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REG. v. cox. C. C. R. 11th Dec.

the justices

to grant to the person whose house shall, as CRIMINAL LAW-Cruelty TO CHILDREN-PROOF OF AGE_PREVENTION OF

aforesaid, have been or shall be about to be pulled down or occupied for the CRUELTY TO CHILDREN ACT, 1894 (57 & 58 Vict. c. 41).

improvement of the highways or for any other public purpose

and who sball open and keep as an inn, some other fit and convenient house. Case stated by the chairman of the Worcestershire Quarter Sessions. a licence to sell excisable liquors by retail, to be drunk or consumed therein." The prisoner was convicted under the Prevention of Cruelty to Children This section is an extension of section 4, and is to be read with it. Section 4 Act, 1894, of having wilfully neglected certain children under the age of provides for the holding of special sessions, for transferring licences, and sixteen years of whom he had the custody or charge. The opinion of the authorises justices thereat “ to licence such persons intending to keep inns, court was asked upon several points, but the only question calling for a theretofore kept by other persons being about to remove from such inns as report was that relating to the sufficiency of the evidence as to the age of they, the said justices, shall. deem fit and proper persons . the children. An officer of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Shaw was never a licensed person within this Act, and his application was Children gave evidence that he had seen the children and stated what he really an application for a new licence. believed to be their respective ages, all being under sixteen. A constable KËNNEDY, J.—The essential point here is whether this was an application confirmed this evidence. The mistress of a public elementary school gave under section 14 so that an appeal would lie. I am not satisfied that Shaw evidence that the eldest children attended the school and that she believed

ever actually occupied the premises known as the Peacock Inn, but even if they were within the statutory age limit for such schools. The youngest he did, he never occupied them within the meaning of the Act. In order to child, a baby in arms, was in court; the other children were not produced. come under section 14 the house must be kept by the same person who It was submitted on behalf of the prisoner that there was no evidence of applies for the transfer. The applicant must be the licensed holder of the the age of the children except the youngest child. Section 17 of the premises at the time they were pulled down. Shaw fails to bring himself Prevention of Cruelty to Children Act, 1894, provides that “in respect of a within the meaning of the words in that section, and therefore his appeal child who is alleged in the charge or indictment to be under any specified must be dismissed. Appeal dismissed with costs. A discussion then aroso age and the child appears to the court to he under that age, such child as to whether the justices were now entitled to their costs, and the Court, in shall for the purposes of this Act be deemed to be under that age unless view of the judgment of Lord Herschell in Boulter v. Justices of Kent (1897, the contrary is proved.

A.C. 556) which case overrules Reg. v. Justices of Glamorganshire (40 W.R. The Court (Lord RUSSELL OF KILLOWEN, C.J., and HAWKINS, MATHEW, 436 ; 1892, 1 Q. B. 621), decided to reserve this point for further consideration. GRANTHAM, and DARLING, JJ.) upheld the conviction.

---COUNSEL, Lawson Walton, Q.C., and T. P. Perks ; J. Roskill ; Kershaw, Q.C., Lord RUSSELL OF KillowEN, C.J.-It is said that the only proper and Montgommery.

SOLICITORS, Williamson, Hill, & Co., for Walsham, evidence of the age of the children was certificates of their births combined Halifax; Baderam f Williams for Trevor Edwards, Wakefield ; J. R. Hall, with proof of identity. But the ages of the children may be proved by for Keighley Walton, Halifax. any lawful evidence. It is impossible to say that the evidence given was

[Reported by E. G. STILLWELL, Barrister-at-Law.] not evidence proper to be received. As to the age of the parents, the mere statement of the point is an answer to it: the person charged was in the dock and the jury had an opportunity of seeing her for themselves. Conviction affirmed.-COUNSEL, Stamford Hutton; Clarke Hall. SOLICITORS, Clarke & Blundell; W. Morton Phillips, for Coleman & Whiteley, Redditch.

Bankruptcy Cases. [Reported by T. R. C. Dill, Barrister-at-Law.]

Re PIERS. Ex parte PIERS v. READ. Wright, J. 18th Dec.


VALUE OWING TO INADVERTENCE-BANKRUPTCY Act, 1883 (46 & 47 Div. Court. 20th Nov.


In this case C. P. Piers, the assignee of Turnbull, a secured creditor, FOR TRANSFER OF LICENCE-JURISDICTION OF JUSTICES—9 Geo. 4 c. 61, applied for leave to amend his proof by valuing his security at the full SBC. 14.

amount of the debt proved for, instead of valuing it at nil. The ground In this case a rule nisi had been obtained calling upon the justices of the West of his application was that his assignor had been led by false information Riding of Yorkshire to shew cause why a writ of mandamus should not issue to value his security at nil. The application was opposed by Read, another directing them to hear and determine at quarter sessions an appeal by one

creditor, on the ground that Turnbull had not omitted to value his S. H. Shaw against the refusal of the justices at the special session for the security " from inadvertence” within rule 10 of Schedule 1 of the Banktransfer of licences for the 'borough of Halifax, to grant him, under the pro- ruptcy Act, 1883, which is as follows: "For the purpose of voting a visions of section 14 of the Intoxicating. Liquor Licensing Act, 1828, a

secured creditor shall, unless he surrender his security, state in his proof transfer of the licence to sell by retail excisable liquors to be drunk or con

the particulars of his security, the date when it was given, and the value sumed on the premises known as the Peacock Inn, which had been pulled at which he assesses it, and shall be entitled to vote only in respect of down for publc improvements, to another fit and convenient house intended the balance (if any) due to him after deducting the value of his security. to be opened and kept by him as an inn in the same street. The facts as

If he votes in respect of his whole debt, he shall be deemed to have contained in the affidavits were that a Mrs. Toole had been for several years surrendered his security, unless the court on application is satisfied that previous to, and was on 30th November, 1894, the licensee of the said house. the omission to value the security has arisen from inadvertence.” In this On 30th November, Mrs. Toole, being about to quit the premises, Shaw, who

case Turnbull had in fact voted at a meeting of creditors in respect of the had become the tenant thereof, although he was never in actual possession full amount of his debt. The application was also opposed by a group of or paid rent for the house, applied at the petty sessions for authority to of creditors for an aggregate sum of £2,000, on the ground that Turnbull carry on the business. This authority was granted, and continued in had surrendered his security by voting for the full amount of his debt, force until the 1st of February, 1895, when Shaw applied to the and had nothing to assign to Piers, who, therefore, had no locus standi. justices at the special session for a licence. This granted, WRIGHT, J., said that he thought he could override the second point and continued in force until the 10th of October, 1895.

The because Turnbull still had his debt which he could assign to Piers, but on Peacock Inn was pulled down for the aforesaid purposes in Decem- the point of inadvertence," he decided against the applicant. He ber, 1894.

