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pay interest, as provided by the contract, from the date fixed for com the doors and windows of the premises in which the chattels might be. pletion, and that the deposit of the money did not relieve him from his And it was declared that the power of sale conferred upon the mortgagee obligation.-COUNSEL, G. Pemberton Leach; Napier Higgins, Q.O., and by the Conveyancing Act, 1881, should be exercisable by him as if F. G. Bagshawe. SOLICITORS, Leach & Deedes; Palmer, Eland, f Nettleship. section 20 of the Act had not been enacted. There was also the ordinary

proviso contained in the statutory form, that the chattels should not be POMMERY V. APTHORPE-Q. B. Div., 17th December. liable to seizure or to be taken possession of by the mortgagee for any INCOME TAX, SCHEDULE D.-FOREIGN MBRCHANTS—TRADE CARRIED ON IN

cause other than those specified in section 7 of the Act of 1882. No ENGLAND.

express power of sale was given. It was contended, on behalf of the

official receiver (as trustee in the bankruptcy of the grantor), that the This was a case stated by the Income Tax Commissioners for the pur- bill of sale was void, under section 9 of the Act of 1882. by reason of the pose of determining whether the appellants were rightly assessed to in clause excluding section 20 of the Conveyancing Act and by reason of the come tax under 5 & 6 Vict. c. 35, s. 41, and 16 & 17 Vict. c. 34, s. 2, provisions as to seizure. The judge of the Leeds County Court decided schedule D. The appellants, Pommery & Greno, are wine merchants and that the bill of sale was void, but his decision was reversed by the shippers, having their chief office for business at Rheims, in France, Divisional Court (Manisty and Cave, JJ.). where they reside. They are in the habit of shipping champagne to England for the purpose of sale. They have an agent in London who Fry, and Lopes, L.JJ.), Fry, L.J., dissenting, affirmed the decision of

THE COURT OF APPEAL (Lord Esher, M.R., and Cotton, Lindley, Bowey, employs travellers who seek for orders for the appellants' wine. Small orders are supplied by the agent from a stock of wine kept in London; and Lindley and Bowen, L.JJ. He said that the clause which referred to

the Divisional Court. COTTON, LJ., delivered the judgment of himself larger orders are sent by him direct to the appellants at Rheims, and they ship the wine to the customers. The amounts due are collected by applied to bills of sele, and, on that assumption, attempted to regulate its

the Conveyancing Act assumed that the power of sale given by that Act the agents on behalf of the appellants, who keep a banking account in ment. The agent receives a commission on all wine sold by the appel of the Conveyancing Act was given to mortgagees under a bill of sale to London.. Drafts given in payment are sent to the appellants for indorse-exercise, but did not by contract introduce the power of sale given by the

It was contended that, if the power of sale conferred by section 19 lants in England. He is duly assessed to income tax on all profits made which the Act of 1882 applied, the clause which removed the restrictions by bin in respect of his agency, and pays income tax thereon. The contained in section 20 of the Act of 1881 would impose on the mortgagor appellants were assessed to income tax, in the name of the agent, at the

a liability different from that which would result from a bill of sale sum of £6,000, and they appealed to the commissioners, on the ground in the statutory form, and that, therefore, the bill of sale would, in that the profits were made in France and not in England. The commissioners confirmed the assessment, subject to this case. On behalf of the JOURNAL, 418), be void.

accordance with Ex parte Stanford (17 Q. B. D. 259, 30 SOLICITORS' appellants it was argued that there was no trade exercised in England and of "

Having regard to the definitions of “mortgage" within the meaning of the Act.

property" in the Act of 1881, and to the fact that, before the Tischler v. Apthor pe (33 W. R. 548) and Erichsen v. Last (30 W. R. 301, 8 Q. B. D. 414) were distinguished ; and ship was of 'opinion that, unless there was something in the Act of 1882,

Act of 1881, powers of sale were usually inserted in bills of sale, his lordSulley V. Attorney-General (8 W. R. 472, 5 H. & N. 711) was relied on. The Court (Denman and Hawkins, JJ.) dismissed the appeal. The conclusion, the power of sale given by section 19 of the Act of 1881 would,

or in the particular bill of sale, which was sufficient to lead to a different question was whether the appellants carried on a trade in this country by force of that Act, be given to mortgagees under a bill of sale. But They thought they did. There was no serious distinction between this that Act did not make it compulsory on mortgagors and mortgagees to case and the two cases which the appeilants tried to distinguish, though, adopt the power of sale given by section 19; it left it optional to parties perhaps, the circumstances in those cases were more obviously conclusive at first sight. And in Sulley's case the only point which seemed to be in having power to contract to vary or to exclude altogether the provisions

as to sale contained in section 19. Therefore his lordship thought that favour of the appellants was the remark of Cockburn, C.J., that a man exercises his trade where his profits come hor

this power would not be given to a mortgagee when the nature of the

to him. where he got his money; and here the appellants got their money in security or the provisions of the instrument shewed that the power of London through their agent. The commissioners were right in confirming of sale which

sale given by the Act was unnecessary. What were the exact rights he assessment. - Counsel, Pollard and J. E. Spencer ; Sir E. Clarke, S.G.,

a mortgagee of personal chattels possessed ? A nd Dicey. SOLICITORS, Tippetts f Son ; Solicitors for the Inland Revenue.

pledge of personal chattels, as a rule, was and must be accompanied by delivery of possession, and it enabled the pledgee in possession (though he had only a special property in the thing pledged) to sell on

default in payment, and without notice to the pledgor, although the BANKRUPTCY CASES.

pledgor might redeem at any moment up to sale. A mortgage of per.

sonal chattels involved in its essence, not the delivery of possession, but Ex parte THE OFFICIAL RECEIVER, Re MORRITT-C. A. No. 1, a conveyance of title as a security for the debt. Such a mortgage, 21st December.

however, might be accompanied with a transfer of possession, and mort. BILL OF SALE-VALIDITY-POWER OF SALE-CONVEYANCING Act, 1881, ss.

gages of personal chattels, in cases in which possession was retained by 19, 20—BILLS OF SALE Act, 1882, ss. 7, 9, 13–SCHEDULED FORM.

