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presented Dec 28, directed to be heard before Chitty, J, on Jan 14. Paterson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Haxby, Leicester, solicitor for the petitioner

COURT PAPERS. SOCIETY OF AFRICAN TRADERS, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Dec 6, directed to be heard before Fry, J, on Jan 13. Cotton, Southampton bldgs, solicitor for the petitioner

[Gazette, Jan. 3.)


dated Dec 30, it was ordered that the society be wound up. Elborough and Dean,


Y. O. BACON. V.O. HALL. Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the petitioner

TYNESIDE PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.---Petition for winding up, presented
Dec 28, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Jan 13. Allen, Bedford row, agent Monday, Jan.

9 Mr. Koe

Mr. Latham Nr. Pemberton for Criddle, Newcastle-on-Tyne, solicitor for the petitioner

10 Clowes


TGazette, Dec. 30.1



12 Clowes


Ward has fixed Thursday, Jan 12, at 12, for the appointment of an official liquidator

13 Koe

[Gazette, Jan. 3.]

Pemberton Satarday. 14 Clowes



Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

Mr. Justico

CHITTY. Isox, STEEL, AND HARDWARE COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by the V.C., dated

9 Mr. Farrer Mr. Merivale Mr. Jackson Nov 21, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Barrell and Co, Liverpool, Monday, Jan........ solicitors for the petitioner

[Gazette, Dec. 30 ] Tuesday

10 Teesdale King

Cobby Ixox, STEEL, AND HARDWARE COMPANY, LIMITED.—The V.C. has, by an order dated Wednesday.

11 Farrer

Merivalo Jackson Nov 21, appointed Higginson Robinson, 20, Water st, Liverpool, to be official



Cobby liquidator

[Gazette, Jan. 3.)
13 Farrer

Merivale Jackson
14 Teesdale King


.... 24




(Continued from page 144.) LAST DAY OF PROOF.


Saturday ..25., Petns., sht. caus. & ge. pa. ALLDRIDGE, CHARLES HOUGHTON. Birmingham, Cabinet Case Maker. Jan 31. Alldridge

At Lincoln's-inn and Westminster.


....27..In Bankruptcy. v Alldridge, Fry, J. Southall, Birmingham

App. motos. ex pte, apps.

Tuesday....28 Davis, Moss, Surrey st, Strand. Feb 28. Peplow v Spyer, Fry, J. Spyer, Winchester

Wednes, Mar 1 from orders made on inter- Wednsdy

29 House, Old Broad st

General paper.

locutory motns, & oihr apps Thursday ..30 EaDOS, JOIN ALFRED, Sheffield, Auctioneer. Jan 24, Eadon » Eadon, Chitty, J.

Thursday 2. Bkcy apps and othr apps

Friday ..31.. Motns, a lj. sume & gen pa. Brown and Son, Sheffield

3 Friday

Satrdy, Apr 1...Pets., sht causes, & gen. pa. HODGES, RICHARD JOIN, Weston-super-Mare, Esq. Jan 28. Shurlock v Hodges, Satrday


Monday 3..In Bankruptcy.
Chitty, J. Mills, New sq, Lincoln's inn


Tuesday.... 4..General papar.
KEAS, JAMES, Wrexham, Denbigh, Pawnbroker. Jan 27. Mallon v Beirne, Hall, V.C.


Wednesday. 5.. Mts. adj. sums. & gen pa. Hughes, Wrexham

App. mots. ex pte, apps.

Further Considerations will betaken as part KENDALL, Thomas MARSTERS, King's Lynn, Norfolk, Surgeon. Jan 24. Woodward v Wednesday 8{from orders made on inter- of the General Paper in priority to Kendall, Chitty, J. Archer, King's Lynn

locutory moins., &othr apps

Original Causes which have not already LOADEE, CHABLES PRICE, Great Lever, near Bolton, Wine Merchant. Jan 27. Loader Thursday 9..Bkoy. apps. & othr apps. appeared in the paper. Daniel, Hall, V.C. Keary and Marshall, Stoke-upon-Trent

Friday ....10

Any cause intended to be heard as a short MOBBIS, HERBERT BYBON, Exeter, Wine Merchant. Feb 10. Lord v Morris, Chitty, J.

Saturday ..ll

cause must be so marked in the cause-book Bartlett, Bath

Monday ....13

at least one clear day before the same can RICHARDSON, WILLIAM, Old st, Book Manufacturer. Jan 31. Richardson v Richard


be put in the paper to be so heard, and son, Fry, J. Reed, Guildhall chmbrs, Basinghall st

App. motns. ex pta apps. the necessary papers must be left in court STEBBINGS, GEORGE, High st, Stratford, Grocer. Jan 31. Carter v Stebbings, Fry, J. Wednesday. 15 from orders made on inter- with the judge's officer the day before the Parkes, Queen Victoria st

locutory motns & othr apps cause is to be put in.o the paper. STRONG, CHARLES DYKES, Birmingham, Corn Factor. Jan 31. Gray v Strong, Hall, Thurs, ....16. Bkcy. apps. & othr apps.

V.C. SIR CHARLES HALL. V.C. Pointon, Birmingham

Friday ....17

At Lincoln's-inn.
[Gazette, Dec. 27.]
Saturday ..18

Wed., Mar 1... General paper
Monday ....20

Thursday... 2.. Motns. & gen. pa.


3..Pets, & gen. pa.

App. motns. ex pte apps. Satrdy,

Sht. caus., adj su n., &

4} Wednes,....22 from orders made on inter

gen. på BAKER, Frances Crofton, Hasfield Court, Gloucester, Jan 31. Bryan, Gloucester

locutory moins, & ochr apps Monday. BARTLETT, CHARLES, Arundel, Sussex. Feb 8. Bartlett, Bedford row

Thursday .23.. Bkcy. apps. & othr apps. Tuesday..

7 General paper. BENNETT, CHARLES, East Southernbay, Exeter, Gent. Feb 1. Burch, Exeter


Wednesday. 8 BENNETT, MATILDA, East Southernhay, Exeter. Feb 1. Burch, Exeter

Saturday .. 25

Thursday 9. Mots. & gen. pa. BESZETT, THOMAS SAWLE, East Southernhay, Exeter, Gent. Feb 1. Burch, Exeter


Friday ....10.. Pers. & gen. pa.
BEITT, WILLIAM, St John's Common, Clayton, Gent, March 13.

Monday, ..27
King and Son,


Sht. causes, alj su:ns, & App. mots. ex pte, apps.