The general Licensing Meeting was held on the 23rd of observed that " inadvertence” was a peculiar and unusual word to find August, 1895, and prior to that date Shaw received notice of objection. in an Act of Parliament, and that he could not construe it contrary to its He agreed with the objectors that the matter should be adjourned until the true signification, which is the opposite of deliberate election—that is to 27th of September, the date of the adjourned Annual Licensing Meeting. say, that the creditor never meant to do what he really did. In this case No application was made at that meeting for the renewal of the licence in

he had elected to value his security at nil, and could not be allowed to respect of the Peacock Inn; but it was stated that an application would amend. Application refused.-COUNSEL, McIntyre; Herbert Reed, Q.C., subsequently be made on Shaw's behalf at the special sessions for the grant of and Nepean ; Kent. SOLICITORS, W. Eley ; Thomas Edward ; Robert Kent. a licence to another house. Notices under the Intoxicating Liquor

[Reported by P. M. FRANCKE, Barrister-at-Law.] Licensing Act, 1828, and the Licensing . Act, 1872, were duly given of Shaw's intention to apply under Section 14 of the former Act at the special session for a transfer of the licence from the Peacock Inn to another inn. At the special session held on the 29th of

Solicitors' Cases. July, 1896, the said application was made, when it was opposed on LEWIS AND ANOTHER v. BURRELL. Div. Court. 16th Dec. the ground that a licence was not requirod in the locality, and the justices refused the application. Shaw then appealed to the quarter sessions County COURT- PRACTICE "STATUTORY DEFENCE”-SOLICITORS' BILL OF at Wakefield on the 19th of October, 1896, when it was objected that no

Costs-SOLICITORS' Act (6 & 7 Vict. c. 73), s. 37-COUNTY COURT RULES, appeal lay to the said court on the ground that the application made on the 1889, ORD. 10., RR. 10 AND 18. 29th of July, and refused by the justices, was an application for a new licence. Appeal by the plaintiffs from a decision of His Honour Collier, J., The court of quarter sessions being of opinion that the objection was a good sitting at the county court of Liverpool. The action was brought by a one, dismissed the appeal. Shaw then obtained the above rule.

firm of solicitors carrying on business at Liverpool to recover their bill of THE COURT (MATHEW and KENNEDY, JJ.) having taken time to consider costs. At the hearing of the case the point was taken by the defendant their judgment, dismissed the appeal.

that no properly signed bill of costs had been delivered. The plaintiffs, MATHEW, J., after stating the facts, said that the granting of a licence to in answer to the objection, said that the defence set up was a statutory Shaw on the 1st of February, 1895, was a mere fiction, as the Peacock Inn defence of which notice must be given in accordance with the County had then ceased to exist. On the 26th of July, 1896, the application under Court Rules, and that, as no such notice had been given by the defendant, section 14 of the Act of 1828 was made on behalf of Shaw. That section it could not be then raised against their claim. The county court provides that " if any house, being kept as an inn by any person duly judge decided in favour of the defendant and non-guited the plaintiffs. licensed" under that Act “ shall be, or be about to be pulled down or Counsel in support of the appeal stated the facts thus : The plaintiffs occupied under the provisions of any Act for the improvement of the delivered their bill of costs for £11 to the defendant for payment. The highways or for any other public purpose

it shall be lawful for defendant raised no objection at the time that the items were not


separately set out in the bill, but refused to pay it on the ground that registry shall be established, together with such other places as may be he had not authorized a “ retainer." The action was then brought in the thought proper, having regard to the convenience of the districts to be county court to fight only the question of a retainer or no retainer, and affected by the order ; stating further that, as the question of applying the defendant raised at the hearing the statutory defence that the bill as the Act to London is a very important matter, the council would be glad, delivered was not a good signed bill of costs under section 37 of the before coming to a decision thereon, to have the views of those bodies in Solicitors Act, 1843. To that the plaintiffs replied that the defendant. the county who are specially interested; and asking the vestry to be good could not plead such a statutory defence because, by order 10 of the enough, should they so desire, to furnish the council with their views on County Court Rules, 1889, notice must be served on the other side, which the subject. the defendant had failed to do. Section 37 of the Act of 1843 enacts In connection with this communication, the committee have considered that no attorney or solicitor shall commence or maintain any action for the letter from the vestry of Kensington, dated the 2nd of December, the recovery of any fees until the expiration of one month after he shall forwarding copy of a report by their law and parliamentary committee, have delivered a signed bill of such charges to the defendant. Ord. 10, relative to the Land Transfer Act, 1897, and stating that they have r. 10, of the County Court Rules, 1889, is as follows: “Where the informed the London County Council that they do not approve of deferdant intends to rely upon any of the grounds of defence mentioned registration of title being made compulsory in the county of London, and in rule 18. he shall file a notice stating thereon his name and have expressed a hope that the council will take steps to prevent the address together with a concise statement of such ground five clear days application of the provisions of the Act to the county. before the return day . . provided that in case of non-compliance with The committee bave also had before them a letter from the assistant this and the above-mentioned rule and of the plaintiff not consenting at the registrar of the land registry, dated the 7th of December, forwarding trial to permit the defendant to avail himself of such defences, the judge statements of the methods and results of the registration of titles to land may, on such terms as he thinks fit, adjourn the trial of the action to in this and other countries. enable the defendant to give such notice.” Rule 18 (a) (b) of the same

2. It will readily be admitted that the subject of the registration of order directs that where in any action the defendant relies upon any titles to land is one of great importance to the community, and, no doubt, statutory defence or any defence of which he is required by any statute theoretically there is much to be said in favour of such a system. to give notice he shall in his statement set forth the year, chapter, and 3. The committee, however, consider that there are serious practical section of the statute or the short title thereof and the principal matter objections to the introduction of a compulsory system of registration, upon which he relies.” There was no case decided under the Solicitors inasmuch as it must lead to unnecessary delay and increased expenseAct, 1843, in which the question whether such notice of a statutory more especially in the case of small purchases--arising from payment of defence must be given; but there were four cases reported where it had fees, preparation of maps, and attendances at the land registry, and will been so decided under other statutes. Of these the most recent was that thereby tend to diminish transactions in land. Moreover, it is the of Conroy v. Peacock (1897, 2 Q. B. 6), a case under the Employers' supercession of an old and well-tried system by what may be termed an Liability Act. On these authorities counsel submitted the learned judge was untried, and, as regards this country at all events, a purely experimental wrong, and that a statutory defence under the Solicitors Act could only method. Since the passing of the Conveyancing Acts of 1881 and 1882 be pleaded if proper notice were given; that the bill of costs in the transfers of land can be, and as a rule are, carried out with dispatch, and, absence of this statutory defence being pleaded was a good signed bill. in view of the legal responsibility involved, at moderate cost. [GRANTHAM, J.-If the defendant had given the statutory notice, the 4. Complications are also likely to arise on the sale more particularly of plaintiff would have taken care not to have gone on with his action until portions of building estates, wbich would involve a fresh registration of he had delivered an amended bill. I doubt if he could in any event have each portion sold. maintained his action on a bill setting out his costa in a lump sum. Why 5. As regards the registration of what is called a possessory title," was not the case adjourned to enable the defendant to give notice of the this seems likely to cause unnecessary doubts to arise as to the legal statutory defence he relied on ?] The defendant did not ask for any validity and sufficiency of a landowner's title to his holding, and would adjournment, and he must be taken to have waived his right to ask for probably operate in such a manner as to depreciate its value. Although one under ord. 10, r. 10. The plaintiffs were fully prepared to argue the the Act itself refers specifically to freeholds, power is reserved for point, and therefore the verdict of a non-suit was wrong, and ought to be extending its provisions to leaseholds by means of rules. set aside and the costs of the day paid to the defendant returned to the 6. Compulsory registration would, the committee submit, materially plaintiffs. Counsel for the respondent contended that the judgment increase the cost of transfer in the case of properties purchased through appealed from was right. The question before the county court judge building and land societies, many of whom, at the present time, grant was whether the bill was a good signed bill. The question was discussed, free conveyances to their purchasers. and he held it was not, and that upon such a bill the plaintiffs had no 7. The committee would also point out that if the provisions of the Act claim. The Act said that no action to recover costs should be brought are to be carried out successfully in London, a considerable addition until a properly signed bill had been delivered to the defendant. No would have to be made to the staff at the Land Registry Office in proper bill had been delivered, and the action was wrong in the inception. Lincolns-inn-fields, and that it would be difficult to put an end to the The judgment of a non-suit with costs was the only judgment that could system (if commenced), in the event of the experiment proving a failure. properly have been given. [CHANNELL, J.-It seems to me that the The consequence would be that the fees would have to be materially statutory notice not having been given the judge ought to have directed increased, or the deficiency made up by the tax-payer. an adjournment.]