the mortgagor, might, and commonly did, provide that, in default, the

mortgagee might take that possession which, until default, was withheld In this case, which was argued before the Court of Appeal No. 1 in from him. There was very little, if any, authority on the point, but his August last, and was re-argued before the full Court of Appeal on the 11th lordship was of opinion that a mortgagee of personal chattels which were of November, some important questions arose as to the application of the in his possession was not in a worse position than a pledgee, and, when Conveyancing Act, 1881, to bills of sale which are governed by the there was no express power given by the mortgage, he had, after default Bills of Sale Act, 1882, and as to the implication of a power of sale in in payment, and when he had given the mortgagor a reasonable time to such bills of sale. Section 19 of the Conveyancing Act confers on a

pay the money due, a power to sell and give a good title to the purchaser, mortgagee by deed (and by section 2 this includes a mortgagee of personal though, of course, the mortgagor had, at any time before sale, chattels) “a power, when the mortgage-money has become due, to sell a right, on payment of the money due, including expenses, to the mortgaged property, to the like extent as if the power had been in prevent the sale and redeem the chattels. The form of bill terms conferred by the mortgage deed." But section 20 provides that the of sale scheduled to the Act of 1882 allowed provisions to be mortgagee shall not exercise the power of sale, unless and until notice added for the "maintenance of the security," and this, in his lordrequiring payment of the mortgage-money has been served on the mort- ship’s opinion, enabled provisions to be added giving or regulating, a gagor, and default in payment has been made for three months after the power to enter and seize the chattels comprised in the bill of sale. The service, or interest is in arrear for two months. Sub-section 2 of section present bill of sale contained such provisions, and, assuming those pro 19 provides that the provisions of the Act relating to the powers conferred visions to be valid, the mortgagee, when he had taken possession of the by it, comprised either in that section or in any subsequent section regu- chattels, had, in his lordship's opinion, a power of sale after a reasonable lating the exercise of the powers, may be varied or extended by the time had been allowed to the mortgagor for payment. That time was. mortgage deed, and sub-section 3 provides that the section shall apply he thought, fixed by sections 7 and 13 of the Act of 1882 at five days after only if and so far as a contrary intention is not expressed in the mortgage possession taken There was, therefore, under the bill of sale (independdeed, and shall have effect subject to the terms of the mortgage deed and the ently of, and without introducing, the power given by the Act of 1881) a provisions therein contained. Section 7 of the Bills of Sale Act, 1882,

power to sell, which would arise on possession being taken-i.e., before provides that personal chattels assigned under a bill of sale shall not be liable thetime previous to which the Conveyancing Act of 1881 prohibited any sale to be seized or taken possession of by the grantee for any other than the being made. It would, therefore, in his lordship's opinion, be unreasonable causes therein mentioned, one of which is if the grantee shall make default in to give to the mortgagee a power of sale “as if it had been in terms conthe payment of the mortgage-money at the time appointed for payment. ferred by the mortgage deed," when the power could not, under the proSection provides that a bill of sale given as security for money shall be visions of the Act of 1882,' be exercised before the mortgagee would, void unless made in accordance with the form in the schedule to the without the provisions of the Act of 1881, have a power of sale. It had Act. And, by section 13, "all chattels seized, or of which possession is been suggested that, by section 7 of the Act of 1882, a power to seize the taken under or by virtue of any bill of sale shall not be removed chattels mortgaged was impliedly given, and that this rendered it un. or sold until after the expiration of five days from the day they were necessary to rely on the express power to seize given by the present bill so seized or so taken possession of.” The form of bill of sale in the of sale.


His lordship thought it unnecessary to decide this point. schedule to the Act does not contain any power of sale, but it authorizes opinion the clause relating to the power of sale, erroneously assumed to the insertion of other terms " which the parties may agree to for the be given by the Act of 1881, did not make void the security. It had been maintenance or defeasance of the security.” The bill of sale in the urged that the provisions as to seizure contained in the bill of sale made present case was given as a security for the payment of money. It gave it void. His lordship thought that this objection could not be sustained. the mortgagee power at any time or times after its date, for any of the He would assume that there were in these provisions many stipulations without giving any previous notice to the mortgagor, to take possession of maintenance of the security," and, though some part of the provisions the assigned chattels, and for that purpose, it necessary, to break open might not be capable of being enforced, the mere introduction of the pro


visions did not, in his opinion, render the deed void under section 9. In lordship could not concur in the argument which had been usedhis opinion, the mere fact that provisions were inserted which were not that the creation of a power of sale would be the insertion of a contrary to any express provisions of the Act of 1882, though, in conse “ term for the maintenance of the security,” though that argument quence of the general law applicable to contracts, they were invalid, did derived countenance from Consolidated Credit Corporation v. Gosney (16 not make the bill of sale void. Those provisions might be invalid and Q. B. D. 21). In his lordship's opinion a power of sale was a collateral superfluous, but, as they were introduced for the "maintenance of the power, neither, strictly speaking, in maintenance or in defeasance of the security,” they did not, in his lordship's opinion, wake the deed void. security. If a power of sale were within those words, he did not see what Lopes, L.J., delivered a judgment (in which Lord Esher, M. R., concurred). other provision would not be, and so to interpret the words would be to He was of opinion that, by the statutory form of bill of sale, a power of repeal section 9. In his opinion the present bill of sale was not in Eale was given by implication to the grantee, and that the Legislature, accordance with the statutory form, and was, therefore, void.- COUNSEL, when they enacted that statutory form, did not intend the provisions of Muir Mackenzie ; George Banks. SOLICITORS, W. Murton ;' Williamson, Hill, another Act to be imported. The enactment of the express form nega- & Co. tived, and was inconsistent with, such a conclusion. The mortgagee did not require the aid of the Conveyancing Act. When it was said by section 7 of the Act of 1882 that the chattels assigned by a bill of sale should not be liable to be seized or taken possession of by the grantee for any