Saturday ..11

gen. pa. BECKLER, Joix, Saltash, Cornwall, Gent. Dec 27. Cleverton and Son, Plymouth

Wednday ..29 from orders made on inter- Monday....13 BUTTERWORTH, THOMAS, Heywood, Lancaster. Jan 9. Grundy and Son, Manchester

locutory mots., « othr apps Tuesday....14 General pa jer CLARK, Joux, Doncaster, York, Currier. Feb 28. Fisher, Doncaster

Thursdy ..30..Bkcy apps and othr apps Wednesday.15 CLARK, WILLIAM HEXRY ANDREW, Leinster gdns, Hyde pk. Jan 25. Meynell and

Friday ....31

Thurs, .... 16..Mots, & gen. pa. Pemberton, Wnitehall place

Satrdy, Apr 1

Friday ....17..Petus. & gen. pa. CLIFFORD, WILLIAM, Exeter, Gent. Febl. Burch, Exeter

Monday 3

Sht. caus., adj. sums., & CLIFFORD, MARY FRYER, Exeter. Feb 1. Burch, Exeter

Saturday 18

gen. på COLQUITT, ERNEST AUGUSTUS, Liverpool, Gent. Jan 21. Payne and Son, Liverpool

App. mots. ex pte. apps. Monday DEXTER, Thomas, Nottingham, Gent. Jan 28. Burton and Co, Market pl, Nottingham

Wednsday.. 6 from orders made on inter- Tuesday....21 General

paper. DRITFIELD, WILLIAM, Audlem, Cheshire, Draper Feb 1. Driffield and Williams, exors,

locutory mots, & othr apps. Wed.,......22 Birkenhead

N.B. There will be no sitting at West Thursday ..23... Mtns. & gen. pa. EASTLAXE, WILLIAM, Plymouth, Solicitor. March 25. Loye, Plymouth

minster during the absence of the Lords Friday, ....24.. Pets. & gen. pa. Elsdox, HANBY, Rothbury, Northumberland, Builder. Jan 2. Nicholson, Morpeth

Justices Baggallay, Cotton, and Lindley Saturday ..25

caus., adj sumy. & FrancoM, HENRY, Seven Sisters' rd, Licensed Victualler. Feb 2. Clapham and Fitch,

on circuit.

gen. pa. Bishopsgate Without FRESCH, GEORGE RUSSELL, Henrietta st, Brunswick sq, Architect. Feb 1, Burton and During such absence, if any of the West Monday....21

minster interlocutory appeals are urgent, Tuesdy .... 28 General paper. Co, Lincoln's inn fields

application may be made to the court at Wednsdy ..20 GETXOND, GEORGE STEVENSON, Oxford st, Confectioner. Feb 1. Mossop and Rolfe,

Lincoln's inn for early hearing in that

Thurs.....30.. Moins. & gen. pl. Cannon st GLOVER, THOMAS GEORGE, Sydenham Hill, Esq. Feb 13. Gadsden and Treherne, N.B. - Lunacy petitions will be taken Satday, Apr 1


Friday ....31..Ptas. & gen. pa.

Sht. caus., adj. sums., & Bedford row

every Saturday during the sittings at

gen. pa. GUTHEBIDGE, RICHARD JAMES, Market Strand, Falmouth, Draper. Jan 31. Jenkins,


Monday.... 3 Falmouth

General paper.

Tuesday ..
HARGRÁVES, JAMES WALMSLEY, Liverpool. Jan 19. Tyrer and Co, Liverpool
HEATER, GEORGE, Buxted, Sussex, Miller,

Wednesday 5..mots. & gen. pa.
Feb 10. Warburton and De Paula,


Further considerations will be taken as Finsbury circus

CHANCERY DIVISION. HERBERT, Henry, Banbury, Oxford, Gent. Feb 1. Fortescue and Sons, Banbury


part of the general paper in priority to

original causes which have not already JESXIXGS, ADELAIDB, Harbledown, Kent. Feb 25. Lewis, Castle st, Dover

At Lincoln's Ian.

appeared in the paper. Krox, Rev. Canon ANDREW, Birkenhead, Clerk. Jan 20. Brook and Morris, Liverpool Wednes, Mar 11


Any cause intended to be heard as a short MCKENZIE, JOHN, Peterborough, Draper. Feb 1. Hart, Peterborough


paper. 23

cause must be so marked in the cause VEEKE, GEORGE BARKER, Derby, out of business. Jan 31. Smith and Son, Sheffield

M tions, adj. sum9., and

book at least one clear day before the MOOEFIELD, ROBERT, Pemberton, Lancaster, Saddler. Jan 21. Appleton and Wright,

gen. pa. Wigan

same can be put in the paper to be so s Petns. sht. causes, and gen.

Sairdy NADES, JOHN, Leek, Stafford, Builder. Jan 31. Challinor and Co, Leek


heard, and the necessary papers must be paper

left in court with the judge's officer, the NICHOLSON, Thomas, St Clement's terr, York, Builder. March 1. Wilson, York Monday.... 6..In Baokruptcy.

day before the cause is to be put into the Piros, Maraton, Ifield, nr Crawley, Sussex, Esq. Jan 31. Boodle, Davies st, London Tuesday,

paper. RICHARDSON, TIMOTIÉ Watson, Woodthorpe, "Farmer, March 1. Brown and Co, Wednesday & General paper. Wakefield

RIGGE, JOHN, Kensington, Esq. Feb 1. Marshall, Theobald's rd

10..Notns, adj. sums. &

At Lincoln's-inn.
SWAINE, THOMAS, Handsworth, Gent. March 1. Pointon, Birmingham

Sat., ....,11..Pets, sht. causes, & gen. pa. Wed, Mar

1..General paper. THORPE, GEORGE DUBHAM, Sevenoaks, Kent, Maltster. Feb 18. Holcroft and Machell, Monday.... 13.. In Bankruptcy.

Thursday 2..Motos. adj. sum. & gen. pi. Sevenoaks

Tuesday ..14


Sht, caus., ptos. adj.sumos. Twiss, ANN, Tempest Hey, Liverpool. Jan 30. Quinn and Sons, Liverpool

Wedsdy ...15 General paper WATCHAY, WILLIAM, Poplar, Licensed Victualler. Jan 20. Marsh, Fen ct


Satrdy, 4.. Adj, sums, & gen, pa. WOOLSTEXCROFT, JOSEPI, Leftwich, Chester, Surgeon. Feb 1. Green and Dixon, Friday ...17.. Motns., adj. sms. & gen. pa. Monday... Northwich

.18..Petns, sht. causes, & gen. pa. Tuesday .... 7 General paper. YorNG, JOHN, Canonbury Park North, Gent. Feb 14. Chorley and Co, Moorgate st Monday....20..In Bankruptcy.

Wednesday 8 [Gazette, Dec. 23.) Tuesday...

Thursday ..9.. Mots. adj. sumn, & gen. pa. Wed....... 32 General paper,


Sht. caus., pets., adj.sumns.,

Thursday...23 DAYLIGHT IN PASSAGES. --Chappuis' Reflectors, 60, Fleot-street.-[Advr.]

Friday, ....24.. Motos, adj. sums & gen. pa. 'Saturday .ll.. Adj, sums. & gen, på.


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3{and gen. pa:



......10 de gen. pa.

Wed.. Mar.. }} General paper.

.... 2+

{ .




Monday 3

General paper.
Tuesday.... 4 General paper.

For Argument.
Wednesday. 5

Davis y Prosser Dem to statement of de- Marshall v Reece Dem to statement of Thursday ..16.. Mote, atj. sumns. & gen. ca.


fence (8 O until issues in fact are tried) claim Sht. cans, pets, adj. 8unu S.,

At the Rolls House. Friday ....17

Fenwick v North-Eastern Ry Co Dem to Catte Water Commissioners v Martin and {& gen. pa.

statement of defence

ors Spc before two judges Saturday ..18.. Adj. sums. & gen. pa. Thursday 2

Fairclough and Son v North Woolwich Greaves y Kestiniog Ry Co Spc before Monday....20 Friday 3.. Motns, & gen. pa.

Land Co. Dem to statement of claim two judges Tuesday....21 General paper.