8. It must not be supposed that under the proposed system any increase THE COURT (GRANTHAM and CHANNELL, JJ.) ordered a new trial.

of security would necessarily be given to landowners. On the contrary, GRANTHAM, J., said : The solicitors were very properly not asking for

it appears from the report of a case before the Privy Council, so recently judgment, but only for a new trial. That might have been saved if the Victoria, not only lost his charge but obtained no compensation, and in

as the year 1891, that the owner of a registered charge in the colony of judge had adjourned the case. As it was, there was nothing for it but to Austria, under the register system, according to the report of Mr. Brick. direct a new trial and have the matter gone into de novo. that the statutory defence could not be pleaded unless proper notice had dale, the assistant registrar of the Land Registry, there were 1,500 cases been given to the other side. The appeal must be allowed, and the plain- of fraud during the twenty years from 1850 to 1870. tiffs would have the costs of the appeal in any event, but the question of the it is not pretended, on that account, that property in Middlesex is worth

9. There is a system of registry of deeds in the county of Middlesex, but costs already incurred rested with the county court judge. The question more than property of a similar class, say, in Surrey by reason of the mere of the costs below had not been raised in the notice of motion. The costs registration of the deeds. of the new trial must abide the result.

10. It ought to be mentioned that the country at large is open to the CHANNELL, J., concurred. COUNSEL, Bryn Roberts ; J. D. Crawford. _ SOLICITORS, Lloyd-George, registration is only to be put in force where not objected to by the county

application of the new method for experiment. The order for compulsory Roberts, & Co., for Lewis & Davies, Liverpool; H. F. Neale, for ľudor Jones council. From this it will be seen that the proposal is only a tentative & Jones, Liverpool.

one, and in fact, the Legislature itself seems almost to have doubted [Reported by ERAKINE REID, Barrister-at-Law.]

whether or not the mischief of the proposed system could only be bounded by the narrowness of its operation.

11. Under these circumstances, and in view of the varied interests and

the large number of properties which would be affected, and of the great THE LAND TRANSFER ACT, 1897.

uncertainty which exists as to the effect of the new system, it seems to

the committee undesirable that such a doubtful experiment should first be Report of the Law Committee, submitted to and approved by the vestry tried in the county of London, where the pecuniary interests at stake far of the parish of Chelsea on the 21st of December, 1897.

transcend those which would be involved in the event of an application of 1. Reporting that they have considered the letter from the clerk, the Act being first extended to some other locality or county, London County Council, dated the 25th of November, referring to the

12. If it were attempted to deal only with a district of the county of Land Transfer Act, 1897, under section 20 of which Act power is given London, the committee are of opinion that, should failure ensue, conto her Majesty by Order in Council to declare, as respects any county or

siderable confusion would arise from one portion of the county being part of a county that, after a specified day, registration of title to land is singled out for treatment differing from the other portions. to be compulsory on sale, and thereupon a person shall not under any

13. Apart altogether from the merits or demerits of the system, it naturconveyance on sale, executed on or after the day specified, acquire the ally occurs to the committee to suggest that the experiment should in the legal estate in any freehold land in that county or part of a county unless first instance, at least, be made in a district where, if failure does result, or until he is registered as proprietor of the land ; stating that the council it will cause as little injury, expense, and confusion as possible. have received from the Privy Council a letter, dated the 19th of November,

The committee, therefore, giving notice, pursuant to section 20; sub-section (5) of the Act, that it

Recommend that the London County Council be informed that the is proposed to make an order under that section, applying part 3 of the vestry are of opinion that the county of London is not a suitable area in Act to the county of London, and stating that it is intended that the which the first experiment of compulsory registration of land title should existing Land Registry in Lincoln'g-inn-fields shall be the place where the be tried.

T. HOLLAND, Vestry Clerk.

by the retirement of Mr. Graham Hastings. Throughout the whole of LEGAL NEWS.

the period during which his lordship had sat as a judge in that court

period of eleven years—he had received the most valuable assistance from OBITUARY.

Mr. Hastings, always rendered with unfailing courtesy and kindness. His Sir Frank Lockwood, Q.C., died at his residence, 24, Lennox-gardens, lordship was sure that all who knew the learned counsel would unite in at half-past two on Sunday afternoon. He had been suffering from wishing him many years of health in which to enjoy the well-merited influenza for some weeks ast He was the son of Mr. Charles Day repose he now sought. His lordship, who was visibly affected while Lockwood, of Doncaster, and was educated at Caius College, Cambridge. making these remarks, quitted the court directly he had concluded He was a pupil of Mr. J. W. Mellor, and was called to the bar in 1872;

them. became a Queen's Counsel in 1882, and, curiously enough, was included The following are the arrangements made for hearing probate and in the same “ batch of silks" with Sir R. T. Reid, afterwards his matrimonial cases during the ensuing Hilary law sittings. Undefended colleague as law officer. After he became a Queen's Counsel his matrimonial cases will be taken on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 11th practice rapidly increased, and he ultimately obtained the position of one and 12th of January, and on each Monday during the sittings after the of the leading advocates of the day. He was one of the counsel who motions. Special jury cases will be taken on and after Thursday, the 13th appeared before the Parnell Commission, but took a very small part in of January, until finished. Probate and defended matrimonial causes the proceedings. In 1885 he was elected member for the City of York, for hearing before the court itself will be taken after the special juries and held that position till his death. In October, 1894, he was appointed are finished, and will also be taken in Court II. after the 13th of January Solicitor-General upon Sir J. Rigby's elevation to the bench, and was when Admiralty cases are not appointed to be heard. Common jury knighted upon his appointment. Last year he visited the United States in cases will be taken on and after Thursday, the 17th of February. Probate company with the Lord Chief Justice.

and matrimonial causes will be put into one list and will be taken in the

order in which they are set down. Divisional courts will be formed to sit APPOINTMENTS.

on Tuesdays, the 1st of March and 5th of April. Supplemental lists will

be published from time to time, and three days' notice will be given when Mr. RICHARD MARRACK, Mr. JAMES WILLIAMS, and Mr. JAMES S. GREEN, such lists will be proceeded with. Motions will be heard in court on Barristers-at-Law, have been re-appointed members of the Board of Monday, the 17th of January, at 11 o'clock, and on every succeeding Examiners established by the four Inns of Court under rule 4 of the Monday during the sittings, and summonses before the judge will be “ Consolidated Regulations."

heard at 10.30 on Saturday, the 15th of January, and every succeeding Mr. LIONEL HORTON-SMITH has been appointed as a new Member of the Saturday during the sittings. above-mentioned Board.

