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THE CHIEF JUSTICESHIP. — It was announced some months ago that the President did not intend to appoint the new Chief Justice until the meeting of Congress, and in the meanwhile proposed to ascertain, if possible, the wishes of the public; among other ways by consulting the press. He has probably long before now repented any such determination, if he ever made it; but it is interesting to find in a legal journal such aid toward the formation of a correct opinion as is to be derived from the following paragraph, which.we take from the Albany Law Journal :

It was announced that the number of probable nominees had dwindled down to four, and that these four were Benjamin R. Curtis, William M. Evarts, Ex-Attorney. General Hoar, and Attorney-General Williams, and that “well-informed persons " believe that the choice will fall upon Mr. Curtis. If the President shall determine to pass by such tried judges as Mr. Justice Miller, or as Judges Dillon, Woodruff, or Chipman, and select a man unused to the bench, however able as a lawyer, the advocates of an elective judiciary will have a new argument on their side.

It would be an interesting experiment in logic to express in syllogistic form the new argument which the advocates of an elective judiciary would find in the appointment of Judge Curtis or Mr. Evarts. We were not aware that the nominating caucuses had hitherto selected only men of judicial experience. It is, too, a somewhat novel proposition, which the history of the English or American bench will hardly sustain, that the most eminent chief justices have been taken from the bench rather than the bar; for we suppose that our contemporary limits its doctrine to chief justices, and hardly proposes to take the broad ground that none but judges should be appointed to the bench.

Even on the question of fact, if we were disposed, we might join issue in the reasonable expectation of showing that at least one of the candidates who are placed below Judge Chipman has not been entirely “ unused to the bench," even of the Supreme Court.

SUPREME COURT. - CARRIER. EFFECT OF PRINTED NOTICE ON CARRIER'S RECEIPT IN LIMITING LIABILITY. — The Michigan Central R.R. Co. v. The Mineral Springs Manufacturing Co. — The limits of our last number prevented our noticing the decision of the Supreme Court in this case, which will be hailed with satisfaction by all who have occasion to send packages by express, and if adopted, as we hope it speedily will be, by the courts of those states where a different rule has prevailed, will do much to secure from the large express companies greater consideration for the rights of the public than

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