Saturdy,.... 4

Pets.,sht. causes, adj. sums. Fenwick v The North-Eastern Ry Co Dem Metropolitan Board of Works v SouthWednes, ..22

(procedure), and gen. pa.

to paragraphs 2, 3, 4, and 5, of pltff's Eastern Ry Co Spc before two judges Thursd ....23..Mots. adj. Bumas & gen. ra.

Fur. cons., dems., & don

reply, except so far as they consist of Victoria Colliery Co, limd v Welton Dem 5 Sht, caus, pets., adj. sumns.,

wit causes. Friday,

joinders of issues

to statement of claim
{ & gen. pa.
Tuesday.... 7

Blewitt v Cotton Dem (S O for settlement) Hopper and anr v Wear (Marine Insurance Saturday ..25... Adj. sums & gen. pi. Wednesday.. 8 Gene'al paper

Morris v Kino Dem to statement of claim

Co) Dem to statement of claim
Monday ....27

.. 9

Munday v Sutton and anr Dem to state. Percival v Blagrave Dem to par 3 of state-
General paper.
Friday ....... 10.. Mtns. & gen. pa.

ment of claim

ment of defence
Wednsday., 29
Thursd ....30.. Motns. adj. eum, & gen. pa
Saturday ..ll

(Procedure), & gen. pa.
( Sht. caus., pets., adj. sumn.,

Fur. cons., dems., & non

Hase and anr v Nathan and anr (8 O) Marmont v Tramways and General Works Friday i & gen. pa.

Mon., ......13
wit causes
Provand v Dobson (SO)

Company, limd
Same v Same (SO)

Cartwright v The Protector Fluid Co Sat , Apl.. 1.. Adj. sams. & gen. pa. Tuesday....14

Lewis, E. D., In re a Solicitor (SO)

Hobson v Dean
Monday.. 3

Wedsdy.....15 General paper,
General paper.

Miller v Pilling (three motions)

Guest v Caldecott Tuesday.... 4)

Thursday ..16
Mednesday 5.. Motns, adj. sam. K gan, pa.

Durrant v Ricketts and Wife
Friday, ....17.. Motns, & gen pa.

Aboutoff v Oppenheimer & Co (SO)
Causes in which Witnesses are to be

Marquess of Londonderry v Davidson (SO) The Queen v Salmon and anr, Justices of 18 Pets, pht.caus., adj. sums.

Saturday examined before the Court, will be

(Procedure), & gen. pa.

The Queen v. Justices of the West Riding Bradford (expte Tetley) five rules taken on Mondays, Tuesdays and

Fur. COS.,
dens, & non

of York (expte Middlebrook) to be heard Barber v Benton

before 3 judges

In the matter of Morgan, a solicitor Wednesdays; and Causes without Wit

wit causes
Barrow, In re a Solicitor

James v Newton
nesses, and Further Considerations will Tuesday
be taken on Thursdays, Fridays, and Wed., 22 General paper.

Compagnie Financière et Commercial du Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Saturdays. Thursday .. 23

Pacifique v Peruvian Guano Co, ld (stands Ry Co v Denaby Maine Colliery Co, limd Any cause intended to be heard as a short Friday, ....24.. Motns. & gen. pa.

for arrangement)

Sheave v Chatterley, trustee, &c
must be so marked in the
cause Saturday ..25 { {fro edure), and gen. pa.
| Pets, sht, caus, adj. sumns.

In re Havod Collieries and the Coedcae Fox and Co v East London Water Works

book at least one clear day before the
same can be put in the paper to be so

Fur cons., dems., & non

The Queen v Licensing Justices of Liver- Bird v Matthews Monday 27 heard, and the necessary papers must

Isaacs and anr v Cooper
wit causes

pool (expte Crane)
In re Richardson, a solicitor

In the Matter of an Arbitration between be left in court with the judge's officer Tursday ....28 the day before the cause is to be put into Wednsday..29 General paper.

The Queen y F. Bayley, Esq, judge of F. Ottone and ors the paper.

Westminster county court (expte Mason) Coutts and anr v Craig and anr

Meeson v Brooks (S O till pleadings are l'arry v Warren
......31.. Motns & gen. pa .

Wells and Co v Prosser

Sat., Apr 1
(Procedure), and gen. pa.

The Queen v J. Paget, Esq, Met Police Stimpson v K. and G. McDonald

Magistrate (expte Johnson)" to be argued Gooden and Son v Manchester and BlackAt Lincoln's-inn.



Fr cons., dems., & non { wit causes

with No.8 Wed. Mar... 1

burn Paper Mills, sued, &c

The Queen v Justices of Kent (expta Cutts) Wood v Bishop

Gener al paper.

Tuesday ..... 4..Gereral paper.
Friday, ....
Wednesday, 5.. Motns. & ger. pa.

The Queen v Licensing Justices of Black. The Queen v Overseers of Woodthorpe

heath Division of Kent (expte Checkland) Jackson v Fletcher Saturday

Causes and actions in which witnesses

Calcina v Campoverde (S O till hearing of In re Muir, a solicitor Monday ..... 6 are to be examined before the court will be

motn nisi for new trial)

The Queen v Inhabitants of Dorset Tuesday.... 7

taken on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Wednesday. 8 General paper.

Thursdays, and causes and actions without Thurs. ..... 9 witnesses will be taken on Mondays; but

STANDING FOR JUDGMENT. Erday.. ...10 when the list of causes and actions without

Motion nisi for new trial. Saturday ..11

witnesses is exhausted, causes and actions Markham y Ricketts Heard before Justices Grove and Bowen Monday ....)3 with witnesses will be taken on Mondays

Special case Tuesday ..14 also.

Powell v Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co Heard before Justices Field and Cave Wednesday 15

General paper.

Further considerations will be taken as
Thursday ..16

part of the general paper in priority to Morgan v Thomas Heard before Mr Justice Cave Friday ....17

original canses which have not already Beckett and Co v Addyman Heard before Mr Justice Field Saturday ..18 appeared in the paper.

Opposed Motions. Monday ....20

Any cause intended to be heard as a short Bestwick and Wife v Thorpe Heard before Justices Field and Cave Tuesday.

cause, must be so marked in the cause Weigsell v Corporation of the School for Indigent Blind Heard before Justices Field Wed., .....22 book at least one clear day before the same

and Cave Thursday General paper.

can be put in the paper to be so heard, and The Queen v R. Handsley and anr, Justices of Burnley (Ex parte Smith) Friday ....24

the necessary papers must be left in court Same v Same (Ex parte Nightingale) S O pending app (if any) in The Queen v R. Saturday .,25

with the judge's officer the day before the Handsley and five other Justices of Burnley (Ex parte King)
cause is to be put in the paper.


Thursday ...50

Friday ....31

The Queen y Mayor, &c, of Maidenhead The Queen v Justices of West Riding of Sat., Apr .. 1

Smith v Ellis

Adams v Nightingale
Ness and anr v Stephenson

Rile v Chandler

Owens v Maudslay, Sons, and Field Parry and Wife v Prytherch and anr
Murphy v Coffin and Co

Fleming v Feast

Lindop v Smith and ors

Pains y Evans
Taylor v Brewster

Fox and Co v E London Waterworks Co

North Staffordshire Ry Co v Bull and Son Baker v Depwade Union

Bowker and anr v Cowan and Sons
For Argument.