The papers are full of stories of the late Sir Frank Lockwood. The Mr. WILLIAM PINDER EVERSLEY, barrister, has been appointed Recorder of Daily Telegraph says that his first appearance in the Chancery Division Sudbury, in the place of the Hon. John de Grey, resigned.

occasioned much surprise to the learned judge who was presiding. Mr. THOMAS SPOONER SODEN, barrister, has been appointed Recorder of

What brings you here, Mr. Lockwood ?” he said. Nothing abashed by Grantham in the place of Mr. Edmund Lumley, resigned.

so unfamiliar a question, Sir Frank looked at the outside of his brief, and replied in a matter-of-fact way, “ Three and one, my lord, merely three

and one,” alluding, of course, to the number of guineas marked on his CHANGES IN PARTNERSHIPS.

brief as regards the first amount, and the smaller sum having reference to

the conference fee. DISSOLUTION.

After successfully defending a prisoner in the

Criminal Court, who had put forward a very satisfactory alibi, Sir Frank STEPHEN Donne and ABRAHAM_FAY WILLIAMS, solicitors, Oswestry went for a walk in the circuit town, and during his perambulations he met (Donne & Williams). Nov. 1. The said Abraham Fay Williams will the judge who had presided. Addressing him, the learned judge, said, henceforth carry on the said business alone under the same style. “Well, Lockwood, that was a very good alibi.' 'Yes, my lord,” was

[Gazette, Dec. 21. the answer, “I had three offered me, and I think I selected the best."

Unlike many persons whose impromptus” require apparently a long INFORMATION. WANTED.

period of incubation, Sir Frank Lockwood's genius was essentially ready

to the occasion. A good sample of this faculty is afforded in connection CHARLES WILLIAM CORNMELL.-If any solicitor or other person should with a case where a director of some doubtful company was being crosshave prepared and now have the custody of the will of the late Charles examined. He was giving evidence bearing upon a rather shady William Cornmell, late of Lloyds, and 4, Eldon-road, Kensington, in the history, when Sir Frank put the question to the promoting director, county of London, insurance broker, deceased, he will oblige by commu- “Now, tell me, sir, when did you first determine to float this nicating with either of the undersigned. All proper legal and other company ?": "Float this company," asked the witness, with expenses will be paid by the surviving brother, Mr. Richard Budd some surprise, “ I don't know what you mean by 'floating' the comCornmell, and his sister, Mrs. Annie Maria Budd. Dated the 21st of

pany.' ** Very well, _then," replied Sir Frank, “I will make my meanDecember, 1897. Robert T. Wragg, 11, Gt. St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, ing perfectly clear. By floating the company I refer to the operation E.C., solicitor for the said R. B. Cornmell; Stone, King, & Co., 12, which almost invariably precedes the sinking of a company: Do you New-court, Lincoln's-inn, and Bath, solicitors for Mrs. A. M. Budd. understand me now?This illustration evidently impressed the witness

sufficiently, and during the remainder of his evidence he was disconcerted

to such a degree that he fell an easy victim to the skill of the experienced GENERAL.

lawyer. The St. James's Gazette adds that Sir Frank was fond of telling It has been arranged that Mr. Justice Grantham shall take the South- stories against himself. “I was defending a man at York once who Eastern Circuit in place of Mr. Justice Wright, who will remain in town was accused of stealing cattle-beasts’ they call them up there. I for the purpose of disposing of companies winding up and bankruptcy said to a witness, Now, my man, you say you saw so-and-so; how far business, and sitting with the Railway and Canal Commission.

can you see a beast to know it?' Just as far off as I am from you,' he Mr. Justice Wright, after consultation with the members of the bar replied instantly, amidst roars of laughter all over the court." Once he present in court, has announced that he intends to devote Wednesdays to went to a religious meeting at which Judge Waddy, a circuit friend, was company business as at present, Mondays to bankruptcy, and Saturdays speaking. Mr. Waddy thought the visitor looked cynical, and turned the to the remanets from both classes of business.

tables by saying, “Now, my dear friends, Brother Lockwood will lead us At the assizes at Birmingham, on the 15th inst., before Mr. Justice

in a hymn. Wills, Hubert James Smart was charged in the first count of an indictment with feloniously shooting at Robert Jeffery Parr, solicitor, on the 9th of September last, with intent to kill him, and in a second count with

FOR THROAT IRRITATION AND COUGH.--" Epps's Glycerine Jujubes " attempting to discharge a pistol at Mr. Parr with intent to kill him. The always prove effective. They soften and clear the voice, and are invaluable jury found the prisoner guilty of shooting with intent to kill, and the to all suffering from cough, soreness, or dryness of the throat. Sold only judge passed sentence of twelve years' penal servitude.

in labelled tins, price 71d. and 18. 148.-James Epps & Co., Ltd., HomeoThe judges (Bigham and Darling, JJ.) have fixed the following com

pathic Chemists, London.-[Apvt.] mission days for the winter assizes on the Western Circuit-viz., Devizes,

WARNING TO INTENDING House PURCHASERS AND LESSEES.-Before pur. Tuesday, the 11th of January ; Dorchester, Saturday, the 15th of Janu? chasing or renting a house, have the Sanitary Arrangements thoroughly ary; Taunton, Wednesday, the 19th of January ; Bodmin, Tuesday, the Examined, Tested, and Reported Upon by an Expert from Messrs. Carter 25th of January; Exeter, Tuesday, the 1st of February'; Winchester, Bros., 65, Victoria-street, Westminster. Fee quoted on receipt of full Monday, the 7th of February ; Bristol, Monday, the 14th of February particulars. (Established 21 years.) –[Adv.] Darling, J., will not join the circuit until Exeter is reached.

The following is the rota arranged by the judges of the Queen's Bench Division for the ensuing Hilary sittings : The Lord Chief Justice and Mathew, Day, Grantham, Lawrance, Bruce, and Darling, JJ., will be the

WINDING UP NOTICES, judges who will sit to form Divisional Courts; Hawkins, Wills, Wright,

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 17. Kennedy, Ridley, Bigham, and Channell, JJ., will proceed with the hear

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. ing of actions, while Phillimore, J., will be the judge in attendance at

LIMITED IN CHANCEBY. chambers. This order, however, will have to be modified from time to British CYCLE MANUFACTURING Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Dec 14, time as the judges leave town for their respective circuits.

directed to be heard on Jan 12. Ward & Co, 7, King st, Cheapside, solors for petners.

Notice of appearing must reach the above-named not later than 6 o'clock in the afterOn rising for the Christmas Vacation on Tuesday, Mr. Justice Stirling said that he could not take leave of the bar at the close of these sittings DRAPERT WORLD, LIMITED Creditors are required, on or before Jan 10, to send their without alluding to the great loss which the court was about to sustain

names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William Hardy King, 13 and 14, Basinghall st


GLOBE REFINING CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Jan 17, to send their Mill, HARRIETT ISABELLA, Sydenham, Kent Jan 10 Colman & Knight, Raymond names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr Charles Arthur bldgs, Gray's inn Tricks, Nicholas st, Bristol. Dixon & Dixon, Bristol, solors to liquidator

MILLS, THOMAS, Radcliffe, Lancaster Dec 31 Pickstone & Jones, Radcliffe JOHN Heys & Co, LIMITED (IN VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION)--Creditors are required, on or Newman, Matthew, Hayes ct, Hayes Jan 20 Woodbridge & Sons, Uxbridge before Jan 31, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or

claims, to John T. Heys, c/o Messrs Haworth & Broughton, 5, Union st, Accrington PAULING, RICHARD CLARKE, Victoria st March 10 Apps & Son, South sq, Gray's inn Seen House CYCLING CLUB, LIMITED--Creditors are required, on or before Dec 31, to PHIPPARD, ARABELLA Sabah, Swanage, Dorset Jan 9 Andrews & Co, Dorchester

send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to William
Henry Davis, Howard House, Arundel st, Strand. Rowe & Maw, Norfolk st, Strand, PRATT, GEORGE, Burnham on Crouch, Essex Dec 24 Leader, St Paul's Churchyard

solors to liquidator
South KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA CYCLE SUPPLY AND INSTRUCTION CO, LIMITED-Creditors Rayment, Henes, Hertford, Merchant Jan 31 Spence & Co, Hertford
are required, on or before Jan 15, to send their names and addresses, together with full SHARMAN, Mrs Mary, Balham Jan 10 Herbert, Cork st, Burlington grdns

particulars of their debts or claims, to Henry George Wheeler, 147A, Fulham rd STEAMSHIP “LANDORE” Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Dec 31, to