THE BAR COMMITTEE AND THE CIRCUITS. other than the specified reasons, and when subsequently it was said that, The following is the report of the Bar Committee, recently forwarded to within five days after seizure, the grantee might be restrained from re

the Lord Chancellor and the judges, with respect to circuit arrangements moving or selling the chattels, it must mean that he was to have a power and proposed alterations : to sell. There was no occasion to insert in the form à power to take

1. Your committee report that the practice of sending one judge only possession of, to sell, or to redeem; these powers were given by the Act itself, and need not appear in the form. And, when section 13 said that to a circuit town during the past few years for the holding of assizes has the goods should not be removed or sold until after the expiration of five caused great inconvenience, delay, and expence, is incompatible with the days, it surely meant that they might be sold after that time. proper disposal of business, and affords no counterbalancing advantage. It gave a power to sell five days after the goods were taken It has created great discontent and inconvenience among suitors, jurypossession of. At

any rate the mortgagee could get a power to sell men, solicitors, and others, and the result has been that suitors have been in another way. A power to seize "might clearly be inserted in deterred from entering causes at the assizes.

2. We believe that a careful and well-considered system of "grouping" the deed, because it was a provision for the maintenance of the

of counties together, coupled with the presence of two judges at each assecurity; the mortgagee could seize under that power, and, having the possession of the goods, he might, as assignee of them, sell them, subject sizę town, would remedy the existing evils.

3. We propose so to group the counties that each county (with some within five days to prevent a sale. If that right was not exercised within possible exceptions) may have assizes during the year held within its five days, the mortgagee had at law and in equity a right to sell, and he limits, so that the privilege of holding assizes at the county town, which could give an unimpeachable title to a purchaser. The provisions of the the inhabitants of each county undoubtedly valus, should not be taken present bill of sale did not alter its legal effect so as to make it not in away: accordance with the statutory form, and they did not, therefore, in

4. We subjoin schemes by which the above proposal may be carried out. validate it. Fry, L.J., differed. He said that a mortgage of chattels was considerable discussion and inquiry.

These plans may admit of amendment in detail, but they are the result of essentially different from a pawn or pledge. A pawnee had å power of sale on default in payment at a time fixed for payment. A mortgagee

5. The advantages to be gained under the proposed system of grouping having the whole legal title to the chattels could, of course, sell them at

are as follows: law, but the equitable right of the mortgagor to redeem could, in his involved in this a saving with respect to first business days, which are little

(a.) The doing away with a number of commission days. There is also lordship's opinion, be excluded only by the presence of an express or implied power of sale. A careful examination of all the authorities

more than half days. cited had not disclosed a single clear authority for the existence of an

(6.) The saving of time and expense where å long trial blocks one implied power of sale in a mortgage of chattels. The conduct of the before the other judge, thereby enabling parties to have their cases tried

court. Where there are two courts shorter cases may be disposed of Legislature was opposed to its existence. mortgagee of a ship. His lordship knew of no authority and no analogy of the number of days required in a county where the business may or Act, 1854, they conferred by express enactment such a power on the and witnesses, &c, to be set free.

(e.) The prevention of much waste of time arising from the uncertainty for the notion that a power of sale, which did not exist at the creation of

It is obvious that where two the mortgage, and while the mortgagee was out of possession, would may not be very rapidly disposed of. arise on his taking possession. This question was, however, now of com

counties are joined the average of the joint business may be more readily paratively little importance. By the definition clause (section 2) of the guaged: Conveyancing Act the word "mortgage" included and was intended, he

(d. The loss of time and the unnecessary waste of money arising from thought, to include a bill of sale of personal chattels, and it was plain that and when (if at all) he will be able to try causes. This may frequently,

not knowing when the one judge will be able to open the commission, the Legislature did not contemplate that bills of sale carried with them any under the present system, amount to an absolute denial of justice. implied power of sale, whether before or on possession, which made it undesirable to apply to them the express power given by the Act.

(e.) The great decrease in the length of time during which the judges Moreover, it was the practice of conveyancers to coufer an express power who go circuit will be absent from town.

(f.) The advantage of two judges consulting on difficult matters. of sale at law or in equity in a bill of sale before the Act of 1881, the power of from town of fourteen judges, leaving only one common law judgetin

6. We are aware that the scheme we propose will necessitate the absence that implied power. When the Act of 1882 was passed the Legislatute must London, whose services would be required in chambers. Your committee have had the Act of 1881 in their contemplation, and, if they had intended wish to point out that during the last Summer Circuit the Lords Justices to exclude the operation of the Act of 1881, they would in all probability desirable (as it seems to us it would be) to have a divisional court sitting have done so by express terms. When section 13 of the Act of 1882 implied the existence under the statutorý form of a power of sale, it was

from time to time in London during the circuits, or a judge sitting to hear difficult to resist the conclusion that the power of sale referred to was that any matter of urgency, arrangements could be made by and with the given in express terms by the Act of 1881. There was nothing in the approval of the Lords Justices by which such courts could be held. We statutory form which, by implication or reasonable inference, excluded

are of opinion that the attempt to transact the ordinary Nisi Prius business the power of sale given by the Act of 1881. Sections 7 and 13

in London during the circuits is of doubtful benefit to anybody, and of the Act of 1882 were negative and prohibitory; they did not give concerned in the trials at Nisi Prius.

causes great inconvenience in many cases to suitors and all others powers to the mortgagee, but they fettered the exercise of powers where they existed, and they were not inconsistent with the power of

7. The above suggestions are made on the supposition that the system sale given by the Act of 1881. The

fetters thus im

of holding civil assizes in each county is to be maintained; but your posed were not inconsistent with the fetter imposed by section 20 committee adhere to the view expreseed in the following paragraph of of the Act of 1881. The object of the Act of 1882 was to impose

their report of March, 1885 :stringent limitations on the power of contracting for the loan of money the number of places at which the assizes shall be held. Looking merely

“We think that a saving of judicial time may be effected by diminishing on chattels as against the lender, and to disqualify the borrower from bestowing on the lender many powers which he had been in the habit of

at the interests of the bar, the most desirable plan would be to select a demanding, and this object was furthered, not frustrated, by the imlimited number of the principal assize towns at which the civil business portation into the statutory form of the fetters on the power of sale should be taken for the surrounding districts.".