Adams v Dyas and ors
Macpherson v Bullock

Brand v Cracknell
Middlesex, Nowell v Williams (part heard, Middlesex, Jones v Shumacher

Small v War

Metcalfe v Durant
May 25, 26, 27, and 28, 1880), before Lord

Barnett Metropolitan Board of Works Jeffries v Disney
Mathew, J

Evans y Whitehouse and anr. Same v
Coleridge, and Grove and Lopes, JJ Middlesex, Scott v Sampson

Dawes v Tomlinson

Sovern Liverpool, Starr and another v Bollond

Coleridge, La

Moss v Mayor, &c, of Crewe stands over Field, J Middlesex, Robertson v Cuff Manisty, J

Evans v Whitehouse and anr. Same v Barnett v Hoo Highway Board

Severn Middlesex, Taylor, trading, &c v Hodgkin- Middlesex, Watkins v Manders

Asprey v Rudland and anr son and anr stands for arrangement

Tutin and anr v Dunn

Watson v Vestry of all Saints, Poplar
Manisty, J
Lopes, J Middlesex, Hay v Freeman Manisty, J

Mayor, &c, of Peterborough v Bowen Union Wilson and Co v Roberts
Terry and Wife v Holland

Heath v Same
Middlesex, Nordberg, trading, &c v Trade Middlesex, Swindon v Reeves

and Solomon Graaf y Evans

claimant Auxiliary Co, ld (Stubb & Co) to be

Stephen, J

Penwarden y Same argued before three judges Field, J Middlesex, Rudeforth v Willett and anr Northampton, Gunning and anr v Tanner,


Pollock, B clerk

Stephen, J
Middlesex, Calcino v Campoverde

Middlesex, Prudential Assurance Co, limd

Mathew, J

Attorney-General, Informant, and the Met District Ry Co and George Hopwood, Defendv Western Provident Assoc and anr London, Porter and Wife v Met District Ry

ants (S O until appeal heard in “ Attorney-General v Metropolitan Ry Co") Field, J Co

Bowen, J Cases Stated pursuant to the “Customs and Inland Revenue Act, 1874,” and “The Warwick, Lamb v Fryer Williams, J London, Tough and anr v Cory

Taxes Management Act, 1880." Liverpool, Kynes v Jones Coleridge, Ld

Mathew, J Dodson, surveyor, &c, v Walker and Cottell, inspector, &c, v The Justices of the Middlesex, Fenner v Smith Stephen, J Middlesex, Marks v Davenport


County of Monmouth Surrey, L and S Western Ry Co v Surrey

Coleridge, La Keen, surveyor, &c. v Farlow

Victoria Chambers Co, limd, v Musgrave, and Hampshire Canal Co stands for London, Parkinson v Howell North, J The Great Western Ry Co v Musgrave, surveyor, &c settlement Field, J London, Tobitt v Henry Mathew, J surveyor, &c

The Justices of Kent v Lamarque, surDurbam, Hedley v Coulson Kay, J London, Vigor and anr v Sheffield (lately Martin, surveyor, &c, v Trustees of Congre

veyor, &c Middlesex, Dunn v Underhill North, J trading, &c)

Pollock, B
gational Memorial Hall

The Mayor, &c, of Manchester v Applegate, Middlesex, Ware v Crispin Stephen, J London, Scrutton and anr v Sheffield

Improved Industrial Dwellings Co v Last, surveyor, &c
Middlesex, Cook v Winby Manisty, J (lately tiaring, &c)

Pollock, B
surveyor, &c

Roberts, surveyor, &c, v The Justices of Jordan v Governor and Co of the New London, Leary and Co v Stevens Bros and Stokes v Abbott, surveyor, &c

parts of Holland in the County of Lincoln River Manisty, J Со Stephen, J Whitwell, surveyor, &c v Munby

The Bank of South Australia v Last, surMiddlesex, Bull v Esquilant

London, Travers y Tomlinson Mathew, J The Justices, &c, of the County of Warwick veyor, &c
Coleridge, La London, Swainson v Thames Iron Wks and v Thrift, surveyor, &c

Blake, surveyor, &c v Imperial Brazilian, Middlesex, Pitrey v Thistlethwaite

Ship Bdg Co

Stephen, J Jowett, surveyor, &c, v Moss (for Justices Natal and Nova Cruz Ry Co, limd Manisty, J London, Hampton and Son y Stone

of Lancashire) Middlesex, Molekomp v Ramm Bowen, J

The British and Foreign Marine Insurance

Manisty, Midland Ry Co'v Blake, surveyor, &c Co, limd, v Whitworth, surveyor, &c Owen v Griffiths motn for London, Taylor v Bance Manisty, J judgt by order

Last, surveyor, &c, v The London Assur. The Burial Board of Paddington v The Baggallay, LJ London, Knightly v Lett Manisty, J Middlesex, Dearlove v Lennard and Sons

ance Corporation

Commissioners of Inland Revenue London, Cooper v Breffit Mathew, J Bowers, surveyor, &c, v The Justices of The Alexandria Water Co, ld, v Musgrave, Mathew, J

the Peace for the County of Cumberland surveyor, &c


.. 23

To Surrender in the Country.

Donkin, Henry, Blyth, Northumberland, Provision Dealer. Pet Dec 29. Daggett.

Newcastle, Jan 16 at 11
Galpin, John Evan, Cambridge, Fencing Master. Pet Dec 30. Eaden, Cambridge,

Jan 28 at 11
At the Guildhall, on Saturday, Leonard Stimpson and Alfred Vincent, Godsmark, E , Greenwich, Milliner, Pet Dec 30. Bristow. Greenwich, Jan 17 at 1

Pet Dec clerks in the empljy of Mr. George Augustus Schultz, solicitor, of 9, Upion Hore, the Right Honourable Walter, Baron Ruthven, Yeo Vale, nr Bideford. cout, Old Broad-street, were charged on remand before Sir Robert W. Carden

31. Bosson. Barnstaple, Jan 16 at 12

Myers, Horace, Clapham Common, Ge Pet Nov ). Willoughby. Wandsworth, Jan with stealing within the last four months a bundle of probate and other 13 at 11 valuable documeats belonging to the prosecutor. It appeared that some time Raphael, James, Cardiff, Tailor. Pet Dec 29. Langley, Cardiff, Jan 16 at 11 ago Mr. Schultz removed his office to Old Broad-street, and rececily be

Richardson, Joshua Rogerson, and James Richardson, Heaton's Court, Briggate, Leeds,

Rag Merchants. Pet Dec 28. Marshall. Leeds, Jan 25 at 11 issed a bundle of probate and other deeds. The prisoners admitted baving Webber, John, Wells, Somerset, Gent. Pet Dec 31. Foster. Wells, Jan 21 at 11 taken the deeds, but said they were only expired leases which were worth only

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. parchment price. Mr. Schul'z said that all the deeds were kept in an iron

TUESDAY, Jan. 3, 1882. safr. Sir R. W. Carden remarked that solicitors did not put worthless docu

Bartlett, John Searle, King st, St James', Dealer in Works of Art. Dec 22 ments into an iron safe. He would not settle the case then, biit take time to Jones, John Lloyd, Pendern, Llandissiliogogo, Cardigan. Dec 22 consider what he should do to punish the boys, ani at the same time to save

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. them from ruin. The prisoners were then remanded.