STEPHENSON, THOMAS, Cambridge Jan 1 D'Albain & Ellis, Newmarket send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to E.'W. TAYLOR, HENRY, Eastbourne March 1 Rising & Ravenscroft, Leadenhall st Crosbie Oates, 8, Cook st, Liverpool

TERRY, John, Sutton upon Trent, Licensed Victualler Jan 14 Masser, Nottingham FRIENDLY SOCIETY DISSOLVED. WORKMAN'S HOPE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Swan Inn, Lye Waste, Oldwinsford, Worcester.

THOMAS, Ann, Hendon Jan 24 Rawlings & Butt, Walbrook
Dec 1

TIMMINS, Hannah, Handsworth, Stafford Jani Wheldale, Birmingham
London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec. 21.

TIMMINS, SAMUEL Pearson, Handsworth, Stafford, Butcher Jan 1 Wheldale, Birming-


TRUSLER, JAMES, Preston, Sussex Jan 24 Hardwick, Brighton EQUITABLE INVESTMENT CO, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before Jan 20, to send

TRUSLER, SABAH, Brighton Jan 24 Hardwick, Brighton their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts and claims, to Mr Walter WALLACE, Dame AMELIE JULIE CHARLOTTE, Manchester sq Jan 15 Caprons & Co, C. Lewis, 3, Warwick ct, Gray's inn. Lewis, 14, South sq, Gray's inn, solor to liqui

Savile pl, Conduit st dator

WEAVER, ELIZA Ann, Kilburn Jan 10 Roscoe & Hincks, Christopher st, Finsbury sq GEORGE HOPKINS, LIMITED (VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION)--Creditors are required, on or before Jan 21, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or

WEBSTER, John, Croydon Jan 17 S Hughes & Sons, Bedford st claims, to C. E. Dovey, 31, Queen st, Cardiff

WESTGARTH, JOSEPH, Morecambe, Lancaster, Groom Dec 21 Fawcett, Morecambe INTERNATIONAL FIBRE CHAMOIS Co, LIMITED-Petn for winding up, presented Dec 15,

directed to be heard on Jan 12. W. H. Court, 69, Aldersgate st, solor for petner. Whitaker, Thomas, Nottingham, Farmer Jan 17 Brown, Newark on Trent Notice of appearing must reach the above-named 'not later than 6 o'clock in the WHITELEY, GERALDINE Louisa, Greetland, York Jan 26 England, Halifax

afternoon of Jan 11 ROBINSON & PRICE, LIMITED (THE OLD COMPANY)-Creditors are required, on or before

WICKENDEN, ALFRED, Pagham, Sussex Jan 11 Staffurth & Staffurth, Bognor Feb 11, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, WILLETTS, Noah, Dudley, Worcester Dec 29 Rollason, Birmingham to George Barker Mercer, 38, Chatham st, Liverpool. Mackay, Liverpool, solor for liquidator

Wood, EMMA, Sproughton, Suffolk Jan 8 Josselyn & Sons, Ipswich
ROODEPOORT DEEP LEVEL GOLD MINING Co, LIMITED-Creditors are required, on or before WOODMAN, HENRY RICHARD, Hemel Hempstead, Corn Merchant Jan 20 Pitts, Strand

Feb 21, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims,
to William Slingsby Ogle, 90, Cannon st. Hicks & Co, 13, Old Jewry chbrs, solors for Yates, OLIVER, Southport Jan 5 Wilding & Son, Blackburn

London Gazette.-TUESDAY, Dec. 14.
HERNE HILL AND Brixton COAL CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED, 231, Railton rd, ALLEN, ANNA BELLA, Chesterfield, Derby Jan 14 Lambert, Manchester

Herne Hill (at its request). Dec 15
KEEVIL PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Rose and Crown Inn, Keevil, Wilts. _Dec 15

Baker, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Rope Maker Jan 1 Johnstone & Williams, NottingMARKET DEEPING DISTRICT A. 0. FORESTERS, White Horse Inn, Market Deeping,

ham Lincoln (at its request). Dec 15

BANKS, HENRY WILLIAM, Addiscombe, Surrey Jan 10 Stopher, Queen Victoria st WALDRINGFIELD FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Schoolrooms, Waldringfield, Woodbridge, Suffolk. BAYLEY, ROBERT HENRY, Florence rd, Finsbury Park, Optician Jan 27 Moodie & Son, Dec 15

Basinghall avenue
Betts, MARY ELIZABETH, Norwood Feb 1 Howard, Weymouth
Boox, JANE, Canning Town Jan 31 Arthur Blott, Stratford

BRICKWOOD, JOHN, Derby, Farmer Dec 24 Eddowes & Sons, Derby

BROOME, John, Lea Mills, Derby Jan 15 Potter, Matlock Bridge

CAVE, Sir Lewis WILLIAM, Woodmansterne, Epsom Jan 31 Collyer-Bristow & Co,

Bedford row
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 10.

CULLEY, JANE ARUNDELL ST_AUBYN, Wooler, Northumberland Jan 10 Willoby &

Peters, Berwick upon Tweed GREEN, WILLIAM ALFRED, Wolverhampton Jan 18 Prentis v Green, Byrne, J Diggles

Davies, ELLEN, Smethwick, Stafford, Beer Retailer Jan 20 Lane & Co, Birmingham & Ogden, Manchester STACK, JAMES, Tranmere, Chester, Printer Jan 11 Stack v Stack, Registrar, Liverpool DEWHIRST, EMMA, Headingley, Leeds Jan 11 J Bowling & Sons, Leeds Johnson, Liverpool

ELLIS, JOSEPH, Manchester Jan 29 Hatton, Manchester

Fox, JAMES, Brighton Dec 31 Fox, Bedford row
UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 35.

GREENALL, WILLIAM PATTISON, Waltham Cross, Hertford Jan 11 Lea, Manchester

HALLIWELL, JOHN, Southport Jan 22 Brighouse & Co, Southport
London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 10.