8. Your committee are strongly of opinion that on lo account should effect of section 9 of the Act of 1882 was to take away the power, given assizes be appointed to be held contemporaneously at two places on the by sub-section 3 of section 19 of the Act of 1881, to remove the fetters

same circuit. imposed by section 20 on the exercise of the power of sale conferred by section 19. The scheduled form of a bill of sale, in his lordship's opinion,

NORTH-EASTERN CIRCUIT. imported both the power of sále given by section 19 and the fetter imposed by section 20, and, if that fetter wås by express stipulation this circuit.

Two judges are required at Newcastle. No grouping is possible on struck off, the power of sale was liberated and might be exercised, though no one of the contingencies mentioned in section 20 had happened, and

WESTERN CIRCUIT. then the instrument to drawn would have a legal effect which went beyond that which would result from the statutory form, and it

LAST SUMMER Assiže. was, therefore, void, as not being in accordance therewith.


July (t Devizes in Spring.)

July 13



July 16 (+ Taunton in Spring.)

This shows à saving of 21 days.
July 20

* On this circuit Aylesbury and Oakham should, we think, be discon-
July 24

tinued as assize towns, or, if not, only one judge should be sent there.
July 30

Warwick business should be sent to Birmingham,' which is in the same
Aug. 7

+ Salisbury Eight days (working).

† Dorchester

Alternate six days (working).


Tuesday, June 29


Thursday, July 1

Ten days (working).

Saturday, July 3
+ Wells



July 9


July 16 The difficulties which might arise from alternating Bodmin with

Exeter would be much lessened if Plymouth were an assize town, or Bod.

Wednesday, July 21

Saturday, July 24 min might be altogether discontinued as an assize town for civil business.


Thursday, July 29 + Dorchester, Salisbury, Devizes, Taunton, and Wells might, we think,

Birmingham ...


Aug. 2 be discontinued as assize towns for civil business.

Summer. Taken 14 days later. Winter. *


Tuesday, July 13


Berks and Oxford

Berks and Oxford

Thursday, July 8


Monday, July 12

Worcester and
Friday, July 6

Gloucester and
Thursday, July 15

Monday, July 19

Thursday, July 22

Saturday, July 24

Salop and
Wednesday, July 21

Hereford and
Monday, July 26


Monday, Aug. 2
* On the North and South Wales Circuit only one Judge would go as


Stafford, for

for formerly, until the two meet at Chester.

Monmouth and
Wednesday, July 28

Stafford and
Taken seven days later.

Thursday, July 8 Thursday, July 15

Birmingham * Welshpool

August 2


The result is a saving of fifteen days.
Monday, July 12 Monday, July 19

* The order of taking the towns is varied on this circuit to facilitate

the travelling arrangements. Ruthin Mold

} Friday, July 16 Friday, July 23
Monday, July 19

Monday, July 26

Monday, July 26 Monday, August 2 Appleby and Lancaster should be discontinued as assize towns. The A saving of seven days.

Appleby business to be taken to Carlisle, and the Lancaster business to * For the counties of Montgomery and Merioneth.

Manchester or Liverpool. This would effect a saving of about four days.


Friday, July 9

Tuesday, July 13
Friday, July 16


Tuesday, July 20

Mr. ROBERT PRIOLEAU ROUPELL, Q.C., died at his residence, The Albany

Friday, July 23

Piccadilly, on the 16th inst., in his eighty-ninth year. Mr. Roupell, who

Monday, July 26
Swansea ...

was descended from a Venetian family, was the second son of Mr. George Monday, Aug. 2

Boone Roupell, Master in Chancery, and was born in 1798. He was

Taken five days later. educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and he was called to the bar at * Haverfordwest

Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1822. In 1844 he received a silk gown Cardigan

Friday, July 9 Wednesday, July 14 from Lord Lyndhurst, and he had for many years a considerable leading Carmarthen

business in the Rolls Court, but he had long ceased to practise. Mr. + Brecon

Saturday, July 26 Wednesday, July 21 Roupell was the senior Queen's Counsel. He was also (with the exception Chester Wednesday, July 21 Monday,

July 26

of Lord Eversley) the senior bencher of Lincoln's-inn, of which society Swansea

Wednesday, July 28 Monday, August 2 he was treasurer in 1863. Mr. Roupell had formed a valuable collection A saving of five days.

of rare books and pictures. He was an elder brother of Mr. Charles * Carmarthen business could not be taken conveniently to Haverford or Morris Roupell, one of the official referees. Cardigan, but the business from those two counties might be taken at Carmarthen. If desired not to abolish assizes at Haverford and Cardigan, in his eighty-first year.

Mr. WILLIAM STEWART, solicitor, of Wakefield, died on the 14th inst.,

Mr. Stewart was born at Horbury in 1806. Не assizes might be held in the winter at Carmarthen and Haverford, and in the summer at Carmarthen and Cardigan.

served his articles with the late Mr. Stringer, of Wakefield, and he was † For the counties of Brecon and Radnor.

admitted a solicitor in 1830. He was formerly a member of the firm of

Lumb, Son, & Stewart, but he had been for several years associated in MIDLAND CIRCUIT.

partnership with his eldest son, Mr. William Henry Stewart (late Mayor

of Wakefield) and Mr. Martin Stewart. Mr. Stewart was a perpetual Last SUMMER Assize.

commissioner for the West Riding of Yorkshire, and he had an important Aylesbury

Wednesday, June 23

private practice. He was for some time an alderman for the borough of Bedford

Wakefield. Mr. Stewart was married to the daughter of Mr. Henry

Friday, June 25


Lumb. He had been a widower for several years, and he leaves four sons

June 29

Friday, July 2

and three daughters. He was buried in St. John's Churchyard, WakeOakham

Thursday, July 8

field, on the 17th inst. Nottingham


July 9

July 16


Wednesday, July 21 Warwick

Wednesday, July 28

Mr. Montagu STEPHEN WILLIAMS, barrister, who has been appointed Birmingham

Aug. 2

Stipendiary Magistrate at the Greenwich and Woolwich Police Courts, in If begun at same date. * Aylesbury

