortimer the Morris County links by the best ball M. Singer and John M. Ward and eighteen of “Tom” Hutchinson, professional, Shinagainst M. M. Singer and H. C. Ville- necock Hills Golf Club, and George Low, pigue. Vardon won, 12 up, making a new professional, Dyker Meadow Golf Club, by thirty-six hole record of 172.

a score of 7 up and 6 to play. Vardon vs. “Willie" Smith, American Montreal, Sept. 25—Vardon was beaten open champion, St. Augustine, Fla., Feb- in a thirty-six hole match on the Royal ruary 17- Vardon won in a thirty-six hole Montreal links by the best ball of Smith, match by 2 up and 1 to play. Medal professional, and Cumming, professional, scores: Vardon, 153; Smith, 156.

by 1 up. Vardon vs. Bernard Nicholls, profes- Newton, Mass., Oct. 13–Vardon

was sional of the Philadelphia Country Club, beaten in a thirty-six hnle match at the Ormond, Fla., February 20—Nicholls won Brae Burn Golf Club by Bernard Nicholls, in a thirty-six hole match by 5 up and 4 professional, by 2 up. to play. Medal scores: Nicholls, 114; Lowell, Mass., Oct. 24-Vardon defeated Vardon, 114.

Alexander Findley, professional, in a thirVardon vs. Alexander Findley, golfer-ty-six hole match at the Vesper Country in-chief, Florida East Coast Golf League: Club by 13 up and 12 to play. Palm Beach, Fla., February 22—Vardon Van Cortlandt Park, N. Y., Nov. 17won in a thirty-six hole match by 1 up. Vardon defeated the best ball of William Medal scores: Vardon, 153; Findley, 155. Freeland and "Val" Flood, professional,

Miami, Fla., February 26—Vardon made in the morning by 7 up, and the best ball a new record of the Royal Palm links of of Flood and F. w. c. Morrill in the 76, reducing the previous record by 3 afternoon by 5 up. strokes. Pinehurst, N. C., March 10 Vardon

LEADING OPEN TOURNAMENTS. made a new record of the links of 71, re- Atlantic City Golf Club-Open tournaducing the previous record 10 strokes. ment, April 3-7-Won by Walter J. Travis,

Atlantic City, N. J., April 2–Vardon Garden City Golf Club, who defeated made a new record of 76, reducing the Findlay S. Douglas, Fairfield County Golf previous record by 5 strokes. The follow- Club, in final round, 4 up, 2 to play. ing day Vardon beat the best ball of H. Golf Club of Lakewood-Open tournaM. Harriman, Garden City Golf Club, and ment, April 19-21-Won by R. C. Watson, Findlay S. Douglas, Fairfield County Golf jr., Westbrook Golf Club, · who defeated Club, 9 up and 8 to play.

C. M. Hamilton, Baltusrol Golf Club, in New-Haven, Conn., April 7- Vardon final round by 1 up in nineteen holes. made a new record of the New Haven Gross score medal in qualifying round Country Club course of 71, reducing the won by C. M. Hamilton, at 171. previous record 4 strokes.

Baltusrol Golf Club, Short Hills, N. J. Hartsdale, N. Y., April 10-Vardon de- -Open tournament, June 6-9-Won by R. feated “Willie" Dunn, ex-open champion, C. Watson, jr., Westbrook Golf Club, who 17 up, making a new eighteen hole record defeated James A. Tyng, Morris County of 81 and a new thirty-six hole record of Golf Club, 7 up and 5 to play. Gross 160.

score medal in qualifying round won by Bayside, L. I., April 24–Vardon de- A. G. Lockwood, Boston, at 167. feated the best ball of Walter J. Travis Oakland Golf Club, Bayside, L. I.-Open and James Douglas (professional) at the tournament, June 14-16--Won by Walter Oakland Golf Club by 6 up.

J. Travis, Oakland Golf Club, who de Dyker Meadow Golf Club, Brooklyn, N. feated W. G. Barnwell, Oakland

Golf Y., May 2-Vardon defeated George Low, Club, 8 up and 6 to play. Gross score professional, in a thirty-six hole match medal in qualifying round won by W. J. by 12 up.

Travis, at 76. Providence, R. I., May 3--Vardon was Knollwood Country Club, Elmsford, N.

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