HAWORTH, Rev PETER, Morecambe, Lancs Dec 31 Fawcett, Morecambe
BARNS, THOMAS ILOTT, Hilderstone, nr Stone, Stafford Jan 10 Satchell & Chapple, Hollis, Thomas, Sonning Eye, Oxford, Farmer Jan 15 Blandy & Blandy, Reading

Queen st, Cheapside
BATH, THOMAS INGLEDEW, Edmonton Jan 18 Parker, Monument sq chmbrs

HOPKINS, Emma, Lymington, Southampton Jan 20 Moore & Co, Lymington
Binch, WALTER, Nottingham Jan 1 Burton & Briggs, Nottingham

HOUNSELL, Emma Natalia, Torquay Jan 16 Hooper & Wollen, Torquay BIRRELL, CAROLINE, Deal, Kent Jan 31 Minet & Co, King William st

IVES, JOHN ARTHUR, Shipley, Yorks, Builder's Clerk Jan 11 Morgan & Morgan,

Shipley BLAKEY, WILLIAM, Buslingthorpe, nr Leeds, Wheelwright Jan 20 Bailey, Leeds

LOFTUS, FERRARS COMPTON CLABGES, Ingatestone, Essex Jan 24 Baileys & Co, Boan, William, Kegworth, Leicester, Licensed Victualler Jan 1 Wells & Hind, MCCRACKEN, JAMES, Greenleighton, Farmer Jan 15 Gibson, Newcastle on Tyne

BOYLE, WILLIAM HENRY DAVID, Chelsea Feb 1 FC Mathews & Co, Cannon st

MACKINNON, Surgeon Major General Sir WILLIAM, KCB, South Kensington Jan 16 Brown, Henry, Leicester Dec 21 Bulman, Leicester

Fladgate & Co, Craig's ct, Charing Cross

Malin, John, Knowle, Warwick, Farmer Jan 20 Lane & Co, Birmingham
CAIRNS, ROBERT, Wallsend, Northumberland, Innkeeper Jan 10 Stanton & Atkinson,
Newcastle upon Tyne

Marsh, JOHN WILFORD, Medical Superintendent, Bracebridge, nr Lincola Jan 10

Andrew & Trotter, Lincoln Cameron, John, Finsbury, Fancy Printer Jan 30 Brook, South sq, Gray's inn

MILLAIS, Sir EVERETT, Shepperton, Bart Jan 28 Richard Taylor & Co, Field ct, Gray's CONGDON, WILLIAM FREDERICK, South Austell, Cornwall Jan 1 Coode & Co, St

inn Austell

NEAVE, ISAAC, Edingthorpe, Norfolk, Farmer Dec 31 Wilkinson, North Walsham DALKIN, SABAH, Scarborough Jan 10 Jennings, Bishop Auckland

Platt, Thomas, Hurst, nr Newcastle under Lyne Jan, 15 Whitworth, Ashton under Davis, URIAH JAMES, Painswick, Gloucester Jan 31 Bretherton & Co, Gloucester

Lyne DEWICK, JAMES THOMAS, Leicester Jan 10 Harding & Barnett, Leicester

Potts, FREDERICK, Walworth Jan 11 Forbes & Son, London st, Fenchurch at DICKINSON, CATHERINE Mary, Vauxhall walk, Lambeth Jan 15 Clarke & Symes, RUTLEY, ELIZABETH JAMES, Bickleigh, Devon Jan 20 Bulteel & Co, Plymouth

Eaton, GEORGE BLYTHMAX, Sheffield Jan 31 Broomhead & Co, Sheffield

SKILLINGTON, CHARLES, Lincoln, Horsedealer Jan 10 Andrew & Trotter, Lincoln EHRHART, Joux, Wood Green Feb 1 W Houghton & Son, New Broad st

SUTCLIFFE, FREDERICK, Liverpool, Solicitor's Clerk Dec 21 Robinson & Co, Bradford ELY, WILLIAM, sen, Tattershall Jan 30 Clitherow & Son, Tattershall, Lincoln

TATTAM, WILLIAM HENRY, Denmark Hill Jan 14 Hugill, Cannon st FLETCHER, GEORGE, Crosby, Lancs, Stockbroker Jan 31 McGowen, Liverpool

TREDELL, LOUISA, Croydon Jan 20 Cepel-Cure & Ball, Clements inn GROVES, Henry, Yeovil Jan 3 HS&S Watts, Yeovil

WARD, JAMES, Boston, Lincoln, Farmer Feb 1 Peake & Co, Sleaford HALESTRAP, ALFRED CAGER, Hertford Jan 31 Spence & Co, Hertford

WHITE, John, Plymouth Jan 1 Brian, Plymouth KERSHAW, Amos, Rochdale, Beerhouse Keeper Jan 13 Leach & Son, Manchester

WILKS, CUTHBERT, Lincoln Jan 10 Andrew & Trotter, Lincoln Jackson, WILLIAM, Scarborough Jan 10 Jennings, Bishop Auckland

London Gazette.-Friday, Dec. 17. Jackson, WILLIAM HENRY, Eccles, Lancs Jan 8 Orrell, Manchester

ALEXANDER, RHODA, Barnstaple, Devon Jan 15 Harding & Son, Barnstaple JAMES, LAWFORD Ruodes, Broadstairs Jan 20 Wood, Finsbury sq

ASTLEY, DANIEL, Chorley, Lancs, Brewery Manager Jan 17 Barlow, Wigan Jones, CHRISTIAN COBHAM, Rhyl, Flint Jan 20 Wood, Finsbury są

Austen, CASSANDRA ESTEN, Plymouth Jan 18 Gill, Devonport LAMB, John, Cockfield, Durham, Yeoman Jan 10 Jennings, Bishop Auckland

BARNETT, ELIZABETH, Nantwich, Cheshire Feb 1 Hensley, Nantwich LIGHTFOOT, EDWARD RICHARD, Dellfield, Cowley Jan i Sedgwick, Watford

BOWDEN, GEORGE, Swansea, Provision Merchant Jan 17 Morgan & Co, Cardiff Lowe, JOHN EDGAR, Laurence Pountney hill Jan 31 Freeman & Bothamley, Queen st, Cheapside

BRAY, HANNAH, forbury, nr Wakefield Jan 22 Dransfield & Hodgkinson, Penistone MABYOX, Joux JOSEPH, Green lanes, Licensed Victualler Feb 1 Isaacs, Basinghall avue BRAY, MARY, Horbury, nr Wakefield Jan 22 Dransfield & Hodgkinson, Penistone


BROCK, WILLIAM, Paxford, Worcester, General Dealer Jan 31 Rundle & Hobrow, McDowell, CHARLES ANDREW, Oxton, Chester Jan 31 John Quinn & Sons, Liverpool

Basinghall st
BUCKLEY, JOHN ARTHUR, Hampton Wick Jan 21 Austin & Austin, Union ct

Marks, Henry, West Hampstead Jan 24 Marks, Bishopsgate st Within

MILBURN, GEORGE, Walton, Cumberland, Yeoman Dec 29 Milburn, Brampton BURGESS, JAMES, Westbury, Wilts, Builder Jan 18 Pinniger & Co, Westbury

Cumberland CALLOWAY, JOB, Tipton, Stafford Dec 31 Clayton, Birmingham

Nelson, John, Nottingham Jan 31 Martin & Sons, Nottingham CHANCE, Frank, Sydenham hill Jan 14 Watkins & Co, Sackville st

PALMER, Thomas, New st, Covent Garden March 1 Hughes & Sone, John st, Bedford COLE, Jane, Everton, nr Liverpool Feb 7 Trinder & Co, Cornhill

PARROT, HERMANN, Fenchurch st Jan 18 Hollams & Co, Mincing lane COUL, JOHN NewCOMBE, Sunderland, Surgeon Jan 13 Walker, Sunderland

PICKUP, JOSEPH, Wisconsin, USA Jan 15 Mellor, Oldham Davies, MARY ANNE, Llangain, Carmarthen Jan 10 Browne, Carmarthen

Piggott, FRANCIS, Erdington, Warwick Jan 27 Bickley & Lynex, Birmingham Fenwick, ROBERT BLOOMFIELD, Braintree, Essex Jan 28 Withers & Co, Arundel st, Power, JAMES O'Neill, Kilkenny, JP, D L Jan 15 Francis & Crookenden, New sq, Strand