FRIDAY, Dec. 30, 1881. It is stated that, in consequence of recent internal alterations in the City of Baker, John, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Jan 19 at 3 at offices of Clarke and Co, London Court, which have been made by order of the Law and City Courts Belham, John, Chichester, Sussex, Carver. Jan 16 at 2 at offices of Nye and Green. Committee, and the increase in the number of cases, the inconvenience to bar- wood, Serjeants' inn. Janman, Chichester risters, solicitors, saitors, and others having business at the court, bas been

Boorer, Richard Barnes, Hounslow, Butcher. Jan 7 at 3 at Red Lion Hotel, Hounslow.

Woolls and Co, Uxbridge very great. On one day this week, although the list was a comparatively Boosey, Edward Cuningham, Tottenham ct rd, Lithographer. Jan 18 at 2 at offices of light one, the court was so tightly packed that it was impossible for many Flegg and Son, Hills pl, Oxford st suitors wbo heard their pames caller at the entrance doors to get to the wit. Box, George Henry, King's Norton, Worcester. Jan 12 at 11 at offices of Eaden, ness box, while others deliberately walked awar, rather than make an attempt Bradbury, John, Stony Stratford, Buckingham, Auctioneer. Jan 13 at 3 at offices of

Bennett's hill, Birmingham to reach it. Several barristers and solicitors had their gowns torn up in their Becke, Derngate, Northampton endeavour to get to their sea's to conduct their clients' cases, and having Brownjohn, Henry William, Windsor, Coal Merchant. Jan 16 at 1 at offices of Lawson, done so had to retire by the judge's private door. For more than an hour no

Essex st, Strand

Burch, Charles, Walberton. Sussex, out of business. Jan 18 at 3 at Dolphin Hotel, order could be kept.

Chichester. Janman, Chichester The last published report of the Local Government Board contains some Burnett, Robert Embleton, and Henry John Augustus Burnett, Dunston, Durham, examples of the diversion of a statutory fund to an object which Parliament

Chemical Manufacturers. Jan 12 at 3 at Incorporated Law Society, Royal arcade, lerer contemplated. One of these diversions occurred in a South Wales

Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Gibson and Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Cooke, Mary Marsden, Cheadle, Chester, Boot and Shoe Maker. Jan 18 at at offices parish, where it was resolved at a vestry meeting that the sum of 218. should of Kerr, Faulkner st, Manchester. Walley, Manchester be paid from the rate for any grown-up fox killed within the hamlet, on the comfort, Benjamin, Oxford, of no occupation. Jan 12 at 12 at offices of Galpin, New

Inn Hall st, Oxford head being produced to the guardians of the bamlet, 103. should be paid for

Elliott, James Morland, Liverpool, Joiner. Jan 13 at 2 at offices of Steinforth, York a whelp, and half-a-crown for every raven killed.' The Local Government

bldgs, Liverpool Board confirmed the disallowance. In another parish, for a quar:er of a Emery, William Seth, Bedminster, Licensed Victualler. Jan 13 at 2 at offices of Dodds, century before there was a central audit of the bighway-rate accounts, a

Shannon et, Bristol. Henderson, Bristol sparrow club was paid for out of the rate. The farmers used to shoot ihe

Fairbuirn, Thomas, Angel lane, Stratford, Essex, Retail Bootmaker. Jan 12 at 12 at

offices of Meynell, Castle st, Holborn sparrows and sell them to a person, who was afterwards repaid out of the Firth, Seth, Leeds, York, Grocer. Jan 14 at 11 at offices of Tennant and Barrett, Albion rates. £3 103. 1 d. bad been expended in one half-year for 1,383 sparrows, st, Leeds

Jan 16 at 3 at and, in addition, an unexplained item of 123. 60. for “fees." In other Forman, Joseph, Hinckley, Leicester, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.

offices of Hincks, Bowling Green st, Leicester parishes mole-catchers bad their remuneration regularly cbarged upon the Freeman, Delamark, Marylebone rd, Surgeou, Jan 10 at 3 at offices of Barnett, Pal. highway-rate, and in one case it was charged in the survey or's account. In merston bldgs, Old Broad st

Jan 16 at 3 at offices of another case the coat and hat of the bellman was charged upon the lighway- Freeman, John William, Broadway, Deptford, Kent, Draper. rate, and the rate elsewhere was charged with the cost of snpplementing the

Gadsden, William Pratt, Aylesbury, Bucks, Auctioneer. Jan 19 at 3 at the Bell Hotel, postal delivers. The Local Government Board says :-" These cises may be Aylesbury. Rawson, Great Marlow

Jan 11 at 12 at office of taken as examples of the manner in which this rate has for years been 'mis. Gowland, Francis, Middleton, Pickering, York, Farmer. applied. Many other cases might be adduced.” In all cases the charges Hall, George, Hunwick, Bishop Auckland, Durham, Licensed Victualler. Jan 23 at 3 were disallowed, and the Local Gov-roinent Board, where the members of at office of Stanford, Collingwood st, Newcastle upon Tyne Highway Boards made persmbulations, would uct concur in the view that a Heaps, Robert Jackson, Tadcaster, York, Licensed Victualler. Jan 18 at 12 at la,

Albion st, Leeds. Malcolm, Leeds considerable outlay on champagne, early salmon, sherry, and the like came

Hemming, George, jun., Redditch, Worcester, Builder. Jan 13 at 11 at offices of Wai. within the description of “reasonable expenses."

ford, Newhall st, Birmingham Jones, John Edward, Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, Innkeeper. Jan 17 at 2 at the British

Hotel, Bangor. Fanning, Amlwch

Jones, John Rowland, Fron hyfryd, Llanrug, Carnarvon, Farmer. Jan 11 at 3 at offi. At the Stock and Share Anction Company's sale, held on December 30, at Kay, William, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Joiner.

ces of Roberts, Church st, Carnarvon

Jan 16 at 11 at Smalley's Hotel, their sale-room, Crown-court-buiidings, Old Brad-street, the following were

Duckworth st, Over Darwen. Costeker, Over Darwen amongst the prices obtained :-Surrey and Hampshire Canal Corporation Lea. John, Warrington, Accountant Law Stationer. Jan 13 at 12 at offices of Tunstall, £10 shares, fully paid, £4 58. ; Standard Union Investment £l seven per

Warrington rent. preferred share , fully paid," 20:. 6d. ; Oriental Telephone Company

Lee, Thomas, Riley st, Horselydown, Licensed Victualler. Jan 6 at 4 at office of Wether.

field, Gresham bidge, Guildball £l sbares, 108. paid, 1-32 premium ; Old Owlacombe Mines £1 shares, fully Pivernau, Louis Alexander, Mortimer st, Cavendish sq, Art Dealer. Jan 12 at 12 at office paid, 78. ; Indian Trevtlyan Gold Mining £1 shares, fully paid, 158. ; Indian of Plunkett and Leader, Śt Paul's churchyd Glenrock Gold Mining £i shares, fully paid, 1-16 premium ; Philadelphia Powell, David, Hoyland Common, Barnsley, Grocer. Jan 12 at 12 at offices of Marshall and Readiog Railways deferred shares, 38. premium ; Indian Phoenix Gold Min-Puddleplatt, George, Amersham, Bucks, Farmer. Jan 19 at 12 at offices of Francis and ing £1 sbares, fully paid, 15s. ; East Devon Consols Copper Mines £2 shares How, Chesham fully paid, 5s.; Rhodes Reefs, 153. ; New Zealand Kapangas, 12:. 6d. ; and

Richings, Henry, ('larkson rd, Walthamstow, out of business. Jan 13 at 2 at Guildhall other miscellaneous securities fetched fair prices.