Taken 21 days lator.

succession to the late Mr. John Balguy, is the second son of Mr. John

Jefferys Williams, barrister. He was born in 1834, and he was educated Bedford... Wednesday, June 23

at Eton. Northampton

July 14

He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1862, and he has practised on the Oxford Circuit and at the Central

Criminal Court and the Middlesex Sessions.
Tuesday, June 29

July 20

Mr. Æneas John MCINTYRE, Q.C., who has been appointed to act as a

Commissioner of Assize on the North Wales and Chester Circuit, is the Monday, July 4

only son of Mr. Æneas McIntyre, and was born in 1821. He was called

to the bar at the Middle Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1846, and he is a Tuesday, July 12

Aug. 2

member of the North Wales Circuit. He became a Queen's Counsel in 1872. Mr. McIntyre is a bencher of the Middle Temple, and he was M.P.

*Oakham Leicester Derby Nottingham Lincoln... *Warwick Birmingham

July 26

for the City of Worcester in the Liberal interest from April, 1880, till November, 1885.

LAW SOCIETIES. Mr. Thomas Beard, solicitor, of 10, Basinghall-street, has been appointed by Alderman Stone to the office of Deputy for the Ward of

THE INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. Bassishaw. Mr. Deputy Beard has served the office of Under-Sheriff of

The following notice has been issued to members :- In pursuance of the London and Middlesex. He was admitted a solicitor in 1858, and he is in

resolution passed at the annual general meeting, held on the 15th of July, partnership with his sons, Mr. Walter James Westcott Beard and Mr.

1881, to the effect that meetings of the society should be held in January Thomas George Beard.

and April, a special general meeting of the members of the society will be Mr. JAMES FORREST Fulton, barrister, M.P., who has been appointed | held in the hall of the society on Friday, the 28th of January, 1887. Junior Counsel to the Treasury at the Central Criminal Court in succession Members who may wish to move resolutions should send copies of them to to Mr. Montagu Williams, who has been appointed a metropolitan police the secretary not later than the 3rd of January. Notice of the proposed magistrate, is the youngest son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Fulton, motions will afterwards be sent to each member of the society. and was born in 1846. He is an LL. B. of the University of London. Law Society's Hall, Dec. 11. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Easter Term, 1872, and he practises on the South-Eastern Circuit and at the Central Criminal Court, and the Essex, Hertford, and St. Albans Sessions. Mr. Fulton is prosecuting counsel to the Mint for Hertfordshire, and at the General Election of July last he was elected M.P. for the Northern Division of the

Borough of West Ham in the Conservative interest.
Mr. Edward RIDLEY, barrister, who has been appointed an Officia

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-CHANCERY DIVISION. Referee of the Supreme Court of Judicature on the resignation of Mr. James

CHRISTMAS VACATION, 1886—7. Anderson, Q.C., is the second son of the late Sir Matthew Ridley, Bart., and was born in 1843. He was educated at Harrow, and he was formerly 24th of December, 1886, until Monday, January 3, 1887, both days

Mr. Justice Grantham will be the Vacation Judge from Friday, the scholar of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where he graduated first class inclusive. in Classics in 1866, and he was afterwards elected a fellow of all Souls

His lordship will sit in the Queen's Bench Judges' Chambers on College. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Trinity Term, Tuesday, the 28th of December and Friday, the 31st of December. 1868, and he has practised on the North-Eastern Circuit and on the Durham, Northumberland, Newcastle, and Berwick Sessions. Mr. Ridley | be made to his lordship at Barcombe Place, near Lewes, Sussex.

On other days during the vacation urgent chancery applications may was M.P. for South Northumberland from 1878 till 1880, and in the latter year he was a commissioner foi inquiring into corrupt practices in

Mr. Justice Stirling will be the Vacation Judge on Wednesday, the the City of Oxford.

22nd of December and Thursday, the 23rd of December, and from Tues.

day, the 4th of January, 1887, until Monday, the 10th of January, 1887, Mr. John TROUTBECK, solicitor, of 4, Dean's-yard, has been appointed both days inclusive. Deputy-Coroner for the City and Liberty of Westminster, in succession Bis lordship will sit in Queen's Bench Judges' Chambers on Tuesday, to Mr. Athelstan Braxton Hicks, resigned. Mr. Troutbeck is the son of January 4, Thursday, the 6:h, and Saturday, the 8th. the Rev. John Troutbeck, D.D., Minor Canon of Westminster. He was On other days during the vacation urgent chancery applications may educated at Queen's College, Oxford, where he graduated third class in be made to his lordship at 51, Great Cumberland Place, Hyde Park. the Civil Law Examination in 1881, and he was admitted a solicitor in In any case of great urgency the brief of counsel is to be sent to the 1884.

judge by book-post, or parcel prepaid, accompanied by office copies of Mr. John WALTER Watson, solicitor, of 27, Basinghall.street, has been the affidavits in support of the application, and also by a minute, on a appointed a Commissioner for taking A fidavits in the Stannaries Courts separate sheet of paper, signed by counsel, of the order he may consider of Devonshire and Cornwall.

the applicant entitled to, and also an envelope, sufficiently stamped, Mr. William Burd, solicitor, of Okehampton, has been appointed Clerk Letter: To the Registrar in Vacation, Chancery Registrars' Chambers,

capable of receiving the papers, addressed as follows:-"Chancery Oficial to the Okehampton Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, School Royal Courts of Justice, London, W.0." Attendance Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority. Mr. Burd was On applications for Injunctions, in addition to the above, a copy of the admitted a solicitor in 1870. He is town clerk of Okehampton, clerk writ, and a certificate of writ issued, must also be sent. to the borough magistrates, and registrar of the Okehampton County The papers sent to the judge will be returned to the registrar. Court.

The chambers of Mr. Justice Stirling will be open on Tuesday, Wed. Mr. Patrick Maxwell, solicitor, of Dublin avd Londonderry, has been nesday, Thursday, and Friday, in every week, from 11 to 1 o'clock. elected President of the Irish Incorporated Law Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Maxwell was admitted a solicitor at Dublin in 1881.