Lincoln's inn FORD, Andrew, Leeds Jan 29 Jones & Co, Leeds

REVELSTOKE, The Rt Hon EDWARD CHARLES Baron, Charles st, Berkeley sq Feb 28 FOURACRE, JUDITH, Winstanley, Lancs Jan 22 Darlington & Sons, Wigan

Lawford & Co, Finsbury crcs

Renton, ALICIA ELLEN, Brighton Jan 17 Ashurst & Co, Throgmorton avnue GANDER, THOMAS, Warnham, Sussex, Farmer Jan 20 Cotching, Horsham GOTTSCHALK, GUSTAV, Distaff lane Jan 16 Lawrance & Co, Old Jewry chmbrs

RILEY, Thomas, Dewsbury Feb 1 Chadwick & Sons, Dewsbury

Ro?TES, WILLIAM RUDGE, Ross, Hereford, Chartered Accountant Jan 31 Thorpe, HOLMES, THOMAS, Llanarth, Monmouth, Yeoman Feb 2 Watkins & Co, Pontypool

Ross HOLT, ELIAS, Highbury Jan 20 Holt, Gray's inn sq

SCUDDER, HEXBY, Southend on Sea Jan 31 Bradford, Queen Victoria st HEATON, ANNE, Leeds Jan 29 Jones & Co, Leeds

SHOWERS, JAMES, Taunton Jan 31 Reed & Co, Taunton HEWITT, ALFRED, Lancaster Gate, Hyde pk Feb 13 Budd & Co, Bedford row


THOMAB BEANLANDS, Askwith, or Otley, York, Farmer Jan 15 Dunning &

Co, Leeds IBEDELL, LOUISA, Croydon Jan 20 Capel-Cure & Ball, Clement's inn

Smith, Samuel, Long Eaton, Derby, Lace Manufacturer Dec 29 Whitworth, Nottingham Joaxson, ELIZABETH MARY, Doyer Feb 17 Lewis & Pain, Dover

TANCOCK, WILLIAM, Croydon Jan 31 Grundy & Co, Queen Victoria st Johnson, Josepy, Barrow on Soar, Leicester, Farmer Feb 1 Woolley & Co, Lough- TaruPP, MERCY, Willesden Jan 31 Cridland & Nell, Bedford row

borough LATTON, FREDERICK CHAMPION, Newcastle upon Tyne Feb 1 Stanton & Atkinson, Verme, Count Camillo ZILERI DAL, Vicenza, Italy, Landed Proprietor Jan 15 Dale & Newcastle upon Tyne

Co, Cornhill Loxo, Eliza, Cheltenham March 14 Drew, Cheltenham

WALLEY, Miss ELEANOR, Nantwich, Cheshire Feb 1 Hensley, Nantwich Lowe, CHARLOTTE, Bromley, Stafford Jan 20 Löwe & Auden, Burton on Trent

WEBB, ROBERT, Cambridge, Ex-Policeman Febi Burrows, Cambridge

SEAR, William RICHARD, Harpole, Northamptons, Inn Dec 24 at 12 Off Rec, Cambridge Junction, High st,

London Gazette.-FRIDAY, Dec. 17.

keeper Northampton Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15


Gloucester Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec 14
ABBOWSUCH, JOB, Cannock, Staffs, Greengrocer Walsall

ARROWSUCH, JOB, Cannock, Staffs, Greengrocer Walsall Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15

Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15

Peterborough Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15
Smith, HEDLEY Mason, Islington, Ironmonger High

BARCLAY, HENRY JAMES, Cornhill High Court Pet Sept chant High Court Pet Nov 30 Ord Dec 14

20 Ord Dec 14

Court Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15 Baxtee, HENSY, Burnley, Butcher Burnley Pet Dec 10 Ord Dec 10 STEPHEN, DAVID Ruys, Mumbles, nr Swansea, Coal Baxter, Henry, Burnley, Butcher Burnley Pet Dec 10

Ord Dec 10 BOURGEOIS, ACHILLE. Finsbury Park, Watch Importer TALLBOY, JAMES EDWARD, Barry Dock, Auctioneer Car

Shipper Swansea Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec 14

BOURGEOIS, ACHILLE, Finsbury Park, Watch Importer High Court Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 diff Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

High Court Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 BUBRELL, JOSEPH, Shipley, Yorks, Bootmaker Bradford Tanson, JAMES, Chichester, Fish Hawker Brighton Pet

BURRELL, JOSEPH, Shipley, Yorks, Boot Maker Bradford Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec 14

Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec 14

Dec 13 Ord Dec 13
CANTELO, FRANK, Sandown, I of W, Ironmonger Newport TROWBRIDGE, WILLIAM, Shaftesbury, Dorsets, Cabinet

CANTELO, FRANK, Sandown, I of W, Ironmonger Newport Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15

Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15

Maker Salisbury Pet Dec 10 Ord Dec 10
CHABLTOX, BAMURL, Nunney, Somerset, Baker Frome
Dec 13 Ord Dec 13
Toy, Frank, Leeds, Grocer Leeds Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec

CHAPMAN, HERBERT, Arundel st, Strand High Court Pet

Oct 13 Ord Dec 14

14 COYxB, HABOLD, CARISTIAN Donnis Coyne, and AxTHUB TUCKER, JOSEPH, Crowhurst, Sussex, Farmer Oxford Pet

CHARLTON, SAMUEL, Nunney, Somerset, Baker Frome COYNE, Ilford, Bootmakers High Court Pet Dec 15

Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13
Nov 26 Ord Dec 13
Ord Dec 15

COOPER, WILLIAM, Bournemouth, Hotel Proprietor Poole Crick, John Henry, Mildenhall, Suffolk, Shopkeeper WEEKS, MORGAN, Pontypridd, Commission Agent Ponty

Ord Dec 14 pridd Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15 Bury St Edmunds Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec 14

Crick, John HnRY, Mildenhall, Suffolk, Shopkeeper CBITCHLEY, FANNY, Lancaster, Grocer Burnley Pet Oct

WHINRAY, THOMAS, jun, Arnside, Westmorland, Butcher
Kepdal Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

Bury St Edmunds Pet Dec 14' Ord Dec 14
28 Ord Dec 9
DAMABO, ENBICO, Clifton, Bristol, Professor of Music
WILLIAMS, JABEZ, Laisterdyke, Builder Bradford Pet

Denton, FARDEBICK, and JOSEPH ALLEN, Irthlingborough,
Dec 14 Ord Dec 14

Boot Manufacturers Northampton Pet Dec 15 Ord Bristol Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

Dec 15
Denton, FREDERICK, and JOSEPH ALLEN, Irthliogborough,

WRIGHT, JAMES, Stafford, Glass Manufacturer Stour-
bridge Pet Dec 10 Ord Dec 10

FAWCETT, CHARLES Asthur, Dewsbury Leeds Pet Dec Boot Manufacturers Northampton Pet Dec 15 Ord

15 Ord Dec 15 Dec 15

Amended notice substituted for that published in the FORSTER, JOHN CLARK, GU Tower st, Wholesale Spice MerEDWARDS, SAMUEL, Buckingham, Cycle Dealer Banbury

London Gazette of Dec 10 :

chant High Court Pet Nov 26 Ord Dec 11 Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13


FREUND, JOHANN PHILIPP, Stoke Newington, Boot ManuFAWCETT, CHABLES ARTHUR, Dewsbury, Lodging house HiLES, ELLEN MABY JOSEPHINE, Oxford Oxford

Dec 6 Ord Dec 6

facturer High Court Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 Keeper Leeds Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15