Tavern, Gresham st. Neave, Cheapsiile
Roberts, Albert, and Brook Haigh, Rottoms, Holmfirth, York, Dyers. Jan 6 at 4 at

ofhces of Schofield, Huddersfield. Grisdale, Leeds

Rutter, John, Ryton-upon-Tyne, Durham, Painter, Jan 10 at 3 at offices of Wilson and BIRTH.

Sandeman, Collingwood st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Sadler, Rupert, Birmingham, Wood Turner, Jan 12 at 2 at office of Sargent and Son, JONES.— Dec. 30, the wife of Henry P. Jones, solicitor, Manchester, of a daughter. Saneto, Edward, Maidstone, Builder. Jan 12 at 3 at Star Hotel, Maidstone, Kent

Sbankster, Edward, Weelsby, Lincoln, Fish Curer. Jan 10 at 11 at offices of Grange and

Wintringham, St Mary's chmbrs, West St Mary's gate, Great Grimsby

Solomon, Simon, Wentworth st, Spitalfields, Bootmaker. Jan 9 at 3 at offices of Barnett,

Palmerston bldge, Old Broad st
Spelman, John Shelly, Bradfield St George, Suffolk, Farmer. Jan 16 at 1 at offices of

Gudgeon, Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds

Todd, Richard, Walton, York, Farmer. Jan 14 at 11 at offices of Smith, Petergate, York
FRIDAY, Dec 30, 1881,

Usher, Richard, Bodicote, Oxford, Manager to a Drug Grinder, Jan 16 at 11 at 36, High
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Bt, Banbury. Whitehorn
Waldron, Ambrose, Catshill,

Worcester, out of business. Jan 14 at 11 at offices of
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Creswell, Institute bldgs, Bromsgrove
To Surrender in the Country.
Archer, William Appleby, Gateshead, Durham, Grocer. Pet Dec 22. Daggett. New.

Wilcox, James, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Beerhouse Keeper. Jan 7 at 12 at omces of castle, Jan 9 at 11

Potter, Northfield House, North pl, Cheltenham Queneborough, William Edwin, Hamstead, Hertford, Licensed Victualler. Pet Dec 20.

Wood, Edward, the Retreat, Ibstock, Leicester, Outdoor Beerseller. Jan 7 at 11 at offices Edwards. St Albans, Jan 11 at 3

of Fisher and Co, Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Zurhorst, Frederick William, West Kensington ter, of no occupation. Jan 10 at
Radley, Renben, Newton rd, Tottenham, Builder. Pet Dec 28. Pulley. Edmonton, at offices of Lumley and Lumley, Conduit st, Bond st
Jan 20 at 3

TUESDAY, Jan. 3, 1882.
TUESDAY, Jan. 3, 1882.

Andrew, Robert, Hyde, Chester, Butcher. Jan 18 at 11 at offices of Rayner and Turner,
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Clarendon pl, Hyde
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Appleton, Josiah, St Helens, Lancaster, Grocor. Jan 13 at 3 at offices of Riley, Lord
To Surrender in London.
Meadows, Elisha, Duke st, London Bridge, Provision Merchant.

st, Liverpool

Pet Jan 2. Pepys. Aston, Edwin, Chester, Draper. Jan 12 at 3 at offices of Green and Dixon, Castle Jan 18 at 12

chmbrs, Northwich Tapp, James Bryant, and Frederick Melhuish, Nettleton rd, New Cross, Coal Mercharts. Bailey, Thomas, Barbrook, Sheffield, Builder. Jan 16 at 2 at offices of Clegg and Sons, Pet Dec 30. Pepys. Jan 18 at 12

Victoria chrbrs, Sheffield

Baker, Eliza. Bedminster, Somerset, out of business. Jan 14 at 2 at Guildhall, Broad

st, Bristol Baker, Frederick William, Bath,

Tobacconist. Jan 16 at 12 at offices of Kingsford and
Co, Essex st, Strand. Titley, Bath
Bampton, George, Frederick, Coventry, Chemist. Jan 16 at 3 at offices of Browett,

Bayley lane, Coventry
Blake, Boycott George. Worcester, Grocer. Jan 16 at 12 at Hen and Chickens Hotel,

New st, Birmingham. Tree and Son, Worcester
Bourke, Patrick Francis, Bradford, Cooper. Jan 24 at 2 at 35, Cannon st, Manchester,

Alderson, Manchester
Bowler, Isaac, Tunstall, Stafford, Oil Worker. Jan 17 at 3 at offices of Salt and Alcock,

Market st, Tunstall
Brewer, Robert, Bradford, York, Licensed Victualler. Jan 18 at 11 at offices of Berry

and Robinson, Charles st, Bradford Brown, Margaret Ann, Sonthport, Lancaster, Dress Maker. Jan 18 at 3 at offices of

Rogers, Lord st, Liverpool. Cockshott, Southport Brown, Walter, Dresden, Stifford, out of business, Jan 16 at 11 at offices of Kent,

Chancery lane, Longton Cantrell, Matthew Henry Frost, Derby, Surgeon. Jan 19 at 11 at offices of Brookes,

Bakewell Dashwood, De Courcy Pitcairn, Devon, Gent. Jan 13 at 3 at offices of Templer,

Teignmouth Davis, William, Gt Malvern, Worcester, Insurance Agent. Jan 14 at 3 at offices of

Stallard and Son, Pierpoint st, Worcester Davys, Thomas, Long Eaton, Blacksmith. Jan 16 at 12 at offices of Wyles, Low pave

ment, Nothingham D'Eye, George Rust, Felixstowe, Suffolk, Schoolmaster. Jan 17 at 11 at Post Office

chmbrs, Ipswich. Cobbold and Co, Ipswich Dow, William Harvey, Gt James st, Ligson grove, Butcher. Jan 12 at 11 at offices of

Cooper and Co, Lincolns inn fields
Dunk, Rev. Jonathan William, Bridgtown, Cannock, Stafford. Jan 13 at 12 at office of

Higgs, Bennett's hill, Birmingham
Eades, Richard Eyres, Wharf rd, City rd, Ivory Turner, Jan 10 at 4 at 38, Southamp

ton bldgs, Holborn, Knight, Cornwall rd, Bayswater
Ewens, Joseph, Exeter, Grocer. Jan 14 at 11 at Castle Hotel, Castle st, Exeter. Orchard

Exeter Flintoff, William, Durham, Grocer, Jan 16 at 3 at 32, Grainger st West, Newcastle-on.