At the annual general meeting of the Gresham Life Assurance Society, Thomas Drake and WILLIAM BARNARD PILKINGTON, solicitors (Drake &

held at the offices, 26, Poultry, E.C., on Monday last, the report stated the

new premiums for the year at £75,923, the annual income £742,328, and Pilkington), Huddersfield and Saddleworth. Dec. 11.

the assets £3,776,326. CHARLES PIDCOCK, CHARLES Foley Pidcock, and Henry Walwyn Pid. COCK, solicitors (Pidcock & Sons), Worcester. Sept. 29. So far as relates to the said Charles Foley Pidcock. The said Charles Pidcock and Henry Walwyn Pidcock will in future carry on the said business under the style or firm of Pidcock & Son.

[Gazette, Dec. 17.)

WINDING UP NOTICES. John Jones and David Lewis, solicitors (Jones & Lewis), Cardiff.

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 17. March 1.

[Gazette, Dec. 21.]




made by Chitty, J., dated Dec 6, it was order that the corporation be wound A useful list of the bailiffs under the Agricultural Holdings (England) up. Layton & Co, Budge row, solors for petner Act, 1883, appointed by the county court judges for the various districts, JONES LLOYD, LIMITED. - Petn for winding up, presented Dec 17, directed to be has been published by Mr. Frank P. Wilson, of 6, Fetter-lane.

heard before North, J., on Saturday, Jan 15. Taylor & Co, Field ct, Gray's ind,

solors for petners On Monday evening the members of the South-Eastern Circuit enter


LIMITED IN CHANCERY. tained Sir Edward Clarke, Q.C., M.P., at a complimentary dinner at the WILLIAM HARTLEY & Sons, LIMITED.-By an order made by Fox Bristowe, V.C., Holborn Restaurant in celebration of his appointment as Solicitor dated Dec 9, it was ordered that William Hartley & Sons, Limited, be wonnd General. The chair was taken by Mr. Murphy, Q.C., and there was a

up, and that Charles Henry Wade be appointed official liquidator, and that he considerable gathering of both the past and present members of the circuit,

be at liberty to carry on the business of the company until further order.

Boote & Edgar, Manchester, solors for petners among them being Mr. Baron Pollock, Justices Denman, Mathew, Day,

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. A. L. Smith, and Grantham, and the Attorney-General.

CLOUGH HALL COLLIERY AND IRON WORKS SICK AND ACCIDENT SOCIETY, Forge At the Marylebone Police Court on Wednesday, Arthur Powell, of 34, HARVEST HOME Lodge, Wheatsheal Inn, Red-etreet, Newcastle under Lyme, Salisbury-road, Highgate, appeared in answer to two summonres, taken Stafford. Dec 13 out at the instance of the Incorporated Law Society, for unlawfully, HOLMES CHAPEL AND CRANAGE FEMALE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Schoolroom, Cranwilfully, and falsely pretending to be a solicitor. Mr. W. H. Humphreys prosecuted. It was shewn that the defendant was a customer of a Mr.

RINGSTEAD INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY, LIMITED, Ringstead, Northampton. Dec 11 Matthews, a hair-dresser, at 109, Fortess-road, Kentish Town, and he

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec. 21. represented himself to be a solicitor.

On July 26 he offered to do cer-

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. tain work for Mr. Matthews, and the latter paid him ten shillings to take ABERCORRIS SLATE AND SLAB Co., LIMITED. --By an order made by Chitty, J, out a summons in the county court. He gave him a receipt for the money,

dated Dec 15, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Carr & Son, and at the same time said that he had other cases in court.

Rood lane, solors for petner was afterwards given to the defendant in respect of the proceedings. The

LONDON, WINDSOR, AND GREENWICH HOTELS Co, LIMITED.--Petn for winding ur, defendant pleaded guilty, and admitted that he had acted foolishly, and

presented Dec 17, directed to be heard before Stirling, J, on Jan 15. Saxton & hoped that the magistrate would deal leniently with him. Mr. De Rutzen

TILBURY BRICKFIELDS CO, LIMITED.-Creditors are required. on or before Jan 19; inflicted a penalty, including costs, of £12 78., or, in default, two months'

to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims; imprisonment.

to Milford Norsworthy, 71, Cornhill. Monday. Jan 17, at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Other money


WHEELER HORSESHOE NAIL CO, LIMITED.-By an order made by North, J.,
dated Dec 11, it was ordered that the company be wound ub. Reep & Co,
Queen st pl, Cannon st, solors for petner


London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 17.

Bristowe, V.C., dated Dec 14, it was ordered that the society be wound up.

AITCHISON, JOSEPH, and TOM AITCHISON, Kingston upon Hull, Auctioneers. Slater & Sons, Manchester, agents for Hall & Co, Accrington, solors for petner

Kingston upon Hull. Pet Dec 13. Ord Dec 13 and official liquidators

ANDREWS, THOMAS, Leicester Forest East, Leicester, Farmer. Leicester. Pet

Dec 13. Ord Dec 13
ASKIN, JOHN FREDERICK Pass, Sheffield, Grocer. Sheffield. Pet Dec 15. Ord

Dec 15
BARBER, HENRY, High st, Holborn, Builder. High Court. Pet Dec 14. Ord

Dec 14

BARNFATHER, ISAAC, Carlisle, Grocer, Carlisle. Pet Dec 13. Ord Dec 13

BISHOP, HENRY, Harleyford rd, Kennington, Builder. Wandsworth. Pet Dec

15. Ord Dec 15 LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

BLAND, HENRY, Scarborough, Chemist. Scarborough. Pet Dec 15. Ord Dec 15 London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 17. FRYMAN, EGBERT, Rye, Sussex, Wine Merchant. Feb 14. Fryman v Fryman, BRIGHAM, THOMAS, Willoughby, nr Selby, Yorks, Farmer. York. Pet Dec 14. Chitty, J. Greneide, Great George st, Westminster

Ord Dec 14
WRAY, ARAHAM, Friends' Retreat, York. Jan 17, Close v Wray, Chitty, J. BRODIE, THOMAS, Chesterfield, Derby, Grocer. Chesterfield. Pet Dec 11. Ord
Wigin, Leeds

Dec 14
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec. 21.