GAMBLE, BEN, Leicester, Builder Leicester Pet Dec 15 FRASER, WILLIAM FAIRBAIRN, Bootle, Lancs, General Mer

Ord Dec 15

FIRST MEETINGS. chant Liverpool Pet Nov 29 Ord Dec 14

GARDINER, GEORGE, Kingswood, Gloncester, Builder FREUND, JOHANN PAILIPP, Stoke Newington, Boot Manu ANDERTON, GEORGE, Fleetwood, Shopman Dec 24 at 11 Off Bristol Pet Nov 26 Ord Dec 13 facturer High Court Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston

HALL, JOHN VOCE, Boston, Lincs, Grocer Boston Pet GAMBLE, BEX, Leicester, Builder Leicester Pet Dec 15 BILLINGTON, JAMES, Salford De: 31 at 3 Off Rec, Byrom Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 Ord Dec 15

st, Manchester

HALLETT, ALFRED, East Chelborough, Dorset, Blacksmith GRICE, JOHN AUSTIN, High Holborn, Licensed Victualler BrownE, ROBERT, Hendon, Doctor of Medicine Dec 31 Yeovil Pet Nov 30 Ord Dec 14 High Court Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15

at 3' Off Rec, 95, Ternple chmbrs, Temple avnue HILL, ROBERT, Darlington, Clerk Stockton on Tees Pet HALL, Joux Voce, Boston, Lincs, Grocer Boston Pet Dec | Buxton, HENRY, Dewsbury, Greengrocer Dec 24 at 11 Off Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 13 Ord Dec 13

Rec, Bank chmbrs, Batley

JENKINS, JOHN, Penrhiwceiber, Glam, Stationer PontyHARRIS, RICHARD, Kingswood, Gloucester, Coal Dealer CUBITT, T A, Shoeburyness, Lieutenant Feb 25 at 3 Off pridd Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec 14 Bristol Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15

Rec, 95, Temple chmbrs, Temple avnue

Johnson, Harry, Teddington, Cycle Agent Kingston, HmL, ROBERT, Darlington, Clerk Stockton on Tees Pet ELKINS, ALBERT EDWARD, ślough, Bucks, Leather_Seller Surrey Pet Dec 9 Ord Dec 15 Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

Dec 30 at 3 Off Rec, 95, Temple chmbrs, Temple JONES, ALFRED, Lyminster Brighton Pet Nov 24 Ord INGLETON, FREDERICK BEECH, Newport, Mon, Commission avoue

Dec 15 Agent Newport Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec 14

Evans, EDWARD MEREDITH, Penygra'g, Glam, Saddler JONES, FREDERICK TOPham, Niton, I W, Hotel Proprietor JENKINS, JOHN, Penrbiwceiber, Glam, Stationer Ponty Dec 80 at 1265, High st, Merthyr Tydfil

Newport Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 pridd Pet Dec 14 Ord Dec 14

GILLOTT, BARTRAM, Cleethorpes, Joiner Dec 31 at 11.30 LONSDALE, WILLIAM, Southport, Provision Dealer LiverJINES, ALFRED, Worthing, Jobmaster Brighton Pet Nov Off Rec, 15, Osborne st, Gt Grimsby

pool Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 23 Ord Dec 13

JINKS, ALFRED, Worthing, Jobmaster Dec 31 at 12 Off MACKIE, FRANK HECTOR, Kirkstead, Norfolk, Upholsterer's Joxes, FREDERICK TOPRAM, Niton, I of W, Hotel Pro Rec, Pavilion bldgs, Brighton

Salesman Great Yarmouth Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 prietor Newport Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

JONES, HENBY, Aberaman, Aberdare, Collier Dec 29 at 2 MARTIN, HENRY, Twickenham Brentford Pet Dec 8 LANE, WALTER, Bedminster, Grocer Bristol Pet Nov 8 65, High st, Merthyr Tydfil

Ord Dec 10 Ord Dec 13

MARTIN, HENRY, Twickenham Dec 80 at 3 Off Rec, 95, MORGAN, John, Canton, Cardiff, Labourer Cardiff Pet LECHMERE, EDWARD, Pimlico, Dental Surgeon High Court Temple chmbrs, Temple aynue

Dec 10 Ord Dec 14 Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15

MILLER, ALICE, Lancaster, Innkeeper Dec 24 at 11.30 Off MORITZ, FREDERICK WILLIAM ADOLPH, Harlesden High LOSSDALE, WILLIAM, Southport, Provision Dealer Liver Rec, 14, Chapel st, Preston

Court Pet Dec 7 Ord Dec 13 pool Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 18

Pool, L FOWLER, Walthamstow Des 29 at 12 Bankruptcy Newby, JOSEPH WAKEBLEY, Syston, Leicester, WheelMACKIE, FRANK HECTOR, Kirstead, Norfolk, Upholsterer's bldgs, Carey st

wright Leicester Pet Nov 27 Ord Dec 13 Salesman Great Yarmouth Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 READ, CHARLES, Clapham, Licensed Victualler Dec 24 at OZYER, JOHN WILLIAM, Roundhay, nr Leeds, Joiner Leeds MESILLA VALLEY IRRIGATION COLONY, Victoria st High 11 Bankruptcy bldgs, Carey st

Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13 Court Pet Oct 26 Ord Dec 15

RICHARDSON, ALBERT, Dewsbury, Wholesale Fruit Mer RICHARDSON, HENRY WILLIAM, Upper George st, BryansNewBY, JOSEPH WAKEBLEY, Syston, Leicester, Wheel chant Dec 24 at 12 Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, Batley

ton rd, Pawnbroker High Court Pet July 28 Ord wright Leicester Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM, New Cleethorpes, Tailor Dec 31 at Dec 13 OZYER, JOHN WILLIA», Roundhay, nr Leeds, Joiner Leeds 11 Off Rec, 15, Osborne st, Gt Grimsby

SaPTE, WILLIAM, jun, Fittleworth, the Den, Sussex, Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

SCHOELLES, FERDINAND, Manchester, Merchant Dec 31 at Journalist Brighton Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 15 PAULBRICK, HURACE, Southampton, Solicitor Southampton 2.30 Off Rec, Byrom st, Manchester

SEAR, William Richard, Harpole, Northampton, InnPet Nov 9 Ord Dec 15

Scott, GEORGE ALFRED, Liversedge, Timekeeper Dec 24 keeper Northampton Pet Dec 10 Ord Dec 15 READ, CHARLES, Clapham, Licensed Victualler High Court at 10 Off Rec, Bank chmbrs, Batley

SIMPSON, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Eltisley, Hunts, Farmer Pet Dec 1 Ord Dec 15

SIMPSON, CHARLES, Walwortb, Salesman Dec 29 at 11 Peterborough Pet Dec 15 Ord Dec 15 SATTE, WILLIAM, jun, Gt Tower st, Journalist Brighton Bankruptcy blágs, Carey st

STURGESS, WILLIAM LIONEL, Buckland, Portsmouth Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

STIDOLPH, ThomAS FREDERICK, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Organ Grocer Portsmouth Pet Dec 9 Ord Dec 10 SCHOELLES, FERDINAND, Prestwich, nr Manchester, Mer Builder Dec 29 at 2 Off Rec, 36, Princes st, Ipswich TALLBOY, JAMES EDWARD, Barry Dock, Auctioneer Cardiff chant Manchester Pet Dec 6 Ord Dec 13

STURGESS, WILLIAM LIONEL, Buckland, Portsmouth, Grocer Pet Dec 13 Ord Dec 13

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