Tyne. Marshall Gilbert, Mary Ann, Peterborough, General Provision Dealer. Jan 17 at 12 at offices of

Vergette and Buekle, Market st, Pecerborough Gill, Thomas, Barrow-in-Furness, Confectioner. Jan 12 at 11 at Station Hotel, Carnforth

Sims, Barrow-in-Furness Goddard, James, Southampton, Corn Merchant. Jan 7 at 12 at Railway Hotel, St

Deny's, Southampton. Hollest and Co, Farnham Godfrey, Harry Tom, Vicarage rd, Willesden, Builder. Jan 19 at 2 at office of Williams

and Co, King st, Cheapside. Harston Gould, William James, High st, Wednesbury, Stafford, Milliner. Jan 25 at 11 at office

of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton Grant, George, Watton, Norfolk, Boot Manufacturer. Jan 16 at 12 at offices of Kent,

St Andrew's Hall Plain, Norwich Green, William, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Clerk in Holy Orders. Jan 16 at 12 at

offices of Morgan and Co, Victoria st, Merthyr Tydfil Haigh, Edmund, Halifax, Grocer. Jan 17 at 11 at offices of Ingram and Huntriss,

Haigh, Letitia Anr, Huddersfield, Milliner. Jan 16 at 11 at offices of Sykes and Son,

New st, Huddersfield
Hardy, John, Altrincham, Chester, Draper. Jan 23 at 3 at offices of Brett and Craven,

Kennedy st, Manchester
Hardwick, John, New Bridge bldg yard. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Builder. Jan 18 at 2

offices of Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hassfeld, Maximilian Stanislaus, Nengate st, Manufacturer's Agent. Feb 14 at 2 at

City Terminus Hotel, Cannon st. Montagu, Bucklersbury Heather, Richard John, Wivenhoe rd, Peckham Rye, and John William Laws, Darrell

rd, East Dulwich, Surrey, Builders. Jan 19 at 3 at Kennan's Hotel, Crown crt, Cheap

side. Lovett and Co, King William st Hill, Joseph, Totterdown, Bootmaker. Jan 13 at 2 at offices of Brown, Corn st,

Hooker, William Schofield. Birkenhead, Chester, Outfitter, Jan 18 at 3 at offices of

Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead
Holt, Herbert, Fakenham. Norfolk, Schoolmaster. Jan 12 at 11 at offices of Rumbelow

Bridge st, Fakenham
Holton, Joseph, jun, Tredington, Worcester, Farmer, Jan 19 at 2 at White Hart Hotel,

Moreton-in-Marsh, Barkes
Howes, Josiah, Aylesbury, Bucks, Builder. Jan 19 at 1 at the Bell Hotel, Aylesbury.

Rawson, Great Marlow
Hunt, George, Brighton, Licensed Victualler. Jan 19 at 3 at offices of Goodman, North

st, Brighton
Isitt, John Henry, Bigg Market, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Innkeeper. Jan 13 at 2 at offices

of Pybus, Post Office chmbrs, St Nicholas sg, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Jewhurst, Richard, Northumberland rd, Margate, Kent, Ironmonger. Jan 19 at 11.30

at offices of Burrows, Cecil sa, Margate Johnston, James and John Montgomery Johnston, Wardour st, Soho, Brass Manufac

turers. Jan 23 at 2 at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Thompson and Ward, Bedford row Keep, William John, Birmingham, Warwick, Tailor. Jan 16 at 12 at offices of Higgins

and Mallard, Newall st, Birmingham
Kearton, Jobn, Maryport, Cumberland, Butcher. Jan 17 at 2 at offices of Dixon,

Trevelyan Hotel, Maryport. Nicholson, Maryport
Kings, George Vincent, Storridge, Cradley, Builder. Jan 10 at 11 at offices of Miller

and Corbett, Avenue house, Worcester
Kirby, George Wainwright, Shalesmoor, Sheffield, Dyer. Jan 16 at 11 at offices of

Mellor, Hueen st, Sheffield Lea, Charles, and James Lea, Little Hinton, Wilts, Dairyman. Jan 16 at 3 at offices of

Boodle, Albion bldgs, New Swindon

Lewinger, Carl, and Friedrich Mansfeld, 'Hart st, Wood st, Manufacturers' 'Agents.

Jan 26 at 3 at offices of Lumley and Lumley, Conduit st, Bond st
Lingham, James Arthur, Brockley, Kent, Carpenter. Jan 23 at 2 at offices of Ainold,

Borough High st, Southwark
Mattocks, John, and John Thomas Timms, Coventry, Warwick, Bicycle Manufacturers.

Jan 16 at 12 at offices of Seymour, Priory row, Coventry
May, John, Brighton, Sussex, Tailor. Jan 13 at 3 at 152, North st, Brighton. Maynard,

McLellan, Joseph William, Lambeth walk, Lambeth, Leather Merchant. Jan 17 at 2 at

offices of Simpson and Palmer, Three Crown sq, Southwark
Millward, Henry, Sutton Common, Kidderminster, Worcester, Builder, Jan 14 at 11 at

offices of Waldron, High st, Brierley Hill Mison, Charles, Oxford rd, Windsor, Oilman, Jan 18 at 3 at offices of St Paul, Staple inn Myndy, Thomas, Bristol, Licensed Victualler. Jan 11 at 12 at offices of Essery, Nicholas

st, Bristol Munday, Charles Robert, Smardale rd, Wandsworth, Surrey, Builder, Jan 17 at 2 at

offices of Mason, Curtain rd, Finsbury Nicholls, William Follett, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Tobacco Manufacturer. Jan 12 at 20 at

office of Tribe and Co, Albion chmbrs, Bristol. Heard, Cardiff Phillips, William, Plymouth, Devon, Builder. Jan 13 at 11 at office of Love, Courtenay

st, Plymouth Prangley, Charles Thomas, Salisbury, Agricultural Chemist. Jan 16 at 2 at Market

house chmbrs, Salisbury. Hodding, Salisbury Roberts, Albert Bottoms, Holmfirth, York, Dyers. Jan 6 at 4.30 at offices of Schofield,

Queen st, Huddersfield. Grisdale, Leeds Russell, Cuthbert, Great Tower st, Engineer. Jan 12 at 3 at offices of Hillearys and

Co, Fenchurch bldgs Smith, John, and Hartley Hartley-Smith, Stock and Share Brokers, Cornbill, Jan 13

at 2 at Harper, Rood lane Stainmand, George, Darlington, Poulterer. Jan 12 at 11 at office of Robinson, Chancery

lane, Darlington Stevens, Thomas Vincent, Coleman st, Camberwell, Florist. Jan 11 at 8 at offices of

Chipperfeld, Trinity st, Southwark Stokes, Samuel, Brettell lane, Stafford, Grocer. Jan 17 at 11 at offices of Rogers and

Jordan, High st, Stourbridge Tame, Henry, jun, Bramley rd, Notting Hill, Dairyman, Jan 23 at 2 at office of Wright,

Gt Portland st Taytor, Jobn, Shrivenham, Berks, Blacksmith. Jan 16 at 10 at office of Boodle, Albion

bldgs, New Swindon Tester, William, Redgrave villas, Putney, Builder. Jan 24 at 2.30 at 145, Cheapside.