CARTER, HENRY, Bridgend, Glamorgan, Greengrocer. Cardiff. Pet Dec 13. Ord

Dec 13
COMPER, JAMES, North Heath, Pulborough, Sussex, Brickmaker. Jan 18.
Comper v Keatley, Chitty, J. Mant, Storrington

COOPER, WILLIAM, Rainow, nr Macclesfield, Farmer. Macclesfield. Pet Dec 2.

Ord Dec 15
COOPER, WILLIAM, Cinderford, Gloucester, General Dealer. Gloucester. Pet Dec

13. Ord Dec 14 NOTICES TO CREDITORS UNDER TRUSTEES RELIEF ACT, for insertion in the DURRANT, WILLIAM, Kessingland, Suffolk, Fishing Boat Owner. Gt Yarmouth. London Gazette or any newspaper, should be sent to Harrison and Sons, Pub

Pet Dec 15. Ord Dec 15 lishers London Gazette, 45, St. Martin's-lane, W.C. The Gazette is published every EDWARDS, WILLIAM HENRY, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, Ironmonger. Salisbury. Tuesday and Friday.-[ADVT.)

Pet Nov 30. Ord Dec 14
EVANS, DAVID CORNWALIAN, Brynmawr, Brecon, Grocer. Tredegar. Pet Dec 16.

Ord Dec 15

FAWCETT, WILLIAM, Kingston upon Hull, Joiner. Kingston upon Hull. Pet Dec UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

15. Ord Dec 15 LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

GUNNELL, HERBERT, Gt Yarmouth, Grocer, Gt Yarmouth. Pet Dec 14. Ord London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec. 14.

Dec 14 BIRTWISTLE, ROBINSON, Gt Harwood, Lancaster, Farmer. Jan 7. Needham, HALE, CALEB, Cannock, Staffordshire, Beer Retailer. Walsall. Pet Dec 13. Ord Blackburn

Dec 13
BORASTON, ELIZABETH, Wribbenhall, Kidderminster, Coal Merchant. Jan 20. HARDSTONE, WILLIAM, Lee, Kent, Butcher. Greenwich Pet Dec 14. Ord
Remingway, Bewdley

Dec 14
BOWLER, THOMAS FLETCHER, Burton on Trent, Brewer. Jan 12. Ormsby Taylor, HARKER, EDWARD, Burnley, Hosier. Burnley. Pet Dec 14. Ord Dec 14

Burton on Trent
BROOKES, SAMUEL PHILPOT, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Solicitor. Jan 20.

Brookes & Badham, Tewkesbury

Merchants. Manchester. Pet Dec 11. Ord Dec 11

Ord BROWNING, JAMES, Croydon, Market Gardener. Jan 11. Hogan & Hughes, HOLMES, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Draper. Nottingham. Pet Dec 14. BUCKLES. CAROLINE, Long Sutton, Lincoln. Jan 10. Mossop & Mossop, Long IMPEY, PERCY ROBERTS, Wormwood chbrs, Wormwood st, Carpet Dealer. High

Court. Pet Nov 1. Ord Dec 14 CHEERS, MARTHA ANN, Tattenhall, Chester. Feb 11. Brassey, Chester

JENNINGS, JAMES, Great Bowden, Leicestersbire, Builder. Leicester. Pet Dec

14. Ord Dec 14 GRIFFITH, DAVID DAVIES, Towyn, Merioneth, Skinner. Jan 12. Rowlands, JONES, ROBERT, and JOHN WILLIAMS JONES, Liverpool, Timber Merchants. Pentrerheydn

Liverpool. Pet Dec 14. Ord Dec 14 EDWARDS, ALBERT, Yeovil, Somerset, Linen Draper. Feb 1. Watts, Yeovil JONES, WILLIAM, Much Marcle, Herefordshire, Farmer. Worcester. Pet Dec Evans John, Glan Vyrnwy, Llanymynech, Gent. Jan 15. Minshalls & Parry

15. Ord Dec 15 Jones, Oswestry

LEARMONTH, ALEXANDER, Eaton pl, Eaton sg, Esq. High Court. Pet Dec 7. GARTH, ANNIE, Knaresborough, York. Jan 5. Gill, Knaresborough

Ord Dec 7 HOLLIS, THOMAS, Bayston rd, Stoke Newington. Jan 18. Hollis, Birkenhead

LOCKE, HARRY, East Stonehouse, Devon, Boot Factor. East Stonehouse. Pet

Dec 13. Ord Dec 13 IRELAND, CHARLES NIMROD, Cheltenham. Feb 1. Drew, Cheltenham

MACPHERSON, CHARLES, Warwick, Baker. Warwick. Pet Dec 13. Ord Dec 13 KLUMPP, JOHN JACOB, Coldharbour_lane, Brixton, Licensed Victualler. Jan 8. MOULD, JOHN JAMES, Balsall Heath, Worcestershire, Slater. Birmingham. Pet Young & Co, St Mildred's ct, Poultry

14. Ord Dec 14 LUNGLEY, AMELIA, Kew, Surrey. Jan 10. Saxelby & Faulkner, Ironmonger MUNFORD, FERDINAND CHARLES, Crewkerne, Somerset, Watchmaker. Yeovil. lane

Pet Nov 23. Ord Dec 13 MACKLE, JAMES, Barrow in Furness, Licensed Victualler. Jan 12. Morgan & NEWLOVE, JOHN WILSON, Leeds, Coal Leader. Leeds. Pet Dec 13. Pet Dec 13

Nalder, Barrow in Furness MALCOLM, GEORGIANA CHARLOTTE FRANCES, Sloane st. Feb 1. Wynne & Son, Onions, GEORGE, Moxley, Staffordshire, Ironmaster. Wolverhampton. Pet Dec Lincoln's inn fields

15. Ord Dec 15 MANN, THOMAS, Roseneath house, Winchmore hill. Jan 26. Collyer-Bristow &

PEACOCK, THOMAS WEBB, Birmingham, Tailor. Birmingham. Pet Dec 13. Ord Co, Bedford row

Dec 13 MARSHALL, ELIZABETH, Liocoln Feb 11. Tweed & Co, Lincoln

PENNYMORE, WILLIAM HENRY, Golden lane, Printer. High Court. Pet Dec 13.

Ord Dec 13
MAUDE, Hon FRANCIS, Onslow sq, South Kensiugton, Captain R.N. Jan 24.
Wynne & Son, Lincoln's inn fields

POWELL, GEORGE, and SARAH POWELL, Binstead, Hampshire, Farmers. Win

chester. Pet Dec 4. Ord Dec 15 MILNES, DAVID, Wood Nook, Dalton, Farmer, Feb 1. Sykes & Son, Huddersfield

RAMAGE, JOSEPH, Broughton, nr Manchester, Plumber. Salford. Pet Dec 10.

Ord Dec 10
NELSON, ROBERT, Longmarton, Westmorland, Gent. Jan 10. John Bell, jun,

RATH, LEONTINE, Ribblesdale rd, Hornsey, Spangio Lignine Goods Manufacturer,

High Court. Pet Dec 14. Ord Dec 14
PARK, JOHN PETER TROTMAN, Bristol, Corn Merchant. Jan 31. Turner &
Chanter, Wotton under Edge

ROBERTS, HENRY JOSEPH, Risca, Mon, Grocer. Newport, Mon. Pet Dec 11.

Ord Dec 13 POWELL, CAROLINE, Pembury rd, Clapton. Jan 4. Farrar & Farrar, Doctors' ROBINSON, THOMAS, Chebsey, nr Eccleshall, Staffs, Solicitor. Stafford. Pet Dec commons

4. Ord Dec 13 PUDDICOMBE, CAROLINE AMELIA, Waterloo rd, Lan. beth, Stationer. Jan 15. Jackson, Bishopsgate Without

SMITH. THOMAS, Radcliffe, Lancs, Licensed Victualler. Bolton. Pet Dec 14.

Ord Dec 14
RAVENSCROFT, HENRY WILLIAM, John st, Bedford row, Solicitor. Jan 20.
Ravenscroft & Co, John st, Bedford row

SPACKMAN, GEORGE, Swindon, Solicitor. Bristol. Pet Dec 4. Ord Dec 14
REFELLE, ALBERT WILLIAM, Streatham common, Grocer.

Jan 30, Fowler, Streatham common

William TRAIN, WILLIAM, Leeds, Butcher. Leeds. Pet Dec 15. Ord Dec 15
SEAGER, CATHERINE HANNAH BUTLER, Balham pk rd, Balham. Jan 28. Sowton,

WATSON, GEORGE, Sheffield, Grocer. Sheffield. Pet Dec 14. Ord Dec 14
Bedford row
STORTEN, MARIE CLARA LOUISE, Osnabruck, Prussia, Jan 31. Chapman, Pancras WEBB, John, Southsea, Bootmaker. Portsmouth. Pet Dec 11. Ord Dec 11
SHORTEN, Tom, Bromberg, Prussia, Engineer. Jan 31. Chapman, Pancras lane

WHITE, DAVID, Westrop, nr Basingstoke, Auctioneer. Winchester. Pet Dec 13.

Ord Dec 13 SILCOCK, ELIJAH, Dronfield, Derby, Edge Tool Maker. Jan 15. Lucas, Dron WHITE. JEANNETT, Bournemouth, Lodging house Keeper. Poole. Pet Dec 9. SUTTON, RICHARD, Speke, Lancaster, Farmer. Jan 25. Banks & Kendall, Liver- WITHERS, THOMAS, West Bromwich, Staffs, out of business. Oldbury. Pet Nov

29. Ord Dec 14 THOMPSON, Rey WILLIAM, Wotton under Edge, Gloucester. Dec 31. Turner &

WRENN, SIDNEY WILLIAM, Rotherham, Yorks, Coachbuilder, Sheffield. Pet Chanter, Wotton under Edge

Dec 14. Ord Dec 14 WHITE, THOMAS, Croydon, Surrey, Builder. Jan 31. Hogan & Hughes, Croy

FIRST MEETINGS. WILLIAMS, GWENLLIAN, Taibach, Glamorgan. Jan 16. Tennant & Jones, Aber

ANDREWS, THOMAS, Forest East, Leicester, Farmer, Dec 24 at 12.30. 28, Friar

lane, Leicester WOLLEY, ADAM, Matlock, Derby, Gent. Jan 12. Small, Burton on Trent

ARMSTRONG, CHARLES, Kingstown, nr Carlisle, Brick Manufacturer. Dec 29 at

12. Off Rec, 34, Fisher st, Carlisle
BARNFATHER, ISAAC, Carlisle, Grocer. Dec 29 at 3.30. Off Rec, 31, Fisher st,

BRIGHAM, THOMAS, Willoughby, nr Selby, Yorks, Farmer. Dec 30 at 12. Off

Rec, York
HEE, TWO GUINEAS, for a sanitary inspection and report on a London dwelling

BROOKER, HENRY, Beckenham, Kent, Carman. Dec 30 at 3. 109, Victoria st,

Westminster house. Country surveys by arrangement. The Sanitary Engineering and Ventilation Company, 115, Victoria-street, Westmirster. Prospectus free.-[ADVT.

COOPER, WILLIAM, Cinderford, Gloucester, General Dealer. Dec 28 at 3. Off

Rec, 15, King st, Gloucester FURNISH ON NORMAN & STACEY'S SYSTEM ; No Deposit; 1, 2, or 3 years credit;

EDWARDS, WILLIAM HENRY, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, Ironmonger. Dec 30 at 60 wholesale firms. Offices, 79, Queen Victoria-st., E.O. "Branches at 121, Pall

3. Off Rec, Salisbury Mall, S.W., & 9, Liverpool-st., E.C. Goods delivered free:- (ADVT,

FORD, HENRY, Tisbury, Wilts, Builder. Dec 30 at 11. Off Rec, Salisbury


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