Chubb, Pancras lane
Thorpe, George, Sheffield, Spring Knife Manufacturer, Jan 16 at 3 at offices of Mellor,

Queen st, Sheffield
Turner, William, Bristol, Beerhouse Keeper. Jan 16 at 12 at office of Meeres, Highst,

Vallis, John, Birmingham, Tailor. Jan 13 at 3 at offices of Wright and Marshall, New

st, Birmingham
Waite, Joseph, Banbury, Oxford, Grocer. Jan 18 at 11 at 36, High st, Banbury. White-

horn Watts, Samuel, Bath, Bicycle Agency. Jan 17 at 3 at Queen's Hotel, Caventry, Bartrum

and Bartlett, Bath Williams, John, Lendal Bridge, York, Toll Lessee. Jan 14 at 2 at Clarence Hotel, Alders

gate st. Hawkin, Thrapston Williams, John, Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Anglesey, Draper, Jan 16 at 10.30 at 157, High

st, Bangor, Carnarvon, Owen, Bangor Williams, John, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Grocer. Jan 17 at 12 at offices of Davies, Mill

st, Pontypridd
Wiggin, Richard, Aston, Warwick, Oil Merchant. Jan 12 at 11 at offices of Spencer,

Bennett's hill, Birmingham
Woodwards, Joseph, Aspenden, Hertford, Farmer, Jan 14 at 12 at offices of Armstrong,

Fore st, Hertford
Woolmore, James Richard, Brighton, Wholesale Confectioner. Jan 18 at 3 at offices of

Goodwin and Co, Coleman st. Kisbey, Cheapside

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AND SOLICITORS. Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality STEPHENS SCARLET INK FOR STEEL PENS. with the excess of fat extracted.

The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, perfectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or This new Ink supplies the demand continually made bu Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children." never before met, for a Red Ink which is uninjured by

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Steel or other Metallic Pens. Steel Pens left in this ink Being without sugar, spioe, or other admixture, it suits for months do not impair the beauty of its colour, nor are all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is four times the Pens in the least corroded by it. The existing Red the strength of cocoas THICKENED yet WEAKENED with Inks rapidly destroy Steel Pens, and lose their red colour starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER than such Mixtures. if used with other than Gold or Quill Pens. This new

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BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT, To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole f the

Judicial Bench, Corporation of London, &c. SOLICITORS' AND REGISTRARS? QO'NNS.




west block of the Royal Courts of Justice, our statement was CURRENT TOPICS.

perfectly correct. Were we to say that Vice-Chancellor Bacon's Chambers are now in the west block, we should be incorrect.

Since the furniture and papers were moved into the rooms in that SIR JOAN HOLKER will take his seat in the Court of Appeal block they have been again moved, of course at the cost of much at Lincoln's-inn on Monday next, at which time Lord Justice trouble and expense, to some rooms in the east block, which are LINDLEY will be absent on circuit.

on the top floor of the building, and over the chambers of ViceChancellor Hall and Mr. Justice Chitty. The story is that on

presenting themselves last Saturday morning to commence business, SPECIAL JURY ACTIONs in the Queen's Bench Division will not the chief clerks and their staff found the outer door of the west be taken before the 13th of February. Actions “ without a block so barricaded that entrance was impossible. It then jury” will be taken seriatim in one or more courts, on a day to appeared that the builder, acting under advice, refused to give up be named, not before the 13th of February.

possession of that portion of the building; and as the power to make him do so was at least doubtful, there was nothing for it but

to find rooms elsewhere. Fortunately there were available in BY AN ORDER, which we print in another column, it will be another part of the building certain rooms already out of the seen that all causes and matters which, on or before the 10th of hands of the builder. If this had not been the case, we should January, were assigned to and were then pending before Mr. have had the painful spectacle of a learned Vice-Chancellor and Justice CHITTY are for all purposes transferred until further order his numerous staff wandering through Lincoln's-inn in search of to Mr. Justice Kay. It is presumed that in cases where the writ chambers, and perhaps putting the public to extra expense in the is issued after the 10th of January, Mr. Justice Kay will, in shape of exorbitant rent. As matters now are, it is rather hard pursuance of section 12 of the Judicature Act, 1881, be able to for an aged judge to have to mount to the third storey three act for Mr. Justice CHITTY so far as to dispose of any applications afternoons in a week after six hours work in court. for injunction or other interlocutory orders, but not so as to make decrees.

NO LESS THAN SIR John HOLKER's merits as a lawyer have been discussed,

THREE written judgments were delivered in we suppose, by every daily paper in London, at prodigious

length, open court

on Tuesday last, although the Hilary Sittings did not and with that charming air of infallibility which characterizes the has thus been effected, and a precedent has been set which we

commence till Wednesday. A considerable saving of judicial time observations on legal matters of the lay press. It is unnecessary to label severally, after the fashion of these writers, Sir John hope to see followed on many future occasions. It is unfortunately HOLKER’s various real or supposed merits, or to prophesy as to his doubtful, however, whether the course followed was technically judicial career; it is enough to say that, in the opinion of those correct, and whether, if the letter of the law should be insisted on, who, from having known the new Lord Justice during his career

the judgments delivered could not be either set aside or disregarded at the bar, are presumably best qualified to judge, the new appoint- tion of section 26 of the Judicature Act, 1873, as explained by the

as nullities. This highly technical question depends on the construcment is a thoroughly good one.

various rules of order 61. The 26th section of the Act of 1873,

after abolishing the division of the legal year into terms, prescribes THE APPOINTMENT to one of the highest judicial offices of an

that, “ subject to rules of court, the High Court of Justice and ex-Attorney-General, still sitting on the opposition benches of the the Court of Appeal, and the judges thereof respectively, shall House of Commons, is probably unparalleled in legal history. have power to sit and act, at any time, and at any place, for the One of the nearest approaches to such a thing was the appoint- transaction of any part of the business of such courts respectively, ment by Lord BROUGHAM in 1831 of Lord LYNDHURST, the ex

or of such judges.” Read by itself, this section might be taken Lord Chancellor, to the office of Lord Chief Baron. In the case

to authorize a midnight sitting in the middle of Salisbury of Sir W. PAGE Woon, who was appointed by Lord CAIRNS to a

Plain in mid-winter, but the rules of court no doubt cut it Lord Justiceship in 1868, a long period of judicial service had down, and the only question is how much. By ord. 61, r. 1, intervened since he had ceased to be a law officer.

" the sittings of the court shall be four in every year,” and the Hilary Sittings shall commence on the 11th of January. By rule

2 “the vacations” also “shall be four in every year,” and “ the THE IDEA OF CONCENTRATING all the courts and offices in one

Christmas Vacation shall commence on the 24th of December and building was, without doubt, very useful, but there is one conse- terminate on the 6th of January." By rule 5 "two of the judges quence which, now that the building is erected and partly of the High Court shall be selected at the commencement of each occupied, has been, and continues to be, inconvenient. The long vacation for the hearing, in London or Middlesex during distances within the building are so great that it becomes a serious vacation, of all such applications as may require to be immediately matter when a suitor comes to receive his money at the Bank of or promptly heard.” By rule 6 any other judge may sit for a England, situated at the north side of the building, and is forced vacation judge," and by rule 7 " the vacation judges may dispose to travel thence to the Strand front to swear his affidavit. The of all actions, matters, and other business of an urgent nature journey there and back is described by discontented visitors as during any interval between the sittings of any Division of the amounting to "half-a-mile ;” and, although less than half that High Court to which such business may be assigned, although distance (being, in fact, less than 300 yards), it is a considerable such interval may not be called or known as a vacation.” We grievance to the aged and infirm. Is there any objection to an have, therefore, a restriction upon the quality of business, which affidavit-room being established in immediate proximity to the must be urgent; a restriction upon the personnel of the court, Chancery Pay-Office ?

which is prima facie to be constituted by vacation judges, and a restriction upon the place of sitting, which is to be London or

Middlesex. The curious “ interval not called a vacation" between WHEN WE ANNOUNCED that the chambers of Vice-Chancellor the 6th and 11th of January—an interval common to all the Bacon had been removed to the rooms allotted to them in the periods--might fairly be taken as a proper period for the non

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